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Amanda (A Choice Between Love And Revenge) by mimiy05: 5:59pm On Jul 07, 2016
I kind of abandoned my first story on nairaland, I actually abandoned writing entirely due to circumstances beyond my control. But I'm back now and hope to update this regularly. Enjoy

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of the Author.


A young lady is faced with the choice of confronting her past and taking revenge. But will her resolve be weakened by a young love who threatens to destroy all she has ever worked for?

Amanda is one story that promises to leave you glued to this thread cheesy grin



They were going to kill her and her baby. She knew it. Oh, if only her legs could run as fast as her mind. She had to do something. She had to save daughter even if she couldn't save herself. Think Oge, think! You were not trained to be weak, THINK DAMN IT! She knew they were not far behind but she had to stop and think. She had been expecting this day after she had left Babs but she never envisaged her daughter was going to be part of the cross fire. She looked at her daughter. She was so beautiful. "I would never see you again my princess but always remember I love you, even more than life itself" She said to the sleeping baby. Then she carefully re-wrapped her in her shawl, found a somewhat safe spot and covered her baby along with her handbag with some dried leaves she gathered and silently prayed she would not be eaten by something. Then she ran back towards her captors. She had to draw them away from her baby.


They heard footsteps running towards their direction. The leader, Badman, signaled a halt. Then she appeared.

"You have me, you can kill me just as you wish" Oge said boldly. If there was one thing her father had thought her, it was never to be scared in the face of danger.

"You've always been bold and even in the face of death, you still are bold" Badman said smiling. "I really admire you Oge. But you seem to be missing something. Where is the Child?" he asked.

"You have me. I'm the one you want. Leave her out of this Badman.She's probably dead now. Eaten by something" Oge said, her face straight.

"Spread out. Find the child and do not come back without her" he said to the other two men who accompanied him. Oge recognized them as Shittu and Pablo. She and pablo used to be very close. She saw the look of pity he gave her just before he followed his second and hoped he would help spare her child if he found her.

"I never wanted it to get to this. You had everything Oge. Why did you betray Babs?" He asked. Oge was quiet. A hot resounding slap descended on her face. "On you knees w.hore!" He said pushing her to the ground. Oge spat out blood and went on her knees. "Your daughter dies first before your very eyes, then you'll join her" Badman said. Oh God, please don't let them find her she prayed silently.

It seemed like an eternity has gone by before Shittu and Pablo returned.

"We didn't find her boss" Shittu said. A lone tear dropped from Oge's eyes. She knew deep within her heart that her daughter was safe. She felt it in her heart.

"I won't ask you twice. Where is she!" thundered Badman. Oge smiled. "She's in a safe place Badman. You will never find her and you will never hurt her" she replied.

"You fool. Your blood won't be on my hands. Kill her" he signaled to Pablo. She looked straight into Pablo's eyes and saw the fear and the hurt. "Do it Pablo, I forgive you". She felt the bullet hit her head, a quick rush of pain, then it was all over...no more pain. Just darkness, and then light.

"Get rid of the body. And if Babs asks, the child is dead too" He said before turning and walking back towards the direction of their car.

As far as he was concerned, it was over. But somewhere in that bush, a sleeping baby stirred.


Re: Amanda (A Choice Between Love And Revenge) by mimiy05: 6:35pm On Jul 07, 2016

What kind of curse had her ancestors laid on her that this daughter of hers could never bring her joy, she thought. It was always from one problem to another and then another. She had never known any lady as reckless as Amanda. You should have created her a man, it would have been more understandable she thought. But then, who was she to complain. She had prayed so much for a female child after having four boys and God had finally blessed her with one. How, didn't matter. What mattered was she had herself a very beautiful daughter.

"Ozioma, you had better put a leash on this daughter of yours. M nkwo ugba, ha asi na Nneka eburula nsogbu ya bia"

"Its ok Nneka. I apologize for what she did. But you should understand that she is merely a child". Amanda snickered. Her mother gave her a stare capable of freezing hell over and she immediately became sober and bowed her head. "As i was saying Nneka. I'm really sorry eh. I will send Cheta to your house this evening to pay for the crops that were damaged. How much is it again?" Ozioma asked.

"Ten thousand naira only" Nneka said

"Chineke! Ten thousand keh! Mama, its not up to five hundred naira sef. Aunty Nneka is lying" Amanda said.

"Mechie onu gi! Shut up your mouth this girl. Has your brain suddenly began melting eh Amanda? Ngwa! Get inside this instant! Stupid!" Ozioma said angrily. Amanda gave a short hiss and shuffled her way back inside the house still murmuring that the crops were not even up to five hundred naira. Her mother made to remove her slippers and throw it at her which made Amanda run quickly into the house.

"Ozioma, do you see the kind of being you call a daughter. If you were not my friend, I would have called her a devil's incarnate. But because you're my friend, I won't say anything evil about her. Let me be going now o. Please don't forget to tell Cheta to bring the money. Bye bye" Nneka said hurrying off. She didn't want Amanda's words to sink in and make Ozioma start questioning the amount she wanted to collect. At least, she could now afford the aso-ebi for Mama Nkiru's son's wedding.

Ozioma was no fool. She knew the type of person Nneka was and knew since Amanda clearly offended her, it was better to do anything to let peace reign than to start up another argument about the price of damaged crops. Luckily, money wasn't her problem. Her first two sons were doing really well for themselves and taking good care of their younger brothers-the twins in the university, herself and Amanda.Her problem now was how to handle Amanda. She was becoming more reckless as she grew older. She figured that a thirteen year old should be more interested in boys and clothes and makeup, those she could handle but not a girl who reveled in creating trouble round the village.

Maybe a change of environment was what Amanda needed. She would miss her dearly, but they could visit each other whenever. Yes, that was the best thing for Amanda. She would place a call to Ifeanyi later in the day. For now, she had some disciplining to do.

"M nkwo ugba, ha asi na Nneka eburula nsogbu ya bia"- If I talk, they will say Nneka the trouble maker has started again


Re: Amanda (A Choice Between Love And Revenge) by Nobody: 6:53pm On Jul 07, 2016
Interesting, I hope you don't abandon this story tho
Re: Amanda (A Choice Between Love And Revenge) by mimiy05: 6:56pm On Jul 07, 2016
Interesting, I hope you don't abandon this story tho
Thanks. I hope not to. This is one story I am determined to finish. More updates tomorrow smiley
Re: Amanda (A Choice Between Love And Revenge) by Nobody: 7:01pm On Jul 07, 2016
Thanks. I hope not to. This is one story I am determined to finish. More updates tomorrow smiley

Re: Amanda (A Choice Between Love And Revenge) by mimiy05: 10:01am On Jul 08, 2016

She was in a bush. Where was the baby's cry coming from? She thought. She looked around, then she saw the woman again. "Do you hear it?" the woman asked. She was very pretty but her eyes were very sad. "Yes, I do. But I don't know where its coming from" she replied. "Yes you do, in your heart you do" the woman said

"Who are you? Why are you always so sad? I see you every time but you never tell me who you are". The woman smiled. "Someday you'll know" she said. The men appeared from nowhere. Their faces were blurry but she could see the horrible scar on the face of the leader. "Run Amanda, run. Save the baby and run" The woman said. Fear filled Amanda. "I won't leave you here, I-" She was cut short as one of the men shot the woman point blank on her head. Amanda screamed and took to her heels. She could hear the leader shouting orders at the other two men to find her and kill her. She had to save the baby, she had to run. But where was the baby? She stopped as the cry of the baby became clearer. She looked around and saw the baby on the ground. A beautiful baby girl. She lifted her gently. "shhh, don't cry, you're ok now. The baby wore a necklace. The exact kind she wore and on it was was written "To Amanda, love mum" Just like her own locket.

She turned to continue running with the baby but it was too late. The two men had found them. One of the men pulled the trigger and the bullet hit her square on the chest.

Amanda woke up with a start. She was sweating all over and her chest hurt. The nightmares had returned and there was no one she could talk to about it. Not even Brother Ify's wife whom she had formed a strong bond with since she started living with them in Lagos. She felt the locket on her neck. Her mother had given it to her the day she was left for Lagos. "So you know I'm always with you" her mother had said with tears in her eyes. Why was the baby in her dream wearing the same locket? Maybe she had malaria, she was feeling kind of sick though. Yes, she concluded. It was malaria.

She was no longer the troublesome thirteen year old who looked for trouble even in places where trouble was not to be found. She was now a woman. A twenty-one year old final year student of law in the University of Lagos with high hopes and aspirations. She was destined for something great, she knew it. Her phone rang. She checked the time. 3:22am. It was definitely David calling.

"Hey bae" She answered.

"Fine girl" Came the voice from the other end. Amanda blushed. She had met David on instagram barely a month ago and they had started talking like they had known each other for ages. They had not yet met each other in person but Amanda knew she was already in love. David was every girls dream. Tall, handsome, rich...oh he was rich and his beards, those beards made her soft. She knew the his pictures did no justice to him. He would be more handsome in person. She wondered if she could talk to him about her nightmares but she shrugged the thought off. She didn't want her future husband thinking she was weird.

"Fine boy. What's up?" She replied. "I'm back o. Came back last night but I didn't want to tell you. We must see today o" He said. Amanda's heart leaped for joy. Good thing she just made her hair and fixed her nails the day before. "Omg David. Are you serious?" She asked wanting to be sure.
"Yes na. How can I lie to my lawyer" he said and she laughed.

Nightmare forgotten, they made plans on where they'd meet after which Amanda went back to bed. This time, when she slept, there was no nightmare. Just a lovely dream of her first kiss with David

David was fine with a capital F. Handsome was an understatement. Amanda couldn't hold back her joy as they hugged each other for the first time. "My fine Igbo girl. You're much more prettier in person. I think I'm in love" David said as he gave her a quick peck. Amanda blushed. "You this Yoruba boy, you can wine sha" she said. David laughed. "Please let's go in and have some drinks. We have a lot to talk about" he said as he led her into the classy lounge.

Across the table from where they sat, someone watched them. How did this happen? he thought. What game was fate trying to play? He watched as they laughed and made jest of each other. This couldn't continue. He had to do something, to protect her and that meant he had to come into her life soon.
Re: Amanda (A Choice Between Love And Revenge) by ashatoda: 10:31am On Jul 08, 2016
this will make an interesting read let me book space hope not to be disappointed
Re: Amanda (A Choice Between Love And Revenge) by mimiy05: 12:02pm On Jul 08, 2016
"We can't stand back and watch any longer. She is of age now. She deserves to be brought in now before its too late" Chike said. The old man sighed. "I don't like this Chike. She has a good life, she's safe, she's happy. Leave her be" the old man said. "No dad. No. And you know it. We have to bring her in. Its the best thing to do"

Anita sauntered into the room. "Hey dad, hey bro" She said as she dumped a bag filled with weapons at the centre of the room. "That just got delivered. "Its supposed to be transferred to Zone E tonight but I can't find Major" She said.

"The Idiot is always out of his duty post. Take it to storage. I'll handle it myself" Chike said.

"Yes boss" His sister replied as she picked up the bag, walked over to give her dad a peck and then exited the room.

"I miss her you know. Anita reminds me a lot of her" the old man said. "She was always your favorite. Your best soldier. We all miss her. She didn't deserve to die the way she did. I still don't know why we can't walk into Babs' home and kill him. Oge deserves justice dad" Chike said angrily.

He had never stopped blaming himself for Oge's death. He had sent her into the field when she was not ready. Oge had been the most stubborn headed and the strongest amongst the three children. Their father had said she took after her mother. She had been their best soldier and Chike had thought it was right to use her as an undercover to investigate the activities of Babajide Muriola aka babs. Babs was one of their most wanted kingpins but they couldn't bring him in without any hard evidence and he had sent his sister into the lions den. He should have known she was not ready. He should have known. He should have known she would fall in love. Love was a weakness. It was Oge's weakness. The love for her child had killed her. The Oge he knew wouldn't have gone down without a fight but love had weakened her. He couldn't fathom why his father was always so principled. The bastard had killed his favorite child. And he still talked about doing justice the right way.

How long would they wait for justice to be done the right way. Babs was smart. He had just enough friends in the right places to help him cover his tracks making it difficult to get any hard evidence to nail him. And after the stunt with Oge, Babs was now more dangerous. They has lost a lot of good men in a reprisal attack by Babs and had sent a message saying if they didn't stay clear of him, he would make the rest of the family go join their beloved Oge.

But they had bounced back from the attack stronger and more determined to bring Babs to justice and finally there was a way. She was the way but the Old man remained adamant that she be left to live her life in peace. If only he knew what was going on at the moment. If only he knew.

"You're lost in thought again" the old man said. Chike shrugged. "I'm bringing her in dad. For once you have to listen to me" he said leaving the room before his father could stop him. The old man sighed. Are you watching Oge?Is this what you want? He could have sworn he heard her voice say Yes father
Re: Amanda (A Choice Between Love And Revenge) by mimiy05: 12:03pm On Jul 08, 2016
this will make an interesting read let me book space hope not to be disappointed
I hope you won't smiley
Re: Amanda (A Choice Between Love And Revenge) by Nobody: 3:14pm On Jul 12, 2016
Please mention me if you update.
Re: Amanda (A Choice Between Love And Revenge) by stardomberry: 11:07pm On Jul 18, 2016
I hope dis is not one of d narialand stories dat will not be completed!!! pls do try to finish up ur write up..all d same it's good!!!
Re: Amanda (A Choice Between Love And Revenge) by mimiy05: 12:30pm On Oct 11, 2016
I've been really busy with work. Slow and steady but will definitely try and finish this one out.

cc iamloyalty



Twenty one years and he could still feel the pain in his heart like it had happened yesterday. Twenty one years and each time he closed his eyes, all he could see was him pulling the trigger and shooting her point blank. She had said she forgave him just before he ended her life but she still haunted hunted him. Day and night she haunted him. Its time came that voice he dreaded hearing in head. Leave me alone Oge, Have I not suffered enough? he murmured.

"Your drink sir"

He looked up to see the bar man staring weirdly at him while handing him the drink he asked for. He realized he must have talked out loud.

"Thank you" he said, downed the drink in one gulp, and made a sign to the bar man to refill.

That was his routine, drink and get drunk. But no matter how much he drank, she still wouldn't leave him be.

He had three more shots, paid the bar man and staggered out of the bar.

His brain was clouded, he couldn't think straight and neither could he hear the frantic horn of a car.


David had insisted that she spend the night with him after the movie. As tempting as that sounded, she refused. It was too soon. After two horrible experiences with boyfriends in the past, she had decided to take any relationship she was going to get into really slow and not rush into anything.

"You know I love you boo, but not today. Besides, my brother won't even let me spend the night out" She said.

"Because you're still a baby now" David said teasingly leaning to touch her ears. Amanda laughed and hit his hand away playfully.

"I'm not a baby jor and please focus on the road. Its already night and you know crazy things happen at ni----"

A man staggered into the road in front of them, David blared his horn frantically. He was on high speed and he knew there was no way he could avoid hitting the man but it seemed the man was deaf. He tried to slow down and brake, but it was too late.

Amanda screamed.
Re: Amanda (A Choice Between Love And Revenge) by stardomberry: 6:16pm On Oct 11, 2016
I hope u will complete dis story.?
Re: Amanda (A Choice Between Love And Revenge) by joanee20(f): 11:35pm On Oct 11, 2016
Great story, following
Re: Amanda (A Choice Between Love And Revenge) by femialade(m): 7:13am On Oct 31, 2016
@mimiy05 plz come n update o. nice story.

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