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What's The craziest Thing Someone Has Ever Done For You Out Of Love? / At The Valley Of Decisions / Love Letter (clash Of Love)season 1, Episode 5,6,7,8,9,10 Story By Samuel Odamah (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by PamelB(f): 8:37am On Jan 24, 2017
We didn't go out as we had planned because of the epic drama that had happened in the house. I just showered and laid on my bed, drifting in and out of thoughts.
It was time to speak with Greg. It was time to know what we were really doing. I was glad that indirectly, Yvonne had made the brothers come back to their senses. It was also time for Lois and I to have that conversation.
My phone rang and it was Harry.

Me: Hello barrister

Harry: Hi dear, what's up?

Me: I'm good. You home now?

Harry: Yup. Not home, but at the office. Stopped by first to attend to something important.

Me: Okay then, how was your trip?

Harry: Was successful, I thank God.

Me: Okay. You take care alright?

Harry: I will. Bye.

I hung up and walked to the window. Purityval hasn't updated in a while so there was nothing new on his blog to read or I would have kept myself busy with that.
I stood at the window, looking down and recalling how it was the very first time I had stepped into this compound.

Greg: a penny for your thought baby?

I turned and he was standing at the door, with his usual smile. He started walking towards me, closing the door behind him.

Greg: I came in and you didn't notice my presence, tell me, what's the problrm?

Now, he was standing right in front of me, his smile, slowly fading away.

Greg: Hmm?

Me: Uhm .... Greg, I'm worried.

Greg: About what? Yvonne? She's not ....

Me: About us.

Greg: Us. Us?

Me: Yes, us.

Greg: What's wrong with us?

I went back to the bed and sat down and he followed suit.

Me: What are we doing?

I faced him, worry laced in my eyes that I was scared it was gonna make me blind.

Me: I've been through a lot, through a whole lot Greg. My love life sucks in ways I can't even explain. I meet a good guy and then he's not good after all. I want to know where this thing is going to lead us Greg.

He smiled and held my hands in his.

Greg: I understand you very well my love, trust me, I do. Look at me, I'm 33. Isn't that old enough? I'm old enough to know what I want. To know that the mother of my child won't be allowed to see her again, to know the woman I want to spend the rest of my god damn life with, to know the woman that will raise my daughter for me, it's old enough honey and I'm making all these decisions because you're that woman. You trigger emotions in me, feelings I didn't know I still have. And guess what, I love you with all your crazy and innocent sides, you suit me so well I don't mind breaking protocols just to make sure I wake up every morning and see you in bed with me.

He squeezed my hands and I held on tight.

Greg: So you want to know what we're doing, we're in love baby, and I'm happy it's you I'm in love with.

He looked at me and I smiled, assured that I'm not making a mistake.

Me: Edward is your friend right?

He nodded.

Me: He .....

Greg: was your first love, I know. Don't you think Harry has told me all that?

I was surprised, my voice left me and I just stared at him

Greg: No, it's nothing to be worried about. We three are friends from way back. Harry matched us up, then told us, Eddy and I. I haven't spoken with Eddy since you came here but I know he was happy when he found out I had something for you. But I'm glad you actually wanted to tell me this.

He embraced me and for once, I saw my future and it had Greg in it.

Greg: So tell me, where would you want to go. This house is becoming boring.

I smiled

Me: Amber and I were about doing that before Yvonne happened.

Greg: Oh! I see. Then we'll all go together, you, me, Koz and Amber. From tomorrow, we'll paint 042 red.

Me: Hello, I'm no painter.

We both laughed at my dry joke.

Greg: Don't bore me to death please.

Me: And you, don't paint me death as well.

We laughed again before we ended up cuddling beside each other.

Me: What about Gab?

Greg: Koz just drove her to his place. She'll be there till next week when school will resume.

Me: But who'll stay with her? Since Kosi will still come back here.

Greg: We've got other relations honey and one of my cousins lives with Koz. You hid yourself throughout the funeral so you couldn't meet any of them.

Me: Oh stop. I wasn't hiding

Greg: I know. You were trying to stop the feelings you had for me.

Me: You wish

Greg; I don't wish baby. I know.

I placed my hand on his chest and he looked at me, using his free hand to rub my forehead.

Greg: You don't look beautiful when you've got these worry lines on your forehead.

Me: What if Yvonne comes back to take Gab or maybe do something rash? I'll be lying if I say I'm not worried. The Yvonne I saw today can do anything to stay in this family.

He heaved a sigh and left me, obviously seeing the truth in what I just said

Greg: So tell me, what do we do now?

Me: A court order.

He looked at me and his face lit up, then he threw himself into me, his excitement lighting up the room.

Greg: Thank you baby, now I know you truly are my angel. We'll do that first thing tomorrow morning.

Me: That's better, at least, I'm relieved now.

We ended up talking deeper into the day, telling each other about our families and how we pulled through in life. Greg was such a darling, and when it was time for lunch, he asked the servants to bring ours into the room. I was in love with this guy and if care isn't taken, I'll run mad from it.


And so a week and four days later, he was driving us home against my will.
Initially, I had planned to visit my parents but Harry called, saying that Eddy(Tobe) was back. We had all spoken on phone and I was so excited that he was hale and hearty now.
Two days later, William had also called to remind us of the party. And that's why we're heading home now. Greg came with us because he wanted to see Eddy and Harry had invited him to the clique meeting that will be holding after the party.
Greg and Kosi had done wonders, we visited half of what I'll call 042 metropolis, buying things we don't even need. When it was time to pack up, instead of just one box, I was packing three boxes. Amber too complained of same thing, overstuffing.(lol)

Greg: Don't worry girls, you'll always visit whenever you want to.

Me: But I'm not tired of staying.

Greg: But you trust that Harry will kill me if you two miss this party, plus the meeting

Amber: Okay, this is what will happen, you're bringing us back after the meeting.

She said from the back seat.

Greg: Case closed.

He turned to me and pulled my left cheek

Greg: Come on, a smile will be appreciated.

Me: I don't want to.

Greg: I promise, you're coming back with me.

Me: I'm not going to bank on that. But I'll want to believe you.

Greg: I won't disappoint. You'll see that. You both.

He looked over his shoulder to a smiling Amber who gave him a thumbs up.

Greg: So, we'll stop at Tonimas for lunch.


Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by princessadeola(f): 11:30am On Jan 24, 2017
Hope it goes well with Greg

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Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by HULSH(m): 4:19pm On Jan 24, 2017
Gr8 work, Pam!
But I want moooooooore
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by Maryclaire1(f): 10:00am On Jan 25, 2017
Thanks Pam...more please
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by Nobody: 5:34pm On Jan 25, 2017
Love Dis Story Mehn I Have Been Reading Since Yday And Nevar Drop Till Now. What A Great Writer We Have Here. Going Back To D Story Y Is Pamela keep On Getting All Unfotunate Relationship,is She Truly Cursed*though That Is A Jamb Question* I Want Her To End Up Hapily With Tobe, My Main Reason Was That When She Fought With Tobe She Never Listen To Tobe Otherside Of The Story, She Never Stand With D Guy And She Just Left, Pls Cum Continue Yr Story Waiting Patiently,
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by PamelB(f): 9:32pm On Jan 25, 2017
Seeing Tobe again made me happy, he was even standing without support. The family I had here, in this estate and around were all outside as I stepped out from my house that Friday evening. Harry, Tobe, William, Leonard, Lois, Greg and Amber.
William had insisted he was coming to our side so we'll all go to the party in a group.
There was a lady beside Tobe and I couldn't help but notice how he always smothered her hair that flew around with the evening wind.
Greg was by my side immediately, giving me a quick kiss that got me blushing while the others wowed at us.

Greg: you look great babe.

I had chosen a black mini gown that had cuts at the ribs and a diamond pendant which hung gracefully at the neck line. I marched the gown with a silver purse and silver heels. My hair was in a messy bun and my make up was a little on the heavy side.

Me: Thanks honey. You're also looking like the handsome man I fell in love with.

He smiled and gave me assess to the others. I hugged Tobe first, letting him rub my back like I was a kid, then the lady with him. Then Leonard was next, I hugged him like I used to, not minding the fact that we've not said a word yet about what had happened. I went to William and he already had a grin on his face, pulling me to himself and stroking my nose. I giggled and went to Harry. We just hugged and Amber pushed me off.

Amber: His girlfriend is here please.

Everyone laughed at her display of jealousy and I smacked her with my purse.
Upon turning, I noticed William looking at me with an you're-forgetting-something look.
I knew what he meant because we had spoken about it earlier on the phone.
It was time to have that conversation with Lois.

William: Yes guys, let's grab a drink for the road from Harry's place since the princess finally showed up.

Harry: Yes. I really need that drink for the road.

Greg winked at me as they trooped to Harry's house. Lois made to join but I tapped her as she walked past me.

Me: Can we talk?

She looked at me and nodded, clearly surprised that I made the first move. Call me dumb or anything but you see, I love to keep a clean sheet. If after the talk and I still don't want her around, its still my decision to make. I've made a mistake once by allowing a friend turn into an enemy and it almost cost me my life. I'll speak with my mouth and clear whatever that's gonna break down the bridge to this almost perfect life I'm living now.

Me: So I want to hear it, why did you ever choose Leonard over me? How many years did we spend together? And then Leonard pops out from the blues and you fall so hard for him that even when he told you trash about me, you believed him without hearing from me?

She swallowed hard and rested on the car which I think belonged to Tobe.

Lois: Pamela, I really am ashamed of myself. I still don't believe I allowed him break our ......

Me: you're deviating Lois. Why did you fu'cking choose Leonard over me.

Lois: because I was in love. I was crazy for him, I wanted him in same way you wanted Tobe all these years. I .....

Me: And then you refused to listen to the voice of reasoning huh? You chose to believe that I would stoop so low to going after Leonard?

Lois: I'm sorry.

Me: What?

Lois: Yes. I know, I know sorry won't atone for the hurt you felt. This past weeks that I spent alone really showed me how you must have felt but believe me, I'm really very sorry Pamel.

Me: And what happened huh? If I had not sent you a screenshot of our message, will you be ashamed, will you have believed me now? Will......

Lois: Destiny decided to test us and I'm sorry it had to be me who broke off.

Me: Not destiny Lois. Destiny can't do that. Just know that I'm so so disappointed in you. We've been through a lot over the years, you helped me conquer most of my problems and just when I thought we were good to go? Oh!

I turned to leave but she held me back, pleading with her eyes.

Lois: Don't you think you've punished me enough?

I heaved a sigh and stood back.

Lois: I'm sorry, I'm very sorry Pamela. Your anger is justified, trust me, it's justified but please, forgive my ignorance. I love and cherish you so much that I'm willing to do anything to get back into your life. Don't just leave me like this, don't walk out of my life like this because I'll be doomed, I.....

Me: Let's go inside.

Lois: Please.

I watched her for a moment and felt the knot in my throat loosen.
My shoulders eased up and I opened my arms to take her in.
She willingly came to me, letting her guards loose.

Me: you're wetting my gown, and you wouldn't want to smear mascara all over your face. I'm sure there'll be a fine specimen of a guy that'll sweep you off your feet tonight.

She raised her head and looked at me, surprise written all over.

Lois: Where did you learn to talk like that?

I giggled like a child and we shared another hug.

Me: If we go in there, help me spank Greg for turning me into a naughty girl.

And that was how we entered the house, laughing like first class fools.
Without a word to the guys who were surprised, our first stop was the rest room where we fixed our faces. About stepping out when Amber joined us. She hugged us and gave us a long lecture about do's and don'ts of friendship.

After delaying the guys more, we stepped into the sitting room at exactly 9;18pm.

Lois: Is William still here? How can you be late for your own party?

She downed a glass she didn't know who owned before turning to the others.

Lois: My loud mouth is back so everyone, let's bounce. I've got a night of fun waiting for me.

Amber: Go girl. I missed you like mad.

Me: You missed her, or you missed this loud version of her?

Amber: Both.


Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by Marshalrhino(m): 9:27am On Jan 26, 2017
Keep it going, Pamel
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by Elefida(f): 2:55pm On Jan 26, 2017
Wow, speechless!
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by prisiliveth: 5:17pm On Jan 26, 2017
keep it coming....
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by eaziguyman(m): 8:41pm On Jan 26, 2017
Nice one. Buh i just feel the story should end like this abi it is amber's turn to do the usual?
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by heemah(f): 9:24pm On Jan 26, 2017
hapi bday
Thanks dear.. kiss kiss
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by PamelB(f): 10:31am On Jan 27, 2017
The party was more than I expected. I could make out faces of de crème de la crème of the society. Everyone was having a good time. Harry was taking Greg round, introducing him to people. On my part, I was with the girls, looking for a perfect gentleman for Lois. We each had a perfect cocktail in our hands, enjoying the moment.

A guy came and whisked Lois away from us, leaving Amber and myself.

Me: I need another glass. I don't know why the waiters ain't coming this side.

Amber: Why not be a bae and go to the bar? Get two glasses.

Me: you're crazy. We're going together.

Amber; come on, one of us needs to be here in case Greg and Harry returns.

Me: Then I'll be here while you go to the bar for the drinks.

Amber: please babe

I looked her over and walked out, going to the direction of the bar but I saw a waiter serving drinks so I went to him instead.

Me: Could you please.......

Leonard: Excuse me

I looked behind me and I confirmed the voice I heard.

Leonard: ehm .... Can I have five minutes of your time?

I turned to the waiter who was still waiting for my orders.

Me: I need a glass for a friend of mine. Can you help me reach her?

I pointed at where Amber was standing and he nodded.
I turned back to Leonard and looked him over.

Me: Anything the matter?

Leonard: Let's shift, a little from the music.

I nodded and decided he would follow me. I'll be the one to pick out where we're going in case he has something planned.
I walked out of the building and headed to the swimming area which was just by the corner. I sat on a pavement and breathed out while he lowered himself beside me.

Me: So, you wanted to talk.

Leonard: Yes.

He unbottoned his suit and took out something from the inner pocket. It was a little flat box.

Leonard: How have you being?

Me: I've been good, very good. You?

Leonard: I'm just here.

The silence hung in the air, only interrupted by the soft whistling of the night breeze.

Leonard: I got this for you. It's a parting gift from me.

Me: Parting gift? Who's leaving?

Leonard: I am.

Me: Why?

He looked at me and we both held each other's gaze. I wanted an answer, a sincere one. He looked away and gave a weak smile.

Leonard: I want to go away for a while, maybe a year or more.

Me: Why?

Leonard: I can't stay here. Not with the kinda pain I've put everyone through.

I opened his palm and put back the box.

Me: That's not an excuse. When did running away become a solution?

Leonard: You also went away when .....

Me: did it solve my problems? It didn't. Because six years later, the same problem was back in my life, right on my doorstep. Does everyone else know you're leaving?

Leonard: The guys, they know.

Me: And?

Leonard: They don't want me to leave. But you see, my mind is already made up about this.

Me: I see. Alright then, since you wanna leave, who am I to stop you? But the gift isn't necessary because I don't want anything from you.

Leonard: Why?

He dropped the gift on the pavement and turned to face me properly.

Leonard: this is exactly what I'm trying to avoid. Pamela I'm so sorry for what I put you through. You know I'm not like that. You've been with me for a very long time. You know me. I got carried away, i wanted more. My flesh seemed weaker and it conquered my better sense. You know I can never hurt you Pamela. It's ......

Me: Since you're sorry, why are you leaving?

Leonard; I'm ashamed of myself. How will I ever be able to face you and the girls, Lois especially. It was clear she loved me, and all I did was take advantage of that.

Me: Have you spoken to her yet?

Leonard: She doesn't want to hear from me.

Me: That's understandable. Leonard, I'll bare my mind to you. If I say I'm not angry at you, then I'm lying. You could have pulled any kinda stunt on me, but turning my best friend against me, it was not called for. So what that I didn't give in to your advances? There were other ways to hurt me but my friend? Leonard you're .....

Leonard: I'm sorry.

I swallowed my words, scratching my ear as the tears twitched in there.

Leonard: I didn't mean for all these to happen. Trust me.

Harry and Greg came to us that moment, shaking hands with Leonard.

Harry: you've hidden yourself since we got here. Glad it took Rose to bring you out here.

Leonard smiled and stood up.

Leonard: What time is the meeting tomorrow?

Harry: seven pm.

Leonard: William's house right?

Harry: Yea. You'll be there huh?

Leonard: I will.

He shook hands with them again.

Leonard: I'll leave now. See you guys tomorrow.

He gave me a hug and left, I looked from his exiting form to the gift he had left on the pavement.
I picked the gift while Harry and Greg looked on.

Greg: Baby, are you alright?

Me: I'm good. Can we go back in now?

They nodded and we went back in after I had put the gift in my purse.

I woke up the next morning feeling weak. There was a throbbing in my head. I looked at where I was. This isn't my room. There was someone on the bed with me. My heart started racing as I pulled the cover. Psttt. It was Amber. I tapped her and she opened her eyes slowly.

Amber: Don't tell me it's morning already.

Me: What happened last night?

She raised her head up and peered at my face like I was a child asking for directions.

Amber: You got drunk and Greg had to bring you here himself.

Me: Me?

She explained as memories of last night started to sip in.
After we had gone in, we ran into a group playing "shots" so we joined in. I had forgotten to raise a thumb when a question was asked, then I was made to drink shots of different vodka.

Me: What about Lois?

Amber: Pretty a$$ went in with the gentleman from last night.

Me: oof. My head hurts.

Amber: don't worry. Take a bath, then we'll go down and I'm sure, there'll be coffee for you.

Me: Thanks.

I picked my phone to call Greg and surprisingly, it was 11:56am.
I also had 13 missed calls.

Me: Amber it's noon already.

Amber: I'm not surprised. We got here around 3am.

Me: Where are we?

Amber: Tobe's resort.

I carried my surprised self to the bathroom where I undressed and hung my gown to air up. Then I washed my face and went back to the room in my innerwears only to see that Amber was back to sleep.

I decided to call Greg.

Greg: Hello sunshine. I've called for like eternity.

Me: I'm just waking up my love.

Greg: Next time, you're not playing that game again.

Me: I promise, I won't.

Greg: Good girl. You girls missed breakfast.

Me: Doesn't mean we're not hungry.

Greg: I know. Foody.

Me: I'm glad you know. When are we leaving?

Greg: I really don't know. William is suggesting we have the meeting here instead of his place.

Me: But we only have just our clothes from last night.

Greg: Then you girls should come down so we can go back to town, pick the things you'll be needing and come right back here.

Me: Lois isn't here.

Greg: William called her already. Everything will be taken care of. Just get your beautiful self down here okay?

Me: Where are you guys?

Greg: At the bar.

Me: We're coming.

Greg: Love you baby

Me: love you too.

I dropped the call and looked at Amber, thinking of how best to wake her up. I stood up and threw my weight on her while she screamed out.

Amber: bit'ch

Me: I know. Get your a$$ out of the bed, we're going to get our things.

Amber: I heard that. Give me five minutes to round up.

Me: Round up what? Were you about cuming in your dream?

Amber: Yuck! Just get out out.

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Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by Perfectionist11(m): 8:29pm On Jan 28, 2017
Nice one.

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Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by Nogodye(m): 8:58pm On Jan 28, 2017
Interesting...You're doing a great job PamelB...Keep it up
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by Daisyben(f): 11:35pm On Jan 28, 2017
Dope.....more plss
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by Nobody: 7:22am On Jan 29, 2017
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by Nobody: 7:28am On Jan 29, 2017

I’ve felt tingles spread through my body
I’ve felt my stomach erupt in butterflies
I’ve felt high and crazy
I’ve ignored so many lies
Times without number
I had opened up my heart
Each time I found a new lover
I turned him into my poetry and art

Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by PamelB(f): 9:28am On Jan 29, 2017
After much argument, I mean, loving argument between the guys, it was settled that we drive ourselves back to town. I'm sure you all know what that means, we'll sure waste more time. Lois was already in the estate so Amber and I hurried with our coffee before we left, with me behind the wheel while she dozed beside me.

We got to the estate about 40 minutes later and Lois was just at the cafe waiting for us. She sat at the back and did the first thing I never thought of; waking Amber up.

Amber: Are we there already?

Lois: We're taking you back to your village. Pamela please hurry up so Harry won't suspect a thing.

Amber's eye flew open immediately and I burst into laughter as she scanned the neighbourhood.
She realised Lois was joking and she feigned a frown.

Amber: You got me there.

Lois: I know.

Me: I just realised you look more beautiful when you're surprised.

Amber: Biggest joke of the century.

Me: Heard the sarcasm in that. Lois, how was your night?

Lois: Dude wasn't what he appeared to be. Under the two piece suit and cute face was a one inch junior. Bottom line, I had a terrible night.

Amber and I couldn't stop laughing. I swerved into my zone and was soon parked in front of my house.

Me: So the plan is, since none of the guys were gentleman enough to drive us here, we're gonna waste their time the much we can. We'll shower, change our clothes, pack up and head out with no exact location.

Lois: We're having breakfast out then, plus I'll wanna do a little shopping you know?

Me: Right. Where are your bags?

Lois: William already has that covered. I'll just change into one of your clothes.

Amber: Let's start going joor. Cause I'm really hungry.

Lois: I wonder where all the food you eat goes.

Me: I wonder too. She's so skinny yet she eats like an elephant.

It took that to get us out of the car because Amber started the chase. We all landed in a heap in front of my door and she relaxed comfortably on top of us. Woe betide me cause I was on the floor and Lois was on top me. Anyone who had seen us would either think we're fighting or we're a set of 18 year olds.

Our first stop was at Chittis where we had breaklunch(lol). Amber and Lois kept on teasing me that of all places, I had to bring them to my boyfriend's eatery. I blushed nonstop as they each bared their minds.
Second stop was at the mall where we bought gifts for everyone one of us. It was at the mall that Amber started something I'll call indirect discrimination.

Lois: What do we buy for Tobe's girlfriend?

Me: I'll just get her a necklace. I noticed she has an eye for good jewelry

Amber: I'm not getting anything for her. Do you see how she carries herself like she's some goddess? She can't even stick with the ladies. She's forever perched on Tobe's side. Does she think we'll steal her man or what?

Lois and I shared a look.

Lois: Do you have a problem with her before now?

Amber; Of course not. I don't even know her so why should I have a p with her? I remember how the three of us met nau. Nobody acted classy or bossy but she?

Me: Babe, if you don't want to get her anything, its fine, nobody will force you to. You know, people differ so just forget her, she doesn't really count.

Lois: And we're stuck to her because she's one of us now. Trust me, I'll bring her out of her attitude and get her to join our team instead of the guys.

Amber: Good luck then.

We did the rest of the shopping amidst small talks. We were at the counter when Greg's call came in. We were running late for the meeting.

We promised to be there in a few but that wasn't the plan. We were still going for a drink before we head to the resort.
They didn't want to drive us home so they're gonna allow us do our thing.

Lois: They don't know but we're heading to that resort by 7pm. They either take it or leave it.

Amber: Big time.

Me: Who wants that drink now?

Amber/Lois: Me!!!!!

I hit the road with only one place at the back of my mind, Dolly hills.

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Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by Chumzypinky(f): 12:27pm On Jan 29, 2017
4 Pamela mind na, she's forming hapi eva after. I jst dey laff
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by XCoolSuff(m): 2:18pm On Jan 29, 2017
Hi! Miss P, Your Story is indeed an interestin one daa can make som1 crawl beggin for more updates. But Its like u re not connectin it in real life aspect. I cant picture som1 having a life like `Pamela` A life of nothing but `Fake love, betrayal, sex, parties, and reunion` You hardly touch other aspect like `Visiting families, Som1 bin Lonely for a day, sumthin like`. plus u need to be describin some places so we can all picture it like a movie. And F`ck it. You re just extraordinary, I love every bit of it. Thanks
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by PamelB(f): 7:45pm On Jan 29, 2017
Hi! Miss P, Your Story is indeed an interestin one daa can make som1 crawl beggin for more updates. But Its like u re not connectin it in real life aspect. I cant picture som1 having a life like `Pamela` A life of nothing but `Fake love, betrayal, sex, parties, and reunion` You hardly touch other aspect like `Visiting families, Som1 bin Lonely for a day, sumthin like`. plus u need to be describin some places so we can all picture it like a movie. And F`ck it. You re just extraordinary, I love every bit of it. Thanks
i love this dear. You've really made a comment I wish I got at d beginning of this story.
The thing is that, this story really circles on all the things you've mentioned, that's why I highlight it especially. About the description, I'm really sorry but I pray to be better than this. Thanks dear. You really are the best.

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Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by Tenniebae(f): 11:05am On Jan 30, 2017
Pamel love...ds story gat me up all nyt..thumbs up girl...waiting for d next update
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by Daisyben(f): 6:12am On Jan 31, 2017
Luvin dis story like kilode....thumbs up pams
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by laddybay(f): 9:57am On Jan 31, 2017
hey Pamelb longest time
u didn't even ask of me, not even a mention, there is God ooo cool
Wait, I doubt if u even remember me grin
anyhow sha I'm still a big fan of your works
I've been really busy with school stuffs and I haven't logged in for quite some time just finished catching up
I can see this story hasn't lost it's fizz
keep it up dear
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by ericsmith: 4:53pm On Feb 02, 2017
thumbs up pamelB ....i fr share yu kiss but i knw ur bf is discreetly watching .
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by CHICHIRITAB(f): 9:27am On Feb 03, 2017
pamelb, u hav a wonderful piece here.May God inspire u more.Bless u!!!
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by Cornerstone2020(m): 7:07am On Feb 04, 2017
Thank You very much PamelB.
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by Mayreeyam(f): 10:52pm On Feb 06, 2017
Hi PamelB op all is well with you? Is been a while u update.May the good Lord b with u n ur family. Remain blessed
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by Anderpeter(m): 12:46pm On Feb 07, 2017
Hi, PamelB update update
Re: Valley Of The Shadow Of Love. by Daisyben(f): 4:50pm On Feb 11, 2017
Dearie dnt kip us waitin nau.. Abeggie!

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