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Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by Organs(m): 4:30pm On Aug 09, 2016
I think it will take Nigeria 100 years to have real development. Our illiteracy is way over the top. I do not need to read any thing or call anyone, its just like the kidnapped Chibok girls story. I live and work in America and i have an American guy that work with me in the Office and he used to work for the Govt and covered terrorism and war in West Africa. He even wrote a thesis that he showed me on conflict resolution. Now this guy, white oyinbo American has data on all the kidnapped girls, their family etc and so many human rights group that actually went there completed interviews over a long time, collected pictures talked to different stake holders, teachers, mallams, religious leaders, village heads, parents etc all documented with facts and data, and you have one fool (mumu) sitting his ass in Port-harcourt saying all the chibok girl story was all made up to remove Jonathan from power. Its sickening the level of illiteracy. Now, my question is how will any sane person think that a whole wife of the President of a country in 2016, 21st century information age, will forge and lie about visiting a Country in this day and age and put her status, image, calibre and orchestrate this one big lie and involve all these people just to lie to disprove FayoseA fool is he who knows not and knows not that he knows not.

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Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by lanrei(m): 4:30pm On Aug 09, 2016
Don't be too be sure
Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by MadCow1: 4:32pm On Aug 09, 2016

Don't be too sure kiss

I agree.. cool
Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by Prestdude: 4:49pm On Aug 09, 2016
I just had to put this up!


Hon. Ojosu Sunday wrote......
APC online propagandists, forgers and photoshoppers, listen up! Next time you are going to regale us with stories and pictures of AISHA IN AMERICA, can you kindly first do the following, please? :
1. Lend yourselves some sense. Contact Charles Ogbu for some; that guy's got an abundance of it, it's just so unfair. And I'm sure he's not using it all

2. Once you've done 1, then you'll automatically remember that the people you want to lie to are exceedingly more intelligent than yourselves. That way you'll be more diligent and circumspect in trying to feed them a poorly-packaged rubbish.

3. Choose an "arrival hall" with high ceilings and built of concrete. Americans don't build their international airports with low-hanging ceilings made of flammable materials. They have building codes that don't allow for that sort of construction.

4. Endeavour to budget a little more money (perhaps you did and Uncle Lai just pocketed the whole lot and set up a shoddy show) so you can actually get more than one miserable "white man" amongst your cast.

5. In continuation of 4 above, include some albinos (no disrespect to these lovely people) and some very light complexioned men and women in your paid-for cast (you'll find an abundance of the later in Rivers (especially Port Harcourt), Cross Rivers, Enugu and Abia States; but then, they'll most likely ignore you).
That way people like Euphemia Udanoh and Ena Ofugara won't make fun of you and call your self-created airport arrival hall "the blackest arrival hall" in American history.

6. Invest a little money on some nice shoes and American-styled runners for your cast.
It demeans your American-wonder cast to have them wearing bathroom slippers upandan in an American airport arroval hall to welcome Madam Aisha American to her adopted country.
It may be summer but the evenings and nights are quite cold for that kind of footwear in North America.

7. As part of 6 above, please invest a little of.Nigeria's money in buying them American-styled coats and winter jumpers to protect them against the punishing American weather, where temperatures could drop into single digits on even summer evenings and nights.
Having your cast wear made-in-Aba t-shirts all over the place (while Madam Aisha in America is properly outfitted in her winter wears; smart woman, got her script right! ) makes it look like you carried out this shenanigan of yours somewhere in an airport on the Island of Sao Tome & Principe.

8. Employ some intelligent research fellow; one who will inform you that visiting wives of sitting Presidents do not use the general arrival halls of international airports; international protocol just do not allow that. They are usually sheperd to a VIP section of the airport for diplomatic and security reasons.

9. Those slippers-wearing and Aba t-shirts adorning praise-singers, do I see them singing and dancing INSIDE an international arrival hall - probably shouting "APCshit!" too?
Dear APC propagandists, that's a no-no!!!
Perhaps somewhere in Nairaland that could happen, but because your madam is actually in America, those singers, dancers and praise-singers INSIDE the arrival hall of an international airport would have been collectively herded into jail for constituting themselves into public nuisance. Americans don't take that kind of nonsense o, didn't they tell you?
You really need to borrow yourself a brain!!!

10. Please always remember to carry your national mouthpieces like NTA and Channels agents along when you're about embarking on this kind of charade.
How do you think it made you look to have a whole Wife of The Dictator, sorry, President, Her Excellency, Lordess Aisha Halliburton Buhari, travel to a whole United States of America and only ragsheets like Sahara Reporters and Linda Ikeji blogs that will ve giving us feedbacks, ehn?
Okay, let's assume Channels already borrowed itself some brains and refused to be part of the sham set-up, wharrabout NTA? They are government's propaganda piece ke, abi?
It's disheartening to hear my dainty Aisha finally made it to God's Own country, to the eternal shame of Ayodele Fayose, and not a word of it - I don't even need the video - on any national or regional television channel!

11. And what about our friends at CNN, Aljazeera and BBC?
I have remained glued to my DSTV screen ever since the news of AISHA IN AMERICA broke but not one of these international news media even has something as simple as a byeline on the historic visit of the wife of the President of the Black race's greatest nation's visit to the greatest country and largest democracy in the world?
Let's agree BBC is still smarting from Fashola's less-than glorious outing on its channel a few days ago, what about our ever-ready-to-serve-at-a-price CNN?
Somebody fumbled and dropped the ball here, people! Don't let it happen again!!

12. After you've done all these, please submit the entire end-result to an outsider for vetting. It's obvious - from your past terrible attempts at photoshopping and forgery - that you have not a single brainy one amongst you.
I'll recommend you contact Olutoyosi Omotoso for this job; she's as wickedly blunt as anyone I've seen. She'll do a thorough vetting job so you won't have to embarrass yourselves this way in the eyes of the world.

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Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by Nobody: 4:58pm On Aug 09, 2016
This thought came 2my mind also, could be a make shift arrangement in some American state whr the law isn't so stiff abt corruption... & actually to score popularity against fayose's claim.

But @second thought... watin concern me with anybody's wahala, PDP or APC none don help me.

On Aisha buhari case . Last week I called the United States Institute of Peace in Washington DC. They have no Itinerary schedule for Aisha Haliburton. The phone number is 202-457-1700. When in doubt, you satisfy your curiosity, I just did.
The Woman is in RIO or Qatar as stated by Ekiti pdp,check out all the Nizooria Flags welcoming her in all those fake pictures APC spin doctors have been posting online. I made a post on this last week but as usual I never make FP
Emmmm If Aisha Buhari was in America, as per custom , the Nigerian Ambassador's wife would have welcomed her at the airport and act as her chaperone until she departs back to Nizooria
Many Notable News papers and media houses would have invited her to talk about her new book on how to do hair and makeup.
Michelle Obama would have honored her with a private dinner at the West Wing of the White House. Well, it did not happen..
Nairalanders there's a number there, call the Institute and confirm for yourself....I know your crazy support has almost turned most to dunces that believes every damn thing but a little effort won't kill you.

Hmmmmm! grin
Haliburton Scandal no dey finish!

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Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by Rexleo(m): 7:44pm On Aug 09, 2016
docked Aisha buhari ? Another stupid zombie sported. Well to all zombies,they are living dead.why will America insist that Nigeria should equally punish there collaborators.so Atiku too was docked. I laugh in Swahili you that your parents bought a black and white TV.

It is ok, in 2007 your parents could not afford electricity so you did not follow the Jefferson's case, it is not your fault that you are sourcing information from a r@tard like Fayose, your situation is pitiable though understandable, like Obama asked;
"One day Donald will doubt if we actually made it to the moon"
The good thing about the internet is that low lives who used to hawk Casera in Lagos have found a voice, if you had a TV in 2007, you would have seen the docked Aisha Buhari who testified against Jefferson.
Its ok you missed out that part, lets blame it on your humble beginnings, such is life. I can not believe that Nigerians could miss out such widely televised scandal and have the impetus to tell the the world how empty they are, who else missed the september 11 attacks? generational dumbos!!
Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by Nobody: 8:50pm On Aug 09, 2016
all dis na tory. mitchele obama invited aisha halliburton to first ladies conference around august 2015 last year but aisha refused to go. she sent saraki's wife to represent her instead. now dat she traveled to america last weekend, why didn't she used d opportunity to pay a cotesy visit to mitchele obama - even if na just to say hi n comot is it not an anomally for wife of nigerian president not to visit her colleague, mitchele obama, wife of american president obama
infact aisha's visit to america just open more can of worms. it is very clear as wind dat aisha is afraid of d US govt.

Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by Longeria(m): 9:03pm On Aug 09, 2016
Fayose and Ekiti PDP are just idiotusss....
Is that all you can say?


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Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by Longeria(m): 9:34pm On Aug 09, 2016
No nairalander in DC?
Cc Adelaide
Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by Nobody: 9:35pm On Aug 09, 2016
Fayose and Ekiti PDP are just idiotusss....

Just like you,right?

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Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by pleasuremaster: 10:52pm On Aug 09, 2016
nigeria's duara first lady go america, yet no picture of her with mitchele obama not even one selfie infront of white house gate individuals wey travel to washington dc, d first tin dem dey do na to snap pics for front of white house. yet a whole wife of president no even near d place cheesy which kind visit be dat abi she dey fear FBI grin or US govt no sen am grin
The last time I check, it was fayose n is puppet lare olayinka releasing press statement, not ekiti PDP. Y ve fayose n lare kept mum?
Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by soji1992: 11:38pm On Aug 09, 2016

Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by DanielPop(m): 10:14am On Aug 10, 2016
“We have seen pictures of Wife of the Senate President, Toyin Saraki with President Barrack Obama’s wife, Michelle. We also saw pictures of Mrs. Patience Jonathan with Michelle Obama when she visited the USA. Where are Aisha Buhari’s pictures with the First Lady of USA and major government officials from the country? Or could she have arrived and departed from the USA like a spirit?"

grin grin grin Missile!
Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by Nobody: 6:00pm On Aug 10, 2016
I discussed this topic with someone who normally should be in the know on issues like this and he said Aisha Buhari is in the US but couldn't publicize her visit cos, just like Fayose has once said, she has a fraud case to answer there.
Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by Nobody: 6:03pm On Aug 10, 2016
[quote author=mykl01 post=48342600][/quote]
On point.
Someone actually told me today that her visit couldn't be made official cos she has a case to answer there.
Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by Rexleo(m): 12:55pm On Aug 11, 2016
This is just barely 3 days since she returned from a purported trip to America that someone is representing her again in a more powerful meeting than an arranged usip meeting

Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by jpphilips(m): 3:47am On Aug 12, 2016
[quote author=Rexleo post=48341003][/quote]

Your case is even more pitiable because not only has Fayose deprived you of economic salvation, he has equally taken away your ability to think.
Do your destiny a favour, go to the internet and research , "jefferson trial proceedings, witnesses cross examination" then go back to Ekiti and educate Fayose.
It is because of brainless people like you that brainless politicians like Fayose are emboldened to over heat the polity with pettiness.
Go to America and twist a 9yr old event as a politician and wait to be re elected, only in Nigeria where humans roam with the IQ of a lizard live with such.
Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by Rexleo(m): 9:41am On Aug 12, 2016
[ my destiny is over the top,what I have achieved your generation can only dream of. We just showed your sorry life that her visit to the USA is a big lie and you are telling me to do your job for you .pls get a life and show us otherwise that she actually went to USA. And that she is not the Aisha in the Jefferson case.lowlife scum of the earth. Cc"JpPhilips.
Re: Aisha Buhari Didnt Travel To US - Ekiti PDP by Rexleo(m): 6:50am On Aug 19, 2016
This exactly two weeks she came back from America and Aisha has gone under ground both in public and the media space .I shake head for a generation that can see the loose end in there narrative.

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