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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Temtopy(f): 10:38pm On Aug 30, 2016
Oyinprince d boss am right here following u bumper to bumper #itrustdisisgonnabeablast#

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Nobody: 10:46pm On Aug 30, 2016
bros just sitting waiting patiently for next update with crossed arms

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 7:34am On Aug 31, 2016
Episode 1

By Tomi Adesina

My new office mate is a real pain! I murmured underneath my breath as Mrs Small ate her burger lousily. Do you care for some honey? She asked. No, thanks, I replied staring at my plate. We had to go to the firm’s cafeteria to grab our lunch. Mrs Toni (aka Mrs Small) had offered to take me. There is nothing small about Mrs Toni, she is extremely large, and she would rather be called the opposite of her name, so Mrs Small. I gulped my Red Bull drink and had to wait for Mrs Small.

It is an honour to work for Dare, she said as we took the stairs. This is the hundredth time you are mentioning that Toni, I said, obviously bored. I am so sorry girl, but Dare is the cutest boss ever. I sighed. How long have you been working for him? I asked, trying to get into the discussion. I have been at Ade Cole Firm for about three years, she replied. A mean smile lurked round my lips. Seriously, why don’t you have an office of yours? Or have you been incompetent for three years? I asked. No dear, she replied smiling. You are the incompetent one, she added. What do you mean? I asked. I have had about thirty people share that office with me until Dare felt that they deserved a place of their own, I own that office, others come and go, I stay, she replied and walked into the office leaving my speechless.

You are going with me to attend a case at the city mall by four pm tomorrow, Mrs Small said as she cleared her desk for the day. Is that my first assignment? I asked. No dear, more like a tutorial, you are going to watch me work tomorrow, she replied. Do I have to go? I asked. It is not like you have a choice, it is part of what you are here for, she replied. I sank into my seat. I watched her drag her briefcase as she reached for the door. Make sure to be on time tomorrow Ms Williams, she added and left.

The traffic in the city is usually crazy at this time, I protested as Mr Ade-Cole arranged his desk. That is why you work here, you are not to protest about the traffic or anything else, he replied. I have to get home early so as to able to accompany Mrs Small to the City Mall tomorrow, I replied. He let out a mean laughter. It is not like you have a choice Ms Williams, whether you like it or not, you are going to the City Mall, that is, if you want to continue working here, he replied. I yanked the documents from his hands and hurried out of the building.

Dare Ade-Cole ordered me to run some errands before I left the office. Taxi! I yelled as I emerged from the front door. No one was ready to take me to Broad Way; the traffic on the way is always alarming at this time. I returned into the office and straight to my boss’s office. There is no taxi going to Broad Way now Sir, I said. That is none of my business, you have a duty to fulfil and you have got to do that. He replied angrily. You will have to provide me a means to get there or better still, you drive me there, I replied. He leaned back in his chair and smiled.

I was taken to Broad Way by Dare’s driver. He didn’t say a word as he called his driver to take me there.


You must have really got on Dare’s nerves yesterday, Mrs Small said as I walked in. What did he say? I asked. She shrugged. Anyways, good morning, I said. I don’t think the morning will be so good after you get to your desk, she replied. I hurried to my desk and found a large note tagged “QUERY”. No way! I said and reached for the door with the note in my hand. I won’t confront him if I were you, Mrs Small advised. He is going to hear me, I replied and walked out.

What does this mean? I asked as I walked into Dare’s office. The last time I checked, you have a first class degree, and a first class product will know the meaning of a query, he replied. What did I do to deserve the query? I asked. Unprofessional conduct and disrespect to your boss is an offence in this firm, he replied. I have only spent one day in this firm and I am already receiving a query, I guess I will be fired at the end of the week, I said, aggressively. I doubt if you would last a week with this attitude of yours, he replied. I am not scared, I said. I know, he replied, opening the door. I walked out angrily.

Not a word, I said as I walked into my office. Mrs Small smiled. I think you should just chill young lady, Dare could get very offended, she advised. He already nauseates me, I replied. She sighed and leaned over my shoulders. This attitude will take you nowhere in this firm, Ade-Cole Firm is built on a lot of reputation and integrity and Dare would not let you jeopardize his family’s long standing empire. I get it, I replied with a grin.

I waited anxiously for four pm. At last, it came! Mrs Small and I left in her car to the City Mall. The case was a divorce case. The husband isn’t willing to give his wife what she demands. I watched Mrs Small argue that Mrs Ex’s demands were outrageous and shouldn’t be granted. After sessions of debates and arguments, the judge ruled in favour of Mr Ex and his wife didn’t get all what she wanted, but she did get a decent share from the divorce. Mrs Small had won a case.

Congratulations! I said as we headed for the car. Thanks dear, you know these cases could be really unrealistic, she replied. Why? I asked. I see no reason why a woman should be interested in breaking a marriage when she should actually think of making it, she replied. And, not forgetting that today is Val’s day, she added quickly. Who gets divorced on Valentine’s Day? I murmured. I had totally forgotten about Val’s day, I said to Mrs Small. Why is that honey? She asked. Don’t you have a boyfriend? She added as she opened the doors to the car. Mrs Small’s questions reminded me of Paul. Val’s day was always enterprising with Paul. We would take a walk into the night and stare at the stars. He loved doing that and I thought that it was girly, but Paul was a devote romantic. Do you have any boyfriends? Mrs Small asked as she sat in the car. I smiled, but didn’t respond. I won’t push it, she replied. I would like us to drive to the central market; I need to get some groceries for the house, she said. It is fine by me, I replied.

Mrs Small headed for the grocery section as I took a look round the boutiques. We agreed to meet at the car in thirty minutes. Nice Heels here, the sellers called out to me. I smiled as I headed for one of the stores. I love heels! After bargaining, I ended up getting a LV heel for around ten thousand naira. I had to hurry to the car; I had three minutes to go.

Darlene! Someone called out. I turned round to face my past.

...to be continued

Read Episode 2 on www.youngicee.com/please-break-my-heart

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by TheBlessedMAN: 11:32am On Aug 31, 2016
Mr Oyinprince... Weldone, as in, 4 using my name Dare as the Boss in diz thriller... Ur head dey dia
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Niwdog(m): 11:52am On Aug 31, 2016
Mr Oyinprince... Weldone, as in, 4 using my name Dare as the Boss in diz thriller... Ur head dey dia
you done come here with your wahala ba?
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by TheBlessedMAN: 11:56am On Aug 31, 2016
you done come here with your wahala ba?
no.. Not atall.. My wahala dey house... I go cal am if i need am


Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Daeveed(m): 4:50pm On Aug 31, 2016
Cool.... Buh Dhat Girl Harsh Oh

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by ysadiq(m): 9:26am On Sep 01, 2016
olatex25, ysadiq, Rajesh, Mrlemuel, FlordFlorex, ritababe, TheBlessedMAN, SmartestPopQUEEN, cherrybrown, bamiradex, mindfrick
present sir
sowi for coming late sirrrrr

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by gbens2000(m): 11:37am On Sep 01, 2016
i don show my oga oya lets go there.
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 3:01pm On Sep 02, 2016
Episode 2

By Tomi Adesina

‘’ NOT AGAIN!’’, I thought as I approached Paul. Paul was the last person that I expected to see, at least not in the market. Hi, happy Val’s day, he said; As if I cared, those words almost escaped from my lips as I nodded back. How have you been? He asked. ‘Never been better’ I replied with a sarcastic smile lurked round my face; we were together for almost two years and it never worked, I replied. ‘That’s not true, Darlene, you never put in any effort to love me’, he said.’ You can’t force love’, I replied smiling. ‘You were in a haste to get rid of me’, he said. ‘You told me that you regret ever knowing me, why then are you stalking me?’ I asked. ‘I can’t just let go of you yet, I want to try, I want to fight for your love’, he replied. ‘That is if I have any to offer’, I replied bluntly. I could hear the disappointment in his voice as he said, ‘You will find the man you will love someday, how will you feel if he treated you this way?’ He asked. I grinned. Love is cliché; I replied and turned to meet Mrs Small staring at us, YES, I know that stare. ‘The overprotective Dad look’

‘You were very harsh on Paul’, Mrs Small said as she drove. ‘He was becoming a pain and he really needed to hear the truth from me’, I replied. ‘Don’t you believe in love at all?’ She asked. I scoffed. Is it a religion? I asked smiling but Mrs Small didn’t seem to find it funny, Listen Toni, Love is not what it used to be, maybe if I was born in the Romeo and Juliet days or maybe if I was loved by Shakespeare, I wouldn’t mind falling in love, but not in this generation, I replied, trying to sound convincing, even to myself. Why did you agree to date Paul in the first place? She asked with curiosity in her voice. To prove a point to my father, he but called me an ‘Amazon’ and said that it would be impossible for any man to want to date me, but on the day he said this, Paul took me out and asked me out, I really wanted my father to know that I could have any man at my beck and call and so I agreed, I replied.

Congratulations Toni, Dare said as he walked into our office. Thank you Dare, she replied. How is your intern doing? He asked staring at me. She is doing just fine, she replied taking a quick glance at me. I looked disgusted. Did he call me an intern? I said to myself silently. Good night ladies, and enjoy the lovers frenzy he said and walked out. ‘‘I couldn’t help but wish my boss could just fall and break a leg’’. ‘Let me give you a ride?’ Mrs Small offered. Sorry, I will be working a little late, I replied. Later honey, she replied with a smile and left. Unfortunately, that happened to be a lie, one of the ‘’skills’’ I had to pick up from dating Paul, so it comes naturally. I picked up my phone and called Jake.

‘’911’’What is the emergency please? Jake asked with a very familiar smile as he ‘’rolled up’’ in his car. Why did you choose to humiliate me in this ‘’Jalopy’’ especially on Val’s day, I asked sarcastically. Jalopy, he replied. This is a limited edition ‘’1992 Audi 80 avante’’, only a hundred of this was manufactured and I happen to have the only one in this town, he bragged. And you should be ‘’honoured’’ to ride in one, he added sarcastically ‘’especially on Val’s day’’, he said with so much pride lurking around his face, as if he bought the car with his own money, the previous owner of the car, his dad probably got so sick of the car and passed it to him, and I am yet to find out what is so special about the car. ‘Whatever’, I replied. I ran into Paul today at the Central Market. He laughed. It is not funny, I think he is going to be stalking me all my life, I replied. Hey Miss Cinderella, the world doesn’t revolve around you, he said sarcastically. I clenched my fists and punched him hard. Is that the best you can do? He asked laughing, but seriously, is that what you are worried about? He asked. Of course, I replied. What else can I be worried about? I asked. I thought you would feel remorse about the message sent to him, it was a really irritating message, if you sent that to me, I would have driven you off a cliff, he replied with a smile. I could never send such to you, you are my best friend, I said.

Hi Darlene, Dad said as I walked in. Hello, I replied coldly. When are you going to stop resenting me for not putting you in the family’s firm? He asked. When I survive my first week at Ade-Cole, I replied, pouring myself lemonade. It is for your own good, he replied. Yeah yeah yeah here we go again, I replied angrily. I am a first class material from Harvard Dad! What else do you want from me? I deserve to be in your chambers not working for some ‘’slave driver’’ and you know it. Everyone knows that Williams Firm is the best in the continent; I yelled angrily and left for my room. I know you would get in on merits, but it is for your good, he called out as I slammed my door angrily.


“Do you want me to give you a ride?” Dad asked as he came downstairs. There we go again, i knew the peace and quiet had been too perfect to last but thank God we didn’t have to go the through the ‘good morning-good morning routine’. No, thanks, I already called Jake, I replied. “When are you going to get your own car?” He asked. “Maybe when I start earning my salary”, I replied, sipping my coffee. “Jake can’t continue to do everything for you; he has got his own life”, he said, slipping into his Suit. He is not complaining Dad; I replied and carried my briefcase. See you later, I added and walked out. Jake pulled up seconds after I walked out of the house.

“Are you satisfied with ‘the new golden carriage’? Jake asked as rolled down the tinted window with a grin on his face. “It is okay,” I replied. So you call my new ‘beamer’ okay? How many of this have you seen around,” Jake added raising an eyebrow with his “leery eyes” peering from under his dark glasses. Jake and I had been friends from as far back as I could recall, we went to the same schools, even Harvard, Jake bagged a degree in Architecture. He is very artistic and creative, that is my favourite quality in him, apart from his heavy masculine physique and cute face. Jake is the perfect listener. I rant about all my fears and pains to him, and he lends me the listening ear that I require. “Jake please don’t get me started this morning” I replied, ”wow, someone’s pissed, why didn’t you turn up for the party last night?” Jake replied with a queer, choked voice, “unlike you some of us have to go to work’’ I replied shifting my weight from the middle arm-rest, I was angry but not too angry to notice the comfy leather interior of the new BMW X6, Jake is self-employed with really no reason to work, He is the only son of the owner of the biggest construction company in west Africa. Be a good girl, he said as he pulled up in front of Ade-Cole Law Firm. I smiled and hurried off.

Good morning Toni, I said as I walked in. Hello Darlene, she replied smiling. Dare wants to see you in his office, she added quickly. A stream of anger and fatigue flew through my whole body; I immediately left for his office. “Good morning Sir,” I said. The name is Dare, he replied with a grin which he rarely did. We do a first name here, you should have read that in the handbook, he added. Yes Dare, I replied, feeling comfortable. I went through your credentials last night and I must say, it is top class, he said, “thanks”, I replied. He was too engrossed in he’s speech to notice the irony in my voice Does that mean that I get my office? I asked. No, at least not yet, the personal office thing comes when the firm feels that you are certified by all standards to be an office owner, he replied still with the strange and annoying grin. Why then did he call me here? I said to myself inaudibly. “Darlene, I would like you to accompany me to a press conference by 2pm, it is for the firm”, he said. I glanced at my watch. “It won’t take your time and you don’t need to say a thing, in fact, you have nothing to say, you are just going to be a figure there”, he continued. I wore a weird gaze at him. I am actually taking you because I think you are beautiful and would make for a good cover page standing by me, he added, why don’t you just a hire a Model? I asked bluntly. He laughed. Hiring will mean me paying her and I am not interested in paying for a thirty minutes interview. He replied. I wasn’t aware that that was part of our professional agreement…I can check with my colleagues to be certain, I replied, looking uninterested. “Could you really check?” he asked. I frowned at his Sarcasm. Look Darlene, you are my staff and you do what I say, he replied.

Dare forced me to a press conference, God knows what he would do to me next before this week runs out, I complained bitterly to Jake as he drove me home later in the evening. Who is Dare? He asked. My boss, Dare Ade-Cole, I replied. Do I sense a “beauty and the beast story” in the offing? He asked with a sarcastic smile. Yeah yeah…very funny Jake, I replied probably not impressed with one of Jake’s casual Jokes. “The firm operates on a first name basis between the staffs”, I replied. You will be fine babe, you are very strong and you will come out well there, he said.” Do you know why my Dad doesn’t want me at his firm”? I asked, with no provocation. If you work at Williams Firm, people will say that your Dad planted you there, they will disregard your merits, he replied. Jake that is so “flat”, I worked hard for my degree, I replied with a deep breath. Prove it at Ade-Cole and you will see that your father will be dying to have you at his firm, he said. I sighed. Cheer up babe, do you care for chicken? KFC is just right around the corner, he said. Thanks Jake, I replied. What would I do without you? I asked with a smile. Nothing, you couldn’t do anything without me, he replied with a grin.

...to be continued

Read Episode 3 on www.youngicee.com

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Feyikemi12(f): 7:08pm On Sep 02, 2016
Welcome ma'am
let me call others

present sir!

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by ashatoda: 8:53pm On Sep 02, 2016
because she has first class from Harvard she now believes she is the best. Hmm if i see her i for tear sense put inside her brain. Paul turn himself into mumu because of a lady. Well still reading

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by PrincessMM(f): 8:11pm On Sep 03, 2016
Am in luv wit ur writeup. It brings inspiration 4 starters[color=#000099][/color]

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 6:12am On Sep 04, 2016
Episode 3

By Tomi Adesina

“Do you think that Dare would grant me the opportunity to attend the programme?” I asked Toni waving an invitation card before her. Toni raised her head slightly and took a quick peek at the card. “You will have to see for yourself, you are very new here and a function would be regarded as inappropriate”, she replied. “I have never missed it and I don’t intend to now”, I replied and left for Dare’s office. “Morning Dare” I said. He nodded. “I would like to be excused from work tomorrow”, I said. “Are you feeling ill?” He asked without looking up, his gaze was totally fixed to his laptop, who does he think he is? He should have at least looked at me. “No, but I have a very important function to attend”, I replied. “What function can be more important than your job here”? He asked staring at my hand. At least, he is looking at me now. “It is a service for my mother”, I replied. His look was now very stern. “Is she a clown?” Why would she want a service? He asked, looking irritated. Listen to me, if you go for it, you can kiss your job goodbye, he added and faced his laptop. I flung the card at him in utter disgust, “it is a remembrance service for my late mother, and I quit”! I yelled and walked out.

“Cheer up honey”, Jake said as he wiped my tears. “He called my mother a clown”, I mumbled. That Jerk! “He doesn’t deserve your tears”, he replied. “I don’t want to work here again, take me away from here Jake”, I said. “We would clear your desk tomorrow”, he replied, opening the door for me. I sat in the car feeling awful; Jake smiled at me. Jake’s smile came as a relief, there was something “kind” about his smile. We left for his place. I will get you something to drink; he said and left for his kitchen. I stared at a picture of Jake and I on our graduation from High School. “How could he still keep such a picture?” I thought. I had no idea where mine was, and moreover, I thought the picture looked boring. We were just two youngsters leaving High School and looked quite nervous. I snapped out of my thoughts as he returned with a can of soda. “I want to start my driving lessons this weekend”, I said. “I am not tired of driving you around”, he replied handing me the soda. I know, but I want to be able to drive myself around and not wait on my office stairs for about twenty minutes like I did today, I said. “That was an emergency, if you had called me prior to the time, you know that I would have been there”, he replied. That is the typical Jake Martin-Oje reply. I have to put an end to his “over protectiveness”; although I can’t really say that Jake is over protective. “But I don’t want you running here and there for me”, I said.” Moreover, I don’t like your new ‘beamer’”, I added with a light smile. “What will ever satisfy you”? He asked with a wide smile.

“Brethren, we are gathered here today for the 20th remembrance service of late Mrs Danielle Williams…” I watched the priest go over the formalities. I found it hard to shed a tear, maybe it was because I never really knew her, but as I stare at her grave like the past years, I feel drawn to her. She died on my 1stbirthday, she was trying to bake my cake when she heard me cry, she rushed to me but on her way, she slipped and hit her head and that was the end of my mother and my birthdays. My father never celebrated any of my birthdays and when he told me how she died, I vowed never to have fun on my birthday, anyways, and today is my birthday, my 24th birthday. My mother’s remembrance service has always been held on my birthday, so that was enough for me to feel sad and forget ever having fun. “What is fun by the way without a mother?”

“Happy birthday”, Jake whispered into my ear. I nodded without a smile. Jake always tried to make me happy on my birthdays; he always baked me a cake, which I always dropped at the cemetery after the service. The cemetery was soon empty, Dad and his guests had left, leaving Jake and I and some anonymous figures paying their last respects. I stared at my mother’s grave; my mum would have been 50 if not for her unfortunate death. I dropped the cake and tears flowed down my eyes. That is the part where I always had to shed the tears, it felt special in a sad way to present the cake we never baked on my 1stbirthday. “Would she eat the cake?” I asked Jake with a smile. His amused grin broadens and he put his hand on my shoulder. I faced the grave and dropped a flower. “I am sorry for your loss”, a thick voice said with a musical British accent. I turned round to see Dare Ade-Cole in a tightly fitted black suit; I nodded and faced her grave. “Take the week off, see you on Monday”, he said and walked away. I turned back and watched him leave. “You might need a minute alone” Jake said. “I will be by the car”, he added and left.

“A 24thbirthday needs to be cherished and spent well”, Jake said as he drove. “That rule doesn’t apply to me”, I replied. “Here we go again Darlene, for how long will you allow this to continue?” He asked. I gave no answer to his “rhetorical question”. He obviously knew my answer, why was he asking? “You cry every time on your birthday, I honestly think that you should tell your Dad to change the remembrance date”, he said. “I want the remembrance left on this date”, I replied. He sighed deeply. “I get it”, he said and drove on.


I could hear the sound of slow hip-hop pulsing behind the closed windows of the Beamer as I approached. But Jake killed the music as soon as I reached for the door handle. I slid into the front seat next to Jake and told him to take me home.

“Who was that you were listening to?” I asked him.

“Um, that was Lil Wayne.”

“How to love?”

“That’s right.”

Over the years, I had become knowledgeable in the subtle distinctions, regional and otherwise, in rap and hip-hop. Across the board, most of my friends listened to it. Some of them fashion their life styles from them. I wouldn’t think of being totally tuned to music, especially rap. I reached for the disk rack and chose one at random. I noted the handwritten ‘Dido’ on the disk. I handed the disk over to Jake and he slid it into the dashboard stereo. I didn’t have to tell him to play it at a volume so low that it would amount to little more than background noise. Jake knew I hated noise. I turned my phone on, checked my voice mail and had two unread messages. One from my great aunt, Aunt Sally, she was apologizing for missing my mom’s remembrance service, this is the fifth consecutive time she was missing the service, so I was used to her constant apology messages. The other message was from Mrs Small.

I called Mrs Small back first; I was uninterested in returning Aunt Sally’s message. “Hi Toni”, I said, signalling to Jake to totally kill the music. “Hey Honey, how are you holding up?” she asked. “I have been holding up well for the past twenty four years”, I replied sarcastically. Honestly, why would Toni ask how I have been holding up? My mom has been long dead. “I just thought you might need comfort”, she said sounding a bit defensive. “Oh Toni, where is your sense of humour?” I asked. At this junction, she burst into a mean laughter. “I do not like the sound of your laughter,” I said into the receiver. “Dare came for the service”, I said. “Oh! That’s nice to know”, she replied. “I am happy to know that he at least has one human bone in him,” I said. “And speaking of Dare coming to my mom’s service, how did he get the address?” I asked quickly. “Apart from the fact that you in your rude behaviour flung the card at him, I gave him the address”, she replied. “Did he ask for the address?” I asked smiling impressively. “Yes, he did”, she replied. The line started to break as we spoke and so I had to end my call with Toni.

The traffic heading downtown bottle necked on the third mainland bridge. I spent the time in the car ‘tweeting’ and trying not to think about going back to Ade-Cole and the argument I had with my Dad about resenting him, My Dad was right and that’s what hurts. For a long time, I had been angry with the old man for a lot of reasons. It was something I had thought about changing myself. In a few minutes, we broke free of the bottleneck. I looked out of the window and saw no accident, I saw nobody with a flat Tyre and no high way patrol cruiser parked on the shoulder. I saw nothing to explain the traffic. It was often like that. Freeway traffic in Lagos was as mysterious as the dark side of the moon. It moved and flowed, then stalled, crawled and stopped for no easily explainable reason.

“Always thought that I would love to live by the sea…” Dido’s lyrics titled straight into my thoughts or rather interrupted my thoughts. I didn’t vision my life to be this complicated, never knew that Lagos could shrink so much that I would have to run into Mr Ex every other day of the week. I tried not to think about work. There are so many assholes to think about and so little time.

Then solid bass blaring from the custom beamer speaker almost sent my head into the window glass, I turned swiftly to look at Jake with my hands covering both ears, I frowned at Jake who seemed to derive so much pleasure from the noise he had created, noticing the swift movement, he turned in my direction.

“What?” he asked with a smile.

Then he noticed the frown and the hand to ear gesture it made, he let the volume down from the media control on the steering wheels. Then he looked back at me and noticed that I hadn’t looked away and still had the frown on, I spotted his fumy smile spreading across his face, showing his white but broken canine.

“That was M.I”, had to play him out loud.

I shrugged and thought, what it was with Ex BHS boys and M.I….he is like a super hero to them. No disrespect to the Lagos superstar, but I wouldn’t even have him on my rack. “Why do you hate M.I so much?” Jake asked as if he read my thoughts. “I have never liked him, even knowing that he is an alumnus of our high school,” I replied coolly applying my lip gloss. “What will you rather have me play?” “Adele?” he asked with a grimace. “More like it”, I replied smiling. “I will not play such music in this royal stereo of mine”, he replied proudly. “And I suppose M.I is royalty?” I asked mockingly. Jake and I were very used to banters, especially on our favourites; we basically didn’t like the same things. I can’t stand M.I, and Jake thinks that Adele is a pathetic musician. When it comes to our choices in Football, I love Chelsea Football Club, and Jake can go on everyday about Arsenal Football Club. To worsen our usual Footie outburst, Jake hates my best footballer, Didier Drogba. Why would anyone hate Didier Drogba? I couldn’t really blame Jake, Drogba is known for “ripping the brakes out of Arsenal’s Car” whenever the London derby arises.

Jake drove on into the night as I remained glued to my smashing new blackberry I had several “pings” to reply and of course, have fun “tweeting”. The journey to my house was taking longer than expected, but I couldn’t be bothered, I was with Jake! I feel very safe with my “big bear” as I love to call Jake. Speaking about Jake’s physique, he had been working out since high school when I had problem with seniors boys coming at me because of the “so-called attitude” they said I posed at them whenever they wanted to go out with me. Jake got into fights in school because of me, I always got on people’s nerves and then I rush to Jake for help, he has always been there, and nothing has changed.

“Here we are”, Jake said as he pulled up. I stared at the very familiar environment, then turned and punched Jake hard on the shoulder. “What are we doing at the galleria?” I asked as I peered out of the tinted glass windows. “We are here to celebrate your first ever birthday and put an end to your annoying birthdays”, he replied turning his phone off. “Jake, my mom’s remembrance service started when I was four years old, so I don’t think it’s that bad, and beside I like hanging with my mom at the cemetery” I replied. “It is horrible you know what?, you’re hanging out with me today and we are having fun even if I have to drag you along screaming and kicking all the way” he said smiling, “Jake, am I crazy?” I said smiling back at him. “No you’re not crazy, and I’m the crazy one in case you forgot”, he replied closing the doors of the car.

...to be continued

Read Episode 4 on www.youngicee.com

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 6:14am On Sep 04, 2016
Hey Guys! Kindly copy the below and tweet for me, thanks.

" #MyHouseHuntWahala #2

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by teniola240(f): 6:52pm On Sep 04, 2016
Hmm..nice story op..kudos!!
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 4:44pm On Sep 06, 2016
Episode 4

By Tomi Adesina

Jake walked towards me waving two movie tickets with a big smile on his face,“I got us the last two tickets for Cars”.

“Cars, are you kidding me?”

“The movie is a sell-out and a tip was necessary to get the last two tickets, so let me rephrase your last sentence, Oh thanks a lot Jake, you’re the best” Jake replied sounding like Minnie mouse.

“I do not sound like that you slowpoke” I replied hitting him on his shoulder. “I bet we’ll be the only adults in the cinema”

And apparently, we were the only adults in the cinema and to worsen matters, Jake got us seats in the midsection of the hall. Making our way to the seats, was like hurdling over the legs of the kids who wouldn’t adjust and let us pass because they were so glued to the screen. Then we finally took a seat beside a grumpy kid who apparently had some problem locating where his mouth was, he had pop corn flying on his shirt, the chairs, Jake’s shoes, but Jake didn’t seem to mind, he actually got a “kind” shove from me when threw his pop corn in my face.

“Now let’s get you home” Jake said as the KFC attendant handed me a bucket of half-wings and some fries. “Not quite”, I replied with my mouth full.

“Then what?”

“The day is still young, it’s just like 8pm and besides, it’s my birthday”

We exchanged the knowing look, “are you thinking what I am thinking?” Jake asked.

I nodded.

“So where is it going to be?; Q-lounge, Koko lounge, Rehab…”

“Club du slowpoke” I replied cutting him off

“And where is that?”


“You are joking right” he replied with a raised eye brow.

“Do you know the number of cars that get jacked in that side of town?”

“Just tell me you are joking”

“You chicken, come on its not that bad and beside I have got friends in that side of town, you’ll be just fine”

“Are you sure about this?” Jake asked as he pulled up into a noisy neighbourhood.

“Yes, I just want to have fun, isn’t that what you want?” I asked. “I want you to have fun but we at a pub”, he replied. “Don’t be a silly girl”, I said and jumped out of the car. The local pubs downtown had the best fun loving people. I danced into the night with Jake all around me before I knew it, I knew nothing. What does that mean? I guess I got drunk!

“Morning D”, Jake said handing me a cup of coffee. I had to shield my eyes; at least I knew where I was. Jane’s room always let in too much light early in the morning. By the way, Jane is Jake’s twin.

“Thanks”, I said as I took the cup.

“You went overboard and got drunk last night at the Pub”, he started as he raised the curtains. I sipped the coffee gently. A large smile danced round Jake’s face.

“What?” I asked.

He jumped at me and tickled me hard.

“I had never seen you dance until last night”, he said.

“That was my birthday”, I replied.

“I am so happy to see you happy”, he said.

“Thank you Jake”, I said warmly. He smiled, acknowledging me.

“I owe it to you, if you didn’t help me, I would have never known how to enjoy a birthday”, I added. “Thank you”, I said again and hugged him.

“Time to go home”, he said releasing me.

“Jake, how much did I drink last night?” I asked as we approached the door.

“Somewhere between a lot and too much”


“Hi Jake”, Dad said as we walked in.

“Good morning sir”, he replied.

“Where did you kidnap my girl to yesterday?” He asked.

“We just hung out”, he replied scratching his head.

“Why are you asking him questions Dad when I am right here?” I asked angrily.

“Darlene”, Jake whispered under his breath.

“I just wanted to know because I wanted to have a quiet night with you yesterday for your birthday”, Dad replied.

“Am I supposed to celebrate that”? I asked rudely.

“When are you going to stop resenting me”? He asked.

“I am going to take my leave now”, Jake said excusing himself.

“Why are you so pissed about not getting the job at my firm?” Dad asked.

I scoffed.

“You are working at Ade-Cole, anyone will kill to have that job”, he replied.

“Anyone except me”, I said.

“I will not continue to take your petty insults”, he replied.

“I am not done yet; I want to know why you employed a certain Dora Oluwole in your company as your Personal Assistant”? I asked.

“That is my personal business and why are you digging into my business?” He asked angrily.

“Don’t you think that she is too young for an affair, she is only 22 Dad”, I yelled.

“Why would I date my own daughter?” He asked.

I was shocked!

“Listen Darlene, I wanted to talk to you about it yesterday, I am very sorry”, he said.

I ran upstairs and shut the door angrily.

“Hi”, I heard a thin voice say.

“I am Dora”, she said.

“What”! I yelled.


Earth is a place for living people. But why does it seem like I am dead or am I hearing things? I tried to spring back to life as I stared to the petite brunette in a polka dotted pink gown.

“Who are you?”

“I am Dora, your step sister”, she replied with her hands stretched out at me.

What was she expecting? Handshake or hug? Technically there was only one thing on my mind.

“Get out!” I yelled pointing at the door.

“I am so sorry if this is a bad timing”, she said lifting her bag from my lamp stand.

“Do you call this “timing”? There is never timing! You will never be welcome by me, I yelled. I stared at her as she approached the door with a fury written all over my face. My glance raced to her hand bag and I yanked it furiously.


“I have to be sure that you haven’t stolen anything else”

“Are you disillusioned? I have never stolen a thing from you”

“Liar”! “You stole my Dad”

“You are pathetic”, she replied and pulled her bag from me.

“Get Out”, I yelled.

I picked my phone and dialled Jake


“Thanks for getting me out of there”, I said as I sank into the sofa.

“I will get you a drink”

“Don’t go Jake”, I said pulling him back.

I cuddled into Jake’s arm. That was exactly where I wanted to be. It felt strange to know that I had a step-sister. I really couldn’t know why I got worse. Was it the fact that I had a step-sister? Or, was it because my father put her in his firm and he wouldn’t even have me anywhere near the firm? Thoughts ran through my mind as I tried to place where I would fit into in my new family. It would be a whole new setting for me with a step-sister and probably, a step-mother might be looming. I had to be ready for any surprise. Who wouldn’t be with a father like Sir Williams?


“You have a visitor”, Jake said as he tapped me lightly.

“Where am I”? I asked trying to access my environment.

“Jane’s room, you slept off in the living room so I decided to bring you in”, he replied.

“Who is my guest”? I asked slipping into my slippers.

“You should see for yourself”, he replied opening the door.


I walked into the living room to meet my father holding a picture frame of Jake and me.

“That is one special person that I have always had in my life, where do you fit in Sir Williams?” Dad sighed. Jake left for the kitchen.

“Where do I start?” he asked.

“Anywhere, you know the story best, and please be truthful Dad”

“I was never unfaithful to your mother when she was alive, I have always loved Danielle”

“Spare me the introduction”, I said cutting him off.

“I met Dora’s mother two years after Danielle passed away”, he started as he clenched his fists nervously.

“It was just a night stand; I never expected it to be so complicated”

“Are you trying to tell me that you just hooked up with some random woman and she presented you a kid?” I asked.

“I went to a club and I met her there, she was very attractive and we just hooked up that night and it was all, I never saw her again”.

“So how did you get to know about this now?” I asked.

“I met her in Las Vegas five years ago; she walked up to me and blurted out about my kid. I was shocked. I even called the cops on her. After a night in police custody, she told me about our last meeting that led to Dora; I didn’t believe her because I thought that she just wanted to pin a kid on me because of my status. She kept following me around and after persuasion from my friends; I decided to have a paternity test. It turns out that I am Dora’s father, so I had to man up to my responsibility”

“How long have you accepted Dora?”

“It’s been five years”

I scoffed.

“You mean to tell me that you have known that I have had a step-sister for five years now and you never said a word”, I said shaking my head in disdain.

“How could I have told you?

“You are 24 and are handling things this bad, how would you have reacted five years ago?”

Yeah right…the protective Dad in action.

“The fact remains that you hid important information like this from me and you expect me to welcome her with open arms, and coupled with the fact that you gave a position at your firm and I can’t even work there”

“I am sorry Darlene”

There are some things that “sorry” doesn’t fix. Hasn’t any one told Sir Williams? I was silent.

“Don’t you have anything to say?”

“I have nothing to say”

“I want you to forgive me and try to accept Dora; she has been through a lot”

“Oh yeah…now am I to play the big sister role? Thanks Dad, I am touched!”

“I would appreciate less of the sarcasm Darlene; you were unfair to Dora and spoke to her rudely”

“I met a stranger in my room. That could amount to trespassing and possibly robbery, considering the fact that she already stole my father, it was rude of her to be in my room” “Regardless, you shouldn’t have called her a thief; she was only trying to be friendly”

“Friendly? Is that your definition if being friendly? I can’t wait to see her being unfriendly”

My eyes were wet. I was having a step-sister out of the blues and the next thing my father could think of was the fact that I might have been too harsh on her while talking. I ran up to Jane’s room. I had to cry. At times, I think that it’s best to cry away your pain.

“Your dad just left” Jake said as he walked in.

I sighed.

“How did he expect me to react?”

“Listen Darlene, it is not about you anymore, whether you like it or not, you have a step-sister which you already got off on the wrong foot with”

“Why are you talking like my Dad?”

“Darlene, let me be frank, this girl is innocent and I don’t think that she likes o be caught up in the Williams’ family mess”.

“How do you want me to act like everything is normal when it feels otherwise?”

“D, you have a life ahead of you that you have to concentrate your efforts into making it work, which includes your job at Ade-Cole which you have to ensure is a success”

Jake was right! It would be hard and quite tasking on my part but I had to understand that Dora is my step-sister and I had to accept it or her. I might have to start with accepting it first, it might be difficult to accept her at this initial stage, but I guess with a little trial on my part, I would make it work. I have to make the first step.

“Could you please take me home Jake?” I asked.

...to be continued

Read Episode 5 on www.youngicee.com

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Martin2468: 8:27pm On Sep 06, 2016
Oliver twist mood activated. 'I WANT MORE'
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Nmaglit: 6:40am On Sep 07, 2016
Oya I take front seat waiting for next update
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 12:37pm On Sep 08, 2016
Episode 5

By Tomi Adesina

“Dora is going to be using the guest room”, Dad said.

“She is your daughter, she shouldn’t be using the guest room, maybe you should set up the room opposite mine for her”, I replied staring at my laptop.

Dad sighed.

“If you are not okay with it, she could leave”, he replied.

Who was he trying to fool?

“Don’t make me laugh Sir Williams, she will obviously stay here, you gave her a job at your firm and won’t allow me to work there, definitely, she will have a room here”, I said sternly.

“I will have the maids set up the room”, he said and left.

I stared at the door as it shut quietly. Dora would be moving in today and that obviously isn’t going down well with me. I have been trying to adhere to Jake’s advice about trying to accept Dora, but it hadn’t played well in my memory. I reached for my travel bag and packed for the weekend.

“I want to spend the weekend with Jake”, I said as I came downstairs with my bag.

“Are you running away from Dora”? Dad asked staring at the bag dangling carelessly from my shoulder.

“Why should I run from her”? I asked with a frown.

“You know she is moving in today”, he replied.

“I am giving her time to settle down, it won’t be easy for us to get along”, I replied.

“Make an effort D”, he said.

“I am already making one and please tell her to stay away from my room, I don’t want to see her around it when I get back”, I replied and left.

Going over to Jake’s for weekends might just be my new habit in my bid to avoid Dora. I know that we both will be busy during the week days. My escape route found!


“Good morning Darlene”, Dare said as he walked into my office.

“Good morning Dare”, I replied with a smile.

“I want to apologize for my behaviour last week; I was in a very bad mood when you brought in your request”, he said closing the door.

“I understand Dare”. I replied with no real conviction in my tone.

“Can I take you out to lunch to make up for it”? He asked leaning over my table.

“What is that going to do for me”? I asked trying not to sound interested in a date.

“Nothing really, but maybe that will be a nice way of saying sorry and possibly we just try to celebrate your birthday”, he replied with a smile revealing his teeth.

A smile like that from Dare Ade-Cole seemed expensive. I was impressed with a smile like that; I wouldn’t imagine myself smiling like that.

“By the way, how did you know about my birthday”? I asked, looking stunned.

“You work for me and so you have a file here, your file said so”, he replied, grinning.

“So, I suppose you go through your staff’s files everyday to know their birthdays” I said with a grin.

“Not exactly” he replied staring at me closely.

“So, is it a deal?” he asked.

“See you at lunch”, I replied.

Going for lunch with Dare seemed awkward, we don’t seem to get along well and I am certainly not his biggest fan. We didn’t really have a conversation as Dare drove his Black New Edition Toyota Corolla except for the occasional “What’s with Lagos Traffic at this time?” and “Should we take this route?” At a point I started to feel that accepting the offer was such a bad idea, but I snapped out of it soon because, the simple truth is that my lunch isn’t from my pocket today.

“Golden Gate is a fantastic place to eat”, Dare said as he pulled up at one of Lagos’s Posh restaurants.

“I agree with you”, I replied as I released my seat belt.

We had a lunch of Fried rice and Chicken, with a bottle of Champagne. Dare appeared boring to me as we spoke about the law firm and when it started operations. I tried to sound interested in the discussion as I smiled even when I knew that it was unnecessary. The truth is that I felt like bringing out my Blackberry Phone and chatting with Jake, at least he would have something interesting to say other work matters. I know that I am quite the official type, but shouldn’t work matters stay at the office?

I finally got a relief when Dare signalled to the waiter for the bill. My afternoon of misery was about to be over.

“I must have really bored you this afternoon”, he said opening the door of the car.

“You bet!” I replied with so much effort underneath my breath.

“I am sorry”

“It’s alright, not everyone can be fun-oriented”, I replied trying to sound like the fun-type of person. Up until my last birthday, I hadn’t really had any fun.

“Do you mind if we stroll into the park?” he asked

That seemed like an unlikely Dare Ade-Cole type of question, it felt tempting and so I didn’t mind as I nodded in agreement. The park was quiet as kids were all out at school, there were just a few adults in pairs trying to catch up on lost times.

“Do you want to run?” he asked.

“Run?” I asked with raised eyebrows.

“Yes, I mean it is for the fun, I do that whenever I come to the park”

This isn’t Dare! Or, is this a part of him that I was yet to see. This felt like Jake. But, just that this would be a Jake in an Armani suit, not my type of Jake. Jake would never wear a tie.

“I am not sure about this”, I replied raising a leg slightly to show him my heeled-shoe.

“It doesn’t matter, you can take them off”

“What about dress? It’s quite fitted in case you haven’t noticed”

“Excuses upon excuses”

“But, are you really serious?”

He wasn’t joking. He took off his Jacket and removed his Italian Suede Shoes

“Come on Dare, you can’t be serious”

“Watch me”

He joined up with a group of young men challenging for a race. I joined the ladies who sat at the sidelines holding his Jacket and shoes. He sent his shirt and tie to me as he couldn’t run in them.

“Your man is too sophisticated to run, I trust my baby to beat him”, a lady said as she jabbed me in the shoulder.

“He is doing it for her, they both look Sophisticated” another lady said staring at my Chanel Handbag.

I couldn’t get a chance to explain who Dare was to me when the whistle went and the race started. I watched carefully as the men took off. It was fiercely contested and I found myself cheering for Dare as the other ladies did. He finished 2nd!

“Not bad for an office boy”, I said as I handed him a Face towel.


“You are welcome”

He cleaned his face and broad masculine chest which had been hidden under a suit with the tiny towel.

“How were you able to get a towel?”

“Not like it is any of your business, but I bought it from a hawker who came around”

“Thanks, that was quite thoughtful of you”

“Nice race honey”, one of the ladies that I sat beside said as she pecked Dare on the cheek.

“Thank you’, he replied with a smile.

“Hope you aren’t jealous honey?” She asked looking at me. “I won’t steal your man, you are way too hot for him to look elsewhere” she added and jogged off.

“What was that all about?” Dare asked smiling.

“The ladies think that we are together”, I replied shaking my head.

I handed him his shirt and tie, and he carefully slipped into them, adjusting his tie. One wouldn’t guess that he had just been in a race where he had come 2nd out of 10 men. We stopped at a tuck shop for drinks before we set off for work.

“I haven’t gotten you anything for your birthday yet” he said as he drove.

“Forget it; you just turned a boring date into quite an enterprising one”

“That still doesn’t mean that you won’t get a birthday gift from me”

“I don’t want it, so just drop the issue”

“If you say so”, he replied and drove into the firm.


“You must have fallen for Dare already”, Toni said as I walked in.

“Why is that?’ I asked, sitting down.

“Lunch time is for an hour and you are back after two hours”, she replied.

“That is pointless”, I replied.

“Isn’t he cute?” She asked.

“That is undeniable, but it doesn’t mean a thing”, I replied as I switched on my laptop.

“Anyways, I ran into Paul at the Central Market at lunch today”, she started.

“Does he work at the market now?” I asked, mockingly.

“He has been looking everywhere for you Darlene, he looked really disorganized when I saw him”.

“He has my address and I am sure that he didn’t delete my number”.

“He gave me this note to you”, she said stretching a letter across to me.

“Love notes are so High School”, I mocked and opened it.

“What”! I yelled.

“What does it say”? She asked.

I couldn’t put the words together, “Paul must have committed suicide by the time I would have reached him” I thought as I grabbed my handbag and rushed out. I bumped into Dare at the elevator.

“Why the rush”? He asked.

“I have an emergency”, I replied.

“Let me take you”, he said.

“I will call a cab”, I replied.

“I insist”! He said.

...to be continued

Read Episode 6 on www.youngicee.com

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Nmaglit: 10:42pm On Sep 08, 2016
All I know is that D will later fall in love with Dare

Nice one oyinprince I must confess I find this story really captivating
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Nobody: 1:54pm On Sep 09, 2016
Hey Guys! Kindly copy the below and tweet for me, thanks.

" #MyHouseHuntWahala #2

Kindly Retweet. "

Tolet.com.ng is a crook..i just checked their website and i saw the competition is still on despite it being stated on their website that it ends on 5th of September,yet till now no winner as being selected. All the bloggers who participated were all used to gain popularity they indirectly used your blog to advertise and you guys fell for it.. I also took the pain to check their Twitter and Facebook page and i noticed they don't even post anything concerning the competition again..
Toletng is a crook,a big thief..
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by cherrybrown(f): 7:39pm On Sep 09, 2016
Nice one,more update
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 9:41am On Sep 10, 2016
Episode 6


You can find it here:


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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by yorhmienerd(m): 10:32am On Sep 10, 2016
Following... nice one
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Nmaglit: 2:13pm On Sep 10, 2016
I said it before I smell love in the air

Darlene weds Dare nice Combo
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 9:20am On Sep 12, 2016
Episode 7


You can find it here:

Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by yorhmienerd(m): 10:15am On Sep 12, 2016
Ride on.
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by cherrybrown(f): 12:36pm On Sep 12, 2016
Dare is in love with her just that she is stubborn

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Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Nmaglit: 5:07pm On Sep 12, 2016
U r the best
Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 10:39am On Sep 14, 2016
Episode 8


You can find it here:

Re: Please Break My Heart (romance Thriller) by Oyinprince(m): 10:11am On Sep 15, 2016
Episode 9


You can find it here:


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