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Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 8:03am On Sep 05, 2016

CAUTION: 'Players Heart' is protected under law. All right to this story exclusively belongs to the authors AYIS ELIBOY and best.
This story is a plot of fiction. The title, thoughts, plots, characters, settings, quotes and all its content are properties of the authors.
No part of this work should be reproduced in any format....

Re: Player's Heart by herzern(m): 8:12am On Sep 05, 2016
Another Uncomplete Story cominq....

I'll still follow tho....
Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 8:18am On Sep 05, 2016

This story is about a young man who was used and dumped by different kinds of girls for raison d'être mysterious to him.
He had all it takes to win any lady’s heart, but the big question which lingered unrequited was the rationale after his adversity.


"Sandra please, you don't have to do this now. Our wedding is just tomorrow and doing this will bring disgrace to our families“ David pleaded as he knelt down, holding the dress of Sandra. Tears could be perceptibly seen on his eyes

“You are just too susceptible, you thought I loved you? I never had a ting of feeling for you. Let me advice you, take your time to study the next lady that you will meet" Sandra unsympathetically poured out to him. 
"Please Sandra; just marry me, even if the marriage does not last for 2 months. Please, my mum could die if I break this news to her. She had already invited all her friends as well as my Dad who had already invited his business associates. Please anything you need, I would give to you; just don't call off the wedding” David pleaded as tears rolled down his cheeks

Sandra busted into hysterical laughter "I don't need your money, this is what I was sent to do to you; torment you and leave you and your damn family emotionally ramshackle”

David was taken aback as he stared at the lady he had loved and cherished so dearly, entrusting his life to her. He still couldn’t believe that the innocent emotional lady he had looked up to was as wicked as devil.
He would have strangled to death, anyone that would have told him the ugly part of her some seconds ago.

"Why?" was all he could mutter at that moment

"You will find out when the time is right" She replied and left David who was still on his knees.
"You will find out when the time is right" her words echoed in his ears.

3 hours later, David was at home clouded with his thought; He wished he would have strangled her to death.
“How will he tell his parent?" He thought to himself as he recalled his past fragments.

First, it was Tessy who broke his heart two weeks after their engagement, then Gift

“Oh Gift" he murmured to himself as he recalled when she broke up with him. It was the craziest place and time for anyone to break up with his or her fiancé.
It was no other place than the alter, in the presence of the priest, his mum and Dad and most painfully, at the presence of God.

“Miss Gift Okafor, do you accept Mr David Azuka as your husband" the priest asked the obvious question, demanding an obvious answer.

Gift remained mute which prompted a repetition of the question by the priest.
By then, all eyes were on them.

"Miss gift Okafor do you accept Mr David Azuka as your husband to be" the priest asked for the umpteenth time.

“No!!!!!! " she vehemently replied after minutes of silence, while everybody gasped amidst incredulity. 

“David, why are you just standing there?” his mum said from behind, jolting him from his thoughts.

He starred at his mum, as realization hits him.

"What is wrong with you? Why is your face like this?" his mum asked apprehensively.

“My son is going to be a man now” they heard his father said gleefully as he approached them.

“Why would Sandra take this away from me now?” he questioned in his mind. He knew he had to tell them at that moment

“Mum, Dad there is something I want to tell you" he said while his parents anxiously stared at him with great anticipation.

"There will be no wedding tomorrow, Sandra broke up with me" he dropped the bombshell. 
His mother stared at him with immense astonishment and subsequently collapsed.

"No!!!!!!" David screamed and ran to her.

2 hours later, they were in the hospital.

"What is wrong with her?" Mr. Azuka inquired from the Doctor immediately he came out from her ward

"Your wife had a Cardiac arrest, I am afraid we lost her” The Doctor dropped the bombshell while David fainted



"How did it go?" Mr. James asked Sandra.

"More than we expected; his mum is dead" She replied distressingly.

"I never thought his mother would die like that, it is time for his father to join her... Hahahaha" The man replied satisfactorily

"Why do you want him dead?" Sandra curiously asked.

"You are not supposed to asked questions, your job is to carry out orders" Mr. James warned sternly, while Sandra only nodded disappointingly 

"So, how do you want him killed" she asked her boss to avoid unnecessary suspicion

“Don’t worry; he had been taken care off” He replied as he puffed his cigarette.

Mr. James had vowed to eradicate David’s Father, and makes life miserable for David.
He was the one who sent Sandra and the rest of the girls to David in order to break up with him, when it was time for their wedding. He was so obsess in making life a living hell for the poor boy. 

His actions made David to become a player; not just any player but a player who's intentions was to bring anguish and twinges to the opposite sex.  

Mr. James was a politician contesting for the post of governor, and his major opposition was Mr Azuka who was David father.
He knew that there was no way he could defeat Mr Azuka in the upcoming election; as a result, he had no option than to eliminate the threat. He didn't have any intention of killing David's mother, she was just a necessary sacrifices. But little did he know that turning David to what he has become would spring back

The greatest mistake he made was letting him live.



David woke up with a serious migraine, his vision was kind of blurred, “What happened" he asked the nurse that stood in front of his bed

"You are awake” the nurse shouted as she dashed out to call the doctor

Suddenly, the doctor arrived with a young man who David could easily identified,  it was his uncle. His father's younger brother, who was 3 years older than David. Strange as it may seems.

"How are you now?" his uncle asked David who was lying on the bed.

"Fine. How is my father? Why is he not here?" he asked his uncle who breathed heavily

"Your father is dead, he was assassinated yesterday" his uncle replied and held his hand strongly, Tears dropped from his eyes immediately. 

“First, it was Sandra who broke up with me, which led to my mother's death, now my father" he thought to himself while his heart only beats "VENGEANCE" for the opposite sex.

First it was Tessy, later Gift and now Sandra who had prompted the Death of his parents. "GIRLS WILL SURELY PAY FOR THIS" he thought to himself.

To achieve this, he must be something girls feared the most; he must be A PLAYER but not just any PLAYER but a HEARTLESS PLAYER [/b]

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Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 8:24am On Sep 05, 2016

{3 years  after the death of David's parents}

David got a call from a business partner, as early as 6:30am. He has to meet up with the caller for an important deal in the next 1hour, so he tidied up himself and set off...
He was driving his SUV nodding his head to the beat of  the music,  "fire to the rain by Adele" when he sighted a young lady standing. He halted and wave at her;

"Hey beautiful, heading somewhere" he smiled.

"Not really, just waiting for a cab" she replied with a smile.

"It would be bad of me not to help an angel of God, while don't you come in" David said. 

" Thanks " she smiled and hopped in. 

"Fool" David cursed inwardly.

"So may I know your name?" David asked.

"Mark Vivian, and you?" she replied.

"David Azuka" he said moving the steering wheel to the left direction, trying to take a turn

"Don't tell me you are the son of late Mr Uche Azuka?" she curiously asked.

"Yeah do you know him" David replied in surprise

" Who didn't know him, the famous Mr Uche Azuka who everyone wanted as the Governor. Sorry for your lost by the way" She said while David calmly nodded his head.

"Stop here" She said and  pointed at a boutique
"heading for shopping?" David asked.
" No that's my boutique " she replied with a smile. 

"Wow, so why don't you have a car?" David asked in surprise, knowing the boutique to be one of the biggest in town.

"My car broke down yesterday, and it's currently in a mechanic"

"Oh okay, can I have your contact because I would love to see your beautiful face again" He smiled and handed her his phone, while she typed her number on it.

David quickly came down and opened the door for her
"Thanks" she greeting with an enticing smile .

"You are welcome dear" he replied and hopped in to his car

He laughed at her foolishness .  
"Await your worst nightmare" he said within and drove off.

Getting to his office, he didn't wasted much time as he left for home, as soon as he was done with what took him there...
He got to his house and horned his car, while Okoro the gateman quickly rushed out to open the gate.

"Oga welcome sir, Cynthia come looking for you but I tell am say you never come back" okoro said murdering english.

"Thanks" David waved at him and walked inside his house. He quickly went to the bathroom where he took a shower.

Few minutes later he was done, he took his phone and called his uncle. 
"Hello Uncle Peter" David said immediately his uncle picked the call. 

"David I was about calling you" his uncle replied.

"Any problem " David asked. 

"No problem, just want to tell you I will be having my white weeding in two weeks time" Uncle P. happily said on the phone.

"Are you sure you ready for that " David asked his uncle who was not surprised, because  he had known David to be a misogynist

"David it's time to stop your vengeance of a thing" his uncle preached.

"I gotta go, someone is calling my second phone" David ended the call in other to evade his preaching

"I should stop my quest for vengeance, for all the pains they made me go through,  making me an orphan they must surly pay for that" He said to himself.
Suddenly his phone beep with the ringing tone of Adela, which jolted him from his thoughts.

He looked at the screen, it was Cynthia his fiancée "BITCH" He cursed inwardly before he picked her call.

"Hello darling, are you at home?" she asked.

"Yeah any problem" He replied.

"Must there be a problem, I am on my way to your house" she said and ended the call.

David thought about his relationship with Cynthia,  they had been dating for the past two years,  and engage for a year.

-- -- -- -- --

Few minutes later Cynthia arrived, she quickly ran to meet David, hugging him as if her life depends on it. They starred at each other before both of their lips arrested each other.
They kissed before David lifted her, he took her to the bedroom and dropped her on the bed while he pounce on her.

Few minutes after their fascinating se_x, they stayed in the bed cuddling each other.  
" Peter told me his wedding with Sarah will come up in two weeks time" Cynthia said rubbing her hands on David's hairy chest.

"Yeah he told me about that too" David replied nonchalantly.

"What about us, we've been engaged for almost a year now, and you've not come to see my parents, where are we heading to?" Cynthia asked.

"Soon I will visit your parents" David replied.

"That's what you always said, when is the soon" Cynthia asked with teary eye.
David was getting irritated by her behavior, he quickly stood up and left her on the bed.

"You are running away right?" she barked
He went to the parlor deep in thought.
"Cynthia is now becoming problematic, he need to act fast but now was not the time, breaking up with her now would not be painful" he thought to himself.  
Suddenly an idea popped into his head leaving a satisfactory smile on his lips.

To be continue... [/b]

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Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 8:26am On Sep 05, 2016

The smile on David's face was so sunshiny, like an undimmed cinematic screen.
He was so immersed in it that he couldn't controlled himself anymore, and burst into laughter.
"It is widely known that for you to catch a Rat you must know how a Rat thinks" he said to himself joyously

He had gotten a plan to kick off with the marriage, Yes! with this he can bankrupt Cynthia who is a Physical Therapists (PT).
Cynthia has her own private Therapy center and worth $63,000. So David don't wanna break up with her easily, he had planned to convert her wealth to his.

He knew he is dhem rich as his late Dad left alot of assets for him. Not only is he wealthy because of what his parents left for him, but he got his own business where he deals on cars (imported brand new rides).
He was still planning on how to go about it when Cynthia walked into the sitting room.

"How dare you walked out of the room when you know we got a very vital discussion to enumerate on?" She savagely questioned

"Pardon, are those sentenced arranged for me?" David asked

"Sorry my love, I said so because I was grilled" She muttered

"I can see this marriage of a thing has taken over you, since you wanna settle now I think we will proceed with the marriage plan" He said with a fake smile

"Are you serious?" She asked unconvincingly

"Sure___, I'm a man of my words so I meant it" David stammered in a deceptive way

"Wow, I need to call my stylist, planners and pastor... Do you know I have arranged with photographer/videographer, a guest house for our honeymoon, musicians like flavour, MC basket mouth, I met an artist/press for our wedding card and even paid advance for my wedding gown__ oh Love am happy, I knew this day is closed that was why I did all this" She voiced out happily

David who was just staring at Cynthia, was brought back to reality when she asked what the problem was.

"Nothing dear, Just that your arrangement are just too local. Do you know Sarah Haywood?" He asked teasingly

"No my Love" She confusedly replied

"Sarah Haywood is an award winning and internationally acclaimed British luxury wedding planner. She is frequently quoted in newspapers and magazines around the world, just because of her capacity as a
wedding expert, sweetheart she will take charge of our wedding" He confirmedly concluded

"No problem Love, I want our marriage to be the talk of the town. So we will use her to plan our marriage" She said

"Hmmmm__ it will cost us a little but I can chest the bill. I got some jobs I'm into now so you will make the payment, while I refund back your money before our marriage date okay?" He asked politely

"Okay Love, just tell me how to reach her" Cynthia happily said

"I will" David assured, walking towards Cynthia

David hugged her passionately, and they both ended up in the bedroom to take some quickie (Shawama tins :g as e dey hot)...

-- -- -- --

Late that evening Cynthia went to her own house, giving David the opportunity to call his new catch Vivian.
He brought out his phone and dialled her number, which she picked up almost immediately;
"Hello pretty!" David said romantically

"Hello Mr. David! You almost made me blush with that 'pretty' of a word" She responded from the other end

"Sorry if I do, are you still in your shop?" He asked with the intention of creating a room to meet her up

"Yes I am, but will be closing up in the next 1hr time" She answered sincerely

"Sound nice, guess you made a good sales? Well I wanted to asked you out for dinner" He boldly voiced out

"Dinner?" She replied with little laughter

"Yes Dinner, and I won't take No for an answer, so can I get a Yes?" He beseeched

"No, problem... You can come pick me up in the next 30mins" She said

"I will be there live, thanks" David mirthfully acclaimed before ending the call.

Ever since his parents died 2years back, he had gotten a list of girls he had in stock, marking those he successfully dealt with.

He rushed to his room, brought out his diary and added Vivian name to the list which pilled up the names to 13.
David knew no matter how difficult Vivian could be, he must still find his way to her already dead heart.
He dashed off to the bathroom where he freshen up, by wiping off the sexual scent on his body due to his erotic game with Cynthia.

In a jiffy, he went to his garage where he picked his INFINITI Jeep instead of the SUV which he used early in the day.
He drove down to Vivian's boutique with the intention to pick her up, and take her somewhere nice for dinner...

Reaching there, he met Vivian resting on a parked car by the roadside closed to her boutique.
He had a quick look at his wristwatch and realised he was 6minutes late.

Trust me, David got words to arrest such situation, and in no hurry he introspected the premises for an accommodative spot to park his car...

To be continued... [/b]

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Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 8:28am On Sep 05, 2016

Immediately Vivian saw David's car, she went in. While David parked his car, hopped out and walked to Vivian boutique anticipating to see her.
A security man quickly opened the door for him while he scrutinize her boutique using the opportunity to know how rich she was, he was astound, because her boutique speak of nothing but wealth, it was a 5 stars boutique where only the rich goes.

"Hey David " Vivian said from behind jolted him from his thoughts.

"Hey, your boutique is very beautiful just like you" David complemented.

"Thanks" She blushed

"Shall we?" David asked and brought forth his hands while she held him.

They walked out, while David quickly opened the door for her, she entered his car.
David drove to one of the biggest cafeteria in Victoria Island,  He halted  while they both alighted from the car.

They walked in and sat down, David quickly signal the waitress who came immediately. 
"Good evening" she greeted waiting for them to make their orders.

"What would you like to take" he asked Vivian.

"Fried rice  and a wine" she replied with a smile.

"Just bring two plates of fried rice, and a red wine" he said to the waitress who left immediately. 
Few minutes later she came back with their orders and dropped it  on their table.

"So how was your day?" David asked.

"Fine and yours" She replied with a smile.

"Same,  so are you in any relationship?" David asked sipping his wine.

"Yes" she smiled, killing his courage, David was kinda of angry, her being In a relationship has limit his chances of being with her,  he was thinking of the strategy he will used on her. Suddenly and idea pop into his devilish mind, while he smiled.

"Why are you smiling " Vivian asked.

"Nothing, I just remembered something" he lied while she smiled back. 

"Only if you knew what await you, you won't be here smiling "David said to himself.

"See Vivian, I knew I might come at the wrong time but I kinda like you, and I would like to start something serious with you, that might lead to marriage only if you would agree just be my girlfriend" David dropped the bombshell which hit her like an atomic bomb making her puzzled.

Vivian was perplexed, all her life she had dream of walking in an alter with her dream man, dressed in a white gown, saying the word "I do". She knew she was not getting any younger, but she was engaged, she had a fiance, even though she didn't love the him. She stared at David, he was the kind of guy she had be craving for, he is handsome,  tall,  eloquent, intelligent,  rich, just name it he has all the features of her dream man. "But is he truly serious about about what he just said?" She thought to herself.

"Give me time to think things through" She breathed after minutes of silence.

"You have all the time in the world,  but please let it be a positive replied" David beseeched.

"Let's wait and see" She replied, while David smile inwardly, "I am making progress "he said to himself

About an hour later they where done eating while David took her to her house.
He left her after kissing her hands and bade her goodnight.


He drove home and called Cynthia .
"Hey sunshine how are you doing" he smirked.

"Fine boo" she replied.

"Guess what?" David asked making her anxious.

"You know I am not good at guessing just say it please " she begged making David to shrugged in resignation.

"We would be seeing your parents tomorrow, I want you to call them and  tell them that you would be bringing your man for an introduction" David said. 

"Thanks!!!!!!!!!  I love you!!!!" Cynthia scream excitedly while David laughed at her foolishness.

He ended the call smiling to himself.

He went to his bedroom and drafted to a dreamless slumber.
The next morning Cynthia came to his house and went directly to his room. 
"Hey boo,  time to wake up its 10am already, we have to prepare" Cynthia said shaking David from the bed,  jolting him from sleep.

"Hey you are here already" David asked stretching from the bed. 
"Go freshen up while I prepare breakfast" Cynthia said and walked to the kitchen, she  switch on the electric kettle, and  walked back to David's room, she didn't see him in his room"  I guess he is in the bathroom " she thought to herself. 
She went back to the kitchen and prepared a hot tea and a toast bread.

They ate their food before Cynthia called her mum telling her they where on their way,  her mum sounded excited anticipating for their arrival.

They left the house and headed to Cynthia parents house which was about 2 hours drive.

Finally they arrive, David was highly welcomed that he began to feel pity for them, but he quickly consoled himself. 
"she deserve it" he said to himself, he was been ushered into the sitting room while drinks were severed on the table with Cola.

Cynthia Father, her uncle and her mum were the only people present in the occasion. Cynthia was the only child of her parents and the only eye as some people would say.

"My son you did well In taking this decision,  it shall be well with you" Cynthia father prayed

"Amen" David murmured.

"So when do you plan on paying her bride price, and doing the traditional marriage" Cynthia's uncle asked.

"Actually, I would be paying her bride price a week from now, let's say the traditional Marriage would be 2 weeks from now while the white weeding would kick off one week after the traditional marriage" David said leaving a satisfactory smile in everyone face especially for Cynthia who was overwhelmed with joy.
To be continued... [/b]


Re: Player's Heart by jossy91(m): 8:32am On Sep 05, 2016
FP material CC Lalasticlala,Ishilove
Re: Player's Heart by callmeomotee33(f): 10:07am On Sep 05, 2016
Uhmmm nice story....I pity Cynthia ooooo.....
Re: Player's Heart by kingphilip(m): 10:22am On Sep 05, 2016
Following jejely
Twill surely be a nice piece.. Eliboy92 doesn't disappoint
Re: Player's Heart by Osman1996(m): 1:20pm On Sep 05, 2016
when David deal with u finished ur smile will fade with hatred Eli's I salute u Weldon good work here
Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 5:35pm On Sep 06, 2016

After the fortuitous visit David paid Cynthia's parent, they both drove down to Cynthia's apartment.

Cynthia kept on unveiling her sparkling teeth due to excessive smiles. She taught she has started swimming down the path towards holy matrimony, not knowing she was preparing towards her downfall.

David took her to her own house where they did little planning before he left for his own mansion.
Before he left, He gave Cynthia a fake email address which he created with Sarah Haywood's name.
He convinced Cynthia to do exactly what Sarah Haywood demanded for, that when he is done with all his business, he will get the expenses list from her and pay her with interest.
Cynthia foolishly agreed to write her through the email, and make all necessary arrangement...


David was so serious with this thing that he arranged false documents with Sarah Haywood name, and convinced Cynthia through mails to pay lot of cash into an unknown account in Ghana through Western Union.
Actually Cynthia taught she was sending the money to Sarah Haywood representative who based in Africa, not knowing she was sending those cash to David's representative.
She spent alot, until she got less than N20,000 in her account. Still they were still requesting for more.

She decided to make it known to David so he can continue with the payment.....


Its up to a week since David met Vivian. He played the simple harmless dude role, and this made Vivian to love him more.
Vivian haven't said YES or NO yet but the way she welcomes David tells what her answer will be.
There was no day that passes, that she won't call David to come over to her boutique or house.
The only thing was that, she has never being to Davids house because she felt its not yet time.


David was on the wheel, driving down home when his phone started ringing. He viewed the screen and smiled after confirming the name of the caller;
"Hello Love!!! Where are you?" Vivian hauled in agitation

"I just left my Office, heading down home. Hope all is well?" He hastily asked in surprise, especially when he heard her calling him 'Love' for the first time

"All is not well, I just need you this moment" She unveiled

"You sound strange, where are you?" He asked in pretence as if he never cared

"Where I am is not necessary now, just send me your address and I will be there in the next few minutes" She uttered with a dying intonation

"Okay, I will send it.... But please don't hurt yourself" He advised

"I won't" She assured him

"Okay then, bye for now" He ended the call and shrugged in disbelief

He sent his address to her and focused on his driving.
Soon enough he got to his house, did some cleanup and make sure his mansion looks presentable since he is having an august visitor, in duration of no time (unexpectedly).

After he finished with the little arrangement he sat on the couch in his sitting room, consuming himself in thought.
He kept on thinking what could have made Vivian address him as 'her love" and even demanded seeing him this late.

David was still at the peak of his imagination when he heard a car horning in front of his compound.
He went to the window and look through, behold it was Vivian.
He had a deep breath, twisted his neck which gave a cracked sound and smiled to himself....

He watched as his gate man opened the gate for the car to drive in. Immediately he noticed the car has entered, he rushed down to welcome her.

"Ohh No! Why are you so distressed?" He asked leading her into the house

"Let's get in first, I'll tell you everything" She reluctantly voiced out

They both went in, and was found sitting very close to each other.
Vivian rested her head on his shoulder as she openly revealed the reason for her sober reflection;

"I once told you I'm engaged to a guy right?" She questioned with tears dripping off her cheek

"Yes you did" David answered

"I caught him with a very dirty girl on his bed this morning, and had to end all I have with him" She said mournfully

"I'm so sorry for that, but truth be told its so painful. I hate it when guys threat girls like that, please don't think about it anymore. I will always be around to make you happy and felt realloved" He said in an attempt to consoled her

Deep inside David, he was so happy with the mindset that; what the so called guy did to her was just an iceberg of what he will do.
Whereas, to Vivian's own point of view, David was really the guy meant for her.

His words pierced her heart that she didn't knew when she grabbed him, and planted her succulent glossy lips on his



To be continued... [/b]

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Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 5:37pm On Sep 06, 2016

The fire burning in their hearts was so spontaneous, that they both fell on the couch pouncing on each other like a wrestler.

They laid on the couch cuddling each other, after their sexual Lascivious;

"I love you" Vivian voiced out kissing David's  cheek.

"I love you dear" David smiled.

Vivian quickly stood up and walked to the bathroom, where she washed the ectacy aroma of the se_x away from her body.

David was just smiling at himself, "Vivian has finally succumb to him" he smiled  and walked to the bathroom to meet her, knowing fully well that she was bathing. Immediately Vivian saw him she smiled while David quickly engage her in  another round which lasted for almost an hour.
They bathed together and came out exhausted, Vivian quickly wore her dress in haste leaving David with mouth wide opened;

"Sorry I would be leaving now" she said to David who  was laying on the bed

"No problem "David waved at her while she came to where he was and plated a kiss on his lips before she dashed out.

David was totally debilitated from the two rounds of sex. 
He quickly recalled the event, "Vivian was truly a fighter, she kept telling me to go faster as if her honey pot was a well" David thought to himself before drafting to a dreamless slumber.


He was jolted up from his sleep early in the morning by Cynthia, who excitedly shouted his name.
David hissed as he was irritated, by her over joyous behavior.

"Hey boo sorry for waking you. By the way the time is 10am, how come you are still sleeping?" Cynthia asked.

"Just tired"  David weakly replied.

"Cmon go and take your bath, while I prepare breakfast, we are going for a shopping" Cynthia said excitedly

"To do what?" David asked sounding perplexed .

"Don't tell me you don't know our traditional weeding is just 10 days from now" Cynthia replied in Awe.

"Oh!!!! I remembered" David said in acknowledgment.

"Go dress up, we would be going to my parents house from there" she replied and went to the kitchen, while David shrugged.

David left to the bathroom where he took his bath before joining her in the dining. She had already dished his food on a breakable plate.  
They ate in silence before David spoked;

"Hope you've informed your parents that we coming?" David asked.

"Yeah i told them and they are happy about it especially for my mum who was singing joyously " she replied with a smile while David smiled inwardly.

"What about the payments you are to make?" David questioned further

"Those people kept on demanding and presently I am broke, don't worry sha I am expecting something" She assured David, who smiled selfishly

They ate and went for their shopping. After that, they headed to Cynthia's parents house where David paid the bride prize and other necessary things.

He left Cynthia behind and left to visit one of his friend named Kelvin.

He knocked at his door while Kelvin quickly opened the door, he stared at David in surprised because it has been long he had visited him, maybe because he was too busy taken care of his revenge.

"Hey David nice to see you" Kelvin said excitedly giving him a brotherly hug.

"What's up bro?" Kelvin asked after he withdrawn from the hug.

"Nothing much, kind of busy that's why I haven't showed up" David replied sitting down on the couch.

"With the girls right? " Kelvin asked while both of them busted into hysterical laughter.

"Yeah with the girls, and I am just coming back from Cynthia's parents house, I went there to pay her bride prizes"' David said while Kelvin stared at him in astonishment.

"Don't tell me you've chosen to marry her" Kelvin asked in surprised.

"I only did that to raise her hopes high, so when I broke up the her it would be painful" David replied with a grim.

"Don't you think you are just punishing some of them for no reason, you are becoming a misogynist" Kelvin said in pity.

" All of them are the same, no one is good, they are going to pay for the pain they cursed me. What am about doing to Cynthia is just a preamble, for what I will do to Vivian" David replied in disdain.

"Don't tell me, you captured another bush meat" Kelvin asked in awe.

"Yeah another bush meat oo, and many trap would soon be set for them" David smiled
The words amused him Kelvin but David confirmed it once more "Girls are nothing but a Bush meat, meant to be eaten and forgotten" he repeated, crowning it up with a smile

"I know you have a book the last time i came to your house, so what number is Vivian?" Kelvin asked.

"Just number 13" David murmured

"You called 13 just, so when do you plan on stopping the revenge saga?" Kelvin asked finding David quest amusing.

" Till I die" He replied, while Kelvin busted into laughter.

He smiled at Kelvin who was finding it amusing, but deep down he meant every words he said, he will not stopped as long as blood is still passing through vain.
To be continue... [/b]

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Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 3:02am On Sep 13, 2016

Kelvin who never liked David's crazy attitude pretended not to care.

He told David that his girlfriend will be coming any moment from now, and they will be going out for lunch.
David being less occupied agreed to go with them.

They haven't finished talking about the launch outing, when the bell outside was pressed. It rang inside spontaneously that Kelvin jumped up on his feet to check who was at the door.
He opened and met the gaze of his beloved girlfriend Ada who he is betrothed to, and her rich friend Jenifer;

"What a pretty queen I have for a wife" hugging Ada passionately

"Don't start... funny man of mine" She said warmly

"Hmmm, Jenifer is this you? I taught you never wanted to leave the governors lodge oo" He said to Jenifer as he approaches her for a side hug

"Says who?, I'm not the Governor but his daughter so I have my own life to live" Jenifer replied with an all round smile

Kelvin led the both girls inside, and did a formal introduction...
Actually, David never knew Kelvin was dating. This is the first time he was seeing him with a girl.

"Hey babes, meet my long time friend David" Kelvin introduced as soon as they stepped inside

You know girls and their normal form of greeting guys at first meeting

"Hi!" The both girls said, almost immediately

"Nice meeting you both" David responded

"Okay, I think we will get to know each other formally when we get to 'Tastly eatery', shall we?" Leading the way out

"Sure baby!, Jenifer let's join them" Ada said with lots of happiness in her

The both girls entered a corolla car that was driven by Ada, while David and Kelvin used Kelvin's SUV.


The four ally were found sitting at a comfortable zone of the cafeteria, where they got themselves their favourite meal.
In the course of their discussion, David became acquitted with Jenifer especially when he realised Jenifer was the present Governor's daughter.
He knew his Dad had tough time with Mr. James before his death, but he never knew Mr. James (current Governor) has hand in his Fathers death, and also all he passed through as a young man;

"So how on earth were you able to move freely, without even a private agent not to talk of a team of military men?" David asked Jenifer on a questionable ground

"*winks* my Dad has children the military men protect but not me, I barely see myself being endangered" She answered confidently

"I love your courage, all the same nice meeting you. I hope we will meet some other time?" David asked hoping to get a positive answer from her

"If God assign it, but for now I won't be that around. Because am running a program in South Africa" She stylishly said while she sipped some juice from her glass cup

"No problem then, you can have my complimentary card" He said, stretching forth the card to her.

Jenifer collected the card and placed it inside her bag without having thorough look at it.
All this while Kelvin and his love Ada were busy gisting, pretending not to hear what David and Jenifer were saying.
Kelvin Knew Jenifer has already fallen for the handsome David of a friend. But concluded inwardly that he won't let David mess up her life if he finally won her.
They spent almost 2hours there before going their separate ways.

David got home only to meet Cynthia in his sitting room with a frown face.
He wasn't concern with the look on her face, rather he was thinking on how to retrieve his spare keys from her.

"Where are you coming from David?" She yelled aggressively

"From Kelvin's house, any problem with that?" David voiced out innocently

"Oh yes! Everything is is wrong, I tried reaching you but you didn't pick up. How am I sure you weren't with a girl?" She shouted facing David with anger

"My phone was on silent for goodness sake... When did you developed this very attitude you are possessing right now? Let me just make it open to you that I can't be controlled by any woman, so never you raise your voice at me again" David barked back at her

"So it has come to that? You mean I can't pour out anything that is bothering me anymore?" She asked with tears forming on her eyes

David was about answering her question when his phone started ringing. Its a call from Vivian, his newly confirmed love.
He didn't hesitate to take the call in Cynthia's presence;
"Hello Vivian!" He said immediately he clicked the OK button on the calibrated screen

"Hello love, how are you doing?" Vivian asked from the other end

"I'm fine, please just give me some minutes. I will call you back" He pleaded

"Okay, expecting your call then" She said before hanging up the call

At this point in time, Cynthia was seen with tears dripping down her cheek.

"So you are cheating on me?" Cynthia questioned with paled look

"It seems you have nothing else to say, excuse me" David pushed her off his way with the intension of going to his room

"So you are walking away from me? Well I came here to let you know the money I have is not enough to settle the planner incharge of our wedding, and they are demanding for more" She said weakly

"I got no money Cynthia, if what you gave to them is not enough then go collect your money because am sick and tired of this thing you called a relationship" He said after which he went to his room...

Cynthia couldn't believe her eyes, she felt she was dreaming and cleaned her face with the intension to wake up and see something different. But as soon as her hands slide down her face, all things were same.
She hastily went to the room to meet up with David.

David was seen pulling off his clothes and placing them on hanger.
Cynthia couldn't bear the words from David,  she pulled him towards herself;

"Tell me you didn't meant what you just told me?" She hauled, facing David who has been waiting for this day

"Oh yes! I meant all what I said, you better go out there to look for a man that can accommodate all those bad characters of yours, for me I am out and any plan about the marriage is cancelled" He said without been remorseful

She couldn't take it this time around, as she ran out of Davids presence with an unknown plan, after throwing David's engagement ring on him...


Immediately she left David laugh out loud. He was so happy seeing her in pain.
"Now I can focus on my next target Vivian. I got less than 2 weeks to finish her up before concentrating on the governors daughter" He said to himself.

He brought out his phone and dialled Vivian's contact as promised...




Re: Player's Heart by GoodieAmy(f): 9:14am On Sep 13, 2016
Nice story you got there. I had a hunch he was going to meet the governor's daughter though i thought it would be Vivian cos of her boutique... Keep it up
Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 3:16pm On Sep 15, 2016

David called Vivian who quickly picked without hesitation. 
"Hello love" she said excitedly

"How are you doing" he smirked

"Fine,  can I come over?" she asked anticipating for him to say yes

"Sure, you are always welcome" David replied

" Okay" she ended the call and got prepared to visit David, she has fallen madly in love with David that he clouded her thoughts.

David was relieved, he thought of Cynthia whose reaction was funny and laughed at her foolishness.  Firstly he used her as a sex machine, and doped her of her hard earn money before he broke up with her leaving her emotionally ramshackle.

He quickly went to the diary where he wrote her name occupying the number 12 position, and marked it with a flash sign (√) which means his mission has been accomplished on her. 
Vivian was the next with her name on number 13, he smiled as he thoughts of the names which were in his dairy. 
Starting from the first which was Sandra, followed by gift, Precious, Chika,  Benita, Deborah,  Emmanuella, Elizabeth, Joy,  Chioma, Benedicta, now Cynthia who would be next maybe Vivian or maybe Jennifer. He laughed at how gullible Naive girls were.

He hid his diary before he went to the bathroom to freshen up.


Few minutes later he came out, and wore a shirt and a plane trouser. He sat on his sitting room waiting for Vivian to arrive.
About 10 minutes interval a knock came at the door, he didn't need a soothsayer to tell him that would be Vivian but to his outmost surprised it was Cynthia. David stared at her in disdain, tears was dripping down to her cheek, but he was not moved by her tears.

"What are you doing here?" He bark while Cynthia drew back in disbelief

"David is me" She said using one of her finger to point herself

"And so, get the bleeped out of my house" David yelled pushing her with force while she fell down on the floor. Okoro the gateman quickly ran to her rescue. 

"Oga abeg take am easy" The obedient gateman pleaded as he lifted Cynthia up.

"Okoro if you don't get her out of here in the next 10 minutes, just know you no longer have a job" David threatened the gateman  who drew back in fear.

"Madam abeg come dey go, no vex I no won loose my job" Okoro pleaded to Cynthia who was shedding tears.

He quickly escorted her to the gate and waved his wrinkled finger to her as a sign of saying goodbye. He really felt pity for her but what can he do?.

After  Cynthia's sad departure, Vivian showed up, she quickly ran to meet David giving him a tight embrace before she plated a kiss on his pink lips.

"I missed you dear" Vivian said after she had withdrawn from the hug

"I missed you too" David replied.

"What a fool missing me, don't worry you would missed me more when I used and dump you" David smiled inwardly as he thought of how he would used and dump her

"So should I prepare dinner?" She asked David who smiled in response

"I would love to taste your food, I know it would be as delicious as you are on the bed" David replied while she blushed.

She quickly went to the kitchen and unpacked the foodstuffs she bought with her money, she prepared Afam soup which was her tribal food. Being a calabar girl.
She prepared the food and served it on the dining while they both eat in silence before she spoked.

"So when will I get to meet your friends, your parents or even your siblings?" Vivian asked as she gulped a cup of water

" Don't worry I would introduce you to them soon, but you can't meet my parents because they are late and I don't have any siblings" David sadly replied
"I am so sorry dear didn't know about that" she calmly apologized

"No problem" David replied nonchalantly. 

Few minutes later they were done, while they both went to the bathroom to freshen up. In the course of their bathing together, something led to something that they  had a quickie. They came out and resumed the second half on the bed which lasted for more than 30 minutes, before they both laid on the bed totally debilitated from the two rounds of marathon sex.

They stayed on the bed cuddling each other until Vivian fell asleep.

David quickly went to the bathroom to take a quick shower in other to washed down the odour of their pre-intimacy and sweat from his athletic body.

He came out and met his rigging phone, he check the number and saw it was an unknown number, he wouldn't have picked but he remembered he gave Jennifer his card so he quickly picked without hesitation.

"Hello is me Jennifer" She said...
To be continued.. [/b]

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Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 3:35pm On Sep 15, 2016

David couldn't reply immediately, as he never wanted Vivian to hearken his conversations.
He tiptoed out of the room and got to the sitting room where he took a deep breath, which signifies relieve.

All this while Jenifer has been shouting 'Hello! Hello!', thinking it's a bad network.
She was so happy to get a respond from David, the moment she wanted to put the call to an end;

"Hello her excellency" David smacked teasingly

"Hmmm. Hope you are not mocking me, just because am the governor's child?" She asked

"Why should I?, its just an honour in affiliation with a compliment to make my queen delighted" David muttered with a devilish laughter which seems pleasant to Jenifer ears at the other end

"Well I can see you have ways of turning a girl in, and that shows you are a respecter of woman" She hinted emotionally

"You can say that again. Normally, women deserve more than that. Especially pretty damsels like you" He jested jokingly

"You made me laugh today at the cafeteria and now you are about doing same on phone, please stop it okay. Well, I just said I should call and check on you" She uttered affirmatively

"Oh that is very good of you, you hardly see someone who will do such, especially to a guy they just met. I so much appreciate, how about your trip to south Africa?" David questioned

"Hmm. I will be leaving town by next weekend, why did you asked?" She yelped, hoping to get a genuine answer

"Well I am thinking if we could meet once more before you leave" He opined, with an intention to strike his intended plan

"Sure we will see before I leave, got to hang up now. Just give me a call any time and any day, when you wanna see me" She said with a stylish intonation

"Okay! Goodnight and have a splendid night rest with an heavenly dream" He Implored

"Hahahahaha... I have heard you, its enough cos I don't wanna blush, good night" She greeted

"Good night dear" He responded before putting the call to an end...

David was so happy with the way the call went between himself and Jenifer. He taught Jenifer would be the most difficult and toughest prey he has ever caught, but with the look of things she will be the most easiest of all as she responded nicely on phone.
Being satisfied, he jumped up severally times like an athlete doing a little warm up before a match, yawned and tiptoed back to the room like someone trying to escape from a wild animal in the forest.
Gradually he got to the room where he met Vivian who was far asleep. He removed the towel which was on his waist and dived on the bed unclad.
He consoled his evil conscience by wrapping his hands over Vivian's curvy hips and placed his head on her inflated bosoms.

Few minutes later they were found in Jupiter driving their own spaceship, while physically they were snoring heavily....

-- -- -- -- --


David woke up at around 7:47am, he spread his hands across all spheres of the mattress but couldn't felt a touch of Vivian.
He hastily stood up in fear wondering if he has been dealing with a ghost.
He rushed into the bathroom in his room, wash his face with water and hurriedly entered the room and met nobody.

His heart started pounding heavily, with an increment in his heartbeat.
He went to the kitchen, since he has an instinct that Vivian could be there. To his greatest surprise she wasn't there.
He became transmogrified that he went back to his room to get his phone, with an attempt to call her.
As soon as he dialled her contact he heard her phone ringing at the side of the bed. He went there and saw her handbag lean by the side of the bed, with the ringing phone on top.

David was a little bit relieved after seeing Vivian's handbag, at least that has deleted the taught of her being a ghost from his heart.
He went to the window side to have a look at the compound, when his eyes beholds a shocking drama.
His gateman Okoro was trying to setting an aggressive dispute between Vivian and Cynthia.

The girls were into a fight and David couldn't bear it, he immediately ran outside to save the situation...


As a man he bounced fiercely at them all;

"What is all this, can't I have peace anymore Cynthia?" Shouting at Cynthia after pulling Vivian to the comfort of his arms

"Oh I see, so its because of this encoded lanky and dirty LovePeddler that you left me?" Cynthia quarried aggressively

"Stop insulting me you bitch, I didn't see you with him and jumped into his bed. How on earth can a girl who claimed to have a man lose him, days to their wedding as you claim Vivian Interrupted

"Don't tell me I wanted to marry a mannerless lady like you, get off my sight because you disgust me.... Okoro come take this beast out, and let this be the last time I will see her inside this compound" David said angrily, pulling his left ear while talking to Okoro

"I will only leave if I get the cash I spent in preparing for our marriage" Cynthia insisted

"How on earth will you spend for a marriage that I didn't approve? I think you are psychologically insane" David insulted

"I will never rest until I take your life, just continue with your heartless mission. And to you Miss love, better leave this gigolo now because what he will do to you will be so severe that if your heart is not strong enough you will die instantly. But if you chose to be a doubting Thomas, continue enjoying his Microphallus" Cynthia beef at them, in anger

"Madam abeg dey go, I nor dey for trouble" Okoro said, dragging Cynthia to the gate

David tried to apologized to Vivian who removed his hands from her shoulder, and walked out of him.
She was really angry but David wasn't ready to lose her so early. He called Okoro and warned him severely not to ever allow anyone in without his consent, and blamed the poor gateman for the scene that just took place.

When he was done with Okoro, he went in, to talk things out with Vivian who was not at that moment in a good mood.

To be continued... [/b]


Re: Player's Heart by Missmossy(f): 4:12pm On Sep 15, 2016
Eww this David is heartless though,ride on Eli. Interesting piece.

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Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 8:14am On Sep 20, 2016

Vivian sat on the couch with a dejected look,  she was antagonized of the scene that just took place.

David quickly ran to meet her holding her hands, and stared directly to her eyes;
"Please Vivian believe me I have nothing to do with that maniac" David pleaded.

"You think I am fool, so she  just walked into your compound and started lying" Vivian questioned with a high pitch voice while David shrugged in resignation.

" I didn't say I don't know her, she was my ex, I broke up with her before I even met you, our relationship is not that serious" David replied evasively.

"I hope you are telling the truth, I hope you are not hiding anything from me" Vivian warned.

"The last thing I can do is to lie to you, I love you so much and can't lie to you. You are the only girl that made my heart beat normal, you are my soul mate, we are bound to be together" David said leaving a satisfactory smile on her amiable face.

"Don't you think it's time to know my parents and my siblings?" Vivian asked with a smile while David shrugged.

"If you say so" David said with a fake smile.

."Thanks dear you are just a darling" she smiled and plated a kiss on his lips.

Few hours later Vivian left and went to her parents house. She was full of smiles, as David alone clouded her thoughts. 

"He is so perfect, he his intelligent, rich, he is handsome, he is my dream man" she said to herself, as she walked to her parents house.
-- -- -- -- -- --
Reaching her parents home, she saw her elder sister who came to visit;
"Hey Favour!!!!!! " she exclaimed in surprised before hugging her, while they later disengaged and sat on the couch.

" When did you arrived?" Vivian asked.

"Few hours ago, I even planned coming to your house, because it has been long we see" she replied with a smile.

"Abi,  what of Annabelle and Daniel how are they doing?" she asked.

"My children are fine, they even wanted to visit you,  but Lucky is with them" She replied.

"Hmmm Okay" Vivian murmured.

" So how about you and Benjamin when will you guys tie the nut" Favour asked while Vivian shrugged.

"They wouldn't be any nut to tie between Benjamin and I" Vivian replied making her sister to stared at her in astonishment.

"Why? I thought you guys are getting ready for marriage, what happened?" Favour curiously asked while Vivian calmly narrated the incident to her.

"You mean Benjamin cheated on you?" she asked in awe while Vivian nodded her head affirmatively.

"I am actually happy I broke up with him, because it made me find my Prince charming" Vivian smiled.

"Babe abeg Gist me" Favour replied and playfully hits Vivian's lap with her hands.

"You two have started with your gossip, and you didn't even bothered to freshen up before you begin gossiping" Their mum voiced out, while they both busted into hysterical laughter.

" Please tell me about him jare, Mum we missed each other so let us be oo. Abeg continue" Favour urge her sister while Vivian quickly narrated her relationship with David to her

"He is very handsome tall,  rich, intelligent and most of all he love me so much" Vivian explained.

"Why don't you bring him here let's see him, you know you are not getting any younger" Her mum chipped in.

"I already told him and he has no problem with that" Vivian replied.

"Bring him next tomorrow so that I can see the Prince charming" her sister said.

"I will bring him next tomorrow " Vivian replied. 

David sat down on his couch watching wrestling on his plasma TV.

His phone beep with the ring tone of of Justin Bibber "what do you mean" which Jolted him from what he was watching.

He stared at the phone screen,  it was Jennifer, he quickly picked without hesitation.

"Hey how are you doing?" David asked.

"Fine, just wanted to check up on you, and i will be traveling to Dubai tomorrow. "She said with a smile.

"Wow, I taught you said you will be travelling to south Africa next week? Now Dubai... Hmmm.... Big babe you truly are, so can we see today? "David smirked...

"Hmmmm not really sure" she replied.

" Please dear, let's just see before you travel, I really missed you" David pleaded while she blushed.

"Okay let's meet in the eatery, we met last" She replied.

'I am on my way there"  David quickly replied.

"Okay I will meet you there" She said and ended the call while David smiled.

"It's time to write her name in the registered", He said to himself and busted into an unending laughter.
To be continued... [/b]

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Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 8:36am On Sep 20, 2016
[b] EPISODE 10

David being so cruel, hurriedly went straight to his wardrobe where he brought out his mini diary and wrote down Jenifer's name at the 14th column.

He didn't stopped there, he went to the next line of the diary and wrote the number 15, expecting to catch up with a new prey that will occupy that spot.

-- -- -- --


Cynthia was seen at the entrance of a police station grumbling to herself, while walking out with paled look...

"This is absolute rubbish, I am telling you guys that this man deceived me and robbed me of over $34,000 all in the name of marrying me, and you said you can't arrest him.... What has this country turned into!!!" She barked at a female officer who was directing her out.

"Here is not a place meant for noise madam, we will detain you if you continue with the abuse. You have been told that, the person you're asking us to arrest has a high reputation in this state and moreso you didn't come with any proof to instigate the arrest" The female police officer warned

"I have heard you, I think there are other ways I can fight for justice" She Whimpered aggressively and sighed...

Her intention now is to get some hired goons to help her out. She has vowed never to forgive David unless he come back to her...
They still have three days to their marriage and she hasn't even informed her parents about the sudden changes that took place. She still want David in her life and also wanna look for a possible means to wipe away the disgrace that will befall her soon...



David was sitting alone on a round table meant for four.
He was getting himself busy with a glass of juice, while waiting patiently for Jennifer the governor's eldest daughter, to arrive.

He brought out his phone and decided to call Vivian, he dialled her number and she picked at second ring;
"Baby how are you doing?" He asked her with a sweet voice

"I am good honeypie, presently with my family. My mum, my eldest sister and everyone at home are saying 'HI' to you, and hoping to see you in two days time" She said hastily

"Wow!!! Sound interesting, tell them I will be there live to see them. We are talking about next tomorrow right?" He questioned

"Exactly honeypie" She Muttered

"Okay, my regards to them. Just take good care of yourself for me, I will call you later in the day" He promised

"Okay honey byeeeee" She Exclaimed

"Bye" He replied before ending the call

"I have settled her shallow heart for the mean time, now is to wait for this product of Mr. James to come register her name officially" David said within him

He took the glass of juice and send a little quantity through his oesophagus, after which he gently placed the glass cup on the table.
It wasn't long when a text message from an unknown sender beep his phone.
He opened it and read what was send

"Please and Please my Love, I knew I went too far with the way I reacted towards you. Kindly forgive me so we can proceed with our marriage, we got 3days left for our traditional marriage... I'm really sorry, call me as soon as you receive this message.
Love you from Cynthia"

David found the message so funny that he burst into laughter. He had to composed himself by encoding the laughing so people around won't see him as a mad man. He was still laughing when Jenifer walked in.
She stood in a fixed position observing the young man who composed himself immediately his eyes collided with that of Jenifer.


David stood up pulling a vacant seat out, which Jenifer sat on wearing a lot of smiles on her face.
In a jiffy, he went back to his seat and sat down admiring the beautiful girl sitting before him.

David realised the lady he was planning to play with her heart, has an exceptional feature that he hasn't seen on any other lady before.
His mouth was wide open as he stared at her lustfully. Jenifer taught he was playing a kind of trick, but became worried the moment she wave her hands in front of him and discovered he didn't blink his eyes.
She went ahead to hit David on his hand before he regained his consciousness...




Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 12:40pm On Sep 23, 2016

"David!!!" Jennifer called his name but he didn't reply, she quickly hit him with her palm which jolted him from his thoughts.

"What are you thinking?" Jennifer questioned.

"Noth_ing" he replied stuttering.

Truth be told Jennifer was really beautiful, she has the face of Beyonce, with the killing point massive curve of Nicki Minaj;
"You are really beautiful" David said, but this time he meant it not like when he told Vivian or Cynthia.

"Thanks" She smiled.

David quickly used the opportunity to held her hands, and stared directly to her eyes;

"See Jennifer, ever since I got to know you, my feelings for you where just increasing day by day. I know it might seems early because we just became friends, but I love you more than you can ever imagined,  and I will want you be to my girlfriend, please I am on my knees" David said while kneeling down, surprising Jennifer with his outburst.

"I don't know what to say" She murmured.

"Please say yes" David pleaded still on his knees.

"Please stop this, stand up" She said and assisted him up

"Your words came by surprise, I gotta think things through, maybe when I come back from Dubai I might give you a reply" She said while David shrugged.

"She is proving hard to get " He thought to himself.

"Okay, but let it be a positive one " David said.

"Let's just see how it goes" She muttered while they quickly made the orders.

They ate their food before David drove Jenifa to her house, she thank him and bade him goodnight.


David drove down home, all he could think of was Jennifer. She was beautiful, intelligent, nice, eloquent.

"Gosh!!!!! Why am I thinking about her, what is so special about her "David thought to himself as he angrily throw away the glass cup in his hands, which landed on the wall and shattered into pieces.

"Maybe it's because she is the governor's daughter that's why" He said to himself and drafted to a deep slumber.

He woke the next day and got prepared for work. He was actually the owner of the company so he goes to work anytime he likes, but the reason he was going to work today was to get himself busy in other to forget about Jennifer and her outrageous beauty.

The day was really uneventful for him. He came back in the night and slept off because he was dhem tired.

The next day, was the day David planned on seeing Vivian parents.

He was been woken up by Vivian's voice, as she shouted his name from the sitting room, just like how Cynthia always did whenever she came visiting in the morning.

David woke up as Vivian voiced out his name from the parlor, he hissed sensing it was Vivian.

She quickly walked to his room;
"Good morning" she smiled.

"Morning"  David murmured.

"Hey what's up with you? or is it because I woke you from sleep?" She asked while David walked to the bathroom.

"I am sorry but the time is 10:16am" She quickly apologized but David seems not to accept.

Few minutes David came back with a towel around his waist. Vivian quickly stood up and hugged him.

"Please tell me you've forgiven me" She said to David while he remained mute.

"I would not leave you, if you don't forgive me" She pleaded behaving like a little girl who had offended her father and was pleading for forgiveness.

"I forgive you" David murmured.

"Guess what?" She asked. 

"What?" David breathed. 

"You are supposed to guess, that's why it is called guess" She replied sounding a little frustrated.

"Please just tell me. I'm not good at guessing" He said.

"Okay I brought breakfast for you, and I prepared it from home" She smiled.

"Thanks dear, I am very hungry" David said and plated a kiss on her lips. 

They both ate the food, before they left for Vivian's parents house.

Vivian parents where extremely happy to see David, they welcomed him like a member of the family, which he would never be.

They discussed about the introduction which David planned doing in a month time, he left Vivian behind and walked to his house, he saw Cynthia in front of his gate, maybe the gateman did not allow her to enter because David had warned him "If you ever allow that maniac to enter this house, just know you are jobless"  That was David's warning.

He halted and alighted from the car;
"What did you want?" David asked with a high pitch voice

"David please I am sorry, let's continue the marriage please I beg of you" Cynthia pleaded and knelt down,  while David laughed at her foolishness.

"Even though you sleep on the floor I will never marry you, I never loved you and I will never will'' David bark and signaled to the gateman who quickly opened the gate.
He drove in, leaving Cynthia behind. He left her emotionally ramshackle.

Cynthia was stun, so he never loved me, he was just using me;
"I will not rest until I see him suffered" She said to herself and walked to her parents house to tell them the bad news, because their traditional marriage was just tomorrow.


Re: Player's Heart by GoodieAmy(f): 7:23am On Sep 27, 2016
Nice one...
Re: Player's Heart by Evakinqz: 10:16am On Sep 27, 2016
Seriously this piece is so interesting, can't believe ah couldn't concentrate on any other thing accept this story since morning...

To the writter:: Have been on N.L for years nd have come across many gud writters, but believe or leave it yu r Simply "AWESOME ",.. keep it on bro..

To the story again::: this is great..

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Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 12:48pm On Sep 27, 2016

In the immersion of shame Cynthia went home to drop a truthful lie; that David was reported dead in a plane crash on his way to China for business transactions.
Her family know less about David, so they couldn't object the lies, rather they had to sympathies with their daughter and cry all day.

All the preparations were halted, and those who were already aware of the wedding were sent instant messages, that the wedding won't hold due to a sad event that took place.

David need not to send message, because he never invited anyone.


Cynthia who was so angered, went straight to Naomi's hair dressing saloon, just to seek for a possible way to pay David back...
Naomi has been the only female friend she could confide on. She has a devilish heart and can do the undo, although she had been married for almost 2years without a child, yet her husband still love and cherished her.

Immediately Naomi saw Cynthia, she quickly arranged a seat for her to sit.

She received Cynthia's message some hours ago, but because of the too many customers in her saloon she couldn't call Cynthia instantly.

"My friend sorry I haven't called you, some customers don't like my girls attending to them whenever they see me. I am really sorry, so tell me something, did you meant what you sent to me?" Naomi asked in a questionable manner

"Yes my friend and I still can't erase the shame" Cynthia replied

"Oh!!! What really happened that made you to send such message" Naomi who was curious, asked

"I made everyone believed David is dead, but he's still alive, my aim is to make him go down like seriously" She answered with little drip of tears forming on her eyes, which she wiped off with her white handkerchief

"Don't tell me he broke up with you?" Sandra muttered

"Yes my dear friend **crying** and I want him to pay heavily. The beast made my business to crumble as well" Cynthia Sobbed

"Don't tell me you spent your hard earn money for the marriage sake" Naomi quarried

"I don't wanna talk about all that, I came here for you to do something. I want him to pay dearly" Cynthia Pleaded

"I think I can handle him, first thing tomorrow we will go to a very powerful herbalist who will cripple him with just a strike, and rob him all his wealth" Naomi assured Cynthia who was shocked instantly

"No!!! I would have loved that to happen to him, but don't want to involve in any spiritual dealing. There should be another way to get him na?" She Protested

"Okay then, let's leave it till weekend. I will get in touch with some set of kidnappers who will steal some of his properties, and cash before killing him" Cynthia suggested

"That will be okay, the bottom line is that I want him killed. Since I can't have him, no one else will have him" She Lamented while Naomi nodded her head in affirmation

The both girls spent time together discussing, before Cynthia finally gave Naomi breathing space to continue with her work.

-- -- -- --

David who felt unoccupied in his sitting room brought out his phone and started playing 'candy crush saga'. He was enjoying the fun of the game when his phone started ringing.
It was no other person but his uncle calling. He answered the call and placed the phone on his left ear;
"Hello Uncle, Good evening" David greeted

"Hello brother! What happened between you and Cynthia? She sent me a message and when I called her, she told me you are dead and ended the call" He explained

"Me dead? Her father, in short she is the one that is dead" David Rumbled provocatively

"That's the reason why I called you oo, she is not even taking my call. Why didn't you carry on with the marriage again?" He asked David who was already mad with the news of death

"She is not my type of girl bro, and nothing on earth can make me take her in as a wife" David answered

"Well you should always think twice before taking any action, I noticed you have been changing girls anyhow ever since your Dad who is my elder brother died. Be careful of women and try to get married, remember I'm older than you with just 3yrs but I have a son of 7yrs who the girl am about to marry gave birth to. My advise to you is that you are not growing younger oo" David's Uncle advised

"I have seen someone I want to marry, and our marriage won't take long before it will be announced" He assured his uncle who was delighted with the info

"Better, I pray it goes as you said. Later na" He yelled with the mindset to end the call

"Okay bro! Bye" David said before clicking on the red key, to end the call...

David was so made with what he just heard, "How on earth will that swine announced that I am dead? I will make sure she die before me. Mad girl, is she the first girl I broke up with?" He said facing the TV set, as if the set has ears.

David tried engaging himself with other activities but couldn't as the information still kept on ringing on his head.
He needed something better to keep him busy or somebody to play with. The only person he could think of was Jenifer who can't come at that moment, since she is not in the country.
He had no other choice than to dial Vivian's number, at least her presence could help a little...




Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 8:16am On Sep 28, 2016
[b] EPISODE 13

David dialed her number, anticipating for her to picked which she finally did after 15 seconds of rigging;

"Hello dear! How are you doing" David said.

"Fine!, I am missing you boo" she smiled while David smirked

"Can you come over so we would spend some quality time together?" David asked with a convincing tune

"Wow!!! on my way" She exclaimed excitedly, while David ended the call giving her time to prepare.

About 30minutes later Vivian arrived at David's house,  she quickly ran towards him, giving him a tight embraced.

"Thanks dearie for coming earlier" David said as they disengaged from the hug.

"I was missing you too much" Vivian confessed and plated a kiss on David's lip, which he reciprocated with immense pleasure.

He quickly carried her like a bag of cement and head straight to his bedroom, where they devoured each other like hungry lions.

Vivian was moaning in ecstasy making David to pounced on her with great energy, while his organ hits her in full force, making her to vibrate like a Nokia 3310.
David finally released on her for the umpteenth time and felt exhausted...

They both laid on the bed naked, breathing like the guy who trekked from Lagos to Abuja just to honored Buhari;

"Vivian I really need a favor from you" David muttered as he played with the nipp_les of her bre_ast.

"What is it?"  Vivian replied with a smile.

"I want you to lend me two million naira, I promised to pay you back before the end of next month" David replied.

"What do you need the money for?" Vivian asked, with her eyes fixed on him.

"I actually needed it for the importation of my new cars that would be shipped to Nigeria next week. Which I will definitely sell as they arrive and pay you back with interest.... I paid over 3billion for them, but we were told to pay 2million for shipping fee and other settlements" David replied while she shrugged.

"I don't need interest, you can pay me whenever you like, I will send you the money just send you account number while I do a transfer" Vivian replied while David smiled and kiss her on her lips

"Ahhhhh" She moaned softly in his ears.

David engaged her in another mind-blowing f.se_x, Leaving her satisfied...

When done, David quickly went to the bathroom where he washed away the scent of their jumble ride from his body, and walked to the sitting room leaving Vivian inside who was taking her bath.

He switched on the TV and started watching EPL (English Premier League), his eyes were on the TV set but his mind was yelling for Jenifer.
He picked up his phone and saw some missed calls, among the contacts was an international number.
He knew Jenifer was the one that might have used that number to call him, he quickly used the opportunity to call Jennifer who picked-up at first ring.

"Hey dear how are you doing?" He asked.

"Fine, guess what? She replied.

"You've accepted my proposal" David jokingly said, while she busted into hysterical laughter. 

"No jhoor!, I would be coming back tomorrow" She breathed while David smiled in response.

"Wow!!,  can't wait to see you" David exclaimed excitedly.

"Are you sure about that,  don't tell me you are not with your girlfriend by now" Jennifer replied with a smirked while David became tensed.

"Nah, I don't have a girlfriend" David murmured inaudible.

"Okay I hear you, see you tomorrow" She said while the call was ended.

"How did she knew I was with a girl?" David thought to himself.

"Maybe she was just guessing sha" He assumed.

"But there is something significant about Jennifer,  she always made my heart skip and beats harder, is it because she is the governor's daughter?" David shrugged as he thought of her
"Whatever it is, I will definitely find out" He assured himself and walked to his bedroom, where he met Vivian who was standing in his wardrobe.

"My diary!!!!" He said inwardly and went closer to her.

To his utmost fear, she was holding his diary. The diary that contains all his past relationships, and all the girls he had duped and dumped were in the diary Vivian was holding .


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Re: Player's Heart by Evakinqz: 1:19pm On Sep 28, 2016
Yawa don gas oo angry angry...

Please find better lie tell her oo..

But y do i have dis feelings dat his gonna tell her the truth, nd he will end up loving Jennifer (the Governor"s daughter)
Re: Player's Heart by Evakinqz: 1:26pm On Sep 28, 2016
Yawa don gas.. angry..

Y do i have a feeling dat his gonna tell everything nd dey will breakup because she will discover he doesn't like her..

But leaving Jennifer will be very difficult, he will turn out to LOVE her...
Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 6:15pm On Sep 29, 2016
[b] EPISODE 14

Vivian was busy flipping the diary from page to page, shaking her head in disbelief.

David was really mad, but pretended not to care, nor even tried collecting the diary from her, so she won't suspect him more.

Although deep inside, David couldn't take it;
"No girl has ever get hold of that, how come Vivian was able to get it?" He angrily said to himself inwardly

As a player which he is, he walked closer to Vivian this time around just to distract her a little, and divert her concentration from the so precious and valuable diary she was holding.
He uses his hands to feel the softness of Vivian's shoulder's, gave her a peck on her cheek and sat on the bed waiting for her to strike, when he noticed she wasn't moved at all.

As soon as she was done reading, she faced David with the diary still on her hand's.
Her face was filled with anger, her mood changes from that of a gentled brought-up lady, to a notorious ghetto babe...

It was obvious she could kill at that moment, but she tried controlling herself as she managed to voice out a sentence in a questionable arrangement;

"So you have been deceiving me David?" She Warbled as tears formed and clouded her eyes

"Dear, what are you saying?" David replied in pretence

"Oh! Don't tell me you don't know what I am talking about, especially when you are seeing your diary with me. So you have been deceiving me all this weeks?" She questioned

"See Vivian, if you are acting base on what you saw on the diary then I will be forced to say you aren't wise. I wrote those things for a purpose, I have come across so many girls but they never loved me, I taught you coming to my life will end all that, but here you are taking it as an offence. You were heart broken by a man who you were engaged to, don't you know how painful it was, likewise me. Same happened to me several times, but by God's grace, I am happy to have you" David said convincingly as he took some steps towards her

"So what makes you to have so many names inside the diary, and even wrote things you achieved from them?" She asked David which got him baffled

"I gave them a lot in the course of our relationship, but what I wrote there was the only thing I was able to get from them, which I even paid them back. The names are many because any relationship I found myself don't last more than weeks. I am really scared baby, tell me you won't leave me like they did" David said convincingly and knelt down in front of her, making her more confused

"I won't leave you dear, but you shouldn't have put my name on the list" She shocked David again

"Oh! Your name, I added it because I wanted it to be the last name on the list" David said while still knelling down in front of her, holding the tip of the towel around her chest

"My name isn't the last name there, I saw one Jenifer at number 14 column. And that useless girl that came the other day was number 12 while my name is number 13" She explained like a mathematician

"Jenifer! Jenifer! Okay, I skipped her name before so when I remembered her name wasn't on the list, I decided to write it down. Baby please I have to discard that dairy now, if possible set it ablaze" David pleaded

"There is no need for that dear, I'm sorry for going that far into your private life. Just keep it, I understand you quite well and will always love you, please stand up" She proclaimed, making David to be more relaxed

He stood up and lifted Vivian from the surface, they both found themselves on the bed engaging on an undiluted romance which led to aggressive penetration of curve7 into shawama...



David woke up and discovered Vivian had gone. He brought out his phone in an attempt to call her, only to find a message notification from Firstbank PLC...
He opened the message which read;

"Your Acct 301XXXX054
Has Been Credited with
NGN5,000,000.00 On
11-AUG-2016 15:43:35
By VIVIAN. 6538020.
Bal: NGN218,844,000.04CR"

David was shocked, he knew he asked Vivian for N2million but didn't gave her any of his account details. Not only did she surprised him with the money but she went further to send N5million...

He hastily dialled her number in anticipation to greet her;

"Hello baby mama, why did you left without informing me?" David questioned

"Sorry, I really got so many movements at hand and I decided not to disturb your sleep" She explained

"Okay, among all your many movement the bank seems to be the first place you went to eh?" David questioned teasingly

"Oh! You have gotten the alert... Actually I gave the details to my account agent, I never went there... I wanted to even use mobile transfer but all my effort using it seems abortive because of the huge amount" She replied

"Thanks baby bae... So where are you now?" David asked even though he never cared

"I'm in my boutique but will soon leave for my family house, my Mum requested for my presence. Would you like to join me?" She pleaded

"Hmmm__ not really, got to pay for some new goods today, maybe next time" David assured her.
He was still on the call when another call started coming in (Jenifer's call), he has to look for a way to end his conversation with Vivian

"No problem then, so when are we seeing? She asked emotionally

"Anything dear, but don't worry I'll give you a call" He ended the call and answered Jenifer's call before it could end (stop ringing).

David and Jenifer discussed for almost an hour, and the most happiest part to David was the fact that she has returned from her trip, and also bought him,something...
They arranged on seeing each other that evening, at their favourite joint.

They met that day and really catches lot of fun.
David was so happy when Jennifer finally said YES to his proposal...

-- -- -- --


David and Vivian Love affair started declining bit by bit, as that of Jenifer was growing around the hemisphere of true Love.
He had collected some good cash from Vivian, and decided its time to discard her off his list. He was waiting for the perfect moment to strike and finally got one...

David was heading back home from work when he stopped by, to drop a rose with Jennifer. He always does that every weekend especially Saturday's.

He didn't spent much time with her, as he decided to go arrange his house since Jenifer would be visiting for the first time, to spend the night in his place.

Just to make sure Vivian didn't come around to interrupt, he bought an extra rose for Vivian so he can use the opportunity to tell her not to come spend the night that very weakened.

He got to Vivian's boutique and found her conversing (talking) with a guy. He knew that was Godwin her ex...
David watched them from afar and knew the guy has come to beg her back.

They were still talking and the next thing David saw was the guy knelling down in front of Vivian pleading. Vivian who see's it as a disgrace pulled him up and they both hugged each other.
While the were still hugging David ran into them, he caught them on the act even if he knew there was nothing attached.

He quickly threw the rose-flower on the floor and dash off into his car, Vivian couldn't bear it and chased up with him.
She met him before he could wake up the engine;

"Please dear I can explain, what you just saw was not exactly how it is" She cried

"Then its what? Tell me that is not the man you were dating before me, tell me you didn't hugged him firmly, who knows if you both have been kissing" He quarried

"Yes he was my ex, he came to ask for my forgiveness and knelt down, I asked him to stand up because I couldn't bear it. I already let him know I have someone better" She explained with all form of sincerity

"Oh spell me that, you said you have someone better but you both were glued to each other so passionately... I don't wanna set my eyes on you anymore, get off me, I hate you" He voiced out forming a real tears, as if he wasn't happy deep within

In due course he zoom off the premises, leaving Vivian emotionally ransacked...
She couldn't bear it, she knew she was at fault but still can't lose David so early...



Re: Player's Heart by Evakinqz: 8:56am On Sep 30, 2016
Nice one Boss...

Keep it coming
Re: Player's Heart by Ikdbabie(f): 12:16pm On Sep 30, 2016
Please come continue. I'm so enjoying this.
Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 2:14pm On Oct 02, 2016
[b] EPISODE 15

David was relieved while on the steering. He has finally gotten the opportunity which he had been craving for, he knew this was his best chance to break up with her.
Although, he knew Vivian would still come crumbling to him, begging for a second chance. But, he wasn't that sure if he's going to forgive her.

He knew breaking up with her now wouldn't be as painful as when he did it on  the alter, or in the presence of her family, which will bring an unimaginable disgrace to her.


He drove to his apartment nodding his head to the beat of the music coming from his car stereo, which he increased to the maximum volume.

He was full of smiles because Jennifer would be visiting that very day. He got to his apartment and headed to the bathroom, because he wanted to appear appealing and scent fresh awaiting Jennifer's presence...

When he was busy taking his bath, he started to envisaged how Jennifer would be on his bed. He planned getting laid with her today and concluded nothing would stop him;

"Jennifer is one of a kind" David thought to himself as he remembered when he saw her that very evening, she was putting on a short top and a mini skirt rather mini mini skirt because it was too short to be called a mini skirt. Her thigh were visible, just thinking about Jennifer made his di_ck erect like a wood, he quickly discards the thought of her from his mind and bathed as quickly as he could.
He came out few minutes later, and put-on a red shirt with a plane trouser to go with it;
"Jennifer would be here in an hours time" He thought to himself.

Not quite long, he heard a knock on his door, "Maybe she decided to come early"  David said to himself,  thinking it was Jennifer. But to his utmost fear it was Vivian...

"What are you doing here?" David gruffly asked Vivian who was in tears..

"David it's not what you think, he came to apologize for cheating on me while we were still dating, that's all" Vivian replied, as tears was seen dripping down her eyes to her cheek..

"Vivian we are done, it's over get it straight" David said and was about shutting the door...

"Please David believe me, I was never having an affair with him, I only hugged him to showed him that I have forgiven him, he is even getting married next week. Please David I beg of you, don't end our relationship for the sake of our unborn baby" Vivian said dropping the bombshell while David stared at her with great astonishment.

He knew if truly Vivian is pregnant, then he is  responsible because they did it many times without the use of Condom.
David was so confused, his mindset of breaking up with her has took another turn, a U-turn to be precise...
He knew if he breakup with her now, she might tried to keep the baby. The only option he has is to accept her and persuade her to do an abortion, before he would finally breakup with her.

David quickly lifted her up and hugged her;
"I have forgiven you dear" He whispered In her ear...

"Thanks" She whispered, as they disengaged from the hug

"Vivian you know I so much love you and can't lose you... Stop crying dear. I was actually heading to my friends place, I guess we will see tomorrow" He told her, trying to discharge her to avoid Jennifer meeting her

"Okay no problem, I will see you tomorrow" She replied, feeling relieved that David had actually forgiven her,  but little did she know that her worst nightmare is about to happened.


She left David's place, while David sat down deep in thought. He thought of how he would go about persuading Vivian to have an abortion, he knew it  would be difficult, because she had be craving to have a child for him, just to hold him firm to herself. But he must surely archive his aim.

He had never failed in dealing with women, at least since he started his revenge saga...

Few minutes more Jennifer came in, while David quickly stood up and welcome her in a tight embrace;

"How are doing?" David asked as they disengaged from the hug.

"Fine" She muttered while still smiling...

"I brought you something" She said
"What is it?" He curiously asked scanning the polythene nylon she was holding.

She led him to the dinning, and brought out a food flask from the nylon bag;
" Your favorite". She smile and opened the flask, while David smiled back as he saw what was in it. It was definitely his favorite, Pounded yam and Egusi soup with different kinds of assorted meat.
They both sat down in the dining and devour the food.

After they were done eating, Jennifer couldn't withstand the sweat that eloped from her skin while they were eating and playing at the same time, she quickly headed to the bathroom to freshen up.

She came back with a towel tied on her chest, and started creaming her body. David was busy starring at her with a lustful desire, her body was really having a great effects on him, he quickly mustard courage and stood up.

As a baddo, he walked towards her and started caressing her arms. He planted a kiss on her lips, whuch made her smile and withdrawn from the kissing which surprises David;

"What's wrong?" David asked sounding perplexed.

"Nothing" she replied evasively.
"I think it's too early for that" She added shocking David with her words.

No girl had ever resisted him before, this was the first time it would be happening to him. "She is really different"  He thought to himself... "Or maybe she is just playing hard to get" he gave a second thought.


Cynthia had made up her mind to pay David for what he did to her.

She went to Naomi's house, who took her to an unknown place as promised.
It was probably an uncompleted building. They walked in and saw some group of guys seated on a long bench, smoking away their lives;

"Mama Naomi!!!!!!" They hailed as they sighted her with Cynthia coming to their direction.

"Mama after you na you!" One of the guys said raising his two hands up as a sign of respect...

"How una dey na?" Naomi asked.

"Mama we dey Ooo, " they all answered in unison.

"Blade I get one Job for una" Naomi said...

"Mama anything, we fit do because boys are not smiling" The leader whose name was Blade replied...

"You see this guy?" She said  collecting David's picture from Cynthia's hand.
"This guy Bleep up with this my friend, I want make una jazz am come here" Naomi replied giving Blade the picture.

He stared at the pix smiling to himself... "Mama nor worry we go run am,  you know how much we dey charge na?" Blade replied smiling to his new assignment, as he took close look at the pic.

"Please don't kill him, just bring him here, we would tell you what to do from there" Cynthia spoke for the first time...



Re: Player's Heart by Tunibitoye(m): 2:27pm On Oct 03, 2016
I pray this story doesn't end up like other stories
Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 1:47am On Oct 04, 2016
[b] EPISODE 16

Both Cynthia and Naomi left the bad niggers after paying an advance of N60,000 from the total bill of 100,000 they charged.

95% of Cynthia still loves David while the remaining 5% wanted him down, if possible dead.

She kept on thinking if she had done the right thing as they drove down the express way, to the route that leads to their house...



Jenifer who hardly missed Sunday service, pleaded with David to join him to church.
David who can't insist on her plea got dressed on suit, looking more innocent like a very responsible dude, and joined her in the sitting room as she was wearing the final touches to her makeups...

After about 10mins of her preparations, they both went to her church 'Gods Kingdom Society' (GKS), where the officiating minister delivered a touching sermon 'THE SIGNIFICANCE OF MARRIAGE'.

With the illustrations and biblical proves attached, David was touched. He knew he has been fooling himself all this while, and regretted not leaving vengeance to God all this years.
He finally concluded that he will be a changed person and possibly settle down with a girl, instead of messing up himself thinking he had been harming the girls who he see's as his prey....

He kept on advising himself on it, contemplating about the right girl to settle with;
It was certain that his heart only beat the song of love, whenever he was with Jenifer or thinks about her. But another problem on the line was that Vivian was already pregnant for him.
After much of thinking he couldn't come up with a conclusion, and ends up floating ontop the stream of confusion...

After the wonderful time spent in the house of God, they both went home and ate their launch, which was prepared specially by Jenifer.
As soon as they were done with the lunch, they started sweating profusely which makes them end up in the pool.

The swimming pool in David's compound was hardly used, as he preferred going to resort centers and beach to enjoy himself whenever he felt like swimming. But on this fateful day, he got no choice than to do it at home.

They both played and catches lot of emotional fun, before they finally got out of the pool....

-- -- -- -- --

Vivian who was still finding it difficult to stay a minute off David's company, started dialling his contact which rang several times but he didn't pickup. She was so restless that she decided to pay him a visit, if possible spend the night with him.

She has decided to settle down with the love of her life, who is no other person but David. She always sees David as the right man for her. Not knowing David has not for once think same towards her, but was busy playing games with her feelings...


Blade the notorious hoodlum was seen holding a paper on his right hand which has Davids home address as well as his business details, while on his left hand was the picture given to him by Naomi and Cynthia. His gangs were all scattered on cool spots, waiting for their boss to give signal for actions.

After confirming that he was on track, he placed the paper on his pocket and approaches the gate leaving his gangs behind. He knocked the gate trice before the security/gateman (Okoro) in David's compound shouted at the top of his voice;
"Na who be that when won fall down my gate?, if you nor fit wait or knock small small then vamoose from there oo" He angrily said as he walked towards the gate to peep on the person through the peephole in the gate..



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