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Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel / DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 / S€X Story : Heart Code – Season 1 – Episode 1 – 30 (2) (3) (4)

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Life Of HBK ((heart Break Kid))--season 1 by tundejnr(m): 9:10pm On Sep 07, 2016
Copyright © 2016 by Ibirogba John
All Rights Reserved:
This work exclusively belongs to the Author and is protected under copyright laws.
The title, thoughts, plot, characters,
settings, and all its contents are properties of the author.
No part of this work, either in parts or in whole should be reproduced in any format, electronic or otherwise without permission from the author.
DISCLAIMER: Characters included in this story are COMPLETELY FICTIONAL. No similarity to any person either living or dead, places(real locations) and organizations is intended or should be inferred.

--------Episode 1-----

'You may kiss your bride'..BOOM!!![Gunshots here & there],A black van pulling outside with 5 ladies jumping down from the vehicles,they were armed.I couldn't believe my eyes,these ladies were once my fiancées and girlfriends.
*Jesus,this can't be happening on my wedding day(speaking to myself)*
Before I could think of what to do I was already running faster than d speed of light
All of a sudden,I saw myself inside a room with the 5 girls staring at me,'I must have been knocked out' I thought to myself because my head ached terribly.

My name is James Adeleke AKA Jay,a cool,smart,handsome,sagacious and cheerful guy,I have no issues in getting any girl I want cause I had dis killer smile dat could make any girl go gaga immediately

You might be wondering how I ended up in dis mess.Well lemme take u back to Genesis of everything

It was a beautiful day,I woke up with a smile on my face.it was my first day in SS1 and I couldn't wait to get to skul.I got up frm d bed,did d necessary tinz and dressed for skul.Dad decided to drop me off at school
As I got to skul I saw sum of my JSS frnds we chatted for a while den I got to my class,Behold!! I was finally in senior secondary school..Jst den d bell rang,it was assembly
Now teachers were taking names of students and attendance.It got to her turn and she answered,her voice had a musical tone,it was so melodious,I turned to see who it was and behold I saw an angel,she was chocolate in complexion,pretty and she had those kind of sexy cat eyes.I was engrossed in admiration dat I didn't even hear dat d teacher was calling my name,my partner had to tap me twice before I could cum back to life.I answered immediately he did dat
Let me introduce my partner, his name is 'Tolu' but I usually call him Mustapha cuz dat is his muslim name,he's a close frnd of mine I consider him as a brother,we've been friends for so long dat I can't even remember
After I answered the teacher I turned back to see her,I was so shocked wen I saw her staring at me,I turned away immediately,den I asked Tolu..
Me: Mustapha wu b dat gal
Tolu: No dey call me mustapha again u wan spoil my big boy nii,maga my name is tolu!! Not mustapha
**We both laughed**
Me: Oya Oga Tolu,who is that girl o?
Tolu: Her name is Nana joor,she's one of the new students
Me: Nawa oo,so people are bearing Nana in Nigeria
Tolu: **laughing** Go ask her na,u were kuku staring at her to d extent dat u didn't even hear ur name
Me: Me ke I was thinking of what my pastor preached about on sunday o
Tolu: Chisos!!!!,Jay u can lie for africa,wen last did u step into church sef??
*We both laughed*
Me:Guy forget joor,dis gal(nana) is really beautiful o
Tolu;Kai ,nw nw na gal u don dey look at
Me:*smiling*Shey na boy I suppose look at ni?
Tolu: Maga...
***Teacher walks into d class and lecture begins***
I paid 100% attention to him cause he was teaching my best subject(physics)...Some minutes later d bell rang and he left the class.To everyone's surprise he came back cause he was the one taking the next subject.At the end of d period he asked Nana to go round and collect all our notebooks
Nana:Excuse me,can I ave ur note
Me:*still bending my head*
Nana:Helloo,can I ave ur note
Me:Oh me,sowie I didn't knw u were referring to me(forming phonetics) **my heart was beating faster than normal,I could hear ma heartbeat**
Nana:Alright,Ur note
Me:*Staring at d angel before me(nana) lost in thought,moments later I jacked back to life*...
**I handed over my note to her**
Nana:*smiling at me*
Me: **chaiiiiiii dis gal go kill person** o(finking)*By the way my name is James Adeleke *Giving her the sexy boy look and my killer smile *
Nana:*Blushing* My name is Nana Ambode
Me:Are u in anyway related to Governor Ambode??
Nana:*smiles and walks away*
+++++I never knew this was the beginning of my problems++++++

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Re: Life Of HBK ((heart Break Kid))--season 1 by tundejnr(m): 12:56am On Sep 26, 2016
----------------Episode 2--------------

As she walked away I couldn't take my eyes off her,I couldn't help but wonder hw sum1 could be as beautiful and sexy as Nana,She has d sexiest figure ave ever seen,I thought only my smile could make a gal go gaga,but hers could make a guy trek frm Lagos to Abuja to and fro.Just as I was admiring her,I heard my name being called by Ife
Ife is an old time frnd who used to live near my house till he joined hostel in Js3,he's tall,dark and sporty
**Ife approaching me**
Ife: Jay Jay Lee
Me: Baddo aw far na
Ife: Forget 'aw far' joor,dis one wey Nana dey smile at u,hope u neva do wetin I dey think
Me: **Laughing** I neva do anything joor
Ife: Anyways,Bro I need u to deliver a msg to Jessie
Me: Who is Jessie now
Ife: That my girlfriend living opposite your house
Me: Ooh okay,but I heard she has traveled o
Ife: Yea she tld me,I thought she has come back..I ave to go now
Me: Bye bro
I got home thinking of nana throughout the rest of the day but one question kept popping up in my head, 'Is nana the daughter of Gov. Ambode',I asked myself.I concluded it didn't matter who her father was.I didn't even understand how and what I felt,all I wanted was to see her one more time,I slept off while thinking of her
The next day I woke very early,I was so happy and I didn't knw why.Just as I was about leaving for school,I heard a knock on the gate it was Tolu,He was panting...
Me:Mustapha what's wrong
**Before I could complete the sentence he sprayed me with the bag of pure water he held**
Tolu: Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! **Runs away**
Me:*Shouting* Is this guy maddddddddddd,I'm already dressed for school na..'Can u imagine I have even forgotten my birthday'(Thinking out loud)
I went back inside to change,looking frustrated.After changing,I went to school with the mindset of finding tolu and killing him ooo.Just as I stepped into the school compound I saw Nana coming towards me but as a badt guy I started forming as if I didn't see her,looking straight and smiling.
Nana: Hello Goodmorning
**My head started banging immediately,her voice was jst too sweet for my ears**
Me:Goodmorning Ma
Nana:*smiling* I'm not a 'ma' joor
*Her smile catapulted me to another universe,my head went blank immediately.It was as if I just saw an angel smile before me**
Me: 'Lobatan eleyi fe pa mi oooo(this one wanna kill me oo)'**speaking In my mind**...Okay ma, how was your night?
**Bell for assembly rings***
Nana: Guess you are as stubborn as they say..Happy Birthday
**She walks away immediately**
In physics lab, I was just thinking about her last statement.'who told this girl I'm stubborn,how did she know my birthday date',I asked myself.I was trying to think of the people who might have told her but I haven't seen her with anybody since resumption,she prefers staying on her own..Just then,Tolu came into the class.I was smiling at him..
Tolu: Guy I'm suspecting this ur smile o..Oya I'm sorry o
Me:You are lucky that the security guard collected the cutlass I brought to cut off ur head and use for pepper soup
***We both laughed***
Tolu:That's for calling me mustapha o,I was planning to pour d water on you after school..Next time u won't call me mustapha
***David,a close friend of Tolu and I,interrupted the conversation***
David:Jay Jay Okocha,Happy birthday bro,I wish u long life and prosperity
Me:Thanks bro,aw far u na
David: I no dey o,ground no level at all
Me: Na buhari cause am o
David:*laughing*Bro can u come to my house today after school
Me: I will try o
Tolu: U must come
Me: U are going too?
Tolu: Yes
Me:Okay I will
David: Thanks bro **giving a signal to tolu**
**David walks away***
Me: U guys don turn gay ni?..which signal be that
Tolu: Werey boy,mind your business
******Physics teacher walks into the class***
He told us we were having practical and he would pair us 2-2,I waited patiently for him to announce my parter.I couldn't believe my ears when I heard 'James Adeleke and Nana Ambode take control of this apparatus here,you can start now'..'How the hell I'm I supposed to concentrate when she's my partner' I said to myself..As if that wasn't enough he said 'These are ur permanent arrangement during practical'.But I was happy.....
Nana:I don't really know much about physics practicals
Me:U've come to the right place *winking*
***In a twinkle of an eye,she set up the apparatus correctly**
Me: **shocked** I thought u said u didn't know anything
Nana: I was just pulling ur legs..
Me: **Giving her the killer smile** I will take over from here
**while I was collecting the practical manual from her our hands came in contact,I looked up only to see her staring at me.None of us could remove either our hands or eyes till after a minute,I was d first to break it***
Nana:**Blushing and looking embarrassed**.. U will see the practical on pages 51 and 52
**All of a sudden I became shy to talk**
Me: Okay..Thanks
****I continued with the practical and I glanced at her intermittently,she caught me almost everytime and smiled.I stopped glancing at her and concentrated on d practical,when I was through with the measurement and calculations I glanced at her only to see dat she's been staring at me since,I couldn't hold my smile again***
Nana: Are you through?
Me: Yep we are through...Since there is still time let's talk about you
**Closing Bell rings immediately**
Nana:Oops, guess there's no time again..I will call u,bye
***she took the calculation sheet and practical manual to the teacher and went out of the lab***
I was angry that the bell was rung at that time,As I was about leaving the lab I remembered she said she would call me,how is that going to be possible when she doesn't ave my number I thought to myself.I concluded she was whining me,When I got home I prepared to go to David's house.
As I was on the way I received a call from a number that wasn't familiar,I answered the call and heard a familiar voice like that of a musical note...
Me:Is dis Nana?
Nana: How did you know?
Me:Ur voice is unique
Nana: Hmmm...where are now? That place sounds noisy
Me: I'm on the way to David's house
Nana:Oh for your surprise birthday party right?
Me:**shocked**..Surprise birthday party??
Nana: Oops It's a slip of tongue..Since you are on the road let me leave u to concentrate on before u get hit by a vehicle .Talk to you later,Bye
Me: Bye...
Nana: Takecare of yourself Jay
***Hangs up***
I turned back home to dress better because I just wore a casual dress and I had no idea they planned a surprise birthday party for me.'How did she get my number now? who asked these guys to plan surprise party for me',I thought to myself...I was deep in thoughts that I didn't hear the horn of a trailer that was fast approaching me as I turned to see it my head went blank...
****Watch out for Episode 3****
Re: Life Of HBK ((heart Break Kid))--season 1 by tundejnr(m): 11:23am On Oct 04, 2016
-------------Episode 3----------
I saw myself flying out of the way in a split second.I began thanking God that the trailer didn't hit me.I got home soon after the incident and dressed better than before.On my way to David's house I started ruminating over the incident(trailer almost hitting me).Some minutes later I got his house,the gate was wide opened,I entered feeling excited I got to d main door and knocked.I decided to put my ears closer to the door and I heard;
David:Shit!!! It's Jay
Tolu:Who the hell comes to a surprise birthday party early
David:Thank God we are through with everything,Guys go into the room let me open the door for him before he suspects something
**Opens the door***
Me:**Smiling** Davidooooo,aw far na
David:Sorry for keeping u waiting jawe,na tolu delay me
Me:**This guys don see mumu ooo(talking in my mind)**.Where is that Mustapha sef
David:He's upstairs doing something,you can go and check him
Me:Okay bro
***Going Upstairs***
Different Voices:Surprise!!!!!!!
**I pretended to look surprised,I saw all my classmates,they started greeting me 'HBD' one after d other.I thanked everyone***
Tolu:Bro,why u kon dress fine like this,were you expecting something or someone?
Me:Yes oo
Tolu:Who or What
Me: YOU Mustapha!!!!(Shouting)

***He brought out a bottle of champagne and emptied the content on me,Others joined him before I knew it dey had emptied close to 10 bottles on me.I felt like killing them o,I was soaked in wine.Chai see what dis big head(Tolu) caused..We ate and ate and ate..we also drank too..Then we started dancing and picking ourselves 2-2,I used style to excuse myself to his room upstairs since I do not like dancing..After some mins I decided to go downstairs,jst as I got down the stairs I heard a knock on d door but nobody else heard it so I jst decided to overlook it.Later I heard another knock but this time tolu heard it too,he went straight to the door and opened it.............
To my surprise,I SAW NANA,I couldn't believe my eyes.Tolu looked back briefly and smiled at me,I saw them discussing at the entrance(Tolu and Nana).They later came to my side some seconds later and I saw tolu collecting something from her,it looked like d carton dey usually put cake in,then he left her..I started smiling as she was approaching me.......

Nana: Happy Birthday Once Again
Me: Thank you so much,u look so beautiful
Nana:**blushing**U aint looking bad too
Me:In dis my wet clothes
**We both smiled**
Nana: You can't even offer me seat
Me: Sorry I was so engrossed in the beauty of the angelic structure standing before me,come take a seat beside me **giving her my killer smile**
Nana: So I'm now a structure
Me:Who said It's you I meant..I was talking about an epitome of beauty called Nana Ambode
Nana: **Blushing...Pokes me in the cheeks**
Me:When we spoke on the phone,You didn't tell me anything about you coming here
Nana: I wasn't planning on coming here,Jay you got me scared.After I hung up I couldn't stop thinking(she didn't complete the sentence).I tried your number severally and you didn't pick
Me: But my phone is with me na **searching for my phone**.Woah I've lost my phone..It must have happened when(I stopped talking)
Nana: When what **looking curious**
Me: Now tell me what you couldn't stop thinking about
Nana: It's you
**We both looked into each other's eyes till David called the attention of everyone to a cake on the centre table.He called me to cut the cake****
David: Jay Jay Okocha,D only Sultan Jay I know..You are to come and cut this cake now o,Guys u will spell James and at the end he will cut the cake.Jay bring Nana along she brought the cake for us.
Nana: Jay I'm not going with you,I'm the shy type ooo
Me: Okay **i carried her**
Nana: Sorry I will walk
**We both laughed and went to the centre table***
Me:**about to cut the cake** I wanna use this medium to thank everyone present here most especially David and Tolu..**pausing and looking at Nana**.And this damsel beside me,Nana,for bringing such a tantalizing cake
***Dey spelt my name and at the end I cut the cake.Dey all shouted and came beside me to snap pictures.After some minutes David who was d MC of d day called our attention**
David: Attention everybody,now I'm calling on the celebrant to come to the dance-floor,Our fake DJ oya hit the music.
**Music On**
David:Hold on,we need slow music infact love music..Jay,out of everyone here pick a girl to dance with
Me: Y na
David: Wire..If u don't pick someone and come to the dancefloor in the next 2mins we will spray u with dis remaining wine
Me:Okay sir

**Without wasting time,I picked nana and we both came to the dancefloor,Everyone started screaming 'Jay Jay and Nana!!!'.Shortly after, d guy controlling the music player played a perfect song for the moment,'Christina Perri-A thousand years'.Immediately I brought her closer to me,she placed her hands on my shoulders,I grabbed her waist and we were slow-dancing..Everybody started cheering and clapping for us before David asked dem to pick partners and dance with us.While dancing,Nana came closer and whispered to my ears***

Nana: Jay I'm in love with you
Me: **looking dumbfounded**
Nana: I love you...**her phone rings**..I'm coming I ave to take this..
Me: Okay don't be long
Nana: Bye Jay
***She goes out****
**I waited for 10mins and she wasn't back yet,I was about going to check on her when Tolu came to me and showed me a message from her,'Sorry I ave to go attend to something,pls pass my message to Jay'..I felt so bitter and went back to where we(Nana and I) were sitting before,Just then I found something on the chair she sat on**
***Watch out for episode 4***
Re: Life Of HBK ((heart Break Kid))--season 1 by nastynic(m): 2:32pm On Oct 04, 2016
cool*********************SPEECHLESS*******************winknice one bro................faithfully following

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Re: Life Of HBK ((heart Break Kid))--season 1 by tundejnr(m): 11:04am On Oct 09, 2016
cool*********************SPEECHLESS*******************winknice one bro................faithfully following
Thanks bro
Re: Life Of HBK ((heart Break Kid))--season 1 by tundejnr(m): 4:38pm On Oct 18, 2016
-----Episode 4----
I picked up something that looked like a little box wrapped in fancy nylon,at first i didnt want to open it but i saw a little piece of paper on top which read ' From Nana to my heartbeat (Jay),Happy Birthday'.Immediately a million questions flooded my mind,for how long has she loved me? Why does she love me?.I went out of d house with the little box since i lost interest in the party.I met tolu outside talking to one of our classmates..
Me:Joy thanks for today.Mustapha I'm already going jawe
Tolu:**looking at me angrily**..Joy excuse us please
Joy: Okay we will talk inside then,bye jay
**She walks away**
Tolu:**Still looking at me angrily** Why do you like spoiling my parol eh..Is my name Mustapha?
**we both laughed**
Me: Yes na..Aw far you and joy
Tolu: She was about to say 'yes' when you showed up...You have spoilt my evening now
Me:**laughing** I'm sorry bro,dont worry i will send a love letter in your name to her father requesting for her hand in marriage..
Tolu:**laughing**..Her papa na Army Commander o,you wan make he kill me abi
Me:Oya na her mama i go give the love letter
Tolu: Now i really know you hate me..First Her father is violent he will shoot me immediately ,second her mother is a blackbelter she sabi karate.You wan make i die ni
***I couldnt stop laughing**
Me: I think say you be man.All the Mustaphas i know are usually brave o
Tolu:Taahh brave ko,braver ni..Why are you leaving now?
Me:I gotta take care of something bro
Tolu: Hmmm....Liar,I knw it's because Nana is no longer here
Me:**smiling** You are wrong,Speaking of Nana please send her number to my other number,i lost my phone
Tolu:So you are gonna be using the other phone
Me:Yup..Bye bro,don't forget to send the number o
Tolu:Yes Loverboy
I got home feeling extremely tired,I slept early and had a dream(Nana and I were walking in a park,holding hands,cuddling etc until she was hit by a bullet from nowhere).I woke up terrified.A message popped up on my phone almost immediately,tolu had already sent her number to me,It was too late to call her so i just saved it.I turned round only to see the little box on the bed i must have put it there before falling asleep,i thought to myself...I opened it and behold!!!!
*******To be continued******
Re: Life Of HBK ((heart Break Kid))--season 1 by tundejnr(m): 5:21pm On Oct 18, 2016
Please i would like everyone following this story to leave a comment so as to encourage me...I will start posting 3-5 episodes per week from now on
Re: Life Of HBK ((heart Break Kid))--season 1 by tundejnr(m): 8:00pm On Oct 20, 2016
-----Episode 5-----
It was a very beautiful watch i saw inside,made of Silver and Diamonds.I picked up my phone to call her not minding the time,At that moment I felt so happy and wanted to thank her for everything but my happiness was cut short when her phone was switched off.I couldn't go back to sleep so i just started thinking about everything.I caught myself smiling without a reason,I WAS IN LOVE.I made up my mind to confess my feelings to her in school today,I slept off while thinking.I woke up feeling anxious to get to school.On my way i thought of how i will tell her that I'm in love with her and the exact words i will use,i didnt want to sound/look foolish.Finally i got to school and went straight to the class but i didnt see her on her seat i couldnt hide my disappointment.She has never been late to school,Why today? I was asking myself before being interrupted by Tolu....
Me:Goodmorning,how was your night?
Tolu:Have you turned gay ni?
Me:**laughing** So i cant ask about your night
***Checking round for any sign of Nana***
Tolu:Nope.Only Joy has that permission
Me:Speaking of Joy,I saw both of you blushing..Una don dey visit the 'other room' abi?
Tolu:Blush ko,Flush ni..Guess what
Me: You don give her belle
Me: Oya her father wants to see you
Tolu:Guy why you dey wish me bad things na..Dont guess again
Me:**laughing** What's it joor
Tolu:She said 'YES'!!!
Me: Yes for what..
Tolu:Jay dont worry again..You have already killed my vibe
Me:**Seriously laughing**..So you guys are now dating
Tolu:**Hissing**..No we are quarrelling.By the way,where is Nana?
Me:How am i supposed to know?
Tolu:So you mean you dont know her whereabouts with all the 'love in tokyo' both of you were doing yesterday
**We both laughed**
I was unhappy throughout the day.I really wanted to talk to her or at least see her.I tried calling her number times without number but it was switch off.I was so worried.I couldn't believe i was inlove with her.'Dont worry Jay,you will see her tomorrow',I said to myself......
It's been two weeks since Nana came to school,I was feeling down and also worried.'What could have gone wrong?' was the question i asked myself each passing day.Her phone has been switched off since then and i really missed her.I tried forgetting about her but i just couldn't do so...
In the middle of one night,my phone rang.A strange number was calling,i wanted to answer but thoughts of ritualist flooded my mind so i didn't.The number kept on calling so i just answered it out of frustration...
Me: Who's this
**with annoyance **
****I almost fainted***
......To be continued......

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