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B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by SheWrites(f): 11:55am On Sep 29, 2016

All rights reserved.
© 2016 Serah Iyare

Didi and Mara were childhood friends.
Nothing in the whole wide world could ever separate them.
One man rocked the boat of their friendship.
Will their relationship sink or withstand the overturn?

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Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by SheWrites(f): 12:01pm On Sep 29, 2016

“Proclaim your awesome power, Tell of mighty deeds, Declare your future kingdom, Of everlasting peace, And my eyes, They look, Unto you, Always, And I am captured, By your majesty, All of my days, I will sing of your greatness, All of my days, I will speak of your grace, All of my days, I will tell of your wondrous love, Your love in my life, Your love,” they chorused the lyrics of the Darlene Zschech song playing on the car’s DVD player.

“I love this song,” she grinned from ear to ear and nodded her head in sequence with the rhythm of the song. Her excited dark eyes remained on the road, while her hands held the steering wheel firmly.

“Me too,” she continued humming the lyrics of the song.

“Abeg increase the volume,”

“Why?” she glanced at her fair skinned neighbour who was seated at the backseat of the car and returned her attention to the road.

“Just increase it,” she eyed the driver, her dark skinned neighbour.



“Ah-han what? Do you want to make us the center of attraction?” she hissed.

“The weekend has just begun. We are entitled to enjoy ourselves.”

She hissed again, “This is my car. I decide what goes on in here.”

“Sorry o! Madam Car owner.”


“And my eyes, They look, Unto you, Always, And I am captured…” her friend continued to sing, ignoring them.

“You keep quiet now,” she attacked her.

“Leave her alone. Is she singing with your mouth?” the driver eyed her.

“Madam Car owner please mind the road and get us home safely.”

“Hey! Hmmm… Ehn… someone has a very big mouth.”

“All of my days, I will sing of your greatness, All of my days…” she went on singing.

“That reminds me, will you like to come to church with me on Saturday evening?” she glanced from one to the other.

She stopped singing and made eye contact with her fair skinned friend.

“It is a Singles’ programme. I heard that the guest minister is very gifted.”

They both remained quiet.

“I noticed that you do not attend church on Sundays.”

“We just moved into the area,” her voice was laced with defense.

“We will scout for a place of worship when we are ready,” her friend chimed.

Their neighbour shook her head. She turned into the busy street and parked the car in front of a one storey building.

“Thanks Shalewa,” Mara opened the door and jumped out.

“You are a God sent,” Didi dashed out of the car and hurried after her friend.

“Ah! Wait!” She watched them dash into the compound through the open gate. She shook her head again.

These girls are something else.

She turned off the ignition.

I am not going to let them get off that easily.

She got out of the dark blue Toyota corolla 2008 car and locked it. The gateman greeted her; she returned his greetings and headed for her flat which was on the ground floor.


Didi joined Mara in the kitchen.

“You are boiling water; do you want to make eba?”

She shrugged and brought out a small pot of ogbona soup from the refrigerator.

“Please make my own too.”


“Why not?”

“Am I your personal chef? You better boil your own water and make your own food.”

She stared at her friend who was turning the defrosting soup with a long wooden spoon. The brown skirt suit she was clad in complimented her fair skin. None of them had gotten out of their work clothes.

“What is doing you?”

Mara threw a glance at her.

“Why do you like acting difficult?”

“Difficult? Really? Because I refuse to make your food, abi?”

“It is beyond food. You are always like this.”

She placed the spoon on the four burner gas cooker and clapped her hands.

“See hunger…” she started to laugh.

“You better arrange yourself and add my portion to whatever you are making or else, I will make this flat uncomfortable for you.”

“You are threatening me, hey! Look at this small fry.”

Didi strode out of the kitchen. Her high heels made click sounds on the tiled floor.

“You are threatening me instead of begging me.”

She watched her friend leave. She returned her attention to the steaming soup.

Didi returned with a white towel wrapped around her slim creamy brown frame, “What do you think about the Singles’ programme?”

Her brows knitted in a frown.

“Shalewa said…”

“Abeg I need my Saturday,” she switched off the gas cooker. She lifted the kettle from the cooker and poured the hot water into a big bowl.

She opened the container they kept garri and poured some into the water.

“We need a place to worship. Let’s attend the programme and see how her church is… we haven’t attended church since we moved into this area.”

“I am not interested,” she turned the mixture with a wooden spoon.

“She has a car. She will pick us up and drop us. The same way she picks us up at work every day.”

She dished the eba and ogbona soup into two different bowls.

“Didi follow her if you want to. I will find a place of worship when I am ready,” she placed her food on a tray.

“Watching TBN and all these Christian stations isn’t enough.”

She lifted the tray and walked out of the kitchen. Didi picked up her bowls of food and followed behind her, “Mara…”

“Didi leave me alone. Salvation is personal. My God and I understand ourselves.”

She halted, looked at her, sighed and headed for her bedroom. She would take her bath first, and then eat later. There was no use trying to convince her friend. Mara had a mind of her own. Once her heart was set on something, she wouldn’t budge. They had known each other since they were children. They both grew up in Ikorodu. They attended the same schools, from primary level to tertiary institutions. They even served in the same state. They had gotten jobs in the same company, PZ Industry, Ilupeju, six months after their service year. They left the comfort of their parents’ homes in Ikorodu and moved to Shomolu. It was a whole new experience for them. They hoped to get married before their thirtieth birthday and have all their kids before they were thirty-five. They had talked, dreamt and prayed about it. Their plans, hopes and dreams were placed in God’s hands. They believed he would perfect all that concerned them. She kicked her bedroom door open with a leg. She hurried into the room and placed her bowls of food on the table beside the bed. She entered the bathroom and turned on the tap. The cold water made her to shudder a bit.

“And my eyes, They look,Unto you, Always, And I am captured, By your majesty, All of my days, I will sing of your greatness, All of my days…” she sang out loud. She would collect the CD of the Darlene Zschech song from her neighbour after she had eaten that evening. She was a sucker for that genre of music.

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Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by SheWrites(f): 12:10pm On Sep 29, 2016

“Take me Deeper-Deeper in love with you-Jesus hold me close in your embrace-Take me deeper-Deeper than I have ever been before-I just want to love you more and more-Lord I want to be deeper in love,” the Worship leader sang beautifully.

She lifted her hands and sang along. Her friend tapped her on the shoulder. She turned her creamy brown head to face her.

“Who wrote that song?”

She blinked and dropped her hands, “I think it is Don Moen.”

She raised an eyebrow, “Are you sure? I thought it was Bob Fits.”

She shrugged, “Why don’t you Google it?”

“I like the song.”

“Me too,” she returned her attention to the Worship leader.

She tapped her again.

Oh Lord God Almighty. I can strangle this girl right now.

She looked at her through the corner of her eyes.

“He has a nice voice.”

She glanced back at the Worship leader.

“Assuming he was taller, muscular, you know…”

She placed a hand on her forehead and shook her head.

“Did you see Shalewa among the Choristers? She didn’t tell us that she was in the Choir. What is she feeling like?”

“Ssssssh….” She placed a finger on her lips.

“You too sssssssh!”

They both eyed themselves. They realized that they had attracted the attention of the people standing around them.

“Next time, I will not sit beside you.”


The Pastor took over the service. An hour later, Mara and Didi found their neighbour at the car park. She was leaning on her car and chatting with someone.

“I have been waiting for you two, come and meet one of our diligent Protocol department members.”

They stood beside her and seized up the six feet; dark skinned, broad shouldered young man clad in a black trouser suit. His white long sleeve T.M Lewis shirt and matching black tie made him look like someone in the ‘Men in Black movie’. What was missing was a dark sun-shade.

He shook hands with Mara, “It is nice meeting you.”

“Yeah…” she blushed, his dark piercing eyes engulfed her, “I am Amarachi, but everyone calls me Mara.”

“Okay Mara.”

She liked the way he called her name. Her hazel eyes fastened on his square like shaped face.

“I am Onuwagbe, call me Uwa.”

She chuckled. She felt excited, “You are from Edo State.”

He nodded, “Yes. I am from Esan.”

Her eyes brightened, “My mum is from Esan.”

“Really?” His eyes shone in surprise. It was a good thing that the different tribes in Nigeria were beginning to inter-marry. Her mum who was Esan married an Ibo man.

“Yes…” It suddenly dawned on her that he was the perfect physical description of the man she would like to spend the rest of her life with. He was tall enough. She was five feet nine inches. Anyone shorter barely caught her interest. He was broad shouldered, dark skinned and easy on the eyes. It was her lucky day.

He let go of her hand and turned to face Didi. He stretched out his right hand, “Hi.”

“Hi,” she shook his hand, it felt warm, soothing and firm, “I am Edidiong.”

“Edidiong…” he repeated her name.

It sounded soft and felt like a warm caress. Brown eyes locked on dark ones.

“Can I call you Didi?”

She blinked in surprise, “Everyone close to me calls me Didi.”

He grinned, “Nice. I believe I can join that club.”

She laughed, “Yes you can.”

His dark gaze took in her creamy brown oval face and travelled down her slim curvy frame cradled in a simple pink flowery short sleeve knee length A-shaped dress. She felt uneasy. His perusal made her feel self-conscious. She released her hand from his grip and took a step backwards. His intent gaze captured her oval face again; she looked away and noticed the sheepish grin on Shalewa’s dark oblong face. On the other hand, her friend had a scowl on her fair round face.

Now what?

“Will you be here tomorrow?”

She took a quick look at him.

Tomorrow? What is he talking about? Oh! Tomorrow is a Sunday.

“Yes!” Shalewa interrupted.

Didi glimpsed at her. Mara eyed her.

“They will both be here,” she added.

He smiled, “Good, will you like to have lunch with me after the service tomorrow?”

Her surprised brown gaze flew to his dark face.

Lunch? Lunch after Sunday service? Is he asking me out?

He sensed he had taken her by surprise, “I apologize if I come across as being forward. I hope you are not offended.”


She shook her head.

I am not offended. I am shocked, flabbergasted, nonplussed…

“I know we have just met. I am a straight forward person. I don’t beat about the bush. When I see something that I like…”

She swallowed hard.

He likes me. Is that possible? Just like that? Is he trying to flatter me or what?

“Something that I want, I go for it. I don’t play or joke with opportunities.”

She stared back at him. He seemed honest and sincere. It had been ages since someone who she met for the first time would like her at first glance, especially in the company of Mara. Her friend was two inches taller, more beautiful, more physically endowed, and on top of it all, she was fair skinned. She was a queen, compared to her humble self. As far back as she could remember, men chose Mara over her. Even if they met her first, once they saw her friend, whatever they felt for her evaporated. Mara had been in more relationships than she had. It was hard to believe that Uwa was asking her out for lunch when Mara was standing right there. It had never happened before.

“Didi, I like you. I want to get to know you better. I hope whatever this is… this bubbling beautiful feeling within me… I hope it will blossom into something special and long lasting.”

She blinked, opened her mouth and closed it.

What did he just say? Feelings? What feelings?

She was used to guys who hung around her and moved like pendulum bobs before they declared their intentions. She had met a few people who were truthful and sincere upfront. Yet, Uwa’s confession, confidence and out-spoken attitude surpassed them all.
Wait a minute. Is he really being honest with me or does he see me as an easy prey?

“I don’t ask every girl I meet out on lunch dates.”

She sighed with relief.

“I know that we are meeting for the first time, but, sweet heart, this is the way I feel right now. I like you and I want to get to know you better. Will you go on a lunch date with me tomorrow?”

Their gazes locked. Her heart raced.

Shalewa was excited with the scene before her. She used to have a crush on Uwa in the past but the fact that she was three years older than him didn’t sit well with her. She killed her feelings for him and remained a loyal friend. It would be nice if he started dating Didi, they looked good together.

Mara couldn’t believe what unfolded before her. She thought something clicked between them. Was she the only one that felt the connection? She thought he liked her. The way he looked at her a moment ago, she could have sworn that he found her desirable. Why wasn’t he asking her out? Why was he asking her friend? Didi was nothing compared to her when it came to physical beauty and endowment. What did he see in her? As far back as she could remember, no man had ever chosen her friend over her, especially when they were together. She watched them with disdain. She hoped her friend would decline his offer. The Didi she knew would never go out with someone she hardly knew.

Didi tore her eyes away and stilled her emotions. She liked him too. There was no harm in going out with him for lunch. She could always back out if things didn’t go well. She had never gone out with someone she barely knew. She hoped she wasn’t lowering her standards.

“Okay,” she glanced back at him, “All right, lunch it is then.”

“Yippee!” his dark square-like shaped face brightened with excitement. It was contagious. Shalewa clapped her hands together and laughed out loud. Mara’s frown deepened. She felt like someone had punched her in the tummy.

“Can I have your number?”

“Absolutely,” she brought out her phone from her hand bag. They exchanged numbers and other details.

“See you tomorrow Uwa,” Shalewa waved and got into the car.

“All right babes, thanks,” he waved back at her.

Mara got into the front seat without uttering a word.

“Tomorrow,” he whispered.

“Tomorrow,” she responded and got into the back seat of the car.

Mara watched him through the side mirror of the car as her neighbour drove off. She would never understand why he chose Didi over her. She thought she had met the man of her dreams, but her friend had stolen him away from her. How was she going to relate with her henceforth? She hoped the lunch date would turn sour. If it did, she might still have a chance with him. A relaxed smile spread over her face; all hope wasn’t lost after all.

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Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by sirblero(m): 4:09pm On Sep 29, 2016
Nice Story Bro... Ride On..More Grease To Ya Elbow...* It Aiint Easy...

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Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by SheWrites(f): 6:36pm On Sep 29, 2016
@sirblero... Thanks bro. I am a she *winks*
Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by preetypam(f): 7:22pm On Sep 29, 2016
lovely story,,,please continue miss
Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by SheWrites(f): 9:08pm On Sep 29, 2016
@preetypam... Thanks. I will post updates tomorrow.
Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by SheWrites(f): 12:06pm On Sep 30, 2016

He removed the Cece Winas CD from its jacket and slotted it into the DVD player on the shelf. He had about twenty minutes to prepare for church. It was a good thing that he lived close by.

“I wasn’t looking-All the colours were grey-It’s hard to notice-When you’re out in the rain-All of a sudden-Colours are starting to change-You brought the light-Now the darkness is gone-The search is over-Now I know you are the one-Somebody tell me-Where does an angel come from-Cos you’re more than just the one-Yea you’re more than what I wanted-Everything I never had-Gotta get it right through your heart-You can show me where it’s at-You are the miracle I needed so bad-And you’re more than what I wanted-Everything I never had,” the music filled the room.

He hummed the song while he buttoned the sky blue long sleeve Mark and Spencer shirt. The lyrics of the song brought back memories, good memories. He could still picture her creamy brown oval face in his mind’s eye. His heart beat accelerated at the thought of seeing her again after the church service. He had planned everything. Where they would go, what they would eat, what they would talk about, everything. He was eager to know all about her. He wanted to know everything. It had been a while since he had been attracted to anyone at first sight. His last relationship didn’t work out because his ex-girlfriend wasn’t ready to get married. She enjoyed his company and swore that he was everything she wanted in a man, but she needed a few years to solidify her career before thinking of marriage. He had promised to support her every way he could, but, she chose her career over him.

He gave a shake of head and put on the black suit. The moment he saw Didi, he felt a peace within him. He had a strong feeling that she was the one he had been searching for all his life, the woman he would spend the rest of his life with. There was something special about her. He would derive pleasure in uncovering the beautiful gift God had given him on a platter of gold. An excited smile spread over his face. He was going to see her again that day.

“Didi you are more than what I wanted, everything I never had…” he sang out loud.


She lay on her side and pulled the blanket up to her chin. An ache in her tummy roused her. Was it indigestion? She ate oatmeal the other night. Oats aided digestion, the fiber in it prevented constipation, and it definitely didn’t turn her tummy. She groaned. It was as if her intestines were tied in knots. Brutal sharp pains engulfed her.

Oh God… help me…

What else did she eat? Her mind became blurry. She couldn’t think because of the pangs that nagged at her. Someone knocked. She heard the door open.

“Look at this sleeping beauty,” her friend’s voice filled the room.

She closed her eyes and opened them. She wished the pain would go away.

“Why are you still in bed?” she approached the bed and pulled the blanket away from her friend’s body. She was coiled up in a ball. Was she in pain?

Didi turned to look at her and snatched back the brown blanket. She lay back on the bed and covered her slim frame.

“Are you okay?” she settled on the bed.

She shook her head.

“What is wrong with you?”

No response. Mara eyed her. The doorbell rang.

“I will be right back,” she got up and headed out.

She caught a glimpse of Mara as she left the room through the corner of her eye. She noticed that she was dressed for church. She had on a red knee length pencil skirt with a white short-sleeve V-neck blouse and a pair of red high heel sandals. She looked stunning. A sharp throbbing pain gripped her.

Oh God help me!

She held her belly. Mara and Shalewa walked into the room.

“Why is your friend still in bed?” she eyed Mara and kicked at the bed.

She shrugged, “I met her that way.”

She stepped closer, “Didi, are you awake? Aren’t you going to church today?”

No response.

She glanced at Mara who shrugged again. She frowned.


“Both of you should better find your own way to church. I am leaving.”

“Come on Shalewa.”

The dark skinned tall plump oblong face lady hissed and walked out.

“Shalewa wait!”

Her neighbour hissed again and slammed the door behind her. She turned to look at her friend.

“Didi I have to go. Get off that bed and eat something,” she hurried out, leaving the door open.

God where are you?

She groaned and tried to sit up. She felt very weak. She felt like throwing up and using the toilet all at once. What was wrong with her? Was she ill? She rarely fell sick. Her mum told her when she was a child that she had a very strong immune system. She pulled her weight from the bed and tried to stand. Her knees buckled. She fell, hitting the tiled floor with her buttocks.

“Aaah!” her belly tightened. Her stomach felt like it was being turned inside out. She held it with both hands, unable to stop herself, she vomited. Smelly whitish semi-solid liquid gushed out of her mouth, spilled on her night-wear, thighs, and around her. Her breath came fast and hard. She threw up again and again. It was as if life was being wriggled out of her.

Oh God please help me.


Uwa leaned on the dark blue Toyota Corolla car and waited in excitement. He was going on a lunch date with the lady of his dreams. His eager eyes scanned the crowd gathered at the car park. Where was she?

“Our Protocol Officer.”

He heard a familiar voice behind him. He smiled and turned around. Shalewa and Mara approached the car, grinning at him. Where was Didi? His eyes darted about. Maybe she was still in the auditorium or probably in the restroom adjusting her make-up. His lips broadened in a Cheshire cat smile.

“Hi,” Mara flashed her white set of teeth.

“Hi,” he nodded at her and turned to look at Shalewa, “Hi, hi.”


He returned his gaze to Mara’s fair round fair face, “Where is your friend?”

Shalewa hissed and unlocked the door of her car, “She was still in bed by the time we left this morning.”

He threw a glimpse at his friend who was obviously cranky. Didi wasn’t in church. He paled at the realization that they might not go on a date after all. He believed she had a good reason for not showing up that morning. He was a bit disappointed. Truthfully, he was very disenchanted. He had hoped to take her out and spend the rest of the day with her.

She got into the vehicle and started the engine, “Are you coming or not?” she directed her gaze at her neighbor. Mara felt torn between standing there with him and getting into the car. She turned to look at her. Her grouchy disposition irritated her.

“Look I am hungry, get in or I will leave you here.”

She eyed her. No wonder she was so crabby.

“I will come with you, I want to see Didi,” he fished out his car keys from his pockets.

“Hurry up,” she fired the engine.

Mara got into the front seat of the Toyota car and smiled to herself. She was excited that Uwa was coming home with them. She hoped he would stay for lunch. There was ogbona soup in the freezer. She could make him Semovita or eba. They would eat together and chat. She couldn’t wait to spend the rest of the day with him. This was the opportunity she had been looking for.

Uwa hurried to his car, a white Skoda parked behind the Toyota. He unlocked it, got in and started the engine. Shalewa had already driven off. He followed and caught up with her at the gate. He felt a tinge of happiness at the thought of seeing Didi that noon. A smile spread over his dark chocolate square-like shaped face.


Didi opened her wet dark brown eyes. She felt extremely weak. She had been sitting on the tiled floor all morning. The room oozed with a foul smell. She couldn’t get up, she had no strength. Her stomach contents surrounded her. She had also defecated on herself, not once, not twice, but several times. The stench of it all made her wish the ground would open and swallow her up. Where was Mara? Where was her best friend? Why did she leave for church without her? Why wasn’t she concerned that she was still in bed instead of preparing for church that morning? The Mara she knew would never abandon her, but she had done just that. Why? She wondered if the church service had ended. Her friend would soon be home. The thought gave her some relief. She needed help. She began to hear voices. Was she back? She looked towards the open doorway. She heard someone laugh. It sounded like Shalewa. Then she heard a male voice. Who did they come home with? She strained her ears and listened. Her heart missed a beat. She recognized his voice.

Oh God no! What is he doing here?

She looked down at herself, her facial expression changed from relief to panic.

He can’t see me like this. Jesus, God… no!

She tried to get up, but her hands were too weak. She froze when she heard footsteps. She remained motionless, unable to speak or move. Her heart beat skyrocketed.


She lifted her head and saw Shalewa standing at the doorway. Her hands were placed on her head and her mouth was ajar.

“What happened to you?” her dark shock gaze found Didi’s tired ones. Mara and Uwa walked into the room.

“What’s that smell?” she covered her nose and shot her friend a stonily stare.

Shalewa approached her, “Didi are you okay?”

“The whole room smells like a sewage tank,” Mara took some steps backwards and bumped into Uwa.

He watched the one his heart beats for closely. She didn’t look well. Her long brown weave-on was in tangles around her strained oval face. Her night-wear was stained with puke and drenched with faeces. She was a total mess. He felt pained. What happened to her?

“Why didn’t you go to the bathroom if you felt like throwing up? I can’t believe this. Now the whole house smells badly,” Mara rolled her eyes and placed a hand on her forehead.

Didi stared at her best friend. Why was she upset? What was worse, a smelly house or her state of health?

“I don’t even know if I can sleep in this house today,” she began to pace the room.

Uwa stepped forward, knelt beside her and lifted her up. Shalewa and Mara were caught unawares by his gesture. Didi could hardly believe it.

“Where is the bathroom?” he threw a glance at Mara.

She gawked at him. If he could carry her friend in her despicable state, then he must really like her.

“We need to clean her up. We can’t leave her like this.”

She pressed her pink lips together and pointed at the brown wooden door opposite the bed. He carried her across the room and kicked the bathroom door open with his leg. He placed her gently in the bath-tub.

“I need your help,” he called out to them.

Mara and Shalewa exchanged glances.

“I am not going in there.”

Shalewa eyed her annoying neighbor.

Uwa came out of the bathroom and observed Mara, “You need to bath her.”

“Bath who?” she scowled at him.

He placed both hands on his hips, “I am a guy. I am just a friend. I am not her husband.”

She started to shake her head. Her short jaw-length braids danced about her face.

“Come on Mara. You are supposed to be her friend,” Shalewa chimed in.

His dark brows knitted in a frown, “Aren’t you her best friend?”

“Oh please… I am not her mother,” she spun and marched out of the room.

Shalewa approached him and placed a hand on his shoulder, “Mara can be… you know… but, she has a good heart.”

His doubtful stare regarded her, “I find that hard to believe.”

“I will bath Didi.”

A smile of relief spread across his face, “Then I will clean the room.”

“It stinks,” she wrinkled her nose.

“Tell me about it.”

She found her way into the bathroom and shut the door behind her.


Mara lay on her bed feeling infuriated. Uwa’s feelings for Didi were deeper than she thought. She had been shocked to her marrows when he carried her stinking friend in his arms. She had thought she would have him all to herself when he came home with them, but the moment he saw Didi in that pathetic state, he dashed to her side like a knight in shining armour. She thought her plan was going to work, but it had backfired. The Andrew liver salt she poured into her friend’s dinner had made her too weak to attend service that day. Didi had reacted badly to the purging chemical. Nevertheless, she would be fine in a couple of days. She rolled on her tummy. She must not give up. Things might still turn around in her favour. She needed better plans. Uwa and Didi must be separated before they had the chance to date and fall in love. When she wanted something, nothing stood in her way, not even her best friend. At the end of it all, they would have a beautiful relationship and end up at the altar. They were perfect together. She sat up. She would take a cold shower, change into something sexy and go and look for him. Her face brightened. She got down from the bed and zoomed into the bathroom.


“I called a doctor friend; he said you will feel much better after eating and taking some Boscopan tablets.”

She nodded. She was already feeling better. The hot watery milky custard he prepared for her gave her some relief. She was still weak, her tummy hurt a little, but she was no longer feeling nauseous. The hot bath had also refreshed her.

God bless you Shalewa.

She had been ashamed at her best friend’s behaviour and her neighbour’s sisterly care had astounded her. The thought of bathing someone covered in vomit and excreta was revolting enough. The act of doing it was gigantic. She would call and thank her again later.

“You need to rest. You need to call your boss at work and get a sick leave or something.”

She lifted her dark brown eyes and met his concerned dark piercing gaze. She would ask her friend who worked in the same department with her to fill a sick leave request form for her and give it to their head of department. They might give her a few days, but if she was lucky, she might get a week leave.

“I was a bit terrified when I saw you looking like a rag doll drenched in puke and… and… oh my God,” he placed a hand on his forehead and shook his head.

She wondered where he found the boldness, courage and will-power to lift her up in his arms.

“You look better now that you are cleaned up.”

She grinned, “Thank you for taking care of me.”

“Anytime my lady,” he bowed comically.

Her smile widened and she mimicked a Briton accent, “Aww… my knight in shining armour.”

He smiled back at her and brushed a hand over her creamy brown oval face. She shuddered lightly. His soft touch had sent heat waves down her spine. She looked away, cleared her throat and tried to get up.

“Hey… don’t,” he stopped her from sitting up, “You need to lay back and rest.”

They heard knocks. Their gazes flew to the closed door. The door opened and Mara strolled into the room. “How are you feeling?” she walked towards the bed and sat on the other side. She met her friend’s tired gaze.

“I am better.”

She glanced in his direction, “You are still here.”

“Yes, I am,” his full attention was concentrated on Didi.

“Where is Shalewa?”

“Back in her flat. She is God sent,” she smiled.

She hissed, “Because she bathed you, abeg.”

Her friend paled, “If you were in my shoes, I would have scrubbed you clean.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I am not cut out for that kind of thing. I can barely wash my own toilet, talk about your smelly buttocks.”

She laughed quietly, “You are a case.”

“I am glad that you are feeling better,” she noticed that the room had a nice scent, “Who cleaned this room?”

Her smile widened, “My knight in shining armour,” she winked at Uwa.

“Anything for My lady,” he lifted her right hand and kissed her knuckles.

Mara watched them and gritted her teeth. It was hard to find men like Uwa. He was special. She couldn’t understand why he chose Didi over her? She needed to act fast. They seemed closer than she had thought. Even though they had just met, something seemed to click between them. They flowed!

He stared at his wrist-watch briefly, “I have to leave now. I have a meeting tomorrow morning. The earlier I turn in for the night, the more energetic and sharp I will be in the morning.”

She felt a pang of sadness. She wished he could spend the night with her, but that wouldn’t be wise.

“I will check up on you once the meeting ends tomorrow.”


“My doctor friend said I need to bring you to his clinic for examination. If we can’t go tomorrow, I will take you there next tomorrow.”

“Okay,” she nodded. Their gazes locked. He brushed a hand over her face again. She sucked in breath and trembled at his touch.

“I will miss you.”

She nodded, she could hardly speak.

“I have to go,” he dropped his hand and got up.

She reached out for his fingers and held it, “I will miss you too.”

He smiled and squeezed her hand, “I will call you.”


He blew her kiss. She released his hand and blew him a kiss in return.

Mara seethed. They were physically attracted to each other. She could tell. The chemistry in the air was quite obvious. How was she going to separate them?

Uwa waved at her and backed out of the room. She waved back, sighed heavily and lay back on the bed.

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Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by SheWrites(f): 12:16pm On Sep 30, 2016

“You are-My light and salvation-Whom shall I fear-You are-The strength of all my days-Whom shall I be afraid-The world-May rise against me-Of this will I be sure-I will bless the Lord forever-I will bless His holy name-Yes I will bless the Lord forever-I will bless your holy name…,” she closed her eyes and sang along the Juanita Bynum song playing on the DVD player. Someone walked into her office, but she didn’t notice.


She opened her eyes and smiled, “Didi what are you doing here?”

“Is that your ‘good afternoon’?” she sat on the two-seater beside her neighbour.

She laughed, “Good afternoon madam.”

“Afternoon,” she mimicked an elderly woman’s voice.

Shalewa laughed out loud, “Thanks. It is just a small office.”

“Hmmm… attached to a very large gift shop.”


“What? Am I lying? What are you going to offer me sef?” she crossed her legs and leaned against the leather seat.

“Offer you ke? I haven’t made enough profit today.”

“Leave that thing. I want a bottle of plastic coke and one or two cupcakes.”


She pointed a finger at her, “Call your sales girl now and send her.”

“I hear you.”

“Oya now. I am hungry.”

She eyed her and clapped her hands together, “Ah-han see me see wahala o. Why didn’t you eat before leaving the house now?”

“Shut up. Aren’t you happy that I came to visit you?”

She laughed lightly, “Who send you message?”

“Go away.”

“Hey, I have seen something today.”

She hissed.

“Okay I will call her when she is through with what she is doing.”


Shalewa shook her head.

“I haven’t gone to work for the past three days. I am boring.”

She reached out for her hand and squeezed it, “Kpele.”

“You are lucky, you have your own business.”

“Hmmm… being a Sole proprietor comes with its ups and downs.”

“Yes, but you run your own thing. You are your own boss.”

“True,” she straightened her red checkered short-sleeve shirt with her hands.

Didi noticed her neighbour’s heavy bosom. At times, she wished she had a fuller chest and bigger backside. Although she liked her slim frame, sometimes, she wondered what it was like to look like Shalewa or Mara. They were both abundantly physically endowed.

“I thank God, he has been faithful. Several people like me have closed their shops and returned to the labour market.”

She blinked and cleared her thoughts. She tried to listen to her neighbour, but her thoughts drifted away again.
Mara had always prided herself in having such a curvaceous body. Her fair complexion was an added bonus. She had caught the attention of many men over the years. It must have been a shock to her that Uwa chose her. It didn’t matter. Mara didn’t like him. If she did, she would have shown it. Every time they had fallen in love with the same guy, the guys always chose her friend over her. What if her friend liked Uwa? He was her type. He was tall, dark, broad shouldered and good looking. He was a born-again Christian and he seemed capable of taking care of himself. What if Mara liked him? She shook the thought away. Uwa liked her and she liked him too. It was more than mere likeness. They were physically attracted to each other and she was eager to know everything about him.

“A penny for your thoughts.”

She blinked and met Shalewa’s worried look.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes…” she blinked again, “Yes, I am fine.”

“Hmm…” she raised an eyebrow.

“Seriously, I am fine.”

“If you say so.”

“Where is my coke and cup cakes?”

She rolled her eyes and called her Sales girl.

“That’s what I am talking about,” she winked at her neighbour.


“Welcome to my humble home,” he led her into the three bedroom apartment.

She looked around her. The large sitting room was painted white. A set of brown leather chairs made a semi-circle in front of the LED flat screen television. Was that a 32’ or a 40’ inch? She wasn’t sure. The dining was adjacent to the sitting area. Four set of stainless steel chairs with cream foam surrounded the glass table framed in steel. A water dispenser was at a corner. The whole room was rugged in chocolate brown. Was brown his favourite colour? The curtains were a mixture of cream and coffee brown. It made the room look soft, warm and welcoming.

“Do you like my home?”

She grinned, “It looks feminine. Most bachelors I know, their homes are very masculine.”

He let out a light laughter, “I don’t live in the present. I involve the future in everything I do. When I get married, my wife won’t need to re-decorate. She will meet a ready-made home.”

“Interesting,” she let go of his hand and walked around. She noticed the center table. A flower vase was placed on it. The flowers looked real. Were they fresh flowers? Another set of flowers was placed on the dining.

“When the children start coming, you will need to change the leather chairs,” she winked at him.

He nodded in agreement, “I have heard of how children love leather chairs. It is easy for them to cut it up, chew, tear and re-design.”

She giggled.

“The white walls might have to go too or else they will write all over it and paint all sort of grotesque pictures.”

She erupted with laughter. He was right. She had done worse things to the home she grew up in. It was scary to think of what her own children would do.

Sorry dad. Sorry mum.

She noticed his deep piercing dark stare. All of a sudden, she felt drawn to him like nails to magnet. Her laughter stopped. Her brown eyes matched the intensity of his dark ones. He stepped forward, closed the gap between them and pulled her into his arms. The heat of his proximity coursed through her veins and made her skin to tingle. He could feel her racing heart beats. It was in union with his. It was good to know that she was physically attracted to him too.

“I love you…” the words came out before he could restrain himself.

Her puzzled stare searched his bright confident ones.

“I love you Didi, you are my heart’s desire.”

She swallowed hard. Did he just say he loved her? How was that possible? She had feelings for him too. Yes, she was attracted to him, but love? At that point in time, at that level, she couldn’t say that she loved him. She didn’t know him well enough to love him. Can one love someone just like that? Love at first sight was a myth. One could be attracted to someone at first sight, but, true love needed time to grow and blossom. It could begin at any point in time, but its’ growth was endless.

“I love you Edidiong.”

The desire in his eyes consumed her. She squeezed his muscular arms and tried to still her emotions.

“What is your surname?”

She blinked. Why was he asking her that?

“What is your surname?”


“Ovat… I love you Edidiong Ovat.”

She exhaled loudly. The sound of her name on his lips made her feet warm.

“Do you have a middle name?”

She nodded, unable to utter a word.

“Tell me,” he brushed a hand over her creamy brown oval face.

“Uwa…” she trembled.

He raised an eyebrow, “Is your middle name Uwa?”


He ran a finger across her slim tender neck.

“Uwa…” she moaned.

“What’s your middle name?” he dropped his head and kissed her cheek, then her neckline.

Heat waves exploded within her, “Uwa!”

“Tell me your name.”

“Edidiong Cassandra Ovat!” she screamed.

He cupped her face in his arms, “I love you Edidiong Cassandra Ovat.”
His lips took hers. His passion intensified her desire. He picked her up and carried her in his arms. He made his way into the master bedroom and let her down gently on the bed. His weight crushed her and he claimed her lips again.
What were they doing? She tried to think. They were supposed to have a romantic dinner. He cooked before he picked her up at home. They were supposed to be dining, chatting and getting to know each other. If they allowed their bodies to be consumed with lust and sexual desires, their relationship would be over before it had a chance to grow. She tried to pull free, but, he wouldn’t let her go. She turned her head and the kisses stopped.


She met his gaze. His dark eyes were fiery with desire. She closed her eyes.


“Uwa… we can’t… we shouldn’t.”

“Didi… Didi I love you.”

She opened her eyes. His burning gaze weakened her resolve. She closed her eyes again.

“Please let me go.”

“I can’t.”

“Please Uwa…” she opened her eyes.

“I love you.”

“Uwa…” the plea in her voice wasn’t lost to him.

“I want you.”

“I want you too,” she confessed.

He bent down and kissed her. She pressed her hands against his chest. His kisses sent a thousand volts shooting through her slim frame. She turned head and shook with pleasure.

“We… we can’t do this,” she was finding it hard to breathe.

“I want you.”

“We can’t…”

“I know, I know… but I love you. I want you. I want to eat every part of you.”
God help us.

She said a fast prayer. They needed a divine intervention.

“We can’t have sex.”

“I know…”

“Let’s go and eat. You told me that you cooked a delicious surprise for me.”

“I want to eat you.”

“Uwa,” her restraint was dissolving fast.

“Didi…” he took her lips again.

She tried fighting him off, but he held unto her. Her self-control melted and she gave in to the passionate heat that consumed them both.


She groaned and opened her eyes. She found him smiling and staring down at her as if he had just won a million bucks.
“Morning my lady.”


Is it morning already? Lord Jesus have mercy!

“Yes, it is morning.”

She sat up immediately. She couldn’t believe that it was morning. She had spent the night in his place!

“It’s weekend, nothing to fear. You can spend your entire weekend here,” he winked at her.

She shook her head and got down from the bed. She realized that she was stark naked. She pulled the bed sheet away from the foam and used it to cover herself. He began to laugh.

“Come on…”

She eyed him and looked around for her clothes.

“What are you covering?”

She found them scattered all over the rug.

“My lady come back to bed.”

She ignored him and headed for the bathroom.

“Didi… My lady…”

She went in, slammed the door and locked it.

He groaned and rolled off the bed. He found his boxers under the bed and got into it.

“Didi…” he walked to the bathroom and tried to open the door. It was locked.

Where did I keep that spare key?

His dark eyes darted about the room and rested on the cabinet.

It should be in there.

He hurried towards the wooden structure and drew open the drawers. He found the spare bathroom key and returned to the locked door. He succeeded in maneuvering the key into the key-hole. He unlocked the door, opened it and walked in. He found her seated on the white tiled floor sobbing.

“Didi…” fear gripped him, “Are you okay?” he squatted beside her.

She moved away from him, creating a wide gap between them.

“Didi…” he reached out to her and wiped her wet face with the back of his hand. She slapped it off.


“Don’t touch me!” her dark brown eyes shone with anger. It was a little bit red.

He opened his mouth and closed it.

What is wrong with her now?

“My love…”

“Don’t say that!”

He kept quiet. He was at a loss. He didn’t know what was wrong with her. He didn’t know why she was so angry. They had a good night. Why was she behaving that way at break light?

“We shouldn’t have…” tears rolled down her creamy brown oval face.

“Hey… baby…” he moved closer and tried to pull her close, but, she pushed him away. His butt hit the floor.

He sighed heavily, “I am sorry.”

She eyed him.

“I promise you… henceforth, we will take things slow, very slow,” he stressed the last word.

She folded her arms across her bosom. He noticed that she had changed into her clothes.

“I want to go home.”

“Okay. Let me get dressed.”

He got up and pulled her to her feet.

“Ouch!” she held her tummy and squeezed her face.

“What is it?” his heart missed a beat.

“I am hungry.”

“Oh…” he sighed with relief. He remembered the spaghetti and chicken sauce he had made the other day. It must have gotten sour.

“I can make toast before we leave.”

“Sounds perfect.”

Her gaze travelled down his muscular broad chest. She swallowed hard. She could still remember how it felt being in his arms. Her eyes flew back to his face and met his dark eyes, they were burning with desire.

“Take me home now,” she took a step backwards.

“Didi…” he sauntered towards her and claimed her lips.


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@Daeveed... Thanks.
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Mara lay on her bed and dialed the number again. The operator kept repeating the same message. The number had been switched off. She had been trying to reach her best friend since she returned from work on Friday evening but her line didn’t go through. It’s being two days, yet, it was still switched off. Where was she? Where did she go? She had gotten a text message from her on Friday noon that she would be dining with Uwa and might return late. She didn’t come home. It was unlike Didi to spend the night in her boyfriend’s place. It was unheard of that she would actually spend the whole weekend in a man’s place. She had never done it before. Why start now? She shook her head. No, Didi wouldn’t. Her friend had never liked the ‘Live-in-lover’ drama. Maybe she had gone to visit her family in Ikorodu. If she had, she would have called or texted her. Maybe it was an impromptu visit. But, why was her phone switched off? She hoped she was all right. What if she had spent the weekend in Uwa’s place? Her chest gave a tight squeeze. She shook her head. Didi wouldn’t do such a thing. But, what if she had?


She sat up. If she had spent the weekend with him, that meant things had gotten out of hand. It could mean that they did it.


She couldn’t imagine another woman touching him. He was hers and no one else’s. She closed her eyes. Why? Why? Why? Why did Didi sleep with her man? She placed both hands on her braided hair and began to weep. The doorbell rang. She stopped crying. Who could that be? She hoped it wasn’t her nosy neighbour. She didn’t feel like going to church that morning. Maybe it was Didi. She got down from the bed and wiped her wet face with her blouse. Maybe Uwa was also with her. She checked her reflection in the wall mirror. She was putting on a black clingy V-neck blouse and a three quarter blue jeans trouser. She freed her braids from the hair ruffle and allowed it to dance about her face and neck. She looked beautiful. The bell rang again. She hurried out of the room barefooted and ran towards the front door. She unlocked and opened the door.

“Morning,” Didi and Uwa stood at the doorway.


“You didn’t go to church,” Didi walked in, Uwa came in after her.

She shrugged, “Where have you been?”

Her dark brown eyes flew to Uwa’s teasing ones and back to her friend’s concerned face.

“I tried calling you. Your phone has been switched off since Friday night.”

"Really?” she brought it out of her bag, “My goodness!”

Mara eyed her. Uwa settled on a chair. She switched on her phone and noticed the brown envelope on the center table.

“What’s that?”

She followed her gaze, “Oh! That’s yours.”

She walked over and picked it up.

“It’s your suspension letter.”

Uwa and Didi stared at her.

“I don’t understand,” she opened the envelope and brought out the letter.

“I forgot to apply for your sick leave, your one week absence from work earned you a four weeks suspension.”

She shook her head, “That is impossible.”

Mara shrugged.

“How on earth did you forget to apply for a sick leave for your best friend?”

She met his angry gaze. She hissed and headed for her room.

“I blame you,” he directed his gaze at her.

Didi turned to him.

“I told you to call your boss and explain things. But, what did you do? You allowed your so called best friend to mess everything up for you.”

She lowered her head and bit at her lower lip.

“I asked you to do one thing, just one! But, no… you will rather do it your way.”

She had been working at PZ Industries for less than a year. The company’s policies was very strict, she could get fired immediately after her suspension expired. What was she going to do? Maybe she should call her boss. Was it too late? Why did Mara forget to apply for her sick leave? What was wrong with that girl? She was beginning to suspect that she was acting out of spite. If she had done anything wrong, she should have confronted her. She would speak with her later.

“I am leaving,” he got up and stormed out of the room.

She heard the front door close. She looked towards the door and sighed. He was upset with her. She didn’t blame him. She wished she had listened to him in the first place. She marched towards Mara’s room and found her standing by the opened window.

“What kind of friend are you?”

She turned away from the window.

“What did I do to you to deserve such treatment?”

“Excuse me.”

“You did it on purpose. That is cruel.”

She began to laugh. Her friend was right. She did it on purpose. She was upset that Uwa had asked her friend out. It was a good payback.

“Since Uwa asked me out, you have been acting weird.”

She eyed her.

“I think you are jealous.”

She stopped laughing, “Me, jealous?”


“Don’t be silly.”

“You can pretend all you want, but, I know you Amarachi Esther Maduneme.”

She frowned.

“You must have felt slighted when he chose me over you.”

“You don’t know what you are talking about.”

She seized her up, from braided hair to bare feet, “It might hurt, but there is nothing you can do about it. Uwa loves me, get over it. Don’t ruin our friendship with your jealousy.”

She watched her leave. She turned back to the window. It had been a while since she had, had a confrontation with Didi. They usually settled their differences over a week or so, but she doubted if they would ever get past the present situation, not when Uwa remained in her life. She hoped Didi got sacked from work. She doesn’t want to work in the same office with her anymore. It was hard enough living with her and enduring her relationship with Uwa.


She stared at her blackberry phone and paled. He had not called or texted, not even an email or a ping. She had called him several times and he had given her a dozen excuses. Do people get tied up from one meeting to another all day? Was that common or was he deliberating avoiding her? He wasn’t that kind of person. Was he still upset with her? She needed to distract herself. She would go loco if she continued to check her phone each time she saw a new text message, a new email or a ping. It had been a boring day. She was supposed to be at work, but, thanks to Mara, she was suspended. They had not spoken a word to each other for the past three days. She had not seen Uwa for the past three days. He was definitely avoiding her.

She dialed his number again. She noticed that she had a new message on her blackberry messenger. She cut the call, scrolled through the phone and opened the message. It was from him. Her heart leapt in joy. She sighed with relief. He had sent her a song by Cece Winas titled ‘More Than What I Want’. She clicked the ‘Accept’ tab and waited for it to download. She increased the volume of the phone and clicked ‘Play’.

“I wasn’t looking-All the colours were grey-It’s hard to notice-When you’re out in the rain-All of a sudden-Colours are starting to change-You brought the light-Now the darkness is gone-The search is over-Now I know you’re the one-Somebody tell me-Where does an angel come from-Cos you’re more than just the one-Yea, you’re more than what I wanted-Everything I never had-Gotta get it right to your heart-You can show me where it’s at-You are the miracle I needed so bad-You’re more than what I wanted-Everything I never had….” The song played on.
She held the phone close to her chest. She understood his message perfectly. She felt ecstatic. He was everything she also wanted and more.
Uwa where are you?

The doorbell rang. She got up reluctantly from the settee and dragged her feet towards the front door. It was just five in the evening. Mara doesn’t return home until six-thirty or seven. She turned the key and opened the door. She gasped when she saw Uwa at the doorway clad in an ash coloured Italian suit.

“Good evening My Lady,” he bowed.

She smiled and chuckled.

“Did you get the song?”

She nodded.

“You are all I ever wanted.”

“You are all I need.”

He drew her close and hugged her.

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Amazing story!!!
Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by SheWrites(f): 3:24pm On Oct 04, 2016
@Omaresh... Thanks *winks*
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Wowww,Love is a beautiful feeling n it so sweet.to b in love.....welldone ma'am
Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by SheWrites(f): 4:00pm On Oct 04, 2016
@prisomic... Thanks. I love, love too *winks*

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She panicked as she walked into the company’s Sick bay. One of her colleagues had informed her that her friend had fainted in the office and the in-house nurse was attending to her. She had just resumed work that week after a long suspension. What could possibly be wrong with her now? She might eventually get sacked if she doesn’t put herself together. She found her seated on one of the beds. The room was empty.

“What happened to you?” she folded her hands across her chest and leaned against the wall.

“I fainted,” she met her friend’s concerned gaze.

“I was told,” she eyed her, “What did the nurse say?”

“She ran some tests.”

“And?” she sat on the bed.

She looked away and bit at her lower lip.

“What did she say?”

“I am… I am preg… am pregnant.”

Her hand flew to her opened mouth. Didi was pregnant with Uwa’s child! Her hazel eyes turned red.

“How could you?”

She faced her.

“How did this…” she pointed at her tummy, “… happen.”

She blinked. It looked like her friend was about to cry. Why?

“We didn’t plan it. We… well… we only did it once… okay twice.”

“Once is enough to get you pregnant dummy!”

"Hey!” fried nerves.

“Hey yourself,” she got to her feet, “Jesus Christ,” she gritted her teeth.

She watched her. Why was she upset? It seemed her friend hasn’t gotten over Uwa’s preference for her.

“Why didn’t you take some pills or something?” her hazel eyes scanned her like an insect.

“Did I tell you I was in the habit of sleeping around?” she was beginning to get upset.

“You should have been smart enough to tell him to use a condom.”

“He doesn’t sleep around either. You don’t expect someone like that to have a pack of condom stashed somewhere in his flat.”

Mara shook her head and began to pace the room. They were dumber than she thought, “And to think of it, you always go around saying sex before marriage is a no, no for you.”

She eyed her, “I stand by that.”

She halted and looked at her, “And you slept with him?”

“It wasn’t planned.”

“Yeah right.”

She lay back on the bed and faced the wall. She wished Mara would stop looking for faults and act like a friend for once.

“Beautiful, this is just beautiful,” she smoothed her braids with her hands. They were beginning to look rough.

“I am keeping the baby.”

“What!” she looked at her. She was still facing the wall.

“It doesn’t matter if he wants it or not. I will keep the baby.”

Her heart missed a beat. What if he also wanted to keep the baby? That would be bad news for her. She could lose him forever.

“People like us actually look up to people like you when it comes down to doing things God’s way.”

She smiled and turned on her side, “Next time, don’t look up to people like us. Just do what the good book says, follow Jesus and try to be more like Him.”

“Whatever. You are a disappointment,” she turned on her heels and navigated her way out of the room.

She ran her creamy brown fingers through her dark smooth shoulder length retouched hair. It felt soft and silky in her hands. Her friend’s words had hurt. She had done her own share of blaming herself. She didn’t need to be judged by anyone else. She closed her eyes.

Oh God… what have I done?

She gritted her teeth.

Uwa, what have we done?


He picked up his girlfriend at the office that noon and drove her home. He helped her into the flat and got her settled in, tucked into bed and ready for a long nap.

“Where you given any medication?” her health troubled him.

She shook her head, “The nurse told me to rest and eat well.”

He nodded, “Okay.”

She bit at her lower lip. How was she going to break the news to him? He searched her face. Was something bordering her? She looked a bit worried.

“What is it?”

She turned her head.

"Talk to me.”

She directed her full attention towards him, “I am pregnant.”

He blinked and stared back at her. She is pregnant? They had only done it twice. Was that enough to produce a baby?


“I am keeping the baby,” she tried to read the expression on his face.

“Okay. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

She sighed with relief. She wouldn’t have subscribed to abortion if he had suggested it. Abortion was murder. It doesn’t matter what the society or those baby assassins who called themselves medical doctors painted it to be.

“I know I got us into this situation.”

She reached out for his hand and squeezed it, “I am equally responsible.”

He nodded, “We allowed our emotions to rule our heads,” he reached out for her other hand.

She took comfort in that gesture.

“I don’t want a baby out of wedlock.”

She blinked, trying to grasp what he meant. Was he changing his mind? She paled.

“We are both born again Christians. People will judge us and blame you.”

She held her breath and tightened her grip on his hand.

“I want to cover your shame. Even if you weren’t pregnant, I would have asked you this question in a couple of months’ time.”

She looked into his dark eyes. What was he trying to say?

“I love you. Please marry me, be my wife, the mother my children.”

Her eyes smarted with tears. She exhaled and nodded, “Yes, I will marry you.”

He smiled and pulled her into his arms. His warmth soothed her nerves and melted her worries and fears.

“I love you Onuwagbe Daniel Okosun.”

He became still. The way she pronounced his names felt like a cool bath. He pulled away and stared at her. She had just confessed that she loved him too. He had been waiting for her to say those words.

“I love you too,” he claimed her lips and she responded to his kiss. He groaned and released her, “The sooner we get married, the better.”

She chuckled and used her hand to fan her face, “It is getting hot in here.”

He laughed and got up, “Let me go. I will call you later.”

“All right love.”
He blew her a kiss and strode out. She leaned back on the bed. She was getting married.

“Halleluiah!” she raised her hands and shook it. She drew up the blanket, covered her face and threw it away. She sat up and started to dance, “I am getting married! I am getting married!”


Mara met Didi watching a movie on the television when she returned from work. She went to her room, took a shower and got into her pajamas. She planned to eat and go to bed early. She had a lot to do at the office the next morning. She was also eager to know the outcome of her friend’s discussion with her boyfriend. She hoped they both agreed to do an abortion. That pregnancy could wreck her plans. She heard a knock on her door.

“Come in.”

Didi opened the door and walked in. She was surprised to see her friend in her pajamas.


“Hi yourself,” she picked up a pillow and sat on the bed.

“I want you to be my maid of honour.”

What was she talking about? What does she need a maid of honour for? It was only brides that needed best ladies. Was Didi getting married?

“Are you getting married?”

She nodded and smiled. Mara felt as if a train had just run over her. Did Uwa propose? That dumb son of a woman. How could he?

“You are still my best friend, despite our differences. I want you there, right beside me on the D-day.”

Her friend must be crazy. Watching her get married to him will be the death of me.
She must stop the wedding. They cannot get married. If he proposed to her because of the pregnancy, maybe the wedding would be cancelled if that pregnancy disappeared. She needed to hatch out a plan. She would not rest until he was hers only.

“My parents will be so excited. I am the first out of their three children and I am the only girl. Do you know that Uwa’s parents have only boys, no girls? They are dying to have me as their daughter-in-law.”

“Really?” she tried to concentrate on what she was blabbing about, but, all she wanted to do was to slap her silly or worse, strangle her. That would bring her so much pleasure. She grinned.

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Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by SheWrites(f): 3:26pm On Oct 05, 2016

A tall slightly slim fair skinned beauty walked into his office and shut the door behind her. She smiled and took a seat behind the desk. The blue striped blouse she wore glued to her body like a second skin, making her bosom look ready for consumption.

“Good evening Banky,” she flashed him a set of white teeth.

“Amarachi, to what do I owe this… unannounced visit.”

She laughed, “Doctor, I was in the area. I thought I should say hi.”

“Really?” he cleared his throat and tried to take his eyes off her chest, “All the way from Ikorodu to Lekki?”

“Banky, I don’t stay in Ikorodu anymore.”

“Interesting,” he clasped his hands and placed it on the table.

“Work has brought me closer to town.”

“I see.”

“I stay in Shomolu now.”

“How are your parents?”


“So, what can I offer you?”

“Why don’t we eat out?”

He raised an eyebrow.

“Let’s catch up on old times,” she crossed her legs. The black pencil mini skirt she was wearing exposed a considerable amount of flesh.

He loosened his collar button, “What is really on your mind?”

She grinned, “You never liked beating about the bush.”

He leaned against the grey coloured leather chair.

“I am here because of Didi.”

The sound of her name set his heart racing. He loosened another button and started to cough. His eyes darted around. He found a bottle of water under the table. He reached out for it, opened it and down the content.

“Do you still want her back?”

He threw the empty bottle into a waste basket adjacent to the table and met her hazel eyes. They were dead serious.

“It doesn’t matter what I want. She made it clear two years ago that she didn’t want anything to do with me.”

She opened her turquoise colour pouch and brought out a big red envelope. She threw it on the table. He picked it up and opened it. It was a wedding invitation card. He saw the names of the couple. He frowned and threw the envelope back at her. It fell on her lap.

“We can stop the wedding.”

He eyed her, “How?”

“Terminate the pregnancy. It will halt the wedding plans and give you enough time to win back her heart.”

“Wait a minute. What pregnancy?”

She smiled. The true scenario clarified in his head. His light brown eyes brightened in shock. He began to shake his head.

“This is a golden opportunity to get back the love of your life”

“You don’t understand.”

“Yes, I do.”

He shook his head again.

“The fact that you cheated on her twice shouldn’t stop you. She loved you.”

He hit a fist on the table, “That was two years ago,” his nostrils flared.

“Then convince her that you have turned a new leaf.”

He looked away.

“You have changed, haven’t you?”

“Of course,” he scratched a spot on his head.

“Good. The wedding is in four weeks. We need to act fast.”

He bit at his lower lip, “This is crazy.”

“I know,” she got up and circled the desk.

“I don’t want to hurt her.”

“You won’t. You are a very good doctor.”

“I am still in love with her.”

“Good,” she pulled him up. He was at least two inches shorter than her.

“I never stopped loving her.”

“You are right on track,” she began to kiss one of his ears.

He pulled away and looked up at her, “What are you doing?”

“Giving you what you have always wanted.”

He blinked. She was crazier than he thought.

“While you dated Didi two years ago, you lusted after me.”

He eyed her. She was right. He had always desired her.

“You can have me now, once and for all. This is my way of paying you for what you are going to do.”

He grinned from ear to ear and turned her towards the table. Finally, she was right where he wanted her.


Uwa unlocked the front door. He strode into the apartment and went straight to the kitchen. He needed a cold drink. He had been busy for most part of the day. As an Information Technology expert, he consulted for several firms and at times, his work consumed his weekends. It was a good thing that he had decided to build his own business rather than remain working for one company. Although it came with its ups and down, it was very rewarding, especially when one was diligent, confident, available and accessible. He had placed his business in God’s hands and things had been running smoothly. He took a can of malt from the refrigerator, opened it and down its content. He threw the empty can in waste basket. He felt refreshed. A cold bath would give him more satisfaction. He would turn in early for the night. He needed to be in church very early the next day. He was supposed to follow a group of Protocol department members to pick up a guest minister at the hotel. The man was preaching in his church that morning. His blackberry phone began to ring. He pulled it out of his trouser pocket and picked the call.



He recognized Mara’s voice, “Yes.”

“It is Didi, she is bleeding.”

His chest tightened, “How? What is going on?”

“Meet us at Heritage hospital in Lekki.”

How did they get to Lekki? Didi had called him that morning that she would be doing some shopping that day. Why Lekki? What happened to the markets on the mainland?

“I can’t handle this on my own.”

“Okay, okay, I am on my way.”

He groaned at the thought of driving all the way to Lekki. It was weekend and he knew the roads would be filled with crazy drivers. He lived in Palm Groove Estate. It would take him hours to get to the Island. Where was Heritage hospital anyway? He returned the phone to his pocket and headed out.


He parked his white Skoda car in the driveway of the hospital. He killed the engine and got out. He hurried into the brown and white painted building and found Mara in a crowded waiting room.

“Thank God you are here,” she approached him.

“Where is she?” the worry and anxiety in his voice wasn’t lost to her.

“She is still in the theatre.”

“Wow!” he stood akimbo.

What is the meaning of this? God please protect my darling.

She seized him up. He looked cute in the white long sleeve shirt and ash coloured chinos trousers. She noticed a fair skinned man walking towards them.

“That is the doctor.”

He looked in her direction and saw a man about five feet seven inches tall with a plump physique in a white coat.

“Good evening, you must be Didi’s fiancé,” he stretched out his hand.

“Yes, call me Uwa,” he shook his hand.

“I am doctor Bankole Williams.”

“How is she?”

“Please come with me,” he led them down the hall way, into one of the offices. He pulled off his white coat and sat on the leather chair. Uwa and Mara took the seats behind the desk.

“She is fine.”

"Thank God,” he made a sigh of relief.

"I was so scared,” she squeezed him by the shouldered.

Banky cleared his throat. They turned to look at him.

“I am sorry to inform you that she lost the baby.”

His smile faded and was replaced with an angry expression.

“What! Oh my God…” she held him by the hand.

“That is impossible,” he stood up.

He leaned back on the chair, “She had a miscarriage.”

He looked heavenwards.

God why? That was my first baby.

“Uwa, I am so sorry,” she held his hand, “I think it is the wedding plans that stressed her out.”

“What plans?” he glared at her, “What were you both doing in Lekki in the first place?”

She opened her mouth and glanced at the doctor, then back at him.

“What kind of shopping were you both doing?”

“You can see her now if you are ready,” he picked up his coat and got up.

Uwa marched out.

“That is one angry fiancé.”

Mara hissed, “We did both of them a favour.”

“I didn’t know my competition was six footer.”

“That is the least of your problem.”

“I have a feeling that you want him all to yourself.”

She eyed him, “Concentrate on Didi and leave the rest to me.”

He started to laugh.

She shifted the chair backwards and got up.

“I need all her info.”

“I will text or mail them to you.”

“Fantastic. Let us go and see the sleeping beauty.”

She smiled and followed him out of the office.

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Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by SheWrites(f): 3:30pm On Oct 05, 2016

She heard a knock on her door and opened her drowsy eyes. Who could it be? It was probably Mara. She must have returned from work. She sat up and yawned. She had been in bed all day. She had not taken her bath, but, she had eaten thrice that day. The knocks persisted. She yawned again and stretched out.

“Come in.”

The door slid open. Mara walked in and tip-toed towards the bedside and bent her head.

“Hi,” she whispered.


There was something different about her friend. Why did she tip-toed? Why was she speaking quietly to her? The glint in her hazel eyes spoke volumes.

“Someone is here to see you.”

She raised an eyebrow. Whoever it was, her friend was excited. She wondered who it could be.

“Bankole Williams is here to see you.”

She opened her mouth but no words came out. What was he doing in her home? Did Mara invite him?

“You smell!” she cried out in alarm, “You haven’t taken your bath,” she eyed her, “No wonder you are still in your night wear.”

Didi hissed and settled back on the bed.

“Ah-han… what is wrong with you? Get up now,” she shook her by the hand.

“Leave me jo. Did I ask him to come?”

“He is just here to check up on you,” she pulled her up to a sitting position.

“Oh-oooh,” she freed her hands from her firm grip.

"At least come and thank him for treating you last week.”

“Tell him that I am sleeping.”

"Put on a jacket or something.”

“I don’t want to see him. Is it by force?”

“Yes,” she pulled her from the bed.

“Mara!” she almost fell on the floor.

“You are a case,” she pushed her out of the room and dragged her into the sitting room.

“Mara leave me alone,” she struggled for her freedom, but her friend was determined to have her way.

Bankole got up from the cushion immediately he sighted them. Didi looked better than the last time he saw her. In another week, she would be strong enough to return to work and get back at whatever she did for a living. His breath caught in his throat when he noticed that she was in her night-wear. The pink silky knee length gown graced her slim frame in a seductive way.

“She refused to leave the comfort of her bed, I had to drag her out here,” Mara winked at him.

“Thank you,” he nodded at her and faced Didi, “I apologize for disturbing your beauty sleep.”

“It’s okay,” she folded her arms across her chest. She felt uncomfortable.

“Mara told me she lives with you. I begged her and she brought me along.”

“It’s okay,” she hoped he would leave soon.

“Won’t you offer him a drink or something?” she hit her on the shoulder. She glared at her friend. She felt like giving her a slap at that very moment.

“Don’t worry. I … I am… I will like to take my leave now,” he was finding it hard to calm his raging emotions. Seeing her that way, he felt like consuming her lips with kisses.

She felt relieved. She didn’t want his visit to linger. She could see Mara eyeing her from the corner of her eyes. The doorbell rang.

“Come in,” she said aloud.

The front door opened. Uwa walked in and met three pairs of eyes.

“Good evening doctor,” he recognized Bankole the instant he laid eyes on him.

“Good evening Mr. Onuwagbe,” they both shook hands.

He nodded at Mara and noticed his fiancée standing at a corner, clad in her night wear.

“Hi…” Didi smiled at him but the displeasure in his eyes erased it.

“I have to leave. Take care of yourself Didi,” Bankole glanced at her.

“I will see you off to your car,” Mara escorted him out of the flat.

She scratched a spot on her scalp and met his dark gaze.

“How was your day?”

“Fine,” he seized her up.

“Can I get you something to eat?”


Was he upset with her? What did she do wrong now?

"Who is Doctor Bankole Williams to you?”

His question alerted her. She turned her head away and rubbed a hand on her shoulder.

“Well… he was the last guy I dated before I met you.”

He remained silent for a while. She settled into the chair closest to her.

“When were you planning to tell me that he was your ex?”

She heard the anger in his voice. She cleared her throat and bit at her lower lip. She had no intention of telling him anything. She never thought she would see Banky again. It was Mara’s fault. Why did she bring him to the house? She could have given him her number if he wanted to check up on her. What was that crazy girl up to?

“I don’t know what your plans are, but if it includes the doctor, then count me out.”

She opened her mouth and closed it. What was wrong with him now?

“What are you talking about?” she looked up at him.

“Who knows, your presence in Lekki last weekend might be more than a coincidence.”

Her brows came together in a frown.

“It is so obvious that he is still interested in you. May be you also want him back.”

She began to shake her head. Why was he thinking that way? Was he deliberately picking a fight with her?

“I want you to think over your life and decide on what you really want. When you are done, you know where to find me.”

Her dark brown eyes smarted with tears.

“Have a good night,” he turned and walked out.

She blinked and tears rolled down her creamy brown face. She was going to kill Mara. She was sure she engineered her reunion with Bankole.

Nevertheless, it didn’t give Uwa the right to speak to her that way and accuse her. She had just had a miscarriage, she was recuperating, she needed rest and a sound mind, not squabbles with her fiancé. If he felt threatened by her ex, he should man up and stand his ground. It was no fault of hers that her ex showed up out of the blues. If it was true that he wanted her back, he was two years too late.


He drove into Sweet Sensation car park and looked for a good spot to park his car. He killed the engine and got out of the vehicle. He would buy some snacks or a plate of fried rice and grilled pepper chicken. He was hungry and in no shape to cook when he returned home. He locked the car and headed for the entrance of the eatery. His thoughts were wrapped around his fiancée. He had been too hard on her. He had no choice. He wasn’t prepared to waste his time on someone that doesn’t genuinely want him. He had a feeling that Bankole would fight to win her back. She needed to decide on what she wanted, her past relationship or the new blossoming one. He met a crowd in the eatery. It was as if the whole Lagos had gathered in the restaurant.

“Hello Uwa.”

He heard his name from right behind him. He turned around and saw Bankole a few feet away from him.

Talk of the devil himself.

His dark brows came together in a frown.

“We better join the queue or else, we might be here till midnight.”

“I don’t think I can wait,” he turned towards the exit.

Bankole laughed to himself. Uwa walked back to his car. His frown deepened when he realized that the doctor had followed him.

“Can I help you?” he unlocked the white Skoda.

“Not really,” he grinned.

What was amusing him? He had no intention of having a non-profitable conversation with his competition.

“I love Didi. I will always love her.”

His eyes widened at the doctor’s bluntness. He was right after all. The guy wanted his fiancée back.

“I want you to know upfront that I am going to win back her love.”

“Good luck with that,” he got into the car and started the engine. Bankole backed away and watched him nose into the busy road. Uwa might have a good physique and an Adonis face, but it was all plain flesh. All that mattered was Didi’s heart.

A woman’s heart was like the deep blue ocean. It was difficult to know all that goes on in there. He was sure that somewhere in her heart, she still felt something for him. Once he could fan those old flames and rekindle her love for him, not even Uwa would be able to stop her from returning to him.

God bless you Mara.

He owed her for reuniting him with his lost love. He walked back to the eatery. He hoped the crowd would disperse soonest. He pulled out his blackberry phone from his pocket and began to compose a poem. He would send her dozens of short love poems. He wanted her to think of him. If she does, she would dream of him. Once he was in her dreams, piece by piece, he would take over her heart before she realized what was happening to her.

“Eureka!” he punched his fist into the thin air. Everything was working according to his excellent plan.

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Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by bukunmitemmy(f): 6:10pm On Oct 05, 2016
nice story, more ink to your pen
Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by SheWrites(f): 9:49am On Oct 06, 2016
@bukumitemmy... Thanks

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Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by Anextin(f): 1:06pm On Oct 06, 2016
Very cool she writes, following and waiting.
Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by sirblero(m): 4:30pm On Oct 06, 2016
#still Following.. More Ink To Your Pen
Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by SheWrites(f): 12:19pm On Oct 07, 2016

She could hardly sleep that night. Her supposed introduction was in a couple of days. She had not seen or heard from her fiancé. His excuse was that he was tied up in a series of meetings with the board of directors of a certain company in order to secure a multi-million naira contract. She was sure he was avoiding her. On the other hand, Bankole had made himself available. He was at her every beck and call. She had refused to go on any date he tried to lure her into. She did not want to encourage him in anyway. She had gotten over him a long time ago. She was in a new and better relationship. Even if she wasn’t, she would have been skeptic about giving him a chance back into her life. She missed Uwa. They needed to put finishing touches to their introduction plans. Her parents had called to find out a thing or two. She would be meeting his family for the first time on the D-day. She had spoken to them all on phone since he proposed to her. She was eager to meet them one on one. Mara had made herself scarce. She had not taken her maid of honour responsibilities seriously. It was as if she wished she wasn’t getting married. They were supposed to leave for her parents’ home that evening. What if she came up with an excuse?

God I commit my plans into your hands. Take control Lord.

She scrolled through her phone and played the Cece Winas song titled ‘More Than What I Wanted’. She could still remember the day Uwa sent the song to her phone. She closed her eyes and reminisced.


Bankole met Mara in the waiting room. She had been waiting for him for over an hour. He had a lot of patients to see that evening.

“Thank you for waiting.”

“You owe me dinner.”

“Fine. Where will you like to eat?”

“Golden Gate restaurant.”

He eyed her, “Are you trying to drill a hole in my pocket?”

She chuckled, “Haven’t you heard of the saying that goes thus, ‘Don’t keep a lady waiting’?”

He rolled his eyes and pulled off his white coat, “Let us go before I change my mind.”

She started to laugh. They walked out of the building and got into his black Lexus jeep. He navigated into the major road and headed for the Island.

“What is so urgent that you couldn’t discuss on phone?” she glanced at him.

“It is your friend,” he kept his eyes on the road.


“Do you have any other friend?” he turned to look at her and returned his attention to the road.

“What has the little princess done this time?”

“She is not responding,” the frustration in his voice wasn’t lost to her.

She frowned. The introduction was that weekend. They needed to stop it. Nothing must put a dent on their plans.

“If the introduction doesn’t hold, that will buy you more time.”

He nodded and looked at her. He felt relieved.

“I need your help.”

“Count me in.”

She smiled, “We need to inject her with something lethal.”

“Something that will keep her on a hospital bed for days,” he added.

“Or even for weeks,” she winked at him.

He grinned. He was satisfied with her plan. He knew exactly what to do.


The ping sound on the phone interrupted her sleep. She opened her eyes and reached out for her phone. She checked her Blackberry Messenger chats and discovered that her fiancé had sent her a song. She clicked on the ‘accept’ signal and waited for it to download. Where was he? Why hasn’t he visited her? If she doesn’t see him that evening, she might check up on him on her way to Ikorodu. It had been torture not seeing him for almost a week. She lay on her tummy and played the song. It was a Darlene Zschech song titled ‘Deeply in love’.

“In my life-you’ve heard me say I love you-How do I, show you it’s true- Hear my heart- it longs for more of you-I’ve fallen deeply in love with you-You have-stolen my heart-I’m captivated by you-never will you and I part-I’ve fallen deeply in love with you-You and I-together forever-nothing can stand-in the way, my love for you-grows stronger each new day-I’ve fallen deeply in love with you.”

She closed her eyes and replayed the song over and over again. Uwa still loved her. He still wanted to marry her. The song confirmed it. It doesn’t matter if Bankole kept trying to win her back. No one could ever separate them. She felt a sense of peace. She was going to marry the man of her dreams, the love of her life, and her knight in shining armour.

‘Thank you God for bringing Uwa into my life. I am eternally grateful’.

She replayed the song again and again.


Uwa woke up that Saturday morning with a bad headache. He had a nightmare. He saw the love of his life in a pit. He tried to pull her out, but, he couldn’t. The pit kept getting bigger and deeper. He didn’t like the dream. He needed to call her and find out if she was all right. He wondered if she had gotten to her parents’ place in Ikorodu. He rolled on his side and began to pray against every manipulations of the devil concerning his fiancée and himself. His phone began to ring. He ignored the call and kept on praying. About ten minutes later, he picked the call. It was Shalewa, he had not heard from her in a while.

“Morning baby girl. How are you doing?”

“I am fine. Today is supposed to be your introduction, abi?

“Supposed to? It is my introduction day now.”

“Ah! But I thought …”

He sat up. He had a feeling that something was wrong.

“Shalewa what is it?”

“Didn’t Mara call you?”

“Call me? No. Why?”

“Ah-han… Didi was rushed to the hospital last night.”

“What?!” His heart sank.

“Ah… I thought you knew.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“So she didn’t call you.”

“No, she didn’t.”

“That girl sef.”

He got down from the bed. He was confused. Should he call his parents? Should he call her parents? Should they call off the introduction?

“Do you know the hospital she was taken to?”


He was getting frustrated, “Thanks. I will call Mara.”

“Okay. Kpele, take care.”

He hung up and fished out Mara’s number on his phone contact list. Why didn’t she call him last night? He dialed her number.


Didi felt as if she had been drugged to stupor. She tried to move her arms and limbs. Pain attacked every part of her being. She stared at the white painted ceiling and hoped Mara would come back soon. She had gone home to prepare breakfast and bring some of her clothes to the hospital. She hoped she had called her parents. She didn’t want them to panic. The introduction must have been cancelled. Where was her fiancé? Why didn’t he show up the other night? Did Mara call him? Where was he? She needed him. His presence was enough comfort. His voice was like a soothing balm that never failed to relieve her.

“My love…”

She looked towards the doorway and saw him. She beamed.

"Uwa…” she breathed with relief.

He approached the bed and sat by her side, “How are you doing?”

“My tummy hurts.”

“Sorry love. The doctor said you will be discharged tomorrow morning.”

She relaxed and held him by the hand.

“I have called your parents. The introduction has been called off.”

She nodded.

“You are going to be all right,” he pecked her on the forehead. The doctor had told him that she had been poisoned. The toxic substance had been flushed out of her system, but she needed to be careful with what she ate and drank. He would speak to her about it another time. Her wellness was his concern at that moment.


Mara met Bankole in the waiting room. He helped her to carry some of the things she had brought from home.

“How is she?”

“Knocked out.”

They both started to laugh.

“Whatever you gave me to put in her drink worked like magic.”

“I am glad it bought us more time.”

She nodded and led him to the ward her friend was kept in. They found Uwa and Didi praying.

“What took you so long?” she eyed her friend when she saw her at the foot of the bed.

“Hey! I got here as fast as I can,” she placed the bag and the basket of provisions on the small cupboard beside the bed.

“How are you doing?” Bankole approached the bed.

“Fine,” she wished he had not come. She was sure it was Mara who told him that she was in the hospital.

“I am glad that you are okay.”

Uwa cleared his throat. Bankole glanced at him. He had a feeling that the guy wasn’t comfortable with his presence.

“I made you oatmeal. I added a lot of milk and sugar.”

“Great. I am hungry.”

Shalewa walked in.

“Hey! See this stranger,” she saw her through the corner of her eyes.

She giggled and joined Uwa at the side of the bed.

“How are you feeling?”

“I am good,” she spooned some food into her mouth.

“That is good. Oya eat, eat, you need all the strength you can get.”

“Abi o,” Mara chimed in.

She glanced at Uwa, “Oko Iyawo, kpele,” she patted him on the shoulder.

“Thanks jare.”

“I want to speak with your doctor, I will be right back,” Bankole waved at her.

She nodded at him. She hoped he wouldn’t return.

“I will come with you,” Mara followed Bankole out of the room.

“Is that her brother?” Shalewa watched them leave.

Didi tried not to laugh. Bankole was as fair as Mara. They had a slight resemblance.

“He is Didi’s ex-boyfriend.”

“Ah!” she looked from one to the other, “What is he doing here?”

“It is a long story,” she concentrated on the bowl of milky oatmeal.

“I am all ears.”

“Hmmm…” she spooned more food into her mouth.

“I hope he isn’t trying to … doesn’t he know that you are getting married?” Shalewa frowned.

Uwa hissed. He wished Bankole would disappear from their lives forever.


Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by SheWrites(f): 12:44pm On Oct 07, 2016
@all.... so sorry... I wrongly posted the concluding part of this story on TORN thread.

somebody help me oooooo
Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by charytea(f): 2:48pm On Oct 07, 2016
lovely dear. bt ur updates are short.
Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by Daeveed(m): 3:01pm On Oct 07, 2016
@all.... so sorry... I wrongly posted the concluding part of this story on TORN thread.

somebody help me oooooo
cheesy cheesy ... Try And Modify It, Maybe Clear The Whole Statement U Typed And Write Sumfin Else
Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by ceecypeju(f): 8:06am On Oct 08, 2016
@all.... so sorry... I wrongly posted the concluding part of this story on TORN thread.

somebody help me oooooo

pls I cannot find the concluding part abeg
Re: B.F.F: Best Friends Forever by SheWrites(f): 10:30pm On Oct 08, 2016
@ceecypeju... I will post the concluding part of this story on Monday *winks*

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