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I Fit Be Second Jesus(sex Na Food 2)the Return Of Spana By Youngzubi / Any Crime Story Here Better Than Tarasha Suggest / Tarasha Season 2 (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by rawswag(m): 11:24pm On Oct 17, 2016

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by m003: 1:25am On Oct 18, 2016
I swear if I no comment make my next babe get flat chest
Oga prince well-done oo hw market

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by richyluvu(m): 4:14am On Oct 18, 2016
thanks a lot... for ruining my taste for other stories on Nairaland..... if I'd known, I wouldn't have read Tarasha, now I can't get myself to read other follow up stories bcoz its like eating pineapple then later eats water melon....

and I know Rex is Tara's brother

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by wildchild1: 6:42am On Oct 18, 2016
Nice story

Check my signature

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Steelheart(m): 6:47am On Oct 18, 2016

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by loveandhate: 6:47am On Oct 18, 2016

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8xrr7C2KXk this is really engaging and it has that realness to it in a way like non before

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Niwdog(m): 7:04am On Oct 18, 2016
I ve been following the story from your blog cause no time to dull

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by oluxy(m): 12:38pm On Oct 18, 2016
How can I get good editor? Can u recommend some for me.
Ur piece of work I like. The few I read here is so lovely n well written..

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by bizza45: 2:13pm On Oct 18, 2016
i haven't read d book cos when I logged into your blog, the content of d book was disorganized ... for those following f season 2 , good for them but I will advise u to convert season 1 into a PDF format and embed all d pages together since it is complete.... so that someone can download d full book even if it is from play store ... and u can still make more cash with that
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Bishops10(m): 3:52pm On Oct 18, 2016
The best story I have ever read since I started reading online stories...after "All in a Circle"
Guy,are you the one posting it in Coolval too, you don't want to complete the Season one there
pls don't forget to mention me oooooo as we start this journey
Prettiepearlz come let's stay at the back of Lalasticlala.....I came with popcorn and Ice cream

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 4:32pm On Oct 18, 2016
hmmm boda oyinprince u kalld all ovv dem...u did nt call me....me dat i even read frm season 0 episode 1...oga ooo well smardray is here nw...all dose team h3ro dat use to beg alomo nd popcorn frm me....tell dem not to sit behind me oooo.....bone face....its only uncle tgold1 dat I'll give. angry
No vex bro grin Welcome

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 4:38pm On Oct 18, 2016
i haven't read d book cos when I logged into your blog, the content of d book was disorganized ... for those following f season 2 , good for them but I will advise u to convert season 1 into a PDF format and embed all d pages together since it is complete.... so that someone can download d full book even if it is from play store ... and u can still make more cash with that
I thought of making an eBook but I don't think im ready for it now.
You can read the season 1 here on nairaland


And I don't think it's disorganized like you say on the blog
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 4:41pm On Oct 18, 2016
The best story I have ever read since I started reading online stories...after "All in a Circle"
Guy,are you the one posting it in Coolval too, you don't want to complete the Season one there
pls don't forget to mention me oooooo as we start this journey
Prettiepearlz come let's stay at the back of Lalasticlala.....I came with popcorn and Ice cream
I'm not the one posting on Coolval and we've started this already
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 4:46pm On Oct 18, 2016
Chapter 1 Part 2

**1:03pm, next day**

A lady dressed in black suit and a sky blue shirt underneath was seen approaching the reception with confident steps. She had an unusual big designer handbag in her hand.

'Good morning officers,' she greeted the men behind the desk. There was a certain seriousness their faces carried and a very tense atmosphere around them. Some officers walking out from the reception could also be heard discussing in low tones. The subject of discussion for the whole facility was the news of one of their Chief Security Prison warders who was abducted in his house the day before.

'Good morning, what can we do for you?' the officer asked.

'I'm barrister Jeffrey, lawyer for Henry Ekene George,' she replied, brushing the hair which covered her eyes backwards.

'Barrister Jeffrey,' the officer repeated, taking a glance at his colleague. 'Is he expecting you today?'

'Yes, he should be. He asked his sister to get a lawyer for him.' she replied.

'Okay, but you know his case is a special one and you have to see the Agent responsible for his case first,' the officer said to her, opening a file.

'Yes, I know.'

'You're lucky you won't have to wait because he's around,' the officer said and picked up the landline receiver and dialed, he spoke for about a minute, taking occasional glances at her face. 'We'll take you to him in a minute,' he said to her after dropping the receiver.

She nodded and smiled in appreciation and stepped a little distance back, she raised her hand and turned the head of her wristwatch.


'Is there anywhere else they operate apart from those two places?' Don barked at Benny who was looking confused and speechless.

They were in a large room, the room was empty except for some chairs and some daggers and metal weapons scattered on the floor. Rex was seated on a chair at the opposite angle to where his men were dealing with Benny, he seemed to be engrossed in his thoughts and unconcerned with what Don and Stainless were doing.

Benny was looking very weak and sick, he had been reduced to a shadow of himself due to lack of proper feeding and exposure to mosquitoes and bad weather. He was feeling feverish and very weak but he didn't wish to recover, he wished for his death to come quickly.

How Don and Stainless had found out Tarasha's two operation places was a mystery to him, they told him that he had revealed it but he refused to believe them as he couldn't remember giving them the information. Now, they were asking for another possible location from him.

'Answer me man,' Don said pulling Benny violently by the chin. 'Or you want us to force it out of you like we did before?'

'You guys are fools,' a voice answered Don from behind. Don and Stainless turned back to see Rex moving closer to them, he was putting on an armless black skirt and a black shredded trouser. He had a pistol in his hands which he was loading as he approached.

Benny looked at the face of the strange man, he had heard the voice before but only seen the figure from behind. Rex had a striking resemblance with someone he knew but he couldn't just place who it was.

A devilish smirk appeared on Rex's face as he stared at Benny, then he slowly raised the pistol. Benny closed his eyes and mumbled some words in anticipation of his long awaited death. Two quick shots were released into his chest, his body fell off the chair lifelessly.

Rex tucked back the pistol into his pocket and turned to Don and Stainless. 'Both of you are fools,' he reiterated. 'You guys still believe that he has useful information?' he asked staring at them in disbelief. 'He's very useless already, you don't expect her to still use the locations he knows. You'll just fix yourself into a trap.'

Don and Stainless's shoulders dropped in shame as Rex scolded them. Stainless proceeded to the door and poked out his head, he whispered some thing to the men outside and two people entered back with him, they lifted Benny's body and carried him out of the room.


'How come Henry has never mentioned your name?' Dakolo stared at her skeptically. He was seated opposite the barrister at a table in the visitor's lounge, the same place Tarasha had met with Henry two days ago, the only difference was that there were no inmates and guests, it wasn't visiting hours. Only Dakolo was seated with the lawyer, three other officers were standing at different points in the large space, two officers manned the exit.

'I'm not sure he knows my name, except his cousin has told him about me,' she replied confidently. 'It's the first time I'm working for him, I'm his cousin's friend and lawyer.'

Dakolo gave a doubtful smile. 'We'll have to confirm from Henry first,' he said and got up from his seat, walking towards the exit of the place. 'Keep an eye on her,' Dakolo muttered to the officers at the exit. 'Don't hesitate to take her down immediately if she tries anything.'

Dakolo walked briskly with one officer and a warder following behind him. In no time, they got into the building for solitary cells, Henry's cell was the last on the block. It was a small cell, well cemented and neat. He was seated on the floor and facing the wall like a monk meditating, he didn't look back or move even when he heard the padlock at the door being opened noisily.

'Agent Dakolo, what do you want again?' Henry spoke up after Dakolo and the officer entered.

'What's the name of the lawyer you asked your cousin to get for you?'

'What lawyer?' Henry asked, still not turning back. But the sudden movement of his head was enough to tell he was surprised by the question.

'Didn't you ask for a lawyer?' Dakolo continued, observing closely. 'I'm aware your cousin was here two days ago and you discussed about your lawyer with her but it seems who we have here today is an impersonator.'

'My lawyer is here?' Henry asked, finally turning back. He knew it could be none else than Omotara herself.

'Yes, someone is claimimg to be your lawyer. She has some files as evidence, we want you to confirm the name before we allow her see you.'

'Ermm... But I don't know her name,' Henry blurted out, not wanting to complicate matters as he wasn't sure what name Omotara had told them. It was quite obvious that he wasn't expecting any lawyer.

'You don't know your lawyer?'

'Yes, it's a new lawyer.'

'But you knew the gender,' Dakolo pointed out doubtfully.

'Ermm... Yes, I just guessed it should be a woman.'

'Hmm...' Dakolo paused for some seconds. The look on Henry's face had now changed from hostility to anxiety. Dakolo stretched his opened palm towards the officer who came in with him. A phone was dropped into it, the same phone Henry used to make the call to Omotara the day before. 'I won't deny you access to see your lawyer but I won't allow her escape either, if I find out she's your gang mate.' He said with a smirk and began to punch some buttons on the phone. 'I'm aware you spoke to your sister with this phone, I'm dialing her number again and we'll place it on loudspeakers. I want to hear her confirm the name of the lawyer.'

Dakolo dialed the number and handed it to Henry as it began to ring.

'Hello Tara,' Henry said into the phone.

'Henry, have you seen Barrister Jeffrey?' a strange female's voice replied.

'No, but the police would soon allow me see her.' Henry replied, taking a glance at Dakolo's face. He didn't recognize the voice but he had to play along, he believed Omotara must have designated someone to answer the call.

'She's my friend and a very good lawyer, I'm confident in her, please do cooperate with her.' the voice said again.

'Thank you Tara,' Henry replied and stretched the phone back to Dakolo without taking his eyes off Dakolo's face.

Dakolo collected the phone and gave it to the officer also without taking off his eyes from Henry.

'You'll come with me,' Dakolo said and then turned to make a signal to the officer. The officer stepped forward with an handcuff and fixed it on Henry's willing hands. Then they led him out of the cell to meet his lawyer.


Henry fixed his eyes on the lady seated as he entered into the large hall, of course, she wasn't looking so different from what he saw the day before, she must have only changed her wig and reduced the makeups.

He proceeded towards the seat, followed by Dakolo and the officer. Thirty seconds after he sat down, Dakolo was still standing behind without showing any signs of moving soon. Henry turned to look, Dakolo had his eyes fixed on the lawyer's face, sizing her with his eyes suspiciously.

'Good luck,' Dakolo said almost in whispers before turning away.

Henry looked around the Hall while Dakolo walked out, he saw the officers standing at different sides.

'Shh..' She hushed him as he wanted to talk, placing a finger on her lips. 'This table is not too convenient for me, let's move to another.' She said aloud and got up from her seat, Henry followed her and they moved to another table.

'You're supposed to be gone with Uncle Jeffrey, what are you doing here? And where's he now?' He asked in a low voice immediately after they settled at the new table

'I came to get you out of here,' she replied, without regarding his comment about Jefa.

'You don't get? I don't need to get out of here.' Henry replied.

'Don't make things difficult for us Henry, just place your hands on the table and allow me start with taking off the handcuff,' she said, raising her eyebrows.

'Omotara, please don't do this, don't waste your time trying to get me out. What you should do is get Uncle Jeffrey out of this country and make him happy.'

'Uncle Jeffrey is dead,' she said coldly.

'Huh?' Henry's eyes widened in shock of the news. His heart beat speed increased and his cold currents were sent down his body.

'Place your hands on the table, my team is waiting for me,' she said in a commanding tone but Henry was still too shocked to respond.

She stretched her hands to him and gently dragged his hand to the table softly, pretending like she wanted to hold his palms. Taking careful looks at the officers around, she carefully rolled down something attached to her wrist under her sleeves. and it was an electric key attached to a sling.

'No, I don't want to go.' Henry said aloud, raising his hands from the table and attracting the officers' attention

Read Chapter 1 Parts 2 to 8 on www.youngicee.com

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Bishops10(m): 5:05pm On Oct 18, 2016
I'm not the one posting on Coolval and we've started this already
Alright Boss
pls always mention me

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Nostradamus: 6:18pm On Oct 18, 2016
undecideddat henry has been cursed to rot in jail,foolish goat undecided
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by bizza45: 6:27pm On Oct 18, 2016
I thought of making an eBook but I don't think im ready for it now.
You can read the season 1 here on nairaland


And I don't think it's disorganized like you say on the blog

I didn't say your blog was disorganized ...I said d content of d book ... can't u join all d pages together and post d link

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by PamelB(f): 7:55pm On Oct 18, 2016

Lolz..... Thanks bro, I am right here, thanks for the invite... And I'll make sure to bring one coLd Orijin for you........ Royh, MrLeMuel, fikfaknuel, Fiyah, PamelB, xamilola, Princedami, TheBlessedMAN, AOB1, SmartestPopQueen........

Food Is Ready
I'm here

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 10:20pm On Oct 19, 2016

I didn't say your blog was disorganized ...I said d content of d book ... can't u join all d pages together and post d link
Yes, you didn't say the blog was disorganized. It can't be possible to join all the pages , even a chapter would be too much for a blog post. I think you should just make use of the nairaland link
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 10:22pm On Oct 19, 2016
Chapter 1 Part 3

'Investigations are on already to capture the attackers of the weapon store. The police has found the account of eyewitnesses unbelievable that only a lady was the one who attacked the store and got away with so many weapons after taking out the guards and sellers in charge. The identity of this lady is unknown yet but all fingers points to Samantha Osman who is the head of the dangerous assassin group that has been troubling the nation. More details on this to come as investigations proceed...'

Cole smiled as he listened to news via his phone's radio, they had just provided him an answer to the question bubbling in his heart since the past two days; that is , how Tarasha had gotten a truck filled with different kind of weapons and arms.

He was seated at the passenger's side of the truck which had a seat for two, the driver's side was empty. Aisha was outside by the right side of truck, she was walking from behind the truck forward. She had her a tiny earpiece in her ears and she was busy with the phone in her hands as she opened the door to the passenger's side and slid in beside Cole.

Cole sat properly to accommodate her, she sat comfortably and rested her arm on the window. Cole continued browsing on his phone while the radio played on loudspeakers.

'We've gotten the first and second signal already, do you remember what the third signal means?' Cole asked some minutes after she entered. He turned to her and nudged her by the side when he didn't get a response after few seconds.

'Yes?' she answered, taking a brief glance at him and taking off the earpiece before she returned her focus to the phone again.

'I'm asking if you remember what the third signal would mean when we get it,' Cole repeated but there was still no response, Aisha had her full focus on her phone's screen.

'What did you say?' she asked again.

'What are you doing?' he ignored her question and fixed his eyes on her phone's screen to see what was distracting her.

'I'm just scrolling through some pictures,' Aisha answered, even though Cole had already seen the opened photo files from her phone's gallery, she was staring at a family picture.

'Then why is it having so much of your attention?' Cole asked.

Aisha sighed, 'It's my family, I haven't seen them for a long time.' she replied, handing him the phone to take a look at the pictures. Cole took the phone and took some seconds to look at the old picture which had a family of five covered.

'Which of the girls are you?' Cole asked, bending sidewards to her.

'Here,' Aisha pointed at the smallest girl in the picture. Cole grinding and sat back straight, still staring at the pictures.

'So where are your siblings now?' Cole asked.

'I don't know where my elder brother is, but my sister is married with kids and with her husband in Ibadan.'

'What about your parents?'

'Of course you know they're in Lagos,' she replied and took in a deep breath. 'I wish to see my mum again but I don't know if she'll even accept me as her child.'

'Hmm...' Cole dropped the phone on his laps and drew in a deep breath. He rested his head backwards and stared blankly to the roof of the vehicle, biting his lips. 'I don't think my family even knows I'm still alive, they should have long forgotten about me.'

Aisha took a glance at his face, tears were gathering in his eyes already, she had never seen him like that. She wanted to comfort him by saying that his family couldn't have forgotten him but she knew it would be a futile effort, there was no need denying an obvious truth. She leaned towards him and placed her head on his chest. Cole responded by holding one of her hands and placing the other on her forehead, he rubbed it gently.


Two officers immediately began to journey towards them slowly, cocking their guns at the same time. The other officers closed up and formed a wall at the entrance, holding their guns at alert.

'I don't want to go to court, please just leave,' Henry resorted to acting quickly as he realized his mistake.

'But you just have to,' the barrister replied in the same loud voice.

'No please, there's no need to, it's a lost battle already.'

'Please keep your voice low sir, you're disturbing the officers already.' she said aloud, motioning him to calm down as she made her eyes meet with the officers who had come close to them. They had a look of disappointment on their faces, meaning that they had believed Henry's acting as real. A glance towards the exit also revealed to Tarasha Dakolo who was peeping from outside, their eyes met, he had been hiding somewhere close.

Their was a look of dissapointment in Dakolo's eyes as he noticed that they were not at the table where he left them. He quickly returned to his hiding place as his eyes met with the lawyer's.

Henry and the lawyer both maintained a reflective silence until the two officers who were approaching them returned to their previous positions after strolling around them.

'Omotara, I don't believe your story,' Henry said, returning back to his low voice. His eyes showed the fear he had in his heart. 'You're only saying this to manipulate me. '

'There's no time for arguing, I need you out of here. So that I can focus on getting other things.'

'Please Tara, you don't need me out of here. Just tell me what you said about your brother is a lie.'

'Unfortunately, it's true.' She replied.

'I don't believe you, you don't look like you just lost your brother.'

'He was killed yesterday, I met him dead at the house when I left here.' She said, slowly mentioning her words slowly.

'No, it can't be true.' Tears ran down Henry's face and he began to sob.

'You'll have enough time to cry when we get out, let's go now.' She said.

'Please, I don't want to get out of here by killing more people.' Henry said almost inaudibly, tears still streaming down his face.

'We have no option,' she said, holding his palms in hers.

'Have you reported his death to the police?' Henry asked, wiping off the tears on his face hurriedly. 'I could talk to Inspector Dakolo, he'll be willing to help us.'

'No, the police does not need to help us,' Tarasha said, her tone change, she felt angry at Henry's mention of the police.

'They can help us,' Henry tried to hold her hands again.

She pushed away his hands and put hers below the table, 'The killers were led by the leader of the police force, the police themselves are helpless here.'

'I don't understand,' Henry looked more confused.

'The Inspector General led the group of people who killed my brother,' she said in plain terms.

Henry was taken aback by her statement, the tears from his eyes seized and his eyes widened in shock.

'Let's get out of here now, we'll have time to talk later.' she stopped him as he wanted to speak.

'But how are you going to get me out of here?' he asked, considering all the police officers watching them.

'Just follow my instructions and don't try to stop whatever I do,' she replied him.

'Okay, what should I do?' Henry asked, not yet enthusiastic about escaping. He watched as she glanced around the place, 'Hope no one would have to die in this process,' he quickly added.

'They don't necessarily have to, they only need to cooperate well,' she replied. There was a brief silence, Henry seemed to pause and consider the options.

'Okay, take off the handcuff now,' he said stretching his hands on the table. Tarasha ignored him at first, she took a glance at her wristwatch and turned the head a little. She closed her eyes briefly as she tried to recall the secret exits which the Chief warder they abducted had been coerced to tell them about. He told them of about three points and she had to calculate the best point to follow based on their position they were in the facility. Luckily for her, the job was easier because they were far from the main buildings for prisoners, the secret escape there was more complex.


Dakolo sat outside the visiting hall patiently waiting for the lawyer to round up her meeting with Henry. His plan to record their conversation had gone wrong already, he had secretly fixed a recorder under the table where he left the lawyer sitting with Henry but to his disappointment, he saw that they had moved to another table when he peeped in the other time.

His phone began to vibrate in his pocket, he took it out and stared at the screen. His eyes wudened in surprise as he saw the caller's ID, it was the missing Chief securit warder.

'Hello,' he said with a stern voice as he rose up from his seat, he was expecting to hear the abductor's voice. He began to walk fast out of the yard as he listened. He heard nothing except the sounds of a noisy moving vehicle until the call was cut. He dialed the number again as he entered into an open office, it began to ring but was not answered.

'Somebody just called me with the Chief warder's number,' he announced to the occupants of the large open office. He caught their attention and two male officers sitting behind their desks with computers sprang up to the feet immediately. 'Is it still ringing?' One of them asked.

'Yes, I think they made a wrong dial.' Dakolo said, handing over his phone to one of the officers. The officer sat back behind the computer to track the location the call came from.


Henry's hand remained on the table, waiting for Tarasha. He began to wonder why she wasn't taking off the handcuff anymore, since she was the one who had been rushing him.

'We can't do it like that anymore, these guys are extra alert than they were before. If you're observant eough, you don't need to look towards them before knowing that their eyes were fixed on your hands immediately you placed them on the table.' She explained and took a brief pause. 'Now, when I drop the key on the table, you pick it up and hide under this table, then take off the handcuff yourself while I take the guys out,' she finally said to him.

A protesting look appeared on his face and he withdrew his hands from the table 'They don't have to die except they prove too stubborn, we don't have any choice now.' Tarasha added, he placed his hands back on the table.

She rested her back in the chair and stretched, then she leaned forward to the table again. She continued speaking in low tones to erase suspiciin. She could feel the prying eyes of the officers on them, the two who had come closer earlier, began to approach them again. She folded her arms and carefully detached the key, then she rested back again. The officers had come very close, only about two hundred centimetres from them, behind other tables, they were staring at their table with suspicion in their eyes.

Tarasha took a look at the officers, 'Please may I have your attention,' she said with a hand gesture to one of the officers, she placed her other hand on the table and in the process dropped the key but still using her palms to cover it. The officer she called hurried forward, it was his chance to move closer to them without making them alert.

'Yes, how may I help?' the officer asked, now standing close by the middle of the table.

She looked up at his face and then took a quick glance at her wristwatch without saying anything.

'You called me...' the officer tried to say but wasn't allowed to land.

'Go Henry,' Tarasha said as she thrusted her attached finger nails into the side of the officer's belly and rose up. Henry quickly picked the key slid under the table. The officer screamed in horror as his body felt weak immediately.

Some bullets followed from different directions of the hall but the attacked officer's body was the recipient, Tarasha used his body to shield hers. She took out the pistols from his body and threw a backflip, cocking the guns as she did.

Read up to Chapter 2 part 2 on www.youngicee.com

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 1:30pm On Oct 20, 2016
Chapter 1 Part 4

Bullets followed from every direction of the hall but the officer's body was the recipient as Tarasha used his body to shield hers. She took out the pistols from his body and threw a backflip, cocking the guns as she did.


**7 minutes ago**

Aisha's head was laid on Cole's chest warmly, she closed her eyes as she enjoyed the fragrance and warmth of his body and his arms wrapped around her. He touched her forehead and stared at her face, they had never been this close.

Their magic moment was ended abruptly as the head of their wristwatches moved at the same time and their alarms sounded. The separation between them was sharp and instant. Cole quickly moved to the driver's side of the truck and fastened his seatbelt, he adjusted his rear view mirror before starting the engine. Then he collected a black piece of clothing Aisha was handing to him, both of them put on the face at the same time. He took another quick look at Aisha, she had also fastened her seatbelt and was about to begin to setting up guns for the both of them.



'Where did that sound come from?' Dakolo paused to ask Clem who he was conversing with on his way back to the visitor's hall. They were in the prison yard, some prisoners on uniforms were clearing grasses while some were filling a pit with sand, there were several warders around supervising them.

'From...' Clem was pointing to the direction of the visitor's lounge of the prison when a louder noise distracted them, there was a explosion several metres away before the reception, sounds of gunshots followed. 'It must be from the gate.'


She landed on the table behind, standing on her left foot alone, at the same time taking out the two closer guys as she released bullets from the two guns. As she shot them, flashback of her brother lying in his own pool of blood ran through her mind, she began to see the face of the Inspector General Rikau on every officer's face.

She placed her second feet on the table and sent in bullets to the bodies of the officers still trying to aim at her correctly. In less than fifteen seconds and with just six bullets, she had taken down the six officers in the visiting hall with her. She climbed down the table and proceeded forward, still pointing her guns towards the main entrance and keeping an eye towards the other entrance which was from the prison cells.

'Let's go,' she said to Henry with a note of command. Two prison warders appeared from the exit into the cells and received two shots into the chests instantly.

Henry got up from under the table soberly, tears formed in his eyes as he saw the dead bodies of officers scattered all around the visiting hall. He was now seeing the Samantha side of Omotara, just few minutes ago, she had promised him to not shed the blood of innocent people but now she was killing mercilessly.

'Let's go,' she reiterated to him as he was still being sluggish. This time the note in her command sounded more dangerous. The look in her eyes also told him she wasn't pleading with him or would consider his say in the matter. He hastened his steps and followed closely her behind to the entrance.

She signaled for him to stop and peeped to see outside of the hall; the whole prison yard was in disarray, the prisoners working in the compound had fled and some were still fleeing at the sounds of the gunshots from the visiting hall and the loud explosion from the main entrance of the facility. 'Let's go,' she motioned him to continue following behind while she led the way.

Half walking and jogging sidewards, Tarasha gunned down any warder or officer who sprang out of the buildings around and tried to aim at them, the only ones left to live were the ones who were running out without noticing them and the prisoners who were running for safety.


About eight police officers positioned themselves straight at the front of the reception building of the maximum prison facility, all of them got on their left knees and aimed their guns at the approaching vehicle.

'Stop right now before, the count of three...' The ninth police officer shouted into the megaphone. '1...2...3,' he shouted but the driver of the truck seemed not to be moved.


'What's happening? Where did that explosion come from?' Dakolo asked aloud on getting back into the open office. The whole place was in disorderliness. some officers were running in and out, trying to get their guns and bullets.

'It looks like we're under terrorists attack,' an officer who was making a call paused to answer him. 'More reinforcement needed, purpose of attack undefined yet...' he continued with his call after answering Dakolo.


'I repeat, surrender yourself now or we...' He couldn't complete his statement as the officers pushed the triggers in panic when a grenade ball was launched from the truck towards them. The speaker dropped the megaphone and fled for his life, the shooting officers also fled before the ball landed but none of them could escape the effect which followed.

Cole had halted the vehicle before Aisha launched the ball and waited for the explosion. The bullets from the officers hit the front glass but could not pierce through because of the bullet proof quality. Other parts were also bullet proofed, that was a result of the parts of the truck they had worked on the day before.

He adjusted the rearview mirror again before he started to reverse the vehicle.


'Terrorists attack, what the hell could be...' Dakolo could not finish his statement as another explosion rocked the place that moment, causing a vibration which sent them all to the floor.


Henry kept following closely, without asking questions, even though it looked like she was leading him into fire. Another explosion had sounded and it was at the reception building where Omotara was leading him towards. The effect of the vibration was not felt much from where they were running, but Henry still almost fell while running.

It seemed Omotara had everything well timed, Henry had watched as she received another signal through her wristwatch, she then halted with him and hid behind a wall until next explosion went off. Then they began to run towards the place that went up in flames.

They got to an open office by the left and Omotara stood at the entrance, she threw in a small material which look like a cigarette lighter in and covered her nose with an handkerchief before entering. She asked Henry to wait at the door. Henry could see Agent Dakolo amongst the officers sprawling on the floor who were just trying to recover from the vibration that swept them off their feets, they began to cough as the gas from the object Tarasha threw in spreaded.

Tarasha proceeded straight to a table and picked the bag which she had come with, she took out a perfume like bottle from it and dropped it on the floor shattering the bottle into pieces. A blue smoke was being emitted from the spot which the bottle was dropped as Tarasha walked back out of the office, that was the second gas she released into the place.

'Well aimed,' Henry heard Tarasha say into the wristwatch as they got closer to the exploded place. Amidst the thick dark smoke and flames, Henry could see the lights and hear the sounds of a heavy truck driving.

Henry stopped to look back at the open office which they just left, he could see that Dakolo and some of the men were up and still coughing but they also seemed to be struggling with standing and seeing as they all were rubbing their eyes vigorously. He needed no prophet to tell him it was the effect of the gases Omotara had dropped.

'Henry!' He heard her call him name angrily, he turned to her, she was already several metres ahead of him but she had taken another direction opposite to their previous movement.

'Tara!' Henry shouted back her name but in fear, his eyes widened. An officer was standing several metres behind her and was about to pull the trigger.

She turned back without panicking and sent a bullet into the officer's chest, as if she Wa aware of the officer behind. The gun fell from the officer's hand and he dropped to the floor lifeless.

'Now, let's go,' she said to him and continued in her direction.

She led him through one of the farms that the prisoners were previously working on. They continued walking until they got to a well.

'Go in,' she said to him. Henry gave a quick look, wondering what she meant by telling him to get into a well. 'Or would you follow after me?' she asked.

Henry's mind was a little bit calmer at the revelation that she was also entering into the well with him. He stepped in and began to make use of the supports provided by the sides to proceed downwards. Tarasha took a look around the place again before entering into the well with him, she had just entered into it fully when she stepped up again with her head above the well level, she fired two quick shots at a tree and began to descend with Henry. She switched on her torch and placed it in her mouth to provide light.

A body fell to the ground lifeless from behind the tree she shot at, an officer had been hiding himself and watching them from there.

Read Chapter 1 Parts 5 - 7 and Chapter 2 parts 1 to 3 on www.youngicee.com


Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 1:32pm On Oct 20, 2016
Make A Review Of Tarasha Season 1 and get #2,500 + Complete EBook of Season 2 when it is available


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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 8:18am On Oct 21, 2016
Chapter 1 Part 5

'Do you think we've done well?' Aisha asked as she took off the mask and Cole killed the engine of the truck.

Cole ignored her question and quietly unfastened his seatbelt, he took off his face mask and opened the door. Then he picked the bag beside him and jumped down from the truck, Aisha followed his example. They both hurried into the car parked behind the truck. Cole pressed the button on the remote control and the doors of the car were unlocked, Aisha stepped into the passenger's side first while Cole opened the door to the back seat and dropped his bag into it, he also looked around for a few seconds to see if anyone was looking at them before opening the door and entering into the driver's side.

'We did what we were asked to do,' Cole said to Aisha as he started the car engine. 'We caused enough distractions, I'm sure she'll be on her way out of the place too.' He said as he drove off.

'Damn! This mask and gloves stuff is really tiring,' Aisha said as she looked into a small rounded mirror. 'There are marks on my face.'

Cole took a glance at her and chuckled, 'you didn't wear it properly, that's why the lines are showing there.'

'No, I did wear it well.' Aisha argued, 'I still prefer using makeups.'

'Makeups? Who the hell fancies that?' Cole asked with a look of contempt, taking a quick glance at her and focusing his eyes back to the road. 'You get all sweaty in the face and you can't scratch or wipe your face with an handkerchief because you don't want to clean off the damn paints.'

'It's still a better way of hiding identity, it eliminates the possibility of alarming unsuspecting victims.' Aisha said.

'Yes, I agree but everything just has it limits. The boss has said we can only have three proper versions of ourselves disguising with makeups, trying more would make it obvious that you're hiding something on your face...' Cole paused as the head of the wristwatch on his hand turned. He took a glance at Aisha, she was also staring at the wristwatch as she had gotten the same signal.

'Track her and feed me details,' Cole said as he increased his speed.


'Humn,' Omotara made a humming to Henry as he got closer to the ground. Their bodies had dragged cobwebs along as they proceeded downwards, mosquitoes and other flying insects also attacked them but they were not stopped.

He raised up his head to look at her, she made a signal with her hand for him to stop. Henry stood with his legs spread out to both sides on the third steps before the ground level while she slipped past carefully and dropped to the ground. The ground of the well was dry and very dirty.

'Are you okay?' He asked as he took a quick glance downwards. She didn't answer him but squatted and took out a metal from her bag. With her hands, she began to search around the lower part of the rim just before the ground. She stopped searching after almost a minute when her finger entered a hole. Then she used her hand to dig out and clear the sand at that part until her fingers touched concrete. She widened the dug area and found the openable semicircular shaped part of the concrete which led to the underground, it was more than quarter of the whole ground and was wide enough to allow a body at a time. Then she thrust the metal into the hole which she found by the sides of the rim, the semicircular part loosened. She pushed it down, it opened inwards without falling in.


Dakolo eyes were heavy as he struggled to get up from the floor, he staggered like an intoxicated person, holding a table to support himself. For the first few seconds, the only thing that bothered him was the throbbing headache he had developed. Then as he stared around the place and saw several officers like him, he recalled the event which sent them to the floor. He quickly picked up his gun from the floor. He remembered seeing Henry's lawyer enter into that office while tried to stand up, he would have stopped her with his gun then but it had fallen far from him and the cough would not allow him get it. He then remembered seeing the lawyer drop a bottle to the floor and walk out of the office again. His eyes had suddenly became hot and peppery and his knees weak as he tried to stand, he struggled for about one more minute before he finally fell to the ground. He had to remain on the floor for several minutes.

Several officers with helmets on their heads and rifles in their hands could be seen from inside the open office running in from the direction of the exploded reception.

About five of the officers entered into the office while the several others spread themselves outside. The effect caused by the gas had totally disappeared.

'Agent Dakolo,' Officer Clem came running with them into the office. He stopped abruptly as he met the whole place disorganized and his boss looking ruffled.

'Yes, Clem. Did you see them?' Dakolo asked as he tried to rise but sank back into his seat. Water was falling from his eyes in drops like one who had an eye infection.

'No sir, they were gone before I got there.'

'What do you mean by they were gone? What about the prisoner, didn't he run back into his cell?'

'No, he wasn't in his cell,' Clem replied, jittery. 'I'm afraid sir, the lawyer might just be connected to the presumed terrorists. I met the visiting hall in a mess.'

'What kind of mess are you talking about?'

'Sir... I mean all the officers were down, all of...'

'Agent Dakolo,' one of the officers who had just come in interrupted, proceeding towards Dakolo with the other senior officer who had called the head office for support. 'Did you witness what happened here?'

'Agent Tim,' Dakolo sighed on seeing the man's face. Agent Tim was a senior Agent to him and they worked in different departments. 'I was here when it started, but I'm not even sure about what really happened.' Dakolo replied.

'I was told the lawyer of one of your prisoners just escaped with the prisoner,' Agent Tim said.

Dakolo sighed again without responding, he buttoned up his shirt and rose up from the seat. He was more stable now. Agent Tim took his silence for a 'Yes'.

'How come you didn't conduct a proper search on the lawyer? I was briefed that she singlehandedly took out the six officers in the visiting hall and even more outside.' Agent Tim added.

'Agent, you should know me better. A proper search was conducted on her by my team and even the prison warders. They certified that she was harmless before allowing her in.' Dakolo replied, staring around the whole office in a mess.

'Hmm... She's definitely connected to the other attack, those guys did not take anything from the prison. They turned after bombng the reception, an in-house member must have told them how to catch the security at the front gate off guard.' Agent Tim said. There was a long silence between them and all the officers listening. Then Agent Tim signaled to Dakolo for them to have a discussion in private. Both of them moved out of the office and continued to walk slowly in the prison yard.

'Agent Dakolo, do you think it's an attack from the Samantha Osman gang?' Agent Tim asked as they took what was like a stroll together but definitely not leisurely. The facility was filled with activities of officers roaming the place, trying to clean it up and others trying to make sure there was nothing of the attackers left behind.

'Of course, it's from the gang,' Dakolo replied in a sad tone.

'How come it wasn't detected by you of all people?' Agent Tim stopped walking abruptly and stared Dakolo in the place.

'Agent,' Dakolo closed his eyes and let out a deep breath. 'Those guys are intelligent, there was nothing on the lady's body to suggest she was coming in to do anything.'

'But I think you should have been more careful.'

'I was careful sir.'

'Why then didn't you allow her see him inside the main prison facility? You could have also allowed them to meet inside the cell?'

'Sir, Henry is not a convict yet. Even keeping here is very wrong and illegal, we just had to do that because we wanted to ensure he doesn't escape. The lawyer knew her job and was demanding for the right thing to be done. And I also wanted to monitor them closely, I placed a recorder under the table but...'

'But what?'

'She didn't use the table we set up for her, she moved to another.' Dakolo said.

'But I still expected you to be around the place where she was seeing the prisoner,' Agent Tim said with a frown.

'I was around, staying outside. Staying in the same room with them would make them too cautious but I received a call...'Dakolo stopped abruptly and widened his eyes as a thought popped into his mind. He remembered that the location of the call was not successfully traced, he must have been purposely distracted with the call.

Read up to Chapter 2 here: http://www.youngicee.com/search/label/Tarasha%20Season%202?m=1


Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 8:19am On Oct 21, 2016
You guys should leave your comments o
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Jellymusty(f): 9:07am On Oct 21, 2016
Go girl, I trust my Tara to give it to them without mercy.

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 1:07pm On Oct 22, 2016
Chapter 1 Part 6

'He gave us accurate details,' Cole replied Aisha after she read out to him the position of their tracked target from the tracker map. The road they were driving was one which was newly being developed by the Federal Government, it had thick bushes by the both sides.

'We're getting closer now,' Aisha said. She stretched her arm to the back seat and picked up a back. She took out the guns and began to set in the cartridges.

'How many police men are you ready to take out?' Cole asked with a smirk.

Aisha took a quick glance at him and continued to fix her guns, 'I'm not scared of some  things anymore, a man can only die once.'

'So you're ready to die?' Cole grinned.

'I won't die now, we'll take out the policemen successfully.' She replied him confidently.

'I see,' Cole continued to drive in silence. The sped past an interstate passenger's bus and a fuel tanker. Aisha continued to monitor the points on the map. They had gotten accurate information from the Chief Security warder. Tarasha was going to come out from a hole around that place, but there was a police roadblock just beside.

'Stop!' Aisha said suddenly. Coe applied the brakes so quick that the car tyres screeched and raised dust with it. 'I think they are around.' Aisha said.

Cole collected the device from her to confirm, there was an angry look in his eyes. 'Why did you have to say it so suddenly?' Cole asked as he looked into the device.

'Sorry, I was expecting to see the police roadblock before us.' She apologized.

'Ermm...Yes, the locator indicates here.' He said, confusion written all over his face as he looked up. His face brightened up as his eyes met something. 'There's the roadblock, the officers are not there.' A smile appeared on his lips. 'I think we met them on our way here, they've been called up to Kuje.'

He could hear the horns of a vehicle from afar, he quickly handed back the device and reversed the car out of the road, he parked neatly close to the bus. The driver of the approaching vehicle did not go without hurling insults at them for parking wrongly.


The exit from the underground was hidden in another well. The ground of the well could be seen shaking until the semicircular part beside the rim below was dragged in. Henry was the first to step out, Tarasha followed after. She closed back the opening and began to proceed up the well using the supports holes, the handbag hanging on her shoulder. Henry followed behind this time.

In few minutes, they were out of the well and in their new environment. Tarasha was already staring around the farm when Henry stepped out.

'Uh oh! ' Henry exclaimed as he got out, he couldn't help but smile at how terrible she looked. The both of them were covered with dirts and almost unrecognizable. She took a glance at him, wondering why he exclaimed but then a smile escaped her lips as she saw his distorted face.

She raised up her wrists to make use of the wristwatch and communicate to Cole but it was covered with mud. She cleaned it up but it has spoilt already. She had no option than for them to proceed to wait beside the road in their dirty state, hoping that Cole would find her as quick as possible.


'Hey boss,' Cole was the first to see them approaching from inside the bush. He had been using a compass in trying to locate them. Tarasha hastened her steps and was soon out of the forest to the front of the car. She  noticed Cole and Aisha's attempt to conceal a laugh as they saw her. Cole was about asking of Henry when he showed up.

'Welldone boss,' Cole hailed as he opened the boot of the car. He could see Henry's eyes behind his mud covered fac, staring intently at him but he ignored as he opened the door to the backseat for them. Aisha took the bag from the boss and proceeded to keep it in the boot.

'Did you meet the officers at the roadblock?' Tarasha asked Cole.

'No, they've all been called away. They are all at Kuje now.' Cole answered turning towards the driver's side.

Tarasha motioned to Henry and they both entered into the back seat of the car. Henry remained unrelaxed and kept staring  at Aisha and Cole who were now taking their seats at the front.

'I know those two,' Henry exclaimed almost in whispers, now staring at Tarasha.

'Yes, I once sent both of them to kill you,' Tarasha replied him without thinking twice. She already knew that was the question on his mind.

Henry gave her an awkward stare for a couple of seconds. 'You sent them?'

'Ouch! Seems this is going to be a little bit difficult,' she stretched out her right hand to Aisha and made a signal. Aisha handed something small to her, Henry couldn't see what it was even as his eyes followed her movements closely.

'What's that?' Henry asked again.

She leaned closer to him and inserted the pin halfway into his arm, he slept off immediately.

Cole smiled to himself on seeing the mess Tarasha and Henry had made to the backseat, he would need to clean the car as soon as they got home. He started the engine with a sigh and pulled his seatbelt.


Henry woke up in a large bed in a wide room, he sat up and stared around, trying to figure out where he was. e got up and proceeded to the window, he opened the curtains and stared outside, it was still dark. It must be midnight or early morning, he thought to himself. He proceeded to the door and tried to open it but it was locked from outside. He returned to the bed quietly, still trying to figure out to remember who he was and what he was doing in the room.

Few seconds later, the door opened and a lady entered carrying a tray of food, Henry's stomach made a rumbling sound at the sight of the tray. She proceeded closer to the bed and he caught good view of her face. That was when he remembered everything; the news of Jefa's death, his escape from prison and the deaths that had to take place. He lost his appetite immediately.

She placed the tray on her stool and opened the plate, it was meal of fried rice and chicken. A bottle of water and a glass cup was placed beside the plate in the tray.

'I'm sure you must be very hungry now,' Aisha spoke after moving the stool to his front. 'The boss asked me to serve you this.'

'I'm not hungry,' Henry said stubbornly even though the aroma of the meal had returned his appetite to him and all the organisms in his belly were already dancing and rejoicing about the meal. 'Where is your boss? I want to see her.' He asked.

'She would come to see you when she comes back,' Aisha said to him.

'Then keep the food till she comes back,' Henry said, adding a frown. He saw Aisha bent forward a little and was scared that she really wanted to take the food back but she only helped him adjust the cover of the bottled water properly. He heaved a sigh of relief.

'I will advice that you eat sir, the substance used to induce sleep to you is a very strong one, you must be very weak.' Aisha said.

Henry wanted to refuse loudly again but he quickly advised himself against it, he really felt weak as she suggested and he felt that he could faint if he decided to argue further.

'And you should rest more,' Aisha added after seeing that he was finally considering eating the food.

Henry gave her an awkward stare, he felt she had just spoken to him like a kid.

'Wait! Who took off my clothes?' Henry asked, suddenly remembering how dirty he was before.  Henry also remembered hearing her mention about sleep being induced. 'How did you make me sleep and who exactly did?'

Aisha sighed before answering, 'The boss did, she washed you up.'

'The boss?' Henry squinted as he mumbled the words to himself. He began to wonder how Omotara must have taken off his clothes and wash him up, how had she cleaned the vital parts of his body. He get embarrassed at the thought alone.

Aisha, sensing that he was going to come up with more questions decided to escape quickly. 'I'll be leaving you to eat now, the boss gave me other assignments to do.' She said and turned to leave.

Henry watched her back as she walked out and closed the door. HD remembered her face clearly as Cole's partner that was left in the car when Cole pursued him into the bush to kill him.

As he took his first spoon of the meal, he began to wonder what kind of life he would live now that he had been taking away from prison. He was sure it would be all over the news and his pictures would be everywhere with the police promising a huge sum of money to anyone who would provide information about him.

Read Chapter 2 Parts 1 to 5 here: http://www.youngicee.com/search/label/Tarasha%20Season%202?m=1

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by KamalMarx: 1:32pm On Oct 22, 2016
Nice Story, keep it up bro, finished the whole season one in one day, twas too interesting.

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by chinedumo(m): 4:12pm On Oct 23, 2016
If it was smartestpopqueen she would have turned tarasha into a sex maniac.

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Missmossy(f): 4:37pm On Oct 23, 2016
Omotara is really good grin more wisdom to you Oyinprince. Henry is getting back his memory... Makes ssens.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Missmossy(f): 4:38pm On Oct 23, 2016
Omotara is really good grin more wisdom to you Oyinprince. Henry is getting back his memory... Makes sense.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by missuniverse(f): 8:34pm On Oct 23, 2016
You guys should leave your comments o
almost err1 is reading ahead on d blog
every update raises curiousity
err'1 is anxious to knw wat comes next

You re just too good
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 12:26pm On Oct 24, 2016
almost err1 is reading ahead on d blog
every update raises curiousity
err'1 is anxious to knw wat comes next

You re just too good
Thanks, "too kind words". Make my head no swell too much

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