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Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Chipappii(m): 9:37pm On Dec 11, 2016
A short story of love and Romance and Adventure. .... .. .

Pure Fiction

All rights reserved.

Comments needed and appreciated
















Pls follow......

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Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by herzern(m): 9:39pm On Dec 11, 2016

Let's see how it pans out.
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Fidelismaria: 9:40pm On Dec 11, 2016
lipsrsealed lipsrsealed

were d tori
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Chipappii(m): 9:41pm On Dec 11, 2016
My village was a relatively small one with a population of about 1700 people. My father was a high ranking member of the Igwe's cabinet and as such has just been invited to come to the village for an important event. The governor of our state was coming into the village for a visit and also to take the hand of a daughter of the land in marriage. It was indeed a great occasion which required the presence of every notable member of my village.
I had managed to convince my father to take me along with him to the village, not really because i wanted to meet the governor, no, that was far from my concern. My sole reason was based on a matter of the heart. A girl i had fallen in love with the last time i visited my village which was over 2 years ago.

Her name was Adaobi and she was the only daughter of her parents, of course she had 3 other brothers who were all her elders. I fondly called her Ada.

I met Ada when my family visited my village for the Christmas celebration back in 2014. I had gone to the village borehole to fetch drinking water for our house. Having come back from the "CITY" i made sure i set a class between me and the regular villagers. With earphones in my ear and one jerrycan, i set out for the borehole which was a short distance from our house. I arrived at the borehole to meet a short line of gallons. I had to put mine in line and stand aside. I kept myself busy with my phone, chatting away on 2go with my friends. Whatsapp hadn't become popular back then. The sun was hitting hard and i had always been uncomfortable being under the sun. Ada happened to be the owner of the gallons in front of mine. I walked up to her and Touched her. She looked up at me and i was dazzled by the beauty in her face and her eyes were out of this world. Her bushy eyelashes were dope enough to put the fixed ones to shame and her finely cut, bushy eyebrows needed no eye pencil.
She was Ebony black in complexion and her skin shone like a polished Italian leather shoe.

"Please help me fetch that gallon behind yours when you are done fetching yours, i will be under that tree" i said to her looking her straight in the eyes.. She didn't say a word, she just nodded, i murmured my thanks and left to hide from the sun under the tree.

Sitting under the tree, i decided to take in the rest of the details. She was wearing a black gown which hugged her body and outlined all the features of her body perfectly. Her figure was the shape of an hour glass, her breasts were full and stood firm while her hips wasn't too much or too small, they were perfect with her ass curving out moderately. Her sumptuous legs were a bit bowed which were really cute on her.

She fetched her cans, fetched mine and motioned to me to come for it. Soon we were on our way home. She had two of her cans inside a wheelbarrow she was pushing. I was dragging mine along with my hand, switching it from left to right at intervals. She walked before me and i followed. I watched as her hips swayed from side to side and couldn't take it anymore. I increased my pace and caught up with her.
"Hey, wait" i called her and she stopped, dropped her wheelbarrow and faced me.
"which side are you going to" i asked and dropped my gallon. She pointed in the direction of my house. I dropped my gallon into her wheelbarrow and took over the pushing myself while she walked beside me.
"So, don't you talk? " i asked her as we moved. She smiled revealing her dimples and i fell in love with her more.
" I talk" she replied still smiling and looking ahead of us. She didn't try looking at me.
"So you are shy then" i continued while looking at her.
"I don't know" she said. We continued walking in silence. We soon got to the gate to our backyard. I stopped and removed my gallon from the barrow. She took back the handle and was about to leave.
"What's your name" i asked her.
"Adaobi" she replied.
"Can you show me your house? " i asked her.
"It's just down there" she said pointing further down the path.
"okay, Ada can i see you again" i asked her.
"Why do you want to see me?"
"Nothing, i would just love to"
"Okay, you will see me when the time comes" she said still not looking at me.
"Hmm, can I help you push the barrow down to your house?" i asked
"No" she retorted.
"my parents won't like it and i really have to go, they will be waiting for me" she said picking up her wheelbarrow.
"Okay, i will come looking for you, bye" i told her and picked my gallon of water.
"Okay o, goodbye" she said and wheeled off her barrow as I went inside our house.

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Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Chipappii(m): 9:42pm On Dec 11, 2016

Let's see how it pans out.

Welcome aboard
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Chipappii(m): 9:43pm On Dec 11, 2016
I didn't see Ada again for over two days and in between those times, i was tempted to go out looking for her at her house but thought twice about it when i remembered what she told me about her parents.

On 24th night, my father decided we would be going for the night vigil in my village church. We were Catholics.

At the church, i made sure i sat alone and far from other members of my family. I took a seat in the last pew at the far end if the church where i would be able to observe everything happening within the church. The church service started by 10pm and everything went slowly like it always did at Christmas night vigils. I was always on the lookout for Ada or anything that looked like her. It wasn't until during the offering time that i saw her. She was on a white fitted gown and had a black hooded sweater over it. Her hair was covered by a head warmer. I followed her around with my eyes and made sure i found out where she sat. I focused my attention on her right until service was over. Service was dismissed at a little after 1am and everywhere was already rowdy with the sounds from people, noises and flashes from fireworks. I got up from my seat and went after Ada as she was heading towards the exit door along with the crowd trooping out of the church. As i was struggling hard to wade through the crowd, i lost sight of her, she had disappeared into the sea of people. I walked out of the church building feeling very disappointed. I scanned the whole place with my eyes and couldn't make her out, dejectedly i walked to where our car was parked and everybody was there except my dad. We all wished each other a merry xmas. I leaned at the boot of the car and started searching around for my father. I found him standing with the Rev Father who had officiated the midnight service and at their far right was Ada. She walked down to where i was and passed, she probably didn't know i was there.
"you guys should go without me, i'm coming " i said to my people and ran after her before they could ask where i was going.

" Why do you keep disappearing and reappearing?" i asked as I caught up with her. She turned to me and smiled
"Merry xmas" she sang out.
"Wish you the best, where have you been since" i asked
"Nowhere, why do you ask? "
"Nothing, just that I've been looking for you for a long time now"
"Hmmm, where and where did you look for me "
" Everywhere " i said and we both laughed. I held her hand as we walked home. We took a lonely path, we needed no distraction. It was obvious we were into each other but i didn't want to tell it straight to her that i liked her, i just wanted to let things play out by itself. I walked her to her house and we stood by their thatched fence and talked for some while. It was obvious we didn't want leave each other's company. Eventually i had to let go. She turned reluctantly to walk inside, i stood and watched her with love in my eyes. I called her back and hugged her. She pecked me on my cheek and we both left for our various destinations.

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Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Chipappii(m): 9:43pm On Dec 11, 2016
lipsrsealed lipsrsealed

were d tori

Refresh. Welcome aboard


Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Chipappii(m): 9:45pm On Dec 11, 2016
Our affair soon kicked off with the days that followed. She was a bit shy but can be naughty when she decides to. We downplayed out relationship, meeting only when nobody was around or in the covers of darkness. We would both walk together, hand in hand to a big tree that was at the back of our house, there we would snuggle together and tell each other the sweet tales of our lives.
We even taught each other how to kiss and how we would like to be kissed and it was the best practical i have ever done.
"Don't you have a girlfriend in the city?" she would often ask me and i would reply in the negative, although it was a lie, I couldn't afford to lose and ruin this perfect love with the truth. Sitting together, we would sketch love letters to each other and exchange them sealed to be read later at home. I got to know a great part of the village through her. She would give me a tour when she was less busy and we would walk hand in hand to place she thought were exciting and indeed, they were exciting. Our visit to the village stream was perhaps the peak of it all. We had targeted when nobody would be there, on a hot afternoon, we both set out for the stream. I held unto her as we climbed down the hilly part that led down to the stream. The stream was empty as everyone was either visiting relatives or spending time with their families. I stripped down to my boxers while she wore only a black singlet that showed her ripe breasts and a tight boxers. We jumped into the water and held onto each other. She thought me how to swim, although it took long but i did learn. After a long time of playing games in the water, i swam to where she stood, grabbed her and we kissed each other, i pulled down her boxers in the water and carried her up, she encircled her legs around me as i inserted my sex organ into hers. We made terrific love there not minding if we were alone or not. After the love making, i dressed her and carried her to the bank of the stream where i carried her on my laps as we waited for the water on our bodies to dry. We went home late in the evening.

The xmas holidays seemed to have ran past as we soon got to new year. As always, we went for the night mass only this time, i didn't go with my family, i had gone with Ada. It took us almost an hour to make a journey of 5 minutes to the church, we would kiss, carry each other on our backs, run, walk and sit by the road side. Throughout the period the church service lasted, we were outside in a secluded corner loving up.

We prayed the holidays would never end but it did end and fast too. We both dreaded the day i would return to the city with my family. We tried our best to make good use of the time we had left. We spent more time with each other, we skipped meals, hid our from our various families just to be with each other. I loved Ada and it was a terrific kind of love. I had wished my grandma or grandpa was alive so i could stay back and in the guise of helping them out spend eternity with Ada but it wasn't so. The day of my departure eventually came and i almost cried. We wrote each other the longest Love letter ever. The previous night was the most emotional moment i ever had in my life. We kissed, hugged, cried and made love like it was our last night. And when the time came, it was more than i could take. We hugged each other and i didn't want to let go. She consoled me and we promised to speak on phone. Then we left for the city.

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Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Kentura(m): 10:02pm On Dec 11, 2016
Following bro... keep up the good work!

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Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by xaviercasmir(m): 10:06pm On Dec 11, 2016

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Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Fidelismaria: 10:15pm On Dec 11, 2016
so ada is not a virgin

give us a more descriptive features of urselfs[age height etc]


Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Chipappii(m): 10:24pm On Dec 11, 2016
Following bro... keep up the good work!

Thanks bros.
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Chipappii(m): 10:25pm On Dec 11, 2016
so ada is not a virgin
give us a more descriptive features of urselfs[age height etc]
nice observation. All in good time. Thanks bro
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Hurklan(m): 10:52pm On Dec 11, 2016

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Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Xionez(m): 11:37pm On Dec 11, 2016
Lolz. So na here be the next bus stop, okay na. Make i come down. #Following
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Chipappii(m): 11:53pm On Dec 11, 2016
Lolz. So na here be the next bus stop, okay na. Make i come down. #Following
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Chipappii(m): 11:54pm On Dec 11, 2016
We got back to our house in the city a little later in the evening. I went straight to my room, locked the door and fell on my bed. I pulled a picture of Ada that she had given to me and stared at it. I had met so many other girls whom i had infatuated over, i fell crazily for them and when we lost connection, it had always seemed to me like i would never love another but then one thing over another, i always got back to my feet quickly and in search of new love. But from the first day, i knew Ada was going to be a different case. There was something about her that moved me. When you love someone so dearly, you can't possibly say why, all you know is that feeling is there and they just seem to be perfect, that was how i felt about her.
A knock on my door brought me out of my thoughts..

"Yes, who is it?"
"Its me". She didn't need to say her name for me to know it was our last born, princess. I hid the picture in my locker and opened the door, princess dragged her teddy behind her and jumped on my bed. I stared at her and she looked back, giving me her charming smile which always knocks me out.
"So?" i said trying to sound harsh
"Nothing" she said giggling. I smiled back at her and lifted her up from the bed. Princess was the last child of our family and she was just 4 years old, she took after our mother in skin tone and beauty. My mother was fair and pretty. She was tall like an average woman should be and three of my sisters took after her but princess was the carbon copy. I was the eldest and only male child of my father. While my sisters took after mother, i resembled my father. He was tall and dark in complexion with an athletic build. That description matched me although i was on my way to being taller than him. We were four children in my family. I and three of my sisters. Chinaza, Chidera and Princess. Cute girls that turned heads everywhere they went. Chinaza and chidera were equally fair like our mother and it was hard to say who was the hottest or most beautiful. They had this very set of eyes that gave them away as siblings. I was in my ss3 class and 17 years old, Chinaza was in her ss2 class and was 16, Chidera was in js3 and was 12. My father worked as Engineer in one of the oil firms and his works were mostly offshore which took him far away from the house most of the times leaving me to play man of the house most of the time. We were rich and we had anything we needed to an extent.
I believed i'm cute because girls tripped over me everywhere and i did enjoy the attention. Most of my flings had been with my sister's friends whom often visited me in the guise of coming to see my sister Chinaza. Chinaza was beautiful like an angel but she wasn't one, she knew why her friends visited and had often covered for me many a times. My family was a happy one.

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Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Chipappii(m): 11:54pm On Dec 11, 2016
I resumed school a week after our return from the village. My father would have the driver drop me off at school but i preferred going on my own which afforded me the chance to mingle with other students and talk to some girls too.
After the morning assembly, the first person to welcome me was Janet, my girlfriend. She lived a little far from our neighborhood and she was also from a rich family. She was a little fair in complexion, beautiful and saucy. She saw herself as better than anyone else and therefore wants more respect than she deserves. Of course she was beautiful and she knew it, she also knew a lot of guys would do anything to have her look at them, this made her more cheeky and i wasn't spared of it at times despite being her boyfriend. But then, she can be sweet when she wants to. She was in art class and I was in science. We were both in our ss3.

She had ran to me while i was walking to my class and hugged me tight. I hugged her back.
"I missed you baby" she said and squeezed my hand.
"I missed you too" i said and pinched her on her cheek, she giggled revealing her open teeth and cute dimples. She walked me to my class clutching my hands in hers. She had always made it her special duty to show everyone that she had claimed me and therefore i was off limits for any other girl. Girls around her knew how rascal she could be when her interests were at stake and so flirt with me only out of her view.

My day at school were spent thinking about Ada, what she was doing at each moment and if she thought about me same way i was thinking about her. I would at intervals bring out her letter which i had neatly wrapped and kept in my wallet, read them over and over again and smile.

We always walked home after school because it was fun for us. Janet would often argue that we weren't supposed to be walking home under the hot sun and would often threaten to abandon me and board a bus but whenever she sees that i'm not ready to budge, she will grudgingly walk with us making sure that no girl had more than her own fair of discussion with me. This was the case the second day of school resumption, we were all walking home with ever holding my hand when my phone rang. I brought it out and a totally new number was on display, i picked it and put it into loud speaker.

"Hello, baby it's me" a female voice shouted. I quickly removed it from loud speaker and put it to my ear and to my Joy, i found out it was Ada. I shifted from Janet's side as we talked. She was calling with her mom's number which i can't call back with no matter what, she was specific with that warning. We talked for about 2 minutes in which we said bye. I put the Phone back in my pocket and walked back to Janet who gave me the most epic look i had ever seen. She for sure heard what Ada said when the phone was on loud speaker. She hissed at me and increased her pace leaving me to run after her. I decided i was too tired to do that so i decided to pick another female companion, just then, Janet ran back and dragged me along with her..

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Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Free101(m): 12:13am On Dec 12, 2016
Continue biko
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by SweetieConstie(f): 1:25am On Dec 12, 2016
Lol... Nice story! cheesy Thumbs up, Chipappii...

Thanks for the mention... Keep 'em updates coming... Following keenly!
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Nobody: 6:31am On Dec 12, 2016
Chippapai thanks for the mention. this is elskillful as skillful01.
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by WHIZKIDEFE(m): 7:35am On Dec 12, 2016
Making sense! I tot it was Ada from ur Dilema.. Joshuamoses101 com n be entertained here.
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Nobody: 7:51am On Dec 12, 2016
I missed Tochi's dilemna..... I must not miss this

Following immediately

Fire on bruh
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by yorhmienerd(m): 9:29am On Dec 12, 2016
This looks interesting, jagugu88li have you seen this? Its cool
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by jhybho: 10:11am On Dec 12, 2016
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Nobody: 12:06pm On Dec 12, 2016
I'm here now
This looks interesting, jagugu88li have you seen this? Its cool
let me see why I'm being summoned
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by nollyway(m): 3:32pm On Dec 12, 2016
Chi boy grin grin u are deir bro

Nice story u got here..

Am tied here already cool
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by cassbeat(m): 4:21pm On Dec 12, 2016
Interesting piece u gat going keep it up...
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Chipappii(m): 6:54pm On Dec 12, 2016
Welcome everyone.. I'm busy at the moment. Will add another update later in the night.

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Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by Chipappii(m): 6:54pm On Dec 12, 2016
I was Janet's territory and nobody was allowed to trespass. She gave life to the word insecurity. She would get jealous at me for even leaving her to attend to my sisters. Yes that was Janet. So you could imagine the amount of tongue lashing i got from her that day after Ada called. I had managed to convince her into believing that it was my cousin from the village that called. One thing i loved about her was that she was easily pacified. She was sure to smile for you after after a few teases...

Three days after the day Ada called and i was desperate to hear her voice again. I called like 5 to 6 times and her mom always picked and each time i would drop the call and block her number from calling back. I was getting frustrated when an idea struck me. I ran into Chinaza's room and met her changing from her school uniform, she wore only her pants and bra and quickly covered herself the moment i came in, i looked away and sat on her bed.

"The people who invented knocking on doors weren't stupid you know? She said and rolled her eyes at me
"The people who invented door locks weren't stupid too and besides what are you hiding?, remember i took care of you when you were this little" i demonstrated with my hand a little close to the floor "and that included bathing you"
"Silly boy" she said and wore the rest of her clothes while i waited for her.

"Naza can you speak English with the most local intonation you know" i chose English because apart from our parents, no one else knew how to speak our mother tongue Igbo.
"Why? " she said and looked at me.
" Don't ask me, just speak "
" Hmmm, So why du yu wantu me to du dati" she said in a funny way and we laughed.
"Good, i need you to do something for me"
"What? "
" You are going to call a number i will give you, an elderly woman will pick, you will tell her that you are Adaobi's girlfriend at school and that she should give her the phone and when she does that, you hand back the phone to me, can you do that?"
"Its simple, it will cost you 2000" she said.
"Thats outrageous, 2000, just to call someone with my own airtime o" i said
"Then call her yourself " she said and made to leave the room.
" Ok i will give you 1000" i said as i was desperate
"Cool, where's the number? "
" You sure know you shouldn't be using all these posh grammar and intonation on her, she's not stupid and should sure know when she's talking with a village school girl"
"I know, just get the number "..
She called, Chinaza was a perfect actor, i soon got through to Ada, i pushed Chinaza out and lay on the bed as i got emotional with Ada. We talked for as long as 15 minutes then we reluctantly said goodbye. I left the room for the parlor and Naza was there waiting for her 1000 naira.

"Kingsley is owing me 2000, take the 1k from him and tell him i said he can keep the rest" i said and laughed. Chinaza's face puffed liked an over soaked bread. She ran after me with her slippers in her hand.

Kingsley was her boyfriend...

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Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by OlufemiWhit(m): 6:57pm On Dec 12, 2016
Nice 1 bro......
Re: Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) by chijioke17(m): 7:30pm On Dec 12, 2016
Make I park for here

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