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Re: North Cyprus by LilDon1(m): 12:44pm On Jan 15, 2010
@ wip2
why are they testing candidates 4 doz aliments, itz against human right commission. what abt north Cyprus are they also testing candidates
Re: North Cyprus by mi2010: 4:03pm On Jan 15, 2010
@lil don, i heard that south cyprus is a beautiful island with gud economy, so they are testing prospective student hiv, syphilis etc becos they dont want people to bring dread diseases in der country. are u affraid to go for hiv test? i hav a friend there he pass the informations to me.

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Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 5:07pm On Jan 15, 2010
@Lil Don,

can you state or quote the human right commission where it states that any individual traveling to another country should not be examine medically?

Alright mi 2010, had already answered your question but i need to add to it . If a student is being tested positive it is easier to manage such student by not making him/her to have any transmittable contacts with a virgin patients. Also conducting such tests will allow the concerned country to reduce the spread of such diseases in their country.

So if any student is tested negative of the above mentioned diseases in his/her country, on arrival at south Cyprus all students will also be tested and if any student is found positive the image of the health system in the home country of such student will be tarnished.

South Cyprus visa requirements is that all students should be examined medically before arrival and the students present the result of such tests to the concerned authority.
But North Cyprus Visa requirement do not state that but each district demands student to be tested during registration. for instance the health regulatory system of Famagusta , North Cyprus is more concern on the status of students in HIV, Hepatitis B , C.

so this measure taken by Cyprus is a good thing that prevents foreigners to come with destructive diseases to another man's country. If Nigeria Government can do this, may be AIDS will not be in our dear Nigeria or even reduce and some diseases common to some regions.

Cancer has been killing our leaders and people recently( Gani Fahweim, Odesanya etc) this is not common here before just recently, we need to regulate the quality of people and products entering Nigeria to save us all by emulating Cyprus students pre-test examination.
Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 11:12am On Jan 22, 2010
@ ALL,
South cyprus embassy in Lagos started on tuesday to interview applicants and today is the final day of interwiew. on wednesday 10 applicants were interviewd and 7 were approved. on thursday 14 applicants were interviewd but only 2 were rejected visa. yet to get reports about today interview.

The applicants had to go through 2 series of interview. the first to ensure the documents from cyprus minstry tallies with the applicants documents and few questions like who is your sponsor and how much does the sponsor has in stock to support the applicants.

second interview was just some kind of arithmetics like what is the square root of 121 etc and questions on jobs.

Most of the students will be leaving by first week of feb.

North cyprus interview will start feb.
Re: North Cyprus by tunapa4dem: 9:48pm On Jan 22, 2010
@wip, pls i want to maybe in southern cyprus most of their university have summer intaking. and i want to know can i see university with tuition fees around 200 euro per semester in southern cyprus.
Re: North Cyprus by tunapa4dem: 9:54pm On Jan 22, 2010
@wip, pls i want to know maybe in southern cyprus most of their university have summer intaking. and i want to know can i see university with tuition fees around 2000 euro per semester in southern cyprus.
Re: North Cyprus by suxes2005(m): 5:35am On Jan 23, 2010

i fink u need to check the schools urself.

go to braintrack.com and browse then u

check if the school has summer intake.

Most schools wit summer intake dont offer

major course for such period of admission

Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 10:31am On Jan 23, 2010

First of all, you cant find all the schools in cyprus in BRAINTRACK, only few schools are listed on braintrack. Google search is sure bet.

yeah you can find schools in south Cyprus with fees like 2170euros per semester but the Southern Cyprus immigration rules states that all international students shall make a deposit of 3200euros to any of the schools that the student is beign  accepted. So the school will add the tuition fees per sesmester with the visa deposit, application fees and VAT to make the money upto 3200euros but subsequent payments will be 2170 euros or as the case may be. But it is advisable to make one year payment cos it attracts almost 50% discounts. For instance AMERICAN COLLEGE in south Cyprus charges 3200euros with those other payment per sesmester but if you want to pay full you will only pay around 3600euros full year(50% discount) instead of 6400euros.

All the schools there offer summer programs starting july but most summer programs are language courses and diploma programs.
So you can check and make enquiries from the schools. some of the schools not listed on BRAINTRACK are Fredrick university, Internapa college, CTL Eurocollege, European university of cyprus etc

Also on arrival you must present atleast 1600euros either in cash or travellers cheque to the authority to allow you in.

@ALL ,
the route to LArnaca international Airport is through Dubai. so students can fly thru emirate airline and 1year open return tickets is around 166k.
Re: North Cyprus by suxes2005(m): 3:01pm On Jan 24, 2010

that was gud.

More grease to ya elbow!

Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 7:59pm On Jan 24, 2010

thanks for the struggle to wip out scams.
Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 3:25pm On Jan 25, 2010
South Cyprus students should be leaving through emirate airline by 4th feb to arrive on the 5th latest.

North Cyprus VISA appointment is also ready for feb entry. just send email to the Turkish embassy email and request for appointment.

1year open return ticket for North Cyprus through Turkish airline is around 173k( varies).

Applicants should have it in mind that there cold in Cyprus now, so don't forget to come with warm clothing.
Re: North Cyprus by suxes2005(m): 3:51pm On Jan 25, 2010
Hi wip2

Thanks for the encouragement.
I just hate to see those silly pple
here or anywhere.

U know the funniest, some pple
that we fink are saints are also
scammers, look at hadex-scam, LOL

I'm just ashame of some pple here,

Anyways, kinly tell me when next admission to north or south
Cyprus will open as I am kinda lost in this topic.
(dnt av enuf time to read all pages)

Kindly advise me, I mean short tutorial on wat
to see in applying to study either in North or
South Cyprus.

Thanks for the care and compliments.
Av a nice week ahead.

Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 5:27pm On Jan 25, 2010
@ suxes 2005,

The next entry to both north and south Cyprus is sept 2010, thats FALL ENTRY. Although both have Summer entries in July but not major courses are offer then.

The FALL applications are open from Now till 3weeks to the entry period. The application to both North and south are easy but they both have some limitations like AGE limits, GPA limits etc . For undergraduate in North Cyprus the age limit is 25 years and Msc is 30 years while south can still consider 27yrs for UG but such applicant might have visa problem. so if you are older than these ages, then you need to do something,

For North Cyprus you need olevel( 5 credits) although some university can accept D7 for english and place you on english class, Intl passport, photograph passport and other academic supporting documents and application fees of the said university.

For south, you will need police character, medical results of HIV, syphilis, Hepatitis B,C, chest xray etc, Bank reference letter, all these documents need to be notarized by public Notary, Ministries of Education and foreign affairs.

after you paid the tuition fees quoted on your admission letter, you will book appointment at Turkish embassy ABUJA for North Cyprus to obtain your transit visa to North Cyprus but you obtain your Cyprus visa at IDDO house LAGOS for south cyprus.
you fly thru emirate tru Dubai for south cyprus and Turkish airline for North Cyprus, if you do mistake you will be return back to your country.

North cyprus required Tax clearance of your sponsor, bank statement, bank guarantee letter, CAC but not do not required bank statement for VISA.

For south you also need around 2000euros cash on arrival if not, but north do not state such for now.
Re: North Cyprus by Babakunle1: 5:41pm On Jan 25, 2010
When really will north start their interview, i got my boy on the line
Re: North Cyprus by Babakunle1: 5:47pm On Jan 25, 2010
@ wip2

like how much can the Turkish airline cost and how much is the visa fee @ the embassyy?? Thanks for your time
Re: North Cyprus by suxes2005(m): 10:38am On Jan 26, 2010
Thanks wip

What amount do you fink dia application
fee might be?

Wat are the areas that are booming
in N.C now?

Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 2:36pm On Jan 27, 2010
@ Baba kunle,
i dont work with the embassy nor with the airline you can mail the embassy at turkishembassyabuja@gmail.com and ask them your question.
check the turkish airline website for enquiries. QED

@ suxes2005,
the application fee has to do with school you choose so you can chek thier website and get that.

Tourism and hotel programs are flourishing here in cyprus, turkey etc but other courses but u can ask the schools also.
Re: North Cyprus by iz2much: 2:01pm On Jan 31, 2010
@ wip2

Thanks for all your info, please when is the last day expected of A candidate of NOrth cyprus to resume, cuz thangs ave been kinda tight right now, when is the last day i was suppose to resume??, Urgent please
Re: North Cyprus by suxes2005(m): 4:16pm On Jan 31, 2010

wat up?

Av u gotten ur visa yet?

Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 4:29pm On Jan 31, 2010

i have never mentioned once to you or anybody in this forum that am waiting for VISA. i have been in turkey for long. I did my Msc in petroleum and natural gas eng there and professional courses in both north and south cyprus.

so poster am not applying for visa, i dont know why u are asking me if i have gotten my visa or were u referring to sombody else?

i only repli enquiries to pple interested in studying here cos i know quite well about these places where have bin .
Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 4:44pm On Jan 31, 2010

why is things tight for you? have you paid your tuition fees? if yes has your chosen skool sent you a confirmation of payment and forward your name to the embassy? have u booked appointment for turkish transit visa

the day of resumption at NORTH CYPRUS depends on your chosen skool. for example at eastern meditteran university, reg commence on 4th feb and English exam there is on the 10th feb and reg closes on 17th feb so if you missed these dates you will loose your sesmester fee.

but for CIU reg is btwn 15th to 19th , so many other universities in the North Cyprus have diffrent dates, which a student must arrive and that will be stated on your acceptance letter, so check yours and see which date applies.

The visa is just a day cos u will obtain it immediately that day after you passed the interview and book tru turkish airline and go, so what is making things tight
Re: North Cyprus by suxes2005(m): 5:48pm On Jan 31, 2010
srry wip2

I wnted to direct the question to

Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 6:03pm On Jan 31, 2010

ok, i guessed as much.

i dont really know why iz2much said things are tight cos North Cyprus Visa is damn easy to obtain.
Re: North Cyprus by suxes2005(m): 6:19pm On Jan 31, 2010
maybe tight in the sense that he aint got enuf
money to pay d school or he's kinda
busy and cant schedule appmnt wit d embassy

Re: North Cyprus by stanleymail03(m): 10:04pm On Jan 31, 2010
Please. can anyone tell me if i can apply for Msc in cyprus with my HND certificate. If not are there other options. I need ur response
Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 12:16pm On Feb 01, 2010

yeah i tot as much it might be tight for babakunle in terms of finance but if is for booking appointment that should not be a problem, is something he can do within seconds.

there are few skools in southern cyprus that can accept you with upper dividsion in HND to do PGD. that must be in line with your former diploma.
Re: North Cyprus by iz2much: 3:01pm On Feb 01, 2010


yeah i tot as much it might be tight for babakunle in terms of finance but if is for booking appointment that should not be a problem, is something he can do within seconds.

there are few skools in southern cyprus that can accept you with upper dividsion in HND to do PGD. that must be in line with your former diploma.

oga mi, the finance is kinda tight right now, yes is CIU. so i can really go btw Feb 15-19
Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 3:47pm On Feb 01, 2010

bros try come up with the fiance oh, sell something and do something. it will be ok
Re: North Cyprus by iz2much: 4:01pm On Feb 01, 2010
@ wip2

Thanks bro, but i still gat till 15 to obtain the visa?
Re: North Cyprus by suxes2005(m): 7:53pm On Feb 01, 2010
with what wip2 is sayin,
I fink dat country is a good

Iz2much, God is on ur side oo
Sell somfin do somfin.

Re: North Cyprus by symbian03(m): 9:31pm On Feb 01, 2010
Men, this thread is sooo used to be funny! K, bro Iz2much ain't you gonna sell me your Girl friend? Haha "just kidding" follow peepz advice here o, coz the best way to get what you want in life is by using what you have bless ya.
Re: North Cyprus by wip2: 11:53am On Feb 02, 2010
@ iz2much,

yeah bro, u have gotten days to get ur visa, God will see u tru and i hope u are preparing for the English test as soon as you arrive CIU ( it contains verbal reasoning, oral and written comprehension)

Dont forget to bring palm oil, ogboroko, bush meat , red beans, eja yiyan, orunla and gari jebu along ooo cos does things are scarce here and expensive.


the place is cool and conducive for studying becos of the amenities but every country has it ups and downs, when iz2much get there he will find out the ups and downs of this place.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort but where he stands at times of challenges and controversy, so leaving ones country is a great challenge and planing to face the downs is the ultimate energy every men should have.


eh bro, you wanna buy another mans gal? i have gotten some mexican gal here 1800euros per week, cheap i guessed, lol how are u?

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