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Delayed Elation (what Will Be Will Be) / The Diagnosis (episode 1) / Destiny Delayed But Unchanged By Oduniyi Olajide David…… (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by Bibi294(f): 9:14am On Mar 03, 2017

Yes madam just keep on motivating me with shadows and marriage.
... OK my love

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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 10:12am On Mar 03, 2017
"I'm assuming you know nothing then..But I'm sorry. There can be no loose ends"
Andy's mouth fell open and I knew what was happening. I threw myself at the open door crushing whoever stood at the other end.
Andy stood rooted to the spot while I opened the door and dragged the person inside.
I saw the gun on the floor just as I had feared.
"Get the gun and lock the door" I hissed at Andy who was watching everything with his eyes wide in shock. He hurried to get the gun and shut his door.
"Oba there is a car outside and I think there's someone inside"
I had been dragging the gunman by his dreadlocks and giving him the occasional kick when he protested. I planned to tie him up to one of the chairs at the dining table.
What Andy said made me panic..another one?
"Did he see what happened?"
Andy went to the window and peeped outside.
"I'm not sure..he is just sitting in the car"
"Okay...get me something to tie this guy"

Andy looked at me..."Oba..I wanted to blame you for this..you seem to attract violence but...this man mentioned my wife...what is going on?"
I dared not remind him of Mona's demise..not when he still held the gun in his hand.
"Andy we will find out out soon enough but first get something to tie him up and please drop the gun"
He looked at me for seconds and I could tell he was getting worried. "Rex where is Mona"
"Give me the gun first"
The gun man had began to struggle and I walked over to Andy and took the gun from him. He didn't struggle, just sat down and put his head in his hands and I knew he was beginning to believe me.
The gunman was looking at me. His face was contorted in pain and he kept on holding his wrist. The door had closed on his wrist when I had slammed it and I guessed it must have dislocated it.

I smacked him on the head with the gun then looked around.. nothing like a rope suitable for tying and I feared his partner would come to check up on him any moment.
He snapped his head up.
"I need you to focus..watch over this man..keep him in place..I need to go through your kitchen door and get his partner..once I get him we will get all the answers we need I promise.Hold this gun." I handed it to him.
"Just keep it pointed..I'd be back now.."
He took the gun and pointed it at the man and I wondered if giving him a loaded weapon was wise but there was no time to think it through.
I hurried to the kitchen then grabbed the pestle from its position.
I opened the back door carefully then tiptoed round the corner.
I could see the car. The driver had left the engine running and I could see the brake light on.
I could also see the red light of his cigarette reflected in the side mirror.
It would take me about 15 steps to get the car and I wondered if he could see my reflection from the side mirror. I didn't think so..my shirt was a dull colour but if he saw me I had to be fast enough.
I quickened my pace and my luck held because I got to the car and the man remained unaware, blowing smoke outside.
I could see him check his wrist for the time then look towards the house.
Without thinking too much I smashed the pestle to the side of his head. I tried to moderate the force since his window was already down to enable the smoke escape.
But I feared I had used too much force.
Hope I didn't kill him...God..I'm not ready to kill a man!
And what will it matter..you indirectly killed Mona and Fome by calling strange eyes and releasing the gas from the cylinder! the all too clear voice in my head reasoned.
That was the worst part.. The part I found hard to believe..that I could be responsible for their deaths.
I pushed down the voice then dragged the unconscious body to the house.
He was quite fat and it took me twice as long as it should have.
The door was locked and I knocked while looking around nervously.

"Who is that"
"Andy for Gods sake open the door"
He opened it and I dragged the unconscious body in.
Andy shut the door. "You know he is bleeding sha"
I looked down at the trail of blood that was following him..coming from his ear.
Andys voice had changed


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 10:30am On Mar 03, 2017
And he sounded reserved.
For a moment I feared he had killed the man I told him to watch but when I checked, the gun man was still how I had left him..with his head lolled to one side.
I searched the bleeding man who was unconscious but his pockets were empty..was it possible I had miscalculated?
I gave Andy the pestle then retrieved the gun from him.
"Oba...talk to me..is Mona dead?"
"Yes she is..she and Fome" better to be direct.
He said nothing. He walked out of the kitchen and I wondered what he was going to do.
I felt the pulse of the bleeding man and was relieved to find out he was still alive.
Now for the second guy..I took a bowl from the cabinet then filled it with cold water from Andy's dispenser. As I was doing this I caught sight of a pot of jollof rice on the gas. Andy must have warmed it but refused to eat.
My stomach growled...I hadn't eaten in a while and I knew Mona was a good cook...but God rest her soul.
The use of past tense was not deliberate but it occurred to me that any reference to Mona and Fome would now be 'was' not 'is'
The realization had me pouring the cold water on the gun man angrily.
He jerked from the chair and his eyes opened. He looked at me then held his head and I knew the gun slap left had left him with a splitting headache.
"Listen to me..you see your second on the floor?" I pointed to his partner who was knocked out with the bleeding ear. His eyes followed my hand
"He is dead" I let that sink in then brandished the gun. "And you will be too if you don't give me answers"
He nodded and I could tell he was terrified.
"First what's your name?"
"Fluxmind" he replied with trembling lips.
"What kind of stupid name is that?" I dragged a chair and sat down opposite him "Any lie you tell would be very costly for you"
"Its no lie I swear"
I nodded.
"Who sent you here?"
He hesitated. I brandished the gun. "I would shoot you and dump your body on the highway..answer me"

"Wait wait hol up..Andy emerged with a bottle of ammunition. I need to drown my sorrows..since I'm a widower right now."
I hadn't expected Andy to turn to alcohol..I had expected..rage.. even tears and him basically breaking down. But his eyes were unusually bright and he slammed the bottle on the counter then took a mug from the rack.
He looked up "continue..continue..don't let me stop you"
He filled the mug then drank it down.
"Oba this guy needs to explain how this initiative whatever is connected to my wife..because somebody must die..I swear somebody must..." He refilled the mug "..must die"

Andy was getting me me worried but I needed to focus on getting questions from the gunman.

"I repeat" I snapped my fingers drawing his attention to me "who sent you and what is the widows initiative"
The man glanced at the clock and I had the feeling he was stalling..probably expecting someone..I checked the time and was surprised to see it was after 3 in the morning...I hadn't even slept and I needed to be clear headed and refreshed when I went to see Dr. Rasheed later in the day. The earlier I got answers the better.
I needed to scare this person to tell me what I needed to hear and it seemed the gun wasn't doing that.
I remembered the knife and rose to get it.
"Fluxmind..you see this...I would cut off your genitals if you waste my time.."
His eyes widened and I knew I had gotten through..."I don't know much...I'm just an errand boy..I'd tell you what I know please...!"


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by nastynic(m): 1:50pm On Mar 03, 2017
Nice update solo

but i pity u sha Fluxi Go Kill U If him discover say na him Moniker u use grin following!

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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by Nobody: 7:26am On Mar 04, 2017
Nice update solo

but i pity u sha
Fluxi Go Kill U If him discover say na him Moniker u use grin

Kill am for wetin na? Na my boy, e dey shine now, see babes swooning over his stories... Power of Flux! Ride on mah boy cheesy grin and where's my other son Kidpaku? E Don go lolox with yansh abi? Ok

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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 9:37am On Mar 04, 2017
Andy passed his mug of 'ammunition' to me. I frowned at him but he shrugged. His eyes were getting red now. He grabbed a stool then sat by me. Instinctively, I moved the gun to the left side of the table and out of his reach.

The dreaded man (referencing his dreadlocks not a feeling of fear) looked from Andy to me. He still held his wrist obviously in pain.."I was sent here just to find out if you knew anything..I don't know anything I swear!"
"That's impossible..I'm going to ask you only once" I kept the knife/dagger on the table before me and the blade glinted the light from the fluorescent perfectly. "And ig you lie, I am going to cut off your fingers..look here people died because of this initiative whatever and for the last time I'm going to ask you..what is it about?"
Andy got up. And moved behind me. I turned sideways and thought he left the kitchen.
The potential killer whose name had been given as Fluxmind stammered and his eyes widened "I'm just a hired thug I swear it..I'm sent to do the Job and I do it..I don't ask questions!"
"Who sent you?...Andy!!"
Andy grabbed the dagger off the table, he must have been lurking behind me all along.
I turned and saw him already warming the knife on the gas burner which he had lit without my knowledge (And he's the one supposed to be drunk!)
"Andy! What are you doing...?"
"Oba ask this fool the question again..." His eyes were red and they looked quite mad.
I started to protest but then I thought better. I had the gun he had the inigw but something told me not to argue with him.
I turned back to The man.
Shaking my head in a 'you see yourself' manner I asked him once more. "What is the initiative about? Tell me all of it"
His eyes were different now and I could tell what he was thinking as he looked at the knife heating up.
The knife must have had some kind of oil on its surface because it began to sizzle and smoke with a hissing noise..
"Okay..okay..this is all I know I'd tell you what I know!"
"Go on"
"The widows initiative is a legitimate private avenue that helps out widows with children..it is completely non government privately owned..and has been supporting widows since its inception."
It was like hearing him read something online. But I was nodding..at least we were getting somewhere!
Andy however had other ideas, he turned the knob off and by this time the knife was practically red hot. Even me..I flinched reflexively when he passed me by.
As he approached the table..the 'dreaded' thug who had visibly relaxed after seeing me nod my head slightly started squirming in his seat, he began to get up..the panic too much for him to take sitting down, but Andy was lightening quick! he was upon him and he forced him down with his left hand which suddenly possessed the strength that his skinny muscles didn't show. The knife was positioned at a killers stance and even me who was behind Andy, flinched and half carried my leg up, grimacing and half covered my eyes expecting an impact..Andy was very unpredictable at this point. He appeared unstable at and looked like he really could strike.
"Your wife and her sister..your wife was the first person to to benefit from the widows initiative!" He rushed the words out in a shout and Andy's hand remained in mid air still poised to strike.
"What I know is your wife's mother was the first person the widows initiative took care of." He went off sounding like a rapper with the way he rushed his words..his eyes not leaving the blade once!

I got up and stood beside Andy..but I made no attempt to touch him. "What year was this thing formed?" I asked.
"1989..that is what I know!" His eyes hadn't left the knife when he replied and Andy apparently wasn't satisfied.
"What happened? what is soo important about this thing that my wife was killed for it..that you came herw adking me questions?answer me!" .he shouted his words and I looked outside worriedly..his voice must have Carried outside but come to think of it who would be outside by 3:16 am in the morning? Then again there were three people in this house who had no business in here in the first place and I was one of them!
I could see the man try to strain but he didn't put much effort to it because his eyes never left the point of the blade which was point sharp and still smoking.
"Your wife's mother was involved in some kind of problem with my boss..believe me I don't know the nature of it....but the initiative withdrew all support from her family just a year after it started." He was sweating profusely and I knew the suit he had on would have been something he regretted although he probably would have been feeling like a professional killer when he put it on.

"So your boss is the Chief then?"
I asked him.
"No...its his wife..she is the CEO of the widows initiative..please I'm saying this tospare my life..." He tore his eyes from the knife to look at me an Andy for a second.

Andy lowered his knife and looked at me for the first time. His eyes were still very red, he shook his head in disbelief. "So they are truly sisters?"
It seemed he was coming to terms with the news of Mona's demise..the alcohol having been worn out...or maybe the depth of the truth was so shattering that no amount of intoxication could keep it buried for long.

"Andy whatever I tell you, no matter how crazy it may sound..its the truth..I have no reason to lie..not to you."
I could see his eyes boil with emotion but he held it in..
The idea of revenge always provides a temporary point of escape from the pain over a lost one, and in some cases the thought of revenge could be the one thing that drives someone and somehow I knew Andy could turn to one of such when he turned roughly on Fluxmind and gripped him by the collar at the same time holding onto the dagger, leaving the hot blade a few inches from his face. "Where can I find this woman? Tell me!"

I had noticed that although terrified the dreaded thug had glanced too many times at the clock.
I grabbed the gun from the table and went to the window.
"Andy!" I said his name warningly..the street was still empty with the car still parked in front of the house.
The knife must have touched the cheek because he shouted in pain.
It sounded like the howling of a wolf.

"Andy gimme the knife!..we are in this together..we have to stick together..now go and get something in this house that we can tie them up..we need to do something quick"
I pointed to the heavy set driver on the floor who was breathing heavily..the bleeding had stopped but he lay motionless, apart from his breathing. with the up and down movement of his pot belly the only thing that showed he was alive.

Andy still held onto the knife, but he released him and went into the inner door of the kitchen leading to the store. I could hear him rummaging for a rope of some kind and I looked at the face of the thug where his knife had left a print. The knife had branded his cheek and I thought I could see smoke rising from it..the pain must have been blinding, but he didn't hold his face..he just shut his eyes with a grimace on his face.
I could tell the pain was almost impossible to comprehend because when he opened his eyes he looked lost.
But then he glanced at the clock again and I looked out the window.
"Why do you keep looking at the clock? Who are you expecting?"

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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 4:46pm On Mar 04, 2017
"The cleaners" he replied. "My job is to kill, but someone else cleans the mess. That's how its done."
"That way no one knows what happened to you...in his case (he tilted his head towards Andy) your amputated body would have been discovered along Lagos/Ibadan expressway and dismissed as the work of ritualists"

"Why are they not here yet?"

He shrugged "maybe traffic"
At 3:39 in the morning?.
he touched his cheek tentatively and winced in pain.

Andy came out of the store. "Lemme check my room..there should be a rope there..Mona loved to get kinky.." He shook his head sadly in memory.
"Who told you to stand up?" He asked Flux who sat down immediately "Oba I think we should kill this men...then drive their their car far away with their dear bodies in the booth. We can drop the car at oshodi. What do you think?"
He was actually serious and I knew Andy would never be the gentle dove he had been before.

"That would not be right Andy"
"Which one is right again?. This people came here to kill me!"
"Get the rope first. We'll decide whether to kill them or not when you come"
He nodded satisfied then went in search of the rope.
The potential killer couldn't believe his ears and I could see he was beginning to panic afresh.
He looked at the body of his partner for the first time and must have noticed he was still breathing.
"Please don't kill us..my job is to follow orders that is all..I'm paid for what I do..its nothing personal."

I was still at the window. A lot was on my mind..The paper, getting it to Dr. Rasheed later in the day, this black September terrorist group that was going to come after me and my family for taking the paper. And now finding out that the Chiefs wife was another devil too.

A thought occurred to me. "Who called you and told you to come for Andy tonight?"
"The chief called me himself. He said your friends wife had remembered something she shouldn't have and that I had to make sure there were no loose ends"
"So you work for the Chief then..not his wife"
" I work for the both of them..the Chief is the backer and sponsor but his wife is the president of the organisation.. please don't kill me..I have answered all your questions...please I don't trust your friend but I know he would listen to you. I don't want to die!"
"How many men have you killed? In your lifetime?"
Before he could reply Andy returned with the rope. His eyes were swollen and wet and I suspected he had broken down in tears Inside.
He had brought a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt and he dropped it on the dining table.
"You need to change that ill fitting uniform..it makes you look strange!"
He was right. I still had on Mathias' uniform. And the buttons were almost popping out due to my broad chest and shoulders.
"Let's tie the fools first...we need to be quick..according to him another group is coming to clean up the mess that would have been your blood."
"Why don't we leave another type of mess for them?" He held up the knife and wiggled his brows suggestively in the thugs direction.
"I have a better idea...but we have to be quick"

20 minutes later, we had fluxmind and his partner (who was still unconscious) tied up on the back seat of their car.
I was behind the wheel and Andy was beside me. I reversed the car and parked it in front of Alhaja's house (just beside Andy's home)

"Now we wait" I said to Andy. He nodded at me. The blade was on the dashboard and I had the gun in my lap.
"Oba..what do we do..how do we get this Chief and his wife...we owe it to both Fome and Mona to find out what this is all about.."
"As long as we stick together Andy..everything would work out I'm sure..Just leave the Chief to me...I'm going to sign his death warrant in a few hours. What we'll need to find out is what happened to Fome and Mona's mother by 1989"
"Mmm...mmm..hmmmmm" I had rolled up a piece of clothe and stuck it in Flux's mouth before securing it with the rope. So he couldn't speak but he still tried, making a moaning noise from the backseat.
"Shut up or else I would cut out your throat" Andy warned and he became quiet immediately.
The time was 4:01am.
"Since Monday I haven't slept well..and this is Thursday"
"Friday" Andy corrected and I became silent.. thinking.
My mother had said she and my father would be coming on Sunday..it had seemed quite far then but now just two days...and I had this black September group to worry about.
I was beginning to feel depressed. I had lost two people already..make that 3 people Mona would have been my sister in law after all if all had gone as it should have and I couldn't lose any one else..no way! It wasn't an option.

The silence stretched as we stared ahead..waiting for the 'cleaners'. Andy and I both lost in our thoughts.

"How did she die?" He asked after a while.
"She was shot." I responded after a moments hesitation There was no need to lie but that didn't mean I had to step over the pieces of his broken heart. "It was quick..she didn't feel any pain"
I assured him.
"But she is still dead..who exactly pulled the trigger? One of Chiefs men?"
"Mmmm...mmmmmm..." From the backseat again.
I turned. "Fluxmind..do you want to die a death almost as stupid as your name?"
I turned to Andy..."her death was indirectly my fault..I thought she was the enemy at the time and I called this secret agent..that was the worst mistake..because she met her death at the hands of his men"

Andy looked at me and I couldn't read his expression.
"I've made some dreadful decisions this week Andy" I remembered the explosion and the roof shooting into the sky. And imagined Fome's body turning to ashes in seconds.
"Oba you know how you are going to redeem yourself? You are going to call that agent and arrange him to meet us somewhere and we are going to torture him until he tells us the reason he killed Mona"
You don't understand..she had a gun!..I wanted to say but then I remembered the way strange eyes had ushered the chief into the safety of the ford jeep hours ago..and how he had been relentless in his pursuit of Fome. Andy was right..strange eyes had never come clean with me and I needed to find out what he knew..if torturing him was what it took then so be it.

I nodded in agreement at Andy.."you're right..but that would have to be at night..my life is like a time table right now..and I have to be at the General hospital during the day."
"You mean we" he corrected.
"Andy I can't ask you to risk your life..I've gotten myself involved in something very dangerous"
He waved it off "we are in this together..we stick together remember"
I nodded..I couldn't trust myself to speak..the night(or day) had been an emotional one and it felt good to know I wasn't alone anymore.

"There's a vehicle approaching" I watched the rear view mirror as headlights got closer.
Andy and I both got down as the vehicle got Closer.
It passed us and came to a stop in front of Andy's home. I saw it was a dry cleaners truck and the irony was not lost on me.
We watched as three men highlighted from the truck. Each had a plastic bag in his hand. They observed the street carefully and Andy and I instinctively bent down when they looked in our direction. We had parked the car in Alhaja's driveway and they didn't pay any attention to it or notice it as their 'strike team' vehicle because they headed to the front door satisfied that they were the only ones in the street.

"We need to be quick..but 3 men...it shouldn't matter anyhow..the way I feel I could take down a dozen men." Andy gritted his teeth.
"Exactly!" I agreed but then I squinted my eyes "wait..that's a girl with them..two guys and a girl"
"Are you sure.." Andy also squinted..then he nodded.."you're right...I see boobs"

They stood outside the door for seconds then one of them opened the door and they strolled in as if they were the ones paying the rent.

"Let's move" I said to Andy who was already opening the door..with the blade in hand..the jovial goofy customer service banker now a fighter and potential killer also.
I was one to talk..

I looked back at the dreaded thug flux mind who had stopped with his mmmm' noise and was watching us with wide eyes.
"Stay still..if you struggle..it would be your bloody shirt that the 'dry cleaners' would be washing!"
He nodded his head quickly..the coward!

Andy with the dagger in his hand and I with the gun in mine ran towards the house.
Time to take the cleaners to the cleaners..I thought to myself as I barged in first with the gun (which I had gotten used to) in my hand.
Andy was behind me and I could see the two guys standing by the dining table observing the trail of blood on the floor(From the fat driver when i l dragged his unconscious body on the floor)and scratching their heads wondering were Andy's body was. They both wore white plastic lab coats and plastic gloves too with nose masks.
They turned in surprise as The door barged open.


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 11:11pm On Mar 04, 2017
Xaviercasmir u were one of the first people to encourage me when I started this...where hath thou been all this while

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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by Bibi294(f): 7:12am On Mar 05, 2017
Maybe he has been busy this days
Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 7:39am On Mar 05, 2017
[quote author=Bibi294 post=54283549]Maybe he has been busy this days[/quote

That's true...I was just reading from page 1 and I was wondering..
gud morning sunshine
Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 3:13pm On Mar 05, 2017
The two men looked surprised as Andy and I entered the kitchen. They each held a plastic bottle which probably contained some chemical for washing away blood. The first one had a small brush in his hand..one side strong for scrubbing but the other side was foamy for absorbing whatever was scrubbed off. I noticed all this in a split second but trust my luck not to notice the important detail.
It was almost too late..I had looked around the kitchen for the girl who was no where in sight and just as I was looking back to the two 'cleaners' about to order them to get on the floor, I saw the second guy had a gun and he was raising it in my direction with intent.
I didn't think, I just pulled the trigger!

The sound was deafening again..this hand gun must have been more powerful than the last one I had fired (or misfired more accurately..at Jumbo's partner 4 days ago) because the sound was twice as loud in my ears. And I felt the discharge as the bullet left the gun.

The silence that followed was just as loud. I stared straight ahead with my eyes wide with something close to shock.
The cleaner whom I had shot stared at me with unblinking eyes, then slowly he fell to the ground.

Somehow I had handled the recoil and hit the target. The bullet had lodged into his throat or maybe passed through..but it had ripped every artery and vein in its path.
The 'cleaner' who was no doubt dead fell to the floor and blood spurted out of his throat like a dislodged water pipe. Spraying the Formica cabinet which was beside him.

"Now that's how you shoot!" Andy shouted and in a flash he crossed over to the second man and he ran him through with the dagger.
The man fell to his knees as he looked down at the blade which was stuck in his belly.
Andy put his long leg on the man's shoulder and pushed him back while pulling the blade out at the same time.

I couldn't believe what had happened. I was still trying to grasp the fact that I had just killed a man..but seeing Andy do it with ease..to stick the blade into a fellow human as if it was a mattress he was stabbing...

He looked at me "what is it"
"Andy how could you kill a man in cold blood!"
He pointed at the man I had shot "you also killed someone and it wasn't in hot blood bro"
"But that was different...he had a gun...this guy was already surrendering..."
"Oba..I just lost my wife and unborn child a few hours ago..and this men came to clean up my blood and dismember my corpse to look like the work of ritualists..however you want to look at it two men are dead in here and I killed only one"

I was quiet.."the gun must have alerted your neighbours..where is the third person anyway..?"
As if in response we heard the front door slam shut. We looked at each other then hurried to the parlour. The kitchen was a bloody mess and I was glad to be out of there. As we ran through the parlour we heard the engine of the van roar to life.
The lady cleaner must have seen us kill her fellow workers and now she was running for dear life.

Andy and I ran outside just as the van was pulling out.. I considered shooting at the tires but my aim was still wack and not good enough to hit a moving vehicle.
"The car!" I shouted at Andy.
We both ran madly to the car and I started the engine. It responded once as it roared to life, the car was a BMW and must have been a v8 engine. The van was turning out of the street now and I put the accelerator down in pursuit.

She drove the van madly with speed and excellent handling..she must have seen the BMW's headlights in her rearview mirror because she increased the speed but I was catching up and closing the distance.

"Mmmm!mmmm!mmm!" From the back seat again. Andy turned and before he could act(because I didn't trust him right now) I handled the gun with my right hand and smacked Fluxmind's head with the butt of the gun. He was quiet immediately drifting off to oblivion.

The van made a hard right turn towards the highway and I followed..on the smooth road of the express with no pot holes and bad road it should be a matter of seconds before I caught up to the van.

"How could you kill someone like that Andy!"
"Look Oba..when you're fighting with demons you need to get your hands dirty..you can't be forming principle in this kind of matter"
I was gaining on the van.
"True..but he who fights monsters must see to it that he doesn't become a monster in the process..and Andy what I saw back there was a monster..a cold blooded monster!"
I was about to overtake the van but a danfo bus had stopped on that side of the road..I could see the driver and his conductor drinking alcohol as they prepared for the early morning rush of passengers..it was almost 4:30am.
I slowed down and switched lanes.
"Oba spare me your philosophy abeg..now I'm with you and you are no longer going to be pushed around by all this agents and this chief and any bloody terrorist..no way..now we are on the front foot..even this Dr. Rasheed we are going to trace him from the hospital after you see him today..no more running away..I have nothing to lose now that- haba you no sabi drive...press this thing now!"
I shook my head.."my God..Andy..what have you become?"

I was side to side with the van now and I horned madly. I could see her looking at the car.
"Pull over now! Stop your car!"
I shouted at her. Andy also gestured with his hand directing her to stop the van.

She rammed into our car and it took all my strength and grip on the steering wheel to keep the car from veering of the road and into the pavement.

"The b!tch wants to play dirty" I muttered as I struggled to control the car. She sped off boosting almost out of sight as if she had nitro installed in the van.
"Too bad for her then..dirty is our game..use the other side this time"
Andy instructed and I complied speeding towards the van. I used Andy's side this time and as I began to draw level with the van he said "slow down a bit" he put his window down totally then took the knife again which was on the dashboard.I already knew what he was going to do and I moved closer to give him easy access..he pierced the back left tire and it bursted immediately with a loud noise as all the air escaped. I hit the brakes immediately slowing the car as the van leaned dangerously towards the left side where the tire had given out.
The speed was too much for the van and she couldn't control it in time..
the van fell on its side, tumbled once, then continued to slide with its body for some length of the road.

The road was still empty but I could see a pedestrian bridge in front and I could detect some movement..
I parked to the side of the road..
"Quick let's see if we can get her out of the van..I need some answers from her..I hope she's not dead!"
"You and your questions..are you Frank Edoho?" Andy grumbled but he got out of the car..we ran towards the van which lay on its side with both right side tires still rolling in the air..the engine had began to smoke dangerously and I feared another explosion.
I could see the lady sprawled across the dashboard probably unconscious.
I thought of how to get her out of the van as the door was facing the sky and other door was pinned to the floor.
I could feel the city coming alive and the van had made soo much noise..any vehicle could drive pass at any time...time was not a luxury..
Finally, I used the butt of the gun to smash the windscreen after hitting it close to 9 times..I leaned in and pulled her out of the van..the broken glass pieced my hands and arms mercilessly drawing blood but I didn't feel anything..I could see a gash on her forehead from where she had hit her head against the windscreen or maybe even the floor when the van fell..who knew..?
I dragged her out of the smoking van then carried her back to the car..thankful that no vehicle was in sight. Andy opened the door for me and I dropped her in the backseat on top the two unconscious men.
I hurried to the driver seat while Andy buckled in.
"If the police should stop us now we are in big soup" I said as I started the car.
"You bloody pessimist" Andy muttered.

We looked at each other and at the same time asked "where to?"


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 7:53am On Mar 06, 2017
"Let's go back to my house" Andy said
"Are you crazy? With the dead bodies in the kitchen not to mention Alhaja would have called the police by now.."
"So I'm now also homeless as well..Thank you very much for that"
I started the car and headed for the nearest turning just before the pedestrian bridge.
"I won't bother with a reply for you"
"So where are we going now?"
"To my house"
He was silent for a while, then: "but didn't you kill someone there about five days ago?"
"Four and it wasn't me..it was strange eyes..he actually saved my life"
"This strange eyes person..I really need to meet him..he has to explain to me how come my wife is dead"
"No problem..I have some questions for him too...but that has to wait till night..we have more pressing matters at the moment."
I inclined my head toward the backseat where we had three unconscious individuals.

The rest of the drive was silent.
We were lost in our different thoughts. Mine was simple,: this time next week would I be alive? Or even this time tomorrow. Andy on the other hand...I didn't need a soothsayer to guess what his thoughts were.

My house was a 20 minute drive to Andy's place but I took my time, wary of any police hilux lurking nearby. The worst thing that could happen would be to be pulled over right now. I had an unlicensed gun, there was a very wicked knife/dagger/sword and to top it up we had three very unconscious people sprawled across the backseat.

It seemed good luck was on my side however and I when I pulled over in front of my house it was 5:02am. There was no light as usual and the neighbourhood was quiet but I could hear the prayer call from the nearby mosque and that had me worried..there was bound to be movement as Muslims headed to the mosque. During my days working in the bank I had used the reliable call as an alarm from Monday to Friday but right now I wished the mosque was in another neighbourhood. I had two Muslims in my compound and they were my initial problem I didn't know if they had gone out yet..I wouldn't want to be carrying the bodies to my house and one of them would come from upstairs and see me.

"What are we waiting for?" Andy asked impatiently
"Oga calm your tits...wait here"
I got down and strolled nonchalantly towards my front door.
There was police caution tape wrapped around the front door and I could see a massive padlock had been used to lock the door.
I swore violently and kicked the door in frustration and it opened to my surprise and I inspected the padlock and saw that it had been bursted earlier and wasn't hooked to the door.
My blood went cold as I wondered who was responsible for this...the kidon?black September?or maybe the Chiefs goons? I shook the shivers away then hurried back to the car.
"Your door is open?"
"Yes..we have to carry them in while everywhere is silent...we have to be fast"
"All right..let's do this!"
Andy got down from the car and we studied the street. The prayer call had stopped which should mean every one should be in the mosque by now..including my neighbours.
The car was as close to the curb as possible and it was a short distance to the apartment.
"I got the girl" Andy said and he carried her easily. She was quite Petit and must have been light because he carried her as if she weighed nothing.
"This her boobs big sha.."
"Fool..just hurry up so we can carry this remaining two."

Now my next door neighbour Mama Nkechi was as nosy as they come. She was always chattering about other peoples lives but kept a tight lid on hers. She knew what went on in the next 2 streets but nobody knew anything about her.
I hated her and she hated me also. I could hear her singing as she moved about her kitchen probably preparing her children for school. If she should come out and see me now that would be disastrous! I tapped my foot impatiently as I watched Andy try to get under the caution tape which was impossible, he was as long as a pole!
"Just tear it off!" I whispered not wanting my voice to be heard my mama Nkechi who was still singing. 'My hands are blessed,my hands are blessed...'

He barged in with his body..ripping the caution tape and came back seconds after.
We proceeded to pull out Fluxmind from the car. "This was a bad idea..you know the kind of snitch neighbours you have Oba"
"Once we get the answers we need we can leave them in the house..please don't make any noise..this my neighbour..."
The words were barely out of my mouth and we were at the door. We had been moving side ways as we carried the dreaded thug and I had his legs while Andy held his shoulders or so I thought..it turned out he carried him by his dreadlocks and as we rotated to a straight line to pass the door easily, he lost his grip and Fluxmind's big head crashed against the floor with a bouncing noise that I feared his head must have split open.
"We should have left him in the car..sheybe its just the girl we need to question!" Andy whispered furiously.
"Sshhhh!" I listened closely..straining my ears. The singing had stopped.


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 1:05pm On Mar 06, 2017
I heard her unlock the bolt of her door, mama Nkechi was coming outside to investigate the noise.
"Quick drag him inside" I whispered to Andy and he dragged him by the legs and pulled him into the house.

"Who is that..who dey there?"
The place was still dark and she remained on her balcony straining her eyes..not wanting to come near the house someone had been killed 5 days ago.
"Mama Nkechi its me"
"Rec" ( she never pronounced my name correctly she pronounced it: wreck)
"Yes Na me"
"Wetting you dey find for here"
"Wetting I dey find for my house?"
"You no know say police don dey find you come since"
"For wetting?" I asked impatiently
"You wan tell me say you no know say person die for your house"
"Madam please you are wasting my time if you have nothing useful to tell me then please leave me alone..I don't have time for this"
"Tor- no vex o"
She looked at me a second longer then hurried to her kitchen

I joined Andy in my home. It felt so different, like a strangers home now.
"We need to leave..that woman if she has any police number then they are on their way already"
"We need to question this girl asap..we can leave them here"
" She wouldn't even wake up" Andy said "I have poured both hot and cold water on her, been shaking her since but no response..I think she may have suffered a concussion."
"Shiit!..what do we do now.." I rubbed my face..my beard scratched my hands..before I shaved every morning and could always boast of a clean and smooth jaw line..but not anymore.
"Look let's take the car and go and lodge somewhere..I haven't slept at all..since yesterday and this is almost 5:30, and by noon we have to be at the general hospital!"
Andy nodded in agreement.."so this babe what do we do?..even the other guy is still in the car and he hasn't woken up since..hope you didn't kill him?"
I shook my head already moving towards the door "he was still breathing..we'd just dump him on the pavement..there isn't much we can do again..I'd call an ambulance from the car.."
Andy still remained rooted to the spot.
"Look this my neighbour that just saw me means bad news..we need to get moving"

At the car we dumped the fat man who was still tied up and breathing heavily on the side of the road.
I watched Mama Nkechi's house warily and I could see her peeping from the side of the curtain.
I sighed in relief once I got behind the wheel and sped away.
I hadn't been able to get the answers I needed but the information I had was enough to start from.
The chiefs wife ran an organisation that supplied help to widows with children and Fome and Mona's mother had been the first person to come under the 'widow's initiative and coincidentally when their Father who was the chief's friend had kicked the bucket the Chief had ripped his friends promising business and used it to launch himself.
I remembered a long time ago during our bedroom stories, Fome had said her mother had been cheated out of soo many things because she wasn't literate and had vowed that her daughter must be learned I hadnt thought much of it at the time but now....it seems I was connecting the dots little by little but there were still so many dots that were far apart to connect..
"Penny for your thoughts" Andy said
"Bro..penny no go reach I tell you"
"Tell me about it man..my own thoughts sef fit drown me"
I was silent as I headed for a near by hotel. My mind kept on drifting to my parents who were coming on sunday..I had to stop them...but even if I stopped them from coming...where they safe in their house?..what the chief had said about this black September had instilled fear in me..would I be wise to hand the paper over to the Dr. Today? But even that would surely mean my death.
But I had browsed my phone on the black September group and it was said that the Kidon in the 'operation wrath of God' had killed all members of the group and the last one had fled to somewhere in North Africa to seek refuge..but that didn't mean the group had ended did it?
the paper that had put me in this mess was stuffed in my pocket, rolled up in a ball and I knew I would be foolish to just hand it over to the Dr. I had to have a back up plan...something that would put me and my loved ones in a safe place.
"Andy you said something about tracking this Dr. Rasheed before?"
He was already dozing and he yawned lazily "yea..you said he had a handler abi..so we just need him to lead us to his handler"
"But his handler should be an Israeli secret agent..have you ever heard of mossad?"
"Only when I watched strike back" his eyes were closing and I realized I had passed the hotel I was heading for. I slowed down for a U-turn.
"Then you should know they are very dangerous..they are the best at observing and intelligence gathering..they knew things about my family that they shouldn't have..if we should be seen following this man then I fear we would be killed...what do you think?"
His response was to snore softly..he must have conked out since..I shook my head 'Rex Obasi...your problem was always over thinking and look where it got you..what is the use of looking before leaping when you still can't see the other side clearly?'
I made a conscious effort to turn off the brain and stop the over thinking as I turned into the motel's driveway. I needed to catch some sleep, no matter how short. It was already 6 am.

My eyes opened what felt like an hour later and I sleepily checked my phone on the bedside table for the time. Andy was sprawled beside me snoring loudly.
My eyes cleared immediately and I shouted.
"Chisos!..Andy get up..get up get up...its quarter to two!!"

In fifteen minutes we had showered, dressed and were sitting in the car. The effects from Wendy's brush were totally gone now and I looked my normal youthful self..the tribal marks had dissapeared and Save for my bald head which still made me unable to recognise myself whenever I saw my reflection.

"If you think we are running of to the hospital on an empty stomach, you better think again!" Andy warned and I agreed or rather my stomach growled in agreement.

The garage where strange eyes and I had eaten breakfast days (which felt like ages) ago was close by and I started the engine and headed in the direction. The mood was heavy and sad and I tried to lighten it "I'm so keeping this car Andy..after all they put a tracker in my own and forced me to abandon it."
He was still silent.
"They can keep my asthmatic ridden Nissan..this one doesn't need an inhaler..just hear..the engine sound!" I put it on neutral and pumped the accelerator "the lungs are super fine"
Still no word from Andy he just stared blankly ahead And I gave up. The atmosphere was gloomy and I began to feel depressed too.
Andy's phone rang. He checked it then cut the call. "Ariyo..probably wondering why I'm not at work...well sorry Mr. But I'm in no frame of mind to listen to stupid costumers who have one useless issue or the other with their stupid account!"
I looked at him..I knew the source of his outburst: Mona..he must have woken up and remembered the events of the night before..his wife was dead...I knew because the first thought that had crossed my mind was that Fome was dead too.

"How did we both wake up on the wrong side of the bed when we both slept on the same bed?" I asked grimly.
He burst out laughing hysterically.."that's very strange...Oba..very strange I tell you!"
"You know what's more strange?" I was behind a danfo bus that was blocking the entrance to the garage but I didn't horn or gesture in impatience.. suddenly I had all the time in the world.
I also started laughing crazily.."you know what's more strange..I killed a man yesterday!"
Tears were practically rolling down his cheeks by now as he laughed harder at this. But this was far from tears of joy..it was tears of sorrow on the brink of craziness..I know because I felt it too.
"You know the strangest thing..?" Andy asked in between fits of laughter "I'd like to do it again..I wouldn't mind killing another motherfucker!"
" me too!..I concur majorly!"
The bus had moved and I entered the garage finally, the smell of palm oil stew was enough to drag us back from the brink of insanity and we were quiet as I parked the car.

We got down and headed towards the rows of benches occupied by thugs and mechanics and Andy sighed.."reality really is a bitch men"
I was about to nod in agreement, reality was messed up once you had to face something painfully true...but my eyes had caught something..or rather someone.

Sitting on a bench in the same spot we had occupied days ago sat strange eyes spooning mouthfuls of rice and beans(just like before) into his mouth. He appeared unaware of his surroundings and just sat still with the only motion his hand moving the spoon from the plate to his mouth and back again.

I stopped Andy by holding his arm.."you say you wanted to meet that strange eyes abi"
"Yes of course..I plan to stick his head up his ass if his answers to my questions are not satisfactory"
"Then let's go"
"I thought you said at night?..what of the hospital?"
"Andy that man in the checked shirt..you see him?"
He nodded.yes
"You see how fvcked up his eyes are?"
"Yea..his eyes are soo..strange" his eyes widened suddenly and he looked at me in question.
I nodded in reply.."yep..that's the fool alright"


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 11:42pm On Mar 08, 2017
Andy and I sat down on the bench opposite strange eyes. He didn't even look up but continued Eaton with his eyes downcast.
I was about calling his name when the madam hurried to my side. She obviously remembered me from before. "Yoga welcome o..I don ask bross for you but he say you no dey" (she pointed to strange eyes when she said 'bross')
"Wetting una go chop?"
"Its too late for beans..just give us rice...garnish am well well we dey very hungry"
She hurried off but I had no time to look at her ample behind..my eyes were boring into strange eyes's strange eyes. His head had jerked up immediately he heard my voice and he paused, with the spoon midway to his mouth. He glanced at Andy then back at me then he smiled..."you know Rex..you have really grown in these past few days..how could you track me so swiftly and I wouldn't know?" He dropped his spoon and started clapping softly.
"Listen to me..we'll be asking the questions here" Andy said and his eyes were hard and cold that strange eyes first spared him a fleeting glance, but then he had to look at him again more closely.
"And who might you be?"
"Didn't you hear what I just said..or are you deaf?" Andy replied in a controlled voice that dripped hate.
Strange eyes looked away uncomfortably "look Rex..I don't know who this is or what you are playing at..but I'm not in a mood to be messed with"
I knew strange eyes was armed. He had a pocket size gun (A .32 caliber .ACP).
But I didn't care about that right now. "Look here strange eyes-"
"Stop calling me that...I don't like it!" He sounded like a whining child.
"Look here" I continued "His wife and my fiance died last night..your men gunned down Mona and yet you ushered in the chief for protection..I want to know why"
"I don't owe you any explanation..you made up your mind when you ditched me at the boutique and stole Ada's car" He took a tooth pick from the table,stuck it in his mouth and got up.
"Madam..I'm leaving you can keep my change"
Andy was swift, he stood up and with one hand on strange eyes' shoulder forced him down so fast and with so much energy that strange eyes landed on his seat with a loud thump.
The people around who had been busy with their food and didn't pay any attention to us now looked our way with raised eyebrows.
"What do you think you're doing? Do you know who I am" strange eyes sounded surprised and angry but he made no move to stand up again.
"I don't care who you are..but you're not leaving here until I'm you have answered every question we have"
Strange eyes looked at him for some seconds then at me. "Rex..talk to your friend..I dont-"
He stopped talking as the madam returned with two hefty plates for Andy and I.
"Oga if you want anything else just tell me..abeg and you too oga" she added to Andy.
"No problem thank you."
She retreated and strange eyes sighed and leaned back. He rubbed his face tiredly and I had the impression that he had not slept a wink.
"OK..first of all I'm sorry about your wife" he said to Andy. "And about Fome..I never wanted her to die"
But you wanted her kneecaps shot out abi? I almost bursted out but I kept quiet.
"What exactly do you want to know?"
He asked in a resigned manner.

Andy looked at me to proceed and he faced his food. The aroma was dancing in my face but and my stomach was responding but sadly I had to wait..it seemed I had the first shift of interrogation and I had too many questions right now.

"Firstly what did Mona mean about the year 1989 and this widows initiative..what happened that year?"
He sighed then took a long pull from his bottled water. "Mrs Benita Amunike launched the widows initiative in the year 1989..the purpose was to provide help for widows with children..but there was no capital to actualise the dream..as a matter of fact the plan had been stagnant for years before that because of lack of funds"
He decided to continue with his food after all and continued sending spoonfuls down his throat.
"That year however,"he continued with his mouth full "her husband the chief, bought the major shares of his dead friends steel industry which was on the uprise and getting profitable...and within the next 6 months, the turnover was outstanding and he was able to pump the suitable capital into his wife's organisation."
He stopped and looked at me as if he expected a question and I fired away..I had too many to disappoint.
"So..what exactly did this organisation do for his dead friend's wife and kids?"
"It took a couple of years and they couldn't be found..but finally the widows initiative was able to contact Fome's mother and they took them in and sponsored the eduction of both daughters and provided for them...but the state they were in was very bad..they lived on the streets for years literally from hand to mouth" he stopped again and began scraping his plate. Andy had kept on eating although his eyes never left strange eyes. On the other hand I had lost interest in eating..for the main time at least.
"So its supposed to be a good thing now..tell me the but..what is the initiative really about?"
He smiled "Rex..I really must say you have improved..you really impress me now..you're asking the right questions and I must say I never expected you to survive this long when you ditched me, but here you are and I must commend-"
"You can take a rain check on kissing my ass..I asked you a question"
He frowned slightly but continued "the initiative although innocent at first..but over the years when the Chief became involved in-eh...should I say illegal activities it became a medium for human trafficking"
Andy stopped eating "human trafficking?"
"Yes..sadly the medium that was supposed to help widows and children is now a medium for trafficking the same widows and children outside the country"
"But how is that possible..how can they get away with such?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing
"Rex..the initiative only covers widows with no place to go..no family members or cases that the husbands family has shut them out and exploited them and her own family is nowhere to be found or not well to do at all..that way they are hardly missed..and the ones who are missed..." He shrugged and pushed his empty plate away.
I was outraged "you call yourself a government agent and you have this kind of information and yet you do nothing with it? And yet you protected this same Chief? Have you no idea the countless widows and young children being sold out for God knows what?..how can you sleep at night..how can you live with yourself...what kind of person are you?"

He bowed his head in what looked like shame.
"Do you know how my eyes got to be like this?" He asked.
I was breathing fast from my outburst..all thoughts of food completely forgotten now but I managed to say "no".

"That's a long story Rex..not one I like telling and not one for now anyway...however believe me that I wasn't born this way" he glanced around at the other people busy with their food.
"Everything I told you now..I found out myself under the one year I was with the chief..and when I relayed the information to my superiors I was told to stand down! Imagine...I went a step further but my identity was leaked to the Chief and that was when he sent the two assassins to your place to kill us"
"But why did you let him walk away? Why did you offer him protection last night"
"Rex believe me When I tell you the chief can't be touched..he literally can't be touched..if anything had touched the chief..anything as small as handcuffs..I won't have my job anymore."
I was disgusted.."which Job?..what exactly is the purpose of the job..so you're keeping your job by not doing your job! You disgust me..what if it were your sister being smuggled out? Or your mother?"
He shook his head sadly.."you met me here..I came here because I was sick of my actions..I have been kicking myself mentally all along..the thing is I plan to give all the information to the newspapers anyway"
"So why haven't you?"
He sighed again for the thousandth time. "There is a paper of supreme importance..I can't even begin to explain what the paper contains...the paper was with the chief at first..but it got mixed with the papers you stole..but then Fome stole it from you. That is why I wanted Fome badly."
The paper!! I had forgotten about it! It was still in my pocket..but now the time was past 3 in the afternoon and I had forgotten all about the hospital. I looked at Andy and I could tell he read my mind perfectly..The general hospital.. Dr. Rasheed was waiting..concerning my enemy's delayed diagnosis.
"Fome didn't steal the papers...it was her sister Mona..may their soul rest in peace"
I corrected strange eyes.
"Amen" strange eyes Replied and he looked chastised. I nodded to Andy and we stood up. I signalled for the madam and she hurried to our table.
"Bross you no chop your food?" She frowned looking at my full plate "even you self bross..you no finish am..anything dey wrong with am?"
"Nothing madam...come take money" I paid her excess that was about the last change I had on me. "Keep the change"
She frowned but didn't say anything else. She collected the money, looked at strange eyes accusingly then retreated to the kitchen.

"Where are you going now?" Strange eyes asked. He looked defeated but I had no sympathy for him.
There was no way I was telling him the paper he searched heaven and earth for was in my pocket.
"Someone needs to stop this initiative and if you wouldn't do it..then I would do your job for you"
I replied him.
"Let's go Andy"
Andy pushed his chair back and glared down at strange eyes.
"Someone needs to pay for Mona's death"
Strange eyes said nothing.
Andy looked at me and I pleaded with my eyes..we had bigger fish to fry.
"I'm disappointed in you" he said to strange eyes.
"Who appointed you" strange eyes muttered but he didn't raise his eyes.
I was curious about the story behind his eyes but I left the table with Andy behind me.
"I meant what I said Oba..someone has to pay"
"Exactly..but that someone doesn't have to be him" I jerked my head towards the food joint where strange eyes still sat staring into space.
"The person responsible for their father's death, throwing them into poverty and years later killing both of them that's who has to pay..but right now..the hospital is waiting"
He nodded slowly.
And when we entered the car, the mood wasn't as crazy as it had been before or as sorrowful. It wasn't closure we had found but now we had purpose. Somewhere to direct our anger and no matter what it took,the Chief had to go down..with his family..maybe the exception of Ada..I could tell she was innocent of anything else and besides-
"Oba can you please start this car...its almost 4pm"
Andy broke into my thoughts rather impatiently and o hastily started the car. Dr. Rasheed here I come! I would give him the paper and I would be safe from the 'tip of the spear' and my family too.
But it felt like jumping from frying pan to fire.

P.s: sorry for the late update..the diagnosis was delayed. cheesy


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 6:06am On Mar 10, 2017
We encountered heavy traffic along the way. The Apapa wharf is notorious for being blocked by container carrying trucks either to or from the terminal and the road is only passable very early in the morning before the drivers begin their road blocking routine. I had forgotten this small fact and because of the direction Andy and I were coming from we got stuck in the stand still. I looked nervously at the time every few minutes. "Why would this place be like this? See how they block the road! Most of them are not even inside sef!!" I complained for the thousandth time checking the time.
"Na we jonze..see most vehicles are taking one way..this place is just upside down!" Andy was mopping sweat from his brow vigorously with his face towel. The car had little fuel and we couldn't afford to waste it with the a/c on.

We grumbled and complained, slapped the steering and dashboard countless times in frustration and looked at the clock on the dashboard about a million times. But there was little we could do.

Finally by quarter past 7 we pulled into the driveway of the general hospital.
"What time did he say you should come?" Andy asked.
"He didn't really specify..but the 48 hours was up a couple of hours ago"
"Anyhow..does he know the stress you went through to get it"
"Wetting dey even worry me now na the hunger wey dey flog me like this"
My stomach growled in reply right on cue.
"You for don try chop now"
"Bro with what I was hearing that time..I no reason food at all o"
"True..I didn't even finish mine"
There was silence as we both reminisced on what strange eyes had said.
"What do we do about that initiative? How do we go about stopping it?" Andy asked.
"I don't even know..my head is just expanding too much..let's tackle this doctor first."
"You're right..poka a poka"
"What does that mean again?" I asked him tiredly. I had killed the engine and we remained in the car.
"I had one crazy teacher in school..little by little..I don't even know what language..I'm sure he didn't too"
"Maybe Spanish" I responded dryly.
It seemed we were avoiding talking about the necessary but it had to be done.
"You said we should try and track this Dr. To his handler..are you still down with it?"
"Yes I'm down..but we will need to be super careful sha"
"But what do we do then..if we find his handler?" I asked and Andy shrugged in reply.
"You never know about tomorrow..it may look unnecessarily dangerous and foolish but it may be very important tomorrow."
"No problem...I agree..let's do this"
We shook hands before alighting from the vehicle. If before we had been like brothers now the bond had been strengthened and now we felt like twins.

The hospital was as busy and crowded as it was the last time. I tried to remember the directions I had been given the last time and I could see familiar doors and hallways.
I must have missed a turning because however we found ourselves in a different room. It looked like some kind of specialist room or some ICU of some sort. It was empty or so I thought.
I looked to Andy "we must have missed a turning..this isn't the diagnostic center"
He nodded and we turned to leave but then I saw her or rather I heard her. Just a single sob. A sound filled with so much grief and pain that I paused with my foot in mid air. Andy continued in my front thinking I followed him behind. I turned and studied the room and I saw her in the corner. She was in a wheelchair and I thought she was disabled but then I saw the cast her leg was in. Her right leg was wrapped in a thick cast and propped before her on some kind of stool and I only glanced at it. Her face was what caught my attention. She was beautiful..I mean very exquisite. She had this vulnerable and fragile look about her and I felt a strange urge to protect her. To shield her from whatever put that hurtful look on her face. She was dark complexioned, and I noticed her hair was really long and I wondered if it could possibly be real. It was pulled back in a ponytail and it made the angles of her face come out more and my breath caught in my chest. (Now you may wonder which kind person be this..not up to 24 hours Fome had died and here I was drooling over someone else. But I can't explain it...the fact is during the past three weeks I hadn't been as emotionally attached to Fome as I once had And I had really loved Fome but perhaps the love had waned a bit when she left me and it had died a little when she had gone gangstar in the chiefs house whipping the gun about and when I had found out she and the old crooner were pals..anyhow I can't explain it..but I was drawn to this young Lady on the wheelchair) I stood still, observing her from my position she couldn't see me but she didn't even look up anyway. She seemed lost in her world of grief and I noticed the tears that rolled down her cheeks freely and I wanted badly to brush it away and make her laugh. I stood for some seconds wondering what was making her cry and wishing she hadn't lost a loved one or that she didn't have some terminal Illness.

"I swear to God Almighty...I dey tire for you Oo" Andy had returned to the room after noticing I wasn't on his heels and he shook his head at me. "You just dey here dey spaceout what is it again?" He traced my eyes then saw her too. He studied her for some seconds "do you know her?"
"At all..but I need to..I'd be right back" I started towards her direction.
"Oba we don't need this..there isn't time for socializing..uuugh" he gritted his teeth in frustration when I paid no attention to him but continued moving towards the girl in the wheelchair.

She didn't look up as I approached her but kept on staring into nothing with the tears still streaming down her cheeks.
"Excuse me miss..are you okay?"
She looked up at me then tried to smile. She brushed her tears with the back of her hands.
"I'm fine thank you" she tried again to smile but failed and I could tell that when she did smile the result would be breathtaking. I had a strange urge to make her smile.
"I hope you are fine..I saw you crying and I had to come over..is there anything I could get you?" I glanced at the cast on her leg. "You need a doctor or anything?"

"You're not a doctor?" She asked surprised and for a minute I wished I was.
"No I'm not..I was heading somewhere and I took a wrong turn..but it might be a right one..are you sure there is nothing I can get you"
I had looked back when I said 'wrong turn' and I saw Andy was speaking to a young man in cleaning overalls with a mop stick and bucket at his feet. He had just come in to clean the place probably and the way they were looking in my direction I knew the subject of their discussion had to be the young Lady I was speaking to.

She looked at me and was about to shake her head I could tell. No there is nothing you can do for me thank you. But she seemed to consider and she smiled at me with all the tears gone now.Although she was still teary eyed.
"Actually if you don't mind to push me around a bit...I have been in this room all day.."
I hesitated I needed to locate Dr. Rasheed it was 7:30 pm already.
She must have read the hesitation on my face. "Don't worry about it..I'm fine"
I shook my head "no its alright I'd be glad to."
I removed the stool and she put her 'casted' foot on the partition of the wheelchair.
I wheeled her gently towards the door where Andy and the cleaner man still stood discussing in hushed tones. They stopped when we approached them.
"Tosin good evening" she greeted the cleaner.
"Evening madam..how the leg"
"Its better thank you..this gentleman is moving me around a bit..I know you want to clean up..so I won't disturb you"
She seemed to be in a better mood and her voice was clear and lovely and as I stood behind her holding the handle of the chair, Andy looked at me strangely.
"Gentleman?..this is no gentleman o..don't let him fool you"
"Really?" She tried to twist to look up at me but couldn't.
I narrowed my eyes at Andy..you bastard! My eyes read and he smiled knowingly.
"Don't mind him..this is my friend Andy we came here together"
"Very nice to meet you Andy"
"And you too.."
But she didn't supply her name, instead she leaned back into the seat and on cue I wheeled her away. "I'd be back in a few minutes" I said to Andy and he shook his head at me in reply with a faint frown or was it a smile on his lips.

The hospital was about three stories and we were on the second floor. I knew the diagnostic center was somewhere on this floor so I headed downstairs instead.
I wanted to ask her so many questions(a recent habit of mine) but I had the impression she wasn't ready to answer any, besides she seemed content to lean back and enjoy the ride which was what it felt like..I handled the chair like a car rolling the tires and even drifted if possible.
On the first floor we passed the waiting room and the maternal ward which was the largest in the hospital. They were having an immunization sensitization lecture for all the pregnant women admitted in the ward who were 'quarter to drop' and they all sent stares our way as I wheeled her outside the hall.
The canteen was also this way and I asked her "would you like anything to eat or drink?" Then I remembered I was cashless..I had given my last cash to the woman at the eatery and all I had on me was my ATM card and I didn't expect them to have a pos terminal.
She spared my blushes however "I'm not hungry at all thank you"
Life was full of risks "how about something to drink?"
She paused, considering..and I held my breath
"No I'm fine..thank you soo much"
I could tell her mood was lighter as we moved round the hospital and I noticed she especially ogled the new born babies who suckled at their mothers tits while I looked nervously away.
"I love babies soo much" she said in a wistful tone and I suddenly wondered why she had been crying before. But still I didn't ask.
We spent a lot of time downstairs and it was almost 8pm when I wheeled her back to the floor upstairs.
Andy was sitting on one of the chairs staring at the wall TV which was showing one of the usual Spanish soap operas,a man and woman was currently in a heated argument then suddenly they embraced and locked lips and apparently threw the keys away.
He glanced up when we entered.
"Her doctor came to check on her..she was super pissed and she's in there"
He pointed behind the curtain and I shrugged and wheeled her the rest of the way but I passed the curtain instead and passed where she had been before and I pushed her to the window.
"Its not much but the view with the lights is something worth looking at"
She agreed "Lagos can be so beautiful at times"
I turned to leave but she held my hand.
"Thank you" she almost whispered it and I thought the emotions were returning once more. "I don't even know your name"
"I'm Rex" I replied her. I noticed the curtain opened and a fat woman in a lab coat came out. she frowned at me them headed in my direction. "You better leave..she's a mean lady..I'm Olivia..thank you soo much.."
I made to leave. The fat doctors phone rang and she picked it and stopped her movement as she focused on what she was hearing on the other end.
Olivia still held my hand. "Will you still be in this hospital for long? Or you're leaving"
"I would be coming every day this week and probably next" I had no idea where that came from..it seemed I wasn't thinking straight.
But she brightened noticeably and I was glad I lied.
"So I would see you hopefully by tomorrow?"
"Definitely" I replied with a smile and she released my hand.

I walked passed the fat doctor who glared angrily at me, but she was too busy with the call and I made a grateful escape and followed Andy who had stood up when he saw me approaching.

Outside in the hall I turned to Andy "I'm sorry bro..I just had to do something..she was in so much pain"
"Its alright..its not my time you wasted..its your diagnosis you're delaying after all"
I frowned at that and he laughed and punched me playfully on the arm.
I started down the hall trying to recall the diagnostic center and figure out where I had missed the way.
"It seems you're in a joyful mood. May it last" I studied the two separating passages..which one was it again? I looked around for a nurse I could ask.
"Oba..it seems God directed you there..she might be our link to take down the widows initiative"
I stopped "how do you mean?"
"She's a widow" he whispered although we were alone in the corridor.
"She was involved in a nasty accident this last week and she miraculously survived but her husband kissed The dust"
"Is that what you and the cleaner were discussing back there?"
"Yes..she only dislocated her ankle and some minor injuries..a real miracle from what I learnt..the accident was very nasty and her husband died on site"
So that was why she had been crying... She had been widowed just last week.
I shook my head "that is bad mehn..she was crying so hard when I came in.."
"Yea yea" Andy brushed it aside "this is the link we need..if we can get her under the initiative From there we could expose the trafficking scam and take down the chief and his wife and Mona and Fome wouldn't have died in vain."

I was already shaking my head in refusal.
"If there is one thing I've learnt this past week its not to use people for my own interest..no way Andy...we'll find another way..we can't endanger her so"
"I knew it..you're smitten!" Andy exclaimed
"Call it whatever you want but no way...we are not introducing her to the very people who can traffic her out of the country for God knows what"
A nurse hurried past and I stopped her "Excuse me..can you direct me to the diagnostic center?"
"Go down this road your second turning..then you go through the first door to your right..you'll see it in that section"
"Thank you" I turned to Andy "let's go..you'll wait outside while I go in"
He followed me but I could tell he wasn't finished with the subject and few steps later he confirmed my thoughts.
"Oba..this lady..the thing is..she really could do with the financial help from the initiative..its been whispered round the hospital that the husband left her up to her neck in debt...there must be a way we can get her financial help and through her take down the initiative and save countless widows and their kids from the wicked fate that is sure to come upon them..and mind you we won't let anything happen to her..no way!"
He was making sense and I knew it but it was hard to be objective when I remembered the way she had looked so sad and vulnerable.
"We'll talk about it later..I promise..but first let me take my name and my family's name out of the blacklist of the most effective killing squad in the world biko"
He laughed in reply "all right lover boy..go in I'd wait out here"
He went to a corner of the waiting room and I walked towards the entrance of the door labeled 'diagnostic center 1'

I entered the office and it was just how I remembered it from before. Littered with test tubes and I.v stands, blood pressure checkers and x-ray machines.
I saw Dr Rasheed. His short frame behind his desk. He looked up as I entered but didn't speak until I stood before his desk.
"Yes who are you here to see?"
"Dr Rasheed" I replied.
The room was dimly lit with just one coloured bulb on. The fluorescent was off and I knew it was deliberate.
He was quiet and he studied me for some seconds.
"Do you have an appointment?"
I had said no appointment before and I was about to repeat it again..that had to be part of the code. But then I thought..I had an appointment didn't I? A 48 hour appointment even though I was some few hours late.
"Yes..I have an appointment"
He nodded "what is your prognosis?"
I hated saying it..and I hoped this would be the last time I had to say it.
"I have delayed diagnosis"
He smiled and I noticed his crooked teeth for the first time.
"I thought you were an old man" he said with a sly smile.
I shrugged in a 'let's get this over with manner'
He nodded briskly as if he understood.
"Very well then. Go in the next room..Dr. Rasheed would be with you shortly"
Why keep up this charade? I know you're Dr Rasheed! Just get the paper now and get the dogs off my scent! I felt like screaming at his bald head.
But I was the one with the diagnosis after all, so instead I nodded meekly and headed to the next room.
And my thoughts drifted to Olivia..somewhere on this floor in the hospital.
I hoped she wasn't depressed and mourning her late husband anymore. I was already looking forward to seeing her again which was pitiful and very foolish actually. Considering it would be wise for me to keep away from the hospital after tonight, especially if Andy and I traced the Dr. To wherever he went to drop off the paper.
I entered the office and sat down..funny I didn't feel nervous at all unlike the first time.
The 2nd office was well lit unlike the first and I looked around idly as I waited for the Dr to come in.


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 12:27am On Mar 12, 2017
I studied the reproduction posters on the wall graphically detailed with diagrams and I read all the labelling and reread it again but still Dr. Rasheed hadn't shown. I brought out the paper from my pocket and was dismayed to see it rumpled and very squeezed. I tried my best to smooth it out but didn't see much effect.
The door opened finally and the doctor rushed in. His short legs moving quickly he sat down across me just like before and I knew for a fact his legs didn't reach the ground.
"Do you have the paper?"
"Lemme have it"
"If I give it to you..whats the guarantee that my family and I would be safe"
He removed his glasses "Rex..the only guarantee is my word...believe me that the only thing that is needed from you is the paper. Mossad is not interested in taking your life. The only person who is going to be assassinated is the Chief and that is because he maintained ties with enemies of Israel."
I wasn't really satisfied with his reply..his word didn't mean shit to me but I knew I had no other choice..in less than 48 hours my parents would be coming to see me. I couldn't allow this kind of danger hang over my head when they came.
"I'd give it to you..but this black September group"
"Yes what about it"
He seemed to have all the time in the world and answered my questions calmly and slowly.
"My life and also my family would be in danger once I hand it to you..So its like I'm turning in one kind of danger for another."
He nodded "I must sympathise with you Rex Obasi..but there's nothing I can do for you..you started things in motion when you stole papers taking it for millions of naira in bonds but also took something as lethal as this also. I really feel for you believe me"
"So that's it? You feel for me!"
I shook my head. There was no need stressing myself. Andy and I would track this short smiggle looking doctor very soon and then hopefully I could find some form of leverage.
He kept on watching me as if he expected me to say something but I couldn't think of anything or to be precise I could think of only one thing. How I could get to see Olivia again tomorrow.
"Are you satisfied with everything?..I have tests I need to run"
"If you can't guarantee my safety from black September..I am not satisfied"
He remained silent. Watching me through his goggles and I stood up in frustration but then something occurred to me.
"What is this delayed diagnosis about..? What does it mean?"
"It is nothing specific..its just a code word I thought of..as a means to identify yourself"
I wasn't buying it.
"But why the delayed diagnosis?..what is the diagnosis that I'm delaying?...my possible death?"
He laughed and I thought he sounded nervous. "That's ridiculous..I'm the doctor in charge of this diagnostic center..my job is to run tests and find out problems..I just thought of a little word play..that's all"
I sensed there was something he wasn't telling me "the man who approached me at the hospital and instructed me to come here...who's he?"
He sighed impatiently then got up and I almost couldn't see his head above the desk.
"You're forgetting your place mister..now you've done your part and I can assure you the tip of the spear won't be visiting you or your family.." He moved towards the door and just like before unlocked it. It seems this was meant for exit only and I had a feeling the exit wasn't for everybody.
"Now you really must get going..I'm a very busy man and dozens of patients are waiting for me to know their diagnosis" he said it with a twinkle in his eyes and
I could tell he was messing with me. My legs felt heavy..probably from all the pulling. I said nothing but left the office..feeling less than satisfied.

Andy was waiting for me outside.
"How did it go?"
"I do not like that man"
"Neither do I..and I've never even met the man"
"You were right about one thing...we need to track the mad man"
"let's wait in the car.."
"It could be a long wait..I need to check on someone first"
"The lady in the wheelchair? What is your problem with her? Let her be now"
Trust me not to pay attention. I was already walking away "I'd meet you in the car in ten minutes"
"Oba!" He shouted my name and I turned
"At least give me the car keys!"
I threw it and he caught it perfectly. Andy used to be veru good in basketball. A very promising talent and he had really loved the sport. But he had given it up to follow a career path that was 'guaranteed' to put food on the table.
But now look at him. In fact look at us..we had about 200 missed calls combined from Ariyo, our branch manager and it was certain our office days were behind us.

I traced the way we had come and true enough I was outside the very same ward I had met the grief stricken Olivia. Although I knew I had lightened her burdens a bit. I just couldn't wait till tomorrow. I needed to see her again.. The part of me that was still thinking straight scolded me about adjusting my priorities. Dr. Rasheed could take off any minute and before Andy would be able to reach me he could be gone.


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Still I opened the door and I was disappointed to see the place was empty..maybe behind the curtain?
I felt like a stalker..why not wait till tomorrow?..she said she would be expecting me hadn't she?
I shouldn't have bothered thinking..because my legs still moved on their own accord towards the curtain.

"She's gone don't bother yourself"
I almost jumped out of my skin. I turned to see Tosin the cleaner mopping the floor and looking at me with a smile.
I didn't bother to hide it "where did she go to?"
"To her room..the doctor only brings her here at night because of some scan she has to do" he shrugged and continued with his cleaning.
I thanked him and left. Suddenly with no hope of seeing her again, hunger returned with a vengeance and I didn't even have any cash on me. I headed for the stairs.....Andy should have something' I thought to myself. The hunger was very much real and reminded me of some bloody days in school when there wasn't even cassava flakes (you know garrison na grin) to keep body and soul together. I remembered such horrid times fondly now as I descended the steps and at first my mind was so far away that I didn't pay attention. I glanced at him, but it didn't register. Just another face in the crowd..but that tribal mark...soo familiar....ear to chin...wait that was Sule!...my mechanic...he had warned me when he had taken my car that another attack against my life was coming which had turned out to be Jumbo and his partner (who was in a neck brace and dead respectively) and I hasn't seen him since.. And to be honest I hadn't paid him much thought since then.
What was he doing in the hospital? He was standing to one side and his eyes were roaming as if he were searching for someone. I shouted his name as I headed in his direction.
Hr turned and saw me and by his reaction I knew I was the one he had been searching for.
"Oga Rex!" He hurried towards me.
He seemed frantic as if he were dying to tell me something and he squeezed between the bodies because the hospital was crowded as usual. It was a general hospital in every sense and even at 9:30pm the movement and rushing of bodies had not slowed.

I had a feeling he had something very important to pass to me..a feeling came over me..something like déjà vu, although I had never experienced anything like this before but somehow I knew what I was going to learn would change everything totally.

He was just a few steps away from me when the power went out.
"Bleep NEPA..what kind of bad timing is this ehn biko!"
Everywhere was pitch black and I couldn't see my hands which I put in front of me to prevent someone from barging into my face.
The light was off for few seconds then the gen came on or so I thought until someone shouted
"Who in God's name switched off the light ehn?"
I turned towards the voice to see a nurse man wearing a big frown standing beside the light switch that he just switched on.
Suddenly I was afraid..very much afraid! I looked back at Sule..but he must have disappeared! What was the meaning of this?..what exactly just happ-
The shrill scream bursted my thoughts out of my head and I could swear I heard glass crack.
It was deafening and very high pitched! The kind of frequency that Lois lane uses to reach superman in no time. Immediately there was a commotion as people started hurrying about in a stampede like manner.
I hurried towards the cause of the outburst where a young lady kept pointing at the floor and screaming.
Sule lay on the floor. His eyes opened wide and lifeless his lips blue and his body rigid as though rigamortis had set in. I couldn't believe my eyes. I hurriedly knelt down at his side which wasn't hard..concerning people were running away from him. I felt his pulse but nothing..I knew he was dead..but how could this be possible? I had seen him just few seconds ago..hurrying towards me and he had even called my name.
I saw the mark on his neck. Just a small mark like a dot and almost invisible to the naked eye that I wondered how I had seen it. I knew what had caused it..this was a needle mark..someone had injected him with some potent stuff while the light had been off.
But who?..I stared blankly around, at the people rushing about..almost like they were running in circles... I heard the lady still screaming and screaming. She just stood at a spot and let rip continuously.

It occurred to me yet again that in just 72 hours..I had knelt down beside the corpse of people I considered my friends..was I cursed? First was Fumi..then Mona and now Sule!

I stood up as a group of doctors rushed towards us. They knelt down and began trying to revive him..shouting "clear' then pumping him with controlled electricity..trying to jump start his heart to beat again.
I faded to the background slowly...I was at a loss and scared..I looked at the faces around me...one of them could just brush against me and prick me with a needle? They seemed to be looking at me accusingly or maybe it was my paranoia but I was turning around as I moved back..trying to look at everyone at once.

I remembered something the chief had said suddenly.."this people are capable of blowing up every member of your family simultaneously if they were scattered around the world..not to talk of here in Nigeria!"
"My God..what have I gotten into!"

I hurried outside and dialled my mother.
"Hello mom"
"Rex..I was just about to call you"
"Mama please you and dad don't come on Sunday again...I would be travelling!"
"That means its even good"
Oh..thank God..I breathed a sigh of relief. But then...wait...what was even good?
"How do you mean..what's even good?"
"Your father and I are in a night bus to Lagos as we speak..we wanted to surprise you"
Somehow I fainted but remained conscious and remained standing...
The silence must have stretched for too long because my mother said worriedly
"Rex..are you okay..are you there?"
I nodded but didn't speak.
I heard my father's voice.
'What is it?'
My mother: 'I don't know he just stopped talking'
Father: 'you treat that boy like a child..give me the phone'

His voice boomed in my ear few seconds later "Rex..can you hear me!?"
"Good your mother and I are coming to see you..my ram fight was postponed for a week..thanks to these stupid police..instead of them to be protecting us..they are raiding our sport"
My father was something else really but I didn't even hear a word he said..all I could think was..on their way!..coming to see me!...I didn't have a house..or rather I couldn't go near my house...I was on the run from known unknown forces and to top it up..three people had died because of me or at least as a result of my actions( I didn't count the old crooner...that was a bonus actually)

My father must have rambled on because when I tuned back to the call, all I caught was.."-teach me how to check it...okay see you in the morning"
The line went dead.
I leaned against the pillar and shut my eyes.

"Oba are you okay?..I've been horning for you to get in the car..Dr. Rasheed is leaving!..he matches the description you gave me perfectly and he seems to be in a hurry!"
He half pulled me towards the car and I got in mechanically.
"This mad man drives a rotten car that probably never even saw better days..there's no way he can lose us..by the way what was all that noise inside about?"
I didn't answer...I was busy trying to think..which wasn't working out presently.
Andy continued unfazed by my lack of enthusiasm, "this is some spy stuff bro..but we really need to talk about the widow and how to use her to take down the initiative...that is the real priority here"
My only priority is how to keep my parents safe when they arrived and every member of my family If not all it would take is just a minute of darkness and... I shivered at the thought.

Andy was on the highway now. He kept a good distance from Dr. Rasheed who was a very slow driver and didn't venture to overtake anything.

I thought of Olivia..the widow who I had seen crying and who had rented two plots of land in my head since then..the best thing for her would be for me to fade away if not I could see myself kneeling before her lifeless body also.
The image made me grit my teeth and suddenly I didn't really feel as helpless and downcast as before.. I wasn't going out without a fight..and I was ready to die protecting my parents.
I looked to Andy who was driving carefully also..not wanting to draw attention to Dr. Rasheed's rearview mirror.
Sule had been killed in the hospital..the very same hospital I had gone to meet the Dr....the same hospital the Dr had left minutes after...

After all I had faced I would be a fool to believe in coincidence..something was fishy and it sure as hell wasn't sea food!

I looked at Andy.."you ever watch hunter hunted? On a documentary Chanel?" (If I call the channel now..them fit ban me..I tire for this bot sef)
He looked at me smiled and nodded
"That's what is going to happen now..step on it"
He smiled "welcome back bro"


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sitting in front row... thanks for mentioning thou
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sitting in front row... thanks for mentioning thou

Welcome..bro..u've just gingered me
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Welcome..bro..u've just gingered me
He just gingered you? So you want to abandon this season film ehn. If you try that thing I go carry gun pursue you. finish am o
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He just gingered you? So you want to abandon this season film ehn. If you try that thing I go carry gun pursue you. finish am o

Lwkmd..bross no carry gun o abeg..I plan to finish this story but I wouldn't mind a little ginger every now and then.
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We followed the rusty pickup truck for miles. Street lights were working perfectly in this part of Lagos and Andy killed the headlights. When tailing someone at night the headlights is a standard giveaway. My mind was drifting to my parents. Were would I receive them? I couldn't allow them to go to my house the way they did in the past. That would be a very big mistake. Mama Nkechi would tarnish my image completely before calling the police to pick them up. And I didn't trust the Nigerian police. I could foresee the scenario perfectly..a trade by barter something and I would have to turn myself in for their release. I didn't even want to imagine their reaction. My mother was a very emotional person and that kind of news could affect her health. No way- I needed to find a solution because at least by 6am they would have arrived in Lagos. That meant no night sleep for me again. My eyes were beginning to look horrible.
"What is eating you? What happened? Since the hospital you have been acting strange" Andy asked me. He stared straight ahead and maintained his position about 3-4 cars behind the Dr.
"Bro.." where do I start from? "Let's just focus on tracking this guy first we need all our attention for this"
He agreed with a slight nod and we were silent as we continued to track the doctor who seemed to take his time. He made a turn into a less busy road and we followed but parked at the curb not entering the road fully.
He parked in front of a building but didn't venture to come down from his car.
"Maybe the person he's meeting would just enter his car..they do that a lot in the movies"
Andy killed the engine as we waited but I wasn't convinced infact my paranoia was making me look around nervously again. "What if its a trap..what if he lured us to this place to be killed by whoever? What if-"
"Oba calm the Bleep down...haba! I was super careful. Trust me he didn't notice us"
"You don't understand. These people are professionals!"
"I thought he was just a doctor?"
I shrugged "I don't even know" I put my head in my hands "this pressure is too much o.."

The doctor answered our question by getting down. He looked left and right then moved his short legs towards the building which was scattered with neon lights. It looked like a night club. He didn't have his lab coat on but I still felt he looked out of place. Our line of vision didn't enable us see him and the bouncers interact and if he would get 'bounced' but after waiting for some minutes with no sign of him we concluded he must have gotten in. He might even be a regular here...this was a good spot to meet his handler. Where every other person was interested in having a good time and no one paid attention to them.
We got down from the car and Andy locked it.
"Aren't you worried he could see you and recognise you?" He asked me
I hadn't even thought of that. "I'd just need to keep away from his line of vision"
We headed towards the club and as we got closer I could see the neon lights clearly. They decorated the building and splashed the street with blue and pink lights. Outside was a bit crowded as people hung out to smoke here and mingle in the fresh air
"Hello daddy..come to mama" A girl who looked not more than 16 in a tight tank top gestured to Andy and rubbed his arms. He jerked away from her touch as if she had scalded him. I didn't even have strength to laugh at him. I filed it in my brain to jest him with when this was all over. That was a sign of hope!
"Hello handsome lemme give you a good time"
Another one, a fat Lady in a skin tight dress that showcased all her goodies like a show glass.
I paid no attention to her but when I glanced at her I saw she had on a face mask. Just to cover the eyes (the type always worn in anonymous parties)
I held Andy's arm, stopping him. "Do you have any cash on you?"
"I have like two thousand left with some change"
"Give me" he didn't complain but handed it over. I hoped he had 500 denomination but a thousand would have to do. I looked at the woman who hurried over thinking she had scored a 'john' for the night.
"Hello darling..let's go to my lodge"
"I need your face mask please"
She purred "ooooh..you're into games that's all right" she looked at Andy "how about your friend?The more the merrier"
The phrase 'the more the merrier' made me recall how I had foolishly thought that before calling strange eyes and look what had happened...Mona ended up shot dead and Fome blown up.
"Please I just need your face mask that's all"
She seemed disappointed and she shook her head "sorry honey but if you don't want a slice of this cake" (she used her hands to run down her body when she said 'this cake' and Andy's eyes followed her. The konji bastard!) She continued " if you don't want a slice then you can't have thee icing"
"What icing? I just need your face mask..I'd give you 1,000"
She looked at me but still shook her head "look at me well...me na big babe..big fish..(she turned around to afford us a look of her behind) you see this..me na mama whale I no be all this Titus una dey carry around..I repeat.." (Her voice changed to a purr again and she switched to perfect English "without the slice..no icing" she turned and I swore..
"Okay wait wait"
"Yes" she looked at me expectantly
"His brother in law has been fucking around here(I pointed at Andy who raised his eye brow..but he went with it nodding in agreement)...I want to set trap for him..na one short man..I don't want him to recognise him..that's why I need your mask..I go love-vendor you for him inside so we can burst him" I don't know where that came from but it sounded lame..but luck was on my side..it seemed when she said she was a big fish..she also had a fish brain.
"Hmmm...married men ehn..I tell you na dem be my customer pass..however you know say na my business you wan spoil like this...so na 30k I go charge you"
I managed to keep a straight face (see highway robbery! Just be waiting for 30k you hear)
"No wahala..make I still tear you the 1k for the face mask?"
" no problem take am...make I dey wait you for here or should we go in"
"Him go come meet you by himself no worry"
She seemed satisfied and pleased she handed me the mask then brought out a cigarette to light.
I hesitated with the mask.different fragrance was oozing out of it..Jasmine, strawberry and co. But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
I held it in my hand however till we had been searched and allowed into the club by the bouncers.(After discreetly passing 1000 to their big fists).

The music was loud as usual and I put on the mask as me and Andy squeezed in between bodies crammed from the doorway gyrating to the music blasting from the overhead speakers. The light was dim and we moved around as if we were drunk..staggering from point A to B but our eyes were roaming and searching.
"I don't think he's on the dance floor although the man is very short that we may not see him..but I don't think he would be here!"
He didn't hear me because of the loud music. I shook my head then gestured for him to follow me.

I headed towards what had to be the VIP section with the mask still on. I knew it altered my appearance and the poor lightening of the place should make it difficult for the doctor to recognise my clothes from our meeting..or so I hoped.
A velvet rope blocked the entrance and a very burly man guarded it. He looked down at us probably appraising our pockets from our appearance. He decided we didn't meet up to the standard and pointed to the position we just cane from. "Regular" he sneered
I almost turned back, but I had a feeling that Dr Rasheed was in the room beyond.
I squared my shoulders then looked up at the bouncer.
"I want to make it rain in here with my hard earned money" I brought out my ATM card for visual effects. "I want to cancel your ace of spades and most expensive bottles.. If that is not good enough for VIP then you can tell the manager that the club just lost half a million naira and its all your fault"
He looked me up and Down again..glanced at Andy then must have decided that looks indeed were deceiving because he put on an ass kissing smile then unhooked the rope gesturing for us to enter as if we were his pals.
Inside here was a far cry from downstairs. The air conditioner was on full blast and it was half full with just few people dancing.
I noticed a separate TV was showing a late night football match and few people where in that section. I saw the doctor on the first table. He was talking to someone facing my direction and I could only see the back of the person.
"Oba I see him..I see the short fool"
Andy whispered in my ear. The music wasn't soo loud in here and I heard him clearly.
"Yes I can see him too"
We moved round the dancing bodies a particular guy and girl were acting the sequel to dirty dancing and most people were watching them.
We went round them and from across I could see a briefcase on the table and also see doctor Rasheed talking. He looked nervous and his hands made nervous twitching movements every now and then.
I shouldnt have bothered with the mask because his eyes never left the face of his handler.

Finally Andy and I had gotten a table about two spaces back. We watched the back of the Dr's head and I could see the face of his handler.
That was a face I hadn't seen before which was a relief. Because with all the twists and turns and surprises I had gone through I half expected to see my father as the handler or something as strange as that!
I wished I could read lips but I couldn't and the low lighting wasn't helping matters either. The man said something to Dr Rasheed and he bowed his head and seemed downcast.
"They must have made the exchange by now" Andy said as the man got up with the briefcase in his hands.
Dr. Rasheed remained sitting for some seconds but then he too stood up and he followed the man.
The bar tender who had brought a list containing the drinks with their exuberant prices opened his mouth in dismay as we got up.
"We'd be right back" I assured him "put your don perignon in a bucket with ice. Forget the fireworks my life na low key" I winked at him and he hurriedly skipped away happily. (I pirry you..I thought to myself as I watched his retreating back)
Dr. Rasheed and his handler had left the VIP heading downstairs and we walked hurriedly after them.
The bouncer still half blocked the road and he frowned "you're leaving?"
Andy must have been sick of the guy already "come, is your job also to bounce people in and not out..ogbeni comot for road jare!"

We brushed past him and I could hear him grinding his teeth in annoyance. That was his palava. I hurried down the spiral stairs with Andy close behind.
"Oba what do we do? Why are we following them now? What's the next step?"
"Andy I don't know..I'm just trusting impulse and instinct right now" I didn't even want to remember what had happened the last time I had trusted my 'instinct' I blocked the thought before I pictured Mona being shot down or the roof being blown into the sky.
We got downstairs and squeezed through the gyrating bodies. Someone squeezed my ass as we hurried by and I turned expecting to see the girl that had done that. When I saw a dude my mind went blank..wtf!! He winked at me suggestively and for a moment I forgot the people we were following..I forgot everything else..all my troubles. I lunched my fist into his face with enough centripetal and centrifugal...in fact every kind of force there is. He launched backwards with a howl and fell off the barstool. I turned and hurried behind Andy (who had passed me when I turned) and we hurried out of the club as commotion and shouting ensued.
I spotted Dr. Rasheed and the man still walking briskly. Either the Dr was seeing him off or he was leaving his pickup truck behind. Because they headed towards a pathfinder jeep.

The call girl whose mask I had collected and who was expecting 30 large ones hurried to my side.
"Oya..baby I'm ready..where's the cheating brother in law?"
I turned to Andy "start the car and drive out..be quick"
"What are you up to Oba?..I don't like the look in your eyes" but he was already running to the end of the street where we had left the car.
I held her hand "see him there...he's walking with that man...he has the money on him but he was saying he needs someone bigger" I rolled my eyes "its a fetish thing he likes big meat"
Her eyes widened and I could tell she had already spent the money in her mind "but na me be mama whale na"
"Exactly...now go and swallow him...that money belongs to you"
I gave her a gentle shove and she picked up steam from there.."no other bitch must get my money...me ke!"

I followed her at a distance while checking the road for Andy..what I had in mind was stupid and dangerous but I couldn't stop myself..it seems I was being propelled by some unknown force.

I saw the headlights from the BMW come closer. Perfect timing...Mama whale had reached Dr. Rasheed and she held him back and began to rub him suggestively and coo at him and I believed I even saw her lick his ear (yuck!)
I crept closer. I could see the handler sigh impatiently and look at his watch as Mama whale began to rub Dr. Rasheeds bald head with her manicured nails. She purred at the Dr. then winked at his handler. "The more the merrier" I heard her say and I would have chuckled had my heart not been beating madly.
"What is the meaning of this madam...let me be immediately!"
The Dr. Sounded like a whining child..it seems his Achilles heel was anything in a skirt after all..or in this case anything in an excuse of a skirt.

His handler was mad I could tell and his voice boomed "Carmichael what is the meaning of this rubbish? Have you lost your mind!"
"I don't know her I swear!" Dr pleaded
"You need to taste this cake" mama whale continued purring and rubbing.
"Look here you LovePeddler!" His handler turned to her.."you better hope-"
He never got to finish his sentence because I snatched the briefcase from his hand and sped down the road into the car that was just pulling up outside the driveway.
Andy like a F1 driver sped off before I could even shut the door.
"Oba you are crazy!...that was sick!!!" He shouted as he zoomed unto the highway.
I was busy looking at the side mirror waiting for the headlights of the pathfinder to appear. I felt a metal on my wrist then looked down and I saw the car keys was attached to the briefcase
I laughed like a mad man and relaxed for the first time.
"I tell you Andy..I no know wetting enter me..something just they push me"
"Men you done get liver finish o...I swear my respect for you just went up"
"When this is over I must track that Mama Whale and give her the 30k...hell! I'd give her 50!"
Andy smiled. "But why did you do it...why snatch the very same paper that you returned hours ago?"
I shrugged "I don't really know..but in the club when I saw this briefcase I knew it contained not just that paper...something else as well...and my parents would soon arrive Andy..that was what drove me I'm sure..and remeber my mechanic?..he was killed in the hospital tonight begore my eyes..I just need some kind of insight...I can't afford it if anything should happen to them" I shook my head "no way..I haven't yet even done half of the things I want to do for my mother...and my father..despite his gambling and ram fights he was a good dad in his way while growing up...I can't afford it Andy"
He nodded in understanding.
He slowed down to enter a minor road to reduce the possibility of running into the cops I guessed.
"So what are you waiting for?" He asked me.
I looked at him as if I didn't know what he meant.
He had my time. He nodded at the bag.
"Open it"
I looked down at the briefcase. It suddenly felt like a time bomb.
"I think it uses a combination code"
"Don't worry it must open...let's find an ATM then lodge somewhere for the night..we would open it there then we pick your parents in the morning"
"To take them where?" The headache was coming again.
"Easy Rex..little by little...poka a' poka"
I smiled "you're right we'd get through this"
"The earlier we tackle this the earlier we can take down the widows initiative."
Immediately he said that I remembered Olivia. I had managed to put her away from my thoughts but now I could see her face perfectly in my mind.
"You dog..I know where your mind is now" Andy chided.
I just smiled "fool see ATM in front o..don't pass it"


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 2:34pm On Mar 14, 2017
We got to the hotel and alAndy stood looking at the briefcase on the bed.
I knew I had to sleep but I couldn't. My parents would arrive in a few hours and was I going to keep them in the hotel over the weekend? How do I protect them from this whoever..be it the black September or even kidon?

I watched as Andy worked the magic with the dagger. The very same dagger he had used to kill someone less than 48 hours ago. I also held the gun. A .50 magnum desert eagle in my hand which would explain why it had left a fist sized hole in the throat of the cleaner I had shot.

"There you go!" Andy had it open. He stepped back with a sarcastic bow and urged me with his hands to proceed. I dropped the gun on the bed and opened it fully.

"This is exactly what I needed!" I exclaimed and my interest in the case boomed. It was filled with dollars. Just like the one the Chief had tempted me with before. I dug my hands in.
"Ten rows of crisp dollars...Andy..money started this my problem and it seems money would end it!"

Andy's eyes were wide also. But he pulled me back to the ground. "Check under ..is it money all through or there is something else?"
I spooned the stacks away and true enough I saw stacks of papers underneath it. Not the green kind..the black and white kind..the kind I dreaded!

The paper I had given Dr. Rasheed was on top the rest and I noticed some numbers had been circled, either by the Dr. Or his handler I leafed through the remaining pages while Andy went to the mini fridge and brought out a bottle of ammunition (the drink was everywhere!) He poured himself a shot and downed it then poured another.
"So? What's in it?" He asked me.
I was silent...I read through and reread through the pages because I couldn't believe my eyes.
"Andy...this was never about Mossad or kidon or even the black September! I'm very sure the Israeli secret service have no business with that paper at all. I was played for a fool!"
"So what does it contain?" He came closer but didn't bother to look at the papers. I think he was just very tired.
"The coordinates does not contain the location of sleeper cells around the country! No..its all about the widows initiative...its been all about the human trafficking all along"
"I don't understand"
"From what I can see here..the chief have this coordinates of the location where widows are drugged and kept..the thing is..." I brought out my phone...thanks to Google maps "....the thing is all this coordinates is around some kind of body of water or the other...see this one.." I used my fingers to trace a number "this is close to the Apapa Mariner..this other one is close to the beach..." I checked the other numbers "this would mean they are trafficked through waterways"
"When we have a nonexistent coast guard what do you expect?" Andy refilled the shot again then passed it to me. I shook my head but then..why not? I downed it then waited for my eyes to settle as it burned down my throat.
"So who is the Dr. And this his handler that is meant to be a Mossad agent?"
I shook my head "that guy is a full blown Nigerian.. I heard his voice back at the club..he called Dr Rasheed Carmichael or something like that."
Andy sat on the bed.
"This is not making sense...so is the Dr. working for the chief?"
"No I don't think so...he wanted me to steal it from the chief remember? He probably used the secret agency ruse to make me double up and get me scared"
"Is that all the paper says..what of the rest?"
"Most of it contains location details about each coordinate but this..."

I held a small paper.."this caught my eye."

re: Betran get Carmichael to call off the hit on the boy. He is not I repeat is NOT in league with the chief. I received confirmation that he was engaged to my daughter (God rest her soul) and the young man he is with was married to my second. They are my sons in law and I wish no harm to come to them.
However Howard brought to my notice that the mechanic escaped and learnt some things he shouldn't have. Be on the lookout..shadow has been notified to neutralize the threat.

Amunike has no idea of the storm I am bringing..I don't care about the widows or children after all my wife was widowed for years on the streets with nobody to care for them and my daughters where fatherless for years.
I owe Amunike only one thing for their education. But the fact that they met their deaths in his compound..

Very soon he would see my disfigured face and know that the flames he pushed me into didnt kill me but only burnt my soul and charred my heart.

The money in the case is to call off the hit. Once shadow is hired he must kill but this tripple amount would change his mind. I have discussed with him already. Just make sure he gets the money. I do not want the boy or his family killed.

Also tell Carmichael to get ready to dump the hospital. His cover is surely blown.


I read it out and Andy lay on the bed..defeated.."you mean Mona and Fumi's father has been around all these years? He sounds evil!"

"Is that all you got from it?? I just stole the money that was meant to stop my assassination! A killer named shadow... He was at the hospital tonight and he killed sule!"
We remained in silence and I reread the letter over and over again..
One thing was for sure: sleep was out of the question.

Andy spoke up.."speaking of strange eyes..he wanted the paper..did he know the coordinates was about the widows initiative or he thought it was a terrorist location"
"I have no idea..but even if my life depended on it..I couldn't trust strange eyes..no way..are doing this on our own"
"How do we do it? Track each location one by one or what?"
I sighed "bro..the only thing I know is this shadow must be stopped. In less than 8 hours my parents would be arriving and this guy is a ruthless professional"

More silence.

"I hate my insticts" I said
"No its good..we now have a clearer picture...its just very unfortunate that's all"
"Well its time to change my fortune o..because this time I no go gree"

I looked at it longingly...I knew I shouldn't..I needed to think. I needed to strategize on how I would handle my parents. And a safe place to take them to.
I still reached for the bottle.


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 2:00pm On Mar 15, 2017
I must have dozed off because the vibration of my phone in my breast pocket woke me up. I jerked awake and the half empty (or half full...I no be drunkard na grin) bottle of ammunition fell to the ground spilling its contents. The floor was decorated with a thick rug so it didn't break.
It was my mother.
"Hello Rex..we'd be in Lagos in the next one hour...we would take a taxi as usual to your place. How about Fome would she be around?"
My eyes were killing me. My brain was still scrambled. Less than four hours sleep in two days and I was paying for the alcohol now. (And upon checking out I'd still be expected to pay for it)
Hearing my mothers voice and what she said. I struggled to my feet.
"No no mama! I would come and pick you up...I can't let my parents to be jumping from one vehicle to another"
She seemed surprised "is today the first time? Besides don't you have work this Friday?"
What was work again? I had forgotten the definition.
"No I'm on leave..please tell me the bus park you'd be arriving and I'd be there"
She hesitated "you don't need to stress yourself"
"How can it be stress eh mama? Just tell me..I have a surprise that's why"
I could hear the hope in her gasp and I knew what she wished for. Provably to see a very pregnant Fome and for me to inform her that we were tying the knot.
(Nothing like sex before marriage would occur to her trust me..the baby and the daughter in law was all she needed and she'd take it anyway)
"Okay..no problem...we'd be at jibowo bus park at oshodi..we should be there by 6 or 6;30"
"Okay no problem I'd be there"
She lowered her voice "I can't wait for this journey to end..your father has been snoring like an enraged bear all through the night..its very embarrassing" she chuckled and I could tell she was very happy.
I felt very bad. I felt like I had failed her despite her sacrifices for me. Remaining in a loveless and mechanical marriage all for her kids and now all I had done was endanger her. I felt a pang in my heart and I shut my eyes as the headache returned with a vengeance.
"Are you there Rex?"
"Yes..I'd be waiting for you at the park"

The fatigue of the past dew days must have eaten his bones because Andy was still sleeping. I kicked his long feet which couldn't fit the length of the bed and dangled outside.
"Get up Andy..we need to strategize and move.. We have about an hour left"
He groaned and sat up.
"My head is killing me"
"That ammunition was a bad idea.. Hurry up and bathe.. I need to think"
"Good luck with that" he said as he strode into the bathroom.

I read the note once more..
The money was for shadow. If there was a way I could get the money across to him then I should be safe. But I didn't even know him..I didn't know how he looked. I tried to recall the hospital before the lights had gone off. When I had been moving towards Sule..I couldn't recall any face that stood out. Besides I had been focused solely on Sule.
Thinking was hard..not with the kind of splitting headache I was experiencing and we needed to leave the hotel very soon to be able to cover the distance to Oshodi and glbe there in record time.

20 minutes later I had bathed and Andy and I checked out.
"Can I get a cup of coffee from your kitchen?"
"They are not yet up .if you could wait for some few minutes let me ring them" the clerk replied as he collected the keys.
"Andy let's go..forget the coffee"

Andy handled the wheel. I wasn't ready to drive and deep down I knew he was a better driver.

"So whats the plan? If we pick your parents up where do we take them to?"
I was blank..I couldn't come up with anything.
"Last last I may have to send them back. No matter how bad it makes them feel..its for their own safety"
"I think I have an idea" Andy spoke up "the thing is we won't be able to meet the 6'o'clock target again"
"Why didn't you tell me about this idea since?"
"Believe me few hours of sleep is very important. It just occurred to me just now."
He entered the Festac route turning instead of going straight to Oshodi.
"In Festac? Where is it?"
He smiled thinly "you know Gwen? Also in customer service?"
"Gwen..Gwen..Gwen...okay Gwen! Hot legs"
The Gwen in question worked customer care with Andy and she had features of a model. Her legs especially and she always wore short splitted skirts to work.
Andy continued "it seems Ariyo has been a very bad boy..imaging that 50 something year old man wants to be eating what younger men like us should." (Ariyo was our branch manager and his pockets were quite deep)
"Ariyo and Gwen?"
"I tell you..he gave her the keys to this massive duplex in festac for their weekend romp..she usually goes there on Fridays"
"How do you know this?"
"I gave her a lift once and asked her some coded questions when she stopped there instead of 7th avenue that she lives"
"That's true..she lives with her fiance na..abi"
"Don't you know women..even marriage can't stop them when they decide to cheat"
He was silent and I knew he was thinking about Mona...her sexcapades with Emenike hadn't been lost on him after all I was sure.

No time for him to lick his wounds..time was running out.
"But you said its on Friday evenings so no one would be at home..how do we do it..break in?"
He laughed and I was pleased he had stopped thinking about Mona.
"Oba you and your criminal mind...you just drop me at the place..I would call her and think of something to tell her..she should be able to give me the keys..I've done a lot for her in that Bank"
I was beginning to see a little light at the end of the tunnel. I hoped it wasn't an illusion.
"What of this evening when Ariyo wants to come over for another marathon. Seriously I'm surprised that man can still get it up"
"Leave it to me..she owes me a lot..I've taken the blame for her over one mistake and I had my salary halved because of that..seriously she owes me a lot..if I tell her to shun Ariyo for this weekend..she'd find an excuse"
(Did I mention Andy was a super nice guy...this time the past tense is deliberate)
"Men if we can pull this off I would be the happiest man on the planet"
I looked down at the briefcase which was still on my lap and my mind wondered...Fome's father had been alive all this while...why hadn't he come forward but he had remained in the shadows..planning...planning what? And what did Sule find out that he had to be 'neutralized'. And how did Sule get mixed up with them..the last time I saw him was with strange eyes and strange eyes had assured me he would be alright.
I reflected on the letter. I had read it so many times that I could see the words in my mind.
His face was disfigured. From a fire. He said the Chief had pushed him into flames...I recalled Fome telling me something about a fire accident when she was little. But her dad hadn't died.. Only his soul had been burnt and his heart had been 'charred' or how did he put it...

"We're here" Andy stopped the car. The house was really massive and so was the padlock that held the gate in place.
"Oba go and get your parents..leave the rest to me..I would call Gwen now and she would bring the key..or worse come to worse I'll locate her house and collect it.
I got down and headed to the driver side. He also got down with his phone out, scrolling through his contacts.
"Thanks Andy...I can't ever repay you"
"Oba..what do you mean..they're my parents too na"

I reversed and zoomed away with the briefcase on the passenger seat. The dagger and desert eagle hand gun under my seat. The car was indeed loaded.
I exited Festac and through mile-2 sped towards Oshodi. I hoped Andy would be able to get the house open before I got back.
I wasn't even worried about what I would tell them probably something like: 'mum...dad...your son just bought a mansion...surprise!!!' I didn't care as long as they spent the weekend in anonymity and on Sunday or early Monday morning they were safely heading back.

I looked at the time..because of our delay..the time was 20 minutes past 6 but I didn't care. I headed towards the jobowo bus park with a little renewed hope in me. Whoever this shadow was..I just had to shine the light and make sure there was no room for shadows at all...then once my parents were safely on their way back I was going into avenger mode and taking down the widows initiative. If I had to do it location by location...as for Mr. X my father in law...or should I say Andy's father in law since Fome and I never tied the knot...we'll see what we'll see...

My parents were sitting on the concrete bench, waiting for me.
I felt love swell in me and a fierce feeling of protection at the sight of them.

My mother had decked out nicely in a flower patterned gown and her hair was covered in a scarf.
My dad looked powerful as usual with his intimidating height (which I annoyingly didn't inherit) he wore a scowl on his face but when he saw me his eyes brightened and he smiled grudgingly.
I hugged my mother first and held her tightly. Emotions were threatening to spill over and I shut my eyes "welcome Mama..I've missed you..how is your health"
"My friend let go of my wife!..come here you rascal!" My dad barked and enveloped me in a bear hug.
"My God..you smell like a brewery!...Martha you see your boy..just like his old man!"
Damn that ammunition!
I looked at my mother and shrugged sheepishly. But she was in a good mood so happy to see me that she didn't seem to mind. "Why did you have to stress yourself..we would have gone straight to your place..I still remember your address"
"Its not stress mama" I picked up her bag but left the other one for my dad. At 68 he was still very fit and his bear hands hefted the bag with ease.
"Wow..nice car..boy..so you finally got rid of that your matchbox!"
I had better start playing the role now.
"You'd he surprised at the changes I've made in my life now.. just wait till you see my new house..that's why I didnt want you to go there straight...I no longer live there"
They were both surprised but I could tell they were pleased. Judging by the sweet and gleaming BMW, my life had obviously gotten better.
My dad made to open the passenger door.
But I blocked him and opened the back door.
"Papa .you are my guests..I'm your driver right now..just sit back and stretch your long legs biko" he wanted to argue I could tell. He loved having his way every time. But he smiled and climbed in.
I gestured for my mother to follow suite but she stopped and looked at me with a slight frown.
"Are you sure you're okay?"
"Yes mama..I'm splendid"
"What of Fome?"
"We'd talk about her once we get home"
She nodded in an 'I can wait' manner.
She made to enter but stopped.
"Ehen before I forget someone dropped this note for you just as we were waiting..a very nice man he was" she handed me an envelope then entered the car.

My breathe caught as I stared at the note. I could tell it was bad news.

Hello target...ever heard of pentothal and potassium chloride? Its a lethal interjection and you are on death row (don't mind my sense of humor) I don't normally do this. When I have a target I take them out and they reflect in heaven or hell where the shadow had come from. In your case however..I can tell you're special and I want to take my time. I first wanted to take out your parents...but then I thought to myself..why the hurry. You have been my most difficult contract so far so I plan to catch a lot of fun with you. Now I have my toy a syringe full of pentothal and potassium chloride that stops the heart on seconds and I could have easily pierced your sweet 'mama' while I gave her this note but I didn't. You know why...
That's rhetorical.
I would hint you tho: our mutual friend in the wheelchair. Her late husband's soul is begging for a reunion and tonight I plan to administer the special injection.
You can call me Dr. Shadow

P.s: for special effects and just so you know..I am laughing crazily and wickedly right now.
Yours killingly

What kind of sick sense of humour was this? My knees almost gave out and I leaned against the door for support.
I could hear my mother ask "Rex..are you okay" and my father bark that I should let him drive of I couldn't.
I looked around the bus park. No one was paying any attention to me. The shadow must have gone before I arrived. Not that I would recognise him if I saw him.
I hurried into the car.
"Mama..who gave you this? What did he say?"
"Just a young man..he said he couldn't wait for you..that he had to go to work that I should help him pass the note to you"
"That's all?"
She squinted..thinking
"I asked him how he knew I was your mother and he said you were roommates in school. That you finished all the space on the wall with our pictures." She smiled "I thought that was very sweet" she frowned noticing my expression "what's wrong"
"No..nothing...I remember him now" I forced a smile.
"Rex..I've been in a bus since...move this car I need to use the toilet..or I'd mess up your leather seats o!"
My father warned and I hurriedly started up the car.

As usual I had put someone else in danger..but this time it wasn't possible. Olivia wasn't going to die! If I was going to stay by her side in the hospital..to ensure it..then so be it!

A voice warned me to be careful..it would be a major error to leave my parents vulnerable..this could all be a ruse for me to rush to the hospital and leave them unguarded. I gritted my teeth. Nothing was going to happen! Not to my parents and not to Olivia..I was going to make sure!

But you know they say talk is cheap...


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by Bibi294(f): 3:04pm On Mar 15, 2017
More updates please

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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 10:30am On Mar 16, 2017
My mother was in a talking mode.
"So when did you move..you should have told us..did you dedicate the house?"
"Yes I did..I dedicated it..my pastor came and prayed for it"
"But how come you didn't tell us..you can't pick your phone and call your parents abi?" My dad boomed from the back.
This was the last thing I needed. My mind was still in shock and all I could think about was how to get to Olivia and protect her from this assassin who was 100% effective. Judging by the way he had killed Sule at the hospital.
"I wanted to surprise you..I didn't know your ram fight would get postponed..I was preparing for Sunday"
"Don't remind me of the fight please" his voice became tight "useless police. But you really must see this Rambo..in fact I will make an exception with this one..no roasting! I will let him die a natural death and bury him like a real champion!"
I saw my mother roll her eyes through the rearview mirror and I hurriedly switched on the radio happy for the diversion.

I couldn't bear to think of anything happening to Olivia..I could remember the way she had looked staring into space with the tears rolling down her cheeks and words couldn't describe the happiness I had felt knowing I had made her feel better and lightened her emotional burdens in a way. To think of her getting killed was not an option...no way I couldn't take it.. Four people had kissed the dust because of me..3 of them females and the list had to stop there. I don't know how I would do it but I had to stop this assassin.
Andy! Two heads were better than one..we needed to rub minds together, to-
"Rex! Are you even listening?" My mother's voice dragged me back from the back seat. I blinked and was surprised I had missed a turning. I was fortunate I had entered Festac and there were lots of alternate roads to link to where we were heading.
"See the person I've been talking to! So you have not stopped this your habit of spacing out ehn? I used to beat you when you were little because of that" my father laughed at the memory but I didn't. My present was to messed up for me to even try to recall the past.

The car was silent the rest of the way and that was fine by me. I hoped and hoped Andy had successfully gotten the key from Gwen. I turned into the street and i could tell my parents were surprised because all the houses were massive.

"Rex when did you move? Did you rent one of these houses?"
Rent or buy rent or buy? Rent or buy?
"I bought it"
They were speechless.
I pulled in front of the house and to my relief the padlock was gone and it was open.
"Rex how did you afford such a big house..and this car too?" My mother asked worriedly.
"Martha leave the boy..is it when he's living in a kiosk or still driving that his matchbox that you would be happy?"
My dad opened the side of his door and that signalled the end of the conversation. For once I was glad.
I snatched the briefcase then got down. I hurried to my mother's side but she had opened her door and gotten down also.

I tried to act normal and feel at home but it was quite hard when the house held me in some kind of awe.
"This is really impressive" my dad whistled as we walked through the gate.
Ariyo must have spent a large amount to keep the flowers well trimmed. It ran along the wall round the house.
I carried the briefcase in one hand and my mothers box in the other and I led the way with the both of them behind me.
I led the way and I used my instincts to try locate the door. I must have been headed in the wrong direction because Andy popped out from the backyard.
"Oba..over here!"
I gratefully headed towards him.
"Isn't that your tall friend Andy?" My mothers voice warmed. She really liked Andy in fact both my parents did.
"Yes..we were working on some presentation for the bank for Monday and he slept over."
"It better be" my dad strained the weight of the bag must have been getting to him. "We want to see you settled with a pretty woman not a long man" he winked at Andy when he greeted him and collected the bag from his hands which my dad gratefully relinquished.

"Oboy the house massive..I've been cleaning up since..they hadn't had a weekend romp for the past three weeks " Andy whispered as we entered the kitchen.
The kitchen was well furnished and my mother 'ooohd' and 'aaaahd' as she stayed behind admiring the appliances.
My dad wasn't interested in the kitchen. "Rex what I need now is directions to your toilet then I plan to have my bath then sleep properly."
"The toilet...ehm" I looked around. There should be a guest toilet downstairs. That was the structure of most houses wasn't it?
Andy came to my rescue yet again. "Lemme show you to it sir" he led the way and my dad followed but he couldn't help himself. "Oba I'm very proud of you..you've made me very happy"
If you really knew my father hearing this from him was more precious than gold believe me.

Almost an hour later. My dad was in a room somewhere asleep. My mom was very happy I could tell. There was a spring in her step as she moved about the kitchen. Andy and I sat with her in the kitchen and we talked or she talked rather about my sisters. Utebo was pregnant again (and I feigned annoyance..'so she didn't tell me abi')
"She hasn't even told anybody..she just told me last week..her husband and your sisters don't even know" (that was baby 3 by the way..she had twins aged 5 a boy and girl)
Nyesom my second sister was very proud of Anthony her first boy. He had been made the senior prefect of his school.
For a moment it seemed everything was back to normal as she gisted Andy and I about things happening in the family. The smell of the eggs she was frying was doing snack down with our noses and you remember I hadn't eaten anything for the past 48 hours. In fact I had been so hungry that I no longer felt hungry anymore. But trust mothers to always come to the rescue. She had brought a crate of eggs and a very large loaf of bread and while she fried the eggs I made tea. (Thank God the fridge was stocked. Ariyo really spoilt Gwen..I knew most of this was from our Christmas bonuses over the years and I had a good mind to rape the refrigerator)

My mother was surprised the way we attacked the food. She had fried half a dozen eggs for the both of us and we rushed it with a vengeance.
"I knew it..you looked so hungry! You need a wife Rex..all this married bachelor lifestyle is not helping"
I nodded. My mouth too full to speak.
She turned to Andy "Andy what of Fome where is she?"
I could feel him tense before me.
I swallowed hurriedly
"Mama you just arrived and you have already cooked for us..please go and rest and catch some sleep. We would talk today I promise you but you need to rest. Andy and I have a project to finish for work"
"Okay oo I hear you" she got up and Andy followed her to show her to a room so she could have her bath and rest.
The house had like 5 rooms but he had been able to dust only two so he had to make sure she didn't enter the wrong one.

"What! You mean this man could have killed your mother so easily"
We were in the guest room downstairs. My parents were both asleep upstairs and I showed Andy the letter.
"Bro..the thing is almost driving me mad"
He read the letter again.
"So what do you do about the widow?"
"I have no choice.. I can't afford to let anything happen to her..but the thing just tire me..it would be foolishness to leave my parents alone..this guy sounds like a psycho"
"I don't think he wants to kill them yet..if not he would have done it already..he wants to start from the person you care about, that would hurt you deep..then he'd break you down by coming for your parents so when he comes for you you'd beg him to end your life"
I had goosebumps all over!
"That way he would have killed your spirit first before killing your body...he's sociopath..and q psychopath"
"Abeg e done do..ah ah"
Ye looked at me and smiled "we wouldn't give him the chance don't worry"
"No way..it can't happen!" But I didn't sound so sure anymore.

"Oba look at me..we're together in this..this mad man can't touch the widow and he sure as hell can't touch your parents"
"How do we do it" (the roles were reversed now and I needed every support I could get from Andy)
"We're going to be well prepared. This gate would be locked and I would patrol the compound till dawn believe me anything that enters which is impossible..did you see the height of the barbed wire? And that gate is very sturdy..but anything that enters I would be waiting with the dagger!"
"You'd better have the gun...Andy my mind won't still be at rest"
"You need the gun...this woman can't just be killed as if her life means nothing just so a crazy killer can prove a point..its not possible"
His ginger and anger was getting transferred to me and I was nodding. "You're right...just remembering how she looked so happy while I pushed her about... I can't let anything happen to her"
"That's the spirit"
"But how did he know about the widow? How did he know it would affect me so much"
"Oba you need to have seen your face when you were with her..your eyeballs were shaped like love"
I thought of punching him playfully but the after effects of the meal still had me lazing around.

"One thing this gun to the hospital...the noise is something else..it is a giveaway and even me myself I'm almost deafened by it every time I shoot it"

Andy smiled "No knowledge is truly lost my bro..remember one class I had back in school..in our advanced technology?"
I tried to remember..but I came up blank.
"When you were busy chasing Fome up and down in school how would you remember

He signaled me to follow him to the toilet in the guest room.
The pipe that transferred water to the water closet from the GP tank. He ripped it out with such force. And water started pouring.
"Shit! I forgot to close the knob! Please shut that valve!"
I closed it and the water stopped. But I didn't get what he was trying to do.
I looked at him questioningly
"Oba..go to the store in the kitchen..you'd see a small hand saw bring it for me"
I did as he told me and I was back in seconds with the saw he requested for.
From the other end that he had ripped from the wall he began sawing off the other side still attached to the wall until he held the length of pipe in his hand.
"What is this for?"
"Oba..you ever here of a gun silencer?"
"Yes na..anybody that played hitman or even watched movies would know it"
"Well that's what we are going to make now and the first thing we need is this PVC pipe"
"Are you serious? We can do that..and it would silence the shot?"
He grimaced "well I wouldn't call it a gun silencer...more like a suppressor.. But it won't sound like a gunshot..maybe like a very big dictionary getting slammed on the ground"
I was nodding "that's good enough"
"Alright let's get to work"

The process would have been fun if situation had been different but the purpose of making the gun suppressor kept on ringing in my head. It was to defend Olivia..the widow who had somehow gotten under my skin.
Andy went outside and he came with a bigger pipe. Wider in diameter and his dagger which he retrieved from the car. He handed me the knife.
"Go to any room and rip as much foam as you can from the bed.."
I chose one at random. "Hope this isn't where Ariyo and Gwen use for their weekends" I over did it and its safe to say I turned a king size to a bunk size. I carried the foam downstairs.
Andy had made some liitle holes which he spaced apart with a screw driver in the smaller PVC pipe, he kept on measuring it against the nuzzle of the gun then sawing and filing..chipping away excess until it could fit perfectly.
I watched him in silence as he tested tested the pipe against the wider one.
He always found something wrong with it and continued resizing until he was satisfied.
The space between the small PVC and the big one was stuffed with the foam I had cut out. He measured a piece from an indomie carton from the kitchen and glued it to the mouth to seal the foam in place.
"This is not perfect at all but it would gave to do..its just from the resources available to us"
I was impressed. "You're a genius. Andy..but how do we fix it to the gun"
"We need a clamp...I'd get the one from the generator outside."

A silenced gun wouldn't be bad. But this one wasn't standard and I feared it could make my aim which wasn't even good much worse but still half bread was better than chin chin as my people used to say.

Andy returned with the clamp and we were about to fasten it when we head noise from up the stairs. My dad was up! We hurriedly cleared the mess we had made and I kept the gun and the suppressor in a drawer by the bed.

Come night I planned to shoot on sight. No way Dr. Shadow was going to administer the lethal dose to Olivia.


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 10:39am On Mar 16, 2017
Andy really outdid himself. It was up to me to shoot straight now.
Tonight I was going to prevent that injection from getting close to Olivia and I was ready to die trying. angry


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by Bibi294(f): 8:51pm On Mar 16, 2017
Souloho19... One more update joo naw
Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 9:07pm On Mar 16, 2017
Souloho19... One more update joo naw

Yes ma'am...coming up in an hour!
Tnx for ur constant ginger smiley
Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 11:22pm On Mar 16, 2017
The day was spent with a lot of laughter actually.
My dad was in a splendid mood. My mum was also happy although I could tell Fome was still foremost on her mind.
She held her peace though, and by 2 in the afternoon when they were both rested. She busied herself in the kitchen with the bitter leaf soup just as she had promised me she would bring.
My dad, Andy and I stayed in the parlour.
A very large TV, so large I didn't bother to contemplate the inches took one side of the wall and we watched cable on it. A comedy episode and my dad burst out laughing every now and then.
A bottle of ammunition was on the table before him and he offered it generously but I declined. I needed my head to be as clear as possible. Andy however obliged him and they drank and laughed together.

I was restless. I wondered over to my mother who was busy finishing up the soup. It smelt like heaven.
"Rex..what of Fome? Are you people broken up?"
Mama Fome is dead! Blown to bits! And it was all my fault!
"Fome...mama Fome travelled..she went to Ibadan she should be back by next week"
She poured the hot water from the kettle to a big bowl and added garri into it.
"I don't have strength for pounded yam..if your father can not eat EBA then he should drink garri"
I laughed..all my years growing up she had never taken a stand like this before. No matter how tired she was from the shop she always pounded the yam which was like every night but recently I had been noticing some changes, it seemed my dad was starting to appreciate her more. I was really glad.
The discussion was far from over however.
"Ehen...as you laughed now..just laugh the truth out"
I almost said Fome had left me for another man..better to have my mum on my side and that would end the matter immediately. However to lie against the dead was something even my cowardice couldn't allow. (Even though Fome had told me she was leaving me for another man..I had come to find out the truth and I couldn't use it against her..God rest her soul)
I tried to buy sometime. "Which truth Mama?"
"If you think I can believe that then maybe I raised a fool after all" she sounded pissed.
I sat down on the kitchen stool.
"Mama..Fome and I we broke up"
She said nothing. Just continued turning in the bowl.
"We were not working out..I felt it better to stop so that we wouldn't bring children into a loveless marriage" the moment the words were out I felt like cutting my tongue.
My mother however first seemed not to mind.
"I can understand that..sometimes I feel that's what I should have done..then where will you be now?"
She turned away and I knew she was hurt. I had pierced an old wound unknowingly. The truth would have just been easier to say.
I spent some seconds hugging her. "Mama its alright its alright..I didn't mean it like that. I love you for the sacrifice you made for us..please mama"

She wasn't one to let emotions ride for too long and soon enough she was dishing the food while I assisted and blabbed about anything I could think of, trying to make amends.
She responded me and after sometime she began smiling again.

"Something smells wonderful" my dad barged in the kitchen accompanied by the smell of alcohol. He winced at the sight of the plate.
"Martha..garri again?"
"Al, my arms can not pound anything..I can boil the yam if you want"
My mouth opened wide. This was a first. I watched my dad waiting for his reaction but he just shrugged
"I would have managed semo..but no problem..give me enough soup o"
I looked at my mum.."when did this one start again?"
She smiled "I have my own secrets too"
"Which secrets..but I'm not keeping any now!"
She shook her head "Rex..then whose house is this? You see you can fool your father but not me"
She carried the tray containing my fathers food out of the kitchen.

I stood dumbfounded and amazed. But I tell you one thing: I love that woman!

After the meal, Andy and I retreated to the room to continue our 'work presentation' while my parents remained in the living room watching a Yoruba movie. They didn't understand the language but they relied on the subtitles. They loved Yoruba films..my mother especially and always said they had the best story lines when it came to Nigerian movies.
Not up to 30 minutes into the movie and I could hear my father snoring. The ammunition must have caught up with him.

Andy and I finished up with fastening the suppressor to the gun. The result was really impressive. But it seemed the weight doubled.
"So how do we do it..I need to head to the hospital so I can fuel the car first". It was 4:45 pm.
"Your parents are safe with me Oba..just do your part..nothing should happen to this girl and if you see this assassin bury a bullet in his skull"
I carried the briefcase. Who knew, maybe if I offered the money to the assassin he would disappear into the shadows. Andy had his dagger and he selected another very big kitchen knife.
He could see me hesitate and read the fear on my face.
"Oba just trust me..I would watch this house like it were my own parents in it"
I nodded.
My dad was still sleeping but my mother glanced at me then at the briefcase I held.
"Where are you going?"
"I need to rush to the bank. Ariyo just called me that we are needed at headquarters"
Her eyes said she didn't believe me. "Tooor..hope you'd be back in time for dinner"
"Of course!" She could crucify me in the morning.

Andy followed me and I stood on the other side of the door until I heard him lock the gate.
"Good luck Oba..we'd meet tomorrow with good news by God's grace"
"Amen bro!"
I heard him walk away but I remained still.
I wondered this time tomorrow where I would be. Hopefully still on Earth.

I avoided the Apapa traffic this time and followed one-way the briefcase was in the passenger seat. Filled with just the raw cash and the gun. The two letters. One from Fome's dad and the other from the crazy assassin was in my breast pocket. The rest of the papers containing the coordinates and locations of the widow initiative were all in the care of Andy.
I wondered at the subconscious motive in giving it to him. 'Just in case' I didn't make it back, so he could continue with the war against the initiative.
I shook such thoughts from my mind as I turned into the driveway of the hospital. It was 6:15 pm.
I thought of doctor Rasheed. I wondered if he was still running the diagnostic center and I had a good mind to go and smack him about in his office and threaten him with the gun for all the bull he fed to me about mossad and making me live in fear. Besides he might know how to reach this shadow killer and get him to terminate the contract.
I knew that wouldn't be wise. My immediate priority was in safeguarding Olivia and I planned to do that before any other thing.

I located the ward I had met her before and it was empty.
I cursed myself for not asking her for her room during the little time we spent together.

A small girl sat in the corner with someone who had to be her mother soothing her as she received oxygen from a face mask or nebulizer.
I strolled over to them.
"Madam..sorry o..she's asthmatic?"
She appreciated my gesture but frowned at my approach "her enemy is asthmatic not her"
I was immediately apologetic. "I'm very sorry. Please don't mind me"
She softened immediately "no its alright..I'm just tired of all this..one whiff of dust and she starts wheezing"
I hung back and talked with the woman until the child's breathing relaxed and she removed the face mask.
"Now where is this doctor..this woman can not stay in one place!"
She looked about impatiently but we were the only ones in the ward.
A young doctor came in with a stethoscope.
"How is the little princess doing?" He glanced at me "are you the father?"
The woman replied before I could "No he's not....where's the lady that attended to us before?"
"Esiri is busy at the moment...there is an emergency case she is handling now"
The woman nodded and the young doctor proceeded to check the breathing of the girl with the stethoscope. He seemed satisfied.
"She can leave now..don't forget to pick up the drugs that were prescribed for her." He knelt so he was eye level with the girl "be a good girl..stay away from dust you hear"
The girl nodded and she and her mother left feeling happy.
The doctor straightened up and looked at me. He glanced a second too long at the briefcase I held and I was suddenly very suspicious. I felt a bit cold. Could this be the killer?
He just stood there beside me staring at the TV which had one of their usual soap operas on.
"Asthma is a very bad illness I tell you..I suffered from it myself..thank God I outgrew it"
Who asked you? Please leave!
I was very uncomfortable.
"The sickness leaves a lot of 'shadows' abi" I placed emphasis on 'shadows' and I watched him carefully. But he just looked at me strangely.
"By the way..we don't usually allow visitors here by this time"
Before I could answer the door opened and an elderly nurse wheeled in Olivia.
Her face brightened when she saw me and my heart literally skipped a beat.
The elderly nurse wheeled her in and she beamed at me.
"Hello..I almost thought I dreamt about yesterday..so nice to see you again"
"I told you I'd be here" my God I was a goner!
The doctor cleared his throat.
"Nurse just wheel her to the corner.I'd be giving her the injection because Esiri is very busy now"
"Yes sir" the nurse wheeled her to the corner.
My eyes went wide.
Hell No! No bloody way!


Re: Delayed Diagnosis by Bibi294(f): 3:47am On Mar 17, 2017
Thanks dear... The update is worth it... I'm expecting more today

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Re: Delayed Diagnosis by souloho19(m): 1:22pm On Mar 17, 2017
The doctor set his tray on a near by table and began arranging syringes he flicked the bottle with his finger. The way they always do before pulling the contents with the plunger into the syringe.
The nurse had wheeled Olivia to the corner but he didn't draw the curtain.
She looked back at me and smiled. And I knew I had to do something.
"Excuse me..this doctor..do you know him?" I asked the nurse.
"Its a big hospital my friend. But I think I've seen him before" the elderly nurse replied me then headed to the door.
The doctor held the syringe then he went to the corner where Olivia was. He looked at me before drawing the curtain and my legs suddenly found purpose.
I hurried and parted the curtain.
"Hold on hold on...what injection are you about to give to her?"
"This is demerol with methadol its a pain reliever..what are you doing here? Please leave immediately"
Olivia struggled to turn. "No its fine..he can stay..he's a friend"
"Friend or not..its against hospital regulations"
He stared at me and I stared back. Finally he backed down. He brought out the syringe again and tested it by pushing the plunger..a line of fluid squirted from the needle and I began to panic.
"So its not pentothal that is in there?"
He looked at me.."what on earth? Are you crazy? Please if you would remain here then you better stay quiet and allow me do my job."
I decided I couldn't risk it. This guy was too suspicious.
As he neared Olivia to administer the injection, I caught his arm then twisted it with force. I bent his arm backwards and the needle pierced into his shoulder. I pressed the plunger down and all the fluid entered his arm.
He looked at me and shouted.
"What do you think you're doing? What is the meaning of this?"
"I can't risk it..you're shadow aren't you..well I can't let you kill her she is too precious"
He fell to his knees.
"What the Bleep!...are you mad!! What are you talking about?" He pulled out the needle carefully lest the needle break off in his arm.
Olivia had rotated the wheel chair and she looked at me like I was mad.
"What is going on? What did you do that for?"
"Believe me..Olivia its for your own good .somebody wants to administer a lethal injection to you tonight and I have to stop him"
I could tell I wasn't making any sense by the look on her face.
"I don't understand. Lethal injection?"
The doctor was struggling to his feet "this is absurd and crazy..what lethal injection." He winced and held his arm..I held him back then ripped his lab coat down from the arm. I could see the place I had pierced him swelling rapidly.
"Ehen..so its nothing lethal and your shoulder is already swelling abi" I thought of smacking his head with the briefcase.
"Which planet are you from?" He shouted angrily
"Any injection that misses the vein is bound to cause swelling because the fluid did not go to the destination" he winced as I released him. "Its also very painful"

The pentothal poison stopped the heart in seconds right? And when it had been used on Sule he had died almost immediately.
I was beginning to feel foolish.
The doctor shrugged out of my hold and winced. His arm was very stiff.
"I'm calling security to throw you out.." He turned to Olivia "lady I don't know where you know this man from but he is not sane!!"
He almost ripped the curtain apart as he stormed out and I knew if he had been a fighter he would have fought me himself.

"What was that all about..you scared the living daylight out of me"
I couldn't stand the way she was looking at me. Like I could hurt her.
I wanted to wheel her out if this ward but I knew I had to explain myself before I could try to touch her.
"Olivia..I messed up with the wrong people...very dangerous..there's a killer on the loose in this hospital and he threatened to kill you tonight by injecting you with something potent..I know I sound crazy but please you have to believe me your life is at stake..but I came down here to stop him that's why I couldn't let that doctor touch you..and the nurse told me his is a new face"
"But he has giving me before this isn't the first time"
I shrugged weakly. What was done was done.

"Wait lemme get this straight so you're involved with killers? What business do they have with me? Why come after me?"
I moved closer to her and I was glad she didn't shy away anymore.
"You ever watched Superman or batman or even spiderman?"
She looked at me cynically and I hurried on.
"The reason they always were masks and use alter egos like Clark Kent is so that their enemies won't locate the people they care about and hurt them.."
I had unknowingly (or knowingly) told her I cared about her. And she looked at me with big and searching eyes and I knew a man could get lost looking in them.
I was practically drowning in them right now and I knew we had to move.
If security came things were going to get nasty because I wasn't leaving this hospital with her behind.
She must have taken my declaration to heart because she didn't argue as I began to wheel her away but instead she rested her cheek on my hand that gripped the handle.
"Rex..what have you gotten into..I hardly know you..."

Outside the curtain Tosin was outside with the mop bucket at his feet again. This dude must clean this place on a hourly basis, I thought to myself.
He was facing the television set with a device in his hand like a remote. But too big to be a remote. It was more like a game pad controller.
I paid him no attention until the light bulb flickered.
I looked at the TV again. There was no decoder so there was nothing he was operating. The program on the TV wasn't a local one but one of those telenova stations.
The light flickered again.
He looked at us.
"Madam Olivia..good day o"
"Tosin how are you today?"
He nodded at me and went on fiddling with the control again.
I stopped wheeling Olivia.
"When did this man start working here?"
I whispered to her.
"About two days now..but he's just a very nice young man"
The same way the person who had delivered the note to my mum had been a nice young man?!
Alarms were ringing in my head.
Tosin looked at me and nodded politely again then he continued with the remote thingy again.
Olivia must have felt me tense.
"What's wrong?"she asked me..
In reply the light went off sending the whole place into darkness.
My hands started shaking. I fumbled with the briefcase trying to free it open and get to the gun that was inside.
The whole place was dark.
I stepped in front of Olivia. And pushed the wheel chair roughly backwards as I fumbled with the snap of the briefcase.
Either my hands were too jumpy or I wasn't settled because it wasn't cooperating.
I heard Tosin's voice from the darkness.


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