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MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 3:58pm On Feb 01, 2017
Hi fellow nairalanders this is my first thread and my first novel. I decided to write a sci fi story because I noticed how scarce we have dat genre represented here. The few I have seen didnt really have d sci fi flavor I have come to know. So hope u guys will enjoy dis my little attempt. So I would need all ur inputs, praise, criticism and corrections. Well dis is not a filly edites write up please pardon my gramatic blunders.
PoliticalThuG ,
SirWere ,
Chumzypinky ,
skarlett ,
repogirl ,
rapmike ,
Cyndylove ,
ElectGINeer ,
bibijay123 ,
And two very good guy dere works have inspired and encouraged me :
D9ty7 and Therock5555 .
Pls u guys should accept my humble invitation to join me in dis short adventure.

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Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 4:03pm On Feb 01, 2017
So here is my book cover, hope it's ok.

Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 4:22pm On Feb 01, 2017
Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved. The reproduction or utilization of this work in whole or in part in any form by electronic, mechanical or other means, now or hereafter invented including xerography, photocopying and recording or in any information storage or retrieval system is forbidden without a written permission of from the author. Contact him at dapollux@gmail.com.
All characters in this book have no existence outside the imagination of the author and have no relation whatsoever to anyone bearing the same name or names. They are not even distantly inspired by any individual known or unknown to the author and all incidents are pure fiction.

Took part of this from a book by Don Pendleton :TRIANGLE OF TERROR. I like his creative way of putting the usual phrase: " this is a work of fiction, any resemblance to.. ..". I think I like his better, so I copied it.
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 4:24pm On Feb 01, 2017
Now here comes my abstract...

Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 4:28pm On Feb 01, 2017

Chapter One

Marvel Alistar knew he was being followed the moment he stepped down from the skytram. The flash of neo-green blur intruding on the edge of his vision gave the tail away. Several other passengers alighted from the skytram also which he believed the person tailing him was among. Marvel continued on the steady moving pace he had started with before boardie the skytram. The tram station was not too crowded, but considerable number of people were still moving around for the tail to hide among. He stopped a while as if to watch the skytram as it lefts its long slim body from the floor of the station on the anti-grav propulsor and gently climbed into air.
The platform of the tram station bustled with activities as people milled about several going into the doors leading out of the place. Across the other side from the platform was a park for ground car cabs. Hologram words and 3D images were floating above the park showing various destitutions. Several cab drivers struggled among themselves to win over the few passengers from the departing skytram who even felt like taking a land cab. Air car hardly ever appear in this area of town. Land cars are still considered by most as bumpy and an uncomfortable way to travel. But seeing that most people who live or visit here can’t afford an air car, they will just have to go with it. Hanging around in twos and threes are youths of both sexes, putting on bright red and yellow fraternity jump suit, with spike, grizzly and ring hair styles. The exposed part of their skins are covered in holo-tattoos. Their eyes sizing up the pedestrians for any potential robbery victims. Their looks passed several times over Marvel as he stood watching the departing skytram. He was assessed and discarded as someone who will not worth the effort of being mugged.
Before turning and resuming he walk, he saw the flash of neo-green again. The tail was putting on a neo-green coloured upper coat. It’s a man. The tail had walked across to the land car park and appears to be in a deep negotiations with one of the cab drivers. He was still too far away for Marvel to really pick out specific details , apart from him appearing to be a man. Marvel walked through a door that leads out of the station taking him into one of the numerous tunnels ushering him to The Pit, his destination. The tunnel was much more busy and crowded than the station platform. Shops with plastiglass windows and doors displaying wares. Floating holo images advertising sex palours, gays strip clubs, death wrestling matches, illegal death mono bike racing and low credit gambling dens. Shops for VR games and electronic drugs had their places too. Near by Unclad whores painted with neon glowing colours paraded the tunnel calling passers-by with sweet enticing words. A big store dealing on illegally clone extra-terrestrial pets put on a giant sized holo image of a 3 headed lion with a blinking caption; YOU THINK THE PET AND WE MAKE THE BET. Close by it is another shop that deals on android pets.
Marvel paid non of these any heed as he moved among the crowd doing his best to keep off bumping into people. The neo-green flashed across his eyes again as he was about to take a turn. He felt it was time to deal with this tail.
Several things to sort through first. He tried to recall when is the likely place he might have picked the tail. It was obvious that he was with him in the skytram and got out the same time he did. So the person might have been following him before he even bought the ticket for the trip. Normally he could have just dealt directly with the tail and be done with it, but from how this just happened , it looks too good to be a coincidence. He is on a job at the moment and at this time he was on his way to meet an informant for details about his target, a tail took the same instant to tag him.


Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 4:38pm On Feb 01, 2017
“Like I said”. He whispered quietly. “Too good to be a coincidence. “
He took a turn moving pass his intended destitution. He walked for about half a block, allowing his rubber soled boot to drag on the duacrete floor. A miner vet on tattered space miners uniform with a prosthetic hand having an open pan asked him to spare a few credit. Marvel used the time it took to drop the few credit chips into the beggar’s pan to observe his tail by the edge of his sight. The tail mingled with the crowd moving about the numerous shops. The guy is really good. What gave him away from the start was the bright neo-green coat he was wearing. Which seem to show that he had no prior knowledge where the person he was tailing will be going if not, he might have put on something less conspicuous and would have been harder for Marvel to notice. This just increased his curiosity.
Well time to get me some answers, he thought with a smile.
While still thinking of how to handle this, he mentally took stock of his present armaments. Underneath the grey long coat he is putting on a skin tight super Kevlar and enhanced polymer full body armour jumpsuit. Imbedded with micro mash duralloy to prevent injury and shock from trauma and blunt attacks. Also an added bonus to the body armour is the heat sink tech. Engineered to absorb and dissipate heat from lazer or microwave rounds. His boot and gloves were made of same materials with added features. Now for his offensive capabilities, on his chest holster is a NAX GAUGE 4 multi beam hand gun. With multiple settings for stun, armour piercing lazer and microwave particle beam. At his right hip is holstered an M2000 quad barrel pistol modified to fire multiple projectiles-lead, flechettes, explosive bullets and amour piercer uranium core bullets. Also sheath in his left boot is a common seven inch vibro blade. Non of these weapons are standard issues. They are all illegal even for a government registered bounty hunter that he is. Well in his kind of work, every added edge is an advantage that will keep him alive. Moreover non of the government agencies or corporate security companies have complained about his arsenal yet. And non had asked to see the tools of his trade. Moreover he wasn’t expecting any fight today, he was just on an info gathering movement, so he came out armed light. Still he have enough to take out any opposition here.
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 4:42pm On Feb 01, 2017
Coming out at the other end of the tunnel, he got into The Pit properly. The Pit, now that is a name that aptly fit this place. The little known history about The Pit goes back a few centuries. During the early days of space exploration and planetary colonization by mostly megacorporation. When the newly discovered fusion drive and inertia propulsion engine gave the people of earth power to build crafts and ships capable of FTL (Faster Than Light) travel. Men for the first time in history can move at unimaginable speed, travel at acceleration in excess of light years to neighboring stars and beyond. Alpha Centauri the brightest star on the southern constellation of Centaurus was the first that drew men, so was the first star system to be fully colonized all nine planets. Since it is a binary star, the other star system too was colonized, having seven planets. But Proxima Centauri ,which is a dwarf star within the same sector, was not initially colonized since it wasn’t in the same league with its neighbors when it comes to attractive brightness. Years after other star systems were colonized, a chanced event led a group of explorers to discover the several planets orbiting the red dwarf worth colonizing. Among the ten plants in that dwarf star system, six of them will need actual full terraforming, one have an ecology perfect for human dwelling. The other four are gas giants out of which, the fifth from the star have moons that are almost average planet size for colonizing. That gas giant was called Proxima 5. It became a good place to harvest much needed gases such as helium used for Gas Turbine Modular Helium Reactor, hydrogen, used mostly in fusion drive engines and metallic hydrogen for inertia propulsion. So Proxima 5 became a corporate attraction. Among its eleven moons, three are of average planet size. The second of them was a perfect place for humans to live. Earth like air composition of oxygen and other gases. With native vegetation and local wild life, having seas, oceans and fresh water. This moon became known as Nuterra. The first group of people to stay on Nuterra were miners. At its discovery, what was prominent then on Nuterra was a wide crater 30km in diameter and 2km deep caused by the impact of meteor. That place became the first settled area on Nuterra. It was heavily mined for its rich deposits of Uterium, a prized metal used majorly for durasteel. After the meteorite was completely mined off its Uterium, the place was abandoned . The owners of the mining company, Fushima Industries, felt it was no longer viable to continue the holding of that place, as the the chairman of the company was recalled to have said: “The pit no longer brings credits but sinks it”. So the name had stuck since then as The Pit. Fushima Industries didn’t only abandon the pit, but laid off all mining staff used there. Several protests sent to the Global Civil Court(GCC), System Arbitrational Court(SAC) and the Civil and Corporate Protection Agency(CCPA) didn’t get the sacked miners anything beyond them owning the most unprofitable piece of land in all of Nuterra. So while cities, towns and businesses grew up all around Nuterra, The Pit sank into an urban squalor for the poor, misfit and those out of corporate favour. It also became a safe haven for thieves, cutthroats, fraternity and gang cults, criminals hiding from the law, spread of illegal VR drugs and all other modern day urban vices.
Welcome to The Pit Marvel, he chuckles to himself.
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 4:49pm On Feb 01, 2017
The Pit streets and buildings where mostly under ground with a distance of five storeys between the floor and up. Lots of building in the streets look old and abandoned. Some of the over head lights were either off or going off and on. Few land vehicles still ply the roads, most of them land cabs and buses. But several battered land cars are left by the road sides. Just like in the tunnels some shops still fill either end of the roads but they don’t look as new or inviting as those in the tunnels. And here street peddlers of illegal electronic drugs, stolen items and cyber thieves ready to sell secret info parade and mill around the streets.
Marvel finally saw what he was looking for after walking for a while. An almost empty alley where most of the lights were off giving the area lots of dark place. All the while he was walking, he did his best not to let the tail know he had been tagged. So as Marvel stepped into the alley, a quick shake of his head gave him a slight glace of the tail but this time he saw something gleam on his face.
Damn, Marvel winced inwardly. He is wearing glasses. That may complicate things. He is sure the tail isn’t wearing the glasses for fancy. Depending on the tech behind it, the glasses my have telescopic sight or infra red vision capabilities. This means Marvel may not be able to hide in the dark. Well there are ways to counter that.
Smell from the alley was overwhelming. Lots of trash cans over turned and their contents spilled. Several of the street cleaning robots have broken down with parts missing, wires and circuits exposed. The waste treatment in this area seem to have gone the way of the robots too. Sewage have started seeping through some busted underground pipes that appears to be the very source of the smell. The air recycler machine in the over head air vents gives out sounds like dry cough. A body lie very still on one side of the alley, dead or alive, Marvel couldn’t tell.
With a burst of speed, Marvel moved into an open door leading to a very dark corridor. Feeling with his hand, he located a door, moved to the side and stayed still waiting. He stayed behind a wall to take away the advantage an infrared goggle will give the tail. And if the glasses have a heat sensor, Marvel touched a control on his belt activating the Thermal regulator built into his body armour. He kept the temperature to be the same with the wall, to make him undetectable to any heat sensor. The only thing he has no protection against is an X-ray equipment. Well for that, he quietly unholstered the gauge 4 hand gun, the gun whined slightly as it was powered on. Marvel kept the beam setting at stun, right now he need answers more than killing the tail.
Slow careful steps drifted through the dark, calculated and unerring. Which goes to prove the tail have an infrared goggle to aid him in seeing through the dark passage. As soon as Marvel heard the footsteps close to the door of the wall he was hiding, he made his move. He lashed out with a punch were he gauged the tail’s face to be. His fist connected feeling flesh and bone. A low moan escaped the lips of the tail. Marvel smashed the face twice again and stopped when he heard the body hitting the floor.
Another touch of a setting on his hand gun activated a tiny flash light under the gun’s muzzle. The light displayed a crumpled body wearing the neo-green jacket. The tail’s face looked gaunt with shrunken cheeks and hollowed eyes. Blood was dripping from his nose and mouth.
Pulling roughly on the neo-green jacket, Marvel dragged the tail to his feet and pointing the muzzle of the gun to his face he said, “Talk. “
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 4:50pm On Feb 01, 2017
“Please don’t kill me, “ the tail screeched. “I didn’t mean any harm. I’m just the messenger. Someone sent me to you. “
“And who would that be? “ Marvel asked.
“I don’t know him. Wasn’t given a name. “ the tail was pointing at his pocket. “All I was told was to give you this. “
“Ah ah ah, not so fast dead meat. “,Marvel said as the tail reached quickly into his pocket. “Move your hand very slowly and keep the other one where I can see it. “
What he brought out from his pocket was a hand held vid phone. With a tiny screen. But the phone appears to be off. “ I was told to show you this. Em… I guess it will only be activated when it recognize your hand prints. “
Marvel pushed him roughly to the wall and collected the vid phone from him. The moment his hand held the device, it came on, recognizing his hand prints even through the glove. The screen lit up displaying an eight inch holographic image on the air above it.
The holo image was of a plumb man in his fifties with shiny silver thinning hair, wearing a white business plyfaux suit that seem to be the main fashion for high level corporate executives in Nuterra these days. His face and cheek filled up giving the impression of a spoiled rich mogul with little brains until you look at his eyes. The pupils are white same colour as his hair and suit ,they burn with a certain predatory intelligence.

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Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 5:30pm On Feb 01, 2017
“Good evening Mr. Alistar”, the image said.
“My name is Marvel”, cut in Marvel.
“Ah well Mr. Marvel Alistar it is then. Apologies for my short sightedness. “
Grunting non committal and feigning disinterest he asked, “How can I help you? “
“My name is Lamont Ludwig Nicholas. I’m the president and chief officer of Trans Terra International. We are a conglomerate that have made inroads into cutting edge technological fields…”
“Almost every adult on Nuterra know TTI and what they stand for”, cut in Marvel. “ And I know who you are. So reminding me of these facts are a good way to waste my time. “
“Oh that is very nice, and I never did have the pleasure of your company. “ The image smiled broadly.
“Pray you never do. “
Marvel noticed something about the image shown by the vidphone. The hologram was only a cut out of the man’s image, nothing beyond him is displayed. This can mean only two things: the call is encrypted and the caller doesn’t want anything beyond his image to show which can give possible clues to where he is calling from. Well that is really smart and it is beginning to annoy him.
“You have just ten seconds to start spilling out why you have to interrupt my day’s activities before I smash this device. “
“Well Mr. Marvel Alistar we have a challenge that someone with your considerable skills and expertise can help resolve. So we want to hire you for a job.”
“Sorry to inform you Mr. Lamont Ludwig Nicholas I’m already on a job so your offer is regretfully refused. “
“We are actually aware of that Mr Marvel Alistar “put in the holo image.
This admission from Nicholas should have surprised Marvel but he didn’t allowed his face to show any expression
“But we are quiet ready to allow you finish your present job, being optimistic that you will resolve it in time to be able to help us deal with our problem.“
“Your offer came at an unfortunate time, so I’m forced to decline. “ , said Marvel giving back the device to the tail who had been still ,quiet and unmoving since the conversation started.
“Please don’t decide in a haste, Mr Marvel Alistar. “ the image waved frantically trying to get his attention. “We are willing to part with considerable compensation for the inconvenience of intruding our personal challenge on your daily routine. Say will one million uni-credit be considered adequate? Of course we are going to pay more for traveling and hazard expenses. “
Marvel brought the vidphone back staring at the hologram in deep thought. One million is a lot of money. Besides this people are willing to pay him in Uni-credit. The standard unit of exchange for Earth, the Solar system and all star systems and planets humans have colonized. This is money he can spend any where, in any planet or star system without the need for conversation to local currency. He is dealing with real heavy rollers here and if they are willing to go this far that means what ever they will want him to do will be dangerous as hell.
“But if you find our offer not to be satisfactory, you can name any figure you think will be an adequate requital for your time and effort. “
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by 1mmanuel(m): 5:47pm On Feb 01, 2017
Good one. Keep it up
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 5:49pm On Feb 01, 2017
“Well make it two million Uni-credit plus expenses and I might think about it.” Marvel said. Inwardly he thought, well money is money, this won’t be the first dangerous job he have handled.
“Ok, we accept that” came from the image. “Very well then that about concludes our negotiations.”
“Not quite, Mr. Nicholas. There are things my clients must know and agree to before I offer my services to them. First, I’m a bounty hunter not an assassin. I’m a government registered, recognized and issued bounty hunter. I go after criminals whether from the civil government or corporate ones. I’m not a hired gun, so I won’t do your dirty jobs or wet works for you. I won’t kill for you. Secondly, I work on full disclosure. You must make available every necessary information I need to pursue this job. If at anytime while offering my services, I discovered that certain aspects of the job where deliberately hidden from me, the contract becomes void. Thirdly I collect my fees up front in full. Kinda shows how committed my clients are. Oh and by the way I don’t do refunds. You Bleep me up at any time during the contract, you kiss your upfront payment good bye. So do you goons still feel like hiring me? “
“We are quit aware of your operational parameters, due consultations were made before coming to the consensus to hire you. So Mr. Marvel Alistar, I don’t think that will be a problem. We are a legitimate organization that is strictly involved with legitimate business concerns. “
“I will take my leave now, other pressing matters call for my attention. Will get in contact when I’m through with my present assignment. “
“For discretion and security purposes, we will like to give you a number you can reach us by when you what to contact us”, Nicholas called out the numbers. “It’s a highly secured and heavily encrypted line. Good bye Mr. Marvel Alistar. “
The holo image vanished and a mechanical voice sounded from the vidphone. “This unit will self destruct in five seconds. “
Marvel dropped the device and watched as it caught fire and burnt to an unrecognizable slab. Turning to the tail who was still standing still, Marvel shot him with a stun bean from the hand gun before walking towards the door leading out of the room to the entrance of the alley . The tail dropped on the ground with a stiff grunt as if all his bones in his body were pulled off at once.

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Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 5:50pm On Feb 01, 2017
Good one. Keep it up
Stay tuned, plenty more to come. Lot of actions on the way
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 5:56pm On Feb 01, 2017
Two teenagers, a boy and girl were peeping into the dark entrance of the alley as Marvel came out. Both were putting on the red and yellow colour fraternity jumpsuit with green and pink coloured spike hair style. They stumbled on each other when they saw the hardware he was packing on his chest and waist holsters.
“Don’t worry, he is in there. “ Marvel indicated with his thumb pointing over his shoulder. “Go get e’m.”
One of the teenager, the male, bent down and pulled out a short vibro blade from his boot. He smiled, showing several empty sockets on his dirty teeth and moved into the alley.
“Hey hold on, “Marvel called out to them. “ Don’t Kill him. I don’t want to see a dead body. “
“Aw sa… “ complained the teen with the blade.
“I mean it. “ Marvel insisted pointing at his holstered piece.
They eagerly nodded and ran into the dark entrance pulling on a couple of night vision goggles. Marvel smirked. That will teach him never in his life to tail Marvel. Waking up after six straight hours when the effect of the stun would have wear off, finding himself Unclad and all his valuables gone, with his head pounding awfully, the lesson would have been fully passed.
Shrugging, he moved to the direction of his appointed date.

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Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 6:08pm On Feb 01, 2017
Chapter Two

Half way across the world of Nuterra Is the capital city New Haven. A city that boasts of having every facility a modern city any where in the several human colonized worlds should have. It has been said, that New Haven can rival any small to mid range city on earth. A city having two full sized hyper active space ports, more than a score Of efficiently managed sea ports, mega high ways. Numerous high rise pedestrian walk-ways, same numbers for the electro mono-rail bridges for hyper sonic speed trains. Tall buildings of gleaming plastiglass, duracrete and steel covering hundreds of square kilometers with numerous air cars and sky buses dotting the skies. New Haven is both the capital and economic center of the entire World of Nuterra. All corporate organization doing business on this world have its head Office in this city.
Prominent among the sky rise buildings of New Haven is the T shaped tower of Trans Terra International. In one of the office room at the very top of the Trans Tower, as it is called, Lamont Ludwig Nicholas touched the button that lead to the auto self destruct mechanism on the vidphone used to make contact with the bounty hunter. The office room was wide even for a top corporate exec. Almost everything in the room is coloured white. The plasticrete wall heavily reinforced with durasteel was almost bare except for the company’s logo in metallic silver Colour. And the floor and Ceiling are also bare but made from micro laminated marble with the white gleaming from the soft light over head.
Nicholas walked around the office in deep thought, he stopped before the ceiling to floor see through plastiglass windows. Watching as the light of the late afternoon sun plays on the rooftops of the building out side. The ever present sight of the gas giant, Proxima 5, which Nuterra orbits, dominating a large part of the sky. The air lane seem particularly crowded this late afternoon with air cars zooming between the buildings and an occasional appearance of sky bus joining the mix.
Soft music sounded from the transparent desk in the office. Nicholas brushed his hand across his white suit. “Yes what is it? I left specific instructions not to be disturbed. “
“Yes sir. “ an artificial simulated voice sounded from a voxbox on the desk. “You said not to be disturbed unless by a priority one call. This is a priority one call from Mr. Dalmar Reinhardt. “

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Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 6:18pm On Feb 01, 2017
“I will take it. Let the call through. “ He moved to sit in his hover chair, touched a button on the armrest, and the chair floated toward the holo display machine at the back side of the office . He touched another button and the holo display came on initially showing multiple colours as the call went through several security clearance. He wasn’t Worried about anyone eavesdropping on him at his end because his office is the most secured place on this world with an anti bug security system that automatically sweep and destroy any spying device. But calls do have to go through comsat, relay lines and webnet . So the need for high level encrypted means cannot be over looked. The colours cleared and a life size image appeared on the holo display unit.
“A pleasant evening to you Mr Reinhardt.” The head of TTI said with a genial smile.
Dalmar Reinhardt's face was all smooth with out a show of wrinkles or spot on his skin. He have a perfect oval face with finely sculptured mustache and full very dark hair. He exude the appearance of a man in his late 20s while in actual fact his is closer to 67 by earth standard reckoning . The secret lies in the series of micro surgeries performed on him by SynTech Industries. Procedures that had cost him a fortune and left the operating company immensely richer. Still Dalmar’s Coffer never appeared to decreased. That is one of the thing that had made Nicholas respect for him to soar.
While Dalmar was stilling keeping quiet and taking his time before speaking, Nicholas went further. “The news coming from The Proxima 5 Bizwatch is that the stock of Iris System Securities have risen by 5.8% in the last quarter. Quite an achievement if I must say so myself and congratulations are in order. “
“Oh that. “ the head of Iris System Securities waved dismissingly. “You can congratulate me about that when the time is right. I think the rise in increase of people subscribing for the more expensive premium total security package is as a result of the spike in the number of organ harvesters cases. Well at least that is finally been taken care of. “
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 6:22pm On Feb 01, 2017
Nicholas knows very well what brought about the increase in subscription for the total premium security package. The earth government maintains very little presence in the colonies ran by the mega corporations. So the duty of policing and safeguarding the lives of citizens in the colonized worlds fall on the corporations. So for Proxima 5 worlds, Iris System Securities holds that responsibility. Every citizen in these worlds are obligated to subscribe and pay for police protection which is handled by Mantis Urban Pacifier foot soldiers. For a while subscription have remained stable with the general urban security package been the more in demand while the premium total security package have remained within just the higher elites and corporate execs. Mr Dalmar came up with a brilliant plan. He looked for a small criminal organization called the organ harvesters. Their job is to kidnap citizens that didn’t subscribe for Mantis police protection, Kill them and sell the organs of their body like the heart, kidney and liver which are in high demand by the wealthy people in the organ market. The head of Iris System Securities, in secret, employed and funded them with better weapons and equipment. This led to increase in the activities of the organ harvesters, many of those who subscribed for the normal urban security fell victims to the new scourge. So lots of people were forced to pay for the more expensive premium total security package. Of course by this time the price of it have increased by 200%. Mr Dalmar, in other to keep the Organ harvesters in business, was buying the harvested organs from them and selling to the highest bidders in the organ market. So He had raked in huge profits from both sides. To cut off all loose ends, when his goals were achieved, he had waged a public war on the organ harvesters, and using his mantis police, he had hunted down the organ harvesters, killed them all without trials, events much publicized by the media. This had made the public in Nuterra to sing his praises and declare their confidence in the Iris System Securities to protect them. The man had won on all ground and profited massively.
“Still Mr Reinhardt, that was a great feat to achieve, a brilliant stroke of genius. Your company have risen to be among the top twenty in all of the three star systems of Alpha Centauri. “
“Ah...thank you, Mr Nicholas. You are most modest. “ Dalmar rested his back on the black sythleather chair he is sitting on, clasping both hands together and bringing them to rest on his chin. “You would have guessed by now that this wasn’t a mere social call. “
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 6:28pm On Feb 01, 2017
“Of course, Mr Reinhardt , but the rules of etiquette should always be adhered to. “
“As it should be. “ he drew his face closer to the holo vid pick up from his end. “Now to business. I’m sure you have made contact. “
Nicholas knows that wasn’t a question. “And it went as well as we hoped. He accepted. “
“ That was the first obstacle we had anticipated to deal with. Going by what you have just said it will no longer be a problem. “
“ It shouldn’t be considering the level of offer we were ready to tender to him. He asked for twice the price of our initial offer plus expenses of course. “
Dalmar smiled coldly running his index finger on his well shaped beard. “Everyone has his price and can be bought. “
“That may be true in most cases, “ Nicholas put in. “But in his case caution need to be exercised. Unlike most bounty hunters, he seems to do things differently. From what we know, greed does not necessarily drive him like it does others. If not for the results from his antecedents, he is surely a poor candidate for what we need him to do. He is the least gullible of most bounty hunters. “
“But the most having the slightest chance of success in this endeavor. “
Nicholas nods acceding. “According to our initial plans all we needed was for him to accept. We already knew that no other method of coercion or blackmail will work. He is too stubborn and resourceful for any of that to have a hold on him as past events have showed. So the best chance is induce him to take the initiative .“
“Alright. “ Dalmar touched a button on his wrist band and a holo display projected from it into the air showing several figures, tables and graphical images too tiny for his colleague to see from the other end of the holo call screen. A Second touch of his wrist band moved the holo data display to the call screen. “I have been looking at the tabular results from the simulations we ran about the chances of his success.”
Nicholas took a cursory look at the data on the holo display. They were familiar themes he had spent lots of time poring over.

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Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Nobody: 6:29pm On Feb 01, 2017
...Micro mesh Durralloy.....

I like that...

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Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 6:31pm On Feb 01, 2017
“ The little I can deduct from these projections, the bounty hunter’s chance of success will be greatly enhanced if we allow him know what he will be going against. “
“That is correct Mr. Reinhardt.” Nicholas pointed at some parts of the graph images. “But you know that our interest is not really in him being completely successful. Just his participation. Giving him full information about what he will face will almost certainly guarantee him success. But that won’t be in our favour. “
“Please enlighten me on this again, Mr Nicholas.” Dalmar said fixing his eyes on the area of the data Nicholas had indicated.
“As you know, we need utmost discretion in this enterprise. So giving the bounty hunter all needed information, might expose parts of what we are into. And if he wins by any case, we will be forced to deal with him. And that won’t be as easy as dealing with the present problem we are having. “
“That is quite thoughtful, Mr Nicholas. But I noticed here, “ he pointed at another image on the data. “ That a simulation on success in the likely use of Mantis troops to handle the problem ,though having a more than 50% chance of success, was rejected. “
“Yes, that was rejected because using Mantis police means we are going public. The media and civil population will want to know what is going on. Of more concern is this will draw the attention of the earth government, that is what we really don’t won’t . Earth government might have given us autonomy, but they still maintain there presence here in form of agents of Colonial Security and Control. Also if anything is to happened to make the agents disappear, the Earthwatch International Agency will most likely be called in to investigate. All these are too much attention using Mantis police will bring. “ Nicholas indicated another image on the data display. “When all these are factored in, the Mantis chance of success was shown to be pyrrhic. The Total rate went down to 1%.”
“But can’t we buy them over? “
“The risk behind that increases the failure propensity. “ Pointing at a red outlined icon on the display and tracing a line down it, he continued. “We ran a probability simulation on that too. We can’t be sure if the agents will accept to be bribed. Also if any of them agree, there will be a limit to what they will want to overlook. Our agenda may seem too extreme for them, no matter how much we are willing to pay. “
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 6:34pm On Feb 01, 2017
...Micro mesh Durralloy.....

I like that...
Lol, thanks. Let me take this time to say this, any of the words or devices mentioned here u don't understand, pls don't hesitate to ask me here, I promise to give full and detailed explanations.

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Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 6:39pm On Feb 01, 2017
“That is prudent.” Dalmar reclines on his chair, touching the wrist band and causing the data graph to vanish from the holo call display. “Now about our problem. Isn’t there any way we could have handled this on our own without resorting to someone outside our conclave?”
“The one that is our present challenge is very reclusive and non of our security apparatus seem to have any tag on it. That is where the bounty hunter comes in. All will need him to do is locate and engage the target, he doesn’t necessarily have to contain it. With that we can easily neutralize the threat. “
“Excellent strategy Mr Nicholas, I’m impressed. “ Joining the palms of both hands together before his face, he asked almost in whisper. “And what do we do with the bounty hunter after he succeeds? “
Nicholas replied after a few seconds of quietness. “The same thing we do to any tool we no longer have use for. “
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 6:44pm On Feb 01, 2017
So guys dat is d end of chaper 2. Will be updating chapter 3 later 2day or tomorrow. So let me get ur reactions. What do u think so far? Do u think dis uave what it takes to rate as a top science fiction story? What r ur guesses about the plots? Do dey generate enough suspence? I will also want u guys to makes guesses about the possible angles u think d plots will take.
So guys lets make it fun, add ur contributions.
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Nobody: 7:56pm On Feb 01, 2017
An uncoventional bounty hunter;
a two-faced ratty cooporation bosses, duracrete, advanced guns, aircars and a plot that is bound to thicken as we go on....

I LOVE it, OP cheesy


Et al cheesy
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Nobody: 8:48pm On Feb 01, 2017

Lol, thanks. Let me take this time to say this, any of the words or devices mentioned here u don't understand, pls don't hesitate to ask me here, I promise to give full and detailed explanations.

i am quite conversant wt them. Sci-fi x my next fave genre other than Horror.

that kevlar armour body suit , for example, A xter wore something like that in the Map of Bones by James Rollins.

Try break the script into chunks to make it easy on the eye
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 4:48am On Feb 02, 2017
An uncoventional bounty hunter;
a two-faced ratty cooporation bosses, duracrete, advanced guns, aircars and a plot that is bound to thicken as we go on....

I LOVE it, OP cheesy


These r the things i love seeing in sci fi novels and movies. So i just kinda pull everything together. Well it's going to get real tense very soon

Et al cheesy
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 4:52am On Feb 02, 2017

i am quite conversant wt them. Sci-fi x my next fave genre other than Horror.

that kevlar armour body suit , for example, A xter wore something like that in the Map of Bones by James Rollins.

Try break the script into chunks to make it easy on the eye
Thanks for the observation, just dat I was writing dis as a full novel. So d short kind of updates dat is suitable here is not very easy for me. More over I'm creating a whole new world most people are unfamiliar with, so I have to take the time to do a lot of explaining
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by bqlekan(m): 6:44am On Feb 02, 2017
Great work here apollux, been looking for something like this on here for a long time now. I like the suspense, the characters, and your descriptive prowess is top notch.

I think the story is still very young to make guesses and conclusions. One more chapter and I might be able to make guesses. And please, don't starve us with updates.

Sirwere, thanks for mentioning me on this wonderful piece.

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Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 7:01am On Feb 02, 2017
Great work here apollux, been looking for something like this on here for a long time now. I like the suspense, the characters, and your descriptive prowess is top notch.

I think the story is still very young to make guesses and conclusions. One more chapter and I might be able to make guesses. And please, don't starve us with updates.

Sirwere, thanks for mentioning me on this wonderful piece.
Thanks . Well so far I already have up to chapter four already completed (the chapter is really explosive, for the first time u get to see Marvel in full blown action). And in the next chapter (3), I will introduce a new character, watch out for him.. .. grin
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 7:04am On Feb 02, 2017
Chapter Three

Marvel stood at the door leading into the house of his contact. It was a compact two storey building having a wall appearing as being made of duracrete but Marvel knows that the walls behind the cover were made of a meter thick reinforced titanium alloy. The first floor part have no single windows. There was a switch for a door bell but Marvel was very wary of touching it. He waited quietly until he is sure the micro holo cam at the top of the door have picked him up and done the necessary scan. Three green dots appeared behind a port that just slid open. Green light from it ran over his face for a second. He was sure facial recognition and retina pattern scan will be going on.
“Can you please state your name and what business you have here. “ asked a metallic voice from a vox grail on the left post of the door. Oh time for the voice and dental recognition, he smiled within himself.
“I’m Marvel, here to see The Mole. “
“Please can you tell us if you have any hidden weapons on you?”
“Yes, three. Two hand guns and a vibro blade. All unregistered and untagged.” The green light ran over his whole body this time doing an X-ray scan to check out his claim.
“Will you please place your palm on the lighted rectangle before you. “ The metallic voice instructed politely. Marvel complied removing his glove and placing his palm on the indicated spot. “You are welcome in Mr Marvel Alistar. “
The door opened and he stepped in. The door led him into a short passage with soft yellow lighting. Marvel stopped walking after taking two steps in. He knew that there is a lazer grid here that is powerful enough to chop up at least a score people into many tiny pieces. Also there should be two tri-barrel mini-chain gun, with lazer targeting capabilities. It can shoot up to 10000 rounds a minute within the enclosed passage. Depending on what the mole wishes, it can unleash H.E. bullets and armour piercing rounds. There are other defensive weapons here he have no idea about. And the walls and ceiling are so smooth it is so easy to assume nothing threatening is hidden within. But Marvel knows better than to take The Mole for granted.
“Hey Marvel come on in. “ he heard the familiar voice of The Mole call out to him excitedly. “Don’t get too concerned about my auto-defenses, they recognize you, so they won’t touch you. C’mon you’re practically family. Mi casa es tu casa.”
The Mole is a slim diminutive dark skinned man about few inches short of 5 feet. Top of his head is covered with a shinny dome like metal, in place of his right eye was a round optic metal device having a ruby glow. Marvel have heard that that eye can shoot out a single high lazer beam. The other eye looked like it has seen all there is to see. He wasn’t wearing any shirt, but sweat glistered on his exposed torso crisscrossed with knife cut scars. Hanging on his waist is a tool belt, with a khaki coloured fatigues pants.
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by bqlekan(m): 7:06am On Feb 02, 2017

Thanks . Well so far I already have up to chapter four already completed (the chapter is really explosive, for the first time u get to see Marvel in full blown action). And in the next chapter (3), I will introduce a new character, watch out for him.. .. grin
anxiously waiting..
Re: MARVEL CHRONICLES (science Fiction) by Apollux(m): 7:10am On Feb 02, 2017
“Oh Mole, so you are Spanish now? “ Marvel asked as he moved close to him.
The Mole barked a loud laugh. “Just trying to act friendly and civilized, my friend. Two qualities my reputation continue to insist I don’t have. But if you must know, my ancestors where from a very small place called west Africa, centuries ago when we still had nation states dominating the earth. Well I’m from the proud line of a tiny tribe called yor’ba. Whose pure breed my be all but extinct. “
As Marvel got close, he noticed the teeth of The Mole were glittering with metallic braces. He hugged Marvel tightly. “We are still friends. You are the only damn human I trust completely in all of Nuterra. Others are either tools or enemies.”
“Well that is my fear that in lots of circumstances you won’t remember that distinction. “ Marvel said as The Mole turned and led him into the room he was in before he showed up. As the Mole turned, Marvel noticed that a long metallic object was attached to his back connected to the metallic dome on his head by wires and the object was hooked to all the ridges of his spine. The story behind that flash through his mind.
No one can truly tell what the real name of The Mole was. All record that could trace it have been systematically sorted by him and deleted. Few years back when The Mole was still a rising name in the info trading business, both for legitimate corporate organizations and illegal data pirates and cyber hackers, some of his clients have betrayed him. Three men, immensely bigger than him, from a cyber hacker group, had attacked him in other to silence him so the secret info they bought from him will remain secret and safe. After several beatings with knives and stun rods, they had tied him up and shot him with a stun gun. The stun have been on maximum setting. With that setting, the stun was supposed to fry his brain and nervous system. To leave him blind, brain dead and paralyzed. Well It did work but not totally. While stunning him, the three cyber hacker thugs have watched and laughed as his skull blew up, his right eye burnt and charred black. Burning smoke rose from his back bones. There they left him half dead, half crazy and paralyzed. But The Mole had been too mean to die, he survived the ordeal. He had crawled into a medi bot hover cube that happened to have been attracted by an emergency alert he had set up for unexpected stuff. The hover cube had obeyed its auto programs and taken the almost life less body to an underground clinic ran by a renegade ex doctor of the BioMatrix corporation. There he was treated through painful micro surgeries and cybernetic grafting, that lasted four months, regenerating his damaged brain cells, replacing the burnt part with nano circuits and poly-syth tissues. His back bones and spinal cord were replaced with duralloy fused with silicon fiber connected to his brain, and the skull cap was replaced with duralloy dome. The Mole had survived and had gone after the thugs. He caught all three and hung them on a pole in a public place where lots of the denizens of The Pit can come and watch. He had spent a total of sixty hours torturing all three of them. Taking twenty hours on each one, to torture and mutilate non stop in the presence of crowds of onlookers. His final act on them was to systematically cut their hearts out, replaced it with an artificial blood circular that will keep them alive long enough to see what he will do next. He took the three hearts, roasted them on a butane stove and allowed the owners watch as he chewed the hearts before the spectators. After viewing the horrors on the faces of his preys as they watched him feed on their hearts, he slowly used a vibro knife to hack them to pieces and burnt every single piece on a portable fusion oven while every body stood by and watched.

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