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DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by everton4life(m): 12:59am On Feb 03, 2017
smiley Hi everyone. new writer in the house.Will be posting my story in this section starting today. As a huge fan of movies and novels, my story will have
- Action
- suspense
- Thriller
- romance.
So seat back and enjoy. Constructive and SENSIBLE criticism is allowed

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Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by everton4life(m): 3:18pm On Feb 03, 2017

Daniel listened intently to the deep voice of the dean of his faculty booming over the mic. It had been almost three hours since he started his “introductory speech” and it didn’t seem like he was going to stop anytime soon. So far, it was talks of welcome, rules, how to excel in the university and of course, the olden days speech of how he suffered in his youth and was able to breakthrough with determination. Daniel sighed for the thousandth time in annoyance, wishing the old man could just get it over with. Another thing he regretted was not eating before entering the big hall as the results began to manifest in form of a growling stomach. He glanced at his watch: it read 2:30pm. Throwing his head backwards, he let out a frustrated groan which caught the attention of his friend sitting beside him.
“Dude, just try and endure abeg.”
Daniel turned to him. “ Easy for you to say, Jake. My stomach is killing me. You know I didn’t eat before leaving the hostel”
Jake chuckled. “ And who’s fault is that?” Seeing the glare Daniel gave him, he became serious. “Oh come on, we were already running late”
“You mean late for a speech that started two hours ahead of time” Daniel rolled his eyes.
“Well pardon me for not realizing African time exists in universities” Jake replied
“It exists everywhere, man” Daniel replied
“Tell that to your boss when you go late for work in future” Jake laughed ending the conversation.
Daniel leaned back in his seat and was just about to doze off when a sudden feeling overwhelmed him. That familiar feeling that had felt for almost a decade now. The feeling that he was being watched. But who? He sat upright and glanced around the auditorium, his eyes narrowing in suspicion. The auditorium was crowded alright, but his instincts never failed him in the past and it wasn’t going to fail him now. He glanced to his right and his suspicions were confirmed. He saw her. Sitting a few seats from him was a girl of his age with a no-nonsense look and sharp eyes. She was wearing a black T-shirt and dark blue tight jeans. She was dark in complexion, with pointed nose and red lips. Red? He kind of found that weird. Her long unbraided hair was tied back in a ponytail and it glistened under the lights of the auditorium. What fascinated him was her eyes. A light brown in contrast to the dark black of the average Nigerian. As soon as she saw him staring, she narrowed her eyes at him and he quickly glanced away.
“The hell is her problem? She stared first” He grumbled silengtly.
“What was that?” Jake turned to him.
“ Oh nothing jare, don’t mind me” he replied leaning back to his seat once more and closing his eyes.
Jake looked at him for a while and shrugged. Daniel was always one to keep things to himself. More of a reserved dude. He had known him like that from primary school to secondary school to well…now. He had stopped bothering on that a long time ago.
“ And finally” The dean announced. “ Remember there is a difference between passing through school and letting the school pass through you. Have a wonderful semester and I wish you the best . Thank you”
With that, he dropped the mic to a reception of applause and relieved sighs. Daniel laughed at this. Apparently, he wasn’t the only one tired of the 3 hour speech. One by one, the students filed out of the auditorium to begin their normal activities.
“Hey, Dan” Jake said as they trotted to their hostel.
“ Yeah?” Daniel replied.
“There’s a welcome departmental party for freshers this evening at the park. You coming?”
“Well…” Daniel hesitantly replied
“Before you come up with your lame speech on how “Terrible things” happen in parties” Jake interrupted using his fingers in quote. “ Alcohol is banned from the party. Plus it would give you the chance to mingle with people and socialize. I don’t want you graduating from this school a miserable old man”
“ Screw you too” Daniel grumbled and they both laughed.
“So what do you say?” Jake pressed on.
Before Daniel could reply, his phone rang and he fished it out of his pocket. Looking at the screen, he sighed.
“ It’s my mom” He turned to his friend. Jake nodded understandably and Daniel picked the call.
“Hello, baby” The feminine voice of his mom came over the speaker. “ How are you?”
“ I’m fine, mom” he replied. “ And you?”
“ I’m alright. In fact am in front of your hostel”
“ Yes o. I brought some things for you.”
“ Alright hold on. Ill be right there” he replied and cut the call. Turning to his friend, he blurted. “ Jake, she’s in front of our hostel”
“Good, let’s go”
The two boys hurried over and saw Mrs Johnson standing by a Toyota camry. She was wearing a white tight blouse and dark jeans that showed her curves and her hair was fixed in a brazillian hairstyle. She held a big white nylon in one hand and the other was placed on her hip. she removed her hand from her hip and started drumming her fingers on the bonnet of the car patiently. On seeing her attire, Daniel groaned inwardly at his mother’s attempt of once again trying to look younger. Not to say she wasn’t good looking. She was still attractive at the age of 42,having had Daniel at a young age. But after the death of her husband, she still wanted to make sure men found her attractive much to the chagrin of her son. He never hesitated to make his grieviances known to her on that issue which she found adorable and wave it away with a pinch of his cheeks, leaving him more frustrated than before.
“ Good evening, Mom” Daniel said as he approached her. She smiled and drew him in a tight embrace.
“ My baby” She smiled warmly, ignoring his protests as he struggled against her, while Jake laughed at this.
“ Mom!!” Daniel choked out and began to panic as their embrace drew in a little audience. “ This is embarrassing!!”
“ Hush, boy” She replied with a giggle. “ You don’t know how it feels being alone in that house.”
She finally released him, much to his relief.
“Good evening, ma” Jake said, bowing a little.
“ Jacob” She turned to him. “ How are you? it has been a while. Wow, you are looking like quite the young man.”
“ And you look beautiful, ma” He smiled back.
“JAKE!!” Daniel glared at him.
“Oh, lighten up” His mother replied. “ It’s not everyday I get compliments from the male gender.” Turning to Jake, she continued. “ Thank you dear. That means a lot.”
Daniel rolled his eyes at that.
“Anyway” Mrs Johnson handed the nylon to her son. “This is for you. Provisions, mosquito nets and other stuffs.”
“Thanks mom” he smiled warmly, collecting the bag.
Reaching into her purse, she counted some money and gave Daniel. Then gave some to Jake which he politely declined.
“Ma, I don’t think…” Jake began.
“ Just take it, dear” she smiled. “ Or you want to start forming big boy abi?” she added and they laughed. Jake smiled and accepted the money.
“ Thank you ma” He said.
“Okay, boys.” she said as she opened her car. “ I am off. I will check on you from time to time. Remember to study well and stay away from distractions. Make friends but sensible ones. Socialize and interact with people. Don’t join bad gangs okay? And always remember to pray” She hugged Jake and gave a tighter hug to Daniel which he rolled his eyes at but he smiled at returned her embrace all the same. “You know..” she whispered in his ear. “ You are the exact copy of your father. In image and character. Even if he isn’t here, I have you to remind me of him and that is all I ever want. I love you, my baby”
“ Love you too, mom” he whispered back and rubbed his hands soothingly over her back. Daniel never knew his father as he died two months after he was born and the cause of his death was never known. His mom and paternal grandfather had been the only family he knew and they made sure to take care of him. Overprotective? sure. But they were the best people in his life and he wouldn’t trade them for anyone.
His mother got into the car and wind her glass down.
“ One more thing, Dan” she said as she began to reverse out of the hostel parking lot.
“ Yeah?” he looked expectantly.
With a sly grin on her face, she exclaimed “ Always remember to use protection!!!!!”
And with that, she zoomed off leaving Daniel a blushing mess and Jake almost rolling over with laughter. Only one thought occurred in Daniel’s head at that moment.
“WHAT THE ****!!”
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by everton4life(m): 6:35pm On Feb 04, 2017
angry useless spambot banning me up and down. Updates coming soon
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by Nobody: 9:23pm On Feb 04, 2017
*Walks jejely to the frontest front seat with pop corn n champane* ride on


Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by everton4life(m): 11:13pm On Feb 04, 2017

“Wake up, wake up, wake up!! It’s time for morning devotion!!” came the voice of a random student as he went from door to door in the hostel banging rather loudly on each door. He was met with curses from some rooms as the boys voiced their displeasure at being disturbed at a rather early morning.
Daniel rose from his bed and glanced at his phone screen: 4:30 AM.
“Seriously?” He grunted in annoyance. On the bed below him however, Jake slept surprisingly soundly over the noise of the “town crier”. Unable to go back to sleep, Daniel hopped down from the bed and went outside to relieve himself. Knowing the states of the hostel toilets, he opted to use the gutter near the hostel borehole. How grown up boys managed to make use of the toilet without flushing was still a thing of mystery to him. Yet this same boys outside will be forming swag in order to get the eyes of their feminine counterpart.
He had just finished and was about to leave the area when he heard the snapping of a twig. Glancing around, he saw nothing. He shrugged and was about to move on when he heard it again. With cold sweat breaking on his face, he looked around again and still saw nothing. His hostel was surrounded by strong fences which meant it should be well fortified. And so far, he was the only one there.
“ Hello?” he called out in the darkness. “ Who’s there?” No response. He called out again and again, he got no response. “probably a rat” he concluded humorously.
He was about to leave when a screeching sound came from above him. He glanced up and his heart missed a beat. Staring back at him from a nearby tree a few metres from the hostel was a bat. It’s red eyes glowed menacingly . He stood rooted to the spot and kept on staring at it. There was something odd about it and he suddenly felt his legs making movements of their own. Overwhelmed by some force he couldn’t explain, he began to walk towards the direction of the direction of the tree. The bat bared it’s teeth and spread it’s wings as Daniel edged closer. The only thing separating them was the fence but that wouldn’t be any problem for a creature with wings. The bat was just about to lung from the tree at his victim when a nearby stone hit the branch it was standing on, startling it and scaring it away. Daniel blinked and shook his head as he came back to reality.
“Okay” he said, surprised at his sudden change in location. “ What the hell just happened?”
A few feet away from the tree previously occupied by the bat stood an unknown figure. The figure wore a dark hood and dark jeans and watched as the bat flew away.
“ No one gets the boy. Not while I am alive” the figure muttered darkly before leaving the area.

“And that is all on supernatural mythologies” The voice of the history lecturer, Mr akingbade concluded. “If there are no further questions, I’ll take my leave”
Daniel had been absent minded throughout the lecture still shaken up by his ordeal that early morning. Truth be told, he had been absent minded throughout the previous lectures and was lucky not to get caught by any of the lecturers. He received a nudge to his side and blinked rapidly before staring sideways into the eyes of his hyperactive course mate, Sharon. She was a few inches shorter than him with fair complexion and a lean build and mostly had her hair in braids. Her bubbly personality endeared many to her and she was a joy to be with. Unfortunately, she could be quite naïve and some took advantage of it.
“ Hello?” she said, pouting at him“ Didn’t you hear me?”
“Er.. No. Sorry, what did you say?” he replied.
“ I said I need your help with a that psychology course thingy. It’s more complicated than I thought. Can we meet at the faculty library later this night? I will be busy throughout today” she replied hopefully.
“Well. I am not really…” he hesitated
“ Pleaaasse?” she pouted, showing him her puppy dog eyes.
“ Sharon” he warned “ You know that doesn’t work on me”
“ I can hope” she pressed on .
“Alright” he sighed. “I’ll try”
“Yay!!” she squealed pumping her left arm up in a victory pose. Daniel couldn’t help but chuckle at her immaturity. It was kind of cute.
“Urrgh” a voice snorted in disgust behind them. “ Keep up that lovey dovey stuff and I am going to be sick” They turned around and saw a dark skinned girl with a mischievious look in her eyes grinning at them.
“It will be a relief for the whole world” Sharon stuck out her tongue at her and was rewarded by a sharp tug at her braids. “OW!! Tomiwa, why did you do that?!!”
Tomiwa grinned and stuck out her tongue at Sharon in reply. Daniel shook his head with a smile and relaxed a bit. The class was noisy as Mr akingbade had departed. Jake and some other boys were arguing on football. Sharon and Tomiwa had jumped into a big activity of gossips and they giggled incessantly.
He glanced to his left and saw her again. The same girl who had been staring at him at the previous meeting. And there she was… staring at him again!!!
“What is wrong with this girl?” he thought. “doesn’t she know it’s rude to stare for crying out loud?”.
An hour had gone by and it was evident that the final lecture was not going to hold again.
“You guys still waiting?” he stood up, glancing at the two girls who were still conversing.
“ No” Tomiwa replied standing up along with Sharon. “ Let’s go”
They moved over to Jake who had given up in his own argument with the boys and was currently snoozing with his head on the desk.
“ Jake” Daniel tapped him lightly and he awoke “ We are leaving”
“ Yeah, alright” Jake replied, stretching before standing up and soon, the quartet left the class.
“ Anyone ready for the test coming up tomorrow?” Jake said as they walked along the pedestrian lane towards their respective hostels.
“ Kinda” Daniel replied absentmindedly.
“ Same here” Tomiwa replied.
“Not really” Sharon squeaked bashfully. “ which means you are going to tutor me longer, Dan”
Daniel groaned in response.
“Hey, don’t complain” she replied. “ I am a fast learner” she added proudly.
The other three coughed awkwardly at that proclamation and she scowled at them. “ Whatever” she mumbled.
They soon slowed down as a crowd caught their attention. The crowd seemed to be gathering over something….or rather someone. Angling to satisfy their curiosity, the four ran towards the crowd .
“What happened?” Daniel asked a guy who had just come in from the crowd.
“ Someone was attacked” The guy replied with a panicked look on his face. “ It doesn’t look like he was attacked with weapons though. That is the baffling part.” .With that, the guy continued on his way
Daniel combed through the crowd, apologizing at the complains coming his way. When he reached the front and saw the what was causing the commotion, His heart skipped for the second time that day.
Lying on the floor was a young man, not older than him. He was still alive evidenced by his labored breathing and there was a lot of blood pooling around him. What shocked Daniel was the cause of the injury. Peering closer at the injured fellow, his eyes opened wide as he saw a wound inflicted on the boy’s neck.
It was a bite wound.

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Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by everton4life(m): 11:14pm On Feb 04, 2017
*Walks jejely to the frontest front seat with pop corn n champane* ride on
wink I don update. that spam bot just drain my morale
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by everton4life(m): 11:18pm On Feb 04, 2017

A hooded figure walked along the bushy pathway in the dark hours of the morning. His aim only known to him alone. Stopping by a large rock underneath a cashew tree, the figure sat down and leant his head against the tree and relaxed. Pulling out a cigarette from his pocket, he lit it and sighed in pleasure as he inhaled the smoke, a smile of relief plastering on his face. Drumming his fingers on his thigh, he began to ruminate on the latest events that had transpired so far:
The boy was finally here and moments away from being in his grasp. The one he had tracked for years was finally within reach and all he had to do was get him to be alone and that’s all.
The problem? An irritating obstacle in form of a certain person kept on getting in the way and it was beginning to piss him off.
Speaking of obstacles….
“I know you are here” he growled as he sensed the presence of another being nearby. “You can come out now. It’s pathetic”
A few feet from his left, another hooded figure stepped out of the darkness into the light illuminated by the moon.
“You know you had some real guts,. Pulling that stunt yesterday” The first man said, standing up and putting out his cigarette.
“What else were you expecting” the stranger replied, the voice sounding a lot feminine. “ I was only protecting my insurance”
“You know you can’t protect him forever” the man said, a sinister grin etching into his face. “If it is not me, it’s going to be the others. They know where he is and they are coming for him. You think you can stand a chance?”
“ I can try”
“You can die trying” he smiled momentarily and then his face became serious. “What is wrong with you? why do you keep hiding from yourself and denying reality? This boy can be the answer to what we seek. No more hiding. No more weakness. What do you stand to gain from protecting him?”
“None of your business”
“Oh, it’s my business alright and if you know what is good for you, you help us or stay out of our way. There is an impending war coming. A war we intend to win. So…” the man stood and walked towards the other figure. He reached leaned closer until their faces were a few inches apart. “ Who’s side are you on?”

“ Dan, I can’t make it to lectures today” came the weak voice of Jake as he squeezed himself under the covers of his blanket. His eyes squeezed shut, pain obvious on his face.
“Why? What’s wrong?” Daniel said. He had already taken his shower , dressed up and was combing his hair.
“ I’m having serious headache and everything feels hot. I also feel like throwing up” Jake groaned.
Daniel sighed and placed his forearm on his friend’s forehead. His temperature was very high.
“Malaria” he muttered. “ Dude, you need to eat something right now. Then take some drugs”
“You didn’t get the part where I said I feel like throwing up?” Jake said sarcastically. “ I don’t think I can eat anything”
“ Just try, please” Daniel pleaded. “I’ll make cornflakes for you. even if you eat five spoonfuls. It’s alright”
“He’s right o” one of their roommates added. “ Malaria is not something to play with. Just try and manage something”
Jake turned to his friend. “ Alright”
Daniel made the cereal and gave it to his friend who had difficulty swallowing a spoonful much to his frustration.
“ You know?” Jake said weakly as he swallowed another. “ Ever since we’ve known each other, you’ve never complained of any illness before or rather put, you’ve never fallen ill before. I envy you o”
Daniel paused and a serious look appeared on his face. This was something he thought about since he was a little. He had never had any health problem before. Even as minor as headache. Nothing. Not that he complained, but he kind of found it strange. He kept it to himself though as he knew people would question his sanity if he mentioned something like “ Why can’t I fall ill? Other people fall ill. Why not me?”
Turning to his friend, he shrugged. “I don’t really know why.”
Soon Jake took the drugs and dozed off. Daniel left him and set off to lectures.
“ Hey, Dan. What’s up?” was the first greeting he received at the class, courtesy of Sharon.
“Nothing much”
“Hey, where is Jake?” Tomiwa enquired, chewing noisily at her gum.
“won’t make it. Malaria”
“Oh, ehya. I wish him a swift recovery” Tomiwa said sadly.
“ He’ll be fine. He is too stubborn to stay down so I doubt malaria will hold him down” Daniel grinned and they laughed.
“ Which reminds me” Sharon said, her face becoming serious. Reaching into her satchel, she pulled out a mini pamphlet and handed it to him. “ you need to check this out, bought it on my way here”
Opening the front page, his eyes widened as he saw the headline :
Beneath the headline was a picture of a bloodied corpse. The man lay outstretched with his head twisted grotesquely . his shirt was torn and there was a bite mark on his neck. Similar to the one he saw on the previous victim.
“Another one again?” Daniel cried out
“Yeah” Sharon replied. “ In the space of one month. This is getting out of hand and seriously scary”
“tell me about it” Tomiwa muttered, blowing a bubble.
“ You don’t really seem bothered” Sharon turned to her.
“I am” Tomiwa replied. “I just don’t want to show it. It’s kind of funny how this school hasn’t addressed the issue yet. Hopefully , they can declare a strike due to wild animal infestation” she giggled.
Sharon rolled her eyes and turned to Daniel. She was about to say something when she saw him spacing out again. It was becoming a habit of him recently. Zoning out during conversations and replying monotonously. Though, she didn’t want to voice it out, she was actually worried for him.
Daniel however, was in his own world. The recent events was worth pondering about. Sudden rainfalls on a dry season, school transformer set on fire, now two men killed like wild stock in the space of one month. He glanced around and noticed his mystery girl was absent. Eh..good for her.
“Dan?” he snapped back to reality as Sharon waved her hand in front of his face. “ You alright?”
“Yeah” he forced a smile on his face. “ Just thinking of well…things”
“You sure?” she pressed.
“Na wa o” Tomiwa grinned slyly. “ Give your boyfriend some breathing space na” She dodged a grip from a flustered Sharon and took off, with Sharon hot on her heels.
“Come back here!” Sharon cried out as she chased her.
Lectures once again was uneventful and Daniel managed to stay focused. Though he couldn’t get the feeling out of his mind that something terrible was about to happen. He couldn’t place his finger on it but the danger alert button on his brain kept blinking red. If there was one special gift he had, it was the ability to anticipate bad omen. As much as he tried to shake it off, it always came back to stick to his mind like glue.
By six pm, lectures were over. He stood up and was about to leave the class when his phone buzzed. It was an inbox from an unknown number. Opening it, he saw a message:
“Jake?” Daniel pondered as he shoved the phone in his pocket. “ I thought he was sick. What is he doing with Segun at the lagoon front?” Segun was their roommate. a student studying medicine.
Pushing the thoughts to the back of his mind, he bid his friends goodbye and ran off towards the appointed destination.
On his way, the bad feeling began to intensify and he glanced up. The sky began to darken. He glanced at his watch : 6:25pm. Why then was it getting dark?
Getting to the lagoon front, he was stunned. The place was devoid of any human activity and was quiet, save for the chirping of the crickets and noises of other nocturnal creatures.
“Jake?” Daniel called out and he looked around. No response
“Jake?” he repeated. Still no response.
He heard a twig snap behind him and he turned around. Standing in front of him was a figure dressed in a black hoodie and dark jeans. One glance at the figure’s stature was enough to alert Daniel that he was a man. He was quite muscular and his face was partly covered by the hood, save for the lower half of his face which revealed bright red lips.
“Hello Daniel” The man growled as his lips contorted into a twisted grin.
Daniel’s eyes widened as he backed up a bit. There was something eerie about this man which gave him the creeps.
“ Who are you and how do you know me?” he said fearfully.
The man chuckled darkly and Daniel noticed a sudden change in the atmosphere. For some reason the air around him began to feel chilly.
“How do I know you?” the man smiled. “ Lets just say I’ve known you since you were born. And as for who I am?....” the man walked slowly and stealthily towards Daniel. He removed his hood to reveal an angular face with a permed hairstyle. His nose was pointed and his eyes were sharp with red glowing irises.
“Let’s just say I’m your debt collector. You have something I want, Boy. AND I HAVE COME TO TAKE IT!!!

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Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by everton4life(m): 11:20pm On Feb 04, 2017
smiley please, if you are reading. kindly, signify
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by Nobody: 11:40pm On Feb 04, 2017
smiley please, if you are reading. kindly, signify
boy, dat last update z giving me da creeps.*following 101%*i love ur usage of words and literary terms. kiss jusu kip it up.soon enough,more peepz wud follow diz amazing thread
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by Nobody: 11:40pm On Feb 04, 2017
smiley please, if you are reading. kindly, signify
boy, dat last update z giving me da creeps.*following 101%*i love ur usage of words and literary terms. kiss jusu kip it up.soon enough,more peepz wud follow diz amazing thread*thumbs up*
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by ironkurtain(m): 12:18am On Feb 05, 2017
There is a part in episode one that i dont really understand.

You said "She held a big white nylon bag in one hand and the other was placed on her hip. Her fingers drumming the bonnet of the car patiently".

So the fingers of which hand was drumming the bonnet of the car?, the one that held the nylon bag or the one placed on her hip?.


Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by everton4life(m): 12:36am On Feb 05, 2017
boy, dat last update z giving me da creeps.*following 101%*i love ur usage of words and literary terms. kiss jusu kip it up.soon enough,more peepz wud follow diz amazing thread
OMG!! Finally, a comment!! I feel so honoured. I'm blushing. Thank you for your kind words. I will do my best, miss
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by Nobody: 12:40am On Feb 05, 2017
OMG!! Finally, a comment!! I feel so honoured. I'm blushing. Thank you for your kind words. I will do my best, miss
and ure nt welcome until u update ma tori wink grin
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by everton4life(m): 12:45am On Feb 05, 2017
There is a part in episode one that i dont really understand.

You said "She held a big white nylon bag in one hand and the other was placed on her hip. Her fingers drumming the bonnet of the car patiently".

So the fingers of which hand was drumming the bonnet of the car?, the one that held the nylon bag or the one placed on her hip?.
Thank you so much for your sharp observation. I was supposed to write that she removed her hands from her hip and started drumming on the bonnet in anticipation of her son's arrival. I'll correct that. This is why it's good to have good criticism for a story. Thanks again

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Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by everton4life(m): 12:46am On Feb 05, 2017
and ure nt welcome until u update ma tori wink grin
*salutes* YES MA!! *Runs to pick up his pen*

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Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by everton4life(m): 12:12pm On Feb 05, 2017
angry back from another ban again. I swear that bot is out of control
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by everton4life(m): 4:54pm On Feb 05, 2017
“Something you want?” Daniel gulped nervously as he slowly backed away from the leering figure. “Sorry I don’t have any cash on me but I have an ATM. We can work something out”
“Oh, my boy” the man replied as he finally had Daniel cornered. “ I don’t have any interest in your money”
“Then what do you want?” Daniel was literally sweating now.
Smiling, the man rubbed his chin and stared at the sky as if in thought. “ Why don’t you lean back and relax. I am about to delve into a little bit of history here. You might as well know the truth about yourself”
Daniel said nothing.
“Once upon a time in a boring little city, there lived a good doctor who was known to be indispensable and efficient. Dr Joseph Johnson.”
“ My father?” Daniel interrupted. His mother had shown him pictures of his father since he was little and the only other information he had received was his name.
“ Yes, how touching” the man frowned at the interruption. “ Now where was i? oh yes, like I said, he was so talented that people said he could give life to the dead. Now he had everything a man could dream of: Good house, good name…” smiling slyly at Daniel, he added. “Pretty wife?”
If Daniel wasn’t so scared, he would have rolled his eyes at that.
“They were so happy together and everything was going well. Then came that day. The day his wife went into labor. As fate would have it, delivery proved to be quite a task and it seemed she wasn’t going to make it. Better put, It was a case of either the life of her baby or hers. Joseph being the “considerate” and “caring” person he was wanted both to survive. And so he revealed a syringe containing a serum. X-serum it was called. Joseph had a history of health attacks since he was little and he wanted to correct that. He was developing the serum to provide immunity to illness and health attacks and meant to use it for himself. But when fate came knocking, he opted to save the life of his wife. And so…..he injected her”
“What?” Daniel gasped.
“Yes, he did. And so she made it and delivered a healthy baby boy…” The man paused and turned to Daniel. “ …You”
Daniel was quite in shock as this was a whole lot to take in. He wasn’t sure if to believe this creepy stranger or not, but the fact that the man knew him and his father meant something.
“ But the story doesn’t end there” The man continued “ You see, what wasn’t anticipated was that the serum would be passed into your blood stream but surprisingly, it did. If my guess is accurate, you’ve never fallen ill before. Correct?”
Daniel nodded. The whole thing was now making sense to him.
“That’s the effect of the serum working in your body. You were born with it. I came to meet your father asking him to create another one. From what I deduced, that serum not only provided immunity to illness, it could also serve as an antidote to the weakness of my kind”
“ Your kind?” Daniel was confused.
“Yes” the man replied. “ But your father refused to grant my request. Giving me the pathetic excuse that he didn’t know if there was any side effect of the serum. He only used it on his wife out of to save her life.. and yours. A risky move if I may add. One thing about me is that I like it when people give me what I want. And if you don’t give me what I want, there will be well……consequences”
Daniel’s eyes widened in realization as the man’s words sunk in and he clenched his fists, an angry look etching on his face.
“What did you do?” he whispered darkly.
The man smirked, unpeturbed by the boy’s visible anger.
“ Poor Joe” he laughed wickedly. “ He never stood a chance.”
Hearing this, Daniel screamed in anger forgetting about his fear momentarily as the truth came crashing down like a ton of bricks. He dashed forward and drawing his energy from his rage, connected his fist to the man’s jaw….
Except, nothing happened. The man remained rooted to the spot. He didn’t move an inch and his face was intact. The smile plastered on his face. Rearing his foot back, he kicked Daniel on the stomach which sent him flying a few feet away. Daniel landed hard on his back and grunted hard as the effect of the man’s boot lingered on his stomach.
“ I have to give it to you kid” the man smiled as he walked towards Daniel’s sprawled form. “ You have some real guts. I like that”
Bending down, he grabbed Daniel by the throat and raised him up with surprisingly inhuman strength. Daniel gasped for air as the man’s hold on his neck tightened.
“Now, back to our lovely discussion” the man continued, paying no attention to his struggling victim. “ Since he was gone, I couldn’t find a way to get the serum. But I had an epiphany. The serum existed in your mother and you. I could have gone for your mother but unfortunately, according to Joe’s theory. It was only effective for the male gene. So I had to turn to the next option. An option that is in my grasp now. Literally” he laughed. “I followed you for years but it turned out I wasn’t alone. Others had gotten news about the serum too. You were a wanted target that slipped through our grasps. Until now. You know there are others like me in this school. You may want to be watchful of the kind of friends you have in this school. How did you think I was able to know about Jacob and your other friends. I have my sources”
“Who are you” Daniel choked out “ What are you?”
With abnormal speed, the man ran towards a nearby tree and slammed Daniel back first into it. Still having Daniel pinned to the tree with one hand, he pulled down his collar to reveal the nape of his neck.
“ Well, since you won’t survive this” The man smiled as his eyes began to glow a deadly red. Daniel’s eyes widened in horror at the sight and he struggled in vain against the man’s grasp. “ My name is Luke and as for what I am?...” The man opened his mouth to reveal sharp fangs. “ I am a vampire”
With that, the man moved in to bite Daniels exposed jugular, but before his fangs could connect , a swift kick from nowhere slammed into his face and sent him flying into the lagoon. Daniel fell on the ground and gasped as the hold on his neck was released and he saw a new figure, his savior standing in front of him. It was a girl but he couldn’t see her face clearly. She was wearing a pink sweater with light blue jeans. She offered her hand to him and he took it.
“ Are you alright?” she asked as she pulled him up.
“ Barely” he grunted as he rubbed his sore neck and coughed a bit.
“ Come on” She said as she pulled him along. “ It’s not safe here at night”
Needing no further argument, Daniel obliged as she pulled him along and soon they were out of the dark area. She let go of his hand and began to walk in front of him, only slightly so he could keep up with her.
“Hey.” Daniel began. “ I can’t thank you enough for what you did back there. I appreciate it. Please what’s your name?”
The girl paused for a bit and Daniel stopped just in time to keep from running into her. She sighed and turned to face him. Daniel got the shock of his life as looking at him was no other than the mystery girl!!
The one who couldn’t stop staring at him since he arrived at the school. The one he considered as weird.
How ironic.
“YOU?!” he gasped.
Luke came out slowly from the lagoon. Anger visible on his face as he gritted his teeth. He stepped on dry land, shook his hair and squeezed his hoodie to get rid of the water. Sighing, he took a big breath as his eyes went back to their normal color.
“You’ve interfered for the last time” he growled. “ I guess it’s time we play this the hard way.. MY WAY!!”

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Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by everton4life(m): 4:56pm On Feb 05, 2017
cheesy missperfect28,blueflowers, missmossy, saraphina, medra, pweetyface, odilop, spixytinxy, damibiz and other lovers of fiction. this is for you. If spambot like, let it ban me again. rubbish

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Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by saraphina(f): 5:24pm On Feb 05, 2017
I so love this story bro and thanks for the invite..
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by everton4life(m): 5:41pm On Feb 05, 2017
I so love this story bro and thanks for the invite..
i should be the one thanking you for commenting. It means a lot. The only thing slowing me down is that stupid spambot that keeps banning me like there is no tommorow. Two bans in three days!! I'll do my best sha
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by saraphina(f): 5:51pm On Feb 05, 2017
i should be the one thanking you for commenting. It means a lot. The only thing slowing me down is that stupid spambot that keeps banning me like there is no tommorow. Two bans in three days!! I'll do my best sha
waiting then...
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by blueflowers(f): 7:21pm On Feb 05, 2017
Thanks for the mention everton4life, I will comment later when am through with reading.
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by OluwabuqqyYOLO(m): 10:18pm On Feb 05, 2017
This is a story I'd love. Keep writing, I'll read very soon.
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by Damibiz(m): 11:23pm On Feb 05, 2017
U knw we gat ur back.....!!! Man
cheesy missperfect28,blueflowers, missmossy, saraphina, medra, pweetyface, odilop, spixytinxy, damibiz and other lovers of fiction. this is for you. If spambot like, let it ban me again. rubbish
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by souloho19(m): 2:26pm On Feb 06, 2017
cheesy missperfect28,blueflowers, missmossy, saraphina, medra, pweetyface, odilop, spixytinxy, damibiz and other lovers of fiction. this is for you. If spambot like, let it ban me again. rubbish

I luv fiction bro..so I invited myself..following this story like it was moses grin
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by everton4life(m): 3:17pm On Feb 06, 2017

“Make yourself comfortable” Mystery girl said as she entered her apartment, Daniel following close by and shutting the door after him.
Apparently, she had invited him over and being driven by paranoia, he accepted. He definitely didn’t want any further run-ins with Luke on his way back to his hostel.
He paused to look around her apartment. It was well furnished and quite spacious. There were two armchairs, a couch, and a flatscreen TV with a bookshelf beside it. A large glass table stood in the center of the room with lots of books piled on it. By the far end of the living room was a door which probably led to her bedroom. Few meters away from the couch was a large dining table.
“Wow?” he thought inwardly. “All these for one person” Glancing at her, he took in her appearance. If he deduced correctly, she was not older than 17. Then again it was more difficult to tell a girl’s age than a guy’s.
“Nice place” he said as he sat on the couch.
“ Thanks” she replied. “ So what can I offer you?”
“ Water will be fine, thank you” he said.
She got up and left the living room, returning later with a glass of chilled water. He accepted it graciously and sipped a little before placing it on the table.
“ I suggest you drink it all. Water is better enjoyed when chilled” She teased.
“I’ll keep that in mind” He grinned a little before becoming serious. Seeing the look on his face, she sighed and knew it was about time they stopped dancing around the situation and address the elephant in the room.
“I know you probably have questions to ask. Let it out.” She said, staring at him with that look he had already seen and gotten used to. The look of someone trying to peer into your soul, trying to study you. Trying to decipher something.
“Alright” he replied “ I’ll start by asking what is your name?”
She raised an eyebrow at that.
“Yeah I know” he chuckled bashfully, rubbing the back of his neck in an avoiding eye contact momentarily. “ Kind of weird considering we are in the same department”
“No it’s alright” she smiled for the first time and Daniel caught it. Who knew smiling could make someone so beautiful? Not that she was ugly to begin with, but the way she smiled made her chocolate eyes sparkle and her smooth face glow even more. Well, it’s true what they say. The best curve on a woman’s body is her smile.
“ I’m Annabelle” she said, offering her hand.
“ I’m Daniel” he responded, taking her hand in a gentle handshake.
“I know who you are” she smiled again. “ Even if you are not aware of this, you are quite popular among the ladies in our class due to gossips” she winked and he blushed.
“ I didn’t need to know that” he muttered. Turning to her, he continued “ So how did you know where I was?”
Her mood changed and she frowned a little. “ I was passing by to get something to eat when I heard a scream coming from the lagoon front. It was more like a scream of anger. At first I ignored it, thinking my mind was playing tricks on me. But then I heard another shout again. This time, the one of pain. At that point I knew it was real. I traced the source of the sound through the bush and that’s where I found you getting strangled before swooping in to save your life. You’re welcome” she concluded humorously.
“You didn’t notice anything else?” Daniel asked surprised.
“Anything like what?” she raised her eyebrow again
“Like the strange appearance on his face. Red eyes? Sharp teeth? Anything?” he said
A pregnant pause followed before she broke into fits of giggles which turned out to full blown laughter, much to his embarrassment. So far he didn’t see what was funny in the matter. As much as he found her laughing quite cute, he didn’t appreciate her making him look like a clown. Not cool at all.
“ You know, Daniel” she said after her laughter subsided. “ I knew you were quiet and reserved but I never pegged you for the comedian”
“I’m serious!” he cried out. “ that man was not normal. he is a vampire for crying out loud!!”
“Vampires are a myth” she replied dryly. All traces of humor gone in her face. “ In your state of fear, your mind probably created illusions to deceive you. I mean…. Vampires? Seriously?”
“I’m as serious as death, Ann. Hey can I call you ann?”
She shrugged and nodded. “whatever floats your boat”
“I am serious. He confessed it to me himself and from what he said, there are more like him in this school…” Daniel paused and his eyes widened in sudden realization. “ …Oh my God”
“ What is it?” Ann looked worriedly at him.
“ The bat, the sudden and mysterious deaths of those two men” Daniel whispered as he stared into space. “ Those men. The bite marks on their necks. They weren’t killed by wild animals. They were killed by vampires!!”
“Okay” Ann said confused as she picked up the glass of water and examined it “ I think chilled water does something to your mind. I think you should stick with warm water.”
“ I am not crazy” he frowned.
“Whatever you say” she sang.
Daniel was about to reply when his phone suddenly rang. Fishing it out of his pocket slowly and praying it wasn’t a prank call, he saw Jake’s name on the caller id. Crossing his fingers, he picked the call.
“ Dan!!” Jake’s voice cried out from the other end much to Daniel’s relief. “ Dude, you had us worried in the room. It’s 12 in the morning for crying out loud. Where are you?”
“ 12?” Daniel replied, dazed. He glanced at his watch and gasped. It was 12 am. How in the world did all those time pass so quickly. “ Look, man. Sorry about that. i am in a friend’s place. It’s kind of a long story but I’ll give you details later. Promise”
He heard Jake sigh over the receiver. “ Alright, but next time please just call anyone in the room to let them know where you are and if you’ll be coming late to avoid future problems. Okay?”
“Sure thing. I will” Daniel said and then added “ How’s your health?”
“I’m feeling better. I’ll make it to class today at least”
“Alright. That’s good. See you later”
“ Okay” Jake said and cut the call.
Turning to Ann, Daniel caught an amused look on her face.
“ What?” he asked with a slight frown.
“What makes you think I’m going to let you sleep in my place?” she said with a teasing smile which he failed to notice.
“Er.. Listen I..” he began nervously.
“Relax, I am just messing with you” She giggled as she stood up and stretched. “ You can stay here tonight. It’s the least I can do for keeping you here this long.”
“Thanks” he smiled gratefully “ Wait. My books. I misplaced them back at the..”
“Problem solved” she interrupted jerking her thumb backwards at the direction of the dining table behind them. On it stood his books arranged neatly.
“How did you…” he began
“I picked them up before saving your life. You didn’t see me carrying them while we were coming here?” she tilted her head sideways, giving him a questioning look.
“No” he replied and then shrugged. “ probably my mind wasn’t clear”
“probably” she repeated.
A moment of silence passed between them before a thought popped up in Daniel’s mind.
“ Hey” he said, turning to Ann.
“Yeah?” she answered, placing her hands on her hips and standing akimbo.
“You know, the force of your kick back there was way too powerful for an average girl” he said narrowing his eyes at her.
“Trust me, Dan” she smiled. “People can be stronger than they think. They just don’t know it yet. If you give me the chance, I can give you some karate tricks for self-defense”
“ You can teach me how to fight” he scoffed at that which she made her frown.
“What? You don’t believe me? Is it because I am a “girl”?” she said raising her fingers in quote at the last word of her sentence.
“ Not really?” he chuckled. “ I don’t see you as the fighting type.”
A sly grin made it’s way to her face. “ Oh really? Let’s find out, shall we?” she beckoned to him “try attacking me”
He rolled his eyes at that and stood up to face her. He paused and couldn’t help but smile at the confident grin on her face. “ You sure?”
She nodded.
Without putting much force to his effort, he made to punch her slightly but she caught his fist and much to his surprise, lifted him with that grip and slammed him on the couch before pinning him, straddling his stomach. He blushed at their position but she seemed oblivious.
“Doubt me now?” she said poking his fore head.
“No ma. You win” he replied in surrender.
“ Good” she said and got off him. Walking to her bedroom. She paused and stared back at him with a teasing smile on her face. “ It’s late and I’m off to bed. You coming?”
If there was anything like guiness world record for a blushing contest, Daniel would break that record. He was literally 50 shades of red at that seemingly innocent but dirty comment.
“No…I..I..am good..” he stammered. “ I’ll sleep on the couch”
“Aww” she pouted. “ Are you sure? I don’t bite………….much” she added with a giggle.
“I’m fine here. Thanks” he persisted.
“Spoilsport” she pouted again and turned to leave.
“Hey” he called and she turned to face him. “ It was nice meeting you, Ann. Thanks for your company. I appreciate it”
“Same here” she smiled sincerely. “I guess you are really fun to be with when one gets to know you.” she added and Daniel could have sworn there was a tint of pink in her cheeks.
“Goodnight” he said
“ Goodnight” she replied and left the room.
Daniel sighed as and closed his eyes, a thoughtful frown on his face. There were a lot of questions that definitely need answers. X-serum? Vampires? He knew his problems were far from over but for now he needed to fight this new problem with a weapon of his own.

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Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by everton4life(m): 3:19pm On Feb 06, 2017
cheesy my avid readers. i don update o. I dey ready for spambot today. If you are enjoying this story, than i feel like i am making progress
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by everton4life(m): 3:24pm On Feb 06, 2017
smiley dedicated to missperfect28. the first person who commented on my thread


“For real, man?” Jake said as he walked alongside Daniel. The two were currently on their way to class. Daniel had left Ann’s place early and reached his hostel just in time to shower and leave with Jake as they had an early lecture, so which meant no time for breakfast. Daniel had given him the gist of how he left lecture and stayed in a friend’s place, omitting information of the ambush from Luke as well as not revealing the name of the “friend” that he stayed with. He already had Ann laughing at him. He didn’t want another comedy audience.
“Yeah” Daniel replied. “it just happened all of a sudden. One minute, we are watching a movie and before we know it, time has passed away. The movies were awesome”
“Which ones?” Jake asked.
“The ghost and the darkness..” Daniel began.
“Seriously? That movie is old school” Jake interrupted “ You haven’t watched it before?”
“ No” Daniel lied. Truth be told, he had watched it a long time ago but he needed that lie to make his other lie look convincing. He sighed inwardly as he remembered that saying. If you tell a lie, you’ll need another lie to cover that one up.
Sudden rumbling was heard above them and they looked up just to see the sky darken and grey clouds began to surround it.
“Na wa o” Jake grumbled. “ Since the beginning of this semester, one hasn’t seen the sun. If it is not rain, it is fog. Weird, right?” he turned to Daniel.
“ Yeah” Daniel muttered absentmindedly. “ Weird”
“Jake, how far na?”
“Guy, I heard o. sorry. I hope you are feeling better?”
“You didn’t miss much,sha”
These were the words that greeted the duo, particularly Jake, as they entered the class. Jake replied in the affirmative and moved over to where the rest of the clique were seated.
“ Jake” Tomiwa beamed as he sat beside her. “ How are you feeling now?”
“Better than ever” He replied with his ever confident grin. “ Malaria can’t take me down”
“I told you” Daniel said to the girls. “Dude’s too stubborn”
Jake elbowed his ribs slightly and they all laughed.
“It’s good to have you back, though” Tomiwa said, twirling her hair in her fingers.
“Hey, it was just for one day” Jake said, raising his eyebrow at her. “ Did you miss me that much?” he teased further.
“You wish” She muttered flicking her finger against his cheek.
“Don’t mind her” Sharon said, giving her friend an evil smile. Opportunity to get back at her. “ She missed you more than you can imagine and she couldn’t stop talking about you throughout yesterday. It was getting tiring”
“Keep deceiving yourself” Tomiwa retorted, though a tint of pink appeared on her cheeks, which Sharon detected immediately.
“OOH!” Sharon squealed. “ See? She’s blushing!! Tomiwa and Jake, sitting in a tree, K-I-S…”
She couldn’t complete her sentence, courtesy of Daniel who covered her mouth with his palm. She frowned as she struggled against his grip, but he was the stronger.
“Alright, Sharon” Daniel laughed at the girl’s feeble attempt to get his hand off her mouth. “ Cut your friend some slack. She’s already….AAAH!!!”
Daniel cried out as she bit his hand. He withdrew his hand and wringled it before scowling at her.
“ What the.. You bit me!!”
She stuck her tongue out at him. “ Serves you right”
“ Urgh, that’s disgusting” He retorted before smearing his wet hand on her shirt.
“HEY!!” she cried out in disgust.
“Stop complaining” Tomiwa smiled “ It’s your own spit na”
Sharon grumbled and remained quiet and Daniel couldn’t help but chuckle at this. Turning around, he saw Annabelle sitting a few seats behind him. For once she wasn’t staring. She was engrossed in a book, a serious expression on her face. As if realizing she was being watched, she looked up from her book and their eyes met. A smile came to her face and she waved slightly at him. He waved back and faced his front quickly as a lecturer came to the class.
‘You know?’ he thought to himself. ‘ Now that I think about it, she’s not so bad. Teasing, playful, flirty. But that’s what makes her interesting. I really feel bad for thinking she was a weirdo. Crazy as this sounds, I might really want to take her up on her offer on teaching me karate’
He laughed at that final thought, which unfortunately was caught by his lecturer. A middle aged sadist who loved dishing out difficult assignments and tests much to the frustration of the class. Wrong move, Daniel. Wrong move.
“DANIEL JOHNSON!!” the man bellowed, rather unnecessarily. “ STAND UP!!”
‘Oh.****!’ Daniel groaned inwardly as he knew he was busted. He stood up quickly and all eyes were on him.( what he hated the most)
“Since you find my lecture so amusing, can you be so kind and generous to share with the class what is making you laugh?” The man continued as he adjusted his glasses on his nose.
“Nothing, sir” Daniel replied quickly.
“Oh really?” the man was amused. “ All of a sudden you felt like laughing” he added and slight laughter rang out throughout the class.
“SILENCE!!” he roared and the class became as silent as a graveyard. If a pin dropped on the ground, You could definitely hear it. Turning to Daniel, he continued. “ What did you score in my last test?”
‘ is this really necessary?’ Daniel thought. He replied “18, sir.”
The class was surprised. Well, except Jake and the rest of the clique. The man’s tests were very difficult to pass and very few people managed to get an average score on it. Daniel was two marks away from getting a full score.
A look of surprise passed the man’s face momentarily before it vanished and his expression was back to his usual monstrous one.
“Oh” He began “ So because you managed to score high, you think you can misbehave abi? Sit down.”
Daniel obeyed immediately. He looked around and noticed some girls giggling at his direction. However, they were scared off by Sharon’s murderous glare.
“Since my class is so hilarious,” The man continued as an evil smile began to appear on his face. A smile the students had come to know and hate. “ I believe my test tomorrow will be even funnier. You all are going to laugh and rollover on the floor when you see it. Prepare for my test tomorrow”
There was a collective groan in the class as majority casted venomous glares at Daniel’s direction making him shrink in guilt on his seat. Way to go, Dan.
A certain student kept on staring at his direction. Manicured fingers drumming slightly at the table and a slight smile appearing on her lips. There was definitely some updates she would give her master tonight…..
Class was soon over and the lecturer left. They had an hour’s break before the next lecture could commence.
“ Men, I’m hungry” Jake grumbled standing up from his seat.
“Tell me about it” Daniel replied. “ So, to where? Lets go to highland canteen”
“ Yeah, sure” Sharon said, Tomiwa agreeing.
“ Hey, Dan” a familiar voice came from behind them. It was Annabelle . She walked up to the group and linked her arm around Daniel’s much to the group’s surprise. Daniel blushed a bit but made no effort to remove her hand.
“ Hey Ann” he said awkwardly, ignoring the teasing grins on Jake and Tomiwa’s faces as well as oblivious to Sharon’s angry look.
“Sorry, guys” Annabelle apologized. “ But I need to borrow your friend for a while”
“Oh feel free” Jake waved his hands dismissively. “ He’s all yours”
‘Really?’ Daniel thought sarcastically. ‘ Traitor’
“Alright” Annabelle smiled swiftly and dragged Daniel away from the classroom.
Sharon’s glare intensified and Tomiwa took notice of this
“Wow” tomiwa teased. “ If looks could kill, Annabelle would have been dead minutes ago”
Jake was about to reply in agreement when two hands slipped from behind him and covered his eyes.
“Guess who” a feminine voice whispered.
Jake sighed and replied. “ Angela”
She removed her hands and he turned to look at her. She was a lady of average height with a voluptuous figure and fair skin. She had a flat nose and her hair was fixed in a weave on. She wore a rather short miniskirt and a blue jacket which were unbuttoned to reveal a pink shirt.
“Correct” she smiled. “ How are you now?”
“I’m great. Thanks” Jake forced a smile on his face. Her reputation for flirting around wasn’t lost on him and he didn’t really want any of that right now. His stomach was waging war and he needed to pacify it.
“Since you are back,” she smiled, running her finger along his arm and giving him a seductive smile which was not missed by the other girls. “ Come and buy me food. I’m starving”
“I’m sorry” Tomiwa cut in, having had enough. She linked her arm around Jake’s making him blush and Sharon giggle. “ But we were about going to eat”
“Okay, then” Angela smiled but her eyes held a different expression in them. She turned to Jake “some other time then?”
He shrugged uncaringly. She smiled and walked away, swaying her hips as she did. Jake rolled his eyes and Tomiwa hissed.
“ Erm.. Tomi?” Jake said turning to her.
“Yeah?” she smiled at him.
“Our arms” he said in a low voice, gesturing to their linked arms.
“OH, RIGHT!” she squealed bashfully and released his arm, blushing rapidly. “ Sorry”
“No problem” he muttered rubbing the back of his neck and looking away.
Sharon laughed and they turned to look at her.
“ You guys are hopeless” she giggled.


Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by alexblazzzer18(m): 4:03pm On Feb 06, 2017
Well well, this is quite intresting, keep em coming.
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by Damibiz(m): 4:30pm On Feb 06, 2017
Nice write up.......man,waiting for the next episode
Re: DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 by Damibiz(m): 4:32pm On Feb 06, 2017
Nice write up...man,waiting for the next episode

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