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Story That Touches The Soul. / My Parents Banned Me From Speaking Igbo.. I Learnt From Yorubas ---T.N. Adaobi / Adaobi (A Story Of Love, Romance And Adventure) (2) (3) (4)

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To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by marianneada(f): 7:32pm On Mar 04, 2017
Hey lovers of literature, i want to start a story, pls this is my first story, i need your comments, correct my errors.Thanks so much and may God bless u all as you read it.
I had slept off like a new born baby and didn't know when it was morning, i was still sleeping when my mum returned from morning mass and was shocked to see that i'm yet to sweep the compound. My mother who was already angry rushed into my room shouting my name, "Amaka!, Amaka! Why is she still sleeping by this time of the morning ,she thought to herself" immediately i heard my name i woke up and ran outside to meet my mum. "mama good morning, i'm sorry i woke up late" my mum didn't allow me finish before she embraced me and started checking my body temperature to know if i'm sick, "i'm not sick mama,i only over slept," i said, my mother did the sign of the cross and told me to carry on with my morning chores which i started doing immediately with so much joy.
***** I'm the only child of my mother, my father died when i was still a baby, my mother took it upon herself to train me, my uncles took all we had except our house and a small portion of land where we farm, i'm still grateful to them. My mother refused to marry again after my father's death, i always stayed with her to make her happy. My maternal aunty wanted to take me to Lagos where i'll continue my schooling, but my mum refused saying she needs me around her. My mother is very beautiful and hardworking, she worked so hard to make sure i lacked nothing. I grew up to be very close to my mother. My village is not far from the city, everybody wanted their children to school in the city. Immediately after my primary school in the village community school, my mother enrolled me into secondary school in the city. I grew into a very pretty girl. I am chocolate in complexion, i have a smiling oval face with a long black hair, in j. S. S, 3,men has started disturbing my mother for my hand in marriage, my mother swore over her dead body will she do that, i studied really hard to make my mother proud. Thank God i'm blessed with intelligence too. I never allowed all these attributes enter my head. I respect my elders, i turn down my admirers politely. Every mother in my village wanted me as a daughter in law, but i had my dreams, the dream of furthering my education to the University.
I wake up early everyday to be able to catch the early morning bus going go the city, this was how i struggled until i finished my secondary education.i have just finished writing my WAEC exams and has been helping my mother out in the farm. ****
Immediately i finished my morning chores, i warmed our left over soup and called my mother to eat her breakfast, i served our food in the sitting room, and sat beside my mother to enjoy my akpu and bitterleaf soup, my mother has taught me to avoid talking while eating, we ate our food in silence until the sound of her phone broke the silence, i rushed to where her phone is and checked the caller, it was aunty Amanda, i gave the phone to my mother who had already washed her hands,"give me the phone "i gave her the phone and continued with my food, i watched my mother talk with so much joy, i heard aunty Amanda telling her that her family will all return for the xmas celebration, i went to refill my drinking cup when i heard my mother scream, i ran back into the sitting room to meet my mother laughing, i heaved a sign of relief and went back, immediately my mother ended the call i couldn't wait to ask her why she was screaming i called her calmly "mama," she looked up and eyed me, she knew i wanted to hear the gist but wanted to keep me in suspense, i allowed her finish eating before i went to meet her, we were sitting outside our balcony picking our beans for lunch, "mama, how's aunty Amanda and her family doing?" i asked trying to bring in the screaming part. My mother looked at me"amibo, i know you wont rest until you hear everything , my dear, Amanda is very lucky, her family is blessed, she said they will all return for the xmas celebration. "she stopped and continued with what she was doing" mama i heard those ones already, why did you scream? "i asked a bit angry," oooooh that, my daughter, God has really blessed Amanda, her first son Nelson returned from US and she wants him to settle down."i didnt allow her finish with the gist when i hissed, i didnt know when i did that, my mother too was shocked cause she knows how much i love Aunty Amanda "bia Amaka, what was that for?, are u quarelling with your aunty?" nooooo, it's just that i thought there's something more important she said"i replied faintly, "mmmm, anyway Amanda promised to bring a lot things for us" immediately she said that i brightened up and smiled "i know that's what you wanted to hear" , my mother said smiling, pls my dear continue with this let me rush to ur uncle 's house and know why he summoned me. "she said standing up to leave." but mama why cant he come here and discuss whatever it is with you than you going to his house"my mother looked at me, "my daughter let me just go, i don't want him to report me that i disrespected him" ok bye.
I watched my mother leave our compound, i kept on wondering why uncle Amobi summoned her, i don't trust that man, i knew he has always liked my mother, i have caught him several times staring at her buttocks, i believe he has ulterior motives behind leaving our house and farmland to us, the thought of my uncle's summon couldn't leave my mind, i remembered aunty Amanda and her children, i hissed again, i don't know why i don't like her children, maybe it's their attitude.
****Aunty Amanda is my mother's childhood friend, they grew up in the village and attended the same primary and secondary school, they were more like sisters, they did everything together, Aunty Amanda got married to a very rich man in Lagos, her husband is also from our village, many rich men came to ask for my mother's hand in marriage but she refused because of the love she had for my father.My parents lived in the village and was very comfortable with life until death took away my father. Aunty Amanda has been a source of help to us, she made sure we lacked nothing, her husband has been good to us, she has begged my mother to move to Lagos but my mother who is used to village life refused, i have always wanted to go to Lagos but my mother will never hear of such. Aunty Amanda has four children :her first child Nelson, her second child, Chioma, her third child Chizara and the last Kingsley. Her children doesnt like mingling with other children in the village except the rich ones that also came from the city, as young as they were, they can drive, you can never see them walking or talking to village children like us, i maintained my distance with them, i only visit to see their mother and leave immediately, Nelson love having fun with his rich friends, he is a tall handsome boy, he is also fair complexion, all the village girls wanted him as their boyfriend, but he doesn't notice their presence, i met him last when he was in his second year in the University abroad and i was in ss1,his sister Chioma was in SS1,Chizara was in jss3,kingsley was in jss1.i never knew how saucy Nelson was, until the day i came to collect my Christmas present from aunty Amanda.
Their house is among the magnificent houses in my village with a big black gate, they have a gateman that does his job well, there is a swimming pool in their house, they have three maids, they have everything at their beck and call. It was on xmas eve that aunty Amanda called my mother and informed her of their arrival, she also told me to come and pick what she bought for us. I left our house with joy and ran to her house, on reaching there, i knocked at the gate and the gateman opened the gate, he recognized me and ushered me in, as i was about entering the house i heard a loud voice talking to the gateman angrily, "Suleman, who did you open the gate for? the gateman was about answering him when he saw me, he walked up to me," hey girl, who are you looking for? I looked at him and called Nelson, immediately i called him, he flared up and started insulting me, "ooh, u came to look for me, are u not ashamed of urself coming to my home to woo me ,shameless village girl, am I the only handsome nigga in this village?" OMG, look at how she 's smelling?you couldnt bathe before coming to see your crush! "That was when i remembered i was about bathing before Aunty Amanda called my mother, i dropped my bucket of water and dressed up and rushed to their house, but i' m not smelling, i couldn't talk, i was speechless, only drop of tears could be seen in my eyes, he turned to the gateman to mouthwash him"Suleman, are you this dumb? How can you be so stupid to allow this dirty girl into my house "i turned to leave and saw aunty Amanda standing beside the house, i ran to her and hugged her, i cried like i've never did in my life, Aunty Amanda hugged me tight, and turned to her son," Nelly why are rude to Amaka? Don't you she's the daughter of my best friend? Why are you always like this, she turned to me and comforted me, she told me to ignore all he said, i nodded my head, she then turned back to her son, "and you, who told you, she came to look for you? I called her to come and pick what i bought for them for xmas. Nelson laughed" ooh, she's not just a village flirt but also a village beggar "his father came to my rescue immediately and gave him a thunderous slap" shut up young man, is this how i brought you up? Now apologize to her "his father thundered, " but dad " he tried to talk but his father cut him short" if you don't apologize to her right now, i'll cancel all your trips abroad next year"he fired back"i'm sorry "that was the last word he said and entered inside. Aunty Amanda was really sorry for all that happened, she gave me enough food and presents for us, she begged me not to tell my mother what happened, and i promised her never to do that, after that day i dreaded going to aunty Amanda's house, and that was the last time i saw Nelson. ****
Now, he's back!!!

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Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by sirblero(m): 8:48pm On Mar 04, 2017
following boss...
more updates please...
Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by marianneada(f): 9:14pm On Mar 04, 2017
I loved aunty Amanda so much, she's my god mother, i can do anything just to make her happy, i've heard her complain to my mother about her son, his visits to Nigeria was always a nightmare for aunty Amanda, i dont know why she's excited about his return.
My mind ran back to my mother, i checked my time,i went to cook the beans, my mother and i didnt go to the farm today because we decided to rest after the tedious work we did the previous day. I wish i had siblings to keep me company, as i was washing the beans, i heard my friend calling me, "Amy,! where're u?" Ndidi came calling, i answered from the kitchen and she came there to meet me.
****Ndidi and i have been friends ever since they returned from the city, her father had a sentback in his business, he was duped, his business collapsed, he had no other option than to return to the village and set up a small shop in the market, where he sells cooking utensils, his wife helps him out in the shop, i met Ndidi when i was in Jss1,we enter the same bus to and fro school, we were in the same class in the city school, from there we became friends, we "re waiting for our

wWAEC result go be released***
" Nd, how're u,? I asked her, happy that she came cause i was already feeling bored, "nne fine oo, look at you getting finer everyday" "she said, i hissed and told her to leave beauty alone, she helped me out in cooking the beans as we continued gisting. I was so glad that she came.


Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by marianneada(f): 9:18pm On Mar 04, 2017
My mother entered my uncle's house and didn't see anybody, she called his wife"ihudiya, are you at home,? "nobody answered, my uncle came out smiling sheepishly at my mother," nna anyi u sent for me, hope all is well?, "nwanyi oma calm down, nobody died, u're looking more beautiful day by day, pls come inside and sit down," my mother smiled and replied "thank you nna anyi, where's Ihudiya? Even the children are not around"my uncle cleared his throat" they went to their maternal home, have your sit, "my mother sat down," mma Amaka, i called you to tell you something important, ever since my brother died nobody has disturbed you, we gave you a piece of land to farm on, a house to live in, in Igbo land, a woman without a son is left with nothing after her husband's death, it's either she marries any of her late husband's brother, or she leaves, but we allowed you to be here, my other brothers have been disturbing me to send you out but because of the love i have for you i said no, i decided to leave you and your daughter together believing when she's off age, she'll get married and leave, then i can marry you as my second wife "my mother was lost in her world, my uncle called her," bia Obiageli, are you deaf? My mother returned and asked my uncle""so what are you trying to say? "good question, Chief Okafor wants to marry Amaka, after their marriage i'll marry you . you have from now till December to decide, if you cant do it be prepared to leave my brother's house and the farm also" my mother didn't talk, all she said was ok and stood up to leave "as your going remember you are an orphan, your wicked brother took everything from you before my brother picked you up, if i send you out nobody will accept you back, you better think wisely." my uncle mockingly told her. She ran outside his compound with tears in her eyes. She ran as fast as her leg could carry her.
I was just returning from escorting my friend Ndidi who just left when I saw my mother ran into the house, i followed her inside, she sat down crying, i was confused, "mama can you calm down and tell me what happened" without knowing i was crying with her, "nne get me water, let me drink," i ran inside and got water for her. she told me everything that happened at my uncle's house. "mama that man is a fool, i always knew he was cunny, i knew it, nobody will force me to marry, not to talk of marrying an old man old enough to be my grandfather, mama, this is not time to cry, dis is time for action, they should come and try me,mama trust me, we shall win ok? "my mother just smiled weakly at me.
I knew in my mind that i cant fight my uncles if they're serious, i was trying to calm my mother down, but inside me i was so scared of being forced to marry an old man, separating me from my mother," God forbid "i shouted.
My mother slept off in her room, she didn't ask for her lunch, i was worried about my mum, i don't want her thinking too much, i sat down and remembered God, i decided to hand everything to God, i dressed up immediately and ran to the church for comfort.
Church became my place of abode, i prayed vehemently begging God to intervene.
I was on my way to church when i saw Ndidi, she ran to me looking so happy, "Amy, i have checked my result o," i was so eager to know if she passed, "hope you passed," i asked her, "yes oooo" she gave me her result, and i tore it open only to see a wonderful result, she passed all her subjects. "oh my God Nd, u're a lucky girl, u made all your papers, congrats dear" i told her, "that reminds me, Amy go and bring your Scratch card let me help you check your result, don't worry i" ll pay for it"at the mention of scratch card, my heart skipped, i was scared to check my result. I stood still remembering what transpired between the supervisor and i during our English exam, i wanted to study law, so i dont play with my english subject.
***On the day of the exam, the supervisor kept on staring at me, i noticed the way he was admiring me, i became uncomfortable, when the exam started, he kept on searching for me, he changed my seat to a one beside him, i ignored him and continued writing, when we finished writing, i submitted my script, he hid it under the table, when we all wantec to leave the hall, he called our attention to sit down"lf i call you., u leave the hall, "he started calling us one after the other, it was getting late and i was praying not to loose the last bus home, he called everyone except me, he told me to wait and help him search for my script, Nd also helped, after 30 minutes of searching for it, he brought it out, i was really angry, i meant to leave the hall but he held me back and told me how he supposedly hid my paper to get my attention, i was really angry that i didnt know when i slapped him, i'm quick tempered, that's my only flop, immediately i slapped him, i realised what i did "what? You slapped me, you little girl, i promise you, i'll make sure i tear your paper and feed it to the rats," with that he stormed away, i was really scared of failing my English and rewriting WAEC, my mother suffered to pay for the exams, i cried uncontrollably****
I lied to Nd that i need to search for the scratch card, she told she would help me search for it, i forgot about where i was going to and went home, we found my scratch and off to the only cyber Cafe in my village.
Immediately we got there, Nd paid the attendant, few minutes my result came out, lol and behold, tears rushed down my eyes as i closed my eyes to think of what next to do.


Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by abefe99: 9:54pm On Mar 04, 2017
wow this is so so interesting please more update God bless ur upstair dear
Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by marianneada(f): 11:01pm On Mar 04, 2017
wow this is so so interesting please more update God bless ur upstair dear
Tanx Abefe99,i'll update tomorrow.
Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by marianneada(f): 8:59am On Mar 05, 2017
I couldn't believe my eyes, i passed all my papers, out of joy i collected my result and ran home forgetting my friend, "Amy, wait for me na" my friend shouted while running after me. I came back home and met my mother preparing supper, i ran to her and hugged her," Bia Amaka, o gini kwa, do you want to push me down? "she asked looking confused," mama, my God doesn't sleep oo, look at result, i passed all my papers "i joyfully replied her. My mother danced like a maiden, she sang praises to God, my friend met me at home and joined in our celebration.
My mother cooked a delicious meal that night and we ate happily, after eating she called me into her room for a heart to heart discussion."my daughter, i dont want my discussion with your uncle bother you, i've decided to forget everything he told me, i want to leave it in God's hands, my God will never disappoint me, when that time comes we shall know what to do"my mother told me with full faith and confidence, i was so happy to hear this from her. I made up my mind to forget all that happened and move on with my life, i needed to work hard to save for my university education.
My mother continued with her daily hustling, i did my best in helping her out. We continued like this till days turn into week s and weeks into months. Finally December came.
The harmattan breeze always reminded me that Christmas is nearby, i looked forward to welcome my sweet aunty Amanda home, my mother tried her best in making sure i enjoy my Christmas like my mates, she saved enough to buy clothes and shoes for me, "Amy, i want youvto know that you are a big girl now , any decision you make now will affect you positively or negatively in future, do not keep bad friends, i'll allow you mingle with your mates but dont stay in a lonely place alone with a boy, mind the kind of friends you keep"she advised me. My mother has always advised me but this time she looked so serious, i was even scared. "mama you've told me this more than 100times,i promise to make you proud, dont worry, i'll wipe away your tears" i assured my mother. She brought out all she bought for me and i was so happy, i loved my wears and shoes, i was so happy.
It's Christmas eve, and everyone was busy preparing for the D day, my mother bought two live chickens, we were about slaughtering them when my mother's phone rang, i checked it was my Aunty Amanda! I gave the phone to my mother, "my dear, we're back oo, we just returned now, how're you? How's my baby, Amy doing,? Pls send her to my house to pick what i bought for you people" , aunty Amanda said from the other end of the phone, "ezigbo oyi m, we're fine, i'll send her right away," my mother replied happily."dont worry my dear, i'll come and see you tomorrow afternoon, it's been long i saw you, prepare ofe onugbu for me oo, take care "aunty Amanda replied," trust your friend, i'll be waiting for you ooo, bye"my mother said and cut the call. She turned to me smiling,"your aunty said you should come to her house and pick what she bought for us,"my heart skipped immediately remembering her children, but i was so happy that i forgot all that happened, this time i made sure i bathed and looked nice before leaving the house.


Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by abefe99: 10:40am On Mar 05, 2017
nice one please more update don't worry abt d few comment people will soon come around more update please


Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by marianneada(f): 10:54am On Mar 05, 2017
nice one please more update don't worry abt d few comment people will soon come around more update please
Tanx so much for ur encouragement, more updates on the way.
Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by souloho19(m): 10:58am On Mar 05, 2017
Just seeing ur story today and I'm following.
P.s: I think u should leave a space before every *********. Ex:
**********Aunty Amanda was.....
Something like that. It makes it look less rowdy.

Nice story line.

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Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by marianneada(f): 11:35am On Mar 05, 2017
Just seeing ur story today and I'm following.
P.s: I think u should leave a space before every *********. Ex:
**********Aunty Amanda was.....
Something like that. It makes it look less rowdy.

Nice story line.
tanx so much, correct taken.

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Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by marianneada(f): 11:42am On Mar 05, 2017
I entered my aunty's compound feeling happy and praying so hard not to see any of her children especially Nelson, i didn't have any problem passing the gate as the gate man is familiar with me, immediately i entered inside the compound, i saw my aunty directing one of her maids on what to do, i rushed to her and hugged her, she was so happy to see me, she told me turn around to see me well, "aah, my little angel is now a big girl, Amy baby, you're looking so beautiful". She flattered me. I was so shy, she invited me into her sitting room where we gisted about what has been happening in the village, she told me her husband went to pay homage to the king, i felt at home, my aunty excused herself to get our presents, i was about finishing my juice when i heard someone enter the sitting room, i was scared, i looked up and saw Chioma, she's now a big girl, looking so beautiful and classy, inferiority complex came in, i greeted her"good evening ma"looking down at my feet. She stood staring at me, then she replied, "evening dear, how're you? "i replied almost immediately" i'm fine, i came to see aunty, Amanda,she's my mothers best friend, she's like a mother to me"i stammered, "oooh, you're Amaka, nice to meet you, you're a beautiful girl, i think i like you, can you be my friend, to take me round the village and teach me village life". I couldn't believe my eyes, am i dreaming, i pinched myself and felt the pain, she noticed my strange reaction and spoke up, "there's no need being scared, i know you think i'm a snob, no i'm not, when you get to know me, you will realise i'm not who you think i am, my brother Nelson is the only one that believe there's nothing good in this country, he treats the poor as trash, when people see him, they think we all behave like him, she paused then continued, "i know village will be boring without a friend like you, so are we friends now? "the question took me off balance, i nodded like a lizard, she came to where i stood and hugged me." sit down and feel at home, my siblings went to the city to get somethings for Nelson's pool birthday party, i'm personally inviting you to his party "she concluded, my aunty came in with a big bag and gave it to me, i was so excited that i fade them farewell and left, Chioma promised to see me soon. I now have a new rich friend, Chioma is a nice girl, maybe i was wrong about them, i judged them wrongly, i was sorry for myself, i pray she doesn't end up insulting me, i had a wonderful stay at my aunty's house. "Aunty Amanda i love you so much." i didnt know when i shouted that..


Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by Lolsd: 2:24pm On Mar 05, 2017
I am sitting in d front row....!! good epic story .

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Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by abefe99: 2:27pm On Mar 05, 2017
I love this more please
Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by marianneada(f): 6:15pm On Mar 05, 2017
i ran into my mother's room with the bag, we were eager to see what is inside, my mother opened it immediately, there were clothes, shoes, underwear, there's a 100,000 inside the bag too, i saw something inside a carton, we opened it and it's a phone! There was a small note inside it that reads, "for my little angel, Amy" from Aunty Amanda. I screamed, i danced, i dont know what to do, i was filled with Joy"this is just too much, what is going on here", my mother was already crying,she picked her phone abd dialled my aunty's number, at the first ring she picked it, "pls dont start crying for me o, use that money and enjoy your Christmas, the new phone is for my baby, don't say anything, when i come tomorrow, we shall discuss, and don't forget my onugbu soup oo," that was aunty Amanda, she cut the phone immediately, my mother stood with the phone glued to her ears crying and praying for my aunty. I was so happy that i slept with my phone on my chest.
My mother woke me up early to help her prepare stew and soup for my aunty, i swept the house and fetched water, then i settled down to help my mother, she was humming a song as she was cooking , i noticed she was extremely happy. Before noon we finished cooking and bathed.
It was around 2.30pm i heard a jeep enter our compound, i woke up from slumber and peeped from the window,i saw my aunty step down from her jeep, she came with someone and i tried to know who it was, i was surprised to see Chioma step down too, i went to the sitting room to greet them, i entered and saw my mother and aunty engaged in a tight hug, they were both crying,Chioma hugged me and sat down, we started gisting, "Aunty Amanda, why are you and my mother this close not minding the social gap between you two, i'm surprised, before i forget, thank you so much for all the gifts you gave us, the clothes, the shoes, the money and the phone, i dobt know what we would 've done without you "i said," my dear, your mother is more than a sister to me, when my parents died, my uncle's wife maltreated me but your mother stood by me, she supported me, she shared all she had with me, she's the one that talked me into marrying my husband,that i will never forget, when i had challenges with my marriage, i wanted to quit the marriage but she stood against it, she made me remain in my marriage, i'm the one enjoying it now, my dear i owe your mother a lot, "aunty Amanda narrated everything to us, she even told us about their growing up, how they were called twins, i was really impressed. I helped my mother serve them the onugbu soup, my aunty finished her food, Chioma ate little, after eating my aunty gave me a bag, "Amy, pls wear that dress to my son's party, i want you to feel belonged, i know the high and mighty kids will be there" my aunty said happily, i took the bag from her, "mummy, pls i'll come tomorrow and pick Amaka, we'll go to the city for a make over, Amy needs her hair to be done," Chioma said, i was shocked"no problem dear, you're free to pick her, "my mother said" and i"ll also buy a new sim card for you tomorrow, then we exchange numbers, so get ready, 10.00am dot".Chioma said, they left later in the evening., promising to pick me up tomorrow. I slept with so much joy, thinking of how i would look after my hairdo.
Before 10.00am,i had already dressed up waiting for my new friend, i didn't know when i dozed off, the sound of a car horn woke me up, Chioma parked her car and came inside to greet my mother, "mummy, good morning, my mother send her regards", she greeted, my mother hugged her and asked her how everyone is doing "we're all fine, mummy, my mum said you should allow Amy to spend the night at our house to help us out with arrangements for my brother's party since the party is next tomorrow", she replied, i turned to her,"i've never slept outside my home without my mother, "i told her, my mother held my hand and told me not to worry that she can manage, i wasn't ok with that but she insisted.
The ride to the city was fun, Chioma told me everything about her family, starting from her father to their last born, she told how her mother adores me which makes her jealous sometimes, she then told me about her brother Nelson. "my big bro was over pampered, he got whatever he wanted, he grew up a spoilt child, my mum cant stop blaming herself for it, she promised herself to fix everything by herself, she wants to force him to get married to know if he'll quit smoking, clubbing, womanizing and other bad things he does, my brother is nice except for all these habits, when he's in a good mood, you will enjoy him, he loves his family and doesn't play with us, my bro is intelligent though, he's a smart boy, he's helping my father out in the company, the more reason my mum needs a wife for him, i've presented many of my friends to my mum but she doesn't like them, she said she needs a homely woman for my bro, so i'm waiting for that woman, my bro has a girlfriend, she's also a spoilt brat, my mum doesn't like her, she studied abroad, she's the daughter of a prominent politician in Lagos, she'll also be around for his party, but she'll be in a hotel, trust me, you will look fabulous in the party "she ended her story, i was happy she stopped talking about her brother because i was already tired of the gist, but i was wrong, she continued blabbing about him until we got to the salon. I was glad we're at the salon, this is one of the biggest salon in the city, "this is where my mum and i makes our hair," she said, i was just starring at the beauty of the shop, we walked inside and the stylist started working on my hair.
Two hours later, they were done with my hair, she instructed them to fix my lashes and my nails, i didn't utter a word, they continued doing wonder on my body. When they were done, i went to the mirror to see myself but i couldn't recognize myself, everyone was starring at me, Chioma was also shocked, "my God you look so beautiful" she said, i thanked her so much and later, we left ib her car.We went to a nearby MTN office and bought a sim card, i did the registration, we exchanged numbers, she helped me save her number,m and her mum's number, she taught me how to operate my phone. I was so grateful to her. We got home late in the evening, my mother couldn't stop shouting, she said i look like a new bride, i was shy, Chioma later took her leave promising to come pick me up tomorrow evening.
The next day, i packed the gown my aunty bought for me in a small with my undies and shoe, i wore one of the clothes my mother bought for me, Chioma called me and told me she was on her way to pick me,around 5.00pm,she was already at my house and we left.
We got to her house and everyone was busy with one work or the other, she took me to her room, i saw Chizara in the sitting room, we exchanged pleasantries, she is also nice, we all went to her sister's room, "Chizzy, meet my new friend, she's a very nice girl, i like her alot," she introduced me, "i think i like her too" Chizzy replied, i told them i want to see my aunty, but they said she went to meet the event planner, Chizzy ordered snacks and drinks for us, we ate and gisted, i was really enjoying my xmas, i even forgot my uncle and his threats, i decided to enjoy myself and forget my worries, aunty and her family have only few days to stay in the village before they return to the city, let me enjoy these few days. We later went down to help out, there i met my aunty, she couldn't stop complimenting my look. It was later at night we were about sleeping, i heard the gate open, Chioma heaved a sign of relief "thank God he's back" she said," who are you referring to? "i asked her thinking it was her daddy, i noticed his absence," my brother, he left since morning to to pick his girlfriend, Lizy enjoys keeping late nights with him, one of the reasons my mum doesn't like her, "she said," oooh, i thought it was your dad, my dear, i'm tired"i told her"my dad went to Lagos to attend an important meeting, my brother couldn't go because of his party,"she concluded, she brought out a fine nightie, and gave me, she took me to her bathroom and showed me how to use everything there, i was glad to have her as a friend, we retired to the bed and slept off.

The poolside was decorated beautifully, everyone was getting ready for the party, my aunty has gone into her room to dress up, Chioma and i were also getting ready, Chioma gave me a shoe that matched my gown, she helped with make up, she was radiating in her gown, she told me how beautiful i was looking, she told me to always be by her side during the party to avoid the preying eyes of her brother's friends.
6.00pm on the dot, the party started, all the invited guests were all there, the M. C declared the party started, the opening prayer was done and the celebrant was called down to cut the cake, Chioma and i came downstairs, i walked behind her, everyone turned their gaze on us, i was so shy, i wished the ground would open and swallow me, Chioma was busy hugging and pecking her friends, they were all like who's this damsel with you? I was just smiling, my aunty called me to sit with her, "Chommy baby, i think i like your friend, pls give me her contact" that was one of her friends telling her about me, "pls don't think of her o, my mum will just kill you," i heard her say, i noticed a lady was starring at me, but her stare wasn't friendly at all, anytime i look at, she would eye me, i pretended nothing was happening, the celebrant entered the venue, everyone turned around to see him, i was so shy that i bent my head pressing nothing in my phone trying to avoid the girl's stare, i heard the M. C telling everyone to stand up for the celebrant to cut the cake, i looked up i saw the most handsome guy ib earth, he was tall, fair, and above all intelligent, Nelson has grown into such a handsome man, no wonder girls are tripping for him, i was still starring at him when his mother took the microphone and invited me to help her son cut the cake, "whatttttt?" that was all i could say, Chioma walked me and took me to the stage, i was so shy, Nelson was whispering something to his mother, from the look of things, i noticed he wasn't happy but he kept on faking a smile, i walked up there reluctantly and the cake was cut, after the cut i turned to return to my seat when someone held me by my arm, "i don't seem to remember you, but for my mum to call you to cut the cake with shows you're close to her heart, i'm Nelson, pls may i know you?" he told me, i thought i was dreaming, i faced him and tried to talk when he screamed "i think i remember this face, wait, wait, wait, you were the girl i spoke to rudely some years ago, oooooh, i'm really sorry about that" he said, he was about asking my name when the same girl that was starring walked up to us and hugged him, "sweetie, i've been waiting for you, who's she?", she asked rudely, "she's a friend," he replied, with that she dragged him away eyeing me, i laughed and went back to my seat, i sat down watching the guest dance, Chioma was busy dancing, mummy has gone up to rest, i was already tired and sleepy.
Around 8.00pm, the main party started,only their male and female friends were there, some had already worn their swimming suit, some were in the pool swimming while some were dancing, Chioma was nowhere to be seen, i stood up to search for her, i passed by the pool and tried entering inside the house when someone pushed me into the pool, i can swim but i couldn't move my legs, i tried again but i couldn't, by then, all the guest has gathered round to see what's happening, nobody knew i was drowning, i was getting weaker and weaker, i was fighting with death, my eyes were closing, i remembered my mother, i prayed to God to save me, just for my poor mother's sake.


Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by abefe99: 8:08pm On Mar 05, 2017
she must not die ooo please dear more grace dear keep it up make u too reach front pageooooo is really interesting
Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by marianneada(f): 8:32pm On Mar 05, 2017
she must not die ooo please dear more grace dear keep it up make u too reach front pageooooo is really interesting
Tanx dear, happy sunday
Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by marianneada(f): 9:21pm On Mar 05, 2017
I was about giving up on life when someone jumped into the pool, some guys jumped in too, they used knife to cut my gown that was tied to a pole in the pool, i was dragged out of the pool, i was unconscious, i heard someone asking me to open my eyes, i heard my aunty's voice screaming, "Nelson pls do something, i cant loose her, pls let's take her to the hospital" i heard someone said, mummy she might die before we get there, don't worry, i know what to do, "he said, a guy bent over and gave me a mouth to mouth, that was when i opened my eyes, my aunty hugged me with tears in her eyes, i was scared and was crying, my aunty ordered them to take me to her room, i was taken to her room, Chioma helped me changed my clothes, she made hot tea for me, after drinking it,i slept in my aunty's arms, she couldn't let go of me.
*******I was in my sleep when i heard people arguing, the argument was getting messier when i walked down to see what was happening "Nelson believe me, i saw her pushed Amaka into the pool, i noticed the way she had been starring at Amaka, i decided to trail her, she mistook her for your girlfriend" Chizzy said tearfully, "that innocent girl would've died because of your useless girlfriend, she should pray nothing serious happens to that girl, else she'll have me to battle with," mother fired, "mum, i'm sorry for everything, i don't know what happened to Lizy, i'll find out from her, maybe she mistakenly pushed her" said Nelson," ooooooh, you're getting me angry, Nelson, how can you defend such an evil act? Just take my message to her, "aunty fired back, i was so weak to talk, i just opened the door and started crying, i told them to take me home, i need to be with my mother" my baby, you can't go home looking like this, you need to get better before returning home, even if it means i postponing our going back to Lagos "she assured me. I told her to call my mother, she promised to call her, Chioma and Chizzy took me to their where i slept off.
The next morning, i woke up and saw my mother beside me, my aunty was there too, my mother was crying, i hugged her, they made hot tea for me, i bathed, looking fresh and feeling better, Chioma gave me a pair of jeans and a top to wear, my mother and her friend went downstairs to prepare something for me to eat, i was still laying down when the door to Chioma 's room opened, i looked up and saw Kingsley, i haven't seen him for years, he' s grown, "i'm glad you're better this morning" he said taking a seat by the bed, i replied"thank you". "i'm Kingsley, the last born of the family, i wasn't allowed to come down yesterday, i watched everything from the window, i saw all that happened, i'm really sorry about that" he said smiling i told him thanks, we chatted for sometime before he said he needs to see his mom, immediately he left, i fell in love with the little boy, he's so cute and fun to be with, i wish i had a younger brother, i see my younger brother in him. Chioma and Chizzy went to see their cousin who would be getting married in two days time, they're among the ashebi's. I was so lonely, my mother and her friend have been in her room discussing, i dont want to interrupt them, i was busy watching T. V when the door opened again, i thought they were back(Chioma and Chizzy), but i was wrong, Nelson walked into the room carrying a bag, i greeted him and continued with what i was doing"i'm sorry for what happened yesterday, my girlfriend was just being childish, she mistakenly pushed you"he told me"pls let's forget all that, i thank God i'm alive, at least next time, i'll avoid anything that has to do with you,"i told him angrily, can you imagine defending his crazy girlfriend after i nearly died, "your phone damaged yesterday when you fell into the pool, so i bought a new one for you, take it" he said angrily and threw the phone on the bed, i was already fuming with anger"excuse me mister"i said standing up from the bed and remembering what happened some years ago, "your crazy girlfriend pushed me into the pool,and i nearly died, as if that isn't enough, you walked in here to say it was an accident, and you bought a phone to replace the damaged one, all you can do is throw it on the bed, do you think i was all about money, no oo, it's about my life, tell that your stupid girlfriend to stay away from me or else i'll show her what a village girl can do to a city girl"i thundered, he opened his mouth to talk, nothing came out, he turned to leave but i called him back"heyy, don't forget your phone, cause i dont need it. "i fired, he took the phone and left without uttering a word, i was boiling with anger, who does he think he is? Talking to me like, is it because i grew up in the village, he now thinks he can do anything to me and get away with it. I hissed, abd stood up to close the door he forgot to close when i saw the shock of my life!" Ooh! What have i done?, this my anger will put me into trouble oo.

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Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by Lolsd: 5:54am On Mar 06, 2017
Nelson,Nelson Nelson how many times did I call u hmmmmm I am watching u @ adaobi I love your story line typical naija.
Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by abefe99: 11:11am On Mar 06, 2017
Marian breakfast food now we dey wait abeg
Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by marianneada(f): 12:25pm On Mar 06, 2017
Marian breakfast food now we dey wait abeg
i will update later in d day.
Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by LBmujuni3(f): 12:31pm On Mar 06, 2017
am totally enjoying this!!!
Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by harameede99(f): 12:46pm On Mar 06, 2017
I don luv up oo Hadampson Samyfreshsmooth Adeshina12 queenitee everton4life du u care to join me here?
Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by Hadampson(m): 1:06pm On Mar 06, 2017
I don luv up oo Hadampson Samyfreshsmooth Adeshina12 queenitee everton4life du u care to join me here?

Baby am with u 4 lifewink

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I carry chair sit down gallant for this thread. please keep firing
Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by abefe99: 1:43pm On Mar 06, 2017
I told u people will soon come around please don't come disappoint us with update try to let it be regular dear keep it coming
Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by Hadampson(m): 2:08pm On Mar 06, 2017
Marianneada nice story u gat here.. kudos to u nd more grease to ur elbow

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shld i cum sit bside u?u knw kip each oda company *winks*
Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by Hadampson(m): 2:23pm On Mar 06, 2017
shld i cum sit bside u?u knw kip each oda company *winks*
Yeah buh hunnie, i prefer u sit on my lapswink
Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by xaviercasmir(m): 3:05pm On Mar 06, 2017
I like this story .Keep it up and more ink to your pen
Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by Nobody: 4:34pm On Mar 06, 2017
Love a good read!
Following cool

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Re: To Hate And Love(story That Touches The Heart) By Adaobi Marianne by james1(m): 4:47pm On Mar 06, 2017
Nice read;keep at it.

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