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Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by kennybelle: 11:29pm On Dec 28, 2018
OMG shocked.
I hope that isn't Nike o!
But this guy likes trouble sha. Trouble dey follow am 'bumper to bumper'. How could he have accepted the option Lewis gave him. I hope it doesn't backfire sha.

Thank you so much for the updates. U're a great entertainer
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by WILLIAMSKECH: 11:30pm On Dec 28, 2018
Good update from the son of thunder himself. Keep it coming Bro
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by rukidanty: 11:30pm On Dec 28, 2018
nice one keep it up
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by menwongo(m): 11:35pm On Dec 28, 2018
Great strides from you tbm
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by WILLIAMSKECH: 11:37pm On Dec 28, 2018
I moved to the next comment by LightQueen. She says:
"Eh, wonders shall never end. Obviously, that guy is still
living in the stone age. If am that woman, the next place
we'd be meeting will be in a court room with a divorce
paper in front of the judge.
By the way, the poster above me, which network are you
using? You beat me to FTC. Thunder fire that your revenge
plan on your boss."
I manage to smile at that. Its like this woman never heard
of Sudanyl.
I moved to the next comment of Rumpleslitskin. He says,
"I no blame the man. The fear of epilepsy is the beginning
of temple run. I would have done the same.
No one should quote me unnecessarily."
Yea! Thats my niggar up there.
TheBlessedMan this 1 got me laughing.
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by toluxad(f): 7:15am On Dec 29, 2018
Mouthwatering. Hope dats nt Chioma. Tbm thank u.
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by Damibiz(m): 7:18am On Dec 29, 2018
LightQueen ur troublelisious comment don carry u enta TBM store...........bt come to think of it, that is ur typical comment no doubt abt it
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by EMPEROR48: 7:23am On Dec 29, 2018
Thanks so much @TBM for the mention, I wish you well in all your endeavors. The update was a bomb. Keep it coming... We are solidly behind you
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by LightQueen(f): 7:27am On Dec 29, 2018
LightQueen ur troublelisious comment don carry u enta TBM store...........bt come to think of it, that is ur typical comment no doubt abt it
Lol I know you are lying but continue cheesy

TheBlessedMAN chop kiss kiss kiss

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Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by Damibiz(m): 1:24pm On Dec 29, 2018
A no Sabi lie oh,ask TheBlessedMan
Lol I know you are lying but continue cheesy

TheBlessedMAN chop kiss kiss kiss
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by Kamelot231(m): 10:16am On Dec 30, 2018
Ghost � mood deactivated may God bless youGhost � mood deactivated may God bless you
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by Itsky: 3:36pm On Dec 30, 2018
Big thanks to the man blessed. You have done well putting out this piece for us all to consume. From me to you, I wish you a happy new year in few hours time. more grace even as you work on finishing this.
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by bukupaper(m): 11:00pm On Dec 30, 2018
Help d voltage high bro, cnt wait 4 d next update
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by TheBlessedMAN: 8:37am On Dec 31, 2018
Updating all today. Been busy since two days ago. Thanx for staying tuned.


Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by jamestkul: 8:51am On Dec 31, 2018
I see my name,,TBM thanks for d mention,,,this update issa hit, damn i wish countless wont come to an end .1 of the best stories i read so far on NL ...continue d good work,,,pls dont stop with countless o, we are expecting countlesssessssss soon.lol..thumbs up man
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by Icebreeze(m): 8:54am On Dec 31, 2018
Updating all today. Been busy since two days ago. Thanx for staying tuned.

Let's hit the road bro...
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by kayusdguy(m): 9:19am On Dec 31, 2018
Updating all today. Been busy since two days ago. Thanx for staying tuned.
TBM, today is the last day of the year o, today's update must be powerful. Happy new year in advance
Updating all today. Been busy since two days ago. Thanx for staying tuned.
TBM, today is the last day of the year o, today's update must be powerful. Happy new year in advance
Updating all today. Been busy since two days ago. Thanx for staying tuned.
TBM, today is the last day of the year o, today's update must be powerful. Happy new year in advance
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by kennybelle: 11:31pm On Dec 31, 2018
Still waiting for the updates bro... Dnt forget ur people as u're celebrating o smiley
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by cenaman(m): 11:35pm On Dec 31, 2018
Updating all today. Been busy since two days ago. Thanx for staying tuned.
TheBlessedMAN 25munites to 2019 u promise to finished the story in 2018 i got no time to wait till 2019 lol just joking. but let me remind u that am still awake because of the last episode u promise to drop be for the end of this year.
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by cenaman(m): 11:41pm On Dec 31, 2018
Still waiting for the updates bro... Dnt forget ur people as u're celebrating o smiley
wait oo you never sleep because of this story?
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by nellaz(m): 1:47am On Jan 01
Daroussssssssssssssssssssss were are thou come fort now and finish your story.

Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by kayusdguy(m): 1:53am On Jan 01
2019 is here. Happy new year
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by TheBlessedMAN: 6:59am On Jan 01

This last episode was delayed because the phone I'm using to type it got a screen fault. I did it yesterday and I've been typing since.

This last episode remains the longest ever episode on Countless. 5000 multiply 14. The answer you get is the amount of words included in this Final episode.

Read and enjoy. Epilogue will drop later later.

NOTE>> 1st 10 insightful comments would be added into the epilogue. Your questions and comments on the story should be included also if you want your real name to be publicise in it, please endeavor to include it. Its important. Thanks for being with me till the end guys. I HEART YOU ALL.

The laugh hovered for more than twenty seconds before it halted.

Even though she tried to hide it with a grumpy laughter, her voice gave her away with that laughter.

"I know you cheated the last time, so thats why I came prepared this time around."

"I can see that...."

"okay. I know you love your Juliet so much. In fact I have reasons to believe you would do anything possible to be with her for ever. Both humanly and inhumanly...am I right?"

Believing its all a fun game, I answered yes.

"now, if you don't want me to kill you, all you will do is..."

"you want me to write I Love my wife again? Come-on, which kine Ojuju you be ganself...you are no fun atall. If you really want to kill me, give me something more of a challenge to write." I stated all that, still blindfolded.

I was expecting her to give me a daunting task like asking me to write satan's middle name, or to write the last food Metuselah ate before he died and that would have been the end of the game but what she said really suprised me.

"Mr Romeo, you just spoke my mind. I really want to kill you, but tormenting you before killing you is more fun than killing you straight. So, if you want to stay alive, here's what you're going to do."

"what?" I asked with a challenging scoff.

"I know how your signature looks like. So, I'll give you a paper and a pen. You will write your signature on it. Mind you, your head will roll on the floor if you write anything in contrary to your original signature. Understand?"

I quickly pondered on my chances and realised that this shouldn't be hard at all. Anything to make my wife happy is a welcome idea. I've caused her enough sadness and if making her happy by playing this type of childish games is all the price to pay, then SO BE IT.

"understand...get me the damn pen!" I ordered and a pen was given to me. She held my hand and guided it to what I assumed to be a paper. I calmly tried my best to make sure I drop my original signature on it.

"no, you don't get it. Again." She said and guided my hand to the paper again.

I repeated the signing process for more than 13 times before she eventually lifted the blindfold. Just like the previous time, her lips connected with mine and we kissed for some minutes.

After the kiss, I stared at the table to see the paper I'd signed on but it wasn't there.

I asked her for it but she said, my signature was very bad to the extent she can't let me see them cos she fears I would be so disappointed with myself. So I had to let it go.

I felt so happy hearing that from her. That moment, I vowed within myself to always ensure I make her happiness my priority. No mountain I wouldn't climb to see a happy smile on her face. Because, afterall, she's my world!

My relationship with Lewis was back to normal, if not great gan self. He calls me now more frequently than ever. He's always telling me never to forget all what I need to do to make sure my wife doesn't have seizures again.

Jide, Efe, and Collins were also giving me and my wife fun-filled memories whenever we are all together. In fact, my life was the perfect example of a happy life.


The D-day arrived. It was suppose to be the day to be remembered for all of us going by all the arrangements my wife has put in place.

The event was starting by 12.noon of that saturday at the Peak-Olam event centre situated along Funaab road, Camp Abeokuta.

Me and my wife had woken up at exactly 6:am of that saturday morning. We had sex the previous night before we slept off around 9pm.

It was the evergreen music of Sunny Neji which I'd programmed into the home theatre that woke us up.

Promptly at 6'oclock, it boomed out of the speakers. 'Happy, happy birthday, that is all I can say, I wish you many, many happy returns.(2ce)

throw your hands in the air, wave them like you don't care,
raise up your voice and make some noise.
Let the party begin,
and the love within start to flow,
let it go o.'

I stopped the music when my wife stopped dancing with me to receive an incoming call from her sister.

"what'd she say?" I asked her after the call.

"she said she would be arriving before 2'oclock. There was some sort of delay in her flight." Joke explained.

"but, is the party not starting by 12?"

"Yes, it is... But my sister is also important, and you also know she's coming with your child and my mum's death certificate...all those are important."

"I know, so what are we going to do now?"

"I'll pick my sister once she arrives."

"by yourself?"


"what happens to the party while the celebrant is away?"

She clung to my chest before replying. "Thats why I have such an handsome man as my husband..."

"no...no... I will drive you to the airport myself."

"and risk creating a scene there once my sister sees you? No, you are handling the party in my temporary absence." She declared in a voice that portrays authority.
Its very hard to argue with her in such situation.

"okay. Anything for the birthday girl. Its your day afterall."

Promptly at twelve, I, my wife, my mother and siblings were already set and ready for the party.

Joke was dressed in a beautiful ankara made outfit. Her whole appearance depicts nothing but extreme beauty. I have no doubt that she would be the center of attention at her own party. I was also dressed in the same ankara outfit and a brief look at the mirror told me that, my handsomeness is inbuilt.

We drove to the event in the same rolce roys that we had driven to our wedding some months back. Right from the moment we stepped out of the car, uncountable numbers of cameras, phones and other picturing gadgets were focused on us. I was astonished at the amount of crowd that greeted us at the entrance. The only few faces I recognised were that of my friends and workers.

Joke and my mother couldn't hide their dentitions away from every camera that was focused on them.

I thought I had seen the highest number of crowd in my life when I saw the one's outside, only to get another shock when I stepped inside the big, tastefully decorated hall of the Peak-Olam and thousands of unrecognised faces arose to welcome us.
I was overwhelmed with happiness. Over excitement nearly took my breath away.
Surely, today will be the most memorable day of our lives.

Right from when we entered, Mc Menwongo had told Dj hapsonv to give us a nice welcoming music that will usher us to our seats at the front.

On the way, all I needed to do to remain on my feet is to avoid the 'wow' glares and stares on the faces of these guest as Joke and I both danced slowly to the front.

I couldn't help but wonder how my wife and her event planners had managed to pull those multitude of people to an ordinary birthday party.

It might seem like an exageration but I must tell you, even the 76th birthday party of Buhari didn't have much of that crowd that were present at my wife's birthday party.

We got to the front seat - where two beautifully decorated settees was waiting for us- and the decoration that greeted my sight at the podium was very magnificent, mouthwatering and astonishing.

A giant cake was placed on a table at one corner of the podium.

It wasn't until the Mc asked us to seat down that I noticed that two more highly decorated seats were beside us but no one was seating on them yet.

The program started and the Mc started rolling out the names of all the special guests and other invited guests.

My eyes nearly jumped out of their sockets when the Mc mentioned the name of the comissioner for Police in Ogun state, Ilyasu and The state P.P.R.O Abimbola Oyeyemi as the owners of the two seats beside me and my wife.

Sooner had he finished announcing their names when they were both walked to their seats by beautiful waitresses.

They both greeted my wife and I before they took their seats.

"how did you manage to get those two here?" I asked my wife in a whisper when I saw that no camera was pointed at us at that moment.

"I've my ways..." That was her reply. Simple and swiftly spoken.

The programme continued with the performance of some upcoming artists signed by Eccenticanation and the Tripple Beats.

The event was so intriguing, thrilling and fun-filled. The waiters were going round the guests with cups filled with champagne.

At exactly 1'oclock, my wife whispered to me that its time for her to go and meet her sister at the airport.

I wanted it so bad to have her beside me all day long, or atleast follow her to the airport, but at the same time, I want to honour the agreement we had in the morning.

Besides, we are in a public place and there's no room for distractions, so I had to let it go even though my heart was aching to have her beside me. All in all, I took solace in the hope that it is just a temporary departure.

There was an exit closer to where we were seated, Joke stood up and followed that exit out of the hall, perhaps to avoid creating unnecessary distractions.

After my wife had left, the ceremony continued, except this time, I was no longer interested in whatever joke the Mc was spewing or whatever music the Dj was playing. All I want is my wife.

I rested my head on the backrest of the sofa and started looking forward to when my wife would arrive.

"What I have here now on the list before the cutting of cake by the celebrant is tagged Suprise Moment." That statement of the Mc caught my attention.
"Well, I don't know what that means but the instructions to follow is written here in this paper.
Am sure you all want to know what thats all about." He said and there were hootings and cheers from every section of the hall.
The only people that appeared to have divers interest in the moment was the Commissioner and the P.P.R.O.

"Alright...alright... I know y'all curious. Am also curious to know what this moment of suprise is all about...." He paused to pick something from the back of the pamphlet he was holding alongside the microphone.
There was total silence in the hall at that moment as all eyes were focused on the Mc.
Twenty seconds passed and he was done with what he was doing and returned the microphone to his mouth.

"yeah... Apologies ladies and gentle gents. I'm just trying to follow everything written here by the celebrant herself...." He informed.

The silence in the whole hall was getting intensed. Save for the humming sounds of the Air condition and the fans in the hall, every where was devoid of human voice.

"okay. Lets get started. I'll like to call upon the most luckiest man in the world, the handsome man that married the most beautiful woman I ever see, the husband of our beautiful celebrant, ladies and gents, join your hands together with me as I invite Mr Darous Emmanuel to the centre stage." He finished announcing and clapping of hands twittered his speech.

At first, the tensiveness of the moment stopped my mind from giving his words a proper processing, but when the anticipative looks of the C.P and his P.P.R.0 refused to leave my direction, my mind snapped and I suddenly realised he just called me out. I wasn't expecting this kind of situation so I wasn't prepared for it.

I had never faced these kind of magnitude ever before in my life.

Moments of hesitation followed as the clapping sounds lingered for like an eternity.

"Guy, gbe body e nau. (carry your body nau)" Jide told me from behind.

"come-on get your arse over there dude..." That was Collin's voice.

I released a breathe and finally managed to stagger to my feet.

All the noise increased and my brain nearly stopped working for a moment.

Like I'm being pushed from behind, I walked gently, feeling a bit nervous and wobbled towards the high stage where Mc Menwongo and his cohorts were eagerly waiting for me.

I mounted the steps carefully as if a mistep will end my life. The clappings and noise never stop till I got myself to the centre stage.

I turned around in a very slow motion and I nearly collapsed when my eyes connected with the arrays of strange but organized gazes that were focused at the stage.

'Geez! Where in the devil's pit did my wife got all these people from? This is like half the population of Ogun State for God'sake!' I lamented under my breath.

The Mc stood beside me and placed a hand across my shoulder while the second hand was holding the microphone.

"Can you see that this man is really handsome?"
He roared and everyone replied with an incoherent affirmative reply.

"Gosh! God help me if I don't marry him when next I come to this world as a woman...." The Mc joked and everybody laughed while I was still struggling to keep my head up.

Funnily, hearing their laughter reduced my nervousness a bit. I raised my gaze above their heads and focused it intermittently under the roofings.

"Alright people." He stressed. "lets get this over with...We don't want our foods to get cold." He said after the noise had died down. "first, this moment we're about to enter, according to the instructions written here by the celebrant herself, requires the attention of every security personnel to be at every exit.."

"Why?" Someone shouted from the midst of the guests.

"Well, I don't know." The Mc said with a clueless shrug. "I'm only following what am reading in this pamphlet." He raised the pamphlet up for all to see. He turned to me and gave me a modem before he led me to where a projector was placed.

I could feel every eyes present at the gathering following my every action.

"Whats in it?" I asked the Mc when he gestured to me to insert the modem inside the U.S.B label on the side of a laptop that was connected to the projector.

"I don't know sir, but your wife says its a documentary of you and her..." He informed back in a whisper.

I examined the modem in my hands and was a bit confused.

"a documentary? I don't remember making any documentary with her..." I told myself but the Mc thought I was talking to him.

"You know women and their suprise packages na... I only hope its not a documentary of your activities in za orza room..."

I smiled with a scoff. "I hope so too. For the sake of the kids in here."

"I pity the ladies too..."

We both smiled and I inserted the modem into the laptop.

I stepped back to allow the Mc have access to the laptop. He operated on it and the projector, shortly after, a black background with this subheading: MOMENT OF TRUTH started displaying on the white screen of the opposite wall and other plasma t.v's that was hanged across the whole hall.

I folded my arms and stood at one side of the podium while my eyes was fixed on the white wall in a semi-apprehensive state.

I couldn't help but wonder what this is all about.

"Hi everyone, My name is Adejoke Charles. I'm the celebrant of today" Her make-up-less and saddeness dominated eyes appeared on the screen. The kind of look I've never seen on her.

I couldn't believe it at first that it was actually her, but when she moved closer to the screen, fear - though still in its kingdergaten stage - gained admission into my body's nursery and primary school.

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Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by TheBlessedMAN: 7:03am On Jan 01

The curiousity and eagerness to know what this is all about got me somehow tensed.
'what's all these about? Why did my wife decide to keep this kind of thing away from me? This is big....I'm not a fan of all this public suprises o'jare. By the way, which kine suprise be this one wey her eyes and face red like that of person wey dey suffer from overdosage of weed? Or is she scheming something bad for me? I doubt that.

Why will she even scheme something dubious for me when am no longer in her bad books. The last time am suppose to be there, a certain Sudanyl eraser had cleaned me off it. So, basically, I've got no reason to feel this scared o jare. We still had a very romantic sex this morning before we left the house. The Joke I know can never hurt me with any public stunt. Let me be myself jare. There's no need to create unnecesary fear for myself. This documentary might be something good afterall.' Those were my thoughts as my eyes remained fixed on the screen showing my wife's gloomy face.

'Incase she have other plans, experiencematically speaking, I've seen a lot of worse than whatever she might be scheming for me.' I told myself again and managed to appear like an ocean of calm outside. The kindergaten fear in my body had excaped quickly after I'd managed to calm myself down.

Only her facial appearance was showing on the screen, even her neckline was not visible.
Her face was at first focused on the audience, but suddenly, she corked her head towards my direction and her bloodshot eyes settled on me. It seemed as if she was watching me live and direct and that got my heartbeat to increase as our eyes locked on eachother.

"Darous..." She called my name with a pained voice. I shivered upon hearing that. The tone in which she used to call my name depicts anger and total hate and it was that moment that I sensed that something is not right. The fear that once left my body as a kindergaten pupil returned quickly, only this time, it came back to pursue its masters degree.

I quickly withdraw my gaze away from her and took a cursory look around and noticed that everyone's undivided attention was virtually focused on the screen.

"am coming back to you. Let me address the guests first." She informed. "If you are watching this right now, count yourself lucky, because you're about to witness one of the most historical event in this world." Every word she says continued to make her face look more moody and gloomy. The atmosphere was a tensed one. Cold shivers have turned my spine to asphalt road and they were already running through it as the event continues to unfold.

Fear was a brilliant student and within the twinkle of an eye, it had gotten promotion from 100level to 200level inside my body's tensed university.

There were murmurs and sighs of anticipations across the whole lenght and breath of the big hall after she said that but shortly after, there was total silence across the whole place and it lingered for more than twenty seconds before she spoke again.

"What you're all about to witness is how I almost ruined my life because of the love I have for someone that has hurt my heart in a lot of ways than I could ever take. Someone who can't do without lies and deceit. So before I allow him to totally ruin my life because of my love for him, I'd decided to heed the advice of a wonderful sister and a friend. I took their advice to act now or what's there to be gained by continuing to be with the most evil human ever existed?" Said my wife, with a terrible fury in her eyes.

Again, there were murmurs coming from the crowd after she said that.

My legs were already shaking as every word she says continue to sponsor the education of a certain student called Fear inside every faculty of my body's university.

Suddenly, she shifted her eyes to me again and my body stiffened.

"For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first. Darous, you keep telling me everything you did in the pasts were mistakes, but you're wrong. The cruel thing was, it felt like the mistake was mine from the onset of our relationship. The greatest mistake I ever made was trusting you." Her voice was laced with sorrow. My heart was beating very fast as her words were coming out. They keep landing on my ears like strokes of cane. I couldn't speak. I couldn't move. I couldn't turn around. I couldn't do a lot of things to extricate myself from this awful moment because it was unexpected. "You've been cruel and false Darous." She continued with breaking voice. I just bowed down my head in total feeling of shame and guilt. "Why did you betray me? I vowed to you before to be by your side for ever. Because misery, and degradation, and death, and nothing that devil could inflict would have parted us, but you, of your own will and choice, did it. Did this!" She lamented.
"I never wanted any of these, all I ever wanted was to be with you. I gave you my heart but you broke it! Darous, you're heartless!" She fired strongly.
Sobbing quietly, I managed to raise my gaze to the screen. The tears streaming down her eyes were enough to fill a wazobia 7up bottle. "Ple...ase...." With shaking lips, and almost soundless, I said to her. "Ple...ase, don't do this...." I cried.

She sniffed and looked away from the screen for a second.

"Darous, I tried.... God knows I tried to forget what you did but you keep giving me reasons to look back..."

"How....?" I queried eagerly.

"I can't believe you just asked that..." She blurted out with a strong tone. "You really think me a fool, oh! Gosh! Darous... Geez...why do you keep on proving your doubters right...?" She asked rhetorically while I was left wondering what she meant by that. "okay.." She said again and I looked at the screen with my tears covered face. "Listen to this conversation between me and my sister the day she first knew you were back." She said and shortly after, a recorded call conversation of her and Nike started playing across the whole hall.

"Big sis, are you away from him now?" That was Nike's voice.

"Yes." Joke replied.

"whats going on sis?, is this our plan? What are you doing with that bast*ard?" Nike's voice lashed out.

"chill Nike. Nike chill. There are somethings we do in life that we would have never ever thought of doing. Even things that defy reasonable logics...."

"Yes, I know, but this one is not among. Cos only a fool will believe whatever that Darous must have said to you. Its not making sense. This goes against what we've planned to do to him. God! How can this be happening? Has he bewitched you or something? I don't understand you anymore sis..."

There was a momentary silence.
"Hello, sis, are you there?"

"Are you done insulting me?" Joke said.

"insult you? Did I?"

"you just called me the same thing Lewis called me days ago when he was here."

"Sis, thats because he's right..."

"oh! You mean he's right to call me a fool?"

"no...no... I ain't saying that."

"okay. Have heard you..."

"wait sis....please don't be mad."

"am not..."

"fine. Tell me why you even allowed him back, to the extent of staying in his house." Nike inquired.

"it doesn't have to be because of anything...."

"No... There must be a reason..." Nike countered.

"He confessed all his sins and I realise my heart still belong to him. Nike I love him."

There was a cackling sound from Nike after Joke had said that."Sis, he confessed? And that was all he needed to make you forget how he impregnated our mother, abandoned you at the hospital to die and even when he knew his blood could save his son's life, he still ran away because he knew I'd found out the truth and other bad things he has done before? Eh? Only to come back to you after a few months, spew some nonsense to you in the name of confession and phew! You're back in his arms! Oh God! This is unbelievable..."

"You're saying all that because you've never heard his own side of the story...if you..."

"His own side?" Nike cuts in. "what stupid side does that idiot have?"

"don't ever call him names again!. If you know how our mother maltreated him even though she was the one that told him all series of lies about her marriage with our father before that innocent guy fell for her words..."

"can you hear yourself sis? Is that the horrible lie he told you to dishonour our mother's memory and you believe him?"

"we both know our mother Nike! She can be manipulative and cunning at the same time. We both know our father didn't start out as a bad person. Mother pushed him to become that person. She unleashed his terrible side on us all and now, she's making an innocent man pay for that..."

"will you shut the hell up and stop painting my mother bad just to make that idiot of a man look innocent?"

"Nike? Are you really talking to me in that manner?" Joke sounds very angry.

"yes! Now you feel how it hurts to be treated unkindly by a younger sibling. Talkless of your own first daughter. Our mother would be turning in her grave right now!"

"that's none of my business! As long as her actions in the grave doesn't affect my marriage!" Joke thundered.

A scoff came from Nike. "Let me guess, you've tasted his d!ck..."

"and how's that any of your business..."

"no...not atall...not atall... Am just wondering how a guy could be so lucky to have been able to sleep with a mother and her two daughters. Even though he raped the last daughter..."

"what? What...what nonsense are you talking of?"

"oh! Like you said earlier sis, its not my Shop, so, its not my money and its definitely none of my business! Bye sis..." The recording ended right away.

The whole atmosphere was tensed after the revelation made by that recording.

My throat has dried. My whole body was perplexed. I wanted to sigh but there was no breath to carry out the task. But one thing is bothering me. Why would Nike lied that I raped her when she was the one that initiated the whole thing?.

"Thats the first part you heard." My wife's face and voice re-appeared on the screen.
"The subtle comment she made got me worried and I started thinking. Then I remembered how my sister has been acting very cold towards you. I once thought she was probably jealous of our relationship. Then I put two and two together. My curiousity got the better of me and I called my sister back. Here's the second part. I never knew I would be needing all these conversations. I didn't record them. I got them from the network provider when I realise they would be needful in this situation. Here's the second part. Listen..."

I dropped my gaze to the floor and told myself silently "Darous, this is the dead end! No escaping from this iminent disgrace."

"why are you calling back?" Nike's voice cut through the whole hall and it sent apprehensive shivers to my body when I realise I was still standing alone on the big podium.

"wait Nike...please wait. Please explain what you said earlier again...."

"What for? So, you want me to tell you how your innocent husband gave me the most painful memory of my life? So you can start calling me a manipulative b!tch like you did our mother? Noo... I can't take that chance. By the way isn't your innocent husband suppose to have confessed that along with his confessions? I doubt that..."

"Nike, I understand you. Can you swear to what you're saying?"

"oh! I get it. You don't believe anything unless cross-checked by your innocent husband..."

"Thats not what I mean..."

"Its alright. I understand too. I swear to God who made me that Darous had sex with me in my anus without asking me and I was sleeping when he did it...God should kill..."

"oh-oh...its alright Nike. Thats not necessary. I believe you..."

"You do?"

"yes...and I feel sorry for this..." Joke said. "How did it even happen? When did it happen without me knowing anything about it up till now?" Joke ranted out in a confused tone. "Did mother knew of this too?"

"Ofcourse...why did you think she sent him away from our house in the first place?"

"I thought she said she caught him stealing in her room..."

"no...she said that so you wouldn't do anything stupid to hurt yourself...."

"hmmmm....oh my God, why is this so overwhelmingly frustrating...." Joke lamented.

"The fact that he did not even put that among his confessions makes one to wonder what other things he's keeping from you..."

"Hmmm... What do you want me to do now?"

"yes! Thats the sister I know!" Nike remarked delightedly. "lets hand him over to the police like we planned before..."

"no...no...thats going too far... We have no proofs yet..."

"you don start again. What proofs do we need again?"

"We can't just go to the police and tell them he killed our mother without providing any concrete proof." Joke explained.

"What of that picture you found inside your bag on the night of your wedding?"

"You mean the one Chioma put there?"

"is that her name? How did you know?"

"part of what Darous told me..."

"okay. Do you still have that picture?" Nike asked.

"no...no... I don't."

"okay. I think we need to find that Chioma..."

"for what?"

"to get those pictures as proofs nau..."Nike stressed.

"no...no...please, we can't do that just yet... We can't."

"oh my God!" Nike expressed in a disappointed tone. "what again?"

"I feel like giving him a second chance. If he fails, then I'll join you in making him pay for his crimes.... If not for anything, atleast for raping my own sister!..."

Silence lingered for five seconds before Nike spoke.

"so what are you planning to do?"

"I want to test him... A test he won't see coming."

"hmmm...okay. But how do you plan on doing that? You know that guy is very cunning and smart. He mustn't detect any hoax in what you're going to test him with. And please don't test him with anything sex..."

"you are right. If I must know if he's a changed man or not, then I must come up with a perfect plan..."

"okay." Nike said.

"I'll call you later sis. Take care of Chris."

The recording ended with that last statement of my wife.

There were various types of sounds coming from the whole audience after the last recording has ended. I dare not look back. The fear of facing all the cameras pointed at me made me decide to focus my fear-ridden gaze at the screen before me.

"That was how I ended up at Lewis clinic the following day. I told him about my decision. He was very eager to help. He gave me the idea of testing you with epilepsy. We needed to make it lool real enough to know if you were really a changed man. He gave me a Levetiracetam injection. An injection that can cause seizure without really having epilepsy. It pained me so much when I opened my eyes and found myself inside Lewis arms. I was hoping you would be the one to rescue me at that moment so I can atleast tell my sister that you have changed. But unfortunately, you made matters worst when you arrived at the hospital...." She paused and swallowed hard. The tears in her eyes were still rolling. I bowed my head in total regret and shame. I fvcked up.


Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by TheBlessedMAN: 7:09am On Jan 01

I started sobbing and shaking. My whole being was covered in sweats and tears. "I...I...I'm so so..sor...sorry dear..." I stuttered out with a pleading gesture. "its...its the devil..."

Joke's eyes shone wider when I said that. "what nonsense are you saying? Lets assume everything you did prior to 3 weeks ago were the devil's ochestrated plans. Now tell me the devil told you to run away when I had that seizure in front of Lewis house!." She demanded with a thunderous pained voice.

I could no longer speak. This moment is beyond what my cunning and smart ways of thinking can manouver out. I just keep sobbing quietly at her face. I was in a sorry state.

"Even after Lewis drove me to the hospital after you ran away, my heart was still telling me to give you another chance." Joke continued. "Before you arrived at the hospital, I told Lewis to help me set another test for you. A final test of trust. But you failed it with this...." She said and shortly after, another recording started playing. I was just shaking my head in a pathetic way. I was in absolute mess.

"so, if I get you correctly, you're asking me to bend whatever findings we get in your favour?" That was Lewis voice.

"God, you're not only awesome. You're brilliant as well."

"okay. You can count on it..." He added.


"yea...yea...what are friends for? In fact, there is this drug called Sudanyl..." The recording continued playing while most of the guests were gasping out their shock at every thing being unveiled inside the recording. I couldn't believe it. Because I can't remember exactly how he had managed to record everything we discussed. I was totally flabbergasted visibly horrified and emotionally drained.

I couldn't stand anymore. My strenght has fled from my body, hence sending my knees on an impromptu way to the ground.

"Thank you....thank you... Lewis thank you. You just saved my life... I'll forever remain indebted to you..."The recording ended amid gasps and vulgar words from the audience.

"That was the moment I knew you're a lost cause. The moment you told Lewis to erase my memory because you don't want me to find out how you betrayed me. Darous, you betrayed me and am very sad right now. All I ever required in return for my love was the truth. But apparently, its the only commodity you can't afford. That was how you broke my heart. I was ready to fight for you despite everything you've done before.
Do you know how it feels like waking up everyday only to be met with the face of the idiot that has brought you nothing but pain? You disappoint me. You disappoint your friends. You disappoint yourself. Because you couldn't be honest for once in your life! You're my worst enemy masqurading as my best friend." She was no longer crying after saying all that. Her face was now very bitter.

"That was how you ended this marriage Darous. No point in being with you anymore. I can't..." She stressed vehemently with a strained voice.

"Darous.." She called my name again and my heart skipped a beat. "it brings me no pleasure to tell you that you're no longer my husband. Effective from three days ago, you became my Ex and here's the proof." A white paper emerged on the screen after that shocking revelation. I took a narrowed and shockened look at it and was highly flabbergasted when I saw it was a divorce paper. I didn't even bother reading the body of the paper but what got me very terrified was when I saw my exact signature at the 'HUSBAND's signature section of the paper. My eyes was filled with horror. I couldn't breathe. I felt like my whole breath was getting out of my body. Its official, My life is ruined!

I don't remember ever signing such documents. I would never sign such documents not even if my life depends on it.

'Maybe this is a joke. Maybe she's still testing me with this. Maybe its not real' I told myself and took a closer look at the paper again to verify its authenticity. I dropped a sad breath when I saw the original seal of the Magistrate court on the left bottom corner of the paper.

This is reality and its very real.

"For raping my sister, here's how you're paying for that..." Joke's voice snapped me back to reality.
"you are my ex already Darous, and that is not where it ends. You're about to become Ex to all your belongings and properties. Atleast, you got them the unscrupulous way." A paper with the heading: 'TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP RIGHTS FROM MR DAROUS EMMANUEL TO MADAM ADEJOKE CHARLES' appeared on the screen after her last words.

My eyes was filled with shockhorror when I started reading all the properties listed in there. It entails every single property I have. My mansion, cars, vehicle companies and other houses.

'How could this be possible?' I lamented.

I tried fighting of the new set of tears that my emotion was about to recruit into my eyes but my willpower broke down. Tears started flowing freely on my cheeks to my knees. Thick mucus joined the equation and my whole appearance was watery.

Silence dominated the whole room again after her last shocking revelation. The people in attendance seems to be tired of gasping and murmuring to the shocking things being revealed by my wife.

I took a quick survey around to look for any possible means of escape but what I saw down every exit of the hall increased my heartbeat.
Every exit had a uniformed policeman guarding it. I had no choice than to return my attention to the screen. While returning my eyes to the screen, my gaze collided with my mum's. She was seated at the center of the hall, close to a round table alongside two of my younger ones. The sorrow look I caught on their eyes was so undescribable, especially my mum's. I felt sorry for the poor woman. No mother should be witnessing such moments of their children's life.
I closed my eyes and swallow the pain. I begin to weep silently. This was too much for me!

Though in that weeping situation, what kept on bothering me was how my authentic signature keeps appearing on every document she had shown on the screen. I don't remember signing them. Voluntarily or not.

'Maybe she forged them.' I told myself. Then I remembered the ojuju game we had three days ago. Where she had given me the task of writing my signatures on a paper in a blindfolded state.

I give it to her, she's really has a technique at planning disastrous things. I never saw it coming. She never gave me any chance to detect this.

'I'm such a bloody fool!' I lamented. Feeling being outsmarted and disappointed at the same time. Instead of getting emotional again, I feel myself getting angry suddenly. A new feeling of hatred and anger surge through my body. I was angry because my wife has played and betrayed me. The woman I love most in my life.

'just let me get out of here, atleast the money in my account can still get me back on track. I still have more than seventy million naira in my account. I just need to get out of here...' I told myself to strenghten myself. But it was as if Joke was reading my mind.

"Here's another shocker for you Darous..." She announced and shortly, a picture of two cheques, - one of Wema bank and Gtbank - was displayed on the screen. The former showed a withdrawal statement of 52million naira and the latter showed a withdrawal details of 27million naira. Both cheques carried the bold fonts of my original signature. She must have gotten those cheques from my cheque books.

Its official, am now a poor man! Am effectively back to my status of five years ago.

"ahhhhhhhhh!" I fumed out angrily and slammed my knuckles against the floor. I then dropped my head to the ground and continue crying bitterly. What a distraught reality!.

"sorry beloved guests. Am very sorry for wasting your time with this melodrama... Its all for the best. So others can learn from both of us. Darous brought this upon himself, and he needs to pay the price heavily. Nothing good can ever come from lies and deceit. All the same, I still love him which is why am feeling very sad right now. He pushed me to become this person. I love him..." Her voice had started breaking again. Evidently, she was also crying. "He will forever remain in my heart...." She sniffed in again and was silent for a brief moment. My head was still buried on the ground. "I can't let him start planning of how to kill himself. No...no...that would be too hard for his mother. And my poor little Chris would become an orphan. Which is why I'm going to hand the rest over to my little sister. Darous, am so...so...sorry. Please... I love you." She said again amid sobbing voice. She paused briefly. "Nike, over to you. I entrust you with the task of making sure Darous avoids suicide at all costs. Remember I love him." She ended with a deep sigh and Nike's face appeared on the screen.

"Hi Darous, miss me? Don't worry, I will be seeing you soon. Hopefully behind bars." She said with a mocking tone.

I just scoffed out the anger in me. My body has already adapted to the situation. I was no longer feeling sorry. All I'm feeling at that moment was pure hatred towards myself, for being so stupid to have allowed this, and secondly towards my wife for doing this.

"Mr commissioner of police, thanks for honouring our invitation. The reason why we invited you to this occasion is because we want you to investigate the death of a certain woman. Her name was Adedoyin. She was Darous's former wife. She died last two years under mysterious circumstances. But thank God for the life of Miss Chioma. She came to us after my sister married Darous and showed this picture to us." The same picture that Chioma had took of me on the night Adedoyin died was instantly on display after Nike had finished talking.

On seeing that picture, I instantly knew my life has been finally laid to rest. A devine intervention would still need a miracle to save me from this. I bit my lips regrettably.
I glanced towards my right hand side. Two claded police men were approaching me from there with hastened steps.

Reality in its most strongest force dawned on me. It only took me two deep sighs before my brain embraced it fully.

"Arrest that man right now!" A voice of authority roared from the audience.

I bit my lips after hearing that. Its time for me to pay for my crimes.

"Remember what I said earlier about marrying you in the next life?" The Mc told me from my rear side before the police got to me. I casted him a doloured look."I was only joking man. Even the devil will need to be on alert throughout your stay in hell man. You're very wicked..." He finished uttering and moved away to give the two policemen enough space to do their jobs.

"Mr man, you are under arrest for the murder of one Mrs Adedoyin, your former wife. Even though you no deserve any rights, but you still have the right to remain silent or whatever you say can get you in deeper trouble." One of the police men told me while the other was trying to help me to my weakened feet.

There's no point in fighting this. My wife's perfect plan had made sure there's no way out.

First, she had gotten the place heavily secured. She had invited the comissioner of police himself to the ocassion so that I wouldn't smell anything out of place.

Secondly, she had used the Ojuju game to acquire all my signatures on the documents she showed earlier. My attempt to make her happy at all cost had costed me my own posessions.

Thirdly, she never denied me sex so I wouldn't know she wasn't happy with me.

Fourthly, She had elusively convinced me not to follow her to the airport so I would be at the appropriate place when she unleashes her plan.

A handcuff was attached to my wrists before the police men turned me around to face all the arrays of gadgets and cameras that was pointed at my awfully calm face.

"What trouble could be more deeper than this?" I queried at the police man when I remembered what he said earlier.

"The judge will tell you that very soon...." One replied in a nonchalant attitude.

I scoffed and started following them down the stairs. All the guests were looking at me in a pitiful manner. While some of them kept their filming gadgets locked at my face as I moved down the stairs in handcuffs.

"Take him to the van outside..." The comissioner commanded the two policemen beside me as soon as we got to his seat.

"You are taking my son no where!" A voice I instantly recognise as my mother's came like a scream from amid the shockened guests.

I directed my gaze towards her and the stubborn emotion I was trying to control got out of my capacity when I saw how my mum was weeping profusely and at the same time trying desperately to wriggle out of the grip of Jide and my other siblings.

I slammed my eyes shot very hard and let out an anguish scream. "ahhhhhhhhh! Why me na!" I thundered. This was getting too much for me to absorb into my body. The pain was becoming overwhelmingly unbearable.

"Ple...ase..let...let me...let me hold my son..." My mum's hiccuping and crying words got to me again and that was the moment that sent my mind back to the feeling of despair and depression that Therapist Sarah had once expelled out of me.
That was the moment I saw the need to end it all.

Dying seemed like the best option for now. Its still better than the humiliation, torture and the embarrasments awaiting me.

My mind consulted other parts of my body for approval to commit suicide. They all acknowledge the idea except my konji. Nontheless, majority na in dey carry vote. My konji got us into this mess when it was still the senate leader of my body. Now that its no longer in the majority, its opinion is utterly meaningless.

I opened my eyes and fortunately for me, my sight collided with the pistol hanging at the back pocket of the policeman walking in front of us.
Without giving it any second thought, - not after seeing the pain I had caused my mother anyway - I charged forward very fast and was able to get my hands on the gun before the policemen could get to me.

Even with handcuffs, I was very fast in getting the gun because the policemen were caught offguard.

I quickly removed the gun from the safe mode and hurriedly placed it at my forehead.

"drop that gun right now!" Chorused the other policemen as they aimed other guns at me.

I released a crooked gring and pulled the trigger anyway. Unfortunately for me, I was pushed from behind just a second before I hit the trigger, which thereby changed the course of the bullet as the gun fell of my grip.

A loud scream escaped from the standing scattered guests. Obviously, the bullet had it someone.

"You deserve it!" That was all I could say after seeing the face of whom the bullet had hit.




Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by TheBlessedMAN: 7:23am On Jan 01
Well, thanks y'all for giving me this humble priviledge to finish this work. The patience and words of encouragements from you guys pushed me to this extent. Countless started as a joke to me. A mere child play. I intend to write nothing. But then Tgold1, Princeofprince, Chumzypinky, Bimberry and others that commented on the first page got me stuck with it. Thanks all.

About the phone's contribution, like I said earlier, for the sake of transparency, well, I can only thank the 4 people that took out of their hard earned monies to give me. All together, everything na 7k from those 4 amazing people. Rukidanty, emperor48, lekkxydinho and jamestkul. Thanks very much sir(s).

Have a fruitful year ahead.


Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by Faspen(m): 7:28am On Jan 01
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by ftosino(m): 7:40am On Jan 01
Glory be to God for witnessing the end of this story, "Countless"

it is the best story I have ever read online, seriously, its no exaggeration. I have learnt a lot from this story, both on the story and the author,
the author, Mr Damilare started this story as a joke which really amazes me, that is one lesson on its own, that is your passion can lead you to an height you can't fathom, seriously.

This story is rated 18+ but I started reading it when it first began, and I wasn't 18, lol, maturity is not by age jare, its about your mentality.

I learnt in this story that lying is really really bad no matter what type of lie, even Islam is against lying and deceitfulness as it attracts a serious penalty from Allah.

I wish I can write the way you write Mr Darous , seriously, I wish.

Anyways thank you have keeping us entertained the whole of 2018,
God bless you and I pray God will answer your prayers and you will go to a greater height.
Thank you Again.

�Fuhad Tosin


Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by Itsky: 7:44am On Jan 01
To the man called Blessed man, I say thank you for writing this. It has been filled with master class suspense. I think you are in your own pace and not in a race against anybody. hopefully, the next time I search for the best rated nairaland story on google, Countless would count as number one. Happy new year chairman.
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by Phenotech(m): 8:11am On Jan 01
May Almighty God put the writer (The Blessed Man) among those who will see the blessings of the New Year. This write up is such a deep and goodwork of a writer aspiring to be the best and by the special grace of God the sky is your limit. Happy New Year the Blessed Man. You are Blessed!
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by Haruspicy96(m): 8:47am On Jan 01
A story well artikulated bro. This is d bar, you have set it so high. The sky will be ur limit dis 2019 insha Allah. Dont be derailed by critics, continue to see dis as ur own way of having fun. God bless uh bro. and more softness to ur keyboard. frm@HarunaNmaMohammed
Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by kennybelle: 8:48am On Jan 01
wait oo you never sleep because of this story?

'Countless' is always worth the wait grin grin

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