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Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 7:33pm On Apr 17, 2017
Hi guys, here is me taking a shot at fantasy. Glad some of u liked my work on sci-fi, hope u will enjoy this one too.
There are some things I will like to say about this story.
Memoirs of Blood and Steel is a spin off from a much larger novel of mine titied THE GHEMMARIA CANTICLES. In that story there are several heroes but the character Jarrael interested me. Though he is not the lead protagonist but I just felt like doing a solo story for him. This is what led to Memoirs of Blood and Steel . So the consequences of that is just few things will be revealed about his past life in this story, most of it is told in the Ghemmaria Canticles.
My plan is to make this a short and fast paced story, but it seems I won't succeed considering the little I have done from the beginning. Pls just bear with me as the story unfolds.
Here is the book's cover page for those who haven't seen it.

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Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 8:04pm On Apr 17, 2017
© Copyright 2017
All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into any retrieval system or transmitted in any form or any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, screen shooting, screen grabbing, recording or otherwise) in part or whole without the express written permission of the author. Contact dapollux@gmail.com.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, past or present is entirely coincidental.

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Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 8:20pm On Apr 17, 2017
Here are maps to help us better appreciate the stories. Lol they are crudely done maps, I just brought out a plain sheet and started carving lines. So our geographers in the house should take it easy when they want to criticize me.
Now the first map shows most of the world of Ghemmaria, where the story u are about to read takes place. Showing most of its continents, major countries, cities and places. While the second map is narrowed down to the places involved in just Memoirs of Blood and Steel.

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Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 11:42am On Apr 18, 2017

Chapter one

The sky was a display of several colors fighting for dominance. Bright blue sapphire with scattered patches of white been over taken by the orange hue of dust clouds which is all that is left over from the recent dust storm. But as the sun sinks more into the western horizon, even the orange clouds gave way to shades of indigo and darker colors of it already climbing the eastern skies. With keen observation, pinpricks of stars have started winking on from the edges of several newly created sand dunes ,the aftermath of the storm. Hot air of the desert starting to take on the freezing character it will maintain through out the night. Creatures that were driven into hiding, from the sandy gale, have started to burrow out and looking for places to hide for the night, giving room for their nocturnal counterparts to roam the desert night as they have done during the day. The lonely cry of a buzzard sent some slowly moving lesser creatures scurrying into holes. It is a cry that say the bird is hungry and looking for meal. Though buzzards feed mostly on carrion, it is however not unusual to see them attack smaller animals when there is little of dead flesh to be found on the desert floor, especially now that any available carcass must have been buried under heavy layers of sand after the sand storm.

Jarrael felt the change as the sweat running through his body began to dry up and the dust mixed with it caking on his exposed skin. He had been perspiring due to heavy clothing and padded leather he had used to cover himself, when the storm had caught him suddenly in the open desert. That was the only way he could have survived the onslaught of wind and sand pouring like heavy rain fall. The leather cover that kept him from being drown in layers of sand, had felt like the inside of a smithy's forge. While the sands had rained from above, the padded leather had kept him covered but left all the pores on his skin bleeding salty liquid.

That was a while ago, for the moment, Jarrael had nothing on him but his loin cloth. He felt the freezing desert breeze starting their buffeting of his body as the sun sinks deeper into the west and the sky darkening in the east, with the first of the twin moon beginning to come up. Yes this is the perfect time.

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Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 11:48am On Apr 18, 2017
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Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 12:49pm On Apr 18, 2017
He had taken this long journey into the desert of Amir not just for the proximity of his target but also to get himself fully prepared before making his move. This night will be the culmination of all his learning, training, sacrifices and attainments. All he had become was to lead him to this night. To fulfil the promise he made to himself to revenge the ruin that was brought to his family. This is the night he was going to feel truly fulfilled for the first time in his life. Before going after his most hated enemy, he will perform the sword dance of kief. And this was the perfect place for it, all open with no one around for distance on all side. The night is quiet with no chance for interference.

Standing still, eyes closed, calming his nerves and taking measured breath, he attune just his mind, ears and skin as his external senses to feel his surroundings. His ears picking and discerning subtle differences in the desert night.

The first aspects of the Kief are the states of Una which are : Enri-spirit, Nam- mind and Nayak- body. These three must be aligned before the sword dance can start. They are the foundation for perfect coordination, for complete balance between the inner desire and the carrying out of desire. This is the early stage of meditation making the body-Nayak and the mind-Nam one with the spirit- Enri as the binding force.

As the states were completed, he moved on to the paths of Chsakim. This is the seven paths of body move as directed and controlled by the mind. Jarrael did several body rolls, somersaults, very fast runs, so many shadow punches and kicks in states as if fighting several opponents with bare hands. He concocted his slim body in several impossible positions and moved back again at amazing speed. As the Chsakim was completed, he entered into the twelve steps of Itachi. Now his skills in the use of various weapons to achieve the twelve deadly strike points against any adversary will be attained . He pulled out first his twin scimitar, the favorites of his weapons. Crossing the swords down between his legs, he allowed the Enri to guide his focus and senses. He started his sword thrust slowly at first and building speed as he goes on. Imagining himself fighting at first a single foe, but increasing the number in his mind as he completed each turn. The movement of his hands and the swords became blurs as the number of foes in his mind got to six. The movements were in perfect coordination and complete balance with his body movements. Later he lay the swords aside, then went for his throwing knives. The padding leather he raised as a target. He started throwing the knives until he got to the speed of throwing six knives in an eye blink with deadly accuracy. Next was the bow and arrow, his throwing stars, chain with blade ends and the staff. In these , all the twelve steps of Itachi were achieved and completed without an erring. Now the last part of the Kief is the single height of Rhu. The place of completeness, unity and oneness with the universe.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 4:15pm On Apr 18, 2017
Jarrael started a little fire then opened a small porch in which he brought out some dried natch flowers. He scattered them in the low flame, sat down before it, crossed his legs, closed his eyes and slowly breathe in the soft scent coming from the burning flower. Its purpose is to clear his mind and allow his spirit to soar. As his mind cleared, his past came in forms of images dancing before his eyes. He saw and he remembered. Images as seen through the eyes of a ten year old boy .

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠
The low sounds of frantic whispers were what pulled him from his deep sleep. Even as young as six when his father have started showing him the part his future will take him as a member of the thieves guild , his earliest lesson is how to sleep light and be up in an instant from a deep sleep to quick movement. So for the past four years, sleeping very light has been like a second nature to Kezzan. His eyes snapped open as soon as the whispers started but he lay still and acted as if he was sleeping. Another aspect of his early training, he should learn to keep his presence hidden as much as possible. The room he was in was dark, he still remembered when his mom had come in to blow out the lamp much earlier that night. But even in the darkness, he had a perfect knowledge of the lay of the little room, this has been his abode all the ten years of his life. In his mind’s eyes he visualized his bed by the right side of the door, when coming in and his sister’s bed by the left. Nothing much else is in the room except a large pot for water, a chamber pot, then a trap door under the bed of his sister, cleverly covered and hidden by a thick expensive rug that few knows exist in this room. Just above the wall where his bed was, is a small window, that has an escape ladder made of thick rope, hidden between a false wall just below the window ledge. His father have shown him several times how to pull it out and make a quick getaway through it into the streets two stories below the window.

Now paying more attention to what pulled him from his sleep, he tried listening to see if he can hear a little snore or stir from his sister sleeping at the other bed. The room was completely quiet. At least his sister had learnt her lesson very well, how to sleep and be as silent as a brown mouse though she still have difficulty getting up from sleep in an instant. The whispers were coming just outside the door to the room, it wasn’t an argument, it was more like plans and suggestions. Now Kezzan could distinguish just two voices, yes he recognize the voices, they belonged to his mother and father. He could only pick out bits from their conversation and none of it made sense to him.


Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by katoto: 6:57pm On Apr 18, 2017
Grand and entrapping beginning.Master-story weaver at work.Following u bumper 2 bumper.

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Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by stephenGee12(m): 11:48pm On Apr 18, 2017
Hmmm..... I fall for the steps ooo. Jarreal had beta come and teach me how to fight . Ride on I dey ur back. By the power invested in me by me I make myself the chief judge, whip, executioner,police. All other vacancies available are. Secretary,bouncer,wishers,ghost catchers and the likes. So any body that tries to abuse the op or derail this thread without permission should be ready to get banned ooo.

Apollux I dey ur back nothing do you.

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Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by stephenGee12(m): 11:49pm On Apr 18, 2017
Hmmm..... I fall for the steps ooo. Jarreal had beta come and teach me how to fight . Ride on I dey ur back. By the power invested in me by me I make myself the chief judge, whip, executioner,police. All other vacancies available are. Secretary,bouncer,wishers,ghost catchers and the likes. So any body that tries to abuse the op or derail this thread without permission should be ready to get banned ooo.

Apollux I dey ur back nothing do you.
One more thing I fit judge,imprison the op cos nobody is above the law and I am the law. Remain blessed
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Johnflowey1738(m): 5:34am On Apr 19, 2017
Thanks for the mention. Hope this one go make sense

BTW It's Johnflowey1738 not Johnflowry please take note.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 8:54am On Apr 19, 2017
“…could they have known? Your true identity is hidden even to most men in the thieves guild. I doubt if more than a handful of them will see you by the way and recognize you as The Blade. So how could the soldiers have known? Not just that, but to know how to find you here at this time. “ He heard his mother saying.

“Mez, that is not what is pressing, I will try to find out that later when I have untangled myself from this. But for now you have to take the children and flee. They shouldn’t be involved in this. The Baron’s dungeon is no place for children. I wouldn’t want them to see me caught “

“Caught “? That word from his father’s reply struck him. What is his father talking about? No body can catch his father. He is the greatest of all the men of the thieves guild, his father is The Blade. No one can catch The Blade, because no one even knows who he is. What is going on? He felt fear for the first time. He tried paying attention to get more from the whispers.

“No, I’m not going anywhere without you. “ Kezzan picked out his mother’s whisper. “Why don’t you come along with me and the children, we can still evade the soldiers and any search party sent. I’m sure the Blade is still capable of that much at least. “

“Mez please there is no time for that now, it’s just too late. Already the city will be locked up tight by now. If I escape with all of you, they will not cease to hunt us till we are finally caught. But if they have me now, they may not bother to look further. “ His father’s reply ended anymore argument.

The darkness in the room was ripped apart as his father opened the door. He was holding a brightly lit torch blazing fully. “Kezzan get up, I know you are awake. “ he heard his father called. “Go and wake up your sister. “
Turning to his mother his father said, “Mez please get the provision in the trap door, but don’t attempt to go that way, that is exactly what the soldiers will be expecting me to do, so they will definitely have all access to the sewers and underground tunnels under heavy guard.“
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 9:41am On Apr 19, 2017
After getting his sister up from the bed and trying to get her clear her eyes, his father came close to him, he hung the torch, hugged him first and his sister gently. He pulled both of them close to him and said, “I want you two to go with your mother, I will be joining you later.”

“Where are we going papa? “ his sister asked as she rubbed her eyes, the sleep still holding her in its tight grip.

“Not far, Meera, just outside the city. “ His father hugged her tight this time. He whispered into her ears. “Don’t worry I will meet you soon and I will get you a new dress. “

His sister gladly ran to meet his mother where she was standing with two bags of provisions by her feet and the trap door still open. His father went quickly to the open trap door, pulled a hidden lever. Rumbling and a loud crash sound came from the hole beneath the trap door.

“There, that entrance is completely sealed, so no one will be able to came through that place. “ Turning to the mother of the children, “Mez quickly now, take them through the window, the solders will…” Heavy thuds came from outside the house.

“They are here already, come quickly. “ His father said frantically as he pushed the window open and groped for the rope ladder hidden there.

“No! “ Kezzan heard his mother said .”I’m not leaving. “

“Please don’t do this now, there is no more time. “ The thuds came again more loudly and other little sounds with it. “That door won’t hold them for long, I think they just used a battering ram on it. So you have to flee swiftly now. “

“No Jen, I’m not leaving you. Let Kezzan take Meera and go into hiding, we can always find them later. “ His mother insisted. “I won’t allow you to face the baron’s wrath alone. “
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 10:33am On Apr 19, 2017
Kezzan’s mind was reeling, he just couldn’t understand why they have to flee. No one can make his father run away, everyone was afraid of the Blade. He has heard that even soldiers pray never to meet the Blade on any of their duty period. So why are soldiers coming here now and his father planning that they should run away. Where are they running to?

His mother came with the two little bags of provisions, handed them over to him and gave him his sister’s hand. “Take your sister with you, climb down from the ladder, go into the streets and hide. Hope you remember the six hidden places your father have shown you?” He shook his head to affirm that. “Good, go and hide in any of them. Move now quickly. “

He met his father still holding the window open and pulling the ladder to his direction. Kezzan hanged both bags on his back and pulled his sister with him. He grabbed the ladder but before he could climb down, he felt his father’s hand on his shoulders.

“Listen Kezzan, when going into any of those six hidden places I have shown you, make sure you watch and be certain there are no soldiers in or around those places. If all the places are guarded by soldiers, don’t worry, just go and stay in the streets, mingle with the beggars, no one will notice you. Also remember, never leave your sister alone at any time. Take her with you every where you go. “ His father guided his hands to hold the thick rope of the ladder. “And one more thing, never trust anyone, not even those you know as my friends, I’m sure one of them must have betrayed me. “ At this point his father’s voice choked a little. “Never forget that I always love you and your sister. I will come and get you after I have finish dealing with the soldiers. “ When he looked at his father’s face, what he saw made him believe he will never see him again. Turning his eyes to his mother, he saw tears glittering on her cheeks. The first time he had seen her cry. He would have been so confused had he been given enough time to contemplate, but his father hasten him down the ladder and also helped his sister to join him. Just before the window was shut, he heard a loud crash from the room and several rude voices speaking harshly and indistinctly.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 12:20pm On Apr 19, 2017
♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

Kezzan felt the hunger pang smite his stomach for a numberless time again this morning. He and Meera had exhausted the provisions in the bags his mother had given them the night they were let down the window three days ago. He had expected his father or mother to have come to look for them by now, but two weeks of 10 days had passed yet he hadn’t seen them. Meera had cried everyday for the first week asking for their parents but as the week passed, she had stopped. Maybe his sister had realized earlier than him what fears had been fighting to steal his heart: he may never see his parents again.

For the three days after they ate the last meal from the bags, Kezzan had to steal from stalls and shops of food traders in the market. The pickings were easy but he isn’t always fortunate. He had always hoped to be a good thief like his father but the few attempts on his own wasn’t as successful as he desired them to be. Still he had not been caught so far, so that is good. The penalty for stealing in the city of Hocklam is very severe especially if you are young. But he have to get food if he must quail the persistent hunger beat droning in his belle.

Looking out of the small shed that has been his and his sister’s lodging for the past nine days, he watched for when no one will be around before moving out. They had to come here since there was no more place to go. Of the six hidden places his father have told him they could hide, only one of them didn’t have soldiers watching over it. So that was where he and Meera had spent the first few days after separating from their parents. But nine days ago when coming back to that place with his sister, they had seen two soldiers standing close to the place. Remembering his father’s warning, he had taken his sister far from that place to Birdfeet street. A place close to the city wall well known as a haven for beggars. A squalor were thieves, drunkards, beggars and cutthroats have made a safe hide away. Most of the city’s sewage tunnels run underneath this street on the way to join the Spit canal that moves the waste to the World Edge sea. So this place is ever covered with sewage smell.

“Kez, I’m hungry. “ said a quiet voice behind him from the semi darkened shed. “Can we go and get something to eat now? “
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 12:22pm On Apr 19, 2017
Kezzan turned around trying to see his sister in the low light of the place. When she got closer, he saw her better. She appeared disheveled , her clothes are torn in more than few places with holes on her britches. Dust and caked mud have turned their once bright colors into brown and grey. Her blond, gold coloured long her, that their mother had spent several times and hours fixing daily, that have always given her that pretty look she was so proud to speak and show off to their father, was untangled, grime and dust covered. Her face, though still covered with dried spots of mud and caked dust, had this constant look of hunger that scares Kezzan and prompt him to always look for food. When she get to his side, he noticed the smell. The constant smell of this place have robbed off on her. Anyway he wasn’t looking or smelling any better, if he will be honest, he appeared worse . Meera had always paid close attention to her appearance and try amid all odds to clean up. But neither of them had bath in three days and that was when it had rained. What he is putting on as clothes can no longer be called that, it’s getting more like rag everyday.

“I’m trying to watch the street entrance before moving out. “ he replied his sister. “There seem to be unusual number of people on the street at this time and it looks like something Is astir. “

“What do you think is happening? “ she asked after observing what her brother said.

“I can’t tell for now. “ he replied her still trying to get what could be the cause. All he noticed was that people were passing in groups and speaking excitedly to each other. Even the alley side by the street corner where their shed is among several other rickety ones belonging to other beggars was strangely deserted this early. What had still kept him back more was to try and see if any one on the black and brown uniform of the soldiers would have appeared, but non have he seen yet. Still he was worried and a lot of it had come from several rumors he has heard around the streets since this week.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 12:24pm On Apr 19, 2017
Few days ago while sourcing for food, the rumor had started, like a trickle, it has moved from between the beggars among the streets to the traders and other merchants in the markets, even the fishermen and fish mongers along the coast by the sea had traded it. Kezzan had once taken the long walk toward the fish market, by the other side of the city, for food or maybe a little fish, there he had also heard the rumor. In all that he was able to get, what was constant is that the most dreaded member of the thieves guild had been caught and is in the baron’s dungeon. Some had made jest that The Blade is now finally broken. The scourge of the rich nobles and terror of the wealthy merchants is now in fetters of iron dangling from the walls of his gaol .

The news had scared Kezzan at first. Could that be why his parents haven’t come to get them? But his father is The Blade , the greatest thief in all of Hocklam. No one can catch him, no one knows who he is. This is the legend that have surrounded his father, this is what he had grown up to know about him. So it is impossible to catch him. He believed it is all a lie, the rumor was just a ruse. His father has never lied to him. Kezzan was certain his father will be coming for them soon. But as the rumor increased in intensity, he became more afraid, hoping and praying to Dramir the god of thieves and craftmen for his father, as he had been taught, for his safety.

This morning, seeing the movement around the streets made him afraid again reminding him of the rumor about his father. Meera didn’t appear to have noticed the spread of it. Well the turmoil in his stomach carved out his choice.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 6:15pm On Apr 19, 2017
“Mer, hope you won’t mind freshly baked bread?”, he askd his sister. “I plan to visit the baker again today. You do remember him, don’t you ? “ Kezzan asked with a smile on his mud caked face.

“Yes yes I do remember. “ the young girl answered excitedly, her dirty face lighting up with a glow. “He was the one that chased you all round the market, with two of his manservants. You escaped through a secret tunnel that led you to the crude alley where I was waiting for you. His bread was delicious. So are we going there now? “

“Yes Mer and we will get fresh bread I promise. “ holding out his hand to his sister he said, “Come let’s go. Remember, we will do it just like we did that day. “

“But Kez I was thinking you will let me be the one to pick the bread and run this time around. “ Meera said with a little pout as her brother pull her hand behind him gently into the street.

“Not today Mer, “ Kezzan said quietly as he scanned the street and the passers-by . “I’m having a feeling that da and ma, will be coming to look for us today, so I want you to be the one who will be there to meet them. “

“Aye! “ she shouted. “I can’t wait to tell mother all we have been doing these past days. And I will ask her to help me fix my hair, it is always untangled and dirty since she hasn’t been around. “

Kezzan couldn’t help smiling a bit, as he and his sister joined the throng filling the street. Meera always did have an innocent heart, she has simple ways of seeing everything. Maybe it’s because she is still young. He still feel his sister is young despite it’s just two years that separates them. Still she is his responsibility as his father have told them. He will make sure he watch over her and will not fail till his father comes back.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 6:16pm On Apr 19, 2017
The crowd was thickening and moving beyond the market and heading in the direction of the city center. A place Kezzan ought not to find himself and should not go to if he must get breakfast today. He squirmed and wiggled his way out of the crowd, pulling his sister along and heading to the market area. He was shocked to find the place empty. All the shops were locked. Even the stalls and shanties of petty traders were without any one. This is very strange. Not even the drunkards suffering from the early morning hangover could be seen.

It can mean only one thing, he thought sadly. Everyone has gone to the center of town.

“What’s happening Kez?, why is no one in the market today? “Meera asked as she looked around fear itched on her face as she held tightly to her brother.

“I don’t know Mer, “ he said still looking around at the empty sheds. “It seems everyone is going to the center of the city. It is like something important is going on. “ He turned putting his hands gently on her shoulders, he said. “Don’t worry after we get the bread from the baker’s shop, we will go and see what is happening. “

Meera nod her head all excitement vanishing from her face

Entering the bakery was very easy. Though the door to the store was locked with a chain, Kezzan knew of a very small entrance behind the store that the baker’s dogs use for going out and in. It was a tight fix, but he was able to go through and out again. Since nobody was around, there was very little chance of anybody seeing him. Moreover Meera was watching out for him. He couldn’t get a freshly baked bread, but there were leftovers from the previous night, he also saw half eaten roasted meat. Took an apple from a pile for Meera. The breakfast was good. There was only one course left for them after the meal, heading towards the center of the city.

The crowd Kezzan met at the city square with Meera by his side, was unlike anything he had ever seen. It was like the whole world have gathered. Their noise was the loudest ever heard. Lots of words flying around. Kezzan couldn’t recognize most of faces he could get little glimpses of but their clothes could tell them apart. For once in his life he is seeing rich merchants milling about with the poor and lowly artisans. In between these were the beggars, pickpockets and cutthroats. This should have been a paradise for the thieves but from what his keen eyes can detect, none of that is happening.

“What is happening kez? “ his sister asked by his side, grabbing his hands tightly with her voice trembling.

“I don’t know Mer”, he replied her trying to see if there is any way between the tightly packed crowd. They were all facing a particular place, so whatever is happening should be along that place. “That is why we are here to know what is happening. “

His sister pulled his hand back strongly looking around with more fear showing on her face than before. “Kez we shouldn’t go closer to them, there are soldiers here. “
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 6:18pm On Apr 19, 2017
Yes, Kezzan noticed that the first time he turned into the square, but from what he saw, the soldiers attention were more on the crown. Though they are heavily armed and seem alert, still they appear relaxed. He felt he and Meera can slip by without the soldiers taking any note of them He was sure the soldiers were looking for them, but he never forgot his father’s warning to them to avoid soldiers as much as possible. Kezzan knew that for him to know what is going on, he can’t avoid the soldiers, but he must be very careful.

“Don’t worry I will make sure they don’t see us as we join the crowd. “ he led her forward to join the people. After several failed attempts made to go through the crowd and finding a way to the front of the gathering, they were pushed, kicked, pulled and thrown out of the crowd without the people even paying attention. He sat down with Meera on the ground winded and tired of making any other attempt of going through the crowd, he is very sure it won’t succeed. He saw the tiredness and disappointment he feels replicated on his sister’s face. He felt bad not been able to get her what she wants. Since the day they left their parents, Meera had always looked up to him for everything. He had made sure not to fail her. So he decided to look for another way to get them to see what is going on. After walking a while behind the crowd, he noticed a low balcony little above a man’s height. Under it was a shed built as a shop, but the top was almost bare except for three dangerous looking men standing there watching the center of the square. They could see above the heads of the people. Though there was still room on the balcony for people to join, but the appearance of the men there may have scared others off. Also Kezzan notice soldiers weren’t close to that place.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 8:47pm On Apr 19, 2017
Another thing Kezzan noticed was the balcony is too high for him to reach and climb, but he saw an over turned cart close to a lower floor of the balcony. That may have been the means the men got into the place. He decided to go through that route too. He pulled Meera with him. Though he knows those men looks dangerous but that is the only means he can get to see what is happening. When he got to the over turned cart, he climbed, pulled his sister up, helped to place her hands on the edge of the balcony and helping to push her up. He climbed up after her. The three men just took disinterested look at them one after the other, when Kezzan and his sister didn’t act like they will be backing down, they turned their attention back to the center of the crowd.
At the center of the crowd, a hastily built platform have been raised, with solders armed with spears, swords and crossbows standing around it, creating a little space around it. The platform was empty at the moment but was definitely the center of attraction as all present faced it and most people in the crowd were discussing and making gestures towards it. Kezzan was still wondering what the platform and the interest it generates was all about, holding on strongly to Meera, making sure she stayed close by him when the noise around the crowd slowly started to dwindle. A figure on a gray rope walked slowly up to the platform through the short steps created by its side. The figure moved with the slow steps of old age, top of his head is a small round skull cap surrounded by dropping white silky hairs. Around his neck was a heavy gold chain with a medallion centered at his chest, proclaiming his office. He is the city magistrate.
The noise died down totally as the magistrate fully stood on the wooden platform. The he began to speak. His voice was low and words were coming in slowly as age impede his speech strength yet most could hear him because of the total silence. Kezzan could hardly understand most of what the magistrate was saying but several words were repeated several times, “justice” “security” “safety” ”baron”. As the magistrate drone on, murmuring started and soon the noise of the multitude drawn out the voice of the aged city official. But silence descended on the crowd again when some soldiers led two people in chains with their faces covered in hoods to the platform. An executioner on a hood also but with two openings for his eyes, with his huge and imposing figure, caring a twin edge ax, came in after the solders and prisoners. Behind them came four men breaking a high backed chair on which sat someone Kezzan quickly recognized as the baron. By his side walked his vizier, on a black robe. The baron was putting on a purple and gold robe, chewing on something he held in his hand which Kezzan couldn’t see clearly from the distance and having a golden coronet that sparkled dimly in the morning sun. The baron’s special palace guards in the full armor covering of glinting steel, fully armed took their places around the baron on the platform and below it. With the coming of the baron to the platform holding the crowd spellbound and speechless, the baron indicated with his hand to his vizier and the vizier came up to replace the magistrate and started his speech.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Ibunkun1(m): 8:59pm On Apr 19, 2017
Wow,wow,wow.This Is Awesome. Following
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by ashatoda: 10:25pm On Apr 19, 2017
guy I am so in love with this story. the details is explicit oya continue I have got ur back
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 2:50pm On Apr 20, 2017
“My fellow country men, all hail baron Tarikh, the most excellent lord of the city of Hocklam. Most noble and compassionate, whose care for the least of the citizen of this city is more than the care he has for himself. “ The adulation of the vizier was interrupted by low snickers that seems to spread round the crowd. Few words of derision were heard loud enough from different angles of the people gathered about. “ caring indeed “ said a voice somewhere. Another loud voice replied it from another place, “sure care indeed. I’m sure he cares for us as a reek fox cares for the chicks of a water fowl. “ The low laughs spreads but stopped as the vizier tapped his feet impatiently to get their attention back.
“The magnificent baron Tarikh has been dedicated to the well being of all in this land in all the days of his reign . He is valiant, benevolent, kind…. “ the vizier droned on extolling the virtues of his lord. Kezzan understand little of the words the vizier was speaking, his interest lingered on the prisoners brought to the platform. It was obvious that one of them was a man and the other a woman looking at the clothes they were putting on even if their facial features were hidden by the hoods over their heads.
Something familiar jogged the mind of Kezzan about those clothes, they looked old, dirty and torn but he could still recognize them in the morning light. They look similar to the clothes his parents were putting on the last time he had seen them.
“For long have this city been terrorized by fear, it’s people live under threat of being robbed, dispossessed, tortured or killed. “ the vizier continued.
“Your tax men have threatened and dispossessed us more than that. “ a voice shouted from the crowd which lead to more guffaw from several people among the multitude.
The vizier continued despite this distraction. “From the leaders to the followers, the nobles, rich merchants to poor traders, from estate lords to lowly farmers, none was spared from the wrath of this scourge. All were equally ravaged by this being formerly thought was a demon from the lower regions. But today, that evil threat has come to an end. “ At that moment the vizier pointed at the chained prisoners. “Here I present to you The Blade, the greatest and most ruthless thief of our beloved city of Hocklam and his wife. “ He gave a sign with his hand, a soldier came forward and pulled the hoods from the prisoners.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 2:51pm On Apr 20, 2017
The fear that have been slowly creeping through Kezzan’s body now smacked him with full force . The faces, looked haggard, bloodied and puffy, still they were distinctly recognized by him. He was sure that is his father and mother in chains on the platform. If he had any doubt, the mentioning of the Blade settled it. The fear paralyzed him and shut his mind out from every other thing happening around.
“Kez, Kez, what is happening? “ his sister pulled repeatedly on this hand. “Why are papa and ma tied that way? Why is ma putting on rags? Why is she not here to be with us like she promised? “
Kezzan’s mind was far detached from all his sister was saying. His eyes fixed on the humiliating state of the two greatest people he has ever known. The shock of seeing his father rendered this low was too much for his mind to contemplate. The vizier’s voice snapped his mind from its wondering.
“And this day shall justice be done to this man and his accomplice, for all the crime against this city and its people. “ with another indication from the vizier, soldiers pushed the prisoners forward, forcing them to go down on their knees putting their heads on wooden blocks. The executioner came behind the kneeling prisoners hefting the heavy ax. At a signal from the baron, he raise the ax holding it up with his two hands.
As he watched, his mind and body seems frozen in place. Somewhere like a distance he heard his sister continued asking what is going on. He watched in dread as the executioner’s ax descended and his father’s head flew away from the body. The ax raised and descended again and it was his mother’s head that was detached. Meera’s voice was screaming. At first it was “ papa”, then when the ax come down the second time she screamed “Maaaaa”. That was when the paralysis on Kezzan shattered and his lungs filled with air to scream but a hand from behind closed on his mouth effectively sealing the scream. He struggled to free himself, but another hand held his body down. His eyes watched helplessly as his sister, screaming, ran away from the balcony they were on and fell into the crowd below. She fell among some rowdy looking men. They hissed and cursed as she trampled in their midst. One of them got to realize what the young girl was screaming.
“Hey Orno feast you eyes on this. Seem the behead bitch has a whelp. “ he said coming closer to look at the screaming girl.
Another came closer, as the others in the crowd struggled to get a better view at what was happening on the platform. “You are right, Menok. I bet she will fetch a handsome price at the slave market of Solos. “ He laughed as he bent down, grabbed the screaming girl and lifted her on his shoulders together with his friend walked out of the gathered crowd.
Kezzan watched and put more effort to free himself, but the hands holding him, held him hard. Later pulling him and taking him down from the balcony, through some of the dark and winding streets of Hocklam. That was the last he saw of his sister.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 11:18am On Apr 21, 2017
♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠
From that day the part that had led him here have been set. Those who have snatched him away that day have incidentally been members of the thieves guild who his father had been the prominent among its leaders. They had closed his mouth and kept him from screaming to hide his identity from those around. But it was too late to have reached his sister that fell into the crowd. His captors had no choice but to run away from there as the crowd were getting rowdy after the execution of the Blade. Solders had started coming in to quell the dawning riots. It was too late to save his sister but not him. From there he had been groomed into becoming a thief. After that a high way bandit. Later as a corsair along the Dry Coast, Hell’s Pit and the Southern Ocean. Once as a body guard for a rich selfish miser, who deals in the collection of exotic magical items. Jarrael have killed him in the end when he got tired of the man’s cheating antics of which he had become a victim. It was from him that Jarrael had taken his most treasured weapons, the scimitars and his specially made chain mail covering as a form of payment for services rendered that were not remunerated . After that he had acted as an executor for a loan shark money lender. That had ended when the town in which the money lender stays had revolted, attacked and killed him after most of its citizens were already in debts up to their necks and can’t pay back. Finally he had joined the black robes; The order of assassins. That is where his ultimate change have taken place. He stripped himself of the name Kezzan, a name that identified him with his past childhood weakness and failures, now took on the essence of the lone jungle cat, Jarrael. On the impregnable fort at the Dragon Claws mountains, the desert of Mimn and the Lonewood all in Kyaka, have been the anvil and forge that have carved him into the weapon he is today. All the six steps of initiation through the order of assassin had he passed. First as a novice in the white robe of innocence, the blue of brotherhood. Then he had don the red of a veteran assassin then unto the gray robe of a master swordsman. Then finally the black robe of the elite killers. The gold and black covering of the Blood circle was not a height in the Order of assassins generally available for all but Jarrael had strove for it. Drawing the envy and irk of his fellow assassins. He had pressed on. Many were the attempts on his life by fellow brothers of the Order but he survived. In the end the gold and black robe of the blood circle was his. A honour that only ten men in all history of The Black Robe have won. Now only the seventh and the last place in the Order was left to him. The problem was that position is only occupied by the single undisputed leader of The Black Robes, he is the Prime One. While he is alive none dare vie for the place of the prime one. Jarrael’s ambition was too glaring and challenging for the Prime One to allow, he ordered for Jarrael to be killed but he had escaped. And many assassins who had been sent after him had fallen by his blade, till they had stopped chasing him.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 11:19am On Apr 21, 2017
Jarrael knew then that it was time to pay back baron Tarikh for what he had done to his family. He return to Hocklam saw the baron’s vizier dead by his blade but killing the baron then in that city was more difficult than Jarrael had anticipated. Tarikh was just too powerful and too protected to be killed in that city. After several failed attempts, Jarrael had acquiesced biding his time when the opportunity will present it self. For years, while other jobs had taken his attention, he had never forgotten. He was just wanting till now.
The baron had travelled out of the safety of the city of Hocklam coming down south to the land of Mortah, to the city of Aram. Jarrael heard that the baron made this trip in secret, traversing the hot sands of the desert of Amir with very few of his special palace guards. His protection within the city will be the sole responsibility of the Grand Khardi of Aram. Jarrael knew this is the only opportunity he will have at striking the baron down.
The flames before him burned low to ambers, the scent of the natch flowers fade and his mind cleared. The mind relaxing effect of the burnt natch flower scent having achieved its goal. It is time.
Slowly he pulled his mind out of the meditative state, he have achieved the height of Rhu, so the final part of the sword dance of Kief is completed. Getting up from before the smoldering fire he went to where his pack was and started to arm himself. First he covered him body with a very light and soft under garment. On this he put on the intricate and cleverly crafted chain mail. That covers both his limbs and torso. The material of the chain links of the mail are so light that regular clothes can be worn on it without creating notice, discomfort or hindering movement. His clothes where a mixture of black and gray to help him blend with the night’s shadows and darkness. He pulled out his scimitars, weapons with magical properties weaved into them when they were forged, they can cut through almost anything, went into their places, the twin sheaths on his back. He wrapped a wide leather belt on his waist which covers most of his belly. The belt hides some of his small throwing blades. A slim pouch he strapped to his left thigh, into this he placed special vials of liquids, poison and healing salve. He clipped on his twin leather arm bands both having hidden knives in them. His feet was shot with very soft knee length leather boots. Thin but very strong climbing rope was wrapped around his body. He threw a quiver filled with arrows on his back. Slapping and strapping another leather punch on his right thigh, holding a small single hand crossbow and darts for it. Finally he pulled out his almost five feet long bow. He was ready. Looking up, he saw the sky was totally dark now, with less cloud and multitude of twinkling stars. The twin moons were up in the sky . One was a third full, the second moon was barely above a crescent. Good. This will give him enough light to see by but not enough for people to see him. The weak light will create enough shadows for his to slip in between. Tarikh will have his reckoning tonight.

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Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 4:52pm On Apr 21, 2017

The freezing night air from the desert of Amir blew unabated into the city of Aram freezing exposed body and luring watchful eyes of those covered around burn fires to sleep. Looking down from the top of one of the tall buildings in the street of the city, Jarrael unwound the rope around him, tied one end of the rope to a specially made arrow with barbed arrowhead that can pierce stone walls and stay lodged in. He had specifically chosen this building because of it closeness to one of the watchtowers of the palace eastern wall.
The city of Aram was enclosed in a circular wall with a huge iron gate. A wide paved road leads direct from the gate to the Grand Khardi’s palace. At the outer circle of the city, just immediately after the wall are the dwellings of the poorer citizens of the city. Here most of the houses are made of poor materials like mud and soft stones, just about a story in height been the general rule. The streets within this part of the city are meandering with lots of twisted angles and lots of sudden dead ends. Here the beggars, thieves, poor peasants traders and serfs have accommodation. This part have the highest number of inhabitants. With lots of homeless spilling into the poor street having paved muddy floors that slushes when ever it rains. As you head into the center of the city, the quality of the houses changes and looks better. Here houses are raised higher, built with better materials of carved stones and bricks. Here the streets are more orderly with straight lines with branches at perfect angles. This part is generally occupied by rich merchants, top military officials and mid level officials of the city government. At the center of the city, are streets and avenues with well paved stone roads and beautiful palm trees dotting both sides. Buildings here are tall with minarets, walled and shaped like fortresses. Built with polished marble, as in the case of the palace, adorned with some precious stones at specific places.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 4:53pm On Apr 21, 2017
On one of this tall minaret closest to the palace wall Jarrael had chosen as his entrance point. Getting into the city had taxed his considerable skills. From the open desert of Amir he had walked to a watering hole along a caravan trade route originating from the Oasis of Tull, passing through Draemeck, the ruins of Kedesh with a stop over at the town of Zin along the shore of the Dragon Eye lake. From there leading directly to Amir. But the watering hole Is located on the last leg of this route some kilometers away from the city gate. At the watering hole, Jarrael had procured a strong Romilarian stallion. This had carried his to within eyesight of the tall walls of the city. Going through the city gate was out of the question. The city watch will as too many questions. Besides with the was he is armed, the guards at the gate will need no other excuse to slam him in a dark dungeon. So he had opted going by the wall. Though the wall surrounding the city is imposing, several times higher than the height of a full grown tall man and the wall’s face was well polished at the time it was made, but after years of battering by the elements of wind, rain and sand storms, to the keen eyes, tiny notches have appeared on the wall that a determined skillful and nimble body can take advantage of. The climb alone through the wall have taken Jarrael close to two hours to accomplish. Going through the winding streets of the lower part of the city have been easy and fast. Most thieves and cutthroats have given him a wide breadth carefully observing his moves and seeing how heavily armed he appeared. But his swift movement had slowed down considerably as he got to the upper part of the city, he encountered more soldiers and city watch patrols in the conical helmets, hard leather Jenkins armed with pikes and sabers. He had to avoid them by all means, confronting any of them will defeat his purpose and slow him down more. Dawn will be coming in a few hours, by then he should be out of the city wall and baron Tarikh dead.
The tall building he had climbed have hand holes on them that made going up on them easy without him entering the building. It Is a bell tower with two guards to ring the bell when there is an emergency. But both of them are down, Jarrael having use a blow pipe to shoot needle tipped in the sleep poison from the salt water tulip lotion. So those two men are guaranteed to sleep the rest of the night and whole of the morning off.
The long bow was made from flexible iron wood from a branch of the irka tree in the Lonewood West of Shoto in Kyaka. A wood flexible but with the hard endurance of steel. He pulled on the triple twine bow strings made out of the bark of nula hemp. He hooked the string at the notch of the other end of the bow neck. He notched the arrow, allowing the attached rope to run free at his feet. Letting his hand rest comfortably at bow’s grip and pulled back of the bowstring. The western tower of the palace wall was before him. A deep trench had separated the bell tower and the palace wall. An access between them only possible through a thin draw bridge was constantly watched and no way Jarrael could have used that without been seen. Going through with the rope is the next best option. The palace towers lay like black silhouette before the less dark sky of the night. Winking of lights appearing at several windows along its wall. Jarrael aimed for the top of the tower way above any of the windows. He let the arrow fly and watched it swift move head at the target and disappeared from his view.

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Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Ibunkun1(m): 5:50pm On Apr 21, 2017
Hope dis guy will achieve his goal.y is he a lone ranger?
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 8:19pm On Apr 21, 2017
Hope dis guy will achieve his goal.y is he a lone ranger?
He had a violent childhood. He grew up in a harsh world, watching his father and mother decapitated and his sister sold into slavery. He was brought up by harsh men and every single employment he had gotten were dangerous ones. These are enough to make any sane man grew up awkward.

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Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Ibunkun1(m): 8:45pm On Apr 21, 2017

He had a violent childhood. He grew up in a harsh world, watching his father and mother decapitated and his sister sold into slavery. He was brought up by harsh men and every single employment he had gotten were dangerous ones. These are enough to make any sane man grew up awkward.
Well Nobody Is An Island.Some Might Still Av Pple They Can Talk To,even If They Dont Fully Trust Them.Some Pple Are So Evil Nd Powerful U Cant Take'em Down Alone.
Fiiiire On Sir!

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