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Re: Meant To Be by marianneada(f): 5:39pm On May 05, 2017
God the writer too try....the story make sense, u should be writing script for Nollywood.....I pull cap for u.....
I just started reading it to, n I really enjoyed it....I wish it was all posted before I started....well u too try seriously, I really don't like breaks wen am reading, guess I will wait for a week before coming back.....well done n more grease to ur elbow
thanks dear
Re: Meant To Be by Aminzy(m): 6:06pm On May 05, 2017

I av bin away 4 a while(my grandma died) just arrived yday. btw tanx 4 d mention
heeyaaa...but u didnt inform me now......sowi for d loss.....May Almighty Allah grant himm Al jannat firdaus
Re: Meant To Be by Hadampson(m): 6:30pm On May 05, 2017

heeyaaa...but u didnt inform me now......sowi for d loss.....May Almighty Allah grant himm Al jannat firdaus
Ameen.. Sorry for not informing you, i forgot.
Re: Meant To Be by KimberlyWest(f): 6:33pm On May 05, 2017
embarassed embarassed
Angela must not die o. She must not die. Nice Update Writer.
Re: Meant To Be by StephenJobs(m): 6:48pm On May 05, 2017
embarassed embarassed

Angela must not die o.
She must not die.
Nice Update Writer.

I dey with u bro.......if Angela die, we go find the writer go her house, look her bad eye for 10min n just walka go our thing.....LOLZZZZ
Re: Meant To Be by Akinwale14(m): 7:00pm On May 05, 2017
Re: Meant To Be by Baruwaaaaa(m): 9:44pm On May 05, 2017
yet another piece, nice one marianne.... followed to hate and to love back to back, it was amazing... this is so on point evn tho u just started.... more ink to ur pen dearie.
Re: Meant To Be by KimberlyWest(f): 10:26pm On May 05, 2017

I dey with u bro.......if Angela die, we go find the writer go her house, look her bad eye for 10min n just walka go our thing.....LOLZZZZ

No be lie you talk.
Re: Meant To Be by Chizim1: 11:09pm On May 05, 2017
adanne no update 4 us to night try biko nu ezinne oma

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Re: Meant To Be by Akinwale14(m): 11:30pm On May 05, 2017
No update tonight
Re: Meant To Be by mccoy1111: 7:43am On May 06, 2017
magnificent write up, i'm so obsessed with this story it's just all over me, like am so mad over it.
Love you ada for your good sense of humor.
good job bae.
Re: Meant To Be by MhizDherbee(f): 8:25am On May 06, 2017
Speechless.... Nice work miss!!!
Re: Meant To Be by Adeyife(m): 10:28am On May 06, 2017
Loving dis....Cnt wait 4 anoda update..... Afternoon all
Re: Meant To Be by Spexo001(m): 10:55am On May 06, 2017
Waiting 4 update like buhari attending FEC MEETING
Re: Meant To Be by marianneada(f): 11:43am On May 06, 2017
Waiting 4 update like buhari attending FEC MEETING
I'll update in the evening. Pls bear with me.
Re: Meant To Be by wordsmith042(m): 12:00pm On May 06, 2017
I'll update in the evening. Pls bear with me.
Pls, pls, abeg..... Make it up to us, and meanwhile. Update more than once please... Kisses
Re: Meant To Be by Jane1234f(f): 12:36pm On May 06, 2017
Waiting ohhhh
Re: Meant To Be by Ekunsticated(m): 2:21pm On May 06, 2017
kipp it rolling.... I dy enjoy am....
Re: Meant To Be by marianneada(f): 3:11pm On May 06, 2017

**************Richard woke up the next morning feeling sick, . .... He dragged himself out of bed and had a warm shower,Desmond left late at night ..... He thought of how to inform Angela's mother about her daughter's disappearance and the outcome of the news,....... He wore a blue jeans and a polo,..he called Desmond and told him of his plans of going to Angela's village to inform her mother,.... He promised to accompany him,....... Immediately he dropped the call,.... He heard a knock on the door,.... He hurriedly rushed down thinking it was Angela,..... He opened the door without asking who it was,......... The taxi driver stood before him with bandage on his head,..... That was when the reality of what happened to Angela dawned on Richie,.....

"Where's Angela?, "he asked the driver with fear written all over him

" Oga,........ Some boys attacked us,.... They hit me on the head and drove off with her"

"What?!!!!, you were attacked?,..... "Why didn't you call me,.... "Where did they take my Angel to?" Richard asked anxiously

"Oga, i dont know,..... I pity that poor girl,..they took our phones from us"

Richard walked back into the house and sat down,...... He remembered his step mother's threats,...... He never took her serious,.... It was all his fault, he couldn't protect his girlfriend even after eavesdropping on his step mother's phone call,...... He couldn't stop blaming himself,....

The taxi driver stood watching Richard,... He knows how much he loves Angela,.... He has been the one picking her from her house to Richard's house anytime she's visiting,....... The door opened and Desmond walked in with Nancy,....

He looked from the taxi driver to Richard, who was looking lost,......

"Richard,...... "he called out his name

Richard looked up and saw his friend,....
" Guy, i'm in deep poo,..... I don't even know what happened to me,.... I should've acted fast, after listening to that witch's threats,. But i did nothing to protect my girlfriend,.... I was too carefree,.... Look at what has happened,...... "he lamented to his friend,.....

." Why are you speaking as if Angela is dead, ......... "Richard pointed to the driver who was still standing

" the driver told me she was kidnapped,...... "

" Jesus!!! "

" Tell me, what will i tell her mother, a woman who is still mourning her husband, Do you think she's going to believe me?,...you know Angela has been the breadwinner of her family,.... How do you expect them to believe my story,... And i lied to her last night that Angela was bathing,.... I've complicated things,...... I just dont know where to start from,........ And you know what?,... After i left that witch's house, i had plans of rushing to Angela's village to keep her safe here with me,... But i forgot all that,... I just forgot,....... I knew quite well my girlfriend was in danger,... And i allowed her to leave the village alone,....... I believe that woman did something to me,...... God pls come to my rescue,..... I dont know how to tackle this matter especially with Angela's family,....... "

Desmond was in short of words, he knows this type of problem is not easy to tackle,...... Especially Angela's family believing them,.... He must stand by his friend no matter what,...... Nancy sat down shedding tears,....

They all drove out later,...... Richard drove to his father's house first,...... He rushed inside and met his step mother all dressed up to leave,..... He came in clapping for her,.....

She was startled

"Thanks for a job well done,..... So you've finally carried out your threats,... You have done what pleased you, right?," he asked her walking around her
. "If you dont have anything reasonable to say, pls as you can see, i'm on my way out,..... Excuse me,....." she said carrying her bag to leave

Richard dragged her back and pushed her onto a seat,...

"have you come to my house to beat me up again?,you should be worried about your girlfriend's where about than coming here to fight me,... "she threw at him

"Oooooh,...... How come you knew she was kidnapped,..You must release her to me today or else, they will bury either you or me today,... "

"I'm not yet ready to die,... If you are ready to die, there are many ways to commit suicide without feeling the pains,... And dont you ever lay your hands on me,......" she warned him pointing her fingers at him angrily

"You're a joker,..... You think i'm not serious,... "he slapped her hard on the face,.... And was about hitting her when Pedro rushed in with a gun in his hands,.....

" If you lay your hands on her, i'll shoot you,... "he warned Richard

Richard turned and saw Pedro pointing a gun at him
Mrs Johnson stood up instantly,.... She slapped Richard hard on the chic,....

" How dare you!!!!, you dont have respect for me anymore,..... Have you forgotten who i am in this state,....You think you're smart,... I knew you would plan to take her away before i could get her, i erased that from your thoughts fool,......... If i wanted to kill you, i would've have done that long time ago"

"I'm not surprised, i know you did something to me,....but i promise you,... I'll find Angela, and your end is near,.... You'll end up dying a shameful and painful death just the way you killed her father ,.... "

" Hahahahahahhaa, empty threats,.... You're too young to involve yourself in this,.... But you'll regret ever challenging me,... "she said straight to his face

, ******** Desmond and Nancy were now worried about Richard,.... He has been inside the house for more than forty minutes,... They locked the car and went inside in search of him,..... They met him almost on his way out,....

" Richard what happened to your lips,..... "Nancy asked him
" Let's get out of here!!!!!, "he ordered them

Desmond didnt allow Richard drive the car, he knows how emotionally down he is,....Richie directed him to the station,......

On getting to the station,.... He requested to meet the DPO,.

He introduced himself to the DPO, the DPO happens to be an old friend to the Johnsons,..... Richard narrated his ordeal to him,..... He told him that he wants his step mother arrested,....

"Sir, you wont believe she is not my biological mother, pls you need to arrest her and her bodyguards,... She needs to tell us where she hid my girlfriend,...."

After listening to his story, the DPO cleared his throat and spoke to him
"I'm sorry for what you've been passing through,.... I knew she's not your biological mother,.... Your father and mother were very kind to the poor,.... Your mother's death was a shock to everyone,.... I'm here today is your father's making,... I know how i started,..... I dont forget to pay homage to him,.... After your mother's death,.... He married her best friend within Six months,.... You were just a baby then,..... She stopped everyone from visiting your father,.. She controlled him,.... All of a sudden,... We heard Chief Johnson was sick,.... His sickness became worse and his wife took over everything,...... She controls all his businesses,........ Till today, we've not seen or heard anything about your dad,...... As for arresting her,.... I'm afraid we can't do that,.... Because you don't have evidence, ..... I'm more concerned about your visit to the girl's village,... It wouldn't be safe if you go there without security,... I'll release some of my boys to you, they will accompy you to her village,.... "

" Thank you so much sir,. I do appreciate your kind gesture,... "Richard thanked him

" It's ok, i'll do anything for my friend's son, we shall begin an underground investigation on your stepmother,... We have information that she's dealing in illegal business,.... Dont worry, the Lord is your strength,..... "

" thank you sir"

They drove straight to Angela's village with six armed police men in their vehicle,..Richard continued dialing Angela's number but it wasn't going through,...........

Mrs Johnson took a flight to Lagos,.... She was shocked to hear that her boys have not arrived, she became more scared after several attempts of calling them failed,.. She dialed their number two hours later and someone finally picked the call,...
She heaved a sign of relieve,

"Hello, pls give the phone to the owner "she ordered the person speaking

" This is a mortuary attendant,..... The person you're calling died along with three other passengers in a car accident early this morning, the only survivor is a lady and she has been rushed to a hospital by a good Samaritan,... "

She stood still, there was silence,.......

" Eem,.... Pls.... Dont be angry, do you know the hospital she was taken to?, ", she asked

" I dont know anything about a living body ,... I only have business with a deadbody,.... Why should i know where she was taken to,..... "he answered rudely

" Hmmmmm,.... I'm sorry, i think i dialed a wrong number, bye"

She cut the phone immediately,.... She angrily threw the phone away,....


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Re: Meant To Be by nifemilizD: 3:21pm On May 06, 2017
good good good job, thumb up 4 u. contunu ur good job
Re: Meant To Be by marychommy(f): 3:32pm On May 06, 2017
very good d God of d fatherless will continue to protect her from all harms
Re: Meant To Be by FortunateB(f): 3:37pm On May 06, 2017
Thanks a lot for the update, but the suspence is killing, pls try to update early so as to save a soul.
Re: Meant To Be by pepperoni55(f): 3:44pm On May 06, 2017
nice story but pls try and finish 'to love and to hate' ur other story am waiting fr u dere
Re: Meant To Be by marianneada(f): 3:47pm On May 06, 2017
nice story but pls try and finish 'to love and to hate' ur other story am waiting fr u dere
I've finished the story last month, i deleted the ending parts of it because of plagiarism,....
Re: Meant To Be by princessadeola(f): 3:54pm On May 06, 2017
Nice one, Angela Pls be safe
Re: Meant To Be by Akinwale14(m): 4:41pm On May 06, 2017
Re: Meant To Be by Nobody: 5:19pm On May 06, 2017
I know how busy ur schedules could be, but pls kindly finish this thing you started... Bravo!
Re: Meant To Be by Adeyife(m): 5:38pm On May 06, 2017
Thank u angela z nt dead.... Pls one more update todae plsss
Re: Meant To Be by Jane1234f(f): 5:54pm On May 06, 2017
Thank God she's alive
Re: Meant To Be by Jlake(m): 5:54pm On May 06, 2017
hello Marienneada,av bin dialing Amaka's no. but it wasnt reacheable,in case u can contact or talk 2 her...just tell her dat her great fan really missed her n her family since they travelled out of d country...hope 2 hear from u soon...LOVE YOU OP.
Re: Meant To Be by Shakyroh320(f): 6:36pm On May 06, 2017
thanks dear,but please ll u give us more tonight
Re: Meant To Be by FantasticElsie: 7:06pm On May 06, 2017
nice one,keep it up nice one,keep it up nice one,keep it up

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