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Jane's dilemma(A short story about love and double-dating)by Onojeta Grace / Million Shades Of Temi (short series) / To Love And Kill (story Series) (2) (3) (4)

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To Love And To Hold (short Series) by reereespace(f): 10:24am On May 05, 2017
Hi my name is reeree of www.reerespace..com I am starting a new series here (I'm new sef) and it is not even on my yet I am testing the waters of series writing i'm a lazy but but I promise to update regularly please invite friends, family and enemies Lmao, yes it is a party!!! feel free to correct, I am only human
can somebody get us popcorn please!! you can also follow my instagram or twitter for post notifications and updates Ig and twitter : rees_diary
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by reereespace(f): 10:29am On May 05, 2017
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Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by reereespace(f): 10:29am On May 05, 2017
"Go for the audition" deola says for the tenth time today rolling her eyes and her hands on her waist. I would have laughed at her pose if I wasn't seriously thinking about going.
I am owing 4 months rent and I have a sick sister to take care of and instead of me rushing to the audition that deola suffered to get me a slot at, I am here thinking about kola that has moved on, I look at her and the look on her face shows concern but I am not sure what she is concerned about, me? Or the rent I'm owing her?.
"Hello, earth to derin" she says snapping her finger in my face
" you can wear your black body con gown that makes you look like Kim kardashain without the sex tape and of course the money " she adds pulling out her tongue
" ode, I'm not going sugar daddy or man hunting, it's an audition and I don't know what it's for sef " I say as I walk towards the bathroom to get ready for the audition.
" it's a classified audition, it's for the elites and de creme de la creme of the society, shey I told you what I did to get it, you should be licking my feet " she says as I enter the bathroom and zone her voice out
" blah blah blah " I say as I start to shower.
" you look smashing , nicki minaj!!!" deola squeaks and try to adjust the gown
" I feel too dressed up " I say
"I don't even know what I'm auditioning for " I add and slump on our worn out couch
Deola holds my hands with a concerned loom on her face
" derin, please go and get your life back, I don't need a depressed best friend, I have tried for 5 months but I miss my mama dee, please don't ruin this for us " she says and squeezes my hands
I hug her and fight the tears that are threatening to fall
" God punish love and punish kola " I say and start to leave.
" break a leg!" I hear Deola say and I smile.
I walk into the reception and I almost faint at the sight of the amount of girls here, I feel so intimidated and I am not sure my legs can function anymore, I take a deep breath and shake off whatever low self esteem I have. I walk over to the receptionist
" Hi, my name is Aderinsola Adams, I'm here for the audition" I don't even sound like me
She hands me a registration form, I fill and I'm surprised at how I can still write, I thought I lost myself when I lost kola.
I look around the reception again and I take a even deeper breath
" is everybody here for the audition? I ask hoping that she says no
"Yes they are, so get seated please, madam" she says and rolls her eyes
"All this receptionist and attitude " I mutter to myself as I find somewhere to seat


Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by reereespace(f): 10:59am On May 05, 2017
I find an empty chair at the far end of the room , I walk toward it and sit close to the most beautiful girl in the world, I try to smile at her but the nasty look on her face is telling me to mind my business and sit down, I sit down with my chin resting on my hand wondering if I stand a chance at all with all this girls.
"I have no chance at all" I say to myself a little too loud, the girl beside me notice and shot me a "respect yourself look"
" hey you, come here please" a man says with an authoritative voice that is so frightening, I look up and notice he is pointing at me
"Me?" I ask pointing at myself, he probably thinks I'm a cleaner or something
"I'm here for the audition, I am not a cle....." I try to say but he walks away into a room before I could even finish, the girls chuckle and I hiss and walk into the room he walked into.
I enter the room and everybody in it is in suit, they all look like men except for one, I'm not sure she is a man but I'm not sure she is a woman either .
I swallow hard and say a quick prayer
"Good morning " I greet bowing my head a little, I laugh inside me at my nervousness
The woman-like man raises her head and leans back on her chair
'wow, she is a woman' I say to myself
" can you rock a baby to bed?" she asks with rolling her pen in her hand
The thing about me is when I am nervous I notice everything and I lose everything called sense in my head
" it depends if it's a real baby" I answer, I shake my head realising my stupid answer
"What do you mean real baby? Do people rock fake babies to bed"? A light skinned man ask
"How old are you sef?" another man adds
" I was thinking it was a movie audition and we were going to use a fake baby or something " I answer
"I'm 24 " I quickly add before they throw me out the window
The woman sighs and turns to the man who brought me in
"Why did you bring her in please? "
" she was the only responsible looking person out there " he answers looking at me pitifully
"Let me have your form" she says, I hand it over and stand there, scared to breathe and pretend to be invisible while they are going through the form
"I don't know how much I can hold my breath o, this people should answer " I think to myself
After few minutes and I have probably turned purple by now, she asks if I can keep secrets
"What now? Am I going to be a spy?" I say to myself
"Yes I can" I answer finally breathing
"Hmmmmmn" was the only reply I got
"Can I actually keep secrets" I think to myself, I remember in uni how everybody used to call me mamadee because I always had juicy stories about everybody, "no I cannot keep secrets o" I murmur inaudibly
"OK, sign here, you are going to be working for Akin Lewis, he has a new baby and he needs a baby sitter"l, you're going to have to move in with him, although he is out of the country right and won't be back for months " the man who brought me in says
Akin Lewis!!! My heart is doing flips right now, not that I am a fan but I'm going to be working for a famous actor!! .
"You cannot even take care of yourself, now a baby? " deola says as she helps me pack
"I can learn, how hard can it be, the baby is 9months already " I say beaming with happiness
Deola pulls me in for a hug and we stay there for minutes
" just be fine, derin, get your life back and be fine " she says threatening to cry
"No crying oo, madam waterfall" I say zipping my last bag.
"Thank you for everything deola, you're more than a friend " I say putting my last bag in the taxi boot .
" i love you " she says as the taxi zooms off


Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by Divepen1(m): 12:18pm On May 05, 2017
Serious gbeke

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Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by bossy512(f): 4:14pm On May 05, 2017
Nice story, more pls
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by reereespace(f): 11:50am On May 06, 2017
To Love And To Hold

I gasp as the man from the audition leads me into the biggest and most furnished living room I have ever been in ln, I stare in admiration with my mouth wide open.
I have not always been too poor but I have not always been rich either, I ran away from the orphanage with my little sister when I was 14. When we were kids we had a big brother (so we called him), he was an orphan too but he was 21 and old enough to work and be on his own, we ran away to stay with him as we were already fond of him right from our childhood. He later died from an accident while working late, we were shattered and our rent was due in two months, I had no option but to venture into the darkest time of my life just so me and fiyin could survive, I was able to go through uni, fiyin was already in high school when we found out about her kidney problem, there was no way i was going back to that kind of life I said to myself, that was when u met kola, my knight in shining amour, he wasn't rich, he wasn't poor either but the little he had he was willing to share, I'm sure he got tired of sharing or maybe God was punishing me for my sins, fiyin got worse and the bills got higher, the battle got tougher but kola wasn't getting stronger, I was surprised when I went to his place and found out he had moved without a trace, I cried for days, called his number, always switched off, I lost my job because all I could do was sob, sob and mop around, a depressed employee was the last thing my company wanted, fiam I was gone the same way I came.
"You should never speak to Mr Akin Lewis, execpt he speaks to you" the man says jolting me out of my thoughts
"If you have anything to say to him, concerning the baby or the house call me " he adds dropping his business card on the table
I pick it up and read through "Mr Kenneth okonkwo " I say raised eyebrows
"He is igbo?" I think to myself, I study his face, he doesn't even look igbo, with his long pointed nose, Dark skin and fluent English, no nna and Nne, maybe I'm just used to razz igbo boys
He tries to make a call and I let my eyes feed on his body, muscular, broad shoulders and thin lips that never smile
"The baby, maam" he says handing me the cutest baby ever
"It's Derin and this baby is so cute " I say cooing at the baby
"Her name is emelda, this is the butler, he's here everyday but he leaves at 10"" he says pointing at a middle aged man
He bows slightly and I smile.
"He'll show you your room and around the house " he adds and leaves.
I breathe, I never even knew I was holding my breath
I drop emelda gently in her cot and try to shower, it's been a long day and man, I can't wait to get into that bathroom .
I yawned and lay on the bed
"Derin, you will be fine " I say, thinking of fiyin in the hospital, I can't wait to get my first paycheck, so I can at least pay Dr Joy for the 3 months I am owing.
I hear the front door open
"Joro has gone home na, who could that be? " I say to my self as I don't the sign of the cross and go check who it might be

"Hi can I help you? " I say as I notice somebody back facing me and the other part facing the t.v
He turns slowly and I meet the most charming face ever, he smirks
"I guess you're the new baby sitter, Akin has taste sha " he says flashing a killer smile
"Yes I am" I answer ignoring the last part because honestly what do you say to that?
"I'm sorry your name sir? " I add wondering why Joro didn't tell me I would be having company
He flashes another killer smile and walks out
I hiss " stupid rich people "
I was just going back to my room when I heard a shout from out side
"My guyy!!" Mr charming says loudly, I peep from the window by the door and I see him hugging another person
"Omg, Mr Akin Lewis!!" I say loudly and run to my room


Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by reereespace(f): 11:52am On May 06, 2017
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Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by reereespace(f): 11:59am On May 06, 2017
Nice story, more pls
thank you, please invite people
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by manuelFORBES(m): 3:42pm On May 07, 2017
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Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by uzoexcel(m): 9:41pm On May 07, 2017
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Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by Eniqurl(f): 7:28am On May 08, 2017
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by mercyymai(f): 8:19am On May 08, 2017
since d Op didnt invite me, i decided 2 invite myself.

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Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by abefe99: 3:24pm On May 08, 2017
update please it interesting
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by Hardeyinka24(f): 4:51pm On May 08, 2017
Nice story,keep it up
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by reereespace(f): 10:07pm On May 08, 2017
To Love and to Hold 4.
I hear laughter from the living room, but I am too scared to go out there, I lay on my bed and think of Kola. He was the only person who knew about my dark past, the only person who stayed with me and loved me despite of it, the only person I have ever loved, I feel tears starting to gather and emelda begins to cry loudly ,i walk quickly to her cot and carry her, I plant a kiss on her cheeks and sing to her like I always do, but she is having none of that, infact she begins to cry even loudly.
I get a wrapper and put her on my back and dance around the room, aunt emelda still crying
"And her food is in the kitchen o" I say to myself thinking of how to go to the kitchen without meeting Mr Akin and his friend, I take a deep breath and start to make to the kitchen with emelda still on my back and crying gently now.
As if on cue, immediately we get to the living room she starts to cry louder and I just quickly walk past before they turn to notice me.
I drop her in her chair and start to mix her cereal.
"Hi, you're the new baby -sitter right?" a voice asks starting me and causing me to spill milk on my hands.
"Yes I am" I say shakily turning to meet Mr Akin
"My name is derin" I add and bow slightly,
"Hmmmmn" he says touching emelda's cheeks slightly, she smiles at him he frowns back and leaves the kitchen.
I quickly mix her food and feed her. The news around is that he has a baby from a model, but she denied it although he said nothing about it, perhaps she dropped the baby and left, she probably wasn't ready for motherhood, he doesn't look like he is ready for fatherhood too.
I shrug and think of what to make for dinner, although I don't know if I should be cooking but then I am a little hungry and I'm Sure Mr Akin will be too.
I put emelda back on my back and start to make dinner, I'm making jollof rice and chicken because I'm not sure what he likes and Joro's number is not reachable.
I serve the food on the dining table and walk upstairs to let him know that dinner is served, I hear strange sounds as I climb the stairs, it gets louder as I approach his room but now it is swallowed a little by a soft classical song playing.
I wonder who it could be, I heard Mr charming leave already, I listen for a while and then knock, I knock again and wait for a minute, so I knock even louder and I was just about leaving when u hear a faint " Yeah "
He is probably in the bathroom, I think and open the door to see a fully naked woman on top of him riding him slowly, I don't know if they can see me but I am unable to move, I remember I have emelda on my back so I turn to leave slowly.
"Apparently the yeah wasn't for me "


Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by reereespace(f): 10:08pm On May 08, 2017
update please it interesting
thank you, update ready....short update but I will update more in the morning
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by reereespace(f): 10:09pm On May 08, 2017
since d Op didnt invite me, i decided 2 invite myself.
lol, you're welcome, I will mention you on every update now ma
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by abefe99: 8:44am On May 09, 2017
update please
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by Lilyjoe567(f): 8:48am On May 09, 2017
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Okay, Lily's present

Nice storyline reereespace, glad you mentioned
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by reereespace(f): 12:05pm On May 09, 2017
Author's Note hi I know, I don't really update every time but I want to say thank you to everybody who has taken out time to read this book, I am the most laziest person in the world lol when it comes to writing a book with chapters but your views has kept me going, y'all are amazing but please i need critics, I need to be corrected and also to be criticised, the love is too much it's doing me one kain......also subscribe to my blog www.reerespace..com
oh and I have a diary on nairaland too lol check it out!!

To Love and to Hold 5
I wake up with a massive headache, I dreamt about kola again, this time it was more intense, we were tied together in the middle of a burning room, the fire was burning hot and I was screaming, the fire wasn't burning me but it was burning Kola and he was screaming, I was shouting for help but it wasn't coming out, I was voiceless, he kept on screaming, his eyes started to come out of his sockets. That was when I woke up.
I sigh and walk over to emelda's cot, she is still sleeping peacefully, I smile "if only I could do sleep as peacefully as her "
I walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face, I wash my face and look at myself in the mirror
"I miss derin " I say to my reflection.
I go downstairs to do the dishes and make Emelda's food before she wakes, I get to the kitchen and my mind wanders off to yesterday's incident, I sigh and open the fridge to get water to drink.
"Please what part of the contract asks you to cook for me? " Mr Akin asks starling me and causing the water to spill on my chest
What is it with this man and jumping on people" I say and roll my eyes. I turn to face him and see him doing the dishes
- I'm sorry, I thought you were hungry or something, Good morning sir "
- "don't you knock?" He answers, shaking his head and continues doing the dishes
I walk to the sink to help him
" I was going to do that " I say rinsing the already washed plates, he turns to look at me and his eyes fall on my wet shirt hugging my chest tightly,I almost see desire flash through his eyes, I follow his eyes and then he looks up
"Throw that away" he says pointing to a nylon of the jollof and chicken I made last night, I cannot hide my shock, I open my mouth to speak but nothing is coming out
He washes his hands and leaves the kitchen. Every nerve in my body is so angry right now .i pick the remaining plates and start to wash, then Emelda starts to cry
This her cry cry is getting out of hands o, I understand that she is teething but still, she is 9 months old for Christ's sake !!
I wipe my hands dry and go get her. I get to my room and she has stopped crying but my phone is ringing
- hi baby girl!! " deola says gigging
- hi, my baby, what's up??
- I'm good, how's life at Akin's " she says adding emphasis to akin
- the baby is fine but my boss is a complete meanie!!
- what happened? Gist me " she says and I gist her everything
- it's the jollof rice that is paining me sef " she says laughing loudly
I miss her loud laugh sha
She says she is as work and will call me later I night, I hold the phone to my ears even after she has ended the call, I miss deola, I miss fiyin, God please help us.
I get back to the kitchen and all the plates had been washed and neatly arranged, I smile "if that is bribe, I am not accepting" I say to myself.
I start making noodles for emelda, she suddenly started liking it after giving her some of mine days ago, of course I am a making hers extra soft.
"Good morning Derin" Joro's came in and greeted
"I didn't even hear you come, if I gist you what happened today ehn" I say clapping my hands
Me and Joro have become really close ever since I came in here and he knows everything about me apart from my dark parts tho
He laughs and says "I'm sure you've met Mr Akin ".


Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by abefe99: 12:35pm On May 09, 2017
tanks for d update but dis is short
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by devilmaycry(m): 1:11pm On May 09, 2017
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by abefe99: 9:54pm On May 09, 2017
no update tonite
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by abefe99: 10:08am On May 10, 2017
dis story is sweet to be delaying please
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by reereespace(f): 10:36am On May 10, 2017
dis story is sweet to be delaying please
lool, i'll update two chapters today, I want to make it long enough....i promise
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by reereespace(f): 12:58pm On May 10, 2017
To Love and To hold 6
Later that day, Mr Akin called me to the living room, I thought he was apologise so I laid emelda down on her bed to sleep and put on my resting bitch face, ready to refuse his apology. I walked downstairs sluggishly, when I got there he was with Mr charming and The girl from last night, I thank God I wasn't backing emelda this time.
"Good afternoon" I greet no one in particular, the girl just waves her hands, Mr charming flashes his billion dollars smile and I smile sheepishly back, Mr Akin clears his throat
"Madam, is joro around? " Ehn, did he just call me all the way downstairs to ask of joro?
"He took the range rover to the mechanic " I answer already boiling with anger, I put my hands on my waist and d wait for more then he gives me a paper
1. Hennessy x 2
2. Coca cola x3 pack
3. Eva water big size X 2 pack
4. Mcdowells x 3
5 . 4 packs of cigarette
I give him a "what's this about " look, he catches the drift and smiles
"There's a mini mall at the entrance gate, my friends are bored, please be fast " i was going to give him a piece of my mind, but then I thought of emelda
"The baby? " I ask
"She will take care of it " he answers pointing at the thin looking girl, she groans and he smiles at her
I almost hiss, how can you not even care about your own child, maybe when that karashika plucks your baby eyes with her long claws your eyes will clear," I murmur as I change into Jean trousers and a tank top, I look as emelda sleeping peacefully, I decide to take her along, I get the baby carrier and tuck her in front of me, I look at the mirror, I look like Kim kardashian with north, haa hot mum alert.
I pass the living room and they are now watching football, they do not even notice me pass, I shake my head and leave.
I have been waiting for Keke maruwa for 15 minutes now and this sun is not funny, so I decide to trek, few minutes into my trekking, an empty keke maruwa comes and I enter .
Just as I was about entering the mall, I hear a voice call my name, I turn to see Kola leaning on a car, motioning for me to come
"Am I dreaming?" I kept on saying till I got to where he was
I lost everything I had to say to him the moment I say him, he had changed a lot, he's fatter and lighter now
"You have a baby now? " he asks breaking the silence
I want to lie and say yes so I can hurt him the way he hurt me, but a part of me still cares for him
"No, it's my boss's "
- " you look different, you look really good, how's fiyin
I smile, how dare he ask about fiyin, after abandoning us.
-" okay, give me your number, we need to talk " he says quickly as if he's in a hurry
-" give me your's
He opens the car and gives me his business card,
-" c.e.o? "
-" just call me, make sure you do " he says and walks to collect shopping bags from an older lady
"Who is that?" I heard her say
" nobody, someone I just helped " he answered and kissed her cheeks
I watched him walk her to the car and open the door for her, the tears are refusing to fall, maybe I have cried too much. I turned and walked into the mall.
I was shopping for drinks when I heard somebody say
" shopping alone?" I turn to see a tall light skinned man talking to me
-" not really, I have emelda" I say laughing a little, he laughs and touches emelda's cheeks
"She is so cute " he says and smiles
-" yeah, I know right "
- " Married?
-" oh no
-" lol the baby isn't yours?
-" oh, she is mine " I lied
We shop together, laughing at his jokes and mine, I can't remember when I ever laughed this hard, he pays for the things I bought and walks me to the door
"Where's your car? " he asks,
-" oh, I didn't feel like driving " I lied again
" Haaa, with all this things you bought? What's your address, let me drop you " he asks and I give him .
I'm thinking of the lies I've told him as we drive to the house, I don't even know why I lied, I probably just liked the attention and didn't want to send him away by saying I am an orphaned baby sister with a sick sister.
"Why so quiet?" he asks turning my cheeks to face him
"Nothing, I'm just tired I guess " I answer and emelda laughs, we both turn to look at her, she's playing with her sucker and is having so much fun, on maybe she is laughing at my lies.
He drops me off and collects my number.
" I can't wait to see you again " he says as I wave him goodbye .

"Where have you been?" Mr Akin says as soon as I enter the living room
"Taking my daughter out of my house " he add angrily
I stutter as I think of what to say, emelda starts crying, I drop his stuffs on the centre table and go upstairs .
I lay on my bed and think of Kola and what he said "she's just somebody I helped? " ,i remove his business card from my back pocket and tear it to pieces
I hiss and let the tears fall. After crying for a while, I look at emelda and she's staring at me looking sad, I pick her up and kiss her cheeks
"Ma ma " she says, I open my eyes wide with shock and then tears begin to roll again, I kiss her cheeks again
"I love you so much, my darling emelda "
And I kiss her and tickle her tummy, she laughs and calls me mama again in between laughs.
How happy she makes me, if only she was mine.


Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by reereespace(f): 12:59pm On May 10, 2017
To Love and to Hold 7.
I wake up to emelda crying, that is unusual because she always wake up happy, I pick her up and rock her but she still won't stop, I sing to her and tickle her and she still won't stop, I take her clothes off and take her to the bathroom to shower her and realise how hot her body is, then I start to panic a little, she has never been sick before o.
I take her downstairs to feed her while I wait for joro to come home, she refuses to eat, I get my wrapper and back her while I sing for her.
" joro, emelda's sick " I say to joro immediately he enters the house
"Sick ke? She is never sick " he answers feeling her body
- is oga home? " he asks,
- " I haven't seen him since the incident two days ago " I answer pacing around the room
" maybe he is at the beach house in lekki, " he answers, dialling his number
After telling him the situation and plenty of Sir, alright sir he finally ends the call
" He'll be here in 15 mins, he hopes you haven't given her something you've got " joro says laughing at the last sentence
I shake my head, his baby is sick and he's there making stupid jokes thinking I might have infected her, I hiss and sit on the couch while I wait for him to come.
20, minutes later he's here, he insists, I must go with him ,we are ready to go, just as we were about driving out the gate man knocks on His car window and gives him flowers and says it's from one "yellow" man
I know instantly it was from Chuma, the guy from the mall, there is a note in the flowers, Mr Akin reads it and give the flowers to me mumbling some words I don't hear.
I read the note and throw the flowers to the back seat.
" Can you stop giving my House address to your numerous boyfriends? " he asks once we left the house,
What numerous boyfriends, just one person sends flowers and he is calling him numerous , I do not answer him
He clears his throat
"Derinsola, I am talking to you please answer me " he asks this time in a pleading but firm voice, and for the first time he calls my name, my heart melted at the sound of my name from his mouth. I look at him and cannot look away, there is a soft look on his face this time, a look I have never noticed
"Derinsola" he says again, and I smile , my heart flutters, he turns to look at me and we are lost in each others eyes. He looks away after a danfo over takes him roughly and insults him, I smile and look at him again, the hard look is back to his face. The ride is silent till we get to the hospital.
The hospital is the same hospital fiyin is at, I was so shocked we he pulled into their driveway, I couldn't breathe
" is this the hospital? " I asked shakily
"Yes, I know you can see? " he answered, I ignored him and walked slowly into the reception
"Ahn Ahn, derin, " the nurse at the reception greets before seeing Mr Akin and bowing down to greet him
" it's been a while, you just abandoned us " another nurse says.
Truth is I have been scared to see fiyin, I couldn't tell her I lost my job and that I was broke. Although I had paid up my debts with my first salary, I wasn't allowed to leave the house.
Emelda is with her dad at the doctors office, turns out she is teething and it is affecting her seriously, I decide to go to fiyin's room in the private ward.
I stay at the door, still contemplating going back, then I knock slowly, I knock again - no answer, then I push the door, I see fiyin, laying down facing the wall, tears immediately drop from my eyes and I run to her and hold her in my arms, I cry quietly when I realise she's sleeping.
O.m.g sister derin " she says weakly
" My baby girl " I answer cleaning my eyes and smiling
"Baby girl that you abandoned " she says, sounding really better now
" look at you. Looking so good " I say back dodging her answer
I hug her again and then we gisted for a while, I regret not coming here all this while, she says she loves me and then we hug and I tell her I love her more.
We stay like that for a while till I heard the door open,
" I have been waiting for you " he says handing over emelda to me, she laughs and pulls my hair
"O.m.g, are you married??" fiyin asks eyes wide open
" no " Mr Akin and I both say together
" I work for him, I take. Of his child " I say and Mr Akin turns to leave
"Please meet me in the car in 10 mins "
Emelda likes fiyin, I can tell from the way she laughs when fiyin touches her, I on the other hand is still looking at the door through which Mr Akin Left. We hug and kiss our goodbyes and I promise to keep in touch more, just when I was about leaving fiyin said
" take care of him too " I shrug and blows her a kiss.
What does she mean by that? I kept on thinking till I got to the car park.
" I said 10 mins, this is over 20 mins " Mr Akin says as soon I get into the car
"Please sir, I am not in the mood " I answer and he drives off.

Just as we get to the house, I was about to get down from the car, Mr Akin holds my hands
" I'm sorry " he says, and I see concern or is it pity, in his eyes, unfortunately I am done needing anybody's pity or sorry. I chuckle and come down.

I put emelda in her cot to sleep, the drugs they gave at the hospital made her sleep almost immediately after, I watch her sleep so peacefully, and I am so happy she can sleep, Then I hear a knock on the door
" Derinsola, please can I see you?" I know instantly who that was
Why doesn't he ever call me derin " I say to myself and yimu, I look around my room and see how scattered it is, I can't let him in here before he will give me a lecture about how I'm making the room unbearable for emelda to grow in
"I'll be downstairs in a bit " I answer picking all the dirty stuffs from the floor.
"Took you years to get here"
What's with this man and attitude, after begging me to come downstairs.
"I was tucking emelda in " I answered
Hmmmmn , so a nurse told me about your sister, how long has she been there? " asks
"You should have asked her " I answered angry that a nurse will divulge a patients information to anybody, even if he is a celebrity, is that not against their code of conduct or something?
" I'm sorry"
" I saw you in there and I was curious, my she didn't want to tell,, I made her "
-" that is still not enough reason to go about asking about a patient and the nurse for spilling her information "
-" why are you always bitter?" he ask, that took me by surprise, I just opened my mouth but nothing came out
-" bitter, really?" I ask with a new anger filling up,
-" you think I'm always bitter? Live my life a day and see if you can survive " I say and run upstairs.
I always try my best to be happy despite what life has thrown at me, I do not sulk or whine rather I do my job dillegently, how can anyone call me bitter?? " I say to myself.
I sob for a long time and then fell asleep, only to wake up to emelda crying, thank God she woke me up at the right time, it was time for her drugs.
"Who's the cutest baby?" I coo at her, half begging her to take her drugs
She laughs and I quickly put the spoon in her mouth, she notice and frowns , she starts to cry and I give her ribena, immediately she saw it she threw her hands in the air and started laughing.
" you should have your own kids soon" Mr Akin says walking into the kitchen
I laugh and he come closer and carries Emelda, this is the first time I'm seeing him carrying her.
She starts to cry immediately
"Ma ma, ma ma, mama " she says repeatedly motioning for me to carry her
"Omg, no way, stealing my child now?" he ask and I see hurt flash through his eyes for a second
I laugh and collect her back .
He stares quietly for some minutes
"Please make dinner " he says and leaves.
Did I just imagine that?

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Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by Nobody: 1:32pm On May 10, 2017
Nice story reereespace

Keep it coming, following bumper to bumper.
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by abefe99: 2:09pm On May 10, 2017
wahoo dis is interesting please we know is not easy typing but don't kill us with suspence
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by Shakyroh320(f): 4:35pm On May 10, 2017
am here despite not being invited,kip it coming dear
Re: To Love And To Hold (short Series) by mercyymai(f): 3:49am On May 13, 2017
Why Now! No Updates Snc Wed. Any Nice Story, More Ink 2 Ur Pen.

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