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Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 12:47pm On Oct 27, 2017
Though, I started reading your story few days ago I say it is well articulated and interesting. Congrats on your admission. Keep up the good work. Sis some parts are missing, pls what can you do to help me and fellow new readers read those parts.

Hello dear.

Thank you so much.

I removed some parts cuz of plagiarism.

Please add me on whatsapp with this number. 08120912480
Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 12:55pm On Oct 27, 2017
Thank you so much everyone.

I would have loved to reply the comments but I can't cuz my village people don't operate with internet cry cry

But here's my whatsapp number.

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Re: Love Hiccups by igit270: 2:11pm On Oct 27, 2017
Kim darling congrats, and tanx for the way u hlp me deal wit dis kc I just wish he get more,anyways d God dat gave u dat admission will give u an excellent success. n u will testify at last .go n come join the favor market
Re: Love Hiccups by moseph(f): 2:37pm On Oct 27, 2017
Congrats on ur admission kim.
Re: Love Hiccups by icekidmuktar(m): 3:05pm On Oct 27, 2017
well, i hav been a ghost reader all my life, but when i heard abt your admission i cant help but come out of my shell and say a big congrat to u sweatheart!!!
Re: Love Hiccups by yewande1234(f): 3:20pm On Oct 27, 2017


Re: Love Hiccups by yewande1234(f): 3:27pm On Oct 27, 2017
I omitted one part 4rm d story would update it nw
Re: Love Hiccups by yewande1234(f): 3:27pm On Oct 27, 2017

''Sweetheart, when are you starting the business?'' Ken asked Vicky,
as soon as they finished eating.

''It should be up and running at most in a month time.'' she replied.

''That's good. Hope you know how to get around if not I can call
someone to guide you.''

She laughed and wrinkled her nose at him, ''You're talking as if I am a kid.''

Women and their way of thinking. ''No, not at all.'' he replied

''I have everything under control. You just sit back and watch me do
my thing.'' she said.

''Okay o!'' he replied, stood up and began clearing the dishes. Vicky
joined and in less than five minutes, they had it cleared and washed
and returned to the sitting room. Chiagozie wasn't around, so
everything was just the way they left it, they only pity his
grandparents house, the state it would be when he leaves.

Ken sat down and switched on the T.V, obviously enjoying picking up
the remote where he had left it. Vicky snuggled up to him and took out
her phone.

''Oh My God!'' she screamed.

''What is it?'' Ken asked, startled.

''Check out Maryann's latest post on instagram.'' she told him.

''I don't do such things Ma'm, I have work to do.'' he reminded her.
''You should be telling Nate that not me.''

''Okay sir. Let me read it out for you.'' she replied and brought her
phone screen to his face. ''Hello friends and followers, My only
brother just got engaged to a beautiful lady.'' Below it were pictures
of rings and smiling simileys.

Ken started to laugh, ''That is the best joke of the century.'' he
shouted amidst laughter.

''Something tells me it's true.'' Vicky said, staring at her phone.

''It's not true wifey. It's just another of Maryann's pranks.''

''Didn't you see the way he was looking at Damilola on Nate's wedding
day. I am super sure they're engaged now.''

''Same way he was also looking at Matilda when he arrived with her
during Maryann and Mary's wedding.'' Ken supplied.

''Well, no harm in confirming. Let's confirm. You call K.C and I will
call Maryann, I just hope she's in Nigeria, that lady and travelling
are inseparable.''

''I don't have airtime for such silly pranks, if I wanted to call K.C
it would be to ask after his health. He has been sounding wierd since
he got back to Enugu.'' Ken answered, taking out his phone.

Vicky dialled Maryann's number and she picked after the first ring.

''Hello ejima.'' Vicky called.

''Mummy ejima,'' Maryann called back. ''I have told you that if you
keep calling me ejima, you will end up having one yourself.''

''You want my husband to leave the house for me and the kids.'' Vicky
said and they laughed at that.

''Ehen! Have you heard the latest?'' Marryann asked, squirming with joy.

''No, what is it?'' Vicky asked, trying to sound as calm as possible.

''Dami and K.C, those two are just so secretive.''

Vicky sighed, wishing she could just go straight to the point and tell
her what she wants to hear.

''What did they do?'' she asked Maryann.

''Can you believe that those two are engaged and they refused to let
anyone know.'' Maryann screamed.

''Oh My God!'' Vicky pulled away the phone from her ears and gave her
husband and I-told-you-so wink. ''Are you sure?''
'I am a hundred and one percent sure. K.C told me himself and Dami
confirmed it with a picture she posted on facebook. Vicky you need to
log in now and see the beautiful ring. It's so big and sparkling. I
never knew K.C had eyes for good things like that.''

''Why won't he? When you keep charging him for everything, even
greeting.'' Vicky joked.

''I am just helping him spend the money, he isn't the type to spend
and I happen to be a big time spender, so that's just it, as soon as
he gets married I will stop demanding money from him.'' Maryann
informed her. ''Mum just called to inform me that he would be coming
to Abuja on monday, too bad I can't come cuz of my condition, if not,
I would have made him spill every other secret he is keeping.''

''Epele`'' Vicky said to her. ''you will soon get used to it.''

''I hope so o.'' she answered weakly.

They discussed other irrelevant things like the latest fashion in
vogue before they said their 'goodbyes' and hung up.

''Didn't I tell you?'' Vicky asked Ken.

''I don't still believe. After Maryann pranked me into giving her my
car keys about 4 years ago on April 1st. That day wasn't funny at all.
She asked for the key to see the fancy key holder and next thing she's
driving away leaving me behind, worst of all, the road was deserted
and I had to trek for a long time before I got a bus back home. After
that day, I don't think I can believe anything she says again unless I
see it with my own eyes.''

''Thomas, call K.C if you don't believe.'' Vicky replied frowning.

''I have tried calling him twice but he's not answering.''

''Maybe he is busy.'' Vicky gasped and turned to her husband who in
turn gave her a puzzled look. ''Pictures don't lie, look at the ring
on Dami's finger.''

Ken looked at it and shrugged. ''I still don't believe. I will have to
hear it from the horses mouth before I believe.''

Vicky scowled at him and continued browsing through the pictures while
Ken kept on trying to reach K.C.


Re: Love Hiccups by queenitee(f): 3:28pm On Oct 27, 2017
Sister love, thank you. My K.C has finally fallen in love
Re: Love Hiccups by Dessydemmy: 3:32pm On Oct 27, 2017
Love sha!!!. Happy for the trio.
Re: Love Hiccups by yewande1234(f): 3:33pm On Oct 27, 2017

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Re: Love Hiccups by yewande1234(f): 3:39pm On Oct 27, 2017
''Mine can be settled easily.'' he smirked. ''Come to the bedroom.''
he said, grabbing her hand.

''Are you always this naughty.'' she replied, nodding at Chima.

Nate laughed and winked at her. ''You're the one being naughty here. I
just want to show you the bedroom.''

''Oh!'' she said in a low voice.

''Big bros, I will leave now,'' Chima said stiffening his laughter.
''I have one or two errands to run for mama and also service the

''Alright bro, I will see you in camera when my wife and I come to the
house this evening.''

''No problem big bros,'' Chima responded and turned to Jane. ''Aunty,
see you later.''

''Bye Chima. My regards to mama even though we will be there this
evening.'' Jane answered, smiling.

''Alright.'' he answered and walked out jiggling the car keys in his hand.

''What do you say?'' Nate asked. ''Bedroom or you want to continue
staring at the sitting room.''

''I want to see the bedroom Mr,'' she replied with a warm smile.

''Then follow me madam,'' he gestured like a trained concierge.

He led the way up the stairs and she followed looking around with
admiration. The house a beautifully painted one, almost like it's
built with pure gold stood giantly with the large chandelier giving it
the look of a disney castle.

Jane couldn't hide her excitement as she took her time to admire the
house, smiling like it's all that mattered, she did expect Nate to get
a beautiful house after their marriage, with someone of his high
calibre it would be totally wrong to keep staying with his parents
after marriage but she never in her wildest dream imagined him getting
something like this.

''Iyawo,'' he said as he pushed open the bedroom door. ''take a look
at your bedroom''

Jane rolled her eyes at him and stepped in, playfully pushing him
away. ''Oh No!'' she screamed and hugged him tightly.

''Easy woman,'' Nate said hiding his excitement at her reaction. ''you
don't like it?''

''Why won't I?'' she asked, breathlessly.

She stepped away from him and leaned against him, ''You're such a darling.''

''My queen doesn't deserve less than this,'' he murmured against her
ears. ''as time goes on, we would get better things.''

''What could be better than this?'' she asked, calmly.

''China and Aba people will tell.'' he replied.

She stepped away from him and walked over to the bed and sat comfortably on it.

Her eyes moved from the king-sized bed to the white-painted walls and
then to her pictures on the wall. Although she had seen a room setting
like this on Zee-world, she never thought she would see a real one
talk more of it belonging to her. ''Hey, do you watch Indian films?''

''Once or twice,'' he replied. ''all this 'ajayi' women have made me
hate the channel. Everywhere zee-world, zee-world.''

She shook her head and laughed. ''I think I need to start thanking all
the people that helped come up with this.'' she looked round the big
bedroom again and brought out her phone. ''Princess is obsessed with
zee-world, I am sure this was her idea.''

''You got it right ma'm,'' he answered with a grin. ''left to me, that
bed would be the only thing in this room.''

She wrinkled her nose and shook her head. ''I have said my own at the
wedding reception, I won't repeat it again.''

''I will forever remember what you told me there.'' he answered, stepping out.


Re: Love Hiccups by Nobody: 3:41pm On Oct 27, 2017
grin grin grin love is in the air. K C, Welcome to the club.
Congratulations kimberlywest on your admission, bigger you i pray!

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Re: Love Hiccups by afolabiwunmi: 5:19pm On Oct 27, 2017
Waooooooooooooooo, It's good to be in love.
Re: Love Hiccups by Sparkles003(f): 5:21pm On Oct 27, 2017
[quote author=afolabiwunmi post=61827827]Waooooooooooooooo, It's good to be in love.[/quot
It is actually great to in love and be loved back.
Re: Love Hiccups by Ayomicome(m): 5:32pm On Oct 27, 2017
yewande1234 you've really done a very nice job updating, God bless you for me.........Kimberlywest, congrats dear am so happy for you

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Re: Love Hiccups by itsandi(m): 5:34pm On Oct 27, 2017
Nice update cheesy
Re: Love Hiccups by Shannelle5: 8:04pm On Oct 27, 2017
tank u Kimberlywest...with this Nate's honey moon...I wana get married


Re: Love Hiccups by brohimot(f): 11:36pm On Oct 27, 2017
tank u Kimberlywest...with this Nate's honey moon...I wana get married
My sister as if u know what I'm thinking
Re: Love Hiccups by Halyma(f): 2:18am On Oct 28, 2017
Love in the air. Thanks for the loads of updates.

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Re: Love Hiccups by toyhin123(f): 8:39am On Oct 28, 2017
Yewande thanks for the frequent update,i really appreciate it.

U hv made me get used to the frequent update dat I was hungry for an update yesterday,please o try to post something this morning b4 I die of hunger

Once again I appreciate your work,u re really trying
Re: Love Hiccups by toyhin123(f): 8:43am On Oct 28, 2017
Yewande thanks for the frequent update,i really appreciate it.

U hv made me get used to the frequent update dat I was hungry for an update yesterday,please o try to post something this morning b4 I die of hunger

Once again I appreciate your work,u re really trying
Re: Love Hiccups by itsandi(m): 10:18am On Oct 28, 2017
Nice update... Enjoy other cool stories on Tushstories via


Re: Love Hiccups by yewande1234(f): 2:01pm On Oct 28, 2017


Re: Love Hiccups by yewande1234(f): 2:03pm On Oct 28, 2017

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Re: Love Hiccups by yewande1234(f): 2:04pm On Oct 28, 2017

''Sweetheart, guess what?'' Vicky said to Ken.

''I suck at guessing, remember?'' he answered.

''You've got to give it a try,'' she pouted. ''I am waiting.''

''Ehmm, you're pregnant?'' he said, more of a question than answer.

Vicky rolled her eyes at him, ''something else,''

''Well, that was and it still is the only thing I can think of.'' he
answered, smiling.

''K.C is on his way here and...

''Have you joined Maryann in her school of prank.'' he interrupted.

''I am serious,'' she answered and wrapped her hand around him. ''he
just sent me a text, the most exciting part of the text is the last
part and it says...'' she took her phone out and showed it to him.
''get the little groom ready, we're going for a walk, to discuss

''He wants to take Chiagozie out?'' Ken asked, giving her a puzzled
look. ''are you sure it's K.C that sent that text?''


Ken sighed before drawing her into his arms, ''Love is indeed magical,
so K.C now cares about children? I would have said it's strange if I
didn't know what love meant, I love you sweetheart.''

''I love you more.'' Vicky murmured.

''If you love me,'' he winked at her, ''let's give him more little
grooms and little brides.''

''Are you kidding me?'' she asked and stood up. ''No way! Not now that
I am beginning to flaunt my slimmer figure.''

''I am your husband and if I say I want more kids then it shall be so.''

''I am your wife,'' she mimicked. ''and I love this new shape. If you
want more kids then let's switch roles.''

''How?'' he asked, frowning and folding his hands across his chest
like an overpampered kid.

''You will carry the pregnancy,'' she answered walking away.

''How is that possible?'' he asked, laughing.

''I don't mind getting you pregnant,'' she replied, laughing and
running up the stairs.

''That's bizzare! Chiagozie needs siblings and I need a fuller
house.'' he shouted running after her.

Love comes with it's own up and down, nothing comes freely except air,
even that, is sometimes polluted by poisonous gases. Likewise love.
Sometimes we love and we are not loved back and most times we go
looking for love in the wrong places and with the wrong persons, often
times we fall in love at the right place and with the right person but
in all that, only the brave are able to stay strong and remain in that
sweet-intriguing town called 'love town' despite all it hiccups.
The End.

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Re: Love Hiccups by becksdinho: 2:15pm On Oct 28, 2017
Nice story!
Re: Love Hiccups by Faspen(m): 2:15pm On Oct 28, 2017
its been a hell of a ride fantastic and fabulous.all the way from the start,nice work

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Re: Love Hiccups by Ruthydear(f): 2:17pm On Oct 28, 2017
Wow! Finally
Re: Love Hiccups by Nickibeauty(f): 2:19pm On Oct 28, 2017
Wow happy ending
Re: Love Hiccups by adeayaade: 2:25pm On Oct 28, 2017
Great work! I enjoyed every bit of the story. God bless you
Re: Love Hiccups by sheba222(f): 2:43pm On Oct 28, 2017
wooow is all I can say,I wish dis story continues forever,tanks please do send a link to d ones to come wen u start anoda story.

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