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Poll: Who is the strongest villian in Naruto?

Orochimaru: 7% (3 votes)
Itachi: 18% (7 votes)
Akatsuki Leader: 60% (23 votes)
Kakazu: 0% (0 votes)
Hidan: 5% (2 votes)
Kabuto: 7% (3 votes)
This poll has ended

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Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by Seun(m): 11:59am On Jan 31, 2007

We have good reasons to believe that Orochimaru is or will be the strongest villian in Naruto, but he claims that he can't beat sharingan Itachi.

Meanwhile, the Akatsuki leader controls Itachi and used to control Orochimaru, suggesting that he is even stronger than both of them.

And recently, we've learnt about unkillable Hidan, and Kakazu, who has 5 lives and uses all 5 elements in battle.

So tell me, who do you think is the strongest villian in Naruto?

Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by ehie007(m): 1:18pm On Jan 31, 2007
please what are u talking about
cartoons or japanese culture.
pls fill me in
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by Seun(m): 1:25pm On Jan 31, 2007
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by Azanor(m): 5:17pm On Jan 31, 2007
according to the latest naruto manga, hidan has been locked away in some kind of forest belonging to shikamaru's family and kakuzu is about to get his ass kicked by naruto and co. that leaves orochimaru and the akatsuki leader, and like you said, orochimaru fears itachi who works under the leader of akatsuki. there is no contest, the akatsuki leader is the strongest one out there, till further notice.
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by Nobody: 11:18pm On Jan 31, 2007
The Akatsuki leader has to be the strongest and the baddest, i mean in one issue of the manga he issued a mental command and
you shld have seen the way they all scrambled to obey. To control bad guys like itachi, deidara, kakuzu, kisame, and all, men u really
must be baddddddddd.
I made up my mind immediately i saw this post, and im glad someone thinks like me!!!
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by texazzpete(m): 10:17am On Feb 01, 2007
Curse you all!!! After i read the first post, i went to the Wikipedia entry and spent a good 2 hours o fmy life reading about an anime.
Now, im desperately trying to get hold of more naruto episodes/seasons. and it's all your fault!! sad

Next thing i know, someone'll get me hooked on 'gardener's daughter' or some such.

Now Quick!!! Where can i get all d seasons of Naruto? What happened to gaara (the whitish boy with the sand attacks)? Tell me!
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by Lush: 10:43am On Feb 01, 2007
@ texazzpete, i feel your pain. I was once like you until i was initiated in naruto, then bleach and now, i'm all over the place looking out for the top 10 animes on tokyo tv. If you're looking to get all the episodes of naruto from the very beginning up to episode 218, make a run for www.narutochaos.com but you'll need to register to download. But i use yhbt.mine.nu to get the current episodes every week because their torrent is lightning fast. cheesy
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by tcherokee(m): 11:37am On Feb 01, 2007
and if you want to read the manga, head over to http://groups.msn.com/NarutoMangaReturns. you can read the manga episodes online instead of downloading them, wink

Nice to know other people share my love for anime,
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by dakmanzero(m): 4:03pm On Feb 01, 2007
hey tp

if u need naruto i have eps 1 to 136, everything after that is crap as Seun and others will attest.

Thats cos at that point the anime and manga (comic) went in different directions. I have NOT read the manga (nor shall I ever, ) so Im not up to date on the latest goings-on. But rest assured Naruto is the best anime I've seen in a long time.

Strongest villain?
Thats easy.

Kyubi- The nine tailed demon fox.

Thats should have been easy tongue

(no vote cos kyubi aint on the list)

Who comes next? Obviously Orochimaru. Oro claims Itachi beat him, but remember- in Naruto, the talented people usually lose in the end. (Neji Kimimaro Sasuke Rock Lee Haku the list goes on and on)

Kakashi went against Itachi, and though he lost, it took some time. Against Oro he was ready to kill himself immediately!

Final note: Seun, pls consider making a seperate section for Manga discussions, just like the main Naruto sites. Theres nothing worse than a manga spoiler!
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by echowords(m): 10:38pm On Feb 01, 2007
I dont really mind spoilers when it comes to Naruto. grin it just keeps me coming back.
Itachi's got to be the baddest villain in naruto. followed by the leader or kakazu. From my experience i think the
leader aint always the strongest.expercially in naruto where we see weak characters beating stronger opponents.
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by damiwest(m): 1:44am On Feb 02, 2007
i have episode 200 and think itachi is the strongest,
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by timmy(m): 9:13am On Feb 06, 2007
the best bad ass kicker for now is SASUKE, trust me, his sure going to own itachi, and with the help of naruto own the aka leader and thatld make him the bad assed ninja,
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by Seun(m): 10:26am On Feb 06, 2007
I think the best ass-kicker is Orochimaru, but he fails because as a bad guy he won't get the same level of support and loyalty that good ninjas like Jiraiya, Tsunade and Kakashi enjoy. He's the most interesting villian, purely evil!
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by opeemi1(m): 12:17pm On Feb 06, 2007
I think Akatsuki leader is the strongest villian(From articles grin), despite all Orochimaru skills and power.
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by marhoatumu(m): 5:35pm On Feb 08, 2007
@timmy, i feel you, in the near future sasuke will make all the current bad guys look like iruka sensei. watch out for him. and all of you out there beleiving that sometime in the future sasuke will return to konoha, that is so not going to happen.
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by echowords(m): 10:06pm On Feb 08, 2007
Itachi is the only bad guy i ve seen fight in naruto who has'nt been physically touched in other words punched or kicked by his opponents,excpet when he uses replacements. smiley
Orochimaru on the other hand couldn't take sarutobi one on one plus he admited to itachi being more powerful than him. so the only competition here should be btw the akasuki leader and itachi.
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by Shukaku: 5:24am On Feb 23, 2007
Well naruton fans it seems to be that alll of u are wrong, some believe that Orochimaru is the strongest others think that Uchiha Itachi is the strongest villian, apparently none of you have actually seen the mangas or seen the episodes. May I remind you that Orochimaru admitted that Itachi was already stronger than he, many would think that he is hte one behind Akatsuki. Although his Sharingan is powerful than Kakashis and Sasukes our sources from Naruto shippuden revealed that the true villian in charge, the main guy, the strongest of the all is none other then UCHIHA MADARA. No one knows who this member of the Uchiha clan is, what's his story, and what kind of jutsus he knows, all we know for sure is this guy's power is so enourmous that he even sacred the Kuuybi itself. So there I just answer the greatest mysteryof them all any questions ?
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by narutard01: 10:48am On Feb 23, 2007
I have read the manga to 342 and I don’t think they have revealed the identity of the boss. Which chapter is it (please reply by the chapter number).

All we know so far is that he has a white ring, the character is Zero and has nose rings.


As for the history of Uchiha Madara and his respective clan, I think this is a really cool theory.


I personally think that Kishimoto has based the Uchiha on the Tengu.

As for the strongest villain, I think it is the nine tail Fox. We have seen with Gaara of the Desert that his transmutation to the demon shukaku was a process equal and proportionate from the container (Gaara) to the demon conscience state. As for Naruto, we have only seen 4 tails (Chapter 296) , less than 50 % of the exposed power level. Would be interesting to see full emergence at 9 tails. Can discount Itachi and Orochimaru (or once named Yashagoro). Perhaps the Akatsuki boss but I am sticking with the nine tail fox smiley
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by sucess001(m): 3:20pm On Feb 23, 2007
how can i get to buy or get manga films? am desperate ilove them, help!!!
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by obats(m): 5:55pm On Feb 23, 2007
[color=Black][/color][i][/i]i don't know abouit you guys, but as for me, i believe that the kyubi is the most powerful villain there simply for the fact that there is no one who can take him out. And for those who believe that the kyubi fears the Uchicha mandara, you should all go and watch that episode again because from what i saw, the nine tails only acknowledge him of being powerful but not strong enough to take him out.
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by echowords(m): 9:23pm On Feb 23, 2007
Let us put kyubi out of the question. he is practically the strongest living creature in naruto.
let put it down to the characters.
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by koolbone(m): 1:25pm On Jun 07, 2007
def the akatsuki leader. he contols a bunch of bad guys: sasori, kisame, itachi, deidara, the list is pretty damn impressive
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by Seun(m): 5:39pm On Jun 07, 2007
Have you read the last chapter of the Manga? Did you see what Kabuto turned himself into? Eww, ugly!
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by Nobody: 5:52pm On Jun 09, 2007
kabuto is simply a freak. And now oros life force has taken over one-third of his body. Im sure he will be completely taken over,
and then the "new" orochimaru will gloat about this being another of his twisted experiments.
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by Lush: 11:35am On Jun 11, 2007
[color=#000099]I think you guys are missing a crucial point and thats the fact that "Naruto + Kyubi = Jurichyi , " The 9 tailed fox being the highest of the kyubi's, Naruto, who although clumsy has got skills and is getting better by the day. Give him time and we'll be talking about how he'll brush Uchiha Madara angry Nobody should mention Kabuto here o, for someone to chop Naruto's rasengan at that level means he's an a*se![/color]
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by echowords(m): 12:04am On Jun 15, 2007
Hey Lush were you been ??
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by GANZ(m): 2:12pm On Jun 15, 2007

Did i read this correctly you have that many episodes, men you have to hook me up abeg.

How do i get a copy of that from you?

You would be doing a great service i have been looking for this for the last five months.

Send me an email so we can work something out. segun03@yahoo.com

Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by Lush1: 7:20am On Jul 02, 2007
@ echowords, i been drifting on and offline. wink
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by tayoccu(m): 10:08am On Oct 08, 2007
y'all have named pretty mean dudes, but da baddest is Obito, if atasuki leader can make all da other dudes scramble, he's bad, very bad, now what will you say about the guy he takes orders from.
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by tayoccu(m): 10:22am On Oct 09, 2007
sorry I meant to say Uchiha Mandara the 1st sharingan user.
goodness how old is that guy?

Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by Seun(m): 10:19pm On Nov 01, 2007
Right now it seems to be Pein. Afterall, he has the best eyes. Eyes of a god!
Re: Strongest Villian In Naruto (Manga)? by Nobody: 9:36pm On Nov 02, 2007
If peins rinnegan technique is all that then why does he still take orders from tobi? I think madara uchiha should be added to the list of strongest naruto villians, cus for something like kyubbi to acknowledge his power, then it means hes really deadly. Recall that jiraiya even suspected madara summoned kyubbi to attack konoha. Now if you are powerful enough to summon the nine tails, then you got to be really really powerful.

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