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"The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 6:27pm On Jun 16, 2017
Hi nairalanders! I have just completed my first novel titled "The secrets." I have also decided to make it a "free read" in order to get sincere commendations, criticisms and advice. I adjure every lover of stories like myself to give me a helping hand in this journey of becoming an excellent writer. I welcome all kinds of criticisms (except violent ones though). Writing is my passion so I am doing this for fun, but if it yields other positive outcome, I will be happier. Please don't just read, tell me what you think about my writing, give me your true opinion.
Note... The Secrets is purely an imaginary story, but I have other stories lined up some of which are true life stories and myths. The 23 chapters of this book will be marshalled out one at a time, once every week.
Thank you.

Updating the first chapter of the secrets in few minutes...


Mmachi sat on the wooden chair close to her car after receiving a phone call on her way out of the office. Her legs became so feeble that they were unable to carry her so she needed support, she could no longer control the tears she has been holding back all through the conversation. “It’s over!” She said to herself. “It is finally over.” She repeated burying her face in her palms as she cried silently. Her relationship of five years just ended abruptly without any explanations or reasons from her boyfriend. She has invested all her time, energy and commitment to this bond, and now it has proven to be a failed venture yielding no efficacious outcome.
“Madam!” Aku, her driver called from the car “I hope there is no problem?” He inquired.
“No, there’s none.” She responded wiping her eyes with the back of her hands. Her make-up was already smeared making her face look like a painting board for children. She stood up and walked to the car, opened the right rear door and sat down quietly. “Please take me to Nnamdi’s house.” She uttered with an exasperated snort.
“You mean Oga Nnamdi at Asokoro?” The driver asked Mmachi simply expecting to figure out what was happening to her, but Mmachi was irked by his statement.
“I have just one Nnamdi and I am extremely certain you know this, take me there fast before I change my mind and board a taxi.” Said Mma sternly. She was irritated by Aku’s piqued curtness and was running out of patience with him but simultaneously, she doesn’t want to vent all her negative energy on her poor driver, her quandary wasn’t his fault.
All through the way to Nnamdi’s house, Mmachi was agitated unlike her usual self. Her thoughts stirred from one possible cause of the unanticipated break-up to another. “What have I done wrong? Where did I miss it?” She asked herself. “Nnamdi has to explain the meaning of what he precisely mentioned to me on the phone.” Mumbled Mma adjusting her sitting position to help calm her nervousness.
Mmachi reminisced on the first day they both met at University of Abuja, Nnamdi came to submit his thesis at the faculty of Social and management sciences. She was at 200level then studying Public Administration in same faculty. She missed Mr. Badere’s test and everyone in that faculty knew that missing Mr. Badere’s test was synonymous to failing it. Mmachi stood adjacent to Mr. Badere’s door pleading with him to let her retake the test but the man yelled at her to get out of his office before he would take a drastic action that she would regret. Mmachi overlooked his yelling and kept on with her persistent pleas which ceased when the young man, Nnamdi walked in.
“Good afternoon Sir, my boss and mentor” Nnamdi said to Mr. Badere presenting his hand for a handshake. Mr Badere replied Nnamdi’s greeting with a murmur, accepting his handshake. Nnamdi drew back the seat opposite Mr Badere and dumped himself on it, unaware of Mmachi’s presence. “Deeming from your look Sir, I can conclude that this time is a wrong time to discuss thesis with you.” Nnamdi voiced out, not appreciating Mr Badere’s mien. “Who is making you vexed this hot afternoon?” He asked.
“Nnamdi! You and this your empirical demeanour.” Uttered Mr Badere, smiling heartily for the first time, leaning back in his chair. “Students and their seemingly ignorant mentality. Here’s what happened, this young lady missed my test, and all my students know that in my rule book there’s no makeup test for anyone no matter the justification. My annoyance is that this same lady wouldn’t let me have peace, propelling me to conform to her caprice against my wish. Who does that? What would warrant these students to behave the way they want and expect me to comply with it?” Mr. Badere questioned in a belligerent manner as if he has had problems with Mmachi in the past, not awaiting an answer.
“Sir, I was purely beseeching you and not enforcing you. I am a devoted student and I have never missed classes. I was truly sick on the day you gave the test so I wasn’t able to come to school. Please sir, ask my course mates if you wish, I never miss classes except for cases like this one.” Mmachi implored softly. The sound of her voice indicated that she was crying but Mr. Badere disregarded her.
Nnamdi who has been sitting and listening to the contretemps looked over his shoulder to see the lady with the delightful voice he rightfully heard. It was at this juncture that he noticed the beauty standing behind him. He was dazzled and whispered “What a damsel! So beautiful and innocent looking girl.”
Mr. Badere cut in “How did you know she is innocent?” He asked Nnamdi who was drooling over Mma’s beauty. “She is beautiful no doubt, but innocent? I don’t think so.” He said discourteously.
Nnamdi replied him “Trust me, I know innocence when I see it.” They both laughed over their banters making Mmachi feel so uneasy, they were both talking about her as if she wasn’t there.
Mmachi left Mr. Badere’s office with teary eyes, unnoticed. She wanted leaving for home but had an inclination in her heart to wait and still entreat Mr Badere one last time when he is through with his visitor. She perambulated up and down the students’ lobby, fixing her gaze continually to his office, ensuring that she neighbours it. “I will go back to him when his visitor is out, I am optimistic that he will hear me out, I am sure he will.” She muttered to herself.
About thirty minutes later, Nnamdi came out of Mr. Badere’s office directing his stare from one angle of the waiting room to another obviously searching for someone. “Who is he looking for?” Mma thought, with a frown on her face. Instantaneously, their eyes met. Mmachi immediately shifted her gaze to the floor, pretending not to have seen him. Nnamdi smiled and walked up to her, he looked pithily into Mma’s misty eyes but she constantly avoided his gaze, bending her head down and clinching her stare to the ground.
“Hey!” He said to her in a friendly way. Mma eventually lifted her head and stared at Nnamdi’s face. She observed his gigantic eyes that could swallow her up in a gaze, and his pointed nose that looked like a steep slope descending into a valley, sweetly dividing his two bulgy eyes, with his luscious lips to compliment his oval facial features. His height was like that of an iroko tree, making her stretch her neck backwards to have a complete view of his nubile structure. Mmachi continued looking at him as though she was expecting him to say something. “I guess we made you uneasy with our silly jokes and that was why you had to leave.” Nnamdi said to her. Mmachi didn’t answer him, but kept staring at him credulously awaiting more communication from him. “Anyway, I saw your sincerity, and even though Mr. Badere is a very disciplined man, he has a kind heart too. I managed to convince him to give you a makeup test, I hope you are prepared for it.” Nnamdi said to her, twitching his lips and fluttering his eyelids, with his hands in his pockets, feeling like a hero.
Those words resurrected Mma’s cheerful nature when she heard them, her face lightened up and her misty eyes glowed. One could tell she was extremely happy with the news.
“Wow! This is unbelievable.” She giggled. “How did you do that Sir? You are my answered prayer. God sent you here at the very right time.” Mma said cheerfully, all at the same time.
“Hurry at this moment and go write your test before Mr. Badere changes his mind.” Nnamdi said winking at her with a smile.
“You are so right Sir, thank you so much.” Mma replied and dashed to the lecturer’s office.
Mmachi came out of the office relieved, she was nonplussed to still find Nnamdi sitting at the waiting room alongside where he met her. He was reading a book and wasn’t aware that she was out. She walked towards him and sat down unobtrusively beside him.
“Were you waiting for me Sir?” Mma asked him in a careful and gentle manner, looking at him bemused. It was then that Nnamdi looked up and saw her.
“I wasn’t expecting you out this soon, you were quite fast.” The stupefied Nnamdi responded. “I was engrossed with this book that I didn’t catch sight of you step out of the office. So sorry about that.” He said, stylishly ignoring her question.
“There is no reason to apologise Sir, you’ve done nothing wrong. But you are yet to answer my question.” Mma said inquisitively, she was curious to ascertain who he was waiting for, and why.
“Alright. I thought I could bypass that. Well I had to wait for you to be truly sure you took the test and that you had no problems with Mr. Badere.” Nnamdi said to Mma. What he said wasn’t the entire truth, he also wanted to build a connection between them seeing how mystified Mma was at first and how her immaculate spirit and gentle nature endeared her to him. “So how did it go?” He asked her.
Mmachi narrated to Nnamdi how she was hysterical at first but later calmed down when she saw the questions, and how she relaxed to answer everything correctly. She did so well that Mr. Badere had to commend her. She recounted everything to him so excitedly that her face beamed with so much beauty and splendour.
“Thank you so much Sir, you are an angel sent from above to help me. You made this happen.” Mma said to mesmerised Nnamdi.
All the while she was talking, Nnamdi listened to her in admiration, he didn’t realise when he spoke out his thought “Why are you this beautiful?”
Mmachi was caught off guard “Pardon?” She asked him. At that moment, his action dawned on him. “What did you say Sir” Mmachi repeated the question eagerly.
“It was just me thinking aloud.” He said shoving it away. “And please can you stop calling me Sir, it makes me feel old. I am a student like you and my name is Nnamdi, Nnamdi Odinachi. And you are?” Nnamdi asked bringing out his hands for a handshake.
“Mmachi Kachi.” She answered taking his outstretched hand into hers. “Odinachi is a very popular name, I know the famous oil mogul and philanthropist, chief Magnus Odinachi. Are you related to him?” Mma asked him.
“Yes, somehow.” Nnamdi maffled, tolling another line of discussion. He detests using his father’s goodwill to gain popularity or friendship, he has obtained a plethora of fake friends all because of that and it didn’t progress superbly. His endearment to Mmachi was so real that he wouldn’t want to possess her with his father’s magnanimous and prestigious personality. “Your name suits you. You are truly the beauty of God, such a brilliant beauty. Beauty and brain are hard to come by these days you know. I am immensely delighted to meet you.” Nnamdi said using coquettish prowess to woo Mma. Mmachi blushed. “Can I call you my Angel?” Nnamdi asked her. “I feel so protected and at peace being here with you.” He confessed.
“Sure! Feel free. I am rooster-a-hooped to find out that I am able to give you peace and protection.” Mmachi said, giving him a cheery smile. “You are my saving grace Nnamdi, the pleasure of this conclave is all mine.” Mmachi glanced at her wristwatch and exclaimed. “Ooops! I have to get going, I don’t have any more lectures and I have to be in church this evening.”
Nnamdi solicited for Mmachi’s phone digits, it was a difficult thing for him to do having enjoyed attention and loyalty from all sundry of girls who would adjure him to collect their numbers or more so collect his and keep bombarding him with calls. He was slightly puzzled that Mmachi was hesitant about it at first but later obliged, he has sensed it already that she was a unique being. Mmachi was not the type that entertained giving out her number to strangers but this time the scenario was different. She liked the guy standing before her and he has helped her out too so she had to capitulate. They both exchanged numbers and when he volunteered giving her a lift, she subtly declined the offer. If her dad’s driver wasn’t waiting for her she would have gladly accepted the suggestion.

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Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by ryfoz(m): 7:39pm On Jun 16, 2017
Few minutes? Its past an hour now o
Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 7:45pm On Jun 16, 2017
Few minutes? Its past an hour now o

so sorry, had little problem with my internet connection.
Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 7:46pm On Jun 16, 2017

Mmachi was smiling amidst tears as she thought about all these things, their first meeting sparkled the attraction and Mmachi being someone that loves without reservations fell madly in love with Nnamdi. He knew how to treat a lady nicely and Mma enjoyed all his attention, care and support. He spoilt her with gifts and beautiful words, having won her genuinely over to himself. During her twentieth birthday which also coincided with her graduation, Nnamdi organised a surprise party for her. It was at this point that their relationship was made public and so many people envied the lovebirds. Even though Nnamdi wasn’t one to be faithful, Mmachi excused it as being men’s weakness and remained faithful and loving to him. She has been the perfect one in the relationship and believed so much it will end up at the altar. Nnamdi has never had any reason to complain or want to end the relationship, he has always told her how she has brought light into his life and filled it with love since his mother died, and also how she gave him the strength to put up with his step mum and her unbarring attitude. “You are my illumination, my guardian angel.” He said to her constantly. Mmachi being a very beautiful and well nurtured young girl had lots of suitors at her very juvenile age but she turned them down, and when her parents become worried about the situation she introduced Nnamdi to them as her fiancé.
“It’s five years now and we were doing fine, what happened?” She asked herself again, this time sobbing uncontrollably.
“Madam! please what is wrong? I hope nothing has happened to Oga Nnamdi?” Aku, her driver asked her curiously.
“Stop asking me questions and keep driving Aku!” Mmachi ululated amidst her sobs.
The whole house looked deserted as they drove into the magnificent building, Mma searched around the compound for Nnamdi’s car with her eyes but it was out of sight. “He is meant to be home this Friday evening.” Mma mumbled. She observed that aside the gateman who opened the gate for them, and for the beautiful flowers and trees, and also the lizards and creeping insects, there was no living creature found. Nnamdi’s house was always buzzling with activities; enough domestic servants and security guards actively operational, going about their duties, but this time the whole place was empty. The driver pulled over as the gateman ran towards the car.
“Good afternoon auntie.” The gateman greeted her, pondering why she was visiting at such an odd time when everyone has left the house. They all knew her as Nnamdi’s girlfriend and fiancée.
“What is happening here?” Mma asked, she was agog this time getting fidgety and stared at him with brooding eyes.
“Auntie, I don’t know anything oh!” He said placing his hands on each other sequentially. “They just paid everybody off this morning and told us that if our services were needed again, they will inform us. If you had come 10 minutes later sef, you wouldn’t have met me here.” The rollicking gatemen said standing akimbo. “Didn’t he tell you anything?” He asked, startled.
Mmachi did not bother answering him, she said to her driver in a peeved tone “Take me home.”
Aku had a hard time driving his madam home not only because of the traffic congestion along Nnamdi Azikiwe express road, but also because the car was uncomfortably and unusually silent. The only thing one could hear in the car was Mmachi’s sobs which made it obvious that she was crying. Aku now had a glimpse of what was making her cry. Mmachi made effort to put a call through to Nnamdi severally but it proved abortive, his line was not reachable. They got home very late because of the congestion along Gwarimpa axis. Mmachi came down from the car, hurtled into the house and headed straight to her room leaving her bag behind. She ignored her younger sister Simdi who sat at the veranda saying hi to her. Aku brought out her bag and shut the car door.
“What’s wrong with her? I have never seen her that way.” Simdi said to Aku as she approached him.
“I don’t know oh Ma’am.” Aku replied Simdi opening his hands and arms wide. “I only know that it has to do with Nnamdi.”
“Hey!” Screamed Simdi. “The affable Nnamdi!” She screamed again. “Okay oh! Let me go and find out myself.” Simdi said disquietedly. She collected the handbag from Aku and strode to her sister’s room.
Simdi has invariably envied her sister’s relationship, it was too perfect to be true. She believed that Nnamdi wasn’t being his real self and that he was always cautious with Mma knowing how naïve she was, she perceived it as the reason for their blossoming relationship. Simdi has formerly told Mmachi to try digging deep into her man’s life or better still take him unawares or off guard sometimes but Mmachi vehemently opposed to those suggestions and warned Simdi never to bring up such discussions again. Mmachi never listened to her younger sister’s advice and blamed her for every of her failed relationship. Simdi anticipated that a day like this would come, she suspected that their bond was a hullabaloo and that Nnamdi’s profession of love was a hogwash. She has been into several relationships to be certain about that hypothesis. She wasn’t the patient type and anytime she discovered any discrepancy between what she wanted and what she was getting, she called it off immediately. Simdi’s got over her last and longest relationship which lasted 14 months through Mmachi’s help, it wasn’t the first time Mmachi was doing that for her, Mmachi’s love for her sister was so much so that she was always willing and ready to express it.

Mmachi and Chisimdi apart from being sisters were also best of friends, the small age gap between them made them look more like twins and even though they tend to disagree with each other a lot, they were both allies and their love for each other knew no bounds; when one is hurting, both are hurting. Simdi was a typical opposite of Mmachi, life was inconsequential to her even academically and financially. Disparate from her sister Mmachi who was managing her father’s plastic company, she preferred to loiter at home and make demands or cause troubles. Simdi was a fashionista, a music lover with a good melodious voice, and an appealing dancer too, wiggling her voluptuous hips whenever she danced. Her dream was to be an artist but her parents refused to support her with it. She was seen as the black sheep of the family, but Mmachi has always supported, encouraged and stood by her. Simdi was also a beautiful young girl even though not as beautiful as Mmachi who blended hers with her model of rectitude, she has a lovely curvaceous figure that made men lust after her.
Simdi tried to open Mmachi’s door but it was locked, she knocked gently several times but there was no answer so she called out “Mmamma m.” That was Mmachi’s pet name given to her by Simdi, “Can you open the door for your Didi please?” Simdi said with a tiny voice.
“Didi please go away and let me be, leave me alone with my sorrows and bad luck.” Mmachi said in a husky voice showing that even her throat was sore from crying.
“You know you are asking for the impossible. You know me too well that I’m not leaving this place until you tell me what is wrong with you. Have you forgotten so soon what you consistently tell me? You told me that as a team we can conquer the unconquerable and that everything surely has solution. Also recall you told me that I should be your shoulder to cry on whenever you need it just like you have always been mine. I’m not coming in to ask you to stop crying, far from it. I want to come in and cry with you and give you my shoulder to cry on. Please Mmamma m don’t deny me this I beg you.” Simdi said sweetly.
“Oh! I love you so much Didi” Mma said wiping her running nose. She stood up and went to open the door for her little sister. Simdi came in and quickly gave Mma a hug, they both hugged each other tightly while Mmachi cried out loudly.
“Let it out Mmamma, let it all out.” Simdi said to Mma rubbing her back to make her calm down meanwhile her eyes were filled with tears too. She has never seen her elder sister that way in fact it has always been in the reverse order.
Mmachi regained equanimity with Simdi’s presence, she laid in her bed with her head on Simdi’s laps while Simdi stroked her hair.
“Can you share it now Mmamma.” Simdi said guardedly to Mmachi.
Mmachi nodded her head in affirmation and adjusted herself. She has recouped a temporal sangfroid, so she sat upright, resting her back against the head of the bed. She looked straight into Simdi’s eyes and said to her “Simdi, it is over! Nnamdi and I are over and done with.” Mma said holding back her tears.
Simdi glowered but wasn’t wide eyed, it was as if she was expecting it. “I hate to tell you this but I told you Mmamma to shine your eyes. I’m not going to reprimand you but if you had dealt with things at the first instance I’m sure it won’t have gotten to this.” She scolded at Mmachi in a tender manner. “Men are jerks you know, who would want to lose a darling like you, sweet and intelligent.” She said, carefully pulling her sister closer to her. “So tell me Mmamma, what really happened? Was it another woman or what?” Simdi asked Mmachi.
Tears rolled down Mmachi’s cheeks as she narrated what happened to Simdi. “I am so confused and dumbfounded Didi, we were supposed to have dinner together but as I was coming out from my office after work, he called me and wasn’t sounding like his usual self, he was stammering and whenever Nnamdi wants to tell a fib, he stammers. He told me that he was so sorry and that what he was about to do wasn’t his intention but that he had to do it for my safety. That was when he let the cat out of the bag saying that our relationship was over and that I shouldn’t bother looking for him. He ended the call afterwards. I thought it was a joke until I went to his father’s house but met the whole place deserted, it was the gateman that told me that everyone has moved. I do not have an inkling of what’s going on, he didn’t explain anything to me nor acted suspiciously.” Mmachi cried out to Simdi, she couldn’t hold back the tears anymore so she wept frantically.
Simdi consoled her. “Mmamma stop crying please. But why did he move? Not only him but his whole family. This sounds so fishy, I think he must have gotten himself in a very awkward fix and because you are the good one he had to laden it on you. Anyway let’s not conclude yet, there may be an explanation to this. Let’s get hold of him first and hear his rationale behind this update. Perhaps it was just a mistake or a way of surprising you. We would get to the bottom of this bae and if truly he meant it, then unfortunately for him, he has lost a jewel.” Simdi said unapologetically.
The room was silent for a moment, Simdi was lost in thoughts. “Maama, think deeply, are you sure there was nothing that signalled this, anything at all?” She asked her.
Mmachi cried out “I don’t know Didi, I know nothing. I have done nothing to be fed with this. Why is he doing this to me? I thought he loved me as much as I do. His line isn’t going through. Where has he gone to? He didn’t even tell me he was leaving. Oh God! Help me to survive this.”
Simdi drew her sister more closely and gave her a warm embrace. “I love you dearly and can’t bear seeing you like this.” She placed Mmachi’s head on her laps again and stroked her hair while she sang sweetly to her. It wasn’t long enough Simdi started singing that she heard Mmachi snoring. “She has cried a lot” Simdi thought to herself.

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Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by supizino(m): 9:29pm On Jun 16, 2017
following keenly
Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 7:19am On Jun 17, 2017
following keenly

Thanks. Will be taking my time to update, want to get feedback on my writing prowess.
Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by StephanieElla24: 1:05pm On Jun 17, 2017
interesting story line kip it up
Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by supizino(m): 1:16pm On Jun 17, 2017

Thanks. Will be taking my time to update, want to get feedback on my writing prowess.
aiit buh u are nt doing bad

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Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by drewsman(m): 3:32pm On Jun 17, 2017
I'm not a writer but I think u r doing justice to the story. jus some few spelling errors though

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Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by EvaJael(f): 6:19pm On Jun 17, 2017
Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 1:21pm On Jun 18, 2017
I'm not a writer but I think u r doing justice to the story. jus some few spelling errors though
Thanks a lot. I will go through again and make corrections where necessary.
I appreciate this.
interesting story line kip it up
Thanks so much. I'm encouraged.
Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 10:39pm On Jun 23, 2017
Thanks for your patience.

Mr. Emeka Kachi, a noiseless but wealthy business man, had his hotel and plastic company listed among his other numerous landed investments and shares in renowned companies that yielded him income. His quondam milieu gave him the drive to acquire his newfrangled reputation which made it difficult for people to believe that he was a stark illiterate who couldn’t take his common entrance examination because of the poverty-stricken environment he found himself. He lost his father at the tender age of ten, making him and his five other siblings live under the aegis of their mum who had their inimical uncles to deal with. He lost his elder brother to the cold hands of death simply because they couldn’t afford to treat him of malaria. Notwithstanding these shortcomings, Mr. Emeka carved a metier for himself, giving him the entitlement to mingle with the eminent and affluent men, at the same time not altering his meek and modest nature. His business acumen was second to none. Mr. Kachi swore to himself that none of his children would be deprived of any good thing of life, and because his dream of being educated was dashed, he was willing to sponsor whichever of his children to whatever level of education they wished for.
Mmachi was her daddy’s favourite child and he called her “Ada Nnaya,” meaning her father’s daughter. She was as clever as her dad in the realm of business techniques which propelled her to acquire her executive masters’ degree in business administration at the University of Greenwich, and pressed her further to managing her dad’s plastic company at age 24. She habitually sets the pace for her younger siblings to emulate being the first child of the family. While Chibuikem, the baby of the house and only son was doing an excellent job in paralleling Mmachi’s attainment; at 20 years of age, he was already in his final session in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and has commenced plans to further his education abroad before taking over the management of his father’s hotel and other investments; Chisimdi on the other hand was nonchalant about accomplishing any feat. She couldn’t even graduate from the university but kept on lying to her parents that she was a graduate waiting for her service year. All she does was sit idly at home and entice promiscuous men with her erotic body. Mmachi was only a year older than Simdi but has exceedingly surpassed her in every facet of existence.
The slender and resplendent Mrs. Ujunwa Kachi was united in wedlock to Mr. Emeka 25 years ago, at the acme of his opulence. She was a sophisticated young lady who subsequent to merely graduating from the University of Lagos, came over to Abuja to reside and hunt for a part-time job while waiting for her National Youth Service posting. Emeka saw her in a shopping mall and was beguiled by her splendorous beauty, straight away, he undertook the task of making her his wife. In the initial stage, Ujunwa exhibited outright rejection to his proposal because of his archaic lifestyle but afterwards, with Emeka’s generosity and chivalry, Uju’s parents were willing to accept him as their son in-law. Mmachi, Chisimdi, and Chibuikem, accumulated their mum’s grandeur personality and savoir faire, despite that, Simdi’s flirtatiousness was a foreign persona in the family.
Mrs. Ujunwa could patently pass as Mmachi’s elder sister, Mr. Emeka flaunted and boasted about her to a great extent that he also gave her a favourite name “Ugodiya” or “Ugo’m” meaning her husband’s pride or my pride. This was mainly because of the difficulties he encountered before possessing her, hence, exalting Ujunwa to be an accomplishment for him. Mrs. Ujunwa had to take dire measures in the manner her husband treasured his children and lavished them with luxury. Her excessive control compelled the children to regard her as an austere and parsimonious mummy while their father the munificent one was nicknamed “Daddy Generous.” Nevertheless, it didn’t deter them from being proud of their mum’s elegance and having qualms about their dad’s inability to express himself especially when their friends come around. Mmachi had to personally enrol an English teacher to help quash her dad’s maladroitness. Despite his ineptitude, their love and respect for him never declined. Mrs. Ujunwa inculcated the Christian values in her children, they frequented the Wednesday prayer meetings, Friday prayer hour and Sunday services every week. She also ensured that morning devotions and vespers were observed daily as well as the compulsory fasting conducted at least twice a week. The modus operandi were extremely unyielding that they became necessary obligations for their quotidian life. Mrs. Ujunwa’s family was a desirous one rooted in love, understanding, and oneness, except for Simdi’s transgressions.
Mr Emeka built a prestigious primary school for his darling wife when he perceived her passion for teaching which made her neglect her field of study, Biochemistry, and focused on a teaching career. Previously, she taught in a Government Primary School, permitting her to successfully organise her home. Being a proprietor of a school did not obstruct her from doing what she had ardour for, she still made out time to teach the children because she sincerely had a zest for teaching. Ikem was his mummy’s pet, her fondness for him was so humongous that no matter how hard she strived to conceal it, the glaring effect was evident. Simdi and Mmachi used Ikem regularly as a bait to get something from their mum and each time they did, it worked. Whenever Mrs. Ujunwa was being accused of preferential treatment towards Ikem, she excuses her action saying.
“Ikem is a man and men are to be served and respected. Men don’t get easily damaged unlike the ladies.” What a lame and chucklesome defence!

Mrs. Ujunwa looked at the wall clock in her neatly arranged and spectacular office, it was some minutes to 5pm and she had to attend the hourly prayer in her church which starts at 5:30pm. She directed her stare to her secretary Nora who has been standing there for a while.
“Can I have those files now please.” She said to Nora stretching out her hand to receive them. Nora genuflected as she handed the files over to her. Mrs Ujunwa went through them with so much attention.
“Beautiful work Nora! You are so coherent and methodical. These are the reasons I enjoy working with you.” She said to Nora signing the papers.
“Thank you so much Ma’am.” Nora replied smiling blissfully like someone who has won a lottery. “You make the work easy and so interesting too Ma.” She continued.
Mrs Ujunwa handed the files back to her while scrutinising her with her eyes. “You look exceptionally gorgeous today oh Nora! I guess there is a guy behind this look knowing today is Friday.” She said to Nora who was now laughing sheepishly. Nora used her hands to cover her face. “You are blushing right?” She asked her, an answer was unanticipated. “Just be very careful anyway. Do not be in a relationship without a purpose, court a responsible and diligent man who has marriage prospect and not all these ‘sagging boys’ that have no aim in life. Most importantly, never date a married man, it is a free ticket to the journey of a ruined life.” Mrs Ujunwa counselled Nora as she tidied up her table.
“I will be careful Ma’am. Thank you so much for all your motherly advice, I truly appreciate it Ma.” Nora expressed delightfully. “Is there anything else I can do for you Ma’am?” She asked politely.
“That will be all for today Nora.” Mrs Ujunwa responded. “Lest I forget, I hope you have transferred the funds to Ikem’s account. He needs it for his project.” Mrs Ujunwa noted.
“Yes Ma I have. He has confirmed it already.” Nora asserted.
“Have a nice evening then, and see you on Monday.” Said Mrs Ujunwa.
“You too Ma. My regards to your beautiful daughters and your husband. Good evening.” Nora enunciated quickly as she made her way to the door.

Most streets in Abuja usually have this bustling ambience every Fridays and that particular Friday wasn’t an exception. The glower on Mrs Ujunwa’s face was conspicuous as she drove past the busy roads watching young boys and girls loiter the streets. She couldn’t terminate the collywobbles building up in her caused by her daughters’ absence from the hourly prayers which they rarely miss. She discarded the pessimistic hunch and prayed silently to God for their safety, she was steadfast in faith.
Mrs. Ujunwa got home exhausted and sauntered into the beautifully decorated large living room. She plonked herself into the chair, resting her back on the cushion. Charity, the help, heard her come in and hurried out from the kitchen to attend to her.
“Where are my daughters?” Mrs. Ujunwa asked Charity barely responding to her greetings.
“Madam, I haven’t seen Miss Mmachi since she left for work this morning and Miss Simdi was at the veranda not too long ago but I haven’t seen her lately too” Charity replied Mrs Ujunwa respectfully.
“Go and fetch Simdi” Mrs. Ujunwa ordered Charity. “And get me a cup of water.” She added.
Charity came back almost immediately with the glass of water in a clean tray. “Ma’am, Miss Simdi isn’t in her room.” She said presenting the glass to her Madam.
This made Mrs. Ujunwa distraught. “Really? Did you check Mmachi’s room?” She asked Charity not minding the glass of water that was brought to her.
“No Ma’am, I didn’t.” replied Charity bluntly.
Mrs Ujunwa hastened to Mmachi’s room and was rattled to find both Mmachi and Simdi sleeping in awkward positions. She was Infuriated and shrieked “What’s the meaning of this, Mma and Simdi?” Simdi was awakened by her mother’s scream. “Get up you two and explain to me why you did not attend today’s church vesper.” Mrs. Ujunwa continued with her yelling. “Was sleep the reason?” She asked angrily pointing to their bed.
Simdi, being fully awake at that moment, signalled to her mum with her hands to keep quiet and not rouse Mmachi. She tenderly placed Mmachi’s head on the pillow and readjusted her sleeping position. Mrs. Ujunwa watched in perplexity as Simdi slipped out of the bed and tiptoed to where she stood, finding it hard to comprehend her action. Simdi held her mum’s hand softly and took her out of the room shutting the door quietly behind them. She sighed heavily and her mum who has been following her shepherding without demurring asked annoyingly. “So what’s the meaning of this Simdi?”
“Mummy, let’s go to the sitting room first, I will tell you everything there.” Simdi told her mum while leading the way.
Mrs. Ujunwa was genuinely dolorous and perturbed for her benign daughter Mmachi after listening to Simdi’s diluted narration of what transpired between Mmachi and Nnamdi. She knew her daughter to be a very kind, faithful, selfless, caring, loving and a sweet girl who could trade her happiness for others. As the first child of the family, she has always been the family’s counsellor, unitary factor, and burden bearer; she was the comforter of the hurt and at that moment, she needed consolation. Mrs. Ujunwa remembered countless times when she had Gordian Knots with her husband, even moments when the family was in disarray; it was Mmachi who restored decorum and instilled peace and normalcy in the family. Mmachi was a lady that shielded her loved ones and made sure that their felicity was a certainty. Everyone in the family was addicted to Mmachi, dull jiffs could never be experienced around her.
“But Nnamdi is a good man, he cares for Mma too. What must have prompted him to act this way?” Mrs. Ujunwa voiced out after a Mo of been lost in thoughts. “Simdi, this your story is quite difficult for me to fathom anyway.” Mrs. Ujunwa said to the inattentive Simdi who sat beside her, eyes glued to her phone. “I mean, Mmachi has never had an eye for any other guy, they had this strong connection that was apparent. Nnamdi was her first and only boyfriend. I thought she said they were getting married soon?” She asked Simdi having not heard a word from her since her narration, but she got no response. “Have you been listening to me at all?” Mrs Ujunwa queried Simdi, this time irritated.
“Yes mummy, I have been paying earnest attention to you. I only drifted a lil in reflections of all these.” Simdi lied quickly dropping her phone on her laps.
“You and your fibs! I hope this your story is authentic because I doubt Nnamdi will ever do such a thing.” Mrs. Ujunwa muttered, not trusting the credibility of Simdi’s story. “Once Mma is up from sleep, apprise her to see me so we can discuss this matter extensively. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t have stopped you two from coming to church this evening, the church is a place where you ease your burden and get relief.” Averred Mrs Ujunwa ambling to her room leaving behind Simdi who never minded what she has been saying and has gone back to her phone.
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Dinner was served belatedly and Mmachi was palpably off. It was customary for her to be the first at the table except for days she returned from work late but this time, her seat was clearly vacant and her car was parked outside revealing that she was at home. Mrs Ujunwa was aware of her husband’s reaction when he comes to the table, so she decided to ask first upon his arrival.
“Why is Mmachi not her yet? Is she still sleeping?” She inquired from Simdi, focusing her gaze on her.
“I was about to ask same question Ugo’m.” Rejoined Mr. Emeka who was now seated, glancing at his wife and redirecting his gaze at Simdi. “Sim, where’s Ada Nnaya, your sister?” He queried.
Simdi was muddled, she burbled something not audible and lowered her eyes. She already knew that Mmachi was indisposed and it was because of the emotional trauma she was going through but she couldn’t relate it to her father, conscious of his dote on Mma. Mr Emeka nudged the plates and cutlery placed before him and jolted his chair backwards.
“This is unlike my Ada; she hasn’t asked of me yet nor come to greet me.” He said standing up from his chair “Or isn’t she back?” He asked, not waiting for their reply he marched straight to Mmachi’s room.
“Did you check up on her again?” Mrs. Ujunwa asked Simdi after a while with a modulated voice.
“Yes mummy, but she was still sleeping and I didn’t want to wake her up. I hope she is ……” Simdi was cut abruptly by her dad’s wail, “Chimooo!”
They both jumped post-haste to their feet and ran to Mma’s room where the cry came from, Mr. Emeka was slapping Mma’s face bawling her name, the fear in his eyes and panic in his voice were transparent.
“What is happening here?” Mrs Ujunwa asked her husband frantically.
“I walked in to find Mmachi lying helplessly on the floor with whitish substance dripping from her mouth, she was also jerking.” Mr. Emeka cried.
“Jesus Christ!” Mrs. Ujunwa shouted. “Not my daughter!” She activated the prayer mood instantly.
Mr. Emeka bumped into Simdi who stood by the side of the door stupefied as he was running to the kitchen to get a spoon. He used the spoon to forcefully separate Mmachi’s upper and lower teeth which were hitherto clinching together, using his finger as a support. He succeeded in fixing the spoon between the teeth and hurriedly carried Mma to the car while Ujunwa ran along praying. Her fear was transformed into unwavering faith. They Zoomed off to the hospital.
All the while, Simdi stood still shocked and befuddled. She could not comprehend what was going on, it was as if she saw seeing a horror movie.

Everyone was running helter-skater in the hospital, the doctors and nurses were doing all they could to resuscitate Mmachi; her mum prayed so loudly that it was heard at every unit of the emergency section, she paced through and fro clapping her hands and shaking her head, she kept calling on the name God to save her daughter. Agony and fear of the unknown was written all over Mr. Emeka’s pale face. Every now and then, he demanded from the nurses, updates about his daughter but they kept giving him same answer, “Please wait patiently for the doctor, Sir.”
Simdi caught up with them at the hospital in less than an hour, it took her a deliberate effort to overcome the shock and before she could recover from it, her parents were nowhere to be found. She knew they would be at the international Private Hospital located at Wuse 2 owing to the fact that it was their family hospital and she was correct about it. Simdi saw that her mum was busy with her prayers when she came in so she walked up to her dad.
“Tell me she’s okay daddy.” She said in a quaky tone.
“Nne I cannot say that because nobody has told me anything too. Doctor Manuel is with her, we are still waiting for him to come out.” He said trying very hard not to cry. Simdi held her dad’s hand and whispered.
“It’s well dad, she will be fine.”
Finally, Doctor Manuel came out of the ward, he has been in there for over 90 minutes. They all rushed to meet him and asked him almost simultaneously about Mmachi’s state. He implored them to all calm down.
“The worst is over; she is now out of danger. I am happy you brought her here early enough, she was almost passing out.” He said, giving them a fearless look to mollify their trepidation.
“What could have caused this kind of thing?” asked Mr. Emeka who was now plucked from fear. “I have never seen this type of thing before since I was born.” He uttered with his firm Igbo accent.
“We are not certain yet but it looks like a case of Acute Depression. It came across for the reason that she has lost the determination to live and was more willing to die, she wasn’t fighting for her life in the theatre.” Doctor Manuel informed him.
“Depre gini!” Mr. Emeka screamed, “What is depression? Why will Ada Nnaya be depressed? What is depressing her?” He asked as though he was grilling the doctor.
Doctor Manuel explained to Mr. Emeka what depression meant in the simplest form he could. He highlighted to him its characteristics. “It is a kind of mental disorder that has to do with low mood, low self-esteem and loss of interest in enjoyable activities or even life itself.”
Mr. Emeka was discombobulated, he could not decipher what the doctor was explaining to him. He turned over to his wife and daughter Simdi but they avoided his gaze. “The two of you have been suspiciously quiet and acting strangely since this evening, you two have a lot of explaining to do” He slashed sternly.
“Yes please! Can any of you spell out what precisely occurred so we can know where to begin our diagnosis from despite the fact that we have a hint.” Doctor Manuel added starring at Simdi whom he believed should have a better knowledge of what happened to her best friend and sister. He was also interested in discerning what may have caused the ever vibrant and jovial lady that brought so much positive vibes whenever she visited the hospital to be depressed. Doctor Manuel has been the Kachis’ family doctor for 3 years ever since their previous family Doctor, Doctor Mbanefo of over 20 years passed away. Doctor Mbanefo trained Doctor Manuel, making Doctor Manuel as good as his predecessor. Doctor Manuel has over the years become passionate about Mma and had a soft spot for her; who wouldn’t anyway, her beauty and character coupled with her intelligence were nonpareil.
Simdi was powerless under Doctor Manuel’s gaze, it was like she has been hypnotised. That was the first time Doctor Manuel would give her that long look or even take note of her. She was lost in his gaze and gawked at him not remembering she had a question to answer. Mrs Ujunwa saw the look on Simdi’s face, she thought Simdi was defenceless not knowing that she was only enthralled by Manuel’s gaze; she went ahead and narrated everything Simdi told her. She told her husband and Doctor Manuel that she was yet to speak to Mmachi because she was waiting for her to wake up from her sleep and then have a girlie discussion with her. Simdi was simply nodding her head like a lizard that fell from the tree in confirmation to what her mum was saying.
“Now this is it.” Said Doctor Manuel waving his finger as if he has gotten an answer to a question. “She couldn’t deal with the breakup; this information is very vital and will help us hugely. Meanwhile, she has been sedated and it’s most likely for her to be up not until tomorrow. So, I suggest you all should retire and be sure she is in safe hands. Excuse me please!” He said politely and took his leave.
Simdi couldn’t take her eyes off Doctor Manuel during the time he walked into his office. “Uto nwa!” She exclaimed “If only I can have this fine gentleman to myself.” She thought smiling to herself, she craved for a nice night with him alone.
Mr. Emeka paced up and down chagrined. “Why would Nnamdi behave this way?” He asked, not directing the question to anyone. “He was such a good and responsible boy but with this, I cannot say anymore. He has achieved success in cracking and shattering my daughter’s life so he has scores to settle with me.” He said furiously. He turned to his wife and asked comically, “What did the doctor call the sickness again?”

Everyone was wholly exhausted, the whole saga took a heavy toll on them both physically and emotionally. Simdi insisted on spending the night with Mmachi not only because she wanted to be with her best friend, but also because she desired having her chance with Doctor Manuel. Mmachi was now out of danger so Mr. Emeka took his wife home allowing Simdi to be with Mmachi since they were not permitted to be in the hospital all at the same time. Simdi made a long prayer after her parents had left for home; she whispered into Mma’s ears at intervals to remind her of the love and support her family was giving her and urged her to fight for her life.
Simdi was becoming edgy that Doctor Manuel hasn’t come in to check on Mmachi since her parents left. She opened the door and looked around but saw no sign of him except for few nurses and patients perambulating the passageway. After a while, a nurse came in to examine Mmachi and administer injections. Simdi couldn’t restrain herself so she asked the nurse about Doctor Manuel. The nurse told Simdi that Doctor Manuel had finished his shift and has left the hospital earlier but specifically told them to give Mmachi an exceptional and excellent care. The nurse also told Simdi that Doctor Manuel promised to be in the hospital very early the next morning to scrutinise her progress. The news saddened Simdi, she became moody straight away, all her fantasies were dashed. She regretted staying behind but looking at Mmachi lie on the hospital bed vulnerably, she consoled herself.
The pleasant dream Simdi was having ended suddenly with a tap on her back. She was sitting on the chair with her back bent and her head placed on Mma’s bed. Simdi stretched her waist and wiped her face to see who interrupted her sleep. It was Doctor Manuel! She felt so embarrassed, at the same time excited.
“That is a wrong sleeping position, next time use the spare bed.” Doctor Manuel said pointing at the bed behind her. “Good morning to you Simdi and how’s Mmachi this morning?” He asked Simdi without taking a second look at her.
“Good morning Doc Man, always watching out for the Kachi’s family” Simdi teased Doctor Manuel who was already examining Mma’s state. “She hasn’t even moved any part of her body yet, I hope she recovers from this trauma.” Simdi said walking into the restroom to freshen herself up. She came out only to find out that Doctor Manuel was gone. “Not again!” She cried.
Mr. Emeka arrived the hospital with his wife shortly after Doctor Manuel left the room, they hardly had any sleep the previous night. Mrs Ujunwa prayed for her daughter all through the night and had just little time to sleep while Mr. Emeka stayed awake making efforts not to worry much about Ada Nnaya, sleep eluded him. They inquired about Mma’s progress from Simdi after exchanging greetings but she had nothing new to say to them so they sent for Doctor Manuel. He came and assured them that Mma was doing so well and that before noon, she would be up and fit. Mrs. Ujunwa beseeched Simdi to retire and have some rest, and come back later with a delectable meal for Mma when she is finally up being that she hasn’t eaten anything for a long time. Simdi did as her mum obliged her to do. Before leaving the hospital, she walked up to Mma’s bed and whispered into her ears.
“I want to be here when you finally open your eyes Mmamma. You are a strong lady, don’t disappoint me please. I will make a very delicious meal for you my sweet, so make sure you get up from that bed and relish my meal.” Simdi said. She went over to her mum, placed her hands on her shoulders and said to her, “You are my prayer warrior mummy, please implore God to keep her safe.”
“God is still on the throne my daughter. The frightful stage has ended and she will bounce back to her very former self sooner than expected.” Mrs. Ujunwa riposted with faith endeavouring to conceal the tears in her eyes. Simdi left with her dad and Aku, he was going to work so they opted to drop her first, leaving behind Mrs. Ujunwa to remain with Mmachi.
Mrs. Uju’s sat beside Mmachi’s bed reading her Bible and praying silently when her phone blared rudely. She ignored the call but the caller was persistent so she picked up her phone to see who it was; it was Ikem again. He has been calling all through the night but she declined the call because she didn’t know how to divulge the news about Mmachi to him. She held the phone starring weakly at it while it rang, she eventually sighed and answered the call.
“Nwa mummy, how are you?” Mrs. Ujunwa stuttered.
“Finally Mummy!” Ikem exclaimed rapturously on the phone, breathing out heavily showing a sign of relief. He lamented on how he was so distraught the preceding night because he couldn’t get through to any of his family members to procure information about their well-being. He told his mum that he had a weird feeling and wanted to wave out every ill-thought and that was why he called relentlessly, but when no one answered his call, not even Mma nor his dad, he resorted to calling Simdi who outrightly rejected his call.
“How I dislike calling Simdi.” He gushed. “She is a pain on my neck.”
Simdi and Ikem were antagonists, always wrangling each other like tom and jerry. Mrs Ujunwa admonished Ikem to live at peace with his elder sister and learn to love and respect her.
Chibuikem perceived the frailty of his mum’s voice during her admonishment, he became more disturbed and asked her the situation of things at home. Mrs Ujunwa couldn’t hold back anymore, she broke down in tears and revealed to Ikem all that has happened in the past 24 hours. Ikem was deeply hurt by the news, but being a man, he controlled his emotions. His love for Mmachi was enigmatic. He wished he could fly back to Abuja at once but his mum pleaded with him to stay back knowing what he was capable of doing for Mmachi. She made him see reasons why he shouldn’t come home yet.
“Son, your final exams and project are around the corner, coming back at this time would indicate two losses; it wouldn’t enhance nor speed up Mma’s recovery neither will it help you pass your exams. All Mmachi needs now is your prayers, she is aware of your great love for her, trust me.” said Mrs. Ujunwa.
Mrs Ujunwa was still on the phone when she heard someone scream. “Help! She has fallen from the balcony!” …..
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It's actually Sis wink You're welcome
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CHAPTER THREE - The Secrets (phase one)

It was already fifteen minutes past three o’clock and Mmachi was yet to wake up. Simdi was back with the meal she prepared, Mr. Emeka was also in the room having returned from his engagements and Mrs. Ujunwa has been lingering in the room without any relief, the scream she heard was only from the television in the room. Every one of them at this point were all in the room waiting eagerly for Mmachi to open her eyes, even Ikem was waiting too from his own side, he has called severally to know if she had regained consciousness. Fear and anxiety filled the room and no one dared talking to another. Doctor Manuel was dismayed as well that Mmachi was still unconscious, he concealed his consternation and guaranteed them of Mma’s recovery, but the expression of worry and fear on their faces did not dissipate even after his assurance, as a matter of fact, even the Faith Doctor Mrs. Ujunwa sighed in disbelief but inwardly she wished that the doctor had spoken out of conviction and not simply to lift up their low spirit. Mr. Emeka demanded that more treatment should be given to Mma but Doctor Manuel repudiated the request, his reason was that Mma’s ailment was of the mind and not the body.
Meanwhile, as Doctor Manuel conversed with Mmachi’s parents, Simdi trudged to Mmachi’s bed and sat on the chair by the bedside, she spoke with muted tone into Mma’s ears.
“Hey Mmamma, what’s going on? You should be up by now. Look how mummy and daddy are very scared and worried. Please get up .” Said Simdi, but there was no response nor a sign of it. Simdi held Mma’s palm which was placed on her chest, it was warm. She stared at Mmachi’s beautiful face and a tear dropped from her eyes. “You have dreams and aspirations Mmamma.” Simdi continued. “Dreams to have your family, to be a business tycoon like daddy and also own an NGO that will cater for the less privileged; how will you achieve all these if you don’t get up from there? I miss you already sister, I can’t put up with this strong act anymore.” Simdi cried. “Everyone needs you, loves you, adores you and wants you back.” Simdi placed her head on the edge of the bed and wept silently. After some seconds, Simdi felt Mma’s hand move slightly. She raised her head instantly to see if Mma has gotten back to a sentient state but her eyes were still shut. Simdi looked closely and observed that Mma’s eyelids twitched, she immediately called Doctor Manuel’s attention.
Doctor Manuel dashed to Mma’s bed to examine her, he held her hands and called out her name. “Mmachi! Mmachi! Hello! Can you hear me?” Mmachi slowly struggled to open her eyes, she was surprised at her surroundings and peered at Doctor Manuel with scepticism. “I told you she will come round soon.” Doctor Manuel bragged, he swiftly rang the bell calling on the nurses.
“Where am I?” Mmachi asked weakly. “Who are you?” She queried Doctor Manuel, her gaze stuck on him like he was an alien. The sound of her ailing voice brought jubilation into the room, Mrs. Ujunwa screamed for joy while Mr. Emeka moved round the room cheerfully, raising his hands up to heaven and praising God. Simdi stood beside the Doctor beaming with pleasure over her sister’s recovery. Mmachi was too infirm to stand up but she managed to move her head sideways to take a salient look at her environment. She saw the joy on Simdi’s face. “Baby m, what’s going on here? Why am I this weak?” She asked Simdi. She looked around again and saw her mum and dad, they were both in euphoria. “Mummy, daddy?” She whispered frailly.
“Your dad is always here for you Ada Nnaya, I know you won’t allow me to grieve over you.” Mr. Emeka voiced excitedly hurrying to her bedside.
“Mma, I am here too. God has finally brought you back to us.” Rejoined Mrs Ujunwa, she rushed and gave Mma a hearty hug.
“I don’t understand a thing happening here, I am very weak and feeling dizzy.” Mmachi mumbled looking lost. “What ensued here and why am I on this bed?” She asked, focusing on Simdi, longing for an answer.
“You will get to know later Mmamma, but first you need to relax.” Simdi said caressing Mma’s long hair to help her relax.
“Simdi is right.” Doctor Manuel added. “You need to calm down and relax. You will get to know what happened later.”
Mma was quietened for a while but was still not at peace with her environment. She gazed steadily at Doctor Manuel who goggled at her in admiration while adjusting the flow of the intravenous drip that the nurse fixed on her. “Who are you? She questioned him again. “And why are you staring at me like that?” She asked annoyingly. Mmachi’s questions to Doctor Manuel appalled everyone in the room, they looked at her, mouth agape.
“Mmamma! Don’t you remember Doctor Manuel?” Simdi asked in disbelief. “He has been taking care of you.” She added with a lecherous smile.
The next phase of Mmachi’s statements were worse than her previous questions to Doctor Manuel, they made no sense and were all about Nnamdi. She pulled Simdi by her hand, down onto the chair and rambled.
“Didi, Nnamdi is coming to pay my bride price soon.” She peeped around and continued. “I don’t want mummy and daddy to know right now because it is meant to be a surprise wedding.” Simdi listened to her in bewilderment while Mmachi progressed with her babbling. “The white wedding will be in Dubai and for sure you will be my maid of honour.” Mmachi claimed, smiling senselessly while everyone gawped at her in astonishment. “Nnamdi called me earlier revealing his plans to me.” Mmachi stated further without paying attention to their countenances. “He has asked Ikem to buy the wedding rings, I pray Ikem arrives here quickly so that we won’t be late for the wedding.” Mmachi suddenly stopped her pontifications and exclaimed. “Where on this earth is Nnamdi! Why is he absent in this very important meeting?”
All the cheerfulness and jubilation in the room disappeared and confusion took over. Mrs. Ujunwa broke down in tears...

To be continued ....
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“My daughter is going berserk over Nnamdi oh!” She lamented.
“Doctor, why is she talking like this? Is she going crazy? I thought you said she was only ‘demprest’?” Asked the panic- stricken Mr. Emeka, pronouncing the word “depressed” wrongly.
“For now, I don’t know Sir, but I will find out soon.” Said Doctor Manuel startled. “I know that sometimes, depressed patients live in the past or in an imaginary world especially when they are wrestling with a new awful event. I will recommend a renowned psychologist for her and I am sure she will be fine.” He affirmed, doing his best to be convincing.
“It is you that is depressed not me.” Mma blurted. “Daddy, don’t mind this man that calls himself a doctor, I’m not going crazy neither am I depressed.” She turned to Simdi and said to her. “Baby, tell this man to leave here before Nnamdi gets hold of him, you know how possessive Nnamdi can be. I actually think he is the one that is crazy.”
Simdi lumbered to Doctor Manuel, it was an opportunity she has always looked forward to. She held his right hand with her both hands, she could feel his silky and soft palm. Simdi looked into his eyes salaciously. “Please help my sister!” She whispered to him so Mma wouldn’t hear. Doctor Manuel stared at Simdi dubiously and pulled out his hand gently, “I promise to help her even without your plea.” He said softly.

Mrs Ujunwa could hardly be differentiated from a broomstick, the ever robust and beautiful lady was now a shadow of her former self. The incident that happened months ago was really telling on her; the fasting and prayers, visiting of various churches and prayer houses, frequenting different hospitals for check-ups and medical attention, over her daughter’s predicament have kept her oh her toes, it has been a hellish experience for her. She had to deal with the wagging tongues that presented her daughter as a mad girl, the shame and negative attention it drew to her was too much for her to bear. Mmachi had to be locked up in her room anytime someone visited, this was done in order to prevent her from blabbing nonsense. Sometimes, she would scream, asking that Nnamdi be brought to her. Simdi succeeded in coaxing her into accepting that Nnamdi travelled, but after a long while and there was no sign of Nnamdi, Mmachi became sorrowful and crestfallen, and she slipped back into melancholia. Unexpectedly, not Simdi nor her dad could make her happy or feel any better. Speaking to Mmachi on the phone agonised Ikem, she consistently prattled about pointless things which were all centred around Nnamdi and her undying love for him. Ikem resisted the thought that his amiable sister could be mentally imbalanced.
Mr. Emeka, Mma’s father, had his own share of Mma’s crises, he was in a predicament and all his effort to engender Mma’s mental stability proved abortive. Mma’s life of delusions and hallucinations had sapped him of his own life. He lost interest in everything including his businesses which he seldom visited. Mr Emeka was propelled to seek professional medical advice from well-trained and experienced doctors who have handled Mma’s kind of case in the past. He employed a psychiatrist to attend to Mma but there was no sign of improvement, instead, the psychiatrist continuously administered different types of drugs and siphoned huge money from him. He returned to Doctor Manuel for help but Doctor Manuel alerted him that Mma’s plight wasn’t a purely mental case to be treated with mere drugs, but a case of emotional imbalance which has caused her to live in a fictional world in order to enable her generate the balance she needed emotionally, and whenever reality dawned on her, despondency sets in. He advised Mr. Emeka that the most likely remedy to Mma’s situation alongside drugs was to gradually pull her out from her imaginary life through constant attention, love, care and making known the truth to her. Doctor Manuel promised Mr. Emeka to help Mma out in any way he could. He made this promise not only because he was their family doctor, but because he saw it as a perfect opportunity to get close to his long time crush and eventually make his hidden intentions known to her.
Doctor Manuel plunged into his new duties with so much zeal and passion. In the initial stage, Manuel was faced with enormous difficulty as Mmachi was consistently and inevitably unbearable and aggressive. She meted out a barbarous attitude towards him but that didn’t deter Manuel from pushing further and harder. He visited Mmachi every day to check up on her not minding his tight schedule as a doctor, and each time he visited, he brought lots of beautiful gifts for her. He inquired from Mmachi’s parents some of the things Nnamdi did for her and he did likewise. It wasn’t his style but he had to do it for Mmachi’s sake. Manuel commenced his therapy by telling Mma love stories that do not have a propitious ending of living happily ever after, he also played movies that buttressed his stories. As time passed by, Manuel observed that Mma’s reliance on Nnamdi turned to fear of losing him, so he swooped into veering Mma’s fear to bravery. Manuel launched another strategy by cautiously revealing to Mmachi that Nnamdi was already out of her life and that she was living in a world of fantasy devoid of reality. He went further to explain to her that she could love and be loved again if only she would liberate herself from the emotional and mental bondage she has wrapped round herself and allow herself to be cherished.
It was very hard for Mmachi to receive the bitter revelation, she fought intensely with the truth until it finally dawned on her that Doctor Manuel was right and that Nnamdi wasn’t with her anymore. Mmachi ultimately but reluctantly accepted the fact and resigned to fate. Nevertheless, she had her reservations that Nnamdi will strode back to her, but she kept her conjecture to herself. Subsequently, Mmachi became fond of Manuel and yearned for his visit each day. She longed for his gifts, stories, attention and most of all his warm embrace. Mma felt safe and relaxed whenever she was locked up in Manuel’s arms, she could not interpret the ardour but she knew she liked it thereby looking forward to it.
Within few months of embarking on his remedial treatment, Doctor Manuel could discern the conspicuous positive metamorphosis that has taken place in Mma’s life, but he deliberately hid it from Mma’s parents. It was a favourable time to woo Mma without an indignation that he took advantage of her situation, so he seized the moment. Mmachi responded harmoniously and more so enjoyed his adulation, but she was extremely rigid to open up her heart and reciprocate his actions. Manuel wasn’t in a hurry, therefore, he found contentment in Mma’s affirmation of him as a great companion.
Simdi perceived the growing bond between Mmachi and Manuel, she shoved it aside earlier believing it was simply a way to help Mma come out of her muddle, but later, she felt uneasy about it especially when Doctor Manuel became unable to conceal his admirations for Mmachi. During one of Doctor Manuel’s visits, Simdi purposely walked past the porch where Mmachi and Doctor Manuel were having their session for the day, they routinely have different location for each day depending on Doctor Manuel’s game plan. Simdi observed the titillating gaze Doctor Manuel gave Mma as he smiled sweetly at Mma’s chitchat. “I am sure she is only blabbing as always.” Simdi muttered. Doctor Manuel’s large exotic brown eyes glowed as he listened and watched Mmachi. This made Simdi green with envy, those irresistible amazing eyes were meant to be gazing at her and not Mmachi she thought. Without further ado, Simdi began to make a ploy on how to seduce Doctor Manuel, and win him over to herself.
“Come over here baby, don’t just stand and stare.” Mmachi said, beckoning on Simdi to join them. Simdi suddenly realised that she has been standing there and staring at them, lost in thoughts. Manuel did not bother looking at her direction, he simply picked up his phone lying beside him.
“I would have love to join you two Mmamma, but I have some things to tidy up.” Simdi lied. “Maybe when I am through.” She said and walked away.
Mmachi was progressively coming to terms that Nnamdi was gone for good and was never coming back to her like she envisaged. Days slowly turned to weeks and months, yet no single word from Nnamdi. Mmachi’s exasperation turned to fret. “What if he is ill or in a very difficult situation?” She asked herself one evening after Doctor Manuel’s visit. Mmachi approached her dad and adjured him to get Chief Odinachi’s phone details through his numerous contacts. Mr. Emeka rebuffed at first but later, when he saw how perturbed Mmachi was, he acceded. It wasn’t a hurdle for Mr. Emeka to obtain Chief Odinachi’s digits, he got it through his friend and a business partner. Mr. Emeka put a call through at once to enquire about Nnamdi but a lady answered and apprised him never to dial the number again after he had introduced himself to her as Mmachi’s father. The lady also informed Mr. Emeka that Nnamdi was a happily married man and was expecting his first child before she rudely hung up on him. Mr. Emeka was enraged with what the lady said to him and the manner she reacted. He could not bear to watch his precious daughter go through another hassle all because of the information on his desk and for that reason, he buried it and never discussed it with Mmachi.
Mr. Emeka sought to circumvent the issue, he avoided Mmachi at all cost so that she wouldn’t ask him questions or make more demands which he may be unable to answer or fulfil. He initiated a plan to send Mmachi to Canada to help her get over Nnamdi finally, he spotted the great modification that was taking place in Mmachi’s life and health, and wouldn’t want to jeopardise the process for a coward who could not face a lady. Mr. Emeka gave Doctor Manuel an inkling of his stratagem to fly Mmachi overseas. Precisely as expected, Doctor Manuel vehemently opposed the scheme.
“Taking her to Canada will be a setback on our achievement Sir. Akin to what I told you previously, what Mmachi needs is a conducive environment and not a change of environment. She needs love, attention and care, and sending her to Canada won’t proffer all these. If I am to say Sir from a professional point of view, I am confident that Mma is doing great under my care and I assure you that in few weeks from now, you will be glad you heeded to my advice.” Doctor Manuel said brilliantly, not only from a professional standpoint but for his own selfish reasons.
Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 8:12pm On Jul 02, 2017
Mr. Emeka wasn’t entirely pleased with Doctor Manuel’s counsel, he took it with a pinch of salt, hoarding his next step peradventure the need arises to implement it. The past year has been infernal for him seeing what Mma had to pass through and he wouldn’t want to endanger her to such condition ever again.
Simdi who has been stalking Doctor Manuel since the inception of his therapy with Mmachi was at the wrong place but at the right time and overhead the discussion he had with her father. She was upset because she suspected that Doctor Manuel had an ulterior motive concerning Mmachi and that was what elicited his suggestion which she believed was subjective. Simdi, even though she loved her sister so much required her to be out of the way because she saw Mmachi as an impediment to her achieving her goal. Simdi also sensed that Doctor Manuel was using Mmachi’s ailment as an excuse to acquire and take possession of her.
“Why does Mma have the gorgeous guys scrambling for her heed without paying attention to me?” Simdi wailed. “How does she accomplish it? What does she have that I don’t have and even more?” She whined jealously.

Ikem, after a long stay in school was aboard to Abuja from Enugu. His homecoming wasn’t as thrilling as anticipated because of what the family had gone through, howbeit, Ikem was longing to be home and he couldn’t contend his joy. He reflected on the events that took place the last time he was home and this gave rise to him missing his mum and Mmachi the more that he couldn’t wait any longer to be with them. His musings were interrupted by the captain’s announcement about the time and temperature of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja, and time left until arrival. Ikem was welcomed at the airport by his childhood friends Nonye and Ugonna, and the family driver Aku. Ikem was overjoyed seeing his long-time friends as usual at the airport but he was disappointed that none of his family members could come. He embraced them cheerfully and all through the ride they discussed extensively about happenings in their respective lives. Ikem was very much ahead of them even though they were all age mates, Ugonna merely finished his 100level having strived to gain admission into the University of Abuja, while Nonye wasn’t fortunate enough to get into the university so she enrolled for the diploma programme in the College of Education Zuba, Abuja. Ikem advised her to apply for an admission into the National Open University of Nigeria, Abuja centre being that the School is flexible and not jamb compliant; Nonye loved the idea and promised to give it a try. Ugonna was apprehensive at Nonye’s kittenish behaviour around Ikem, she has always preferred Ikem to him right from their primary school stage and that made Ugonna inevitably downcast. He enjoyed Nonye’s loyalty and commitment; she habitually sought him and asked for his counsel at Ikem’s absence but upon his arrival, everything changed. People had referred to Nonye as Ikem’s wife because of her obvious infatuation for him but the feeling wasn’t mutual, Chidi observed it and cautioned Nonye but she wouldn’t listen and kept making a fool of herself.
Ikem got home to a freshly prepared meal and to the welcoming hands of his mum and Mmachi, his two favourites. His disappointment was alienated and replaced with fulfilment and joy, there was no better welcome package than what he met. Mmachi was doing much better than he was told and his room was neatly made and decorated for his return knowing how much he treasures meticulousness. Mrs Ujunwa explained to Ikem why none of them was able to come to the airport except for his friends but Ikem didn’t bother anymore, what he got was enough for him. Liveliness came back to the house with Ikem’s arrival after being away for a whole session without visiting, Mmachi as well was recuperating rapidly with the help of Doctor Manuel, normalcy was gradually returning to the Kachi’s family.
On a very hot afternoon, Ikem and Mmachi were in their large living room discussing, they were both engrossed in their gist that they didn’t hear the blaring horn of Doctor Manuel’s car. Simdi sat at the vestibule chatting on her phone with her numerous boyfriends, she peeped into the living room and noticed that her siblings were very much engaged in their conversation that they did not realise the arrival of Doctor Manuel. Without hesitation, she adjusted the skimpy top she was putting on and the bum-short she wore revealing her curvaceous figure, and ran out to meet him.
+-*“Good afternoon my cute doctor! I was wondering earlier why I had this tingling feeling in my stomach, now I know why.” She said to Manuel smiling with pleasure as she helped him out with the door of his car.
“Simdi!” Manuel exclaimed. “Good afternoon to you too. So why were you having the tingling feeling earlier?” He asked her stepping out of his car.
“I will tell you some other time but right now my satisfaction is seeing you.” Declared Simdi winking at Manuel, biting her finger in an enticing way and giving him a lustful wink.
“As it pleases you Simdi.” He said ignoring her coquettish gestures. “How are you?” He asked her making his way in to the house. Simdi blocked his way with her voluptuous buttocks.
“I am not fine.” Simdi expressed bluntly, her countenance dropped. She was tired of Doctor Manuel disregarding her. “Could it be he doesn’t know what I want or is he only ignoring me?” She thought, turning her face away, disappointed. Doctor Manuel smiled to himself. He has noticed Simdi’s flirtatious behaviour around him, but he has also chosen to ignore her because he has a goal which is Mmachi and he needed no distraction at that point.
“What is wrong with you Simdi? Judging from your looks, you are very fit and healthy.” He said to her. Simdi was electrified, she looked at him with so much enthusiasm.
“Did you have a look at me now?” She enquired from him.
“Yes I did, I always do Simdi. You are looking extremely healthy.” He said to her smiling, trying to beat her in her own game. He proceeded but Simdi prevented him from moving any further.
“Is that all you see when you look at me gorgeous?” She asked him, blushing.
“Not at all Simdi, that’s not all I see. I see a very beautiful and attractive young girl, sexy in the whole sense of the word. I see a very talented singer too, I have heard you sing couple of times and your voice is so divine. My dear, I can’t even describe all the things I see in you.” Said Manuel applauding Simdi’s alluring figure. He stopped instantly and asked. “But why all these questions Simdi?” Feigning ignorance of her act.
Simdi was tremendously excited and overwhelmed by Manuel’s compliment, she whispered to him. “Can we talk somewhere else, I’m not comfortable here, the sun is scorching and anyway I know you came for my sister and not me.” She said in a light tone, while looking around to be sure no one was close by. “I wonder why you still come around to check up on her knowing fully well that she has recovered greatly.” She added jealously.
Doctor Manuel took out a pen from his breast pocket, brought out a small jotter from his car and wrote down something. He slipped the note into her hand. Immediately he did that, Ikem came out from the living room. He was surprised to see both of them together.
“Hey! Doc Man, you’re here.” He called out from where he stood. Simdi slipped the paper into her bum pocket and said loudly.
“Thanks doctor! Mma is truly doing well all thanks to you.” Doctor Manuel looked at her in astonishment and smiled to himself. Ikem has delivered him from the lioness’ den he thought as he walked toward him.
“Buddy, it’s good to see you again.” Manuel said. Ikem starred at him, suspicion was his physiognomy.
“Thank you Doc Man. Mma barely finished talking about you not quite long, she was worried you weren’t here yet.” Ikem said.
“Oh! I was delayed by traffic congestion on my way here.” Manuel replied him, sensing the doubt written all over Ikem. “Where is she now?” He asked.
“Only traffic congestion?” Ikem asked diverting his gaze at Simdi who was still standing close to Manuel’s car, busy with her phone. “Simdi is a phone addict.” He mumbled. “Well, if you hurry to her room, you may still meet her awake because she went in to get a nap.” Ikem continued.
Manuel perceived the sarcasm in Ikem’s words and to set things right he said to Ikem. “Don’t mind what you merely saw Ikem, Mma is a gold not to miss.” He progressed into the house.
Simdi feeling very happy with her first achievement swayed with joy making her way into the house to relax and read what Doctor Manuel wrote on the paper. Ikem who was still standing at the entrance to the vestibule blocked her way, with his arms folded across his chest, he leaned on the door.
“What’s the meaning of this?” Simdi lashed out, hissing. “Will you get out of my way you silly boy.” She yelped angrily at Ikem.
“Not before you tell me what you were doing out here with Doc Man. When did you vamoose from the anteroom? You rushed out to meet with Doc Man right? I thought you were chatting with your lovers?” Ikem voiced harshly.
“I didn’t rush out to meet anybody, I simply came outside to receive fresh air and that was when I saw him drive in. I went to him to say hello and to thank him for taking good care of our sister.” Simdi lied, making effort not to look at Ikem. “By the way, why am I even explaining this to you? Do I owe you any?” She asked defensively.
“Hum! Madam fibs. So you left the fully air-conditioned living room to come receive fresh air under this hot sun? Tell that to the gods Simdi, I know your type.” He reproached her.
“Enough of this bullshit Ikem. Do you realise I am your elder sister right? Moreover, Doctor Manuel isn’t Mma’s boyfriend so what is the bickering here about? Please leave my way.” She demanded, shoving Ikem aside and stomped in.
Simdi jumped into her bed and sighed heavily, reaching to her pocket she brought out the note, kissed it and opened it. The content of the letter hit her like a thunderbolt.....
Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 8:14pm On Jul 02, 2017
It's Sunday already


So sorry for the delay... Had a hectic day. Enjoy!!!
Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by StephanieElla24: 11:03pm On Jul 02, 2017
grin grin grin Chai I no fit laff ooo eiyaa sorry for simdi.....am just imagining d kind of words dat doc used on her inside d paper. great work sister fire on

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Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by EvaJael(f): 6:20am On Jul 03, 2017
grin grin grin Chai I no fit laff ooo eiyaa sorry for simdi.....am just imagining d kind of words dat doc used on her inside d paper. great work sister fire on

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Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by Sylva2147: 11:00am On Jul 03, 2017
great story you got here, I love your writing skills, but I feel you should be using Mrs. Emeka instead of Mrs Ujunwa since the two are couples. my opinion though and thanks for the update more ink to your pen. waiting patiently for the next update.
Re: "The Secrets" - A Story Written By A Nairalander by onyi4edu(f): 11:11am On Jul 03, 2017
great story you got here, I love your writing skills, but I feel you should be using Mrs. Emeka instead of Mrs Ujunwa since the two are couples. my opinion though and thanks for the update more ink to your pen. waiting patiently for the next update.

Oh I appreciate this opinion. I also think I should use Mr. Kachi, Mrs. Kachi, (being their surname/last name) or Emeka, Ujunwa (being their first names). I will correct this before finally publishing. Thanks again

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