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Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by mhizgracie22: 4:50pm On Mar 06, 2020
Book title: Instar
Synopsis: Instar is a compelling short story about Instagram addiction. A young girl longs to be famous on Instagram, she finally gets her wish but not without a prize.

Get the book for #100 only!!

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Justkaty: 3:46am On Mar 08, 2020

"Favour, what are you running away from?"

It wasn't a question I was expecting to hear from him. I mean it's not like I was expecting him to ask me the colour of my underwear or if I had a bra on but what can I say? We were on the first floor of a 5-star hotel, weren't those the questions that was appropriate to ask at such time and place?"

"Myself, I am running away from me." I answered anyway

"How so?"

"You know how our shadows are the biggest snitches yet they are the only thing that proves that we're alive?"

He looked puzzled "How are our shadows the only prove that we're alive?"

"Well Somto, have you ever seen a ghost with a shadow before?"

Get this book for N200 only �

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by pabon(m): 10:58am On Mar 12, 2020
Book title: Revelation of the Outworld (Book 1, Mysteries of Noland series)
Price: Free
A bloody arson. A changed destiny. A young boy deciding the fate of his generation...

Vince is a lone prince and the only survivng child of his parents who he watched get murdered.

When he runs for safety from those who wants him dead, he hears of a prophecy heralding his coming of age.

Now, Vince must decide the path to take.

There are battles to be fought, decisions to be made. How much can be expected from the mind of a boy still in his teenage age?

This book promises to thrill you from start to finish.

Link: On Okadabooks
Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by FROkoroMiss(f): 1:47am On Mar 15, 2020

Femi sat up in bed just after his morning devotion, he was scrolling through Instagram, looking at pictures of girls he knew getting married to their heartthrobs. It was December and another time for marriage season. He was so tired and sick of this.

“God when nah? When? I am an eligible bachelor with a ready house and a good job. What’s up? I am ready for marriage, where is my girl?”

Femi looked at his standing male organ, angry and pissed.
“God I have been dealing with this for 28 years of my life, staying celibate all the while at it. When will you give me a wife with whom I can make love with your blessing? You say stay celibate while single and only get to have sex when married – I agree. Okay now give me a wife so I would not sin against you, you nor gree.
Ogah oh. This one hard me. Maybe its till I sin against you, that’s when you will answer my prayer”.

Femi could feel the Holy Spirit chuckle within him.
"So if you sleep with a girl outside of marriage, who you do? You are the one who I am protecting; I am protecting your destiny and stopping you from having soul ties from numerous women and generational patterns. You should be thanking me for protecting you from what comes from having premarital sex, instead you are complaining."

The absurdness of the situation and the fact that the Holy Spirit was speaking in Pidgin English didn’t register in his mind. All he thought about was on how God wasn’t even joking with him... but of course he has been a Christian for the past thirteen years, so he should know better.
“Okay God, I am sorry…”

He wanted to leave the rest in his mind but he determined that after all God could still read his mind, so he continued.
“But God please just give a wife. Please, please, please, please…”
He wanted to force tears to come out of his eyes but right from the beginning of time, he had never been able to cry easily.
He waited for an answer.
No answer.
Instead, God started another conversation with him.
Go to work.
“Ok oh God. Thank you sir. Bye.
“This would be a very long depressing day”.


Excerpts from my new Fiction book, 'Surviving Singlehood'.



Get your copies on Amazon

And on Okadabooks


PS: I titled this the subject matter because I am thinking of interviewing a man on MALE SEXUALITY while single on my Podcast soon (Listen to my podcast here; https://anchor.fm/hephzibah-frances)

It just so happens that Femi, the character in my book happened to also have this issue with anger at his standing male organ.
Ogas ohhhh please take the answer the Holy Spirit gave Femi and RELAX. CHASTITY FOR MEN is for your own good... or what do you think? Feel free to write me.

P.P.S: Surviving Singlehood debuts at three SINGLES HANGOUT/book launches soon. In Warri, Asaba Delta State and Nsukka Nigeria.
Lagos would come a bit last.
We are also praying for OPEN DOORS to Universities and FOREIGN NATIONS.
This is my seed and GOD IS SO GOOD with helping it yield and spring forth fruit.

Join us for Warri book launch IF you are there on Sunday March 22nd 2020.

Night night guys.

Lots of love,
Hephzibah Frances.
Instagram @HephzibahFrances
Visit The Blog at: www.hephzibahfrances.com

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Divepen1(m): 9:26am On Mar 21, 2020
Crawling in the Mud
A crying bully can change what we think we know. Grace Ademola is faced with the plea of Rachel, who keeps bullying her for no reason.
Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by samboski(m): 8:40pm On Apr 02, 2020
A Love full of Stars By Godswill Sambo

This is a book that unveils the mystery of love and the secret of being in a loving, healthy and happy relationship. I guarantee that this book will help many people and lovers looking at love and relationship under an entirely new light!
I wrote this book because the world seems to be going crazy with the very concept of  Love. Everywhere you look, most people are either angry, depressed or have no hope about love. There's so much deceit and problems in our love life that we want to stay inside and hide under the covers.


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Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Bossbaby0002(m): 11:22am On Apr 03, 2020

...A short Thriller Story

By Bossbaby(Chidindu)


Stokes Pritchard is a young teenager, living a normal peaceful life, till he came across what wasn't normal.

Suddenly waking up in a strange cave with monsters trying to suffocate him, confused as he was, Stokes tried to fight back to save himself, but he couldn't.

Somehow he was saved by unknown people, these unknown people doesn't know how they got to that location either, the situation become more confusing.

Three in a dangerous cave filled with monsters and demons, will they make it alive?

Find out has you enjoy this story filled with suspense and thriller.

The Book is just 150 Naira only... This will keep you glued to your phone for the next 2hours.

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Mp3flavor1324(m): 2:42pm On Apr 03, 2020
*DOWNLOAD: Money Heist Complete Season 4 Episode 1 — 8*


Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by adeabdul2(m): 10:32pm On Apr 05, 2020
Hey fam,

Please check out my new book a comedy titled;

Night of The Flaming Panties which is now available on Okadabooks and Smashwords.



Jeje, so named by his neighbours was planning on having a boring game night when his wife asked him to literally set her old panties on fire. An unusual request and after some feminine persuasions, how hard could it be? Turns out, burning panties in a street filled with quirky characters and nosy neighbours could turn into a big street drama.



"I don't use them anymore."

"So, why can't you dispose of them in the trash like normal people?"

"Because of all these Yahoo internet fraudster boys. They are using female panties to make charms to defraud people online these days."


I said recollecting. Female panties were the rave for Yahoo or cafe boys these days. Jobless youth that chat-up foreigners online especially women, in a bid to seduce them into a relationship for financial gains.

It used to be very lucrative, but with international crackdowns, warnings from former victims, lonely white women were becoming more difficult to scam nowadays. So they result to using charms or voodoo. One that had to be powerful enough to cross the Atlantic ocean to work on victims and charm them into submissive obedience.

Voodoo priests and their juju were always fond of demanding bizarre ingredients for their potions or spells. This season, the choice ingredient for such a spell is used or dirty female underwear.

Many stories were already circulating around about missing panties. Some videos were on my phones about guys who had been caught trying to make away with female panties and brassieres. A few had been caught even in my own neighbourhood.

The craziest case, however, was that of the Agama lizard pants thief. An actual redheaded lizard common here in Nigeria was caught on camera stealing female panties from clothesline between its jaws. That was when we all realised the gravity of the demand for women's underwear for voodoo.

So now, ladies did their underwear laundry in their apartments and no longer dried them out in the sun anymore. And when they no longer used them, they burned them, which my darling wife is asking me to do right now at 9pm in the evening.

"Oh, Hell No!" I cried " can't you do it yourself? They are your panties after all."

"I can't go outside, it's dark out! And besides, you're supposed to be the man!"

"Oh, I see. You had to go there huh?"

"Apparently, I did." she dumped the box in my hands and I proceeded to examine the contents.

"Are they dirty?"

"Eww, of course not. They are clean. I washed them yesterday."

I rummaged through the box and brought out a few to examine closely.

"How come there are different sizes of bras and panties here, are these all yours?"

"Yes," she said shyly batting her eyes at me.

"I get it. Your ass and boobies got bigger after we got married, didn't they?"

Laughing she snatched the panties from my fingers and said:

"Well, if you didn't spend all your time groping and handling them, maybe they wouldn't get so big"

and she dumped a box of matches and a bottle of kerosene into the box and began pushing me to the door.

"This is NOT how I imagined spending my evening, you know!" I said protesting.

"Aww, poor baby. Don't worry, when you get back. I will let you do ANYTHING YOU WANT in the BEDROOM" she said

And she undid her robe to expose the full length of her lingerie and then placed her hands on her hips caressing it gingerly.

"ANYTHING" I asked wide-eyed.

"Anything," she said matter-of-factly.

"Even the..."

"Anything-You-Want!" she said blowing me a kiss.

"Ooh, when I’m done with you. You're going to need a fire extinguisher for that ass!"

I said as she bundled me out of the apartment laughing.

And me suddenly excited about finishing the task at hand.

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Blessytee(f): 11:11am On Apr 06, 2020

God's love towards man is illustrated in different parables and modes all through scriptures. Up until the death of Christ on the cross of Calvary and even till date, the depth of the love of God for mankind can only be a reassuring factor for everything else.

It is God's love only.

Damilola Funso-Adu in this book describes God's love for the believer and the unsaved. It's a worthy read.


Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by nicewoody6: 8:19pm On Apr 13, 2020
Suitable for children, young adults and anyone who has a passion for reading and entertainment.

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by nicewoody6: 8:19pm On Apr 13, 2020

History was doctored for the victory wasn't hers. The tribes did kill their twins but not all approved of it. Some damned the consequences and even dared the gods. They saved their twins in a way so legendary. This story tells it all. Brace yourself for the truth you are about to learn.

Deviation is an undeniable part of human behaviour. So how is it that no record exists of the people trying to save their twins before the coming of Mary Slessor.
Take history lessons with a grain of salt for many of them might have been doctored.

Heart Warming Acclaims
• I am in doubt whether I read a fiction story or a true story of tribes. I love how the story started by explaining the history of the killing of twins and then followed by the story of a family and the mirror island. The story flowed fluently and did not disconnect even when Okon reached the mirror island. The story progressed well. The mirror island did surprise me where all the half twins were placed. I wonder how you came about this story. @Olivialckl

• What a beautiful and sad story at the same time. You managed to make it sound real. Some of the statements come over like facts. Well done!
How did you come up with the idea? I also like how you came up with the solution. People came together and lived as one on the island. Then they were taking 'refugees' and protecting them. It must have been a surreal experience for those people coming there and seeing the same people that they know from other places.
I like how you didn't leave them hiding forever. They stood against their kind and asked for change. They chose to save those poor innocent babies and families and they succeed.
Thank you for sharing. It's been very enjoyable to read your story. @Delishtreats

Available online for Nigerians: https://okadabooks.com/search?query=Ugeh

Available for international buyers: https://books2read.com/Stolen-Victory-Mary-Slessor-Vs-The-Calabar-Tribes
Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Ifeblaise: 9:32pm On Apr 13, 2020
A true story of someone who has successfully been through Covid 19 Quarantine in Nigeria.
Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by FoolishBoy419: 4:01pm On Apr 15, 2020
@adeabdul2 how do you receive money from smashwords? They only support PayPal and PayPal doesn't allow Nigerians to withdraw.
Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by adeabdul2(m): 4:14pm On Apr 15, 2020
I have access to a foreign PayPal account.

@adeabdul2 how do you receive money from smashwords? They only support PayPal and PayPal doesn't allow Nigerians to withdraw.
Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by FoolishBoy419: 5:17pm On Apr 15, 2020
I have access to a foreign PayPal account.

Aright. Thanks
Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by All4good: 1:51am On Apr 16, 2020
Ebooks are selling hotter than Paperback during the lockdown due to difficulty with physical deliveries.
Are you taking advantage?
Design your Book Covers using our Lockdown Promo at Corona prices, for the next 15 days.

BONUS: Marketing Tips. Ask me how to drive insane traffic to your book link.

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Gloww: 2:56pm On Apr 16, 2020
Have you made mistakes in the past and you feel nothing good can ever come out of your life? 'Don't Write Me Off' is the perfect read for you.
'Don't Write Me Off' is a Christian novel aimed at letting the world know that nomatter the wrong they may have done in the past, there's still hope for them.
Word count is 90,000
Price is N1000
Get it at okadabooks, https://okadabooks.com/book/about/detail/31942
or you can chat me up @ +2348034651945 to buy via bank transfer.

Caroline Williams rubbed her hands together as she stepped out of the elevator. "Take a deep breath, you can do this." She muttered.

She didn't know what to think of herself visiting a man in a hotel room on a Friday night, but this wasn't just any man. This was Jack Albert, the man she had slowly fallen in love with in the past month. She wondered how she could fall for a man she didn't even know that much. All she knew was that he was a regular customer at Maddie's Diner, the place where she worked as a waitress. He hadn't noticed her until the day before, and now, here she was. She knew she was crossing the boundaries she had set for herself. She shouldn't be alone with a man in an enclosed place, not to talk of a hotel room, but one problem she had was saying no to people. She found it hard to disappoint people; that was why she said yes to Jack's pleas even when she knew she shouldn't have. She just needed to know the reason he called her here. She’d be very careful. If he tried anything funny, she'd leave immediately.

Walking down the corridor and throwing glances at the numbers written above each door, Caroline came to a halt at the door to room 542. This was it. She slowly inhaled, counted one to three, slowly exhaled and knocked. Seconds later, the door opened and there he was. The man who had filled her thoughts for weeks now, only a few feet separating them.

"You came." His smile made her blush.

"Yeah. I did." She tried not to let her nervousness show.

He slowly scanned her from head to toe. Was he ogling her? She was happy but didn't let it show.

"Come in." He opened the door wider.

Caroline stepped in and he shut the door. Jack's masculine scent filled the room.
He moved closer to her, a little closer than necessary. Biting his lip, he scanned her face, his gaze lingering on her lips. She gave him a tense smile; this was awkward. She attempted to break the silence.

"So, why did you invi—" He kissed her, cutting her off. She was shocked but slowly regained composure.

"Wait." She pulled away. "Aren't you married?" This was the point where she should leave.

"Of course not." He kissed her again, weakening her resolve.

This was wrong. This wasn't love. She placed her hands on his chest in an attempt to push him away, but his fast heartbeat spoke the words he hadn't. He wanted her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss, letting out all the feelings she had tried hard to subdue in the past month. Lost in the moment and not regarding the consequences of their actions, they sinned against their very own bodies.

* * *

Someone was sobbing, or was she dreaming? Caroline opened her eyes to find the space beside her empty. The sobs continued. It had to be Jack. She looked around the room, wondering where the sobs were coming from. He was nowhere to be found.

More sobs.

Perhaps, he was in the bathroom. She slipped into her sweater-gown which was lying on the floor and headed to the bathroom, the sobs, getting louder as she approached.

"Jack, are you alright?"

No answer.


No answer.

"I'm coming in."

She opened the door and there he was, hunched by the sink.

"Hey." She gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze. "What's wrong?"

He looked at her, pain evident in his eyes. "I'm sorry Caroline."

Sorry? Why was he sorry? Was he planning to dump her? She cringed at the thought. No, he couldn't. They both enjoyed last night, so what could he be sorry about?

"Sorry about what?"

He held her hands and sobbed harder. "I'm so sorry."

Was he apologizing because he had deflowered her?

"Hey." She said, "No need to apologize, I wanted it as much as you did."

"No. You don't understand."

"Then make me understand," Her voice broke. "Please."

"I'm married."

No, she didn't hear that right. "Come again, please."

"I'm married." His guilt was evident in his eyes.

"What? You lied to me."

"I'm sorry." He said.

If he had stabbed her and twisted the knife inside her, the pain would have been more bearable than what she was feeling.

"That's not all." He avoided eye contact.

What could be worse than what he'd just told her?

"I'm the senior pastor at Shalom Youth Ministry."

Caroline screamed.

"I'm sorry, Caroline" He reached for her face.

"Don't touch me." She barked, causing him to cringe. With tears running down her cheeks, she started out of the bathroom. When he held her hand, she turned and slapped him hard.

"I never want to see you again. Don't call, don't text"


"Just stay away from me, Pastor." She laid more emphasis on the last word and stormed out of the bathroom. Ignoring his pleas, she picked up her bag and left the hotel room.

Caroline couldn’t control the tears as she walked down the hallway and boarded the elevator. Thankful that no one was in, she leaned on the wall and wept.
She wept because she had committed adultery.
She wept because she had lost her virginity to a man who didn’t deserve it. She felt so cheap.
She wept because she had fallen in love with a man she could never be with.

DID YOU ENJOY THIS EXCERPT? THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. GET THE FULL BOOK @https://okadabooks.com/book/about/detail/31942

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Christiehabits(f): 9:32pm On Apr 16, 2020
BEST article have SEEN in the history of man�❤️

Click to see����


Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by 4front(m): 11:17pm On Apr 16, 2020

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by regonline(m): 6:59pm On Apr 20, 2020
Title : Play Hard Game
Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Christiehabits(f): 5:33pm On Apr 23, 2020

Click below to see⬇️⬇️⬇️


Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Realzikkist(m): 6:20pm On Apr 26, 2020
Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by regonline(m): 2:02am On Apr 29, 2020
Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Naudeyrushme(m): 1:45am On May 06, 2020

Follow the story of Eze Ikono a young boy who grew up in District 4, a ghetto where everything immoral seems to be their way of life. His best friend and the streets are a major distraction. The challenge of him turning out good was bestowed upon his parents who tried their best to make sure he doesn’t get carried away with life on the streets.


Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by puritysmart(m): 9:53am On May 06, 2020
I want to read "Son of Thunder"
Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by theelitewriter(f): 2:37am On May 10, 2020
Book Title: Till 21(Selena's Story)

Selena is an 18 year Old Nigerian girl whose life continually rides a pain-filled one from, heartbreaks, betrayals and abandonment.

Her life wasn't that bad till her biological father contacted her with an alarming message of an italian mafia who has a death wish on her.
Turns out Selena's biological father is Russian's Richest Arm Lord, Viktor Svyatoyvich and her life wasn't all it seemed like.

Shawn a 21 year old millionaire because of his family's wealth meets Selena in a very un-peculiar manner.

Shawn has dark secrets of his own and he has no idea he is being plotted against

Let's hope he finds out before he gets wrecked for life.

Here is the link to the story:

You can still check it out on wattpad(more chapters there):

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by CsRockefeller(m): 3:23pm On May 11, 2020
My first book will be out in December and Okada Publishers have the honour of being the first site to have it.

It's going to be a great book, can't wait.
Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by BREYZ: 9:35pm On May 11, 2020
I just published my first novel titled "BEFORE MY SUN"
A compelling story you wouldn't like to miss.

Click on this link to read:

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Love Really Is Strange / PERFIDY- A STORY OF LOVE,BETRAYAL AND DECEIT / A Fatal Love {Sequel to 'The Sugar Mum'}

(Go Up)

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