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Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Nobody: 1:15pm On Oct 15, 2017
Mama don cause Kasala o...
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by YINKS89(m): 1:26pm On Oct 15, 2017
Welcome back bro... Although u mention mi bt NL no alert mi......i don tire for seun matter... Plz do gt a good web designer to fix d prob.... Ones again thumbs up man.
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Didov1(f): 2:06pm On Oct 15, 2017
lol,centino nice story,i almost join jagugu crew,welcome back
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Preetiex(f): 5:35am On Oct 16, 2017

Lol. Welcome back collinometricx
thanks for d update,no break ur promise o
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by mjay05(m): 4:43pm On Oct 16, 2017
Nice one.. keep it coming..
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by MichaelBlake40(m): 6:41pm On Oct 16, 2017

Don't man. You think I'm taking the threat by jagugu88li and her murder gang lightly? grin
Even if you don't take it serious,i will come for you.Imagine 2 Sundays in a row no update.
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Grendel(m): 10:38am On Oct 17, 2017
cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
nice one bro.

good update.

i'm owing you one big bottle of chilled Origin when you come around.
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Centino: 9:07am On Oct 18, 2017
cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
nice one bro.

good update.

i'm owing you one big bottle of chilled Origin when you come around.

Don't mind that at all man cheesy cheesy cheesy
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by MichaelBlake40(m): 3:54pm On Oct 18, 2017
Omo e don dey set o cheesy
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by WILLIAMSKECH: 10:38pm On Oct 18, 2017
Keep it coming centino... Thanks for mentioning my name.
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by nkay2020: 10:12am On Oct 22, 2017
@centino....Waiting for today's update
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by collinometricx(m): 10:21am On Oct 22, 2017

2day na Sunday again...

nor loose gaurd ur niggas and nigress
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Centino: 1:02pm On Oct 22, 2017

We all ran after him. Alhaji Sirika ran after us too and was shouting “What is going on? Can somebody tell me what is happening?”

Akunna got to his room and flung the door open. He took in the whole room in two seconds and was out again in the corridor before the first of his pursuers reached him. “She is not there” he said, his face suddenly a mask of horror. Three people entered the room and checked and came out all saying there was no one in the room. “She disappeared. She has disappeared with my son” Akunna lamented. He sank to the floor and the machete fell from his hand. His face became flushed and his speech began to slur.

“You better not faint again,” Josiah said. You have to get up and lead a search. She could not have gone very far.”

“She don disappear. Na winch,” Someone said.

“Shut up there. Oya, let’s check the backyard, and the kitchen too. There are not too many places to hide in this compound,” Mr Zubi said.

Then Akunna sprang up and shouted “The well! She had thrown my son inside the well!” He made for the backyard and again we ran after him.

The backyard was serene. You could tell no one had come this way for a few hours. But Akunna still opened the cover of the well and looked inside.

“Let’s go. Nothing happened here” Mr Zubi said.

“I saw a big bird flying away and holding something in its mouth” Castro, Mr Zubi’s eldest son said.

“Get out from here! Ewu Gambia” his dad said with a murderous glare at him.

“Stop pretending all of you. You all know Mama is a witch. Okay, tell me, where is she now? Do we have a bush or a garage or a tunnel in this compound? They occupy only one room and the room is empty. The woman has done what witches do. Vanish!” He said and turned and walked away.

Alhaji Sirika witnessing all this was uncomfortable. He called Mr Zubi to one side and said “Zubi. Can someone tell me what is happening here?”

Mr Zubi looked around and said “Actually, there is a big misunderstanding somewhere Alhaji. It is a compound issue. We will sort ourselves out.” Alhaji Sirika shrugged and made for the frontage.

“Meanwhile Alhaji, what informed the sign you have just out up there? Who is interested in buying your house?”

“I got tipped off that somebody brought people to come and inspect the house. I am only protecting the public from 419.” Alhaji Sirika sought reassurance from Mr Zubi that whatever the problem was with Akunna would be resolved. They then began to discuss other issues. I noticed that Irikefe had stayed back when we ran after Akunna. I saw him seated on the soak away slab and contemplating the new sign the Alhaji had just put up, so and went over to him.

“That old fool just ruined my plans bros” He said as soon as he looked up and saw me.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I was going to sell the house.”


“That was my escape route bros.”

“Wait wait wait irikefe. You mean this happened because of you?”

“He doesn’t know who is involved”

“How could you…?

“My father is the caretaker here, remember? I know things.”

“You know things does not mean you do whatever you like. You could go to prison if caught.”

“Stop preaching bros. I have to make money somehow.”

“You really have a criminal mind now.”

“Make I hear word bros. Right under our noses, 25 billion dollars disappeared from NNPC. The court is saying they should release ill-gotten billions to a former first lady who did nothing but help children fail English in WAEC. I am trying to grab my own.”

“Alhaji Sirika is not the government!”

“He is a government contractor. He never executed any of the contracts as far as we know. He built this house and many others from ill gotten government money. I want my share bros.”

“First it was yahoo. Later you tried blackmail. Now you want to sell somebody’s house. Irikefe!”

He stood up and walked away.

Then Mkpoikanna came by, worry etched on his face.

“What happened now?”

“Man U tear my ticket.”

“You are still gambling?”

“No be gambling joor. Na betting.”

“I see.”

“That useless Mourinho. He is supposed to start with Rashford and Miki-Miki.”

Just then I saw Wasiu trying to sneak out with a knapsack across his back; no doubt going out to replenish his merchandise.

“Wasiu come.”

“He hopped over with a broad smile on his face.”

“Where is mama?”

He tried to avert his eyes but I bent my face in every direction he tried to look, making sure he did not escape my scrutiny. “You know where she is.”

“Guy, this thing no concern me. I dey comot.”

“You know the police were here yesterday?”

At the mention of the word police he stood at an attention.

“Good. So where is mama?”

He hesitated a beat and then looked around. People were now in smaller groups. I could still see Alhaji Sirika talking with Mr Zubi.
“Wait first” Wasiu said and went into the compound. After five minutes he returned and said “Follow me. Original Calabar boy, you stay. No come use your mumu put me for trouble.”


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Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by collinometricx(m): 3:22pm On Oct 22, 2017
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by queenitee(f): 9:14pm On Oct 22, 2017
grin grin grin
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by WILLIAMSKECH: 9:20pm On Oct 22, 2017
#Centino sharp guy
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by nikz(f): 5:37pm On Oct 23, 2017
I love this story. Centino you just have your ways. Nice one
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Louisefaye(f): 10:31pm On Oct 24, 2017
LOL. But I wonder where mama is
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by nkay2020: 9:28am On Oct 29, 2017
@centino....oya oooh, as e dey got.
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Didov1(f): 2:08pm On Oct 29, 2017
centino where are thou
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by obedugo(m): 2:58pm On Oct 29, 2017
Centino, today na sunday o shey u neva forget?
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Centino: 3:32pm On Oct 29, 2017
nkay2020, Didov1, obedugo, everyone, here we go...


Wasiu took a few large strides and disappeared down the corridor. I hurried after him but by the time I got to the backyard he was not there. I knew he did not vanish. He simply ran the fastest he could and would have rounded the compound before I reached the backyard and was already on his way to his intended destination by now. Neighbors had started filling the backyard again to do their washing or fetch water or just idle about fishing for gossip. I went back into the corridor and as a passed Akunna’s room I saw that his door was wide open and he had his head in both palms. I ignored him and continued on my way. Then on a hunch I stopped by the staircase and decided to climb to the top floor. More than once in the past I had seen Mama Akunna go upstairs but did not pay attention to it. It was not unusual for her to go about looking for trouble. I only hoped that it was not Maya’s room that she visited when she went upstairs.

At the thought of Maya my heart sank. Last night she delivered the worst news possible to me. “Someone has come to ask for my hand in marriage” she said to me.


“Yes Ndi. He is from my mother’s place. He sells spare parts at Ladipo.”

“I mean, do people still ask for people’s hand in marriage in 2017?”

“What do you mean by that Ndi?”

“I mean, people meet, fall in love, and then the man proposes, something like that.”

“You want me to fall in love with him first?”

“Not that Maya. I mean it sounds very backward that someone just shows up from somewhere to ask for your hand in marriage.”

“He spoke with my mum.”


“And she agreed.”

“My God! So what is going to happen now?”

“Mum says he is coming tomorrow evening.”

“To do what?”

“To meet with the family. And then…”

“And then what?”

“And then they will hear from me.”

“What does that mean?”

“That means I will have to say tomorrow if I will marry him or not.”

“Of course you are not marrying him.”

“I cannot refuse my mother anything.”


“I will have to marry him if that is what my mother wants. She is the way she is now because of me.”

“No you won’t. You cannot mortgage your life for your mother.”

“My father is in prison because of me. My mother has suffered to train us all by herself since. If I get married, it would mean less financial stress for her. And the man I hear has money. He will help us.”

“What sort of nonsense are you saying, Maya?”

“But you heard me.”

“So what will happen to me? To us?”

“There is no us, Ndi. At least not anymore.”

I was quiet for a whole minute. She had met me where I sat alone on the soakaway slab thinking about my life. My cousin Mkpoikanna had not yet returned from the wharf, and Irikefe my regular companion was on another of his frequent disappearing acts. I did not know then that his absence was in connection with selling Alhaji Sirika’s number 225. There was no light as was always the case. In the darkness, I could see a tear bead on her cheek and her eyes had taken the hue of the setting sun.

“Come” I said and stood up.

“No. You go first. I will meet you there.”

Five minutes later the door of my room opened and Maya stepped in. I immediately turned down the wick of the lantern and set it in the corner of the room, and then I locked the door and stood and faced Maya.

“I don’t want to marry him” she said softly.

“I know,” I said and took her hands in mine.

“I will tell him I am pregnant,” she said. “It is the one thing I know my mother or the men from her place cannot take.”

“But you are not pregnant Maya.”

“Then make me pregnant, Ndifreke.”

For months I had dreamt of this moment but I did not know it would come like this. I desired Maya because she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. But I did not know if this was the best way to go about it. If she went against her mother’s wish of marrying to lessen the burden on the family, what would become of her? I could barely put food on my own table let alone feed another mouth. And I was squatting in a room with a cousin whom I could not hand any more responsibilities. All those thoughts dimmed like the light of my lantern when Maya came closer to me and her breasts touched my chest. I let out an involuntary moan and pulled her body into mine and she wrapped her hand around my neck and said: “what took you so long Ndifreke?”

“We are not dogs Maya. Calabar people are not dogs.”

“Make love to me” she whispered. Don’t let me marry that man.”

I proceeded to do the first thing she asked of me. I did not know how I would do the second. Now as I went up the stairs to where I thought Mama Akunna could be hiding it all came back to me.

The last room on the top floor had been unoccupied for months as the original occupant; having not paid rent for two years had locked the room and disappeared. The new tenement laws of the State meant that Alhaji Sirika threaded with caution, and the caretaker, Irikefe’s dad I learned had a special affection for this occupant and so he made it possible for the Alhaji to forget about the room. Irikefe had told me that Wasiu had broken into the room and was hiding his drugs there so that if he was to be arrested again and his room searched, there would be nothing incriminating found, which could help him stay out of jail. I reasoned that his recent closeness with mama Akunna could see him give her access to the room at a time like this.

I got to the room and turned the door handle and it opened. Sat on the bed was Mama Akunna. She had a shriveled nipple in the mouth of Akunna’s new born baby.

“New Calabar boy. I know say you go come na why I open the door.”

“What is this Mama?”

“Shut up ya mouth dia.”

“You can’t…”

“If you no shut up, I go go tell mama Tobi say you dey nack him pikin wey dem wan come marry."

“Haa” I gasped.

“You know say if she no cut dat ya tin comot she go use her fufu stick break ya coconut head.”


“Wetin you go do for me be say you go go tell everybody say dem kidi-nap me with Akunna pikin.”

“But Mama."

“But mama wetin? Before I close my eye open am I want make you disappear for hia. When you don do am, make you come tell me so we go plan wetin we go do. Make nobody see you as you dey enter hia. Awero must to go.”


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Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Didov1(f): 3:47pm On Oct 29, 2017
haaa,mama no try atall,...thanks for the update centino

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Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by YINKS89(m): 4:03pm On Oct 29, 2017
Now mama akunna has gone rogue.

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Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by eyesofpearls(f): 5:11pm On Oct 29, 2017
Oh dear! #siddonlook make I dey wait o
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by itsandi(m): 6:34pm On Oct 29, 2017
Nice update! Enjoy other cool stories on Tushstories via


Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Centino: 6:41pm On Oct 29, 2017
Oh dear! #siddonlook make I dey wait o

Welcome eyesofpearls. I see you're a brand new nairalander cheesy

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Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Sirme411(m): 7:38pm On Oct 29, 2017
Oh dear! #siddonlook make I dey wait o

Welcome to Nairaland

Told one of my nigga it's everyday ppl signup ere.....You are my "Evidence"

xo for how long Av u been a guest?

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Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by queenitee(f): 10:04am On Oct 30, 2017
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by sheycrown(f): 10:17am On Oct 30, 2017
Mama has finally gone mad o!
Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by headmaster123: 12:35pm On Oct 30, 2017
best literature write up @ nairaland so far

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