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Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 4:40pm On Sep 11, 2017
Earn Big Profit from Salvage Car Auction

Many people can't afford to buy new vehicle, but, at the same time they cannot afford to remain without one. This is the reason, why the used car market is expanding rapidly. With salvage car auction the buyer can earn good profit, since he will either repair it or sell it as spare parts.

In various salvage car auction people may bid for salvaged cars. The cars that come here are mostly those that have met with accident, damaged by fire, affected by floods, stolen cars recovered, or surrendered by insurance companies. Many of these cars are not damaged much and a number of them perhaps have a minor scratch due to accidents, which must have made cosmetic damage.

You will find many different models of car and other vehicles in these auctions. There will be many old models also present. People who can afford to repair these vehicles will prefer the top branded model of vehicle from this auction.

Most of these salvage auctions of autos have their own websites. Any buyer can browse all the vehicles from here. One can choose the car as per model make and price. All the individual info is also available, which can be very useful from buyer’s point of view.

After selecting it from the internet, you can visit for physical inspection. That will give idea about the real condition of the vehicle. It will be better to inspect these vehicles with the help of any mechanic who can evaluate the condition of the vehicle.

Few people like to buy these salvaged vehicles and repair them. Either they use these vehicles or sell it back with bigger profits.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 12:17pm On Sep 12, 2017
Easy export of cars from USA to Nigeria

It is good news for JAGUAR lovers that online cars can be easily exported from USA to Nigeria or to any corner of the globe. The coming of the Internet age shopping has made this possible. Knocking from one local dealer to another can be tiresome and bothersome. Their stocks are limited and prices high. Even then last minute disappointments are quite common after waiting for a long time for the model of your choice.

But all that has become history. Sitting in the comfort, safety and privacy of your own home in Nigeria all you have to do is to log on to some reputed site on your computer. Only a few clicks will complete the deal. Often there are handsome discounts offer depending on the mood of the international market.

Some reputed portals like export cars usa backed by years of experience are noted for customer satisfaction and guarantee. Going through such portals you will avoid going through piles of paperwork as the site takes care of all legalities and formalities.

There is a wide range to choose from as regards various models and specifications. Clicking on to usa car exports an entire world of cars opens up with unlimited choices. The added plus point is that distance is no problem. You will not have to collect the car but the website like www.auctionexport.com takes the responsibility of delivering the car to your address in Nigeria in shipshape condition without delay. For this they avail of an efficient network of global transportation infrastructure for a nominal fee.

Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 1:20pm On Sep 12, 2017
Easy Tips to Export cars USA

Car export abides by a number of rules and regulations as this is actually a transaction of two countries. USA enjoys the highest number of export every year. Since this market is expanding day by day, the number of exporters is also going up. The options of export cars, USA are also increasing.

To export a motor vehicle from US, the exporter must have the documents to proof the ownership. This is the title that is transferred not only to another person, but actually to another country. It is for this reason that the entire process is based on rules, regulations and acts. Moreover there are taxes to be paid to both the countries.

Export cars USA include a large number of used cars and salvaged cars every year. Manufacturers of other countries look for these exports as they can get good car-parts in cheaper rate from these exports.

There are a number of US exporters. There are associations of them too. It is always advisable to contact with the bigger dealers as there is little risk involved in that transaction. A number of options are there to export USA cars outside.

Auctionexport.com will provide you with a list of exporters and a list of these export cars. You can make your choice online and can place your booking too.The export process includes the shipping too. This shipping needs a lot of documents. Always prepare yourself with documents so that no time is wasted. The export process is quite lengthy. Be prepared for that.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 2:26pm On Sep 12, 2017
Expo Companies Offer Excellent Solutions to Import Car in Nigeria

Latest surveys are showing that there is quite an appreciable rise in the Import car in Nigeria. The data was based on the records available with Nigerian sea port at Lagos, ONNE and Harcourt.

A few reports suggest that there is a growing number of middle class, and their standards of living are also improving quite rapidly. Most of the families now have disposable income available with them. Moreover, there is also an increased awareness about credit financing done by few of the banks and financial institutions here.

In order to fulfill your dream of driving an imported car from the USA on the Nigerian roads, you’ll need to take the advantage of the car auction and shipping company websites right from the comfort of your home. You could register yourself on one of the reliable auction sites and bid on the car that you want after looking into its drivable condition.

After you’ve had the deal finalized, you’ll need to work around with the team of professionals who will help you in shipping your car overseas without any complications. These expo companies provide door to door container service in any part of the world.

With the help of dependable expo companies, you’ll be able to clear the customs quite easily. Depending on the mode of transportation that you choose to Import Car in Nigeria, you’ll need to fill up necessary forms and provide authorized export instruction and commercial invoices to the shipping company.

Most foreign government agencies impose duties on international vehicle shipment and thus, it is important that you are prepared with necessary receipts, documents and are ready to pay the duty. Before you have your vehicle shipped from the USA, its important that you check it thoroughly and have a detailed report on its condition.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 4:20pm On Sep 12, 2017
Export Aston Martin Car From USA At Best Deals

Every car lover who wants to export aston martin car from usa can now do so through dedicated online portals. A swanky car like aston martin can turn out to be quite heavy on the pockets and not available at all locations. International buyers can now purchase used aston martin car or pick up a brand new factory model at reasonable prices. Online auctions are the future or car purchase and you can get the car of your dreams with a few clicks.

Sites like Auction Export.com are established by experienced entrepreneurs who have a complete knowledge of the automotive industry, tailored for customer satisfaction. When you make your bid in an online aston martin car auction, you have a great chance to purchase it at budget prices. You can put your own aston martin cars for sale or get your dream model at low rates. The entire process is smooth and helpful to the buyer, monitoring the deal at every stage.

Find Aston Martin Cars for sale HERE

Online Aston Martin Car Auction Includes Aston Martin Car Models such as DB9, DBS,VANQUISH,VANTAGE

Another problem that is a major deal breaker for international buyers is the lack of shipping to long distances. You can use the innovative search features to select the car but it would be frustrating to have limited shipping. Most quality sites make sure that when you buy aston martin car online, your car is delivered to your home using the fastest modes of transport. All you need to do is to register yourself at such sites, make the perfect bid and export aston martin car from usa to be the king of the road.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 6:25pm On Sep 12, 2017
Export Audi Car From USA On A Budget

The best way to get lucky on expensive audi car purchases is to export audi car from usa through online sites. You can remove the hassles of travelling to different showrooms to select the right models, placing pre orders and lots of paperwork. Whether you are planning to get a used audi car or a new factory model, online purchases are the most simple and effective way to get your car. All you need to do is to make a bid at online auctions.

When you look at such dedicated car export sites, Auction Export.com ranks high on the list. You get a detailed and fully stocked inventory so your favorite audi models are never sold out. You can monitor each online audi car auction to get an understanding of the process and the average price points. Finally, you can just submit your own bid and walk away with a great deal. There are audi cars for sale, purchase and export so the entire procedure is transparent.

Find Audi Cars for sale HERE

Online Audi Car Auction Includes Audi Car Models such as 100, 200, 5000, 90, A3, A4, A5, A6, A8, ALL ROAD, CABRIOLET, Q7, R8, RS, RS4, RS6, S4, S5, S6, S8, TT

The key factor that draws international buyers towards such sites is the ability to get the cars delivered right on their doorstep. After you buy audi car online, the final paperwork is sealed and your dream car is delivered to your location using the combination of in land and oceanic mode of transport. This saves a lot of hassles and provides a huge advantage to export sites instead of normal showrooms. Wherever you are in the world, you can just usa export audi car from usa and master the roads.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 8:47am On Sep 13, 2017
Export Car from USA – Required Steps

The primary requirement to export car from USA, is that you should have the proof of ownership of the car. The other name of this proof is called title certificate.

There are number of ways you can export car from USA. The first method is through land and you must be ready with all your papers before 3 days of exporting your car. The custom official will make the necessary inspection of the vehicle.

The other alternatives in exporting the vehicle are through ship or by air. In either case you will need the proper approval from the custom officials. They will put their seal after the approval. You must carry the title document in original or with a certified copy. Both are acceptable for this purpose.

If the car has been acquired by other means, then it must have the necessary certifications which are acceptable to custom authorities. For a new car, it is not a big issue, as you can always obtain their statement of origin from either the manufacturer of the car or the car dealer can arrange for that.

Always deposit the original along with 2 copies. If the car is old or used car then you should arrange for their valid papers which should be considered by the custom officials. There are many ways these certificates can be arranged and the same must be submitted with two copies.

The owner also needs to submit the certificate that the car has been purchased for actual use and it is not a burgled car.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 10:09am On Sep 13, 2017
Avail An Innovative Way Of Car export from US

Internet has simplified the way for the buyers of exported cars from America to Nigeria and other places from all over the world. People may get their desired car delivered to their destination port without any hassle throughout the process of the car export from US. All the formal and legal aspects are fully completed and supervised by the website service itself.

Although there is several different car portals in the US that deal with exporting cars, it is always worthwhile to search for the sites where the costumer reviews authenticate the claims of the particular website.

The buyer may select his dream car from the portal listed with huge automobile stock of various models and also avail the benefit of the lucrative bargains presented by it. Bidding for your dream car may involve two stages constituting of live bidding and pre-bidding. The bidding that is submitted through website is called pre-bidding that may last for five days to one week’s time. After this, the live bidding begins. A car sold through any auction site depends upon the live bidding.

It would be best to register yourself with the websites of car exporters where all your required personal details may have to be specified. Soon after your full payment is cleared, the process of car export from US will start and a notification about arrival date would be provided to you through an email or a phone call. Enjoy hassle free and painless imported car purchase!


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 11:48am On Sep 13, 2017
Available Salvage Autos for Sale at Ohio

Thousands of salvage autos for sale takes place at Ohio. These cars are usually written off by big companies for Insurance. Some of these salvaged cars are absolutely clean and in minimum damaged condition.

The price is the main attraction of these cars, which are in absolutely brand new condition and can be obtained at throw-away prices at the auction. One can always find the online auction for car sale at Ohio. By doing little online search you can get all the information about these salvage cars for sale at Ohio.

If you are from Nigeria, then this can be a very good opportunity to have a salvaged car from USA at very good price. If you decide to buy a second hand car in USA, the older model will be costlier than some of the latest models of these damaged cars which can be repaired at very little price.


In this auction for salvage autos for sale at Ohio any powerful Bentleys or Jaguars can be purchased at fraction of the price.

To participate in this auction initially you will have to pay a deposit which is refundable. You will get back your deposit as soon as you make the payment for the car along with the other cost associated with shipping etc.

It is very simple way of acquiring car and the buying procedure is quite straightforward. You will be really very glad that after all you took such an excellent decision to buy your American car from this auction.

Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 1:04pm On Sep 13, 2017
Benefits of buying used cars from USA

There are a number of benefits of buying used cars from USA. The country has got a very large-scale industry in the automobile sector. It certainly sells cars to different customers from all over the world. There are certainly several merits of buying a second hand car. You can become the owner of a vehicle even if you are not financially very strong. There are a number of men who really aspire to become proud car owners, but do not have the means of buying one.

They definitely gain a lot from such deals. The car dealers in the country receive terrific demand from such people. These people can belong to various nations and from various walks of life. From a young student to an old businessman, everyone puts in a demand for used cars. Since, USA is one of the best selling countries for automobiles, there is no doubt that your transactions are secure and profitable when you from this country. One more benefit of buying used cars from USA is that you can be sure of full legalities and rightful title to ownership. There is no forgery involved and all the documents handed over to you are genuine and legal. There can be exceptions when you have fallen victim to some fraud, but these cases are far and few.

USAӳ dealers are recognized and certified with genuine testimonials to convince you. They also assist you with shipping and import. Their rates are nominal and you get some extra services as well. So, all in all, these car dealers really live up to your expectations and help you with a satisfying purchase.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 2:14pm On Sep 13, 2017
Benefits of Buying Used Cars USA

Buying used cars USA has become very convenient as there are several deals offered by top class car selling websites. They give you the option of locating cars of any model, make, year and description of your choice. Such sites also have a system of car loan and car financing dealers who will assist you in buying the selected used car of your taste.

Infact, buying used cars in USA have several benefits too.

The negotiation with respect to price is less taxing when you purchase a car from a private organization or an individual.
If you choose well you will save a good amount of money and get a much powerful and bigger car in a lesser amount.
Nowadays, pre-owned cars are much reliable if you make a good selection while choosing one.
You get good bargains and also save money on the pre-owned car’s insurance.
Some used cars USA might be certified and would still be under few warranties.
With the help of the vehicle identification number, it is very easy to check the history and background of the used cars. You can easily find out if it has met with any accident or if there had been some major default with the car.

In the present economic situation, buying a pre-owned car is much more economical and will certainly turn out to be a profitable and successful decision than buying a new one. You get varieties of car models in USA from which you can select according to price, year, engine type, mileage, fuel and transmission.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 8:29am On Sep 14, 2017
Benefits of Certified Pre-owned Cars

Earlier, used cars in America were considered to be a mere metal heap set to roll on the roads. Most of them were wary of buying a used car. But certified pre-used cars have set the ball rolling for the second-hand car market in U.S.A. These cars are quite popular today.

The sale of these cars increased by 132 percent from 2001 to 2006. Currently, certified car dealers constitute a very small percentage of the overall car market, but it is increasing by the day.

Higher value for higher price

Certified pre-owned cars on an average cost approximately $1542 more than non-certified cars. Nonetheless, the extended warranty makes up for the extra money. It is any day better to pay a little extra money than to carry home a bunch of problems which non-certified cars bring with it. Manufacturers are increasing those warranties by the day. GM increased its warranty period from 3 years to five years, and from 36000 miles to 1,00000 miles from 2008. Chrysler has increased its warranty to 8 years and the number of miles to 80,000. Ford, Hyundai and Mazda have increased their warranty for miles to 1,00000.

Car buyers, by considering certified pre-owned cars can save thousands of dollars. For instance, one can easily avail a Lexus RX 400h for if he chooses to go for a CPO, for the price of a Toyota Highlander. What is better is that the coverage period of warranty will be similar.

The Process

There is no prescribed number of years which would determine whether a car will qualify for being a certified used car, but generally they are two years to six years old. The inspection is at least on a 100 points, but certain manufacturers like General Motors and Honda give even more. GM gives 117 while Honda gives 150. All the points are listed on a sheet called inspection sheet and you can ask for it before buying the car.

CPO – A boon for dealers too

Certified pre-owned vehicles bring much more profit than other used cars. They also sell much faster and hence over all much more beneficial for the dealers. The services and other benefits offered by these dealers to car buyers are almost as much as that provided to new car buyers. Financing is also provided for these cars, and the rate varies from model to model.

In 2008, according to IntelliChoice’s annual survey, the market competition for these cars is as much as new cars. While Volvo turned out to be the market leader, when it came to CPOs,

Cadillac and Jaguar came second. The 4th place was taken by Saab and the 5th place by Lexus. Volvo was the most popular because of the after-sales service offered to the buyer nationwide.

Availing CPO cars

Getting good used cars which they can send for certification is an issue with dealers. They mostly deal in pre-used cars from the brand they deal in, but occasionally trade in other vehicles too. Quite often they purchase from public sale or public auto auctions after their lease expire.

The demand for certified pre-owned cars is increasing by the day as there are very few used cars that are three to five years old and available for resale. Trading in certified used cars has become very profitable for car manufacturers and so they attempt at increasing their stock.

Brings peace of mind

Certified pre-owned cars come with warranty from the original manufacturer. The warranty is included in the purchase price and the buyer doesn’t have to pay extra for that. A warranty backed by a manufacturer has many advantages as compared to a warranty backed by a private dealer. Private dealers generally charge extra fees for the warranty. Secondly, a warranty supported by a manufacturer will enable you to get the service in any part of the country if your car breaks down when you have traveled beyond your city limits, but a warranty supported by a private dealer is generally confined to the dealership or only certain geographic areas.

There are certain things you need to keep in mind before buying CPO. You need to enquire if you need prior approval for towing the car. Also find out the time that the approval will take. Go through the contract properly to see if you have to adhere to certain tasks like getting routine check up or maintenance done as per the schedule mentioned. Always preserve your receipts as you may need to furnish them for reimbursement.

CPO vehicles are much more reliable than non-certified used cars. If at all any problem arises, then it is taken care of by the warranty. Once you have checked the inspection sheet thoroughly and looked at the vehicle properly, you can be rest assured that you aren’t carrying a bunch of problems associated with old cars back home. You will also end up saving a lot of money.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 9:27am On Sep 14, 2017
Benefits of salvage car auction

Salvage car auction provides the manufacturers ample scope to get foreign car parts in affordable prices. Salvage cars are those which are damaged from either accidents or natural calamities. Stolen cars are also included in the list. Often the stolen cars after recovery are beyond repair. Insurance companies find it rational to sell them rather than to sponsor for the repair. Moreover in these cases the repairmen cost exceeds the insurance money.

For individual buyers salvage car auction is not a good proposition. Though there are sections of cars which are claimed as repairable cars, you can never know the extent of damage. Moreover in online auctions of salvaged cars you are likely to be fooled. But auctionexport.com assures you to find all the salvage car auctions taking place in USA.

Taking part and buying a salvage car is one thing. On the other hand getting the legal ownership of the salvage car is completely different. Always remember, these cars are unclaimed. But the legal documents are with the original owner. So there can be legal hassles after you buy a car. Auctionexport will help you out to untangle these complicacies.

The good part of a salvage car auction is that, they help the insurance companies to dispense with the heaps of cars that are coming to them every year. Moreover, it is through these auctions that the manufacturers of different countries get access to US made car-parts in a cheaper rate. They can incorporate these parts in their manufacturing too. Though, the parts are foreign, the cost of the car will also be within reach.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 10:33am On Sep 14, 2017
Import v/s native

A very relevant question in the recent times is “who is the best manufacturer and seller of cars?” There are varied opinions on this touchy subject with a real face off between the Americans versus imports. People all over the world have their different set of opinions with certain sect being the die hard fans of a particular group of auto makers. Now the question is “are they right on their decisions?” there are several things that need to be known before a decision is being made – which company sells the maximum cars, which model costs the least expenses on repairing, and historically which company has produced the sturdiest cars ever?

The Americans believe that their toughest competitors are Japanese car makers. The Japanese car sales have captured the market and have even made big money in terms of dollars. The South Korean company Hyundai has also shown strong growth currently cutting an edge for itself.

Interestingly, most Americans are unaware of the fact that last year General Motors Corp was the labelled the top selling automaker of a foreign origin in China. It even outdid Germany’s Volkswagen AG with a tremendous growth rate of 35.2 % to 665390 numbers of vehicles in the 2006 economic year.

Americans are often misled by the media and they doubt their own capabilities as the automakers. They do not realize how powerful their products are in the market and also much superior to the import cars. Though the foreign imports boats of bringing a lot of benefits to the American market, still they have not yet managed to reach the position of the companies like Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. It should be known that the United States never form the platform for core engineering of the import companies. The foreigners never design and develop the electronic architectures like the USA automakers, nor do they design the powertrains, suspensions or chassis here.

On the contrary, the earlier mentioned American companies are hiring and recruiting people across US and buying the high-tech computers of the American origin. They also employ Americans to program these machines.

These three big American companies also compute the fluid dynamics before they reach the wind tunnels. They contribute heavily to the country’s economy with their share of employees which is huge in comparison to the import car makers. Some of the Japanese automakers are even envious of US car designs like that of the Chrysler. An import company VW also witnessed a huge drop in its sale during the 1990’s. To regain its lost position it even announced the introduction of 12 new car models by 2009 in China at a cheaper rate and with much improved service.

Even the luxury passenger van Buick GL8 enjoyed huge sale growth with its recent models Cadillac and Chevrolet. GM, largest automaker of the world, also saw a rise from 9.4% to 11.2%. Though it is completely a personal matter whether you want to buy an imported car or a native one, it needs to be remembered that America has provided jobs to thousands of its people and have also built the world’s most affordable and long lasting automobiles.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 1:07pm On Sep 14, 2017
BMW, Middle East Group, announces double digit growth during slowdown

The BMW managed to gain a 4 percent increase in market share against its core competitors, against the fact that premium automotive sector is down by 25percent. BMW Group Middle East has ended 2009 business with a moderate 9percent decrease in sales compared to 2008.

With a total of 14,557 BMW and MINI vehicles sold across 14 Middle East markets, the Group registered positive double digit sales growth in many importing markets. These include Lebanon with 48percent increase; Syria with 53percent growth; Saudi Arabia with 27percent increase; Abu Dhabi with 6percent increase and Bahrain with 2percent increase.

James Crichton, Sales & Marketing Director of BMW Group Middle East feels the launch of the flagship 7 Series model, the best-selling car in 2009 and the best selling premium car in the Middle East, helped achieving the numbers in the challenging market conditions. The double-digit growth in several markets against the core competitors is a good result, given the challenges faced throughout 2009.

The BMW 7 Series saw a 75percent increase in sales and became the top seller in its segment in 2009.The 7 Series weaves ultimate style, comfort, and luxury with supreme driving dynamics and delight. The vehicle has been designed to lower fuel consumption and emissions, making the BMW 7 Series the most fuel-efficient engine in its class.

The X6 Sports Activity Coupe, launched in 2008, achieved a 43percent increase in sales in 2009, making it BMW Middle East Group's second bestselling vehicle of the year.

BMW Premium Selection, the company's approved used-car program was another area of business that delivered strong growth, achieving an increase of 25percent in total sales in the eight importer markets.

Crichton is confident that BMW Group Middle East is in a strong position to achieve growth during 2010 despite the challenging market condition this year too. Five new models will be launched in the Middle East during the first five months of the year: two Active Hybrids, the new 5 Series, Gran Turismo and X1. The Gran Turismo and X1 have already been well received in Europe, and with the 5 Series being a strong seller, BMW Group is confident that these new models will affect 2010 sales positively.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 3:29pm On Sep 14, 2017
Browsing for USA used cars for sale

Used cars business has always been a huge industry in United States. Despite all the new and optimized car brands that are trying to bridge the gap between luxury and cost, used cars market hasnӴ shown any sign of depreciation. In fact, over the past 5 years there has been a marked growth in demand for American used cars. Interestingly, most of the new demand comes from foreign buyers who seek to import high-quality used cars from US and Canada.

If you are planning to get an imported car from US, you can start your search by simply browsing for USA used cars for sale. This is the easiest option to get a review of used car markets in US. Popular used car dealers and auctioneers are active through online platforms. This is where they fetch quality foreign buyers who would be willing to pay a decent sum in exchange for fairly performing cars.

While searching for used car auction or export, you would find that most of the sellers are from United States or Canada. Note that, you cannot rely on unrecognized sellers or sites that do not provide a detailed dealership policy. Before selecting any seller check whether all his transactions are fully insured. However, if you are buying salvage cars, you might not receive any insurance coverage. Nevertheless, it is best to skip such deals because uninsured used cars are quite unfit for personal usage.

Online used car sales can definitely offer you some of the best choices in the market; however, there is limited guarantee about the sellers and their after-sales services.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 8:33am On Sep 15, 2017
Business of Exporting Used Cars USA

The used cars USA industry is booming with excellent sales in and around the world. There are many companies that are involved in this business. There are lots of activities involved in this sector and a good amount of organizational skills and planning is required for carrying out this kind of business.

There are plenty of regulations and custom rules required in this business. Few important guidelines are necessary to understand for carrying out this business. First of all, you’ll need to arrange good amount of finance for getting license and also various transportation costs. Exporters usually bear the expenses, which are recovered from importers later.

In success of such kind of business, market research has got very important role, since you must know about the right kind of auto dealers in second-hand cars of the other countries where you want to export and also details about the auto agents. Internet can be a very good source for obtaining such information, which can help you to get in touch with the right people in various countries.

You also need to know various terminologies that are being used in foreign trades, which are very essential for this line of business.

An important thing that you’ll need to do is make an effective business plan, which must include countries you are targeting and get familiar with all the relevant laws associated with it. In USA, there is no need for export license, but for few other countries, federal certificates may be required, which can be enquired from the respective countries consulate or the license agencies of that particular country.

Secured LC must be taken from the importer prior to transportation. All the necessary papers should be ready before shipping them out of USA. There are brokers who provide their services for exporting used cars USA.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 9:48am On Sep 15, 2017
Buy A Car From US - The Cheapest And Easiest Access To Your Dream Car

Are you complaining about the higher price for a car, which however is offered at a cheaper rate in USA? Moreover, if the quality vehicles, alluring trendy models and the competitive bargain prices of the US automobile market entice you, then you must know the fact that you are not alone. So it’s high time to make the best use of U.S recession, invest a few hours on internet research, and buy a car from US.

Knowing the exact vehicle you are looking for, is one of the first prime step in this concern. Not only it will ease your research, rather it will also narrow it down to few models. Although, if you have no particular car model in your mind, you can easily research online for the American vehicles that are in great demand and make your final choice.

Dealers who offer the car of your choice can easily be found via online researches. A proper research can take you to the dealers who offer transporting expensive models of the car at relatively cheaper prices.

Overhead expenses such as shipping charges, vehicle title check, and other formalities of custom duties etc. should also be considered. Moreover the vehicle’s specifications of accessories and upholstery, which might differ in US, should be taken care of.

So don’t let the distance pose any hurdle to get the car of your dream. Weigh your options, opt for the best portal, make the prefect deal, and buy a car from USA that is safe, efficient, reliable, and affordable.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 11:15am On Sep 15, 2017
Buy a car in online car auction

Online car auction enables the international participants to come and take part in an auction. The automobile market is growing rapidly. One has to admit the fact, that before buying a car, it is better to have a look of the car. But then, how will you be able to have a US car sitting at Nigeria? Now, with plenty of options in your fingertips, you just have to click your mouse and the car is delivered. It is this facility that the international buyers are enjoying and the automobile business is thriving. If you want to know about all US online car auctions, auctionexport.com may come to your help.

Online car auction is not devoid of the minuses that general car auctions do have. They sell used and salvaged car and there is no assurance of their performance as they are not first hand. While, the deal is done online the problem remains same. Plus, the cost of shipping is added. You have to abide by a number of rules and regulation of both the countries. Taxes are extra.

Yet, after all that, car enthusiasts and manufacturers love to take the pain of joining an online car auction. The manufacturers aim at getting damaged cars in cheap price, so that they can separate the car parts and develop cars on their own. Can enthusiasts love to throng these online auctions as used cars come in affordable price.

Always do your homework before you take part in any auction. Try to know more about the source of these cars.


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Buy a car online today

It is either sheer necessity. Or your penchant. Or the both. These are the things that can prompt you to buy a car and buying a car is easier now that you think. It is just by a click of your mouse that you can actually have a car at your door, no matter in which part of the world you may live in. It may sound risky. But things are quite easy with auctionimport.com. On your part, you are left with the minimum task of choosing a car and paying the money. The rest is on auctionexport.com.

Cars are pride. But experts advise not to bend too much on the luxurious side of a car. But keep an eye on the performance of the car as well. There are a few steps that you must follow before you select your car. First, decide whether you want a new car or a used car. Second, determine the type of the car. Third, decide whether you want to buy from your own country or from off-shore. Fourth, get a clear idea of your budget. Now, the budget does not mean only the price of the car. Consider the taxes you have to pay. If you are importing from a foreign country, there are customs and the shipping cost has to be calculated separately.

Before you buy a new car, you are expected to undergo a detailed research about the car. Take in account the performance of other cars, manufactured by the same company.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 3:18pm On Sep 15, 2017
Buy a Used Car From USA That Fits Your Need and Budget

Most of us desire to own a dream car brought from USA, which is the worldwide famous hub for high technology vehicles. Basically if you are an outsider that is a non citizen then you have to have many documents lined up before you run those set of wheels.

To buy a used car from USA you have to have several documents like the MSO for the make and model of the car, Compliance Letter and Bill of sale. You also need to get a government stamped certificate that gives you the legal right to import the car bought in USA.

For buying a used car in US you need to get some of your basics right. Firstly before signing the deal get your car checked by an auto engineer for its efficiency and technicalities. You can look up the directory to get the contact details of an auto engineer. If you cannot afford one then go for a garage mechanic.

Once you have done that then check for car seller companies that sell used cars. You can strike a better deal if you have done some research regarding this. These companies are coming up with different schemes that benefit customers. Once you have purchased the car you have to clear the tax duties for import. This is different in different states.

Buy a used car from USA, where one can select from a wide range of models. Moreover, you can find a car that suits your requirement and budget.


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Exporting cars online from USA to Nigeria

What was impossible couple of years ago is possible today – cars can be exported from USA to any part of the globe with the help of the Internet. Sitting in Nigeria? Just by clicking on portals like www.auctionexport.com , dealing with cars, your dream of owning a car made in USA will come true – just register, pay and voila it’s done!

On sites like auctionexport you can view and choose latest as well as old Acura models like CL, MDX, TL, SLX, TSX, Integra, RSX, RDX, Legend, MDX, RL, NSX etc. Unlike local showrooms there are unlimited options to choose from each type. The range in prices varies according to special features and modifications. It is the buyer who will decide the final price since the cars are auctioned on the web. Strict auction rules are followed. After registering the required money has to be deposited prior to bidding. All this is done online – in the safety, comport and privacy of your home in Nigeria. The delivery charges are negligible – the exact amount varying according to the number of cars bought and the location of where the car is kept at sale time.

It is possible to get comprehensive details about the cars on the net. The transportation mode is simple, efficient, reliable and fast. All that you will have to do is to click and click!


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Factors for online car sales

The figure of online car sales of every international automobile company is just shooting up day by day. Especially USA makes a world wide record in this section. It is for the looks and the performance combined in these US made cars that have made the demand in the automobile market.

Apart from the online car sales sections of the companies itself, there are automobile organizations to provide detailed service to the online car buyers. In auctionexport.com, you will get the chart of US made cars available for online sale now. You can browse the gallery, have a look of them and can make your choice sitting in your cozy room of Nigeria. You can also know the price of the car, the tax that you have to pay if you want to import a car from US to Nigeria and the shipping cost. Then you can gather information about the formalities that the laws of your country have fixed for such import. Now, it is so easy to book your car online.

Online car sales depends on a number of online services. You can arrange for the financing online. Even arrangement of shipping can be made online. You can make the payment online too. But experts warn, before making a choice of car do proper homework about the car. You cannot be physically present for a satisfying test drive. So, see whether that car is suitable in your country. Look out, whether you can get mechanics in your place for some emergency repair.


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Few Things About Car shipping from USA

Few peculiar things need to be taken care of in the process of car shipping from USA, if you desire to receive your dream car on guaranteed dates. Pick-up and the delivery terms are just estimates and not guaranteed dates. Lots of unforeseen problems may turn up on the roads that include traffic jams, mechanical breakdowns and unfavorable weather conditions that delay the delivery.

Curiously enough, major cause for delays rests upon customers themselves. If you delay in arriving to the drop-off or the pick-up locations on time, make some changes in the last minute and so on, the delivery gets delayed. Much depends on the punctuality and reliability that you too maintain. The better you perform your part, the sooner you may get your car.

Receive the inspection report describing your car’s condition spelling out all existing cracks, scratches and so on before pick-up by the shipping company. You would need this report for checking its condition upon delivery of your vehicle.

Make sure that you reach on time at drop-off spot. Soon after you receive the car by the moving company, make a slow and thorough inspection while inspecting against the report that you were given previously. If you find any discrepancies between its actual condition and the report, note them and also make sure that you receive the signature of the truck driver on the papers.

Door-to-door car shipping from USA doesn’t necessarily imply that the truck would stop right in front of your doors. The truck driver would get your vehicle to the delivery or pick-up point, as close as possible according to terms of safety and law.


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Get The Most Favorable Financing & Insurance Deal

Invoice pricing is easier and more popular than before. This is making it difficult for dealer to squeeze gains out of transactions in new cars. Most of the profit has gone reverse gear to the “back end” that is inclusive of the F&I Department. Many of buyers let go of their defenses in the F&I department and forego any solid bargaining they have managed on the purchased price of the car.

For financing a car purchase there are many alternatives – credit unions, banks as well as dealers. In some instances the loan taken from the dealer comes from a bank on whose doors you can directly knock yourself. Actually dealers play the role of being loan agents while trying to help the buyer get the best rate. But what they do is to add to the percentage over and above what they get from the banks which they pocket.

There are a good number of captive financing firms that offer loan rates that are discounted. One can get the best deal by financing through them. The chances of making savings increases, if one shops during a period when incentives are being offered.

Back-End Products and Services:

The F&I manager also deals with extra products and services – these considerably add to the profits of the dealer. These are inclusive of service contracts.

Service contracts are warranties that are extended. The plans start operating when the warranty of the manufacturer expires and often covers certain repairs that have been excluded in the warranty. For those opting of service contract certain points need to be remembered.Some contracts have while others do not have deductibles. The amounts differ and one may not have to pay for a deductible for every claim made or separately for repairs that are not related in that same claim. Details should be got.

It should not be assumed that if you change addresses the contract will also automatically shift. Find out if there is this clause about shifting and if so what the related fees are.

The contract may not be binding to another owner. Thus although the extended guarantee is an attractive clause it should be checked whether it is tied to the owner or the vehicle; find out the fees involved for transferring from one owner to another.

It is well to remember that the parts or systems of the car might cause damage to another section of the car.

If one is taking loan for a long term running into five or say six years the mileage limitations should be checked of the extended warranty. It could happen that you might go beyond the limits of mileage and thus lose out on the warranty even before the end of the financing period.

Rust-proofing and paint protection:

Rust resisting galvanized steel or aluminum or fibre glass are used to build the new cars and these are treated with rust-proofing chemicals in the factory.

Fabric Protectant:

As distinct from rust-proofing, fabric protectant can be successfully applied on the car after the latter has been assembled. In other words – the dealer can perform this function and so can the buyer. All that is required to get the same result is a knack for the work and the time for it.

Vehicle Service:

The basic point about dealerships is that the service section can contribute handsomely to profit percentage. The National Dealers Association reported that sections dealing with services and parts comprised of 55% of all the operating profits of the dealers.

If the buyer comes up with a perfect trade-in and accurate maintenance and repair records, then the dealer will get the message that the buyer is a good bet for few years of unbroken service. This will be an incentive to offer a handsome deal on the buying price.


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Find Used And Salvage Cars USA

Every year the number of USA cars which are salvaged is increasing. These cars are of course not first hand. Rather damaged from accidents. It is beyond any doubt, that USA manufactured cars are expensive. But getting USA manufactured salvage cars in cheaper price wont be a bad deal at all, as a car when tagged as salvage loses its market value. No matter, the parts remain same.

There are a number of USA dealers holding out salvage car auctions. Autoexport.com can help you bid for those auctions sitting at your home. It is not only new or used cars that you can get through the online services. Salvage cars are high on demand, especially when the original car is manufactured in USA.

These cars are actually damaged in accidents. Of course there are insurance companies. But too often, the insurance companies find the cost of repairing a damaged car more than the insurance money. It is then, that they declare a car as a salvage one. Automobile experts say, even with minor and repairable damage, cars are often declared as salvage. So, getting good cars with superb parts and mechanism in a cheap price is what a salvage car auction can offer you.

The idea of reuse and recycle has given an impetus to the idea of salvage cars. This process is environment friendly, producing lesser metal waste. The parts of a salvaged car can easily be used for manufacturing of a new car. As a result the hybrid car comes in a cheaper price.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 11:11am On Sep 19, 2017
Finding salvage autos for sale

Insurance companies put salvage autos for sale through various auctions. These are cars, damaged in accidents. Though all such cars have insurance, it is often found that the repayment cost will exceed the insurance worth. It is then that salvage autos are put on sale.

These auctions help the insurance companies to get rid of the damaged cars that are piling up every year. On the other hand it provides the manufacturers of other countries to buy these car-parts in an affordable price. Using these US made car parts they can make cars which will have a similar performance with that of a US made car. But because of the production cost, the price of the car will be much lower than the price of a US manufactured car. So, the concept of salvage autos for sale is giving impetus to the automobile industry.

How will you know which insurance company is putting up some salvage autos for sale? For this purpose, auctionexport will help you. All dealers, car companies and insurance companies are registered with auctionexport. So it is just by one click of your mouse that you come to know which company is going to hold their auction and when. You can participate in them online too.

But there are a number of rules, regulations and potholes too, the experts warn. Before taking part in such an auction, get well informed about those rules and regulations. Since you cannot verify the actual condition of the salvaged car, you are warned against this pothole too.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 1:29pm On Sep 19, 2017
Finding the right salvage auctions

Auto auctions, specially meant to showcase the salvaged cars are known as salvage auctions. These cars are damaged or stolen cars without any owner to claim the car. All cars have their insurances. But it is often found that after an accident, it is found that the repairmen cost will be more than the insurance money. They these cars are declared as salvage cars and sold out in auctions by dealers. Same is the case of stolen cars too. There are online auctions too, to ensure participation of people from other part of the world.

People flock in these auctions with the hope of getting some good car-parts in a handy price. Specially cars made of USA are high on demand just because of their good body-parts. So even when they are damaged, their price remains on the high. While buying a salvage car from salvage auctions, make sure that you know all the rules and regulations of the auctions. Remember, these cars are abandoned. But that does not mean that they are parent-less. Legally there are owners and buying a salvage car does not mean getting the ownership automatically. So keep in mind to arrange for the rightful ownership on the car.

Experts say, buying a salvage car is often a matter of risk. You will never be able to know, how the accident occurred, how major the damage is. Rather, you are to believe the words of the dealer. A minor fault reported, may actually be a dangerous one in reality. So be prepared for these incidents too.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 2:46pm On Sep 19, 2017
Ford Middle East improves its figures to positive in 2009

Ford Middle East, registered an improvement of US$17.5 billion from 2008, controlled in part by positive overall pricing, functional cost controls, net profit on deficit decline actions and healthy Credit results. Ford, one of the biggest car manufacturers of US, did not opt for a government bailout last year.

Ford earned its first net profit in 2009 for whole year after 2005, and a $17.5 billion increase over 2008. The company forecasts pre-tax profits for 2010 excluding extra ordinary for North America, automotive segment and entire company. Positive Automobile operating cash flow will help in making the entire company profitable.

The two models of the company Transit Connect and Ford Fusion Hybrid, won best truck and best car titles for 2010 in the recent North America International Motorshow It launched its in-vehicle connectivity program, which set the standard in human machine technologies ally.

In 2009, the company outperformed the competition in the bigger regional markets. According to Larry Prein, managing director, Ford Middle East, sales of its three brands, Mercury, Lincoln and Ford surpassed the industry average in the region in excess of 10%. In contrast, the industry average has declined by 17% in the same period. The company has carried the momentum and made a positive start in 2010.

Larry also believes that the remarkable increase in market share in the previous year, inspite of the adverse market conditions, has been possible due to a combination of new models and their dedicated dealer network. Prein has managed Ford's business across 24 countries in Central America and Caribbean region. He has voluminous experience of managing international business and has held key positions in the company in Australia, Asia Pacific, Mazda Japan based in Hiroshima, as well as in the United States at Jaguar Cars, Mercury, Lincoln and Ford Divisions.

He strongly believes that their ONE Ford program has been fruitful, giving world’s best products and technologies. Today, one of the finest quality products in the car segment comes from Ford, thus becoming a market leader in setting trends.

During the last year, Ford's turnover grew quarter over quarter, having registered nearly 15 percent growth in second quarter above first quarter, and a further 10 percent growth in third quarter above second quarter, while keeping the pace in the last quarter. The approach towards 2010 remains upbeat due to systematic network development in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and UAE along with robust product range.

Ford's plans to launch five new models in Middle East, the new desert, with powerful engine capacity of 6.2 L, 400hp, 2010 Taurus, F-150 SVT Raptor, are the hot probables. Mustang with 5.0L V8 and moderate and efficient V6, with its 305 hp 3.7L capacity will lead the new launches in 2011.

2010 will be a significant year for the company in the region as they are going to drive the key initiatives with their dealers. Strong dealer network working together to grow the clientele and global products will help brand achieve its new heights this year, feels Larry Prein, the new Managing Director.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 4:18pm On Sep 19, 2017
Get Branded Cars from Salvage Auto Auction in the USA

Normally, Americans do not participate in any salvage auto auction, as they wouldn’t be able to use them on road, particularly due to the stringent vehicle on-road policies in the United States. However, by incorporating few techniques while buying a car, one can ensure that they get to buy great cars at salvage auctions.

We all know that buying a car from salvage auction has never been simpler. In order to simplify this task, you can take help from the well known auto auction dealers. These dealers offer help in person and over the internet. They have first hand experience in selling the salved vehicle throughout the world.

You could securely bid for the vehicle that you choose to buy with assistance from the dealers. Once the entire deal is finalized, the expo companies will help you to get through customs department, as they are aware of all the laws and the necessary legal procedures related to buying, selling and shipping of cars from USA to other parts of the world, especially Nigeria.

The services offered by the expo companies also include prompt pick up and drop services, strict adherence to the delivery timeframe, extended and enhanced coverage, excellent customer care support and others.

Some salvage auto auction dealers offer complete solutions for selling and shipping used cars to your country. These companies also ensure that you get a legitimate deal and your vehicle is worth the money you are spending on it.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 5:28pm On Sep 19, 2017
Get Car Shipping Insurance Before Moving Used cars from USA

If you are shipping used cars from USA you might require insurance in case anything goes wrong. Majority of companies engaged in car shipping business provide the insurance for your vehicle, but the insurance coverage may differ from companies to companies. So, it is always good to carry out proper research before deciding upon a car mover.

The licensed auto transport company providing car moving services possess liability and cargo insurance. If by chance your car is damaged while shipping, you might probably want coverage. Make sure whether your car moving agency has insurance certificate, if you have any doubts regarding it, get in touch with their insurance company and double check the necessary information.

Few auto movers offer insurance coverage to a limited extent, which might be lesser than the worth of your car. Inquire about the precise terms and conditions that are offered to you in their insurance company. Find out whether you may opt for any additional coverage, if there is any limited coverage amount, whether any vehicle parts are not covered by the insurance and what type of damages are covered by the car insurance.

A car moving company will need to provide you with an insurance against damage and theft.You may also have to make sure whether your vehicle carrier that ships used cars from USA has been registered with the Transportation Department, if you wish to avoid all the possible troubles in getting the coverage lest an insured accident occurs.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 9:04am On Sep 20, 2017
Get Cars From USA Sent To Peru At Cheap Prices

More and more people are looking to get their cars from USA to own premium vehicles without being burdened with ridiculous prices. Models like the Toyota are extremely expensive and can only remain in the dreams of most car lovers. However, auction sites like AuctionExport.com have a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction along with years of industry experience. They can easily help you pick out a Toyota of your choice without emptying all the contents of your wallet.

In order to export vehicle to Peru, you need to take part in online auctions and make a bid for the car of your choice. Such cars are extremely easy to find on the inventory and you can even choose salvaged models if you are on a budget. There are regular auctions held on sites so even if you miss out on a single deal, you can still take advantage of the next one. In order to import car in Peru, you just have to complete a few formalities and avoid all the other hassles related to a purchase.

If you are worried that Peru might be too far for delivery, you can put all your fears to rest. Many top export sites offer the benefit of international shipping to their customers in order to get more people to experience the advantages of an online purchase. A combination of inland and oceanic shipping is used to make sure that your product does not suffer in quality and reaches you on time. You should always go for the smart option and opt to buy cars from USA at low prices.


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