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How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by careernaija: 1:43pm On Aug 22, 2017
The art is a key career and employability skills. The skill will help you throughout your career life. If you are leaving for a new job, you will need your negotiation skills; also while on the job you must be able to price yourself well. You will have to up your game in other to improve your chance and also to stay in the game. Negotiation is a dialogue or conversation between two or more people with the intention to reach a beneficial outcome over one or more issues. The process in not only meant to settle difference or dispute. In business environment, it’s a bargaining process between two or more party usually leading to a common ground between both parties. Employer and Employer usually undergo this process in other to achieve a common ground during the process of interview or while on the Job. Usually you would expect a win-win outcome, but most time this is not always the case. As a professional, you need to understand the time, know your worth so you don’t over or under price yourself. Honestly speaking, asking for a pay rise from your employer could be disruptive. So it’s essential you get the timing right. As much as we have many organizations are trying to take on fresh hands to drive the business in the competitive market, the last thing they want to see is their best hand leaving the business. The moment you start feeling you being underpaid at your current job, or you intend to negotiate a higher pay at that interview, you need negotiating skills mastery. So you need to keep adding value, as your company has to perceive you as one of their most prized asset. You can’t be a liability, not improve on the job, or add no value to the business and expect to have breakthrough while requesting for a pay rise. If businesses are unable to secure or retain the skilled employees they have, they will also have to face the challenge of securing people with the expertise and experience to take the organization forward. What this means is that, the candidate that desired this kind of job will need the required skills sets, enough experience in your bout as well and your profile must speak volume to be able to dictate your pay while securing the job. Although, we have established that talking money is hard, but what is more nerve racking is discussing how much you want to earn during interview or while demanding for a pay rise. Not to worry, this article we will share several ways you can go about it. Let’s considered some expert tips for planning and executing a strategy with the aim of getting a pay rise and land the dream job you desire.
Be prepared

You remember the Boy Scout motto: “Be Prepared”, that’s just it. You have to be prepared. You have to see it coming. It’s something you have to anticipate. As much as you don’t want to be asked how much you wish to earn during an interview, this is not always the case. The best thing then is to be prepared. You can never go wrong when you are prepared. Then next thing on your mind would be, how then do I get prepared? To be properly prepared, you would need to research online. We now have software that can that help with that online, just search on Google, we have a lot them online. You can the time to visit forums, friend, and field expert how much or what the average salary of the position you are applying for worth. You also have to bear at the back of your mind that this is also dependent on the size of the company. We move on to the next tip.
Know your Worth

When you know your worth, you won’t be underpaid. As part of being prepared is knowing your worth. Self awareness will boost your confidence level, and you are being perceived as been an asset by your recruiting officer. Employee that don’t know their worth always fall victim of being underutilized or short change. You know that the main objective of the interview is to sell yourself, just as the salesperson or a marketer would drag price with a potential customer and convince them to buy, so also is your duty during the interview to portray yourself in such a way that you would be interesting to buy. You end up accepting any offer if you don’t know your worth. How about a workman, or a professional on the job, knowing your worth would prompt you to desire a pay rise and settling for less is a function of perceived worth.
Add Value

The impact of increased productivity cannot be over emphasized in career advancement. One of the sure ways to go up the business ladder is to increase value as an employer. Do you have the required skills to take on the job or keep the job? If not, it’s time to take on some career advancement courses and professional certifications. We have a lot of professional courses you can take in other to be better at what you do. Attend seminar, join online forums and discussion group in order to keep getting first hand information in your field. Further more on your education don’t just rely on your first degree. I will tell you a secret, the next time you visit that website that address your need, ensure you subscribe to their newsletter to keep hearing from them. It’s a cheap way to stay up to date. Since you took up that job, how you develop on the job? Have you acquire new skill set to help you better handle the job. Or are you waiting until when your company sent you on training. You have to focus on developing yourself before you think of demanding a pay rise. It is only when you have the skills that separate you from other that you are confident to walk up to your boss and demand a pay rise. Some other traits you have to exhibit includes, loving your job, working hard, making sacrifices, giving up feeling of entitlement, paying attention to details and among others. So, instead of thinking of ways to get out of your current the company, the next time you feel being undervalued. Try ways to increase value by being more impactful than you use to be.
Be Professional during the Process

Whatever argument you give, whatever excuse, however the process goes, remember that you have to keep it professional. It’s not a time to start beating around the bush. It’s not the time to start comparing or whining. You aim should be to keep focus. You should focus more on what you have got to offer, why your company should keep you. What value you will be adding to the company. How you intent to take your company to the next level should be your focal point. So don’t get distracted. Prepare your thought ahead of the interview, and know how you would respond or react when the time comes. They made you an offer, whatever the case it not a leverage to act ugly. The deal is professional, so keep it that way. Mention your skills, lay emphasis on your qualifications and how you would help your company grow. Remember to take your personal needs out of the discussion.
Take Your Time

You need time to make a decision. If the job offer is disclosed or written, you take your time to go through the offer. You can make decision under pressure. You don’t want to be pushed into something you then regret later. So you have to take your time. For an applicant applying for a new job, keeping them waiting should not be more than twenty four hours. You don’t have much time else you might lose the job. For an expert who is demanding a pay rise, you need to take your time as well. Take your time to go through over and over again, before finally making the move. Salary negotiations can be challenging, but you can scale through if you have done your home work and properly prepare. Silence is one of your most powerful negotiating tools, so take your time.
Don’t Name your Digit First

In negotiation, the one who gives a number is likely going to lose the negotiation. So you don’t have to be the first to name your number. Interviewers will try all means possible to corner jobseekers into offering what they would accept. So allow them state the salary range or figure first. Also, you don’t have to discuss your previous earnings to your interviewer. As part of the things we discuss in the previous article-information never to reveal on your CV, you don’t have to tell your recruiter your current salary. Who does that? How does it sound, when your employee comes around and gives you how much he/she wants to be paid? Disgusting right! Likewise you don’t go to your boss, telling him how much you should be earning. Instead make it open and let them know you are negotiable if they ask for the amount you would accept.
Finally go for it

You don’t have much time. You have to hit the nail on the head. Quickly drive home your point, go straight to the point being on time and you have to be professional about it. Salary negotiation is not something you bring up at the end of a different meeting or discussion. You can Email your boss, requesting for few minutes to talk, and get scheduled. Instead of going around, murmuring or gossiping you need to meet with the right person, usually the decision maker. The letter should be addressed to your boss, detailing your intention to get a salary increase or promotion. Also bear in mind that, whatever digit you going to settle for, it’s must be something you are comfortable with for the next 2 years. You should also have a plan B, should your boss say no. You need something to fall back on when your moves fails. So the big question is what your Plan B. is
Wrap Up

If you are currently employed or you looking to land your dream job and you need a pay rise, you start by being prepared, get online, do a research to gather more information about your job and the company you interested in. Next, you have to know your worth, ensure you keeping developing and adding value. Also, it’s key to understand the timing and do ensure you stay professional during the process of negotiating. Have a clear idea of what you want-the figure. Determine the salary range you are looking for. Don’t be tempted at throwing out the figures, take your time before you finally schedule or call for a discussion. And not just that, have a plan B you can fall back on if everything else fails.

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Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by Mac2016(m): 6:57am On Aug 23, 2017

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Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by helphelp: 6:58am On Aug 23, 2017
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Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by Femmysneh(m): 7:00am On Aug 23, 2017
E no fit work for 9ja

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Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by Josephjnr(m): 7:02am On Aug 23, 2017
Thank you op,good points to apply when reality set in.

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Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by cathodekazim: 7:06am On Aug 23, 2017

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Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by iluvpomo(m): 7:19am On Aug 23, 2017
Only applicable in a non recession economy

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Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by Feranchek(m): 7:24am On Aug 23, 2017
Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by Nobody: 7:26am On Aug 23, 2017
With the state of the economy, some employers are in fact waiting for you to mention salary increase to get ypu fired.

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Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by leksmedia: 7:31am On Aug 23, 2017
The easiest ways is when you are of the best staff. If you know that your value in the company is insignificant and you dare come for a raise bro its automatic sack.

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Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by wordsmith042(m): 7:37am On Aug 23, 2017
Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by serverconnect: 7:37am On Aug 23, 2017
Nice one OP.
Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by GreatMahmud: 8:12am On Aug 23, 2017
Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by wildchild02: 8:18am On Aug 23, 2017

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Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by tk4rd: 8:21am On Aug 23, 2017
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Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by salesforce: 8:27am On Aug 23, 2017

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Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by Emeka71(m): 10:48am On Aug 23, 2017
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Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by Evinsco(m): 11:39am On Aug 23, 2017
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Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by careernaija: 12:17pm On Aug 23, 2017
E no fit work for 9ja
Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by beyondwalls: 4:28pm On Aug 23, 2017
Guys saying it cant work for naija, Forget am, it can.

Just two things are involved;

1. High (perceived) valuable contribution to the biz

2. Strong connection within the biz or Strong extra terrestrial connection.

THese two are non mutually exclusive and can be, depending on the situation.

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Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by careernaija: 1:10pm On Aug 30, 2017
Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by careernaija: 12:02pm On Sep 14, 2017
Latest Article on Careernaija Blog | Find out the top skills that are optimal for executive job search.
Re: How To Negotiate A Better Salary | Career Advice Blog by myjobmagofficia: 3:43am On Aug 18, 2018
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