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LOVESTRUCK - A Campus Love Story. By Demsid / Done In 60 Seconds (A Short Crime Story By Olumide Odusanya) / My Life On Campus (A True Life Story). (2) (3) (4)

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AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 11:38pm On Aug 28, 2017
Hi Nairalanders, lovers of campus & adventure stories, literature forum, do hope you enjoy this piece, perfection will follow, promise.

(C) 2017
No part of this story should be copied, stored in any retrieval system, published on any platform without the prior written permission of the brain behind the story aobmedia2017@gmail.com or Andrew Bloodey@facebook
The story is completely a product of the author's imagination, it contains strong languages, suspense, emotions, it's rated 16+.
Names, places, languages, etc used in this story may cause you some incorveniencies but just be quiet for once and satisfy your appetite of enjoying people talk about their horrible life experience.
Only criticism from matured minds are welcome, Babies stay clear, Pirates be Warned.


''Son!'' ''Yes Baami'' Father and Son's conversation

''the power to Save life lays in you, you are an agent of; trust,

truth, blessing, and every good thing you can ever imagine"

"You've told me that several times Baami"

Azeme replied,

"You developed white wings the day you where born as a gift from

Iroko the stainless gods" Dad continued "The day you taste

Blood, that day your destiny shall be averted to evil, your white

wing shall transform into darkness and evil shall rule

over you" Azeme silent and deep in thought "Baami I promise,

nothing will ever make me taste Blood." When you get to school

remember this words I say" "Baami I have to go now I'll call you

when I get to school, bye bye" Azeme pick up his bag, back it and

turned to leave “Son" Azeme stopped on his trick, made a motion turn ...........


Episode 1
The weather was cold, flood making its waves through the gutter

path, the rain has just finished rendering its services to human

kind but it still drops steadily which can get anyone wet

"Pls excuse me" referring to a pretty lady

"Yes, how may I help you?" she replied

"Where is King Jaja hostel?"

"Are you a new student?" she asked "Yes i'm new"

"Wao, welcome to unilag" she said with a smiling face

"Thank you" he smiled back

"You see this road?"

nods his head in affirmation

"Walk down to the end, take your left You will see King Jaja

hostel by your right"

"Ok thank you very much" "You are welcome" she replied,

he made to leave but turned back again

"Can I at least know your name?" "I'm Deborah but friends call


"that's a nice name" "o really, thanks"


" Debby"

a feminime voice cut in "Sorry I have to go now,

i was actually waiting for a friend, see you next time"

"Ok bye" "Bye"

"Debby who b that handsome bobo?"

Anita asked "Aproko don come again o, Debby stand with

lecturer, wettin una talk! Debby stand with okada man, wettin he

tell u! Debby stand with course mate, who b that guy?

Come babe, you be monitoring spirit?"

"I just dey ask to avoid stories that touch o"

"for your informate, the bobo na fresher wey need directives

fullstop" "Are you shaw?"

"No i'm tall, abeg make we dey go jare"

"ok o"

Azeme got to his hostel, the compound was full of students, some

where deadly looking like weed smokers while some were busy

playing music and others were just looking at him, he met a girl

who helped him locate his room, after arranging his

things, he decided to take a nap, before his body could touch the


he heard scream outside..................

Episode 2 loading.

Your comments will help episode 2 load faster and longer ....


Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 12:46am On Aug 29, 2017
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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Remyboyhefty(m): 1:07am On Aug 29, 2017
ride on man I dey feel you��...nice one

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 11:01am On Aug 29, 2017
Dedicated to: Remyboyhefty

Episode 2

He ran out and met almost all the whole students in the lodge

forming a circle around a girl who was convocting and almost

giving up a ghost, students were confused as what to do, some

suggested they rush her to the hospital while some were still

fanning her, When he got out, he quickly ran to the girl "someone

please get water" he screamed, most of them hurriedly rushed

inside to get it but one came out first, he

hurriedly took it from her and enchanted some words unheard by

students standing close to him, maybe he is praying they

thought, he forced the water into her mouth, immediately she

began to run a low temperature and became calm, some of the

students got relief while some were still anxious taking her to the

hospital, few seconds later, she snizzed and jacked up "Fedora....

Fedora friends calling until she regain total strength, the whole

students stood looking at him like a doctor who just finished

treating a patient "Please try and get her something to eat ok"

"thanks, i will" said a girl who kept calling Fedora, asking if she

was ok until they got inside, "Guy oil dey your head o" said a guy

who followed him while he was going back to his room, others

were busy gossiping who he was as it was the first time most of

them have seen him "Lol, which type of oil? "See the way you

save that girl life with just Water!" "O come on, praise be to Iro....

I mean God "What is Iro? “Hmmm, nothing, its just a sleep of tongue"

To be continued.....

Guys give it Yes/No


Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Criis(m): 12:44pm On Aug 29, 2017
Go on, but try to make your updates longer.
The spacing is deceptive

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Lildiamond: 12:55pm On Aug 29, 2017
Lovely story pls dont anything happen to Azeme

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Remyboyhefty(m): 2:36pm On Aug 29, 2017
thanks boss for the mention.... I go dey support you international and local God bless you man

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Momoh7(m): 4:51pm On Aug 29, 2017
Bar man bring me beer and pepper soup make i Sidon for vip section dey observe

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by boffinjay(m): 6:48pm On Aug 29, 2017
present.tnx 4 d mention

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 12:15am On Aug 30, 2017
Dedicated to:
cc: Remyboyhefty, boffinjay,
Momoh7, Lildiamond, Criis


"My name is Martins but you can call me Marto, you?"

"I'm Azeme, back in the village friends call me Ázé"

"Wao, is that suppose to be a Yoruba, Igbo or an Hausa name?

"I'm Yoruba by tribe but I was named after my fathers best friend

who is from ancient city of benin the oduduwas"


"I like us be friends how about that?" "We are already talking that

makes us friends already but right now I need to rest, maybe we

talk tomorrow" "Ya you must be very tired been it your first day

on Campus, see you tomorrow" "thanks for your understanding,

please you have to help me through the clearance process

tomorrow" "Shaw, what are friends for, let me leave you to rest"

"I go block you tomorrow so we go bole in school tomorrow

make you go see things" martins said and left the room,

Azeme always make shaw his door is properly locked to avoid

anyone bagging into him when his wings are out, he gently lay on

his mattress and began to reminisce about the free life in the

village, the only person he missed So much right now is Funke,

Funke is his life, she has tried So hard on convincing him not to

go the university has his father is also against it, his father has

sent for Funke severally asking her to help convince his Son of

changing his decision of going to the university but his mind was

made up and ceiled

"How do you intend to hide your powers and wings when you get

tothe city, you know in Africa, anyone with wings is refer as a

witchor wizard, besides they are not seen broad day light,

Ifemi, they will hunt you when they discover, remember

you mean a lot to our community" she drop the words with So

much emotions "Don't worry Funke, I'll go and return, look ife, i'm

too young to be an illiterate in this century, i can't imagine myself

spending my whole life in this village, try and understand ok" he

said putting his hand round her waist. "I can see your mind is

made up, may the gods protect you" she said looking into his

eyes, he took her hands, muttered some words and instantly his

wings came out and the next minute they were up in the sky flying, they flew to an

Island where there was no one in sight, he began to chant some

words and animals of different kinds began to craw out from the

forest, Funke was use to this as it was not new to her, gone are

days she will scream until Azeme will command them to go back,

they were still up flying when they heard a horror voice calling

out Azeme.......

Thanks guys for the comments, invite others, more coming......

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Lildiamond: 7:47am On Aug 30, 2017
Lovely stories

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by pnet22: 7:50am On Aug 30, 2017
am here to enjoy this beautiful writeup , ride on, God Bless your heart and pen.

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by francis6611(m): 12:54pm On Aug 30, 2017
wowwwww.....another wonderful nd action story is here......abeg help us to make ur update more regular

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by xaviercasmir(m): 1:52pm On Aug 30, 2017
I like your line of story. Keep it up

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Nifeola: 6:33pm On Aug 30, 2017
Thanks for the mention, enjoying d story but pls don't starve us with updates ooo

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 12:18pm On Aug 31, 2017
Episode 3

"Azeme! Azeme.... Martins kept calling "Man wake up its

already 9am, Azeme realised his thoughts have developed

into dreams and it was already morning, Martins was the

horror voice calling him while he was flying, he quickly

bounce up and rushed to the window, he was hit back by the

sun rays, he hurriedly made for the door and opened it, "Guy

what is keeping you inside, its 9am, we ought to be in school

by now" "I'm sorry please, just give me some minutes to

freshen up, i'll join you soon" he said and ran to the

bathroom" "Please hurray" before you could say jack, he was

already out of the bathroom, he met Martins checking out

some his cloths and shoes "Guy you na big boy o" "I no

understand" "See your expensive wears" "Oh, my dad

actually bought them, you can pick one or two from there if

you wish" "Your dad must be a very rich man" "Not really, we

are of a middle class, at least we don't beg to eat" "With all

this things I'm seeing, you are rich man" "If you say so,

please lets start going, i'm good" Azeme said, "I will like to

take this jeans and that shoe" "then you can have them, keep

them here, you'll take them when we are back" "Guy you too

much, you see this Campus, we own it, as long as you are

with me, you are safe" Azeme was amazed with the guy's

boldness of promising him protection, how can a mere

mortal promise him protection when he is beyond

destruction, he has saved the lives of many in the village, If only he knows him, he will know who is protecting who,

Azeme's dress code was tushed, though he was from an

uncivilized society, his dressing was better of than Martins'

They finally left for school but so many things were ringing

in his head; the horror voice he heard in his dreams pass a

bad signal because each time he hears voice like that

something is about to go wrong, the statement of Martins

promising him protection was a thing he has to give different

thought, Funke has advice him against bad friends and he

really needs to watch Martins closely. Stepping into Campus

for the first time was really an amazing experience for

Azeme, he has never seen such a big environment and large

number of people walking to and fro even though he was not

typical village boy, Martins was just busy greeting friends,

most of the guys were deadly looking, some had tattoo all

over their body and some of them pierce their ears, most of

the girls they met kept looking at Azeme, asking if he was a

student, "Marto who be that bobo?“ asked a girl Martins

address as Lizzy de terror, she was having tattoo on her left

arm and ear ring on her nose "Lizzy Lizzy, you ge eye for fine

thing sha" "Marto wettin be that one na, i dey follow you talk

you dey yarn oppata" "ok kk, the guy na fresher So I just dey

try show am way around Campus" they talked for some

minutes while Azeme stood mile away not hearing what they

were saying, he does not smile but he would just see Lizzy

smiling at him and he will barely return it. "Marto no quams,

i go block you for evening" "Lizzy Lizzy" Martins hailed,

"Na me, after me na still me for this Campus" they shook

hands and pathed.

They spent the rest of the day walking round the

environment "Martins I think I know that girl" Azeme said

referring to a pretty girl approaching them with her friend

"You know Debby?" "Yes... Debby that is her name, she

was the one who helped me locate king jaja hostel that

day I came.

Excuse me............... ...

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 12:25pm On Aug 31, 2017

Put me online: 07084877447
OrEmail: aobmedia2017@gmail.com

Episode 4

Debby was such a beautiful damsel to behold, her smile and

dimples could make buhari wish he was still an under 20,

her dressing was mad, it depict a picture of a girl raised and

brought up in a church yard, any guy on Campus will wish to

have her but you dare not go close to her without a

reasonable agenda else you receive insults that will make

you wish the ground should just open and swallow you up.

Martins have encountered her during one of his babes

hunting day and would advice anyone not to go close to her,

he finally gave up on her when he discovered she was a

major general's daughter, her father wanted her to go to a

private university but she insisted on going to a public

university where she can experience life in the street and

being born into wealth without ever getting to know what

others pass through, sometimes she would starve herself

and make shaw people around her compound feed, her

father made shaw he secure a nice apartment for her were

she will not be disturbed. "Hi" Azeme said looking into her

eyes, he was never shy or scared of anybody "Hi" she replied

"You remember me" Azeme continued, "I think I've seen you

somewhere but can't recall" she said with an angelic voice

"I'm the fresher you directed to........"king jaja hostel" she cut

in "Yes" "I don't have your name, "My name is Azeme but you

can call me Ázé" "nice meeting you again" "the pleasure is

mine" he replied, "Have you done your your clearance?" "Yes

I'm almost done with it, just remaining few persons to sign"

"Are you doing that alone?" "not really, i'm with my friend, he should be somewhere around" he said looking around if he

could see Martins but he was nowhere to be found "What

department are you?" she asked "I'm in faculty of law" "Wao

that's amazing, i'm also in faculty of law" "are you serious"

"Ya I resumed about a month ago, what took you So long to

resume?" "Hmmmm, i had to settle some things before

coming that's why" they both talk at length before Anita

interrupt them "Please Debby, we are running late for class,

i think we have to go now" "Oh, please see you some other

time, we have to leave for classes right away, "ok, can I at

least have your digit so seeing you next time will not be a

problem?" "Hmmm, I don't give people my digit but for being

my course mate, you can have it" he quickly brought out his

phone and type the digits very fast as she dictate it very fast

like a white lady "Thanks" "you're welcome, see you next

time" "Bye" "Bye" He kept looking at them until they were out

of sight, he could not help but adore Debby's beauty, she was

the most beautiful woman he has ever come across on

earth, not even his Funke could be used to compare Debby's

beauty. He finally ashed from his imagination and began to

search for Martins but Martins was nowhere to be found,

after much trekking he got tired and decided to go home,

while going home he heard an horror voice calling out his

name, he paused and look around, it seems something is

about going wrong and he was getting restless, flying away

is total no as crowd was moving to and fro, he then decided

to take the normal routine they took while coming.

On getting to a point he met some group of guys smoking


Hold it..........

Hola readers, updates might come late............. I dey under Lagos bridge dey hustle, so Data no dey standby..... Pls bear with me ok

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by sirblero(m): 1:29pm On Aug 31, 2017
nice story bro keep it coming..
more ideas...and may God bless your hussle.

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by francis6611(m): 2:21pm On Aug 31, 2017
nice one dude....cant wait for the next update.....

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Deo7(m): 4:26pm On Aug 31, 2017
cool �

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Remyboyhefty(m): 5:12pm On Aug 31, 2017
nice one bro

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 7:19pm On Aug 31, 2017
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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 7:23pm On Aug 31, 2017
I greet you all in the name of IROKO***
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by pnet22: 7:23pm On Aug 31, 2017
Am feeling it, keep going, God bless your heart and pen
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Damibiz(m): 8:09pm On Aug 31, 2017
Damibiz is here to do his registration,am i granted full permission to begin..?
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Damibiz(m): 8:09pm On Aug 31, 2017
Damibiz is here to do his registration,am i granted full permission to begin?
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 8:39pm On Aug 31, 2017
Damibiz is here to do his registration,am i granted full permission to begin?
Based on who you be, anything u wan do, carry go my guy
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Damibiz(m): 8:57pm On Aug 31, 2017
Off to the HOD's office,weldon sir
Based on who you be, anything u wan do, carry go my guy

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 10:53am On Sep 01, 2017
Episode 5

The three guys were looking deadly, one of them who seems
to be their leader was dragging and pumping out smoke
through his nostril, two of them went and stood at Azeme's
back "Guy na me dem dey call typhoid, I fit kill you if you no
treat me well" the guy said with a thunderous voice, Azeme
just stood still, not showing any sign of being scared,
"You dey mad, abi you wan die?" the other guy thundered
"hmmm I do not wish to disrespect you guys, what do you
guys want? He said very calmly not wanting to make trouble
"Omo dis guy na jjc o, you see men like this, come dey ask
wettin dem want, abi dem swear give you?" the third guy
with deep voice fired "You dey see this thing?
Thyphod said raising his shirt revealing a gun and
his dirty boxer "If I remove am, you go be history, so make
you just soji your self" "Come on guys, there won't be any
need for that, i don't mean to give you guys any trouble"
Azeme said, playing cool. "Gadafi" Thyphod called and gave
the huge guy a sign "Guy i like this your bag" he said
removing it from Azeme's neck, "this your wrist watch,
i go like borrow am" he said already removing it from his
wrist "Commot you wallet give me make I help you go keep
the money for bank" "Sorry I don't use wallet, everything is
inside the bag" Azeme replied
"Wettin come dey your pocket?" "Its my phone"
"Ok bring am make I put my simcard call my girl friend"
he collected the phone, opened it, remove Azeme's simcard
and throw it to him "Guy i like your way,
Oya make you begin discharge'' Typhoid said, Azeme was
just standing, filled with anger, he has never be molested like
this in his entire life, guns, daggers, axe or weapon of any
kind meant nothing to him but he has promise never to make
any trouble so long he is in school. "I say make you move
commot from here, abi u want make I burst ur belle?
He quickly make haste and left their presence,
" Oya guys make we move o" Typhoid ordered and they left.
Martins was at home enjoying himself with a girl he brought
from school when he heard a knock on his door
"Ooo, who be that wey wan spoil my mood this evening na?"
"Please open, its me Azeme" "Ah, that's my friend, baby
please dress up" he quickly rushed and open the door,
Azeme face was not looking bright "Ah, Ázé why is your face like this?" he was about speaking when he saw a girl walk out
from the bed room "Hmmm, baby I think you need to go now,
i'll call you later when i'm free" Martins said "Just like that?
The girl replied "I said go, i'll call u later"
"whatever" she hissed and left
"Guy talk to me, wettin happen? Azeme narrated his story
"No be for Campus!!!" Martins was ranged and promising to
recover the items "What are you going to do! Look for them!
Come on the school is too big to start looking for those guys,
besides they were fully armed, Just wish they return my
clearance papers" They were still talking when lizzy walked in...........

Look out for episode 6


Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Nmaglit: 11:19am On Sep 01, 2017
i dey follow u ooo but abeg make Azeme no join bad gang ooo


Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 12:44pm On Sep 01, 2017

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Damibiz(m): 2:21pm On Sep 01, 2017
Guy we re nt looking out oh,drop update u cant take us to wilderness nd live us like Moses abeg

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