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Ray Of Hope Stories / Ireti Nbe(there Is Hope) A Poem / Life's Hope, A Short Story (2) (3) (4)

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A Faint Ray Of Hope (a Must Read) by Victoroduogu(m): 8:08pm On Sep 14, 2017
Episode 1

"Robert Chinenye",the receptionist called out again but the reception room remained silent. A patient hollered the name this time with a deep masculine voice"Robert Chinenye!"I was so ashamed that I just raised my hand and stayed mute.I became the centre of attraction. The patients grumbled amongst themselves that if the being has all day to spend in the medical laboratory,they do have several appointments to keep and a tight schedule."I am sorry I shall not undergo the tests anymore"I quietly told the lady.I am sorry too Miss ,we do not refund payments here she coarsely replied and called the next patient. It has not come to this my dear,worry not your head about refunding and do have a splendid day I said and left in calculated steps.

I drove to the Eleanya's pharmaceutical complex. I ordered for PT,RVS test strips ,syringe and buffer. The young man in the peak of his youthful stage gave me all what I requested. Keep the change Mr,he was excited that he volunteered to take my items to my car which I vehemently opposed. I could see the protruded veins on my forehead which was an indicator of headache.I was least surprise owing yo the fact I got less sleep the previous night.Lost in my reflections,my hands swayed sighting a luxury bus so near.I ran into a parked tricycle. The side mirror shattered and got my black jeep scratched. A man in his late 30s ran to my car.He shattered my left side side mirror with his fist."You must be in sane and equally blind. Are you the first Lady to own a jeep!"He kept yelleding.He was beginning to pull crowd which I was least ready for.I called the man and gave him #2000 and equally apologised. He was about responding when I drove off ,speeding into the road and causing the crowd to scatter.
Re: A Faint Ray Of Hope (a Must Read) by Victoroduogu(m): 9:08pm On Oct 12, 2017
Episode 2

Things started falling apart on the night of 23rd December. I served as an usher and chorister in my local church, Assemblies of God church, Kapanda Estate.I had come back from work and without a drop of water to quench my extreme thirst,I changed into the uniform for the carol night. I looked beautiful in my white gown,red cover shoes and beret.I was to solo the first song "silent night"and this leaves me with no other option but be in church in time.It would be my first time to solo a song and leading a choir of more than sixty members is a great privilege .At 6:32pm I was in church. People standing were more than those sitting ,only the choir seats remained vacant. I felt tensed and shivered out of anxiety. I went to the children's department where our choirmaster addressed us all.Even if the soloist is not the key,keep doing the right thing,touch your neighbor when they are drifting, you are edifying souls so smile. These and more he said addressing us all.The hall was so quiet that I feared my breathing might disorganize the quietude that engulfed us.My choirmaster is a melancholy by temperament and would not be involved in anything less than perfect, he indeed is a great leader.

The chief usher walked to him and they spoke for about 2 mins.The first lesson is over and it is time for us to match in he said aloud. My heart raced, I was synonymous with a hypersensitive patient now.I swallowed hard but the lump in my throat will not go down in peristalsis or better still dissolve. My bladder suddenly filled up.I took permission from the choir mistress who gave me 30 seconds to get done.She handed me a bottled water and pushed me away.The urine ceased. I left the rest room although our rule remains "no chorester leaves the seat till grace is shared".I felt as though my heart will burst and spill blood on people. I said a short prayer.Our choirmaster emphasizes the place of prayer which is beyond ones sonorous voice.We lined at the back of the church with the sopranos first,then the alto and finally the tenor which had only guys save for two la
dies who are twins.The cool breeze of harmattan made me fall in love with Christmas.Take a sip of the water and a deep breath three times the mistress echoed.I obeyed although I felt nothing afterwards.Believe in yourself for that is the first step to success she said leaving me in front of the line with a black microphone."Silent night"the moderator said with a calm voice The ushers had all the electric bulbs' light put off and only the candles which each chorister held glowed at the back turning all anticipating eyes towards us.
Re: A Faint Ray Of Hope (a Must Read) by EdmundAlma: 7:40am On Oct 13, 2017
Nice one
Re: A Faint Ray Of Hope (a Must Read) by Victoroduogu(m): 7:44pm On Oct 13, 2017
Thanks a lot edmundalma,I am inspired to post the next episode
Re: A Faint Ray Of Hope (a Must Read) by Victoroduogu(m): 9:18pm On Oct 13, 2017

I did the first stanza as we marched in calculated steps.The starving eyes of the congregation focused on us especially me.I so fisted my palms that it soon bled.Several phones' and iPads' flashlight made it seem as if it was day time.It felt blissful and it seems I was on top of the world.The Carol in one word the best.Guys and ladies made their way to me as soon as we shared grace,I was inundated with compliments that in spark I felt I was flattered. I managed to grab Nneka who was to spend the night in my house. She had so long requested for sleeping over.Chinenye you are often times eager to pick a race.For goodness sake,these food,drinks and snacks are for us not ghosts. I learnt there is a US made chocolate in each package,she said almost angrily.Nneka please I need clean up,I am messy here,I said beggingly. Girl,chill it comes ones in a black moon not even blue she responded and sat.In the middle of our struggling to reach an agreement ,an usher in charge of the choir came and delivered our own package. I am off,either you come now or you trek to my house,I said walking away. She knew I was angry and so ran after me.As soon as she closed her door,I zoomed off.We maintained grave silence. I observed a blue Toyota camry driving behind. I loved the silence and so uttered nothing about it.I halted in front of my gate.Six hefty guys jumped put."Down"a voice thundered.We looked at each other as if we have been caught in a crime.

One of them,opened my car door.I looked at the masked face and immediately received two resounding slaps.I was dragged out to the floor. I could feel excruciating pains from my bruised knees.A liquid substance flowed into my mouth from my nose,it was blood. Nneka was asked to evaporate which she did without hesitation. I could not blame her,may be I could have done worse. I felt alone in the whole world with the devil and. his angels. I was ordered to march straight to my house and if I tried anything funny;I would join my ancestors that same second. I led them to my parlour. I live alone in my flat. My eyes was blindfolded and in a flash One of them came close intruding my private distance. His body odour smelt like that of Jack.
Jack is my next house neighbour, a graduate with a first class in civil engineering and he works mainly with the Arab contractors.He has proposed me countless times which I turned down.I like him especially his caring manner and good looks.He takes alcohol which at a nostril fill,I can throw up. Although a womanizer, he has immense regard and respect for me.He fondly calls me "Church girl".I wish he could come now and save me even in a drunken state.
I was pushed to my favourite couch which I could dictate even in my dreams.It became crystal clear to me I was about losing my treasure of 27 years.I had preserved myself all these years not because guys did not come but I had my virginity a gift for my yet to see Prince charming on my weeding night.Although my eyes were tied,I squeezed it hard.My hot tears wetted the blindfold. My body trembled and my heart raced.God will watch me lose my priceless and irreplaceable treasure like this?Will a man I can not even recognise in my entire life make away with my virginity. Is this my reward serving you since my 12th birthday. These thoughts and more ran through my mind as the same guy tied my trembling hands and I felt a sharp pain in my left arm which bled in church.
Re: A Faint Ray Of Hope (a Must Read) by Victoroduogu(m): 12:45pm On Oct 14, 2017
Episode 4

In a flash,my greatest fear materialized. My virginity was gone.I was deflowered. Seven of them took their time and turns on me.Their wicked laughs and obscene words struck my heart and made it bled continuously. I was in dead pains.They left me in my pool of blood but untied my hands.I struggled to untie my eyes but still lay almost motionless.
Running down the street, the cloud suddenly darkened.It was going to rain cats and dogs. Unfortunately, I could sight not even a single pet dog talk more of a human being.My late mum whom I love more than any human was after me. This is impossible I thought and so halted. To my uttermost surprise she struck my head with the Eva wine bottle she held.The bottle broke on my head and the wine rained on me. I collapsed only to realise she poured me melting water which revived me.I woke up weak and my head was bleeding profusely. She grabbed me and tried strangling me.I held her and we both were rolling on the wet floor. Mum please is me Chinenye I said crying.Forgive me for whatever offense, I pleaded even when I could not place a finger on something I might have done wrong. Worse still she was mute.I heard a sound ,my right wrist was broken. I wanted to die but would not give up.She struck my left eye and thick darkness enveloped me save for the twinkling stars starting a race which my eyes served as their starting point.
I used my left hand and pushed her then took to my heels.It was a matter of death and life.My blood must be filled with adrenaline hormone. I ran so fast but it seemed I was on a pleasure walk.There were flashes of lightening and blasts of thunder.I cried for help but could only hear my echoe.It started raining but surprisingly ,it rained blood.I recalled all I have heard about the end of the world. This surely must be the beginning of the end,I thought.I ran into a nearby mansion. The gate was open.I felt excited running into my haven.I was famished and dying of thirst. I was about scooping blood for a drink when I saw my mum again at the gate running towards me.
Re: A Faint Ray Of Hope (a Must Read) by Victoroduogu(m): 7:57pm On Oct 14, 2017
Episode 5

I ran into the house and the door closed. The fair guy that opened the door pointed a knife at me.I tried to explain my predicament to him as an appeal to pity to get hold of his emotions. My mouth only made movements but made no sound not even a wishper .The red light in the house went off.I on purpose fell down as if dead and I could feel the pains in my head.The guy was least moved by this.I could hear his footsteps towards me.The door opened from the outside. Thank goodness,I said in my heart.Power was restored this time blue coloured. My night was gradually turning into day I reasoned but I was wrong.There was my mum with another bottle,this time heaven wine. Both of them were about hitting me when I passed urine screaming"mum!"It had been a night mare.I was still in my pool of blood from the broken hymen. I really urinated on myself not only in the nightmare. The reality remains, I had been deflowered.My 27 years preserved hymen was gone beyond reach. My pulse raced and the warm tears flooded my face.I was buried in my warm perspiration. I was helpless and hopeless without even a faint ray of hope.
I dialed Jack's number but he busied the call to my greatest chagrin. In less than 15 seconds my door swung open.My helper has come I said more to myself.I hope not to knife me I murmured. It was Jack.I suspected all not being well driving past your house. Your car is in front of your gate with all the doors open even and no one inside.The gate equally thrown open.This propelled my coming. I am terribly sorry I did not inform you,he apologised revealing his up and down white gap-tooth. Is alright, I managed to say. Please drive me to the Miracle and sons clinic I pleaded. He lifted me the way a dad would lift his first baby at first sight, quietly with all carefulness as if I would break.Please what really happened he interrogated lying me at the back of my car.You look far from okay he added passionately. The alcohol breath mixed with cigarette made me dizzy and that was the last thing I remembered.
Re: A Faint Ray Of Hope (a Must Read) by Victoroduogu(m): 9:22pm On Oct 16, 2017
Episode 6

I felt a sharp pain of a syringe being driven into my left foot. A force consistently made a to and fro movement on my chest as if in a press up.Footsteps moved in random motion. A familiar voice prayed with a teary voice by my side.I felt another pain of injection,this time in my lap.My eyes were forced open although squinted. The dark huge doctor was pressing my chest as if to defuse a bomb by pressing it hard. Jack was kneeling and praying by my bed.He had a card which read"get well soon church girl".He must have done it with the printer since it was customized. A nurse was injecting me in the right lap.An oxygen mask covered my nose and mouth. Three pints of drip were finding their way into my body.A pint of blood hung over my head with four that were already gone.The fifth one was still flowing as if fire was after it to quench it.
In a split second, I recalled all that had happened.My irrecoverable hymen and the nightmare. The medic clothed in sweat that some dropped on my oxygen mask halted. They were praising God which I was yet to know why. I struggled amidst my pains to free myself but Jack held me."You need all the rest in this planet,church girl"he said.I smiled at his calling me church girl.I was still reflecting on how Jack was praying moments ago as if he was a prayer warrior when he touched my leg.I remembered how my rapist grabbed my leg and became fully awake.
Please, do not die he pleaded along with his eyes clouded. My eyed wetted and drops of tears flowed into my scattered hair.He related to me how I had been in coma for 2 days. I realized then that one of the pints was feeding me with fluids. According to him,I started breathing abnormally that he sent for the doc and other nurses who came to resuscitate me.He knew I was expressing my deep gratitude when I touched his shoulder. The door opened,I rolled my eyes in it's direction. It was Nneka.
Re: A Faint Ray Of Hope (a Must Read) by jenny8toh: 12:58am On Oct 27, 2017
Nice,I didn't know you had a page you wrote your stories. Keep up the good work ��

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Re: A Faint Ray Of Hope (a Must Read) by Victoroduogu(m): 11:56am On Nov 24, 2017
oh dear,thanks for reading

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