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"THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 1:50pm On Sep 18, 2017
With this strike action going on coupled with the boringness enclosed with being at home and doing nothing, I’ve decided to actually do something (what I love doing) to living the mood of this group –with a targeted audience of course- I’ve decided to write a story which I titled ‘’THE LEGACY”
This is going to be a type of story that would be updated from time to time pending when ASUU finally come to their senses and call off this God forsaking strike. And also, each member of this forum will have a role to play in the continuation of the story and that would be by the comments you make. I will paste the first three pages of chapter one and if the comments are encouraging I will continue posting the rest as I type. I will remain Frankline REGARDLESS of the outcome…………
NOTE: YOUR COMMENT IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED and plagiarism is punishable by death, I repeat by death. Don't try me ooo


Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 2:03pm On Sep 18, 2017
All right reserved....No copy and paste ooo

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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 2:04pm On Sep 18, 2017
Another rumble of the thunderstorm sang round the house giving her the feeling that the house was shaking. Maybe this was the sign she needed to stop her pursuit and find a more capable person to handle it. A man would do this with more ease than she would and taking to the fact that by then there would be two people- she and whoever it was – there would be more courage and less fear.
“No”, she muttered to herself as she hit the bottom of the torch she was handling, no one was going to frighten her in the apartment she had been staying for over two years. She pointed her torch down the passage where the startling muttering was coming from. Her doubt was confirmed by the slightly opened door she saw, someone was in her apartment.
“Red alert, red alert”, the voice in her head was back again. “Do not proceed, I repeat do not proceed”. Still standing at the other end of the passage she stretched her head and adjusted her eye trying to focus it in between the little gap that the opened door gave. She watched for a moment for any movement in the room but giving the distance she was to where the room was, she couldn’t. She sighed and pointed the torch away from the door not taking her eyes off it, she brought out her phone from her jean pocket and raised the torch back to the door. She took a quick glimpse at her phone, it was already 10:52 pm and a rather awkward time to be disturbing her neighbors who should by now be in a deep ecstasy of unreality. Except Danny who would still be playing his Xbox in his room. She had always called Danny a freak although not to his face, for going to bed at awkward hours in the night but today she was glad he did.
As fast as she could move her fingers, she quickly placed a call to him as she returned her gaze to the door where she noticed the muttering had started again. A quick thought rushed through her mind as the receiver on the other end rang, was Danny the right person to be calling in a situation like this?. The answer to the question was yes and no, yes in the sense that apart from being a very fast thinker, Danny cared. And that was all that mattered, and no in the sense Danny wasn’t very muscular….. She was quickly brought to reality by another part of her, “so you have been looking at his body”. She quickly shook it off defensively as she placed another call to him because the initial had gone to voicemail. The second call rang continuously and immediately she heard the beep for voicemail, she ended the call. She had tried her best and was going to do this herself.
She looked intently at the door and she walks very slowly and quietly to it with her torch still pointing at it, the muttering suddenly halted making her stop suddenly as she stared nervously at the door not knowing _-or not wanting to know- what was coming next and bracing herself for whatever it was going to be. She was not prepared for what came next. A loud chuckled filled then silent passage and the shock she got from it made her take four quick steps backward as she breathed heavily.
“Who is there?”, she spoke for the first time and the chuckle immediately seized.
She stood glued to the ground expecting a response or a reaction at least but none came.
“I know someone is in there”, she said again but still received no response. She was still contemplating whether to continue her pursuit when she jumped, startled to the loud bang coming from the door of her apartment.
It took her a minute to come back to her senses as she debated on which door she should open first, a debate which she concluded that the latter was reasonable. She quickly rushed out of the passage and hurried towards the door that was still producing loud bangs.
“Who’s there?”, she asked taking quick glances behind her
“Bella, please open up. It’s me Danny”, a voice came behind the door.
Bella checked her wrist watch and it was already 11:02 pm. What the heck was Danny doing in her apartment at such ungodly hour? Or did he see her call and decided to check out what was wrong she thought as she unlocked the door. A very shaky Danny rushed immediately into her room panting as he quickly locked the door behind him. Bella was still in shock over his action when his voice came.
“They are all dead, the neighbors. Something is killing them”.


Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 2:05pm On Sep 18, 2017
will really appreciate your comments
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 2:06pm On Sep 18, 2017
Bella jerked up from the bed looking nervously around her, she was having this same nightmare again. She breathed heavily trying to control the rate of her breathe by taking in deep breathe at the same interval, she closed her eyes and started the normal routine of convincing herself that it was only a dream, something she had been doing ever since she decided that the world was not a place with humans but animals and relegated herself to the scum she was staying in.
After getting herself convinced and her breathing in control, she rolled herself to the edge of the bed groaning and cursing as she did. Her body protested as she rolled because it was already getting rock hard from remaining in the same position for a long time. She quickly poured herself the remaining contentment of an alcohol at the edge of her bed, throwing away the bottle into the piles of littered bottle around her room as she took in the entire content in one gulp.
Sighing, she rubbed her face, placed both hands on her scattered hair trying to draw it back for it to lay back but it proved very unrealistic since she the last time she had a bath was…. even she couldn’t remember when that was
“Bleep bathing, what do I need that for”, she chuckled to herself, “All I need now is a new supply of alcohol since I had just finished the last bottle”.
With one quick try, she was on her feet and although she staggered trying to get on her feet, after numerous trying she was able to hold her ground without the view of it moving under her. She moved her legs slowly and carefully not to get a worse consequence for consuming large quantities of alcohol as she went in the direction of the toilet, but her journey was cut short when her eyes fell on her image in the standing mirror at the corner of the room.
Bella took a long stare at herself in the mirror, stirring a part of her- a part she had been trying to hide ever since she started staying here-surfaced. This was not her; this was definitely not her she thought as she gazed at her image in the mirror. The image she saw- of which she was convinced was not hers- was putting on a very dirty pajama, had her hair very scattered and unkempt, had stains on her face and smelled badly mostly of alcohol- a part she didn’t need the mirror to realize. she couldn’t help but pity the miserable image she was seeing in the mirror, the feel of pity which managed to transform itself in to hot tears that rolled down her cheek.
“why the hell was she crying, what the hell was she doing here, what the Bleep made her give up on life making her want to spend all her savings on alcohol and finally take her life when there was nothing left?. It all came back to them, “MEN”.
Saying that Bella had suffered numerous heartbreaks would be an understatement, she had suffered numerous heart shattering, heart dismantling, heart bulldozing and heart trampling that sometimes she wondered if she had any heart left. And this brings us to the question, what did she do wrong in relationships?
Okay, Bella was a lady of 24 years, almost 5 inch tall, fair in complexion which complemented her round Latina-like face that showed a well carved dimple when she smiled. She had a slim body that had a very accurate radius of curvature on the parts of her that needed curves; this gave her a very perfect figure eight that most women like Nicki Minaj would have to undergo surgery to get. No man could resist the temptation of looking at her twice when she passed by even if he was going to attend his marriage ceremony and no woman could deny that she had the looks not even the jealous Louisa. She was well behaved and very loving in relationships that most men regard her as a wife material, she did all she could to help her boyfriends get on with life just to put a smile on their face even if it meant having to give them money. she was a cheerful giver not only to men but women alike, she paid the orphanage home a visit once every two months to give them some gifts and sing to them because hell yes, she had the voice. Her friends had encouraged her to pick music as a career but she turned it down because apart from not being an extrovert to that extent, she wasn’t ready to go through the scandals of being a public figure. She was contempt with what she was doing and was one of the best in her field, which was one thing about Bella; she always strived to be the best at everything she was doing even if it wasn’t what she initially wanted to do.
So back to the question, “what did she do wrong in relationships?” She didn’t know, the guys that finally find themselves cheating on her don’t know and even I don’t also. We all know that men would always be men, going for a cat today and a pussy tomorrow, but this last one was the last strall that broke the camel’s back and it totally destroyed whatever piece of her grinded heart that was remaining. She couldn’t believe- and had not still come to- that he would have even harbored any thought of dumping her. Dave was definitely her soul mate, something she concluded on with the way he treated her and made her feel like a queen. He was caring, loving, and sweet. She smiled at that last word, he was so sweet that even the memory of it amidst the heartbreak made her smile. Well, after a year and two months- her longest relationship- Dave suddenly stopped his calls and texts: something he did like an addict. Anytime she called it was either he was too busy, too exhausted or in a hurry to continue their conversation. After a while of this, she was fed up with it and decided to pay him a surprise visit to find out what was going on with them. She got the shock of her life when she got there.
That was the past now, this was the present and she definitely had a future. Was she going to let a man destroy that, was she going to let her dream of becoming a pharmacologist who was going to use her knowledge in the field help develop a cure for the dreaded HIV/Aids be destroyed by one stupid heartbreak?. HELL NO! Well one thing she knew for sure was that if she was ever going to go back to that world again she would leave here with just one more mission. “TO BREAK THE HEARTS OF EVERY MAN THAT COMES ACROSS HER PATH”.


Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 2:08pm On Sep 18, 2017
Chapter one(page 3)
Still standing and staring at the mirror, her mind drifted to her dream. What the hell did this dream mean, who the hell was in that room and who was this guy that usually comes in to prevent her from finding out? She had made a mental note to try to ignore him and find out what was actually in that room but every time she had the dream, it all turns out the same way.
“Daniel”, she murmured to herself. That was his name- at least in the dream world. “They are all dead, all the neighbors. Something is killing them”, his voice reverberated in her head. What did he mean by that, and whatsoever that was it had better remained where it was: in her dream. She went back to the bed and fell on it, she turned to the stood that was placed right beside her bed and her eye caught her phone. She stared at her phone for a while as her mind began a debate with itself.
“You should pick it up now and switch it on”
“No, don’t even try that. You have been doing well here and you’re better off staying here”
“Don’t you think you are letting him win by remaining here?”
“This is not a game so stop talking about a winner”
“The world would already be missing you Bella”
“Don’t forget that the same world put you in this damn situation”
“Bella, Tracy would…………”
She didn’t wait for the statement to be completed as she jumped up, picked up her phone and put it on. Floods of messages poured into her phone immediately it turned on, and the number of messages surprised Bella. She had only be here for just a few day- actually two months- and the world was already missing her, she scrolled through the tons of new messages in her phone trying to find any message from him and she was again disappointed that she didn’t: only a few from her hospital, her mom, some of her friends and Tracy. She smiled as she read through some of Tracy’s messages, she knew her best friend would be very worried at her sudden disappearance and would have even gone to the extent of logging a police report of missing person. She quickly placed a call to her and wasn’t too surprised when Tracy picked after the first ring.
“Where the hell are you?”, Tracy’s voice sounded at the other end.
“Nowhere”, Bella responded in a rather croaky voice.
“Oh my God Bella, tell me where you are and I will come and pick you as fast as I can”.
Bella was silent for a while as she considered if she was ready to face the world again after what she had gone through. Two moths is a long time to mourn for the dead and she didn’t even lose anyone. So, she was ready to go back to the world as a different person, she was no longer going to be the friendly vulnerable Bella that people knew. She was a changed woman, oh, sorry I meant lady as most females preferably use.
“Downtown, by the king’s pizza”
“Oh my God, I will be there in less than ten minutes”. The receiver went dead.
Bella stared at her phone for a while after the line was dead and sub-consciously scrolled through her phone stopping when she got to Dave’s number. She quickly dropped the phone hating herself at that moment for even having the thought to call him after what he did to her. She was going to be strong, she needed to be strong and there was only one thing that could give her the strength that she needed, music. Not any type of music, she had two favorite artist that sang uplifting songs- Eminem and Sia. She picked up her phone, clicked on the music icon and scrolled down to the E-section. Eminem’s song was very fit for the condition she was in, she stopped and clicked on “Legacy” as the speaker of her infinix note 3 reverberated to the beat of the song.
Bella closed her eyes listening carefully to the lyrics of the song as Eminem rapped on. Oh! How she loved Eminem, he was a crush she knew she was never going to get but she did all she could to get hold of all his latest album
“…….. And if you fall, I’ll get you there
I’ll be your savior from
All the wars that are fought
Inside your world
Please have faith in my words
Cause this is my legacy………..”
Bella smiled as Eminem resumed rapping. She was getting that in-depth strength she seeked. She opened her eyes, stood up and walked towards her bag placed at a corner in the room. She brought out a red shiny gown from it and walked back to the mirror placing the gown over her. Tracy would soon be here to pick her and she had to be prepared, she was not going to let Tracy meet her looking like crap since she was known by everyone to be fastidious. She was going back t3o the world after a while in the dark reminiscing and brooding over what could have been, she was also going with a mission to leave a scar on the heart of every man she could leave any on. She smiled weakly but wickedly at at the image she saw in the mirror as the song played on in her phone. She listened again to the lyrics and let out another smile. Maybe the best word to use was that she was going back to lay down her “Legacy”.

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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by ADECULATE(f): 2:19pm On Sep 18, 2017
Let me mention some people I usually see in the literature section
All right reserved.... No copy and paste ooo
fastening my belt tightly, i tink dis is going to be an interesting ride. Dis is exactly wat i nid too, tired of dis God awful strike ehnn. Weldone Op, following
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by ftosino(m): 3:20pm On Sep 18, 2017
this is gonn be interesting, thanks for the invites..
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 3:59pm On Sep 18, 2017
Chapter one(page 4)
As Bella came out of bathroom tying a towel, there was a knock on the door of the room. She again was not surprised that Tracy was here faster than she had expected. Tracy was her sister from another mother and they practically behaved like twins. They had almost the same likes and the dislikes, apart from their color preference- Bella preferred red while Tracy was a pinky lady and their boyfriend’s characteristics- they practically wanted the same thing.
“oh my God, Bella”, Tracy walked in and gave Bella a long hug.
Oh-my-God was Tracy’s trademark and Bella was very used to it. She says it when shocked, surprised, sad, happy and during every other mood change she experienced. Bella let down the tears as she embraced Tracy hard, Tracy patted her on her back.
“Don’t worry I’m here now”, Tracy assured her.
That was exactly what Bella wanted to hear, those words and the feeling it brought with it. For a moment there, she was lost in the comfort that the feeling brought. Tracy broke the hug after a while making Bella conscious to the hostility of the world again, she looked around the room shaking her head to the height of uncleanness it possessed. For the first time since they became friends, Bella was ashamed to catch Tracy’s gaze. She felt so bad at how her record of being a fastidious person was shattered by a guy. Dave wouldn’t go scot free this and oh!, a thought struck her mind. It would be very appropriate if she started her mission with him. She smirked this, getting Tracy very much more confused.
“Okay, you had better started telling me what is going on here, why did you disappear for over two months without a word and why are you staying in this…….”, Tracy took another look around trying to find a fitting word “… low life place and most importantly why won’t you return any of my calls”.
As much as Bella tried to fight it, the tears that flowed down her check wouldn’t bulge. Maybe this was its way of punishing her for keeping it in all this weeks and opting to drink herself to stupor. Tracy who had never been confused ever before- at least has she used to boast- found herself doubting her sanity. She stared at Bella confused as she watched her friend fighting to keep back her tears.
“We………we… broke up”, Bella managed to say amidst tears
“What!!”, Tracy gasped shaking her head. She now understood what the drama was all about. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry Bella”, she drew Bella in for another hug, this time more passionately. Bella couldn’t handle the compassionate feeling she got from the hug as she finally let go of herself crying aloud.
Hearing Bella cry was something Tracy had never done, even when Bella broke up with other guys she would never cry though she was visibly in pain. She had some occasion advised Bella that it was okay to cry but now that Bella seemed to be following her advice, it was as if her heart was tearing away. Why does this have to happen when she was about to give Bella a good news of hers, well this meant that she would have to delay her news until things were back to normal.
Tracy released Bella from her grip cleaning the tears from her face and giving her weak smile. “It’s going to be okay, we are going to get through this together”, she assured Bella.
“I’m done, I’m done with them”, Bella shouted. “I’m done being the vulnerable, little Bella that every man use and shove aside like trash”.
Tracy pulled one of Bella’s hands and cuddled it. “No, don’t say something like. Don’t allow a period of trial determine your future”.
Bella pulled her hand out of Tracy’s grasp. “A failure?” she stared angrily at Tracy. “my life has been a truck of failure, I don’t know where I got it from or what I did wrong but it is as if I’m a born loser you know?”
“Don’t say that Bella, you know that’s not true and meanwhile life is not just about relationships. There are different aspects of life like your goals and aspirations, your friends, your career and so on. Relationship is just one aspect of all this.”
Bella scoffed. “Coming from someone who has had a perfect life and not even a single heartbreak. You’ve been dating Frank since we were in 100 level and now that we are done with university education you guys are still together”. She walked away and moved towards the red gown which was neatly spread on a side of the bed. “Maybe you should try getting your heart broken even once and we will see if you would still be giving this soochy-woochy talk”. She picked up the gown.
Tracy stared speechless at Bella, Bella had never spoken to her like this ever before and she was having a feeling she could not explain build up in her. Bella was quick to realize that she had gone way out of the lane and hat let her anger control her; another thing she had never done.
“I’m sorry”, she muttered quietly dropping the gown slowly back on the bed
Tracy sniffed. “It’s okay, I know I’m giving a soochy-woochy speech because I’ve never experienced…”
“No Tracy, I’m really sorry”. Bella shook her head giving a strong resolve to another wave of tears that was beginning to form behind her eyeballs. “This isn’t me Tracy; I don’t know how I allowed this get into my head. This feeling is killing me”.
Tracy walked to where Bella was standing and cupped her finger over Bella’s. “That’s why I’m here Bella, I know you very much and I know that you are strong enough to overcome this. I’ll try my best to help you through this”.
Bella smiled as she picked up her gown from the bed, it was true that Tracy knew her and could help her out of this, but she was wrong about one thing; that she was strong enough to overcome this. She knew that it had destroyed her and made her a much different person. She had a huge to tell Tracy her plan but she knew that Tracy would only try to advice her against it. She finally decided to keep it from Tracy- another thing she had never done.

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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 4:07pm On Sep 18, 2017
fastening my belt tightly, i tink dis is going to be an interesting ride. Dis is exactly wat i nid too, tired of dis God awful strike ehnn. Weldone Op, following
Thank you. ASUU making people discover their talent

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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 4:08pm On Sep 18, 2017
this is gonn be interesting, thanks for the invites..
you're welcome
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by ADECULATE(f): 4:14pm On Sep 18, 2017
Thank you. ASUU making people discover their talent
exactly, lol
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by baski92(m): 5:24pm On Sep 18, 2017
fastening my belt tightly, i tink dis is going to be an interesting ride. Dis is exactly wat i nid too, tired of dis God awful strike ehnn. Weldone Op, following
we don't show


Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by ADECULATE(f): 10:07am On Sep 19, 2017
Weldone Op, we re waiting 4 updates ooo
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by abrarahmadkhan: 5:04pm On Sep 19, 2017
With this strike action going on coupled with the boringness enclosed with being at home and doing nothing, I’ve decided to actually do something (what I love doing) to living the mood of this group –with a targeted audience of course- I’ve decided to write a story which I titled ‘’THE LEGACY”
This is going to be a type of story that would be updated from time to time pending when ASUU finally come to their senses and call off this God forsaking strike. And also, each member of this forum will have a role to play in the continuation of the story and that would be by the comments you make. I will paste the first three pages of chapter one and if the comments are encouraging I will continue posting the rest as I type. I will remain Frankline REGARDLESS of the outcome…………
NOTE: YOUR COMMENT IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED and plagiarism is punishable by death, I repeat by death. Don't try me ooo

Weldone Op, we re waiting 4 updates ooo
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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 6:31pm On Sep 19, 2017
I'm so sorry for this late update, It's not my fault. PHCN won't give us light..
Chapter one(page 5)
“Find somewhere to dump the body and make sure you leave no traces behind”, Seth said as he wiped off the blood on his hands with a hand towel.
“Yes sir”, a huge man standing behind him and putting on suit with an ear plug to one of his ears answered.
“And make sure you fish out the back stabbing idiot she was working with and pull his eyeballs out”. He paused “you know what, when you get whoever it is, bring the person to me. I will like to see the fear and pain in their eyes as I pluck out their eyeballs one after the other and perform a severe dissecting of the skin that is covering that impure soul in them”. He smiled to himself as he dropped the hand towel, he turned and his eyes fell on the lifeless body lying on the ground covered in her blood. “Take this sinful soul out of here”.
“Yes sir”. He signaled two other men standing erect at the corner of the partially lit warehouse they were in and dragged away the body, each man pulling one leg of the cadaver.
Another man in suit walked in as the men dragged out the body.
“Frank is on his way up”, he announced.
Seth turned to face the man with shock written all over his face. “What do you mean he is on his way up here, what is he even doing roaming about here at this late hour of the night. Is he not supposed to be doing whatever he does to that hoe of a girlfriend he walks around with”.
“my men at the front entrance just told me that he just passed through and is on his way up here”.
Seth sighed. “Alright you all stay out of sight as I have a talk with him”.
“Got that sir”. He turns to face other bodyguards standing at the corner. “Alright boys, I want you all to evac into air as quickly as you can”.
As frank walked in, he was hit by that familiar smell again. He would forever have the memory of the day his mom died soaked in her own blood in an hotel room glued to his brain, the smell of blood ever since that night he found her soaked in her blood had become his nightmare and he could pick yup the smell miles away from its source. He wasn’t alarmed this time because he knew that wherever his father was, there was going to be blood splattering. He walked into the warehouse finding it empty with only his dad standing at the center and backing him.
“Why are you her?” Seth asked without turning
Frank took a few silent steps towards his father, taking in the smell of blood that filled the room before stopping abruptly. “I can see you’ve resumed your routine. You know, I think this world would be a better place if that thing lingering in you could just be quick enough to end your life”.
“You’ve not answered my question”. Seth turned to Frank with an angry look.
Frank scoffed and feigned frightened. “Oh my God, I’m scared; I’m really scared of that look in your eyes.” He took some steps forward and gave his father a serious look. “You really think you can still scare me with that look. You’re a joker man; I’m no longer that poor boy that melted away anytime you gave that look”.
Seth smiled as he walked towards a table, he picked up a shinny dagger and raised it sharp edge close to his eyes as he ran his fingers over it. “You know, if not that you’re my son, I would have replace those dark eyes of yours with two dark holes and that tongue of yours would have been barbecued for my dogs. But hey, i can’t do that to my own son”. He scoffed. “And not just that, my only child. There is only one thing I can do”. He turned very quickly and aimed the dagger straight at frank’s leg.
Frank caught that movement very late and in a blink of an eye there was a piercing pain that vibrated throughout his body as he hit the ground holding hi bleeding leg.
“You bastard”. He mumbled in pain as he gripped the knife stuck in between his tibia and fibula.
“Uh-uh. If I were you, I would not try to pull that out because it can lead to a lot of bleeding. We don’t want another family member dying of hemorrhage now, do we?”
Frank sat shaking in pain as he stared angrily at his dad. “You’re just a big time fool that’s going to pay for this. The NSS are willing to pay a huge sum of money on any info that could incriminate you and I think they just got their first witness”.
Seth laughed aloud. “Well that’ll be great. I know you’d have picked up the smell of blood as you came since that’s the only thing you’re good at”. He paused a bit and looked into Frank’s eyes. Yes, there it was; fear was beginning to build up in them. “She was an undercover agent for the NSS and it only took a while to sniff the bitch out. That’s what will happen to anybody that thinks they can betray me. But son, yours will be different; I’ll make your life a living hell. What’s that hoe’s name again, uhm, uhm, Tracy. Yes that’s right. I’d start with her, I’ll make sure she sits out the rest of her life on the wheelchair and after which I’ll burn part of her face with acid. After that, I’ll move on to her parents making sure that they remain unemployable for the rest of their life before they up dying a tragic death. Then, I’ll leave dealing with her for a while and move on to her friend Bella”. He started taking steps towards Frank who was already sheiking on the ground and bent beside him. “You know, I’d have preferred if it was her you were cuddling up with. She looks smarter than that LovePeddler you’ve got yourself. I’ll start with her by doing some restructuring to her face before moving to other features”.
“You’ll never get away with this, I promise you”.
Seth stood up and brought out a fancy glass out of his suit’s inner pocket. “It’s not up to you son, I’ve got people watching my back. I think you should call your kitty-cat to come pick you from here before you die of hemorrhage, because as a medical; practitioner I’m not allowed to meddle with the treatment of a close relative”. He smiled as he put on the eyeglasses and walked out of the warehouse.
Frank laid down groaning as he reached for his phone and placed a call to Tracy. As the receiver rang, he raised his bleeding leg a little to get a view of the piercing. He was already feeling dizzy from the loss of blood as he placed another call to Tracy.
“The number……….”
“Hello Tracy, can you come…….” He paused.
“…… currently switched off please try again latter”.
Frank couldn’t listen to the final words as his head hit the ground of the warehouse from dizziness, he stared at the roof of the warehouse and for the second time –since the incidence with his mother- he prayed.
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 6:37pm On Sep 19, 2017
Chapter one (page 6)
Tracy switched on the light to Bella’s apartment as they both walked in.
“Welcome back”. She placed Bella’s bag on a chair and fell on it.
Bella walked into her apartment like a stranger looking around. Everything was still the same, from the pack of cornflakes she left uncovered when she stormed out of the house that day to the shoes she threw away carelessly when she got back from Dave’s house that day. She was just starting to realize how much she had missed the apartment when her eyes fell on the Tracy’s questioning gaze.
“Are you alright?” Tracy asked
Bella smiled and took a deep breath in. “yes. I’m just getting that déjà vu feeling from being away all this while”. She walked towards the fridge and poured herself some water. “it “s already getting late, I don’t want to keep you out at this hour of the night.”
“don’t you dare send me out of your apartment with that flimsy excuse, I’m not going to leave you here to continue whatever it was that you were doing in that rat hole I found you”.
Bella gulped the water and replaced the glass its position. “Okay maam”.
They both started into laughing.
“But Bella, you almost gave me a heart attack. Do you know that I even had to go to the cops to log a missing person case for you”.
“No you didn’t”. Bella stared at Tracy shocked as shook her head.
“Yes I did and I even had a picture of you pasted on walls around town”.
“What!!!”. Bella could not believe her ears.
“Yes baby girl, so don’t be surprised when you roam around town and people are staring at you with interest”.
“What!!” Bella exclaimed. “You placed a bounty on my head?”
“Yes”. Tracy stood up, went to the fridge and opened it. “That was the only way I could fish you out fast”. She brought out a glass of juice and poured herself some.
Bella took some time to absorb the information Tracy had just given her. “How much is it, the bounty?”
Tracy sipped her juice and carried the rest back to her chair. “A million”.
“A million naira!!!”. Bella was done listening to Tracy. “How the heck did you plan on raising such amount?” Bella knew that as an amateur optometrist, Tracy was earning almost quarter of that amount.
Tracy chuckled. “I was not planning to raise the money; you were to pay the bounty whenever you were found”. She smiled at Bella and took another sip of her juice.
Bella kept her gaze on Tracy, she knew that there was no way Tracy would expect her to pay such money giving the fact that as a beginner pharmacologist she was earn half of Tracy’s pay.
“Alright, alright, frank was to pay for it. You fine now.”
Bella sighed, she knew frank was more than capable of paying for it giving his father’s financial status. And although she didn’t feel very comfortable that he had volunteered to pay such huge amount for her. Well, that was Tracy’s doing.
Tracy phone rang on the table it was placed but she ignored it. “so what are your plans for tomorrow, I was thinking we could go see the latest movie in town; THE TRINKSONIA by Frankline.”
Bella stared at Tracy’s phone that was still ringing on the table. “I think you should pick that up.”
Tracy slowly removed her gaze from Bella’s face to the ringing phone on the table. “no.” she picked up the phone and pulled out its battery. “Nothing is going to disturb our reunion.”
Bella chuckled. “It’s not as if I was gone for some years before you found me.”
“Well, there’s no difference to me, three years, two months. The most important thing is that you were gone for a while and we have some catching up to do.”
“Alright, that would be after you’ve checked who was calling you. You never know, it might be important
‘okay, I will.” Tracy switched on her Camon c9 and scrolled to her call history. “It’s frank; he is probably calling to wish me sweet dreams.” She dropped the phone back on the table.
“I think you should give him a call back.”
Tracy sighed. “It’s no big deal; I will call him later in the night.
Bella walked over to the chair opposite Tracy’s and sat on it. “Tracy, I really do appreciate what you’ve done and still doing for me, but I would not want you to put me above your relationship with frank. We may be best friends but even best friends have their limit. Please call him and find out the reason he called.”
Tracy smiled at Bella, she knew that the Bella she loved was back; the selfless bell. “Okay, if you say so.” She picked up her phone and placed a call to frank.
“Hey, what’s wrong? Your voice is kinda inaudible.”
“What ware house?”
“And what are you doing in such neighborhood at this hour of the night”.
“Oh my God!!” Tracy stood up from her chair. “I will be there as fast as I can, just hang in there for me”. She ended the call and quickly grabbed her bag.
“What’s wrong?” Bella asked
“It’s frank; he was badly hurt and dumped in a ware house. I have to get to him fast; he says he is losing lot of blood.”
“I think you should call 121”.
“Yes, I’ll do that on my way there.”
“And I’m coming with you”. Bella quickly rushed to pick up her bag.
“No, I want you to remain here and rest. I can handle this”. She smiled at Bella. “It’s going to be fine.”
“Give me a call when you get to the hospital.”
“I will”. Tracy said cuddling Bella‘s hand, she smiled and rushed out of Bella’s apartment.
Bella watch sadly as Tracy hurried down the corridor unto the staircase. She sighed and was about to shut her door when she heard the knob of the apartment opposite hers turning. It was weird because prior to her departure, no one was living there. She paused to see a man coming out of the apartment with his back turned to her carrying out a basket of waste. She got a spine cracking shock when she saw the face of the man. She quickly shut the door placing her back to it, what the hell was happening?..
I would like to beg my readers that I might not be able to continue posting update for now until I finish my exams. UNILAG has texted us that exam starts immediately and I've got to prepare for it. I will try to see if I can get one more update before I stop and I promise you eight pages immediately after the exam...
thanks in advance. ��

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No p dear, best of luck in ur exam oo, waiting eagerly 4 d promised update
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 11:05pm On Sep 19, 2017
No p dear, best of luck in ur exam oo, waiting eagerly 4 d promised update
thanks a lot, would not fail to update

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ok, success in your exams.
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Interesting story... Read other cool stories on Tushstories via


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As u no invite me, I kuku invite myself. ##aboninawo fee loju team#

Best of luck In ur exams
Thanks sis
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This is the last update I promised before I'm out..
This was not happening to her she thought; she was no witch or magician that could see the future from the dream. “The dream”, she muttered as the dream played itself before her. “The room”. She quickly put on the flashlight of her phone as she walked through the passage straight to the room she had seen in the dream, she placed her hand on the door knob and after a moment’s hesitation she turned it and let herself into the room. she immediately switched on the lights and apart from the rats that were startled at Bella’s intrusion, the store was silent. She scanned through the store for a while, the bag of rice she had two months ago was almost half of its initial size thanks to the family of rodents that was camped in her store. She knew their number would have doubled or rather tripled since the last time she was home. She was sure that a fumigator was rather needed if their numbers was to be kept in check. So the dream was just what it was, a dream. But how was she to explain seeing Daniel in the dream before actually meeting him now. She shut the sores door and headed to her room to change into something light. She was about to step into her room when she heard a knock on her door, who the hell could that be? She sighed. Maybe it was Tracy she wondered as she walked to the door, but how was that possible since she had just left a few minutes ago. she turned the door knob and opened the door to a masculine figurer standing in front of her and smiling.
“Hi Miss Bella, I’m a new neighbor that rented the apartment down the hall.” He paused to scrutinize Bella’s face which looked definitely lost in oblivion.
Bella was indeed lost in the oblivion as she heard a rather familiar voice talking to her, everything – apart from his chest which was broader than she had seen in the dream- was the same. From his voice which sounded in a bass melodious tone to his charcoal black hair complemented his fair face. She was still lost in her world of ecstasy when she saw Daniel stretch his hand towards her. She had not even heard a word Daniel had said so she didn’t know what the outstretch hand was for. She assumed it was for a handshake so she gripped his hand and joggled it up and down.
Daniel was not too surprised that Bella had mistaken his outstretch hand for a hand shake sinc she was visibly lost staring at something on his face. He could not help but think he had left a stain on his face when he adding some furniture to his store. Why the heck did he not look in the mirror before coming to introduce himself?
“Uhmm, I wasn’t actually asking for a hand shake. I was asking if I could see your hand”.
Bella looked weirdly at Daniel before turning her gaze to her hand. “My hand, why?”
Daniel smiled; he was now sure that he had been talking to the air since. “Your face looks pale and I suspect it could be a vitamin deficiency of some sort. I just need to do some diagnoses on your hand to confirm.” He smiled.
Wow, that smile sent a tinkling down Bella’s spine as she unconsciously placed her palm into Daniel’s hand. “What are you, a doctor?”
Daniel used his two thumbs to spread Bella’s palm as he smiled again. “No I’m not a medical doctor, at least not yet. I’m currently on my housemanship and will be working downtown.”
“Oh”, Bella muttered as she stared at him still doing what he was doing with her palm. He looked calm and natural in the tee shirt he was putting on and he assessed her palm like he knew what he was doing. The churning in her stomach began to build and she fully understood what it meant; she had to end their conversation now. “all men are the same”, she tried to convince herself as she pulled her hand from Daniel’s palm.
“I’m sorry Mr. Daniel, but this is not a good time. I’m currently busy with something inside and would like to get back to it if you don’t mind”.
Daniel stared at Bella surprised, he was trying to recall if he had mentioned his name to her while he was talking. Even if he did, he was sure that Bella would have missed it since her mind had drifted from her when he was talking.
Bella waited for a while for a response from him but all she saw was a guy in his own thoughts. “Alright then, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to what I was doing. Maybe some other time we’ll get to know each other”. She opened her apartment’s door and entered locking it behind her and leaving a stunned Daniel wondering.
Daniel smiled at himself after Bella had shut the door he couldn’t believe that for the first time in his life he was interested in someone. He had never been a fan of love talk less of it being at first sight but here he was a victim of it. He replayed her image in his head as he walked slowly to his apartment, her oval face was enchanting and its effects made complete by the brownish color of her eyeballs. He wondered what had been making her drink so much –something he found out after diagnosing her palm- and decided to talk about it to her when they next met. As he opened his apartment door, he wondered if she already had a boyfriend and at the back of his mind he prayed she didn’t.
Bella’s eyes were shut as she rested on the closed door, what the hell was wrong with her. She had just been destroyed by one of his kind and here her heart was picking up a feeling she could not understand. She started her breathing section trying to slow down her thoughts and convincing herself that this was just a primary relapse and that after she had a good night’s sleep everything will be okay. Her phone vibrated making her open to find what the buzzing was for, she had received a message and not just anyone, from Dave.
Hey Bella, it’s me Dave. I’ve been coming to your apartment for a while now but on each occasion I met your absence. I’ve resolved to texting you since that istho only way left and please when you receive this message I want to let you know that I still love you and we need to talk.
Bella smiled wickedly after reading. the prodigal son was back but I her case, instead of accepting him wholeheartedly, she plan on tricking him into thinking she had before striking him back. She clicked on the reply icon wondering where the strange feeling she had been feling was. What she was sure of was that Dave was about to regret ever knowing her.
I also want to talk. Where can we talk?
She smiled when the message ticked sent and smirked as she walked to her room.
Thanks for your understanding. �

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So finally, I'm back after my exams and it's time to keep things going. Thanks for your understanding and patience. lThe legacy is back and underway..
next episode loading!!
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 6:15pm On Oct 26, 2017
The Legacy
Chapter one ( page cool
He opened his eyes to the blurred surroundings, the reflection of light from the wall was too much for his eyes to accommodate, so he had to shut his eyes again. He could hear the beep of the monitor just right above his right ear and he could also hear some distant chattering, he could also feel for morning fresh air blowing through the opened window of his hospital room. He turned his head sideways and tried to open his eyes again, this time much more slowly. At first, all he could see was just blur, but with time the image fused and was clear. His gaze fell on a figure sitting on a chair beside him with its head laying on the bed he was laying on, he turned his gaze away from the figure and looked around trying to figure out where he was. He didn't need to look much as the drip standing beside him with its pipe connected into him said it all. "He made it to the hospital". He sighed and looked down towards his stabbed leg and found it already cleaned and bandaged with little pain coming from it. He closed his eyes as anger built in him, his Dad was going to regret this even if it meant him putting his life at risk. He was brought back to reality by the jerk he felt on his hand, he opened his eyes to see Tracy shaking his hand.
"Are you alright? " Tracy stared at Frank concerned
Frank faked a smile and held Tracy's hand.
"Yes I am, why do you ask? "
Tracy could see it in his eyes, Frank wasn't a good liar and he himself knew it. Whenever he did lie, he couldn't maintain eye contact. " Your face was turning red, and tour fist was tight. Are you sure you're OK or should I call the doctor? "
Frank fake smiled again, he knew tracy had figured he was lieing and he also hated lieing to her, but he had to do this in other to keep her safe. He held her palm and sat up. "I'm not doing so well right now and it's not something I can tell you about right now even though I want to. But I promise that as soon as I'm done with it, I'll tell you all about it."
Tracy smiled weakly and she knew that there was only one topic Frank didn't like speaking to her on, "His Father".
"if you're not going to tell me what's on your mind, you can at least tell me who did that to you and left you on the ground there for dead." She paused. "Did he?"
Frank looked away from Tracy, he knew who she was referring to and he didn't want to lie to her aging. He shook his head in affirmation.
Tracy shook her head in scorn, she was aware that Frank and his father were not quite on a good page but she never imagined that he could do this to his own son. She turned he gaze to Frank, she couldn't imagine what he was going through, knowing that the only family he had has no problem with leaving him for dead. Now she was beginning to understand why he was always around her and told her he was lucky to have her. It was clear now- He had no person to turn to but her and she was not going to let him down. She loved Frank and was going to stand by him in all situations even if it meant going against his father. He needed someone to talk some sense into him and with the rage she had in her, she knew she needed no more courage than that to confront him. She picked up her bag and stood up smiling at Frank.
"I've been here since yesternight I'd like to go home to freshen up now. I'll be back as soon as I can." She bent and kissed him.
Their lips parted and Frank stared at Tracy, he could see rage in her eyes and he knew there was no use trying to talk her out of whatever it was she had in mind.
"Thanks Tracy, thanks alot for being there when I needed you" He smiled weakly.
Her heart blazed the more, the heat was so much she thought she was going to melt at the spot. She really needed to go now to prevent Frank from knowing what she had in mind. He was very good at reading minds, especially hers.
"Alright then, stay safe while I'm away. I'll call Michael to send some guys down here to guide the entrance."
"Don't bother, he isn't stupid to try to kill me in a clinic. He is a medical practisionist remember?"
Tracy scoffed. "A medical practisionist indeed", she said as she walked out of the room.
Frank searched for his phone and found it laying on the stool beside him. He picked it up and quickly placed a call.
"Follow her and don't let anything happen to her, keep her alive at all cost."
He dropped the phone and gazed at his bandaged leg again tightening his fist!!


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Would really appreciate your comments... Next chapter loading
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Bring it on.
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 7:33pm On Oct 26, 2017
Bring it on.
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