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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 12:13pm On Oct 31, 2017
The Legacy
Chapter two (page 3)
"Thank you". Tracy retrieved a cup of juice from the tray Bella stretched to her.
Bella walked away and stretch the last cup in the tray to Frank who retrieved it smiling. She walked away and placed the tray on her fridge smiling as she walked back.
"Well, I invited you guys here because I want to thank you for everything you guys have done for me, even when I went AWOL and didn't wanted to be found. You placed a missing persons billboard for me". She gesculated at Tracy who raised her cup I'm the air smiling. "And you agreed to pay that whooping sum of money". She smiled at Frank who just smiled back. "I'm going to forever be grateful to you two".
Tracy placed her drink on the side stool staring suspiciously at Bella. "And that's the reason you invited us here? I know you so well Bella and I know you wouldn't invite us over just to thank us for trying to find you, so you better start spilling it out if you don't want me to do it for you". She winked at Bella and picked up her drink.
"Typical Tracy". Bella thought. "Knows everything about her". She stood up and paced to and from through the room finding the right words to use. She paused and faced them. "I don't want you guys to freak out, I invited Dave to join us".
Tracy almost choked on her juice, she coughed out several times trying to get the drink that had taken the wrong pipe out of it. "You did what?", she said amidst coughing as frank patted her back trying to get her back in order.
Bella paced again trying to decide if she should tell them of her plan but she knew if she did, Tracy would only tell her that she might end up hurting herself. "I know this is coming late based on the fact that he is already on his way here". She paused and checked her wristwatch. "And would be here very soon, but I just wanted you to know that we had already met, he apologized to me and I gave him my answer yesterday".
"Which is?". Tracy was anxious to know.
Bella sighed. "I told him I had forgiven him..
Tracy shook her head. "Oh my God Bella, do you think I'm a kid. I've known you all my life and I know it is not possible that you mysteriously forgave Dave. Something is not right here".
Bella walked back to her sit. "You might think you know me so well but Tracy I have really.. ".
"Just quit it Bella". Tracy stood up angrily. "You yourself know that you're up to something but you're refusing to tell me. I thought we never kept any secret from each other".
Frank held Tracy's hand trying to calm her down and sit her down, she paused and bulged, sitting down angrily. "I think we should hear her out first". He smiled at Tracy.
Bella knew that the game was up and that If she wanted to keep the trust between she and Tracy she had to start speaking up. "Okay, I'll tell you".
There was a knock on the door, halting Bella's speech, she sighed as she walked to open the door. Dave smiled as he stood in front of Bella not knowing the next step to take. Bella sighed again making way for him to come in. Tracy scoffed as Dave walked in, she turned to Frank who was also post to what was going on. If even Tracy couldn't phantom what was going in, how could he.
"Hello Tracy, hi frank". Dave said as he made for a sit.
Tracy responded by giving him her meanest look, frank just nodded.
Bella faked a smile as she walked in. "So, Dave and I have something to tell you guys".
Dave adjusted feeling uncomfortable, as he cleared his throat.
"We are getting back together".
There was silence through the room, not even the constant humming of the fridge was heard at that moment.
Bella cleared her throat feeling dejected.
Frank faked a smile as he took a sip of his drink. "Well congratulations to you two, I propose a toast". He raised up his drink prompting Bella to pour Dave his own. Frank jerked Tracy and she reluctantly raised up her glass clearly irritated. "To reconcilation". They all raised up their glass and drank. "Alright then, I think me and Dave need to go grab some food to celebrate the occasion". He stood up smiling. "You girls should bond a little, we'll be back soon". He walked towards the door and held it waiting for Dave.
Dave hesitated before standing and following Frank out of the room closing the door behind them. As they walked down the staircase, Frank suddenly gripped Dave and pushed him to the wall pinning him against it. Dave tried to fight his way out of Frank's grip but he was too strong for him.
"I don't know what this is about, why you are trying to get back into Bella's life. I know it not because you love her or feel remorse for what you did, but I promise you that if you ever hurt her again, and I mean ever. Your next ride would be an amblance". He released his grip and walked down the stairs.
Dave heaved as he adjusted his already rumpled shirt, he watched Frank walk out into the street angrily, he brought out his phone and placed a call.
"I told you he'll be a problem ".
"You have to take care of him if this is going to go as planned".
"Alright". He ended the call and placed his phone back in his pocket as he walked down the stairs himself.
Daniel walked out quietly from the corridor where he had watched everything that happened.


Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 1:12pm On Oct 31, 2017
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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by supizino(m): 1:36pm On Oct 31, 2017
keep it up bro
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 2:33pm On Oct 31, 2017
The Legacy
Chapter two (page 4)
Seth came down from his car scrutinizing the area, he looked at the mall signalling to his guards to wait outside as he walked in. He stared around at the crowded mall, family sorted on a table of theirs chattering endlessly.
"Good day Mr Seth". A man in White appron approached him smiling stretching his hands for a handshake but Seth only stared at him. He brought his hand down slowly feeling dejected. "You guest is over there", he said pointing to a man sitted alone with his back to Seth.
Seth walked to the man's position sitting in front of him.
The man was startled by Seth's arrival spilling some drinks on his shirt. He tried wiping it out with his hands but it only made the matter worse.
"So you're the scientist that asked to see me because he had something important to tell me, the location of the lynx". Seth looked around doubting if he was actually on the right table because the man he saw in front of him wasn't quite what he was expecting.
Most of his dark face had been covered by beards, only God knew the last time he had a shave, he wore a brown tee shirt that had some part of it already turned yellow from the drink he spilled on it. He looked more like an opportunist rather than a scientist.
The man smiled at him. "Don't mind my appearance". He heaved. "Sometimes our work takes alot from us including our sense of cleaniness. By the way, I'm Gabriel, Gabriel Iglesias".
Seth pressed a button on the device I'm his ear waiting for confirmation.
"His name is on the list". A voice came through the device.
"I called this meeting with you today because I'm willing to give you the location of the lynx". He gulped down his drink. "But first, I'll like another bottle of that drink". He pointed at the empty bottle that stood on the table.
Seth signalled a waiter and he brought another drink for him.
Gabriel opened the drink and poured himself some gulping it at once. "So, we are going to negotiate before I give you the position. I've seen the obituary of so many of my friends over the past few years and I knew you were going to close in on me sooner or later. So I decided not to wait for the day when I'm tied to the chair and the life in me squeezed out just because of a stone, and although I don't know what you want with it, I've seen what you're willing to do to get your hands on it. So it must be very valuable and I demand 50 million to give you its position". He gulped another drink.
Seth laughed within him, Who the hell did he think he was trying to make a deal with him. "How do I know you don't have another motive, you might be leading me straight to a trap".
"If there is something I've learnt in this past years, it's that you are very fierce and a man of virtue. I know you can find me wherever I hide and I'm not willing to risk the life of my family".
Seth thought for a while before bringing out his cheque book. "How many children do you have Gabriel?". He brought out his pen and started writing on the cheque.
"Three. Two girls and a boy".
"That's nice, I think your children will be so proud of you". He handed the cheque to him.
"What!! Two hundred million". Gabriel could not believe his eyes.
"I think you should send a large chunk to your family in Atlanta".
"And how did you know my family was in Atlanta".
Seth smiled standing up. "Like you said, I can find you wherever you hide". He patted Gabriel on his back and walked out of the mall.
Gabriel sat shocked, he had just made a deal with the devil and it freaked him out. What if the location of the lynx had been compromised. He couldn't imagine that scenario. He wondered if he had done the right thing by revealing the position to Seth, the stone in the hands of the wrong person could caused havoc on the world. What could he have done, allowed himself to be killed like every of his other friends concealing it's position because they didn't want it falling into his hands, or just save himself and earn himself some money by telling him it's position, the later was more sensible, because even if Seth turned out to be the wrong hand, he knew how to undo the effects of the stone. He picked up the cheque and smiled at it, this was his retirement salary, he was done working or doing any more researches, all he wants now was to get to his family and go on endless vacation. He was going to start with Mexico, he had always wanted to see that place.
"Hello Gabriel", a voice came from behind him. The man walked slowly and sat in front of him smiling at Gabriel's shocked face.
"Hello James". He muttered.
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 3:27pm On Oct 31, 2017
keep it up bro
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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 3:29pm On Oct 31, 2017
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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 3:30pm On Oct 31, 2017
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I've dropped it!!
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by sirvictor21(m): 5:21pm On Oct 31, 2017
Nice one....next pls kiss
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 8:32am On Nov 01, 2017
Nice one....next pls kiss

Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 8:32am On Nov 01, 2017
keep it up bro
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by sirvictor21(m): 10:34am On Nov 01, 2017


when is it dropping
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by itsandi(m): 12:49pm On Nov 01, 2017
Interesting... Enjoy other cool stories on Tushstories via


Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 3:30pm On Nov 01, 2017
The Legacy
Chapter two (page 5)
"Thank you". William collected the drink from the female tender taking a sip from it. "So Gabriel, it's been a long time. How have you been fairing? ".
Gabriel scoffed. "Like you care".
"Of course I do, even though you've been the most stubborn cousin ever. I've always treated you like my brother and you yourself know that".
Gabriel cleared his throat as he took another sip of his drink. "How did you find me". He paused to look around. "Don't tell me you've got some of your agents trailing me".
William laughed. "Of course not. But you didn't expect me not to know when my long lost cousin gets into town, even though he never told me he'll be coming".
"That's the case, I never told you I'll be coming but here you are sitting in front of me. You mind for an explanation ".
William stared at the cheque in front of Gabriel. "I can see you've been doing business".
Gabriel followed William's eyes to the cheque, he immediately pocketed it.
"But your problem cousin is that you always do business with the wrong people". He poured another drink into his cup and gulped it. "What did he want".
Gabriel stared innocently at William trying to feign ignorance. "What do you mean".
William Scoffed. "The man that you just finished doing business with and that handed you that cheque, what did he want with you".
"I don't go around telling people what business I had with my clients. You ever heard anything about privacy?".
William picked up his glass and juggled the drink in it. This was the usual stubborn Gabriel he had known all his life, wanting to force it out of him was not going to make it any easier, it was only going to make him more adamant. "You know something, that man that just walked out of here is one of the most dangerous man alive, he has committed slot of crimes and murders and still he walks around town like an innocent person. The NSS has tried their best to bring him to justice but still he boyccots all of our plans".
Gabriel show his head unbelieving as he picked up his drink. "You know all this and you still want me to get on his bad side. I don't think that's going to be possible cousin and unless you plan on bringing me in for withholding important information, I think we're done here". He stood up and made it to leave.
"Not even for Chelsea?".
Gabriel stopped shot at theention of that name, it brought back memories as he turned to face William.
"Not even for her, you don't want revenge for what was done to her".
Gabriel walked back angrily to his chair. "Chelsea is not dead!!".
"Well, I'll say you yourself do not believe that word as you've already moved on and have already fathered three kids. It's been many years Gabriel and still no word from her or her abductors. She dead and is not coming back, Just like the other scientists, your friends that were also abducted".
Gabriel took his sit. "At least their body were found, hers wasn't so there is still hope she's pit there".
"Yes there is and that's the more reason you should help me bring Seth down. If your love for her is as strong as you claim it to be, help me bring Seth to the law and I promise I'll give you the pleasure of squeezing her whereabouts from him".
Gabriel pauses considering."And how do you know Seth is responsible for her abduction".
"The same way you know he is responsible for the death of your other collegues".
Gabriel picked up his drink and emptied the entire content into his belly. "You know William, I've known you for a long time and I know this little thing you have going on with Seth is personal. Does it have anything to do with Vicky?".
William dropped his glass, anger building in him. Gabriel knew better than to her name and if he was not on an official business trying to get info from him, he'd have made sure he lost two of his tooth regardless of him being his cousin. "No, it dosent".
Gabriel cleared his throat loking around a little. "What happens to my family if I decide to join in this your crusade".
"I promise you that they'll be taken care of and moved to a heavily guarded safe house".
"Alright then, let's take a walk. I don't think it's safe here".
William stood placing seven thousand naira note under his glass to settle the bill. "Alright then cousin, let's take a stroll down the aisle". He walked out if there mall with Gabriel trailing behind him.
They both walked side by side down the street.
"So you want to start talking. What did Seth want?".
Gabriel sighed, he still wasn't convinced he was doing a reasonable thing. "He wanted to the location of the lynx".
"The lynx, what's that?"
Gabriel put his hands inside his pockets as they took a turn around the corner trying to figure out the right word to use, he had to put it in a lame man's language. "It is a kind of stone with different capabilities".
William paused. "So you're telling me that Seth had been killing countless scientist just because of what, a stone". He was definitely stunned.
Gabriel sighed. "Not just any stone, it's a stone that countless people have given thier life for just to keep it out of the reach of anyone. It is a very dangerous and deadly artifact to handle especially in the wrong hands".
"So if so many people have given their life preventing it from getting at, what are they so scared of".
"The lynx has been in existence for over 200 centuries and if I hadn't witness its power first hand I would have considered it a fairy tale".
"Its powers?".
"Have you ever heard of the dazzling wind".
William scorned. "That turns everyone it touches into monsters". He turned to Gabriel laughing mockingly. "And you're telling me this stone can do that".
"Yes and more".
William bursted into laughter.
"I've witnessed it do that and worse. So we had to volunteer, I and some other scientist, to find a way to undo it's effects, something that no other scientist had done, but we had a upper hand with our current technology and all. Anyways, after fifteen years of vigorous and dedicated research, we finally found a way but unfortunately I'm the only surviving member of our team".
William took some minutes to sink this into his head, he wasn't a fan of sci-fy, but he knew Gabriel didn't joke especially about his job. "So Seth is planning to unleash this intobour world, that man just turned into the most dangerous man alive".
"Well let's hope not, the stone also has some good uses,lets pray he is the good guy".
They bought crosses the street and continued on the sidewalk. "We both know he is no good guy and we have to stop him before he gets his hands on it. This is a perfect evidence to incriminate him, where is the lynx? ".
"In Freeland!".
"When in Freeland?".
A car sped down the street, a man came out of its window pulling out a gun. Three shots were fired as the car sped off the store and disappeared into oblivion. William held his bleeding arm taking shelter behind a wastebin. He grunted as he tried to control the bleeding, he raised his face to Gabriel laying down motionless. He crawled as fast as he could to him, he had received two shots to his chest and was bleeding profusely.
"Don't worry cousin, you're going to be fine".
He pressed down on Gabriel's bleeding chest, Gabriel held his hands as blood came out through his mouth.
"Take care of my family". He brought out the cheque from his pocket and handed it to William. "Give this to them and tell them I love them". He coughed out blood. "And whatever you do, mnever let the lynx see the light of day".
William added more pressure on Gabriel's chest. "No, you'll give it to them yourself, Just hang on with me". But it was too late, he was dead.
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 7:43pm On Nov 01, 2017
when is it dropping
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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by sirvictor21(m): 9:31pm On Nov 01, 2017
Wow....so interesting..more pls
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 11:51am On Nov 02, 2017
Wow....so interesting..more pls
Dropping soon
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by sirvictor21(m): 12:12pm On Nov 02, 2017

Dropping soon
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 12:53pm On Nov 02, 2017
The Legacy
Chapter two (page 6)
"Welcome to my nest". Bella said as she ushered Danny in.
Danny looked around the house, it was very much unlike his. Every corner of the house depicted feminism, from the hairy chairs to the pink frame of the large flat screen that hanged on the wall, to the wool cotton that hung to the side. He made his way slowly to a chair as he scrutinize the house, the smooth neat ground felt cold to his feet as he stared at the Bella's picture that hung at the end of the sitting room.
"I can see you're a great looker". Bella smiled handing him a cup of juice.
Danny smiled as he collected the glass from her. "Well, let's say I love to observe the environment I'm in". He placed the drink on a side stool.
Bella smiled walking to a chair opposite him and falling on it. "So, I'm here to fulfil the promise I made to you that we would meet some other time". She paused. "I am sorry for my behavior the other day, I was actually going through alot and needed to calm my head for a while".
Danny smiled. "It must have been very tedious that you decided to drown yourself in alcohol". He tried to sound sarcastic.
Bella was shocked and surprised, how did he know she had been taking alcohol, she knew she had never told him, or had he overheard her saying it. No, that wasn't possible. There was no way he could be outside and hear their conversations inside. She needed to find out how he got to know. "How..., I mean, I didn't tell you that".
Daniel saw the shocked look on Bella's face. "Yes you didn't, I found out when I did that diagnoses on your hand that day. I'm a doctor in making remember?".
"Oh", Bella muttered. This was new, she never thought that was possible, she stared at him, he had to be very intelligent she thought. "And what other things did you discover". She smiled.
Daniel head spun at her smile, it was dashing and it brought out more beauty on her beautiful face. He face flushed, something that had never happened to him before and he felt embarrassed by it. "Uhmm, nothing much, except that you need rest and that you need to consume more caffeine. It helps with reducing the concentration of alcohol I'm your blood stream".
Bella watched him as he talked, he spoke with so much confidence and care that made her stomach churn. She ran her eyes on him, he was definitely looking more handsome today in his Black tee shirt and pant trousers. Their eyes met and she blushed.
"So, I don't mean to intrude, but I'll like to know what made you consume such amount of alcohol, did your dog die?".
Bella smiled, he had a sense of humor. "Of course not, I don't even have a dog". She paused, was it okay telling a stranger about her personal life, she felt like she had known him for a long time. She had even met him in the dream before they actually met. "I had a problem with my boyfriend ".
"Oh". Of course he knew, he knew he had not been himself ever since he found out that they were getting back. "And now you guys are good?".
Bella didn't know the answer to give to that, of course they were getting back but because she had forgiven him. How was she going to tell him that. "Yes, but there's a reason to that".
Danny stared at Bella confused. "A reason?".
Bella sighed. "I'm back with him for revenge". She said plainly.
Danny stared at Bella for a while. This was good news, at least in some way. He tried to hide his happiness that things were not rosy between them. "I don't still understand ".
"Well, after going through different heartbreaks, I decided I was not going to sit down and take it anymore. So I decided to get back with him to give him a piece of his own cake. I want him to have a taste of how heartbreak felt. So I've decided to play along with him, until I've gain his full trust then I'll strike".
Daniel picked up his juice, he wondered if Bella knew she was also being played by him. He had to find out more before telling her anything, she didn't look like someone that would harbour any thoughts of harming someone. Well, that meant he had to get to know her more. "Oh, that's kinda harsh. You don't look like someone capable of harming anyone".
Bella smiled weakly. "I guess that's what circumstances can do".
"So, when are you guys meeting next?".
"We've set two meetings at different restaurants for us to bond again. We will be meeting this weekend and the one that follows".
Danny sipped his drink again, this was the perfect way to find out what Dave was actually up to. Even if he couldn't get Bella now, he was prepared to wait until she was done with her plan and he was not going to let anything to happen to her in the process.
There was a moment's silent as Bella contemplated why she had just told Danny everything, even Tracy her best friend was still in the dark to this. There was definitely something strong going on between them, something she couldn't explain yet.
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 12:55pm On Nov 02, 2017
The Legacy
Chapter two (page 7)
Tracy sat in her office going through one of the patient's file, she read and jotted something on a paper on her desk looking worried at the report. She dropped her pen and made a call.
"Yes, tell her to examine the cornea and send the result to me". She ended the call and went back to the file. Her desk phone rang and she picked.
"Who did she say she is".
"Okay send her in". she dropped the receiver.
A woman walked into her office some minutes later, Tracy drooped the file she was examining and faced the woman who walked into the office. Her cologne filled the air and her simple dress matched perfectly with her appearance, her black shade did more to conceal her identity and if Tracy didn't know more she'd have thought she was trying to conceive her identity.
"Welcome, have your sit". She gesculated to a chair.
The woman walked in smiling as she sat on the chair. "Thank you".
"So, what can I do for you".
The woman pulled off her shade, dropping it on Tracy's desk. "I think the question should be, how can I help you".
Tracy stared at the woman confused, she didn't understand what was going on. The secretary had called her that someone was here for an eye checkup and here the patient was, getting her all confused.
"I'm Claire". The woman stretched her hand for a handshake.
Tracy reluctantly received the handshake. "So Claire, I don't understand what you mean by you helping me".
Claire sat straight on her sit, she took a look at the office and commended Tracy for keeping it clean, most medical practitionist office she had visited were either in shambles or had paper scattered all over it. "I must commend you for keeping your office in one piece, it's so unlike other the usual disorganized offices I've come to associate with other medical practitioners".
Tracy was not too enthusiastic with the compliment, she had a work to do and would love to get back to it. "Thank you, like I said, how can I help you".
Claire knew she had to go to the point before she was thrown out of the office without fufiling her purpose. "I know all about the recent hassles you've had to go through in the hands of your boyfriend's Dad and I'm here to help you with get rid of anymore that awaits you if you can cooperate with me and help me bring Seth down".
Tracy scrutinized Claire. Here was a complete stranger asking for her help to take down Seth, the vicious Seth. Claire didn't look like someone who had the balls to do it, but she knew better that it wasn't the looks that mattered, it was the heart. She wondered who Claire actually was and why she wanted to take Seth down, but that wasn't something she was too worried about, she had found somebody that had something in common with her but she needs to know. "And who exactly were you?".
Claire smiled, that was not the question she was expecting to hear, she'd thought Tracy would have jumped in without hesitation but here she was wanting to know more about her. Tracy was definitely smarter than she looked. "I'm Agent Claire of the NSS and I'm on a mission to bring Seth down".
"And I hope you know you are not dealing with just anyone here, Seth is the devil's incarnate and is very dangerous ".
Claire smiled sadly. "Yeah, I've witnessed his ruthlessness first hand and I've taken all necessary measures to ensure that nothing goes wrong. And that's why I'm here to seek your help, together we can stop him and prevent him from hurting anymore people and stop him from hurting our loved ones ".
Tracy smiled, it was a good thing helping the NSS get Seth, she had earlier warned him that she might be his undoing and now was the right time to show him that she wasn't just giving him a mere threat. "How can I be if help?".
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by EbonyQueen001(f): 1:03pm On Nov 02, 2017
Loving this already. Keep it up!
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 8:49pm On Nov 02, 2017
Loving this already. Keep it up!
Thanks alot, really appreciate it!!!

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This is getting sweeter with each episode
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Loving dis.....keep it up dude
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 7:20am On Nov 03, 2017
This is getting sweeter with each episode
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Loving dis.....keep it up dude
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Sorry for not updating today, our Nepa need deliverance. But I promise to do all I can to drop up to three updates at least tomorrow...
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by sirvictor21(m): 10:44pm On Nov 03, 2017
Sorry for not updating today, our Nepa need deliverance. But I promise to do all I can to drop up to three updates at least tomorrow...
ok ooooo......cos i dn wait tire....till 2moro then kiss
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 9:14am On Nov 04, 2017
The Legacy
Chapter two (page cool
Seth went through the file that contained the list of names, he unpinned Gabriel's profile and placed it on his desk, going through it. The profile said he had a girlfriend, Chelsea before marrying his current wife, her status unknown. He went to his system and typed in her name, different images of her, Gabriel and some other scientist emerged all smiling, the article said they were a kind of group and that they had just made a ground breaking anonymous breakthrough. He compared the name of the other scientist in the group to the names on his list, all of them were dead except Chelsea. He had to find her.
The door to his office opened and Frank walked in sluggishly closing the door behind him and maintaining his distance. Seth smiled as he walked in, trying to make him feel comfortable.
"There is no need to worry here, I called you myself so I think you should have your sits".
Frank shrugged. "Tell that to the people you end stabbing their backs". He wasn't having any of it and wanted to be out of Seth's presence, he was beginning to wonder why he actually agreed to come in the first place.
Seth stood from his desk, taking some long stride towards Frank's position. "You know, when you were younger you always said you wanted to become like me someday".
Frank scoffed. "That was when I didn't know the horrible things you did".
"But even you couldn't deny the fact that I was blessed". He smiled as he walked back to his sit. "You know, you've been through with your University education for a while now and have been working for some under the dome hole of poo that doesn't even pay you up to a quarter of the allowance I give you monthly". He took his sit. "So, I've come to a conclusion and I think you should take your sit now".
Frank walked slowly towards the chair, pulling it out as he took his sit.
"I'll be going on an official trip tomorrow, and I'll be away for a while. I want you to handle the affairs of my company while I'm gone".
Frank shook his head, his Father sure had guts. "And what makes you think that I'll be willing to accept your offer after everything you've made me go through?".
Seth smiled as he crossed his legs. "If there is anything I know about you, it is that we are so much alike. I can see in your eyes that you're as vicious as I am even though you yourself won't admit it, and I also know that you inherited my instincts. And also that no matter what we go through, you will never sell me out because we are family."
Frank scorned. He was right about some things, he was vicious, his Father was making him discover that part of himself and also he had inherited some of his instincts but he was wrong about that last part. He was ready to sell his father out to whoever was capable of keeping him down after what he tried to do to Tracy, he just didn't want a scenario where his father would boycott jail and come back to hunt him because he knew it wasn't going to be funny. This was the perfect opportunity, working in the office where his father ran all affairs and being having access to all his documents. This was the perfect way to find all that he could about his father and get a concrete proof to incriminate him. He made it look as if he was contemplating, he did not need any form of suspicions from his father. "And what's in it for me".
Seth laughed, this was a typical example of himself, never do anything without getting something out of it. "Well since I'll only be gone for two weeks, I will pay you twice your monthly allowance for your two weeks service and we could make the deal permanent if you impress me with your management. You know, we can form an invisible team together, me and you. And you should also know that you're the heir to this company so this would be a good time to get to know some of the people working here because in the future you'll become their boss". He paused to check his wristwatch. "I'll have to go and start packing now, I'll have to leave late in the night".
"Where are you going?". Frank was curious to know.
"Somewhere that will change our lives forever and the lives of every other person on this planet". He stood up and started arranging some files into his briefcase. "And although I can't tell you now, I promise to when I get back since there is not supposed to be any secret between partners". He emphasized on the secret before walking out of his office with his briefcase.
Frank remained sitted after Seth left the office, his Father had just laid his hands in the hands of the wrong person and he promised to make the most use of the opportunity. He smiled to himself as he picked a pen on his father desk, he walked towards the window of the office looking out of it. What a lovely view he admitted, he loved it and planned to make it his permanent view.

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The Legacy
Chapter two (page 9)
"And so you accepted without telling me". Tracy wasn't too happy.
Frank stood from the chair in Seth's office walking towards her side of the table and sitting on it. "He didn't give me much time to think and I had to make a decision there and then and it's not going to be long, he'll be away for just two weeks".
Tracy folded her hands. "So, what's all this, I thought you guys weren't quite on the same page, why did you accept the offer."
Frank held her hands as he considered her question, he didn't want to get her involved in what he was up to incase it backfired. If anything happened to her because of him, he knew he would not be able to forgive himself. But another thing disturbed him, he had been hiding things from her, something he didn't like doing. He smiled at her. "You remember that day you fell into the ditch because you were trying to get my attention".
Tracy blushed, of course she did. Back then, she was just a 200 level medical student and he was also a 200 level student but in the faculty of business administration, she had seen on several occasions and had fallen in love with him at a distance. She tried all her best to get his attention to herself but he just seemed not interested in girls, she had already started considering if he was gay because she always saw him around guys and when she found him around girls he rarely spoke unless when a question was directed to him. She wasn't a type of girl that sat and waited for the guy to make the first approach, when she saw what she wanted, she went for it. On that faithful day, she had sighted Frank and some of his friends sitting outside a cafeteria in school, she adjusted her dress, brought out her cologne from her bag and sprayed it again. She sighed and started making sexy strides towards and past them. She was some miles away from them when she heard his friends muttering something, and she swore at the moment she heard him speak, even though that was the last thing she heard before she found herself buried at the bottom of the ditch near the road. How embarrassed she felt that day, she had just ducked up big time, and that in front of her crush, there was laughter every as people made jest of her and all eyes were in her, she didn't have the courage to stand from the ditch at least not until Frank had come to her rescue. He walked up to her innocently not knowing the reason she had fell into the ditch. It was just like she was in a movie, the way he stood above her, the sun setting just right above his head, he stretched his hands out to her, not minding the other students who were by then whispering to themselves. That had been the beginning of their long lasting relationship and not until they were together did she tell him the actual reason she wasnt looking and fell into the ditch.
"You remember the first word I said to you". Frank's voice came again.
She smiled again. "That you couldn't just sit and watch me being humilated".
"Yes, that still applies here. I accepted this offer for a reason and as much as I would love to tell what that reason is, I just can't because it could put you in danger".
Tracy looked up to Frank's face, the time she had spent with him had taught her a lot about him, she knew very well that the reason he was accepting this job was to get some proff he could use against his father. She wasn't going to let him get hurt by trying to fight his father, she had to use this opportunity to get some documents to incriminate him. She had earlier contemplated on telling him, but she knew he was only going to discourage her from doing it, he always tried to protect her and she loved him for it, but she actually needed to do this, for him. "I know you love me and would never do anything that would put me into harm's way and I'll stand with you in any decision you make". She stood and pulled closer to him. "That's one of the reason I love you and would spend my lifetime with you". She placed her lips on his.
The office door barged opened breaking their kiss, a lady stood at the door embarrassed.
"I'm so sorry for intruding, but the clients are here and would like to meet with you".
Frank nodded to her and faced Tracy. "Duty calls". He placed a kiss on her fore head as he walked out of the office. "I'll see you later in the day". He walked out of the office closing the day behind him.
Tracy walked slowly to Seth's desk, bringing out some files in it and going through them, none told his position. She walked to his waste bin and brought out a squeezed paper from it, she walked back to the desk as she read it's content. She pulled out her phone from her bag and placed a call.
"Yeah, I think he went to Freeland".
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 7:48pm On Nov 04, 2017
The Legacy
Chapter two (page 9 contd)
William opened the showroom and walked in, some agents were already sitted waiting for him. They had probably grew tired of waiting for him as they chattered on with each other not minding their current position, or status. The noise died down squarely as the agents sighted William walk to the front of the room, he signaled am agent standing behind the room and put out the lights leaving only the screen on with a map on it.
William cleared his throat looking around the room to the gloomy figures it presented to him In the dark, he wanted to make sure he had their entire attention because this meeting was crucial. He began when he was sure he did.
"This is the map showing all the entrance into our city from all our neighbouring cities". He walked towards the map. "These are only two entrances into our city from freeland, this over here". He indicated using a pointer. "Is the only official entrance into the city, and this other road is an abandoned road that hasn't been used for some years now. Our primary focus will be the official road". He switched the slide. "There are two ways to set an ambush on this official road, either by concealing our identity in the overgrown bush, or we hide in the hill. But either way, we have to make sure that we don't loose him because losing him will be like loosing your jobs". There was murmur through the room but it didn't last long as William continued "And that brings us to devising a means to stop the car. I'll say we use a kind of weapon in which its identity would be conceal until impact".
An agent raised his hand, William noise for him to speak. "Why don't we just wait them out and shoot their tires when they are in range".
William smiled. "That's too risky, you should know we are dealing with experts bodyguards here, some of who have worked in the force, even in the NSS. It might turn out to become a shootout which we can't risk because there will be casualties, and if the culprit escapes, we will all have queries".
Another female agent raised her hands and stood up. "Then we could use the Nail rack".
William paused a bit to consider her opinion, it was perfect. "Yeah, I think I'll go with you. It has sharp edges, it's small and would not be sighted in the dark, it's the perfect tool".
She nodded and sat down.
"So, we are going to lay ambush in two teams, the first group will lay ambush in the woods, and would approach the target when their tires loose air. The second group would serve as backup and would lay ambush just some miles away from the sight, in case any car gets away. I will be leading the first group and agent Claire will lead the second group when she resumes. The target is Seth Lopez". He changed the slide and Seth's picture popped up. "Most of you know him and some of you have seen what he is capable of doing. He is a very cunny and dangerous man and should be considered dangerous. We need to take him in alive, he and whatever he possesses. We are going to take him in peacefully and to make sure no one is going to mistaken fire a shot, we are going to the site with unloaded guns".
This statement caused an uproar in the room.
"What if they start shooting when we approach, how do we defend ourselves?". A voice came from a corner in the room.
"You said he is dangerous and has well experienced bodyguards, how do you expect us to go against them with empty barrels". Another voice came from the crowd.
"I need you all to shut up and listen to me". William sighed as the noise died down. "You all have to know that the high ups don't know about this, this is a risk we are taking here. Seth is predicted to be in the possession of an incriminating yet dangerous piece, it looks like a rock but it actually isn't. You have to be careful with it if you find it and make sure you handle it with your hand gloves on. If something was to go wrong in this mission, we could be considered ourselves criminals persecuting citizens and knowing the type of man Seth is, he won't stop until every last one of us is down licking his shoes". He paused to look around the room, he could imagine what was going on in their minds. The last time an head of the NSS had gone on a mission without informing the high ups, it had gone awfully aerie. He was sacked and if not that he had been a very respected man, he would have been jailed. And here he was wanting to follow in that same footsteps. He didn't mind what it was that ran through their minds, he was determined to bring Seth down this time, he had caused him enough hurt and he was going to make sure that the last he did was going to be his final. "Okay, I'll only give loaded guns to team leaders, in case the situation calls for it. But remember not to shoot even if you're being shot at, not until I signal you to". He switched off the slide and the lights came back on. The agents trooped out of the showroom all having their own reserves.
William packed his file as one of the agents walked to him.
"Any luck on Claire?". He asked not looking up.
"No". The agent was quite not convinced on their mission. "Do you think we should be doing this without her?".
"Yes. I will check her at her place on my way back, if I get any luck, you'll lead the second group".
"But.. ".
"No buts. It's decided and there is no going back to it. I know you are concerned about me loosing my job if things go wrong, and that's why I'm putting you up to take the second group. If things go as planned, we will still have our offices at the end of it all and who knows a promotion might be in the bag too". He patted the agent on his back and walked out of the showroom.

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Nice one bro........continue, i de ur back

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