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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 12:38pm On Nov 05, 2017
Nice one bro........continue, i de ur back
Thanks bro, updates dropping soon
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by sirvictor21(m): 9:03pm On Nov 05, 2017
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 10:19pm On Nov 05, 2017
The Legacy
Chapter two (page 10)
Dave smiled as he wore the apron over his chest, he picked up his cutlery and started doing justice to the food in front of him. He lifted his face to Bella who had been lost in thoughts ever since they had gotten to the restaurant, something was off about her and it was as if she was dragged down there because her mind was definitely somewhere else. He cleared his throat trying to get her attention as he picked up his glass of wine and gulped a pint in. His action seemed to fall on deaf ears as Bella continued to turn her food over and over again. He needed to act like he cared if he was ever going to be successful on the mission he came for.
"Is anything the problem". He said as gently as he could, giving her one of his killer smiles.
Bella looked up slowly, she had drifted off and had heard him say something. Was he talking to her?. She caught his gaze and kept her eyes on him as if expecting him to say something else.
"You don't look fine, is anything wrong?". His voice came again.
She faked a smile and faced her food. "Of course I am". Of course you're not her mind rang at her, she was beginning to question why she had even thought of this in the first place. Her mind drifted to Danny, she had been thinking more of him in recent days and it drove her crazy. His smile, his sense of humour, his intelligence..
"You've not touched your food". Dave's voice came again bringing her out of her ectasic thoughts and for a moment there she almost threw the food at him. She sighed and returned her gaze to him.
"I'm not hungry, I had already taken something before coming".
Dave returned his attention to his food and took two more spoons before dropping his spoon and gulping down some water. "I have something for you". He smiled as he reached for his Jean pocket. He brought out something from it and stood from his chair. "Close your eyes". He flashed her his most sexy smile.
Bella grunted, she was in no mood for this but she had to play along at least for now. She shut her eyes and drifted back to her thoughts.
Dave walked towards her and pinned the necklace round her neck, he sighed as he stood up smiling at her, his mission was complete for now. He walked back to his chair and took his sit. "You can open your eyes now". He said smiling.
Bella hesitated before finally opening her eyes, she stared down and was awwed at what she saw. The gold necklace shone on her neck and its beauty glittered. Even with herself, she couldn't help but admire it. This was one of the reasons she had loved Dave, he always knew the right thing to but to please anyone. She wasn't surprised girls had always wanted him to be their even when they knew he and she were dating.
"Its beautiful", she said as she ran her fingers over it admiring it.
"Yes, and I knew you'll love it". He did smiling as he wiped his mouth with the table cloth. "I'll be back, I want to visit the gents". He stood up and walked towards the toilet, not before giving her another smile.
Bella sat there, she was star strucked.
Dave entered into the male toilet, he looked around before placing a call with his phone. He waited for a while before the receiver was picked on the other side.
"Hello". A voice came through.
"I have the package". He said as he raised a shaft of Bella's hair he had cut when he wore the necklace around her neck.
"Okay, someone will come to retrieve from you very soon. Just stay there and keep her from suspecting you".
"And my part of the deal?". He asked consigned.
"Don't worry, I'm a man of my word. You get what we bargained".
Dave smiled. "Alright, will be expect...".
The door of one of the toilet barged opened and a man came out of it. Dave quickly ended the call as he watched him suspiciously, he had thought no one was in the toilet when he came in. He watched the man walk to the sink to rinse his hand, and after a while of convincing himself that the man didn't hear anything or even he did, he wouldnt know what it was about, he walked out and heads back to meet Bella.
Daniel rinsed his hand in the sink as he watched Dave walk out of the toilet, he had listened to all his conversation and was now getting somewhere. He switched of the tap, wiped his hand and walked out of the Gents.
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by sirvictor21(m): 11:20pm On Nov 05, 2017
Chai am in love wit dis.....more pls
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by crazo(m): 6:01am On Nov 06, 2017
intriguing piece. good work bruh
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 10:35am On Nov 06, 2017
Chai am in love wit dis.....more pls
lol!! More dropping soon
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 10:36am On Nov 06, 2017
intriguing piece. good work bruh
Thanks ��

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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by EvaJael(f): 11:59am On Nov 06, 2017
Intriguing! You just captured me
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 4:21pm On Nov 06, 2017
The Legacy
Chapter three (page 1)
Chapter three
3 years ago.
William struggled to get free of the rope that binded him to his chair, he had to be quick about it before his guard would come around. He wiggled his hands ferociously and severally getting strength from the pain he got hearing the echoes of his wife screams down the hall in the ware house. He could hear some footsteps coming in his direction, he was almost free only if he could just... His right hand came out of the nut as he quickly bent to unshackle his legs, the footsteps was already at the doorstep and the loud creak the door made whenever if was unlocked filled his ears. He quickly removed the rope from his hands and went fast hiding at a corner near the door.
The man that came in was humming a song as he shut the door behind him, he turned shocked when he saw the chair empty, he was about turning when a heavy blow landed on his left cheek, it was weak and he had received ones more heavy than that and didn't even shake. William stared blankly at the man, surprised that even his anger couldn't create a blow that would bring the man down, that was his killer punch and it had a record of bringing down many criminals when they went for a raid. Maybe it was true that records were meant to be broken because his had just been shattered. Huge and wearing a black vest, the man stood facing him and William could see the fiery in his eyes which was the only part of him that was visible since he was wearing a mask, he didn't need to see his face to know that he was angry.
The man launched a heavy blow and even though he had seen it in time and had put up a defense with his hand, it didn't deter it from having its full force on he as he flew across the room landing in a pile of wood at the corner of the room and breaking most with his back. He was still wriggling and grunting on the floor when the man pulled him up with one hand and raised him above his head staring intently at his eyes, the man hit his head continuously on the wall with no emotions whatsoever, the blow the wall impacted on his head was so intense that he was almost passing out when he heard his wife's scream again. That was the boost he needed as his fiery grew again. He sent a kick in between the legs of the man not caring what he might have ended up damaging, a bitch like him shouldn't be carrying a sacred organ he thought as he fell to the ground, his kick having its desirable effect. He coughed as he touched his bleeding head, he was beginning to feel dizzy but he knew this wasn't the right time or the right place to fall asleep. He rushed to the man, falling on him and laughing endless blows at his face even when he was sure the man had passed out. He grabbed the rope and tired it round his neck, throwing it over a wood that hung over the room and drawing it down. The man was definitely heavy and it required almost all his strength to hang him in the air. He e quickly tired his side of the rope to the door's metal handle and watched him wriggled choking in his own breath in the air, after a moment he stopped wriggling, he was dead.
William staggered out of the room as he took the corridor down the warehouse to where the scream was coming from, he walked gently into what looked like a movie house although it looked old and abandoned, it was dark as he tried to find his way through the endless chairs that stood there making his way to the front since his vision was blurred from the excess blow to the head he had received. He walked a little closer to the stage and saw his wife on the stage tired to a chair. A man stood over her and sent slaps to her face, she was bleeding all over and looked a mess as her head drifted uncontrollably. There were over six men on the stage all watching as his wife was bartered, the all wore corporate uniforms except one which he immediately identified, Seth. His heart skipped as he saw him walk towards his wife pulling out a gun.
"I will ask you one more time, where is it". He heard him say.
His wife brought her head to face him and spitted on his face. "Go to hell".
Seth cleaned the blood on his face as he smiled wickedly, William understood that smile well and wanted to rush to the stage but he couldn't as he was clearly outnumbered, he watched Seth point the gun to his wife head smiling.
"Not until you go there first". He pulled the trigger and the sound filled the room. William fell to the ground crying and holding his chest, his wife had just been killed in front of him and he couldn't do anything about it. Another man came to the stage and whispered something to a man in uniform who in turnwent to Seth and whispered to his ears.
"Find him". He heard Seth say angrily and he knew they could only be refering to him as they must have figured out the corpse in the room they kept him hostage. He stood up and sneaked out of the room in the darkness, he was not going to let them catch him, he was going to live and fight another day.
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 4:22pm On Nov 06, 2017
The Legacy
Chapter three (page 2)
Tracy pulled her car over at a corner staring out of her car through the window checking the paper again to confirm if she was in the right place. She and Claire had talked over the phone and had planned to meet to discuss their next step, Claire had given her the address of her plan base and since she had told her that she was an agent of the NSS, an abandoned cabin didn't quite look like where the NSS would operate from. She came out of her car packing the long braids of her hair that was running over her face and obstructing her view. She looked around at the neighborhood, it didn't look like it had possessed a living thing in a while apart from rats as one ran across the street into a pile of garbage.
She walked towards the house that laid in the address that Claire had given her, minding her step as she walked over the wooden steps that creaked under her leg. She got to the verandah of the house and pushed the door slowly. She took careful steps into the house and all her feats were confirmed. The house was all in a mess and she was definitely certain that no one had lived there for years. The cobwebs that ran across the room to the dusty ground she stood on to the punctured wall of the house all told her that. Maybe she was in the wrong place she thought as she brought out her phone to call Claire to confirm the location. She was about dialing the number when she heard a loud rumbled behind her. She shook turning to face the direction of the noise, she dropped her phone dumbfounded as she watched the wall split open before her eyes. She had seen scenes like this in movies and didn't think it was actually possible in real life and here it was, a real life experience. Claire stood at the other side of the spitted wall smiling at her, she walked from the brightly litted room into the tattered house.
"I saw you park your car outside and knew you'd have been doubting if you were in the right place. I've been watching all your facial expressions from my computer and I'll say, it was really funny".
Tracy wasn't understanding what was going on. "Watching?".
"Yes, I have this place wired with micro cameras that can hardly be detected. I have one there". She pointed to a corner in the room. "There, there, there, and there".
Tracy turned to the spots Claire had pointed to and didn't see anything but woods.
"And I have more of those monitoring ten miles away from here. Come on in, we have some things to discuss". She smiled at Tracy as she walked to where she came from.
Tracy followed her in, she had just taken two steps in when the wall went up behind her. She turned and couldn't find the room she came from, only a large bricked wall. She turned to scrutinize where she was in, the adage to not judge a book by its cover was very true. She looked at the computer screens that filled the room, some uses for monitoring the area like Claire had said because she could see her car in one of the screen and the room behind them in another, there were other computers that had some profiles loaded on them. She watched Claire walk to one of the system typing into it for awhile before returning her gaze to her.
"I know you must be wondering that since I said I was walking with the NSS, where are the other agents or is the NSS a one man's organization".
Tracy nodded, that was exactly the question running through her mind.
"Well, I think it's time I came clean with you. I was laid off from the NSS some weeks ago". She paused as if allowing the words to sink into Tracy's head. "I was deemed not fit enough for my post because I acted on my emotions which is strictly against the rule of our Institute". She paused again, had she just admitted to that. She watched Tracy noticing her change of mood. "I know by now you'll be having second thoughts on your decision to help me and I will understand if you walk out now but I want you to know that even if I'm not working with the NSS, I can still do the on my own".
Tracy thought for a while. "Why? ". She said after a moment's silence.
"Why what". Claire was confused.
"Why do you want to take down Seth? ".
Claire returned her gaze to the screen looking at jogging jn particular. She had tried to keep out Sarah's memory for some days now and letting it back was depressing building more anger in her. "He killed my sister".
Tracy gasped, although she wasn't too surprised that Seth had been accused of murder, she was sure shocked that he killed Claire sister. Only God knew how many people he had killed, she was definitely going to stop him. She walked towards the wall in the warehouse where several pictures of Seth was placed. "So this is where you do your Seth's tracking? ".
"This was place I designed to do my own private researches but since Seth has been the only tedious research the NSS had had, I'll say yes, this is where I do my Seth tracking".
Tracy walked back a computer looking into it, it showed a map of the city. "So how do you plan on bringing him down? ".
Claire walked towards a board and turned it over revealing a map on it. "I plan on intercepting him when on his way back to town". She walked to the map pointing at two roads. "This are the roads that leads into our city from Freetown, this over here is the major road and this here is an abandoned road. I think judging by Seth smartness, he'll want to take the abandoned road to cloak his arrival".
"Alright, so you'll just walk up to him and arrest him?". Tracy joked wanting more from Claire.
"No". Claire returned her stare to the board. "I'm going end it there and then not minding the consequence, I plan on killing him!!".
Tracy gasped shocked, although she didn't have any problem with that, she just felt nostalgic helping to kill someone. She had never done it.
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 4:25pm On Nov 06, 2017
Intriguing! You just captured me
Lol, thanks sis....
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by sirvictor21(m): 6:54pm On Nov 06, 2017
Nice piece
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 8:51am On Nov 07, 2017
Nice piece
Thanks bro...
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 8:51am On Nov 07, 2017
Nice piece
Thanks bro...
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by Nobody: 11:57am On Nov 07, 2017
Excellent story bro, keep it up.
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 12:25pm On Nov 08, 2017
The Legacy
Chapter three (page 3)
Chelsea sighed as she analyzes the strain in the computer, finally here it was, the only human to contain the perfect genetically makeup to fight the outbreak. Now, all she needed to do was to get her here and do some test with her blood to finally develop a counteracting drug. This was going to be different from the contractions method she and her group had developed back then, they had developed a vaccine to protect the people from the outbreak but how could the whole world have the vaccine before the outbreak which she knew was imminent since scientists with link to the lynx started disappearing. She brought out a note and paper and jotted the sequence from the analysis of the hair, her work was finally getting to an end and if she could be successful with this she would be allowed to go back to her world, Gabriel's world.
Her mind drifted to him, what was he doing at the moment, had he given up hope on her, she knew she was being selfish hoping that he had kept on the faith and continued to wait for her but she prayed he did because only his memory had kept her going all the while. She walked towards the microscope and stared into it, she adjusted the beam ray until it shone directly on the hair strand.
"Perfect", She muttered walking back to her sit.
The room was slightly lit with most of the light concentrated to her spot of research. At first, she had found it hard to work in this kind of setting but with time and reassurance from her abductor, she had to if she ever wanted to get out of here. She later got to understand that her abductor was the good guy in the scenario, or it least she hoped, he had kidnapped her to help him make a cure for the outbreak and seemed like a person with alot of connections and money based on how much equipments he supplied her when the need be. Although she had never gotten to see his face because he was always masked when he came to see her, she knew from his voice that he was a soft man. He had been the only one she had seen ever since she got here although she knew that there were some guards standing just outside the room in case she tried to run away she had never seen what they looked like because she never tried to.
The door creaked open as a man's shadow stepped in from the light, she didn't turn to look at the person that entered as she was over a hundred percent sure it was him. He cleared his to announce his presence, something he had been doing for a while now since she had always failed to acknowledge his presence. As if wanting to get him angry, Chelsea took a while before turning to face him, she smiled as she did knowing the effect of her action. He stood there cross hand like he always did, he was tall and looked young although Chelsea had tried to convince herself that he wasn't because she couldn't explain how a young lady would have so much influence.
"You have to speed up your work, the position of the lynx had been compromised and I fear that the outbreak is upon us", his young voice came from under the mask.
"And do you plan to still keep to the end of our deal if I finally find a way to create a cure". She wanted to be certain.
He walked elegantly towards her microscope, his heavy footsteps could be heard around the room. "I know you're going to find it hard to believe me based on the circumstances you were brought in here".
Chelsea noodle, she sure was
"But I just want you to try to establish a trust between us. We are partners here trying to fight a common enemy just to save humanity. We bought have loved ones we would not want to lose because some psychopath thinks he has the power to change the world not minding what it could do to the people living in it".
Chelsea sighed smiling, this was the longest speech he had given ever since she had been here. He had always tried to keep his speech short and sometimes went as far as giving only one word answers to her questions, but here he was breaking that record. She turned back to her computer screen still smiling. "I have something to show you". She waved him over.
He walked towards her, bending over behind her. This was the closet they had ever gotten since she was here, she could smell his soft body spray, soft but rich she thought. Although masked, she could also smell his aftershave.
"So what do you want to show me", he asked.
Chelsea turned back to the computer screen. "This is the strain of the hair I analysed, over here". She pointed at the screen is her body's antibodies composition and over here is the possible composition of an infected antibody. Her body's antibody is composed in a way that it has every opposite strain that the other has making it hard for the Agonist of the chemical composition of the lynx to key into the receptacle".
"Okay". He stood up beside her, sounding confused. "What does that mean?".
Chelsea shook her head, she couldn't believe all her explanation were just falling into a blocked skull. This was one of the reasons her bond with Gabriel grew, he understood everything she said, she loved her work and loved a person that understood it the more. "It means the owner of that hair carries a blood that is resistant to it and we need to get her blood to develop a cure".
"Will get on that". He said as he walked out.
He stopped and turned back face Chelsea who was still staring at him. "Thank you". He walked out of the room leaving her to it loneliness again.
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 12:29pm On Nov 08, 2017
Excellent story bro, keep it up.
Thanks bro, two more updates dropping today to make up for yesterday's
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 2:57pm On Nov 08, 2017
The Legacy
Chapter three(page 4)
Frank went through all the files on his father's computer, he had been searching for over a week now but still nothing to show and if he wasn't so certain that his father was a criminal, he would have given up. His Father was coming soon and he was not willing let his efforts go to waste, he had to find something. Endless file filled his father's system giving home a hitch that his father was trying to hide something in one of them, there was only one way to find out. He brought out his phone and connected a USB from it to the computer, he ran an application on his phone that filtered out hidden files. He had to wait for some minutes as his phone ran through the system, he walked to his father shelve where so many books were placed, mostly novels and especially the crime ones. No wonder his father was smart in this business and continued to erode wear out the NSS and other force after him. He stretched his hand towards the top corner bringing out a novel from it.
"STILLETO". The novel read.
He went through the summary at the back of it and was already half way when his phone beeped prompting him to rush back to his sit. He looked into his phone and found that it had detected a hidden file. He followed the path on his phone with the system and finally got to the folder where the file was hidden. He clicked on the hidden file and it prompted him for a password.
"poo", he muttered trying to muster up a password.
He clicked on the system typing into the box for password.
J... E... N.... T.... O.... R
He clicked the enter button and he was given access to the file. He smiled at his brilliance, Jentor had been his mother's nickname when she was alive although only his dad and few of her friends called her that. His Dad had fallen in love with the name and it was the password of his phone up till his mother's death after which he changed it. He couldn't believe he had a file hidden with that password, maybe that was the extent to which he love his wife.
Frank scrolled through the file, it was a file that contained just an address and nothing more. So much for a hidden file he thought. He relaxed on the chair as he thought, if his father could go through the stress of hiding an address, there had to be something in it that was special. He copied the address on a sheet of paper picking up his car key as he walked out of the office, he had to find out what".
Frank pulled over confused, the location he had copied from the computer made no sense since all he could see was overgrown woods. He picked up the paper staring into it, this was exactly the spot but there was nothing in it. He pocketed the paper as he took a walk into the wood, maybe he should have a look around. After walking for a while into the wood, he saw a building far down a trail. He walked hastily but quietly towards the building and what he saw confused him the more as he read the large banner on the frontage of its barbed gate.
" JENTOR pharmaceutical industry ".
The surrounding area of the pharmaceutical company was busy as workers mostly builders went on their way arranging and tidying up the surroundings, the company smelled of paint showing that it had just been completed. His Father never told him that he was planning on buiding an industry and he wondered why, there was only one reason his father would not want its location known to anyone and would have hidden it in his system, only if he wanted to do an illegal work in it, he needs to find out what was going on in that building. He watched the workers going about their business for a while before a car pulled over in front of the gate. Some men came out of it all Armed and sprayed bullets into the crowd of constructors. Frank stepped back quietly shocked at the massacre, his Father sure didn't want anyone to know the location of that company, not even the ones who helped build it. He watched the men load the bodies of the dead workers on a truck bringing out his phone and taking pictures of it. He placed his phone back in his pocket retreating to the direction of his car, he had to get out of there.

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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by TemmyT123(m): 3:33pm On Nov 08, 2017
Nice one....
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 9:38pm On Nov 08, 2017
The Legacy
Chapter three (page 5)
Seth stared out of the window of his hotel admiring the way the morning sun shone on the beach right behind the hotel, he stood right in front of the glass allowing the ray of the sun hit him, morning sun was definitely got for the skin and as a doctor he had to lead by example. He turned as the door into his room opened, a heavily built bodyguard walked in.
"He is back". He said standing straight.
Seth smiled, he walked to his desk and poured himself some champagne gulping it down his throat. "Do you have the test subject?". He asked pouring himself another drink.
"Yes, he is down in the car".
Seth took another drink. "Bring him along the package, it's time to test its authencity", he said smiling.
"Yes sir". The man walked out of the room as Seth picked up his glass and continued staring out of the window at the few people who were down by the beach taking a early swim and also receiving the morning sun.
The door opened again, this time three men walked in. Seth turned to face them smiling and facing the man at the middle, he looked scared and whimpered.
"Welcome". He walked towards his body guard to retrieve something wrapped with a towel. He turned back to the man still smiling. "I guess you've been briefed on your mission here". Je smiled turning to his bodyguard who nodded his head. "So, I'll just cut the chase and get to the point. You're going to be used as test subject to test the authority of this thing in my hand". He raised the towel to him. "You're going to be a hero whose name would be written in all the books of record for centuries to come. The man who first handled the lynx in his hand, the man whom the lynx first showed it ultimate capabilities, the man it first turned into a ferocious beast". He snapped his fingers and one of his bodyguard brought out a long chain pinning the man down with it.
He was dragged to the window where the sun shone down through, the other windows were shut and their curtains drawn leaving the room dark except from the light emanating from the opened window.
"Don't worry, your families would be whole settled, they don't have to eat from the trash again just because of your humble service to mankind". He handed the towel to the bodyguard who in turn handed it to the man. "All you have to do is bring out the stone from that towel and place it in the sunlight.
He and he body guard took some steps backward into the dark.
"After holding it out, toss it to me and remain in the sunlight for a while that's all and your family would receive the full payment for your service".
The man shivered as he brought out the lynx from the towel, it was a greenish stone with sharp edges, it could have easily qualified as a crystal judging from the way it glittered in the sunlight. The man stared at the stone for a while, not knowing why he was asked to do what he was doing or why his legs were tied down with a chain like he was some kind of werewolf on a full moon, if just doing this could get him the 75 million he was promised, he was ready to do it.
"Toss the stone back". Seth's voice came.
The man turned to Seth and threw the stone to him, he caught it and wrapped it in another towel, watching the man intently. The man grunted holding his head and screaming aloud, he brought his hand down to his chest tearing his clothes from it. His eyes were beginning to turn completely black and claws were growing on his fingers. Seth watched astonished, this was a dream come through. He moved a little back as he watched the man's shout grow into a growl. The man went down on all fours and growled at him and his guards dragging the chain he was tires to. His body was covered in black furs and his muscles had magically built to that of a beast. He growled again and tried jumping at Seth and his guards.
"Kill it". Seth said to his shocked body guards.
One of the guards brought out a gun and shot the beast at its head. It crashed to the ground and after a while retransforme to the man again. Seth smiled as he picked up the stone.
"Get rid of the body and prepare to head home. It's time to change the world". He smiled at himself.
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by TemmyT123(m): 9:43pm On Nov 08, 2017
Thanks for the update...
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 12:42pm On Nov 10, 2017
The Legacy
Chapter three (page 6)
"Is there no other way around this", Tracy asked as she placed a water flask into a bag.
Claire stared up from the gun she was setting, she picked up the shotgun and placed a silencer over it's mouth. "Around what". She placed the gun in her waist picking up a jacket to conceal it position.
Tracy sighed as she zipped the bag, ever since Claire had made her intention of ending Seth's life there and then, she had been having some reserves in her heart. How would she be able to look Frank in the face again, after playing a role in his father's death. "I mean, you could Alert the NSS and have them send over some men to help you arrest him at the spot".
Claire zipped up her jacket, she turned away from Tracy. "And on what ground would the arrest be placed. Going out of town?". She gave Tracy a questioning look. "Last time I checked, taking a little vacation put of town was not a crime". She smiled walking past Tracy to where some documents were placed on the table.
"You know, I don't know what Frank would make of me, playing a hand in his Dad's death. I mean, we aren't even married yet and here I am making major decisions in his life".
Claire looked up over the document she had been staring at. "Before coming to you, I went to Frank first. I asked him to help me take out his father and although he declined, I could see the pain in his eyes when anytime I mentioned his father's name. So, even though it might not be evident because men are kind of experts at hiding their feelings, I know he'll be thanking you deep in his heart for taking out his major problem in life". She smiled turning back to the documents on the table.
Tracy picked up the bag staring at it, she didn't know what to make of Frank's declining to help take out his father. Maybe he loved him and even though he had caused him loads of hurts, he still wanted him to live. She sighed confused the more, she should have told him about her helping Claire but now they were too close to quit. Her heart began to harden when she thought of her day in Seth's office when he almost harmed her, she tighten her fist on the bag, she had a personal reason to want him dead, he harassed her and wasn't going to get away with it, but she didn't want to lose Frank by making a drastic decision. "What would you do when you're done with.. ". She paused not knowing if to call it murder.
Claire took the cue, heaving as she picked up the documents. She had not thought of that yet, she didn't think she was going to join the NSS again after committing a crime but she knew when she was done, she would make a decision easily, one thing at a time. "If you're worried of Frank's finding out you had a hand in this, your secret is safe with me".
Tracy heaved a sigh of relief, that was what she wanted to hear. She knew it would get out later as she wasn't too good at keeping secrets especially when it came to Frank and she wouldnt also want him to keep any from her. She picked up the bag and handed it to Claire. "He'll be arriving by night to mask his arrival. Frank said something like him bringing in something very important but he didn't know what. I think you should find out what it was, we all know anything Seth handles has to be bad".
Claire collected the bag and strapped it on her back, she placed the maps she picked from the table in her pocket. "Okay then". She smiled at Tracy stretching out her hand. "Since this is our last meeting, I wanted to say thank you for everything you did in making sure this day came, one less violent soul is going to depart from our world today and that's only possible because you played a part in it".
Tracy received the handshake. "I played a little role compared to the role you've been playing and I'm only glad that Seth is finally going to get what he deserves".
Claire smiled and drew her in for a hug. "Thank you very much for making my sister's death not be in vain". She released Tracy cleaning up some tears that hung around the corner of her eyes. She still hasn't come to accept sarah's death, she had to be strong to face Seth. When she faces him, then she could allow her emotions come up and give her the anger she needs to pull the trigger. "Okay then, we are all set here and if you wouldn't mind, I'll like to leave now, I need to scout the area and pick out a spot to attack them. His guards are not the regular type and would require a lot of wisdom to be outsmarted ". She turned pressing a button on the wall prompting the wall to rise high giving her way into the dirty cabin.
Tracy stared at Claire as she waited for the wall to rise, she was not feeling too comfortable with Claire going to do this on her own, she wasn't also happy that this was going to be the last time she saw her.
"Claire", Tracy called out walking up to her. "Be safe".
Claire nodded and walked out of the building into the creaky cabin opening it's door and exiting from the building. Tracy watch her enter in a car through the computer still feeling shaded, she was having a bad feeling about this and would have wanted to go with her if not that she didn't have the necessary training to combat Seth's men. She prayed in heart that nothing happened in her heart that nothing happened to Claire but deep inside her heart, she wished she wasn't successful, she needs to know where Frank stood in all this.
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 12:43pm On Nov 10, 2017
I'm sorry for no updates yesterday, I was banned for a reason best known to whoever banned me � � �.. I'm back now and more updates dropping soon!!
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by itsandi(m): 12:55pm On Nov 10, 2017
Nice update... Ride on smiley
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 1:59pm On Nov 10, 2017
Nice update... Ride on smiley
Thanks bro!!

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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 2:00pm On Nov 10, 2017
The Legacy
Chapter three(page 6)
Sitting in his father's office, Frank went through other files pertaining to JENTOR pharmaceutical company. Luckily for him, he had found some other documents relating to it in his father's drawls, it had always been there but he hadn't at that time known what it was. He scanned through the documents, picking out one and reading through it.
JENTOR pharmaceutical industry
Production status: Not in production yet
Registration number: 2245633086LP
Approved: Yes, by NAFDAC and the NDLEA
Date of accreditation: October 7th 2089.
NAFDAC NO: 66523225
Disease targeted: Small pox
Approximate time of cure: 6 days
Pharmacological endorsement: Yes
Brand name: FRAD
Pharmacological monomer: 2,3 diethyl 4,6,8 trimethyl Nona 1,4,7 triol
Type of polymer bond: Peptide acetate bond
Reason for delay in production: Awaiting vital recipe.
Frank wondered what the vital recipe was as he drooped the file and picked up another, could it be what his dad had been looking for and killing people I'm the process. He wondered why his father would choose to specialize his company in the production of Small pox vaccines since small pox had already been wiped out in most of the countries around the world and was already a thing of the past, why would a company be accredited for over ten years and was just getting completed now. Something was not right about this and he wondered what. He brought out another file and glanced through it. It was a printed document of an email letter sent to his dad from an anonymous user and dated two months ago.
"The last of it has been completed and we are ready for mass distribution".
Yours sincerely
Code 00424
He dropped the file on the desk as he picked up another file, it contained a reply to the earlier message but the email address contained unreasonable details.
Message to 234hajokelpahgvsh@j40685jhdooks from 00618
"Proceed to station and wait for confirmation code 00624, lay low until you hear the news".
Code 00618.
Frank didn't know what to make of the two emails, he stared at both reading the messages over and over again. He needed to find out what the user on the other end knew and what they were talking about. He dropped both file as he took a picture of them. His phone rang, he stared at the caller for a while before picking.
"Hello Dad", he said sitting down.
"Hello son, how has things been dating at your end".
Frank sighed as he picked up another file from the document. "It been pretty rough but I managed to get everything under control".
He heard his father chuckle at the other end. "Yeah, I know that. The clients are so hard to please. I think I'll be needing you around to assist me get better customer services. But that would be after I access you effort".
Frank dropped the file and placed the documents into the drawl. "That's okay by me".
"I can see you're busy there so I'll get to the point. I'm already on my way home and would be arriving the border by the said 9pm. I want you to send some more guards to the border to pick me up by 9:05 pm in the abandoned road".
Frank paused for a while. "And why do you want more guards, are the ones you have not capable enough to handle any threat?".
"Well, they are more than capable to, but I need to create a distraction".
"A distraction, why? ". Frank was getting curious.
"I will explain to you when I get back, but first of all, I want you to make sure they are there by the said time, not one minute late or early".
Frank sighed, he had wanted more. "Okay, I will call them now".
He dropped the receiver staring at nothing in particular, he placed a call to his dad's security firm and gave them the information. He dropped the receiver still in thoughts, if his dad needed to create a distraction, he needs to know why and how. He picked up his car keys as he heads for the door, it was going to be a long ride to take to the abandoned road.

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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by EvaJael(f): 4:09pm On Nov 10, 2017
Ride on dear.
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by Adinije(f): 4:14pm On Nov 10, 2017
Nice story OP...I was thinking aloud, are you same person as Frank 3:16?
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 6:39pm On Nov 10, 2017
Ride on dear.
Thanks sis!!
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 6:39pm On Nov 10, 2017
Nice story OP...I was thinking aloud, are you same person as Frank 3:16?
Thanks and no

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