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Unknown Enemy - A Romance Story / The Enemy Within - A Tale Of Love, Lust And Betrayal / The Handsome Devil I Know (2) (3) (4)

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My Handsome Enemy by nancyv(f): 4:39pm On Oct 01, 2017
No part of this book can be reproduced without the permission of the author.
Re: My Handsome Enemy by nancyv(f): 4:40pm On Oct 01, 2017
Please everyone should bear with me.This is my first story.it may not be perfect,lol.


Re: My Handsome Enemy by nancyv(f): 5:26pm On Oct 01, 2017
My handsome enemy (A university romance story)


Hello,my name is Shania Benson. I'm a young girl of twenty-three.
My friend calls me shanny. I would call myself 'attractive' because people have called me that several times.I have a killer body(curvy at the right places).I'm an orphan My parents died when I was fifteen in a fatal accident. I guess,I'm still alive because I was not in the car with them when the accident occurred. it just seems like yesterday. Thanks to my psychologist,my nightmare and depression have reduced.
I'm a freshman in the university of Canada. I live two blocks away from school. I live with my roommate Liz(short for Elizabeth). she is the nicest person I have ever known and my only true friend. Though,she can nag. she has advised me several times to go out and make friends but I'm always adamant about it. You know why?
firstly,I'm introverted. I find it extremely difficult to make friends,maybe because I was bullied as a child.
Secondly,I hate guys. yeah,you heard that,right?
my mates call me a prude behind my back(yeah,my roommate has told me about their gossips several times) but I don't care.
Thirdly,I hate pretense I am the type that usually see everyone as fake. I hate fake people. I know that behind those fake smiles,they mock you when you are not looking.
I lived in a foster home immediately my parents died,during my teen days. The Smiths raised me till I was eighteen. They treated me like a garbage can when I was under their care. I remember escaping one day from their grasp but was brought back to them by the cops. immediately I reached eighteen, I left their house and hired an apartment with the little money I saved from my waitressing job. That was the only time I felt I had a life.
They had a son named Jared whom I hated so much. He did nothing to protect me from his parents and that made him enter my sh*t list. Jared was my age and was very attractive as a teen. I still remember how girls drooled over him.He was the captain of our school football team and slept with several girls because they threw themselves at him.He was a grade A douchebag. I hated him with passion and he knew it.I still remember how he pissed me off every moment.
I moved into Liz's apartment few weeks ago and I promised to pay half of the rent.
our school starts next week. Thanks to my meager job,I bought some books and paid my rent. I'm planning to find a better job and work part time to make ends meet.

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Re: My Handsome Enemy by nancyv(f): 6:16pm On Oct 01, 2017

School starts today. I woke up around 5am this morning and took a hot shower. I washed my hair and blew it dry.I wore a light makeup because I don't like heavy makeup.
Hello shanny baby! my roommate calls me.
Are you up already?.Yeah,I answered.I woke up on time because I wanted to sort out my books.
Baby,its still early,she says. Registration doesn't start until 9am.I want to make a good impression on my first day,I said.
Shania and I are in the same department. we want to major in psychology. I plan to be a serious student.i am also planning to abhor anything that will cause distraction in my studies.Having a boyfriend is not in my agenda.
I will do everything possible to stick to that rules.
Shania finished dressing and applied her makeup.we left together on foot.our dorm is a stone throw from our school.
we entered the admin block and saw many students already waiting in line to obtain their reg no.We joined the queue and waited for our turn.
After obtaining our reg no,we left for lectures.
we came five minutes before the lecturer entered the lecture room.
The lecturer is a tall handsome man in his sixties.He introduced the course to us and asked several questions.After the lecture,Liz and I went to the cafeteria to have lunch.we ordered pizza and soft drinks and ate to our hearts content.
we left after lunch for our last lecture of the day.
luckily, we arrived few minutes before the lecture. The lecturer was about to introduce the topic when I saw him enter the room.
My worst enemy.
Jared f*ucking Smith.
A hot girl was following him as if her life depended on him.
I haven't seen him for good Five years since I packed out of their house.
Gosh! he has gotten more handsome


Re: My Handsome Enemy by lonesome501(m): 7:01pm On Oct 01, 2017
more updates,,,believe when i say u ar starting on a high note!!

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Re: My Handsome Enemy by nancyv(f): 7:08pm On Oct 01, 2017
more updates,,,believe when i say u ar starting on a high note!!
Thanks dear.I promise to update more.
Re: My Handsome Enemy by Pearl05(f): 8:20pm On Oct 01, 2017
Interesting story.

Following. Cbella, gloryejims what do you think?

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Re: My Handsome Enemy by Gloryejims(f): 8:31pm On Oct 01, 2017
I'm here ohhhhhh..Pearl05 shift for me..

Cbella where art thou??

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Re: My Handsome Enemy by cbella(f): 9:46pm On Oct 01, 2017
I'm here ohhhhhh..Pearl05 shift for me..

Cbella where art thou??

Busy working on our thing....
Re: My Handsome Enemy by cbella(f): 9:47pm On Oct 01, 2017
Interesting story.

Following. Cbella, gloryejims what do you think?

i can see that from the last update..... thanks for mentioning me
Re: My Handsome Enemy by Pearl05(f): 9:54pm On Oct 01, 2017

Busy working on our thing....

Working on our thing that I knew not.

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Re: My Handsome Enemy by cbella(f): 9:57pm On Oct 01, 2017
Interesting girl.....i foresee that

nancyv, lets go. Beautiful start

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Re: My Handsome Enemy by cbella(f): 9:59pm On Oct 01, 2017
Please everyone should bear with me.This is my first story.it may not be perfect,lol.

nobody is perfect, just flow as it comes, i'm behind you

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Re: My Handsome Enemy by nancyv(f): 7:58pm On Oct 02, 2017
Thanks everyone for your support. I will update soon.
Re: My Handsome Enemy by DemiKOL(f): 9:05pm On Oct 02, 2017
Thanks everyone for your support. I will update soon.
We are waiting
Re: My Handsome Enemy by Creeza(m): 8:59pm On Oct 03, 2017
Booked. KPAGOGIN you dae here? I first you reach o cheesy

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Re: My Handsome Enemy by KpagoGIN(m): 9:00pm On Oct 03, 2017
personally in anticipation ....... Let's see the handsome enemy display

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Re: My Handsome Enemy by KpagoGIN(m): 9:03pm On Oct 03, 2017
Booked. PKPAGOGIN you dae here? I first you reach o cheesy
My head have catch you.....we now have to wait together for the train to arrive
Re: My Handsome Enemy by Creeza(m): 9:07pm On Oct 03, 2017

My head have catch you.....we now have to wait together for the train to arrive
haba it cannor b Jiji nah. My shirt touch the line first, anyway. We go wait. Op oya o!

Gush! Dont knw why am in a good mood today
Re: My Handsome Enemy by KpagoGIN(m): 9:14pm On Oct 03, 2017
haba it cannor b Jiji nah. My shirt touch the line first, anyway. We go wait. Op oya o!

Gush! Dont knw why am in a good mood today

Your anticipation even pass that of the OP.. Am of the AMBUSH squad we prefer the update sizzling hot so am keeping the first duty for the night
Re: My Handsome Enemy by cbella(f): 3:33pm On Oct 04, 2017
nancyv, how far with Jared Smith!!!! we are waiting for you....................... shocked
Re: My Handsome Enemy by nancyv(f): 7:21pm On Oct 04, 2017

All eyes were on him as he strolled to the back seat. I looked beside me and saw my friend Liz staring with her mouth open and rolled my eyes.

I don't really blame them. Dude is hotter than fire. if only he isn't an a*shole.
Thank goodness he didn't recognise me,not that I did anything wrong. I'm not really ready to face him right now.

The lecturer introduced the new topic; "cognitive psychology" and I tried very heard to pay attention but my mind was on Jared.
What sort of coincidence is this?
Does he know I attend Uni here?
What would be his reaction once he recognise me?
I guess the girl beside him is his girlfriend. Not that he kept girlfriends before.
He was a player in his teens. He never kept any girl,he just slept with the available ones.

The lecture ended and I pulled my friend up from her seat and we left immediately.
She was very surprised.

What's up with you Shanny?,she asked

Nothing,I answered.

Are you sure?

Yeah,I answered.

Oh my Gosh! Shanny,did you see that tall handsome guy that entered the lecture room?

Yeah,I answered

Oh my God,he is so delicious.

i rolled my eyes and said "yeah,delicious and an a*shole"

She was taken aback by my response and asked what I meant.

Never mind,I told her.

oh!don't tell me he is your ex.

Nope,I answered.

who cares whether he is an a*s,I won't say no to a guy that hot, Liz said.

Oh,Liz don't tell you are that dumb. All that glitters is not gold.

Whatever,she said.

We finished our lecture and went back to our lodge.

As we were ascending the flight of stairs, we ran into Jared Smith.
Oh my gosh! not now,I thought

what the hell is he doing here?

He stopped and stared at me without blinking.

my heart was beating fast and I just stared back

Maybe he was tongued tied just as I was.

His gaze travelled over my figure and he stared at my face again.

I wonder what's on his mind?

Or is he checking me out?

The womanising as*hole!

You have really changed,he mocked.

of course,I said with a hint of sarcasm.

Just as we stood there,a young girl shouted...baby are you there?

Yeah,Jared shouted back while staring at me.

I scowled at him and mouthed "asshole" before ascending the stairs.

My friend was quiet the whole time listening to our conversation.

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Re: My Handsome Enemy by Lildiamond: 7:37pm On Oct 04, 2017
Pls continue grin
Re: My Handsome Enemy by nancyv(f): 2:12am On Oct 05, 2017
My friend asked me why I didn't tell her that I knew him before.

Does it matter?,I said.

Just didn't feel like talking about it.

It seems he hates you,she said

Yeah,I'm pretty sure he does,I said.

I don't like him either.

You were right,he is an a*shole, she said.

we prepared rice and stew and ate.

I lay down on my mattress but couldn't sleep.

i kept thinking about him.

what does he mean by " you have changed?

was he referring to my face and figure?

Does it mean he find me attractive?

Not that I care.

I'd rather die than date him.

besides,I don't have the intention of dating anyone and Jared is the last person on my mind.

I closed my eyes and later slept after some some minutes.

I woke up around 8.45am and stayed in bed because of the weekend.

I later got out of bed and went for exercise with my friend.

We jogged a short distance from our lodge.

As we were returning,my eyes went up our apartment and I saw someone staring at me on the first floor. I squinted and figured it was Jared.

Why is he staring at me?

He knew the moment I spotted him and continued staring.

so that means he lives here?

Talk about coincidence.

The same course and the same dorm.

is he stalking me?

My friend followed the direction of my eye and asked me who i was staring at.

Jared,i answered.

OMG,he is looking right here,she said

Yeah,I know.

He can look his fill.

we were tired by the time we finished our exercise.

I really needed that exercise to blow off some steam.

I hated the fact that Jared lives in the same place as me.

Sweat trickled down my face and body.

I immediately went inside the bathroom and took a cold shower,washed my hair with shampoo,combed it until it was smooth.

I went down to reading.I brought out my books and started studying,going through the week's notes.

I really want to do well in this semester. I plan to graduate with a nice grade and I'm never backing down

Determination is the key to success... I'm really determined to succeed.

I took a short break between studying and made a bowl of pancakes.

Music blasted from a speaker somewhere and I was pretty sure it was Jared because the sound came from the direction of his apartment.

I wondered whether he ever studied.

People like Jared see uni as a place to go through just to obtain a piece of paper.

But for people like me,the piece of paper is my whole life.

His dad is very rich and owns a large company.

He may take over his dad's company one day.

I really wondered how his b*tch of a mother was doing.

The woman treated me like garbage.

Anyway,I've been free from them a long time.

No one treats me like dirt now,not that I would ever allow it.

I'm not that little kid anymore.

Lectures resumed the following week.

More Lecturers came in and introduced their course titles.

I saw Jared with his girlfriend.

I won't lie,the girl is a looker.

He likes pretty girls.

I wonder whether she will ever last.

He had his hand on her waist.

He caught me staring and continued walking with his girl.

The next lecturer gave us a group assignment to be submitted in two weeks and Lo and behold, I was paired with Jared.

Could my life get any harder?

why all the coincidence.

After the lecture, the two of us met at the back of the class.

I am looking forward to work with you,he said.

it would be better if we overlook everything and work on this project.

Don't worry,I said.

I don't intend spoiling anything, I need those marks as much as you do.

Good, he said.

so we start tomorrow.

we will visit the library and get more research books.


Re: My Handsome Enemy by nancyv(f): 2:13am On Oct 05, 2017
Hi everyone, hope you enjoyed the chapters. Stay tuned for more chapters.

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Re: My Handsome Enemy by Ladyjumong(f): 6:09am On Oct 05, 2017
Nice work. nd dnt forget that peeps are waiting
Re: My Handsome Enemy by emmachicken(m): 6:33am On Oct 05, 2017
[b][/b]keep it up next chapter please
Re: My Handsome Enemy by Lildiamond: 6:56am On Oct 05, 2017
Nice update
Re: My Handsome Enemy by Rachelbolanle07(f): 11:38am On Oct 06, 2017
Nice update
Re: My Handsome Enemy by msylva2147(m): 1:34pm On Oct 06, 2017
nice job you got here, hope you will not abandon the work half way like some nairaland writers do. keep it up, we patiently waiting for the next update.
Re: My Handsome Enemy by nancyv(f): 5:21pm On Oct 06, 2017
Hi everyone. Thanks for your support.
Re: My Handsome Enemy by nancyv(f): 6:11pm On Oct 06, 2017

The following day we visited the library and borrowed some books related to the topic we were given.
Jared collected My phone number and said he would call me back in the evening. I anticipated his call the whole time.
in the evening, he called and told me to come down to his apartment.
His apartment is on the first floor while mine is on the second floor.
I knocked on his door and he opened it after some seconds.He wore a singlet and boxers.

what the hell? I said.
please go and get dressed.

Whoa!!,easy girl,I'm not even naked,he replied.
He opened his door and I went inside his apartment.
Wow! I whispered immediately I went inside his apartment.
He left me and went inside to change.
His apartment was the same size as mine but very well furnished.
I sat on the sofa and looked around admiring the whole place.
Two pictures hung on the wall. I stared at the pictures and they were pictures of Jared.
One was his childhood picture. He was very handsome as a child.He was about two years when the pic was taken.
The other was a recent pic.He was very attractive in the pic.His hair was long and brushed downwards and his physique was the same as now.His muscles was visible through the polo he wore.He looked delicious. Just like he does now.
The picture was taken not long ago.
He came out from his room after a short time.
He changed into a trouser but still had the singlet on.

Much better,I said.

He met my gaze and chuckled.
He sat next to me on the sofa and I let out a small breath.
His proximity made me nervous.
I caught a hint of his Cologne and my stomach tingled.
He smelt so good.

So where do we start? he asked
I brought out the research books we borrowed from the library and flipped through the pages looking for the topic we were supposed to write on.

immediately, his phone rang

Hi baby,he said
How are you doing?
I am expecting you in the evening.
Okay,I'm waiting.

He blew a kiss on the phone as a sign of affection and I rolled my eyes.
I guessed his girlfriend called.
He dropped the phone and looked back at me

Why did you choose psychology? he asked

The same reason you did,I answered.

And why do you think I did? he asked
please, let's continue, I said trying to maneuver his question.

I am glad you ended up attending uni, he said.
I kept quiet and didn't reply.
I didn't really blame him.He never knew I would end up doing something useful with my life.
I left their house empty-handed with no hope of making it
I later picked up courage and worked my butt off to get where I was.
I did so many menial jobs in order to put food on the table for years

we did research the whole time and wrote down some points.

I later stood up and stretched my body because I was tired from the prolonged sitting.
Jared sat there and stared at me

What? I asked

He smirked.
I saw you the other day jogging, he said.
I guess you work out a lot.
You've got a nice figure.

I scowled at him and asked, "Does your girlfriend know you check out other Ladies figure.

Easy girl,he said.
I meant that as a compliment.
No thanks,I said
He chuckled.

I stood up to go and he checked the time.
Wow!he said,I can't believe we have researched for four hours.

See you tomorrow, I said and left his apartment closing the door behind me.
i ran into his Girlfriend on the stairs.
She stopped and stared at me with her eyes wide open.
I knew she saw me come out from her boyfriend's apartment
I wanted to explain but she ignored me and took the stairs three at a time,anger evident on her face.

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