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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by seuncyber(m): 6:32pm On Sep 01, 2018
badohemmy happy new month abeg time to update

And happy new month everyone

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by Gerardo88(m): 10:27pm On Sep 02, 2018
Pls update badoh

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by Abattayo(m): 8:42am On Sep 03, 2018
Over Interesting Story... UPDATE PLEASE

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by badohemmy(m): 8:09am On Sep 04, 2018
No vex Famz. My tablet crashed.

Happy New Month.
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by badohemmy(m): 8:09am On Sep 04, 2018
Chapter 52

D-DAY Of Reconning (I)

"Lie? When?" Badoh asked not understanding where the question was coming from. He does not tell lies so hearing her accusation made him feel bad.
"You made me believe that you had never done this before, but that's not what just happened now suggest," she finally said in teary voice after a brief silence.
Badoh tried to say something but his words got lost on its way out of his mouth, he tried to recall what had happened but could not find any part of their conversation where he had told her that he had not done this before. He then accused her of being a Seductress pointing out that he never wanted this, neither did he mention at any point that he was a virgin like she had suggested. When he finished talking he ignored her as his focus was back on his problems which would need handling. He laid on the bed beside her facing the ceiling. His mind raced at hundred miles an hour from Ken to Gentlelion to Viv.
After a long silence, Badoh was dragged back to the reality of the now. Low sobs from Blessing tapped into his consciousness forcing him to turn to face her. He soon discovered that she was crying. All her face was soaked in tears. He became worried suddenly. He tried to find out what the problem was but the sooner he pulled closer to her the more her teary flow increased.
"What is the problem?" He finally asked. "Why are you crying B?" He added.
But her focus did not shift from her sobs, instead she upgraded it to cries of plenty sadness.
"Which kind wahala be this?" Badoh asked himself mentally. He became more confused than ever. How did they go from "harder, faster" to this? He wondered. He sighed and sat up on the bed. Then he pulled her closer placing her head on his lap. He consoled her sincerely like he cared for her and allowed her sobs to die a natural death. When she had stopped crying, he said "now will you tell me what the problem is? Don't tell me you are crying because your Bakkassi enjoyed my Penisulla?" He joked squeezing her b00bs lightly thereby making her to giggle.
"Leave me jor, bad boy." She said in between tears and smile.
He urged her to talk to him freely about why she wasted her tears. She tried to hold back her words but eventually she started talking. She told him how she has been squatting with somebody (her roommate) because she could not afford raising money for her rent. She said she had paid half of the agreed price but could not complete the balance of the rent. To her surprise, her roomie brought another girl to the room who she claimed was her sister and since then they've made her life a living hell. She poured her heart out to him as he listened quietly.
When she was done, Badoh ran his palm across her face, he wiped her tears then cleared his throat to speak. He advised her to find her own place by the time the next semester came around the corner promising to support her anyway he could. She let out a half-hearted smile but still sobbed little by little. That was when Badoh made a mistake unintentionally. He innocently asked her if she would like to stay with him until after the exam and expected her to decline like he was taught to when offered something as a child, but to his surprise, smile enveloped Blessing as she sprang up from the bed.
"Yes, thank you thank you thank you, you're a darling!" She said as she squeezed him into a hug.
His mouth was agape. He wanted to clear her that he was only joking but seeing how happy she was made him have a second thought. He did not want to be the one that murdered Joy, her joy that seemed to know no bounds. He was forced to manufacture a smile and put on his lips, if only Blessing was sincere she would have seen that the smile was not genuine, but she had chosen to be selfish at that point and cared less about how he felt. She walked round the room, admiring every corner like a young aristo girl her rich sugar daddy just handed the keys of a duplex to in a Nigerian movie.
Badoh wondered how he had been so careless, he should have seen that she was desperate, but he allowed her sweet "Kpormor" rub on his sense of reasoning. "What will be will be," he thought as he dragged himself out of the bed, he had gotten tired of staring at the nude body running around his room. He dressed up, excused himself and left the room. He had pressing needs and needed to address them.
Holding the metal rail, he managed to drag his tired self to Ken's room. He knocked as Efe came out shouting.
"Merry Christmas everybody o. Today na God birthday," Efe said all smiles.
Badoh did not like it because it drew the attention of a couple of neighbours who took the opportunity to cluster.
"You don finally forgive us?" One of them asked Badoh.
"This one na Thanksgiving things, shoooo, your vex too long o." Christy said stepping out from Ken's room to greet Badoh who was still standing by the door with about 3 other neighbours.
"We don dey plan family meeting for your head before," another guy said.
"No mind me, I just gat clear my head," Badoh finally said as they shook hands and exchanged pleasantries.
Efe insisted that he said that he had forgiven the lodge but Badoh was like "there's nothing to forgive," but Efe did not agree with him. Christy supported Efe's notion that he must forgive them which he reluctantly succumbed to. Personally he was supprised seeing Christy at Ken's considering her room was about 5 minutes away from there. He wondered who attracted her like butterfly to flower but allowed that line of thinking evaporate.
Christy left the room as well as the other lodge mates. When Badoh entered the room, he saw Ken sitting on the bed. He approached him and told him that they needed to talk. He tried in vain to tell Efe to excuse them but Efe went deaf on him. Efe told Badoh that he was not leaving the room unless Badoh came with a gun. Badoh could only stare at Efe, the confidence in him seemed to have blossomed in his absence. He simply smiled and pulled out the plastic chair from underneath the table to sit. One other thing he noticed for sure was that the uneasiness which had characterized the roommates relationship was gone. Efe seemed relaxed as he laid on the bed, same bed that Ken was sitting on, uh!
Well, back to the matter he said, "let's talk about gentlelion," Badoh said to Ken. "Tell me everything you told him about me, don't leave anything out," Badoh emphasized as he positioned himself to listen.

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by badohemmy(m): 8:10am On Sep 04, 2018
God bless your September!
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by devilmaycry1(m): 9:17am On Sep 04, 2018
wow explain urself again nice one drop another one again happy new month

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by Bluehaven(m): 10:30am On Sep 06, 2018
Next! Badohemmy, keep it up! I dey feel you Bundoh! I need to feel Gentle Lion's "e go reach you" on Badoo!

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by badohemmy(m): 7:29am On Sep 12, 2018
Chapter 53

D-Day Of Reconning (II)

Badoh tried to be as calculating as his brother Samson, the difference was that his brother controlled all aspect of his life, including women. In Badoh's case, that was too much to ask for. He controlled his ranging hormones better before now, but since he tasted the forbidden fruit, it's been a difficult, often time, impossible task. GentleLion sometimes would stay without a girlfriend, woman or sexual entity more than a year and not feel it, it was something he had to learn for his safety because lots of men have fallen because their hormonal needs betrayed them.
After listening to Ken talk expressly about his brother, he felt more disappointed at his friend. The things he had told GentleLion, even the ones he felt were insignificant, all seemed to matter now. The most annoying was that Ken told him about his relationship with Vivian, something she warned against during her shot stint with him. Ken also told Sam in detail about the fight he had with the grumpy guy. In fact Ken explained that his brother was interested in all aspects of his life and so he was generous in the information he gave.
Badoh noticed that Ken did not know that he was a brother to GentleLion, he revealed that truth to him but explained that there was little or no chance that they could still be close like before. Ken was a bit heartbroken. He had carried out his assignments with no questions asked, now he wished he could turn back the hands of time. He wondered why GentleLion would ask him to watch his brother and report back.
Efe who observed almost silently took centre stage for the first time. He tried to convince Badoh to forgive his guy but Badoh cleared him that he could not be loyal to someone who's loyalty slept with someone else. He insisted that the only condition that would allow him accept Ken was if Ken publicly denounced his dependence on Samson, and that entails telling him to get himself a new Dogg, or in other words: "go f*ck yourself". Surprisingly, Ken accepted the proposal, he would do anything to earn the forgiveness of Badoh.
Badoh pleaded with Ken not to reveal his address to GentleLion, he didn't want him badging in on his house and shattering the small reputation he had built over the outgoing semester. Ken agreed not to tell Samson, for good measure he told him that he was expecting GentleLion in school by mid next week when exam was already started. That information was as vital as any in the intelligence world. Now Badoh knew something his brother did not know that he knows. All he had to do was prepare. And he was going to need the help of many to surprise his brother who always sees things coming from afar.
Before he left their room, Efe made Badoh promise to forgive Ken if he helps clean up the mess, to which he agreed.

* * *

When the D-Day arrived from its long journey, everything was set. Sitting at the backyard with Badoh was Ken, the Carpenter and of course Baroni who had a stick of weed in between his fingers, while the former wrapped fresh one. The strong sweet smell of Skunk caressed the nose of even those who did not smoke. The plan had already been hashed, it wasn't simple at all. One thing Badoh knew for sure was that GentleLion was meticulous, he planned every part of his life up to the tiniest details, so the plan is to surprise and wobble his laid out plans.


Ken's phone rang and the caller was GentleLion, he look away from the phone screen and at Badoh who nodded his head to ask him to pick.
"Hello!" Ken's voice penetrated the mouthpiece. His voice was shaky, knowing what to say did not make saying it any easier. After speaking with the caller, he told them what he said.
"He wants to meet, he's at Viva." He said.
"Alright, take Efe with you. We'll join you in 10 minutes. Remember what we discussed, it all ends today." Badoh said.
Ken with all his qualities and boldness was visibly shaken. He sat up from the long bench and stretched like an athlete. Then he collected the freshly wrapped SK the Carpenter just lit and took a long drag. He inhaled deeply before pouring the thick smoke out of his mouth. He watched the smoke mix with air as it gradually disappeared. He took another drag, a shorter one this time then handed the stick of SK back to the Carpenter.
They all watched him blow out the smoke in his mouth as he entered the hostel through the back door and disappeared.
It was a matter of all fingers crossed as they all sat patiently. Badoh occasionally checked the time. He had calculated walking to Viva fast food and bar and it was less than 5 minutes, although it depends on how fast you walk. He expected his brother to take his time in talking to his young protege, that's why he wasn't going inside the agreed 10 minutes, he would delay it by a further 10 or 20 minutes.

Ken sat opposite GentleLion, while Mike sat beside him. Efe himself was made to sit close to the kitchen door with the express order of not turning back, ever. GentleLion ignored Ken and spoke more with Mike. They spoke in igbo dialect briefly before Mike stood up and headed for the reception where he paid for the food and soft drink on their table. After paying Mike left without goodbyes. GentleLion just followed him with his eyes and smiled.
"How e dey be?" He asked Ken.
"Everything fine senior. This one you come my school na wetin dey play?" Ken said as he tried to create a conversation with the hope that it will cover up his fidgeting, but Sam was an old Deltan.
"Wetin de xup? Who put fire for your body?" Sam asked Ken after observing his uneasiness.
"Boss, Gentle, you know say you na my Oga. I wan beg you, abeg, I no wan do again. Abeg my boss. Give me freedom." Ken pleaded to Samson who was all smiles. He knew something was up with his boy, especially since his brother found out he was working for him. He just smiled some more.
"My guy, I know, I know say hand don touch you. Tell me who get the hand make I cut am give dog chop," GentleLion said in a more serious voice.

Chapter 54

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by rukidanty: 9:07am On Sep 12, 2018
why you go end am like this na after much waiting
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by Ann2012(f): 9:32am On Sep 12, 2018
Abeg more updates na
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by tu9ic3(m): 1:25pm On Sep 12, 2018
Action film ghen ghen ghen ghen!!!
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by Damibiz(m): 2:19pm On Sep 12, 2018
Gentle lion is alway straight forward..the hand way u wan Chop na ur broda own..
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by seuncyber(m): 11:57pm On Sep 12, 2018
Nice one
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by mjay05(m): 4:07pm On Sep 13, 2018
Nice one
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by Samadict(f): 11:09am On Sep 14, 2018
Interesting story. Keep it up...
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by devilmaycry1(m): 9:04am On Sep 16, 2018
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by tomgab(m): 5:57am On Sep 23, 2018
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by Uniquejames(m): 2:01pm On Sep 30, 2018
1ft2r 1 v2ry l4ng br21k 3 c1m2 b1ck t4 m22t 4nly 001 5pd1t2

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Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by URep: 6:43pm On Oct 04, 2018
what happened to this man? why nobody fit find out?
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by Teajay665(m): 7:02pm On Oct 04, 2018
thump up guy...........
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by LordKingsley: 10:37pm On Oct 10, 2018
Thumbs up bro. This story is cool Pls endeavor to be regular and consistent. Don't be doing us long throat na
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by youngbravian(m): 6:32pm On Oct 20, 2018
where is badohemmy
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by lordmassac(m): 8:57pm On Nov 07, 2018
I dey enjoy this story the way boroni dey enjoy SK.
Keep it up bro
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by URep: 8:08pm On Dec 15, 2018
Where at thou? Been ages.
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by OyaLove: 7:12pm On Dec 24, 2018
Where at thou? Been ages.
I tells you.
I hope all is well?
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by URep: 11:53pm On Dec 27, 2018

I tells you.
I hope all is well?
Am working on bringing him back. He's had a couple of issues which I think he's in best position To explain when he feels it's right.
I'm hopeful he'll make a comeback.
Re: The Romantic Chronicles Of Badoh by Uniquejames(m): 11:07pm On Jan 11
it's 2019 already. somebody should Holla at badooh and tell him we are patiently waiting...

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