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Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Wordsmith001: 9:59am On Jan 02
Episode 15
(Wallnock's men sang victoriously an marched home after their historical win over Malikos an Mane)

Peter: This is the most surprising thing I have experienced in my whole life.

Tom: You doubted us.

Peter: No, Malikos men are too good. Something strange happened on that battlefield.

Tom: What?

Peter: An ordinary Sorcerer can't reverse Mane's spell but someone did. That person is who I don't know.

Tom: Maybe the rites our Sorcerers are performing at home paid off.

Peter: Tom, I am not new in this, no matter how many they are they can't overcome the Sorcererlord of Malikos. Only one person can.

Tom: And who can that be?

Peter: Sorcererlord of Wallnock.

Tom: So you mean the Sorcererlord of Wallnock was there with us on the battlefield?

Peter: He is dead! Thats why I am so confused. But what happened on that battlefield today was from the Sorcererlord of Wallnock.

Mike: The main thing is that we won historically. We shouldn't think about that anymore. Let's continue rejoicing.

Knight1: I am tired, please let's rest at Gilae till day break I can't move a finger.

Knight2: I am tired too. And very thirsty. Please let's rest.

Peter: Just a few kilometers an we are home. Let's try and get home.

Tom: No Peter I am very tired let's rest at Gilae and drink too.

Peter: (Laughs) Lazy bones.. Okay when we get to Gilae we rest.
Cross: This is risky. What if Malikos men comes to attack again.

Peter: They can't. They will still be recovering from the pain we inflicted on them.

Cross: Okay then.

(Back in Wallnock)

Queen Rosalyn: Drink some tea my lord.

King Morghdad: This is not the time for drinks Rosalyn, our men are not yet back. Malikos is coming. And all you can think of is tea?

Queen Rosalyn: We should have turned in easily. Now its getting the hard way.

King Morghdad: Mane us a coward I will never turn in to him. I hope my boys make it back. U really hope. (Confused)

Queen Rosalyn: (Rubbing his head) You have to be calm my lord. You are a king.

King Morghdad: Remember the prince is there with them, who know what wiukvhave happened to the heir of Wallnock. I don't have any other heir to the throne.

Queen Rosalyn: My own Prince will come back alive. Let's just hope.

King Morghdad: Okay, You can leave now. I will go continue the rites with the sorcerers.

Queen Rosalyn: Okay my lord. Be careful.

King Morghdad: I will. (Kisses her in the cheek)

(Sarah still baffled on who the Sorcererlord is.)

Sarah: Cross?

Seri: Yes, Cross. Who is he?

Sarah: Its a long story Seri. I knew there was something about that poor boy since the day he stepped his feet on this land.

Seri: I have a feeling its over already.

Sarah: Arghh!!!! Cross will surely pay for this.

Seri: We will make hin pay.

(All knights of Wallnock were asleep at Gilae except two people. Cross and his talking monkey Simius)

Simius: Why are you not asleep yet?

Cross: If I sleep everyone here will die.

Simius: What do you mean? Because you are a sorcerer?

Cross: (Grabs his neck) Hey, don't ever let anyone hear that from you.

Simius: Why? Why are you hiding that from people?

Cross: I am your master! Don't ever tell anyone about my powers. (His eyeballs changes to reddish brown)

Simius: Okay master.

Cross: Better.

(Cross hears some rumbling in the bush from afar.)

Cross: What's that?

Simius: Are you really asking me?

Cross: (Draws his sword) Don't follow me.

(Cross carefully nears the scene to see what's happening he sees
Eight young men on one lady)

Lady: Help me! Leave me!

Man1: You are evil. We will kill you. Hold her.

Lady: Save me. Don't kill me please. (Crying)

Man2: (Draws his sword) Keep shut.

Lady: Don't make me do this please (Crying)

Man2: I said shut up! (Tries to slay her)
Lady: (Screams) Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

(The sound wave from the lady displaced everyone and all eight men died on the spot.)

(Cross gets there and saw eight dead men surrounding the lady)

Cross: Who are you?

Lady: Cross. Sorcererlord of wallnock. I have being expecting you. (Laughing)

(The screaming was so loud that it woke every living creature in the forest)

Cross: How did you know my name? Who are you?

Lady: Save me. Save me.

(Peter and his men gets to the scene)

Peter: (Draws his sword) Who did this?

Tom: Woman, you killed this men?

Cross: I killed them.

Peter: You? You singlehandedly Killed eight men?

Mike: Don't joke here Cross. Who killed this men.

Crosa: I said I did! They tried to rape the young Lady and I saved her.

Tom: (Claps) Wow, young Cross is becoming a brave one. He songle handedly killed eight men.

Peter: This guys doesn't looks like they were stabbed. It looked like they hit their heads on something. And the distance of which they are laid. It was like something like a whirlwind took them.

Cross: You will believe me or not?

Peter: Okay, I salute your braveness.

Lady: Save me. Save me.

Tom: What is your name young Lady.
Lady: I am Jane. Save me please. They will kill me.

Tom: Where are you from?

Jane: I live in this wilderness since my uncle dropped me off in Aston.

Peter: So you live in this forest?

Jane: Yes, for some days now.

Tom: Why did you leave Aston?

Jane: Don't let us talk about that. It could be very dangerous. Don't remind me about myself please. Just stop.

Cross: (Touches Jane) We will save you Jane. You will come with us to wallnock and you will be free from Aston men. Very soon we will know why they are after you.

Jane: Thank you. (Holds his hands)

Peter: And who told you she is coming with us?

Cross: Peter she has to come with us. What do you think Aston men will do when they realise their knights are dead. They will kill her.

Peter: This is very risky. We don't know who she is. No family no friend even no record.

Cross: Please Peter. If she misbehaves banish her and punish me.

Tom: Are you loving the girl already?

Cross: Please guys. Let's help her.

Peter: Okay, bring her along.

Cross: Thank you Peter you are the best.

Tom: Wait, (sees the badge on one of the men's chest) Is this not the symbol of Aston knights?

Peter: Yes, why will they be after you?.

Jane: They wanted to gangrape me.

Peter: Knights wants to gangrape you?.

Cross: We have to leave fast. Before others meet us here.

(They all continued the journey to Wallnock)

Mike: Cross, I don't believe you did that yourself.. What are you hiding?

Cross: The lady knows me. She knows that I am a Socrerlord. She might know more. So we need her.

Mike: You think we are safe?

Cross: As long as I am here.. There will be no problem.

(The people of Wallnock heard songs of praises from afar.)

King Morghdad: What is that I am hearing?

Sorcerer: Its like they are back.

King Morghdad: That is not possible.

Guard: (Enters) They are back my lord! The knights made it!

King Morghdad: They made it? (Runs outside)

(The knights came into the Town proudly and were very honoured. Their families came to hug them)

Sarah: They are here.. (Sadly)

Seri: We can still make it Sarah. At least no one has the scroll yet.

Sarah: But how do we beat Cross?

Seri: You are the princess of Wallnock use your power.

(The King and Queen came out of the palace to welcome the knights)

Queen Rosalyn: My Son! (Hugs Tom tight)

King Morghdad: (Hugs Peter) How is that possible? How did you do it (With tears in his eyes)

Peter: There is a lot behind it my lord.

(Every knight's family came outside to hug their family members only Cross didn't have anyone to come welcome him)

Sarah: Oh Cross, you did it. (Hugs him)

Cross: Yes we did it?. Surprised?

Sarah: No, I actually knew with the Sorcererlord of Wallnock amidst them. We will surely win the battle.

Cross: I don't know what you are talking about. (Smiling)

Sarah: You will know soon enough. And what is this? (Pointing to Simius)

Cross: That Is Simius.. The talking monkey I acquired from the battle field.

Sarah: She said it.. (Murmured)

Cross: What did you say?

Sarah: Nothing.. Congratulations tho. (Leaves the scene)

Mike: What did the witch say?

Cross: I think she already knew I am the Sorcerlord of Wallnock.

Mike: We have to act fast then.

Cross: Yes, Mane is not dead. She will still go back to Malikos.. I have to really act fast.

(The king calls the knights together to have a talk with them)

King Morghdad: This is my proudest moment as the King of Wallnock. I am so proud of you guys. You did the unthinkable the unbelievable. Three hundred Knights defeated the great Malikos.. Absolutely unbelievable. The welcome ceremony will take place in the evening where you will all have your names in the Wallnock hall of fame. You guys are legends. And who is the strange lady among you?

Peter: We saved her on out way home. She wad close to being raped. Thanks to Cross who defended her and saved her life.

King Morghdad: That can be risky, What is your name young lady?

Jane: I am Jane from Aston.

King Morghdad: Oh, you are welcome to Wallnock. We entertain strangers a lot. If you comply with us. Guard get her a room and a slot in the kitchen you will work as a servant in the kitchen from now on.

Jane: Thank you my lord.

King Morghdad: Now everybody can leave. Peter let me see you.

(Everyone leaves to prepare for the evening)

King Morghdad: I saw a talking monkey with Cross. How did he get that.

Peter: We don't know. He just brought it out after the battle.

King Morghdad: That is Fear. Mane's talking monkey. It used to be dangerous. How did Cross get it?

Peter: Maybe I should ask him.

King Morghdad: No, there is no need for that. The main point is that we won the battle. Just keep an eye on the monkey.

Peter: Okay my Lord. But my lord I think we have a Sorcererlord among us.

King Morghdad: How?

Peter: Something unbelievable happened at the battle field... (Tom cuts in)

Tom: Peter I would really like to see you it's very urgent.

King Morghdad: You can go Peter. We will have our discussion later.

Tom: Thank you my lord.

(Drags peter to a corner)

Peter: What is wrong Tom?

Tom: Are you crazy? You shouldn't tell the king about what you saw at the Battle field. It should b confidential.

Peter: Why? Is he not the king?

Tom: If you give him an impression that there is a Sorcererlord among us. Or maybe a sorcerer helped us out. The glory will not be ours anymore. They will think their sorcery defeated Malikos not us.

Peter: Wow! I didn't think of it like that. But there is definitely a Sorcererlord that is greater than Mane on the battlefield.

Tom: That's a problem to solve another day. As at now we should be celebrating in how we won the battle even though we didn't fight any knight

Peter: Okay, let me go prepare for the ceremony.

(Sarah dresses up and visits Malikos)

Sarah: How is my lord.

Queen Tina: How dare you enter this castle and ask such stupid question. See what your town have done?

Sarah: I never thought it could go this way my Queen.

Queen Tina: My husband is in coma. And if he dies Wallnock will become dust!

Sarah: Where is he?

Queen Tina: He is in the inner room. But you are not allowed to go in there. Mae trusted you but I don't. He wanted to make you his omega despite the fact I had children.

Sarah: You and I knows why he wanted to make me his omega.

Queen Tina: Keep shut! Just pray my husband doesn't dies. If not I will kill everyone in... (Sarah cuts in)

Sarah: You can't defeat Wallnock!

Queen Tina: What did you just say?

Sarah: You heard me. When Mane wakes tell him there is a new Sorcererlord in town. On that is greater than him. And tell him Astandara is still alive.

Queen Tina: What? That can't be possible. Astandara is.. (Sarah cuts in)

Sarah: Just tell him. The welcome ceremony is tonight. The Sorcererlord will be there.

(Sarah leaves Malikos)

Mike: What a turn around for you Cross. From a common stranger to a Cook to an honoured Knight of Wallnock.

Cross: I have a mission.

Mike: What about the girl.

Cross: She is busy preparing for the ceremony. This is not the right time.

Mike: How did she kill eight men singlehandedly.

Cross: She is a banshee Mike.

Mike: A banshee?

Simius: Someone is approaching this place guys. Someone very angry!

(Seri suddenly shakes in fear and the glass cup from her hand fell ti the ground)

Sarah: What happened seri? Tell me what did you see?

Seri: The scroll! The scroll!

Sarah: What is wrong with the scroll?

Seri: It's in Wallnock!.

(Sarah bashes in)

Sarah: (Hooks Cross to the wall) Where is it? Tell me where is it?

Cross: I don't know what you are talking about my Lady.

Sarah: Sure you know it!. The scroll is in Wallnock. And I know it's with you. Where is it?

Cross: I honestly don't know which scroll you are talking about.

Sarah: (Leaves him) We will know what you are up to soon. Very soon. And guess what? The biggest mistake of your life is not taking Mane's life.

Mike: My lady? What are you saying. Are you not happy we defeated Malikos?

Sarah: Shut up! I am dissapointed in you Mike! You betrayed your town just because he is a Sorcererlord?. I will never forgive you Mike. Wallnock will never forgive you!

Cross: I don't still understand what is going on here.

Sarah: Don't make me look like an idiot Cross. You surely know.

Simius: Hello, I am new here. And I would like to have my nap. So can you guys please minimize the noise?

Sarah: Fear, this is not you. Everything will come back to normal just a matter of time.

Simius: Please when you are done help close the door.

Sarah: Watch your back all of you! (Angrily leaves the room)

Mike: How did she know the scroll is in Wallnock already?

Cross: I don't know.

Mike: Or the scroll is with you already? Are you hiding something from me already?

Cross: No, If the scroll is in Wallnock already we have to find it before she does.

Simius: She is very angry. She is planning on taking your lives. But she knows it won't be possible.

Cross: That's because she knows am the greatest Sorcererlord of all time.

Mike: But that could change if she has the scroll before us.

Cross: I am having a bad feeling towards this ceremony. She already has plans ahead. Now that she knows who I am.

(The ceremony starts and nearby royalties were invited including the king and Queen of Aston)

Mike: Cross, the king of Aston is here. Won't Jane get recognized?

Cross: Jane is a smart girl.

Mike: I am really scared of this girl. She might be very dangerous.

Episode 16 Loading.........

See you all in th


Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Skylard101(m): 11:56am On Jan 02
[color=#000099][/color][b][/b]Nice story word smith. But what is a banshee
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by lorelife(m): 11:59am On Jan 02
Wow, I really like dis story. More grace 2 u bro. Plz do u hav a blog dat we can get d full story and others?
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Ayemileto(m): 12:30pm On Jan 02
Nice update. Well done OP.
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by SlimB11(m): 2:52pm On Jan 02
Nice 1 bro....looking forward to d next update
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Jonesboi(m): 4:17pm On Jan 02
Who is Jane;nd is cross d scroll??am so optimistic... More grace bro
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by cmoney22222: 5:34pm On Jan 02
i think Jane is the scroll... but i still dey observe the story

Who is Jane;nd is cross d scroll??am so optimistic...
More grace bro
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by rayvelez(m): 10:54am On Jan 04
Compliment of d season to u wordsmith001. its been 2days now u updated hope u good.
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Wordsmith001: 4:07pm On Jan 04
Episode 16

Cross: Just a few more days and I will get what I want from her.

(Peter bashed in)

Peter: Guys it's time let's move.

Cross: Okay sir.

(All knights assembled in the hall with their uniforms)

King Morghdad: It was a great day for me today. Wallnock defeated Malikos with only 300men it has never happened. So I would like to put the 300 knights in the hall of fame list and mention them as the Invincibles. They are legends.

Crowd: (Cheers)

King Morghdad: And I will like everyone of them to ask for something tangible from me today.

(Everyone asked for tangible things like Money, shelter, immunity, power)

Cross: (Steps forward) I greet the whole wallnock.

Cheers: (Cheers)

Cross: I won't ask for money nor Shelter nor too much money. All I want is the release of Vera's mother Sylvia. Simple.

Sarah: (Jumps up) No way! That is not possible!

Queen Rosalyn: Sarah sit down!

Sarah: That's not possible. Release a traitor?

King Morghdad: Sarah!

Sarah: Release her and I will tell the whole crowd what she told me. Choose one of it dad?

King Morghdad: Are you threatening me daughter?

Sarah: If ut looks like a threat so be it.

Queen Rosalyn: You guys are creating a scene in front of everyone. Morghdad say something!

King Morghdad: Cross, why do you want that?

Cross: Because that is what I would like the king to do for me and he already promised.

(Crowd starts murmuring)

Sarah: Release her and I will tell the whole world everything.

King Morghdad: (Sighs) So be it Cross. Get her released.

Sarah: What? This is unbelievable!

King Morghdad: You can go ahead and tell the world what happened. Go ahead and tell the whole world that your father slept with a low life servant and you are doubting if you are the first daughter. Go ahead!

King Morghdad: We sort that out after the ceremony.

Cross: Thank you my lord. I really appreciate.

Sarah: Out of the good things of this world he is more concerned on you releasing a traitor. And you fell for it! Pathetic!

(The ceremony went on and the 300knights were named knights of Wallnock already.)

(Back at Malikos)

Man1: My lady the king is back!

Queen Tina: (Rushed into the room) My lord my lord.

King Mane: Fear, Fear, where is Fear.

Queen Tina: Fear got stolen at the Battlefield.

King Mane: (Stands up) What? How is that possible. Where is Sarah?

Queen Tina: She came here earlier today and told me that there is another Sorcererlord more powerful than you in Wallnock. He was on the battlefield and that is why we lost.

King Mane: Another Sorcererlord? That's true. But after Astandara..

Queen Tina: Astandara isn't dead!. And she said the ceremony to welcome the knights will be going on this evening.

King Mane: Ings!

Ings: My lord.

King Mane: Gather 400 men and let's storm Wallnock. I must get my monkey back and know the Sorcererlord.

Queen Tina: But you are just recovering.

King Mane: Just do as I say!

Ings: Okay my lord.

(Back in Wallnock the ceremony still going on fine and smoothly)

Seri: (Whispers) My lady can I see you for a moment.

Sarah: Okay. Dad I will be right back. (Leaves the hall and makes eye contact with Cross)

Cross: Where is she going?

Mike: She is up to something we have to keep an eye on her.

Cross: Simius, follow them and know all what they at up to.

Simius: I can always read their minds from afar. So calm down.

(Simius follows Seri and Sarah)

Seri: Mane and his men are on their way already.

Sarah: How did you know that?

Seri: I saw it some minutes ago. So don't let Cross leave the premises. When they come you are evente going to point Cross out as the Sorcererlord.

Sarah: Wow! Perfect timing. Thank you Seri.

(Sarah goes back into the hall)

Sarah: (Whispers to the guards) Don't let Cross Mike and the monkey leave the hall till the ceremony ends.

Simius: Oh, this is not good.

Cross: What?

Simius: She is placing us under arrest. We can't leave here until the ceremony ends.

Mike: But why would she do that?

Simius: Mane and his men are in their way.

Cross: What? Oh that's true Mane didn't die.

Mike: What next now Cross

Cross: I am as clueless as an idiot right now. We have to leave here. She will reveal my identity and Mane will kill me.. I wouldn't want to fight him back with magic.

Simius: Let's go then.

(They all stood up to leave the hall but they got blocked by a guard)

Cross: What is this?

Guard: No knight is allowed to leave when the ceremony is going on.

Mike: But we have to pee

Guard: You heard me Mike. Or should I involve the king?

Cross: Okay, let's go back to our seats Mike.

(Cross Mike and Simius goes back to sit)

Guard: (Rushes in) They are here they are here!

King Morghdad: Who?

Mane: (Stabs the guard from behind) I am here.

Crowd: (Noise all over)

(Every exit was blocked. Only Jane and some other cook were outside because they were preparing Wine for the ceremony)

Jane: What's happening in there?

Man1: The hall is been ambushed by Mane and his men. We are under attack. Thank your stars you are not in the hall.

Jane: I have to see what is happening myself.

(Jane removes her apron and goes to the hall to spy at what is going on)

Mane: Morghdad, you throw up a party to celebrate defeating me.

King Morghdad: Blablabla I...I... (Stammering)

Mane: I can't be defeated and all of you know that!

Mike: (Whispers) What do we do now Cross?

Cross: I think the whole plan will be abolished here. Everyone will know I am a sorcerer.

Mane: Sarah!

Sarah: Yes my lord,

Crowd: (In surprise) Heyyy

Queen Rosalyn: Sarah? What did you just call him?

Mane: (Slaps Queen Rosalyn) You know what you did! She is mine. And I need something tangible from her.

Tom: Sarah! How dare you! (Removes his sword)

Sarah: Trinsklaten!!!! (Casts spell)

(Tom hits his head on the floor and became unconscious)

King Morghdad: No!!!! So you are his Omega already!

Sarah: Yes, when you decided to sleep with a low life slave like Sylvia. You have no shame as a king. Who is Vera's dad!

Queen Rosalyn: What is she saying Morghdad? What?

King Morghdad: Vera is not my daughter. You have to believe me.

Mane: Will you guys keep shut! I am here to collect what is rightfully mine. Fear and this kingdom. I learnt there is this new Sorcererlord in town and that with him I can't defeat Wallnock. But u think he is too shy to reveal himself. But guess what? My omega here knows him. So she will move around now and bring the person out here. And the ceremony continues. Sarah go on.

Sarah: Yes my lord!.

(Sarah moves round the hall and was fast approaching Cross)

Mike: She is coming Cross. They will kill us. Do something.

Cross: Just be patient. Mans can't hold me.

(Immediately Sarah got to Cross and wanted to pull Cross out of the crowd. Jane Screams so loud that every glass in the hall broke and everything in the hall got displaced. Sarah hit her head on the pillar and became unconscious. She wasn't able a pull Cross out of the crowd)

Mane: No, No no no... (Carries Sarah) Wallnock!!! This is just the beginning. (Runs away with Sarah)

Queen Rosalyn: MY daughter! My daughter! Give me back my daughter!!!

Cross: (Coughs) My head

Mike: That was close Cross.

Cross: Yes.

Jane: Cross are you okay?

Cross: You did that?

Jane: Did what? Come on. I have something to tell you (pulls him up)

Cross: Wait! Simius! Simius! Where is Simius!!!!

Mike: Yes that's true where is the talking monkey?

Cross: Simius is stolen!.

Jane: Cross I have to see you. Its very important please!

Cross: Okay, Mike please help me find Simius.

Mike: Okay.

(Jane drags Cross to a confined area of the hall)

Jane: You are the Sorcererlord she was talking about. I had to be extra sure.

Cross: Who are you?

Jane: Cross I am from Vera. And she left a message for you. She told me to give it to Cross the Sorcererlord of Wallnock.

Cross: Vera? The scroll is with you?

Jane: Yes, it is with me.

Cross: That's why Sarah came asking for the scroll the other time. She already knows it's in Wallnock. But how did you know Vera?

Jane: I was there when she died. I got banished from Trixen. And was thrown into the forbidden forest because I was a banshee. I killed many anytime I am angry and that was what lead to my banishment. I stayed in that forest for two days when I saw Vera lonely in the wilderness. She was about to die. I saw lots of knights on the floor. Before she died. She said she wrote a number of spells from the scroll on her back. That I should write those Spells and give it to Cross the Sorcererlord if Wallnock. An arrow hit her twice. And the knw who shot that arrow is from this town.

Cross: Who is it? (Angrily)

Jane: Sarah.

Cross: Sarah again? She will pay for this. When I got to her. She said the scroll is her. I couldn't understand. Thank God I found you.

Jane: I knew you were on your way that's why I intentionally waited for you there. I got banished from Aston that night too. The knights wanted me dead by all means. But you can't kill a banshee.

Cross: So where is the scroll?

Jane: We have a deal first?

Cross: Jane! What stupid deal.

Jane: I have been to different places and got banished. I think I have found home here in Wallnock. Make sure I don't get banished.

Cross: Are you up to something bad?

Jane: No, bad things happen naturally anywhere I am.

Cross: So what do you want?

Jane: Marry me Cross.

Cross: What? Are you crazy. Give me the scroll you don't know how important that could be to a whole nation.

Jane: Marry me Cross. It would be impossible for me to get banished when I have a knight as an husband.

Cross: Give me that Scroll Jane (Angrily)

Jane: You know my own anger can ruin a whole nation. So don't form anger for me.

Cross: Okay Jane. I will marry you.

Jane: Wedding should be next week.

Cross: Next week?

Jane: Yes. Immediately after the wedding you get your scroll. (Leads the scene)

Mike: I cant find Simius. What happened?

Cross: There is a problem Mike. Bigger one.

(King Morghdad invites all Knights to his palace)

King Morghdad: I knew it! I knew! You can't defeat Malikos with you mediocres around. I regret efr believing you guys. Tom is there on the sick bed. My daughter is gone. And you call yourselves knights.

Peter: My lord! This attack was unexpected. It met us suddenly!

King Morghdad: Who expects war! Tell me Peter! Who expects attacks! You should be always ready for attacks.

Peter: There is Sorcererlord among us. When Sarah was going to bring out this person she came straight to the knight's stands and was looking for this person. That means the Sorcererlord is among us. Anyone it is. Please reveal yourself! For the love of Wallnock.

King Morghdad: Why didn't the person help us when Mane attacked. He should go and die with his powers. Dismiss! Everyone Dismiss! And I want to know that Sorcererlord before dawn. Without him we are nothing.

Cross: Just a matter of time My lord. The Sorcererlord will surface.

King Morghdad: I pray so Cross. I really pray (Crying)

Peter: Long live Wallnock!

Knights: Long live Wallnock!!!!

(Back at Malikos)

Sarah: (Unconsciously) Cross... Cross... Cross... Cross...

Mane: What is she saying?

Physician: That's the last name on her mind before the accident happened.

Mane: Cross? Cross is the Sorcererlord of Wallnock. That name sounds familiar.

Episode 17 Loading............

Certified author : Ayeni Timilehin Ayomide

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Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Need2learnmuch: 9:17pm On Jan 04
when are you going to update pls cos story is over interesting
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Need2learnmuch: 9:19pm On Jan 04
update all tommorow as a new year gifts to fans

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Wow wow wow
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but who took simus
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Episode 17
Back at wallnock)

Queen Rosalyn: What was she talking about in that hall. You slept with Sylvia?

King Morghdad: I can't believe Sarah betrayed us. She made Tom lie lifelessly on the sick bed. She gave Mane our secrets. A whole princess! And all you could think of is how she lied against me. Anvyiu believe her!

Queen Rosalyn: Yes I did! I believe her because she didn't lie!

King Morghdad: I have to get some rest I have had enough. And remember Mane is coming back. If this mysterious Sorcererlord isn't around again to save us. We will have to bow to them.

Queen Rosalyn: You are too weak to be a king.

King Morghdad: What did you just say?

Queen Rosalyn: You heard me. (Leaves the room)

King Morghdad: Even my own wife doesn't believe in my leadership anymore. (Screams loud in anger)

(Cross and Mike still searching for Simius)

Cross: Simius!!! Simius!!

Mike: Did you find anything?

Cross: No, let's keep searching.

Seri: Hello.

Mike: (Scared) Are you not the my Lady's servant?

Seri: Yes, I mean no harm.

Cross: What are you up to this time again. Have you guys not done enough?

Seri: If you are looking for the talking monkey? You can find it in Aston. The king of Aston stole it when the commotion started.

Cross: Are you sure about this?

Seri: I am sure.

Mike: But why are you telling us this? You should be our enemy.

Seri: I see that our mission are both compatible.

Cross: Which is?

Seri: The destruction of Mane.

Mike: What? Your king? Your master?

Seri: Originally I am a native of the northern hemisphere. But Mane killed my parents when I was just seven because he saw the gift of a seer in me. And he really needed a seer. He killed my parents and took me Malikos so I can be his servant. I have never for once liked him. I think if we work together we would succeed.

Cross: And how do we trust you?

Seri: I have nothing to gain from you? You have many things to gain from me. So I think I should be the one asking that question.

Cross: Okay, what about Sarah?

Seri: She will surely regret betraying her own town just to become king. She doesn't know Mane. Mane uses and dumps. When she becomes useless to Mane he will dump her.

Cross: Okay, we will get back to you.

Seri: Okay. And another thing, Mane already knows you are the Sorcererlord. So prepare for more bigger challenge.

Cross: I am always ready for that.

(At Malikos)

Sarah: (Coughs)

Mane: Oh, my princess. Take water.

Sarah: Where am I?

Mane: You are safe here my lady. Now that you are my omega you should tend to heal faster.

Sarah: Cross the cook, the stranger. You can't beat him.

Mane: The cook? Yes I know him. The rude boy at the palace the other day.

Sarah: He is rude Cunny and bold.

Mane: How do I get to him.

Sarah: Not yet.. Let me go back to my town first. When it is time to strike again I will tell you.

Mane: Will yiu be accepted back into the town?

Sarah: I am still the princess of Wallnock. Nobody dares look me in my eyes. I have sorcery now.

Mane: Make it fast. I can't wait to put Wallnock under my feet.

(The next day, three people were found dead at the entrance of the market square)

Peter: Make way everyone Make way.

Physician: This dead bodies doesn't look like wild animals. They look like heart attacks. And the sign on their forehead makes it very likely to be an attack from a supernatural being. Not a sorcerer.

Cross: A supernatural being like?

Physician: Most likely a banshee.

Mike: A banshee?

Physician: Yes.

Mike: Cross can I see you for a minute?

(Mike and cross goes somewhere secretive)

Mike: That attack was of a banshee and the only banshee we have in this town is Jane.

Cross: Now I see why she gets banished everywhere she goes. Sh kills three men in just a day here in Wallnock.

(Families of the decesddd comes around)

Wife: (Crying) Oh my husband. Somebody help me! Help me wake him!.

Mike: I hate something about this mission. Innocent people dying just to fulfil your mission. I hate it!

Cross: Mike you have to...

Mike: The banshee must leave by sunset or else everyone gets to know the truth about her.

(Cross rushes to meet Jane)

Cross: Jane what have you done?

Jane: Nothing, what Is the problem?

Cross: Three men died last night and it was a banshee attack!

Jane: Not again! (Feeling depressed)

Cross: Don't pretend like you don't know what I am talking about you definitely know what I am saying.

Jane: I got cursed.

Cross: What do you mean by that!

Jane: I got cursed from birth, anywhere I pass the night. Something beast like enters me at night and makes me do things i dont know.

Cross: You are pretending! And I hate this!. You just put another family into sorrow. Forget about the marriage. Leave now. I will get the scroll another way. You leave this town before it gets late or i reveal who you are!

Jane: And I also tell the world yoy are the Sorcererlord of Wallnock.

Cross: Who will believe you fool!

Jane: The princess will.

Cross: If you won't give me the scroll nothing will make you stay till tonight.

Jane: You can save me.

Cross: How?

Jane: The curse is being initiated by my uncle living at the seaside. He has a teapot. That teapot must be broken so that the curse will alos be broken.

Cross: So why are yih telling me this?

Jane: Let's have a new deal. Save me and I will hand over the Scroll.

Cross: So I should go to seaside and find your uncle and tell hin to tell us where a teapot is, then we break it.

Jane: Yes, as simple as that. And the scroll will be yours. At least it's more easier than a forced marriage.

Cross: Maybe tommorow I have got to get Simius back.

Jane: Then Another three people dies this night. Might even be four.

Cross: Arghhh...Okay okay. I will do just that.

Jane: Make it snappy. His name is Huus. Be careful with him. He is the greatest banshee on the planet.

(Cross gets set for the journey to seaside)

Cross: Mike I have to get to seaside and make it back before tonight.

Mike: Why such hurry

Cross: I will like to tell you everything about me. But just wait for me. An don't talk to anyone.

Mike: Okay be fast.

(Cross gets to the gate of the palace and meets Sarah. Everyone ran away from her. Like she is the new witch in town)

Sarah: Where is the great Sorcererlord heading to early this morning.

Cross: A stranger in Wallnock trying to get to the root of the problem Wallnock Is facing. And you where are you coming from? Oh let me guess. You are coming from a nearby town which you became their omega and betrayed your own town just to be the king?

Sarah: Now that everyone is scard of me. You should watch your tongue.

Cross: (Whispers) You know you and your master can't defeat me. So keep it cold till I come back. (He leaves the scene)

(Sarah enters the palace)

Queen Rosalyn: Oh, my daughter! (Runs to hug her)

Sarah: Stop mum. I am tired I have to rest.

King Morghdad: You won't even greet me? You traitor!

Sarah: Call me names can me what you like. But i am still the princess of Wallnock.

Tom: Princess my foot. (Spits on the floor) A princess will never betray her town.

Sarah: And a good King won't lid with his servant! (Leaves their presence)

(Cross gets to seaside)

Cross: Please sir, I am looking for a man named Huus.

Man1: Huus? No I don't know that man. (Ran away hurriedly)

Cross: Excuse lady, please I need to get to Huus.

Lady1: Huus? Please dont get me in trouble.. (Ran away)

Cross: Why is everyone running when I ask the question.

(An old man passing by saw Cross confused and dejected)

Old man: Hello my son.

Cross: Oh, thank you sir. I am looking for a man called Huus. I need to see him before tonight. It's very urgent. Everyone I asked from seems terrified.

Old man: You are looking for Huus?. Who sent you?

Cross: A banshee from my town.

Old man: Follow me young man.

(Old man takes Cross to a nearby hut)

Old man: Huus lives in that lonely hut. (Pointing to a lonely hut across the sea) If you ask anyone from now till tomorrow they will all tell you they don't know. They are scared of Huus. He has caused enough damage to the town and he can't be defeated. He doesn't consider himself human that's why he built his own hut lonely across the sea. To get to hin you have to cross that sea.

Cross: Okay sir. Thanks for this.

Old man: (Holds Cross) Nobody ever goes there and comes back alive. But I believe you will have the teapot broken. A lot of people are cursed with that teapot.

Cross: How do you know that?.

Old man: Because I am also cursed. Go Cross. Save us.

Cross: I will be back. I promise.

(Cross takes a boat an rode across the village)

Cross: (Gets to the hut) Hello! Hello! Huus? Huus?

Huus: I have being expecting you young man. The Sorcererlord of Wallnock.

Cross: Huus I am not here to fight you nor beg you. I am here to settle things amicably. A lot of people have been cursed with that teapot of yours.. Just give me the teapot and let me smash it on the floor.

Huus: How dare you come into my crib and give me conditions? I know you came because of Jane. But the person that told how to get here is dead already.

Cross: No, don't tell me you killed that old man.

Huus: Before you got here. Just go back to Wallnock before I do the same to you also.

Cross: Huus, I won't want to fight you. But don't force me to.

Huus: Thr teapot Is my life. If you break it I will die. Just leave and go in peace!

Cross: You won't understand what Is at stake. I don't have enough time. Striklesinclo!!!! (Casts spell and the teapot fell to the floor but didn't smash)

Huus: (Angrily Screams) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

(A heavey earthquake happened that shook the whole island)

Cross: (Crawling towards the teapot) I must smash it!

Huus: (Crawling towards the teapot) No no, its my life.

(Cross touches the teapot first and smashes it on the floor.)

Huus: (Screams) Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

(The whole town shook and every sick an abnormal person became healed. But Cross can't stand the Screaming he faints)

(Some hours later)

Man1: Young man wake up. Wake up.

Cross: (Blurred vision) I smashed the teapot?

Man2: Yes you did. You are our superhero. Thanks for saving us.

Cross: (Stands up and ran out of the hut as fast as possible) I have to get home very fast.

(Cross sees the dead body if the old man been buried beside the sea. He got close to tears)

(After a long journey Cross finally gets to Wallnock)

Jane: Cross!! I am healed I am healed. You did it!! I love you Cross (Hugs him)

Cross: Wow, at last. Where is Mike?

Jane: He is in your room with Seri?

Cross: With Seri?

(Cross rushes down there to see what is happening and meets them kissing hard)

Cross: Oh, sorry. I am very sorry.

Seri: Its okay I was about leaving.

Mike: I will see you in the evening.

Seri: Okay Mike. Bye.

Cross: Mike are you crazy. We can't trust this girl. This girl cannot be a hundred percent trusted. Are you crazy.

Mike: She is very good on bed. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Cross: Don't tell me she got anything from you?

Mike: No, I just told her that the scroll is with Jane and that Vera tattooed her body with the scroll before she died. And that you were given the powers by Vera.

Cross: Arggh.. Why are you so dumb Mike! Why! You just crashed the whole plan. How could you be so stupid Mike!

Mike: What? I thought she is on our side already.

Cross: Thy are cunny you can't just beiev her like that. You are just too dumb.

Mike: Enough insults. We really need to find a way out fast.

Cross: I have to get the Scroll from Jane very fast

Mike: And have the wedding?

Cross: Just keep shut! And let me think.

Mike: Sorry.

(Cross runs to Jane and collects the scroll)

Jane: Why are you so much in a hurry.

Cross: I have to get the kanima before anyone else does.

Jane: Sarah just left some minutes ago.

Cross: I have to be fast then sh might be up to something.

Jane: Okay be fast!.

(Cross picks his horse and heads directly to the Kaima cave.)

Cross: (Remembers) You can't open the Kanima cave without having an Omega with you. Aish! I have to go back and get my omega. This will take hours.

(Cross runs back to Wallnock)

Cross: Mike! Mike! (Heards moaning from the room)

Mike: (Moaning)

Cross: Not again. (Picks up a wood and beats the hell out of him)

Seri: Arghh who is that?

Seri: Oh its you Cross. I thought you are out of town.

Mike: What brought you back?

Cross: You are an idiot. We have to go together.

Seri: (Pulls his head) Baby you are not going to leave me?

Cross: Mike are you crazy? I need you.

Mike: Cross. I have being following you all this while. Just leave me this once and let mr have fun with my baby.

Cross: (Hits his head with the log of wood again) Are you insane?

Mike: Do your thing yourself Cross. I never always mattered anyway. (Started Kissing again)

Cross: (Angrily leaves the room) Time time time. Yes. Jane!

(Cross runs down to Jane and tells her)

Jane; I am ready. Let's go.

Brock: And where do you think you are going Jane?

Cross: On an official duty sir.

Brock: She is busy here Cross.

Cross: Like I said she is on an official duty with a knight of Wallnock.

(Cross and Jane runs fast to the kanima cave. On getting there they saw Sarah and Mane getting some writings off Vera's dead body. The Scroll!)

Cross: And what do you think you are doing?

Mane: Wow wow wow. Is this the young Cross that is infamously more powerful than me?

Cross: Yes, actually your doom.

Mane: (Laughs) My doom won't come from a stranger. My doom is me.

Cross: I have the scroll already. So will you please excuse me?

Sarah: I don't think you have an omega yet.

Cross: And why do you think I was a little bit late. My damsel here is my Omega.

Sarah: Arrggh! I thought I kept Mike busy.

Cross: Yes you kept him busy. But you forgot its not necessary your best friend becomes your omega.

Mane: Go back now Cross or die! (Angry)

Cross: I should be telling you that.

Mane: Kristablesanadi!!!!! (Casts spell causes a little hurricane which makes Jane hit her head on a tree)

Cross: Jane!! Jane!! Jane!!!!!!

Sarah: Its not too late Cross hand over the scroll

Episode 18 loading........


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Wow, nw dat ws breathtaking. I like d way d suspense is building. I hope Jane is nt dead. Plz help me hit dat mike 4 head make e 4get himself again. Cross, carry ur cross. More updates plz. God bless ur head bro
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Episode 18
Cross: (He lifts his hand towards Sarah and pushes her backward Sarah becomes unconscious)

Mane: Sarah!!! Sarah!!! How dare you Cross!

Cross: Our two Omega's are sleeping. Before they wake let us know who the greatest is.

Mane: How did Astandara remain alive?

Cross: You should be focused on how to get... (An arrow hits Cross on the arm) Arghh.

Mane: You might be the most powerful but I am more smarter. Well done guys.. The Arrow was soaked in mountain ash. You will be weak for at least some hours till I am through with the kanima.

(Mane picks the scroll and started casting the spells in it.)

Mane; (The Cave opens) Kanima here I come!

Cross: (Too weak) No! no! (Sobbing)

(Mane moves in the cave and started casting the spells in the scroll. Immediately he is through with this spell. He automatically becomes the Sorcererlord)

(Jane and Sarah wakes at the same time. Malikos men guards the cave)

Jane: Cross Cross, what happened?

Cross: Don't let them get the kanima.

Jane: Mountain ash? Let me get the antidote.

Cross: Are you a physician?

Jane: I lived in the wilderness for years. I know what works for it.

Cross: Get it fast.

Sarah: And where do yiu think yiu are going.

Jane: Sarah get off my way don't Mae me do this.

Sarah: And what will you do?

Jane: (Screams) Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Sarah was displaced by the wave and this time she got even more farther)

(Minutes for Mane to finish casting the spell. Jane brought the antidote and gave Cross)

Cross: Thanks Jane, you are even more useful than Mike.

(Cross demolished the guards at the cave. Seconds for Mane to finish casting the spell. The Kanima is rising already. If he does. Cross and Jane won't be able to stand the Kanima.)

Cross: Before I get to him he aiul have completed the Spell. The hall is long.

Jane: He can't go faster than a sound wave. You might want to close your ears (Jane screams and Mane was carried by the wave and he hit his head on the wall.)

Cross: You are the one Jane. Thanks you!.

(Cross rushed to the altar and started casting the spell from the scroll)

(The kanima began to lift its head. Very scary and fierce creature. Jane became afraid)

Jane: Cross cross..

Cross: (Continues the spell)

Mane: Stop! Stop! Cross (Tries to disturb him with sorcery)

Jane: (Swings her hand and hits Mane on the wall unintentionally) Oh, how did I do that? Wow, its good to be a sorcerer.

(Cross completes the spell and falls to the ground. The kanima stands up on its feet very big creature)

Jane: (Crying) oh, help me somebody. Help me.

Kanima: (Roars)

Jane: (Screams) Ahhhhh!!!!!!!

Kanima: (Roars)

Jane: Okay, Jane what is next? Run!!!!! (Jane runs out of the cave. The kanima didn't chase)

Jane: Its not coming after me? I can't leave Cross here. I promised Vera I would take care of him. But this thing is the worse thing I have seen in my life. (Scared)

Cross: (Coughs) Jane did we do it?

Jane: Yes we did! (Hugs Cross)

(The light shone all over the eight towns in the nation)

King Morghdad: That light I'd the evidence that someone have claimed the Kanimalord. And thats no one else than Mane. We are doomed. We lost Armanda he got the Kanima.. Let's learn how to become slaves. Mane is coming.

Tom: We can't be so sure its Mane that got the kanimalord.

King Morghdad: So who would it be? Its surely Mane.

Tom: i am scared father.

King Morghdad: I am more than scared son.

(Every Town was eager to know who became victorious as the Kamimalord. Malikos were favourites)

(Astandara sees the light)

Astandara: Well done Cross. Well done.

(Cross and Jane leaves the cave. And heads back to Wallnock. Leaving Mane and Sarah there. But without the command of the Kamimalord the Kanima can do no harm)

Cross: Mike. I am back.

Seri: You are back?

Cross: You are surprised I made it back alive?

Seri: No, just that...

Cross: Keep shut! Mike I told you not yo trust her. She is the real definition of deciet. She told Sarah everything about the scroll. I was very lucky to still meet them at the entrance of the cave.

Mike: How dare you? (Faces Seri)

Seri: Don't come near me Mike. I had to do it.

Mike: I trusted you! Seri I trusted you!.

Seri: I had to do it (Sobbing)

Cross: I told you Mike. She seduced you into leaking our secrets.

Mike: And did you get the scroll?

Cross: Brother, I am the latest Kamimalord in town!

Seri: Ahhhhhh!!!!! (Screams and angrily bashed out)

Mike: That's my boy (hugs Cross) So where is Sarah? You have killed her?

Cross: Not yet time to kill her. I left her to recover and see for herself that Cross can never be beaten.

Mike: And Mane?

Cross: He got unconscious and was lying helplessly on the ground. But I won't kill him yet. Its not time.

Mike: I hope you won't regret that move. You should have done what you needed to do once. And forget about Malikos.

Cross: Just a few more time Mike. A few more time.

Mike: I am proud of you boy (Hugs him)

(Suddenly a guard enters the room)

Guard: Cross Mike.. The king wants every knight at the palace very fast.

Cross: Okay, we will be there.

Jane: I will take my leave now.

Cross: Okay Jane thank you.

Jane: I should thank you more. (She leaves)

Mike: What did you do for her?

Cross: I healed her. I went all the way to seaside for her to be healed. I killed a man called Huus.

Mike: Huus?

Cross: Yes Huus.

Mike: (Sits on the floor) Huus.

Cross: You have a problem with that?

Mike: That man is my father.

Cross: Huus? Jane's uncle?

Mike: That wicked man impregnated my mum and left with no trace. She told me the story while it was too late to trace him. I will never forget that name.

Cross: Oh. I am sorry.

Mike: He was a wicked man. Just painful that I didnt have to kill him myself.

Cross: (Smiles) I am sorry about that. The king wants to see us.. Let's be fast.

(Cross and Mike hurriedly enters the palace)

King Morghdad: Cross and Mike. I wonder if you guys know the meaning of the armour you are wearing. You are a Knight! And you should always heed to me when I call.

Cross: We are sorry sir.

King Morghdad: They are one of the most useless knights we have around. Peter you should drill them well.

Peter: Yes my lord.

King Morghdad: I am sure you all saw the light. Someone is now the Kamimalord. And we a know its not from us. Because I don't have it. So we have strengthening our defence. If Malikos has it of course they are sure favourites. They will want to seek for revengerevenge. And that will bd so disastrous without Armanda. So we don't need people like Cross and Mike among the warriors this time. We need more serious people.

Peter: My Lord. We have to manage the ones we have now. We are very little my Lord.

King Morghdad: Okay, we have to train an attack can come up anytime.

(Sarah enters with her cloths torn and blood all over her face. She was very tired)

King Morghdad: Sarah! Sarah! Take her to the physician right away! Everyone dismiss!.

Mike: I thought you said yoy didn't want to kill her.

Cross: I didnt do that.

Mike: Then who did?

Cross: I don't know.

(Sarah was lying lifelessly on the sick bed. Cross came in)

Cross: Sarah, open your eyes.

Sarah: Oh, Kanimalord.

Cross: What games are you playing. Where did you get the blood from?

Sarah: You did this to me.

Cross: I know you are cunny. And I am pretty sure you only had a cut on your hand when I left you there.

Sarah: Ask your girlfriend Jane.

Cross: Jane? What of Mane?

Sarah: Mane is not dead but he is half dead.

Cross: Jane!!! (Angrily leaves the room)

(Cross goes straight to Jane's apartment)

Cross: Jane.. (Sees Jane with claws and fangs)

Jane: (Snarling)

Cross: Jane, Jane.. What happened?

(Seri comes out from the back of the door)

Seri: You made a mistake Cross.

Cross: Seri? What have you guys done?

Seri: Can you please let me tell you the mistake you made?

Cross: What?

Seri: Turning a banshee into a sorcerer. Not just a sorcerer but the third most powerful in the nation.

Cross: And what's wrong with that.

Seri: This is the result. (Pointing to her)

Cross: So why did she attack Sarah and Mane. She could have killed them.

Seri: She thinks she has an unfinished business with them. She always wanted to kill Sarah and Mane. To make sure she is safe. After those two no one else can give her a tough time remember? She wants total dominance. She wants power.

Cross: Who tied her?

Seri: I did. She was going to kill Sarag and Mane. Thank God I got there at the right time.

Cross: Am I crazy? Why should I even believe you.

Seri: Hold her well. If she escapes this room. The death toll will rise above normal tomorrow.

Cross: What do you mean by the death toll will rise above normal?

(The emergency bells rings)

Seri: You know what that bell is for?

Cross: Mass death!

Seri: Go check for yourself.

(Cross rushed out to check what happened?)

Peter: Thirty people dead already. Remaining are in the clinic already.

Cross: Thirty!?

Peter: Yes Cross. I think something very angry and with claws did this. The sign on their bodies shows the animal has claws.

Cross: Where did it happen?

Peter: They were coming from the river. Not too far from the Kanima cave.

Mike: You think the Kanima would have done this?

Peter: If the Kanima tears you its death. But some people still survived this attack. So its definitely not the Kanima.

Cross: Then we should wait till they recover and give us details..

Mike: Cross what is happening?

Cross: Follow me.

(Cross takes Mike to Jane's apartment)

Mike: Seri? What is this idiot doing here?

Cross: Leave the idiot and focus on the one at that corner (Pointing at Jane)

Mike: Oh my!!! (Screams.. Tries to run but Cross holds him back)

Cross: We have to alive this before anyone knows about it.

Mike: What happened?

Cross: When you were too silly some hours ago. I needed an omega so I can become the Kamimalord. I told you but you were digging her. So I decided to use Jane.

Mike: So she became your Omega? Then why is she now a beast?.

Seri: She wasn't a full banshee at first. She changes occasionally. But you giving her such powerful magical powers. She can't control it.

Mike: This girl killed 30 people at a goal. How do we stop her?

Cross: Her mission was to kill Sarah and Mane. So she can become the most powerful sorcerer after me. Banshee loves power. My life is even at stake. She might want to kill me so she can become the greatest sorcerer in the nation.

Mike: How do we stop her?

Cross: We don't let her leave this room. She just need to learn how to control this. That's all.

Seri: Oh this is not good. Her roommate is coming.

Mike: Oh my...

Cross: (Rushes out to meet her roommate) hello.

Roommate: Hi, please can I enter my own apartment?

Cross: I think its not safe for you now.

Roommate: What rubbish. Where is Jane?

Cross: Can you please don't let me do this.

Roommate: Do what? Get off my face sir!

Cross: Skrilanbandash!! (Roommate becomes hypnotized)

Cross: Now leave quietly.

Roommate: Okay my lord.

(Cross gets in back)

Cross: All done!..

Seri: We cant stay in here forever. We have to do something.

Mike: Something like!

Cross: Take it easy. Seri I still don't trust you. But I think I have no option now than to think you are on our side.

Mike: We will be very foolish to make the same mistake twice.

Seri: You guys think you have an option?

(Jane starts turning gradually into human)

Mike: Look guys. She is turning.

Cross: Jane Jane. Are you alright?

Jane: My head aches. Get me some water.

Mike: (He brings water) Jane what happened?

Jane: I should be asking you that? What have I done?

Seri: You killed people and many got injured. You are becoming more dangerous day by day.

Jane: I killed people? I became a beast?

Cross: Yes, what are you hiding from us Jane. Wallnock is home from home. We gave you everything you need. Why are you still hurting us.

Jane: I don't know about this. I promise. I had never been a beast.

Seri: What did you remember?

Jane: I remembered a entered the room. Tried to lay my head. Someone knocked.

Cross: And who is that person?

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Episode 13
Mike: And how is the preparation for the war.

Prince: That's what we are about to do now. Get your armour and let's leave.

Mike: Me? Fight? (Laughs) please I am not interested in any life threatening issue.

Cross: Mike you volunteered to fight.
Mike: Me? Are you crazy Cross?

Cross: We both did.

Mike: When? Where? How?

Cross: In front of King Morghdad. You can't just step out again. Everyone is running. You can't run too.

(Peter and Tom got dressed and headed out of Wallnock to check Gilae)

Peter: Oh my God! Cross didn't lie.. This guys are over thousands.

Tom: This is very bad. We have got no knights to face this guys.. And preparation is just in hours from now..

Peter: May the ancestors grant us victory.. We can't win this battle on our own.

Tom: let's head back to Wallnock fast.. To gather our soldiers.

(Cross goes directly to the library to read about the talking monkey)

Cross: Hello.

Mr Gorh: Hello how may I help you.

Cross: Please I need to read about a talking Monkey..

Mr Gorh: You mean Magic Talking Monkeys?

Cross: Exactly sir!

Mr Gorh: That is the Mind Readers. They are the last of their kinds. (Goes to the shelve and brings out a book covered with dust) This is the book that covers the whole story of The talking Monkeys. There is only one of them left in this world. This one is now used as weapons by big kingdoms.

Cross: Can anyone change them from dark magic to become nice and free monkeys.

Mr Gorh: Yes, depends on who is in control.. But that is if you are a sorcerer lord. Everything you need is in this book. And why do you want to know all this??

Cross: Just got a research am working on.

Mr Gorh: Okay, just sign at the bottom left of this list and put your name at the bottom right.

Cross: Okay.

(Cross signed and wrote his name he left taking the whole book along with him)

Cross: Mike, I got the book!.

Mike: Wow! Nice job Cross. So what's next.

Cross: I will really need the spell to hypnotize the Talking Monkey when we get to the war front.

Mike: Hope you already know the spells you will need to defeat Mane.

Cross: I lived with Astandara for 19years. Are you kidding me?.

Mike: That is my boy.

(Peter bashes in)

Peter: Its time guys get ready.

(Cross immediately tears out the part he needs out of the book)

(The Knights are ready. Only 300 of them including Cross and Mike. They all marched to the Kings palace.)

King Morghdad: Great Wallnock soldiers!!! This fight is not a fight of cowards. We are fighting for our kingdom. We are fighting to show our pride. Forget our numbers. We will surely be victorious. We are the great Wallnock!!!!!!!!

Knights: Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! (As they raised their swords)

Peter: We are going to fight not to satisfy us. But to protect our women our children and our great kingdom. We shall become victorious and Malikos shall bow. To Wallnock!

Knights: To Wallnock!!!!!!!

(Knights dismissed ready for take of)

Queen Rosalyn: Son, please I beg you don't go with them. You are fighting for a lost cause already.

Tom: I will serve my fathers land, we will come back victorious mom. I love you mom.
(The knights took off and waved to their families emotionally)

King Morghdad: Guard!! Call all the Sorcerers in their chambers. We have to back them up strongly.

(All the Sorcerers in the kingdom gathered on the palace and started performing rites. But with all this. They are still no match to King Mane.)

(The knights are on their way to Gilae already its getting late already)

Tom: Why are we so slow?.
Peter: That's what you get when you have a group of drunkards gamblers and Traders as your knights. It is not easy.

(Cross And Mike are on the same row)

Mike: Did you take the book?

Cross: I tore the part I needed.

Mike: Smart boy.

(Back in Wallnock Sarah is very happy they are finally going to meet their doom. Seri the servant is her only companion she chased her servant girl to be very confidential)

Sarah: Seri. I am really happy. Finally Tom Mike And that bone in the throat boy Cross will finally die. And finally Malikos will take over Wallnock. And i will be king as Mane promised. Mission completed.

Seri: What a dream. We are supposed to celebrate this.

Sarah: Yes. (Brings out wine and cups)

(Sarah and Seri drank celebrating the doom of Wallnock)

(Back to the battle field. Almost all the knights are asleep already)

Peter: (Whispering) We are there already guys. Now take your positions.

Knights: (Snoring)

Peter: Aish!!! Will you guys stand up!!!!!!!!
Tom: Yes I have killed him die die... (Sleeptalking)..

Peter: Aish.. See the prince of a kingdom. Am all alone on this one.

(Knights woke up and took their weapons. They are at Gilae already)

Peter: Take your position

(Knights set in an horizontal manner holding their arrows with fire on the head)

Peter: Now fire!!!!!

(Knights fired!!! Killing hundreds of Malikos men Unexpectedly)

King Mane: They are here.

Chief Knight: My Lord.. We have been attacked we are awaiting your command sir!.

(Wallnock were ready to face any attack launched by Malikos.)

Peter: Shield!!! Everyone Shield!!!!.
Knight: Yes!!! (Every shielded)

Mike: Cross, you now have to do something.

Cross: Cover me. I have to hide somewhere very safe. I don't want anyone to know the secret.

(Mike Covers Cross as escapes from the scene)

King Mane: Launch the attack!

(Malikos men sends arrows close more than thousands to Wallnock's men. The arrow. Hits their shield hurting no one as the other arrows spreads in bush. The first set of arrows was filled with fuel. As the fuel splits on Wallnock's men shield and the bush surrounding them)

Tom: This is fuel.

Peter: oh no, I know what they are trying to do. The will send fuels first with arrow and later send fire making our surrounding catch fire and our men too.. With this they will have easy passage to get into Wallnock.

Knight: So what are we to do now??

Peter: We have to keep them very busy so they won't have the chance to launch attacks.

(King Mane stayed in the inner tent and started Casting spells as usual)

King Mane: Ryadiatsayanu lisavinsgate roar

( All the arrow sent to Malikos men suddenly turns back coming back to hit Wallnock's men.)

Tom: What is happening

Peter: Mane have started, his sorcery powers have started manifesting. Retreat everyone retreat.

Cross: Finidastara strantun argumentum (His eyes became reddish brown)

(Suddenly the arrow sent to Wallnock's men suddenly falls into the river Gilae not reaching Wallnock's men)

Tom: What happened to the arrows they suddenly stopped.

Peter: That is what I don't know. If this magic was commanded by Mane no sorcerer can counter it except the Sorcererlord of Wallnock which is no more.

Tom: So you mean the greatest sorcerer in the nation Is currently here.

Peter: That is why I am surprised.

Tom: This is surprising. let's attack.
(Back in Wallnock)
(King Morghdad and Sorcerers are performing rites to back up Wallnock at the battle field.)
King Morghdad: (Casting spells) Gorh I need a book on how to reverse a spell.

Mr Gorh: Yes sir.

(Sarah and Seri are asleep already after drinking themselves out. Suddenly Seri wakes.)

Sarah: What happened.. What did you see. Talk to me!.

Seri: This is not good. Not good at all.
Sarah: Tell me what you saw.

Seri: Wallnock became victorious. All 300 men is coming back home alive. And they are bringing Fear along with them.

Sarah: Fear?? King Mane's talking monkey?? That is not possible you are drunk already.

Seri: I am the seer. I never tell false things.. Wallnock will win the battle.

Sarah: I said it's not possible!!!! Keep shut!!!.

(Back to the battle field)
King Mane: What happened?

Chief Knight: All the arrow you reversed sir. Got displaced in the river of Gilae.

King Mane: That is not possible. The only one who has the right to do that is Astandara and he is dead. So how is that possible. Who can do that?.

(Peter and Wallnock's men are still confused on what happened)

Peter: Come on knights.. Fire again!!!!
(Knights of wallnock fires at Malikos again this time it caught Malikos men unaware as they were Still surprised on how the arrows were displaced.)

Peter: Yes!!!! We are winning. Shield everyone!!!

Tom: This is unbelievable.

(King Mane becomes furious)

King Mane: (Casting spell) Grastianda gropitedes normaks!!!!!!!!!!

(Suddenly a very big Tornado wave was coming towards Wallnock men. A tornado that is enough to swallow all Wallnock men)

Peter: (Seeing the tornado) This not good.

Tom: At all. What should we do.

Peter: We can't retreat. You can't run faster than a tornado.

Mike: (Murmuring) Cross do something Cross

Yuri: (One of the newly recruited knights. He is a drunkard) Peter what are we to do. This tornado will swallow us all.

(Cross casts spell to repell this Tornado and back fires to Malikos)

Cross: (Casting Spell) inglostanrin kinriaman sodupelegransta brunmose!!!!!!!.

(Suddenly the Tornado changes direction and heads back for Malikos)

Peter: What? Its no more coming towards us.

Tom: Oh my God. It just diverted. Its going back to them. What is happening?

(King Mane was very surprised as the big tornado was coming towards them)

King Mane: (Trying to stop the tornado) Brilasfemendo!!!!.

(All his efforts proved abortive as the tornado kept coming faster towards them)

King Mane: Retreat!!! Retreat!!!! Retreat!!!

Chief knight: Retreat!!!!

Peter: Did I just hear Retreat??

Tom: Yea.. They have Surrendered!!!!!

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when is ur episode 14 coming out
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Wordsmith001: 7:43am On Jan 08
@byemx check the first page at exactly 12:06pm on December 31 last year.. there you have your episode 14.. Thanks for following..

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Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by rayvelez(m): 3:17pm On Jan 08
Getting more and more interesting can't wait for tomorrow.
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by olufemi247(m): 10:15am On Jan 09
Pleaseeeee dont keep us waiting for update.
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Wordsmith001: 10:44am On Jan 09

Episode 19
Jane: That's what I remembered last? I can't remember the person. It was blurry.

Cross: You were possessed by someone. It was not the Banshee and Omega in you that did this. Someone knew you had this powers and possessed you.

Mike: But who is that?

Cross: Just keep trying Jane. You will surely remember everything.

(Everyone leaves the room.)

King Morghdad: Where Is Cross and Mike?

Peter: I thought I saw them earlier.

King Morghdad: Those guys are so useless.. I told you to relive both of them. They have been useless to Wallnock.

(Cross and Mike rushes in)

King Morghdad: Welcome idiots.

Cross: My lord we...

King Morghdad: Keep shut! Always have excuses.

Mike: We are sorry my lord.

Peter: My lord the death of this people was caused by something like a beast an animal with claws. Or maybe a beast. A possessed human.

King Morghdad: You sure this is not the Kanima?

Peter: No, if it was the Kanima there wouldn't have been anyone still battling death in the clinic.

King Morghdad: What of those in the clinic. Let's ask them questions.

Peter: None of them is in a good condition now.

King Morghdad: If this attack is not from Malikos then who did the attack.

Sylvia: (Bashed in) I know.

King Morghdad: Guards! Take this mad woman away from my sight!

Sylvia: You killed my daughter. And still lost Armanda. It shows you are a loser. So I have nothing to take from you. The deaths was done by someone from inside. A banshee with the Olive flower in the system.

King Morghdad: What are you saying?

Sylvia: A banshee gets tormented when the Olive flower gets into the system.. Banshee goes from screaming to a scary beast with claws.. There is a banshee in Wallnock!. Someone possessed her with the Olive leaf. Someone is controlling her. She is working for someone.

Mike: (Whispers) I think you regret releasing this woman.

Cross: She is making sense.

King Morghdad: Then who is the banshee? And the controller.

Sylvia: I have tried enough. Get the rest yourself.

King Morghdad: Knights set out ti the whole Wallnock and find the banshee..

(Everyone sets out to the town to find the banshee)

Cross: Someone is controlling Jane.

Mike: Yes, I think we should go see Sylvia.. She might be helpful.

(Cross and Mike goes to meet Sylvia)

Sylvia: I have expected you Cross. Thanks for saving my life.

Cross: Sylvia. We are here for a crucial issue.

Sylvia: The banshee?

Mike: Yes, how did you know?

Sylvia: I am a banshee.

Cross: You are a banshee?

Sylvia: Yes, I got banished from my town Aston because I was also controlled by someone and I killed a whole street in the town. It was very bad.

Cross: But why was Vera not a banshee too?

Sylvia: Its a gift it doesn't transfer through blood. If yiu want to become one. You can be given through magic.

Mike: Do you know the banshee in Wallnock?

Sylvia: You know her. Just make sure you keep an eye on her. Her controller might be near and might need her at any moment. Just spray the Mountain ash on her. She would become weak. And try everything possible to find her controller. Her controller must be dead before she gets cured.

Cross: But we don't know the controller.

Sylvia: Find the controller! It would be disastrous if you don't do that quickly.

Cross: We have to leave now.

(Cross and Mike runs straight ti Jane's apartment)

Cross: Jane you have to remember things.

Jane: Remember what?

Cross: Someone gave you the Olive flower. Someone knocked at the door.. Who is that person?

Jane: The vision is blurry.

Mike: You have to know. To help us find who is doing this..

Jane: I.. Its not easy to get the picture..

Seri: (Bashed in) Guys they are here! The knights are looking for the banshee. And they are coming here..

(Cross and Mike pretends they have searched the apartment)

Cross: Oh, this place is free. The banshee us not here.

Knight: Are you sure?

Mike: I said we have checked it. Or you will check for yourself?

Knight: Okay. I will leave.

(Jane stares at Seri in the hand)

Jane: That was close.

Seri: What?

Jane: The Knight would have caught me if not for Cross and darling Mike.

Mike: I am not your darling yet. Not until you get that beast from you.

Cross: We have to get the mountain ash and always keep an eye on her.

Seri: Mountain ash for what?

Mike: Sylv.... (Cross cuts in)

Cross: We would just need it. Can you get that for us? You are more familiar with the palace.

Seri: Okay, I will be back.

Cross: Mike you should always be sensible. Don't tell me you have started trusting this girl again.

Mike: But I think she is one of us.

Cross: She is not. And she will never be!

Seri: I think I remember something?

Cross: What? Jane talk to me What?!!!

Seri: There was a writting on the controller's wrist. "Fear the witch Fear the wicked".

Mike: So the person that did this is a witch.

Cross: You can't possess someone without being a witch. The controller is a witch.

Jane: I have not finished.

Cross: Talk to me Jane.

Jane: The same writing was on Seri's wrist.

(Seri enters immediately)

Seri: What? Why is everyone quiet?

Cross: Have you brought it?

Seri: Yes, This is it?

(Cross and Mike sees the writings)

Mike: How dare you!! Seri!! How dare you!!!

Cross: Mike, what are you doing?

Mike: She is a witch. She had always made us gain her trust. She is more cunny than Sarah.

Seri: (Laughs) so now you know. You know I am the controller. What next?

Jane: But why did you do this Seri? What have I done?

Seri: I needed Sarah and Mane dead. I didn't kill any other person apart from those two.

Cross: But over 30 people were killed!

Seri: Ask Jane about that. I only sent her to kill Sarah and Mane.

Cross: But why? Why do you want to kill your masters.

Seri: Because I hate them! I woik have killed you if it was possible.

Cross: Sarah and Mane didn't die. They just got severely injured. So release Jane now. And let's have a toast.

Seri: (Laughs) Maybe because I haven't killed her?. I just need her to to one last business for me. And she would be free!.

Cross: Seri don't make me do this!

Seri: Do what? Her life is in my hands. If you try to do anything stupid she dies too. So play along.

Mike: I hate you!!!!!

Seri: I never loved you too Mike.

Cross: Seri free Jane. Don't make me get annoyed.

Seri: Get annoyed? (Laughs) you are crazy!

Cross: I won't leave this room until you free her.

Seri: Then I would leave for you.

Cross: Come back here.. (Stretches his hand and cast some little spell to pull Seri back.)

(Cross hits head on the wall.. The spell backfires!)

Cross: Arghh that hurts.

Seri: You can be the greatest Sorcererlord in the nation. Buy you have no experience in how to use it.

Mike: We are sorry ma'am.

Seri: Mind your business Mike. He won't be there to save you always.
(Seri leaves the room)

Mike: Cross, how are you doing?

Cross: My head hurts.

Jane: She is more powerful than you?

Cross: She is a witch. It will be hard to get her..

Mike: At least she is still scared of you. We are on the better side.

Cross: We have to act fast. She is more powerful than we think she is.

(Cross goes to meet Sarah in the clinic)

Cross: I have something to tell you Sarah.

Sarah: Like seriously? You want my favour?

Cross: It would be helpful for both of us..

Sarah: You are smart Cross. I can't have a deal with you.

Cross: Did you know Seri was a witch?

Sarah: (Laughs) Seri Is only a seer. Not a witch.

Cross: She possessed Jane and commanded her to kill you and Mane.

Sarah: That can't be possible.

Cross: We might get along. But you have to believe me on this one.

Sarah: Seri can't plan against me.

Cross: Investigate for yourself.. Check her wrist and see what it's written on it.

(Cross leaves the room)

Mike: How did it go?

Cross: Sarah didn't believe me. But I an sure she will have doubts in her mind.

Jane: Can't we meet any experienced sorcerer around. They could have a solution.

Cross: They might suspect we have the banshee. If we ask that kind of question at this crucial moment were the town is in a disarray.

Jane: So how do I get away from this bondage.

Cross: We kill Seri.

(Seri comes visiting Sarah at the clinic)

Seri: My lady, how is your body? I was scared when I heard you were attacked.

Sarah: The Kanima didn't do this. Then who did?

Seri: It's more likely a banshee.

Sarah: Banshee? I haven't seen banshees with claws and fangs.

Seri: Then you have seen one.

Sarah: (Looks at her hands and holds it firm) What is this Seri?

Seri: Its nothing. Just take your pills. I will be back!

Sarah: Come back here! Is it true?

Seri: What is true?

Sarah: So it was you?

Seri: I don't understand what you are saying?

Sarah: You are witch Seri?

Seri: Did that boy Cross poison your mind?

Sarah: The writings on your wrist. The ones of the witches.

Seri: And so what? Yes I am a witch. And I hate sorcerers!

Sarah: (Gets up and steps back) How dare you Seri!. You tried to kill me! I am your master!

Seri: I will try it again and again till I become successful.

Sarah: I trusted you Seri!.

Seri: My parents died because of you! Mane killed them and took me as slave! Just because I am a seer.

Sarah: Then why did you try to kill me. I am not Mane.

Seri: You are his omega. If he dies you become the next Sorecerlord of Malikos. And your tenure will be worse than him. You are more cunny and wicked than him!.

Sarah: Seri you know no one plays with me and get away with it. I am Sarah!

Seri: Suit yourself Sarah. You don't have the kanima. You are a loser.

Sarah: How dare you! (Angry) Klamorastanda!!!!

(The spell hits back at Sarah and she got herself on the floor)

Seri: I think now all be the right time to kill you Sarah. (Brings out an enchanted Knife)

Sarah: Don't do this Seri. Don't do this. Remember I am your master.

Seri: Master my foot!

(Seri almost stabbed Sarah with the knife but Cross interrupted)

Cross: Gristindiana!!!! (Rushes in)

(Seri got taken by a mini wind and hit herself on the mirror hanging on the wall)

Sarah: Oh, Cross. Thank you. You saved my life.

Seri: (Spiting blood) Don't trust her Cross. She is the devil.

Cross: But you are the real devil here if I may recall. You decieve everyone.

Seri: (Casting some spells silently)

Cross: What is she doing?

Sarah: I don't know?

(Mike rushes in)

Mike: Guys Jane is changing again.

Sarah: That's what she is doing she is turning Jane into the beats again before she dies.

Cross: What do we do now?

(Sylvia enters)

Sylvia: You have to kill her.

Cross: What?

Sylvia: If she completes the spell she will die and Jane becomes the beast forever. So you have to kill her before she completes the spell. To save Wallnock and to save Jane from being a beast. If you don't kill Seri now. You will be forced to kill Jane afterwards.

Cross: No, I can't do this. I can't kill her.

Sylvia: You just have limited time now. Seri is going fast.

Cross: Arghh.. I can't.

Sylvia: You have to be a man Cross. Stab her in the chest.

Sarah: Do it Cross. You are the sorcerlord of Wallnock behave like it. Be brave.

Mike: Cross! Jane will turn into a beast your omega!

Cross: Enough!

Sylvia: Just few seconds Cross. Do it!!!

Episode 20 Loading.............


Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by seun9303: 11:45am On Jan 09
Wordsmith! Wordsmith!! Wordsmith!!! three gbosas for you! baba I comot cap for you. Thanks for the update.
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by kingin55(m): 11:51am On Jan 09
keep moving
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by cmoney22222: 1:37pm On Jan 09
ayam following this to the end oooo. weldone op

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