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Scared (A Story About Love And Sorcery) / Scared (A Story About Love And Sorcery) / CROSS (magic, Myth And Sorcery) -- EPISODE 1 (2) (3) (4)

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Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Otuosowo(f): 9:14pm On Jan 09
thanks for the update and more power to your elbow.
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by peterafo: 8:25pm On Jan 10
Thanks bro.. God bless ur fingers. pls update fast.. I hate waiting; it's killing me
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Ridwan6588(m): 10:11am On Jan 11
This guy ehn, make him kill her ontime nah, atleast he has been killing before both knowingly and unknowingly, so he shouldnt hesitate to kill her but she turn her to something else cus he will later regret it
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Wordsmith001: 10:57am On Jan 11

Episode 20
(Cross controls the knife with his eyes and pierced it into seri's heart. She paused and bleed to death)

Cross: (Sits on the floor) What have I done.. (Crying)

Sylvia: You did the right thing Cross. This are one of the liabilities you should have as a sorcererlord. Don't blame yourself.

Cross: I just killed someone. Like I stabbed her through the heart.

(Jane enters)

Jane: What happened?

Mike: Thank God you are good.

Jane: Oh... (Covers her mouth) She is dead.

Sarah: She was the witch behind your predicaments.

Cross: I had no choice Jane.

Jane: I understand Cross.

Sarah: I think this will be the first time we will be on the same side Cross.

Cross: I am the knight of Wallnock I have to save the princess no matter what.

Sarah: Sylvia, you want to know who killed your daughter?

Sylvia: (Angry) Don't bring this into the matter.

Cross: Hey hey hey. Sarah you have done enough. Go back to bed and let's find a way to burn this dead body.

Sylvia: I want her to tell me something.

Cross: Sylvia you have ti leave now. I am sorry but please leave.

Sarah: Meet me in private to know who pierced and arrow through Vera's body.

Sylvia: (Angry) I will....

Cross: (Cuts in) Stop ut Sylvia! She us cunny.. She wants you yo get annoyed. Mike please get Sylvia out and put her in her apartment.

Sarah: (Smiles) I am the loser Cross.

Cross: You were always losing to me. So its not new. I hope Mane is doing good. H is too old for the pain he has been going through since he knew my name.

Sarah: Mane is a strong man. Stronger than my father. I am sure he will overcome the pain. And you and Wallnock will all bow.

Cross: That's what you have always said since I met you. Just give up Sarah. Jane give me a hand here. (Wraps Seri dead body and took it to the river behind the palace. They dumped it there)

Jane: This is not good.

Cross: What is not good?

Jane: (Looks into Cross eyes) Are you sure you won't kill me if I become a beast again.

Cross: I killed Seri because I didn't want to hurt you. So why would I kill you. Jane,(Holds her hands) I love you. I saw everything in Vera in you. If you are hurt then I am hurt too.

(Jane didn't hesitate she pulls Cross head closer and they started kissing)

Mike: (Interrupts) Hmmm Hmm (Clears throat)

Cross: Mike!

Mike: Sorry if I interrupted anything. But the king wants me and you in the palace. He wasn't smling when he said that. I am sure we are in deep trouble with him.

(Cross and Mike enters the palace. And meets the knights receiving orders from the king)

King Morghdad: See my very loyal Knights just arriving when the meeting is almost done.

Mike: My lord..

King Morghdad: Keep shut Mike! I wouldn't want to believe you are being pampered like this because your brother is the head knight.

Cross: I am so sorry my lord.

King Morghdad: Keep shut! You are the most useless knight of all. Always absent when needed. I hate people being lazy. You at of no use to the community.

Tom: My lord you fail to remember this people helped in the battle to overcome Malikos. Cross even killed eight knights to save a lady.

King Morghdad: With the help of the Sorcererlord. When they came to Wallnock we saw how you fought them. You even killed half of their men? Silly people.

Peter: My lord the people of Aston are hosting their Prince today. He will become the head knight today and they at inviting us to the inauguration.

King Morghdad: Have you found the Banshee in Wallnock?

Peter: No my lord but...

King Morghdad: No knight should leave. Until we find the banshee an make sure we are safe.

Sarah: (Enters) They honoured us in our time of celebration we should have at least two of our knights there.

King Morghdad: Oh my daughter. Are you Okay now.

Sarah: Yes dad, I am well.

King Morghdad: Thank God I was scared when I saw you at first.

Sarah: I am well now my lord.

Peter: My lord, we have to send at least two knights to represent wallnock at the inauguration.

King Morghdad: The town is unsettled. We cannot afford to lose our knights. We have a banshee to look for. Malikos already have the Kanima we don't know when they would attack. It would betoo risky to spare any of our knight to attend Aston's party.

Sarah: There are some useless knights amidst us here. Why not send the ones that are not useful she war comes. People like Cross and Mike who always comes late to any meeting. They are the most useless knight of all.

King Morghdad: Yes, that's true. When is the inauguration.

Peter: Its tomorrow my lord.

King Morghdad: Send Cross and Mike to represent us. Since they have no use for us in Wallnock.

Peter: Okay sir.

King Morghdad: And to Cross and his friend Mike. Don't disgrace Wallnock there.

Cross: Yes my lord.

King Morghdad: Dismiss!.

(Cross and Mike goes to prepare for the journey)

Cross: Morghdad is very funny. He called me the most useless knight of all. Hr actually doesn't know without me. His town would have crumbled by now.

Mike: It baffles me when he stylishly hits at us. We are the pillar of Wallnock. Silly king.

Cross: The Journey will give us an opportunity to bring my dear Simius back home. Seems nobody is missing him.

Mike: I do, he is a very good companion.

Cross: We are not only going to Aston to represent Wallnock but to collect back what is ours.

Mike: Yes.

(Peter comes in)

Peter: Hi guys.

Mike: Brother.

Peter: You have to start moving now. Its getting dark. You must not be late as usual this is an official duty.

Cross: We are ready to go.

Peter: In Aston there are lots of foods and drinks. Please don't drink to stupor. Wallnock has a very great legacy. Please don't spoil our reputation.

Mike: Hey brother, you actually thinking we can't handle this too? You believe we are as useless as the king always painted us?

Peter: No Mike. Just a normal advice for you guys. Ad don't forget the badge. Very very important.

Cross: We are good.

(Cross and Mike gets on the horse and rode majestically)

Jane: Where are you heading to Cross?

Cross: We are on an official duty to Aston. We will spend just two days there.

Jane: Two days?

Mike: We will be back. Its the order of the king we must obey.

Cross: Don't worry Jane I will be fine. Just be careful and be watchful.

Jane: Okay Cross.

Cross: I love you.

Jane: I love you too. (Both starts kissing)

Mike: Hmmm Hmm (Clears Throat) Remember we have to get to Aston early. We are getting late already.

Cross: Okay. Bye Jane.

Jane: Bye Cross.

(They both left the town and head for Aston)

Mike: I am getting tired already.

Cross: After just how many miles? I walked through the forest everyday when I was young.

Mike: You are a beast you can't be compared to me.

Cross: I am having a feeling Wallnock is not safe with the both of us not in town.

Mike: Me? Like seriously? I am nothing without you. Not even a sorcerer.

Cross: You chose sex over that boy.

Mike: And you gave it to a lady! You are an idiot!.

Cross: (Laughs) Now you are jealous. I think the one who chose sex over becoming the greatest omega in the nation should be the bigger idiot.

Mike: That was a mistake.

Cross: Nobody wants to be an idiot. They all blame it on mistakes.

Mike: Its okay Cross!

Cross: And..

Mike: I said its okay!! (Moves forward)

(Sarah leaves Wallnock and goes to Malikos)

Sarah: My lord they are gone.

Mane: Cross?

Sarah: Yes Cross. He left the town for Aston today. He won't be back until after two days. Within two days my lord Wallnock will bow.

Mane: We now have the Armanda.

Sarah: With that. No one can stop us.

Mane: That's a great idea Sarah. I lobe your brain. I will gather my men. And we will attack Tommorow. Where is seri?

Sarah: (Sobbing) My lord..

Mane: Talk to me. Where is she?

Sarah: The boy Killed her.

Mane: Cross killed Seri?

Sarah: Yes.

Mane: No!!!!! And you allowed?

Sarah: I didnt have any option. He was far more powerful. I am sorry my lord.

Mane: Cross! Cross!! Cross!!!.

(Cross and Mike still on the journey)

Cross: I have been begging you for an hour now.

Mike: I said leave me alone.

Cross: At least just tell me its okay.

Mike: Are stupid? I said leave me.

Cross: We are all alone in this forest.

Mike: And what does that mean?

Cross: I think we should go our different ways. I won't continue the journey with someone who refuses to talk. (Chants direction) bye.

Mike: Are you serious? (Follows him)

Cross: Why are you following me?

Mike: Not that I am scared. I am just worried about you. You might get killed in the forest.

Cross: (Laughs) Let's try to split. Its fun.

Mike: I said No!

(The next day. Mike and Cross finally gets to Aston)

Mike: Wow! This place is very beautiful.

Guard: Your pass. (Stretches his hands)

Cross: Pass?

Mike: The badge. (Shows the Guard the badge)

Guard: Oh, Wallnock. You are welcome to Aston.

Cross: Thank you.

Mike: This place is nice.

Cross: At last. Remembered we are here to represent Wallnock don't let's embarrass our town.

(They were taken to the palace of Aston)

King Terry: Welcome knights of Wallnock.

Cross: Thank you my lord. King Morghdad sent his regards.

King Terry: I don't think I have seen this faces before. But since you have the badge. Its sure you are from Wallnock.

Prince Jason: And how is my very good friend prince Tom?

Mike: He is doing very well prince. He also sent his regards.

Prince Jason: That's nice. The guard will lead you to where you will stay for the day. The ceremony begins in the night. Its too early and Wallnock is a very far place, so you need good rest and sleep. Follow him (pointing to a guard) He will lead you to your room. Feel at home please.

Cross: Thank you.

(The guard leads them to their room. A very well arranged and beautiful place. The first time Mike and Cross will have to sleep in such Luxurious place.)

Guard: Do you needed anything?

Cross: I don't think so

Guard: Food water drinks anything?

Cross: I said we need nothing.

Guard: Women?

(Cross and Mike answered at the same time)

Cross: No!

Mike: Yes!

Guard: Okay I will arrange a lady for the other knight.

Cross: Hey, there is no need. If we need anything we would call you.

Guard: Okay, have a nice time.

Cross: Mike! I thought you said you were going to behave yourself?

Mike: And what did I do wrong?

Cross: Women! Women! Women!! Are you sick?

Mike: You have a lover. I don't have one. Cant I just do what I like?

Cross: A knight on a duty like this shouldt be obsessed about women. Its a weakness.

Mike: Ohhh lala.. This place is damn beautiful. What a turn around for me. (Jumps on the bed)

Cross: (Pulling off his clothes) This place is nice I love it. Feels good to be a Knight.

Mike: I don't want to go home again.

Cross: Don't forget. We have to find simius.

Mike: We are strangers here Cross. Let's just enjoy and leave.

Cross: You can stay you are useless in Wallnock afterall

Mike: What did you say?

Cross: I didn't say anything. I just praised you.

(Mike moves to the window. Opens it looking at the beautiful landscape of Aston.)

Mike: Wow, what a beautiful view. (Sees a beautiful girl with a white robe holding a chain taking a monkey for a walk) Cross see what I am seeing.

Cross: (He moves close to the window to take a look) What is it?

Mike: Just look how fresh and beautiful the girl in white robe looks.

Cross: Oh my.. This is unbelievable!

Mike: Very unbelievable!

Cross: Are you dumb? That's Simius in her hands.

Mike: Simius?

Episode Loading 21.......
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Skylard101(m): 11:11am On Jan 11
Bleep. Mane has Amanda. cross is not around. it is not a war, it's a death sentence
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by peterafo: 7:23pm On Jan 11
[color=#990000][/color]Yawa dey o
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by peterafo: 7:25pm On Jan 11
This guy ehn, make him kill her ontime nah, atleast he has been killing before both knowingly and unknowingly, so he shouldnt hesitate to kill her but she turn her to something else cus he will later regret it
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Skylard101(m): 10:40pm On Jan 13
dude come update na
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by francis6611(m): 12:56pm On Jan 14
bro nothing for us since yestarday hope all is well.......
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by peterafo: 9:22pm On Jan 15
I'm tired for dis short story...
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Wordsmith001: 11:51am On Jan 16
Episode 21

Cross: I have to rush downstairs.

Mike: I am coming with you!

(Cross and Mike rushes downstairs)

Cross: Mike let's respect ourselves here. This is not Wallnock. We are here to represent one of the greatest land in the nation.

Mike: I know. I should be the one telling you that.

Cross: This is the plan. You distract her while I steal Simius away from her.

Mike: I distract her? In what way?

Cross: Just say something's anything.

Mike: Like "I really love you b**bs?"

Cross: Arghh.. Just say things that will make her get carried away.

Mike: Okay Cross. You can trust me on this. She is my crush.

Cross: That makes it perfect.

Mike: But how will you take Simius from her. She tied the rope around her wrist.

Cros : Just leave that to me.

(Mike clears throat and goes to meet the lady. Suddenly two hefty men came approaching Mike)

Guard: Who are you?

Mike: I want to speak to the lady in white robe.

Guard: And I said who are you?

Mike: Let me go. Or else you will regret stopping me.

Guard: (Removes his sword) Step back young man.

Mike: (Brings out the badge) See here.

Guard: Knight of Wallnock? We are very sorry sir. My princess someone wants to speak with you.

Princess: Let him come.

(Mike clears his throat and goes forward to the princess)

Mike: Hello damsel.

Princess: I am Rose. The princess of Aston. Who are you?

Mike: Princess?? Of Aston?? (Breathes heavily) Hmm hmm

Rose: Don't be scared are you not a knight?

Mike: I am a Knight. (Simius sees Mike)

Simius: Mi.... (Mike cuts in)

Mike: Shhhhhhh.......

Rose: What's going on.

Mike: Nothing I was just joking with your really calm and handsome monkey.

Rose: Oh, balon. He is very calm.

Mike: Balon? Who gave him that name?

Rose: Pardon?

Mike: Oh, I mean who gave him such sweet name.

Rose: My father brought him from a journey and we used him a palace pet.

Mike: Wow that's nice. (Sights Cross in a corner)

Cross: Astriandarous!! (The rope on Simius neck looses. Simius ran away)

Guard: The monkey! The monkey!

Rose: The monkey is in the run! Get it don't let it get away.

Mike: I will get it my lady. And I love you..... Hmmm your robe. Can we see at the dinner later tonight?

Rose: I will be glad to have the date.

Mike: Nice.. I will see you there. You are pretty.

Rose: Thanks just help me find Balon. My dad will kill me.

(Mike runs out of the scene and gets to their room. He meets Simius and Cross in the room)

Mike: Wow! Simius!.. (Hugs the monkey)

Simius: It was hell over here.

Mike: Cross he can't stay here too long the whole Aston is in search for him.

Simius: There is a problem. A big problem guys.

Cross: Tell me something.

Simius: Malikos men were excused from the feast.

Mike: Why?

Simius: I read their minds when they were speaking to the king. They actually were called back by Mane to prepare for an urgent war.

Cross: War against who?

Simius: I don't know that. But I know they were going for a war.

Mike: The only place they will want to attack is Wallnock. Now that they know fully well the Kanima and Sorcererlord is on a journey they can use that opportunity to attack and take over Wallnock.

Cross: But how did they know I am out of town?

Mike: Remember Sarah was in the palace?

Simius: You have to do something guys.

Cross: We have to go back to Wallnock.

Mike: What? I have a date this night. Why is it that anytime I am close to accomplishing my mission another bigger mission arises.

Cross: Will you open your eyes. And let your own town wither?

Mike: Rose.. Wallnock.. Rose.. Wallnock.. I will go with Wallnock. But this is still under maybe. If we get to Wallnock and everywhere is peaceful.. Another insult comes on us. We lode everything my date.the drink and food. The honour.. The..

Cross: Mike! We are going back to Wallnock.

Simius: And that final!

Mike: Arghh!

(Someone Knocks)

Cross: Simius hide in the wardrobe.

Mike: (Opens the door) Who is there?

Guard: (Enters) Search everywhere.

Cross: What insult! Is this. You are calling us a thief?

Guard: No sir, but we have to observe all due protocols. We are in search of a talking monkey. And it's very special to our king. So please let the guards do their work.

Cross: If you don't stop this search right now. We will move out of your town and explain this embarrassing scene to the king of Wallnock. And you know what tha means.

Guard: Stop searching! We trust you. Wallnock knights are full if integrity. You can't steal a talking monkey. But let me just whisper this to you. No one is allowed to go out of Aston till the monkey is found. It is an order from the king.

Mike: What?

Guard: You shouldn't have any problem with that. You were scheduled to have two nights with us here. The gate is under lock till the monkey is found. So have a good time in here. Boys let's search another room. (leaves room)

Mike: Now we have a problem. The gate is under lock. How do we get to Wallnock?

Simius: (Inside the wardrobe) Can I get out now? The heat here is like a furnace.

Cross: (Opens the wardrobe) There is always a plan. You will go back to the king.

Simius: What? No way! Are you drunk?

Mike: Cross what are you doing?

Cross: Withoit the king of Aston seeing you Simius.. He can't open the gate.

Mike: immediately the gate is opened we run?

Cross: Yes.

Simius: What about me? How do I go with you guys when you are returning me back to Aston..

Cross: I am trying to save Wallnock's name here. If we escape now with you. They will know we came here to steal. So Mike will return you to the king. With this the king will love and trust us.. Trust me simius I will find a way to get you..

Mike: That is a nice idea. At least I will be the superhero of the day.

Cross: Let's make it snappy time is far spent.

(Mike brings Simius to the palace)

Rose: Oh, thank you very much. You promised to find him and you did.

Mike: Yes princess. I always keep to my promise.

King Terry: Wow, my noble Knight from Wallnock. You have done us a great favour by finding this monkey.. Some other knights would have absconded with it. You have gained my respect as usual.

Mike: Thank you my lord. I will be leaving..

Rose: Thank you.. Don't forget the date.

Mike: Definitely my princess.. Definitely!

(Mike leaves with an happy expression)

Mike: It worked! It worked!.

Cross: What worked?

Mike: She is falling for me already..

Cross: (Hiss) You are very sick!. Wallnock might be under attack currently and all you think of is how a lady you can never date admires you.

Mike: I will date her.. She loves me already. It's written all over her.

Cross: We have to leave very fast. My instincts doesn't lie. Something bad is happening in Wallnock.

Mike: No way! We have to stay till evening.

Cross: Why?

Mike: I have a date!

Cross: (Throws the bag at him) Get ready to disguise..

Mike: What's in here..

Cross: Female cloths.. We have to disguise out of the town.

Mike: Simius?

Cross: Don't worry about him. Just dress up quickly.

Mike: My first date!!!!! Cross is ruining everything! You are ruining my life!!! Arrghh!

Cross: I will be back.. Get dressed before I get back.

(Cross sneaks into the palace. Sees Simius being Chained to a pillar in the palace)

Cross: Trinstinda! (The chain looses)

(Simius runs as fast as possible out of the palace and heads towards Cross room.. Without anybody noticing)

Simius: (Enters) Ahh!! What is this!!!

Mike: Cross wants me to disguise like a lady.. Don't I look nice?

Simius: Nicely Horrible!

Cross: We don't have enough time guys. (Starts changing)

Simius: And what am I supposed to wear.

Cross: Nothing. Coz you will have to be in a bag at least until we leave Aston.

Simius: Arghh! Why must I be cheated always.

(Awareness bell rings. Simius is missing again!)

Cross' You heard that? That's what you call cheating?? Or should we leave you here?

Simius: I will do as you have said. But..

Cross: Simius stay quiet please.

Mike: Cross, please let me say at least goodbye to Rose.

Cross: Like this? Are you nuts.. You are a knight for Christ sake.

Mike: I will remove them.

Cross: There is no much time idiot! Am done.. Let's go guys..

(Cross and Mike sneaks out of the palace successfully.)

Mike: No one is noticing our movement.

Cross: Keep quiet we are almost at the gate.

(Just some footsteps to get to the gate and they were obstructed)

Guard: Hey! You in the red dress. Let me see your face.

Mike: Cross what do I do? That's me. They will recognize me..

Guard: I said reveal yourself.

Cross: She is my sister sir. (Feminine voice)

Guard: You ladies must be new here. Where will a lady of your calibre get a horse from?

Mike: We came to the market place with our goodies.

Guard: The market isn't opened today. Because of the feast. Let me take a look at your goodies.

Mike: No, why will you check us?

Guard: I said let me check.

Cross: (Holds his hand. His eyes became red) Leave us now or you will regret this for the rest of your life.

Guard: (Trembling) Sorc..Sorcerer!!!

(Cross and Mike runs immediately)

Mike: Wait wait.. I am tired of all this crazy female dress..

Simius: Can I come out now?

Cross: (Opens the bag) Come out we are clear.

Simius: It wasn't easy in there. We don't have much time.. If there is really a war going on at Wallnock.. It would have started..

Mike: I have an idea Cross. We can't make it ti Wallnock in time. But see that mountain (Pointing East) if we get to that mountain we can get a very clear view of Wallnock and we will see if all is well.

Cross: Nice idea Mike. Let's get to the Mountain first.

(Cross and Mike gets to the mountain)

Mike: I told you nothing is happening. That Is wallnock and its very peaceful. Can we go back now? I have a date to catch.

Simius: I am not going anywhere!.

Cross: Wait a minute.. Why is Wallnock so silent. Wallnock is a busy town.

(Suddenly smokes started erupting withing the city.)

Mike: What's that smoke?

Cross: Fire!! Wallnock is on fire!! The war have started.

Mike: But we can't make it there before the war ends.

Cross: I have an idea. We may not make it. But something will.

(In wallnock. Sarah and Mane attacks the town)

King Morghdad: We are losing Peter. What is happening.

Peter: We can't win this My lord. Most of my knights have died.

Sarah: (Enters) You have not died. And the prince haven't died. So you still have men as knights.

King Morghdad: Sarah!!! Why are you doing this.

Sarah: Keep shut! I say Keep shut!

Tom: You can never become king.. You know that. So why all this unnecessary rebellion.

Sarah: All this is because once I kill all the royal family of Wallnock.. Who remains to become king..

King Morghdad: You will kill me?

Sarah: This is war! Anyone kills anybody. Understand?

Knight: My lady. We have tied the whole men down and the ladies are Unclad.

(Mane enters)

Mane: (Slits the Knight throat) You collect orders from me not Sarah.

Sarah: Yu shouldn't have killed him.

Mane: You should have power first before influencing it.

King Morghdad: Mane, we are friends we are tight friends.. You cannot do this to me.

Mane: You might think I am the betrayal.. But I am not. Sarah is not the betrayal. She is just having some nice time with her father.

King Morghdad: Her father?

Mane: The real traitor is your wife Rosalyn.

Queen Rosalyn: How? Mane dont...

Mane: Keep quiet! Who is Sarah's father?

Sarah: What? What kind of question is that?

Tom: Mom answer.

King Morghdad: Rosalyn? Who is Sarah's father.

Queen Rosalyn: What rubbish is everyone saying? Morghdad is her father.

Mane: Remember the nice time we had together a day to your wedding?

Queen Rosalyn: Mane!!!

Mane: Morghdad! Sarah is my daughter. She gave you another man's daughter. So Sarah is not a bastard! She is working for her town.

Sarah; And no one told me this before! So I was a bastatd in my own father's land.

Queen Rosalyn: You have to neliev me Sarah.. Sarah believe me.

Sarah: I hate you!!! (Uses the arrow in her hands to pierce her heart through)

Tom: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarah!!!!!!! What have you done?

King Morghdad: Rosalyn!!! (Crying) How dare you!!! (Eyes changes to red)

Mane: Step back Morghdad. You know I won't have you hurt my own daughter.

King Morghdad: (Becomes weak) Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!! (Crying)

Tom: Mum!!! (Holding Rosalyn tight) What do you want now Sarah! You are not even heir to the throne of Wallnock.. So what!!

Sarah: I want three people's head. The King's head. The prince head and Cross head.
Episode 22 Loading..........
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Wordsmith001: 12:04pm On Jan 16
Hello readers.. Sorry for the delay in updates. Some issh happened over the weekend that didn't allow me to make updates.. I am very sorry..

Peeps, my birthday is on January 21.. And that same day will be the day #Cross ends.. Thanks for following Cross.. Much love from Wordsmith001..

Aiming 10k views


Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Jonesboi(m): 12:54pm On Jan 16
Am gettin so impatient;plz wen is d nxt episode coming out?
Nd hapi birthday in advance bro;mre grace nd age with grace
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by peterafo: 1:27pm On Jan 16
happy birthday in advance bro..... pls next one should b fast...if it is possible not end dis story....abeg pls continue updating... pls don't end dis season film.
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Skylard101(m): 8:12am On Jan 17
happy. birthday in advance bro. nice update
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Evold: 11:41am On Jan 17
Well done waiting for more.
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by pweshymi(m): 3:50pm On Jan 17
[color=#000099][/color]gud job kip it on...i love this
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Wordsmith001: 7:02pm On Jan 17

Episode 22

Suddenly the Kanima arrives and starts attacking the knights of Malikos alone.. Leaving this of Wallnock)

Guard: The kanima is here my lord.

King Morghdad: Mane you shouldn't have done this. You have conquered us already you don't need the Kanima again. We can be killed honourably.

Sarah: He is here..

Mane: We have to go.

Sarah: Look we will be back.

(Mane and Sarah runs out of the palace)

(King Morghdad and others also ran out to see what is happening)

King Morghdad: The kanima is here we are doomed!

Peter: Wait minute.. The kanima isn't attacking us.. The kanima is attacking Malikos not Wallnock.

Tom: Are you sure?

Peter: Look for yourself.

King Morghdad: It's true.. What does this mean?

Peter: The kanimalord is from Wallnock?

King Morghdad: How can we have the greatest Sorcererlord among us and the Kanimalord and we still suffer in the hands of Mane like this.

(The kanima killed over half of Malikos men alone. Mane and Sarah were on the Horse escaping Mane's horse was injured and couldn't go very fast)

King Morghdad: Look, something is wrong with Mane's horse.

Peter: (Brings out his arrow) let me target him.

Tom: Don't kill him. He will die a slow and painful death.

(Peter shoots the arrow to Mane's leg and arm.)

Tom' Nice one Peter!

King Morghdad: Let's start untying my people.. Won't the kanima destroy us? What is it waiting for? I am scared.

Peter: If a kanima completes the mission given by its master. The kanima immediately goes beside its master and stand there. Maybe today we will know the kanimalord.

King Morghdad: Fantastic!

(Cross and Mike arrives)

Cross: What happened!!!! (Runs towards the king)

King Morghdad: (Slaps him) why are you guys just coming. They have killed us. They Unclad our women. Tied our men. (Grabs him by the cloth) all you do is come late! Come late! Come late!!!...

Tom: My Lord its coming towards us.

King Morghdad: What? (Sees the kanima) Run!!!

Cross: What? Why is it coming towards me. This thing must be crazy.

Peter: I think the kanima is going to meet its master.

King Morghdad: We will know that idiot today!.

(Everyone was anxious to know the kanimalord. So they watched the kanima till it walked majestically and stood right beside Cross)

King Morghdad: Why did it stop?

Peter: Cross is the Kanimalord!!!!!

Crowd: (Murmuring)

King Morghdad: Cross? That must be a mistake.. Is the kanima crazy?..

(Jane comes out from the crowd and hugs Cross.)

Tom: Cross the messiah! Cross the messiah! Cross the messiah!

(Crowd joins him)

Crowd: Cross the Messiah! Cross the Messiah! Cross the messiah!

King Morghdad: Cross? (Crying) Forgive me Cross Forgive me.

Cross: Aristanbland!!! (The kanima leaves)

Crowd: (Cheers)

(Everyone shook hands with Cross and hugged him all day)

King Morghdad: From today you are no more just a knight you are my right hand man.. No one disrespects you. Anyone who does dies!!! Even if its the King!

Crowd: (Cheers)

Peter: So you are our saviour all this days. And we thought you were the most useless knight of all. (Hugs him and cried)

King Morghdad: Sorry for underrating you Cross. I an very sorry. I shouldn't have sent you ti Aston maybe. Maybe my wife would have been alive by now.

Cross: We are sorry we came late.

(In malikos)

Queen Tina: Where Is he? Tell me!

Sarah: He got captured. All didn't go as planned.

Queen Tina: How dare you tell me all didn't go as planned. Are you crazy?

Sarah: My lady calm down. I am also in trouble here. I can't go back to Wallnock. I am trapped in here.

Queen Tina: I never trusted you one bit. You were always a traitor. Get my husband back or else...

Sarah: Or else what? Tina don't push me to the wall. I have calmed a lot for you.

Queen Tina: You dare call me Tina? (Slaps Sarah) You bastard!

Sarah: I am not a bastard!!! (Pushes Tina to the ground)

(Guards rushed in)

Sarah: I am not a bastard! Mane is my father!

Queen Tina: What nonsense? You are out of your mind!

Sarah: You are lucky I haven't killed you by now.

Queen Tina: You can't. And you know that. (Laughs)

Sarah: (Removes her sword and Pierce Tina's heart) You cannot be always lucky.

Queen Tina: (Bleeding) Sarah.. You will regret ever... (She dies)

Guards: Drop your weapon.

Sarah: (Uses magic to collect their weapons) Go dump the body in the sea. I am your Lord as from now! (Sits on the throne)

(For over two weeks everybody knew Cross a slave boy is the Kanimalord. No town dares Wallnock. It was a surprise to everybody. Cross is a blessing)

King Morghdad: Cross why are you still insisting on not killing Mane. He has done enough.

Cross: No My lord, It has a purpose. Perfect. When the time comes you will know my lord.

King Morghdad: Okay, its your choice though.

Peter: My Lord, we have gone to all the town in the nation and they are all scared of us. We have told them to always bring forth 65% of their harvest and profits every month.

King Morghdad: Wow! That's great. Malikos should be 75%.

Peter: I even told them 80% they have no choice they have to pay.

King Morghdad: (Laughs) Yes. They have been in this position for long. We have to tell them we have cross here.

Cross: Must we collect their harvests?

King Morghdad: It is a must Cross. This is why we are the most powerful in the nation.

Tom: Cross seems to be too emotional. Any town with the greatest Sorcererlord in the nation or with the Kanima would have done worse.

Cross: Can't we be different?

King Morghdad: We can't Cross.. We need to be superior than every other town.. We need to show them we have the power.

Peter: Anyone who fails to adhere to our command will be punished.

(Cross now lives in the palace. In a luxurious room)

Mike: Hey Cross. You don't have time for us anymore since the day you became the 2nd hand of the king.

Cross: I was being busy Mike.

Jane: You should create more time for us.

Simius: Or let us move in with you.

Cross: As my what?

Mike: As your friends. And Jane becomes your wife.

Jane: That's a very good idea. We can't afford to lose you just like that.

Cross: I will try and see what to do.

Jane: So what is going on in the palace?

Cross: We are attacking Triton tomorrow.

Mike: Why?

Cross: According to the King they refused to bring to us the monthly dues.

Jane: Triton is a very inferior town to Wallnock why would they want to attack them?

Cross: It's the influence of having the control over Kanima.

Mike: This is rubbish! We were against Malikos when they were doing all this.. Now Wallnock is doing the same.

Peter: (Enters) Cross. We are ready let's move.

Cross: Okay. Mike Jane Simius. I will be back. Stay here till I return. Have the fullest of fun I will soon be back.

(Cross and Peter leaves the town)

King Ray: What can I do for you?

Peter: We are from Wallnock and the king has told us to come check you. Why have you not brought your monthly dues to us.

King Ray: (Laughs) Our harvest and profits are made by us. I don't remember Wallnock working with us.

Cross: King Ray. I don't want to cause any trouble. Small towns like you are very stubborn. Just obey and give us 65% of your earnings every month. Remember we can destroy Triton in a minute.

King Ray: Keep shut! Now go back and tell your king to do his worse. As long as I am still king. I will never bow to any Town in this nation.

Peter: Hmmm.. (Cross cuts in)

Cross: Okay sir. We will be back. And this time it might not be in a gentle man's way. Let's go Peter.

(Cross and Peter leaves the town.)

King Morghdad: He told you that?

Peter: Yes my lord, he even said that he I'll never bow as long as he his still king.

King Morgdad: This small towns are daring my order. They are stubborn and will not want to obey my order. We are attacking them.

Cross: What?

King Morghdad: You heard me. We are attacking them and taking over each town one after the other. The ones still under Malikos and the ones not under them. We taking over all! Get your men ready Peter.

Peter: Yes my lord.

Cross: But my lord..

King Morghdad: That's my decision Cross. And its final!.

Cross: I have a request to make.

King Morghdad: What is that?

Cross: Can I have some people to stag with me in my chambers. That place is boring.

King Morghdad: Suit yourself. Its your chambers.

Cross: Thanks my lord.

King Morghdad: Prepare for tomorrow. We are attacking Triton first.

Cross: Okay my Lord.

(Cross brings Mike Simius and Jane Into his chambers.)

Mike: This is so nice. You are so lucky Cross.

Cross: Morghdad is making me go against my wish. Since he knew no one could conquer him. He has been so rude and Wicked to other small town.

Jane: That is normal. Every king wants to be feared.

Cross: We are attacking Triton tomorrow.

Jane' What? Why?

Cross: They refused to bow to us.

Mike: Peter told me some hours ago. He told all the knights to prepare.

Cross: I don't want to do this. But I still have a mission to accomplish. I must save Torshin. And Sarah is not dead yet.

Mike: So you will attack poor Triton tomorrow.

Cross: Its against my wish. But I must do.

Simius: That's the effect of power.

Jane: Do anything you want to do fast Cross. Attacking innocent town is not an option.

Cross: I will Jane.

(King Morghdad and Cross conquered all towns by the power of Kanima and the Sorcererlord. All the smart towns bowed. And wallnock became richer as they looted all their belongings and took their children as slave)

King Morghdad: Let's toast to our success. (Everyone raised their cups)

Cross: Its been a successful outing so far. We have conquered six towns out of eight. That's a very impressive record.

Peter: So when are we going for the remaining two. So we can have the whole nation to ourselves.

Cross: It depends in the king.

King Morghdad: We will attack Torshin next!

Cross: Torshin!!!? (Spits his wine)

Peter: Yes, Torshin any problem with that?

Cross: No..no.. Problem

King Morghdad: We will attack Torshin in two days. It should be a very easy battle to win. The town is under Malikos.

Cross: But they have nothing to offer. Why don't we leave them?

King Morghdad: I know they have nothing to offer. But with what w have every town in this nation should be under us. We will attack them in two days time, take their women take their food. Kill their stubborn men..

Cross: Its okay!!! (Angrily leaves the palace).

Tom: I think he has a problem with Torshin. He doesn't want us to attack them.

King Morghdad: I an king and my decision is final!.

(Cross was so furious)

Mike: Torshin? That's your hometown for Christ sake.

Cross: Yes, why am I doing all this? Is it not to protect Torshin and save them?

Jane: As it stands now. You have to tell them the truth about yourself.

Cross: No, Astandara warned me not to reveal anything to anyone until they discover themselves. Telling then will make me look like I am weak.

Simius: We can't help. King Morghdad is a very stubborn king. He will always do anything he wants. Why don't you go to Astandara for Help.

Mike: That is a very great idea. Go to Astandara for help he is far more experienced.

Cross: Yes, nice idea Simius. I have to leave fast. Wallnock will attack in two days time.

Jane: Be careful Cross.

(Cross picks his horse and rode outside Wallnock)

Guard: Where are you headed?

Cross: Are you mad?. How dare you ask me such question.

Guard: Sorry Cross Sorry.

Cros: Tell anyone who asks after me that I went seeking for something.

Guard: Okay sir!.

(Cross gets to Astandara place within hours)

Cross: Great one! Great one!

Sarah: Wiki wiki waki waki. Surprise Surprise.

Cross: Sarah?

Sarah: Yes its me.

Cross: What are you doing here? Where is Astandara?

Sarah: Which of the questions should I answer first?

Cross: Sarah! Answer me!.

Sarah: When I didn't have magic. It was so hard to enter the forbidden forest. But now that I have one. Its so easy. (Whistles)
(Two hefty men comes out of the house with Astandara to a plank)

Cross: Astandara!!! Sarah what are you doing?

Sarah: I have been here for over a week now. Knowing one day you will come looking for your old man. And fortunately that day is today.

(Cros tries to use magic on Sarah)

Sarah: Don't even try it Cross. You see the necklace around his neck? It just needs the snap of my finger to cut off his head.

Cross: What do you want?

Sarah: What I had always wanted. Freedom. Its simple. Don't let Wallnock attack Malikos. Even if they are bent on attacking stay out of it.

Cross: Wallnock will not attack you. I promise you that.

Sarah: Wallnock will attack. I just font want you yo be involved. Wallnock is nothing without you.

Cross: So be it. Can you release him now.

Sarah: Yes, I will take my leave now. But the necklace will still be around his neck I think he loves it. And please don't try removing it with magic. The more you use magic on it. The more it becomes tighter.

Cross: I have met your demand. Why don't you remove it.

Sarah: Promises can be broken. I will have this here. If you don't keep to your promises. Just a snap of my finger and your beloved old man is gone. Lets go guys.

(Sarah leaves the forest)

Astandara: You have to remove the necklace.

Cross: I can't the more I use magic the more tighter it becomes.

Astandara: You should know she will kill anyway. So don't trust her.

Cross: She is Mane daughter.

Astandara: I can Mane written all over her body.

Cross: How do we save you first.

Astandara: This necklace us enchanted with magical powders. The only way we can remove this is through a talking monkey.

Cross: Talking Monkey?

Astandara: Yes, talking monkey. They go into trance a lot. In this trance that's where they will break the curse on this necklace and magic will be useful. Unfortunately the last talking monkey Fear. Is with Mane.

Cross: (Smiles) Things have changed. I will be back.

Astandara: Where are you going?

Cross: To save your life!

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Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by peterafo: 10:04am On Jan 18
nice one bro..God blesss u......just like watching ancient film like Merlin...
pls don't end it with just a season...dere should b season 2 of it...
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Donpeteranking(m): 3:00pm On Jan 18
C'mon Buddy please help a nigga out the suspense is killing
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Donpeteranking(m): 3:00pm On Jan 18
C'mon Buddy please help a nigga out with an update the suspense is killing
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Donpeteranking(m): 3:02pm On Jan 18
To the author I commend your great skill of writing although corrections are needing in ways and manner of speech of characters but your power of making the readers addicted to your work is a nice one
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Wordsmith001: 3:24am On Jan 19

Episode 23

(Cross hurries back to Wallnock)

Mike: How did it go

Cross: No time to talk Mike. Where is Simius?

Mike: He followed Jane to the kitchen. What's happening.

Cross: I met Sarah there. I need Simius right now.

(Cross runs to the kitchen and took Simius)

Jane: What's the problem.

Cross: He has to come with me. Its very important.

Simisus: What if I refuse not to go with you.

Cross: Then you will be a dead meat.

(Cross And Simius travelled back to the forbidden forest)

Astandara: Fear? How did you get Fear?

Cross: A different thing brought me here. Now I met this. Lets take care of this first.

Astandara: You have so much explaining to do. I always believed in you Cross. Even me will do a lot to get Fear from Mane.

Cross: Can you please let's do this! Tell him what to do.

Astandara: He already knows what to do.

Simius: I can't do this.

Cross: What do you mean you can't do this.

Simius: Only few goes into this kind of trance and make it out alive.

Astandara: You can do it. Believe you are not gonna die.

Cross: Simius you have to do this. I am not requesting I am commanding you.

Simius: Okay my lord. Bring your hands.

(Astandara stretches his hands and they closed their eyes)

(Few minutes later. Simius fell on the floor.)

Cross: What is happening to Simius?

Astandara: I think he did it. He did it.

Cross: Will he die? I don't want to lose him. (Sobbing)

Astandara: Now use Magic to break this necklace off my neck.

Cross: Aistopegomeros!!!! (The necklace broke into an atomic pieces)

Astandara: Nice Cross.

Cross: Simius!!!! (Crying)

Simius: (Sneezes) Can we go back home now?

Cross: Yuppy! The idiot is alive.

Simius: Did it work?

Cross: Yes. It did.

Simius: Wow! I am an hero!

Astandara: So Son how was the mission?

Cross: It was very successful but not complete yet.

Astandara: Who is the Kanimalord?

Simius: No one else than the king himself Cross!

Astandara: Give me a hug son! You made me proud!

Cross: But there is a little problem.

Astandara: What's it?

Cross: Wallnock will attack Torshin in two days time. I haven't completed my mission. I want ti save Torshin not destroy Torshin.

Astandara: I knew something like this will happen. Son, you are the Kanimalord of the whole nation. You have the tongue power than the king. But I won't want you to go against him. He is still the king. The whole of Torshin is not half the population of Wallnock.

Cross: Yes I know that.

Astandara: They can all Contain the Kanima cave.

Cross: Under rough estimation they should be able to contain the kanima cave conveniently.

Astandara: You will go to Torshin noe and inform all of then about the attack. Tell them to all enter the kanima cave. Make sure food is provided. Till the attack threat goes down. Don't fight Wallnock.

Cross: What about the kanima?

Astandara: It won't do anything as long as you have not commanded it.

Cross: Hmmm that will be a very nice idea.

Astandara: I heard Vera is dead.

Cross: The idiot that placed a necklace around your neck killed her.

Astandara: What!!!!!

Simius: She almost killed Sylvia too. Thank God for Cross.

Cross: I will be on my way now Astandara.

Astandara: I will visit them time to time.

Cross: Thank you.

(Cross and Simius heads to Torshin)

Guard: And who are you?

Cross: Give me access.

Guard: I said reveal yourself (Draws his sword)

Cross: I am Cross the Kanimalord. You want to die?

Guard: Kanimalord? We are in trouble! (Runs straight to the palace)

Simius: Its like they are scared of you.

Cross: They must be. Let's visit them at the palace

Lt Cole: Hello stranger.

Cross: My name is Cross from Wallnock. I am the Kanimalord. And the Sorcererlord of this great land.

Lt cole: So its you! The Slav boy that later became a saviour.

Cross: Yes. In two days time Wallnock will attack this town.

Lt Cole: Oh my... What have we done?

Cross: No one offends before Wallnock strikes. So I want you to take everybody in this town. Both young and old to the Kanima cave. Thad where you should be till the attack threat goes down.

Lt Cole: Kanima Cave? Do you know what you are saying?

Cross: Like I said earlier Lt Cole. I am the Kanimalord. The Kanima wknt hurt anyone. It will serve as a protection. No one dares attack the kanima.

Lt Cole: I know, but no one will want to follow me to the Kanima's cave.

Cross: Okay. I will make the Kanima move into the inner part of the cave where it would be impossible to see him.

Lt Cole: Thank you. But why are you doing this?

Cross: Because this my Father's land.

Lt Cole: One more thing. I will have to seek permission.

Cross: From who?

Lt Cole: Sarah the present queen of Malikos. She said I shouldn't do anything behind her.

Cross: (Angry) Amigosanadorous!!!!

(Lt Cole stiffed to death immediately)

Simisu: You killed him?

Cross: He deserved it.

Simius: I never knew you can kill.

Cross: No one plays with the life of my people. Guard!!!

Guard: (Enters) What have you done? You have killed the lieutenant! (Whistles)

(Immediately all the knights surrounded the palace)

Cross: Which of you is from Torshin?

Guard: Don't try anything stupid. Go on your kneels.

Cross: I asked a question. Don't Let me kill anymore people.

Guard: I am from Torshin.

Cross: What is your name?

Guard: Gibbs.

Cross: Gibbs will be your leader henceforth. This plan is not for this Guards that molest our kids an rape our women.

Gibbs: Every other knight in Torshin are from Malikos. I got chosen as a knight because of my extra ordinary skill.

Guard: Shut up! Romeo take him away!

Cross: Leave him!

Guard: I said take him away! And kill him! For conspiring with a killer.

Cross: Lanstania!!! (The guard caught fire)

Guard: Ahhhh!! (Running around the palace)

Cross: Who is next? Who wants to die next!!!

Simius: Cross take it easy! You are getting angry excessively.

Cross: Gibbs come over. Let's talk.

(Gibbs goes to Cross)

Guard: Attack!!

Cross: Starimanda!!! (The whole knights became stiff. No movement)

Gibbs: How did do that?

Cross: I have no time for explanations. I am Cross the Kanimalord.

Gibbs: My lord!!

Cross: I want you to take every Torshin Citizen from Torshin into the Kanima cave.

Gibbs: Kanima cave?

Cross: I know you will be scared. But I am the Kanimalord it can't do anything without my order..

Gibbs: But why should we relocate?

Cross: The town will be attacked in a few days. So do that fast. I I'll make sure the Kanima is in the innermost part. So it won't be seen.

Gibbs: Okay sir. I will do just that.

Cross: Only People from Torshin!

Gibbs: I understand sir.

Cross: Others should go back to where they come from. Astandara will help you.

Gibbs: Astandar the legend.

Cross: Yes, just do as I say before its dawn.

Gibbs: Okay sir. What about the stifdd knights.

Cross: Briskolar! (The knights became free and fled the town.)

(Cross and Simius goes back to wallnock when everywhere is dark already)

Mike: How did it go.

Simius: Stressful, Deadly, and Bloody.

Jane: How do you mean?

Cross: We moved the whole Torshin into the Kanima cave.

Mike: What??

Simius: Many things happens before that really took place. People stiffed burnt and..

Cross: Simius!!

Jane: You killed someone?

Simius' Two people.. One got burnt to death. The other stiffed to death.

Cross: They deserved to die..

Jane: You are becoming deadly day by day.

(Guard suddenly enters)

Guard: Cross! The king wants you at the palace right now.

Cross: I have to go guys!.

(Cross gets to the palace)

King Morghdad: Where have you been?

Cross: I just went out.

King Morghdad: You are a vital part of our town you shouldn't leave anyhow. Leaving us will make the town exposed.

Cross: Okay my lord.

King Morghdad: The main reason I called you is that Plans have changed. We are attacking Torshin tomorrow.

Cross: Tomorrow!!!

Tom: Yes, any problem?

Cross: I am not prepared.

Peter: There is no need for that. You will not be using swords. We just need you to say a few words and you know what happens next.

Cross: Tomorrow is too early. Let's make it day after tomorrow.

King Morghdad: That's the problem. I have with people like you. I am the king and that's my judgement.

Cross: Okay my lord. (Angrily leaves the palace)

Peter: Hell knows what's wrong with him.

Tom: He didn't expect that announcement. It came as a shock.

(Cross wasn't happy about the changed attack date)

Mike: So how will you do it?

Cross: I must get to Torshin before dawn

Episode 24 Loading.......
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Ayemileto(m): 8:46am On Jan 19
Wordsmith001. you're really trying. nice writeup bro.
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by cmoney22222: 12:38pm On Jan 19
following op... nice one keep it rollinf sir
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by peterafo: 9:10pm On Jan 19
God bless u brother
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Evold: 1:21pm On Jan 20
Nyc work.waiting to see what cross is boiling up for sarah and mane
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by Skylard101(m): 9:07am On Jan 21
Thank God you are back Next update pls
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by seun9303: 12:23pm On Jan 21
Happy Birthday Wordsmith.
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by cmoney22222: 12:28pm On Jan 21
HBD wordsmith001
Re: CROSS (magic. Sorcery. Myth) by peterafo: 2:12pm On Jan 21
happy birthday Wordsmith001

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