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A Day Away / My First Day In Maritime Academy-True Story / Short Story : A Day In The Life Of Mynd (2) (3) (4)

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Re: My life at DESPO by WHIZKIDEFE(m): 11:45pm On Jan 05
To all our old and new readers , I welcome you to 2019, specially. Everywhere good.

One update for the road, I know it's short, abeg make ona manage am first, if time dey I go settle down drop long one. wink

We stil dey 2geda.


When we got to the calm area, we held hands and stared at eachother. I don't know what was on her mind o, but me, I dey reason weda make I execute the plans wen her actions don plant for my mind.

You know that moment you're in your personal scale weighing your action and it's possible consequences, that was the mood I was in while we stared at eachother.

'What's the problem, are you okay?,' She asked with with concern, after a while as she held my face.(if only she knew what was going through my mind, lol)

'I'm good,' I replied her with a smile before I kissed her forehead and held her close to me.

'I'm not sure, talk to me,' she voiced in my ear as she held the head of my machine gun, that moment, I threw morals away, I'll go look for it later after I must had cleared her doubt and make her know ayam equal to the task. (I cannor com and dull na) cheesy

Turned her around, so her soft bums could be directly on the head of my machine gun. She hmmmed when she felt it.
'What is that?,' she asked in giggling as she brought her hand to feel it.

' comot your hand from 'high tension', don't touch electric inside water, you'll be electrocuted,' I warned as I held her hand from touching her target.

Before she could reply, one of my hand located one of her nips and I played with it like it was a screw while my hand was the spanner, twisting mood activated.
'What are you doing?,' was the jamb question she asked with her ragged breadth.

I doubled my hands on her chesterfield and squeezed, pinched and twirled her milk factory in response to her question while a moan escaped her mouth.

'I warned you,' I whispered in her ear while I had that ' you neva see anything' look on my face.

To be continued.


Re: My life at DESPO by chobov123(m): 4:30pm On Jan 10
bro still waiting for update
Re: My life at DESPO by WHIZKIDEFE(m): 10:41pm On Jan 10
bro still waiting for update
E dey come, chill.

Re: My life at DESPO by WHIZKIDEFE(m): 11:01pm On Jan 10
MOod.. wink

Re: My life at DESPO by rockhillz(m): 12:39pm On Jan 12
Boss efe...which player b that
Re: My life at DESPO by bukupaper(m): 6:48am On Jan 13
Update dey slow, hope no p
Re: My life at DESPO by WHIZKIDEFE(m): 10:29am On Jan 15
Boss efe...which player b that
Na Samsung player o, boss
Update dey slow, hope no p
Bros, no p o, just dat the boy dey try make end meets , make e for nor loss.

Bad as e bad sha, I go try drop something light before the week runs out.

Thanks for reaching out, I appreciate.
Re: My life at DESPO by Frederick555: 8:20pm On Jan 16
Attention everyone, ghost reader is trying to comment, silent background,,,, camera on set,,,,,,,,,, tape rolling,,,,,,,,,,... ACTION.

Guy you too much, please keep it on. Am short of words. Your are a genius
Re: My life at DESPO by WHIZKIDEFE(m): 11:16am On Jan 17
Attention everyone, ghost reader is trying to comment, silent background,,,, camera on set,,,,,,,,,, tape rolling,,,,,,,,,,... ACTION.

Guy you too much, please keep it on. Am short of words. Your are a genius
cheesy Boss man, thanks.

See as ur comment dey make my head big grin

Re: My life at DESPO by WHIZKIDEFE(m): 7:50pm On Jan 17
Las last Falz delivered in the latest album( the boy shake many tables). cheesy

I'm feeling that Fela vibe while listening to some tracks inside.

Who I dey speak english for sef? Abeg make ona nor mind me joor.

The album make sense die! cheesy

Update loading........................ wink

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Re: My life at DESPO by Bigtotoboi: 12:42pm On Jan 19
Obob you dey try die. I waka comot ghost mode bkuz of ur yarnings. More grace guy man.
Re: My life at DESPO by WHIZKIDEFE(m): 10:27pm On Jan 19
Here is the update as promised.

This update is dedicated to chobov123 and our latest official new members, rockhilz, bukupaper, Frederick555 and bigtotoboi, chairmen, ona welcome on board o, nothing do ona. grin

121k views, Jesu! We dey grow, nor be say, dem say. cheesy Thanks to all of you.


She squirmed while she was under the anointing of my hands, like ‘TheWeekend’ said in ‘Drunk in love rmx’, I can perform magic with my fingers if I want to. While she stifled her uhmms, ssssss ahhhss, fvvcck! at intervals, I just laughed while I did my ‘hand work’. (shebi na she dey form oversabi since).

While my hands were ministering on her hot spot, meekest swam around and when he saw the settings, he winked at me. I gave him that ‘bros, is nor what you are thinking’ look with a smile before he gave me the thumbs up sign and swam back to wherever he came from.

I noticed my brother and his signee were doing their thing, my broda na one kine sharp guy like dat, I wee nor go further than that, nor be my mouth una go tey hear say diplomatic na *lips sealed* lol.

The other babe that I got acquainted with earlier played with her friends while some guys hung around trying their luck to catch ‘fish’ inside pool. All those ‘lemme teach you how to swim crew’ wherever 2 or 3 girls are gathered in a pool, you’ll always find dem there.

I was brought back to reality from staring at the other babe when I felt a soft palm on the cap of my sumtin, na once I realize say my hand don pause work for her Chesterfield, (Distraction na bastard o).

I didn't even give her a chance to equalize by allowing her do what I thought was on her mind as I yanked her hand off from tickling my ‘little soldier’ and started attack on her Chesterfield with an Usain Bolt kinda speed, taking her unaware in the process as an ‘OMG’ escaped her lips.

I wasted no time in locating her ‘sugar pot’ with one hand while one hand was causing trouble by taking shots at defending oranges of her chesterfield.
With the wicked combo my hands carried on her, an epileptic patient would had learnt new how to vibrate from her.

I was careful though, before someone’s child die of pleasure, if the vibration don dey too much and people wan dey notice with style, I go just pause for her to catch her breath small before I continue my ‘soft work’ grin.
(don’t look at me like dat,I know you’re badder than me)

Still on still, I placed my hand directly on her camel toe, na so she vibrate like earth worm wey dem pour salt, all those of you that had drank pool water while swimming, I’m sorry to announce to you that you may had drank a combination of different liquids, that’s why I always advice you take antibiotics after a swimming session (e get why).

At a time, my ‘rod of moses’ was rock hard, I say dat moment my 'Dickson' hard like poor man life.

All those while I was rubbing her ‘honey well’ with her swimming wear on, before I shifted it to one side and inserted a finger inside her center of gravity while I delibrately snubbed her swelled clits that begged for a touch in the process.

I added my middle finger inside her ***y while I decided to set the fire on her raining 'uhmm ehen' by breathing on her neck bone, at that point she couldn’t take it any more, na so she rest her neck on top my shoulder, omo, when I look her face, na only the white part of her eyes I see. I knew somborry was outta the world, that moment.

‘do you have a boyfriend?’ I asked teasingly.
‘no, I don’t have have,’ she replied while she held me close to her, trying to confuse me with Chesterfield, I just smiled, guess she didn’t know who she was dealing with, those format no dey work for yours truly.

This was same babe that her supposed bf came to carry with a car on our way home after clubbing from De’legit hotel the previous night o. You see why I want any guy that carries woman matter for head to be tied and flogged publicly? Yesss, na me talk am!


Hey you, yess you reading this,

Work, Play, have fun and settle down when you're really ready to, and lnot when you feel under pressure to get married. Reason some married folks stil cheat around is cos they felt they felt society would laugh at them if they don't get married at a certain stage, I know say menopause nor get joy o, but, your happiness and peace of mind should be your top priority.

LIFE is in phases, enjoy and learn from each phases so your won't live a life full of regret.

For those of you forming monitoring spirit cos you're in a relationship that doesn't even have a destination, wehdone o! (Wat am I even saying sef) lol

What do I know sef, small boy like me. nor mind me o. cheesy
Back to the matter joor..
'I love you', 'I'm so horńy right now, pls make....,' she was saying when I hushed her. ' oshey miss lover, Is you dat love pass, dats how you wee be confusing having a good uhmm session with love,' I thought in my mind while I allowed her catch her breath.

'Baby, I'll be waiting for you at the changing room, I've got something to show you, you'll love it,' she said as she rocked me and placed my hands on her gallant chesterfield before she left the pool.

See person wey I dey pity for o, be using format for me. I like her though cos she is the type knows what they want and go for it, not like some babes dat will be tripping for you and still be waiting for you to approach dem, I rest my case. (Bae(s)Shoot ur shot o, no time) grin

I was staring at her 'Arsenal' as she delibrately made those tins shake and other guys joined in the watch, see ehn, the babe got a bright future behind her, I guess she knews so too.

' your goat dun born cow o,' one guy hailed me. 'Bros, nor be wetin you dey think o,' I replied with a smile while I swam to meet up with Meekest and the rest.

'Nor be small tin you dey do o,' that was my broda's remark immediately I got to where they sat in the pool relaxing.

'Where your babe dey go na?,' Meekest asked while Azo gave me that 'oya talk fast b4 you chop slap' look and I laughed.

'I don get babe just now, ona can dey quick give person babe o.....' I was trying to say when Azo interrupted me, askin me to reply the question Meekest asked me.

Mind you, a konjified babe was actually waiting for me to comman finish work in the changing room, I know some guys would had rushed at the chance to straff a bae with such goods, but me, ayam nor that cheap, if you like be fine like 2 people, have 3 chesterfield and 4 Arsenals, I got standard and process of doing things.. (the boy get class) grin

Dear guys,
I know that sometimes,you'll have a chance to straff a bae once in a lifetime, and if you miss that one-time-opportunity, you may never get a chance to straff that particular bae again, but all join, you win some, you lose some, no go lose your self worth cos of some few minutes of pleasure, it's not worth it, believe me.

Be careful of any babe you choose do the do with, e get why.

B4 the you straff, ask yourself question like, what if she gets pregnant in the process, can you marry her if the worst comes to worse? If your answer is no, kukuma lock up cos, nothing came out .

NB: I'm not in any way supporting promiscuity, before you go say na me say, I nor dey for ' dem shoot bird, mama fly'. grin

To be continued.

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Re: My life at DESPO by Ann2012(f): 8:25am On Jan 20
Thanks for the update Baba for the girls smiley
Re: My life at DESPO by WHIZKIDEFE(m): 10:21am On Jan 20
Thanks for the update Baba for the girls smiley
Is you dat sabi dat one o.. I don't even know what you're talking about sef.. grin

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Re: My life at DESPO by LightQueen(f): 10:27am On Jan 20
Op well done o, I raise two hands for you Oga
Re: My life at DESPO by meekest(m): 10:50am On Jan 20
welldone sir but dat day you ........... let me close my mouth before i enter trouble
Re: My life at DESPO by WHIZKIDEFE(m): 5:10pm On Jan 20
Op well done o, I raise two hands for you Oga
Jewel 1 of Africa.. madam, abeg drOp ur 2 hands.. cheesy
Re: My life at DESPO by WHIZKIDEFE(m): 5:11pm On Jan 20
welldone sir but dat day you ........... let me close my mouth before i enter trouble
Baddest Meekest! My connect for life.. wehdone boss, I see you.
Re: My life at DESPO by LightQueen(f): 6:19pm On Jan 20
Jewel 1 of Africa.. madam, abeg drOp ur 2 hands.. cheesy
Lol I have drop it grin
Re: My life at DESPO by Frederick555: 11:22am On Jan 21
Guy thanks for the mention, I started with a ghost mode until I finally review myself through your captivating story, all thanks to you bro,
Re: My life at DESPO by WHIZKIDEFE(m): 1:12am On Jan 22

Re: My life at DESPO by WHIZKIDEFE(m): 12:26pm On Jan 23

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