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Legend Of The Seeker Season 3 Fan Fic by cathodekazim: 1:38pm On Dec 19, 2017
Season 3 of the legend of the seeker is not going to be released but here is a good news for all the lovers and fans.
The much awaited fan fix is here so sit back, relax and read.


A New Adventure: Chapter one
After Richard and the group saved the world they took Kahlan back to Aydindril were she would bring the midlands back to peace. Richard wanted to travel to make sure everyone was safe after the defeat of the keeper; he wanted to help the people he couldn’t help before. Zedd went home to spend time with his brother Thaddicus. It was just Richard and Cara on the road. Kahlan was devastated she had to leave Richard but she knew the people of the midlands needed her there. Cara as always didn’t really care where they went. Cara did admit things were weird with just the two of them traveling.
“So looks like it’s just us now.” Richard said laughing.
“Don’t flatter yourself. Anyone can still see you miss Kahlan.” Cara said.
A group of villagers ran up to them and said they have important news. Richard and Cara followed them to the people’s palace. Richard let chase take over the palace for a little while. Richard wanted to take a break after defeating the keeper. They went inside and Chase was sitting on the chair. He stood up and he brought them in the room where Darken Rahl had the boxes of orden. Chase then shut the door and walked over to the window.
“What seems to be the problem?” Richard asked.
“Darken Rahl still walks the earth, even though he left the palace he’s still causing suffering. He turned to his old self again wanting to end the world. When you closed the underworld for eternity some of the creatures still walk somehow. There’s a new creature called Starling, It’s an ugly little creature that kills everything it sees. I called for you to help defeat it.” Chase said.
“How did this creature come to the land of the living? We sealed the rift to the underworld.” Cara said.
“Rahl created it with dark magic from one of the wizards on his side. The creature may be small but it’s fast and hard to kill; the creature can also transform into anything it wishes to.” Chase said.
“So it can walk as a human and nobody would know it’s really a demon, and as soon as we thought we had some peace in this world.” Cara said.
“How do we find it?” Richard asked.
“Wizards have magic that can help you see it, if you go get Zedd and bring him here we can find a way.” Chase said.
“The wizard’s miles away from the people’s palace, it will take days.” Cara said.
“Well I guess we have no other option, let’s go get Zedd.” Richard said.
“Thank you Richard, you know where to find me if you need me.” Chase said.
Richard and Cara headed to Zedd’s house once again. It was going to take about two days just to get up there. It was nearly nightfall already but neither Cara nor Richard was tired so they continued walking. It was silent half of the night. Richard’s not used to traveling with Cara alone. Cara wasn’t much for talking. Richard wondered if his quest would ever be over. He thought it would have ended when the keeper was trapped in the underworld for eternity. I guess there will always be evil in the world. When he destroys one evil a new one arrives. He thinks of it as a Christmas present. You get a new one every year. Cara stopped; she heard a scream in the woods.
“Did you hear that?” Cara asked Richard.
“Someone needs help!”
Re: Legend Of The Seeker Season 3 Fan Fic by cathodekazim: 1:51pm On Dec 19, 2017
As they got to the person who was screaming, it was too late. The person was torn into pieces.
“Could it be the starling?” Richard asked.
“Let’s not stay and find out. We can’t see them; if we stay we will die if we won’t get to Zedd.” Cara said.
Richard saw a deer on the other side of the woods. Both of them haven’t eaten in days. Richard told Cara to stop. The deer was eating the grass; Richard threw the sword of truth and killed the deer.
“Come on let’s eat. We will be a bag of bones if we wait anyc longer.” Richard said.
Cara gathered wood to make a fire. The one thing Cara wasn’t good at was cooking so she let Richard do that. Cara started the fire and warmed her hands up.
“So got any idea on how were going to kill this Starling creature?” Cara asked.
“Well we go get Zedd and we go to Aydindril to see if Kahlan knows anything about this creature.” Richard said.
“That will take another day, besides if we go to Aydindril Kahlan will want to help and you know the people need her there, where she belongs.” Cara said.
“Well if we have an extra pair of hands we will be able to kill this thing easier.” Richard said.
Richard finished cooking the meat and they started eating. Richard was taking his good old time while Cara was scarfing hers down. Cara new if they were ever going to defeat this thing they needed to start right now. Darken Rahl needed to be stopped after they found a way to defeat this new creature. The creature can make itself visible when it wants to. Cara finished her meal and went to get more wood for the fire.
“Don’t you think it’s kind of quite around here without Zedd and Kahlan? Don’t you miss them? Richard asked.
“Mord Sith’s don’t let emotions get in their way. As I said to Kahlan when you were off with the sisters of the light, emotions make you week. Pride makes you strong.” Cara said.
“So what do you two talk about while I’m away?” Richard asked.
Cara glared at Richard and Richard laughed. It was silent for the rest of the time. Richard decided he wanted to sleep. Cara fell asleep to since they didn’t have anyone after them and they couldn’t see the starlings. The sun began to shine and Cara woke up. She looked over at Richard and kicked him in the side. Richard woke up with a grumpy expression. He was in the middle of a dream. Of course his dream was about Kahlan. Even though Richard didn’t want to take Kahlan away from her duties, they needed her.
“Have a nice sleep? You wouldn’t stop moaning.” Cara said as she gave a half smile.
Richard blushed as he ignored her question. They gathered all of their supplies and began walking. After an hour or so, someone came running for their help.
“Are you the seeker?” The man said as he stopped to take a breath.
“Yes, who are you and why do you come to us?” Richard asked as he looked around the woods to make sure no one else was there.
“The mother confessor is dead! Aydindril is under attack!” The man yelled.
Richard stood there, frozen and speechless. He dropped his sword and looked at Cara. Cara was also shocked of this news. Neither one of them knew what to say. They were praying that this man was evil and was trying to stop them from bringing Zed back.
“How exactly did Kahlan die? She’s one of the strongest fighters from the confessors. She could stand up to anything.” Cara said as she went over to the man and held the agile to his face.
“This beast attacked us. One of the guards went to go summon Kahlan, but they found her body all torn up on the ground. It killed many women in Aydindril. Many kids are now dead and Aydindril is no longer under protection. Please seeker, come with me and you will see the truth if you do not believe me. Kahlan would want you to come help us. I know it hurts, but the people need you.” The man asked.
“We will follow this man to see if he is telling the truth, but first we need to go get Zedd. If the Starlings are going after Aydindril Zedd will be able to help.” Richard said as he looked over at Cara.
“Do you really believe this man? I know people die every day, but Kahlan wouldn’t have died from a simple attack. She’s stronger than that.” Cara whispered to Richard.
“I’m not sure of anything yet. We go get Zedd and see if he knows anything about this. All I know is, if he is telling the truth. My heart is frozen, I can’t feel anything. After Kahlan was done helping Aydindril, we were going to find a way to be together. We had many ideas but we weren’t sure if they would work or not. Now we may never have the chance. I just can’t believe this is happening. “ Richard said as he began to cry.
“We will find who is in charge of this disaster. After we get Zedd we will know if this man is telling the truth. Until then, don’t let the words of this man bother you.” Cara said as they continued walking down the path
Re: Legend Of The Seeker Season 3 Fan Fic by cathodekazim: 1:59pm On Dec 19, 2017
The Mermaid: Chapter two
Episode Two
As Richard and Cara continued walking with this man they knew nothing about; they kept looking around the woods to make sure no one was hiding behind the trees waiting for an attack. Cara kept her agiels out and Richard kept the sword of truth on his hip like always. Richard began to think about Kahlan and what special times they have had with each other. He remembered the time she was torn into two and the upcoming night. Even though Kahlan did not have the memory of sleeping with Richard, the memory was enough for the both of them. Richard also began to think about the time she got captured and they all had to go under cover. Cara had to pretend to be a princess and talk all fancy and Zedd had to wear a dress and pretend to be a girl.
"Oh by the way, you never told us your name." Richard told the man.
"My name is Morgan. I was a servant of the mother confessor." Morgan said as he continued looking the opposite way Richard was.
"Well Morgan, if this is a trick you better start to run the opposite direction because I will have Zedd blast you with wizards fire." Richard said as he looked over to Cara.
Morgan began to blush. His face expression made it seem like he was lying. Richard wanted nothing more than this to be all a lie. Even though Cara was not much of a talker before this; she was extremely quite. It was odd that she wasn't making a joke about this. Cara's not one for jokes, but she does have a dark humor. Richard always had feelings for her even though he loved Kahlan more. Richard felt some type of lust for Cara that he wished would stop. These feelings for Cara made it harder for him to be around Kahlan. The night he first met Cara, she wanted to sleep with him because she was wanting pleasure. Cara kissed him but he pulled away, because his heart belonged too Kahlan. Now he wishes he took Cara's offer in pleasing him. They were right next to the lake. Richard heard someone singing; it sounded like a siren call.
"Do you hear that?" Cara asked as her hair blew in her face from the strong wind.
"Yes, I do. Lets go find out what it is, it sounds like some type if siren call." Richard said as Morgan turned around and followed them.
The song got louder as they got closer. When they walked around to the other side, on the far side of the lake they saw a women. Richard looked more closely at this women and saw she had a tail. This girl was a mermaid! The only one from what it looked like. Her voice was the most beautiful voice Richard has ever hear. Even though they have faced many creatures in the past, Zedd has never told him mermaids were real. She had long blond curly hair and Richard couldn't take his eyes off of her blue ones. Cara tried to snap him out of it but it looked like he was falling under her spell. Cara then looked over at Morgan and he was the same. Since Cara has never seen a mermaid before, she wasn't sure what to do. She wished Kahlan was with her so she can try to snap Richard and Morgan out of it.
The mermaid smiled from the lake as she got in the water. She started to swim closer to them. Richard and Morgan still seemed like they were under her spell so of course they wern't any help.This stop is going to delay them from getting to Zedd and going to Aydindril to see if Kahlan is dead or alive. The mermaid then popped her head out of water and did a flip in the air and the guys kept their eyes on her the entire time. She then swam towards them and looked directly up at all of them. She held out her hand and her finger nails were so long they looked like they could poke an eye out. She reached her arm out more and she tried to grab a hold of Richard and he began to walk closer to her. Cara thought there was only one way to snap him out of it. She didn't want to do this, but if it would save them then it would be worth it. Cara pulled out her agiles from her leather belt, and touched Richard on the arm with it for a quick second. She pulled the agiles away as he jumped back.
"What was that for!" Richard yelled as he held his arm in agony even though he's been touched by an agiel before.
"Your under her spell Richard! You have to turn and look away now!" Cara yelled as she pushed him away from the water. She now had to get Morgan back to normal so she did the same thing to him.
"What the hell is that thing!" Morgan yelled as he looked at Cara.
"It doesn't matter. What matters right now, is we have to get out of here before she drags you two down in the water with her. That's what they do. They find guys to mate with after they have fallen under her spell. That was the point in the song." Cara said as they began running.
The sun was going down and it was nearly nightfall. Cara turned her head to look back and she saw the mermaid swim away since she couldn't get out of the water to chase us. They were finally able to stop running once Richard and Morgan could no longer hear her siren call. They found a small cave up the hill to stay in for the night. Cara offered to take first watch but Morgan insisted he would. Even though they have not yet figured out if they could trust him or not, they figured they would need to sleep so they could get to Zedd and Aydindril even faster then if they were tired the entire time. They only had one blanket and it was cold, so they both had to share. Richard didn't like the fact that they were sleeping next to each other since the last time that happened, Cara kissed him.
Richard turned on the opposite side of Cara so he wouldn't be tempted. As soon as Cara fell asleep she began dreaming. She was in the desert and she was all alone. She walked around a bit trying to find Richard,Kahlan or Zedd but they were nowhere to be seen. She heard a voice calling her but she couldn't tell who's it was. She could tell it was a guys voice so she turned around and thought maybe it was Richard. The wind started to pick up and dust started flying in the air. She turned around and she saw this person walking closer to her. Cara called out to the person and asked who was there but they didn't respond. So she walked closer to the person and before she knew it, she saw Leo. Leo walked over and started kissing her. She knew this had to be a dream because Leo died saving Kahlan's life in the fight against the sisters of the dark. Cara loved Leo more than anything and she never got the chance to tell him. Leo then stopped kissing her, and put his hand on her cheek and began to talk.
"I loved you more than anything in my life." Leo said as he disappeared into the dust.
Cara then woke up from her dream to find out she was kissing Richard. Her eyes lit up like they were just stabbed with a needle, and she pulled away from him. Richard then woke up and had a terrified expression on his face. They both looked at each other, and they wern't sure what to say. Richard thought it was a dream at first so he rubbed his eyes and pinched himself to make sure. When he realized it wasn't a dream he stood up and began to walk around the cave because he didn't know what to do with himself.
"Richard, i'm sorry. I don't know what happened. I was dreaming, and I guess I did the same thing here from what I did in my dream." Cara said as she stood up.
"This means nothing. No one will ever know about this. Not Zedd and not Kahlan if she's alive. This stays between us." Richard said as he went to tell Morgan he was going to take second watch.

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Re: Legend Of The Seeker Season 3 Fan Fic by cathodekazim: 2:00pm On Dec 19, 2017
will continue if people show interest


Re: Legend Of The Seeker Season 3 Fan Fic by UltimateDayg: 2:13pm On Dec 19, 2017
Wow! This is lovely bro. Bring it on

we are ready
Re: Legend Of The Seeker Season 3 Fan Fic by Damlesky(m): 3:17pm On Dec 19, 2017
Makes sense...
Loving it op, continue.
Re: Legend Of The Seeker Season 3 Fan Fic by Scholarnwadimma(f): 4:55pm On Dec 19, 2017
Pls continue. I am much interested
Re: Legend Of The Seeker Season 3 Fan Fic by shiffynaani(m): 5:12pm On Dec 19, 2017
Mehn...This Is Ma Favourite Movie. More Ink To Your Pen, Op
Re: Legend Of The Seeker Season 3 Fan Fic by shiffynaani(m): 5:14pm On Dec 19, 2017
But, I Don't Understand....Is This The Third Episode Or What? And What Is Fan Fix Again?
Re: Legend Of The Seeker Season 3 Fan Fic by cathodekazim: 8:23pm On Dec 19, 2017
The Search for Zedd: Chapter three
Cara woke up after falling back asleep. Richard hardly slept that night since the incident before they went to bed. He was up majority of the night thinking about Kahlan, and how he felt like he betrayed her. If Kahlan was alive, he wasn't sure if he should tell her. After all it meant nothing to him and he doesn't even feel for Cara in that way. On the other hand, as Cara was coming back from hunting she stared at Richard in away she never has before. Morgan was still asleep and Richard went over to wake him. They were only a half a day away from getting to Zedd's place and Richard wanted to get there before night fall. Cara brought back a deer and Richard started a fire. Cara and Richard hardly new what to say to each other. Should they talk about last night? How is this going to effect the travel to Aydindril.
"So Morgan, where are you from? We have been traveling with each other for a couple days now and we know nothing about you." Richard asked as he questioned him trying to find out if he's telling the truth.
"I told you, I live in Aydindril. I've lived there all my life. It's my home." Morgan said with his mouth full of deer.
Richard could feel it in his bones that Kahlan is alive. He doesn't believe that she is truly dead. Richard imagined how his life would be without Kahlan. His heart broke at the thought and he hurried up and ate the rest of his deer meat because Morgan and Cara were already finished. Cara stood up and began pacing around the fire as if she was trying to figure out what to say to Richard. Her mouth opened as if she was about to talk but no words came out of her mouth. This is the first time she has ever felt guilty over kissing a man. Richard finally finished his part of the deer and he stood up and walked over to Cara.
"I know how you are feeling. I am not sure how to say this myself. All we can do is keep moving forward and not let it happen again because Kahlan doesn't even know about the first time it happened when we went into the future. We have to go get Zedd and get to Aydindrill." Richard said as Cara just glared at him wanting to say something but then he walked away and went to Morgan.
"Lets start moving. If we walk fast we can make it to Zedd's before nightfall. I hope he is there and didn't adventure off anyway." Richard said as the others followed him.
As they were walking Cara stayed behind Richard and kept an eye on Morgan. How was she suppose to admit she had feelings for Richard knowing he is in love with Kahlan? Darken Rahl was right, she thought. Cara kept thinking about how Darken Rahl said traveling with the seeker has made her weak. She has never felt guilty about this kind of thing before. She was trained to please and torture people. She once was Darken Rahl's favorite. She pleased him like no other Mord Sith could. She even bared his child. Surprisingly after hours of walking they made it to Zedd's house. Richard knocked on the door but there wasn't an answer. Richard opened the door and he began to worry. He walked through the entire house and finally found Zedd's brother Thadicus on his bed.
"Thaddicus! Did you not hear the door?" Richard said as he walked over to him.
"Oh sorry, i'm loosing my hearing. What are you doing here seeker? I thought you were taking a break after saving the world?" Thaddicus asked as he stood up.
"I'm sorry about that, I feel bad about barging in but I wanted to make sure everything was okay. We are he because we need Zedd. A new creature has come loose and we need his help. Were is he?" Richard asked.
"He is at the tavern about 10 minutes away from here. His stomach was growling and we have nothing to eat right now. If you leave now you can catch him." Thaddicus said.
"Of course Zedd is at the tavern. Well lets get going so we can find a place to rest before nightfall."
Cara smirked as she walked out the door.
"Was that a smile? I never thought in my life time i'd see a Mord Sith smile; not even a half smile." Thaddicus laughed as they said there goodbyes and Richard and Morgan walked out the door.
Cara and Richard began walking next to each other again. Cara kept thinking about how she could apologize but she could never think of a good way to. Plus, apologizing wasn't her thing. They finally made it to the tavern. Cara recognized this place. She was here the night Kahlan found out she murdered her sister when she was still fighting for Darken Rahl. She was anxious that one of the guys here would recognize her. After all, they were all terrified of her when she walked through that door thinking that she was going to kill them. As she walked in they all stared at her and the room became silent. That answered her question, they did remember her and she would have to do some explaining to Richard if any of them blabbed.
"Hello everyone. Is a Zeddicus here? I need him urgently." Richard stated as the men at the bar pointed their fingers to the left as they contined stairing at Cara.
Richard looked around and noticed how they were all starring at Cara. He was going to question her about it but then he thought that they were just worried that she would harm them since she still had her red leather suit on with agiels dangling from her sides. He finally found the area where Zedd was sitting and he went over and patted him on the back. Zedd jumped out of his seat not knowing it was Richard behing him. All he saw was Cara's red leather pants and he thought a Mord Sith has come to get him to try and get information out of him.
"Richard! You almost gave me a heartattack! What are you doing here?" Zedd asked in a loud voice.
"We need your help. Chase informed me that there is a new creature about called a starling that Darken Rahl created. Turns out he hasn't changed any." Richard said.
"A starling? That creature was suppose to be a myth! If it is real then we have some real problems coming our way! Also, who is the man standing next to you?" Zedd asked.
"Can we talk outside in private? Cara keep an eye on Morgan." Richard said as they walked out the door.
As Richard was telling Zedd about Morgan said about Kahlan, Cara wondered around the tavern. The man she slept with the night she was here went down on his knees and begged for his life. Morgan just starred wondering what was going on. Cara walked away from the man and went to the bar so she could rest for a bit. Her legs were very sore and due to walking half of the night thinking about the kiss between her and Richard. Zedd and Richard then came back in the tavern. Zedd's heart looked broken and he himself also hoped this news to be false. He glared at the man and then sat down next to him. Zedd was not sure what to say. It was nearly nightfall so Richard went over to Cara and told her that they were going back to Zedd's for the night.
As they walked out of the tavern, all eyes continued to be on Cara. She looked back as she walked out the door and wondered if she should of said anything. Richard and Zedd were talking about how they don't think Kahlan is truly dead. Cara and Morgan were traveling behind them. Moments later they made it to Zedd's house. Thaddicus was there waiting for their return. He was wondering if they were even going to return.
"I know there isn't much space. There is only one extra bedroom. Richard, you and Cara can share one and Morgan, you can sleep in my room on the floor I would normally offer you the bed, but my back has been killing me laltley." Zedd said as Cara began to blush.
As Richard and Cara walked in the room, Richard offered Cara the bed, but she refused and took the floor. Richard fell asleep and started dreaming. Kahlan was the first person to pop into his dream. Richard was dreaming about the time he was in the valley of perdition and dreamt about when she thought she died. Her spirit was trying to get him to come to the underworld and give up on his quest. Richard then woke up from the nightmare and woke up Cara. Richard wasn't himself, he began kissing Cara. Cara tried to pull away but then her feelings over came her. They both fell on the bed and began pleasing each other. Richard new it was wrong, but he couldn't stop himself. He was drawn to her and she was drawn to him. Their lust for each other over came them.

cc: ultimatedayG
Re: Legend Of The Seeker Season 3 Fan Fic by shiffynaani(m): 11:30pm On Dec 19, 2017
A Story Like No Other. U'r The Best Op
Re: Legend Of The Seeker Season 3 Fan Fic by cathodekazim: 6:42am On Dec 20, 2017
Secrets and Lies Never Prosper: Chapter four
Episode four/Chapter four
When daylight finally seeped through the roof, Cara and Richard woke up. Cara was calm as ever, and Richard stood up so fast that the bed slid a bit. Richard couldn’t believe what he has done. What would Kahlan say? Would their love be over? Richard continued pacing around the room as Cara looked at him in a predaceous manner. Cara stood up and tightened her leather. Turns out the two of them did more than what they remembered.
“Richard. Calm down, Kahlan won’t find out. We can keep this between us.” Cara said as Richard finally sat down on the bed.
“It’s not that. I have betrayed her. We promised ourselves when separated not to fall in love with anyone else. Of course she was joking because she didn’t think it was possible. And now look what-“ Richard was then cut off by Zeddicus who walked in the room unannounced.
“For the love of the creator Zed! Don’t you ever knock?” Richard yelled in a questionable manner.
Richard didn’t realize that he was not wearing any pants. Zedd looked down, and his eyes widened as he looked at Cara. Cara was stroking her hair nervously hoping that Zedd wouldn’t guess what was happening. Richard then looked over in the corner and saw his pants lying there in a wad. He then went over and picked them up to put them on.
“What in the name of the creator is going on here? Why are you so jittery?” Zedd asked in a panicky tone.
“I am not jittery, and nothing’s wrong. Why do you ask such hasty questions?” Richard said trying to throw him off.
“My boy! You weren’t wearing any pants! And Cara’s standing over there acting like she doesn’t have any sagacity left in her! Did you two sleep together?” Zedd asked even though he wasn’t certain if he wanted to perceive the answer.
“That’s foolish talk Zedd. You know I vouchsafed my soul to Kahlan.” Richard said as he looked at Cara in a concerned manner.
“Alright I’ll have faith in you. But, if you are not telling the truth however; then terrible things will happen. Now get dressed. We have to go to Aydindrill.” Zedd said as he sauntered out of the room.
“That was a close call.” Cara said to Richard as he walked out of the room.
Richard new that they had to talk about what has happened, but he just wasn’t ready. Cara then followed Richard out of the room a moment later. As they walked down the stairs of the tavern, everyone was watching them. Richard thought that Zedd has told them what he saw in their chambers. Morgan was waiting for them with breakfast and Chase was by his side. Richard was not expecting to see Chase for another month. He was supposed to be at the people’s palace watching over the people making sure the starling doesn’t come there too.
“Chase? What are you doing here?” Richard asked curiously but in an excited way.
“I heard about Kahlan. I wanted to make sure you were okay. Most of all, if this man is lying about her death; I want to be by your side when you kill him.” Chase said as he glared at Morgan.
“I wouldn’t want anything less. Who did you leave in charge at the people’s palace?” Richard asked.
“Don’t fret my friend. One of the council women took charge until my return.” Chase said as he smiled at Cara.
“We should get moving. It’s already passed dawn.” Cara said as she made sure her agiels were secure.
As they walked out the bar tender gave Cara an evil glare. He must have recognized her from the night that Kahlan found out about Deanne Cara thought as she looked at the others to make sure they didn’t see. Although, she saw Richard turn around. She knew that he had to of seen the stare. Richard thought the glare was at him though. He thought maybe he must have heard them last night, or he was terrified of the leather. As they continued walking up the hill Zedd grabbed ahold of Richard’s shoulder and let the other ones go in front.
“Tell me the truth Richard. You and Cara slept together, didn’t you?” Zedd asked as Richard’s eyes widened. Richard new Zedd wouldn’t give it up, but he was hoping this moment would come later when he has talked it through with Cara.
Richard stuttered on his words. He wasn’t sure what to tell Zedd. He could see in his eyes that Zedd knew he was dishonest. Somehow Zedd was like a male confessor. He knew what people were thinking by their jargons. Richard knew he wouldn’t be able to keep the secret for much longer, so he took a deep breath and started talking.
“In my heart and soul, I still love Kahlan like I always have. I would die for her in any cause. Zedd, I made a mistake. Cara and I did sleep together.” Richard said as he looked up at Cara who was far ahead of them with Chase and Morgan.
Zedd was speechless. It was like he wasn’t sure what to say. He rubbed his hands under his chin hoping for an answer to this new found information to which he hoped would have been deceitful.
“Richard. How did this happen? Did she tempt you in some way?” Zedd asked as he looked ahead to make sure none of them were listening.
“No Zedd. During the time alone, we have grown feelings for each other. I know it is wrong because my heart belongs to Kahlan. I guess in the depression of thinking Kahlan was dead, I gave in. Please don’t speak of this to the others. And whatever you do, don’t tell Cara you know.” Richard said.
“Okay, on one condition. If Kahlan is alive; you must tell her. There must be no secrets between you two. Otherwise the love you have for one another is nothing but a fairy tale. Promise me this Richard.” Zedd stated as Richard shook his head yes because he was to ashamed to say anything else.
They caught up to the rest of the gang before they knew something was wrong. Cara kept Morgan on a short leech to make sure he won’t try anything. And Richard started talking to Chase. Zedd was too shocked about the love between Richard and Cara. He knew that he should have stayed with them. Now it was out of his power. Richard has to choose Kahlan or Cara. Richard can’t have feeling for two women. If Kahlan found out who knows how she would react. Zedd knew that if Kahlan truly is dead, then Richard’s guilt will eat him alive. Zedd knew the promise the two made when they had to leave each other. Not only will Richard have guilt of not staying at Aydindrill to protect her, he will have guilt about sleeping with Cara and not being able to speak the truth. Guilt is a powerful thing, and it cannot be cured until the truth comes out. Aydindrill was still a two days walk from here. Until then, they all prayed to the creator and hoped that Kahlan was alive and unharmed.
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Richard's Return: Chapter Five

After many days passed, all of them finally made it to Aydindril. The gates opened as people cheered for the seeker and wizards return. Richard walked through first with Zedd by his side. Cara walked behind with Chase and Morgan. The people began to bow to Richard as if he was king. Everything was pretty much wrecked. Homes, farmland, wagons it didn't look like anything was left standing except for the few survivors. Cara looked at the people with warn out faces. Many of them looked like they haven't eaten in weeks. Richard went into where the central council would be. He dragged Morgan in with him, as Zedd and Cara tried to help the last survivors. As Richard continued looking around in the Wizard's Keep, he wondered into a hallway that was never noticed before. He walked slowly down the hallway looking at the lanterns hung above him. Morgan stood there frozen knowing what was behind that door.
"I think it's best if you go in there yourself seeker. I'm not allowed to enter, it's one of the rules." Morgan said stumbling.
Richard nodded and started to open the door in the dank hallway.
Outside Cara and Zedd ran into a few faces they familiar faces from their travels. Annabelle and Flynn were now living in Aydindril under the rule of Kahaln Amnell. Zedd starred at them for a long minute, and Cara began walking over.
"Zedd, Cara! Boy are we glad to see you guys." Flynn yelled as he went to go hug Zedd.
Flynn made it over to Zedd, and hugged him. Annabelle looked at Cara, as they both gave each other glares.
"Get off of me! You're even more of a simpleton than the last time we left you two. We're here for a reason, and I believe you two can help." Zedd said as he looked over at Cara.
Richard stood in the room that was left abandoned. It was dark and he couldn't see anything. Richard then went back to the hallway to grab one of the lanterns. When he walked back in, he saw a stoned statue standing in the middle, with others surrounding it. Richard walked in and saw Kahaln's face. He slowly started walking up to the statue. As he continued to make his way towards her, his face was as pale as a ghost. He couldn't believe what Morgan said was true.
Zedd continued talking to Flynn and Annabelle to see if they knew anything about the new creatures, or where Darken Rahl might be hiding. Flynn started telling Zedd everything. "After Richard and Cara brought Kahlan back, everything was peaceful for a few months. Everyone was happy, and Kahlan well, she was as happy as she's ever been. To be back home with her people. There were only a few minutes of desperation when Kahlan started to miss Richard. After awhile however, Kahlan's feelings grew less for him. She fell in love with another. Only, this time she confessed him. In her heart her feelings were conflicted, but because she knew her duties as a confessor she carried his child." Flynn took a break before continuing the rest of the story.
Zedd looked over to Cara. She wasn't falling for this story, she knew that Kahlan would have never taken passion from someone else other than Richard. Something wasn't right, and she had to figure out what. "So, she bared a child? With another man that wasn't Richard? How gullible do you think we are!" Cara questioned Flynn to try to get the real truth out of him.
Back at the Wizard's Keep, Richard walked up to Kahlan's stone statue. He raised his hand to her face, and stroked her cheek. "I'm sorry I failed you. I should have stayed, and we could have ruled together but instead I wen't off with Cara leaving you defenseless. It led you to your death. I failed you in more ways than just death, I broke our promise and now I never even get to find out if you would forgive me. " Richard took a breath, and looked around the room at all the other deceased mother confessors. "You were always faithful to me, and I betrayed that faith. I was hoping that Morgan was a worker for Darken Rahl trying to weaken me, by saying that you were dead." Richard took his hand off of Kahlan's stoned cheek. He looked down at the ground in sadness, and then looked back up and kissed Kahlan on the lips as a way of saying good bye. Richard turned around, ready to leave the room when the sound of crackling stone stopped him.
The people outside went on their usual lives. Picking up the last of the crops, and cleaning up the mess that was left from the attack. Flynn gave up on trying to explained what happened during their absence. He could already tell that the mord sith was not trusting him. Annabelle stepped up to try to explain things. Her voice still sounds innocent, but Zedd could tell that she was terrified to say what happened next at the same time. Chase came walking up behind, he was off helping a family with three children in the fields. "What's going on? Find out any new information?" Chase said in curiosity. Zedd looked over to him and slapped him on the head. "Don't you see that's what I'm trying to accomplice?" Zedd said in an angry tone. "Sorry, go on. Try to find out new information. I'll be back in the farmlands again." Chase said as he walked off.
Cara looked over to Annabelle and Flynn so they knew to continue talking. Annabelle knew that it was up to her to let them knew that both Kahlan and the baby died because of the starling, along with the father. "After Kahlan found out she was pregnant, she tried writing a letter to Richard but got interfered before she could. A starling came to attack the town, except we didn't know what the creature was since it's invisible." Annabelle took a pause. "How did you figure out the name of it then?" Cara asked. "After the beast killed Kahlan and her baby along with many other people, the council received a letter from a scarlet black bird. " Zedd looked at Cara in despair as Annabelle continued telling the story.
"The letter didn't have a signature at the bottom. We still have yet to figure out who sent it and how they knew the starling was coming here. Ever since the council, well what's left of the council. They have been trying to figure out a way to defeat the creature and make it visible to the human eye. Kahlan sacrificed her life for everyone here. She died a hero." Annabelle stated as Flynn wrapped his arm around her.
Richard turned around to figure out what the crackling was. His face lit up in terror as he saw Kahlan's stoned statue deforming. The stone first started to fall off her head, and it looked like Kahlan was back to her normal self again. Richard ran back to her trying to tear away the rest of the stone. As the stone fell halfway through her body, Kahlan started to breathe again. Her heart stuttered a beat, and was trying to catch her breath. The stone fell off her and tumbled to the ground. Kahlan herself almost fell as her legs were weak. Richard caught her as he was in shock. He doesn't know how she was still alive, but all he could think about was having his true love back to him. Kahlan looked up him. Her lips were chapped, and she had dust all over her face. It looks like she was just frozen in time and never truly dead. Richard grabbed the canteen tied to his belt, and handed it to Kahlan. She slowly grabbed it, her hands were trembling too much. She finally was able to lift the water to her mouth and take a huge gulp. Richard smiled as Kahlan started to cough. She then looked up to him.
"Ri-Rich-Richard?" Kahlan asked finally able to make out his full name.
"It's me Kahlan. I knew I'd find you, I'll always find you" Richard said as he leaned in to embrace her.
Outside, Zedd and Cara were thinking about who would be powerful enough to know about the starling. They knew it had to be someone who worked for Darken Rahl. "We must go find Richard before he falls apart." Cara said to Zedd.
"Yes, but first let's get Chase so that we're all together. Flynn, Annabelle, I will see you before we leave here. Maybe there is something else you could help us with. " Zedd said as Cara started walking away. Annabelle and Flynn nodded in agreement, and Zedd followed Cara knowing she was headed to the Wizard's Keep.
"I don't know how Richard is going to get through Kahlan dying, on top of her having a child with another man." Cara said to Zedd as he stayed silent. Cara looked up at the sky, and just stopped to watch the birds fly by. She was also hoping to see Kahlan again, as she betrayed her as a friend. Kahlan forgave Cara for killing her sister, but Cara wondered if she would ever forgive her for sleeping with Richard even if Kahlan had another lover.
Back at the Wizard's Keep, Richard and Kahlan were still embracing each other. However they slowly pulled apart from one another, and starred into each others eyes. A moment later they both gave into temptation, and kissed each other. Kahlan dropped the canteen of water on the the ground as the two celebrated the return. It must have been true loves kiss that woke Kahlan from the stone. Fairytales in the midlands hardly happened, but Richard couldn't be more gracious that the kiss woke up his one true love. Right there, He pulled back and remembered that he still felt guilty about Cara, and Kahlan looked at him wondering why he stopped. They both froze trying to think of what to say after their long time apart

To be continued

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Great Work,op
Re: Legend Of The Seeker Season 3 Fan Fic by adinoyiM(m): 10:05am On Dec 20, 2017
Richard's Return: Chapter Five
To be continued
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Please continue. This is interesting...
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Episode 5: Flashback

previously on Legend of the Seeker...
Dahlia kissed Cara in the pale midnight lighting, in an unasked-for rekindling of a relationship long left behind.
Zedd threw his hands into the air, reciting the Spell of Undoing over Cara. Suddenly in a flash of light, he stood at a wedding
The wizard spoke to Richard with realization dawning in his voice: "Then you have the Power of Orden. That's why Rahl is no threat to you, you bent him to your will."
Zedd recited the Spell of Undoing for the second time as the world spun around Dahlia, erasing her Mord'Sith existence so that the right world could be restored.
Nicci slammed her dacra into Kahlan. The Mother Confessor cried out as green light flashed, and then her eyes darkened, and she was kneeling before the sorceress with the words "Command me, mistress," on her lips.
Richard, Kahlan, Cara and Zedd stood at the Pillars of Creation, as the sun shone over their success.
A Mord'Sith knelt at Darken's command to give the Breath of Life to a bloodied Nicci, but not before a radahan was around her neck.
The sun rose over a D'Hara that looked as it always had; over a People's Palace that looked untouched by chaos. Darken Rahl sat on his throne with the Sword of Truth laid across his knees, Orden simmering in his blood, almost tingling at his fingertips as it waited for another release. No longer a mind-washed slave to an infuriatingly oblivious brother, it was his turn to shape the country he'd called home all his life. He needed Dahlia back, though, before he set his next plan into motion. He needed to see success in her eyes.
"My Lord," came the velvet tones of his right hand as if in answer to his thoughts. The clicks of her boots as she swayed into the room were a kind of music to his ears.
"Dahlia," he answered, turning in his seat to look at the lean Mord'Sith approaching. "Speak to me of your mission."
"It went well," Dahlia said with a hint of a smile, standing before him with one hand resting casually on her agiel. "Cara Mason is dead."
Darken's eyes brightened with the understanding that the one strange doubt of his was destroyed.
"But I and my sisters were not the first to find her," Dahlia continued with a slight purse of her pomegranate lips. "The wizard Zeddicus and the Mother Confessor were there first. They were performing...some kind of magic on her when I entered the scene." Dahlia shifted her weight from one side to another, hip swaying. "I apologize, my Lord, but the next thing I knew there was a flash of light and I woke up on the ground. All that was left was the woman, Cara Mason, still dead."
A smile brushed Darken Rahl's lips, and he tapped his fingers on the hilt of the Sword. "Wherever they have gone, it will not matter. Where you will go, however..." he trailed off, looking for the answering intrigue in her eyes.
"Lord Rahl?"
"You know of the Old World, Dahlia," he said, leaning back in his ornate throne, looking up into eyes that would never hold anything but willingness to serve his needs. "A realm separated from ours by a barrier unlike any mere physical one—and yet it is part of our reality. It should not come as a surprise that there are greater barriers still...and greater realms hidden from ours." He held her gaze.
Dahlia frowned, cocking her head. "What realms can you mean?"
"Yesterday evening," Darken said, voice low and resonating, "a rift appeared in a flash of light just a few miles south of Stowcroft. My soldiers contacted me through journeybook, and I went by magic. It is a portal, Dahlia. To a place that looks like the mirror of our own. Just imagine it."
"You went through it, my lord?" Dahlia asked with some concern in her voice.
Darken smiled a little. "No, but that much could I see from this side. Now that I have brought peace to these realms, the thought of ones outside my influence being still full of chaos...I cannot allow it."
The Mord'Sith's small smooth smile betrayed no sense of irony, as it would not ever do again, not unless he commanded it. "Understood, my lord. Shall I and my sisters make a safe way for you to enter and bring peace to this new realm?"
Darken tapped his forefinger on his lower lip, eyes pondering for a second. "No. No, there is no need to show such haste. We know nothing of this world, other than that it looks on the surface to be like our own. Go alone, Dahlia, and go quietly. I want to be well aware of everything before I bring the peace of Orden to these new lands."
Dahlia nodded, smiling a little yet again. "And if it is a mirror?
Darken looked up to her with firm eyes. "Do what must be done
Re: Legend Of The Seeker Season 3 Fan Fic by cathodekazim: 2:18pm On Dec 20, 2017
He smirked, just a little, eyes sharing the momentary amusement with her. "Especially if my brother exists there as well. I will not tempt fate again."
"Consider it done, Lord Rahl." With a turn of her heel, Dahlia had stridden from the room.
Darken sat and leaned over his knee. He smirked again, a silent chuckle at the back of his throat. This time, he would have the advantage that he should have had the first time. This realm, once hidden by a barrier now torn, would soon be under his blanket of protection. He was certain of it.

The world might be mended, but the Pillars of Creation had not shifted any nearer to civilization. After a night of tearfully joyous celebration amongst themselves, Richard, Kahlan, Cara, and Zedd began a rather rueful march back towards the rest of the world.
"We should finally reach a village tonight," Richard said wryly, smiling at Kahlan as they trod down the dirt path.
"Hopefully the people will understand what the lights meant," Kahlan said back to him with just as broad a smile.
"If they even noticed," Cara pointed out in a desert-dry tone, eyes back in their typical half-rolled position as she walked on the other side of Kahlan. "Just because we've been focusing our minds on one purpose—and not even succeeding at that, some of us—doesn't mean that the world stopped turning. Thieves have still been thieving whether their lives were in danger or not, and I doubt they noticed a bit of light in the sky."
"Cara's right," Zedd said in a more serious voice, making Cara quirk her lips a little, even though she didn't answer in words. Richard let out a sigh as Zedd continued, "More importantly, though Dennee may be overlooking the Midlands from Aydindril, D'Hara is still without a leader."
"grin'Hara is looking for a Lord Rahl," Richard pointed out with the hint of a rueful smile. "We can't provide that." Cara frowned for a moment as if she was about to say something, but didn't, and Richard carried on with a warm glance at Kahlan. "What's more important is that we get you back to Aydindril. The people need their Mother Confessor."
"I'm sure they do," Kahlan said with a laughing tone, eyes meeting his, dancing a little as she continued, "Or is it just you?"
Richard answered with a teasing face of his own. "Well, if you insist..."
The snarky words and eyeroll in response seemed just about to burst from Cara when Zedd spoke up first. "Cara, will you also go to Aydindril?"
The other two looked at her, but for a moment Cara said nothing, eyes locked on Kahlan in a realization of not knowing. Once she would have snapped back with a decision to go off on her own at last, mission accomplished. Once she would have stuck close to Richard simply as the Lord Rahl. Now, as they looked at her, and as even Kahlan didn't have a suggestion, she opened her mouth to speak but no thoughts formed into words.
Before she could stammer some cover-up, however, suddenly the area around them shook with a thunderous crack of the earth. The path beneath shuddered, a sound ripped through the air, and the trees rustled in the movement.
An earthquake shook them.
Darken Rahl and the few Mord'Sith that Garen had not lost to Kahlan through Con Dar made their way through the woods. If they had a plan beyond keeping on the move, it wasn't obvious to the naked eye, but they marched as if the glory days of the House of Rahl had never vanished. Nicci, in her black dress still and with a radahan around her neck, strode sullenly beside Darken, face blank except for her dark-lined eyes. For all that she protested that without her powers he didn't need her, she did not feel confident in her position.
The strange silent tension between them did not waver, and then suddenly the world shook and thunder rolled from a sunlit sky. The Mord'Sith drew their agiels, but Nicci only flexed her fingers in a helpless anticipation. Darken looked to her as if she'd done it, but she frowned irritatedly. This was no magic of hers.
Shota had her divining dish set before her when a rumble shook the earth, making the water ripple ominously. She looked up, eyes wary, and then tightened her lips and quickly grabbed for herbs to spread across the water. This was not promising.
"Zedd?" Richard asked, brow creased.
"What was that?" Kahlan followed, turning around.
Cara had her agiels out, frowning, looking for Darken and his magic.
A beat of silence and confusion passed, but Zedd only said with a frown, "That was no natural quake."
Through the shaking, and a shimmering window that seemed to emanate from the very hills, Dahlia walked with a smirk on her lips and a sway in her hips. The rift rippled behind her with another rumble as she stepped through. As long as it stayed open, her Lord Rahl held her under his merciful and just control, and she would do his bidding.
It seemed strange to her how the entire world stretched out before her keen eyes as if she had not walked through anything at all. A perfect mirror—or was it. There was only one way to know for sure, and with a look of purpose she turned on her heel to begin her task.
"Simon!" Dahlia Stackhouse hefted her apron around her waist. "Simon, did you hear that?" She left her small cottage in Stowcroft to walk down to the river, where her husband—a man of bulky build and flat features—fished by its side. "Didn't you feel that?"
"Earthquake, love. Nothing to fear."
Dahlia frowned. "I wouldn't call that normal, though. I'm going up to the woods to check from the hilltop." Her long dark hair fell behind her as she made her way out of the range of their village, her movements stealthier than a fisherman's wife's had to be. For all that fate had not granted her anything beyond an ordinary Stowcroft life, Dahlia had grown up with a sharp intuition and reserve that gave her wits without needing education. She was careful—and this time was no different.
The sound was at most a couple miles off, that she knew for sure from her past observations of thunderstorms. She'd crossed nearly half the distance after rising to the top of the ridge that blocked the high winds from ripping into Stowcroft from the mountains. Once at its peak, she could see the valley beyond, and anything that might be approaching.
Dahlia frowned as she saw the milky golden glow sweeping across the valley that was normally clear. This could not bode well, not after the Underworld problems of this year. Turning to return to Simon and point out his false assumption, she took a step forward and then froze—she was not alone.
Were it any other Mord'Sith standing before her in maroon leather, a smirk on her face, Dahlia would have resorted to her training as a child that she'd taken after her best friend had been stolen away.
But this wasn't a random servant of Lord Rahl. That was her own face she saw.
"Dahlia," the woman purred in her own voice.
Starting to panic, realizing that this must be dark magic, Dahlia started to turn and flee, wishing she had anything to defend herself with. She only managed a step before the Mord'Sith shot out an arm and gripped hers, wrenching her arm so that they stood face to face. Gasping, Dahlia looked up into eyes that could almost have been the ones that she saw in the mirror every day.
"Not the same after all, I see," the Mord'Sith murmured.
"Who are you?" Dahlia breathed out.
The Mord'Sith paused. A look flashed across her face that Dahlia couldn't tell if it was envy or pity. But it faded, and she said: "Someone who needs to use your life."
Dahlia swallowed hard, about to ask what she could do. The other Dahlia didn't bother to ask. Freezing once more on seeing the agiel, Dahlia didn't even get last words before it was neatly pressed against her heart.
She was dead before she hit the earth.
Despite the fact that they hadn't reached a village, and hadn't even discovered anything about the earthquake, the sun still shone down on Richard and his merry band as they prepared for another day. Cara and Kahlan strode back together from the cool river, the sun glinting off their still-damp skin as Kahlan took the lead up the hill.
"We were in a hurry, Cara," Kahlan said in a dry tone, not glancing back as she tucked her damp hair out of the way.
"Richard said we had time, are you questioning him?"
Kahlan waved her hand briefly, refusing to engage with the baiting question. "Your hair isn't long enough to need me to wash it—you have hands that work, don't you?"
Cara eyed her back with a slightly odd look, unreadable, even as Kahlan could not see it. "My sisters always washed my hair for me. I am unused to doing it for myself."
They had almost walked back to the camp by then, where Richard was extinguishing the fire as Zedd dealt with the leftovers from last night's supper.
Kahlan turned with a slightly curious expression, even if there was fond incredulity as well. "Cara. You can't tell me that there's anything you aren't willing to do for yourself."
Cara's hand had raised to curl in the ends of her damp hair, an express
Re: Legend Of The Seeker Season 3 Fan Fic by cathodekazim: 2:21pm On Dec 20, 2017
expression on her face that was not as teasing as Kahlan would have expected. But before words could come from her mouth, there was a flash of light behind her. Tightening her stance instantly, Cara and Kahlan drew daggers and agiels together, Kahlan turning around as she did so.
Shota, in her simple dark gown and long straight hair, didn't seem impressed with either half of the scene. Her eyes were dark, almost menacing, even before Richard drew the Sword of Truth and Zedd raised his hands. Her own were up defensively all in an instant as she turned to the old wizard. "So it seems that you are once again the cause of all the troubles of this world, Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander."
Cara strode firmly up behind the witch-woman and grabbed her by the shoulder, one agiel hovering just above her throat. Kahlan took the opportunity to move around Shota to stand by Richard, suspicious and ill at ease at the visitor.
"What gives you the right to say that?" Zedd demanded in an angry bluster.
Shota ignored Cara completely and kept giving Zedd a dark eye. "The fact that the world now bleeds, and your hand alone holds the weapon."
Cara gave the agiel a little shove against the witch-woman's throat, hissing frustratedly. "We're not in the mood for your games."
"Explain yourself," Zedd growled, brow narrowing at her words.
Shota flinched under the agiel and refused to answer—Cara hissed again and pulled it away, and Shota adjusted herself with a cool near-disdain, even though anger clearly simmered beneath the surface. "You play too easily with powerful magic, Zeddicus. Spells like the Spell of Undoing should not ever have been attempted, let alone twice."
Cara, Kahlan, and Richard all turned to Zedd with surprise. For all her knowledge, Kahlan had never heard of this spell. More importantly, she didn't know that Zedd had done anything significant recently. He'd been quieter since the Pillars of Creation, but she had not yet begun to suspect secrecy.
The wizard frowned. "How do you know this?"
"Because you left your signature across the very nature of this world," Shota said. The anger appeared almost as harsh amusement on her face. "Oh how foolish you must think me if you imagine that I could miss the signs. Not only once, but twice, you restructured the very fabric of the universe, and as always you did so poorly. Well, now the seams are fraying, and the worlds that you rewrote are bleeding through the tears."
It struck the root of so many fears. Kahlan's face was drawn with confusion and discomfort, and she gave a direct look to the wizard. "Zedd? What does she mean?"
Despite his own confusion, Zedd had regret starting to shine from his eyes already. "I am not sure..."
"You dragged the entire world into a new time and then back again," Shota said, eyes flashing. Her stance bristled just as much as her words, even if she made no unnecessary move. "Did you think it was as simple as that to fix a wrong?"
"Enough of this cryptic talk!" Zedd snapped.
"Why are you here?" Richard asked finally, shaking his head a little in frustrated bewilderment.
"You," Shota said, finger raised to point at Zedd, voice weary as if she'd already explained it to him. "Caused a rift. Now it stretches across the land, and the worlds you erased are seeping into this one. But only one can exist here—and the chaos will rip everything to shreds if the rift is not mended."
"A rift between what?" Kahlan asked.
"I sought to aid us all," Zedd said with a frown. "Black magic had taken Cara from us—I only sought to undo it."
Kahlan saw Cara mirror her instant start at the words, stunned.
"But it changed the world." Shota refused to let him finish, her point never ceasing to be sharp. "And instead of taking it back, you made the same foolish mistake again. Well, now we all must pay unless you find some way to patch it up again. Who knows what mirrored worlds will come into ours if we don't make haste."
For a moment, no one spoke, all faces closely knit with the confusing news.
"I don't understand," Cara said, with a slight wave of her agiel. She sounded frustrated, as always when there was a lack of understanding. "So Zedd changed the world and now...what...it wants to be changed back?"
"This world, and the worlds we no longer live in, are in conflict," Shota corrected. "Strange things are happening with this clash—the earthquake is just a first trauma."
Richard looked sold on the concept, turning worriedly from Shota to Zedd and Kahlan. "Magic has torn apart this world enough. We can't stand by and let it happen again."
Cara, incredulous still, turned on him. "But what can we do?"
"We don't have a Stone of Tears this time," Kahlan concurred. They weren't ready for another crisis like this, she couldn't help but think with a frown, looking from face to face.
But Zedd sighed long and slowly, leading all eyes to him while Shota's had never left. "We will not need it," he said in a dark tone. He turned his eyes on Shota with a look that the others could not read. "I know enough already."
Even Cara seemed to finally grasp the import, no matter if the details were still hazy. Her voice was that of a Mord'Sith when she spoke, purposeful and grave. "Then where do we go?"
"It starts at Stowcroft," Shota said.
As all their heads darted, first to Cara, then to Zedd, they didn't notice the witch woman disappear. But like the wind that merely carries an object to its destination, she had not stayed to watch the impact of her words. Zedd had never looked so old—and Cara had never looked so bewildered.
Nicci stood feeling as if her hands were more than metaphorically tied, watching Darken Rahl smirk as he surveyed the scene. Her sullen silence failed utterly in getting a reaction out of him, even just to ignore her. Infuriated, she stopped playing the outward game, eyes burning as she watched the guarded but clear satisfaction on his face. "You led us on intuition those last few miles—how did you know?"
He looked on her and didn't even bother to hide the satisfaction in his eyes at getting her to speak. She didn't think he should count it as such a big victory—not yet. He answered: "I should have known we would end up here. Ever since Cara left my tender care, the world seems to rise and set in her glory. With disastrous results, unsurprising given her nature. First my death, then the quest for the Stone of Tears, and now this strange new magic. I should have known it would draw near her old
Re: Legend Of The Seeker Season 3 Fan Fic by cathodekazim: 2:23pm On Dec 20, 2017
Nicci raised an eyebrow, finding it difficult to imagine the woman who'd agieled her and shot her through the neck growing up in such a common setting. But all she said aloud was, "Unsurprising indeed. And if this is as destructive as it seems, she should be glad."
Darken chuckled, and the condescension of the way he shared it with her burned. "More glad than you, Nicci? Were my radahan not around your neck, this new garb of yours would suggest death's mistress more than life's."
"I don't serve the Keeper," Nicci answered him coolly, pleased at how ineffective his baiting was, his useless words like a bit of fluff batted around by cat paws.
"That's not what I said," Darken replied, turning back towards the village as one of his Mord'Sith approached. Nicci had no time to formulate either opinion or response before the leather-clad woman approached and bowed, prompting Darken to say: "Well, Mistress Berdine?"
"Raina has returned from the valley," Berdine answered, face a study in the erasure of emotions. She was a tall, well-built woman, strong-featured and with wavy brown hair slightly wisping from her braid. "As far as we can tell without magic of the kind that you possess, it is a rift between our world and another."
Darken frowned and laid a finger on his lips, brow lowering. "Another world..."
"Yes, my lord," Berdine answered with careful obedience. "Such could be seen when Raina peered into the window in the rift that the magic provided. There's a power there beyond our imagining."
Now that made Nicci perk up, and even as her head did not move, her eyes darted to Darken with the sudden thought that perhaps her incredible han might be able to break through the radahan with such power waiting on the other side. If only they could get closer...
"This pleases me, Berdine," Darken said, brow clearing and eyes lighting with the low light of plotting. "Much of my power has been torn from me, including that of my bloodline—yet if I can but harness this rift using my skill in magic, I may restore the peace and glory of the House of Rahl once more."
Berdine merely nodded, without the proud smirk that many a Mord'Sith wore when facing their beloved Lord Rahl. "Then what shall I send word for Raina and Rikka to do?"
Nicci couldn't help but eye Rahl curiously, unsure of what his course of action would be.
"No doubt my brother and his merry band are already on their way to fix this," Darken said, with a quirk of his lips. "He finds it impossible to take true advantage of a situation. Have your sisters and my soldiers set up a defense, Berdine, and wait for his arrival." He turned to Nicci with a look that was intended as a sort of twisted inclusion. "This power will not be stolen from our grasp. This time I will bring peace."
Nicci didn't let it show how much that word grated on her. The world didn't deserve peace. Could she not see how twisted his intentions were, whether he knew it or not, she would have lashed out. As it was, she merely said in her emotionless voice, "I doubt Richard would think your confidence well-founded."
Darken's eyes flashed but he didn't answer. Hand flexing a little, he merely turned back to the view of Stowcroft. "I wonder what brings Cara into events this time."
Dahlia moved uncomfortably in the civilian clothes that she'd wrested from the lifeless body of her self. Looking down on her double's cottage, though, the sensation did not seem of any import. Lord Rahl—this world's Lord Rahl—stood with a considerably small force of Mord'Sith and D'Haran guards. Even considering the black-clad sorceress at his side, Dahlia was unimpressed.
Until, of course, he spoke. Close enough to be entranced by his words, even if they were not spoken with the authority of her Lord Rahl, the plan had sunk into her mind with all its certainty. Lord Rahl's brother, the Seeker, would be on his way. Of course he would. But given that he had a history of success, Dahlia would no more dismiss him than Darken Rahl.
Determined, she slipped back through the Mord'Sith of this world to approach the rift, coming close to its glowing rippling window into her home land. There, still waiting for her progress report, stood her Lord Rahl. "Dahlia?" he said, voice distorted by the way the two worlds clashed and bled together.
"There is no time for chaos, my lord," she explained. "Your brother in this world intends to close this rift. Let me secure it before you cross over, so that you need not worry about his presence."
Darken Rahl gave a short nod. "See it done, Dahlia. I don't wish to delay."
"It will not take long, I'm sure," Dahlia said, confidence rising naturally. "And my lord—your own self is here as well, intending to use the rift as power."
"Is he indeed?" her Darken answered with the warmth of dominant amusement. "I only wish I could be there to see my naive brother realize just what power the House of Rahl really has."
"I shall be sure to remember it to describe to you later," Dahlia said with a smirk. "When all is at peace and under your control at last."
Her Lord Rahl nodded, and with that she turned from the rift. This was now a battlefield. Despite these clothes she was forced to wear, agiels strapped beneath these pathetic skirts, she would not lose.
"Stowcroft yet again," Zedd sighed as he and Cara approached the town limits. He peered over the hillock they were behind, towards the treeline around the area where Cara had grown up as a child. Her family's house was farther around the bend, but they weren't necessarily headed there.
"Was it necessary to say that out loud?" Cara asked peevishly, looking decidedly uncomfortable near her hometown. "The reminder was quite unrequired."
Zedd gave her a look. "Pardon me. I was not recalling a time when you were present, that is all."
Cara's lips pursed, and her eyes stayed dark.
Despite her distinctive lack of interrogation on the subject, the wizard continued. "Just beyond those trees is the house that you lived in, when I found you in the other world."
"I don't want to hear about it," Cara snapped, not looking at him. "Nor do I need to hear your reasons for what you did. It does not matter to me what some half version of myself did in a time that no longer exists."
Zedd looked at her as if he was about to say something, before Richard and Kahlan hiked up behind them.
"The rift is a couple miles north," Richard said. "It looks unguarded, but..."
"That would be the point," Cara finished for him, with a strategic look to her face.
"Whatever the situation, though," Kahlan said, "we should make our way swiftly. If no one's there, we may have a chance to fix things without interruption."
Zedd made a dark noise. "Should it be a trap, however..."
"We'll make whoever's behind it regret trying that," Cara said coldly, gripping onto one of her agiels.
The ground thundered, throwing their bodies from side to side as the world shook. Glancing back, a visible shock in the air hissed with magic, rolling out from the rift across the land. Cara tensed, half raising her hand as if to push the magic back.
Richard looked back to them and nodded, brow furrowed. "Let's move."
Daggers in hand, voice low, Kahlan strode next to Cara across the valley towards the rift. The four of them had separated, with the women taking one direction while Richard and Zedd took the other, to make sure they didn't overlook something in this rocky area. Up and over a boulder Kahlan went, offering a hand to Cara and saying under her breath as she did so: "I wonder if the universe is contriving new ways to keep me from Aydindril."
Cara cocked her head almost non-committally.
"I have faith that I'll get there eventually," Kahlan added as she and Cara kept moving forward, crouching covertly as they went. "But it seems like everywhere we go, there's some emergency pulling me away." Cara opened her mouth as if to say something, but shut it. Not before Kahlan saw, though, and gave her a shared smile. "Yes, I know, nothing the Seeker couldn't handle with someone other than me. But when I do end up at Aydindril, Cara, I'd like you to come with me."
The Mord'Sith answered automatically, obviously not thinking over the question first as her mind remained focused on the task. "I'll go wherever Lord Rahl goes."
Kahlan's eyes turned half skyward, a weary smile flitting over her lips as she responded, "Of course Richard will be there, but I would want you there only if you wanted it."
"Then you do?" Cara's question seemed honest.
"Yes," Kahlan answered simply. She turned around to glance back at the other woman, adding as if without thought, "Do you not?"
Cara opened her mouth and was about to speak when Richard came up quickly, hand on sword-hilt. "There you are," he said, face set in a serious mode. "Zedd has found a weak spot in the rift, but in case something goes wrong, he wants us there to defend."
Kahlan gave a glance at Cara, but the Mord'Sith had moved on from the personal question with apparent willingness, nodding to the Seeker. "That the wizard no longer fights the fact that he needs us is more evident of his wisdom than any wizards' rule that he offers."
Richard offered her a half-smile, and the three turned the corner to see Zedd standing before the milky-glowing rift, only half transparent as it revealed in its ripples a world that was not quite what lay beyond it in reality. As Richard jogged the last few yards and Zedd turned around to see them approach, suddenly a woman in a simple dress stepped out from a tree.
All five froze for a second, and the new woman's hand went to her hip, even though no weapon sat there. Cara was about to demand who she was when Zedd let out a gasp of "Dahlia?" at the same time as the new woman frowned, eyes captivated by Cara.
Cara whipped her head around to Zedd when he said that name, even as Richard and Kahlan looked confused, demanding swiftly. "What did you say?"
It was like the world paused for a moment, the hum of the rift dying down, all attention caught on the intruder.
"Cara?" asked the woman who Zedd had named as Dahlia, only slightly incredulous. Her long dark hair was half-pulled back from her soft features, but her stance was solid, and she showed no fear. Only shock.
And before anyone could ask the important question, Cara had looked back at her as well, and confirmed the first point with a surprise, even if it was neither suspicious nor disbelieving. "You're Dahlia?"
The emotions crossing the other woman's face were sufficiently complicated to make her next words come out in an unrecognizable tone. "You're a Mord'Sith—with the Seeker?"
"You know her?" Kahlan asked, taking a step up to stand at Cara's side.
"Zedd, who is she?" Richard asked, looking to his grandfather.
The expression in Cara's eyes went from surprise to pain to longing to awkwardness all in naught but a moment before her words came out, level and quiet and clearly holding back so, so much. "We were schoolmates."
And yet Zedd had looked speechless before she'd said a word.
"What are you doing here?" Dahlia asked after a few seconds. With a pause that shouldn't have been there, and yet one that none of the others noticed, she turned to look at Zedd. "And how does he know me?"
Cara also turned at that with a frown.
"Zedd?" Richard asked.
"I must have been seeing someone else," the wizard said, only half unconvincingly.
"Cara, what are you doing here?" Dahlia asked with more emphasis, a furrow in her brow as she took a step forward. "And how are you...like this? If you're a Mord'Sith then where is your braid?"
Ignoring the innocent questions, Cara's lips went tight for a second before stepping swiftly closer, waving one gloved hand. "We could ask the same questions, Dahlia. Now is not—the time for this. We have the world to save."
"Cara," Kahlan put in, slightly chiding. "We can take a few seconds."
"What else is there to do?" Dahlia asked, with a wide-eyed innocence that was a little too much, considering where they stood. She had it in her mind that she had to stall them, get in a position to capture the wizard's magic when he tried to use it on the rift her master needed. But she couldn't take them all on, and so she had to play the game.
Cara gave Kahlan a look that was more desperate than the exasperation she was trying for, but the Mother Confessor didn't provide her with an escape. She turned back to meet Dahlia's eyes, say straightly, "Saving the world."
"I didn't realize Mord'Sith cared," Dahlia answered, with just a bit of bitterness added to her tone.
"Well, apparently I do," Cara said with a slight shift of her weight, brow lowering slightly. "So...you're...here."
"Where else would I be?" Dahlia asked with a blink.
Cara stared, blinked back, and then turned her head to say under her breath to Kahlan: "I talked to her, are you happy? We have a mission."
"Maybe we should get a move on," Zedd started, trailing off a bit with a frown.
"Are you here about that?" Dahlia broke in, stepping towards the group again and pointing towards the rift.
"Of course," Cara answered flat and bluntly.
"Earlier I saw what looked like the Lord Rahl and a blonde woman in black by it," Dahlia said. Then, adding a little quickly to hide her stumble, "The old Lord Rahl, I mean."
"Darken," Richard said, dark realization on his face.
"And Nicci," Kahlan breathed out.
The atmosphere had changed, Dahlia fading into the background upon the resurgence of urgency, with the others drawing nearer to each other.
"If they're here, they must have designs on using the rift's power for some dark purpose of their own," Zedd declared. "Richard, come with me, I need to make sure there isn't some trap set in place—Kahlan and Cara can stand ready if there is any approach."
"I'm sorry but you need to go now," Cara ordered Dahlia with a wave of her hand again.
"But if there's danger, I should stay," Dahlia said, not budging.
"And what, be sorcery fodder when Rahl and Nicci arrive?" Cara shot dryly at her. "You're no Mord'Sith, you can't deflect their magic—you should be rightly terrified and running back to your home."
Dahlia frowned and swallowed, as if she hadn't considered it.
"If she wants to help, should we turn her away?" Kahlan asked. She looked on Dahlia as if the woman was a resistance fighter, rather than just a villager with a single impulsive helpful thought. "She could at least give us warning of their approach?"
"Kahlan, we don't need a stranger's help."
"You know her."
"Only as a child," Cara answered, with a furrowed brow. "That counts for nothing."
Dahlia glanced in Zedd's direction where he and Richard stood, looking like she wanted to move towards them, and then gritting her teeth and turning back to the women. "I'm not leaving."
Cara looked at her for a long moment before glancing back at Kahlan, as if asking for her support.
But Kahlan had a strange look, and after holding Cara's gaze for a moment longer, she turned to Dahlia with a firm smile. "Any help will be good."
While the women attended to their own awkward situation, Richard had followed his grandfather further down the rift, behind a couple of the large lopsided boulders that made the landscape difficult to see more than a little of at a time. Zedd was standing before a certain point, breathing in deeply and stretching out his hands in preparation.
"Zedd, what was this Spell of Undoing that you did?" Richard asked while Zedd worked. "Does it have something to do with how you know Dahlia?"
"Strange things happen when you change time," Zedd answered darkly.
"Time?" Richard asked, looking slightly stunned.
"It's a long story, Richard," Zedd advised.
For a moment Richard stared at him, then asking, "What else changed?"
But before Zedd could protest, a drawl came up from behind, causing all heads to turn.
"Oh, it's almost just as I predicted," Darken Rahl remarked as he walked on the scene, Nicci and a Mord'Sith at his heels. "Here to try to fix your mistakes, probably on the way to making yet another mess."
Richard glanced hastily beyond them towards where they'd left Cara and Kahlan with Dahlia, but it was likely too far off to shout. Rahl had picked the perfect time. Richard drew the Sword of Truth with a determined grimace as Zedd raised his hands in preparation, voice as hard as the steel he held. "Would you really risk the fate of the world just to take advantage of this?"
Zedd's eyes darted around to take in the situation, but a few Dragon Corps clanked up behind, adding too much to the situation for it to be simple.
"How swift you are to assume, brother," Darken said with a slow smile. "But never mind—my troops are already in place, and soon I'll have what I need. No point in telling you until it's all over."
Richard's grip on the Sword of Truth tightened. "I'm not giving up."
Nicci gave Darken a look that suggested that she expected this—but she and Darken both shared an easy expression of confidence.
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Darken's smile didn't even fade as he said, "You say that as if I care." He raised his hands, ready for a spell.
Richard swallowed hard, eyes darting. There was no way he could move without inviting disaster.
"Men, take them," Darken ordered.

To be continued
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Episode 6: Restoration
Previously on Legend of the seeker

"You're just as vulnerable as she is," Cara declared to Kahlan, with a half nod towards Dahlia.
Dahlia, who seemed outwardly no more than a peasant, stood twitchy and frowning, strangely comfortable in the presence of the rippling rift. She stood opposite the other two women, hands straying to her sides as if there was more there than her waistband, eyes just as straying to look at the Mord'Sith and the Mother Confessor as they stood guard.
"Are you saying that because Rahl can't be confessed, that I'm helpless?" Kahlan retorted.
"I didn't say helpless ," Cara answered with a little snort. "But with Rahl, and even with Nicci, what you need is the power of a Mord'Sith to block their magic. You being here, it's..." She grimaced.
The look on Cara's face spoke to Kahlan of something other than pure strategy, and it shouldn't still be surprising her, yet she had to ask. "Are you wor—?" Kahlan started, but cut short at the flicker of a shadow beyond the Mord'Sith. "Cara!"
Cara had already begun to turn as soon as Kahlan froze, agiels screaming in her hands. The shadows emerged as six Mord'Sith in battle leather, with nonchalant confidence on their hard faces. Their leader's face would have been warm, to match the soft brown of her hair, had not the chill of her eyes mitigated it. "Mistress Berdine," Cara purred.
"Cara," Berdine answered, without a drop of respect in her tone. "Lord Rahl had a feeling we'd be facing you."
Kahlan glanced back at Dahlia, and was surprised to see that the woman had not fled on approach of the renowned warriors. But she also had no weapon to hand, and Kahlan had no time to spare for her. Flipping her daggers out, she stood at Cara's shoulder.
"Why does Darken Rahl even want this place?" Cara demanded, with a cocky tip of her head. "I would have thought it would be in his best interests to keep the world he wants to rule still intact."
Berdine didn't even crack a smile, as emotionless as all Mord'Sith strove to be, as once Cara had appeared to Kahlan. Darken Rahl's new right hand spoke: "The Keeper's interference has deprived Lord Rahl of his magic. The power in this rift, the power of many worlds, could help him get it back so that he can restore D'Hara to its former glory."
"Glory?" Kahlan burst in with an incredulous tone. "Did you not see the families rejoicing in the streets when he was destroyed? A country united by fear is no success to be proud of."
"And what would you know of D'Hara?" Berdine said, brow darkening as she turned her gaze on Kahlan, even as her sisters moved beside her with their agiels drawn. "Or even leadership, 'Mother Confessor'?" The disdain saturated her tone. "You haven't even maintained your own realm."
"Kahlan's leadership is not in question," Cara snapped, hands twitching. "And Lord Rahl's lack of it has been well-proven. We're not allowing him to use this rift; it must be closed."
At one time, Kahlan would have been taking the lead—at this moment, somehow it seemed right that Cara was speaking for them all, and using her own words. Her former sisters didn't seem to share the opinion, however.
"Your delusion is almost adorable, Cara," Berdine said as she walked forward, a sister at her side, both of them flipping their agiels. "But I shall not fail him—I'm Lord Rahl's favorite."
"So am I," Cara answered with a humorless grin, not waiting for their approach as she struck out. "The true one's."
Agiels started flying, but before Kahlan could defend her friend, two of the women with agiels were advancing in her direction as well. It wasn't the first time she'd fought Mord'Sith, but it was the first time they'd been prepared. Tightening her fingers around her daggers, she called back over her shoulder. "Dahlia, run! Find Richard and Zedd!"
With that she was whirling into combat, a flutter of plum leather and gleaming silver, against the wail of skin-tight maroon barreling down on her in the form of two Mord'Sith. She was their worst nightmare—but they didn't fear her.
Dahlia stood, glancing at Cara and Kahlan as they fended off these Mord'Sith, and at those whose side she would have been on were this her own world. She was out of place, not just in the literal sense, but in the way that she could not align with any side. All she cared about was a Lord Rahl that none of these women knew, and it was the only cause she was willing to die for.
Yet these were her sisters. This covert mission, this sneaking and hiding, this cowardice, was not her. She was Mistress Dahlia, and she would not let this renegade sister and this Confessor take down what she'd sworn her life to. Glancing back to the rift, her Rahl was nowhere to be seen. The choice was made.
With a sharp change of expression as the lines tightened in preparation for war, Dahlia slipped her agiel from under her apron and marched forward with steel in her eyes. She'd fight for the true Mord'Sith.
Kahlan saw her move and her eyes widened, giving one of the Mord'Sith opportunity to strike her arm with an agiel. A Mord'Sith in disguise was not to be comprehended. Even as Kahlan grunted and threw off the attack, mind focused back on the fight, she knew that things weren't going well. "Richard!" she cried out in the direction he'd gone.
Even the D'Harans hesitated on hearing Kahlan's call, weapons falling a couple inches as a few turned their heads in worry. They feared Kahlan Amnell, Mother Confessor.
"Don't lose focus!" Darken Rahl snapped hastily. "The Mord'Sith have them!"
But it was too late. With a wave of his fingers Zedd sent a blast behind himself to knock all the Dragon Corps to the ground, giving a moment of chaos to the stand-off. Richard bounded forward, Sword of Truth in hand. Darken Rahl stood before him, no longer possessed of the power that had led to his victory over Richard those many months ago.
"Go, Zedd!" Richard yelled, but not before Rahl was retreating in haste towards the rift with his Mord'Sith following. With a growl at how his brother never could seem to remain out of his business, Richard would have been after him—had he been alone. Instead, he was caught in a familiar situation.
"I may not have my magic, but I can still kill you," Nicci pointed out as she flipped out two dacras, sharp even without deadly power behind them. The look on her face had changed from sullen and resigned to a bit of the crazed confidence that Richard was used to in the crafty woman.
"Why are you doing this?" he asked her, reluctantly turning away from the two men heading straight for the rift itself. Darken and Zedd, both seeking their goal in the rift, so that the fate of the world was in Zedd's hands alone as the others fought.
"Darken Rahl holds the key to my radahan," Nicci said with a hiss, stepping forward with a glitter in her dark eyes. As Richard's sword started to glow with preparation, she flicked a dark sleeve off her arm and didn't break his gaze. "I miss my powers. How lovely your eyes look, by the way. Surprising
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Help!" she called, with a look she hoped he would read as offering a respite from the melee. He took it, not pausing before taking her words to heart, as Kahlan shifted to take his place on the battlefield.
"How nice to see you again," Nicci drawled with a smirk, somehow seeming to pick up her intensity with the dacras as she faced Kahlan and her daggers.
All Kahlan could think of was the rush of confession in those green-brown eyes, and her jaw tightened as she fought back. They spun and whirled and clashed, stepping back a little more every time, closer to the rift and to where Cara and Dahlia fought their confusedly personal war.
"Zedd!" Richard called as he ran up the hill. The Mord'Sith at Darken's side snapped to attention at the voice, and turned with a look of ferocity. But the Sword of Truth shone brightly, and the woman didn't have a chance before Richard had knocked her to the ground, and Darken Rahl had to turn and face the fact that he needed to draw his own sword.
"Richard—" Zedd started, looking towards him with a bit of desperation in his face.
But though Richard's eyes strayed from the now-worried Darken back to his grandfather, there was nothing he could offer but a tight nod before turning back towards his brother. For the first time in their history, it would be a fair fight, no magic involved. Richard hadn't wanted it, but neither would he refuse to see the way this moment seemed to be a karmic inevitability. But even Darken didn't appear to enjoy the challenge, almost all on his own despite all of the subordinates he'd brought.
Dahlia could take a hit, Cara had to give her that, even as she herself grunted in frustration every time they traded blows. At first she thought that neither was gaining the upper hand because they didn't know what to expect of each other—but now they were almost in sync, disturbingly, the same heated look in their eyes.
"You're from the other world," Cara spat as she pushed Dahlia back with each step, invading her space without fear. "I know all the sisters once under my command."
"Your command?" Dahlia mocked, without breaking her stride. "In my world, I'm Lord Rahl's right hand, and you're a pathetic corpse who died wailing on a farm."
"Then your world is a joke," Cara snarled, beating at Dahlia's defenses with strike after strike of her agiel.
"I was just thinking the same about you and your new attire."
Unlike their last face-off, there was no over-confidence nor smiles on either Richard or Darken's face as they battered each other with attack after attack, swords glimmering in the glow of the rift as they fought for survival. Nicci might still be holding her own against Kahlan, and Dahlia against Cara, but should Zedd succeed even briefly Darken would be forced to surrender. It was unacceptable, and so he fought with commitment.
Richard knew he was not the better swordsman, however, and even the Sword of Truth could not make up for years of training that Darken had and he did not. He called back, "Zedd, now would be a good time!"
The wizard threw up his hands in the air, blocked and frustrated. "This is magic beyond my expectations—I may not have the spells for this!"
"Why am I not surprised?" asked the tight voice of a woman behind Zedd. Turning, the wizard saw Shota stride forward, as annoyed as ever as she raised powerful hands in preparation. "Perhaps before you cause the next catastrophe, you'll ask me for the solution? This requires Azalphea's Incantation and a grace. Draw it quickly and we can say the words together."
"How do you know this?" Zedd blustered without thought for a second. But when Shota gave him no more than a sharp eye, for the sake of everyone Zedd swallowed his pride and poured out the white sand into the emblem that was the starting point of all magic. As he stood again, Shota gathered her words. She held up her hands to clasp onto his, each standing to the side of the grace, and closing her eyes began to chant.
Zedd's dueling companions didn't heed them, weapons singing out as they did the dance of death ever closer to the rift between the worlds. The words rose higher and higher, light from Zedd and Shota's joined hands rising in a stream to cross the window of the rift.
Darken glanced at it with dismay, and Dahlia with momentary fear, as the window thundered and shook once again.
"They should be careful!" Shota cried out, breaking the chant and looking towards the others. "Every other world is contained somewhere in that rift, and pieces may try to slip through."
"We don't have time to warn," Zedd said over the roaring chaos starting to rise.
Shota began her words again, and Zedd picked up the pattern, their voices ringing out the words and making the light shine brighter, knitting back together the tear in the fabric of reality. The rift started folding in on itself and pulsing, the windows in it rippling, before a beam shot out and across the land.
Darken rammed into Richard, hilts crashing together as he tried to knock Richard down, almost at his goal when a stream of light from the rift hit him in the chest and he gasped, standing frozen as it threaded through Richard as well. The world went white and suddenly he was caught as if in a vision.
"I am yours to command," Darken told Richard with a smile. Only when Richard nodded did he rise from his kneeling position.
"I don't know if it's right to keep Darken like this," Kahlan said with a frown. "It's not a good use of the power of Orden...it could be dangerous to you."
"It's only what he deserves," Richard answered her with a little smile. "And I'll be fine."
"Richard," Kahlan started worriedly, putting a hand on his arm.
"Kahlan," Richard answered with a firmer smile, turning to her. It could have been just a trick of the light, that slight glow in his eyes and then in hers, as he said again, "I'll be fine."
The frown on Kahlan's face shifted, and she smiled back. "Of course you will be."
"Everything is set for the wedding tomorrow," Darken said. "Shall I depart, brother?"
"Yes, thank you," Richard said and nodded. As soon as he was gone, Richard returned again to smiling at Kahlan, now his fiance.
"There's one thing we haven't discussed.''
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Kahlan said. She gave him a soft smile. "Children."
"We have to continue the line of Confessors," Richard reminded her, clearly not minding this fact in the least.
"But I was thinking...the lands may be in chaos right after this union, for a few months at least," Kahlan said, stroking his hand. "Perhaps we can wait a little before starting. Use magical precautions. With the power of Orden, it's not like we need fear your enemies."
Richard looked her in the eyes, and surely it was just the fire that made both his and hers appear to shine as he said, "I don't think after all this time you should feel forced to wait."
Kahlan's face cleared up all in a moment, and she smiled. "Of course, Richard."
"Without the touch that the power of confession has," Zedd said as he sat opposite Richard's desk as the new Lord Rahl, "how do you distinguish between the enemies you control with Orden, and the innocent people you do not?"
Richard looked up with a confident smile. "Zedd, I can't use Orden without meaning to. Why would I want anyone but my enemies to do my bidding?"
"Hmm, why indeed," Zedd mused, face pondering.
Richard just shook his head. "Everything's fine, Zedd...it worked just like we planned."
With a stunned gasp for air, Richard sunk to his knees and Darken fell back, confusion broad across their faces.
Nicci kept drawing Kahlan in with taunting mistakes in her form, little openings that Kahlan would take advantage of, only to find herself caught in a deeper strategy that took frantic thought to escape. The Sister of the Dark had all the cunning she needed to make her magic normally deadly—now, with a radahan around her neck, she was proving herself to be a greater opponent than any, even her captor, had yet guessed.
Kahlan didn't fear her, however. Daggers flipping outward, she pushed past Nicci to go straight for her throat—only to feel a sudden blast in her chest. A beam was passing through her and Nicci, the former Sister's mouth open in shock, as Kahlan's world flashed white and pulled her into something that seemed like a memory.
"Command me mistress," she whispered on her knees in sand as she looked up to Nicci, eyes dark to match the rippling black of her dress.
The woman was entirely business-like as she ordered, "Kill the Mord'Sith."
Nicci had dismounted from her horse. Kahlan went to her side, love shining from her eyes as naturally as if it had come from her heart. Her mistress seemed lost in thought, missing something. Kahlan stepped in submissively. "Do you need me to do anything, mistress?"
The sorceress looked up with open eyes for the first time since confessing Kahlan. She seemed captured for the moment, the control in her grasp making her calmer, and she raised a hand to brush Kahlan's cheek. "I will let you know."
Kahlan shivered delightfully at the touch and nodded.
"Mistress, I know Richard," Kahlan explained. "He's clever. He may have realized you're tracking him and be setting a trap for you." Nicci turned around with not even a hint of worry and Kahlan couldn't help but move forward, touch her face. "I couldn't bear it if anything happened to you."
She wasn't expecting the harsh slap across the face from her mistress, and the snapped, "Stop groveling." All other words were lost as Kahlan felt the punishment sting across her face. It was her own fault that her mistress was not kind. She swallowed, still wanting love and attention, but accepting her error.
As soon as the light faded and they snapped out of the remembrance forced upon them by the rift, Nicci took a step back from Kahlan and a deep breath, eyes wide. Kahlan only shuddered, unable to meet the overwhelmed gaze of the woman in black. She would have given anything to have not remembered that.
Cara was getting irritated. Dahlia wouldn't break and lose her cool, no matter how Cara's attacks struck at her. Somehow her training had been different enough that Cara couldn't find the weakness in the heat of battle. It peeved Cara to no end, and more so it demanded her attention.
Jaw tight, she threw all she had at the Mord'Sith who wasn't even honorable enough to wear the uniform. Dahlia's hair arced as she spun into the attack, reflexes fast as she blocked.
For a moment Cara thought the agiel had caught her chest when she saw sparks behind her eyes, but then she saw the light hit Dahlia as well. Before either of them could repel the sudden magic, the whole world went white, and then suddenly it felt like they were no longer there.
"Cara, I'm afraid," said the little girl with tangled dark hair, looking smaller than she was in the Mord'Sith trainee's uniform.
"But they're our family, Dahlia. We don't need to be afraid of anything."
"I'm afraid Lord Rahl will take you away from me," the other girl said. Her head rested on Cara's shoulder in their dark room, a little sigh escaping her throat.
Cara opened her mouth and then closed it, putting her arm around Dahlia's waist and hugging her close.
"I know," Dahlia whispered in answer to an unspoken rebuke. "Lord Rahl is the most important."
"But you're here," Cara said with a nod. "And you're second. Even before our mistress."
"I think so too," Dahlia said, and snuggled closer, the two of them quiet in the dark of the Mord'Sith temple.
"Lord Rahl is sending me to serve under Mistress Garen for her next task," Dahlia said.
"How long?" Cara asked, standing straight in her leathers, hands at her sides even as her eyes spoke of something more like smoldering defiance of duty.
"As long as it takes," Dahlia said in a rising tone, even as way she turned toward the other Mord'Sith said 'Too long'.
Cara let out a brief breath, but then took a firm step forward, a different emotion playing hotly at the corner of her mouth. "I'll be impatient for your return."
The bare hint of a smile across Dahlia's face spoke of just how much she enjoyed the power she had in this moment. Sending out a soft glance from beneath her soft lashes, she smirked a little before taking the couple steps forward and pulling Cara into her arms. "Care to show me just how?" she asked before capturing Cara's mouth in a kiss. The other Mord'Sith leapt to the challenge with relief and attraction and yet something more in the way she melted against Dahlia.
"I'm glad you decided to come with me," Dahlia began as she crossed the campsite, leaving Zedd asleep on the ground.
Re: Legend Of The Seeker Season 3 Fan Fic by cathodekazim: 9:19am On Dec 22, 2017
Her movements and words were easy as always, hiding any emotion that lay underneath her carefully-structured appearance.
"I came because Richard ordered me to." Cara was less at ease, more hasty, leaning against the rock and feeling conflicted about everything.
"Are you sorry you did?" The question was too simple.
"No," Cara said under her breath, almost wishing the opposite had been true. Duty would have been easier to deal with than desire, any desire.
"Neither am I," Dahlia answered softly. Her hand rose to Cara's cheek, turning it to her as her lips softened, ready to kiss. In the dark, in the quiet, it could hardly have been more crafted to remind them of their past.
Dahlia stared at Cara, as the foreign memories broke through even Orden's control of her. Cara met her eyes, even as her hand tightened around the agiel, but her breathing was suddenly quick and heavy with confusion.
Zedd seemed to notice nothing as he and Shota called out the last lines of the spell, and the rift rumbled its last death throes before vanishing into thin air, leaving a void that all but rang in the ears. Stowcroft Valley was empty once again.
Berdine had revived first among the Mord'Sith, and was running to gather up her sisters from where they'd fallen. They all moved swiftly to Rahl's side, while Richard was still stunned on his knees.
"My Lord?" Berdine asked, as Darken took her hand before rising to his feet. "Orders?"
"Regroup, now," Darken said in a low tone, face distorted in an expression colored by both confusion and disgust. "We're not staying."
Nicci looked across at him from where she stood by Kahlan, and withdrew swiftly.
"The advantage, my Lord," Berdine started, protesting, taking into account the vulnerabilities of their enemies.
"Not now," Darken snapped, eyes almost flashing as he turned. "Time is still ours, so we need not be rash. Follow."
As was not unsurprising, despite the confusion on her face, Berdine and her sisters followed Rahl as he retreated from the area, taking advantage of how the healing of the rift left everything hanging in the balance for a few moments. Nicci was swift to join them, but it was Dahlia who seemed to hesitate.
Zedd, finally turning his gaze from Shota as he realized that they'd succeeded, surveyed the situation and had uncomfortable flashbacks on seeing the intensity flooding between Cara and Dahlia. They stood, weapons ready but not moving with any intent. Seeing their enemies on the run, though, he called out, "Cara, see to Rahl!"
With that, Dahlia glanced Darken's way and ran off, and Cara seemed to shake herself free from her frozen stance.
"I told you to warn them..." Shota said under her breath, on seeing how Cara and Kahlan and Richard appeared all off-put.
"Hmm?" Zedd asked, but before he could think further, Shota was walking towards the others, and Cara and Kahlan were both running to help Richard to his feet.
"I'm not hurt," he assured, collecting himself as Richard always did. "Is the rift closed?"
"It is," Zedd said with a nod.
"But that is not the end," Shota added, to no one's surprise.
"Lord Rahl," Dahlia offered as she came up behind the group that had just retreated from the rift. She was desperate now that she'd felt the power of Orden slip away, signifying that there was no possible return to her own world and leaving her with no Lord Rahl of her own. Holding her hands up in a sign of surrender, she approached the only other tolerable option available to her.
The other Mord'Sith wheeled and were ready on defense before the words were fully from her mouth. She recognized them, even as she knew that they weren't the ones she had known—and worse, she knew them twice over, now that the rift's strange pulse of light had implanted a lifetime of new memories.
"Who are you?" Berdine asked suspiciously, and it drove home just who she wasn't.
Dahlia looked straight past her to Darken Rahl, going for straight honesty in her unusually vulnerable circumstances. "A Mord'Sith now cut off from her own world, but wishing to serve Lord Rahl still."
As the other sisters of the agiel looked confused, Darken Rahl merely lifted an eyebrow. Dahlia lifted hers in response—she meant every word.
They all stood awkwardly outside Stowcroft, caught in a moment where it didn't feel like hugs and smiles were in order, and yet it was a victory nonetheless.
"What was that?" Richard asked Shota in confusion, brow drawn.
"Pieces from another world," the witch-woman explained. "Some of your essences from times that no longer exist, attaching to you in the disarray."
"Then if the rift is healed now, these visions—memories—whatever they are, aren't going away?" Richard asked incredulously. Cara had a strange look on her face, looking to Shota just as much as Richard as he said further, "But they aren't even mine!"
"They weren't?" Kahlan looked as if she'd expected him to say something else. He didn't seem to hear, looking to Shota.
"What has been done today cannot be undone," Shota confirmed with conviction. She looked on them as if they were all, even Zedd, wayward children whose leftovers she had to deal with. "What memories might have come to you are not nearly as much a concern as the effect that the mess will have on the future of this world." She turned to Zedd with a significant, displeased look.
"What do you mean?" Kahlan asked, concerned.
"Powerful magic was released from its confines to create that rift," Zedd said with half a sigh. "Not all of it could be put back just by Shota and myself. It is likely that we will see lingering effects in the form of strange occurrences in the next few months."
"And for all that I don't want this world destroyed, I am not going to mend any more of the breaks you've caused," Shota declared, in Zedd's direction as always. Taking a step back, she flicked her wrist to remove herself from the scene and leave the rest of them alone.
Richard sighed heavily. "We never do get a break, do we?"
"Hmm, indeed," Zedd said in a low tone. "One would think the Creator had it out for us personally."
Kahlan's expression was serious, though, as she glanced up to meet their eyes with a furrowed brow. "After all the upsets in the last few months, can the lands handle more magical disasters?"
"That's what a Mother Confessor is for," Richard answered with a brief nod. "And a Seeker."
Zedd nodded slowly. "Security will help the people."
"It's good, then, that we're getting together," Richard said with a smile to Kahlan, only slightly weakened by what had just happened to him and her both.
Kahlan gave a non-committal hum, brow narrowing for a moment before she turned. "Maybe we should wait for a better time before we do anything, Richard..." she said absently. Then, glancing back. "Where did Cara go?"
Cara stood outside Dahlia's cottage, weight shifted heavily to one side as she surveyed the remains of domesticity. Dark conflict hung in her eyes and her fingers twitched at her sides, as new uncomfortable memories spun around her head, making her hear Dahlia's voice as a fellow Mord'Sith, as a friend, as a lover. She was silent because she had no words for something like this.
A slight crunch of gravel announced Kahlan's approach as she walked slowly up to stand at her side. "Here you are."
"Yes," Cara said. She shot a brief sideways glance towards the Mother Confessor, saying flatly because it seemed like it should be said. "The Dahlia from this world—the one I knew in childhood—was killed so that the other could complete her mission."
"I'm sorry," Kahlan said.
"I didn't even know her," Cara answered, with a slight blink. She continued in a quieter tone, though lacking any feeling. "I still don't." Whether she was ready to say it or not, it crossed her mind that she knew three Dahlias now, thanks to powerful magic.
"Not exactly the day we expected," Kahlan commented dryly. Letting out a brief sigh, she settled her stance closer to Cara and let silence float for a moment before saying. "Richard thinks there will be unsettled people with all the powerful magic left over. He wants to take the long route back to the People's Palace and Aydindril, to make sure everything's safe." She rolled her eyes slightly, fondly. "Will you mind so terribly?"
Cara met her gaze, gave half a shrug with light in her eyes. "You still need my talents no matter where you go or how long it takes to get there."
A smile crossed Kahlan's lips, erasing a few lines of tension. "Yes, we certainly will. I hope you'll stay at Aydindril, Cara, once we get there." She offered a warm look. "Maybe you can find some happiness too, now that there will be peace."
As Kahlan turned to walk away, Cara's eyes followed her, a look of poignant thought clear across her face as she tracked the Mother Confessor as she returned to the others. For a full minute Cara just stood as if lost in thought. Then, with a slight shake of her head, she glanced back at the cottage and breathed out, settling her face into its usual composure as she made her way after Kahlan.
It seemed that the Merry Band wasn't in danger of breaking up just yet.
Next time, on Legend of the Seeker...
A horse rears in the air, eyes wide with madness.
"I want Zedd to see if our town is cursed," says a woman in red.
Kahlan stabs wildly as she scoots back along a wood floor, a spray of blood across her chest.
"What did you change?" Cara demands of Zedd.
"It's the only option," Kahlan says darkly to another.
"I can't do that!" Richard shakes his head, almost disgust on his face.
Cara raises her bow, shooting off an arrow before the huge beast comes barreling down on top of her.
"What is this?" Richard asks in bewilderment.
"That was no chicken," Kahlan says with eyes set.
"I fear that my years are against me here..." Zedd sighs.

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