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YAHOO GRADUATE( A Short Story) by REDInks(m): 3:30pm On Dec 27, 2017
This is one of the stories I was hoping on developing this year but no time, combining school positions, fellowship position and hard department course work is time consuming.....
It's a trash work....enjoy

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Re: YAHOO GRADUATE( A Short Story) by REDInks(m): 3:35pm On Dec 27, 2017
It was a bright day, Ochinsky woke up to see the girl he talked with yesternight on the bed beside him, the only thing he remembered was that they were talking over a few bottle of Razlers until he suggested they go up to his hotel room, he had been lodging at the hotel for the past three weeks since he came into the bustling city of Warri, he needed to seal this business deal and return back to Lagos.

He got up from the bed and walked to the shower, took his bath and put on a new Gucci vintage shirt on a Jones rugged black jeans, he picked up his gold encrusted necklace, I-phone 6 plus on the table and walked to where the beautiful girl was lying, he tapped her gently and she woke up smiling at him and finally mouthed
“good morning sir”,

“good morning” he replied,

“I dropped ten thousand on the table, I will be checking out today and I hope your night was peaceful, it was nice talking and meeting you”.

Ochinsky looked at her and she was still smiling, he knew he had not touched her but he wondered why she was smiling, girls seem to love him more due to the power of his downward chairman, but he did not even romance her,
he just reciprocated back with a fake smile and grabbed his Gucci vintage bag which contained his Mac book and started on his way out.

Three hours earlier........(4:00 am)

She quickly tiptoed to where the bag was and brought out the laptop ,inserted a flash drive and she looked around the room for the first time and wondered how much he paid per night for staying here, it was surely a huge amount, really big money, she went back to work, she was surprised his files were not even encrypted or hidden, she got all the needed information from the laptop and transfered them to the flash drive.

She looked towards the king size bed and smiled, she knew he never expected her to be bait and he fell too easily, travelling without his friends and the right measures on his e-devices or was he an e-diot, she just smiled, he never suspected her behaviour around him at the bar before she deliberately walked to his table.

Thankfully he was alone and a little bit moody, thinking about any law enforcement agency to be monitoring him would be the least of his problems, was he that stupid? she wondered, after collecting #10 million last month. What was he thinking, well that was not her job, she already got all she needed and by the time he was on his way out of the state there was no hiding place, he would be nabbed and they made it even easier for him not to make any interrupting calls, she had inserted about 20grams of Igbo(skunk),
and don't even ask how she got it,
“she be police, strong wafi kpo-kpo”
it was already laid inside the pouch of the bag.

Present time........

She got up from the bed and looked at the room for the second time, one of the best in the hotel definitely, he had thought she was sleeping and didn't even check the bag thoroughly just confirmed his laptop and clothes and his jeweleries were intact, Sandra smiled she needed to report to their office immediately, Ochuko Okoloba would surely be finally caught after evading their raids several times and she could not wait to see the look on his face, she placed the call to the I.p.o office.

He was quite sure she fell for his act yesterday, he was not going to be easily brought back to square one, not after suffering four years in the university and no Job after three more years of hard labour jumping from one office to another with various files, not to talk of the numerous C.V's that he sent to companies on jobberman.

Well that was all in the past now, he picked up his phone and dialled a number,
the receiver said “hello”
and ochinsky replied “Ovo matter wan bust, but no matter, see ehnnn you go meet me for front of urhobo college and I go give you my ride for this week, maybe next week one of my boys go come carry am”
the receiver replied “okay naw, no matter”.

Ochinsky smiled he pulled over a nearby boutique which he just saw and walked inside after about fifteen minutes, he came out looking different, he was now wearing a plain brown Vickers trousers and a T-shirt, he was no longer carrying a vintage bag but a normal school bag, though a little bit fancy. He went back towards his car, he put on Errigas new track biggie man and had a flash about the early morning buster.......

He saw her, when she woke up and started meddling with his stuffs, although most of the pictures and transaction documents on the Macbook was old, the very important ones were in his cloud account.
What does she take him for, a twenty first century mumu,
“i be graduate o, of DELSU, no be small mata be dat o, shuooo” he said aloud to himself.
Ochinsky soon enough saw Ogheneovo and he gave him the keys,
“way you, no scatter my babe o”, he smiled and ovo just gave him a thumbs up,
“no fear, na me dey run am”.
Ochinsky stopped a keke and told him Bob-izua park.

Sandra was already at the road, the check point after the big church cathedral where they say the man performs miracles with water from a dirty pool and it has been hours of waiting for the black Mercedes 4matic jeep to arrive and they are yet to spot any car of that sort, sandra was now having urgent diarrhoea, her face was now looking distorted with both anger and fear and she looked at her boss, whom had hoped to catch this big fish for he was the one who had taken sandra out the previous day and promised not to pester her with sexual demands if she helped them catch the ever sly ochinsky,
after all “he must buy Christmas clothes for him children, and na ochuko head go carry am”,
but it seems like they would have to wait another day, she looked in his direction and he puts a phone to his ear after about forty five seconds ,he looks at the armed men at the check point and shouts at the top of his voice, wrong trail “make we dey go back to H.Q”, “target was just spotted in Benin alighting from Bob-Izua park” Sandra knew what was to follow already...........

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Re: YAHOO GRADUATE( A Short Story) by jayman00004(m): 7:51pm On Dec 27, 2017
I dey follow u

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Re: YAHOO GRADUATE( A Short Story) by Faspen(m): 7:12am On Dec 28, 2017
Loving this

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Re: YAHOO GRADUATE( A Short Story) by leefrak9(f): 5:30pm On Dec 28, 2017
REDInks warri pickin I grit u....u na urhobo college alumni abi...cos I b dom Domingos alumni

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Re: YAHOO GRADUATE( A Short Story) by xaviercasmir(m): 8:53am On Dec 29, 2017
Nice story. Following already
Re: YAHOO GRADUATE( A Short Story) by REDInks(m): 12:10am On Dec 31, 2017
REDInks warri pickin I grit u....u na urhobo college alumni abi...cos I b dom Domingos alumni
leefrak9 I won't deny, i have affiliations with urhobo college..... wink
Re: YAHOO GRADUATE( A Short Story) by REDInks(m): 12:14am On Dec 31, 2017
Thanks for your comments, but am keeping the story very short.........

When the going gets tough, only the tough gets going
No matter how dem drive motor inside t.v, e no fit jam you wey dey watch am........
Re: YAHOO GRADUATE( A Short Story) by REDInks(m): 12:18am On Dec 31, 2017
Ochinsky alighted from the bus with other passengers and stepped outside Bob-Izua park, only to be welcome by the blazing hot sun, it was like the angel regulating the intensity of the Sun rays around Benin was asleep, the shouts of ring road-main gate-isioooooooi....ringro ringro, ringro did not ameliorate the wildness of the ever busy ring road.
He looked at his left and observed the market women, who brought fried rice, jollof rice and other assorted food to this busy place to sell, while some are trying to draw attention of the moving populace by calling for them to patronise their food, some amount of spittle kept flying into the half covered rice inside the party cooler, It reminded him of his mother's early suffering.

Popsi was a civil worker with w.r.p.c but he was a mere gardener, who had obtained a National diploma from Petroleum training Institute, so no matter how hard he worked, he brought home little or no money, coupled with the fact that the contractors always withheld their pay, so mumsi had to sell plantain, potato and garri at udu market and sometimes Jigbale “when the situation don dey tie wrapper” as she would put it, he remembered how they squeezed themselves inside the zinc house close to udu summay,
but “we suffer sha” but that was all in the past now,
“Chairman you no go enter cab?”, an agbero quickly brought him back to his consciousness with his spit dripping smelling mouth,
“where the cab?” ochinsky asked not minding the odour and the young man pointed him to an old model Audi which is almost dead than alive..,
“what about that clean mercedez wey dey there, no be drop?” Ochinsky pointed at the cleanest cab lining up at the busy road,
“that one na 2k” ,
“how much to carry me enter the school?” he asked, the driver who was already looking towards the thug and ochinsky started walking briskly towards them and ochinsky looked at the thug and asks him
“how much be your cut before?”,
“chairmo na small thing o” he replied, though he was older than Ochinsky but wealth they say sometimes determine age, Ochinsky quickly took his hands to his pockets and brought out a crispy note of a thousand naira and gave it to him, amidst the twales and the hailing he was dishing out on Ochinsky, the voice of the thug faded as he walked towards the driver of the mercedez and told him “UNIBEN hall 4”,
the elderly man replied “three thousand ” and he said “make we dey go”.

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Re: YAHOO GRADUATE( A Short Story) by REDInks(m): 12:25am On Dec 31, 2017
“Hello bros” the face of kester was in surprise as he listened to the voice from the other end of the line,
“Yes I don almost through with class, na hostel I dey go once I finish” , the other voice continued the dialogue and Kester finally replied “okay I dey wait for you”.
A smile appeared on the face of Kester and he put his infinix hot note 4 into his pockets.
He was in the new 1000 lecture theatre but the call had made him excuse himself outside,
“wetin come make bros wan show up naw, I fit say na Lag he dey naw he said aloud to himself, well na better don show be that for me”, he was smiling mischievously as he walked into the L.T, he picked up his bag and as he was heading outside he heard the course lecturer's voice from the mic “hey you!, you with low cut wearing barca Jersey ” he turned towards the front of the L.T and saw the piercing eyes of the Lecturer, he walked carefully towards him and told him quietly he just got call from his brother, that he is needed in warri urgently that the cause is home trouble, although his brother did not specify, the lecturer told him to get out and he did smiling.
“we too get format” he whispered to himself as he set out for his hostel, hall 4.

Kester arrived at his hostel and walked very quickly to the stuffy tunnel in unit 2, room 159, he greeted his roommates who were also just arriving from class as it was obvious due to their argument about the test they had just taken, he dropped his bag on his bed took off his clothes and opened his cupboard, brought out his bucket and went to bathe.

Some hours after.............
Ochinsky looked at the willowy frame of his brother who was approaching him, the guy seem well fed even for his slim shape,
“how far little bro?”, he extended his hands to the little man, Kester smiled and replied
“i fit say na lag u be dey before naw” , Ochinsky just chuckled and slapped his cheeks playfully
“question naw you take dey answer my question, na wetin dem dey teach una for this una school abi?”
before kester could reply, Ochinsky told him
“na work wey I go package for waf town, before kpo kpo wan bust their head na make i enter this land of red soil o.........”
“abi u no dey see say I no carry my ride”, “shebi you don forget say na something na make toad dey run for afternoon” he finally added.
Kester still unsatisfied asked his elder bro
“why you come enter school, you for just lodge for hotel naw”, Ochinsky still smiling replied
“he get wetin I wan yarn with you but make we first go chill, any spot dey around here ?”
Kester replied “many spot dey, but make we go staff quarters I no wan commot school.”
The both of them stepped out of the confinements of the school hostel and Kester stopped a cab “senior staff club”,
the cab man replied “hundred naira o” and Ochinsky who was smiling asked the cab man “you get change?” as himself and his brother entered laughing.


The Superintendent Office Ekpan police command.
While awaiting the Superintendent in charge of Ochuko Okoloba's file to brief him about his recent updates, Sandra was already thinking about the earlier charade of scolding gotten from Inspector Daniel Okpako, she knew where the real one would take place, Wetland hotel where she would meet him, all because she had led them on a false trail and even committed a crime of adding skunk(special Igbo) to the suspect's bag and only the inspector was aware and can frame her for that as compromise of law and order. She was really in a mess but what can she do.
“Sandra good afternoon, how are you?” ,
“shun sir” she mouthed as she saluted the heavily built man that entered what seem to be his office,
“am doing fine sir, sir I just updated the report from our trails and the little files recovered....”
Looking into the face of Ola was like looking at the devil himself, ruthless, wicked, ugly and suicidal according to hearsay, nearly got himself killed by Ekpan youths some years back while investigating their corrupt chairman, since he received a serious beating in his residential house, reports said after shooting two of the youths who dusted off the bullets as mere paper shot from rubber band, he ran away but they trailed him to his house and waited until nightfall, before they dealt with him, since then he has vowed not to interfere with community matters again.

“so a blurred video of a masturbating white woman, a transaction slip of $30,000 is what you call update abi”....,
“am telling you that the information we are getting from our sources cannot keep coming forever, sooner or later Okoloba will discover his mole and then what do you think will happen”, “he go vanish like willy willy and trust me na suffer head go keee you and those incompetent superiors of your useless division”, he was almost already shouting at the top of his voice, Sandra could only whisper an audible
“am sorry sir”,
“get out from my office” Ola finally concluded, as she walked out with her head down.


Senior staff club, UNIBEN.
“why you dash the cab man full 1k naw bros”, Kester who was sipping a chilled malt asked before returning to his almost finished plate of fried chicken,
“leave am e, the man no get change and I no get time to dey waste” Ochinsky replied, he was also sipping a cold malt until his iPhone rang and he picked the call
“Yes naw, drive enter the school make you come senior staff club I dey there”,
“na which car you dey carry come?..........Lexus 330?”.........
“okay I dey wait for you” he ended the call.
Ochinsky looking at the face of his brother told him,
“you remember Osas, that my smallie for that our h.k with bros Coded ”,
Kester nodded in understanding while munching his chicken, his brother continued “he dey come meet me, na him place I wan dey till on Thursday before I go travel.......”
“but no be that one i wan tell u, I wan open new account for you because the work don dey risky and if they arrest me them go likely collect everything”,
“so we go handle that one tomorrow, four different accounts” , ochinsky looked at his shocked brother's face and continued
“then I don already buy two stalls for warri”, “one na barbing saloon the other one na boutique, later I go clear you where them dey, and where the papers dey”.
“I don already register them self, I don pay for everything, so na from the money wey go dey these accounts wey we wan open you go take dey run the stalls, dey send mumsi and popsi small thing monthly o, even when you dey holiday.....”
he finally concluded still looking at his brother's face, Kester managed to ask
“which country you dey go?” and Ochinsky laughed hard
“you be mumu o, who tell you say I dey travel, I just want make you dey manage something”.
But he was sure his brother was not satisfied by the puzzled look on his face, so he said
“am going to France by next month to meet the white woman, and I don't want you to enter this street life while am away....”
“Bros thank you, thank you very much”, Kester was finally able to find his voice and it was then a white Lexus 330 pulled into the open parking space and a young fair guy on jeans and Gucci white sleeves paired by his white Gucci sneakers hailed Ochinsky
“bros O.c”, “Osas the big man” Ochinsky replied, “see your big belly, na enjoyment you dey o”.
Osas still smiling, hanged the car keys to his trousers and was walking to their table which was under the general palanquin shade.
Ochinsky smiled and looked at his brother I hear say hall 2 girls dey fine o, Kester shouted “na who tell you dat one naw bros”,
“we go reach there this evening, then from there we go enter club Jokers”, Ochinsky concluded smiling as he shook hands with Osas.

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Re: YAHOO GRADUATE( A Short Story) by Olifiz(m): 7:59pm On Dec 31, 2017
I can fully relate with the story especially the Benin part.

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Re: YAHOO GRADUATE( A Short Story) by REDInks(m): 12:22pm On Jan 23
Is you people still following, I need to end this Tory o.....

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Re: YAHOO GRADUATE( A Short Story) by Khostlybeauty18(f): 9:42am On Jan 24
Still following
Re: YAHOO GRADUATE( A Short Story) by bigbauer(m): 1:01pm On Jan 24
Which year should we expect the next update?

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Re: YAHOO GRADUATE( A Short Story) by REDInks(m): 7:41pm On Jan 27
Ochinsky looked at the two beauties that was accompanying their entourage to the most visited club by dream chasers in this part of the south side, they giggled as he smiled at them, the Lexus 330 was luxurious enough for himself, Osas and Kester. Osas was at the wheels, Kester was at the front seat visibly busy with his phone messages and chats on whatsapp, while himself was tucked in between these two beauties behind.
“And you said your name was...?”, he looked towards the most beautiful of the two,
“My name is Chioma”,
“and you are studying what?” he continued with his questions,
“I'm studying Business Administration...”
“And you?”, looking at the darker one, she was already feeling left behind,
“My name is Kevwe and am studying Religion”,
“wow!, that's great, even though I don't know where Religion as an occupation might get you employed, it's a good one, his face was in a sarcastic state,
“and have you two ever been to Club Jokers before?......”
“No”, they replied in a unanimous voice, Ochinsky smiled and touched his brother,
“when we reach there no touch anything wey you never touch before, no even try am say you wan smoke that pot-stuff ehh' ehh' the one dem dey call shisha, shey you dey hear me sha”,......
“Bros I dey with you”, Kester replied without taking his eyes off his phone, his anger has not died down, he actually had insisted on not coming with them.
“Osas, I know say base on your character, na your second h.k be this for flexing o”, Ochinsky turned his attention to the guy behind the steering wheel, who just smiled and replied
“If no be say na you, I no dey come this way o, I neva enter club jokers before, na today be my first time but I hear say the place dey well”.
Ochinsky just smiled and turned his attention to both girls,
“please when we get there no matter the spirit that comes, don't get high?, you might be our ticket out of there with our complete selves”.....,
with that he dug his hand into his vintage bag which he bought earlier, he handed a bunch of thousand naira notes to the first girl, and told her
“You both should share it, after our meeting, tuck it somewhere, I'm doing all the spending inside the Club”.
With surprise written on their face, Chioma collected the money and handed it over to Kevwe, who mouthed a silent “Thank you”.

Ochinsky was deep in thought of how these girls easily fall for money, they just lose all their moral values at the sight of flashy things, cars and money, what a life, but what can they do when poverty is almost every average Nigerian's cup of tea.
“Oga boss, we are pulling into the Club's compound”, Osas directed his eyes to Ochinsky brooding face,
“But the place quiet o, you sure say na the club abi them just put that fine signpost for there”
“The place na sound proof, since na residential area be this”, Osas replied.
“And you say you never reach here before, Osas na wa to you o, oya people make we tell dem say O.c enter Benin this fine day in this month of may, make dem believe say Warri get wahala...”,
his excitement grew as he stepped down from the car approaching the bouncers as the others trailed behind.


The 3 bedroom flat house was painted brown and milk, mere looking at the house, you would conclude the owners were just in need to pack into their own space. Who builds such a beautiful house close to this bushy and tree flooded area and there was even a car at the front of the compound but unknowing to most people, this house has been the focal point in many of the so called G-boys blowing.
Ochikalaba had handled the deities of his father's after the death of his father, when he saw how poor his father died, he decided to pursue a different purpose and with the new business of duping white women by charming them, he has enriched himself and his household in this town close to otor-udu. Though he was not a scammer but he assisted them, and even the shrine was neat, with scattered masquerades head, different fetish and voodoo materials around the small cleared space with an expensive Arabian Muslim mat for seating at the centre, he was doing the right bidding of the gods after all, there is always expensive gin for them.
He looked well kept and handsome for a sixty years old herbalist or jaz man as they know him, he stepped outside of the house and walked behind to the small shrine just few meters away from the house.
“ The fly wey dey always turn round poo just dey waste him time; the poo go always big pass the fly...”
Ochikalaba looks at himself properly as he observed the talisman on his hand and the red and white cloth draped over his body,....
“if he good well well for fowl, he for dey piss o....”,
“good wey them do for person no fit kill the doer o...tufia kwa”,
he spat a perforated spray of dry gin into the cold night air,
“Darkness na baba so they he dey give dog horn, woman wey dey find pickin no dey wear pint sleep o....”.
“So good wey I do for ochuko wan turn to bad, akaasi obara olu, who chop belleful na dey get power for quarrel o, na only stubborn fly dey follow dead body enter grave, tufia kwa....”, he shouted...
Hummmmm hummmm, hmmmmmmmmm, he crouched down and puts his ears in front of the mouth of the closest masquerade face as he smiles,
“i dey hear you obara olu, I dey hear”,
he smiles as he stands up and he took another mouthful of dry gin and spat into the face of the masquerade,
“cool your temper, cool your temper, obara olu......”
“I no know how you take forget our arrangement but remember say your time dey run out, pickin wey say him mama no go sleep, himself too, no go sleep, pickin wey wan get big teeth must get big lip to take cover am, abeg take my warning make you do the right thing before your time go reach”,
he blew some amount of powder to the four corners of the shrine.
“sleepers get size o, abi na wetin carry poo go bia-bia, hear word ōmo-me.....”
He turned round and walked briskly out of the shrine towards his house humming to the spirits of the night.
Re: YAHOO GRADUATE( A Short Story) by REDInks(m): 7:42pm On Jan 27
Which year should we expect the next update?

The update is here, but the next one I pray might be quicker.......Am back to school, so more BM and SF for me. wink

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Thomas Hardy "tess Of The D'urbervilles & Whole Soyinka "the Lion & The Jewel&quot / A Story Awaits You! / [story] On A Rescue Mission (rated 18+)…part 1

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