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A Madea Escape To Business,part 2, Written For Madea @tyler Perry / A Madea Escape To Business, Written For Madea @tyler Perry / Loving The Playboy (A Contemporary Romance Story) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 5:47pm On Jan 04, 2018
Love it tanx 4 d update
smiley smiley
Re: Loving Tyler by rayvelez(m): 7:21pm On Jan 04, 2018
Lemme come and sit down... FOLLOWING
Re: Loving Tyler by Gloryejims(f): 8:10pm On Jan 04, 2018
Thanks for the mention... Keep it coming...
Loving this...
Cbella angry

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Re: Loving Tyler by Kenjoshua10(m): 4:44pm On Jan 06, 2018
Abeg Update finished the story
Re: Loving Tyler by joromi36(f): 8:39pm On Jan 06, 2018
enjoying it
more ink to ur pen
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 1:48pm On Jan 07, 2018
Hi, everyone. Sorry for not updating yesterday, my phone was down. I'm gonna update this evening around 6pm, by the grace of God. Thanks for reading this story. Btw, is there anyone who is a student of uniben here?
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 1:48pm On Jan 07, 2018
enjoying it

more ink to ur pen
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 5:29pm On Jan 07, 2018
Dedicated to UltimateDayg

Chapter 5

We all got to the cafeteria and found Nicole and Shola already waiting for us at the door.

"So how was your first day?", Shola asked.

"Well, it was--"

"It was fine", Becca interrupted. "Enough chitchat. Let's go eat, I'm hungry".
She opened the doors and as we stepped into the cafeteria, the smell of food hit me. I think the song, [i][/i]a whole new world, from the cartoon Aladdin started playing.
We went to where the food was spread out like a buffet. Ah, the worms in my stomach are already singing and dancing makosa.

"Wow, are we to pay?", I asked no one in particular.

"Don't worry. It's part of the fees", Nicole answered.

I took a tray and set a plate on it. I started piling my plate with jollof rice.

"Wow, you can eat o", I heard a voice whisper in my ears.

"Ahh", I gave a shout scream. I turned and saw it was Tyler. The idiot was even laughing.

"You Chicken", I said to him. "You almost made me drop my precious food"

"Oya, I'm sorry, Lizzybaby"

"Argh, stop calling me that. Also, look at your own plate filled with food as if you didn't eat for three months", I said pointing at his plate.

"I'm a growing boy na. I need to eat. But don't worry, I won't get fat. I'm in good shaped", Tyler said flexing his muscles. I could see the outline beneath his shirt.

I have to admit, it's pretty impressive but I won't tell him that, nope.

"Yeah, whatever". It's not even big sef.... You better close your mouth before fly enter. I'm going to go eat", I said and left him there gaping.

I could see Becca and the others sitting around a rectangular table. I dropped my food on it and sat down on the chair beside Becca.

"Hmm, this one that you and Tyler are getting closer. Should I be expecting you as a sister in-law in maybe 6 to 7 years?, Becca asked.

"What?!", I shouted choking on my food. I saw head turned to look at me.
"Where did you get that idea from?", I whisper-yell.

"Because I personally think my brother likes you and I like you. He has been smiling ever since he saw you in class today. Looks like a stupid clown"

"You are not serious"

"Well I guess we'll see about that", she said and continued eating her food.
I turned and saw Tyler already coming with his food.

"Becca, this your friend is sharp o", he said immediately he sat down next to me.

"Yes na. You think she is all those girls that will be forming for Africa?", Becca replied.

"So Elizabeth", Tyler turned to face me. "Do you believe in love at first sight?"

"Actually, I don't", I said chewing my food.

"You don't?"

"No, I don't. How can you meet someone for the first time and say you love the person? Total trash. That's the line some foolish boys will be using. I believe in love o but not love at first sight"

"Okay, what about like at first sight?"

"Keep quiet and eat your food, Tyler" Becca said before I could answer the question.

We all ate and gisted about things before we heard the siren blare. Ahn, that annoying siren.

We left the cafeteria and headed to our classes. Nicole and Shola went to the right where their class was while we continued down the corridor. I noticed that Pelumi wasn't following us. I turned and saw him hugging Nicole and whisper something in her ears before he ran to up to us. Hmm, I'm sensing school romance.

We got to our class and as we were about to enter, I heard Tyler whisper in my ears.
"Actually, I never believed in love at first sight but now I do. I've fallen in love with someone and someday, she's gonna fall in love with me too"

I turned to him and saw him smiling. Weird.

Hi, everyone. Happy first Sunday of the year.
This chapter was kinda hard to write but it was still fun. I actually don't believe in love at first sight but I love hearing about peoples love stories.

My question: who believes in love at first sight?

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Re: Loving Tyler by pweetymhi(f): 9:43pm On Jan 07, 2018
love at first sight isn't meant for everyone bt I believe in it, it doesn't work for everyone bh it works for some

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Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 10:02pm On Jan 07, 2018
love at first sight isn't meant for everyone bt I believe in it, it doesn't work for everyone bh it works for some
I guess that's true
Re: Loving Tyler by pweetymhi(f): 10:29pm On Jan 07, 2018
I guess that's true
there are some dt met their life partner through dz love at first sight thing
Re: Loving Tyler by Gkay1(m): 7:33am On Jan 08, 2018
it is well
Re: Loving Tyler by baski92(m): 7:50am On Jan 08, 2018
The mOderator may They post story come front page, may e make sure the story don reach 50 pages beFore pushing up front page
Re: Loving Tyler by Nobody: 8:02am On Jan 08, 2018
it could be real but, I've never allowed myself to believe in love at first sight. loving the story btw.
Re: Loving Tyler by Nobody: 9:43am On Jan 08, 2018
Okay. smiley
Re: Loving Tyler by Alexbrain(m): 10:06am On Jan 08, 2018
A tale of romance, mystery, magic and the transcendent about Ego, a decent woman who has done good all her Life. As such, she expects rewards from the gods but the blessings took way too long and when it finally came, it felt more like a curse..
Is now available for download from
OKADABOOKS https://okadabooks.com/book/about/the_shallow_grave_/17048

Re: Loving Tyler by insp: 12:21pm On Jan 08, 2018
I think I like it
Re: Loving Tyler by insp: 1:27pm On Jan 08, 2018
Oga ooo... teens of nowadays , wetin dem elders no do wen we were in school na hin den dey do.... imagine discussing love at very first day in school....

Abeg 90s pls comment .... dem born us well to love 4 school.... ?
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 5:28pm On Jan 08, 2018
it could be real but, I've never allowed myself to believe in love at first sight. loving the story btw.
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 5:29pm On Jan 08, 2018
Oga ooo... teens of nowadays , wetin dem elders no do wen we were in school na hin den dey do.... imagine discussing love at very first day in school....

Abeg 90s pls comment .... dem born us well to love 4 school.... ?
cheesy cheesy. True but them no born me for the 90s, I still be small pikin
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 5:31pm On Jan 08, 2018

there are some dt met their life partner through dz love at first sight thing
I wonder how it's like. My friend who asked this particular question fell in love at first sight and I just had the feeling that the relationship wasn't going anywhere and I was right.
Re: Loving Tyler by pweetymhi(f): 7:47pm On Jan 08, 2018

I wonder how it's like. My friend who asked this particular question fell in love at first sight and I just had the feeling that the relationship wasn't going anywhere and I was right.
like I said b4 it works for some and it doesn't work for some,the attraction myt b facially not from d heart,of wat use is a relationship DT u are just physically attracted to each other. it only wen d two hearts agreed to b one DT it can work out.
Re: Loving Tyler by Doppelganger001: 12:28pm On Jan 09, 2018
come and finish the story na
Re: Loving Tyler by UltimateDayg: 1:20pm On Jan 09, 2018
Am sorry for not commenting on time.....I was a bit engaged this days and even If I came online, I will just update my story and Go

thanks for the dedication nerd......so nerds too knows all this romantic stuff? Keep it up
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 9:11pm On Jan 09, 2018
come and finish the story na

Hi, I'm sorry. I can't update today, too much stuff I was thinking about but don't worry, tomorrow by God's grace
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 6:47pm On Jan 10, 2018
This is to Doppelganger001 and Pweetymhi

Chapter 6

The rest of the day went on pretty well. I didn't encounter Tyler again until the close of school. Thank goodness.

Immediately the siren blare signalling closing time, I stand up and take my bag.

"Are you going home now?", Becca asked.

"Yeah. I need to get home then go to my mum's shop to help out"

"Cool. Which side are you going to?"

"Around mainland"

"Wait for me, let's go together. Our driver can drop you off"

"Oh no. There's no need"

"My friend, let's go"

"Okay, thanks". Wow, free ride. I get to save my money.

I look back and see Tyler coming towards us.
"Huh, Becca. Let's hurry up and go fine Shola and Nicole"

Without waiting for a reply, I drag her out of the class. Now, it's her turn to be dragged about. When the class is out of sight, I stop.

"I know it's because of my brother that you are rushing like this. Did he say anything stupid to you? Just tell me and I'll set him straight", Becca rushed out as soon as she stopped panting.

"No", I replied sharply. "Stop thinking rubbish jare. I just felt we should hurry up".

She looks at me narrowing her eyes but thankfully doesn't say anything more.
Why did I even run and why is my heart beating really fast? Stay focused, Elizabeth. No distractions. If I keep changing that, I might actually believe it.

We see Shola and Nicole outside their classroom.

" hey, babes. Elizabeth is following us today. Is Uncle Paul here yet?"

"Sure, he's in the parking lot", Nicole answers.

As usual, Becca leads the way as we head to the parking lot. I can already see students going home. Wow, this parking is really cool. Different cars although I don't know the brands but they are really beautiful.

Becca head towards a car and a man came out from the driver's side.

"Uncle Paul, Good afternoon", they greet.

"Awon big girls. How are you?", Uncle Paul asks. "Becca, this one that you are shining teeth like this ehn"

"Ahn ahn, it is not a crime to smile na. Anyway, this is our new friend, Elizabeth. She's following us today", Becca says pointing at me.

" Good afternoon, sir ", I greet.

"Sir ke. Call me Uncle Paul. Where are the boys?"

"I think they are still inside", Shola answers. "They might call uncle Kunle to pick them"

"Okay. Oya, enter the car, let's go"

We all get into the car and off we go. We kept on gisting throughout the ride. These girls are the bomb. I didn't have any close friends in my former school but this change is welcomed.

I gave directions to my house and in a few minutes, we've arrived. Thank God there was not much traffic.

"Thank you, uncle Paul. Bye, girls", I say as I get down from the car.

"Wait, give me your number", Nicole said.

" okay, 09021505075"

"Thanks, bye. Don't be late oo", Becca shouted.

"No worries. Take care"

I enter the house and go upstairs. I take my spare keys and open the door. I quickly change into casual clothes, eat my lunch, pick up my phone and go to my mum's shop.

"Good afternoon, mum", I greet my mum as soon as I sight her.

"My sweet daughter, my one and only", she says.

"Mummy, you and these your compliments. Don't let my head burst oo"

"Don't worry, it won't. How was school?"

"School was awesome. I really like the teachings and I made some new friends. You will like them"

"Ehn ehn. Oya, sit down and gist me", my mum says pointing to a chair. I sit down and start tell her all that happened excluding the conversation with you know who.

What can I say? My mum loves hearing stories. Don't ya wish your mama was cool like mine. Don't ya wish your mama was hot like mine. Don't ya.


Hello. Hope you like this chappy. Forgive any grammatical errors.

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Re: Loving Tyler by AngelicBloom(f): 7:25pm On Jan 10, 2018
nice story
Re: Loving Tyler by Doppelganger001: 9:14am On Jan 11, 2018
well done!
Re: Loving Tyler by pweetymhi(f): 9:41am On Jan 11, 2018
wow,thanks for the dedication. nice one bh make the updates longer
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 7:05pm On Jan 12, 2018
Hi, guys. Know that feeling you get when you've typed a whole chapter but then you accidentally delete it? Yeah, that's how I feel right now. So sorry I can't update again today. Will update tomorrow
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 7:42pm On Jan 13, 2018
Chapter 6

By 6pm, we close up the shop and head home.

"Let's stop by the market to buy some ingredients to use cook", my mum says.


We stop by the market and buy ingredients for vegetable soup, my favorite.

As soon as we get home, we start cooking. Well, my mum cooked the soup while I made the Eba. By 7pm, we were done.

"Mummy, should I call daddy?", I ask.

"Why do you want to call him?",

"So I can know where he is"

"I'm sure he's already on his way", she says.

"But it's after 7 na"

"See, stop disturbing me. Why are you even asking me? You have your own phone. Call him if you like"

Well, I guess that's true. I go to the living room where I dropped my phone on one of the chairs. I turn it on. 30%, great not great.

I dial my dad's number and he picks after the first ring.

"Hello, daddy. Where are you?", I ask

"I'm already on our street", he replies.

"Okay, take care", I say and hang up.
"Mum, daddy says he's already on our street", I tell me mum who just came out of the kitchen.

"Didn't I tell you he's already on his way?", she asks.

"I know but I just called to confirm

"Confirm ko, confirm ni"

"Hey, I'm back", I hear my dad's voice as he enters the house.

"Daddy!", I shout and go hug him. "What did you buy?"

"Are you a baby that you are asking what he bought?", my mum asks.

"Adesua", my dad says. "You know it doesn't matter. Shell always be my baby girl. By the way, I bought suya"

"Yeah!", I shouted and collect the nylin whuch held the suya and his bag from him. I go keep the bag in his room.

By the time I come back, I see my parents hugging and my dad whispers something into my mum ears which makes her laugh. Bleh, parents.

"So, dad", I say while chewing on the suya, delicious. "Should I go on the gen? My bat3 is low".

"No", my mum answers. "Why is it every time that your phone is always low?"

Ohh, my mum just likes spoiling show.
"Mummy, it's not every time na. Please? Also, it's almost time for I am Frankie on nickelodeon". What? I love nickelodeon.

"Okay but you know too much of TV isn't good. I just want to to study well and pass your exams".

"I know, mummy. Don't worry. I'll study really hard. Trust me", I say and go give her her hug. I know that my parents always have my best interests at heart.

"What about me?", my dad says. "Don't I get a hug too?"

"Oh, I love you too, daddy", I say and hug him too. "Oya, let me go and turn on the gen"

I go to where the gen is and turn it on then I go inside and see my parents already eating. I charge my phone and go dish my food. After eating, I wash my plates and those of my parents.

By 10pm, I turn off the gen. We say our night prayers and I go to my room.

I decided to browse a little before I read. I turn on my data and check my messages on Whatsapp.
After that, I log in on Facebook. I see that I have 6 friend requests. I checked and saw it was it was from Becca and the others, even Tyler. I accepted all and start checking their profiles. I decided to check Tyler own last.

First thing first, his profile picture. Hmm, cutie. It has like one thousand like. If only facebook likes could be converted to dollars, some people would be millionaires by now.

Oh, well. Time to read. I log out and start reading
After reading to two hours, I decide to call it a day or is it night? Anyone.

I say my prayers and drift of to sleep.
I dreamt of someone.
Yeah, you know who he is.

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Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 2:29pm On Jan 22, 2018
Hey, guys. Sorry for not updating, had some problems with my phone. Well, I'm back now....I guess.

Chapter 7

The next day at school, I saw that Becca, Shola and Nicole were already got there first.

"Hey, girls", I greeted.

"Elizabeth, you are late o." Nicole said.

"I'm not that late na. It's not yet 7:30"

"Okay, I've heard"

"Okay, now that Elizabeth is here, I have gist for you guys", Becca said. " Richard asked me out"

"What?!", we all shouted.

I'm so shocked. I thought it was Pelumi and Nicole then Shola and Richard not Becca and Richard!

"Abeg, shift. Let me faint", Shola said. Funny girl.

" How? When? Where?", Nicole asked.
Me, I didn't even say anything.

"Well", Becca said. "He came over to my house yesterday. I thought he wanted to see Tyler but he said it's me he came to see, I was kinda surprised. We got talking about random stuff then suddenly, he just asked me out", we all screamed drawing the attention of some students that were in the class.

"So what was your answer?", I asked.

" I haven't given him a reply yet. I told him I'll think about it"

"Hmm, do you like him?"

"I kinda do"

"Okay oh. My advice is for you is that if you decide to date him, don't do rubbish o. No go carry belle. Education first"

"Okay, madam adviser"

"Becca", Shola said. "Elizabeth is right. Our education comes first. If he tries any nonsense, just tell us. We will teach him a very big lesson, he'll never forget"

"Thanks guys", Becca said. "Best friends ever. Including you, Elizabeth"

We all went for assembly and after that, Becca and I came back to our class. I looked around the class and noticed that Tyler wasn't around. Even Pelumi and Richard.

Huh, why am I even looking for him?

"I know you are looking for my brother", Becca said.

"No, I'm not.... Not really"

"I hear. Keep deceiving your self. Anyway, he will soon be here. He called me, he's going to be late"

"Called? Do they allow phones here?"

"Sure. Just don't use it while the class is on or it's bye bye to your phone"

"Wow, cool"
The door opened and Tyler and the rest came in.
Argh! He's coming towards my direction. I raised my hands to wave at me.

Huh? He just passed me, strange. He didn't even acknowledge me.

Oh, well. Why do I even care? We just met yesterday, it's not my business.
The first lesson teacher came and we got down to work.

Soon, it was fourth period which was a free period, thank goodness.
"Becca, I thought the first week is all about revision"

"Yeah but only for some subjects. You know WAEC exams are coming up.

"Yeah, true"

"Hey, girls", we heard Pelumi's voice. "What's up?"

"We're cool"
I could see Richard smiling shyly at Becca.

"Elizabeth", Tyler said. "Can I talk to you for a second?"

Huh, what does he want now? I stood up and followed him to his seat.

"Okay, what do you want to talk to me about?" I asked immediately I sat down.

"Look. I'm sorry about what happened this morning. I was just pissed off. I didn't mean to take it out on you"

"What even made you angry?"

"Well, as we were coming to school this morning. Some bus passed and splashed dirty water over my uniform. I had to go back home and change which made me late for school".

Is this guy for real?

"Ordinary water splash on you? You now vex"

"It's not ordinary water, it's dirty water"

"Okay o, I've heard. I guess I will be angry too if that happened to me".

"Thanks babe", Tyler said.

"See this one o. Who are you calling babe?"

"You are my babe na"

"Whatever", I said and we kept quiet.

"So, I heard my sister is now dating Richard", Tyler said breaking the silence.

"Not yet"

"I know but she will. I hope he doesn't try any rubbish cos if he does, I'm going to beat him to pulp".

"Yeah. Me, Shola and Nicole will also beat him if he tries that"

"Ehn? With which hand? This your small hand"

"I can still beat oh", I said and we both laughed.

"Come on, let's go join the rest", he said and we went back to where they were.

The rest of the day went quiet well. Becca accepted Richard and I think Tyler and I are now friends.
I also got another ride home.

I hope this chapter went well. Sorry for any grammatical or spelling error. Cheers.

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