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A Madea Escape To Business,part 2, Written For Madea @tyler Perry / A Madea Escape To Business, Written For Madea @tyler Perry / Loving The Playboy (A Contemporary Romance Story) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Loving Tyler by insp: 4:29pm On Jan 22, 2018
at last , you've kept me personally waiting all these while , a don refresh page die.... I love this.... keep it up.... bringing back school memories
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 8:55am On Jan 23, 2018
at last , you've kept me personally waiting all these while , a don refresh page die.... I love this.... keep it up.... bringing back school memories
Thanks smiley
Re: Loving Tyler by afolabiwunmi: 9:30am On Jan 25, 2018
Come and update oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 10:53am On Jan 25, 2018
Come and update oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Please bear with me. I'll update today but later in the afternoon

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Re: Loving Tyler by afolabiwunmi: 11:14am On Jan 25, 2018

Please bear with me. I'll update today but later in the afternoon[/quote]
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 6:01pm On Jan 25, 2018

Please bear with me. I'll update today but later in the afternoon

Hey, dear. It seems I'm going to have to postpone my update cos NEPA is doing off and on for us. My phone is down, so sorry.
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 12:20pm On Jan 26, 2018
Yeahhhh, there's light. Please invite your friends to read this story, thanks. Sorry, the chapter is kinda crappy.

Chapter 8

On Friday, I was kinda sad that I won't be seeing these peeps till Monday.
"I'm gone miss you guys. You people should read o", I said as the dropped me off at my house.

"No problem", Nicole said.
"I'll add you to our Whatsapp group so we can chat during the weekend"

"Okay. Have a great weekend, bye", I said and entered into the compound and up to my room. I didn't go to my mum's shop today because she was not around. She went to visit her aunt so I'm home alone. I don't like staying alone but thank goodness there is light today.

I went to my room to charge my phone. I decided to watch nickeledeon but it seems like our subscription has expired. Damn, these Gotv people are thieves. It hasn't even been long that we recharged it.
Oh well, I'll read instead.

I pick up my mathematics textbook and start solving some questions.

About 20 minutes later, my phone started ringing. Hmm, who could be calling? I answered it.

'Hey, wifey", I heard a voice.
Huh? I pull the phone from my ear and looked at it.

"Sorry, please who is this?"

"Ahn. Don't you remember me? The guy you are going to marry in 5 or 6 years"
Immediately, I knew who it was.

"Tyler, you idiot. Marry who?"

"Marry you na"

"You haven't even passed out from school and you are thinking of marriage. I'm shaking my head for you"

"That's why I said in the next 5 or 6 years"

"Whatever. By the way, how did you get my number?"

"Oh, I stole it from Becca's phone"

"Thief. Why did you call me"

"I just wanted to greet you and hear your voice".

I swear this guy is crazy but I'm still fangirling inside.

"Really? Is my voice that sweet?", I asked.

"Yeah, it sounds like a choir of angels singing"

"So you mean you have heard angels singing before?", I couldn't help but tease him.

"Stop being sarcastic and just accept my compliment", he said.

"Okay. Thanks for the compliment"

"You are welcome, babe. So what's up?", he asked.

"I'm fine". And that was how a lengthy conversation began. We talk about a lot of things ranging from our families to movies.

I checked the time and saw that we have been talking for 20 minutes.
"Tyler", I said. "It's seems you have lots of airtime oh. We've been talking for the past 20 minutes"

"Yeah. There's was no one to talk to so I decided to call you"

"Awwn. Thanks but I have to go and read. You should too"

"Oh, okay. Call me when you are through. Maybe we could exchange questions"

"Okay, cool. Later"

"Take care, babe", he said and ended the call.

It was really fun talking to him. That's the longest call I've ever received.
I thought about what he told me about his family, the Opara family. That family is super rich and from old money. It's a surprise he and Becca are humble and friendly. The rest of the crew are rich but not as rich as his family.

Enough thinking, back to reading.

One hour later, I close my books. My eyes were beginning to ache. I look at the time and see it's almost 6pm. My parents will soon be home. I warm up the soup and make semovita for them.

After that, I decided to call Tyler. I dial his number and hung up after the first ring.

What? Don't look at me like that. I don't have airtime, he'll call back.

Soon, my phone started ringing.

See, I told you.

I answered the call.
"Hi, sorry for flashing you. I don't have much airtime, that why", I said.

"No problem. I'll send you some later. I can't talk much right now. I'm kind of busy"

"Oh, okay. By the way, don't bother sending the airtime. I'll get some later"

'I'm still gonna send it", he said and ended the call.

Huh, that guy doesn't listen. I was kind of disappointed that we didn't get to talk much this time.
Two minutes later, I received a message. I checked it and saw I've been send airtime of one thousand naira by Tyler.

I said it, he never listens. I send him a message.
"Hi, thanks for the airtime but it's too much. I told you not to send it. I'm sure you have better things to do with that money"
I press send and waited for a reply.

I check my phone.

"You are welcome, babe"
Ugh, that idiot. I'm gonna deal with him at school on Monday.

Soon, my parents came home. We all ate and went to bed.
The weekend was uneventful. Just read, helped my mum at the shops and chat with my friends on Whatsapp.

I can't wait to go back to school on Monday.


Can you believe it Immediately I finished typing this chapter, stupid NEPA took the light and my phone isn't full yet. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

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Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 12:24pm On Jan 26, 2018
afolabiwunmi. Done. This is for you.
Re: Loving Tyler by afolabiwunmi: 6:34pm On Jan 26, 2018
Soooooosoosooooooo interesting,thanks for the update. More ink to your pen (nerd51)
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 6:56pm On Jan 26, 2018
Soooooosoosooooooo interesting,thanks for the update. More ink to your pen (nerd51)
Re: Loving Tyler by Hardeybaryor(m): 12:10pm On Feb 02, 2018
Nerd51, it's a new month, I wish you a fulfilling February. O ya come and give us a new month welcoming episode biko
Re: Loving Tyler by rachealfst(f): 1:28pm On Feb 02, 2018
Hmm! Nice story, it's really cool. Following........ More wisdom and inspiration.
Re: Loving Tyler by emilykang(f): 5:19pm On Feb 02, 2018
Lovely story... Enjoy other interesting stories, poetry, follow series on Tushstories via


Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 6:16pm On Feb 02, 2018
Dedicated to Stizzy, hardeybaryor and rachealfst, thanks, guys.

Thanks for still sticking to the story, guys, even though I haven't been updating for some time. NEPA and their wahala and uniben wahala. Registering for another jamb again which wasn't my plan. *sigh* anyway, on with the story. Hope you guys enjoy it.

By the way, I wrote Tyler's POV instead of Elizabeth's POV at the beginning of chapter one. I tried changing it but it's not working. Somebody help.

Chapter 9
Getting to school on Monday, imagine my surprise when I saw multitudes of students. I guess these are the ones that resume second week.

I went to my class and saw Becca, Nicole and Shola where they always are. By my seat.

"Hey, babes", I called out

"What do you call a baby lizard?", Shola said.

Huh, not again.

"Lizzy baby", Nicole and Becca chorused.

"Guys, it's not funny"

"Okay, we are sorry", Becca said. "We forgot, it's only Tyler that's allowed to call you that"

"C'mon. I don't allow Tyler to call me that"

Immediately I said that, I heard that amazing voice belonging to that amazing person.
"Hey, Lizzy baby"

"Hi, Tyler. What's up?", I asked.

"Told you so", I heard Becca whisper.
I didn't even mind her.
" I'm fine and you?", he replied.

"I'm great", he smiled at me and left for his seat.

I turned back and saw my friends smiling slyly at me.
"So....how was the weekend?"

"It was okay", Nicole answered." So many students today. School has resumed fully"

"Yeah. Even that crazy girl, Kate", Shola said angrily

"Who's Kate?", I asked.

"She's the daughter of Felicity and Ethan Goodman"

"Wait, the 'The Goodman Couple'? Oh my God. I love their movies"

"Yeah. Their movies are easy to love. I can't say the same for their daughter"

"But wait. Why is she schooling in Nigeria? I thought her parents were abroad"

"Well, her maternal grandparents are living here and want her to stay with them. Let me tell you, she is a pain in the ass. She's been after Tyler for long. I don't want her for a sister in-law"

"Becca", I stressed. " Her dating Tyler doesn't mean she's going to be your sister in-law. Come on, let's go. Maybe I can catch a glimpse of her. What department is she? "

"She's in my department", Nicole answered.

"Okay, off we go then"


I didn't see Kate during the assembly so I gave up. Maybe she didn't come today.

"See you guys at lunch". We waved at Shola and Nicole and went to our class.

We sat down and brought out our books for the fist lesson. I could hear some students discussing about Kate being back. From the way some of the guys sound, I could tell she's a real beauty.
Hmm, I hope she's not what Becca says she is.
I wonder if Tyler likes her.

" Good morning, class", Mr Femi said as he came into the class. He's really becoming my favourite teacher with his calm teaching. Better than that mathematics teacher, Mrs Folorunsho. No wonder The students nicknamed her Pokiyo. That woman is really harsh and too strict. Every single thing and she blows up. My opinion, though.

I open my book and pat attention for the rest of the class.


Finally, lunch! Next time, I'm bringing a snack with me to class. Do these teachers want us to die?
I pick up my bag and tapped Becca.

"Hey, quick na. Hunger is already killing me"

"You and food. I wonder how you and Tyler's children will be like", she said.

"Our children will be beautiful and intelligent", I said and she looked me smirking.

It took me a while to discover that I didn't refute her claim of Tyler and I having children in the future.
Damn it.
"Come on. Let's go", I said and pulled her up.

We went to Shola and Nicole class to call them and off to the cafeteria. We saw that the boy's were already seated. We dropped our bags and went to get our food.

"Oh, man", I heard Richard say as we came back." Have you seen Kate?"

"Nope. Have you?", Tyler said.

"Yeah and let me tell you, she's now more beautiful. It seems like London really treated her well"

"Wow", I said sarcastically. "That means she'll be a goddess now"

"Lol, Elizabeth", Nicole said. "Are you jealous? Or do you think Tyler will Like her more?""

"What? That's absurd. I'm not jealous", I said as I sat down.

" Jealous about what?" Tyler whispered in my ear.

"Oh, it's nothing"

"Tyler!", I heard a voice shout from behind. I turned back and saw a beautiful girl.

"Hey, Kate", Tyler said.

Kate? I guessed as much

"I missed you", she said and came over to hug him.
"Who is this?", she asked looking at me.

" oh, she's...."

"His girlfriend", Becca interrupted.

What the....?

"What?", Tyler exclaimed.

" Yeah she is"
I think I'm right to say at that moment, I was completely frozen. I saw the look in Kate's eyes. It was downright hostile.

"Hmph", she said. "That's the most hilarious joke ever. Tyler's mine and will always be. He still hasn't gotten over his feelings for me. Cha cha, guys", she looked at me and left.

And so went the queen.

Okay, I'm confused. What does she mean by Tyler's not over his feelings? What feelings? They have some explaining to do.


Forgive any error. Thanks


Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 6:31pm On Feb 02, 2018
Hmm! Nice story, it's really cool. Following........
More wisdom and inspiration.

Thanks, ma. Wow, I'm really happy you are on this thread. Please, criticize away, I'm still a learner.

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Re: Loving Tyler by oly0511(f): 8:35pm On Feb 02, 2018
this one is breakfast for yesterday and day before so what if lunch and dinner thus nice update
Re: Loving Tyler by rachealfst(f): 6:24pm On Feb 03, 2018
Thanks for the dedication. I'm loving this story. Ride on sis.
Re: Loving Tyler by FortunateB(f): 6:59pm On Feb 05, 2018
Nice story.
Please try to improve more on your use of words, especially past tense.
More grease.

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Re: Loving Tyler by kerenjay(f): 7:17pm On Feb 06, 2018
Nobody invited me but I invited myself. I am welcome. btw r u really a nerd?
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 7:48am On Feb 07, 2018
Nobody invited me but I invited myself. I am welcome. btw r u really a nerd?
Lol, I'm not. I just ran out of names
Re: Loving Tyler by stizzy(f): 2:30pm On Feb 08, 2018
No update y
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 7:57am On Feb 09, 2018
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 5:09pm On Feb 19, 2018
Hey everyone. Sorry for going AWOL all these while. Please accept my apology.

Chapter 9

Nobody said anything again after Kate left. I just sat there boiling with anger. Immediately lunch was over, I picked up my bag and left the cafeteria without waiting for them.
I could hear them calling my name but I didn't bother responding.

"Hey, Elizabeth", I heard Tyler from behind. "Please wait"
I stopped and turned back.

"Wait for what, huh? First Becca says I'm your girlfriend, then Kate says you have feelings for her and you guys just kept quiet without explaining"

"Look, we're sorry. I can explain everything but please forgive Becca....and me"

"Okay, explain. I'm waiting"

"I can't talk right now, we need to go to class. Wait for me today at the car park"

"Hmm, okay"

"Thanks, babe", he said and to my surprise kissed my cheek and left for class.
This is the second time today that I'm left completely frozen.

I saw Becca, Nicole and Shola coming towards me with guilty faces.
Huh, i don't want to talk to them.

"Please, Elizabeth", Becca said." Hear us out"

"Okay", I said crossing my arms.

" I'm very sorry for using your name. Just that Kate really made me annoyed with her behavior. Tyler is over his feelings for her. I don't know why she keeps repeating it over and over. I guess I wanted to prove to her that's he's over her. Please I'm so sorry"

Awwn, I guess I have to forgive her.

"Don't worry, Becs. You are forgiven. I understand and I don't even like the girl sef. Tyler said he will explain everything to me after school"

"Oh, thanks a lot, bae"

"Elizabeth, you are such a good friend", Nicole said. "Thanks for understanding"

"Group hug, guys", Shola said and we all hugged and laughed.
We went to our different classes and got through the day.


After the bell rang for the close of school, the SS3 had extra lessons in preparation for the forthcoming WAEC exams, so we stayed behind.

During the 10minutes break before the start of the class, as Becca and I were gisting, I looked back and found Tyler staring at me and then he winked at me. At me!

Immediately, I turned front. My heart started beating like I've been caught stealing from the pot.
Oh, man. What was that?

I put it out of my mind and started revising my notes.

By 5:30pm, we were done. I picked up my bag and told Becca I'll meet her by the school gate.

On my way to the car park, I heard someone calling my name. I looked back and saw it was Tyler who called me.

" I was about to go to the car park when I saw you", he said.

"It's no probs. Now tell me what you want to say"

"Come one, let's go meet the rest first. We are trekking to the bus stop, the car will wait for us there. I'll tell you on the way"

He held my hand and led the way.

We got to where our friends were waiting. We all proceeded to the bus stop with Tyler and I lagging behind.

"Okay", Tyler began. "First of all, I'd like to say sorry for not explaining things after Kate left. Kate was like my first love. Wait, now that I think about it, I realise that it was just infatuation. I liked her but she didn't reciprocate my feelings. When we were in SS1, I asked her out but she turned me down"

"Is she right that you still have feeling for her?", I don't know why that question just popped out.

"What? No!. I told you it was infatuation. I have someone else that I like now"
Hmm, I wonder who that is.

"Oh, okay. So what are we gonna do about me? I mean Becca told her I'm your girlfriend"

"Don't worry about that. I have set her right. So are we still friends?"

"Of course"

"Ah, thank God", Tyler said putting his hand to his chest. "My heart was already doing me somehow"

"Lol, you are not serious. By the way, why are you guys trekking today?

"Cos it's fun and it'll give us more time to talk"

"Okay oh. I was like you guys being rich and all, you won't like to trek or even know how to trek"

"We are not that spoilt na", he said frowning.

"That's nice to hear", I said and we both laughed.

"Hey", I heard Pelumi shout from the front. "What are you two love birds doing at the back?"

"It doesn't concern you, amebo", Tyler responded. "Come on, let's catch up to them", he said to me.

We joined the rest of our friends. Discussing about a lot of things and teasing each other, we didn't even realize when we got to the bus stop.

"Hey, guys. I'm going towards this side", I said pointing towards the direction.

"Okay", Tyler said. "We'll drop you off"

"No oh. You guys are going towards the mainland. It will be long journey."

I saw Becca pulling a long face.

"I'm not changing my mind"

"Ahn", Tyler sighed. "Okay. You guys go on ahead. I'll meet you by the car. Let me escort Elizabeth"

"Okay, bye bye" Pelumi said.

"Bye guys", I waved at them and they waved back.
Tyler followed me and waited till I boarded a bus back home.

"Bye, Lizzybaby. I'll call you later"

"Okay, take care", I waved at him and he blew a kiss towards my direction which I playfully caught.


Sorry, this chapter is short. Just finished crying. My close friend has been admitted into the uni. Tears of joy cos he has been admitted and tears of sadness cos it remains only me. Oh, well, hope you enjoyed the chapter.


Re: Loving Tyler by moseph(f): 9:25pm On Feb 19, 2018
Nice update but try to increase the rate at which u update.Dont worry God will turn ur cry of sadness to dat of joy.
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 9:38pm On Feb 19, 2018
Nice update but try to increase the rate at which u update.Dont worry God will turn ur cry of sadness to dat of joy.
Thanks and amen o
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 6:09pm On Feb 23, 2018
Hey guys, another update. I should prolly tell you. Updates will be twice a week, if I'm lucky with NEPA, it will be thrice a week, thanks.

Chapter 10

Tyler's POV (yeahhhh)

After I saw Elizabeth off, I went back to where my sister and my friends were waiting.

"Walk fast, slow poke", Nicole shouted. "Uncle Paul is waiting for us"

"Leave him jare. Elizabeth is still shacking his head", Richard said.
" I swear, you guys are not serious at all", I replied and greeted the driver. "Good afternoon, sir"

The drive back was pretty silent apart from the traffic.
Richard and Becca were talking quietly, Shola was busy with her phone and Nicole was asleep with her head on Pelumi's shoulder.
Me, I kept thinking about Elizabeth.

First time I saw her was when she came out of the secretary's office looking lost.
She isn't that much of a beauty but she just had that glow about her. Maybe it was the morning sun that did that, I don't know. All I thought at that time was I have to know her.

As I was about to go introduce myself, she went to meet my sister and I noted it to ask my sister about her.
Surprisingly, she was in my class. Stroke of luck.
I was so happy and determined to know her and I think I'm getting there.

I just hope Kate doesn't spoil my chance with her. I wasn't joking when I told Elizabeth that she was going to be my wife. I've never felt this way about anyone before, not even Kate. What I felt for her, like I told Lizzy, was just infatuation and after she turned me down, whatever feeling that were there died....a natural death.

"Hey, we are home", Becca said breaking me out of my thoughts.
I got out and waved to my friends.
I went into the house, straight into the kitchen where I know my mum will be.

" Good evening, mum", I greeted her
"Aww, my baby boy is back", she said coming over to hug me.
" Mum", Becca whined. "What about me? Am I not your baby girl too".
"Both of you are my babies. Now come hug your mother".

I love my mum and I'm more closer to her than my dad. Maybe because I'm last child.
Yeah guys. I'm the Kehinde. Becca is older than me with an hour and she always reminds me anytime we're quarreling.

" So how's school today?", mum asked.
"Oh, it was uneventful. Much like every school day". I replied.
" Mum, don't mind him oh", Becca cut in. "He has a crush on my friend, Elizabeth, the girl I told you about".
" Is that true?"
"What?. No I...", I swallowed what I was about to say when I saw the look in my mum's eyes.
" Okay, it's true". I said expecting her to blow in my face. To my surprise, she laughed instead and hugged me again.

"My boy now has another crush aside that girl, Kate. I want to meet her. Now you guys go wash up and come back for dinner. Your dad is back". mum said.
" Yippee", Becca squealed. She has always being daddy's favourite girl.

" Yes mum"
"After dinner, you must tell me about this Elizabeth girl"
"Okay mum", I said internally rolling my eyes.

Sometimes I consider my mum as my best friend. I'm free with her and can tell her stuffs. Most teenagers find it hard to talk to their parents about things that bother them and that causes a drain in the parent-child relationship. I'm so glad to have a family like mine.
After washing up, I came back downstairs for dinner.

" Good evening, dad", I greeted my dad who was already seated at the dining table.
"Evening, Tyler".
We said our prayers and dug into the food.
" Mum, where's Nelson?". Becca asked.
Nelson is our older brother who's schooling on Unilag. He's a 300 level student studying Business Adminstration. He lives off campus but comes home sometimes.
"He has gone back to school", Mum replied.

I have 2 older siblings excluding Becca and Nelson.
David is 27 years old and is set to get married by December to his high school sweetheart, Sandra. He owns a textile company and also in charge of one of dad's company in London.

Sophia is 26 years old and works for a modeling company in Paris. She's also getting married but by February to her Italian fiancé, Lucian.

After dinner, the maid cleared the dishes and mum practically dragged me to my room to tell her about Lizzy.
After telling her everything, she clasped her hands together and smiled. I could literally see the wheels spinning in her brain.

" Mum I hope you're not thinking another thing?", I asked
"Of course not. I'm just thinking of how I'll meet my future daughter in-law".
As soon as she said that, I face palmed .
Arrgh, Mother!. I'm sure she's already planning the wedding

Forgive any error. grin


Re: Loving Tyler by afolabiwunmi: 4:48pm On Feb 24, 2018
Wow,kudos and more annointing
Re: Loving Tyler by FortunateB(f): 7:00pm On Feb 24, 2018
Cant wait to read more episodes, nice story
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 7:23am On Mar 14, 2018
Yeahhhhh grin...finally back. My mum seized my phone cos of jamb and just gave it to me yesterday... New update coming today. Sorry for the delay guys

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Re: Loving Tyler by muhammed50(m): 2:36pm On Mar 14, 2018
Yeahhhhh grin...finally back. My mum seized my phone cos of jamb and just gave it to me yesterday... New update coming today. Sorry for the delay guys
Congratulations! I'm sure she have it back coz your score is good...
Re: Loving Tyler by itsandi(m): 6:05pm On Mar 14, 2018
Interesting story smiley Enjoy other interesting stories on Tushstories via


Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 9:29am On Mar 19, 2018
Chapter 11

Tyler's POV

The next three days were fun. After school hours and tutorials, we all walked down to the bustop, everyone talking and laughing.

I also got to know more about Elizabeth. I know her Mother has a small boutique and her dad works in a bank. She's also on scholarship.

I gotta tell you, Elizabeth's brain is on fire. She's quiet and all in the class room but when asked a question gets it right. Sometimes she even explains to us the topics we don't know.

Her hair is all soft and long. When she laughs, I fell like laughing too. Everything about her is just so mesmerising. Her figure, her lips....

...and there he goes again, daydreaming about her....
Oh, shut up, conscience.
....okay, I've zipped it up...

Thank God today is Friday. Becca and I are going for a birthday party tomorrow. I'm gonna ask Elizabeth if she could come. She could even meet my mum. I know they'll hit off great.


"Argh! Are you crazy?", I shouted at Richard.

"Ah ah", Pelumi laughed. " I bet he was thinking of Elizabeth. The swing of her hips, her smile, her...."

"Shut up jor. Ode, I wasn't thinking of her"

"Then why were you staring at her?"

"I...", what I was about to say got lost as I stared at Elizabeth's rear.

I know it's weird and rude that I'm staring at it but there's a stain in her blue skirt that looks like...
Oh shit, it is.

I quickly pulled the jumper I was wearing off and rushed to her side. I tied the jumper around her waist, covering up the stain.

"Damn, Tyler", Elizabeth said. "What are you doing and why is your sweater around my waist?"

How do I tell her now?
"Umm..", I stammered. "Well, you see...it was like this"

"Tyler, quit the theatrics and just tell us what happened", Nicole snapped.

"Okay...", I drawled.

"Since you don't want to tell me, I'm pulling it off", Elizabeth said trying to untie the jumper.

"Please don't. You've stained your skirt", I immediately rushed out.

She stared at me in shock for a while before running off, hiding her face in her hands.
Huh? I think it was a bad idea telling her like that. I should have whispered it to her or is it because a guy told her?

I shrugged and went to meet my friends who were wondering what the drama was all about.
Elizabeth didn't make eye contact the rest of the DAT. Not even when we took her home. I asked Becca to invite her to the party tomorrow. I hope she comes so I can apologise to her.

Elizabeth's POV

Oh my God. I don't think I can face Tyler ever again.

"Elizabeth, open the door", I heard Becca's voice through the toilet door.
I opened the door and saw Bacca, Shola and Nicole.
"Becca, how am I gonna face home again?", I said with tears in my eyes.

"Come on, babe. There's no need to shed tears. It's not that bad", Nicole said moving closer to hug me.

"Come to think of it sef", Shola said. "It was really nice of him not to shout it to the whole class"

"And also, he was a gentleman by covering it up", Becca added.

"Well, I guess that's true", I said wiping the tears off my face." But he still saw it"

"Elizabeth, he is not gonna tell anyone", Becca said. "And if he does, I'll kill him. Now let's get you cleaned up"

"Lol, thanks girls"

"You know what? It's so cute that he used his jumper to cover the stain. Oh I feel like swooning", Shola said putting a hand to her head in a dramatic swoon.

"See this one o", Nicole said. "Swoon ko swoon ni"
We all broke out in laughter.

"Go and find your own boyfriend", Becca added. "My brother belongs to Elizabeth"

"Ahn, it's me that you guys are laughing at abi. Don't worry, I'll find my own boyfriend"

"We don hear o", I said. " let's go"

I did my business in the toilet and we all went back to the class.
I avoided Tyler for the rest of the day even when we were in the same car back home.
Becca invited me for a friend's birthday party. I don't really like parties but since she pleaded and said it will be over by 5pm, I told her I'll ask my mum.

"Good evening", I greeted my mum who was carrying some goods into her shop. "How's my sweet mama doing?"

"Oh, you have started with this your sweet mouth again" she said hugging me."I'm fine"

"Great. Where's aunty Joke?" I asked about the salesgirl helping my mum.

"She had to leave early today. She said something about having to check her admission stuff"

"Oh, okay", I said and dropped my bag. " Mum, Becca invited me for a birthday party tomorrow. Can I go please? It will be over by 5pm"
I gave her my puppy face.

"Okay, I agree"


"But..I want to see this Becca and you'll have to ask your dad"

"Oh, thank you so much, mummy. I love you", I said giving her a kiss on her cheeks.

"You are welcome. By the way, whose sweater is that?"



Hey, everyone. I know the chapter is late and I'm sorry. Had some issues with my phone.

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