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A Madea Escape To Business,part 2, Written For Madea @tyler Perry / A Madea Escape To Business, Written For Madea @tyler Perry / Loving The Playboy (A Contemporary Romance Story) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 9:30am On Mar 19, 2018
Congratulations! I'm sure she have it back coz your score is good...

Hi. Actually, I haven't seen my score yet but I hope it will be great.
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 12:20pm On Sep 26, 2018
Hello, everyone. It's been a while...well some months.
very very very sorry for the absence..i'm back now and i hope to continue and finish this story hopefully soon.
I'll be posting an episode this evening and another tomorrow morning..so please bear with me.
Re: Loving Tyler by genius43(m): 5:05pm On Sep 26, 2018
Hello, everyone. It's been a while...well some months.
very very very sorry for the absence..i'm back now and i hope to continue and finish this story hopefully soon.
I'll be posting an episode this evening and another tomorrow morning..so please bear with me.

Welcome back, expecting the update
Re: Loving Tyler by MhizFavour: 9:35pm On Sep 26, 2018
Hello, everyone. It's been a while...well some months.
very very very sorry for the absence..i'm back now and i hope to continue and finish this story hopefully soon.
I'll be posting an episode this evening and another tomorrow morning..so please bear with me.
Oya comman update oooooo
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 10:37pm On Sep 26, 2018
Chapter 12

Elizabeth's POV

I swear I'm gonna kill Becca
That's has been my thought for a while. I've been waiting for Becca for the past thirty minutes.
Last time I called her, she said they were stuck in traffic and will soon be here.

"Elizabeth, is your friend no longer coming?", my mum asked from where she was sitting inside the shop.

"She is, mum. She already called and said she's on her way"

"Okay, she should get here fast. You know the kind of pleading we had to do before your dad granted you permission to go"

"I know..."
My phone started ringing. I picked it without checking the caller ID.
"Babe", I heard Becca's voice. "I'm sorry, we are almost there. Just turning into the street"

I quickly looked down and saw their car moving towards their shop. I immediately started flagging it down still talking on the phone.

"I'm outside waiting for you"

"Okay, I've seen the shop"

Soon, the car came to a stop in front of me. Nicole, Shola and Becca all filed out.
"Really, sorry for the delay", Shola said. "Becca and Nicole didn't know what to wear. They are trying to impress their boos"

I rolled my eyes till I though they were stuck at the back of my head.
"Boos ko, boobs ni"

"Sorry na", Nicole and Becca said.

"I've heard. Come in and meet my mum", I said already dragging Shola to where my mum sat.

"Good afternoon ma", they all chorused kneeling a little.

"How are you?", my mum asked.
"We are fine, ma"
"Mum, we are already on our way", I said.

"Okay, you girls should take care and come back early oo"

"Yes ma"
Soon, we were on our way to the party.

"Wait, have you girls noticed something?", Nicole suddenly blurted out. " we've been saying good afternoon when it's not even 12 yet "

I checked the time on my phone and discovered she was right. Its wasn't even 11am yet.
We looked at each other and burst out laughing.
"Oh, man. I totally forgot", I said.

30 minutes later, we got to the venue of the party.
Thank God there was no traffic on the way.
The car entered the compound and I couldn't help but stare. It was a beauty to behold. There was flowers everywhere and a water fountain at the center. The house itself was more like a mansion.

"Come on, the party is going on at the pool", Becca said getting down from the car holding a bag I didn't notice before.

"What?", I exclaimed. " why didn't you tell me? I didn't bring any swim wear"

"We just heard about it today and don't worry, I brought extra for you"
I face palmed and followed them towards the back.
Soon they entered a roon attached to the side of the house.
I was sure it was the changing room cos there were some stalls and mirrors.
We quickly changed into the bathing suits with tights.
I decided to check myself out in the mirror.
"Ahhh", I screamed. "My bumbum is too big in this thing na"

"Is that why you are screaming, ehn?", Nicole asked. " it's not not us that gave you big bumbum, it's God."

I just grumbled and folded my clothes into the bag.
We were the only ones there so we decided to take some selfies and mirror pictures making funny faces.
"I'm gonna post them on Instagram later", Becca said.

We left the room and went to the pool. My eyes popped open when I saw the pool. It was really big and there were varieties of people in it swimming, laughing and splashing water on themselves.
In one corner, music was playing from a speaker with a DJ stand next to it.
At the other corner was a bar where drinks were with a bartender attending to people.
There was also a tent where people sat under.

" Boo", I jumped in fright when I heard a voice shout in my ear.
I turned and saw it was Tyler who was already laughing like an hyena. Crazy boy.

"Stop scaring me like that", I said hitting him on the chest.
" I don't know why but I like it"
"Huh, just don't try it again else I'll strangle you"
He threw his back back and started laughing again..this time I couldn't help but join in.

Suddenly I felt like someone was watching me from behind, I turned and saw Kate glaring at me.
"Um, Tyler, I gotta go meet the rest"

"Why, let's swim"

"Sorry but I can't swim"
"Hmm", he said rubbing the nonexistent beards on his chin. " I'll teach you someday but for now let's go sit somewhere"
He took my hand and led me to the tent. I sat down and he went off somewhere with an excuse.
He soon returned with a glass of juice in his hand.

"Here, drink up"

"No, what if its drugged", I said narrowing my eyes.

" Don't be ridiculous, Lizzy. It isn't. I can prove it ", he said and took a big gulp out of the juice.
" Nawa o", I said taking the glass of juice from his hands. "You must have big in your mouth. See the way you've drank half of the juice"

"I thought you wanted me to prove it wasn't drugged", Tyler said looking puzzled. "You have problem o"

"Whatever", I said and took a sip. Nice, mango juice.
We stayed in silence for some time before Tyler spoke up.
"When you come visit, I'm gonna teach you how to swim"

It's like this boy wants me to drown. Swim ko, swim ni.

"Let's dance", he took and hands and helped me up.
Soon we were near the edge of the pool jamming to Davido's song Fia.
I guess all my inhibitions were gone because I was allowing Tyler to hold me by the waist.

We were having a good time when it all happened in a haze. Something or someone hit me and i felt myself falling into a dark watery abyss. I tried clawing my way back to the top but it was as if strange forces were lulling me down.
Then I felt arms around me and that was when I succumbed to the darkness.

Phewwww...can you believe I typed this in two hours. The fingers are numb.
Please forgive any errors and enjoy this chapter.
Next chapter will be tomorrow evening. Good night

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Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 10:38pm On Sep 26, 2018
Oya comman update oooooo

Thanks for holding on
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 10:38pm On Sep 26, 2018

Welcome back, expecting the update
Done dear
Re: Loving Tyler by afolabiwunmi: 2:30pm On Sep 27, 2018
Since all this while you should have double this, at last kudos to you guy, more time and Megabite to your phone.
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 8:12pm On Sep 27, 2018
Chapter 13

What's that noise was my first though when I came to.
I opened my eyes and realized the noise was coming from the machines I was hooked up to.

"Doctor, doctor", I heard my mum shout. "She's awake"
Soon I could I could see her coming towards the bed I was laying on.

"Mummy", I managed to croak out. "What happened?"
"They said you fell into the pool my dear", she answered while touching my forehead. I could see she had tears in her eyes.

" Mrs Peters", I heard a voice say. I stretched and saw it was a doctor in a white lab coat. "I would kindly request you move back so I can check her vitals"
My mum complied.

Suddenly a woman rushed on and went to hug my mum. She was followed by my dad and another man. I noticed she looked a a lot like Becca. Maybe she was her mum. But what would she be doing here?

"Her vitals are stable but I'll recommend she stays another day for more observation", the doctor said.
"But in The films I've watched", I said getting everyone's attention. "When a person falls into water and is rescued. Then CPR is performed, they don't go to the hospital"
Everyone laughed.

"Actually, some do", the doctor replied. "Yours want critical but because of shock your body shut down so you had to be brought to the hospital"

"Oh, okay. Thanks"

"By the way, I'm Doctor Ekong. Feel free to ask any questions while you are here. I'll take my leave now", he said and left. My mum came back to her position near the bed and held my hand.

"Hello dear", the woman who looked like Becca said. " I'm Becca and Tyler's mum. How are you doing? "

So I was right.
"I'm fine ma"

"How was the party?" Finally my dad spoke up.
Huh, he didn't shout at me? Something's up.

"Dad, I'm so sorry. I never should have gone near the pool"

"It's okay. I'm just glad that you are alright", he said then kissed me on my forehead. "But that doesn't mean I'm not gonna punish you went we get home"
It's official, guys. My dad was the best dad ever.

Hello, Elizabeth", Tyler's dad finally spoke up. "Sorry about the mishap at the party. Some of the guests were questioned but it seems it was an accident"

"No problem, sir. Thank you"
I had to say, Tyler's dad was a bit intimidating. And tall.
I guess that's where Tyler got his genes from.
"Thank you very much, Patience and Nelson. We really appreciate", my mum said.

"It's okay, dear. Let me call in the children. They must be really worried by now", Mrs Ophra said then she left.

Soon, she returned with the whole gang.
Tyler rushed to my bedside and grabbed my hands from my mum.
" God, I was so worried. Hope you are alright now?", he asked.
"Tyler", Becca said. "Buzz off". Then she took my hands from his and put it in my mum's own. Funny, that was when he realized my mum was holding my hands before he grabbed them.

"Sorry ma", he apologized awkwardly scratching his head. "I was so worried I didn't notice"

"It's alright", my mum said then turned to me and winked. Geez, when did my mum start winking. "We'll leave you guys to catch up". Then they all left.

" oh, Elizabeth", Shola said rushing up to be bedside with the rest. "We were so worried"

"Thanks for the concern, guys"

"But who would have pushed you in the pool", Nicole asked.
"I'm sure it's that Kate. She's one mean bitch", Becca chipped in.

" Ahn ahn", Pelumi stressed. "It could have been anyone na. It was a mistake. Stop making up stories"

"Enough, everyone", Tyler boomed from beside me. "Elizabeth us to rest so you all should leave"

"You too need to leave or do you want to sleep here with her?", Becca asked hissing.
"Don't mind him o", Shola said. " because he rescued her. Mr lover boy"

Hmm, so Tyler was the one that rescued me. I need to thank him later

I just watched them as they kept on arguing amongst themselves. I couldn't help but to laugh when any one of them said anything funny. I also contributed to be discussion a little.
At the same time, I was aware of Tyler who sat beside all the while holding my hand. My heart kept on going heebie-jeebies.

Some minutes after, our parents came in and they all had to leave with the exception of my mum and dad.
Tyler left me with a kiss to the forehead and a get well soon whispered in my ears.
All in, today was interesting but I can't wait to be discharged.

Hope you like the chapter


Re: Loving Tyler by MhizFavour: 8:28pm On Sep 27, 2018
D story is interesting nerd51 weldone
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 8:50pm On Sep 27, 2018
D story is interesting nerd51 weldone

Thanks dear
Re: Loving Tyler by pelujam(f): 9:20pm On Sep 27, 2018
keep up the good work

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Re: Loving Tyler by afolabiwunmi: 2:37am On Sep 28, 2018
Hmmmmm, thanks for the update

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Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 7:19am On Sep 28, 2018
Good morning everyone...thanks for the comments.
Next update will be tomorrow evening or when I'm back from church on Sunday.
Thanks for your understanding.
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 12:59pm On Sep 30, 2018
Chapter 14

"Now we'll be looking for the derivation and functions" The mathematics teacher droned on.
Geez, why did I come to school today?, I asked myself. I should have followed my parents advise to stay home. Now I was stuck I this boring class.

I looked to my right at Becca. She was doodling something on a piece of paper which looked like it was torn from her notebook.
"Psst, what are you writing?", I whispered quietly nudging her.
She immediately covered it.

"Let me see jor", I said trying to grab the paper but she was too quick.
"Oya please"

She then shyly showed me the paper. I should have conked her on her head. She was writing our names together with a love symbol in between.

Tyler and Elizabeth
Richard and Becca
Pelumi and Nicole
Shola and Temi
Hmm, who's Temi?

This girl must be loco, I thought.
"You are not serious at all. See what you are drawing in class"

"Lemme jor. See everybody is bored. This teacher doesn't even know how to teach. Tyler is even sleeping. He must have reached our village by now"
I chuckled at that sentence while hitting her on the arm.

Suddenly I had an idea. I rolled up a piece of paper and aimed it at Tyler's head.
"Bullseye", Becca said laughing when it hit his head. Immediately he woke up with a start jumping up from his seat.

"Yes, Tyler. Do you want to answer the question?, the mathematics teacher, Mrs Bayo asked.

" No, Mrs Poki---. Sorry, no Mrs Bayo", he said stammering. The whole class burst into laughter.

"Why are you guys laughing?", Mrs Femi asked looking bewildered. No one answered. Just quiet snickers from a few.

Soon the class ended and it was time from break. Becca and I met up with Pelumi and Nicole then moved to the cafeteria. We took amour food and sat down to it.
I was quite enjoying my food before someone tickled me from behind making me jump and almost spilling the food.

"Tyler", I shouted turning around. "What is doing you?"

I guess he could see I wasn't joking this time and he wiped the smile off his face.
"I'm really sorry, Lizzy. Didn't know you would be this angry. Please forgive me", he said making this really cute face.

"It's okay though", I replied and sat down.
"Well", he whispered to me. "At least now I know your weak spot"
I just rolled my eyed and continued enjoying my food.


After break, I went to the toilet to ease myself. I entered one of the cubicles and bent over not really touching the toilet seat. Lot of germs, who knew what has touched it.

Suddenly, I heard a clicking sound from outside. Like someone locking the door. I immediately stood up and tried opening the door but it was stuck.

I was already beginning to feel claustrophobic. I started banging on the door yelling for help.
"Is this how I'll die? On the toilet floor in the school. At least, I should have dated Tyler first and had my first kiss. I haven't said goodbye to my parents yet"

All these thoughts ran through my head and I sat on the floor. I discovered that the was space under the door but I wasn't able to squeeze through. I returned to banging the door but nothing was happening. Class must have started.

"Oh God, help me", I though as I sat on the floor rocking myself.
Soon, I heard footsteps and immediately resumed my door-banging.

"Elizabeth, where are you?", I heard Tyler's voice shouting.

"Over here", I called out. The footsteps got nearer and the door burst open reveiling Tyler and Becca.
I gratefully fell into their arms in a faint.

Next time I woke up, I saw myself on a bed in the sick bay. I sat up holding my head.
"She's awake", the nurse said. "Give her some water"
Becca went to get water from the fridge and handed it to me.
"What happened?", Tyler questioned.

I then explained to them everything from the click sound to them rescuing me.
"Maybe, it must have been some junior students who did it" the nurse spetaculated.
"Maybe, well I'm alright now. Can I go?"
"Okay dear"

You should be careful next time", Tyler said. "And don't go to the toilet alone"

"Aye aye captain. It's nothing to be worried about. It was just some junior students pranking around"

"I know you are trying to hide your fear right now. It's gonna be alright. Just follow my advise", he said then pecked me and the cheek and walked forward.

Becca came to walk beside me. "He is right, Elizabeth. Don't go alone again. I was really worried".

"It's alright", I said holding her hand.
I hope it will be.

Happy Sunday everyone. Next update will be on Wednesday. Enjoy your week.

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Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 11:12am On Oct 07, 2018
Hey, everyone. Sorry I wasn't able to post on Wednesday, had some issues. I'll be posting the next chapter tomorrow evening.

Sometimes it feels like I'm talking to myself.
Re: Loving Tyler by ayaobaidowu: 1:11pm On Oct 07, 2018
nice story dear,more grace n happy Sunday to u.
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 6:03pm On Oct 08, 2018
Chapter 15 (part 1)

"It has come to my notice that the s s 3 students are not serious with their studies", the Principal said.
It's been a month since I entered Rayal college and things have been going great.

Right now, the principal is addressing us on our unseriousness...well their unseriousness.

"I've discovered that most of you are too playful. I thought you will read well if you are not forced to stay in the hostel but it seems reverse is the case. We've come to a conclusion. All ss3 students are to move into to hostel by next week Monday".

Shouts of " ahhs" came from different angles. We began murmuring amongst ourselves. Some students were quite happy cos they will get to be with their friends who were in the hostel.
I guess I'm on on the happy side but with a different reason. I've never been in the hostel and I'm glad I'll get to experience it before I graduate from secondary school.

"Keep quiet", the principal continued. "We sent a text to your parents about the change. You can all go to your classes"

"Na wa ooo", Becca commented. "Back to hostel life"

"You were in the hostel before?", I asked with shock.

"Yeah, we all were", Nicole answered.
"It was kind of terrible. We were juniors and the senior kept on maltreating us"

"Hey", Shola piped in. " Remember that rubbish senior Deborah? Always sending me on errands like I was her personal house girl. Mtcheew", she hissed.

"I've never been in a boarding house before", I commented.

"Don't worry, it will be fun. We are seniors now. I just hope we all get to stay in the same room"

"Me too oo"

After school....

I got to the house and discovered someone was already inside.
"Mum?", I called out.
I heard some sniffing before my mum's voice rang out.
"I'm in the bedroom dear"

I went into the bedroom and saw my mum sitting on the bed hunched over.
She looked up and I saw her eyes were red like she was crying.

"Mum, what happened?", I rushed over to her side.

"It's Mr Henry. Your dad's boss", she said and burst out crying.


What do you think happened?

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Re: Loving Tyler by MhizFavour: 10:59am On Oct 09, 2018
Ion even knw wat to think. Ion knw any Mr Henry... Weldone nerd51
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 3:39pm On Oct 10, 2018
Ion even knw wat to think. Ion knw any Mr Henry... Weldone nerd51

Lol, I know most people have forgotten but Mr Henrybis Elizabeth's dad's boss, the one sponsoring her education.
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 3:40pm On Oct 10, 2018
Ion even knw wat to think. Ion knw any Mr Henry... Weldone nerd51

Lol, I know most people have forgotten but Mr Henry is Elizabeth's dad's boss, the one sponsoring her education.
Re: Loving Tyler by MhizFavour: 10:45pm On Oct 10, 2018

Lol, I know most people have forgotten but Mr Henry is Elizabeth's dad's boss, the one sponsoring her education.
Oh! thanks for reminding me. Oya comman update o.
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 5:09pm On Oct 14, 2018
Chapter 15 (part 2)

"He tried to rape me", my mum said.

"What!!", I exclaim sitting up. "How dare he!"

"I went to his house to thank him and give him some stuffs for his wife who traveled..."

Elizabeth's mum POV

On getting to Mr Henry's house, I knocked and the gate was opened by the gateman, Paul.
"Hello, Paul. I hope Mr Henry is around"

"Yes, madame"
I took the bag I came with and entered. It was quite heavy. It contained some materials I wanted to give to Mrs Henry. She called me last night and told me to give drop it in their house.

I knocked on the door and entered. I immediately spotted Mr Henry sitting on a chair.
"Good afternoon, sir", I greeted.

"Hello. Sit down. My wife called, I'm sure you brought the materials"

"Yes sir"
I sat down. Mr Henry was a man in his fifties who has enjoyed so much money. He's quiet robust with a pot belly.

"So can I get you a drink?"
"No, sir. I will soon be leaving. I just came to drop this off".
I stood up with and went to drop the bag in front of him.

Suddenly, he grabbed me by the waist and turned me over.
"Excuse me, sir. What is this? Please let me go"
To say I was in shock was underrated. I was in full blown panic mode. I tried struggling but it was no use. How can an old man like this have such strength?

"Patricia, I've been watching you for quite some time now. I know you are not happy with your standard of living. I can make you happy and I have lots of money. Just be my mistress", he said.

"Ehn?? You this old man. Get off my body. Who told you I I'm not happy. Get off", I continued struggling.

He lowered his head and tried to kiss me. It was like my hands had powers of its own. I immediately punched him on his cheek.
Ouch that hurt.

"You'll pay for that"
He held my hands up and I started screaming for help. Why didn't I do that before.

"Somebody help..Paul, help me", while struggling, I noticed I am near the head of the chair and saw a glass on the stool. I freed on of my hands and grabbed the glass and hit him on the head. It shattered immediately.

"Ahhhh", he groaned and let go of me. "You this stupid woman"

I quickly grabbed my bag and rushed out. I saw Paul coming from the back of the house. I guessed that's why he couldn't hear me.

"Madame, what happened? Why are you shaking like this?", he questioned due to my agitated state.

"Your boss just tried to rape me", I said with tears streaming down my face.

"Again??", he exclaimed.

"you mean he has done it before. Wait, don't answer that I just need to get out of here"

I rushed towards the gate and flagged down a bike I ignoring the looks people were giving me.


Elizabeth's POV

"What!! That man is very stupid. We need to report him to the police. No wonder he's sponsoring my education. He wants to get it on with you", I ranted.

"It's okay. He's very influential and might buy the police off"

Suddenly, we heard the door bang and my dad came into the bedroom.
"Welcome daddy", I greeted.

He didn't even pay attention to my greetings.
" What happened? He said looking at my mum. Mr Henry came to the office with a swollen face and an ice pack on his head. He swore and fired me. He also called you a LovePeddler throwing yourself at men."

"That's a lie", my mum shouting standing up. "He's the one that tried to rape me"

"What??", I could see angry written all over his face. "I'm gonna kill that man"

"It's okay, honey", my mum said trying to soothe him. "He didn't try any thing. I got away before that"

"Oh, sweetheart", he said hugging her. "That man is the very definition of a green snake under the green grass. I'm glad you got away"

"Yeah but what are we gonna do about your job", mum cried out.

"Don't worry, I'll find another one. We'll all get through this somehow"

I came up to hug them. They've been through so much today. I hope we do get through this.


Re: Loving Tyler by Izzykeys051(m): 5:00pm On Nov 08, 2018
Nerd51 come and finish this story o
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 9:49am On Nov 13, 2018
Nerd51 come and finish this story o

Hey, very very sorry for not updating...I'm still gonna complete the story, I just want to write it down first. Sorry for the delay
Re: Loving Tyler by PaulAris: 2:21pm On Jan 14, 2019
Hmm, what is it with lil' girls and love stories huh?
They just love fantasies...well its cool too, at least it makes those guys level up to be better figures

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Re: Loving Tyler by MhizFavour: 1:25pm On Jan 15, 2019

Hey, very very sorry for not updating...I'm still gonna complete the story, I just want to write it down first. Sorry for the delay
Nerd51 where art thou?
Re: Loving Tyler by Emex100(m): 2:14pm On Jan 16, 2019
Good one
Re: Loving Tyler by nerd51(f): 8:47pm On Jan 16, 2019
Nerd51 where art thou?

I'm here ooo...I'll update soon..maybe next week..I'm almost done with the book...please

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