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RUNNER By The_freelancer by Piercy(m): 10:47am On Jan 02
the fictional autobiography of a prison escapee, his experience and how he got out hits all emotions of the esteemed readers





and so much more...
Re: RUNNER By The_freelancer by Piercy(m): 12:04pm On Jan 02

"How do you plead!?" The grotesque sternly looking judge starred at me for a moment before looking at the case file before him like he wasn't sure of what to say next.
"Guilty ,your honor.....I plead guilty!" I said as my mind flashed through the last 24hours of my life.
I had just returned from the capital where I had gone to process my promotion letter "at least the saying is when you work hard you get more" I brimmed with smiles as I got down from the public transport , the hectic scheduled activities that finally led to the successful processing of my vital documents hadn't been easy at all hence my urge to return home to my wife and my child was imminent.
"hah" I exclaimed in my frustration as the invitation by the principal about a disciplinary action taken by me against some students visualized in my mind.
I had soon find my way to my school , exchanging greetings with my fellow colleagues I then walked straight to my principal office who seemed to have been waiting for me.
"Mr Chuks , you are back from the board , hope your trip was okay!?" he asked as his eyes inspected me quickly.
"It was okay sir, they said you needed my attention it was why I came back , you know say I know suppose day school today " I joked a bit as I tried my best to dose the already tense air.
"Ehm its very important Mr chuks , Do you know Chief Bhadi's son?" He asked with a stare that took the obvious answer from my face.
"Ehm yes sir , as a matter of fact I had an encounter with his boy two days ago , infact I had punished him and his gang for trying to assault a female student right inside the class room ,you can imagine that!" I said as the sheer thought of the act irritated me.
"why would you do that Mr. Chuks,Ehn that was wrong of you , they could have done such , they may have been playing or something ,it certainly didn't deserve the 10 strokes of can't you gave to the four of them each" He said disappointingly as I watched with much confusion as I was unable to process what the principal was saying.
" see I know you are new here , you have barely served two months here but there are somethings you should know or ask about first " He said again as I watched on.
" Sir, may I add that the helpless female student was held down right in the middle of the class during break while this boy had his hands on the girl's breast !? , to me that's an assault and thank God I was passing by who knows what could have happened next ?" I said as I tried to explain the severity of the case.
"Ehn you could have reported to me or give them a warning or something , see u am not saying what they did was right but that boy's father hmm ..well he called and he is not happy about the swollen buttocks of his son he demands you come see him to apologize , I have apologized on your behalf but he demands you apologize to both him and his son as soon as you can, you know he is not a man to trifle with" he said again as he cleared his throat slowly.
"Are you saying I have to apologize to them hmm but what if I don't ,I mean who is chief bhadi by the way" I asked irritatingly.
that question I would soon learn the answer in a manner I had never imagined.
The Police van had rolled out of the court swiftly , I and Four sat beside two heavily armed police men for a minute I thought about an escape we weren't cuffed as we left the court surprised but then this is Nigeria 'E no suppose surprise me' I thought the urge burned through my mind as every stop and turn the vehicle made became an escape route to me.
"Guy..no try am at all" the short fat prisoner sitting beside me tugged at my hand as if he had seen the contents of my mind.
"Ehnn?" I asked not because I hadn't heard but I wasn't sure of what to say.
" if you run na kill dem go kill you , use your brain " he said again angrily before turning his attention the other two prisoners who sat opposite us.
Then I soon learned of the conspiracy behind what he had told me immediately we got down at the Adaghe Prison Hold , my new home.

to be continued.
Re: RUNNER By The_freelancer by Ayemileto(m): 12:14pm On Jan 02
Nice beginning.

But the end of a thing is better than its beginning.
Don't be like some other story tellers who started something they didn't finish.

Following this story. More data to your phone.
Re: RUNNER By The_freelancer by Piercy(m): 1:36pm On Jan 02

"Watin happen, na the four way una say una go bring na una still bring , so no one die for road so ?!" the short black bald headed hairy man who I will later know as Oga Alhaji stood at the premises of the big compound which housed a single building , I had heard about this prison hold from a friend whose brother was sentenced to 3 months for stealing , he had come back crippled and had lost an eye and though the doctor had soon cleared him fit to speak he had remained silent until he died a fifth month after his release.
"He looked like a runner , we actually thought he was going for it at one time But he be like say the guy mind arrest am " One of the armed police men who sat with us pointed at me with a dark smile hanging on his face.
"na my luck this time ,oya gimme my money I win today betting" Oga alhaji said as he stretched forth his hands to the armed police officer who reluctantly parted ways with a dirty five hundred naira note before passing a devilish look at me as I shook for a moment in fear of what would have been my fate had I decided to jump off the vehicle.
" Today is a good day for me , my wife born twins and I win correct beer money after one week of losing , so I no go put una for ghetto make dem no kill una this night my name by the way is Oga Alhaji if you do well you will live well but if you dare me for a bit I will ensure you understand the phrase 'hell is real' , behind this thick walls of concrete and steel I am the president , I am the law , I am goonI am the devil , I am life and death , my very word is what keeps you all alive , play smart and I will send your bodies to the road side " He smiled sternly for a minute before ordering two wardens who sat outside to take us inside.
it was then I started to imagine what my Friend's brother may have gone through, this wasn't a prison it was hell.
"thank you" I said quietly to the prisoner who had saved my neck a while back.
"thank me!?...guy if you had escaped and gotten killed I and the remaining two would be dead by now , your life for ours ..na so e be here" he said before receiving a surprising slap on the back by one of the wardens who had caught him talking while we all walked.
"my friend keep your dirty mouth shut before I cut off" he said angrily.
" I don't even know why Oga Alhaji no free make we put them for ghetto , dem for Dom eat una die by now" the other remarked bitterly as I and the short prisoner watched.
"make we put two of them na , Oga no go know jhore" the other remarked.
"Ehn..are you a learner!?... Even the flies that go around the cells , Oga knows them by their smell, sound and looks talk less of the prisoners ,guy no go die for nothing oh Oga is in a happy mood today no let The devil way we no see today come appear oh" the other warned again as we made a turn into a darker passage that was devoid of light, the walls had all been painted with black even the thick iron doors that on both sides had been painted with black.
"To the left we have ghetto to the right we have the Cage , your new home" the warden said irritatingly as he tossed us all inside in the cage with a grunge.
I took a sharp breath as my heart quaked with fear of what my eyes was about to fall on the unusual heat which greeted my back told a chilling story of what I was about to see but that was something I never got to see before I felt the bare palm of someone land aggressively on my back making me lose my balance for a minute as another thunderous slap again descended on my face for the second time which took me completely to the ground wrangling in pains as kicks ,slaps ,and different objects descended on me as much as it did to the remaining three who screamed and winced In pains as this continued for about 30minutes or so before we were then dragged helplessly to a corner , I was still trying to regain proper use of my senses when I felt the hot dripping of urine from different angles on I and the others which was greeted by the multitude with cheers , too weak to put up a fight which I knew would incur more painful beating I had passed out.
"Hey!..hey!!" the voice echoed in my ears as I slowly opened my eyes to see my short prison colleague who starred at me for a minute before helping me up on my feet.
"the initiation is about to start" I heard faintly as my ears still echoed much from the slaps and kicks I had gotten .
"Watin be your name,you!" a hard coarse voice had silenced the murmuring within the cell as I regained regained proper use of my eyes to see the multitude I and the three stood before.
The numbers were alarming I couldn't be certain of what number of inmates were staring at me besides the fact that they were at least nothing less than 100.
"Fool!! ..I say watin be your name " The coarse voice sounded more threateningly as my gaze fell on a huge black dwarf ape looking man ,whose appearance melted out any sort of threat I may ever have against him, I had just Chairman.

to be continued..

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Re: RUNNER By The_freelancer by Piercy(m): 1:43pm On Jan 02
Nice beginning.

But the end of a thing is better than its beginning.
Don't be like some other story tellers who started something they didn't finish.

Following this story. More data to your phone.

thanks for the advice and interest , I will ensure the book is completed in due time
Re: RUNNER By The_freelancer by Piercy(m): 2:23pm On Jan 02

"Eli...Eli...Chuku...Elijah Chukwuemeka" I said as I spat some blood of my bruised lips slowly.
"Watin bring you here?" the voice echoed again inside the cell bringing silence immediately to the short chatter that had began once I mentioned my name.
"I ...I kill..killed a man " I said calmly as he tried hard not to stare at him for I had soon learned what starring at the chairman meant when one of the other two prisoners had failed to control his eyes after he too was asked the same question.
"You...Shorty!!..Watin dem dy call you" Chairman asked the short prisoner who I was now indebted to , James he said quickly and when I soon learnt off his crime I was again taken a back.
"Ehn so na because of woman na e make u enter here so ,chai your papa no do your mama well at all" Chairman said angrily before continuing.
"that beating way una just take so na part of our initiation to the slump side Ehn na na una go become one of us proper...oya go and bring the bowl " he said to no one particularly after which a dirty plastic bowl was quickly fetched and presented before us.
I had already imagined what was to follow next even before it did happened, I was learning fast already, all my life I had taught people for the second time in a long while I myself was now a student except this four walls didn't belong to a school.
I watched in irritation and disgust as every member of the prison hold tried to either spit inside the bowl or urinate or try to force some mucus down their nose into the bowl .
"its time for you all to drink ,make una finish the bowl lick am clean , ma I no see even one single stain for the bowl at all " Chairman said again as the crowd cheered in anticipation of our initiation.
I had taken the bowl after the other three had drank from it quickly even as the thought alone almost made me pass out again for the second time ,I weighed my options slowly ...I could either drink it or refuse it one then I dropped it down for no reason my anger had started burning through my reasoning and weakness , I was ready to die .
"I no day drink am ,if you all want to kill me...then kill me!!" I said angrily as I and chairman eyes caught each other for the first time.
the crowd had gone mute , I knew my one minute of anger may be the ending of my life immediately but that was not the case , Chairman had broke into laughter followed by the rest which confused us a bit more.
"Hahahha...we think say u too go drink hahahah.... Congrats ! you all have passed ,kai but una too mumu shall hahahah.."
Chairman laughed some more before taking his leave and disappeared into the darker parts of the cell as so did a few inmates , it was over for now but the confusion and fear all this had left us made me wonder what sort of initiation greeted its own inmates.

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Re: RUNNER By The_freelancer by Piercy(m): 10:31pm On Jan 02

Two weeks had gone as we settled down to our new lives , main man and kirode the two wardens who had initially brought us were always at our toe , their spite for us was tense but then again we were not just common criminals we were condemned and so was our fate, hence survival was only what we strived for each day.
Life wasn't in Any way okay in the least for people like us but chairman had been good to us all especially when the wardens where around.
I had soon almost learned the names of a few who I and James were now familiar with shortly after our first day , as did the routine that followed each day and the penalties for disobedience of any sort.
"did you hear!?" James tugged me as I sat quietly in my attempt to find some sleep.
"hear what !?" I asked curiously.
"The wardens will be coming to select a few I think ten who will be going out with them to help with farm work " James said happily as he sat beside me.
I had been unfortunate for the second time to miss such an opportunity since my arrival , though years ago while I was a free man farm work was something that I would never invest my time in but currently it served as the only means through which I could see the outside world for some few hours and most especially get good food and water as we have been told about how farm owners provided food for workers and money for the wardens, a better choice to the one meal a day option the wardens usually gave us , it was always something every one looked towards hence a constant lobby as soon as the wardens came in to make their selection , sometimes this ended in a fight between two inmates as the wardens watched to pick the winner.
"will you try your luck again!?" James asked as he watched two other inmates walk past us.
"Yes I will and if it gets to the worst this time I am willing to fight for it" I said coldly as my eyes caught both kirode and the main man approach the cell hold.
instinctively we had all gathered around both men as we tried to make our voice louder than the other in hopes of getting picked.
"Pick me Oga " I yelled as I shoved another inmate in front of me to the side all to know avail as the counts increased so was my chances of getting picked.
"Ehm we have nine already and Its only one more we need who wants to fight for it " the tall lanky warden known as main man asked .
"Nobody dey fight anything na me dey go" Chairman had shouted from his little corner where he and his gang sat , we all had suddenly shifted our attention to him.
"you hear am , chairman don talk " another said as chairman made his way through the crowd towards the nine others.
"I go fight " I said as my heart beat paced two and fro for all I know I was seeking death in the right place but my words had only brought laughter to all around.
"See this one wan die..you know no say na chairman be dis..you go even survive one slap way he go give you!?" Kirode asked as his coarse voice echoed .
"I say I go fight am , no be fight , make we fight" I said again as I looked at James whose eyes made me think about my decision not to back out when I had the Chance to.
"You say you wan fight me?...chairman ,if I no kill you for this cell today make I lose my title " chairman said as everyone cleared a space quickly for us , I had soon found my self and a supposed bank robber gang responsible for the deaths of many in a fight for life.....

To be continued....

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Re: RUNNER By The_freelancer by Piercy(m): 11:06am On Jan 03
continukneelsI clenched my fist slowly as chairman rolled his tongue from left to right in a way that made me think about what was to befall me , my options were simple fight or get killed , Win or Die , for the first time I had come across the scarred body marks on chairman that made me shook inside , he wasn't my height though but his masculine body would make any wrestler want to quit wrestling , was I going to die?! I thought for a second before realising chairman had launched at my waist ,lifting me up within a twinkle of an eye and forcing me to the ground with a thud, I was still trying to fight my way out of the position I was locked to when I felt his hands wrapped my neck squeezing the very life out of me, now I knew what I had gotten myself into as my attempts to free his hands of me failed , my constant hits and pull seemed to have no effect on his body which already felt like a heavy bag of concrete on me , my breath was beginning to fade as did I myself amidst the cheers of the wardens and the other inmates ,as my eyes begin to shut automatically my sense of survival had kicked in one last time, I remember the chemistry teacher a fair young corper call it adrenaline .
I had been so busy trying to free my neck from his hands I hadn't noticed his legs were spread apart under mine leaving the weaker part of him under the mercy of my kneels.
With every strength I could muster within that flash second I had kicked his manhood so fast and so powerful I had felt his waist bone make a very disturbing crunchy sound , which he replied to with a loud cry as he freed my neck and leaped off me with both hands now tightly wrapped around his manhood.
I crawled back up in no particular direction as I gasped for air , my body had become numb for a moment as I watched with joy the agony I had put this brute into.
'a hunter must learn to become a wild animal in order to fight a wild animal ' I remembered someone once saying while I was growing up just then I knew what I had to do, this was my opportunity.
without much waste of time I sprawled at chairman ,putting him to the ground with less effort , I had wrapped my hands this time around his neck this time but his neck felt more like that of a lion and my hands proved abortive to do what I intended but I knew what could do the damage.
Within instance as he tried to push me off him I had dug my teeth into his neck with much force and brutality that I had felt my teeth cut through his wind pipe , still clenching to his neck my kneels dug harder again into his manhood as I felt hot urine gush out , the damages had been done but so was my strength.
Without much effort he had again shoved me off him but his attempt to stand had failed he fell breathless and helpless to the ground in the pool of his blood , I had severed his neck so bad it was merely hanging by a few tendons that stuck out ,chairman was no more.
I stood gasping for air as much as I could as I spat his blood and a few pieces of his neck off my mouth even when I knew much more had been swallowed , my gaze fell on the immobile body of chairman and then on the crowd who looked like they had seen a ghost perhaps I was.
"E don die oh" someone had said as I wiped my face off the blood that covered it and then passed a menacing stare at the wardens who looked even more confused than the inmates.
"who is next " I asked in a voice that betrayed every word that I had just said as I looked each and every one of them.
"Chairman!...Chairman!!....Chairman!!!" they cheered putting me on the edge again as I turned around in my thoughts that chairman was still alive but then having seen the dead body once again I had immediately realised what they meant by their cheers.
My fight for survival was politics for others and I had just been elected.

To be continued.

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Re: RUNNER By The_freelancer by Piercy(m): 11:09am On Jan 03
Dear esteemed Readers Runner will be spawning a dark gritty tale of true prison stories I have heard while yet it remains fictional .. Hope you are enjoying the story so far ..life is about to become really uncomfortable for the hero

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Re: RUNNER By The_freelancer by Piercy(m): 6:53pm On Jan 03

"Chairman!...Chairman!!... Chairman!!!" the cheers continued as my body began to ache and shiver , I was now getting to understand how close I was to been the lifeless body that now stood before me.
"Oga Chairman Eh !...No worry eh ..we go tell boys make dem carry the body go ghetto make dem play with am and to create awareness for den say power don change hands" Main man said with a grin , something I hated about the way he starred at me but he hadnt caused trouble for now ,both wardens had left quickly as the inmates rushed towards me once again putting me on the alert but this wasn't a fight two of the taller inmates I had seen moving with chairman had raised me up upon their shoulders cheering alongside the others.
What had I gotten myself into I wondered as I passed a dull smile at James who seemed more happy than normal.
I had been dropped down for a moment when main man and kirode returned they had had cuffs with them and where in company of two other younger inmates.
"You are coming with us , Oga alhaji say make we pack you come " Kirode the fat warden added as they showed me the cuffs, though uneasy I hadnt any reason to be afraid of this meeting 'E no fit worse pass here ' I thought to myself as I stretched my hands to be handcuffed whilst the crowd murmured , as we walked out I took one last look at the lifeless body that was now been dragged out by the two younger wardens, I exhaled once more as i imagined how different this fight would have turned out to be.

Re: RUNNER By The_freelancer by chrisbaby24(m): 6:57am On Jan 04
Nice one...following
Re: RUNNER By The_freelancer by Piercy(m): 12:41pm On Jan 04

"You!?" Oga alhaji asked as he looked up at me for a second or two before turning to the two wardens, though he had not said a word but immediately both men had left me standing whilst they took their leave.
"You are a new here..oh you were the one who earned me my beer money some weeks ago..." he paused for a bit as he took another daunting look at me.
"you don't look like a fighter more also you don't look like a killer hmmm anyway na me happy pass" he smiled again opening a pack of cigarette he had stretched the pack to me which I refused with a nod ,how I hated cigarettes even if I did I was still reeling from apparent shock of what transpired within the last 20minutes but then my mind raced to his last words 'na me happy pass..what had he meant by that I asked myself ' it would be that he intended to explain what he meant.
"I have been in this system for 45years now when I first worked my transfer to this prison as a common warden like those two ,it was almost dead ,two years in it was shut down owing to the corrupt nature of what was happening more also a break out which led to many prisoners escaping say 250, top officers were retrenched and some made to resign , a few good officers were exempted and transferred I fell into that category but 6 years later when crimes became more rampant and the government saw the need for this prison to be rehabilitated and reopened I jumped at the chance and by that time I had learned the ropes of how to keep my job...young man do you know how I keep my job and put food on the table for my family?" he asked as he puffed into the air some cigarette smoke with fixed gaze on me.
I starred at the floor for a bit trying to think of what to say before he quickly continued.
"You make sure the government doesn't hear of what really goes on within this walls and do you know how that happens ,that happens through 100% loyalty by the wardens and all others under you that includes the you and every other condemned criminal inside their so when one person raises his voice against my orders he becomes a problem ..you dey hear?!" he said again as I shook my head in response.
"Good, do you know what I do to my problems , I eliminate them , I don't give them a chance to spread ,I put a full stop to it ,the former chairman after he and I had some discussions concerning some things I would like to change within the slump he may have drank a few bottles and he rejected my offer, I laughed and sent him back what he didn't know was I had ended his tenure inside the prison but their are rules far older than me or any prison hold and me going in there and putting a bullet in his head would be against such hence the consequences would be disloyalty from all the inmates....." he had suddenly paused for a bit knocked off the ashes from the tips of his cigar before continuing.
"you really didn't think there has been any farm work ,do you? Oh no it was all a grand plan to get rid of the chairman , we all know how much he loves to go on this farm works the plan was to bait him and then make him fight for it but everyone has been subjective to that fool because he is the boss but you!...a newbie knows little about such loyalty of the inmates to their Chairman so for the second time I have you to thank " Oga alhaji had laughed a bit before a grin appeared on his face.
"You will be given water to wash every morning, you will have both morning and evening food , you will have the choice of having a female prisoner twice a month ,am sure you will like that , whatever you need we can always work something out and this is little benefits every prison bods enjoys from us its a secret am sure you understand but don't get too corky as you can see you all are disposable assets and In return this is what you will do for us as the chairman the inmates don't obey the wardens they obey you , your job is to ensure they are loyal to me and my wardens , every now and then some idiots tries to do the impossible which is to escape but he can't do this without help from others there hasn't been an escape under my charge and I don't want that ever. you are always to be watchful of their activities , report suspicious inmates to us,no weapons within the prison blocks and ensure they always comply to our every word , do this very well who knows you may live long to see out your tenure in full , do you understand me?" he said again as our eyes meant each other.
"yes...yes sir" I said as I nodded my head repeatedly I had no time to think through all he had said my body needed more attention than some corrupt speech this man was spawning out.
"hah!...very good , you look like some one who offered blood rituals , the wardens will take you to somewhere to get cleaned up then we can organize something good for you to eat , as you can see we treat every chairman well in return all chairmen should treat us well" he said with a smile before like a movie script both wardens had reappeared again.
"take him out to get cleaned up and later ask the boys to bring that fool's body into my private chambers " he said again as they nodded before taking me out of the office.
'what need as he for the body!?' I wondered , too weak to ask any further I walked on amidst cheers from each prisoner and cell we passed , the news was every where and so was I.

To be Continued::
Re: RUNNER By The_freelancer by Piercy(m): 5:29pm On Jan 04

"Oga Chairman if you go back eh, you go need to align with your boys ,make you no dull oh bad boys dey there well well if them see say na fear fear you be den go just gather you in the night kill, strong your face and tell them say make them maintain say na you be the new chairman no trust any body their oh dem go sell you for common cigar to smoke" Main man said as we walked to a section that had a single door I presumed was the bathroom.
"Chairman you go dey watch your back everyday, na jungle you enter so oh , this people fit do you fast style and you self go join that one ..Oga make you go inside go bath we put water and small soap for you" added kirode who freed my cuffs before letting me inside.
I collapsed to the ground much too tire to stand ,it seems I have been standing for ever but truly I was just imaging what I had done, I wasn't a killer even though this was now my second kill, though raised in the barracks by a single father who treated us worse than the animals our neighbours called pets his bitterness and hatred for me and my two younger brothers was meant with obedience and loyalty, he was a strict man who punished us for what we did and what we hadnt do , I still remembered the time he held me up high into the air with fiery eyes and told me how easy it was to end my pitiful life if I had ever disobeyed him .
'people go say their papa wicked me go say my papa na demon ' but in his anger I saw pity and love for the woman ,my mother who died during child birth , he had trained us to be boys though I even learning how to shot and fight at an early stage I had hated the violence with passion and sometimes I feared this was the reason he made me His punching bag , I didn't inherit his zeal for violence but I knew his anger was coursing through my veins all this while ,pity; he had died in a peace keeping mission before we were taken in by my grand mother.
"Chairman hope you still day alive there " kirode asked irritatingly as he banged the door severally.
I had immediately cleaned up and left for the bucket that sat opposite me , how good it felt when that cold water hit my body I couldn't tell but savor the feeling while it lasted within minutes I had cleaned up and came out ,only to find kirode with a new pair of prison uniform.
"As the chairman since this your own don' turn rag ,Oga alhaji say make u take this " he said with grin as he tossed it towards me.
I had taken it once more and changed into the new ones though the shorts were a bit over sized I was a lot better in them than the bloody torn ones I now had on the ground.
"Ehn Oga say make we organize you food to take hold belly, you go come make we go settle you" Main man said quickly .
"take me back to the prison , I am not hungry" I said calmly I hadn't the balls to put food in those mouth secondly I had finally remembered one word the wardens had said "Trust no one" who knows what was in plan for me ,it was too early to dine with the devil I shrugged the thought of good food in stomach much to disappointment of the hunger that burned within silently.
"you know wan wack anything?" kirode asked as he starred at me confusingly.
"Na watin I tell you so be that ,cari me go my cell " I said again this time more demanding , they had both kept mute for a while as if confused on what to do next before they had agreed to take me back.
"Oga does not like people who don't accept his gifts especially his food" Kirode said softly.
"I no be people I be chairman I said" what made me say that I had wondered though it had silenced the two wardens I myself couldn't not tell what that may have meant to them.
Kirode had opened the cell door and then closed it shortly after I entered , I may have been a teacher all my life meaning I had mastered or in the process of mastering the art of been calm under intense pressure but the eyes that starred at me and the awkward silence that followed made me shook 'if I let them see my fear I may not live through the night ' I said , a deep breath had done me a huge favor .
"Who wants to go next " I asked with a grin as I starred at everyone , i wasn't Strong enough for another fight if anyone was to come forward to accept my challenge I was going to die.

to be continued
Re: RUNNER By The_freelancer by Piercy(m): 8:59am On Jan 05

"Oga Chairman no oh we no wan challenge you , the only thing na say we go like make you treat you well , see we no get problem for here but na wen beta person no dey na e dey make us spark " a tall bulky fella named skull had said much to my relief.
"I don hear and I will do my best to make sure we go dey enjoy the one way we fit enjoy here, we may have been condemned for life but it is not the end for us , we have made our mistakes and na pay we dey pay put but e no mean say anyone fit do us anyhow " I paused for a bit as I suddenly caught hold of the two wardens just outside the cell door through the little opening in the door , how long had they been there ,I hadn't know but it didn't take me two or three to guess why and who may have senoutside
"Chairman na anything way you talk we go do here ,we fit kill for you as you dey so" another fella called crack added ,in the prisons we hardly go by our real names even if I preferred my real name.
I had paused a while to see if both wardens were still there they had gone .
With a single wave the crowd had disappeared with a few still surrounding me.
"Baba I be your boy here , see anybody way wan do anyhow just tell me he go see himself for where e wan see himself" Skull said excitedly clenching his fist .
"yes baba , see we dey here for you anything you want , you go get " Crack added.
Some years ago I had taught as a civic teacher ,on a particular topic I could remember telling my students never to do anything that will put them behind bars and secondly how never to indulge in politics for it was nothing but a 'money grabbing scheme far worse than open fraud' I had said I was now behind bars but if I choose this two hot heads and bullies as I have observed them since my incarceration I would have washed hands in a bowl of hot oil .
"Bros na me dem day call lanky the information minister ,see na me be news for here and outside anything way you want know ,sports ,politics anything at all , see I fit tell you everything way dey happen in and out" lanky had jumped in ,he was light skinned and quite young , an handsome guy I had thought unlike my friend james , james? come to think of it I hadn't seen him since I came back , how politics changes a man I thought as I began to look for him amongst the inmates but for some reason I hadn't seen him and so was every one else who claimed they didn't or had no ice of who I was talking about .
"the guy I Falk with every day na ,na me and him come here same time I dey always dey waka with am for here na " I tried to explain all to no avail , it was either james had become a ghost or something else had happened which I had no idea about.
But what could have happened to my friend I thought as I walked around the parameters of the prison all to no avail.
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"Oga Chairman no oh we no wan challenge you , the only thing na say we go like make you treat you well , see we no get problem for here but na wen beta person no dey na e dey make us spark " a tall bulky fella named skull had said much to my relief.
"I don hear and I will do my best to make sure we go dey enjoy the one way we fit enjoy here, we may have been condemned for life but it is not the end for us , we have made our mistakes and na pay we dey pay put but e no mean say anyone fit do us anyhow " I paused for a bit as I suddenly caught hold of the two wardens just outside the cell door through the little opening in the door , how long had they been there ,I hadn't know but it didn't take me two or three to guess why and who may have senoutside
"Chairman na anything way you talk we go do here ,we fit kill for you as you dey so" another fella called crack added ,in the prisons we hardly go by our real names even if I preferred my real name.
I had paused a while to see if both wardens were still there they had gone .
With a single wave the crowd had disappeared with a few still surrounding me.
"Baba I be your boy here , see anybody way wan do anyhow just tell me he go see himself for where e wan see himself" Skull said excitedly clenching his fist .
"yes baba , see we dey here for you anything you want , you go get " Crack added.
Some years ago I had taught as a civic teacher ,on a particular topic I could remember telling my students never to do anything that will put them behind bars and secondly how never to indulge in politics for it was nothing but a 'money grabbing scheme far worse than open fraud' I had said I was now behind bars but if I choose this two hot heads and bullies as I have observed them since my incarceration I would have washed hands in a bowl of hot oil .
"Bros na me dem day call lanky the information minister ,see na me be news for here and outside anything way you want know ,sports ,politics anything at all , see I fit tell you everything way dey happen in and out" lanky had jumped in ,he was light skinned and quite young , an handsome guy I had thought unlike my friend james , james? come to think of it I hadn't seen him since I came back , how politics changes a man I thought as I began to look for him amongst the inmates but for some reason I hadn't seen him and so was every one else who claimed they didn't or had no ice of who I was talking about .
"the guy I talk with every day na ,na me and him come here same time I dey always dey waka with am for here na " I tried to explain all to no avail , it was either james had become a ghost or something else had happened which I had no idea about.
But what could have happened to my friend I thought as I walked around the parameters of the prison all to no avail.

to be continued
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what do you think has happened to james ,does it have anything to do with Elijah's new position?!

Chapter 3 continues soon.

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" So you mean you don't know the short prisoner whom I always talk and move with in here" I asked lanky who starred in confusion .
"Oga chairman make I no lie nobody self know you for here before you be chairman" lanky said as he tried to dodge my stare , the kid was a bit timid and I had decided not to push my luck any further before a loud scream had from the opposite cell had startled me .
"what's that !?" I asked out in ignorance seeing the kid hadn't been bothered about it.
"Oga chairman that's to say you na proper JJC oh ,Oga dem don't used one person for afternoon food so na e be that " lanky said sympathetically much to my confusion.
"Food!?...what do you mean food!?..like dem don kill person ?" I asked him again as my eyes caught hold of skull and crack alongside a few others discussing at the far end.
"Oga chairman no oh I mean dem don kill one person chop so , you know know say na mad people full there " lanky said .
" how do you mean ,tell me" I asked out of interest .
"Oga ghetto na very bad criminals way dem don sentence to death ,people way be say their head no correct na dem dey ghetto , Oga dem no dey feed dem ,even window no dey inside that place na darkness full inside , anybody way enter that place no dey come back dis same Oga that's if d person even survive , those people inside their worst pass demons" lanky said bitterly as he spat hard into the concrete floor.
"but ...wait you mean they purposely let such things happen inside their I mean let people feed on other people ?" I asked irritated at the thought as my mind began to flash through my own act of cannibalism during the fight.
"Oga see eh make I tell you that one self na the better part ,Oga do you know they use to take people out of this prison and de people no go come back again ? or you know say ....." he had now paused as if to caution himself while he starred at me for a few minutes.
"know watin " I asked as.my curiosity burned deep.
"Oga chairman do you know Oga alhaji sells some of this prisoners to people , the wardens do too ,the female prisoners are at their mercy daily,they say they even uses some for some other things I can't tell you " he said quietly as he looked around suspiciously.
"other things!?" I asked as I could only imagine.
"They say Oga alhaji himself likes dead bodies and young boys" lanky said again quietly before he had stood to take his leave.
I sat there more confused than I had ever been and more frightened than I could ever been.

to be continued
Chapter 4
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Chapter Four

"Chairman!...Chairman!!" lanky said tugging me slowly as I winced my eyes a bit , the night was over I hadn't sleep much through the night the constant thought of someone jumping on me kept me awake less than the constant loud blaring snoore that came from almost all directions.
"Chairman na morning we dey oh " lanky said as he starred at me emptily, I had helped myself up as a few cheered me while I struggled to a knowledge their gestures ,what I would do to continue that sleep I thought for a bit before my eyes caught both skull and crack again with a few more bulky prisoners who glared at me with some menace ,something was cooking already and I had no way to stop at least not yet as the cell door opened .
"Oga chairman goodmorning oh " kirode said as he walked into the cell.
"Good Morning Oga warden" I managed to say before stretching out a bit.
"Chairman you go follow me make you go baff eh for the morning then you go come go chop " kirode said
"Chairman see as you dey enjoy leave us " Skull had said in a way I perceived wasnt right.
"na e be chairman na , e suppose enjoy pass us" crack added as I watched on .
"Oga kirode abeg book those two men for today and tomorrow bathing intact anything or any day they feel like they can have my bathing water and as I take tell you yesterday serve me the normal prison food way everyone dey chop here I no want special food " I said emphatically before passing a glare at both skull and crack I had lived through yesterday and I was ready to see the end of today.
" and if anyone here feels he can be chairman as I take talk yesterday mame the person let me know " I added fiercely as walked close to both skull and crack's direction.
"Eh ha no oh who go even dare am challenge our chairman , we just say make you dey do us well that's all" crack said as both he and skull and their crew walked up to my position.
"if na like that no wahala I said as I turned my back to fact kirode who stood like an idol .
I hadnt even the slightest opportunity to have anticipated skulls left hand which dug so hard into my left ear I had been flung into the ground , my sense had gone off balance for a while before sprawling to my feet like a wounded lion.
" Chairman..the Chairman !! see eh I like you shall oh but the boys no want one yeye jjc make e con dey form Oga for us so as matter take be na me go use you clean ground today ,I for finish you yesterday shall but eh make I arrange you for everyone face " Skull boasted as he beat his protruding muscles much to the admiration of the crowd , I shook my hand in disgust ,just yesterday there allegiance was to me but today they were waiting for him to spill my blood, I got up just to see lanky also cheering at the top of his voice but they had one thing coming for them , my anger the one thing I incapable of holding back , I smiled as I tried to set my jaw in its proper place after that blow had displaced it.
"you are going to die" I said with fiery eyes for the second time I actually meant to kill someone.

to be continued
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"make una stop am!..Oga alhaji say no person go die today here so make una maintain una self ,abhi una think say here na ghetto abhi na cemetery una think say we dey run here" Main main had jumped into the cell panting I still had my eyes set on skull as he smiled dangerously at me for a moment before he and his gang backed out much to the disappointment of the inmates.
"Chairman!.. Oga want see you sharp sharp " Main man said as he produced the cuffs again, I starred at skull with an urge for vengeance as the pain in my ear which had temporary made me deaf partially lingered on.
It was a cheap shot which I hadn't expected and that made me angry as I walked out even worse was the cheers he had received as soon as I was out of the cell ,it may have been over for now but not for long.
We had arrived at Oga alhaji's office again but this time they had removed the cuffs from my hand and allowed me to walk in freely .
"Hah the chairman himself " Oga alhaji said in a tone I perceived was meant to mock me.
"Good morning Sir" I said calmly as I starred head downwards.
"I see you were ready to bite another inmate to death " he asked again as he scoffed a bit before producing a pack of cigarette and a small bottle of hot gin from his desk drawer.
"I like this gin its nice very nice, you go drink small?" he asked again as he produced a glass cup , I had made up my mind hours agar to be weary of the devil himself so I had nodded negatively.
"that's okay , all good for me, now listen young man... " is tone had immediately changed to a more coarse and commanding one , the kind that orders respect and obedience , the kind that reminded me of my dad when he was angry.
"....i honestly don't care about if you end up dead today or tomorrow , I don't care what you use your time in the prison to do and I don't care if you take my little gifts or not but let me make myself clear when I ask you to do something you do it ..." he paused again as he brought out what looked like a rusted little knife tied with rags for a handle .
"...you see this !.... this is a knife found on one of your inmates yesterday well he has been dealt with I can a sure you , the same people way I tell you say make you dey monitor , you think say na sleep I say make you con sleep there?...if you no fit do watin I want I will find a way to replace you or maybe dem way dey there go find some how to replace you shey person don challenge you already next time I won't save you " he said as he lit a cigarette .
if onyl I could tell him I didn't need his intervention at that minute .
"....you can go since you don't want any thing you will be treated like the rest from now oh , let's see how you like it really and just so you know ..I dey watch you 24hrs " he said again as he puffed more cigarette smoke into the already smoky office .
I had walked out and returned to my cell for a minute I Wondered what he had meant , was I been observed right now I thought as I looked around the many faces in the prison and who had been caught with the knife ,when and how I asked myself , answers I needed as I thought about James for a minute could he be? 'No' I almost voiced out as lanky walked up to me .
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"After the fight yesterday ,dem carry any person comot here" I asked as he sat besides me.
"eh yes na the dead body" he said las he scratched his dirty dreads.
"so you mean nobody else was moved out" I asked again in disbelief as my eyes caught hold of skull who was talking with his gang from afar.
"no.. nobody" lanky said again reassuringly as he tried to smile.
For a minute I starred at skull who seem to be relinquishing his short jab at me which got me more angry i had decided enough was enough if I could put that hungry ape down they would all see he had nothing real to offer them , I had stood up and walked up to skull as the inmates looked on for the inevitable , my hindsight had caught hold of two inmates who were now standing at the cell down to prevent any of the wardens from interfering , for a minute my heart skipped again but again I was caught unaware by skull who launched at me with the whole of his body , forcing me to the ground thankfully my head hadn't made contact with the floor which allowed me to deliver a good punch to his jaws as he attempted to balance himself , I immediately sprinted to my feet as did he much to the cheers of the inmates.
I covered the short distance between us with a clenched fist which I intended for his nose but he had anticipated my move , stretching his feet into my chest before delivering a painful fist to my mouth, I hadnt planned for this , his punch threw me off the ground as much as three of my teeth flew out in different direction, as I hit the ground wincing in pains for a moment I knew he was a fighter.
I tried to stand up again as my mouth held the bloody saliva only to receive another painful punch to the back of my neck , for some minutes it fell like a block had fallen on my neck as I hit the ground again face first to the rough concrete floor.
I turned over slowly and spat a mouth full of blood, my strength and confidence had failed me and so was my anger , getting up I was much too dazed from the punch I received last to notice the next one which slammed into my left eye socket , temporarily blurring my vision , I had to protect my face ad I covered my face behind my hands. but even them were to face my opponent's rage .
"please... please.." I screamed as skull stretched my left hand wide my attempts to prevent his next assault had failed.
"yeeehhhhhhh!!!" I screamed as his left elbow came down my hand , he had broken my hand and before I could express my pains in the loudest scream possible another blow had sent me flying to the ground, some minutes ago I could have prevented my apparent death by ignoring my ego . I managed to open my right eye to see him stretched over me with his left hand over my neck and his right fist clenched so tight , it was over for me or so I thought...

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Hey Dear esteemed readers runner continues today !! thanks for the views its encouraging
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nice story
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I starred in agony as skull watched in the pleasure of my pains , my mind was mind up perhaps it was time to join them.
"You no dey hear" kirode screamed on the top of his voice as his baton landed heavily on skull's head in seconds throwing him of me into the ground .
"Dem say no dead body today ,una dey form boss shey ..Oga alhaji go injure una today" main man said as he rushed in also.
I was still writhing in pains on the ground with my left hand dislocated from the shoulder when kirode had attempted to sit me up .
"Chai..dem don finish dis one already oh. e no go survive again so " he said as he observed my critical condition.
"please help me,my hand don break " I managed to say as I spat blood out in a manner that irritated him.
"help who?...na nurse I be abi na watin see this common prisoner oh mtcheew " he hissed as he walked over to skull who seemed to have gone unconscious after the heavy strike of baton.
"see this one way they form bad guy na e faint so " he hissed again. as he walked over to Main man and seemed to have murmured something to him.
"Ehn what will happen now is this ...ehn if we tell Oga alhaji all of you will just be thrown into ghetto and you know what that means its just that e be tell us say make we watch una well so ehn make e no too vex for us too , we no go tell am , make una no kill anybody hear oh if baba Skull wake make una help us hail as he new chairman ,that cripple way dey there ehn any time way e con die because the injury way dey for am na e be like say e no go survive we go throw him body comot for cell sharp sharp" Main man said before they walked out of the cell.
tears fell from eyes i was in so much pain I couldn't move my body I sobbed for a bit before two huge inmates had dragged me to a desolate corner of the cell while they cheered skull who was now awake .
I watched helplessly as skull's hench men under his orders had now walked to the spot where I was , perhaps main mab was right I may not survive this one.
I watched on as they drew their trousers down and urinated on me while a few spat on me much to the jeers and cheers of the crowd , I hadn't just been beaten I was now humiliated like an outcast .
finally my eyes went deem , 'forgive me ' I murmured in my mind as I fell unconscious.

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"you have a few scratches ,a broken arm and a mild swelling which I should be worried about but what I am concerned about is your little wounds getting infected" someone said as I winced my eyes lazily before opening them to see a a fair complexed young man squatting by my side where I lay.
"...oh you are up,that's good it seems you may have a broken rib or something too bad you arreaddin a hospital ,I could easily have examined you" he said again as he drew my eye lids down with his hand calmly to check my eyes.
"are you feeling" he said again thus time putting his hand on my neck to feel my pulse.
"Doctor?" I mumbled as I tried to sit upright which at that time was not a good idea , I had almost awaken the night's pain again but he had restrained me with his hands pushing me softly to the ground again.
"don't try to stand up that's a bad idea and no I am not a doctor , I used to be but not anymore as you can see I am a prisoner as much as you are" he said again as he examined my dislocated arm again.
"why are you helping me" I asked out of confusion as I widened my eyes again .
"Relax Mr.man we might be prisoners but we are not animals or not all of us are animals " he said with a smile that made me feel safe for a while , he seemed to be experienced and knowledgeable with what he was doing.
"umh...what am I about to do is try and straighten your hand its the only way for it to start healing , you need pain killers I will see if we could get something from the outside " he said again as I nodded like a child.
"so are you ready !?" he said as he starred at me a bit more.
my senses were still too dull to fully understand what he had meant by that but a lightning rush of pain passed through me as he stretched my arm promoting up a disturbing crunchy sound from my shoulder.
"hah" I yelled as he clutched hold of my arm again.
"I thought you were ready anyway your arm is back to where it should be now I need to use your ripped clothes to form a guard for your arm so the healing process can fully begin " he said again before he had taken what was left of the clothes i had on and carefully wrapping it around my broken arm.
"you stay here don't move don't try to move at least for now , you need some liquid in your system and some food , hopefully the wardens serve something you like and then I get my supplies from the outside then I will come check on you again, my name is Yusuf " he said again before walking away slowly.
perhaps some form of hope for my survival I scoffed again as I closed my eyes again .
Months had past as I began to understand my new friend as a former abortion specialist simply called doctor within the walls before his line of work had become a cause of murder and his untimely adventure into the prison he was a good looking older gentle man who everyone liked for he treated as much as he could for a little exchange of something that kept his supplies from the outside world constant, I had started learning a few tricks from him as I began to fully settle down within the prison , it wasn't such a jungle after all just laws and rules if obeyed properly made the slump more hospitable and comfortable than most homes I had now realized.
Main man was a good friend to the doctor and i and our outside source to supplies of medicines , for a little token main man supplied me while I delivered to the doctor , our partnership was an outstanding one and so was our friendship as time past by but not all good things last within the prison blocks as I and doctor sat in the dark of the night to discus something he said was important.
"Eli, have you any dream of seeing the outside world !?" he asked me as I sat besides him.
" No, I don't have anything to do with the outside world again , I honestly don't want to go out there" I said calmly ad I wondered what he was up to.
"hmmm, you must be a very troubled young man indeed anyway my boy , I do ,intact I had a family a little lovely daughter who would be 14 soon and a wife " he said happily I could have seen him smiling as he said that if I had looked a lot closer.
"hmm good for you sir, I said again" as one of the prisoner disturbing snore had drew my attention.
"the reason I called you here is big for me , you are the only I am telling because you are the only one I have been able to trust in this hole for a long time , Eli....I was sentenced initially sentenced to 29years behind bars but after a second appeal and some well sort out details behind closed doors my lawyers tagged my sentenced at 10years " he paused for a while and starred at me again.
"hmmm some good lawyer you had sir" I replied.
" oh yes some good lawyer I had more importantly my sentence ends today Elijah , for all I know I will be eligible to walk free from this prison tomorrow or next " he said again as I struggled to contain my self for a moment.


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"you are leaving!? that's good news doctor , congratulations , its about time sir" I said almost raising my voice.
"shhh..remember we don't want to wake anybody , I have taught you the very much I know you too have learnt well over the months , a proud of you my boy , when this doctor leaves I hope you will take over, if you do your thing right ,people will respect you as much as the chairman himself , no one can assault or do harm to the doctor that is a very big deal plus a lot you can gain both from the prisoners and the wardens" he said again.
"Thank you very much doctor ,I am really grateful and I wish you a new beginning on the outside world too" I said.
"Hmmm thank you and don't worry eh..I will ensure you always get a good supply of drugs and other medicines ,I don't intend to leave you here eh..I and main man will be in communication so don't you worry things can't get uglier than this" he said again reassuringly.
I nodded again as I watched him fall asleep soon after , I couldn't have told him how lonely it would be without a friend but I had learnt much and understood much .
A week after Doctor's departure from the prison I had immediately taken over the vacant post soon after a trip to ghetto by one of the newly arrivals who had made a jump on Main man in an attempt to escape had proven fatal ,a 5 minute adventure in ghetto had sent me straight to him after he was taken out of ghetto and thrown back into the slump.
he had several bite marks with many having lacerations and deep cuts .
"that was not wise " I said as I took out a little box beneath a slab which had all my supplies.
"they tried to press down" he said with a mix of disgust and fear in his eyes as I noticed his ripped clothing which hung around his butts.
"you are lucky they didn't kill you immediately" i said again as I fetched a bottle of spirit to apply on his cuts.
"they are not humans, I swear" he said again before screeching out in pain a the methyl spirit came in contact with his wounds.
"Calm yourself young man ,you are alive and well that's what matters, what's the name " I asked after taking a second good look at him to see how young he was .
"umh I am Lucky" he said as he tried to hide his eyes from me.
"well I don't see any luck with you been inside this prison" I scoffed again as I replaced stuffs back inside the box.
"Thank you " he said again as I walked away.
He may have survived the horror of ghetto but even the slump could be brutal to the young and ignorant he would need my help as time went on , at least maybe I could teach him a thing or two perhaps like the good doctor had done for me I thought as I starred at him from where I sat.
lucky had had altercations with a few of the prisoners over the time needing my medical knowledge to patch him up, I hated the kids guts but he was good and hated been bullied , I later found out from him at one point in time of his crime. he had murdered his father after witnessing the old man sexually assault his sister , he was like me just a bit crazy I used to think.

CHAPTER 5.....
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"Sir !" Lucky's voice had brought me to life from my sleep shortly , as I opens my eyes to see the young lad standing in front of me.
"what is it young man" I asked as i tried to guess the content of sudden calm expression Lucky's face carried.
"I fit tell you something?" he said again sitting down close to me as I watched on ,lucky wasn't the young lad who was usually upset or depressed about something much of the time so today was a bit strange .
"yes ,anything" I said as I readjusted myself again.
"ehm..I told you I killed my father na lie..." he hung for a while as I starred at him .
"...I mean I killed him but it was a mistake I swear, I didn't even know how to fire his gun it just went off in my hand , I only wanted him off my sister but the gun went off and he died" lucky said as tears flow down his cheeks , i hadn't been this close to him for me this was a good sign my constant attention to the kid had broken through his stubbornness perhaps now I could help me he through the pains he pretended all this while of never having or feeling.
"its okay it happens even I too sometime think I may have been wrong of what I did don't be sad , you only did what you could to protect your sister" I said as I used the edge of my prison cloth to clean his face, he wasn't so hard and tough for that moment for the first time he was just an ignorant young teenager whose choices put him in the wrong place there I had promised till he finished his 22year sentence I would do anything I could for him perhaps some form of redemption for me I thought .
It was the eve of Christmas ,news had gone through the prisons of some top government officials who would be visiting with a view of decongesting the prisons , a glimmer of hope for many .
"doctor !! did you hear what the wardens said" lucky ran up to me happily as I checked the supplies Main man had brought for me.
"Yes I did" I said as I focused my attention on my supplies which seems to be incorrect ,main man had constantly given me wrong prescriptions every now and then , something I was never happy about.
"do you think we will be picked !? do you think I can be free again?" he said happily as he squatted near me .
"umh.dont get too excited young man for all we know this hungry looking fellows have their minds thinking crazy about that same thing, just pray and maybe" I said again with less enthusiasm but truly I wasn't excited about it I have never believed in second chances a reason why as a teacher the students had nick named me"One chance" for me it was all about actions and their consequences ,we all right here had done terrible things even when sometimes it was for a cause we felt was true like myself , such had consequences so why would any be given a second chance
"Doctor , I have always wanted to go school , I wan to be a doctor like you" lucky said again this had caught me off guard as I starred at me with a smile for I had seen his honesty in his words and for the first time I wanted to really help me even at my own detriment of losing him to the outside World .
"hmmm I want you to be a doctor too but not like me , I am just a big head who knows little than what he tells his patients", I said jokingly as he laughed loud .
I had heard about skull's plan to put his boys for the opportunity to be set free and the stellar warning that followed his plans , no one was to try and act smar and get picked in the course of the visitation , the wardens had been informed by skull by his plans they had no objections whatsoever if I interfered it was going to be me versus skull again but I had grown in experience I had understand how easy men surrender what they had for something they didn't , it was my trade as a doctor , medicines for the prisoners came at a price sometimes money , sometimes information, food , clothes whatever it was I had gained as part of my trade , I didn't have to fight with skull again for the second time I knew what needed be done and someone or a few people may have to go in for it.

to be continued
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"kingy , milk man , big boy and the seven others are the ones chairman have been chosen to prepare , skull has arranged everything in place for his boys but why do you ask!?" lanky asked as we talked quietly, in my little experience too much information was always a dangerous thing.
"Oh nothing really , I just wanted to know the lucky individuals who are going out of the slump.
" mmmmh, not everyone is happy about skull's decision to pick his boys out and leave the rest you know" lanky said again though this could be truth or another one of lanky's trick to get me to talk but my mind was already made up even before I had called him up.
"hmm that should be their problem not mine or yours, right?" I asked him as I pretended to take a nap in order to dislodge his attention and ideas about what I said, it had paid off as lanky walked away disappointedly.
This was all good news to me , big boy was one of my patient suffering from a whooping cough though he was a fully grown man almost twice my age he was an illiterate who did not understand English neither spoke it, an easy target perhaps I thought as I smiled for a bit , in the next three days lucky will be among the ten inmates set to be released.
The day had gone by as Main man came around to see me as I had anticipated , my said for fresh supplies had been strange but he complied.
"Oga main man I don't like how you miss up my supplies oh its very bad for business" I stressed .
"ehm, sorry doctor , see even me don't know how that yeye chemist use to give me wrong prescriptions eh its like his eyes are blind " Main man said .
"Eh please please eh don't get this one wrong I beg you , make sure they give you the correct thing please , main man if you give me something else you won't have your usual " I protested as I handed him the list.
"okay eh I will arrange it in the next three days " Main man said much to my disappointment it was usually a three day arrangement scheme for my supplies to reach me ,why it took that long normally I hadn't the slightest clue but I had accepted it that way but today if my plans were to work I needed the drug within the next 48 hours .
"eh no oh, Main man today own is different oh , I need those drugs by next Tomorrow" I said again .
"next tomorrow!? hah doctor you know that's not how we run this thing na that's impossible for me na" Main man responded.
"I know but this is urgent besides if you get through this time maybe I can add a little thing on too the usual" I added as I sort out for a way for him to agree to my demands.
"I can't Promise you anything really but let's see " Main man said before rushing off to skull's direction perhaps he too had need for him .
My every plans was bent on him delivering the right supplies at the right time something Main man was not know for , one time the warden had bought a strong anti hypertensive drug for a prescription that was meant for body pains , i had already given 500mg to an inmate before I realized the error ,one which was dire in consequences but for a little faith I had to throw behind main man I believed he was going to come through for me, he had to.

Re: RUNNER By The_freelancer by Piercy(m): 2:02pm On Jan 13

"have you seen Main man " I asked angrily as lanky tried to hide the marijuana he had on him.
"No..eh..no I haven't " he said like a poor defenseless cat .
"relax I don't want Any of that at all .if you see him let me know immediately" I said before leaving quickly it was getting close to my evening rounds two days after me and main man had met up ,tomorrow was the big day if he didn't make it within the next few minutes my plans would be in ruins i murmured to myself as I left to get my box of supplies.
lucky had caught up with me today he wasn't in a cheerful mood ,my guess he had heard the news of skull's gang interest.
"is it true" he asked with tearful eyes as I gathered my supplies.
"I see you have heard " I said calmly maybe if I gave him a calm expression he would relax and be calm as well the young lad had been everywhere with his dreams of returning back to his grandma and going to school honestly he did changed a lot within this three days ,he looked lot more cheerful than my patients who got access to drugs for less .
"I won't let that happen ,I will be selected I known I will " he said trying to hide his depression .
"you may have heard....." I hung my words as Main man strolled in with a nylon ,my supplies i guessed.
" but the truth is what we be said tomorrow " I finished as I left the young lad standing .
"you are late " I said as I calmed myself a bit there was no need breaking anger over this .
"sorry jhore ..you know this supply is not a usual one like normal , you know na " Main man said as he tossed the nylon which I hungrily opened one thing for him was to bring me my supplies the second was to get the supplies right .
"oh no ...you had everything wrong!!!" I said slowly I wasn't going to be angry not even in least ,why? he had bought all the wrong supplies except for the one drug that I needed , the anti hypertensive drug .
"what?... the useless chemist gave me a wrong supply again after how many times I warn am hah!" Main man said , his attempt to draw blame from him to the chemist was futile I knew his game more than anyone .
"its alright at least you bought the supplies, here is your usual" I tossed him a thousand and five hundred naira which he quickly tossed inside his pocket and left immediately.
I took a deep breath for a minute as I starred at skulls direction normally the big ugly grunt will be asleep as his gang keep watch over him but for the events of tomorrow he was having a blast laughing and smoking while tossing a bottle of smuggled gin around his gang ,if I had to get through to big boy I had to face skull again.
I walked slowly towards his direction for the first time I was afraid even though I knew there was nothing or little he could do but maybe my past dealings had something to do with my new found fears.
"Doctor na watin you dey find here " zobo the second in command to skull called out as I approached the gatherings.
"I want to see big boy ...I need to give him is evening drugs" I said as I starred at big boy who was dosing off , abit of a problem I thought .
" doctor watin dem dey take for hand way break " skull said as the gang laughed cheerfully tainting me in the process.
"nothing sir but it would be important for big boy to take his drug he is not well " I said calmly as I starred at big boy the More.
"he doesn't need your drugs he is fine tomorrow he is going to be a free man " Zobo added.
"okay if you say so but look at him what of he is not sleeping what if he has fainted or he is in a coma, you all would have killed him then" I said as they looked at their selves a bit confused before zobo had landed a hot slap on big boy's face waking him up immediately whilst the others screamed and laughed at big boy's awkward reaction to the slap.
I smiled calmly my plans had pulled through as I gave him three pills of the drug ,1500mg had gone down in his throat and for that tomorrow was going to be a great day.


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Re: RUNNER By The_freelancer by Sensitivity1254: 2:52pm On Jan 13
You are doing a good job. Full of suspense. Keep it up.
Re: RUNNER By The_freelancer by Piercy(m): 10:09am On Jan 15

"they are here!" lucky eyes glittered even as I scratched my eyes to see the little light that peered through the cell , I had slept like a log to remember it was the visitation day.
I stood quickly to see everyone was already up , the idea for all was to put up a smiling and charming face as the government officials observed after which they were to select ten out of us .
"lucky quickly go to the front ,put up a nice face for them and greet them if you can " I directed him quickly as I turned my attention to skull's gang who were still down and out except for a few .
Main man and kirode had stood By the three man officials who watched us while trying to hide their obvious irritation for us , it was a usual feeling I myself would have some years ago ,the nauseating smell of body odour and stench that filled the prison was more terrible than the thought of going to prison.
I watched as Lucky found the crowd of inmates hard to pass by in his bid to get to the front ,this was only half of the plan he had to be selected some how and I may just have to do something I thought I wouldn't do I had no choice nine was already selected he had to be the tenth .
"my leg oh" screamed lucky as my foot came down his ankle from behind unknown to him ,his sudden scream had drowned the noises the inmates were making as each tried to get selected.
"watin happen na" shouted an irritated kirode as he opened the door and walked up close to me and lucky, I hadnt the chance to cover up before his hand came down my face .
"Mr.warden what do you think you are doing!?" one of the shocked officials asked after kirode's hand came hard on my face.
"Oga na he match this small boy leg!" he said as he helped lucky up who was still clutching to his ankle.
"you should have helped the little boy up first and see if he is alright and who gave you the right to hit an inmate ?" another added in.
"ehm sorry sir..sirs" he added embarrassed at his actions.
"bring him up let's see in fact i think such a young boy should not be in the prison whatever be the case " the latter added.
"Mr.warden ensure he is well taken care of ,he is the tenth person eh ,let's go and finalize the paper works we still have other prisons to go" Another said before Main man led them out .
Kirode starred at me awkwardly before walking up to skull ,my second plan was to immediately begin, what a few hadn't know was the already planned agreement of skull replacing the ten meant for release by the officials with his own ten as soon as the officials left.
I watched as skull who was now up with his gang discuss for a few minutes after which skull assembled his ten but something was wrong he could only count nine, my plan was in motion again.
I pretended not to watch as I observed Lucky's injured leg for a minute I felt he understood what was happening he smiled calmly at me thankfully his ankle wasn't in any danger I needed to give him that attention and it wasn't something I could fake out.
"doctor man ..come here fast fast " zobo ordered as I ran towards them, they had showed me a completely unconscious big boy on the ground.
"watin happen to am" ordered skull as he bent over to look at him carefully.
"I don't know , he be like say he don die oh" I said as I pretended to check his pulse .
"heh eh how ?..why? watin happen" kirode asked as he bent over to touch the unconscious body .
"eh that one no be anything na , make my man zobo take he place " skull stood up for a minute.
"no wahala e good like that" kirode added smiling.
"Oga warden I need to go attend to the boy whose need is severely damaged ,the one those officials selected just now" I added as I hoped to jogged the wardens memory.
"ehm..wait eh..chairman eh see this useless doctor go match one small boy leg just now and those idiots come select am ,how we go do am na" kirode asked .
"how we go do am? e go sit down here na with us", skull replied.
" eh Oga eh the thing be say na only him na small pass for all dem select if dem wan look dem again before dem go and dem no see am or see who leg dey pain dem go suspect us oh" kirode warned as pretended to check his pulse again.
"watin u dey talk baba Kiro" skull said angrily .
"see chairman na truth I tell thus people because of the yeye boy way break leg dem go see dem again as we dey go na make dem go take picture with dem if dem no see am dem go open mouth ,abeg no vex chairman see your nine dey here complete na" kiroded added before Main man drew his attention.
"see dem they call us now abeg make go with your boys make we go arrange dem for release proper " kirode said as he walked the nine away.
I watched as he stopped over at lucky's direction before helping him up , I smiled calmly as I envisioned lucky telling me thank you with the smile I caught on his face.
he was free,lucky was a free boy.


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Re: RUNNER By The_freelancer by Piercy(m): 6:33am On Jan 19




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