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What Do You Think Of My Novel-the Cute Ceo by christainslove: 4:16pm On Jan 21, 2018
Ivy woke up to face another day in the middle of June. There was so much to do.
‘Isn’t it time for your new job?’Fleur, her mom called from the kitchen counter.
Ivy looked over at the time. ‘I still have an hour, mom’
‘You can’t afford to be late,so you should get going’ said Fleur
Ivy nodded,picked up her bag and made for the front door. It was freezing outside the apartment .Today was a very big day for her. She had finally gotten a job at the prestigious Skywear Company after being jobless for several months. She wanted to do her best.
The company building was a tall skyscraper on Main Street. It was big and breathtaking with twelve floors. The bus drove her right to the sidewalk.
She took a deep breath. She was only a cleaner but she wanted to make a good first impression. The receptionist on the ground floor smiled at her.
‘I am the new cleaner,Ivy Dane’ She said,twisting her dark hair nervously.
‘Welcome, just head straight ahead to the cleaning department’ said the lady.
The head of the cleaning department was a young man in his twenties named Kurt.
‘Clean, clean, everything must be clean’ He said, looking fierce. Ivy trembled a bit as he was so big and fierce looking.
‘Kurt lives to clean’ said a petite girl with fair hair. ‘Hello, my name is Chloe’
‘Hi, my name is Ivy’ Ivy said, shakily. She felt so afraid.
‘Hey,don’t worry so much, working here is great ‘Chloe continued, playing with a novel she was holding. ‘Let’s do our best’
Kurt soon got to sharing duties. Chloe and Ivy were assigned to clean the top two floors.
‘Wonderful’ Chloe said,dropping the novel she was reading. ‘We would get to clean the CEO office’
‘CEO’ asked Ivy, face tense.
‘Yes,the CEO of Skywear company,Lucus Howard is like a prince,he is so handsome and a renowned genius as well’
‘Yes,he is considered the most desirable male in the country,most girls in the company are in love with him’
‘Well I am sure he won’t spare a gaze for cleaners like us’ Ivy pointed out.
Yea,it’s is a pity he is so far out of reach’ Chloe returned to reading her novel.
Kurt came to meet them. ‘Chloe would you stop reading at work,you two are handling an most important job so you have to do your best’
Ivy jumped. ‘Yes,sir’
‘You can count on us’ said Chloe.

Chloe led her to the top floor. ‘Well, we are here’
Ivy looked around in fear. The corridors, the carpets and rooms all looked so lavish.
‘The place has to be cleaned every day after the staff leaves’ said Chloe ‘We will clean together since this is your first day’
‘Thank you’ Ivy said.
The girls got to work, cleaning the rooms one by one. Finally they got to the last office. ‘This is the CEO office’ said Chloe.
Chloe opened the door and they entered into a massive office. Sitting on a chair was a young man, typing into a computer
‘Oh excuse us, CEO’ Chloe gasped. Ivy froze. The man looked too young to be a CEO. He was handsome with blonde hair and lovely blue eyes.
‘Please excuse me, I have a lot of work to do so I stayed late’ He said.
‘We come back, later’said Chloe, excitedly
‘Oh don’t mind me,you can just clean’ said the president.
Ivy nodded and they got to cleaning. As she crossed the floor, she slipped and fell.
The CEO helped her up. ‘Are you all right?’
‘Yes, thank you’ What was she doing?
Chloe came over. ‘Oh we are so sorry,sir’
‘It is okay,she nearly had an accident’ He said,smiling at her. ‘What is your name?’
‘Ivy’ She whispered.
‘Are you new in the company?’ He asked.
‘That’s great,hope you enjoy your time here’ He said,returning to his desk.

‘Didn’t I tell you he was a hunk?’ Chloe said as they made their way to the elevator. ‘And so kind too’
Ivy heart was still beating faster. ‘But he must have a girlfriend’
‘A lot of girls have tried to be with him but they all failed’ said Chloe. ‘I wonder what lucky girl would get him’
Ivy couldn’t wait to see as well. ‘I bet she must be gorgeous and smart’
They retreated to the cleaning department for some coffee. ‘What happens next? Ivy asked.
‘We make a report to Kurt before leaving’ said Chloe, picking her novel again.
Ivy nodded. ‘Thanks for all your help’

Ivy soon got used to the routine of working in the company. Every weekday she went to the company and worked hard.
‘Today there is going to be a board meeting’ Kurt said one Monday. ‘We are going to be serving the board’
‘Will I be serving too?’ Ivy asked, twisting her hair.
‘Yes’ said Kurt.
Chloe pulled her aside. ‘We would get to see the higher ups,it is going to be great’
By two in the afternoon, it was time for the board meeting. Ivy made sure her blue outfit looked neat.The girls soon reached the front of the large doorway.
‘Let’s serve the coffee’ Chloe led the way in. Around a long table the board were sitting,the CEO at the head of the table. Ivy trembled.
‘Coffee,please’Ivy voice and hand were shaky as she passed the cups.
‘I have mine black’ said a small red haired guy who was typing into his mobile phone.
Ivy made to pour the coffee but it spilled over the table. She shank back in horror.
‘What are you doing?’ said a hard voice. It was a big lady with dark hair.
‘I am sorry,we will clean it up’ Chloe said.
‘How could you be so careless’ the lady said to Ivy
‘Let it be,let it be’ The president smiled a reassuring smile at her.Ivy cleaned the table then bowed and stepped out.
‘What did you do? Kurt looked furiously at her.
Ivy bowed. ‘It was an accident,I am so sorry’
‘You made a big mistake,try to be more careful in the future’ said Kurt

‘Why do you look so sad?’ Fleur asked her later that evening. Fleur was cooking dinner.
‘I made a mistake at work’ Ivy told her mother.
‘Oh cheer up,everyone makes mistakes’ Fleur said.
‘I just wish I wasn’t so scared’ Ivy said. ‘ I want to be more brave’
‘You can be ,my love,just believe in your self’ said Fleur.
Her phone rang. Ivy signed and picked it up.
‘How are you’ It was Chloe voice.
‘I am still recovering from what happened’ said Ivy.
‘Cheer up,I am sure you would do better next time’
‘I want to do well on my new job’ Ivy said, entering her bedroom.

The next morning,when she got to the office, Chloe was waiting excitedly.
‘Have you heard,there is going to be a ball tonight’ She took Ivy arm. ‘Everyone in the company is going to be there’
‘And we are going to be serving the guests,right’ said Ivy.
‘Yes of course but that is beside the point,we are going to see the company best tonight’ Chloe continued. ‘There is Eric,he is a fun loving redhead who is a whizz kid,Ivan is a normal looking guy who is a workaholic,Oscar who is a white haired sleeping geniuses, and then you have met the CEO’
‘They sound weird’ Ivy said.
‘Yea,but they are at the top of the company,and thanks to them,the Skywear company has been the best company in the country three years in a row’
Ivy nodded. ‘Point them out to me’

The ball started at seven that evening,with guests filling the large ballroom on the first floor.Ivy entered the towering room carrying glasses of sparkling grape wine.
‘Welcome, everyone’ The blond CEO was standing at the centre of the room. ‘To our fifth year celebration’
Ivy passed around the glasses of wine nervously. The guests all looked so elegant.
It was so scary having a job in such a grand company. Everyday she watched the staff perform their jobs with such skill.
After the CEO speech, Ivy retreated to the Company restaurant. ‘Everything going well’ Kurt said. He was in charge of the party.
‘Yes’ She said.
Chloe came in then. ‘Let’s go together to serve the food’ She told Ivy.

It all looked delicious,Ivy thought as the guests helped themselves to plates of rice,soup, noodles and cake.
‘Table four need some spoons’ Kurt sent her on another errand.
It was the middle of the ball. Everyone seemed to be having a grand time. Ivy got the spoons and headed to table four.
When she returned,Chloe drew her back ‘There they are’
‘Table nine,the four company stars’
Ivy looked at table nine. Seated there was the company Ceo,a blond handsome young man.And next to him sat the red head she had spilled coffee on at the Board meeting typing in his phone again,a white haired young man with his eyes closed and another who must be Ivan the workaholic as he had papers spread in front of him.
‘Wow,they look great’ Ivy said.
A blonde lean lady made for the table and sat down next to Lucus.She put her arm on his shoulder.
‘Who is the lady’ Ivy asked.
‘Her name is Helen,she is very popular in the company,she is the company secretary’
‘She seems very close to Lucus’ Ivy said.She felt odd all of a sudden.
‘Yea they are close’ Chloe said as she got called to attend to another table.

The CEO sure is cool,Ivy thought later on as she removed her blue outfit and put on her green dress. He seemed to have everything,good looks,charm and talent rolled in one.
Kurt stopped by her side. ‘Please can you go on an errand for me before leaving?’
‘Of course’
‘Please take this package to the Ceo townhouse’ Kurt said,handing her a small white package. ‘Here is his address’ He wrote it down in a piece of paper.
‘Okay’ Ivy took the paper and package and headed out

It took ten munities before getting to the beautiful district. Ivy looked around at the beautiful townhouses that dotted the place.
‘Here we are’ Lucus home was a large townhouse with a small rose garden. It was lovely to behold.
She rang twice before the door opened and the blonde appeared. ‘You’ He recognized her immediately.
She bowed. ‘I have brought a package Sir’ She said, twisting her hair.
‘Thank you’He took the package from her. ‘Will you like to come in for some tea’
‘No thank you’Ivy managed to stammer.
‘It wouldn’t take long,you know’ He smiled a dazzling smile.
‘Em okay’ Ivy managed to say.

Lucus led her to a lavish sitting room. ‘Please have a seat’ He left and returned with a tray with two tall glasses of tea.
‘Thank you’ Ivy sipped the iced tea gracefully.
‘How do you find work at the company?’ He asked,seating opposite her.
‘It is great’ She said,smiling. ‘I got no complaints’
‘That’s good,can I ask you a favour?’
‘Yes,Yes of course’ Ivy said.
‘I like to know to learn more about the company problems from a junior staff,so can I ask you to keep your eyes and ear open for me’
It was great to see a Ceo who cared so much for his company,she thought to herself as she made for the bus-stop.
Re: What Do You Think Of My Novel-the Cute Ceo by christainslove: 4:18pm On Jan 21, 2018
Ivy woke up to yet another day of work. It was cold so she pulled the covers over her head.
‘Darling, it is morning’ Fleur sing song voice came though the door. She was already cooking.
Ivy dragged herself from bed and headed to the kitchen when her mom stood, steaming meat.
She hugged her heavy mom from behind. ‘I don’t feel like going to work this morning’
Fleur frowned. ‘You have to,you can’t afford to lose your job’
‘Yea,I know’ Ivy headed for the bathroom. ‘I will take a shower now’
She arrived at the office early and made for the cleaning department. Kurt was already there.
‘You are early’ He said,turning to her.
‘There has been a spill in Eric office,can you go and clean it for me’
Eric was the redhead,right. Ivy found his office close to Lucus office and knocked.
‘Enter’ said a voice.
Eric sat on his desk, typing into his computer, a spill of water on the floor.
‘Good afternoon,Sir’ She said.
‘Good afternoon’
She set about cleaning the floor. The typing on the computer stopped.
‘You are new,right’ Eric said,looking at her.
‘Yea’ She said,shakily.
‘You look really young to be working at the company, may I ask how old you are?’
‘I am twenty’ She said,looking at her feet.
‘I am sorry for asking,it is just that you don’t look a day over seventeen’
Ivy smiled. With dark hair and dark eyes with a small frame,she had often been told that.
She found Chloe in the cleaning department when she returned. ‘Where have you been?’Chloe opened a novel.
‘Cleaning’ Ivy said. ‘Kurt sent me to Eric office’
‘What! You met that whiz kid’ Chloe said. ‘Did he speak to you?’
Ivy told her what Eric had said about her looking young. ‘Great he must like you’ Chloe concluded.
‘What are you saying?’ Ivy said. ‘He only just noticed me’
The rest of the day passed quickly away and soon it was time to go home. ‘See you tomorrow’ She told Chloe as she headed out.
She walked quietly toward the bus-stop.It was a still quiet day.
Someone stepped by her side. ‘Hi’ It was the Ceo.
‘Good evening, sir’ Ivy said shakily.
‘Good evening, how was work?’
‘Very fine, Sir’
He smiled his dazzling smile. ‘I hope you are not being overworked’
‘No,of course not’
They walked along in silence for a while. Ivy turned to look at him and almost hit a rod.
‘Are you all right?’ He asked, guiding her to safety.
‘Yes, thank you’ She couldn’t believe she was embarrassing herself in front of her boss.
‘Hey’ Someone called. It was Oscar and Ivan,two of the company best workers.
‘Lucus’ Oscar came forward. ‘What are you doing here,and who is she?’
‘I am taking the bus home today, and this is Ivy, she is a new cleaner in the company’ Lucus said.
Both men looked her over. Ivy bowed, feeling really self conscious.
‘Well it is good we met here as I want to talk about the new brand of computers coming out’ Ivan said.
Lucus laughed. ‘You work too hard,Ivan’ He smiled at her. ‘See you later’
Ivy watched the three men walk away,deep in thought. She couldn’t help remembering when her father died and she had to drop out of high school because she had been so depressed. She would have been a normal company employee just like them.
No,I shouldn’t get too depressed over that again,she decided,moving forward.

The next day, Ivy entered the company to find everyone talking excitedly. ‘What happened?’ Ivy asked Chloe, dropping her bag.
‘The company has just released the much awaited Sky Note computers’ said Chloe. ‘And they have climbed to Number 1’
‘How great’ Ivy said. ‘I would love to buy one’
‘Why don’t you save up for it?asked Chloe.
‘I try’
Work that day passed slowly, Ivy kept an eye on the clock but the time moved so very slowly.
‘Kurt’ said a voice. ‘Kurt’
Every one in the cleaning department looked up. It was Helen,the company secretary.
‘The computer exhibition is holding tomorrow and the junior staff needs to be there to serve the guests’ She told Kurt. ‘Can you make arrangements?
‘Yes,of course’ said Kurt.
‘Thank you’ She said,walking away.
‘Well, everyone let get busy’ said Kurt.
Chloe dropped the book she was holding, looking unhappy. Ivy laughed.
The next day,Ivy came to work early.
‘You look nice’ Chloe met Ivy in front of the hallway. Ivy was wearing a yellow dress on her small frame
Ivy smiled. ‘So do you,will everyone be at the exhibition?’
‘Yes of course’
Soon people began to arrived in front of the main hall.Ivy looked around. ‘There they are’ she said. Lucus,Ivan, Oscar and Eric had arrived.
‘The four of them,so cool’ Chloe gasped.
Everyone turned at the sight of them. Reporters followed them. ‘Can we ask you a question, Lucus?’ they asked the Ceo.
Ivy watched them go until Chloe grabbed her arm. ‘We got work to do’

Everyone gathered around to see the new computers displayed round the massive room.
‘Wish I could have one’ Ivy thought to herself inside the hall. She looked at the screen of the large computer in the middle of the hallway.
‘I need to save up money to buy a Sky wear computer’ She told Chloe edging closer.
‘Hello’ said a voice. It was Eric. ‘Do you want a computer?’
‘Very much’ said Ivy.
‘You can go on a payment plan with the company’ said Eric.
Ivy was shaking with excitement. ‘Is there a payment plan available?’
‘Yes,of course’ Eric said. Ivy turned in excitement and ran ahead The computer in front of her fell.
Ivy looked in horror to see that the computer screen had broken. Everyone was staring.
‘What have you done?’ It was a big,dark haired lady looking very very angry.
‘What is happening?’ asked Helen the computer secretary.
Chloe came forward. ‘We are sorry,so very sorry’
Ivy was shaking in terror.
Lucus came forward. ‘Are you all right?’ He asked politely.
Ivy could only stare. ‘Why don’t you take a break? Lucus said.
‘We will, thank you very much sir’ Chloe said pulling her away.
Outside the hall, Kurt was fuming. ‘You are fired,pack your belongings and leave’
Ivy was in tears. ‘Please forgive me Sir,I really need this job’
‘No’ said Kurt.
‘Give her another chance’ said a voice. Ivy turned to see Lucus standing there.
‘Good evening Sir, I apologize for what happened earlier’ said Kurt
‘It is okay,let Ivy keep her job’ Lucus said. ‘I shall cover the cost of the computer’
‘Please let me pay for the computer with the payment plan’ said Ivy.
‘No,I will cover the cost’ said Lucus.
‘Thank you very much,Sir’ said Ivy
‘Thank you very much Sir’ said Chloe as well.
Lucus nodded, smiled at her and withdrew.
‘You are a very lucky girl’ said Kurt, also leaving.
Chloe turned to her. ‘Girl you need to be more careful’
Ivy cried,resting her head on Chloe shoulder. It had been a terrifying day.
That evening after work,Chloe came over . ‘Are you doing okay?’ Chloe asked the moment she entered Ivy home.
‘I almost lost my job so I am still feeling a little shocked’ said Ivy.
‘You almost lost your job’ Fleur dropped the donut she was holding.
Ivy told her the whole story. ‘You really need to be more careful’ Fleur said.
‘It was an accident’ Ivy said. ‘But the Ceo helped me, he really did me a big favor’
‘I shall bake some pies and go and thank him’ said Fleur.
‘That’s a great idea’ said Ivy. ‘Let me take it to him’
‘Fine’ said Fleur.
It was then decided. And the next morning,Ivy walked down to the company carrying a basket of freshly baked pies.
She took the lift to the top floor and stepped out. It was very early and a little cold.
She stopped suddenly. Just ahead was Helen,her arms around Lucus neck.
Lucus pulled away from her. ‘Sorry about that’ said Lucus when Helen left.
‘It is all-right’ Ivy forced herself to say,looking pale.
Lucus nodded and made to walk away. ‘Please wait,Sir ,I brought something for you’ She said,holding out the basket. ‘It is thank you for yesterday’
‘There is no need to thank me’ Lucus said.
‘Please take it,Sir,my mom made it specially’ said Ivy. ‘She wants you to eat it’
He took the pies and smiled. ‘Thank you’

‘Do you think the Ceo is dating Helen?’ Ivy asked Chloe later that morning.
‘Why would you think so?’ Chloe asked.
‘I just want to know,have you heard anything?’ asked Ivy.
‘Well,all the girls in the office like the Ceo,he is young,handsome and rich,what women wouldn’t want to be with him,but I hear he has no time for females’
‘I see huh’ said Ivy feeling down for no reason.
Her mother noticed her foul mood when she got home. ‘Is something wrong?’ She asked over the frying pan.
‘Nothing wrong mom,I just go to my room to paint a little’ Ivy said. ‘Or do you need any help in the kitchen?’
‘No,I don’t’ said Fleur
For the rest of the week,Ivy felt down. What Lucus and Helen did was none of her business. She was just a cleaner after all.
It couldn’t be possible that she had a crush on the Ceo. Impossible,she told herself.
Life continued as normal as possible except she was upset.On Friday,she finally made her way upstairs. ‘I just causally ask and find out whether he is dating Helen’ she decided.
She stopped in front of the Ceo office,pacing around. ‘ What are you doing here?’ said a voice.
Ivy turned to find the big lady employee nearby. Her name was Gwen,she finally saw from her nameplate.
‘Did the Ceo send for you?’ Gwen asked in a hard voice.
‘No,he didn’t’ Ivy said shakily.
‘Than what are you doing here?’ Gwen gave her a piercing stare.
‘I I I’ Ivy wanted to run.
‘I want to see her,come in’ Lucus had opened his door.
Gwen looked at her suspiciously as she entered the office.
‘Are you all right?’ Lucus asked her once they were in the safety of his office.
‘You can come to my office whenever you want,we are friends’ said Lucus.
‘Thank you Sir’ said Ivy.
Lucus directed her to a seat. ‘So how have you been? He asked.
‘I have been fine’ She said,looking down at her feet.
‘Did you see me and Helen earlier in the week,we are only friends,nothing more’He said,smiling.
‘But you both were hugging’ said Ivy.
‘She was hugging me,not the other way round’ said Lucus.
Ivy wanted to dance. ‘Really’ She said,breaking into a wild smile.
‘Yea’ He said. ‘Now you best get back to work’
‘Sorry for taking your time’ Ivy said,getting up to leave.
He was single,still unattached. But it didn’t matter anyway. Because he was the Ceo and she was only a cleaner.
Re: What Do You Think Of My Novel-the Cute Ceo by christainslove: 4:19pm On Jan 21, 2018

The next morning,Ivy woke up with a slight fever. ‘I think I should take the day off’she told Fleur.
‘No, what if you get a bad record because of this, I insist you go to work’said Fleur immediately.
Ivy thought for a while. ‘But I feel really ill’
‘Ivy,we really need this job’ said Fleur.
Ivy felt better after a quick shower then she got ready for work. She made it just in time.
‘Want some coffee’ Chloe was already making coffee. ‘You look weak’
‘Thanks’ said Ivy taking the coffee she was handed. ‘I need a nap’
Ivy spent most of the day cleaning untill evening. She felt very very tired. The two girls soon went to clean the staff room.
‘Can you clean the tables while I wash the floor?’ Chloe voice sounded very far away. ‘Ivy,Ivy are you all right’
Ivy woke up in an ambalance. ‘Are you all right’ said a voice.
Ivy gasped. It was the Ceo. ‘What happened?’ She asked
‘You fainted and an ambulance had to be called’ He said,letting go of her hand.
‘But why are you with me?’
‘A friend,Oscar told me he saw you being carried and I came to help’ He said. ‘How are you feeling?’
‘I am feeling better now’ She said. ‘Thanks for everything’
The ambalance soon came to a stop in front of the Center hospital. Ivy smiled at Lucus as she was helped down.
Fleur was waiting. ‘Ivy, are you all-right?’
‘I am fine,I was just very tired’ She tried to pacify her mother.
‘Who is this?’ Fleur asked,looking at Lucus.
‘Mom,this is my boss,his name is Lucus’ said Ivy.
Fleur gaped as the doctors wheeled her away.
A hour later, after she had been put on bed rest, Fleur came in to see her. ‘Your boss just left, I can’t believe he came to help you like that’
‘He is very kind’ said Ivy.
‘Maybe he likes you’ said Fleur.
‘Mother,this is not some movie,so don’t start dreaming’ Ivy said. ‘He doesn’t like me,he was just looking after me as a member of his company’
Fleur still looked like she got her hopes up.

A week later, Ivy showed up at work . ‘You are back’ Chloe came to hug her.
‘Yea, sorry for all the trouble’ Ivy said.
Kurt came over. ‘I heard you were ill’ He told Ivy.
‘Yea but I feel better now’ said Ivy. ‘I want to work hard’
After work that day, the girls walked down to a street stall. ‘Let’s have some chicken’ said Chloe.
Ivy bit into a chicken leg. ‘Thank you for the food’ It tasted delicious.
‘By the way,Ivy,everyone in the company is talking about you’
Ivy gulped. ‘Why?’
‘The Ceo escorted you to the hospital the other day,didn’t he,everyone is wondering why he would do that’
‘Thats is because he cares a lot about the staff at his company’ said Ivy.
‘People are saying there is more to it than that’
‘That’s not true’ said Ivy.
‘Just be careful,okay,you might get bullied by the higher-ups’ Chloe said,leaning back against her chair.

The next day, Ivy entered a bathroom she was supposed to wash and found a pile of dirt on the floor.
‘I wonder what’s up’ She thought as she got down to cleaning.
But a pile of small incidents kept piling up. Eveywhere she was to clean seemed double messed up.
‘I wonder what is happening today’ She thought to herself.
That afternoon,Kurt came to meet her. ‘You are wanted by the Staff Head’ He said. ‘Come along’
Ivy followed him to an office on the third floor. He opened the door and sitting inside was the big lady,Gwen.
‘You sure took your sweet time’ Gwen said ,looking her over.
‘I am sorry’ said Ivy,trembling.
‘The staff room in the top floor was not cleaned properly and I heard it is your duty’said Gwen.
‘I am sorry,I try and clean more carefully next time’ Ivy said,shakily.
‘I know you are friends with the Ceo but try to do your job properly’ Gwen snapped.
Ivy could only tremble.
‘You are dismissed’ said Gwen.

‘What happened?’ Chloe asked the moment she came back.
‘I got scolded by Gwen’
‘That’s horrible,you need to be more careful’ said Chloe.
Kurt came near. ‘Are you really friends with the Ceo?’
‘We are not that close’ said Ivy.
‘The Ceo is my hero’ Kurt eyes sparkled. ‘He founded this company from scratch and made it the mega company it is today’
‘Really’ Ivy said.
‘Yea,he also owns it 100 percent,he is a billionaire’said Kurt.
‘Wow’ said Chloe. ‘Wish I had some of that money’
Ivy looked down,worried. ‘Are you still worried about what Gwen said?’ said Chloe.
‘I don’t want to lose my job’ said Ivy.
‘You won’t,it is just bullying, that what it is’ said Chloe.
‘But the Ceo is just a friend,why would she want to bully me over him’ Ivy asked.
‘Because she is jealous that’s why’ said Chloe.
After work,Ivy picked her bag and headed out.
‘How is the Ceo friend?’ said a voice behind her. Ivy turned.It was Eric.
‘Hey’ She said.
‘How are you doing?’
‘I am fine,thank you’
He came to her side. ‘I hope work hasn’t been too hard on you’
‘I am allright’ She said quickly. ‘Are people saying I am weak?
‘Not at all,I am just concerned about your health’ He said.

Ivy opened the door to her living room to find it in tatters. ‘Mom’ She cried. ‘Mom’
‘Be quiet’ said a mean voice. A man came forward holding her mother.
‘Let her go’Ivy cried,wanting to faint. ‘What do you want?’
‘I have been sent by your creditors’ said the man,flinging her mom to her. ‘You need to pay your debt’
‘I have been sending my salary everymonth’ said Ivy,whimpering. ‘We barely have money to live on’
‘You should have thought about that before you took such a large loan’ said the man. ‘You have to send more money’
With that,he withdrew.
Ivy wept. ‘What are we going to do,mother?’She asked.
‘We need to find a way to make more money,you need to get another job’
‘But I am super tired as it is,working at Skywear,and still helping you cook for your home deliveries’ said Ivy.
‘It is the only way’ said Fleur
Ivy sighed and rested her head on her mother shoulder
The next morning,Fleur pressed a box of freshly baked cookies to her. ‘Give them to your boss,it is my thank you for helping you the day you collapsed at work’
Ivy nodded. ‘Okay’
At Skywear, she took the lift to the highest floor. I hope Lucus doesn’t mind receiving food from my mom, she though as she made for his office.
‘Come in’ He said when she rang. She entered the office quietly.
‘My mom baked you some cookies as a thank you for helping me the day I went to the hospital’ She said.
‘Thank you’ He took the box,smiling. ‘How have you been,I hope you have been getting enough rest’
‘I am allright’ said Ivy.
‘Please sit down and tell me,your opinion on how the company is being run’ He said.
‘Why,I think it being run well,Sir’ said Ivy,sitting down. ‘I see nothing wrong with it’
‘What part of the company do you like best?’ asked Lucus.
‘I like the co-operative you set up for the staff’ said Ivy. ‘And I like the computers the company makes’
‘Any criticisms’
‘None at all’ said Ivy. ‘I think everyone works hard and is great’
‘Thank you’ said Lucus,smiling at her warmly. ‘Can you please remain alert and tell me about any objections you may have about the company’
‘Of course’ She said,standing up.

After work that day,Ivy walked to her father gravesite. ‘Father,how have you been’ She dropped flowers on the ground.
‘Father, we have a lot of problems, the creditors are harassing us,please help us’ She cried. ‘I wish you were here,Father’
It was no use. There was no one to help them. Where would they get the money to pay a million dollar debt, she wondered. There seemed to be on way out.

The next evening, Ivy went upstairs to clean the top floor. She was moping the corridor in front of the Ceo office when he came out.
‘Want some icecream’ He held out a cone of chocolate icecream. ‘I ordered some’
‘Thanks,I love icecream’ Ivy said,smiling. She took the cone and licked it,tasting its sweetness.
‘Here,you got some on your mouth’ Lucus reached out and cleaned her mouth. Ivy felt her heart began to race.
‘I …’ She didn’t know what to say anymore.
Feeling dizzy,she felt herself sway a little. Lucus caught her immediately.
‘Are you all-right’ He said,carrying her up.
‘I am all right,I can walk’ said Ivy,blushing.
But Lucus carried her into his office and laid her on the couch. ‘You need to rest’ He said.
‘I am allright’ She tried to insist. But the couch felt so warm that she sank into its softness.
‘You are working too hard,not taking good care of your health’ said Lucus
‘I have to work’ She said.
‘Yes,work is good but everything should be done in moderation’ said Lucus. ‘You need proper sleep and rest’
Ivy keep quiet and continued licking her ice-cream.
‘How long have you been working here now’ Lucus asked.
‘Two months’
‘What qualifications do you have?’
Ivy shifted uncomfortably. ‘None,I dropped out of high school’
‘Have you ever thought of getting a GED’
‘I don’t have time’
‘You could earn so much more if you go back to school’
Ivy stood up quickly. ‘I need to get back to work’
Lucus nodded. ‘Okay’

Ivy opened the door and walked out of the Ceo office only to find Helen,the company secretary staring at her.
‘Were you cleaning the Ceo office?’ Helen asked.
‘No’ Ivy said.
‘So what were you doing there?’ Helen face twisted.
‘I was just talking to the Ceo’ Ivy said.
‘It is unusual for the Ceo to be friends with a cleaner,what really is going on’ Helen asked,voice rising.
‘We are only friends’ Ivy held her hands up in defence.
‘Do you want people to call you a golddigger?’ Helen said. ‘Do you know what you look like?’
‘Sorry’ Ivy didn’t know what else to say.
‘Keep your distance from the Ceo’ Helen said. ‘He won’t fall to the likes of you’
With that,she walked away. Ivy watched her leave with a sad look.

Helen was right. Why is the Ceo paying attention to a nobody like me, Ivy wondered as she finished her cleaning. She wasn’t exceptional in anyway. Her looks were normal, her grades in school had been average and she was poor. He had nothing to gain for it.
Maybe he just liked a damsel in distress,she had to conclude as she walked home.

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