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A Short Story - The Wall Between- Haruna Shukurat / The Hole (sci-fi) mini -series / Hole In My Skin (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by stevodot22(m): 12:29pm On Jan 22
Wow! Have really missed many updates. Bro u've really done well for ursef, and I pray that u will reap the fruit of ur labour.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by ladidacanon(m): 7:44pm On Jan 22
Like i have always said u are the best thriller writer of our time jst like chase u are a fantastic time bomb !

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by benicta(f): 3:22pm On Jan 23
Your stories are always thrilling and captivating..from the devil wears okrika to delayed diagnosis and now the hole in the wall. Ride on bro.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Jenkvnq: 3:54pm On Jan 23

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by rowdymind(m): 6:56pm On Jan 23
Uncle 11 Ti Turn Up, Tell 'em We Have Sparrow,
Souloho19 This Be The Part 2 Of Civil War Avengers. Kudos Bro You Are Better With Each Update.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by phoenixchap: 8:50pm On Jan 23
Souloho19 I think our quarrel will be the final purge, I'm missing updates bruv. I always check but it will come after I have given up, mehn please specify a day or days that we should expect updates and lets keep to it.

The baddest of the baddest arsenal is been Unleashed on Rex, I'm moved to tears for the Obasi because someone must pay hell has been let loose but they are the Devil grin grin.. I hope they are well and able to take care and purge the purge properly for out country's sake. Mr X I believe he left a thing or two to assist and what about Carmichael is he going to be sitting docks If he does he's a dead meat I hope BROTA unleash the devil for this hell... Good work bro, I have a lot to say but I have to keep it simple not to confuse a lot of the Hole followers.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Nobody: 2:26am On Jan 24
This story lives on? Wow.

Now, where did I stop?

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by EVARISTOMONARCH: 11:08pm On Jan 25
May your ink never dry.

Keep it up Souloho19

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Aphroditee(f): 11:00pm On Jan 26
Waiting on Update

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 8:37am On Jan 27
after many months of absence because I lost my mum.. am now back and better.. @Souloho19,, I will say you always amaze me and you are just the best...

So sorry to hear this bro but glad you're better, may she continue to rest in peace. And remain blessed man.
Re: The Hole In The Wall by explosive04(m): 2:31pm On Jan 27

So sorry to hear this bro but glad you're better, may she continue to rest in peace. And remain blessed man.
amen.. thanks sir

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Joislim(f): 5:14pm On Jan 27
amen.. thanks sir
hard luck dear.....

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Chiprince007: 5:32pm On Jan 27
Souloho how far na. Y u dey delay this update na..
Abeg do shap shap ooo

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by benicta(f): 8:33pm On Jan 27
@souloho19, where've you been? I hope you're fine.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by phoenixchap: 8:49pm On Jan 27
He's fine. He's consulting with the gods before update drop. A little patience and it will be a good one

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by xeenoblack15(m): 8:57pm On Jan 28
Finally i av caught up wit u here nd joined d long queue awaiting update (abeg na who b last person here k i dy ur bck)

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by do4luv14(m): 9:19pm On Jan 28
Waiting on Update

you don come here too, chaiiii
Re: The Hole In The Wall by Aphroditee(f): 9:40pm On Jan 28

you don come here too, chaiiii
Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 10:01am On Jan 29
@souloho19, where've you been? I hope you're fine.

I'm fine thanks for askinh
Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 10:02am On Jan 29
He's fine. He's consulting with the gods before update drop. A little patience and it will be a good one

Flesh and blood has not revealed this to you lol.
Re: The Hole In The Wall by Ann2012(f): 10:02am On Jan 29
Boss samma us update na biko

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 10:05am On Jan 29

I'm happy someone who read at full stretch says this about Souloho.

You're good men, you're damn good.

You face one major challenge however...

Pls I have one request for you, concerning an offer you made during delayed Diagnosis. Can I send a pm?
Concerning the bolded sir, pls I'd like you to tell me
Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 10:23am On Jan 29
Aphroditee EVARISTOMONARCH rowdymind Jenkvnq benicta ladidacanon stevodot22 Tania a explosive04 MarianIsy Elfaris Paulo girlie Kaycee9242 MhisTahrah Evold uweminyang princessadeolaeola mitchelljnr vakjay08 Eberechi24 Oroolorun Destiny4fame ifemism02 Cerowo LightQueen EbonyQueen001 Chiprince007 Ann2012 Akinz75 Princevirus EkopsparoAyara KpagoGIN Oluwaseunliz do4luv14 Joislim queenitee xeenoblack15 phoenixchap charming helenbee silvertrinity..

Finally Bami was able to get short Sam to look at the video tape. The hacker was in a haste to go downstairs and be with his family but the tape was important as well. A girl had been kidnapped, anything could be happening to her. So short Sam synced the video to his laptop and ran it across several softwares while Bami and Bigelow breathed down his neck.

"okay I got a clearer plate number but it's obvious this was digitally altered and artificially darkened which would explain why the reflection from the dim lamp only highlights the last three digits on the plate."

Bami squinted at the screen as S.s moved the cursor and brightened the rest of the plate number.. He gasped when the number became clear; 13-brota

"we don't have any vehicle plates like that!" he shouted

"of course not." Short Sam said impatiently. "this was altered graphically as a frame up. Very poor photoshop if I may add.

"that makes sense." Bami remembered the bloody BROTA card that had been planted in the scene.
"but can you move around it, get the original plate number?"

"do I look like a magician?"


S.s shook his head. Rex would have gotten the joke, no matter how ill timed. "it's going to take a while but I'm on it... How is my wife and son?"

"they're doing great....please I need a location quick, this girl's life may be hanging in the balance and every second counts.."

"once I get something concrete you'll be the first to know." with that S.s shut off and became immersed in the world of 0 and 1's.

Bigelow and Bami looked at each other.
"So what now? We wait for an attack?" Ryan Bigelow asked.

Bami looked at him and shrugged. After a while he said "yes"

His driving license identified him as Agboola Chigozirim Suleman. I studied the names wondering how on earth he came to bear them. Meanwhile he was talking nonstop, shooting denials like a machine gun, claiming innocence. Tripple entendre intended.

I studied the scene as I frowned. Tonye was standing over him, 6 inch heels digging into his chest as she pushed the chair father back with her foot. The chair was dangling on its back legs and any minute it would be going down. Still the driver whom my in-law had referred to only as Junior remained adamant he was innocent of any wrong doing.

"I've told you I don't know anything....I'm just the driver he never even takes a call in my presence"

"what is your real name?" I asked him suddenly.

"huhn...?" he looked at me in shock and the little jerk was all it took. The chair went crashing down with him still strapped to it. He hit his head rather loudly and howled in pain.

"What are you people doing? AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!"

Tonye looked at me. This scene was like a dejavu. Suddenly I was back in time 2 years ago, standing beside Tonye and over another person strapped to a chair. This time it was Mr. Bright, lawyer and exco of the widow's initiative.

Tonye must have also hopped on the time travel train because she smiled at me. "Waterboard?"

I was already nodding. "damn right there's even a hose."

The driver was still writhing in pain and rolling on the broken chair probably getting poked in places I didn't care to know.

"you people can't do this! Its against the law. What kind of police men are you?"

"Ooooo...but we're not policemen, and you'll soon realize we don't care much about the law." I crossed over his body to the bathroom (the apartment was that tiny)

The hose was on the floor. I switched on the tap first to test the pressure. It was good.

There was no thick towel however but a balled up towel on the toilet floor which had been converted to a rag and had no doubt wiped off terrible stains, including blood.

In kirikiri maximum prison, a distraught Amunike paced round his comfortable villa over and over again. Making call after call. Calling in favours and begging for favours. But everyone he called feigned ignorance. His closest ally in the hole had been the counselor Mark and he normally took care of issues with just a phone call. Of course the strange eyed Bleep had been the pawn then. But now the counselor was dead. Killed by an army ranger who had performed the impossible task of taking down every agent on site and disabling the building before the shadow had finally done his bleeping job and killed him.

Whenever the chief was upset, his vocabulary contained mostly expletives. And now he was more than upset. The only ray of sunshine in his otherwise dark life had been taken from him. For a minute he let himself think of Mr X or Donald as he had been called when they were best friends.

Was this how his old friend felt when he lost his daughters? The two of them, while he-Amunike watched the house burn just like he had watched their father 30 years ago.

The memory gave him a strange chill and he quickly shut it off, focusing on the sound of the phone ringing on the other end.

The retired General had made tens of millions once through Amunike. And all he had to do was provide information of possible black market arms dealers. He was also a member of the hole. But it's not like the members of the hole met for tea or anything like that. They didn't even have meetings. They knew they had formed a cult 45years ago and that was the core of everything else. And just like in every organization there was still a core of members in the hole. All important but some really just to fill up the numbers. Then the main ones who had seen it all from the beginning. The chief was never honest with himself so he believed he fell into the latter category. The rtd Gen on the other hand was certified core.

The last time the members of the hole had been in one location had been about 8 years ago during Sir Holly's 80th birthday. Even then, a handful of members had been absent due to the unavoidable demands of their all too important jobs. But then again they made up for it with the crazy gifts.

Finally the ringing stopped and a gruff voice came over the line.


"Hello Olith, it's me Tim."




A short silence followed till it became clear that was the only reaction he was getting.

"how's the family, so sorry to hear about the wife. I was not-"

"what do you want?" The Gen sounded sick of him already and they hadn't even talked up to a minute and last spoke half a decade ago.

"My daughter. She was kidnapped last night, it's the hole. The old senile bastard is behind this. Please you have to help me, she's all I got."

There was no reply then he heard the dial tone.

"son of a b*tch!" he shouted and flung his phone on the wall.

Obasi residence.

Totally unaware of the worried tension in the house, the children played round the compound while the adults, more aware of the tension in the air but still unaware of the real danger about to literally get 20k feet in the air.

The Obasi compound was 50 shades of Grey and Olivia found herself in the darkest nuance, despite the sweet ringing of the children's laughter and her in-laws even taking turns to sit with her while she slept. But she was awake now and she needed her husband. She wanted to see his face, hear his voice and hear him assure her everything will be okay, she wanted to be held badly. But Rex was nowhere to be found so the best she could do was prop the pillows against her back in a semi sitting position and laugh at whatever stunt the twins were pulling. Emma seemed to have put her kidnapping ordeal behind her. Her daughter was playing with her cousin Soma, both girls laughing and plating the hair on their dolls. After which they would proceed to 'back' the babies with their grandmother's wrapper. Rex's eldest sister Cynthia was in the room with her, also focused on the spectacle the children put up. They had never really clicked; she and Cynthia, atleast not the way Olivia had clicked with Utebo.

Cynthia gave out this polite aloofness. Maybe it was the common thing with first borns; required to grow out of their snuggling and cuddling phase faster, 'grow up,' earlier than usual because of the arrival of a sibling. And in this case, with Alli no joy hunting for a boy but potting double X frequently. The result was a 13 year gap between Cynthia and Rex.

"that reminds me, I've ordered for another wheelchair in the meantime." Cynthia said, glancing up from the kids to look at her.

"Oh..." The hospital had given her a wheelchair when they left the night before. But the feeling of using a wheelchair was so depressingly familiar that she was determined to use clutches to move around instead.

But her sister in law was in mid sentence; "....control on the arm rest. Both arm rests, you can move and brake and rotate the seat 360."

"wow! If only there was reverse we'd be thinking of brake lights " .." Olivia said playfully, a feeble attempt to break the ice which her sister in law was to cold shouldered to notice.

"it's not needed, you just rotate to whatever direction and speed off. You'll love it. It's going to be here tomorrow."

"oh....thank you God bless you." she said. It felt like they were talking about a toy, a remote controlled toy gift. Not something she was meant to be confined in for a while.

She made up her mind then and there she was going to order her own clutches and slowly walk her way back to her feet.

Cynthia was focused on the children once again and Olivia's mind began to drift; Where exactly was her husband? What was he doing? What was he up to? What was happening?

The questions were like a pillow, smothering her and when she couldn't take it any longer, she gasped, "where is Rex?"

"I think he's running an errand or something." Cynthia replied absent-mindedly.

"oh...please can you call him so I'll speak with him." The last time she had called him on the phone, her hands had been bloodied, her daughter was stolen and she was gasping into the receiver incoherently before the pain of the blown out kneecaps had knocked her unconscious.

Cynthia looked at her and nodded graciously. "of course."

Out in the parlour, Alli tried to assure his wife that everything was fine.
Errrm...Rex had quickly gone to use the atm.
Oh, she had followed him
The other two agents?
The reply was the sound of a car engine going off and the short blast of the horn.

"I'm sure that's them. You know they lodged somewhere else last night. You can't expect everyone to stay in the house Martha, it's not big enough and we're not having a camp here."

His wife nodded, her curiosity chastised for the moment as Utebo and her husband came out from the room.

"someone's out there?" Paul said, an unnecessary question.

"I'm sure it's Rex." Alli said standing up, but he was thinking. He had just chatted with Rex not too long ago.


He walked nonchalantly to the door, he could feel his wife's eyes boring into his back. She knew something was wrong, that woman. You couldn't hide anything from her.

Paul followed him out the compound. Rex's earlier speech of protecting the family was still playing in his head even though he didn't know what they were protecting the family from.

Alli had a pretty good idea although he still wasn't thinking dangerously enough. Come on, the so called first minister had been in his family, at events and family gatherings for about 18 years. He was his son in law, he had given his daughter to the man, he was family. You don't plot any attack against the family.
But still Alli no Joy had seen the worst side of humanity and mankind's appetite and capacity for evil. He had learned never to think everyone had principles like him and was honourable at least to an extent. So he closed his fist round his switch blade which he carried around mainly for the wine opener.

"who's there?" He bellowed.

"sir it's Clyde and Kirsten."

"your son sent us sir"

He opened the gate and the duo entered.

Clyde handed a small box to Utebo's husband. "Rex said to give this to you sir"

Paul took the box, felt for the weight and smiled. From the feel he knew what it was already; a loaded gun probably a sig sauer with an extra cartridge.

"That's it sir...he says he'll be here shortly"

"where are you going?" Paul asked as they made to leave.

"oh we'd be outside sir, keeping watch in strategic positions." Clyde assured him.

Kirsten looked longingly into the compound as the gate slid shut. She was not a field agent like Clyde. She was an assistant.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by dimssy(m): 10:26am On Jan 29
Souloho19, I am here waiting patiently oo
Aphroditee EVARISTOMONARCH rowdymind Jenkvnq benicta ladidacanon stevodot22 Tania a explosive04 MarianIsy Elfaris Paulo girlie Kaycee9242 MhisTahrah Evold uweminyang princessadeolaeola mitchelljnr vakjay08 Eberechi24 Oroolorun Destiny4fame ifemism02 Cerowo LightQueen EbonyQueen001 Chiprince007 Ann2012 Akinz75PrincevirusEkopSparoAyaraKpagoGINOluwaseunlizdo4luv14Joislimqueenitee
Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 10:54am On Jan 29
Souloho19, I am here waiting patiently oo

Welcome bro.. Let me just leave this one here too...

For sparrow,
Finding a spot to dispose the bodies proved to be a challenge at first. He drove round the city in frustration. There was always that one person too close, or too bored or too nosy. Selling tomatoes and cranking their neck, or a group of old men under a tree playing checkers and studying him as if a cheat move to get kinged was on his face. Then the hungry loafers, roaming around like data, looking for something mega tobyte Some times they were two and most times more. Lagos was indeed overpopulated.
Finally, after driving for 40 minutes, he came across what looked like an abandoned government school. A two minute observation of the school building plus a keen sense of smell gave him the perfect idea to gain entrance to the building. The 'baba' who lived in the school premises and was the gate man slash security man sold alcohol, soaked in herb roots.
Monkey tail, Jedi, washing and setting.... Sparrow was well cognizant with the various street lingo of the drink and was able to flow with the man. He bought a huge bottle and engaged the man from the van. He asked if there was any dumping site around, that he had garbage bags in the back of the van. The man had given him directions to the back of the school.

"Against the fence you go see am. Na the students start am o, from their classes them go dey throw paper, nylon even condom....Hahahaha." The few teeth still standing were terribly and irredemably stained with nicotine.

Sparrow played along, and when he drove round the school fence to the back he was irritated with the amount of filth. Schools were on holidays so where did all the dirt come from. Plus the man had made it sound like it was just papers and leaves, items that burned quickly but Sparrow could make out some kitchen refuse in the dump also.

It was true one had to meddle in filth once in a while but not this time for him.

He parked the van as close to the dump as possible then he went to the back and poured the small petrol in the Jerrycan round the van, mostly drenching the three bodies piled on top of each other.

He hoped no one would come to dispose trash in the next few minutes and move close to the van. The sun was blasting full gear and he spent seconds with the side mirror, twisting and turning until he was sending the reflected beam into the van, directly on the fuel soaked bodies.
It would take a couple of minutes, he would share a shot of the potent drink and be on his way to brota before the van would burst into flames from within and in a matter of seconds the fuel tank would explode.

After the call she looked at her father and watched each slow agonizing breath. The short conversation began to replay in her head and before long she had made a fist.
"I'll be right back dad." she leaned in and kissed his forehead. He didn't even twitch.
She saw a nurse on the way and asked about Betran. How's my father doing?"
"oh he's doing great, I'm sure by tomorrow we will discharge him."
"okay thanks."

But what was the need? He'd be here again in a week.

They went their separate ways and she headed for the very first floor. She made a turn and navigated through corridor turnings till she was at the door that had the sign; test, blood pressure, sugar level, diagnosis test.

She didn't bother to knock. She barged in the office and there were two young interns; the guy was going through a long list of what looked like whatever... while the the girl was peering into the microscope.
She looked up immediately. "sist-" she glanced at her new colleague who was busy checking out the new arrival.

"Christie where's the doctor?"
The male student replied, "oh he just stepped out, he didn't tell us where he was-"

"hey thanks but I'm having a private conversation if you don't mind!" she had meant to say it mild but firm and it sounded like that, except for the mild part.
"he would be back in like an hour time."Christie said hurriedly.
She - Beatrice looked frustrated and turned and left the lab.

Her sister followed her immediately. And once in the hallway she explained
"he went to their usual Thursday morning meetings in the auditorium with other doctors."
" grrrr....that's like one hour!" she pulled at her hair, which without the weavon or wig couldn't grip. "who's the dweeb in there?" she jerked her thumb towards the closed door.
"oh he joined about a week ago. Project research stuff..." Christie waved it off. "The explosion from this morning has been all over the news, they won't release the second identity and they maintain it's a female but there's been whispers that it was a male caught in the blast....a brota operative...Andy to be precise.. "

"how the Bleep is that my concern?"
Beatrice said. But her voice shook a bit
Her sister stared at her with narrowed eyes.

"I didn't have anything to do with it, the guy's existence and demise have no interest in me. And even the reporter lady for that matter....you know what? Bleep you! How dare you accuse me like that!" her voice began to rise a bit.

"I didn't say anything like that sister...come on you're my sister..." Christie the med student who had kicked Andy's ass 2 weeks ago assured her.

Beatrice calmed down a bit.

"how's uncle?" Christie asked

"he's just there you should visit him."

"okay, has he done his-"

"look look look....Ayara called me earlier, there's no time for chit chat. The moment the doctor returns, call me."

"okay I would do that." she said but as her sister turned she held her shoulder.

"I may be transferred out of the hospital."

"ridiculous....you have like 4 months left to complete your course! Where to?"

"I don't know maybe badagry. Apparently my fight with the agent caused some serious monetary damage."

"so is he going to go unpunished while you suffer for it?" She fired, her voice rising again. Anything affiliated with rex and his group, brota or broka whatever.....she always took it up with heat.

"No....the lab mailed them the bill, and most of it and it was quite hefty. meanwhile I'll finish my program in the badagry general hospital and return to school for defense and final exams."

"wait wait do you hear that?"

As they spoke voices grew closer. Then the source came into view as they rounded the stairs. it was doctor Rasheed or Rilwan as he was known in this hospital, arguing with a colleague if his;
"I'm telling you those tests showed some irregularities. Left to me they should hold her off for a week first, study her and place her on some balanced diet. All her food should be blended together, spinach, kidney, goat liver, banana, egg yolk, maybe some red beef-"

"thank goodness it's not left to you" the second doctor said lightly but with an underlying seriousness.

"hey! (Dr Rasheed seemed to take professional offense)"if you don't know, the prognosis I adviced are serious drugs that would aid his body plus the special diet which is just like recreating blood cells and it also increases hemoglobin. I'd expect you of all people to know the dangers of putting someone on the surgical table with that kind of-

The doctors fell quiet as they approached the entrance of the lab. Where the two ladies stood watching them.

"hey... Christie what's going on...are you done with the recordings?" Carmichael, aka Dr Rasheed, aka Dr rilwan asked and totally ignored Beatrice, focused only on his assistant

The very first time she brought her father in for dialysis and they talked in the lobby about the man they both loved and respected and the weight of never delivering me X's dying wish of the red letters balanced heavily on his shoulders, the way it was on the doctor's too.

The second doctor was was busy checking out Beatrice. "Dr introduce me to your friend na." he urged.

Dr Rasheed got rid of his friend finally after fake assurances that Beatrice would call him.

"Have you seen Rex recently?" Beatrice asked. The doctor looked about to insult her and chase her off but she hurriedly added: Sparrow called me just now...concerning the X project"

"no I haven't seen Rex since then he was attacked by the chief's goons and and landed in the hospital."

"we need the key sir.."

"don't I know it... I knew I should have just seperated the bunch!"

The key in question had been snatched from Rex by one of the Chef's retribution team who had been sent to teach him and bami a lesson for disturbing his meal. The mercenaries had never even given Rex or Bami the chance to have any remembrance. With their Precise and effective knockout strikes.
The only memory was the bunch of keys-They were gone.

"That key opens everything Mr X ever owned..call Rex to find out if he's with it" the doctor said

"is that where the...."


Wow....but still over her dead body before she calls the lizard.

Concentrate. Try and remember her ss2 excursion from the visit to the national museum. Ss3 and assistant senior prefect boys Jeptha had sat beside her during the bus ride but he was copping a major feel, or 'rapping current' as they used to call it. his hand sliding up her thigh while she enjoyed the bumpy bus ride.

she couldn't cause comparisons now but she focused on that memory while The creep had rubbed(probably having some sexual fetish with laps) her thighs till they were sore. Then just when his finger circled her inner thigh and she knew she couldn't take it anymore, she would rather truly be dead than allow him do that to her.

3f had shouted from the parlour or wherever she was. She must have been on the phone and the necrophiliac hurried off to see what was wrong. (Well Ada wasn't really dead but he thought she was and his intentions were clear.)

She had approximately 2 seconds to adjust her oxygen tank before footsteps got closer again. This time it was another one of the earlier kidnappers. He was still in the odd looking jumpsuit and had a half open bottle of JD and an ounce in a small glass cup which he sipped from as he observed her.

She stayed still...not even breathing as the man came closer. He looked around, clearly surprised and wondering where everybody was.

"Saanu?" He called out and drained the quarter liquor in his cup and placed it on the bare table he topped off his glass and just in time as 3f shouted something. She sure sounded pissed.

In a haste the tipsy kidnapper hurried off, drinking from his glass cup but leaving the bottle on the table.

I'm sure there's a quote that says 'A woman's boson is full of mysteries and if not let it be on record, Rex Obasi said so.

In a second, two pills appeared like a mystery and were popped into the bottle of hard liquor, watching the doorway intently and listening for footsteps and at the same time shaking the bottle vigorously to fully mix the contents with her palm acting as the cover. Then while it bobbled down she took up her position once more on the bed. Dead..

The first man reentered. Soon after the second guy who had hung around appeared also
"wetting dey do am, why she dey shout like that?"

"aaaaah na today? E be like dem kill some guys..I no really....wait who bring alcohol?"

"I think say na just we go dey I no know say madam Dracula go show up"

"no worry she go soon commot she dey go airport meet whoever I no catch the rest." his eyes didn't leave the body on the bed for one second even when he grabbed the whiskey botte and gozzled its contents.

"hey small small don't go and vomit o!" the first kidnapper warned, he collected the liquor bottle, a bit alarmed at the stage his colleague had reduced it. He raised the bottle to his lips and gulped the rest. They were both thinking one thing and they needed to be very drunk for it.

"you watch out for 3f and give a signal." the first said finally

"look man I don't know, it's too creepy..."

"eeeh no body is forcing you"

"why not just wait till she goes, you yourself said she's leaving soon." the thug with the bottle suggested. His companion nodded and he took to gazing at the hot body in the shot dress on the table while his friend sucked and drained every ounce of alcohol from the bottle.

"why the Bleep didn't we do this when she was alive?" he asked, shaking his head.

"because of 3f dumbass...you know what they'll do to us if she told..,anyway it's just a matter of time..the body is still very fresh at this stage. It will almost be the same you know I studied..".

The second, interrupted him irritable, "biology and you didn't read it as
in you wrote it in jamb"

"and passed. 244" he chipped in.

Ada had since discreetly gasped for air while they tassled between themselves. After a while she began to wonder if the pills were estrogen.

Finally both men fell silent, waiting for their boss to leave and call them with directions to dispose the body. They didn't know they were also waiting to die. Amy minute from now and their nervous system would be failing.

"who poisoned her?" one of the men asked

"who else" was the reply.

"what did they give her?"

"beats me."

Ada would also have loved to know. But she didn't. No one except 3f knew what the pills were.
But would start manifesting in the boys soon enough.

what they didn't know was that it was a deadly narcotic called tetrodotoxin found in the organs of the famous Japanese puffer fish. And just like Mario Icardi with a brace, paralysis would strike both goons in seconds, the first stage of a slow agonizing death.

Ada listened intently but apart from the low frequent groaning of the men on the floor, she couldn't hear the woman's agitated voice again. Maybe she had left already. And maybe Ada could too. Could she just stroll out of the house?

Benue safe house


OK I'll tell you everything..."he coughed like his lung was gonna fly out but his head was held back in place so he continued gargling and sounding like he was choking on it.

" my name...my mother is a Muslim from Kwara and also yoruba while my father is from Enugu...."

I shut him up again by pouring more water over his toweled face. The filthy towel.

When I took a break, from gushing the water over his face. he had fast-forward his biographical gibberish, finally agreeing he would not be driving to Abuja
"It's Lagos.... He said when I arrive he'd give me the locations we'll be going." he coughed some more.

" Where do you people lodge?"

" oh....erm I don't know it's never in the same place and his assistant usually takes care of it."

I knew he was lying because of the pause at the beginning of his sentence."But how would you rate the service of the hotel?"
Tonye looked at me in suprise and I held a finger up. There was a slight hesitation from the drenched driver and I believed my earlier ascertion They never lodged, the first minister was surely an A list guest material and had some wealthy friend maybe hole member he stayed with.

The driver on the other hand thought really slow, well in his defense he wasn't on his feet: "oh the hotel is good, good service you'll really enjoy it."

We didn't even bother to ask him the name of the hotel.

In Brota, the magician without a wand, performed his magic in silence. S.s was dangerous in the confines of his home, eating chips and sipping boost but under pressure, with the dying need to go see his family downstairs, he was unstoppable. He was able to uncover the real plate number and with a host of software which allowed him to bypass firewalls although he laughed, there was nothing fiery about these walls, saying the security was really lax.
Few minutes further and he had a registered dry cleaning organisations which the van was registered to. He placed the microscope under the company and got an address. He was about to turn in the address and rush down to his family but he stopped. This address was too close to the highway. It didn't seem like a smart kidnapping option. A part of him still wanted to let it go but he settled into his chair fully and furthered his search. The spotless drycleaning service was under a chain of companies mostly known as 'spotless jewelries.'

A jewelry dealer. A further dig revealed the ugly and hard looking face of a thin mean lady.

"hey come check out this woman" he called out. "She has three houses listed but only one in Lagos and it's on banana island.."

"ouch...not likely the location..."

"yes but see this... She put up an
apartment for rent in surulere...it's listed as occupied but it's possible she's the one"

"what's her name again?" Bami asked scratching his head.

"Fumilayo Florence Flacko.."

"holy poo.... I know that name somewhere....i think in the red letters"

"I'll alert everyone." Ss said.

"no no no....we need all the agents to be focused... I'll sneak out myself and handle it... Just print out the address for me. Sparrow is out maybe I'll meet up wight him. Bigelow keep this place in lock down, you're in charge now"

Have to hang the pen for now


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Re: The Hole In The Wall by dimssy(m): 12:05pm On Jan 29
Thanks for the update manh

hope the week brings the best manh

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Ann2012(f): 1:29pm On Jan 29
Thanks for the update Boss Souloho19
Re: The Hole In The Wall by explosive04(m): 1:36pm On Jan 29
wow... what a master piece sir...

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by mitchelljnr(m): 2:12pm On Jan 29
Baddest update ever

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Princevirus(m): 3:15pm On Jan 29
Kudos to u man! But please help us by doing this more frequently. [color=#006600][/color]

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Evold: 3:33pm On Jan 29
3F almost cornered. Brota is making progress but I'm still scared for Rex and his family

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Oroolorun(m): 3:48pm On Jan 29
I don't trust this Cynthia.... I once read a book where the wife of a professor whom everyone thought to be a victim was the mastermind of every killing and kidnapping her husband were carrying out.
Oga Soul, haba, kilode? You keep twisting the story to make it difficult to predict where it would end.

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