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Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 10:10pm On May 03
I vowed never to read uncompleted stories again and I'm regretting when I read this one, if not for lock down what would I be doing here? please some1 should recommend a completed lit. for me.

Sorry dearie, Souloho19 is one writer who doesn't leave his story incomplete, I think he's going through a hard time.. He'll bounce back..

You can read his other completed stories..

Delayed Diagnosis, it's a prequel to The Hole In The Wall..

Also, read up The Devil Wears Okrika, it's a great story.. Trust me you won't regret it..

Check out stories from the likes of Larrysun, Centino, Damselposh, EvaJael, Ironkurtain, Divepen and Kayo80.


Re: The Hole In The Wall by EvaJael(f): 8:25am On May 04

Sorry dearie, Souloho19 is one writer who doesn't leave his story incomplete, I think he's going through a hard time.. He'll bounce back..

You can read his other completed stories..

Delayed Diagnosis, it's a prequel to The Hole In The Wall..

Also, read up The Devil Wears Okrika, it's a great story.. Trust me you won't regret it..

Check out stories from the likes of Larrysun, Centino, Damselposh, EvaJael, Ironkurtain, Divepen and Kayo80.
Thanks for the recommendation dear
Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 11:15pm On May 04

Thanks for the recommendation dear

Yeah, good works are supposed to be recommended..
Re: The Hole In The Wall by divinelypruned(f): 7:15am On May 05
This thread should be closed abeg.
Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 11:02pm On May 05
Oga Soul... Na ur boy o. Why you no come help us complete this awesome story na...?

BTW, 12/4/20 is my birthday, please kindly update before or on that date...

Thanks and God bless..

So sorry I couldn’t come through bro. Happy birthday in arrears.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 12:04am On May 06
I’m sorry the story has dragged on this long and also my long stretch of absence, some unforeseen circumstances has mostly kept me off NL and this thread in particular but I think it’s time for closure. Let’s end this once and for all.

I also got all your mentions and complaints and I happened to log in this evening and the comments I saw had me reaching for the pen but then I couldn’t even start typing or think of dropping an update because everything is disjointed at this point. You guys probably don’t even remember who the main characters are or why they’re running helter-skelter. So I took my time to write a recap to refresh the events leading up to Rex’s apparent death.

The Story So Far

It’s 2 years After the events of delayed diagnosis, Rex is happily married to his sweetheart Olivia. They have a little daughter Emma who is a year plus.

Rex receives threatening emails from a strange address signed as @therealshadow. The last man standing and CSO of the sunset shadows; Mr Kehinde.

In a fit of panic, he arranges for Olivia and Emma to go spend the weekend in Benue with his parents. He doesn’t tell his wife about the threat but arranges two agents (Buzz and Clyde)to shadow them at all times and protect them.

Meanwhile, in a popular hotel in Lagos, a dead body is discovered. The man seems to have been assassinated through a hole in the wall. On his back the 4 sacred words and creed of the shadows is tattooed; The Shadow Is Tallest...
It appears to be Mr Kehinde, murdered. But by who?

Then Emma gets kidnapped in Benue and Olivia is shot in her knees, painfully confining her to a wheelchair once again. The kidnapper has inside help (Buzz)

A distraught Rex frantically tries to find his daughter. Bami and Andy run correspondence with Dagnet, a sharp head detective in charge of the murder case. As they try to solve the case of the hotel murder, it becomes clear that the same person who killed the shadow, kidnapped Emma. And the name that turns up is impossible, for Fome is dead...blown to bits or is she?

One thing is clear; the kidnapper hates Rex and has a personal vendetta against him.

A series of clues and a suspicious DNA test leads Rex back to the past. To the night of the explosion, the night Fome lost her life and everything changed.

Searching for answers, Rex visits his old nemesis, the chief who has taken up real estate in kirikiri maximum prison and is living quite luxuriously. Rex demands answers and goes on a mad rampage. The answers come in bits and pieces and pose more questions. What is the Red letters? What does it contain? Who are the powerful members of the Hole? So powerful that the chief was a fall boy?

The kidnapper then issues her ransom; Rex has 48 hours to get the red letters or lose his daughter.

Rex finds out the Chief is in-charge of safekeeping the letters, and his son Emenike now runs what is left of the once powerful Amunike empire.
New friends are made and new allegiances are formed. Ryan an ex army ranger and Thomas Bigelow, Bami’s former partner in the DSS joins the team, so does the detective Dagnet, (who realises she’s just a pawn in the corrupt police force and seeks true justice) , the mysterious Sparrow Ayara, a middle aged skilled sensei from Asia with Nigerian heritage also joins. He is loyal to the late Mr X, Fome’s father whose sole purpose had been to destroy the Hole and the Chief before his daughters death drove him to suicide. Sparrow also has extra motivation as his father had been a member of the Hole and had been killed when he tried to get out.

A murderous trail begins to form and when the real shadow appears yet again, they realise he was able to evade capture for so long because there are two shadows. Twins! Taiye and Kehinde.
The shadow is also out for blood, destined and desperate to protect the Hole at all cost, he kills Thomas Bigelow and Ryan swears to avenge his brothers death.

Rex gets the safety deposit key he needs from Emenike and finds the letters. He clashes with the shadow but the shadow beats him and takes the letters, setting him on fire but luckily for him, Bami and Andy arrive at the scene and save him.

Outside, Ryan Bigelow who is waiting by the car sees the shadow take off in a power bike, he chases him and kills him, fulfilling his promise to his dying brother then he brings the corpse back to Brota headquarters.

The red letters finally demystify the Hole as the oldest brotherhood in Nigeria, which has been at the very heart of power since before the 2nd republic. It also contains a list of all the members and their posts except for two; The high father Lord Holly and his right hand man, The first minister.

Mysteriously, Sparrow is able to solve the kidnapping case and recover Emma from the kidnapper who turns out to be Fome’s secret lover, Beatrice. She blames Rex for Fome’a death and couldn’t stand to see him living a happy life with his family, so she schemes and starts the fire burning; at first she tracks, seduces and drugs Mr Kehinde and kills him through a hole in the wall, this was the body that was discovered in the beginning. Then she kidnaps Emma, with the plan to use Rex as a pawn to fight the angered hole. Hoping that he either takes down the Hole or dies in the process. Or preferably dies while taking down the Hole.

The picture is getting clearer, but the story is not over, because the Hole could never let anyone see the red letters and go Scott free.

A quick meeting is held and BROTA decides the media is the best weapon of attack. It has worked in the past against the Chief, surely it would work again cause information is power. Andy makes contact with a journalist called Helen, a beautiful young woman and as they begin to work together they start developing feelings. As a matter of fact, Andy easily falls head over heels with her. For the first time since Mona’s death, he begins to hope.

Rex journeys to Benue to reunite Olivia with Emma but has no idea a terrible danger is looming, for Under the direct instructions of Sir Holly, the first minister gives the order and launches operation; The Purge.
The purge is a systematic series of strikes meant to wipe out everyone at Brota, their families and everyone else rumoured to have come across the letters.

The next day the purge swings into full operation. A bomb goes off from under the journalist’s car, killing her immediately and injuring Andy critically.
A hit team is sent to Brota’s hacker and Rex’s long time friend; Short SAM’s house. Bami and Sparrow intercept and rescues his family. They all head to headquarters to bunker down, until the heat clears but unknown to them a super assault team is enroute to wipe out everyone at Brota.

Another strike team is sent to kill Emenike for his betrayal, but Emenike has since fled the premises. Instead his sister Ada, who visits his house,planning to introduce him to her boyfriend whom she is planning to elope with, unwittingly walks into an ambush. Her fiancé Bridge is killed before her very eyes and she is kidnapped, meant to be used as a bargaining tool to get Emenike.

Chief Amunike is executed in prison. For failing in his duty to keep the red letters safe. He is visited by sir Holly who asks him about his son’s whereabout and promises to let his daughter go free. Amunike claims not to know where he is, because he knows the Hole takes no prisoner and his girl is as good as dead. Sir Holly kisses his forehead and leaves him, a sign that his death has just been sanctioned.

Few moments later a man clad in all black enters the cell. The executioner grants him the chance to make a call first. The chief places a call to Rex and begs him to save his daughter. That is the last hope he has. He takes a pill and shuts his eyes, and the executioner, a ruthless killer called Mynet places a pillow over his head and pulls the trigger.

Meanwhile In Benue, the Obasi family is thankful and celebrating the safe return of Emma. Rex and Tonye is approached by Kirsten, Tonye’s assistant and she has a shocking news to drop on them. She has figured out the identity of the first minister.

An old picture gotten off Instagram by a facial recognition app has the shadow sitting at a restaurant with two men, one of the men is extremely old, his back is to the camera and his face is hidden. This is clearly sir Holly. the second man on the table has 3 quarter of his face in the shot and the identity is unmistakable. He is Cynthia’s husband. Rex’s brother in law and ironically a ‘Minister‘ of the country.

When the minister leaves the house very early the next morning with a phony excuse, and on hearing about the bomb last that claimed the reporter’s life, Rex traces his driver and finds out the minister is indeed heading to Lagos not Abuja, he gets the details of the minister’s hotel reservation and Tonye leaves immediately, heading to the airport.

Rex also learns about the imminent strike on his family when he receives a call from the Chief, begging him to save his daughter. Rex quickly calls Bami and relays the information to him. He also rushes home, having taken the driver to a different location to interrogate him.

Bami tracks Ada and finds out a paradigm shift has occurred in her very soul, for she is now a cold blooded remorseless killer. She has been pushed past the point of no return the night before when she watched her fiancé get shot in the face before her very eyes. Now she has killed her kidnappers in cold blood. She laughs maniacally, covered in blood with gleaming red eyes.

Bami finally subdues her and he drives her back to headquarters, half wary of her.

When they arrive, they find Brota in a state of carnage and chaos, a major attack has just ended, Sparrow is wounded and bleeding, Dagnet is dazed and Buzz and Bigelow are dead, the latter died a martyr death, pulling the pin of a grenade to prevent the assasins from getting past him to Sam’s family.
Bami is worried, he tries to reach Rex but to no avail, he calls his agent at the residence and tells him to be alert.

Getting wind of the threat, Ali no joy evacuates the family, just minutes before the dreaded Mynet arrives.
A mysterious Uber reappears again and Alli drives his own car, both vehicles are full with his wife, children and grand children, plus Kirsten and Clyde(who was in charge of watching over Olivia and Emma)

Rex arrives at the house to find it empty. At first he’s enraged and considers killing the driver but then he notices some things that suggest the house had been evacuated in a hurry. These are the final thoughts of Rex Obasi we are privy to, because in the next minute the killer, Mynet strikes.

Meanwhile Tonye has made progress in Lagos, she manages to get into the room next to the First minister and with a glass cup on the wall, eavesdrops on his conversations. She hears him receive a call confirming Rex is dead and she goes into grief. In a moment of insight driven by grief and anger, she suddenly knows what to do. She puts a plan in motion, intercepts a hooker bound to spend the night with the minister and takes her place. She seduces and handcuffs him to the bed and when the minister realises this is no normal bdsm routine it’s too late, he is incapacitated.

With the help of a makeshift acid in form of boiling hot cola and a hand power wall saw, she makes a hole in the wall and shoots him through the head, but it doesn’t make her feel better. Doesn't change the fact that Rex is dead.

In Benue, holed up in his best friend’s house and thinking his family is finally safe, Alli gets a call from a concerned neighbour, telling him his house is on fire. He heads over immediately with Kirsten and Clyde and meets fire service men putting out the last traces of a devastating fire that totally destroyed the house. As he stares in horror and wonders where his son is, since the car is parked outside, a body is discovered and the firemen bring out a stretcher and fetch the body.

The body is burnt beyond recognition but a phone is recovered. Even with the state of the phone, Alli recognises it as his son’s phone.

He breaks down in tears and Kirsten consoles him.
Unsure of what to do next, Clyde calls his boss, Bami - who is in Brota, trying to give a calming speech to the rattled survivors of the assault.

Bami since refused to believe Rex was dead when his wife Tonye told him earlier but hearing about the body from Clyde, he is immediately distraught and uneasy. He orders his agent to stand watch over the body after which he assures Sam that his family is safe in the panic room.

He then heads out yet again, planning to go get doctor Rasheed from LUTH

And we’re here.

Thanks for reading, hope this refreshes the story a bit. Stay safe out there my people.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 12:05am On May 06

Sorry dearie, Souloho19 is one writer who doesn't leave his story incomplete, I think he's going through a hard time.. He'll bounce back..

You can read his other completed stories..

Delayed Diagnosis, it's a prequel to The Hole In The Wall..

Also, read up The Devil Wears Okrika, it's a great story.. Trust me you won't regret it..

Bless you bro
Re: The Hole In The Wall by rinzylee(m): 12:36am On May 06
Cheers Souloho..... Welcome back and thank you for the refresher course.

Stay safe!!!

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by mikeybrainy: 1:12am On May 06
Thanks bro souloho19
I knew you would come back to this story.
Continue the good work

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by doctorexcel(m): 11:22am On May 06

Bless you bro
welcome back boss souloho. It is good to have you back. I really miss your update
Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 12:25pm On May 06

Bless you bro

This man.. Where have you been.. I was sincerely worried about you..
Am happy to hear from you..
Please drop your email address..

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 12:47pm On May 06
That recap was really necessary, it felt like reading the whole story all over again..

Welcome back Souloho19.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by queenbetsy(f): 3:56pm On May 06
Thanks for the recap Souloho19
It really brought back the story
Welcome back daddie!

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by queenbetsy(f): 4:00pm On May 06

Jah bless!

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by BentleyJnr: 10:18am On May 07
Souloho19, please are you gonna' continue it, 'cos this your story sweet, gan

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Princesstee(f): 12:29am On May 08

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Ann2012(f): 7:15am On May 08
Welcome back Bossman

And thanks for the summary, we sure needed it

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Kawo9ze(m): 11:13am On May 11
Welcome back from self exile!
Damn, hope this is intermission already!

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 1:39pm On May 11
Souloho19.. Where art thou, bro..

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Kaycee9242(m): 10:25pm On May 11
Souloho19 thanks so much for d recap i honestly appreciate but don't let the motive behind it to be defeated by taking so much time to update.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 11:45pm On May 11
Souloho19 thanks so much for d recap i honestly appreciate but don't let the motive behind it to be defeated by taking so much time to update.

You hit the nail on the head..
Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 7:11am On May 12

This man.. Where have you been.. I was sincerely worried about you..
Am happy to hear from you..
Please drop your email address..

Bro thanks for looking out, I saw all the numerous mentions. Jah bless bro

You can reach me; kingsleyefughi@gmail.com

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 7:13am On May 12
Souloho19 thanks so much for d recap i honestly appreciate but don't let the motive behind it to be defeated by taking so much time to update.

Uwc bro and thanks for sticking out....don’t worry I’m just brushing up on the update which is 90% ready. I see the story coming to an end in at most 5 updates
Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 7:14am On May 12
Thanks for the recap Souloho19

It really brought back the story

Welcome back daddie!

Gracias!! Glad to see you’re no longer angry with me concerning Rex’s death
Re: The Hole In The Wall by Nickshrapnel(m): 7:18am On May 12

Gracias!! Glad to see you’re no longer angry with me concerning Rex’s death
Rex is not dead embarassed
Re: The Hole In The Wall by queenbetsy(f): 10:56am On May 12

Gracias!! Glad to see you’re no longer angry with me concerning Rex’s death
Mister man! Rex is not dead!
Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 3:35pm On May 12

Lemme just drop this on here

Beatrice drove a Pathfinder jeep, which was still in considerably good shape, although it had spent a good deal of time at the panel beater's workshop over the years. Still she held on to the jeep firmly for sentimental reasons, refusing to sell it, even when she had to sell most of her gold for Uncle Betrand's dialysis weekly fee. Not to talk of the crazy amount she had invested into her elaborate kidnapping scheme. So intricate her plans had been and yet all it took was the blasted Sparrow to turn up and collect the baby. Still....she wouldn't call it a failure....even though it wasn't exactly a success.

The Pathfinder jeep had been a present from her uncle, a sort of hand me down but ever since he became incapacitated it meant more to her than ever. She didn't carry anyone in it. Ever! Okay apart from Christen, her baby cousin.

But yet, here she was, driving home with the chief's daughter in the passenger seat. With the way she hated the chief and everything associated with him, she had been quite perplexed to feel drawn to the withdrawn girl. And weirder was the fact that it wasn't physical or beyond physical at least Ada was a beautiful young woman, in the prime of nubility and she oozed sex appeal surely in exponential pheromones, aided by the ridiculously short dress she had been in. (Remember Ada had been on a date with her boyfriend, God rest his soul)

Maybe it was the haunted look in her eyes...for so long Beatrice had seen the look reflected in the mirror. Especially the moment Fomé died. Or to be apt, the moment she had lost her, which was the day she realized Fomé would always love Rex greater than she could love her.

Ada remained silent in the car....it wouldn't be right to say her mind was far away cause it was nowhere and everywhere. Her thoughts were all over the place and still it felt like a deep void. A vast black space of nothingness where the only colours were the grim images of Bridge's blown face, his near perfect countenance, ruined in death and for all eternity. And also the mangled remains of 3F when she had stabbed her in the face repeatedly with the glass.

Strange that she'll go along with this lady who just turned up. Back at Brota, she had only looked at her and said "are you coming,?" after snapping at the cop lady who didn't want them to leave.

Ada had gotten up automatically and followed her. She couldn't really stand the high handed and self righteous bunch called Brota. For one, her family had been torn apart because of them and although she had never gone to visit her father not once....only her mother.
Her father was a monster, or had been a monster... according to Emenike who was always disturbing her to 'go see the old man,' because he was a changed person

Apart from her grief, (craziness) she had felt a common bond with this woman. The woman definitely hated the Brota lot and since her bloody rebirth, Ada had come to realize she was strongly predisposed to hating Brota or to be specific, she felt indifferent for the rest but hated Rex. Oh God she hated him so much. That was what they had in common; They had the knowledge, they saw through the farcade, the media hero potrayal , the man of the year awards and key of the city gigs, the selfless hero potrayal, and the general public perception of Rex Obasi as a defender of the helpless.

He was a con man, a user, a mainpulative exploiter. She had been young and blind in love, swept off her feet by his effortless charm but it was just a game to him and he had played her and didn't even console(pun unintended cheesy)

Ada was more than comfortable with the silence, it was the perfect setting to explore her thoughtless thoughts.

"I'm sorry" The lady said suddenly

"For what?" This was the first time she was talking. Since her ordeal, she had been vocal only when she let out the strange cry which had strangely comforted her in her moment of madness.
"For whatever you went through," she handled the steering with one hand...her left hand, and placed her right over Ada's on the hand rest. .

To her surprise Ada found herself laughing. "I went through Rex Obasi..the bastard is the root cause of everything wrong with my life...." She stopped laughing and looked at the driver. "what's your name?"

"I'm Beatrice.."

"Okay Beatrice, you see Rex Obasi is the catalyst of everything...the son of a bitch ruined my love life...he broke my heart into a million pieces, and yet somehow I managed to move on...and Bridge was everything I could hope for and he too was taken from me." She looked at the driver. No...not just the driver anymore. Beatrice was her name. "And you know what Beatrice? Rex Obasi was also the cause of that too.

"What a bastard" Beatrice agreed without taking her eyes off the road. She noticed Ada didn't pull her hand away. It felt cold.
"I know exactly what you mean. Rex also ruined my first love."

She felt Ada glance at her. "You loved him too?."

"Oh no..." She snickered "God forbid...do you know Fomé?"

"Yes I..." It wasn't surprise that flickered on her face, just enlightenment. Her amygdala had since been stretched past it's emotional sensory input.

"So the both of you were in love?" She asked after sometime


"So you're a..."

"Yes.." Beatrice glanced at her, "do you have a problem with that?"

Ada shrugged.


Clyde was the one who came up with the idea of calling Bami. He was basically at his wits end. Looking at what was likely to be the corpse of his boss, and his boss's father struggling not to break down but sobbing nonetheless.

PHe felt out of his depth. Put him in a 1 on 1 combat situation or even drop him in a house, unarmed with a handful of thugs, armed or not...he liked to believe he'll survive unscathed...at least he would know what to do...moves to make and which stealthy option to take.

But out here, standing beside the sobbing father who was kneeling over the corpse, Clyde hadn't the slightest idea what to do. So he called Bami.

"I'm going into the house...maybe there's something to find, some clue or evidence...to explain this" Kirsten glanced at the corpse when she said, 'to explain this'

Clyde was about to suggest she wait a bit for the fumes to totally clear out, but Bami picked the line.
"Hello sir...I'm at the house."

"Christ! Finally....what exactly is happening?"

Clyde updated him about the fire and the body.

"Good God...Clyde...don't let that body out of your sight. I repeat don't let it out of your sight. I'll make arrangements right now...I'll be there first thing in the morning"

"Roger that sir"

The decision had been made on impulse but when Bami put down the phone he knew he had made the right choice. He should be with the family right now....and Olivia....oh God. Olivia
He checked his contacts and selected a profile, Dr. Car

As usual the line went straight to forwarding and Bami gritted his teeth. He'll have to drive to the teaching hospital, get Dr. Rasheed and arrange flights to benue by first light. They'll have to be discreet, keep a tight lid on the news until the doctor would be able to make a positive identification of the body.
Bami forced the conversation with Tonye out of his head and began to hope the body won't be a positive match.

He got up from the couch and walked to where Short Sam and his wife were huddled in front of the computer screen, keenly observing the strange ritual being captured on the camera.

Sparrow and Dagnet were standing facing each other. He seemed to be instructing her, then he held her, helped her raise her arms sideways and over her head then drop it slowly. There was something about his movement and even on the camera it was clear Dangnet's arms were knifing the air with a "swish" almost like she was flying....

Then he worked his hands down her thigh and helped her to stand on her tiptoes...no, on closer inspection, her feet were still planted on the ground but there was definitely some kind of stretch springing from her feet which corresponded with her hand movements.

"Sam...I have to leave, I Just received a very important call..." Bami looked at the screen, "what are they doing?"

"It looks soothing" Sam's wife commented dreamily. And true enough there was a detectable aura of serenity about the duo as they built some sort of rythm.

"Is anyone seeing the birds?" Sam asked incredulously. "At first it was just one, then two...now it's half a dozen"

True enough a couple of birds had formed some sort of semi circle...too close for the comfort of the average flighty bird. It was peculiar indeed. And even as they observed, another bird swooped in, bringing the semi circle closer to a circle.

"What kind of birds are these....their smaller than the normal common bird.." S.s wondered aloud

Bami squinted at the screen. "that's a Sparrow....Sparrow...wow" he looked at SS and his wife. "you understand? Sparrow as in his name."

Short Sam's eyes grew wide. "This man is a wizard."

Bami forced himself to look away from the screen "I need to head to Luth....just lock up and remain on lock down

S s also finally tore his eyes from the screen. "What's going on? Why do you have to go to Luth"

"Just need to check a lead and I'll pass by Andy and check up on him at the Apapa hospital first"

"Okay...but this is past 2...can't you wait for like 4 hours?"

Bami sighed impatiently "s.s you're safe in here, stop being such a wuss"

"Hey I'm not scared, I'm just being worried for you"

"Well thank you"


In the omirida residence, Olivia was worried about her husband. Still she had to struggle to keep a lid on her emotions because of Martha. Rex's mother was more hypertensive than not and even though she had been revived immediately she fainted and seemed to be doing well now or a bit better at least. She was clearly heartbroken about the news of the house. And also worried for the whereabout of her son. .

"Cynthia try the number again" she said to her eldest daughter.

"Mum the number isn't going. I'm sure the phone is dead once he charges it he'll call himself"

Martha winced at the word 'dead' even though it had been in relation to the phone's battery. Still....Cynthia didn't notice but Olivia did. Her heart began to race a little faster.

But then the farmiliar cry of Emma emerged from the room and Utebo placed her shoulder on Olivia who had began to turn the wheelchair

"Don't worry I'll rock her back to sleep_"

"No please....bring her to me....I need to...I need to hold her" Olivia said almost pleadingly

Utebo nodded with deep understanding. "Sure...I'll bring her....but Olivia....? Rex is alright okay? He's Rex now.... we'll see him by morning latest"

Olivia managed a smile, "thanks"

After the instruction from Bami, Clyde stood guard firmly over the body. Even whipped out his badge although it was next to useless in Benue state.

"This body is our family, we'll arrange medical tests autopsy and burial, there's no way we'll dump him in a morgue.. we'll take it from here captain."

The captain argued at first then shrugged. His work was done. They had put out the fire. They weren't undertaker's, they combated fire.

"The police would be here any minute, you tell that to them. Load up guys, let's move!" He shouted at his men

Alli had finally straightened up. His eyes were dry now and clearer although still red. His mouth was also in a thin line.
"What do you mean?" He asked Clyde

"Sir, Bami is on his way, he doesn't want the body contaminated so our department can carry out DNA tests to determine who's body it is"

Alli's eyes sparkied....a little bit. "So this may not be Rex..."

Clyde almost began to wish he had held his tongue. It would be messed up to rekindle a little hope and then bash it again.

"What's she going to do?"Alli interrupted his thoughts.

Clyde followed his gaze, were Kirsten was approaching the house. She had a bandanna tied over her nose, pirate style and what looked like water goggles on her eyes.

He shrugged, "she's going to look for evidence"

"Hmm...she's a good agent."
Kirsten crossed the tresh hold, careful not to touch anything and singe her palms. She held a touch light in her right hand and even with the handkerchief tied round her nose, she could still inhale the smoke. Although with most of the house burned down, cross ventilation was quickly dissipating the fumes, still her eyes stung a little, despite the goggles. However the flashlight was powerful and the beam cut through the smoke and illuminated shadows.

What was it they had said: the fire must have originated from the body. The person just have been somehow incapacitated to watch as he was set on fir, unless he was already dead. (She purposely thought of 'the person' and not Rex)
She swept the been across the rubble, not even sure what she was looking for.


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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 3:36pm On May 12
Big foot remained in his car...glancing at his phone every couple of seconds. He had texted a couple of times to his handler Flacko who in turn was yet to receive confirmation from the first minister. So big foot still waited in his car, hoping for the go ahead to invade the journalist's house, and burn it to the ground, along with any evidence.

He thought about how he’ll carry out that job in particular as he watched the chaos outside the general hospital. He had drove past past the reporters house earlier and there had been just a police car outside.
It wouldn't be a problem for big foot. He just had to wait for the go ahead. He sighed, wondering what the delay was about.

"Fucking chain of command" he muttered in disgust.

Bami tried not to disturb the meditation process. He went through the rigour of reversing the van from the blockade and reversing his small bulletproof Audi car which belonged to 3f. It was a miracle the car was bulletproof. He and Ada surely would have been killed when they badged into the compound.

He came down and reversed the van again. Noticing the birds had increased to about a dozen. Neither Sparrow nor Dagnet seemed aware of his presence or even the engine noise hadn't gotten to them.
Now they were both seated on the air, with just their right leg bent for support, left leg crossed across the right knee, and both thumbs and index Fingers joined together and the remain fingers pointing downwards with their arms at their side.

"Damn....I'll like to learn that" he said wistfully. But then he jumped over the van and hurried to the car which was still running on the other side.
"Dr Carmichael, Dr.Rasheed, Dr Rilwan....get ready I'm coming for you.." he sped down the path and into the highway.

Dagnet had never ever experienced something like this before. Something extra ordinary was happening, a strange pulse of cheesy energetic life was flowing into her or flowing through her cause it seemed to come from within, for one she could barely squat for a minute before crumbling or giving up, but here she was sitting one one leg and not feeling anything. The air felt solid and kept flowing.
Sparrow's voice was as dreamy as Don William's with a mesmerizing effect as he instructed her and spoke to her softly.
"Breathe in slowly, suck in your chest...and breathe out slowly till your abdomen contracts...
Rise up slowly and raise your hand palm up ..tongue on the roof of your upper lip...then push up slowly as you breath in...do you feel the solid...you touched something when you pushed didn't you?"
"Oh Jesus....yes...abstract like the wind was solid..."
"Shhh....drop your arms slowly and touch the earth as you breath out...this qiqong exercise is the real heaven and Earth. For a second you touched the first heaven... but you need to concentrate more and more..."
Back in the panic room, of course S.s and his wife couldn't hear what exactly Sparrow was saying but they watched with a keen interest"

Four star hotels had plenty perks which Tonye found advantageous for her task at hand.

MTV base, top ten African countdown provided the perfect camouflage for the had saw noice. It wasn't really noisy per say but then again it wasn't totally inconspicuous.

Thanks to the loud volume from the television speakers, when she powered the saw, it was considerably drowned by the song.

She spent time poring over the manual and fiddled with a knob, extending the diameter, she placed it on the wall but it was still smaller than the outline she had drawn with the lipstick. She consulted the manual again and fiddleled with the knob, widening the diameter till it was as close as possible to the circular line.

A further consultation of the manual and she had figured it out. Pulling the trigger and turning her hand in a circular, rotatory motion and viola the hole would be carved.

But first she removed the saw and powered down. Went back to the dispenser and topped a little more boiling acid. (it was more or less acid at this point.) She poured it gently, allowing it trickle over the highlighted area. This wall was thicker and of more quality than the first which was why she chose to weaken it more. Plus, she was absolutely certain the saw she had was more powerful and effective that the earlier murder saw.

When she finally powered the saw again, singing along to the tunes from the television...".....want to soji....knack am something ehen....knack am something....Anybody..."

In less than a minute she had carved the perfect circle and the slab of concrete fell inward and probably bounced on the first Minister's head cause he moaned.

Tonye felt her heart begin to heat a little. She opened a box on the dresser and removed the extension and began fastening the silencer to the gun.

But then as she studied the hole, an idea occurred to her. She rummaged her purse for her small make up kit where she had removed the lipstick earlier.

She selected the lipstick, eye pencil, a green eyeliner and began to draw on the wall. With the hole in the middle.

His whole torso was covered with tattoo. On first glance, it seemed like a spider web, spreading across both shoulders down the chest and to the stomach. However there were three fishes trapped in the so called web. Two on both chest and a bigger one on his stomach region. So on closer note it will be determined it was a fish net and not a spider web tattoo that covered his entire upper body.

That was why he was called mynet. His codename was the kingfisher. And right after the success of his mission of eliminating Rex Obasi. He had received his next hit. Emenike was going to land in Mexico in a couple of hours. He had 45 hours to enjoy life. That was mighty generous of sir Holly.
Mynet drove passed the scene again, viewing his work. He slowed down as he passed, noticing the firetrucks were pulling away. Then his eyes met the old man, who was scrutinizing him so intensely even from the considerable distance, that Mynet stepped on the gas.
Arrangements were to fly to Abuja by 8 and then a direct flight to Arizona, where a private pilot with a Cessna would hitch him the 30 minute trip to Nueva Leon which was where Emenike had been sighted.

When Tonye finished her drawing, she marveled at the outcome. She had never really been an artistic type...but still she had managed to construct the map of Nigeria outside the hole, so the hole was inside and took all the space. With her green eye- shadow she managed to stroke a couple of colourful shades in both sides of the hole. The intent was clear indeed and accomplished. She felt like a genius.

"Mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm"
His muffled cries sounded pathetic. He kept on craning his hear trying to look behind which was impossible.

"This is for Rex Obasi. The hole is going down..." she said softly, then put the barrel into the hole, inclined her hand a bit and released two shots istraight into the first Minister's face.

He was dead

Tonye hesitated for a second then crept out of her room. The corridor was empty...thank goodness. She opened the door, not disturbing the 'do not disturb sign" hanging in the handle. Immediately she saw the device on the table;

The phone like gadget, he always used to make his calls and link with sir Holly and whoever else. She crossed the room, grabbed the device while averting her gaze from the dead body then exited the room.

She switched off the television in her room, made the bed, observed her handiwork once again.

The hole in the wall.

She had to repackage the saw in the carton and carry it under her arm. It couldn't enter her pocket or trench coat. Besides, her gun was still strapped to her waist holster.

After making sure the room was still in order, Tonye exited the room, and headed for the elevator. She didn't feel better. She had just killed the man who ochestrated Rex's death, yet she was unsatisfied.

Bami tore down the lane, so desperate to get to Dr Rasheed that he almost missed the turning that will lead him to Andy's hospital first. To be very honest he was tired and aching all over. He hoped Andy was alright, and Jimoh..the young lad was very efficient, it was strange his car wasn't going through.



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There is a particular state of mind where someone has been fatigued for so long without rest or reprieve finds himself still having to function. It’s like the brain turns on its reserve energy or power bank and juices up the senses and for a few hours your perception becomes heightened, and for the short period your sensory mechanisms functions at its possible highest.
This was the state Bami was in, if not there was no way he could have noticed the car and the odd looking giant of a man in it.

There was something just odd about the car parked in the shadows, the entrance to the Apapa hospital was alive with chaos; cars were driving out, people were running helter skelter in fear. Sick patients, rocked out of their sleep by the loud explosion from upstairs suddenly decided they were well enough to leave the hospital. There were whispers about another bomb threat among some of the hospital staff who wisely joined their wards to flee the hospital.

And yet in all the chaos, the Volvo car remained a little way in the shadows, watching everything like it was parked at a drive show cinema.

The hairs on the back of Bami’s neck stood as he drove into the hospital, especially when his flashlight illuminated the car and he locked eyes with the giant behind the wheel. The man didn’t even flinch from the glare of the headlights. Stared dead at Bami for the full two seconds before he turned into the hospital drive way.

“Oga where you dey go?” A young man in a halogen uniform half blocked the path. He had a baton and was trying fruitlessly to control the flight and fright of the people....he looked like he was out of his depth.
“I’m a police man, what happened here” although he knew already. Could perceive it, could smell it.
Bomb blast

“There was an explosion sir....” the young man was really happy to see a law figure but Bami was gone. Screeching to a stop in front of the hospital with one thought on his mind...Andy!

A part of his brain alerted him to the strange figure he had seen in the car and he tried to make a connection.

Big foot waited for the go ahead from Flacko and gritted his teeth in annoyance. He hated this corporate chain of command bull shit. They were the foot soldiers yet every little action and detail had to be ironed out and permission given....like they were running some kind of messed up diplomacy or hierarchy bullshit!

He was one pissed off foot soldier...he was the one in the streets, and there were times when a soldier made a split decision and made a call, but no, the Hole didn’t afford them that opportunity. There were grave consequences for anyone who acted without verifiable permission or orders.

For a man like Big foot to thrive in such a setup, all he had was his name and fear and both was built by reputation. This was essentially why he was still sitting outside the hospital, sulking by 2:44am. He couldn't believe his clean record had been soiled not once, but twice....in the space of 48 hours. The first time wasn’t that bad, he hadn’t been the main target, but to survive Big foot twice.....! And he knew deep down that Andy was still alive. He had survived the car bomb and now the paper bomb....Big Foot could feel it. He had a sixth sense about these things. Bombs were his babies, he knew when he hit a mark and right now he didn’t feel that sensation in his gut. The little prick was still alive.

No way. He was going to confirm and kill Andy himself. He wouldn’t wait for the go ahead. He would get this done. It was personal. Andy had to die tonight. Then he could touch the journalist’s house if they gave him the go ahead. The apartment would have been swept clean by now and any incriminating article they had been working on would have been destroyed. He would just add an explosive touch. He loved to hear things blow, watch things burn....

Then a strange thing happened. He got a message from Flacko, interrupting his thoughts.

“First minister denies the requests. No more fireworks, there’s been too much bombs already, forget the reporters house too”

“But the boy still dies right? He may have survived!”He typed furiously

“That’s the strange thing, he aborted it totally”

“What! Why?”

“Who knows? It’s from higher authority”


"Hey just get out of there!"

-Connection lost-

Big foot clenched his jaw. "Fucking pricks"

As he sat contemplating his next move, he saw the car pull up and a man looking at him as he drove through the gates.
Big foot felt such an intense anger suddenly. He stared coldly without flinching, even when the driver didn’t have the courtesy or common sense to dim the lights.
He knew who it was. One of the bastards of Brota.
He got down from his truck.
He didn’t carry a gun. He was all about explosives but he was a hulk of a man. He was going to crush Andy's head like an orange.
And he wished the man who just drove in would try to stop him. Oh he really wished.
He slammed his door.
"Time to edit my record" he started for the hospital.


In the backseat of the Uber, Tonye was immediately arrested with a barrage of messages. The first thing she did was to reply one F. Flacko’s hour long message, saying Big foot was set to ‘light up the house’ and also requesting permission to plant another bomb at the hospital.
“What!” She was shocked to her bone, thinking of Andy immediately. She called it off and to be safe typed an explicit order; to terminate the whole goddamn purge operation.


Olivia felt a kind of calming effect as she cradled her daughter, hugging her closely. She had Emma in her arms, but it was the little girl who held her, cause the fear that had been building in her concerning Rex’s whereabouts immediately faded. Here was their daughter, so beautiful. They were a family. Rex would be back soon.

“He’ll probably walk through those doors any moment now...” Utebo said softly and Olivia glanced at her. She was sitting on the arm of the sofa, her arm around her mother, but her eyes were on Olivia.

Olivia gave a knowing smile and mouthed, “thank you”
She glanced towards the door and that minute she really expected to see her husband.


The curtain remained unmoving, the door behind it bolted shot.

Cynthia was the one to speak up. “I think we should call dad”

“Yes call your father” Martha agreed immediately.

Her friend, who had not left her side gave her a side hug then called out, “dear! I think you should call Alli now, it’s been almost thirty minutes already.

De Omirida hurried into the parlour, he seemed to have been hovering in the corridor and he had his phone in hand.
He looked a bit worried as he brought the phone to his ear and faked a call. He stared intensely at the ceiling for a couple of seconds then sighed, “he’s not picking,” then he repeated the gesture again, as if he was redialling.
All the while he was thinking of what to do...what to say...

For he just got off the phone with his friend a minute ago.
Alli broke down the situation to him frankly, with a hard edge in his voice; The house was gone, Rex was missing and there was a dead body.
A dead body?
Yes a dead body.
And Rex..
..Is missing.

Alli went on to give him instructions. “Don’t tell my family about this....as long as they’re concerned the house is still standing...just some rooms are burnt...I’ll tell them myself....” there was a long silence, “whoever did this would pay. I’ll see you soon I have to take care of the body.”

Whose body?
And where is your son?

The questions had Mr Omirida pacing worriedly along the corridor till he heard Martha say, “call your father”

And his wife called out for him.
So there he stood, gazing at the ceiling with a slight frown on his face, finally he gave a start, “Ehen...Alli are you there yet...? What happen....oh...how is it?....okay see you soon.”

He brought the phone down quickly before it rings and make a fool of him and he stared at a bunch of eyes all staring at him expectantly. He stammered...."errrm that was Alli....he’ll be here soon...the fire wasn’t really serious, just a couple of rooms”

“Whew...but how did it start?” Cynthia asked

“Errrm well...it started...you know what? He didn’t really say but it’s under control” he felt so terrible lying straight to their faces but there was no way he was delivering such terrible news to women in such emotional state. Especially when Martha asked, “what of Rex, are they together?”

no they’re not...he says Rex is missing.... he almost said, but then his eyes caught the lady in the wheelchair, stroking the little girl and he found himself saying, "yes yes, both of them would come home together....now you all should get some rest, it’s really late."

A wave of relief swept through the parlour after he made the announcement and for a moment he hated himself, for he had just given them hope...well Alli had said Rex was missing. He would be found soon, for sure. Mr Omirida comforted himself with the thought.

Back in Brota, the fatigue finally got to S.s and his wife, they had been gazing at a monitor screen watching sparrow and Dagnet perform the strangely comforting ritual with the birds. when they finally got tired, they settled on the camp beds in the corner. His wife joined their little boy, holding him protectively. It would take a while before she can fall asleep.
S.s on the other hand, confirmed the door panel was activated and the bunker locked. He was soon snoring softly in the corner. Every now and then he twitched and groaned, muttered something incoherent and his face contorted into a grimace.

Beatrice lived in a secluded 2bedroom on the ground floor of a 3 storey apartment building.
She parked the car along the street and led Ada into the house. They had to jump a couple of open sewage and gutter drains and the latter scanned the environment without any flicker of emotion.

Still it was Beatrice who said, "I moved here six months ago...me and my cousin stay here....rent is really cheap, I had to sell my uncle’s house, the house I grew up in....to settle hospital bills. Mr X would have come through for us but then he died, because he couldn’t bare the loss of Fome and Mona...his daughters" she said in explanation

“I knew them. I was there that night”

“The night they died?”

Ada nodded

"The night Rex blew her up?"


"The bastard"

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 3:37pm On May 12
Bami was half worried about the giant in the car who seemed vaguely familiar but he soon forgot about him as he fought against the swarming bodies into the hospital and ran up the stairs to the ward Andy had been admitted.
He rushed into the room and saw Andy from the corner of his eye, thank God he was okay,..but then he noticed the 2 doctors in the middle of the room trying to lift what was no doubt a body under a tarp on a stretcher" One of them looked extremely ashen, Bami noticed as he worriedly looked around for Jimoh. He hurried to Andy’s side. “Andy are you alright? Can you hear me?”

“Bami...My ears hurt so bad”

“I’m so sorry bro...I’m going to get you out of here...”

“Jimoh is gone....his face blew up...oh my God..." he began to sob and Bami felt his heart break.

"It’s alright...it’s going to be alright” Bami sat on the edge of the bed and tried to comfort his friend.
“It’s alright.....whoever did this is going to pay...I promise”

"Where’s Rex" Andy asked struggling to sit up. Bami swallowed, but apart from that he didn’t miss a beat. “Rex is in Benue. Can you move? let me get the wheelchair closer...we need to get out of here”

“It hurts but I can take it”

One of the doctors turned back to look at them. “Hey hey...where do you think you’re going? I've not cleared you”

"We’ll take our chances" Bami replied curtly, he remembered the man from the stationary car and he suddenly wanted to get out of the hospital...fast.

He didn’t see the man enter, he was so invested in getting Andy into the wheelchair as quickly and less painful as possible, it wasn’t until he heard the same doctor say, "Hey you shouldn't be here.." he glanced up and saw the same man he had seen earlier.

Up close he was like a Bull. Slim, almost tiny legs that somehow managed to balance a heavy torso and muscular frame.
He had broad shoulders so rocky, his shoulders were level with his ears and hard biceps that didn't need him to make a fist to become visible.
To cap it off, as if he wasn’t intimidating enough, he was freakishly tall. Had to be 6,4 at least.

“This dude would easily weigh times 3 of me and he’s not fat...he’s not fat....” Bami's mind was already going in alert mode with the realisation.

Andy on the other hand must have been feeling some lingering anaesthetics effect because he apparently wasn’t intimidated enough and said, “This guy looks..upside down...”
he squirmed a bit uneasily as dark cold eyes narrowed menacingly on him.

The little drama happened in no more than 5 seconds and the doctor who had spoken up before was still waiting for a reply, or to be acknowledged in the very least.

They finally got the body on the stretcher and he immediately rushed to stand before the intruder
"Hello...did you hear me? This area is sealed off...the police is coming, there’s a dead body here you need to-"

It happened so fast, Bami almost didn’t see his hand move. For such a heavy looking log of firewood disguised an arm, he sure moved it quickly.
He grabbed the doctor by the coat, seizing the syllable in his throat. "You get out of here if you don’t want to die"

"Wait...what?" Andy gasped

Both doctors ran out of the room with such speed..abandoning the body on the stretcher. The beast of a man glanced at the body under the tarp and smirked. “At least I got one...” Then he kicked the stretcher so hard, it rolled across the room and bounced off the wall, the body fell to the floor and rolled from under the tarp.

It was hideous. Bami retched and almost threw up in his mouth, looking away hurriedly. He caught the man smirking at him and cracking his knuckles, ready to beat them to death.

Bami had been kicking himself for leaving his gun in the gloved compartment of the car. The thought of going one on one against this man wasn’t pleasant in the very least. It seemed even impossible to contemplate but was there any other choice? He had to protect Andy...and protect himself too.
"Who are you? What do you want?”

"You break my heart! You mean my reputation doesn't precede me?" He placed his hand on his chest. “Well let me reintroduce myself before I cave your skull in. I’m the one man army the press nicknamed the unsleeping cell...aka Big foot!"

Bami snapped! ”Of course I knew it...I’ve seen your file...one time number 2 most wanted man in Nigeria, and wanted by Interpol till date...”

“Oh so my reputation does precede me...” he walked to the door and closed it shut.
Bami used the chance to move Andy as far away as possible to the other side of the bed. "Just stay here but be watchful, any chance you get you have to make a move for the door...can you do it?"
"No I can't Bami...it hurts to move myself...do you plan to fight him...he’s very huge.."

That wasn’t the morale boost Bami needed at that moment so he turned away, "just watch and make a move the first chance don’t worry about me.”

Big foot seemed to be down for the ceremony of it all, he didn’t rush Bami immediately but obliged him as both men circled each other slowly, sizing each other up. The sparkle in his eye said he humoured him. A tiger shark having a little fun with Dinner.
“Look at your bleeped up eyes...” he sneered at Bami, enjoying playing the part of antagonist.

Bami was privy to his thoughts and determined to prove him wrong. Still he didn’t make a move or lunge, he just remained out of reach from a first strike. The beast would have to step in for a second punch and hopefully he could counter.

Bami’s fighting style was a mixture of techniques built mainly on a defensive fighting style that employed quick and strong arm movement to perform blocks and counter strikes as well as strong flexible legs for close up kicks. The blueprint, based on an ancient kung fu style called wing Chun (also practiced by the infamous ip man)requires the elbows close to the body and arms positioned across the vitals, and 100 percent alertness and reflexes at all times

Bami readily employed his stance, both arms crisscrossed across his stomach, chest and face because he knew he had to protect his vitals as much as he could, if he were to survive the bout...not to talk of win it.
Big foot gave a yell and lunched his attack,

3 quick fire punches. Bami backed away the first, backed away the second, but Big foot was well in range for the third and Bami was lucky to have it miss his head with inches, he heard the fist cut through air with a slice.

He returned a quick upper cut to the beast’s side, aiming for a kidney shot and brought up his elbows just in time to block a head shot...The punch bounced off his arm and the pain shot through his whole hand immediately....he staggered.

Just one blow and he felt his arm would break already....and yet he didn’t have enough time to catch a breath, Big foot was coming after him throwing another punch which he had no option but to block yet again and take the pain. He saw from the corner of his eye that Andy had moved round the bed and was slowly and painfully making his way to the door. It gave him hope and he used his right hand to land a clean right cross across big foot’s face.
It made the beast stagger a little bit and he glanced at Andy trying to painfully move himself across the room.
“Haha I know you’re thinking you can keep me engaged and have your friend escape...let me show you just how futile that is....let me end all hope"
He charged at Bami with a barrage of punches but Bami was ready. He made a clean leap and used both feet to plant a deadly kick to Big foot’s chest.
All that stress and trouble and big foot only staggered a little, he didn’t even clutch his chest, but instead charged at Bami again.
Bami scrambled to his feet and put his arms up, but big foot punched his hands down. And when the first fist connected with his jaw, he fell backwards....fighting to remain on his feet and desperately trying not to lose consciousness.
Big foot followed him up, giving him a nice shove with his feet to help him get down easier. Then he sat across him and grabbed him by his throat.

"I’m gonna make your eyes pop out of your skull...I’m gonna squeeze until your face goes purple and your brain pops out of your ears...you interfering little prick!.....I’m gonna squash your head like a big tomato...your brain is gonna make a paste on this floor...just like your buddy on the floor here....and I’m gonna.....” he stopped immediately and whirled around...his ears picked up a sound, Andy had opened the door.

Big foot hurriedly got off Bami and lunged after him. “Oh no you don’t get to escape...you soiled my clean record you bastard”

Bami struggled to breathe. For a second he couldn’t feel any pain....his whole face was numb, he knew his throat was raw and on fire but he couldn’t feel the pain, only knew his throat was killing him. The only thing he was aware of at that point was that Bigelow was charging at Andy.

Bami struggled to his knees he glanced around in despair...searching for anything, a weapon...something! His eyes fell on Jimoh’s corpse. The assistant wasn’t a gun carrying type, even now, the faceless corpse was still smartly dressed in a sweatvest and slacks.
Jimoh didn’t carry guns, he carried pens...
Pens...strong fountain pens.
Bami scrambled to the corpse and dug into the pocket immediately. He found a glass point fountain pen clipped to his right pocket. Jimoh always carried two different Inks, blue and black...he knew this.....he knew this....yes! He found another one....a metal point pen clipped to his back pocket.
Rest in peace bro...his heart bled for Rex’s assistant and he perceived in that moment he was going to kill big foot with it.

He heard the door slam and grabbed both pens....his left hand was numb with pain and moved slow so he sensed it was basically useless. Luckily, right hand was still mostly unhurt.

“I’m going to make you wish you died with the reporter slut” Big foot shouted as he grabbed Andy back into the room roughly.

“Bleep you! You killed her...” Andy’s voice was hoarse and pained...he was devastated about the reporter’s death and enraged yet he couldn’t do anything. He had exerted all his strength and threshold for pain making his way across the room earlier.

Big foot cut him off with a slap. He wrapped his big hands round Bami’s face, blocking his mouth and clamping his nostrils with his thumb and forefinger.

“There’s something terribly intimate about snuffing the life out of someone...At that very moment I own the breath you need, if I don’t want you breathing, I seize your supply and you die...don’t you see now...I’m your god...It could be addicting doing this....but not as addictive as watching things burn...”
His eyes narrowed and he let Andy go immediately, spinning around on his heels and catching Bami’s hand just inches from his face where the sharp point of the glass ink had been heading for his eye.

“You’re terribly slow, I doubt this stuff would even pierce me with how slow you swing...what are you a cripple....oooh...I hurt your hand didn’t I?”
He twisted the pen out of Bami’s hand, snapping his wrist. “Let me really show you hurt...” He sneered sadistically and held him with both hands, intending to break Bami’s hand like a piece of wood or something more horrific. But he unwittingly provided Bami with the opening he had been going for. His throat was exposed from this angle, and he dug into his back pocket with his free hand....his right hand which still functioned very okay and moved with lightening speed.
He grabbed the fountain pen and with all his strength drove the pen into Big foot’s neck.

Somewhere in Benue...
Mynet went over the instructions again at the hospital. He had a flight booked to Abuja and from there, a long flight to the United States. Business class...nice.
He looked at the message details.
Received from one ‘Flacko’
For the first time ever he wondered about the chain of command. He just received instructions on a device and went running. How far up did the messages go.
He stroked his jaw and remembered the way the old man had looked at him earlier as he drove past.
Such intense scrutiny...a grieving father recognising his son’s killer perhaps?

He brought out his phone and made a call. He had his own plans. Bleep the hole.


Kirsten snooped round the house with her flashlight, it was still choky with thick black smoke and her eyes began to water immediately. Still she swung the beam, walking through the debris, careful not to touch anything and hoping her boots were thick enough to withstand the heat for long.

“I should probably get out...” she thought to herself, but she kept looking...driven by the urge to make a discovery. And she made it 2 minutes later. Another dead body. Stuffed into a cabinet in the kitchen...as if the killer hadn’t wanted the body to keep the body away from the fire as much as possible...strange.
Why start the fire on a body, burn one totally beyond recognition and hide another from the fire?
Strange indeed.

The smoke got too much and she hurried out...drawing long breaths of the clean fresh air once she was outside.

Alli and Clyde were talking. Clyde was telling him about the plan to keep the body and perform an autopsy.
Kirsten noticed Alli seemed to be in better control of his emotions now. He just looked angry and cold.
He looked at her as she approached.
“Find anything?”
“Yes...a body?”
He frowned, “who...”

“I’m not sure but I think it’s the driver....your in-laws driver.”

They all looked at the stretch parked in the corner. The car Rex had been driving that day.
The car was there, engine still on and running...and the two people who had been in it were now dead....and burnt....but Alli refused to believe his son was dead.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by 123jamessmith: 3:47pm On May 12

Bro thanks for looking out, I saw all the numerous mentions. Jah bless bro

You can reach me; kingsleyefughi@gmail.com

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 3:59pm On May 12
Rex is not dead embarassed

We’ll find out really soon...shady doctor Rasheed would tell us cheesy

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