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Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by 100naira(m): 10:00pm On Jun 08

This is a no Nukes zone please grin

Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Qu3sT(m): 10:02pm On Jun 08

How many times will I say it?
Say it one more time for people in the back.
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 8:50am On Jun 09

A fatal five-way face off!
Before we leave this house and knock on a few new doors at Takeover, there’s business left to settle inside the CWC. The five men who will battle for the NXT championship on Sunday were set to have a “face off” on Tuesday, although how that could have turned out less chaotic than last week was anybody’s guess. Scarlett’s warning certainly seemed ominous.
Despite her deck of cards it was Adam Cole who dealt the better hand. He let all of the other challengers come down to the ring to state their case in Karrion Kross’ face, then appeared on the Titantron to say he was too smart to play this game — especially since he had already beaten Kross last week (verbally). O’Reilly said since Cole’s too much of a bitch to get in this ring, someone else has to show who they are. Kross: “And who are you exactly?” I’ll answer that question with another question for you all: what did the five fingers say to the face? “SLAP.”
Everyone brawled as security tried and failed to calm things down, but just when Kross had gotten the better of his foes, Cole snuck in to superkick Kross and hit a flying knee from behind. He posed with the belt as the show went off the air in a very nice teaser for Takeover on Sunday!

Austin Theory and Oney Lorcan settle the score
Speaking of last week, we were supposed to get a new #1 contender to the NXT title in the triple threat match that opened last week’s show. Instead we got an Adam Cole run-in that left us with no winner and set the tone for a night of non-stop chaos. This included a debate turned fight when Austin Theory claimed “Papa” Johnny Gargano would have won the match if not for Cole, while Oney Lorcan said the same on behalf of “Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne. The only way these kind of debates ever get settled in pro wrestling is in the ring, but both sides were already brawling on the premises before the show!
This was a physical affair from the opening bell. Uppercuts, chops, slams, and a leg sweep on the apron that led to Theory taking a flat back bump on “the hardest part of the ring.” He got his revenge later after the commercial break by smashing Lorcan into the plexiglass barricade twice. By this point both Pete Dunne and Johnny Gargano had come down to ringside to watch, and when their proteges hit a double clothesline for a double down, Gargano and Dunne started a brawl and had to be escorted out. Security!!
This distraction worked in Lorcan’s favor, as he regained his composure and made Theory lose his by smashing him face first into a ring post. The match was over moments later, giving us a very solid opening to this week’s show.

Ember Moon vs. Dakota Kai
Having gotten fed up to here with Raquel González’ lackey Dakota Kai running interference for the women’s champion, Ember Moon vowed to take matters into her own hands with a two step plan — beat down Kai live on NXT, then march straight to a title shot at Takeover. Of course the ability to progress to part two of her master plan depended entirely on her performance Tuesday night. How did she fare? Not well as they went to commercial.
Moon found her offense to get a near fall right after we came back from the break. When Kai rolled out of the ring to recover right near her bestie, Ember Moon gave chase and Raquel González took it upon herself to throw a big boot... and miss. Moon decked her with a punch and wiped out both women with a suicide dive. She threw Kai into the ring to hit an Eclipse but González hit her with the boot right in front of the ref for a disqualification. Instead of making Moon look weak as a challenger by having her take a two on one beating before Sunday, Moon got the better of González by blocking the one arm slam and hitting González with the Eclipse instead! That’s how you build up a contender the right way.

Killian Dain gets “Swerved”
After a parking lot altercation on last week’s show that seemingly went nowhere, we finally got a payoff to the war of words between Hit Row and the team of Killian Dain and Drake Maverick. You might have expected this to lead to a tag match between opposing forces (I’m sure Top Dolla and Ashante “Thee” Adonis would be a fine team) but instead we got a singles match on the last show before Takeover.
Before this match could get underway though we had Legado del Fantasma coming out to the ring so Santos Escobar could bitch about his team losing last week thanks to Bronson Reed’s interference. Reed responded and came out to mock him by playing the video of Escobar getting squished into the plexiglass over and over again. An infuriated Escobar dared Reed to get in the ring and do it again — he said yes. MSK ran out to have his back, Legado took a powder, so Escobar’s next tactic was to challenge them to ALL the titles at Takeover in one match on Sunday — winner take all. They accepted and The Row finally came out for Swerve’s match with Dain, but not before they stared down BOTH groups as they sauntered their way to (and into) the ring.
Hit Row used constant interference to get the upper hand on Dain, but he’d continue to power up and take control of the match no matter what they did. As he was going to climb the ropes for a potential finisher, the Row attempted another distraction and Drake Maverick had finally seen enough. He got destroyed by “Top Dolla” AJ Francis for his trouble, and Swerve kicked Dain in the head for the pin. This is one of those cases where I don’t care much for the match thanks to the constant chicanery, but I like what it DID in terms of establishing Hit Row as complete and utter dicks, so I give this segment a thumbs up. They even emphasized it by stepping over Maverick’s carcass after Swerve got the win.

A “Priceless” announcement
Ahead of an In Your House battled between wannabe Ted DiBiase acolytes L.A. Knight and Cameron Grimes, “The Million Dollar Man” promised a priceless announcement for this week’s edition of NXT. What did the devious DiBiase have up his sleeve?
If you were expecting Mr. DiBiase to announce that his Million Dollar Title would be on the line between Grimes and Knight on Sunday, you’d be absolutely right. To up the stakes though both figuratively and literally he announced they’d fight for it in a ladder match!

Candice LeRae’s least favorite singer is back with a vengeance. Poppy has already made an impact on the NXT brand this year with theme music, but nobody knew before Tuesday night what she had in store next — or if one half of the tag team champions could resist renewing her rivalry with the famous singer.
To make a long story short, Poppy “pushed a button” on her phone as William Regal and Triple H gawked, instantly releasing her new album on Spotify and Apple Music.
She wasn’t done though. Candice LeRae came down to the ring to complain about Poppy’s presence, blaming her for ruining Indi Hartwell’s life by hugging Dexter Lumis earlier.
LeRae demanded satisfaction for sinking the ship that says the In-Dex seas. Poppy came out with a mic and said “I don’t wrestle, but I know someone who does.” Io Shirai returned! She did a double leg takedown, hit a 6-1-9 and a top rope missile dropkick, and LeRae took a powder from the beating as Poppy and Shirai celebrated in the ring. That’s a fun way to use a celebrity cameo on a wrestling show and a good one to boot — a perfect excuse to re-introduce Shirai after her recent absence. I wholeheartedly endorse this segment!

What else do you need to know?
There were two unannounced squash matches on this show. Xia Li attempted to take out Mercedes Martinez before her match, but Martinez fired up and knocked Li over a barricade and told the referee to ring the damn bell. Her poor opponent never even got introduced before eating an Air Raid Crash for the pin. I think this tweet sums up my feelings nicely.
I love seeing @RealMMartinez wreck bitches. #WWENXT
— Jordan Worth Cobb ️‍⚧️ The Unwelcomed Queen (@JoWoCo) June 9, 2021

We also got the Grizzled Young Veterans having a tag team match with this week’s 205 Live representatives in August Grey and Ikemen Jiro. This was little more than an excuse for Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher to watch from ringside, throw chairs at the ring after the match, and goad GYV into a fight. Before the night ended it was made official that the two sides would have a tornado rules fight on next week’s NXT!

Grade: A
Like a fresh dozen eggs straight from the grocery store, this show was all grade A start to finish. Were it not for Ever-Rise wasting our time I would have given it a perfect A+. Every segment made sense, every match had the right finish, everything built perfectly to our Takeover event on Sunday. Congratulations to everyone involved in getting things back on track this week. Karrion Kross told William Regal that he wasn’t running NXT and that it was completely out of control, but ironically that would have been more true last week instead. This show ran like a well oiled machine for two straight hours

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Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 8:55am On Jun 09
Lio Rush had retired from professional wrestling
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by samistry(m): 5:17pm On Jun 10
I missed watching that guy wrestle.
Lio Rush had retired from professional wrestling
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 6:34pm On Jun 10
I missed watching that guy wrestle.

He is really good...a champion everywhere he went...why WWE releases him is still beyond me
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Kaycee7(m): 8:36am On Jun 12
Roman: Do you understand that, Jimmy?

Jey: I'm Jey.


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Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 9:08am On Jun 12

It’s been a little while since I’ve done some opening remarks, but I need to bring it back.
I used to say that SmackDown was mostly a one storyline show. But I’m actually realizing that WWE is a one storyline company.
But what the Reigns storyline is doing is becoming the best storyline in all of wrestling. It’s better than anything on Raw. It’s better than Karrion Kross and Finn Balor and the rest of them on NXT, too.
And it’s better than Kenny Omega’s belt collector stuff in AEW. Yes, really, and I’m saying this as a fan of AEW as well, and a big fan of what Kenny is doing.
While I love it though, it’s also frustrating.
Because more things could be like this. Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley could be telling an incredible story on Raw with their history together outside of WWE. The Lilly thing could be compelling and interesting, with Shayna Baszler not being sacrificed for it. Why can’t more stories in WWE be like this one?
All I ask is for it to make sense. Aside form the main features of this show, the rest of it was just repetitive, which we have talked about numerous times. That used to be just a Raw issue, though. Not anymore.
And not only was this show repetitive, it set up most of next week’s show to be the same damn thing! That’s so frustrating when this show has the Reigns storyline.

Master of manipulation
Roman Reigns started the show doing what he normally does - stare daggers into Jey Uso.
What we didn’t know was that this week was going to be Jey’s shining moment since last year’s Hell in a Cell.
Reigns said that Jimmy and Jey owe him for his help last week. They need to answer for embarrassing the family. All of a sudden, the Usos music played and Jimmy Uso got into the ring.
Jimmy wasn’t playing that game. He called out exactly what I’ve been saying about Roman - Roman’s jealous and doesn’t want anyone else on top except him. Reigns tells Jey to take care of this.
Later, Jey walks up to Jimmy and the light shone through. Jey can’t admit to Jimmy that he knows they could have won on their own. Jimmy said that Reigns is the one disgracing the family. It was building up in Jey the whole time and he finally let it out. He doesn’t know how to get out of it. Absolutely brilliant performance.
Jey went back to Reigns and said that Jimmy said if he wanted to meet, it would have to be in the Usos locker room. More stellar performance from Roman laughing at his cousins having a locker room since he’s the Head of the Table. But he entertained it.
Jimmy blew up at Roman saying he didn’t care about the Universal Championship and that he’d be inducted one day as a spoiled bitch. He said he knew this was Roman’s way of operating since they were kids and he isn’t falling for it anymore. So Roman asked Jey if he saw what Jimmy was doing, and Jey had enough. He said he was tired of both men and walked off.
And then the master of manipulation came back, just as he did last year at Hell in a Cell. Roman used his passion and his emotion to combat Jimmy’s willing to fight him. Roman calmed down and said that Jimmy is causing Jey to lose it. It’s him who is wrong and should be looking out for his brother. How dare he abandon his brother.
It was absolutely brilliant. And Jimmy played right into it and sulked off to go find Jey.
But all this time, Roman actually had a date with Rey Mysterio for his actions last week. So they used Jimmy and Jey being out to do a 2 on 1 beatdown, but Reigns overpowered the Mysterios and threw Dom out of the ring like he was a pebble. I nearly jumped out of my chair.
This was an interesting way to set up a Cell match for Roman and Rey. I honestly thought that Rollins and Cesaro (talked about below) would get that treatment and maybe Roman would sit out of the pay-per-view. Rollins and Cesaro have been going on since WrestleMania.
The match still gonna be fire, though. This was a great interaction between the veteran and the Head of the Table.

A real knee slapper
If SmackDown wasn’t the Roman Reigns show, this would be the main feature.
This had every right to be terrible but delivered on so many levels.
Ding Dong Hello! is the best talk show in this company and Bayley is the best host. She brought out the “Drip God” Seth Rollins and Rollins went to a video package from last week. Guests typically don’t do that but I’ll make an exception since it was the coolest thing they did with the ThunderDome last week.
When that was over, Bayley and Rollins laughed. The two most grating laughs in WWE together. My goodness.
But after 10 seconds I found myself chuckling.
Then Bayley played the clip of Rollins pummeling Cesaro, and when that was over, they both howled again. I straight up laughed with them.
When the doorbell rang again, I knew who it was, and I was so excited. Cesaro destroyed the Ding Dong Hello! set with Seth’s body, and his pants came off!
I thought the segment was over, but it was so brilliant to have the tables turn by having Bianca Belair come out to laugh at Bayley.
This feud is about laughs, and I am okay with that. To be honest, Bayley’s laugh isn’t as grating to me as it is for others.
Seth and Cesaro really should have gotten the Hell in a Cell treatment. Darn it.

The Rest
Big E and Kevin Owens defeated Apollo Crews and Sami Zayn
Big E and Big O teaming up again. Crews showed incredible strength by holding E up in a German suplex position for 4 or 5 seconds before completing the move. Crews and Zayn were gelling as a team and really able to separate the babyfaces from each other. At one point Owens tagged in and had such a great enraged demeanor on Zayn. He’s so great at that. Zayn almost won with the Blue Thunder bomb, but E broke it up and then a scary moment happened where E and Crews went over the top rope awkwardly but were thankfully okay.
And we’re just gonna do this again next week with Azeez in Sami’s place. Alrighty then.

Liv Morgan defeats Carmella via 50/50
And we’re just doing something that already happened last week. “The most beautiful woman in all of WWE” Carmella is now her official tagline. Morgan did her part to bring aggression. A quite funny part that couldn’t have been scripted because this company is creatively bankrupt aside from Roman Reigns - Carmella went to the announce table and told Cole to tell the audience at home how beautiful she is. All of a sudden the cameraman fell over Morgan crawling behind him. McAfee played it well. 50/50 booking strikes again. See you both next week!

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated King Corbin
And we’re just doing something that already happened last week and the week before and the week before. Look I love the BOOGS and Nak pairing, but if WWE thinks that they’re the goofballs here and not Corbin, they’ve got their heads twisted.
And we’re just gonna do this again next week with the crown on the line. Alrighty then.

Montez Ford vs. Chad Gable got the interference treatment
Of course a heel setting up a “my partner won’t come out to the ring. Promise!” angle typically means that the heel’s partner is going to come out after blindsiding and beating up the babyface’s partner in the back. Who would stupidly take a bet that this isn’t going to lead to a tag team match next week?
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 8:15am On Jun 13
WWE NXT in your house tonight, gear up
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Qu3sT(m): 12:22pm On Jun 13
WWE NXT in your house tonight, gear up
It better be worth it oh.
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Kaycee7(m): 1:33pm On Jun 13
WWE NXT in your house tonight, gear up
Which matches are you actually excited to see?
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Kaycee7(m): 1:33pm On Jun 13

It better be worth it oh.
Has NXT ever failed to deliver?
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 6:36pm On Jun 13
Which matches are you actually excited to see?

The fatal 5 way and everything involving Legado

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Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 6:36pm On Jun 13

It better be worth it oh.

it's NXT bro, what are you expecting?
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 8:49pm On Jun 13
I'm hearing that Samoa Joe would return to NXT and challenge whoever wins the fatal 5 way
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Kaycee7(m): 11:47pm On Jun 13
I'm hearing that Samoa Joe would return to NXT and challenge whoever wins the fatal 5 way
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 10:27am On Jun 14

Karrion Kross — a straight gangster mack
After a wildly out of control edition of NXT a couple of weeks ago where Adam Cole made his big return, Karrion Kross bellowed “give me everyone” at Takeover. No matter how much William Regal has tried to assert his authority as General Manager, Kross has made it abundantly clear that as the man holding the NXT Championship he will call whatever shots he wants. Last night he got exactly what he was asking for — a fatal five-way with Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Pete Dunne and Johnny Gargano putting his title on the line.
Some of the men couldn’t even wait to get in the ring before taking a shot at each other.
The crowd chanted “this is awesome” for the action and rightly so, even if at times it devolved into a five car pile up, with the challengers only getting the upper hand when they worked together against Kross — such as Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly briefly reuniting to plant Kross on the announce table.
Don’t expect The Undisputed Era to reform though. Cole was more than happy to throw O’Reilly out to steal a near fall on Dunne given the chance. That was the nature of the five-way in general. Without Kross to focus on they took turns stabbing each other in the back. Once Kross rose from the dead, Dunne dared him to “prove me wrong” back in the ring, nailing him with the Bitter End and going for a triangle choke when he kicked out.
Even then the rest of the pack couldn’t help but stop Dunne from getting the submission, even if he’d have been a better option to face one-on-one later on down the road. It led to the inevitable finish where Kross put O’Reilly in the Kross Jacket even as O’Reilly was trying to submit Adam Cole with a leg lock. Kross weakened O’Reilly enough for Cole to escape seconds before he would have tapped out and made “Cool Kyle” the new champion.
As the show was going off the air, a despondent William Regal declared that after seven years of being the General Manager, he had never seen as much carnage and bedlam as he had witnessed tonight. He left us with a cliffhanger by bowing it was “time for a change.” I can’t agree with him less though. He’s my favorite authority figure in pro wrestling, we had a stellar night of action, and I can’t honestly picture anyone better than him taking over.

Ultimately the focus has to be on the champion overcoming the odds to retain at the end, and he certainly went through hell and back to get the job done. As the great Calvin Broadus once said Karrion Kross “Paid The Cost to Be Da Boss,” but it was the rest of the fatal five-way wrestlers who looked like they’d been love-vendor Slapp’d. For me this validates dethroning Finn Bálor in a big way, because having Kross be a short term champion would have made his title reign as pointless as The Miz beating Drew McIntyre. Now that we’ve made Kross this strong they need to give him the ball and let him run with it.

“Winner take all, loser must fall”
The main event was not our only high stakes match of the evening. After Bronson Reed humiliated Santos Escobar on Tuesday, the leader of Legado del Fantasma demanded a “winner takes all” match where Reed would put up the North American title and MSK would put up the tag team titles against his crew. The confident champions accepted his proposal and the match was made official. Did Escobar lure them into a trap or would Reed & MSK successfully defend all of the titles at once in a six-man match?
Just as the fatal five-way ended Takeover, the six-man match started the show, setting a high stakes tone for the entire broadcast in front of what was repeatedly touted as “the largest crowd ever” at the Capitol Wrestling Center. Escobar played cowardly heel until his flunkies took out Bronson Reed’s knee, at which point he quickly tagged in for a Michinoku driver but was unable to capitalize when MSK made the save. Escobar went out to get the North American title to use it as a weapon only to have Bronson Reed send him not just into but THROUGH a barricade. Reed went to the top rope for a Tsunami on Mendoza and the champions successfully retained all of the gold. A very fun opening match, and the kind of victory to pop that record setting crowd. Who doesn’t like seeing a big man repeatedly squish a group of cocky little heels? He even got in one of his trademark suicide dives.
The only downside of this match (if you can even call it that) is that all of these men are good enough to move on to Raw or SmackDown, and with the size and agility of Reed in particular, it will be very hard to resist the temptation to pull him away from the NXT roster.

Climbing the ladder of success
“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase has made it clear he’s looking for a worthy successor — a protege not just in wealth and prestige but in his in-ring acumen. The two men he believes are the closest to the top are both “new money” in storyline. L.A. Knight built up a substantial portfolio over the years, but Cameron Grimes went “to the moon” thanks to a quick buck made through dogecoin and AMC stock. They both believed they’d earned the right to wear his Million Dollar Title, but to prove it DiBiase made them climb to the top in a very literal sense, putting that jewel encrusted belt high above the ring in a ladder match!
Ladder matches should be physically punishing by design and this one was no exception. Grimes and Knight took turns assaulting each other with ladders of varying heights, while our savvy readers noted that we were watching a former Impact world champion and a former X-Division champion go toe to toe. I’ve seen Ultimate X matches that were less punishing than the hell these men put each other through!
Right as it seemed as though Grimes was about to get the upper hand and climb the gold plated ladder “to the moon” it was tipped over by Knight. Grimes took a bump over the ropes through a ladder left outside and there’s no way that the landing felt good. If he took a month off after last night, I wouldn’t blame him. Either way the right man won here. Hold on — hear me out. If WWE’s intention is to have Grimes become a sympathetic babyface, and the crowd was cheering for him like he was one, he shouldn’t immediately win a big prize and be instantly rewarded after making only the smallest of changes. The true reinvention of Cameron Grimes needs to be achieved by overcoming adversity, learning money can’t buy him happiness, and earning another chance at the title along with true redemption. Meanwhile if you want LA Knight to be an even bigger prick, there’s no better way to do it than having him rub being Ted DiBiase’s hand picked protege in our faces.

Ember Moon looked to make history
Let’s compare Raquel González and Ember Moon to Jake Paul and Ben Askren. González is like Paul — she’s young, she’s cocky, some people don’t like her attitude, but her fans far outnumber her haters. Ember Moon is a little bit older and more seasoned, but she was the underdog going in with the oddsmakers. We already saw that she could hit González with her Eclipse once, but could she do it again and claim the NXT Women’s Championship when it mattered most? If so she’d become a dual champion in the process, as she already had tag team gold earned with Shotzi Blackheart.
Speaking of Blackheart, she came to the rescue when Dakota Kai broke up a pinfall by putting Gonzalez’ boot on the ropes after Moon hit the Eclipse. Both seconds brawled their way backstage and out of sight. The momentum turned around at that point and Gonzalez hit the one armed powerbomb all by her lonesome, proving she actually didn’t need Kai to save her title reign. It felt a little anti-climactic but it wasn’t the fault of any of the women involved. They had to follow a brutal ladder match and no matter how good the women’s title war was, it wasn’t going to compare to the carnage that preceded it.

Tian sha
Sometimes the simplest stories can be the best. There were no titles on the line in this contest, just pride and bragging rights. Xia Li wanted revenge on Mercedes Martinez for spoiling her opportunity to win the Mae Young Classic. Martinez was insulted that Li “marked her” for elimination and wanted to prove not only that she was the better woman (again) but that neither Li nor the Tian Sha faction could stand in the way of her dreams.
Although this was a fun scrap while it lasted, the post-show theatrics ended up overshadowing the match itself, which was exactly what WWE intended. Li knocked Martinez out with a kick and pinned her and Boa fed her a steel chair to finish the job.
Martinez recovered and laid them both out with the weapon until Mei Ying finally rose from her throne for the first time to get involved. Martinez showed no fear: “You want to go bitch? Let’s go!” Ying put her in a choke hold, Martinez broke free with a chair shot to the body, but Ying got it on again and threw Martinez off the entrance ramp into the barricade for a sick thud! On an emotional level I wanted Martinez to win as I’ve been touting her credentials since long before she came to WWE, but if you want to repackage Karen Q and/or have the Tian Sha faction mean something it’s like making an omelette — you have to break some eggs first. In other words I respect the decision to go in this direction, even though I would have chosen someone other than Martinez to be their victim.

Grade: A
The booking made sense. The matches were well executed. Even the length of the show was just right. It was slightly longer than a typical episode of NXT, but not so long that you’d wind up exhausted from watching it. If you wanted more babyface wins then you might be more frustrated with the booking, but for a Takeover that had less than a month’s build, I’d say it was the right call to go in this direction. If you want to give everyone those emotional feel good moments for the women’s title, men’s title, or even the Million Dollar title, build up to a bigger Takeover the weekend of SummerSlam or Survivor Series. For that same reason I’m not bothered by the fact KUSHIDA didn’t defend the cruiserweight title last night. We’ve got all the time in the world to build up new challengers to face him on weekly television and future big cards. That’s what tonight’s show was — they are building up for the future
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Qu3sT(m): 5:26pm On Jun 14

bronson reed and msk off to great defense of their title

when will dis one even wrestle sef? will she go after Raquel?

just four great wrestlers trying their damndest to make karrion look more impressive, great main event, waiting for kross's next challenger

oga haf given up, he no do again.....nxt wrestlers cannot come and kill him.
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 6:25pm On Jun 14
Our boy Batista with a really chilling voice...I can't wait

Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 8:13am On Jun 15

So... let’s start off with this.
Eva Marie.
When Marie was on the main roster a few years ago, I saw what her gimmick was and I was worked by it. I’ll happily admit that.
Right before she was gone, they were doing that gimmick where she’d be announced by the movie trailer voice over and then it would say “... is stuck in traffic” and stuff like that so she’d never wrestle. And I believe she never actually wrestled before being released.
I didn’t really pay attention to her vignettes because I knew what was going to happen.
Having said that, you may not end up being surprised by this statement - I have no issues with how Marie was used here.
Yeah... after last week’s tirade and a lot of stuff you may be reading from other people, she is not the problem and I stand by that.
My frustration here is not with Eva. This type of stuff is to be expected from her character, because it’s literally all her character is. She is here to troll and to be everything you hate. And it does work!
The frustration with all of this lies on this company that insists that talented people must be mistreated. It’s easy to misplace the blame when you’re constantly treated like an idiot and tired of it.
I said on Friday’s SmackDown recap that WWE is a one storyline company. Obviously I do not mean that literally. There are storylines all over the company. But the Roman Reigns one is by far the most compelling. By far.
I also said that Shayna Baszler shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for the Alexa Bliss storyline, and it’s a shame that she has.
This week, the sacrificing struck again, with both Naomi and former NXT UK wrestler Piper Niven. Niven doesn’t need to be a goofball protégé or friend of Eva’s and Naomi doesn’t need to be squashed by someone that literally did not belong in the match. The referee looked at her in the ring, basically said who are you and what are you doing here, and then rang the damn bell anyway.
The referee, who was told that Eva Marie was wrestling, rang the bell and called a match with someone who was not the person who was scheduled to wrestle. That was so damn stupid.
And I’m going to be upfront with you... I don’t know what I would have done to make it better. I’m so apathetic to this program that I don’t have the energy to come up with a better solution.
By the way, it should say something that on a go home show for a big pay-per-view, this is my top feature.

RK-Bro is rad, bro
This match made me truly realize how much chemistry these teams have with each other.
Riddle and Orton are fantastic together, too.
Riddle and Woods were able to make some magic trading elbows and knees bringing some great aggression out of the both of them.
Jimmy Smith was doing excellent commentary during this by accurately describing which positions were best as Riddle was trying to submit Woods. An inside cradle nearly won the match for Riddle and I thought that was going to be the finish.
And then the brilliance of this happened. Orton went for the DDT and Kingston grabbed Woods’ legs and prevented Orton from doing his move. Then Riddle bridged out of a pin from Kingston. Orton tagged in, and then couldn’t RKO Woods at first, but did get a second RKO on Woods for the win.
Everything about this is wonderful.
Why I think this is brilliant is because I think this is going to lead to Orton doing some of Riddle’s moves to win. He’s already done the Bro Derek, but wouldn’t it be absolutely wild to see Orton do a Floating Bro?

This may actually be going somewhere!
Second week of the MVP and Kofi Kingston interaction.
Good stuff deserves eyes. Enjoy.

The Rest
McIntyre and the Viking Raiders defeated Lashley, Styles, and Omos
Viking Raiders did Viking things, making this a 6 man tag. When they came out and Corey Graves said “What does this mean for our main event?” Well they waited 12 minutes and then Lashley finally interfered to restart this whole thing. I’m not bothered by it, just like come on we knew what was coming... just do it. Lashley was afforded the convenience of going back and changing for this, and took out McIntyre when he came back. Omos manhandling Ivar looked sick. McIntyre being the first person to rock Omos is intriguing. Lashley got pinned but I am not convinced that Drew wins on Sunday. Yes, remember there actually is a pay-per-view this Sunday.

Nikki Cross defeated Charlotte Flair via count out
I hope that all of this is going to mean something and not Nikki Cross just sitting in catering for 6 months off television. Flair was a sore loser because Ripley once again distracted her, and tried to hurt Cross, but Ripley made the save. Yeah sure.

Rhea Ripley defeated Asuka
They ended up doing the reverse of what they normally do. Instead of “hey you four have feuds so we’re putting you in a tag match” they did “hey you four, you were in a tag last week, and now we’re splitting you into singles matches.” I mean we’ve seen this specific match like 100 times since WrestleMania but of course it was gonna happen again. And after, Charlotte came out and attacked Rhea, leading to a pull apart brawl. Charlotte’s outfit ruled by the way.

I’m going to promote this angle for WWE
Once again, good stuff deserves eyes. They were running with this for a few weeks and then decided not to bother, so smart man Mr. Ali decided to shoot his own video. Also isn’t it so cool that Damian Priest is nowhere to be found now after a huge match at WrestleMania with BAD BUNNY?

John Morrison defeated Jeff Hardy / Jeff Hardy defeated Cedric Alexander
Drip Sticks hurt people, Hardy has four eyes according to Riddle, and Cedric Alexander likes screaming. After Hardy lost, Alexander said he’d retire him because he was a sore winner last week, and Hardy said if he could beat him now, he’d retire. Well, you read the result already!

Mandy and Sandy from Grease brawled with Natalya and Tamina
The only two of three main roster women’s tag teams that exist anymore decided to keep that going. They have titles, I mean you have to fight for them I guess. Oh sorry Dana, not Sandy.

Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax ends in disqualification
Bliss looked spooky and brought aggression for her first match in months, pointed out by commentary. Good for her. Reginald is the dumbest idiot on the planet for interfering here and then she took control of Reginald’s body. So... possession? Is Reginald now able to be controlled by her? We’ll find out at some point.

Jaxson Ryker and Elias happened again, and ended in a count out... again
More like Zaxson Ryder. Dude shouldn’t have cut his hair. Count out again so who cares? We’ll be seeing this again next week.

Grade C
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 9:57am On Jun 16

“It’s time for a change”
After weeks of “bedlam and carnage” on the weekly NXT show, a frustrated GM William Regal admitted at Takeover: In Your House that in his seven years things had never been as bad as they were right now. The straw that broke the camel’s back appeared to be all of the brawls between members of the fatal five-way before the main event, but the fight between Dakota Kai and Shotzi Blackheart couldn’t have helped matters.
Seemingly rendered impotent by the refusal of anyone on the roster to acknowledge his authority, Regal vowed that it was “time for a change” to NXT. Was that change a submission specialist from Southern California?
For the full verbiage of the opening segment watch the show, but for the abbreviated version read on! Regal came out to tender his resignation with a tear in his eye, Karrion Kross (and Scarlett) came out to mock him and make him leave, Samoa Joe interrupted and Regal offered him the GM’s position. Joe refused! He said Regal’s shoes were too big to fill, but he offered a counter proposal — as a man who always “afforded” Mr. Regal respect during his NXT tenure, Joe wanted to ensure every superstar in NXT gave him that same respect.
Regal offered him the role of his enforcer on two conditions — he could not be an active competitor, and he could not lay a hand on anyone... unless provoked. Joe accepted those terms and dared Kross to do something. He backed down and took his leave, but it wouldn’t take long before someone “provoked” Joe. Adam Cole shoved him during a pull apart brawl with Kyle O’Reilly backstage, Joe ripped off his jacket, and choked Cole the hell out!
With the internet rumor mill buzzing for two straight days about Joe’s return to NXT, I’m sure many people expected him to be the GM, not the GM’s lieutenant/right hand man/enforcer. I didn’t want Regal to leave though, and I thought Joe being cut by WWE was an idiotic decision, so as far as I’m concerned this is the best of both worlds. Regal stays, Joe returns, and all is right with the world. Given that Joe’s concussions left him unable to be medically cleared to compete, it’s hard to argue with him being given a role where he gets to cut promos, enforce the law, and choke out anybody stupid enough to defy authority. Win.

KUSHIDA’s open challenge
In addition to this seismic shift to the NXT landscape, cruiserweight champion KUSHIDA vowed to continue his open challenge policy on this Tuesday’s edition of the show. That makes perfect sense given he didn’t defend the title on Sunday night, but it left only one (obvious) question — who would step up next to try and dethrone him?
The challenge was answered by Trey Baxter, who even got a video package and his own entrance music to welcome him to the fight. During the pull apart between Cole and O’Reilly earlier, William Regal told them to each pick an opponent for a match next week. As a result O’Reilly came out to scout this match, and after KUSHIDA took Baxter off the ropes with a Hoverboard Lock and then quickly applied a second one to tap him out, O’Reilly said KUSHIDA was the man he wanted to face next week. KUSHIDA accepted and this segment accomplished three things in one fell swoop — introduce Baxter as an up-and-coming wrestler (he might have gotten lost once or twice but KUSHIDA carried him through it), give KUSHIDA another successful title defense, and book a match for next week’s show. You can’t argue with getting that much done at one time and having it all make sense.

Grown ass men vs. Grizzled Young Veterans
I don’t know about anybody else but personally I was salivating for this match. I realize the Grizzled Young Veterans aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (joke intended) but I think Zack Gibson and James Drake are a fun duo. I like everything about them from their in-ring work to their snarling promos about being better than every American tag team they’ve faced.
The only team that might be more fun though is Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher, who look and sound far more “grizzled” than the young UK upstarts. GYV offered them a tornado rules tag team match to settle their differences, and the angry old men gleefully accepted. Let the bodies hit the floor!
This might as well have been called a no disqualifications street fight, save for the fact that the only “weapons” all four men used were their own bodies. Other than that there was no reason for the referee to be present to enforce rules — he was only there to see if someone got pinned or tapped out. At least one spot had me genuinely worried when Drake hit a dive while Ciampa was on Gibson’s shoulders on the floor. Given Ciampa’s history of neck issues that’s not a bump I would have taken under any circumstances.
Realistically though if WWE is promoting it on their social media the spot went exactly as planned, and as evidence of that Ciampa came back seemingly from the dead to grab Gibson and drop him high through the air onto the announce table. Payback! He promptly got in the ring and took out Drake too, leaving him prone for Gibson to apply the ankle lock for the submission. Ciampa yelled “This was our Takeover!” into the camera as we left the Performance Center for McKenzie Mitchell to catch up with Regal and Joe, who both declared their new partnership a success and the first of many more nights to come.

Io Shirai addresses the NXT Universe
After Io Shirai made her return last week with a little help from Poppy, the former NXT women’s champion looked to be in fine form as she chased Candice LeRae from the ring. This week it was announced ahead of the live broadcast that Shirai would “address the NXT Universe” about her return. Would the fight with LeRae continue or would she set her sights on much bigger goals?
Before we could even get Shirai’s statement, LeRae came out to interrupt and tell her that as much as things have changed around here one thing hasn’t — “I still hate you.” While LeRae was busy distracting her Indi Hartwell snuck up on her from behind.
The two on one beating nearly led to Hartwell doing an elbow drop on Shirai from the ring through the announce table, but Zoey Stark made the save at the last second and the faces sent the heels packing. It looks like we’ve got ourselves a tag team match, and that’s fine with me. Next week, Great American Bash, whenever. Hook it up!

Ted DiBiase formally crowns his protege
In a match with the Million Dollar Title hanging overhead, LA Knight literally climbed the ladder of success to become Ted DiBiase’s new protege. He held the title and he had his hand raised by the Million Dollar Man, but it appears that alone was not enough, as we were promised that Knight would have a coronation on NXT last night. The only conclusion I could draw from that going into the show was that Cameron Grimes was going to show up and ruin Knight’s celebration.
Right man, wrong conclusion. Grimes didn’t come out to ruin the celebration, but he did come out after Knight ruined it himself. After gushing about how DiBiase was his hero and childhood idol, he concluded that he had now gotten everything he ever needed — so it was time to get rid of what he didn’t need!
"And now that I have everything that I want, it's time to drop everything I don't need."
He decked DiBiase with the mic and stomped a mud hole in him until Grimes ran out to make the save and yell “You crossed the line!” If we needed a full babyface turn for Grimes, having Knight deck a defenseless old man and Grimes be the man who will defend his honor is one way to achieve that goal. The fans were already getting behind Grimes anyway, so you may as well take this ball and run with it!

Imperium vs. Breezango
An already stacked show had even more to squeeze into a two hour broadcast when it was announced that Imperium’s Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel would be looking to take out Breezango. The ladder they seek to climb is much more figurative, but either way the winners would be one step closer to a future match with MSK.
The match survived a commercial break but the momentum was almost entirely in Imperium’s favor, to the point that Wade Barrett surmised that this wasn’t really a match but a lesson being taught to the entire roster. WALTER won’t be happy that they lost then because Tyler Breeze caught Fabian Aichner with a school boy cradle. On the other hand Imperium beat both memebers of Breezango senseless afterward and draped their flag over Breeze’s carcass in the ring, so he may feel that the message was delivered after all. The ring is still sacred even if you lose on a fluke roll up to a couple of clowns. To me this is an excuse to continue the program between both sides while leaving Aichner and Barthel looking strong until they meet again, so once again this segment left me satisfied.

Raquel González & Dakota Kai vs. Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter
If you love tag team action this was certainly the episode of NXT for you. Women’s champion Raquel González and her partner-in-crime Dakota Kai looked to reassert their dominance as a duo, but they’d have to go through Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter first.
There were so many quick tags and changes of momentum that I don’t even think I caught them all in the live blog, but I’ll refer you to it anyway if you want the particulars. Even though Carter and Catanzaro got plenty of hope spots and a few near falls, the story was what it almost always is with González — no matter how hard you hit her you just can’t keep her down. Even when Catanzaro hit Kai with a 450 and seemed to have the pin with González on the floor, she recovered just in time to pull Catanzaro off and toss Carter overhead into the plexiglass. Kai hit the GTK and got the win for their team. It was... as expected. A little too much of a mess for me to call it good, but a little too much of a train wreck for me to take my eyes off it. I guess that’s a success.

What else do you need to know?
Periodically throughout the show we’d get a few seconds of a phone’s battery life being recharged. It was never addressed on camera by anyone so clearly you’re meant to be guessing as to what it means.

We had a fun little spot with Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory trying to suck up to Samoa Joe. Joe’s response to Gargano was priceless. “Johnny, can you do me a favor? GET OUT.”

Pete Dunne also dared Joe to do something with his eyes, prompting Regal to look at them both and say “Gentlemen — please.”

We also got a promo segment from Mercedes Martinez, vowing that even though she took the worst that the Tian Sha faction could offer at Takeover, she was far from dead and that next time she’d knock Mei Ying right off her stupid throne.

At the Great American Bash on July 6, 2021 we’re getting Cole vs. O’Reilly 2!

Franky Monet also promised us an encore of her world premier. I hope that means she’s going to wrestle.

Santos Escobar vowed to take the North American title from Bronson Reed one on one.

Oh... and the Robert Stone Brand had a couple of seconds of TV too.

Grade: A-
There was a bit too much going on this week for me to fully enjoy the show. Nothing was done wrong or poorly, but it was like drinking 12 cans of Mountain Dew in one sitting. I like my caffeine too but I’d prefer to have it in more controlled doses that don’t leave me twitching like the squirrel who bit a power line. Seeing Joe return and play such a dominant role in restoring order pushed my grade up just a bit from the B+ that I had considered giving it. In storyline or in real life, this show needs his calming presence badly. You don’t mess with Samoa Joe, because if you do, Joe’s gonna kill
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Qu3sT(m): 5:58pm On Jun 16
What's samosa Joe doing in the impact zo- eh I mean capital wrestling centre?

That's right, to choke some sense into unreasonable fools.
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 6:04pm On Jun 16
What's samosa Joe doing in the impact zo- eh I mean capital wrestling centre?

That's right, to choke some sense into unreasonable fools.

Like a fvcking boss
Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Qu3sT(m): 7:39pm On Jun 16

Like a fvcking boss
After complaining about poor security and unsafe working conditions in nxt to regal for years, Joe just went like

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Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by pu7pl3(m): 10:45am
The part where he got on his knees and begged Vince for Cesaro got a year out of my eye

You just can't hate Foley


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