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Dark Night (episodes) by Oladipo Daniel / The Dark Journal Of Katunga (A Short Story) / DARK MYSTERIES: SEASON 1 (2) (3) (4)

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Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 2:10am On Mar 08, 2018
I'm not sure how to start this. Just that you're truly gonna enjoy the story. And please, forgive my grammar, I'm open to corrections. No insults please. I'll be posting page by page, starting from the episode 1. I need a platform to show my brand, and i think here should be of something to start with... Thanks in advance, as you read and appreciate...
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 2:12am On Mar 08, 2018
(The dark night arises, dark days ahead. The wind blows uncontrollably. The weather changes to being hot. The whole of Lailand can feel the pressure of the night. The citizens awake immediately from their worst nightmare. It is, as prophesized right from thousands of years ago)
(flashback) – Thousands years ago
(The sage sits in front of the King and the court members to reveal the prophecy)
The Sage: The dark night shall arise one day, and dark days shall be ahead afterwards. Lailand will know peace for thousands of years until the dark night arises. Woes shall then be unto the land. Darkness shall cloud over the whole of Lailand. The dark night shall come as a dream, a nightmare. The whole citizens of Lailand shall have the same dream. In the dream, water shall turn to blood. The leaves shall dry. Crops shall die. Lands shall turn barren. Day shall turn night. Right shall turn left. Ahead shall be backward. The dark night shall rise, and the dark days shall be ahead.
(Many years after)
The Sage: Another prophecy comes forth. Dark days shall come after the dark night. The land peace shall change to war. The Split Eye will be activated, one that shall tell the future. The Taviour shall come, one that will save the land. Both must be held important as they shall be the ones to save Lailand from woes of the dark night. However, they have the same fate as that of everyone. Woes shall be unto them, as it shall be unto everyone. They shall die if not protected. Lailand has to protect them, as they would also protect Lailand.
(In Exelung, Same Night)
Tackryan: (being the King of Exelung) (to the court) It’s time. The dark night has come for Lailand. They had been invincible for thousands of years. But their dark days are ahead. We had planned for this night to come and it has. It’s time to take actions.
Derlond: (court member) Your Highness, it’s really time. We have to catch Lailand unaware. We’ve being preparing for this night for thousands of years, right from the time of our forefathers. We have to take actions


Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 2:25am On Mar 08, 2018
before they do anything.
Tackryan: (to Zachaeus) Zachaeus, as the prophecy stated, the Split Eye shall be activated before the Taviour comes. You have to head to Lailand immediately to get the Split Eye. We must be the one to control Split Eye, not Lailand.
Zachaeus: Aye, Your Highness!
(In Lailand) (Same Night)
(The King, Dalsmy calls an emergency meeting)
Dalsmy: (to The Sage) My Highly Respected Sage, as your forefathers prophesized, the dark night is here. We all had the dream. I didn’t expect the dark night to come during my reign. I must have offended the gods for this to be so.
The Sage: (shakes head pitifully) Your Highness, you didn’t offend the gods. The dark night was bound to arise anytime. You are just been unlucky for it to arise in your reign. The only mistake you made is your failure to prepare for this night. Woes shall start befalling Lailand right from this night, and we are not a bit prepared.
Shed: Sage, that is because we weren’t sure the dark night would come now. It really caught us unprepared. What do you propose we do, High Sage?
The Sage: I have to prepare the powder of Dampa to reveal to us the Split Eye. We should have had it beforehand but this is because of our unexpectancy. It will take a few days to prepare.
Dalsmy: What of the Taviour?
The Sage: We have to know the Split Eye first, because the Split Eye shall be activated before the Taviour comes. One more thing, the Taviour is among the King’s children (the whole court are surprised).
Ornah: The King has three male children, and a female child, which one is the Taviour?
The Sage: The gods have chosen, but shall not be revealed to us. Not until the spirit of the Taviour is naturally activated.
Dasmy: When will be spirit of Taviour be activated?
The Sage: Decision of the gods.
Dalsmy: Won’t things have been out of control before then?
The Sage: (smiles) Lailand shall not rely on the Taviour. The Taviour has the mind

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Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 11:11am On Mar 08, 2018
and fate as normal human being. The Taviour may turn to be enemy of the land (the whole court becomes scared).
Dalsmy: Is it not the Taviour’s destiny to save the land?
The Sage: (smiles again) Aye, my King. But the future is undecided. Fate determines all. The future can be changed by the slightest of action. The end is not as we see from now.
Dalsmy: (sighs) Take my orders. Tedder, prepare the army well, as neighbouring lands might want to take advantage of Dark night to attack us. Remton, I give you the control for the training of the Princes and Princess. We should prepare them for the future. Mity, control the royal guards to maintain peace in the palace and also in the land. Sage, you should start the preparations of all you need to reveal the Split Eye.
All: The royal orders are received!!!
Dalsmy: Court dismissed. Mity, wait behind (the court members leave, as Mity stays behind. He moves close to the King)
Mity: My King!
Dalsmy: Don’t be so formal with me when others are not here.
Mity: (laughs, as he hugs Dalsmy lightly) My friend, Dalsmy, we really are in a terrible period.
Dalsmy: I am also bothered and scared. But Mity, I hope you listened well to what the Sage said. You know you have to keep the secret well. No one must know about it. And also, you should know what you are supposed to do for the land.
Mity: I know fully well, what to do.
(Outside, Ornah meets Saqil on the way)
Saqul: Ornal, I know you must be depressed.
Ornal: Why won’t I be? My post was given to a lady. How can a lady prepare the King’s children better than I can?
Saqul: The King must think you have eyes on the throne. He thinks you want to use his children to control the throne. That’s why he gave the control to a lady who can’t possibly become a King.
Ornal: Did the King really discover my plans?
Saqul: (shocked) Are you really trying to…?


Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by Ayoshewa12(f): 11:44am On Mar 08, 2018
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 2:10pm On Mar 08, 2018
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 2:11pm On Mar 08, 2018
Ornal: Shut up! I have my plans, Remton is really on a hot seat.
(An Eagle staying at the window thinks out loud)
Eagle: Backbites start immediately, woes unto Lailand (it flies away)
(On the street of Lailand, Mity stops a man and his daughter) (Same Night)
Mity: Where are you off to, when I have declared curfew earlier?
Dawn: I need to see the King immediately.
Mity: (laughs) The King? You must be joking. Woes are really unto Lailand. If not, someone like you won’t be asking to see the King.
Dawn: Chief Guard, please, it is of great importance that I see the King tonight.
Mity: You want to go and assassinate His Highness, right? You can’t pass here if you don’t tell me what’s going on (looks at the girl) Oh, so you are Azinah’s father.
Azinah: (to Mity) Sir, my father and I have no ill mind towards the King. We only need to see him over my eyes that went blind this night.
Mity: (feels pity) Oh! You should go to the Sage, not His Highness.
Dawn: Chief Guard, you can’t understand what is going on. Just let us through.
Mity: (feels angry) If you try anything, I will show you the hell I’m made of.
Dawn: (he holds Azinah and pushes Mity away with this other hand) I must see the King. (Mity steps toward him, removes his sword and drives it into Dawn’s heart. Dawn dies immediately. Azinah quickly holds on to his father).
Azinah: (crying) Ah! Father, please, don’t leave me. Why did you kill my father?
Mity: (angrily) Guards, take this girl and lay her flat. I want to have her.
Azinah: (scared) But I am your son’s girlfriend and moreso I am a virgin.
Mity: (laughs) That makes it bett… (stops and realizes something) Wait, you said you are blind. How could you see now? How… (before he could finish talking, a blue wind comes from the girl and blows away all the guards)
Azinah: (stands up angrily) I will kill all of you (she directs her eyes towards the guards. Blue flames come from the eyes and strikes the guards, which kill them immediately) Chief Guard, the woe starts with you (she burns him too with her eyes’ flame)
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 2:12pm On Mar 08, 2018
(Zachaeus and his disciples come into the scene)
Zachaeus: Azinah, the powerful one.
Azinah: (calms down, scared) How did this happen to me? How did I do this?
Zachaeus: Were you struck by a lightning in your eyes?
Azinah: Yes! Something struck my eyes, and my father went to see the Sage. He came back and told me we have to go and see the king. And then all these happened.
Zachaeus: Let me help you. I can teach you how to control your powers. I can teach you how to use them.
Azinah: What are my powers?
Zachaeus: The Split Eye has been activated. You are the Split Eye.
Azinah: What’s the Split Eye? (confused)
Zachaeus: I will tell you everything. We have to leave this land now.
Azinah: Why?
Zachaeus: You will be exploited if you stay in Lailand. A Lailander just killed your father and tried to rape you, an innocent girl. What do you think will happen if they get to know about your powers?
Azinah: (starts to sob) But I love Nipen, I don’t want to leave him.
Zachaeus: Nipen’s father killed your father, and you killed Nipen’s father. What do you think Nipen will do when he finds out you killed his father?
Azinah: (continues crying) I’m totally confused (One of Zachaeus’ disciples leads Azinah away).
Zachaeus: (to one of his disciples) Burn the Chief’s Guard body, the Sage must not know we used a spell on him.
* * * *
* * * *
(The Next Day)
(The citizens are surprised to see the dead bodies on the street. They are more scared of the dark night. They see dead people just as prophesized. The Sage and AgePie are examining the bodies).
The Sage: The woes have started. This is war, this is trouble. The king’s friend

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Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 7:10pm On Mar 08, 2018
was murdered (Dalsmy arrives).
Dalsmy: (angry) Sage, is it true Mity was murdered? (he sees the dead bodies) How are you so sure Dalsmy is here?
The Sage: My King, I am not an amateur (points to a dead body) This is your friend, Mity.
Dalsmy: (sad) Ah! War is here. Why was his body more burnt than the others? Who did this?
The Sage: (sighs) My king, the Split Eye killed them. He burnt them alive.
AgePie: But there must be a reason he burnt the Chief Guard to this extent.
Dalsmy: (surprised) The Split Eye? Has it been activated?
The Sage: I wasn’t prepared to discover, so I didn’t know when it was activated. But with this, I can boldly tell you that it has been activated. And he did this.
Dalsmy: (sad) The Split Eye is our enemy. Can you reveal him now? (Nipen and Habbath get to the scene. They are shown their father’s body).
Nipen: (crying) Who did this? Who killed my father? (Removes his sword) The Sage, please tell me who did this. I have to kill the person myself.
The Sage: (sadly) Little one, just console yourself and your brother, this matter is beyond you. The Split Eye killed him.
Nipen: Whoever that is, I must take revenge.
The Sage: (to the King) I have the Powder of Dampa, but I am not sure if it can be used yet. I still need to…
Dalsmy: (interrupts him) Sage, let’s risk it. We have to find out the Split Eye before he goes on killing more.
The Sage: Aye, Your Highness. (he brings out the powder) You have to spit on the powder, Your Highness (he uses magic to hold the powder particles in the air. Dalsmy spits on it and the powder starts to vibrate irrationally) Ala Mah Sah Yay Ehi Ama Shi Lah Shi Kah (Azinah appears inside the circle made by the Dampa. People are shocked to see that the Split Eye is a girl)
Nipen: (shocked) Azinah, you are the Split Eye. You killed my father? (angry) Azinah, you have to pay for this.
Azinah: (chuckles) As predicted. So, this is what Lailand is about. Evil upon evil, woe upon woe, owerless being threatening a god, passing of judgment

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Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 7:14pm On Mar 08, 2018

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Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by Ayoshewa12(f): 9:57pm On Mar 08, 2018
20 comment kwa, just continue posting and pray ghost readers comes out.
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by Ayoshewa12(f): 9:58pm On Mar 08, 2018
Nice one � � � �
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 4:47pm On Mar 11, 2018
without know the truth.
The Sage: (to Azinah) The god of gods, the future seer, the present knower, and the past revealer, the Split Eye, can you tell us what exactly happened.
Azinah: (sighs) The wise one, you shouldn’t have summoned me before these underlings. But I will tell you what happened. The Chief Guard killed my father and tried to rape me because we asked to see the King (everybody present shouts in amazement. They realize that the Chief Guard was really at fault).
The Sage: Split Eye, why did you want to see the King?
Azinah: The Split Eye was activated and my father went to see you. He came back and said we have to see the King.
The Sage: (surprised) But your father never came to me.
Azinah: (smiles) Even The Sage is a liar? You are also part of the conspiracy. Lailand is in doom. A girl Lailand wanted to rape and exploit, a girl her lover wanted to kill without knowing the truth has been made a god by another land.
The Sage: Split Eye, please don’t do this. Your fate is to help Lailand in times of dark days. We need you.
Azinah: You need me, you need me in order to exploit me. I won’t be exploited when I can be a god. Let me give you the prophecy I have seen. Dalsmy, you will be sliced with sword, by your own blood. The Sage, you will have a shameful death. Nipen, death, death, death, you will also die trying to protect the empire. Should I continue?
Dalsmy: (scared) Please, do not continue. Why has everything got to do with death?
Azinah: It is because death is hovering upon the whole of Lailand. This land will be no more. I am leaving. If anyone tries to summon me again, I will kill the person immediately. Good luck on your snake problem (she disappears, and the Dampa circle disappears too)
Dalsmy: (to The Sage) Was she saying the truth?
The Sage: The Split Eye never lies. She said what she sees.
Dalsmy: (scared) So, we are all going to die. This land will be no more?
The Sage: (sighs) Your Highness, why do you think there is the Split Eye? It is for the Split Eye to see the woes coming, so we can avert them. She has told us what will happen, all we have to do is to avert them.
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 4:48pm On Mar 11, 2018
Dalsmy: (calms down) So, how do we avert them?
The Sage: My king, the death prophecies were said out of anger. They are true but aren’t our immediate woes. She mistakenly mentioned our immediate woe when she said “Good luck on your snake problem”.
Dalsmy: So, our immediate woe is snake issue.
The Sage: Aye, my king!
Dalsmy: (to his guards) Though, the Chief Guard was wrong, he was still my friend. Bury his body and that of the other guards. No honour shall be granted unto him as he made us loose the Split Eye (to Nipen) My son, you will have to be my new Chief Guard.
Nipen: (scared) Aye, My Lord! (Azinah’s prophecy ring up in his mind – “You will also die trying to protect the empire”)
Dalsmy: Sage, I am leaving (he leaves with his guards)
AgePie: (to the Sage) Something is fishy with the Chief Guard’s death.
The Sage: Yeah. Split Eye was supposed to know almost everything. But she was deceived. She couldn’t realize her father didn’t come to me. Also, she burnt Mity’s body more than enough. This wasn’t because of anger. It was to cover something up.
AgePie: So, the Split Eye was lying.
The Sage: Split Eye can not lie, she definitely is being manipulated. There is a strong being behind the curtain playing the game. Her father met with the person, not me. This is the beginning of woes on Lailand.

(Same day, in the night)
(The Sage can feel the presence of someone hiding)
The Sage: Show your face. You are powerful, but you’ve come to meet another powerful person. Show your face, let’s meet (Zachaeus appears)
Zachaeus: Hello, brother.
The Sage: Zachaeus, it’s you.
Zachaeus: Yes, brother.
The Sage: Wow! So, it was you behind the game. You manipulated Azinah, The Split Eye.

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Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 4:50pm On Mar 11, 2018
Zachaeus: I didn’t manipulate her, I turn her into a god, into what she wants to become.
The Sage: I can now fully understand the whole game. Azinah’s father was coming to meet me, but you crossed him to surrender Azinah to you. He refused, and wanted to take Azinah to the King. He refused you, so he’s of no use to you anymore. You mind-controlled the Chief Guard to kill him, and try to rape the Split Eye. You used that to manipulate the girl and turned her into evil.
Zachaeus: (claps his hands) You really completed the puzzle.
The Sage: You also burnt the Chief Guard’s body, so I wouldn’t find the traces of your spell on him. You planned everything well, so I won’t be able to link you to the deeds.
Zachaeus: I have been preparing for this night for years. I had everything in control. You have nothing to prove my involvement.
The Sage: Zachaeus, why must you do all these? Haven’t you let gone of old grudges?
Zachaeus: I was supposed to the Sage. I am quite older. Why did the gods choose you? I know you manipulated the whole thing. I was supposed to be the most respected, the high priest, the powerful one, but you took my position.
The Sage: You know the gods can’t be manipulated in that way. I was chosen. If it was something I could give to you, you know I wouldn’t have a second thought.
Zachaeus: Shut up! Why didn’t the gods choose me? I was righteous too. I followed all the paths laid down for us to follow. I did everything to become the Sage. Everyone was expecting me to be, but you stole it. But now, I am more powerful, even than you are.
The Sage: That was because you ate the Evil Seed. You know you weren’t supposed to, but you did, just to become more powerful than me.
Zachaeus: I wanted to be powerful than the Sage, and now I am. I wanted to be the Sage all my life, but now I am more powerful than that. I have no regrets.
The Sage: You ate the evil seed. No matter how powerful you become, you know the consequences of eating the evil seed.
Zachaeus: I am ready to sacrifice everything. I don’t care.
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 4:50pm On Mar 11, 2018
The Sage: (surprised) So, Zachaeus, you really are ready to… Oh! You’ve really turned evil totally. There’s no going back for you.
Zachaeus: I don’t plan to.
The Sage: So, why are you here? I know you must have a reason for being here.
Zachaeus: Brother, you should know why I’m here.
The Sage: (laughs) I know you’re here for the Apple of Jayanah. Do you think I will let you have it? If the Apple of Jayanah leaves Lailand, all hope will be lost. Do you think I will let that happen?
Zachaeus: Why are you fighting for a lost cause? The Split Eye has already seen the doom of Lailand. Let’s end everything right from the start. You can be a god. Work with me, come to Exelung, let’s become gods, let’s rule the world.
The Sage: (chuckles) Evil seed at work. You were born in Lailand. Lailand is the mother of all other lands. You should be working to end the dark days, not working to allow it. You have exploited the Split Eye, we will have the taviour. I will be ready when the taviour is activated.
Zachaeus: Do you think you can beat me? I have everything under control. I know the exact period the taviour will be activated. I know secrets your King is keeping from you all. I know things you can’t imagine. I told you, I am fully prepared.
The Sage: My king can’t keep any secret from me.
Zachaeus: That’s it. You are in a land of woes, where you can’t even trust yourself. You are hiding things from your King (the sage looks scared, knowing he is caught). Your king is also hiding things from you. This land is dead right from the start.
The Sage: No matter what, you can’t manipulate me. You can’t get the Apple of Jayanah. I won’t let you have it.
Zachaeus: Remember, I gave you the chance to redeem yourself.
(On a bright new day, a lady can be seen harvesting crops in the farm. Suddenly, series of snakes start to attack her. She was bitten to coma by the snakes).

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Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 4:52pm On Mar 11, 2018
(Usly, the lady bitten by snakes was brought before the court. She is still unconscious)
Dalsmy: (to the Sage) My High Sage, this is exactly as prophesized by the Split Eye. What do we do?
The Sage: I will see what I can do about this (talking to some of the guards) Take her to the palace clinic, I will check her there.
The guards: Yes, sir! (they take her away)
The Sage: (to Nipen) Make sure you guard the palace well. There have never been snakes’ attacks in this land before. We don’t know if the palace would be attacked. Take care of His Highness.
Vale: The Sage, what of the whole land? How are you sure the palace will be attacked and not other places?
The Sage: The King is the eye of the land. We can’t protect the whole land at once. We just have to make sure His Highness is safe.
Ornah: (to the Sage) You are highly powerful, the snakes will be no match for you. The king will be well guarded, leaving the citizens and us, the weak vulnerable to snake’s attack.
Staline: I was about to say the same thing. Look at what the snakes did to the lady. We don’t want that to happen to us. I have my wives and kids at home too (murmurs take over the court).
Dalsmy: (sighs) I understand everyone’s concern. I understand that the whole land can’t be protected at once. (to the Sage) While treating the lady, can you also find a way to end this crisis?
The Sage: I will see what I can do, My King.

(Same Day)
(The Sage, AgePie, Nipen and Fessy enter the room where Usly is.)
The Sage: Princess, you shouldn’t be here with us.
Fessy: The Sage, Nipen is here withy me. You are also here. I have nothing to be scared of. I just feel for the lady. You know I am a lady too.
The Sage: It’s alright, then. (to AgePie) Open the pot. (AgePie opens the pot and the Sage sprinkles the water inside on Usly. After that, he feeds some of the water into Usly’s mouth. Within few minutes, the dark sports on Usly start to disappear).
Fessy: (delighted) The spots are disappearing. Kudos, the Sage.
AgePie: Actually, we worked together.
Fessy: (smiles) Are you trying to impress me?
AgePie: (scratches head) No, I am just trying to let yo…
The Sage: (smiles) Thank gods, she is getting better now. Her fever is coming down (As he is talking, snakes begin to emerge from almost every corner of the room. Everyone becomes scared). Keep calm. I will deal with them. (He begins to cast some spells). Tkk Ahi Maya Tu Lah Shi Bah, Ata Kah Lah Dih Tu Lah Shi Bahi (he begins to fire some substances from his hands to the snakes. The snakes begin to disappear but they are too many. Nipen also starts to strike down some of the snakes, while protecting the princess. AgePie too was using magic to kill some of the snakes.
As this goes on, the last snakes managed to bite Fessy once before The Sage fires it, and it disappears. Fessy goes down. Nipen rushes to carry her. The sage quickly sprays the water from the pot on her and gives her little to drink. But the spots aren’t leaving her body. They are all surprised as to why the spots aren’t leaving. Her body becomes hot, and the spots become darker. She is unconscious and trembling. The Sage doesn’t know what to do).

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Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by Ayoshewa12(f): 6:26pm On Mar 11, 2018
Uh, shocked cool shocked this is serious o
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 1:59am On Mar 14, 2018
(Same Day. In the princess’s room)
(Dalsmy, and his queen are with her. Memex and Elluah, the princes are also there. The Sage, AgePie and Nipen are also present. Some of the court members are there too)
Dalsmy: (scared) The Sage, why aren’t you able to cure my daughter?
The Sage: (confused) My King, I am also confused. The herbs aren’t working on her. Even, none of my spells are working on her. I don’t seem to understand this.
Neenah: (The queen. She’s crying) Sage, please, you must save my daughter. Nothing must happen to her. My daughter must not die. (to Nipen) This is your fault. You shouldn’t have allowed my daughter to follow you there at all.
Dalsmy: You shouldn’t be blaming anyone here. She volunteered to go with them. Who knew that this would happen. (to The Sage) My Sage, what can you do for us? We have no one to run to, except you.
The Sage: (sighs) I think I have no other option than to go and meet with Peekeh.
All: (surprised) Peekeh, the Snake Witch?
The Sage: Yes! She definitely must know the antidote to these snakes’ poison and how to solve the snake’s problem.
Dalsmy: (chuckles) But you know I banned her from this land.
The Sage: I know. But she is our last resort. She will be able to help us. She has the right power to do so.
Neenah: (still crying) Please, let him do anything to save my daughter.
Dalsmy: My High Sage, do you think Peekeh will save my daughter with what I have done to her?
The Sage: I know her, she will help us, but we are definitely going to pay a price to her.
Dalsmy: (scared) What is the price?
The Sage: I don’t know. That is, until I consult her. I have to make the three-day journey to Kilipi Jungle you banned her to.
Dalsmy: Just do whatever you are supposed to do.

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Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 7:41am On Mar 15, 2018
(Remton can be seen with the Princes)
Memex: (to Tikahay) Where were you when we all visited Fessy in her room?
Tikahay: (unconcerned) I was in the brothel.
Elluah: Tikahay, your sister was dying and you were engaging in rubbish.
Tikahay: I have my life to live. I don’t care if anybody dies.
Remton: Are you here for training session or for argument?
Memex: (to Remton) I am only here today because I know Tikahay will be her. He is hell bent on being the taviour, than wishing his sister recovery.
Tikahay: Here I am, what do you want to do to me?
Memex: (angrily picks up a sword and wants to have a spat with Tikahay) I am ready to teach you a lesson (Tikahay picks up another sword and they both start to have a fight. Meme is the oldest, and Tikahay follows him in age, but Tikahay is more skillful than Memex. He easily defeats Memex and Memex rolls on the floor).
Tikahay: I told you, you are just powerless to me.
Remton: (quickly stops Tikahay from slicing Memex) Do you want to kill your brother?
Tikahay: (angrily) Let me kill this idiot (Ornal steps in the training ground).
Ornal: (smiles playfully) Remton, the Princes are fighting in your presence and you couldn’t do anything about it. You are incapable of taking good control of the post bestowed upon you.
Tikahay: (to Ornal) And what will you do, if you were given the post. (Ornal picks his hands and twists them. Tikahay tries to retaliate with a blow but Ornal dodges it and gives a good slap. He then kicks him in the leg and he falls down. Ornal is definitely skillful than Tikahay).
Ornal: (to Remton) You should discipline them, anytime they don’t listen to you.
Remton: (looks confused) I will train them as I deem fit.

(The King and Nipen can be seen looking at them from afar)
Dalsmy: (sad) I don’t know why my Princes can’t love themselves.
Nipen: Take heart, my King.
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:25am On Apr 28, 2018
(The King and Nipen can be seen looking at them from afar)
Dalsmy: (sad) I don’t know why my Princes can’t love themselves.
Nipen: Take heart, my King.
Dalsmy: (chuckles) Nipen, your father used to be my best friend. He would have given his opinion by now. Actually he was the one that gave me the advice to give the Princes’ training control to Remton and not Ornal, so that Ornal won’t plot against me. I want you to give opinion about this issue.
Nipen: Can I really talk, my King?
Dalsmy: Yes, you can.
Nipen: One, I think Remton just need more time with them. Love solves things, not force. Two, the princes do not love themselves because they all still have equal chances of the being the Crown Prince. I will advise you choose your Crown Prince very soon, my King.
Dalsmy: As my Chief Guard, I will let you in on a little secret. The Sage told me that the Taviour among my Princes and Princess must be the King or Queen of this land.
Nipen: (shocked) So you are waiting for the Taviour to come, so he or she can be the Crown Prince or Princess.
Dalsmy: Exactly.
* * * *
* * * *
(The Sage gets to Kilipi Jungle. He goes directly to the abode the Snake Witch is staying. The snakes at the entrances want to attack the stranger, but they stop immediately they find out how powerful he is. Peekeh comes out to see the man terrifying her snakes)
Peekeh: (surprised) The High Sage!
The Sage: The Snake Witch.
Peekeh: What else does Lailand want with me? You sent me out of the land, even though I was harmless. What else do you want?
The Sage: Lailand needs your favour (he brings out a bottle containing blood) That’s the blood of the princess contaminated by snake’s poison. I can’t get the antidote, that’s why I am here for your help.
Peekeh: (sighs, and collects the bottle) Why do you think I am going to help you?
The Sage: I just hope you do.
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:27am On Apr 28, 2018
Peekeh: (pours the blood on her left hand. The blood burns her hand and she screams) Ah! This bite is from the Snake Queen herself.
The Sage: The Snake Queen? (surprised)
Peekeh: Yes.
The Sage: What do we do?
Peekeh: (confused) Who was the first person to be bitten by the snakes?
The Sage: A lady, but I was able to cure her.
Peekeh: Do you have her blood?
The Sage: (checking his bag) I took some when I was trying to make the antidote for her. Yeah, this is it (bringing it out)

(Same time)
(Ornal was meeting with Yey, an assassin)
Ornal: Prepare your men, they have to be ready for this. The Sage is out of the land. You should be able to take Nipen out, so you can eliminate the King.
Yey: Where is what I asked for?
Ornal: (brings out a tag) This is it.
Yey: Thanks. I will do a perfect job.

(Same time)
(Nipen opens the door to his house. His brother is busy doing some things)
Nipen: Are you through?
Habbath: (reading from the books, and grinding some leaves) I haven’t done this before. I am just following the leads from the books. So no, I am not through.
Nipen: You have to be quick. The sage is out of town and Princess is dying.
Habbath: I know.
Nipen: I have to head back to the palace. His Majesty should not be without his Chief Guard.
Habbath: (chuckles) Just say you do not want to be with your brother. Rather than using His Highness who probably has many people with him in the palace as excuse.
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 9:23pm On Apr 28, 2018
Nipen: (smiles) You are funny. Do you really miss me that much? (he opens the door).

(Nipen gets to the palace)
Nipen: (calls on a guard) Meho, hope there wasn’t any problem while I was gone.
Meho: Not at all, sir!
Nipen: Okay! (a guard passes beside them. He suspects something and calls him back) You, come here.
Guard: Yes, sir!
Nipen: Where are you going to with the cups?
Guard: Her Highness asked me to bring them over.
Nipen: Can I see your tag?
Guard: Yeah! (he brings out his tag, and gives it to Nipen).
Nipen: (nods head) Okay, fine! You can go.
Guard: Thanks, sir! (as he was leaving, Nipen calls him again).
Nipen: I’m sorry for bothering you. The sun sets in the west.
Guard: (realizing it’s a code) The rooster crows at night.
Meho: (smiles) Sir, he is really one of us. You don’t need to be suspecting him.
Nipen: (smiles) No, he is not. (He quickly rushes some blows on the guard, being Yey. Yey dodges his blows and counterattacked him. Nipen uses his leg to kick him away) Meho, please take him, His highness is definitely in danger. I have to go. (Nipen uses his skill to fly upstairs. As Meho is about to attack Yey, the assassins rush from almost every side of the palace and begin to attack the royal guards. Yey slices Meho with his sword easily and flies to pursue Nipen. Nipen is about to get to the King’s room, when Yey meets up with him. They both begin sword fighting. Yey is skillful as he is able to dodge all Nipen’s attacks. They continue the fight for minutes until Nipen is able to trick Yey. Nipen throws his sword at Yey. Yey dodges it away. He then brings up an attack in order to finish Nipen, without defending himself since Nipen is no more with sword. As he is about to get to Nipen, Nipen pulls out a knife from his pocket and drives it into Yey. Yey dies instantly.
The royal guards are able to subdue the assassins since they were not caught off guarded as planned earlier by Yey. Immediately Nipen discovered yey, he
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 6:56am On Apr 29, 2018
alerted them. The assassins that survive are brought before the King, inside the court)
Dalsmy: (scared and shocked) Who sent you? (they are all mute).
Nipen: (angrily) Can’t you talk? (within few seconds, all of them begin to foam in their mouth and die eventually. Dalsmy and Nipen are surprised).
Dalsmy: This means their sender already planned to discard them once they are through with their bad mission. Chief Guard, who do you think did this?
Nipen: (confused) I know host of people that probably want you dead, but I can’t figure out the exact one that has the courage to do this.
Dalsmy: The guards told me that you discovered the assassin, despite his entire disguise. How were you able to get him?
Nipen: (sighs) Though he was really a professional that can’t be found out easily, but I got to see that he was reading the answer from the cup’s lid.
Dalsmy: (surprised) Cup’s lid?
Nipen: Yes, your highness. The royal codes are too much for an outsider to know easily, so he got the answers written on the cup’s lid in shorthand. That’s the reason why he was holding the cups. That was how I got him.
Dalsmy: Oh! Your timely discovery of the assassin helped us to take them in time before they are able to start their mission. You are just like your father. He was quite wise and always solved these kinds of matter easily. It’s a shame he did what he did, that led to his untimely death.( A guard talks from outside).
Guard: Madam Usly is here to see you, Your Highness.
Dalsmy: Let her in!
Nipen: I will excuse you, Your Highness.
Dalsmy: It’s alright. (Nipen leaves, and Usly enters)

(Nipen quickly goes back home to meet his brother)
Nipen: (surprised) Why are you with two bottles?
Habbath: The blue one is the antidote, and the red one is to take out the source of the snakes.
Nipen: (laughs uncontrollably) Even, we do not know if your antidote will work, and you are still talking about the source of the snakes.
Habbath: Can’t you trust me?
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:34am On Apr 29, 2018
Nipen: (still laughing) Trust you? Even the Sage couldn’t make the antidote himself. He is in Kilipi Jungle for it. So who the hell are you?
Habbath: I have read more than enough books. The Sage has powers, I read books. I am sure the antidote will work.
Nipen: (smiles) Okay. So, how do we know the source of the snakes?
Habbath: I will tell you a riddle. Once you understand the riddle, you will know the source of the snakes. There are two friends, let’s say Heh and Bee. They both have a pot of water each. But they discover that every day, the water in their respective pots decrease. They both don’t know who is stealing their water behind their backs. A day comes, when both pots become empty, even though they never used out of them. Heh picks up his pot and heads to the river. He fetches water into his pot and heads back home. On getting home, he finds out that Bee’s pot is full of water, despite the fact that Bee never goes to the river. End of riddle. Now, let me ask you, who do you think was stealing the water behind their backs?
Nipen: It was definitely Bee. He had water without fetching. He was only stealing both, so that Heh wouldn’t suspect him.
Habbath: But how do you know he’s the one?
Nipen: Because he made a mistake of filling his own pot with the stolen water.
Habbath: Exactly. Your knowledge is widen. You should be able to know the souce of the snakes. Now let me ask you, who is the source of the snakes?
Nipen: (raises his eyes, as he figures it out) So, the source of the snake is…

(Back in Kilipi Jungle)
(Peekeh collects the blood from the The Sage)
Peekeh: (shocked) I know the source of the snakes. And it’s blood can be used to make the antidote.
The Sage: (nervous) Tell me, then. Hmm, I suspect you are ready to name your price.
Peekeh: You are smart. I will ask for my price in the future. But you have to swear on the Water of Owl that Lailand will give it to me when I ask.
The Sage: (nervous) The princess is on the verge of death, Lailand will surely give you whatever to save her life. Bring the Water of Owl.
Peekeh: (a pot appears on her hand) This is it. (She gives it to the Sage who drinks a little out of the water)
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 8:50pm On Apr 29, 2018
The Sage: Now, tell me.
Peekeh: You know the consequence if you don’t fulfill the promise. You will loose your powers.
The Sage: You don’t need to tell me that, I know myself.
Peekeh: (smiles) The owner of this particular blood is the Snake Queen.

(Back in Lailand) (Nipen and Habbath).
Nipen: So, the source of the snake is Usly.
Habbath: Exactly. The Sage’s herbs didn’t cure her, because she bit herself. Her own blood cured her. That’s why the herbs didn’t work on the princess.
Nipen: So, she bit herself, just to harm the Princess?
Habbath: No! if that was the reason, she would have left the palace. She did it to drive The Sage out of Lailand in pursue of the cure. She has a mission inside the palace, and she needs the Sage away.
(In Kilipi Jungle)
The Sage: (shocked) Usly? The lady brought to the palace is the Snake Queen?
Peekeh: Exactly.
The Sage: (realizing something) So, it was her trick to drive me out of the palace. I have to quickly head back to Lailand.

(In Lailand)
Nipen: (confused) But what could be her mission? (realizes something) She just asked to see His Highness. That’s her mission. His highness is her mission (he quickly drafts out of the room and heads straight to the palace. He takes the two bottles with him).

(Inside the palace room)
(The room has been turned upside down. the two guards guiding the King are dead. The throne has even fallen down. Dalsmy can be seen on the floor with snakes surrounding him).
Usly: (smiling) The King of Lailand. You should see how pitiful you look. I will be asking for the last time. Where is the Apple of Jayanah?
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 6:17pm On Apr 30, 2018
Dalsmy: (totally scared, as he is looking at the snakes staring at him) I can’t give the Apple to you. If I do, the whole land will totally be dead. It is the soul of Lailand. I can’t give it to you.
Usly: (angry) Then I have no other choice than to kill you (she controls the snakes to bite him).
Dalsmy: (feeling much pain from the snakes’ bites) Please.. Pl…ease… stop. I will give it… to you. (the snakes stop)
Usly: (angrily) Where’s it?
Dalsmy: Usly, have pity on me. I pitied you and sheltered you in my palace. You shouldn’t be doing this to me.
Usly: Where’s the Apple?
Dalsmy: I can’t…
Usly: (angrily) Tanta man ‘lla oh (The snakes start to bite the King, harder. They bite him until he goes down totally. The Sage suddenly appears in the room).
The Sage: (surprised, shocked, and sad) Ah! My King! (he rushes to meet the King. He can not feel Dalsmy’s pulse) You killed him. You really killed the King.
Usly: Where’s the Apple of Jayanah? Give it to me and I am going to spare your life.
The Sage: (sweating) The King died because of it, do you think I will give it up to you that easily?
Usly: (her eyes turn red) Then I am going to kill you. Once you and the King are dead, even with the Apple of Jayanah, Lailand will totally loose hope. Tanta Mao ‘lla Oh (the snakes move to bite the Sage. As they are about to, Nipen enters and pours the power in the red bottle on Usly. Usly screams in pain, and her snakes disappear immediately. She starts to growl on the floor. Nipen rushes to The King and pours the powder in the blue bottle on his body. The spots start to disappear from his body but he is still not waking. Nipen quickly goes outside to meet a guard, and instructed him to pour the remaining powder on the princess. He comes back).
The Sage: (smiles) I can feel his pulse. His highness is getting better. How did you get the antidote?
Nipen: (brings out his sword and heads to meet Usly) You wanted to kill my King because of an apple.
The Sage: Apple of Jayanah is not an ordinary apple. What is confusing me is that it is of no concern to the Snake Queen should Lailand fall. Someone must have sent her. Who sent you? Is it Zachaeus?
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 6:31am On May 01, 2018
Usly: I’m in pain. Please kill me.
The Sage: I won’t, until you tell me who sent you.
Usly: The one who sent me? She is the one that gave Zachaeus his powers. She is the most powerful being. We, gods, all serve her. Lailand surely will serve her too.
The Sage: (shocked) Malisteh sent you? (the wind blows in the room).
Usly: Yes, Malisteh, the dark lady sent me. Just kill me and let me go (The Sage beats her with his staff and she disappears)
Dalsmy: (faintly) Who is Malisteh? (The Sage and Nipen rushes to him)
The Sage: My King!
Nipen: Your Highness, you are awake.
Dalsmy: Who is Malisteh?
The Sage: (sighs heavily) Malisteh, the dark lady. She is prophesized to be the end of Lailand. According to prophecy, she will bring gods, dark gods to rule over Lailand. Citizens of Lailand will be slaves under her reign. She will rule over Lailand and turn Lailand into hell. She is the one the taviour is destined to stop.
Dalsmy: Does this mean the Taviour has come?
The Sage: No, my King (to Nipen) How were you able to get the antidote and the poison to stop the snake queen?
Nipen: My brother figured it all out.
Dalsmy: (surprised) Habbath?
Nipen: Yes, my king! He told me to steal both Usly’s and Fessy’s blood from the Sage, that he might able to find the solution.
The Sage: (still surprised) Does he have powers?
Nipen: No, sir! But he reads books. He is almost through with all the books in Lailand’s library.
The Sage: I should meet him. He should be given a post. He will be an asset to the empire.
Nipen: Hmmm! He does not want to work for the empire nor you, sir. He does not want any post. He wants to be working alone.
Dalsmy: We should be able to convince him. We need someone like him.
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:48am On May 02, 2018
Nipen: You won’t be able to, My king. (to the Sage) Why did Usly ask you to kill her?
The Sage: (sighs) She’s a god. She hopes Malisteh will rise her and use her with other gods to rule over Lailand one day.
Dalsmy: I was really shaken, I need time to be well. I will choose one of my sons as the Regent, to rule the land until I am fully okay.
The Sage: (shocked) Do you mean you are choosing the crown prince?
Dalsmy: No, you know I can’t yet. Just a regent is okay for now.

* * * * *
(Dalsmy meets with Callow)
Callow: (shocked) Is that true?
Dalsmy: Yes! What do you think I should do?
Callow: Don’t bother, my King, I will start watching him.

* * * * *
(The spirit of Usly awakens. A voice starts to talk to her)
Malisteh: Snake Queen, well done. I will come for you when the time comes. (Peekeh appears)
Peekeh: (kneels down) My lady.
Malisteh: (just the voice) Snake Witch, nice work done. Once it is time, you will ask the Sage for the Apple of Jayanah. He has no choice but to give it to you.
Peekeh: Yes, my lady.
Malisteh: Lailand in ruins, Lailand in woes.
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 11:43pm On May 09, 2018
(In Exelung. The King meets with the court members)
Zachaeus: The Split Eye has a new prophecy for us about Lailand.
Tackryan: (getting nervous) She can go ahead.
Zachaeus: (to Azinah) Over to you.
Azinah: (to Tackryan) My King, your counterpart dies (murmuring starts inside the court).
Tackryan: You mean Lailand’s King dies?
Azinah: Yes, My King. Lailand’s king will be sliced with sword by his own blood.
Etyly: (smiles) That’s a great news. That’s a great prophecy.
Tackryan: (to Zachaeus) But won’t they be able to avert this, just as they did with the snake prophecy?
Zachaeus: Nay, my King. They were able to avert that because they knew it was their next woe. They probably do not know this. And also, my King, they didn’t avert the problem, they only played right to the dark lady’s game. She’s got plans for them.
Tackryan: Good! Heoeh, I want you to prepare the army. Lailand will be vulnerable once Dalsmy is dead, we will attack them immediately. Derlond, get in contact with our spies in Lailand. Tell them the king is going to die soon. And they should let us know immediately that happens.
* * * *
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 11:46pm On May 09, 2018
(In Lailand. Inside the court)
Dalsmy: The whole of Lailand should receive the royal decree. I was badly shaken by the snake’s issue we had. I need time to recuperate (everyone begins to murmur)
Nipen: Let there be order in the court, we are receiving a royal decree (everyone stops murmuring).
Dalsmy: I hereby choose Memex as a Regent to take over from me while I recover. I believe he will do just great for the little time he leads the land.
The Sage: (he comes forth) Memex should step forward (Memex steps forward, and The Sage puts on him the Golden Royal Chain) You are hereby the Lailand’s Regent.
Memex: (smiles) Thank you, Your Highness.
* * * *
(Ornal meets with Tikahay)
Tikahay: Are you asking to kill my brother and father because was chosen as the Regent? He’s just a regent, not the crown prince.
Ornal: Can’t you see this? Memex was chosen as the Regent. He will surely be chosen as the Crown prince. There’s no better explanation than that the king favours him more.
Tikahay: And why do you say that?
Ornal: One, the King has made his choice. He needed a Regent, he chose Memex. Once he needs a crown prince, he’s going to choose Memex, no doubt about that. Two, if Memex can trickily rule over Lailand in a god way for the little period, the citizens will surely want him for the long term. Even the King will have no choice than to choose him.
Tikahay: So what do you suggest I do?
Ornal: Remove the King who is the backbone to your brother, and your brother is just a piece of bone.
Tikahay: I will need assassins (confused).
Ornal: (removes a letter from his pocket) Meet with Domun, this letter contains how you are going to meet him.
Tikahay: Thank you.
* * * *
(Ornal meets with Memex)
Re: Woes Of The Dark Night by SilverSpoonEnt: 6:20am On May 10, 2018
Memex: Yeah, that’s what I have got in plans.
Ornal: Okay, okay, you’ve got your plans and you don’t need me. But don’t you think Tikahay will follow the King on the expedition?
Memex: And what does that imply?
Ornal: (smiles) Nipen and Tikahay will be guarding the King. No matter the number of men you send, the two will be able to take them out. Even if I’m an assassin, I wouldn’t take that kind of job.
Memex: (convinced) That’s true. Don’t worry, I know what to do.
* * * *
(AgePie and the Sage, at the Sage’s abode)
AgePie: What if you are wrong?
The Sage: I am not wrong. I have the feeling the Split Eye had made another prophecy concerning Lailand.
AgePie: So what do you want to do? You can’t use the powder of Dampa anymore, Split Eye will definitely kill you.
The Sage: There’s a particular herb that can be used that should be able to tap into the Split Eye’s spirit and let us know the prophecy.
AgePie: Oh, really? Then let’s get the herb.
The Sage: You will have to go and get the herb for me in the forest, together with other herbs I will use. You will also get some ingredients from the market on the way.
* * * *
(The next day)
(Memex calls a meeting in the court)
Dalsmy: (to Memex) Why did you insist I have to be here? I have passed the commands to you. You can go ahead with anything behind me.
Memex: Father, the temple priest has an announcement to make.
Dalsmy: Okay, we are all ears.
Memex: Temple priest, go ahead.
Priest: The temple gods have revealed to me that it is time for the Temple expedition (there is murmurs in the court).

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