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Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 9:43pm On Oct 10, 2018
Re: Love In A Circle by baryour769(m): 7:18am On Oct 11, 2018
Saheed69 Cyndy1000
Holywizard Maymac
sight u boss...pls cumman update


Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 12:03pm On Oct 11, 2018

He smile as he was about to inject the poison in him....
The door opened wide, Nataniel quickly put away the injection in his pocket...
"Who are you? The person standing at the door ask
Nataniel shudder, he was almost caught.... "Am his friend, his close friend at school.. "
The person walk in and slammed the door behind her, she sat on Luke bed and place a hand on his forehead...
"I was just checking on him Nataniel said wondering who the person is, his plans has just be jeopardize he couldn't inject the poison into his body before this person, whoever she is intruded..
"How is he doing?the person ask wiping her eyes with her palm....
"No improvement i guess, but i believe he is going to be okay... "Nataniel said
"But who are you? He added curiously ...."what is your relationship with him.. ?
"Am his mother.... "
Nataniel sigh, he was lucky he wasn't caught red handed.. "Am glad you are here, maybe your presence may aid to his quick recovery "He said sarcastically
"I can't believe this could happen to my son, she was such a good boy"She said turning to look at Luke's unconscious body
"He was a good friend,i dont know what got into his head to do that to himself... "
"Did he have any issues with any if the students... ?she ask curiously
"Non that am sure of, he was nice and gentle, he couldn't have gotten into trouble with anyone... But whatever the case may be, am verh optimistic he will recover soon"
"you are really a good friend,i wonder why he never said anything about you.... "
Nataniel gigled.. "That's probably because it hasn't been long we met, but he has been really good to me for the short time we have spend together... "
"What's your name? She ask
Nataniel suck his teeth, not sure if he should tell her his name... That might just turn out to be a disaster.... "John.. "He said with a smiling face.... "My name is John"
He shift his gaze to Luke, he was lucky today, but next time he won't be and he will make sure of that

Noah sigh as the customers begin to troop out of the tea store, he reclined his back to a chair and felt relaxed....
"Noah, you still have some work to do here... "His mother Mrs Marpheson said from the kitchen....
Noah inhale deeply as he move from his relaxed position, he pick the left over cakes from the table..he wonder why some people never finish their meal, he walk over to the mini kitchen that was wide open so they could see if anyone was anyone was entering the store...
"Mum, i haven't see mr Molly for a while now, is he okay? Noah ask as he drop the left over meal on the waste bin..
"He came the other day.... "Mrs Marpheson said as she switch off the oven machine.....
"He said he went on a vacation, that is the reason he hasn't been around"Mrs Marpheson added
Noah frown as he saw the person standing outside the store. "What is he doing here.. "He muttered to himself
The store door open and Leonard walk in, je was wearing a black jean and a jacket,he hold a motorcycle helmet in his hand, he wave at Noah the moment he saw him
Noah in his apron wear walk out of the kitchen and walk to meet him..
"Busy day huh?leonard ask
"Saturdays are always like this"Noah replied wondering the actual reason he came.... "So Whatsup... "
"I was going out on a ride to the zoo, i wanted to invite you to come with me"
"Am busy"Noah replied shapily not realising when he spoke the words,it just jump out of his mouth unintentionally like his head knew that was going to be his reply....
"Hello mrs Marpheson.... "Leonard wave at her the moment he saw her
"Leonard.... "Mrs Marpheson called out frol the kitchen.... "How are you?
"Am great"Leonard replied with a smiling face....
Noah suck his teeth weighing the pros and cons of what he is going to tell him.... "There is a lot of work at the store today, i can't leave everything to my mum... "Noah said seeing it as a perfect excuse not to go with him to wherever he was going to...
Not minding what he was saying, Leonard walk up to Mrs Marpheson.... "Mrs Marpheson, can i ask a favour of you? Leonard said the moment he got to her
"Yeah go on... "She said curious at what it was
"Can you please allow Noah to go with me to the zoo, am very curious to see that place since it's been long i went there.... "
Mrs Marpheson force a smile on her face"The zoo is hours drive from here.....
"I've got a motorcycle. "Leonard interjects showing her the helmet...
Mrs Marpheson find it hard to decline his plea... "Okay,but....
"But i shouldn't go.... "Noah cut in... "Isn't it mother...? Noah ask with a faint smile...
"Actually, on the contrary, i think it's a great idea... "
Noah smile disappeared into a frown as the words drip from his mother's mouth....
"But you guys should return home early"Mrs Marpheson added
"We will be back before you notice.... Thank you"Leonard said
Noah put on a woebegone face, why would his mother agree to such a thing.. But deep down, he really want to see the zoo, he was just a kid when his father last took him there..
"Do you need permission from your dad also? Leonard ask jokingly
Not minding his question, Noah took off the apron and gave it to his mum.... He hesitated a bit.. Then finally he walk out of the tea store with him...
"Be careful... "Mre Marpheson voice sounded from inside...
"We will... "Leonard said back...
He offered another helmet to Noah...
Noah collected it with a straight face. "Do you own this motorcycle...? He ask curiously
"Yeah, my dad gave it to me on my fourteenth year birthday, can you ride?
"No"Noah said as he wore the helmet in his head
Leonard sat on the bike seat...
Noah sat behind him with a huff...
Leonard wore his helmet and tightens the hook to his jaw, without a second thought, he started the bike and zoom off

LADY GREER ORPHANAGE HOME were the words that welcomed Mrs Lemuel as she step out of the car, underneath the boldly written orphanage home was a small coursey that said....***we care for the children. ***
A year ago, she was standing in that same spot staring at the name, "nothing has changed here"she muttered to herself
She close the car door as she walks towards the orphanage home gate, she knocked at the gate, after a few seconds, a man in his late forties appeared in front of her..
His uniform showed he was a gateman, Mrs Lemuel remenbered the last time she came with her husband, it was someone else who has opened the gate for them, he was a bit old and was very unlike this man, this man was broad shouldered, his broadchest was visibly seen through bis uniform, his face was a bit rough and scary....
"Welcome... "The man said in a baritone voice as he open the gate wide for her..
Mrs Lemuel thanked him and went inside, she saw some group of children playing on the field, one if the kids mistakenly fell down but quickly stood up when she thought no one was watching..
Mrs Lemuel chulkled, she remenbered her daughter, she wonder how she wad when she was the age of that child, she home to find some answers to her daughter whereabouts this time time, with a curious mind, she walk into the building....

Noah shiver as Leonard took a turn to another road.... "Leonard please reduce the speed, you are riding too fast"
"Am actually enjoying it.... "Leonard said as waves of breeze blew through them.. The breeze pricking their skin...
Noah couldn't contend with the breeze anymore , it was becoming too much
"You need tl slow down a bit"Noah blared out
Leonard giggled... "You get scared too quickly "
"Am not scared... "Noah interjects irritated
"Yes you are, you just don't like admitting it"
Noah gritted.. "Just slow down a bit okay"
Okay.... "Leonard said with a smile, then he increase the speed..
"Leonard!!!Noah hollered
Leonard laugh hysterically then he lost control of the bike when a big van began to advanced towards them....
"Leonard watch out... "Noah scream
Confused, Leonard diverted the bike into the bush... With speed the bike carried them the thick bushes
"Leonard stop the bike... "Noah hollered
"I can't, the brakes are noy working... "Leonard said in a trembling voice ..
The bike continue to carry them deep into the bush...
"Jump.... "Noah shouted...
Noah didn't hesitate before he jump out of the bike, he roll down the grasses and somersaulted to the ground..
Noah"Leonard scream as the bike carried him further more into the bush..... Fear prick his spines as he saw a cliff ahead, he summon up courage and decided to jump out, without further ado, he jump out..the bike went further and fell from the cliff into the deep water...
Leonard breathe heavily as he try to stand up, then he realise his jean trouser was torn from the jump, he look at the injury he sustained during the jump.. He covered the injured spot with his hand to stop the bleeding....
In a loud voice, he screamed.... "Noah, where are you?



Re: Love In A Circle by Ann2012(f): 1:24pm On Oct 11, 2018
See wat Leonard's stubbornness has caused

Thanks OP
Re: Love In A Circle by Mavikolo2020: 5:50pm On Oct 11, 2018
What is wrong with this Leonard
Re: Love In A Circle by kelvyncruz: 7:35pm On Oct 11, 2018
i pray Mrs Lemuel find her child
Re: Love In A Circle by skubido(m): 9:24pm On Oct 11, 2018
See wat Leonard's stubbornness has caused

Thanks OP

Don't mind him,, strong headed
Re: Love In A Circle by skubido(m): 9:25pm On Oct 11, 2018
What is wrong with this Leonard

Over sabi
Re: Love In A Circle by Ann2012(f): 9:28pm On Oct 11, 2018

Don't mind him,, strong headed

Strong like coconut grin
Re: Love In A Circle by Risingstar2020(f): 10:24pm On Oct 11, 2018

Over sabi
Oversabi sabi, nonsense boy
Re: Love In A Circle by egwolopretty: 6:57am On Oct 12, 2018
take it easy on Leonard o
Re: Love In A Circle by Mavikolo2020: 7:26am On Oct 12, 2018

Over sabi
Re: Love In A Circle by purity23(f): 8:07am On Oct 12, 2018
Re: Love In A Circle by purity23(f): 8:10am On Oct 12, 2018


Re: Love In A Circle by purity23(f): 8:13am On Oct 12, 2018
Re: Love In A Circle by Ann2012(f): 8:14am On Oct 12, 2018















Presently present dearie cool
Re: Love In A Circle by kelvyncruz: 8:53am On Oct 12, 2018
i strongly believe Shayna is Mrs Lemuel missing child

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Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 1:53pm On Oct 12, 2018
Thanks purity23
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 1:53pm On Oct 12, 2018

"EXCUSE ME"Mrs Lemuel said as she approached the woman in the reception....... "I dont know if you remenber me but i came here last year with my husband... "She added
"Am sorry, i don't... Many people have come here and leave over the months... "The woman said
"Am Mrs Lemuel.... "
"You most welcome Mrs Lemuel, what can i do for you?
Mrs Lemuel exhales,not sure where to start.... "Actually when we came last year, my husband and i were searching for a child, a girl to be precise, the girl was in another orphanage but the children were transferred here few years ago due to the shutdown of that orphanage home..
"That must be the santa maria orphanage home... "The woman interjects..
"Yes it is... "Mrs Lemuel quickly reply with a feeling of enthusiasm...
"But most of the children then were adopted.... "The woman cut in
"Do you know if anyone adopt a girl of the name Leticia...? Dhe ask anxiously not really sure if her question made any sense...
"Leticia..! The woman exclaimed... "excuse me"She added
The woman drew out the drawer and brought out record books
Mrs Lemuel sigh, a sigh of relief....she prays in her heart that she find out where her daughter is... She look at the books, they look very old but they weren't dusty..
"This is the record books of children that were adopted eleven years ago.. "The woman said
Her words shock her, the last time she was here, she was told there were no record books of that time...
"I think that name was recorded here... "The woman said

Leonard struggled as he stood up, he inhaled deeply and began to walk through the bushes with the pains in his legs....
He wonder where Noah is..... "Noah where are you"He shouted again but no answer came...
He would have listened to Noah when he ask him to reduce the speed. Everything is his fault and it's going to hurt him for the rest of his life if anything happens to Noah...
He called out Noah name again.. This time very loud but no reply came... He shudder wondering what could have happened to him...
He began to trace the prints of the motorcycle tyre until he got to the cliff.... He look down and the water buzzing....
He tremble with fear, then he quickly retrace his steps... He move away from the cliff and head back to where the bike was riding from, if he could find his way back, he can find Noah...
With a make up mind, he started walking back, drooping his eyes for anything... Any animal or snake hiss... He quivered as he thought of snakes.. He hates snakes... He began to look down.....
He grimace at the pains in his leg..
He exhales and began to walk faster.... Just then he heard whispering sound...
Fear engulfed him as the whispers become louder....
He frown when he thought they might be crickets.. Probably mocking him for not listening to his friend....
He look around the bush, there was no sign of road.... No sight of road... Just bushes.. Bushes, trees and wild animals...
He shiver at the thought of wild animals..
"Noah.. "He shout aloud again but no reply came.Noah was first to jump, he wonder where he mightbhave jump to... Where he might have fallen on....
His muscles cramp when he saw blood.. He look ahead,then he notice the blood left a trail on the ground to the low ground....
He couldn't move, couldn't talk, he just stood motionless with pounding heart staring at the blood......
"Oh my God, Noah, what has happened to you"he muttered with trembling mouth...

Mrs Lemuel heart gladen,she felt some hope of finding her daughter from the woman's statement..
"It says here the child was brought in 2nd october 1999,that seventeen years ago"
Joy filled Mrs Lemuel heart, that was the exact date she brought her daughter to the orphanage home..... "Yes it is, that was the day the girl was brought in... "She said with enthusiasm in her voice
"She was adopted the next day"The woman said and close the record book
"Any idea who adopted her.? Mrs Lemuel ask anxiously
"Am sorry, i can't disclose that information to you, its against our policy.... "
Mrs Lemuel gritted in disappointment.... "Please you need to help me, i really need to see her...."
"Am sorry, i can't tell you that"
"She is my daughter.. "Mrs Lemuel blared out impetuously
"Please am begging you, you need to help me, i just want to see her, i have no intention of taking her away..., i just want to see how she has grown, how she is fairing. "
The woman huffs, then she pull out a piece of paper and wrote an address on it.... "You will meet her in that address... The owner of the house is mrs Hopewell... "
Mrs Lemuel thanked her, collected the piece of paper and went out of tye building excited... At last she is going to see her daughter. She is going to hold her, to see how she is doing and if she get the chance, she will tell her she was sorry for not been able to stay with her all those years..
The woman watch as Mrs Lemuel left tge building, when she was sure she has driven out with her car, she quickly took up her phone and dial a number.....
She sigh as it started ringing...
After some seconds, the receiver pick up the call.... "Hello"The receivers voice sounded..
"She was here again"The woman said
"Who? The receiver ask
"The woman from last year, she was asking questions about the girl.... "
"What did you tell her? The receiver ask
"I told her where she is"
"Then i presume she is coming tp take her daughter "the receiver said
"Yes, she is coming there right away"
"Alright, thank you for this information... "The receiver said a'd the call ended

Leonarf followed the trail of blood to the ground.... He shudder when he saw a body.....
"Noah. "He scream and run towards the body... He quickly raise the body up.. He sigh, a sigh of relief when he realise it wasn't Noah.. He look at the person wondering who he was....
"Are you okay... ?he ask but the person didn't reply...
"Noah.... "He scream again but no reply came
The person grab his shirt and cough out blood profusely....
"Save me.... "The person said faintly and drown into an oblivion of unconsciousness....
Leonard quickly realise, he had a phone on him, he search his pockets but it wasn't there..... "Oh damn.... "He blared out furiously
The phone must have fallen off when he jump out of the bike.. He look around to see if he could catch sight of Noah but he didn't and it annoyed him....
He was angry tinge with confusion... Noah is missing and a dying person is crying out for his help....
He shivered in his spines when he heard a strange noise.. He look at the person... He quivered when he noticed therr were teeth bites in his ribs....
The person was breathing heavily... Leonard knew he is going to die if he doesn't get medical attention...
He heard the noise again.. He scan his eyes around.... Fear engulfed him when he took a closer look at the teeth marks... Just then the most dangerous and scars thoughts creep into his head....
"Oh God, what kind of animal did this.... "He muttered with trembling mouth....
The person's shirt was torn and soaked with blood, his trouser were torned and tattered... His pelvic hair were easily seen since the trouser was dragged to his butt... His underwear was stained with blood, the person was young but dark skin, he should probably be in his late twenties.. With no idea on what to do, Leonard quickly place his hand on the teeth mark to stop the bleeding..... He frown tinge with disappointment when it didn't work........ Fear seized his spines.. He look around again, there was no sight of anyone.... Just the bushes and probably wild animals staring at him from somewhere... Debating on if they should attack him...... He turn to face the person again.. He wasn't moving, he just lie unconscious bleeding profusely...... "Noah. "He scream again


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Re: Love In A Circle by Culin(f): 5:04pm On Oct 12, 2018
Re: Love In A Circle by skubido(m): 8:48pm On Oct 12, 2018
Nawa ooo.

Tanks for the update
Re: Love In A Circle by egwolopretty: 11:06pm On Oct 12, 2018
leonard o it seems somebody dont want Mrs Lemuel to find her child
Re: Love In A Circle by kelvyncruz: 11:17pm On Oct 12, 2018
Re: Love In A Circle by purity23(f): 7:23am On Oct 13, 2018
hope nothing has happened to Noah o
Re: Love In A Circle by Risingstar2020(f): 7:39am On Oct 13, 2018
Where could Noah be
Re: Love In A Circle by petersononome: 7:41am On Oct 13, 2018
stubborn Leonard.. see what you have cause
Re: Love In A Circle by lonesome501(m): 10:48am On Oct 13, 2018
ryd on bro.
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 11:02am On Oct 13, 2018
ryd on bro.
Thank you
Re: Love In A Circle by Silver1996(m): 1:10pm On Oct 13, 2018

MRS LEMUEL QUICKLY step out of the car as she got to the address that was stated in the paper...
She quickly rang the doorbell but no answer came, she rang it again then the door open and an elderly woman appeared in front of her...
"Good day Madam, i don't if am on the right place but i was given this address, am looking for Mrs Hopewell.. "
"Why are you looking for her"The woman replied in a crack hoarse voice
"I want to ask her about someone"
The woman gave an irritating look and left the door open as she walk away, mrs Lemuel wasn't sure if that was an invitation to go in or remain where she is....
She exhales as a younger woman probably of her age walk up to her.... She had a good stature, nice height but wasn't pretty
"Dont mind my mother, she acts like that sometimes..... "the woman said
"Are you mrs Hopewell...? She ask curiously as she was invited in
"Yes i am,and you are..?
"Mrs Lemuel..... "as she streched forth her hand for a handshake.....
"Oh.. Nice meeting you"Mrs Hopewell said after they shook hands...
Mrs Lemuel scan her eyes around the house, the house was a bit scattered.. The chairs were torn.. The clock on the wall wasn't working and it was protruding an offensive odour...
She saw a picture on the wall.. A man, mrs Hopewell and a little girl... She took a deep breathe tinge with a faint smile as she thought that might be her daughter... Leticia
"Can i help you with something..? Mrs Hopewell interrupt her thoughts.
"I want to ask you a personal question, am not sure how you will react... "
"You will be surprise, i will be cool"She said and they both chulkled
"Am just coming from lady Greer's orphanage home, the lady there gave me this address
Mrs Lemuel waited for her to reply, but when she gave non, she continued.... "Seventeen years ago, you adopted a baby girl, her name was Leticia..... "
Shock swept through mrs Hopewell, she has always knew this day will come....."Are you her biological mother? She ask faintly..
"Yes i am... "Mrs Lemuel reply shapily with enthusiasm.... "And that must be her... "She said pointing at the picture on the wall
"She is older than that now"Mrs Hopewell said with a smiling face
"I know... "She said with joy
"Do you know we actually gave her the name you named her.. We named her Leticia
"Yes we did, i know where ever she is now, she will be glad your real mother care about her.... "
Her statement startled her..... "What do you mean wherever she is?
"Am sorry, i didn't mean to blow that out like that. "
"No... Tell me, i deserve to know.... "Mrs Lemuel said with a trembling voice...
"Am sorry... "Mrs Hopewell said as tears began to drip slowly from her eyes....
"Sorry about what, what happened to my daughter....? She blared out
"She died.... Our daughter died four years ago... "
Mrs Lemuel heart sanked..... Just then she collapsed to the ground...

The roaring groan increases, Leonard quickly raised the person up and carried him on his shoulder... He wasn't sure what was making that noise but whatever it is. Itbhas something to do with injured person and that is something he is not ready to find out..
He was inclined to climb back to the high ground but the person he was carrying weigh too much probably more than him and he was dragging him back... How could he be so stupid not to listen to Noah when he ask him to slow down, if he had listened, he wouldn't be in the situation he is right now... Their ride to the zoo has turn out to be a race of survival from the jungle...
The thought of something happening to Noah weakened him instantly.. He remembered Noah has fell down from that hill, he must be here, somewhere... He lifted the person in his shoulder well, adjusting himself to fit the balance... Then he took another route to find Noah.....

MRS Hopewell felt relieved as Mrs Lemuel regain consciousness....
"Are you alright....? She ask
Mrs Lemuel nodded her head as tears drip down her cheek.... "How did she die?
"It was tragic... "Mrs Hopewell sigh, then continue.. "She and my husband were on a trip to visit her grandmother, on the way they met a very fatal accident, they didn't survive it, she died before she could seek medical attention. My husband later died a few days later.... "She sniff as uncontrollable tears wreck her face...."We both lost her, since i couldn't give birth, she was very dear ti me, i wanted to find her real mother, to tell her her daughter was okay but i couldn't reach you....
"What are you two even blabbing about, i don't need nuisance in my house.... "The older woman yell at them and then walk away again
"She is my mother-in-law, she is been like that ever since she lost her son, my husband was her only son.....
Mrs Lemuel felt pity for her, her pain was nothing compared to this woman own.... "Where was she buried...?
"In the cementary"

Leonard breathe faster than normal as he heard the scary groan again.. With the person in his back he increase the speed of his legs and ran deep into the bush
"Noah... "He scream again but no answer came
He felt the person's fingers tapping on his shoulder.....
"Run or it's going to eat your flesh too... "The person said faintly
The groan sound came again, this time it was close.... Leonard couldn't breathe, couldn't move... He was scared to death....
His heart race at tremendous speed when he saw a dog looking like animal staring at him furiously few pace from him...
Without hesitation and pounding heart, he quickly turn to run away when a hand pulled him down
"Shush... "Noah said quietly putting a finger in across his lips...
"Noah..... "He blared out excitedly...... "You are alive"
Noah frown at his stupid statement.. "Do you think that little jump from that crazy bike is going to kill me....?
"I thought something had happened to you, are you injured..? Leonard ask anxiously
"No, just a scratch on my hand... Are you?
"Yes.. On my leg"
Noah scoffs"I knew you were always this soft...
Noah chulkled... "You are the one with the big muscles, why don't you go out and fight that dog like the strong boy that you are...."
"You are the one who always claim the strong man, are you scared all of a sudden...? Noah ask jokingly..
The person's breathe increases, Leonard place his hand on his chest to see if he was dying.. "We need to take him to the hospital or he is going to die.. "
"We're all gonna die if we don't escape this dog or whatever that is... "
"I wonder how he even got into this bush.... "Leonard said.. Then he check his pocket to see if there was anyway to ID him. He saw his wallet, he quickly pull it out and open it.. He took out some money and a condom...
"What was he doing with those...? Noah ask
"I don't know, maybe he was going to have sex with the dog.... "Leonard replied jokingly
"You're crazy"noah said, then they both laugh
"We should get out of here... "Leonard said putting back the money and the condom inside the wallet.he kept it back in the person's pocket
"I think it's gone"Noah said coming out from hiding...
Noah help to carry the person on Leonard's back, then they began to find their way out of the bush

Mrs Lemuel staggered as they walk into the cementary.. Mrs Hopewell led her to Leticia's grave.. On twl graves was encrypt Leticia Hopewell, while the other was George Hopewell...
Mrs Lemuel fell to her knees in front of Leticia grave.... Tears began to drip from her eyes again
All this years, her only wish was to seebher daughter, to hold her and tell her how sorry she was for giving her up... Her daughter she has been searching for all this time iq dead....
There and then she remember she hasn't ask one important question... With a curious mind she ask... "Was there a birthmark on her body.....
"Yes, it was in her toes.. "
Eyes slack-jawed, Mrs Lemuel quickly stood up.. My daughter's birthmark wasn't in her toes, it was in her shoulder same as Leonard... That was something she can never forget... Something she can recognize her daughter with..... "This Leticia is not my daughter.... "
"What do you mean?
"My daughter's birth isn't on her toes.. It's on her shoulder, your daughter and mine must have bear the same name.....
"It can't be a coincidence... "Mrs Hopewell interjects
Mrs Lemuel suck her teeth, it was beginning to make sense to her now, a year ago when she had gone to the orphanage home, she was told they had no record book of the children that were brought in that year... They had no idea if her daughter was among the ones adopted... The woman she met at the orphanage earlier ln must have lied to her.. That wasn't a record book, she didn't see it, the woman only read it to her hearing and wrote an address for her..
"you will never find her... "Mrs Hopewell said aggressively
Fear engulfed Mrs Lemuel..... "Who are you.?
"You should stop finding her.... "
Mrs Lemuel shift aback.. Away from her reach... "You know my daughter is alive, where is she?
"You must stop finding her, you gave her away, she is not yours anymore.. "
"I will find my daughter.. "She raved at her... With this words, she rush away from her to her car... She took a last glance at Mrs Hopewell.... Then she enter her car, start the engine and zoom off......
With a deep breathe she muttered... "I will find my daughter... "


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Re: Love In A Circle by Mavikolo2020: 1:43pm On Oct 13, 2018
Hmm.. Thanks Ops
Re: Love In A Circle by Harzeezh123: 4:28pm On Oct 13, 2018
u hv try man more ink 2 ur pen update next plz
Re: Love In A Circle by sly12345: 9:05pm On Oct 13, 2018
nice one

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