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Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by Ochochedavid(m): 11:33pm On Jul 17, 2022
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Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by wkinosh: 10:39am On Jul 19, 2022
Good morning
My babe is kinosh I am a photographer
You can reach me on ig- @kinoshphotography
Or message me on- 08182059203
Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by SOLA2130(m): 1:55pm On Jul 27, 2022
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Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by lindabell(f): 11:17am On Aug 10, 2022

I am carrying out a research study to understand the Cost of applying Digital technologies to Engineering processes in Garment making industry in Nigeria. This study is in partial fulfilment of obtaining an MSc in Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management from the University of Warwick. Kindly click the link below to partake.


Onyinyechukwuka Okonji
Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by wkinosh: 10:33am On Aug 17, 2022
Good morning everyone my name is kinosh
I’m a photographer based in Lagos ready to travel
You can contact me on Instagram
Www.instagram.com/kinoshphotography or send a message on WhatsApp -08182059203
Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by f1dark(f): 7:26pm On Aug 20, 2022
~I saw you've posted your string as of now. . .I think somebody posted a comparable string on dressmakers in london. . .i'll attempt and track down the connection and post it on your string.
All modeling related information should be posted here. i.e recruitment, jobs, auditions, castings, photoshoot ect. Pls post if you're a modeling or an advertising agency etc, It's basically any and every thing related to modelings.

Thank you.
Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by ceongroup: 5:47pm On Aug 21, 2022
Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by Nobody: 8:32am On Aug 26, 2022
I hope I’m permitted to do this here, I need connections of all sort via new contacts,please add if interested 07015371845 You can message via WhatsApp,I will surely save up
Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by fadal(m): 2:59pm On Aug 26, 2022
I hope I’m permitted to do this here, I need connections of all sort via new contacts,please add if interested 07015371845 You can message via WhatsApp,I will surely save up

Im in Togo wich code should i type b4 the number
Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by Blessdo: 4:53am On Sep 06, 2022
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Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by f1dark(f): 4:12pm On Sep 15, 2022
There's a casting call this weekend for tall models: 5.10ft and 5.11ft on saturday 5th june 2010.
Its for a fashion show. Interested participant should call toyin: (models.87) 08033028338.
There are also series of musical video shoot on the line up: Fair models needed so all pretty models should call: 08033280672.
And for those special models interested in being a reporter for BBC Nigeria correspondence, here's your chance: send your CV together with a cover letter (application) detailing why you are suitable to work with BBC: joseph.warungu@bbc.co.uk
Also for Models that are less busy, we'll like to take you ladies on a trip to il city for an event organized by an affiliated event company BLEND ENT.
Invite your friends to join the group on Facebook. We are currently recruiting females only. For enquiry, pls call: 0803-328-0672. Good luck.
ohhh that iss really very good
Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by 00FFT00(m): 10:31am On Sep 25, 2022
If you also want to learn simple but effective makeup methods in under 13 minutes, take a quick look at this video:

Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by DoctorDans: 5:34pm On Sep 25, 2022
Beautiful and Gorgeous models, Miss Noble Queen 3rd Edition is here.
Register for Miss Noble Queen 2022 Online Beauty Contest & Win Cash prizes worth 50,000 naira & other awesome prizes.
To register now send your Name & Photo via
Hurry now!

Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by Ricardosmechito: 9:00am On Oct 07, 2022
Zig zag jeans

Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by ArdorsTalrnMatr: 9:53am On Oct 09, 2022
Tailoring accessories/Materials such as bridal satin, lining, zips, Tissue nets,velvet, bias band, flowers, appliques and others available at wholesales and retail prices.
Kindly contact us via:
Call/WhatsApp: 08068632695
Instagram: ardors_tailoringaccesories
We also offer other services such as: making of;
Cover buttons
Press button(in vogue)

Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by robertbrownn: 8:25am On Oct 12, 2022
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Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by robertbrownn: 7:45am On Oct 28, 2022
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Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by 1mavin(m): 2:23pm On Nov 24, 2022

ABULAD Models Casting

World-wide Casting 2023 � -
Get placed internationally....

Female 5.9 ft & above,
Male 6.1 ft & above ....


To apply:
Send your submissions only in the DM Instagram @discoveri.abulad
(Polaroid photos + Walk Video; along with your AGE, HEIGHT & LOCATION)
1. No Experience needed!!
2. Age 15+ | Male & Female can Apply
3. No make-up, hair packed all back and away from your face.
4. Must be in outfits that show your figure!
5. If you meet the requirements, you will get a REPLY on how to proceed further.
6. Slide into our DM for any inquiries.
Submissions are open to everyone around Africa and the World.
Tell a friend or tag that person you feel should be a model!

Instagram: @abulads @discoveri.abulad

ABULAD Model Management, Lagos Nigeria

Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by Baker111: 5:11pm On Nov 30, 2022

It's that time of the year again,come and shop your dresses @ cheaper rate
Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by luoke39: 4:06am On Dec 05, 2022
404 is an online shopping mall specializing in the sale of charm bracelets, celebrity costumes and trendsetting phone case. It covers a variety of emerging brands.There are also many discounts for first-time buyers.
Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by diamondjewelrys(m): 12:33pm On Dec 08, 2022
What is the best place to buy Engagement Rings Online

The best place to buy Engagement Rings Online is on websites like Blue Nile, Amazon and eBay. These are the most popular places where people go to buy engagement rings online.

Online jewelers such as James Allen offer you the option of buying your ring through their website or through an authorized retailer in your area. This will save you time and money as there are no shipping charges involved with these sites.

When do I start looking for Engagement Rings Online?

When you're looking for an engagement ring online, it's important to have a few months' worth of time to start looking around and make sure that you're getting the best price.

If you're buying an engagement ring online and want to get started on your search now, then great! But if not, we recommend waiting until after six months have passed since your proposal so that any issues with shipping or delivery can be resolved before making any purchases.

Where can I find good Engagement Rings Online?

You can find a local jeweler to buy from, but it will be more expensive.

You can also buy rings online. If you decide to go this route, make sure that the seller has good reviews and is reputable. Make sure you do your research before buying because some websites may offer discounts or free shipping on certain items in exchange for an honest review of their product quality or customer service abilities (which could mean they're not trustworthy).

It's up to you whether or not to purchase engagement rings online; just keep in mind that if someone doesn't like something about their engagement ring, they won't be able complain about anything else related specifically around the purchase process!

Which is the best online Engagement Rings Online shop?

If you are looking for the best online Engagement Rings Online store, then here are some of the best sites:

Blue Nile - This is a popular website that sells diamonds and other jewelry. They have many different items to choose from including engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary gifts. You can also create your own custom ring or select one from their extensive collection of designs that were created by professional designers who work at this company. The prices are affordable and they offer free shipping on all orders over $99! James Allen - This site focuses on making shopping easy so that customers can find exactly what they need quickly without having to worry about anything else including payment methods or shipping costs because everything will be taken care by them once ordered through this website's secure checkout process which means no more worrying about credit cards being charged incorrectly due

to fraud issues (which happens often). Customers get free returns within 30 days if necessary so there won't be any problems when trying out new styles before committing funds towards buying one particular piece! Bridal Sets - These types allow couples who already know each other well enough where they don't need much guidance while finding what type works best during planning stages since these come preassembled pieces designed specifically for weddings but may also work well beyond those celebrations too depending upon how much money was spent beforehand beforehand; however keep note though that some sets contain only metal material instead plastic parts which means less durability overall but still does provide protection against scratches etcetera." Kay Jewelers - This jeweler offers beautiful engagement rings with high quality materials used inside them such as white golds ones made entirely overseas instead domestic production practices employed elsewhere;" Luxury Rings  - Offers stunning designs which would complement anyone wanting something elegant yet still fashionable;" Tiffany & Co.; Jared; Zales; Kayser Diamonds

How do you choose Engagement Rings Online in an online store?

For your engagement ring, you want to go with a reputable store. This is the first thing that you should look for when shopping for an engagement ring online. You can check their reviews by looking at their website and reading customer testimonials from past buyers. If they have good ratings and reviews, this is a good sign that they will be able to deliver what they promise in terms of quality products and service as well as fast delivery times.

You should also look at how much money each item costs before buying it because some stores may increase their prices unexpectedly after purchase which makes it difficult for customers who are on tight budgets or those living overseas where currency exchange rates change frequently making life difficult sometimes especially if there are taxes involved too like GST/HST etcetera...

Who are the best jewelers for engagement rings?

Some of the world's best jewellers are online, but you have to make sure your beloved is one of them. If not, it could be time to make a change. Here are some of our favorites:

Blue Nile - With over 100 years in business and an impeccable reputation for quality, they're one of the most trusted names in diamonds. Their website has everything from engagement rings to wedding bands and everything in between at affordable prices—and it's all backed by their lifetime guarantee on any item sold through them! You'll also find other great deals here if you want something else besides jewelry like watches or handbags (which we love).

James Allen - This British retailer is known for offering high-quality products at low prices without sacrificing quality or customer service. Whether looking for something modern or classic like this beautiful rose gold ring below ($320), which uses red diamonds instead of white ones like many others do these days; or something more traditional like this platinum band ($1k) made with solid rose gold rather than hollow tubes filled with cheaper materials such as nickel plating which can wear off over time when exposed more often than necessary during everyday use!

What are the top three jewelry stores?

The top three jewelry stores are:

Blue Nile

James Allen

Kay Jewelers

Is Blue Nile a good place to buy engagement rings?

If you're looking for an engagement ring, then Blue Nile is a good place to start. It has a wide selection of rings and it also has a good return policy. The customer service is also very helpful when you need them; they'll be able to help you find the perfect ring or any other jewelry item that you might want in your life.

Blue Nile has been rated as one of the best online retailers by Google Reviews, which means they have high ratings on all fronts including quality products, excellent prices and reliable shipping times (which allows customers more time to receive their goods).

How do I get my partner to propose?

Ask her father for permission.

Buy the ring and hide it somewhere safe, like in a bank vault or under a rock somewhere far away from where she'll find it—or better yet, buy two rings at once so that one is hidden away just in case your plan doesn't work out as well as you'd hoped (but make sure both rings look exactly alike).

Get some sleep before proposing because chances are good that when she wakes up tomorrow morning and sees an engagement ring on her finger, she'll say yes immediately without even thinking about how much money she's spending on something so frivolous! This can help with avoiding any questions regarding why there aren't any pictures of either of us together yet...which could lead into more questioning about whether or not we're actually engaged at all...or worse yet--not engaged at all?? But don't worry; if things get weird after proposing by giving yourself time alone together before making such an important decision then maybe try talking through some things privately first instead? Maybe spend some quality time together watching Netflix shows like Stranger Things while eating ice cream cones afterwards? That way everyone feels happy again smiley

How do you pick an engagement ring if your girlfriend picks it out?

To find the perfect engagement ring for your girlfriend, you should make sure that she is happy with the ring. If she chooses this gift, then it's important for both of you to be on the same page as far as what kind of style and size we want. It can also help to talk about what kind of stones we like in general terms because sometimes certain types may look more expensive than they are while others might be cheaper but still beautiful!

If possible, try shopping around at different stores before making a decision on where to go next (or even trying them out). This will give us an idea of how much things cost so that we can figure out if they're within our budget range or not...and most importantly: Do they fit?

Is a diamond cluster ring tacky for an engagement ring?

A cluster ring is a beautiful way to show off diamonds and create a unique look. Cluster rings are also very popular in the engagement ring industry, making it an easy choice for many couples looking for something special. However, there are some potential complications when choosing this style of wedding band.

First, the term “cluster” may be misleading because there is no actual cluster of diamonds involved in most designs (the exception being those with large center stones). Instead, these rings tend to feature small stones set within circles or squares that form rows similar to rows on an abacus—hence their name! In other words: don't worry about how tacky your future spouse thinks your ring looks! The reason why so many people love this style has nothing do with its appearance but instead stems from its affordability and versatility; since each stone can be set independently from one another without any interference from others nearby it makes them ideal candidates for stacking up multiple smaller ones into larger ones without compromising quality."

We have compiled a list of all that you need to know about buying your ring online

How to buy an engagement ring online

Choosing the right ring for your partner

Why you should always get help from a jeweller when buying an engagement ring online


We hope this article has helped you to understand the most important things you need to know about engagement rings on-line. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by prizzy2(m): 11:09am On Dec 13, 2022
Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by eboniest(f): 10:08pm On Jan 01
A fair curvy lady specifically in ikorodu is needed to model a clothing brand..Dm asap
Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by eboniest(f): 11:41am On Jan 02
A fair curvy lady specifically in ikorodu is needed to model a clothing brand..Dm asap
Still searching
Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by iamkheedah(m): 4:13pm On Jan 03
Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by Nobody: 9:52pm On Jan 13
I want to apply for loan/investment to uplift my business, kindly message on WhatsApp for better discussion 07015371845

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