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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 12:09am On Oct 02, 2018

Rune woke up head ringing but otherwise he was okay, he looked at his shoulder and saw it wrapped neatly and he felt little pain, he stood up and couldn't believe that he could, he saw inari's body on a high slab like the one he just got down from, he looked around and realised he was in a mountain and the four ladies that assisted him and inari were all seated by the fire for warmth, “seems you are awake” said one with a coarse voice, he saw someone by inari's body tending to her, he could swear they were all seated by fire but how in seven hell's had that one escaped his sight, with the way she cared for inari, rune concluded that maybe she was a former nurse and she was motherly and gentle.

“where am I?” he asked, the motherly one replied, “out west” rune shivered, everyone in the county believed nothing was out here in the west, just wastelands and mountains, hearing that witch prove his beliefs otherwise made him feel ignorant, that means people inhabited this mountains or maybe there were the only four inhabitants plus the dead wolf and other wood creatures, rune looked at the motherly witch and saw her features for the first time,
Fiery hair poured over the witch's shoulders like red hot filaments. The horrors of her face hid in the darkness of her hat. Her skin was coarse like sun-baked toad skin. Black diamond eyes, like the gates to hell, sparkled over a nose crumpled and deformed like a rotting apple. A hostile smile played over her lips whispering evil spells, barely moving her protruding jaw or the teeth blacker than coal. Her clothes were raw animal skins and relics as jewellery. From her waist dangled a small bundle of exotic herbs.

“she can't survive it” said the witch with the coarse voice, rune frowned at her, “no, do whatever you can to save her or I end your lives”, the coarse witch laughed loudly and the whole mountain shook, she stood up facing rune, “end our lives you say mortal?” rune could see a pitiful look on the motherly witch's face, but it faded as soon as it surfaced. Rune tried to make a threatening stance but couldn't, how could you fight four witches with no weapon and no dark object of your own, the coarse witch turned her back and turned back around immediately with her hand streched out, a ball of fire rolled past her and towards rune, he rolled on the ground but a little fire caught his shirt, he put it out by rubbing it on the ground, he stood up again, the witch smiled, she stretched out her left hand, rune ran towards her with a defiant yell, she turned her left hand into a fist and rune got rooted to a spot, he couldn't move nor fidget about, she raised her right hand and a fire ball arose from it, with the spell of her left hand keeping rune rooted in a spot and whoosh she released the fire ball, the ball bit rune in the chest tossing him backwards and he could swear he heard the motherly one yelp and he fell to the ground, the coarse witch smiled once again and turned her back to face her companions, “it's time to toss them into the fire” she said grinning.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by skubido(m): 12:33pm On Oct 02, 2018
Welcome ooo

Op tanks a lot for the update

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by pacifust058(m): 1:15pm On Oct 02, 2018
Thanks for the update, keep it flowing
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Ibunkun1(m): 3:48pm On Oct 02, 2018
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 4:16am On Oct 03, 2018
And where do y'all think you going?” asked rune as he stood up with his shirt burned but otherwise he looked fine, the sisters awed, stared at him, “impossible” whispered the coarse one, apart from his shirt burning, there was a mark on his chest like a whorl, glowing brightly red like a kindled fire, a mark they thought they would never see again, the mark of the cursed one, the mark wasn't there before when they were tending to his wounds or it was hidden with a great spell, but there was no witch apart from the four of them, nothing made sense to them, but they couldn't let the mere mortal see then terrified. The coarse one regained herself and took charge of the situation, “how far would you go to save her?” she asked, rune set his anger aside and faced them, “madly far” he replied, the witches turned their backs on him and went to sit by the fire, confused he followed them but stayed close to inari's body in case they tried anything funny.

“you are all alone mere mortal, no allies and no money ” said the coarse witch, the motherly one spoke next, “the one you so hate has it all, the lands of your father and the lands you fought and sweat for” rune could see they knew him or maybe they consulted and gained their knowledge through their crafts, “why not become a lone army, we can bestow upon you the strength of a thousand men mere mortal” that sounded great to rune but he could see the motherly one didn't quite agree with that but she said nothing, “what do I have to do?” he said, the coarse one waved her hand behind rune and a large pit dug out with a greenish substance filling it up, “to save your friend, you will have to die” said the coarse one, rune shivered, how could he Trust these witches, what if after their spells and all he ended up dead and inari also with him, he couldn't trust them but their offer was tempting, “decide fast, time ain't friendly here” said the motherly one.

Rune looked away from the witches and at inari,at least if he could save her life and rained down vengeance on his enemies, he would feel better for not being able to save his brother, inari's breath was getting shallower, death was knocking, “I'll do it” he said, the coarse one spoke, “when it's all said and done, you will feed the being within you souls, and wherever your blood has been shed dear mortal, after all this, you must never step foot onto the land never again” rune tried to talk back but couldn't, now that he thought of it, this was a really bad idea, the first time he was accused of treason with his brother on the throne, the fight inside the palace, his blood was spilled during the fight to free himself, his first battle upon landing on the islands, against the wunka tribe, his blood was spilled and when he was sailing to the grulust tribe his blood was also spilled, now it dawned on him, almost everywhere ain't safe for him after his feat of vengeance, at the end of the day he would be a pariah, he tired to speak out again but couldn't, “see you on the other side mortal” said the motherly one as she waved her hand and a strong wind pushed rune back into the large pit, he landed into the thick greenish substance, he tried to swim out but the substance kept tugging him in till he sank, it was then he knew this was a very fucking bad idea.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by skubido(m): 12:56pm On Oct 03, 2018
Tanks for the update
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 1:39pm On Oct 03, 2018
Tanks for the update

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Ann2012(f): 10:43pm On Oct 03, 2018
Well done OP
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 12:57am On Oct 06, 2018


Glenn stood with a lot of engineers and was showing them something on a paper, Elmer stood in the distance staring at the collasoal structure they were erecting, they were making great progress and he was sure that mother would be proud of their works, Elmer glanced over and saw his brother instructing the workers in the distance and that brought a smile on his face, he was glad his brother was owning up to his responsibilities and not bedding whores. Responsibility can really change a man.

if their mother hadn't been bold and overthrown the golden prince, they would all be his surbodinates and they wouldn't be lords with lands to to their names, their mother really did step up and really people loved her and historians had her name down as the first female to rule over the county and the whole islands and the first female most brilliant strategist, he walked down to his brother and they hugged each other, “I'm glad to see you working hard” said Elmer, Glenn scoffed, they went under a canopy and poured themselves a glass of wine, “we both know mother would be all up my ass if I stayed behind”, Elmer always seems to find his brother funny.

“I have to get back brother” said Glenn, Elmer frowned, “but you been doing so well”, Glenn sighed and looked into his brother's eyes, “I have a LovePeddler booked brother, everyone saw me here today and I trust you to have my back” Elmer sighed deeply keeping silent, he drowned another glass of wine, “fine, you can leave, I'll sing songs of good deeds to mother's ears about your help here today” Glenn blushed and slapped his brother on his shoulder, “thank you” he whispered, he walked away and called to his servants, they went to him and sailed away from the shores, Glenn waved at his brother, Elmer waved back nodding as his brother's ship disappeared from sight.

ELMER ordered for some food to be brought and the guards scurried around to set his table and chair, he sat down and opened the plate
in front of him, the scent travelled fast and elmer inhaled it gladly, he took the chicken and devoured it, he set the meat down and he poured himself some wine,
swallowed it in a gulp, he was about to take another bite from the meat that was when he noticed the grasses in front of him were turning yellow and dying, he looked up and was lucky to see a whole blade of grass dry up, he dropped the meat and stood up, he followed the dried up grasses and was out in the open and he could see the other workers staring in disbelief too, before he coild say anything, the skies grew dark like it was about to rain, thunder rumbled, they all looked up the sky but what added to their shock was that the lightening instead of being white was green which was abnormal, in the distance there was a huge wind which had coalesced around something which they cannot yet make sense of, several green sparks swirled in the air like a silent firework going down a plug hole. But instead of vanishing when they reached the center of the vortex, they clumped together until they had formed an amorphous blob the size of an average man. Then it began to spin around on an entirely different axis like a spinning top and began to gust around it ,tables and chairs the workers had hid under began to move toward it, it spoke to them. "I'm back”


Re: Dark Coward Prince by Ann2012(f): 6:32am On Oct 06, 2018
Rune is back cool

Thanks OP
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Ibunkun1(m): 9:44am On Oct 06, 2018
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Evold: 1:36pm On Oct 06, 2018
Welcome back rune
Re: Dark Coward Prince by skubido(m): 1:48pm On Oct 06, 2018
OP tanks for the update
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 4:48am On Oct 07, 2018
in a couple minutes they all could see who it was, at first they all thought it was a trick of the eyes but
the figure took three careful steps and they all could see it was the golden prince. THE only thing that came to elmer's mind was his mother's overprotectiveness, the widow had always insisted that he took as many guards as possible but he always debuffed his mother's warning due to the fact that they were enjoying two years of peace and there was no evidence of any lord trying to stir up any war but his mother had always pressed the matter but due to his stubborness he always heeded but the soldiers with him today were no more than ten, the guards needed no one to tell them their jobs so they fanned out to attack the golden prince.

RUNE drew his sword grinning widely as four guards approached him, he raised his sword towards the sky, the thunder rumbled loudly again then
his eyes took a greenish hue like that of the lightening in the skies, he pointed his sword at the four guards and the lightening strucked them down he was amazed by the might of his powers but as lovely as that was, he still wanted to test the full capacities of his powers, and make his enemies suffer like he did, as ignorant as he was with everything he still felt like he knew exactly what to do, he stared at his dead enemies and they were all naught but bones, he stepped forward stepping on his dead enemies bones making them crush beneath his boots and another set of four soldiers came at him, one swinged and the other three got into position by surrounding him, their weapons clashed and it sparked for a momeent, rune stepped
backwards but another guard was there to stab him behind the back, he only felt a scratch and that angered him, he stabbed the guard with his blade without looking back, he took his stance again and the fight ensued, two guards rushed him giving him no time to dodge their blows but he moved so graciously and swiftly that in two careful steps he was right behind them, the guards yelled and came again but what greeted their eyes was unexpected, rune moved in such unnatural speed, one moment he was right far in front of them and the next he was standing toe to toe with them, one managed to stick his sword in him but that did nothing, rune grabbed the other guard's neck and raised him up, the one who stabbed him wanted to try again but rune stabbed him right in the throat, he withered up into bones and rune dropped him carelessly onto the ground, the one he grabbed by the neck was fidgetting trying to free himself, he was kicking and trying to claw at rune but that didn't bother
him, rune opened his mouth and his jaws widened up abnormally, ever since the fight started, his enemies smelled like food to him and he didn't know if that was good or bad, as the guard saw how abnormally the prince's mouth widened he knew it was all over, rune tightened his grip on his neck his jaws widened more and the life could be seen literally leaving the guard body from his mouth and the green entity was flowing immensely into rune's body till the guard was nothing but bones.

THE last two guards shivered and couldn't believe their eyes, it was like they were all witnessing a nightmare, as scared as they looked and felt they still drew their weapons, rune stood in front of them, one slashed at him, rune grabbed his blade with his hand, the other tried to chop the hand off but rune slapped him with the back of his hand so hard that his ribs cracked loudly as he fell several feets backwards bleeding, rune plucked the heart out of of the other guard's chest pushing him to the ground, rune walked majestically to where the guard with cracked ribs laid bleeding and suffocating because of his cracked ribs, rune looked at him once with nothing but cruelty in his eyes and he stepped on his head smashing it, he raised his foot again and smashed it to his satisfaction as he crushed his head and brain matter spilled all over the wet sand, a quick breeze and rune looked up to see elmer running for his life, he ran towards the uncompleted building, rune noddeed, humans will always be humans, running when it was obvious that your enemy runs faster than you do, it was like trying to outrun a fox, he only got a few distance and rune was in front of him, he gasped in surprise before he could say anything which rune knew would be full of apologies, he grabbed his neck, looked him directly in the eye and stabbed him in the throat, he
couldn't even make any choking sound, and rune was glad he even deprived him of that, he only looked surprised as the life left his body and he withered into bones. rune dropped him and stepped towards the colossal building, he brought his hands together above one another and his hands lightened up in green sparks and then green flames, he yelled as he streched them forward at the building setting it ablaze, the green fire burned brighter than any fire rune had ever seen, as the big building started crumbling,rune stepped backwards ands the hurt was obvious on his face, all these could be his but the widow had to Bleep everything up by killing him and everything he loved, the building all came to shambles, satisfied he turned his back and returned to whence he came from.


Re: Dark Coward Prince by pacifust058(m): 7:35am On Oct 07, 2018
I really wish he remain human to achieve his cause
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Ann2012(f): 9:24am On Oct 07, 2018
Re: Dark Coward Prince by nastynic(m): 3:28pm On Oct 07, 2018

This One na Correct action Film
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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 12:11am On Oct 08, 2018

"HE'S made his first kill" said the motherly one, they all didn't want to speak, why would they, after all these decades thinking the cursed one had been murdered as an infant only to find out he was alive and well and they were the ones who assisted in awakening his dark powers just like the prophecy had said, "what do we do?" asked the fourth sister who had never spoken before, "we should have killed him" said the sister with a bad foot and she spat into the fire, and the fire blazed up brighter as angry as her words sounded, the coarse sister sprang up from her seat obviously angry, "and you think i didn't try that?" she said face crumpled into angry slits, they all stared at her with utter surprise, they all were present during the cursed one transformming ritual but didn't notice she had tried to take his life, "we all know what his being alive means, we have to find a way to end him and also we know he would want to see his companion even though we commanded him not to" said the motherly one, the sister with the bad foot also stood up angrily, limping away from the fire, "life here is miserable that's for sure, but i will not be put to the ground by a fuckin mere mortal", and she made her way out of the mountains, "whoever concealed him from us must have been a very powerful witch, but who would have betrayed our order and protected one meant to end us all" said the motherly one, the coarse sister shrugged and replied, "perks of being of royal blood sister, your money can buy anything, and we are winning already, he was born and destinied to doom everything he touches, it's only a matter of time fore he dooms her too, but as shirley has spoken, we must stand together as one to fight him, we are the only ones left and this act of valor can bring us good graces in the eyes of our lord"


Re: Dark Coward Prince by Evold: 7:39am On Oct 08, 2018
Rune has so many enemies. Hope he succeeds and become human again
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Ibunkun1(m): 3:35pm On Oct 08, 2018
Geeeez,i'm loving This.Rune Does Not Even Know Who He Is
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 12:10am On Oct 10, 2018

AS soon as their ship almost reached dryland, the widow jumped off it not minding cries of worries from the elite lords, it was hard coming to the realty
that she had just lost one of her sons, her skirt swished and got clumped together as they came in contact with the sea water and became wet, art jumped after her with his sword drawn and his eyes alert of the surroundings, Everything was the same and different. The winter trees stood naked as they had before, but their twigs curled in a distorted way, as if the tree itself screamed in pain. The sky was a mass of grey cloud, again so ordinary for November, but instead of letting small shafts of light through they emitted an ethereal glow.

The wind was just as bitter as the day before, coming straight from the north, but the scent was something else, metallic almost, with a tinge of acrid burning.in the distance which stood the incompleted structure of beauty and excellence now stood nothing but utter shambles, dust and ashes, the first thing that made the hairs on the widow's body stand up was the grass, the last time she was here the vegetation around was alive and the grasses around were green and vibrant even though the summer months were up, that shouldn't have caused the whole vegetaion to die, she glanced sideways and what greeted her eyes was a massive burn in the ground and beneath it were heaps of bones in burnt kingguards clothing, she looked away and kept her eyes forward, in front of her were four guards which were also naught but bones, she stepped up to them to take a closer look, she sighed heavily, people only become bones when they have been dead for a long period of time, and that long period means decades of being buried and worms feasting off your carcass, but these men have only been dead for nothing less than a day, she noticed a body far away from the others dressed in beautiful colours and she needed no soothsayer to tell her who that was, she strode towards the body and her breath got struck in her throat, she couldn't cry, no she mustn't cry, not in front of these people, she bent down and caressed her son's bones, although he was naught but bones but the widow could read and interprete the look on her son's face, it was nothing other than utter surprise, like he knew who his killer was or he was surprised at who it was, she caressed him again and could feel a presence at her back also kneeling down behind her, "what do you make of this?" she asked him without looking back knowing fully well it was art, he stared at the body again, no bones, and sighed "to be honest, haven"t seen anything like this in my fucking life", the widow kept caressing her son gently like she didn't want him to break, "what do you reckon did this, man or beast?", art stood up making the widow look back at him, he offered his hand to her to get her back to her feet, she took it and stood toe to toe facing him, "i guess its time we talk to the witness" replied art, the widow nodded amd they walked back to where everybody was.

THE witness was a short balding man with wrinkled face and calloused hands,trembled trying not to look at the deaad bodies. he bowed his head as he saw the widow and art approaching. "g'day mister" said art in his most tender voice, the man still obviously frightened didnt raise his head, "you can look up you know" he
said again, the man raised his head slowly and met art's face, "we brought you here to ask you a few questions about what happened", the man looked at him with distrustful eyes, art sighed and took a step closer to him, "of coursr if you aint ready, we will all understand", the other lords scoffed and art could hear their scoffs dying in their breath, even without looking back, he knew the widow must have shot them a silencing look, the man fidgeted scratching his elbow hesitating "it was a fine morning, everything was going well until the storm came" said the man, art was confused, "a storm?" he asked,the man nodded, art knew that look on his face and he also knew that if he does not prod further, the man would stop talking, but the man continued anyway without no prep talk, " it wa'nt no normal storm i tell you, it was pure and dark socery, there was a man in it" although art didnt believe in God and everything divine, he also didn't believe in witches and their
craft, "a man you say?" asked the widow, the man nodded, "did you get to see who it was?", the man shivered for like a minute and he nodded,
"he came for them and rained down the storm on them, anytime he stabs them with his cursed blade they wither up into nothing but bones", now that was something art haven't heard before, he did noticed the torn fabric on the guards clothing but since they were all bones, he couldn't be sure it was a sword cut, he knew what the
widow's thoughts would be and those were his initial thoughts too; his first thought was that maybe this were the handiwork of the other lords in their attempt to overthrow the widow, but how could they get human bodies to wither into bones without burning them, but his mind kept telling him this was out of the ordinary, even if it wasn't witchcraft, hell because didnt believe such things who ciuld design such blade that turned people into bones, and that was where he knew this wasn't their handiwork, they werent all that bright and smart and although they haven't tried anyrhing these past two years the widow have been on the throne but there was always a first time for everything.

"I KNOW you wont believe me but it was the golden prince." the other lords all bursted into laughter, "silence" yelled art, the other lords became silent with raw hatred and anger on their faces, ever since the widow assumed control art had always been disrespectful and he walked around like he was better than them all, although he has no lands and title to his name, he was nothing but the widow's faithful dog but the widow also didnt stop her dog yapping at them and keep him at ease, "you are sure it was rune?" asked the widow, the man nodded, art placed his hand on his shoulder to placate him and mouthed the words "i believe you" the man calmed a little, art brought out a small pouch filled with coins, "for your time" , the man was skeptical at first but art insisted and he took it. The widow approached art, "do you think he is back?" she asked, art didnt even know how much of what the man told them he believed, but in the depths of his mind he somehow hoped rune lived, but what was the point, he would be alone, no allies, no money, no army and he would have to die all over again. Art sighed gently "what i know is that there is a murderer on the loose and we have to stop him before he strikes again". he could see that the widow wasn't convinced, "you know they hate you right?" she said nodding at the other lords in the distance, art scoffed, "they all are naught but words no action", that brought a smile to the widow's face, "is that what you tell yourself to sleep at night", art returned the smile and they went to join the other lords "carry my son's corpse" she
said at the guards, they strode to where his bones laid and carried him with as much respect they would if he was alive and they all got aboard to sail back home.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by skubido(m): 8:52am On Oct 15, 2018
Tanks for the update
Re: Dark Coward Prince by pacifust058(m): 9:41am On Oct 15, 2018
Thanks for the update
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 2:20pm On Oct 15, 2018

SEEING her brought a little life onto rune's face, apart from looking a little bit pale and skinny, she was fine, rune made sure he was well hidden, the sisters gave him strict instructions not to see her ever again that she would never recognise him again and that he should never step foot on his father's land and the lands he sweat for, very huge prices to pay for the powers bestowed upon him and resurrecting inari, but how could he be around inari and be commanded not to see her. They were in a forest far from the mountains, rune could guess inari was on an errand for the sisters, he glanced up trying to get a full view of the forest, The forest was ancient. The trees thick and old, roots that were twisted. It might once have been filled with bird-song and animals that roamed. But now it was ages past its former glory. It's canopy was so dense that you could only see the occasional streak of sunlight that rarely touched the forest floor. Even its thick vines were slowly taking away the last remnants of the temple that stood in the centre.

Rune could swear she looked much more beautiful than before, she was in another garment, and it was weird seeing her in different clothes other than her ragged ones, she was busy fetching dry tree branches here and there without a care in the world, rune was tempted to speak with her but held himself back, he wished he could have a few words with her, hear her voice and also hear her laugh, he smiled knowing fully well he at least saved her life even though he couldn't save his brother, thinking about his brother brought his brother's words ringing in his head, 'you know the circumstances surrounding the death of the widow's husband ain't natural, ask anybody'. That reignited his anger and made him think himself a fool, why didn't he not know the widow was plotting against him, in the whole county she was known as a smart business woman and why did she invest in him in the first place, a lot of questions were running around his mind like a caged animal and he needed answers, no answers are good excuses but the truth of the matter was that he needed to kill again, to make him S enemies suffer ten times worse than he did, but what life would he live after his feat of vengeance, he tried not to think about that as he got away from the forest as quiet as possible.


Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 11:02am On Oct 17, 2018

Magnificent braziers surrounding each of the sixteen marble columns light up every part of the great hall and bathe it in an orange glow. The tapestries depicting the kingdom hanging from the terraced ceiling dance in the flickering light while carved images look down upon the grey wood floor of this royal hall.

A ruby rug runs down from the stairs and splits to encircle the entire hall while rounded banners with adorned ornaments swing gently from the walls. Between each banner stands a tall candle, almost all of them have been lit and in turn illuminate the statues of folk heroes and legends below them.
Modest windows are shrouded by drapes colored the same ruby as the banners. The curtains have been adorned with jewels and fancy tassels.

THE hall was drizzling with life and the noise was loud enough to rejuvenate the hearing of the deaf, a lot of people could be seen, dressed in fancy outfits and the ladies in revealing gowns and tight fitted skirts, glenn strode into the room with his arms around the necks of two young, vibrant and godly georgeous ladies with mean looking men at his back, as he made his entrance, everyone cheered abd the musicians increased the tempo at which they played and logan couldn't me much more annoyed. Apart from him hating parties and loud places, he still couldn't comprehend how the young son of the widow cared less for his life, it has been two days since his elder brother glenn died and rumors had staeted circulating that tne dead golden prince was back from the dead and was taking people that caused his death, he never knew glenn that well but art had pulled him aside and assigned him with the job of protecting the wild son, he understood why and he didn't complain or prod further, he was art's most trusted soldier and fierceful warrior and obviously art couldn't leave the widow ripe for attacking for whoever the killer was, glenn took his seat on a long fluffed soft chair which was meant only for the VIP, the ladies with him sat too but logan stood not too close and not too
far, he deployed men around the entrances; front and back, the exits and regions upstairs too, he returned back to his station to see one of the georgeous ladies whisper into glenn's ear and she started giggling, "relax logan, and have some fun" said glenn as he spread his arms out gesturing at the different ladies in the hall "am sorry my prince, am fine as i am" he replied in his cool voice, glenn grinned and spoke with pity in his voice, "i think the ladies like you more than they do me"
he stood up and walked up to logan placing his hands on his shoulders, "relax, i'm safe here, nothing can get me here", logan sighed slowly in relief, at least
someone was optimistic and that calmed him, glenn raised his hands and yelled at the top of his voice, "let the fucking party begin", everyone yelled in unison and the ladies shriked too, the pretty ladies that came with glenn stood up and took positions beside him, logan looked at them once and could see one with her cleveages almost
popping out, she also had oceanic blue eyes with a good curve, he swallowed some spit and looked away, the lady smiled and planted a kiss on glenn dancing to the music in the room.

LOGAN kept a watchful eye on everything, those who were in his eye range signal to him time to time which also calmed his nerves, no matter how good the
golden prince was in battle, he wouldn't dare attack a full house with a lot of armed guards, and even if he was mad enough to, this was a party, as soon as hell breaks loose, everywhere will be disoriented with people running for their lives, and that would give the widow's son time to escape through the back with no hiccups.
Party was going well, check, everyone in here were safe, check, security was tight and everywhere was sealed tight with various armed and trained soldiers manning the exits, double check, logan sighed as he saw glenn dancing with the pretty ladies, for a moment he wished he could trade places with him but a real man accepts whatever life he's being given, he tore his eyes away from them and looked at his men for another update which they gave without wasting time,as soon as he looked back at glenn he saw him and the girls giggling and dragging their drunk selves away from the crowd and up onto the stairs to continue the party upstairs in a private room, logan
ran up to them as soon as they were on the stairs, before he could grab glenn by his cloth, glenn seized hold of his arm fastly as he turned back to face him, logan was shocked, no one told him glenn could fight, infact no one thought he could, everyone looked at him and thought of him being just wild and enjoys life, "logan, relax, nothing has happened so far, unless you would like to watch me devour these ladies or teach me something new, i don't see how you would be useful in that room", logan flushed with embarassment, he could feel glenn's grip loosen, he bowed and watched as glenn and the ladies kept giggling till they entered one of the rooms

THE ladies sheriked as thunder boomed loudly in the sky followed by lightening, logan who was almost off the stairs turned around with his hand on his sword, he was on his heels about to run up the stairs again when he heard the ladies laughing at their foolishness of being scared of a mere thunder, he could also hear glenn laughing with them, he sighed relaxing his nerves and took a seat on the last flight of stairs, "i'm surprised logan aint banging at the door right now" said glenn admist laughs, the other lady spoke, "and say what exactly?", the one with the blue oceanic eyes replied, "he will be like; my prince are you alright,
thought these ladies were too much for you" they all bursted into another fit of laughter as the lady with the oceanic blue eyes mimicked and got logan's voice right, glenn stepped up to her, grabbed her by the waist and planted on her lips a kiss, the other lady giggled and went towards the bed to UnCloth, glenn continued kissing the lady with the pretty eyes and they also made their way towards the bed to finalise everything, glenn groped her ass and pushed her a little unto the bed, they all giggled again as glenn took off his shirt, waved it in the air like you wave a flag at an important city festival or carnival, and he jumped into bed with them. the ladies pushed him down on the bed and got on top of him, "what services would you like today m'lord" said the other lady, glenn streched out his hands in surrender and said "whatever's best on the menu" the ladies smiled and they took off his trousers revealing his undergarment, as the other lady was taking that off too, the one with the pretty eyes grabbed his groin and glenn let out a lenghty sigh, the lightening striked again but without the thunder, this time around this was of no concern to glenn and the ladies, they were almost on board to a voyage of sexual fantasies.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Evold: 9:57am On Oct 18, 2018
It's a good day to die after enjoying every thing. RIP in advance Glenn
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 1:55pm On Oct 18, 2018
there was a swish sound but no one took notice, they were all high on different planes, the lady with the pretty oceanic eyes was kissing the other lady when she felt something was wrong, she had her eyes closed for the kiss, she opened them and what greeted her eyes were the other lady's bones, she opened her mouth to scream but rune stabbed her from behind and she withered into bones, glenn was also on his plane when the other lady was rubbing his groin, he couldn't feel her hands no more and he smiled to himself with his eyes closed knowing fully well maybe the lady was about to perform another tantalizing trick, "you naughty, naughty gem" he said, he waited and waited but nothing happened, he heard something slump onto the bed beside him, he opened his eyes, glanced sideways and saw nothing but human bones, he needed no seer to tell him what he should do next and he also had no time to think, he could feel another presence in the room but didn't bother to check who it was out, there was a swish sound of a blade in the air directed at him, he didnt see the sword coming at him but he could tell the swing was above his head, he flattened himself on the bed and wasted no time in rolling off the bed onto the ground, within that same short period of time, he reached out under the bed unsheated his own blade and stood on his feet. "impressive" said rune, glenn recognised that voice and knew he was done for, that was the voice of the dead golden
prince, the voice was still the same although it had a little sizzling spark to it, he needed to stall and waste time so he could get past rune, get outside and call for logan, "just couldn't resist my mom uhn" said glenn with a fake smile on his face, now he saw rune clearly as another lightening striked outside, he looked the same but his hair looked longer,and vengeance coule be seen literally boldly written on his face, he couldn't shout, no one would hear shit, the music and screams of
euphoric alcoholic joy was on everyone, he glanced back at the bed and he saw the bones, what a waste he thought, "you gon stand there all night or what" said glenn as he raised his sword and leapt for rune.

And Logan was walking down the hallway, covered in a light armor as if he was a knight, though he knew that was not to be. His blond hair had once again messed up, and he was whistling a low tune to himself. Being a party bore was one of the few saddening things in life, Logan sat at the foot of the stairs and his men kept updating him, still nothing. And it was whenever you think nothing was happening that something was happening, he glanced at everyone dancing and flirting with the ladies but nothing was out of place, it was then it hit him, the golden prince was a coward and doesn't even fancy parties, meaning if he was trying to get to Glenn, he doesn't have to blend with the party crazed people, he will have to get into the hall even before anyone was there, “Bleep!” he yelled as another lightening followed by a thunder boomed in the sky and raced up the stairs with his sword drawn.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 1:57pm On Oct 18, 2018
It's a good day to die after enjoying every thing. RIP in advance Glenn

Lol, and I tot I was the psychopathic one grin

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by skubido(m): 2:06pm On Oct 18, 2018
Tank For the update
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Jayslyder: 6:37pm On Oct 18, 2018
another one bites the dust
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 3:03am On Oct 19, 2018
Rune parried and parried Glenn attacks on purpose, he didn't want to grant him a quick death whatsoever, but he kept inflicting upon him minor injuries with his fists, after about six attempts to injure rune with his sword became futile, Glenn was sweating and panting like a motherfucker and rune wasn't even fazed at all, he looked fine and Glenn was the opposite of fine, he had a broken nose, his right foot was limping, rune grinned, “who taught the young cub how to bite, lemme guess, must be mommy with sticks and a good swordsman”, he attacked again as rune's laughter irritated him, rune sighed, he was now bored, seeing the young man limping and bleeding out the nose, he had never met anyone that could match him yet even with his powers, as Glenn came at him again, he dodged and stabbed him in his left arm and withdrew his blade again. Glenn shivered, he felt no pain and there was no blood, he held his arm and stared at it, he couldn't scream, his arm was jiggling freely and it was skeletal bone, he pranced again and rune blocked his attack with his hand and used his second hand to hit him hardly in the chest, the action which sent Glenn sprawling backwards hardly as he cracked several ribs, he hit the door and broke it with the staircases railing preventing him from falling downstairs, he was lying on the ground outside the room trying to get up as he grabbed the railing, he saw Logan running up the stairs with his sword drawn and a look of surprise on his face as he saw Glenn on his back with one hand nothing but bones, before Logan could speak, someone came out of the room, with the door broken it took no time and it was no other person than the dead prince.

HE looked a little taller and his hair was longer, it was at that moment logan realised glenn was bleeding both from the nose and mouth, choking and couldn't cry for help, multiple fractured ribs and maybe a broken back, before the intake of three short breathes, rune stabbed glenn in the eye and watched satisfactory as he withered, he kicked his bones backwards making it fly in the air and onto the dance floor, people screamed and that brought logan back to his senses, he leapt for rune as his men all came running to support him, their swords clashed and logan could see rune grinning, although he had never fought or trained with the prince but it seems the rumors were true, he was hella strong, he grunted trying to match his strength, he disengaged while rune made a move for it by slashing his blade across his face, logan rolled away grabbing the railing for support, before he could regain his balance, rune slashed again but a lot of spears swished past logan and into rune, logan watched in awe as the spears broke into pieces as they came into contact with rune's skin, the prince glanced down at his chest obviously in anger but when he looked back up, his eyes were blindily green, everyone tried to sheild their eyes from the prince's eyes, a strong wind swept past logan's face and what accompanied it were cries of agonies from his men, everything happened so fast logan's eyes couldn't even catch up with it, one moment rune was in front of his men, they swinged their blades at him, there was a blur of wind, before he could try to see where next he was, one of his men's heart flew right at his face, they tried to man up and kept swinging at the prince but were always a second too late, either a heart was flying across his face, it was sometimes an arm, leg or even the whole lower part of the human body, everywhere was covered in blood and his men were all turning into bones right in front of him, it was at that moment he knew this enemy was nothing they could all face with their crude weapons and also at that moment it became crystal clear he had failed art and the widow, he yelled
and went for rune again, this time his move was calculated, seems nothing could penetrate the prince's body but no matter how tough your skin was, the eyes was another place to place his bet, even if his eyes were inpenetrable, he would feel the pain and the short time befotre those eyes heal he would have a chance to escape, he yelled and ran towards the prince, as he was almost close, he climbed the railing to jump and reach his eyes, rune turned to face logan still feeling his whole being coming alive as the thrill was just surfacing, he turned his back to see logan leap in the air with two daggers in his hands.

SMART thought rune, but he wasn't here to recruit men under him, he dodged his face out of the dagvgers ways and stabbed logan in the back as he fell to the ground, rune turned to saee him back on his feet sweaating but was otherwise alright, it was at that moment he caught the smell of metal, logan was wearing an
armor underneath his clothes, smart he thought again, that was something he liked about art, as perfect as he was he always found people somehow up to his standards, "a good day to die, don't you agree?" asked rune
He attacked rune by slamming his sword down into his chest, rune gave Logan a backhand slap across the face but Logan was faster as he crawled behind the prince immediately he saw again no blade could cut his skin, he kicked the prince in the back and took another stance some distance away, rune laughed as he turned to face him, “ahhhhhhhhh!” yelled Logan as he raised his sword and leapt for rune again, he slashed right at his face which he got accurately but instead of hitting something there was nothing but wind, he regained his stance and the prince was nowhere to be found, he glanced around, moved a little forward and slashed at the air but nothing, he turned right, slashed at the air again and nothing but still he kept his eyes and ears open and alert for any movements, a strong wind swept past him and he swinged his sword in that direction but there was nothing, there was a silent swish sound but before he could make sense of where it originated, his left leg broke loose from under him, “ahh!” he yelled as he saw his leg on the floor in front if him turning into bones, he almost fell but tried to maintain balance with one foot, another sound came and his left hand went off too, rune grinned as he made himself visible again and stabbed him in the crown of the head and slapped his head off his neck and watched as he slumped over the ground. Rune clasped his hands together igniting the fire in his hands and burnt the whole place to the ground.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by skubido(m): 10:00am On Oct 19, 2018

Tanks for the update

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