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The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 2:49pm On May 02, 2018
Story By: Mbulu Mundia
Chapter 1
. On a friday afternoon, she went down
the river to watch the sun set. It was
amazing to watch it go beyond the
horizon. It relaxed her mind though it
brought bad memories.
So many years ago, she used to come and watch it
disappear with her
father. He would carry her on the
shoulders and take her there.
“We wish you a merry chrismosh and
a wappy new year” she had sung
enjoying the ride on his shoulders. “You got the words
wrong again
Cathy and its not yet christmas” he
corrected her.
“I know the words dad, it’s just that I
don’t have my front teef” she
defended herself She was six at the time and life was
Now that was a good memory which
however broke her heart. That wasnt
the only memory though.
Few years ago she had walked on that river bank with a
man whom she
loved so much, or should I say with
a man whom she believed she loved
so much. But love had played a trick
on her and she would never forgive it
for being so cruel. She sat down the tree trunk that had
lied there for years. She had sat on it
with her father and she had sat on it
with the man she was in love with ,
who was she going to wit with now.
It was early December and the sandy bank was very wet,
she had her
slippers in her hands , her legs were
digging in the sand unknowingly.
“Life is a gamble. Nothing changes
except people and times and
seasons” she said to herself. “What did you say” a shrilled
came from behind.
She screamed and turned
“Oh Jame, you scared me” she said
giving a sigh of relief and coming
back to reality. “I’m not Jame am Jane” she gigled
“Well your boyfriend is James so am
just doing you justice” said Cathy
“Point of correction he was my ex, no
he was my childhood former crush
not boyfriend” The two girls burst into laughter.
“I heard you say something about
life” said Jane
“Nope, you heard wrong. All I said is
that I enjoy watching the sun set”
she answered. “You will always be a liar Cathy, and
why are you here? ”
To Be Continued


Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 2:59pm On May 02, 2018
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Chapter 2

“Nothing” Cathy answered “I just
came to think about my father” “And your ex” added Jane
“Get out of here” she said hitting her
friend on the shoulder lightly “you
can never hold a conversation
without mentioning boys”
“Ouch that hurt girl” said Jane. “Go join karate if you are
that strong”
Cathy bent down and dug the wet
sand with her hands, moulded it into
a ball and threw it at her friend.
” Goodness Catherine, are you mad?
my hair is…. ” but more sand found its way on her clothes.
She filled her
hands with sand too and threw it
back. They started chasing each
other, their voices echoing against
the river bank. It was almost dark
and the place was deserted. It had rained heavily earlier
and people had
decided to stay indoors.
When they were tired enough , they
lay down facing the heaven.
“We did this a lot when we were
kids” said Jane “Yes and mum always whipped me
while yours never even muttered a
thing to you, yet you are the one who
liked initiating the game” complained
“I ve always been smart” she said with a grin
“Cathy Alfred” Jane blurted out.
“No no, don’t go there, are you mad”
answered Cathy
“Well you need to give him a chance”
pleaded Jane Cathy turned to face her friend and
said” hell no, he is short but
handsome I know. But he is
flirtatious and has a million female
friends. The last time I dated a
handsome guy, he turned out to be a dog. ”
“Don’t compare George to Alfred.
George was a dog from the
beginning” insisted Jane
“Oh please Jame, forget it” she said
standing up and brushing the sand off her wet dress but it
was in vain
because the sand was stuck to the
dress as if magnetised. It looked like
diamonds. She loved her dress. Pink
and flaired and always made her look
and feel younger and she loved that. Some foot steps
were approaching
and she couldn’t make out who it
was because it was dusk. As it came
closer she whispered to Jane
“Some one is coming, any idea who it
could be? ” Jane turned to see a figure
approaching directly where they were
and she said
“Its some one you know. I go now”
she stood up to leave.
“No you did not set me up Jame” cathy said in a whisper
gritting her
“Yes I did love” she answered and
disappeared in the dark
“Stupid girl” Cathy muttered under
her breath. But it turned out to be a dreadful nightmare


Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 9:58pm On May 02, 2018
Chapter 3
The man moved closer to Cathy and
said”you look hot” Cathy could feel the blood in her
veins become hot, how disrespectful
of him to say such a stupid thing,
was he drunk
“Well Alfred am not interested in your
lines. You and Jane planned this I know but guess what,
my answer is
still no. And just a bonus, I ve
already been deflowered, so you can
get lost” she said rudely turning to
It had become very dark and the sky had no light to offer.
It was quete, the
only noise was coming from the
norctunal birds that were singing out
of tune.
Just as she was leaving he grabbed
her hand And pulled her closer to him.
“So Alfred is the boy who has been
running after you. I love girls who
have already been deflowered” he
said hoarsely
It was at this moment that she paid a closer look at the
man, straining her
eyes to see his face, she discovered
that he wasnt Alfred. Alfred never
wore vests without putting anythiwore vests without
putting anything
on top. This man had a stench that
was hard to describe. His body smelt sweat and partly
Catherine felt a chill run down her
spine. She stood petrified. She could
not believe it.
“Let go of me” she said brutally
struggling to free herself but the man tightened the grip on
her arm. He
locked her other arm as much. He
swayed his waist towards her and
moved very close until there wasnt
any space in between them.
He pressed his body against her and she could feel the
stiffness of his
being. She was now breathing
heavily. Her effort to free herself had
proved to be in vain. He had wrapped
her in his arms very tightly.
She knew that shouting would not help at all. And no word
could come
out of her mouth as her throught was
now blocked by a lump of anger and
only tears streamed down. She said
a thousand prayers in a flash.
The man was now running his rough hands all over her
“God save me from this demon ” she
prayed silently
She gathered her strength, raised her
knee and kicked him in the groin. He
immediately let go of her and he staggered backwards,
wincing in
She stood there startled, her legs
betraying her by refusing to move.
She decided to just drag them along
and as soon as she started running, she ran as fast as her
legs and as soon as she started running, she ran as fast
as her legs could
carry her.
But when a dark veil falls upon you
even the oxygen that should save
your life can take it.
It wasnt long before she found herself down. The man had
up with her.
“You bitch! ” he roared as he slapped
her across the face. Suddenly the
sky was filled with stars so close
that she could touch them. She tried to get up and she
received another
one, harder than the first. The stars
continued dancing around her. She
winced in pain as she rolled to face
“You will give it to me baby” he said trying to make her
face up.
‘Come take my umbrella oh little
Cinderella’ Jane’s phone was ringing.
“Any chances of me seeing Catherine
before the day ends? ” it was Alfred.
“But I left you with her at the river , what are you saying”
she asked in a
shaky voice.
“I haven’t seen her today. I know I
was supposed to meet you girls at
the river but you saw how it rained
heavily so I couldn’t move . I ve just dropped from a bus
from home,
hoping to see her ” he said on the
other end of the line.
“Oh no! Oh my goodness, Alfred
Cathy is in grave danger” she
answered her voice now shaking uncontrollably
“What do you mean, did anything
happen to her? ”
Five minutes later, Alfred was at the
river,she went straight at the scene
according to the description that Jane had given him.
The man was struggling to open
Cathy’s legs that she had locked with
her might. He was on top and she
was below
Alfred pulled him and hit him on the mouth. He gave him
another on the
face and he beat him until he was
too weak to stand.
“Are you okey, did he do anything to
you.? ” he asked her, helping her sit
up. Minutes later Jane arrived and she started crying.
“Oh Cathy please forgive me. I had
made an arrangement with Alfred to
come here so that you two could talk
and so when I saw that man coming I
thought it was Alfred Thats why….. ” “Stop it Jane”
interrupted Alfred “you
will explain later. She can’t hear you
now, she is still in shock. ”
He dialed a number and a few
minutes later, two cops arrived at the
scene ……
To be continued

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Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 10:02pm On May 02, 2018
Chapter 4
“I will require all of you to come with
us at the police station for a statement” said one of the
“Uhmm Ben can’t we just give it
here” said Alfred his arms still
wrapping Cathy where they had sat
“We don’t want to attract people’s attention and we don’t
want this to
go public for her reputation” he
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They agreed that the police officers
would go with the man while the rest
went back home. They took Cathy home. Cathy’s mother
who was a
nurse had gone for a one week
workshop in another town. And being
the only child, she was alone, home.
Jane warmed some water for her
bathe and went home. Cathy had stopped her from
preparing food
because she wasn’t hungry.
Minutes later Alfred stood to leave
“I’m going but if you need anything
just call me” he told her, stretching her hand and kissing
“No you can’t go” she said bluntly
“you both can’t leave me alone here.
I’m terrified, please don’t go” she
He stood for a moment, forcing his mind to think fast.
How would he
manage to control himself if he
agreed to spend a night with the
woman whom he was so much in
love with. What if he misbehaved and
did something stupid? , he would push her away and
remain with no
chance to be with her at all. But what
if it was an opportunity? ”
He turned to look at her and said”
I’m sorry Catherine but I have to go,
there is something I must go to work on” he said hoping
desperately that
his judgement was right.
He opened the door and left. His
mother had taught him that the best
thing to do when tempted is to run
away, that way you can’t do what you would regret later.
“Its the right thing” he kept telling
himself hoping to convince himself
Minutes later there was a knock at
the door.
Cathy jumped from the sofa, deciding whether to move to
the door or to
hide in her bedroom.
“Who is there” she asked from a
“Alfred. Its me Alfred” he answered.
Cathy was sure her heart laughed out loud while her lips
simply smiled.
She opened the door half way and
there was Alfred .
“Did you forget anything? ” she asked
“No I will be with you until you sleep.
that was one heck of a horrible evening. ” he said waiting
to be ushered in.
“So what are your hobbies” asked
Alfred trying to break the silence that
was becoming awkward after sitting
in the sofa. They talked about everything, the
weather, politics, education and their
thrilling childhood experiencesthrilling childhood
experiences. It so
happened that they were both
foolhardy but stubborn children.
Eventually Cathy fell asleep and he carried her to the
bedroom. Her
house was a two bedroomed but it
was very much up to standard. It had
everything inside that a house
basically needs.
He put her on the bed and started watching her. She
looked so pretty
even in her sleep. Her big eye lids,
an extended forehead, pointed nose
and wet lips , opposite of his which
were usually dry, overlooking the
swollen face. He ran his hand through her hair and
kissed her on the cheek. He wanted
to move his lips on to her mouth but
the inner voice loudly told him to
stop and he stopped.
He went back to the living room and fell in a sofa.
Minutes later, there was a tap on his
“Mum? Is that you? ” he asked as he
stirred in his sleep.
“Wake up” she smiled. He struggled to open his eyes and
when he finally did he almost died of
It wasn’t his mother but Cathy. He
quickly sat up.
“Cathy you are supposed to be sleeping what are yu doing
here in
the middle of the night? ”
To Be Continued

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Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 10:38pm On May 02, 2018
Chapter 5
Cathy stood looking at him.She gave
him a cup of tea and sat next to him His palms were
sweating. What had
made this woman wake up in the
middle of the night? He loved her so
much but why would she try to do
such a thing? What if she told him to
follow her to the bedroom. He didn’t want things to move
so fast. She
seemed to be a decent girl,why
would she be in such a hurry. How
“I hate loose girls” he thouhgt.How
was he going to turn down her request to go to bed with
her? .
She sat there smiling charmingly,still
with the cup stretched out to him.
“Why aren’t you sleeping? It’s
midnight” he said plainly
“Well look at the wall,its already morning. Are you always
such a
sleepy head.?” she teased
Oh goodness,he thought as he
looked at the wall clock. It was
already 6 o’clock. It felt as though he
had slept for only a few minutes. He felt a sharp pain in
the neck as he
attempted to look for his shoes
“I must’ve slept on one side” he
mumbled touching his neck.
“How stupid” he thought.”so embarassing ,how could I
think that
she came to ask me for sex,am I
mad. How could I even think she is
loose? How shameful,its this stupid
mind of mine. She doesn’t even like
me.” He got he cup of tea and sipped a
few times
“We better be going”
They reached the police station early
enough and found only the officer in
charge. “That man was sentenced to life
imprisonment. He had committed two
rape cases. When they caught him,he
pretended to be mad so he was
instead detained at a mental
institution. He escaped weeks later. They couldn’t find
him. The next time
they heard about him was after he
murdered his wife after having a
heated argumheated argument.
They caught him and he pretended to
be mad again. However at the mental hospitbe mad again.
However at the mental hospital,they
ran tests and observed him and he
was found to be very normal.
He was sent to jail but he managed
to escape three days ago.
He had been on the run since then” explained the officer
in charge.
After giving all the information they
had,Alfred and Cathy walked back
“Thanks very much Alfred,i can’t
imagine what could have happened to me if you didn’t
come to my
rescue” she said holding back tears
“You can’t cry from here Cathy,there
are too many people around. They
will think am dumping you” he said
and they both laughed. She took multiple glances at him
she could see that he was really
She discovered a lot of new things
about him. Despite looking short,he
was actually taller than her. His big intimidating eyes
proved to
be irresistible.
Everytime he looked at her, she felt
like she was being scanned.
She could feel his eyes piercing
through her from every direction. She fell in love with his
habit of licking
the corner of his lower lip after
speaking .
“He is so handsome” she thought
They reached Cathy’s house and he
removed the cloth she had used to cover her face. Her
cheeks were
more swollen than the previous night
Alfred rubbed the cream he had
bought in a pharmaceutical on their
way from the police station on her
face. Her skin was so delicate and
spotless. How could an adult
manage to keep the skin so soft.
After that he picked the broom and
started sweeping
“Oh no Alfred you can’t do that. I will sweep” pleaded
Cathy but he ignored
“I live by myself Cathy, I do the
chores all by myself, all you need to
do is rest” he said after sweeping.
“How old are you? ” asked Cathy. He laughed and he said
“Why are you asking” he inquired
“Nothing” she said avoiding eye
contact “was just asking”
“I know you are 20” he said proudly.
“I know more about you than you think I do”
She just smiled not knowing how to
respond. She was so much in love
that she feared that he might see it.
He said his goodbye and she stood
to give him a hug. They remained locked in each other’s
arms for some
minutes. It was magical.
“You took me to mum’s bedroom
yesterday” she whispered in his ear.
“I did?” He laughed
He told her to call him if she needed anything and
assured her of his call.
And he left.
He switched his phone on and there
were 14 missed calls and 8
messages. He knew he was in
trouble. He dialed a number and said
“Please come to my house as soon
as possible” and he hung up
Cathy went to her bedroom and
stared in the ceiling,hugging the
pillow tightly. She saw herself walking hand pillow tightly.
She saw herself walking hand in
hand with Alfred at the river. Then
they got married and grew old
together. They were so happy. They
had three kids. She saw herself die
with him and they resurrected together and went to
heaven and they
were best of friends.
Minutes later there was a knock at
the door.
“Oh yeah,you came back” she said
running to the door with the widest smile ever which
however faded upon
seeing who it was
“Jame” she said looking
disappointed “come in”
“Disappointed? were you expecting
someone? and what time did Alfred go yesternight? ” and
there was the
smile on Cathy’s face
“Oh my God Cathy,have you finally
fallen in love with him? does he
know? Look at your smile miss”
exclaimed Jane “He didn’t go home,he slept here”
she said calmly
“Oh no Cathy don’t tell me you
“Shut up” she interrupted her friend.”
We didn’t do what you are thinking” She told him
everything and how he
lifted her to her mother’s
bedroom,how he swept the house.
“He is romantic and handsome” she
told Jane
She spent the rest of the day very close to her phone,she
didn’t want to
miss Alfred’s call.
It was evening and there was still no
call. She became very anxious. Why
wasn’t he calling to check on her.
It was night and she kept tossing from side to
side,searching for sleep.
She only managed to fall asleep at
03 a.m
The following day she busied herself
with cleaning the house and later
read a novel but she couldn’t concentrate.
Alfred had still not called. She
wanted to call him but she turned
down the thought.
” He is the one who should call. He
promised,is this how he is.Has he known that I have fallen
for him and
he now wants to punish me?”
She abstained from eating that day
and went to bed early but she
couldn’t fall asleep.
Four days had passed but there was still no call and Jane
was too busy
with work,she hadn’t come to visit
Her mother came back and found her
without a mark of harassment. she
decided to keep it from her. .
Chapter 5
Cathy stood looking at him.She gave
him a cup of tea and sat next to him His palms were
sweating. What had
made this woman wake up in the
middle of the night? He loved her so
much but why would she try to do
such a thing? What if she told him to
follow her to the bedroom. He didn’t want things to move
so fast. She
seemed to be a decent girl,why
would she be in such a hurry. How
“I hate loose girls” he thouhgt.How
was he going to turn down her request to go to bed with
her? .
She sat there smiling charmingly,still
with the cup stretched out to him.
“Why aren’t you sleeping? It’s
midnight” he said plainly
“Well look at the wall,its already morning. Are you always
such a
sleepy head.?” she teased
Oh goodness,he thought as he
looked at the wall clock. It was
already 6 o’clock. It felt as though he
had slept for only a few minutes. He felt a sharp pain in
the neck as he
attempted to look for his shoes
“I must’ve slept on one side” he
mumbled touching his neck.
“How stupid” he thought.”so embarassing ,how could I
think that
she came to ask me for sex,am I
mad. How could I even think she is
loose? How shameful,its this stupid
mind of mine. She doesn’t even like
me.” He got he cup of tea and sipped a
few times
“We better be going”
They reached the police station early
enough and found only the officer in
charge. “That man was sentenced to life
imprisonment. He had committed two
rape cases. When they caught him,he
pretended to be mad so he was
instead detained at a mental
institution. He escaped weeks later. They couldn’t find
him. The next time
they heard about him was after he
murdered his wife after having a
heated argumheated argument.
They caught him and he pretended to
be mad again. However at the mental hospitbe mad again.
However at the mental hospital,they
ran tests and observed him and he
was found to be very normal.
He was sent to jail but he managed
to escape three days ago.
He had been on the run since then” explained the officer
in charge.
After giving all the information they
had,Alfred and Cathy walked back
“Thanx very much Alfred,i can’t
imagine what could have happened to me if you didn’t
come to my
rescue” she said holding back tears
“You can’t cry from here Cathy,there
are too many people around. They
will think am dumping you” he said
and they both laughed. She took multiple glances at him
she could see that he was really
She discovered a lot of new things
about him. Despite looking short,he
was actually taller than her. His big intimidating eyes
proved to
be irresistible.
Everytime he looked at her, she felt
like she was being scanned.
She could feel his eyes piercing
through her from every direction. She fell in love with his
habit of licking
the corner of his lower lip after
speaking .
“He is so handsome” she thought
They reached Cathy’s house and he
removed the cloth she had used to cover her face. Her
cheeks were
more swollen than the previous night
Alfred rubbed the cream he had
bought in a pharmaceutical on their
way from the police station on her
face. Her skin was so delicate and
spotless. How could an adult
manage to keep the skin so soft.
After that he picked the broom and
started sweeping
“Oh no Alfred you can’t do that. I will sweep” pleaded
Cathy but he ignored
“I live by myself Cathy, I do the
chores all by myself, all you need to
do is rest” he said after sweeping.
“How old are you? ” asked Cathy. He laughed and he said
“Why are you asking” he inquired
“Nothing” she said avoiding eye
contact “was just asking”
“I know you are 20” he said proudly.
“I know more about you than you think I do”
She just smiled not knowing how to
respond. She was so much in love
that she feared that he might see it.
He said his goodbye and she stood
to give him a hug. They remained locked in each other’s
arms for some
minutes. It was magical.
“You took me to mum’s bedroom
yesterday” she whispered in his ear.
“I did?” He laughed
He told her to call him if she needed anything and
assured her of his call.
And he left.
He switched his phone on and there
were 14 missed calls and 8
messages. He knew he was in
trouble. He dialed a number and said
“Please come to my house as soon
as possible” and he hung up
Cathy went to her bedroom and
stared in the ceiling,hugging the
pillow tightly. She saw herself walking hand pillow tightly.
She saw herself walking hand in
hand with Alfred at the river. Then
they got married and grew old
together. They were so happy. They
had three kids. She saw herself die
with him and they resurrected together and went to
heaven and they
were best of friends.
Minutes later there was a knock at
the door.
“Oh yeah,you came back” she said
running to the door with the widest smile ever which
however faded upon
seeing who it was
“Jame” she said looking
disappointed “come in”
“Disappointed? were you expecting
someone? and what time did Alfred go yesternight? ” and
there was the
smile on Cathy’s face
“Oh my God Cathy,have you finally
fallen in love with him? does he
know? Look at your smile miss”
exclaimed Jane “He didn’t go home,he slept here”
she said calmly
“Oh no Cathy don’t tell me you
“Shut up” she interrupted her friend.”
We didn’t do what you are thinking” She told him
everything and how he
lifted her to her mother’s
bedroom,how he swept the house.
“He is romantic and handsome” she
told Jane
She spent the rest of the day very close to her phone,she
didn’t want to
miss Alfred’s call.
It was evening and there was still no
call. She became very anxious. Why
wasn’t he calling to check on her.
It was night and she kept tossing from side to
side,searching for sleep.
She only managed to fall asleep at
03 a.m
The following day she busied herself
with cleaning the house and later
read a novel but she couldn’t concentrate.
Alfred had still not called. She
wanted to call him but she turned
down the thought.
” He is the one who should call. He
promised,is this how he is.Has he known that I have fallen
for him and
he now wants to punish me?”
She abstained from eating that day
and went to bed early but she
couldn’t fall asleep.
Four days had passed but there was still no call and Jane
was too busy
with work,she hadn’t come to visit
Her mother came back and found her
without a mark of harassment. she
decided to keep it from her. .
To Be Continued

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Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 3:35pm On May 03, 2018
Chapter 6
“It’s your birthday tomorrow girl,what
are your plans?” Asked Jane when she went to see Cathy
“Huh I don’t know, Alfred hasn’t
called from that day” she said
“You lie,that’s not possible. The guy
is dead in love with you”
“He hasn’t called” she said sadly Jane called Alfred, the
phone went
unanswered. She called him again
“Jane I’m sorry but I can’t talk now, I
ll call you later” and he cut the line
“Let’s just be patient and wait to hear
what he has to say” said Jane “I don’t want him anymore.
I don’t
want to see him again. There is no
excuse for what he has done. He
couldn’t even spare a minute to ask if
I had recovered” she lamented
At the other side of town, Alfred was having a heated
discussion with his
two friends Frank and Kelvin
“Man your story is funny” said Frank.
“I think I’m quite behind” complained
” You know I was away from town thats why I couldn’t
come to see you
as soon as you wanted.”
“Yes man I know, you mentioned that
” said Alfred
The three bachelors had decided to
go to Safaris lodge in Senanga. Senanga is among those
towns that
testify of the Lord’s supernatural
design. The upper land is a town
with a scattered forest. On the lower
land is the river,flowing through the
trees and across is an island where the fishermen have
It is a beautiful site, in the morning
the river sparkles from the reflection
of the sun and in the evening it
grows calmer and darker.
The men had decided to go to Safaris lodge, but decided
to go down the
river under the mango trees just at
the river banks.
“You know Cathy” Alfred started
,putting down the bottle of Heinkein.
Kelvin nodded . “The girl whom you have stupidly and
madly fallen in love with, the ‘decent
girl in town’ ” he said
“Yes she is also madly in love with
me now” said Alfred sadly
“Man is that true?” said Kelvin hitting his friend’s shoulder.
“That’s good news, you should be
smiling, why the long face”
“Fool,its because he is now dating
Isabelle” shouted Frank.
“So?” Said Kelvin in I dont care tone “Two days after
Isabelle accepted my
proposal, even Cathy fell in love with
me I don’t know what to do. The
truth is that I have come to love
Isabelle as much as I love Cathy. I
don’t want to cheat but I want both of them”
“Man you proposed two women at
the same time ? And now you want
both of them but you don’t want to
cheat?” Said Kelvin. He laughed so
hard that tears almost came out “Kelvin now is not the
Frank angrily. “What we want now is
a solution”
The men drunk until they got drunk.
The following day as usual, Cathy’s
mother gave her a present early in the morning.
“Happy birthday sweetheart” she
kissed her on the forehead.
Inside were some diamond bangles
and a gold hair ribbon and a nice
pink dress “She surely knows how much am in
love with pink dresses” she said
trying it on. It suited her perfectly.
In the evening, she received a text
from Alfred asking her to meet him
outside her house. She jumped in excitement and started
herself. She tied her wig neatly and
added some powder and lip gloss.
However something came to mind, he
had abandoned her for five days why
would she so happily go to meet him. She decided not to
go but on second
thought she thought she would go
and listen to his explanation.
“Alfred what are you doing here”?
said a very familiar voice.
He turned and couldn’t believe his eyes
” Isabelle what are you doing here ”
he asked his heart thumping.
He tried to hide his nervousness but
it proved too difficult.
“I came to see a friend but she isn’t around” she said
giving him a hug.
“What’s that you are carrying? Will
you walk me to the bus stop” she
asked, her hand around his shoulder
‘Woman remove your hand from my
shoulder,’ he groaned in the heart “I… I came to… It’s the
birthday for
my friend’s girlfriend but he is not in
town, he asked me to give her a
present on his behalf. Am sorry babe
I can’t escort you” he said beginning
to sweat “Oh so can I wait with you here until
she comes?”
“Oh no! I mean its not necessary, its
late baby, I ll see you tomorrow . l
love you” he said.
She looked at him suspiciously and gave him a light kiss
on the lips. She
left him standing there frozen prayinleft him standing
there frozen praying
that Cathy had not come out of the
“Cathy you should have told me that
you would fall for me, see my life now. I thought you
would never be
mine. ” he said
“What was that you said? ”
He turned and there was Cathy,
looking more stunning. Her inviting
eyes glittering . “Oh my I didn’t know I was thinking
aloud. You look so great Cathy”
They went to sit on a log under the
tree away from the road.
Oh my she was so much in love with
him, sitting next to him was all she wanted.
He gave an explanation why he
hadn’t contacted her for sometime
but she didnt care. She wasn’t
All that matered was that she was seated right next to
“I can’t believe you are finally mine”
he said sighing.
“I didn’t accept your proposal” she
“Alright let’s make this official” He went on one knee and
“Catherine will you be my girlfriend”
“Yes, yes I will” she said excitedly
He stood and hugged her. He moved
very close to her and she thought
she would die. Every nerve inside her seemed very alert.
He planted a soft
kiss on her lips.
And there they stood enjoying the
magical moment.
That was falling in love.
The electricity between them was so strong that they felt
like opposite
poles of a magnet put in the
magnetic field.
He escorted her back home and gave
her , the gift. He kissed her before
they bade goodnight. Cathy went inside joyfully. She was
in a deep fantasy and couldn’t see
anything around her.
To Be Continued

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Chapter 7
The following day was no ordinary
day. Alfred and Cathy spent the entire day exchanging
texts. Life was so
Since the death of her father when
she was very little, she had a void
inside her. Her mother was very
loving and doing all she could to compensate for the loss
of her father
but the vacuum inside her remained
From the fading memories of him,
she remembered that he was the
sweetest person in the world. He played with her, he
taught her
how to draw, he told her so many
stories of little girls and monsters.
It seemed Alfred was the missing
part. He had somehow erased every
pain in her and filled the void. They arranged to meet in
the evening
“I’ve won scholarship to go and do
nursing and later do midwifery at
Delslake school of midwifery in
Lusaka. Isn’t it great? ” said Cathy “Wow when is that and
when did you
receive the letter? ” asked the Alfred
who didn’t know whether to be happy
or not.
Separating from the love of his life
would be very painful. “I received two months ago. We are
opening in January towards the end”
“And you never told me? ” he asked
squeezing her hand a bit tighter
“Because you weren’t my boyfriend
then and I saw no need” she defended herself
“So we have like only a month to
ourselves. We will utilise it” he said
absent mindeabsent mindedly
Alfred was an accountant and had
hoped that he would influence the woman he was going to
marry into
venturing in business.
He loved business so much. He had
a few small businesses running
succesfully around town and outside.
But Cathy had already got that sponsorship and he would
let her go
for it. It’s not like he could stop her
even if he wanted.
Back home Cathy’s mother receivBack home Cathy’s
mother received
an unexpected visitor. They had just
finished having their drinks when she brought a subject
that brought
“When do you think you are going to
tell her the truth? ” said the visitor
“Tell who the truth? ” asked Cathy’s
mother. She had prayed against a day like
that. She was the only one who knew
her secret and she was like a thorn
in the flesh. She was a cancer in the
The last time they had a conversation, it had ended very
bitterly, they had exchanged very foul
and strong words. Cathy’s mother
had hoped that she would never meet
her again in life.
“Melody did you come all the way from your husband’s
house to ask
me that foolish questime that foolish question? ”
Cathy’s mother was breathing heavily
now and she could feel the
temperature of her blood go up.
“You relax” said Melody , ” I didn’t come to your home to
pick a fight.
But you see I think Catherine
deserves to… ”
“So that what huh, so that what? ”
she shouted. She lost control and
she felt it. She couldnt keep her voice down.
“Cathy could walk in just now, and be
surprised to find her cool mother
boiling” said Melody calmly. She
seemed to be enjoying each moment
of it. “There is no secret in this world, in
one way or the other, she is going to
find out. Imagine the shame if she
finds out on her own”. She
” she won’t find out if you keep your tongue inside your
hissed. “And if you dare tell her
anything, I will rip you apart, open
your skull and feed your rotten brain
to vultures.”
Melody looked her in the eye. She had changed, she no
longer looked
cool and reserved as everyone had
known her to be. For the first time
she seemed capable of killing
” you are a fool” said Melody, her
temper rising. “Thats my brother. You did that to my
brother. You are a
witch” she said sobbing.
“Dont Judge me Melody” said Cathy’s
mum. “Don’t. You dont know what
was happening in this house. I loved
him. I loved my husband very much” “You loved him huh,
then why did
you do that to him, how could you do
that to the father of your daughter, my
brother loved you, you were his
angel, he was a good man. But see
how you repaid him” she broke into tears
“Dont judge me Melody”
The two women sat there , Melody
sobbing silently and Cathy’s mother
engrossed in her own thoughts.
She remembered how she met her late husband. He was
the most
popular guy on campus and every
girl’s talk. His ability to play
basketball was a bonus to his looks.
Trying to look him in the eyes was as
hopeless as looking at the sun. Cathy’s mom crushed on
him the first
day she saw him in the basketball
jersey with a band round his head.
She had only heard rumours about
him and she saw for herself that day,
that the guy was really fine. She knew he could never be
hers, so
she convinced herself that she didn’t
like him because he was proud and a
womaniser, so she avoided any
contact with him and stayed away, as
far from him as possible. However the first time he spoke
her, he proved her wrong, he was
very humble and very polite.
He didn’t try to flirt with her. And her
feelings for him became stronger,
she could almost not cage them. But she swore that she
would never
let it be known to him that she loved
him so much. He probably had a
girlfriend , she had convinced herself.
She remembered how she sincerely
prayed to God to let him have strong feelings for her and
love her.
After few interactions, he proposed to
her. She couldn’t believe it.
They were so happy together even
unto marriage. They had their first
born daughter. She brought more happiness and love to
the family
“We shall call her Catherine, after
your grandmother’s name right
honey? I know she’s gone but she
still dwells in your heart. When our
Cathy grows up I want you to look at her and remember
your grandma. ”
he had told her
He wanted only one child so that he
could shower her with all the love in
him. But the devil had finally visited
them and brought calamity unto their home.
Melody had gone back to the days of
primary school. Coming from a poor
family, the pupils often ridiculed
Her elder brother had protected her from the bullies and
risked being on
expulsion twice in attempt to protect
When their parents died, he became
her father. He had worked so hard to
make life easier for her and live like normal people
“You will always be my number one
woman in my life Melody. I will
always be there for you even when
you get married. ” he had told her
And he was no more, to see how good her life had turned
out to be, all
because of the woman who was
seated just across the room.
“You two are so lost in your
thoughts. You didn’t even hear me
enter” said Cathy to the two women who had sat so
To Be Continued
Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 3:44pm On May 03, 2018
Chapter 8
“Oh Catherine, my favourite niece,
you have really grown. Come and greet me” said Melody
forcing a
The following day , Melody left quet
“Aunty you just came yesterday, why
are you already leaving” complained Cathy
“She has a lot of things to do
sweety” answered her mother who
seemed happier that she was
“I will come to see you again with something thrilling dear.
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Am sure
your mother has not told you a lot
about how she and your father were
in love” said Melody. “Does she tell
you about your childhood? ”
Cathy’s mother sent her a warning look
“Yes actually mum refuses to tell me
anything about her and dad, how they
met and got married”
“I dont like reminding Cathy about
her father” she said trying to control her temper.
“You and I will have a little talk one
day darling” said Melody ignoring
Cathy’s mom
She picked her bag and left. Cathy
wanted to escort her but her mom stopped her
“You dont seem to like her that much
mum, is she a bad woman ” asked
“She is a beast my dear, pretending
to be all caring. She is trying to tear this family apart. She
never liked me
from the time I got married to your
Two weeks later, Alfred invited Cathy
to his house.
” Am so glad you came here, I thought you were going to
You have to familiarise yourself with
this house, its yours too” said Alfred.
He led her to the sitting room and
offered her some juice drink.
They updated each other about every single detail. The
spark and the
magnet between them was becoming
“Am feeling sleepy will you escort
me to bed? ” he whispered in her
ear. Cathy giggled
“That tickles” she said. “You should
never bring your mouth close to my
ear again”
He leaned towards her and
whispered in her ear”is that so? ” she chuckled and
pushed him lightly
“Believe me am very harmless. Am
like a dog without teeth. ”
He pulled her up and lifted her to the
“You are the most beautiful woman I ve ever seen”
His hands were already flooding her
trembling body.
“You dont need to be so tense baby,
just relax. You told me that you did
this before” he said He bent and kissed her , like a
starved lion on an impala. His hands
searching her body. Before she knew
it, she had done it. She didn’t know
how to feel, but she would not let
him know that she was worried ” you were great baby. I
love you
even more now” he assured her.
The last time she did that was with
George, the handsome guy who had
turned out to be a dog.
“It’s almost getting late, I have to go home” she said
He escorted her to the mini market
just nearby and booked a taxi for her.
She was in the taxi trying to bring
herself back to reality and let herself
feel her innerself. She wasnt as excited as she had
“Am I disappointed or what? ” she
asked herself , looking through the
window, the small buildings of the
town racing backwards
“I love you babe”. Alfred had sent her a text
She reached home and her mother
was not around. She knocked off at
8. P. M that week.
She went to her room and sat on the
bed starring at the pillow ” Cathy why did you do that,
we agree that you won’t do that
again till you got married? ” she said
to the pillow. She grabbed it and hit
it hard against the wall.
“You are a fool, a very big fool. Fool” she shouted as she
continued hitting
The following day Jane went to visit
“You ve totally abandoned me Cathy,
I think am jealous. Alfred has taken all your attention.”
“Silly, you are working, you are busy”
“Hmm being a secretary for a female,
you can’t do anything to seduce her”
They both laughed out hard.
“How are things for you two? ” asked Jane. Cathy looked
away and said” I
want to dump him”
“Are you mad? Or maybe joking
right? ”
“Am serious Jame, I want to dump
him” she said firmly and Jane could see the serious look
on her friend
“But why? ”
“We did it yesterday, we slept
she said looking away
“And so? Wait was he bad? He wasn’t better than George
was he? ”
“You know you are very stupid Jame,
I wonder what your employer saw in
Jane giggled
“You know that you can’t keep breaking up with people
becau”You know that you can’t keep breaking up with
people because you
slept with them. Why then didn’t you
tell him that you didn’t want? He is a
gentle man, he wouldn’t have forced
you? ”
“I know he wouldn’t have. But I lost control of my body
when he started
touching me. I just couldn’t stop him.
The attraction was deep” explained
Her friend gave her a sly smile
“You are in love with him Cathy, don’t blow it away. Just
make sure you
make it very clear to him that you
don’t want that again. ”
She felt lit up. She switched on her
phone that she had switched off in
the taxi the previous day immediately after receiving
Alfred’s text.
It was flooded with messages and
who calls all from Alfred. Immediately
he called and she told him that it
was a battery problewas a battery problem
“I was really worried baby” he told her.
In the evening he brought her a latest
brand new phone.
“We should never have a
communication breakdown because
of a battery again. ” She couldn’t believe it. She was so
happy, she jumped in excitement and
hugged him. Suddenly she was filled
with so much sadness.
“You look unhappy baby, don’t you
like it? ” he inquired “Ofcousre I do” she answered “but
am afraid I can’t accept it” she said
“Why baby? ” he asked more
“Because I won’t be able to sleep with you again. It was
great but I
want to wait till I get married”. She
said looking down.
He held up her chin and told her not
to worry
” I love you very much baby and I want you to know that
nomatter what,
I will never leave you. Its not just
about us sleeping together its about
us loving each other. I will respect
whatever you tell me. As long as I
see a smile on your face” Those were the sweetest words
had ever heard.
“Now keep the phone, no more
communication break down” he
kissed her on the forehead.
And she knew he was the one. The following week she
went to his
house again at his request. They sat
in the living room chatting. Talking
about everything. When Cathy was
about to leave, there was a knock at
the door. “I ll get that” said Alfred.
He opened it and to his dismay it
was Isabelle
“What are you doing here” he
“Honey what do you mean? ” asked Isabelle, a bit
“My parents are here” he hissed
“Really? ” said Cathy behind him.
To Be Continued Tomorrow morning ...... Please kindly comment guys grin grin

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Chapter 9
The town’s top 3 prominent
bachelors sat in the cool shade of the Butoya trees near
the river. It was
a very hot day and the world seemed
very busy. Two of the men were
drinking it down in gulps.
“Are things going well man? ” asked
Kelvin. Alfred had been unusually quete that
“Fridays are great man” said Alfred.
He had not touched the beer .
“Man you are troubled. What troubles
you” asked Frank. Picking a little stone and throwing it
in the river , he turned to his friends.
“I don’t know if things will ever be
the same again with Cathy. She came
to my house last week. We were
having a good time. Then Isabelle appeared from
nowhere.. ”
“Oh no, you hosted a third world war
in the 21 st centuary” interrupted
“No there wasn’t any world war” said
Alfred cooly “You mean the ladies didn’t fight,
Isabelle? ” asked Frank, amazed
“Thats what ate me up. I thought
Isabelle would kill me and spit on me
and insult me but she did not. She
just sat there crying when I told her that I was in love with
Cathy. She left
very disappointed. I wish she had
atleast slapped me. Both ladies were
disappointed in me”
“Did you tell Cathy exactly what
happened? What led to your cheating”
“Hey man I wasnt cheating, I was
simply trapped” he defended himselsimply trapped” he
defended himself.
“I told her and she seemed to
understand but things between us
have been different. Sometimes she doesn’t pick my calls
or text me
back. I love her still”
“Stanley is a pig” lamented Jane
“Are you mad, you said he has been
a perfect gentleman from the
beginning” said Cathy Jane had invited her to her house
and it looked brighter than the last
time she had visited her. The walls
were covered in apple green wall
papers, the kitchen display was
cream white with the plates neatly packed inside
“Come to the bedroom” she led the
The bed was covered in coffee brown
sheets. She jumped on the bed
“This is so nice. I wonder how many men have enjoyed
the comfort of it”
said Cathy plainly.
“I wasn’t expecting that from you,
you are very unpredictable with
words. But I can make a list of the
guys if you need it” The two girls burst into laughter
“Stanely is a pig” said Jane “He
won’t sleep with me” she continued
Cathy laughed very hard, she thought
her lungs would burst
“What kind of stupidity is this, a man respects you so
much and here you
are whinning about it”
“Cathy you are still very young” she
said giving her that look that she
liked, making her feel intimidated.
“Haha you are very funny, there you go with the parent role
you always
try to assume on me”
“Cathy listen, if your man doesn’t
demand, it means he is getting it
somewhere, or he doesn’t find you
attractive” said Jane, falling back on the bed
“Well Jame none of your theories
have ever been found true , just say
you have problems with keeping
those legs closed”
The two girls fought with the pillows “We did this a lot
when we were
kids” said Jane falling back on the
bed. They both lay on the bed
watching the ceiling.
“You remember everything from our
childhood” said Cathy. They both got lost in their
Cathy could not believe that the man
whom she loved so much had
cheated on her
“Not really cheating” she corrected
herself. However Alfred had gone out of the way to prove
his honesty. He
had handed his phone to her for the
entire weekend so that she could
monitor his calls and even initiate
conversations with anyone if she
wanted. Therefore the trust had been restored
Days passed and turned into weeks.
Christmas passed and Alfred and
Cathy had a special celebration.
“I really love you Cathy” said Alfred
when he escorted her back home. Soon it was January
and Cathy went
to the University.
“Look after yourself Darling” were her
mother’s last words.
“Always remember that l love you
very much, I will miss you and I will wait for you. ” were
Alfred’s last
“I will miss you so much, please
come back to me as soon as
possible” were Jane’s words
Those three were her closest The bus started off around
10 pm. It
was raining heavily and she felt was raining heavily and
she felt very
alone. Away from the people she so
dearly loved.
Starting a journey with absolutely
new people. They had discussed it with Alfred. He was
going to wait for
her and he had asked her to take
care of her sweet self.
She dozed off and only woke up
when she reached Lusaka.
Delslake School of Nursing and Midwifery
It was a very clean university with
good tall buildings, painted pink
She went to her assigned hostel and
found her new room mate already in.
“Am Cathy” she introduced herself t “I am beginning my
first year”
“Wow, good to meet you Cathy, am
The two girls got along pretty well.
They unpacked their clothes and
displayed the plates and other kitchen utensils.
Alfred had not stopped texting and
calling her, re-assuring her of his
love. Cathy together with other first
years spent the entire day doing the
registration. They were all very excited about it.
“Am totally exhausted” complained
Kay back at the room.
A week later Cathy’s mother was
standing in her living room, listening
to the best news ever. There was a report that Mrs
Stevenson who had
been missing for two days was found
floating in the river, caught among
the reeds. She looked away as they
warned that the picture which was
about to be showed was disturbing. However she
gathered the courage
and looked at the tv. Her body had
bulged and the eye sockets were
sunken. Her skin was white and she
looked nothing like looked nothing like her.
“I feel sorry for you Mrs Stevenson, but maybe you
deserved it” she
laughed. “You had really become a
pain in my life. Whoever did that did
a great job” she said but suddenly
tears begun to stream down her face.
She felt pity for the poor woman. Mrs Stevenson the wife
to Mr
Stevenson was Melody. The sister
inlaw to Cathy’s mother.
Yes Melody was dead. It pleased
Cathy’s mother and it also made her
sad. Their last meeting was bad. She sank in the sofa
watching the
cup of coffee in her hands. She didn’t
know what to feel.
To Be Continued
Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 12:00pm On May 04, 2018
Chapter 10
“So what are your plans for the poor
guy? ” asked Lucy, Isabelle’s best friend.
Isabelle and Lucy were two closest
friends with absolutely different
characters which left people to
wonder what bonded them to one
another. Isabelle was tall and light skinned,
very thin with love for boys, or
should we say men? Yes she liked
men though she had never been in
love before. Not because the guys
she hooked up with were not good enough but because
she believed
that men are very unstable.
“You can put a man in the palm of
your hand and toss him in whichever
direction you want and he will obey.
Any woman has that power but only few know it” she had
explained to
Lucy why she would never settle for
only one man
“He is in your bossom today and
tomorrow he is in another woman’s”
Lucy on the other hand , never took life for granted, being
brought up by
an aunt and an abusive uncle had
taught her to be very hard working
and hate men. Partly because of how
ill Isabelle spoke of them that she
had concluded that nothing good can come out of a man.
She had started
working at a Spar as a general
worker after completing school to
raise money for college.
“You know what” Isabelle started “I’m
going to teach Alfred a lesson. He embarrassed me so
much in front of
that girl and made me look like a
loser. He has no idea what he has
put himself through, and you know I
think he is scared of karma, he has
been texting to ask how I am. ” she told her friend and
before she could
say anything , her phone rang
“Its him” she said excitedly as she
put her finger on the green button.
“Hello,,, am fine Alfred, how are
you,,,, , yes I know,,,,,,,, I already forgave you, am happy
that you are
happy, we dont have to be enemies,
we can be friends,,, alright bye”
“He has signed a death sentence”
muttered Isabelle, “as long as I act
cool, all will be well” “You must be really crazy man, you
can’t continue doing this, she already
forgave you, why are you still
chasing her around? ”
Frank had been against the idea of
Alfred begging for forgiveness from Isabelle. He always
prided himself in
his ability to know what women are
up to.
“She will seduce you until you give
in to her, then she will make sure
you get her pregnant, and everything about you will be
ruined. Think about
the future you ve planned with Cathy”
said Frank.
But to Alfred he was just being over
imaginative because he would never
give her chance to seduce him and he was very content
with Cathy, no
woman had ever touched his heart as
Cathy had.
Cathy had found school work to be
harder than she had expected, lab
works, tutorials, and long lectures. Sometimes she didn’t
have time to
prepare food.
“I was that busy in first year” said
Kay her roommate.
“I honestly admire you, you look so
young and yet you are almost completing, ” Cathy said
with young and yet you are almost completing, ” Cathy
said with so
much admiration. Communication
with Alfred had been very intact
despite her busy schedule.
“I think Tom is in love with you” said
Kay. The words took Cathy by surprise,
she had never expected such to
come from her friend. Tom was a
monk and everyone knew that, Thats
the reason they had actually
nicknamed him ‘monk’. He never wanted anything to do
women. To him women are vipers,
atleast thats what his father taught
He was abandoned by his mother
when he was still very young because his father had left all
responsibilities on her shoulder.
He was always drunk and never
wanted to work and earn some
However his father had left that part in his narrations and
Tom only heard
it from his aunties. From that time
his father was forced to quit drinking
and start working very hard for his
“Women always want something for them to form a
relationship or a
friendship” Tom had always told his
This had become even more evident
at the university when the females
begun flocking to him, looking for answeres to
assignments and
solutions to past paper exams.
Its like the more he wanted to stay
away, the more he attracted them. He
was very intelligent and he won the
popularity on campus. Few girls had openly confessed
love but he greatly despised such
behaviours and he had bluntly
rebuked them and told them to keep
“Everyone knows he is a monk” exclaimed Cathy.
She had managed to form a
friendship with Tom , she did what
no other girl did.
Tom was in his second year but
Cathy had called him buddy after two times of meeting
He liked the idea and felt that Cathy
had no evil intentions and therefore
qualified to be his friend.
“How did you even manage to make
him your friend. Every girl on this campus has an eye for
him but the
way he rejects proposals would scare
you to death” explained Kay.
Cathy too didn’t know how they had
become friends. He was frequently
visiting her and there were murmurs that they were dating.
“So aren’t you anxious about what
will happen if she disvirgins you? ”
Tom ‘s friends teased him. He had
told them that Cathy was just a friend
but no one would believe that because he never had a
female friend
before. He however had come to
learn that there was a good side of
“Even if he proposed I wouldn’t
accept because I have Alfred” said accept because I have
Alfred” said Cathy.
Kay had been against her
relationship with Alfred after she had
told her about Isabelle.
She had tried to make her believe
that in her absence, Alfred had gone back to Isabelle. In
as much as
Cathy hated the idea, her mind
entertained it and seemed true but
she vowed to suppress such ideas
as much as she could because they
were fake. “One whole year without closing and
you think Alfred will wait that long
without getting a kiss. Just find one
here so that incase Alfred
misbehaves which is very obvious,
you won’t commit suicide” Cathy knew that her friend had
right to say anything against Alfred
because she was in a better
Kay’s boyfriend was one hell of a
dude, dark, masculine arms, broad chest and coffee black
Cathy had never stopped wondering
how Kay got so lucky and found such
a man. He took Kay out for movies
and dinners and picnics on
weekends . it was like love in movies.
She was very shocked to learn that
they had dated for two years, the love
was so alive.
A week later, Isabelle decided to visit
Alfred but she wasnt allowed to get in the house. She got
very emotional
and begun weeping, lamenting about
how unfair love is, loving the people
who hate you, the people who came
to your life uninvited, placing your
heart in people who couldnt be trusted.
Alfred recalled what Kelvin had once
told him
“When your ex gets all emotional and
tells you how much you disappointed
her, its the morden way of seducing you, she is trying to
get you through
pity, she wants you to lift her, hug
her and apologise, promise to do
something about it and that will be
the end of you” he almost laughed
out loud when he remembered how his friend had
emphasised on that.
“Am sorry Isabelle but am on my way
out, I ll see you some other time. ”
said Alfred
Isabelle shamefully dragged herself
out of the house yard and left. Plan A had failed to work,
the fool was
smarter than she had thought.
“But plan B will work.
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Chapter 11
A month had passed and Tom had
grown so fond of Cathy. He felt great when people started
speculating that they were seeing
each other.
However he could see that Cathy had
surrounded herself with a strong wall
that seemed hard to penetrate “You are a man and you
have to tell
her how you feel” his friend had
advised him.
However it wasn’t that easy with
Tom, he had never proposed love to
a woman before, what if she turned his proposal down
and come to hate
him, what if it would cost their
friendship, he couldn’t imagine losing
her completely.
Just when the guys had finished
pushing him to take a step, there was a knock on the
It was Cathy. His heart beat very fast
upon seeing her.
“I didn’t expect you here” he said
ushering her in
“Does that mean am not welcome? ” “No it means am
very happy” he said
“Well I have come to invite you for a
movie this evening” she said.
He looked at her in disbelief
“I hope you can stay away from
books for just an hour” she added This was the time, his
friends had
told him to utilise it.
He started preparing himself three
hours before the appointed time.
He wore his favourite blue jean and a
white T-shirt with white sneakers. Cathy wore her pink
birthday dress.
“Oh my you look so handsome, I
can’t believe I ve been hanging
around such a handsome man,
nowonder every girl has their eyes
on you, its not just your brains but your looks too” said
Cathy and she
meant it.
Tom had nothing to say, hearing
those words from the woman of his
life was the best thing to have ever
happened to him. He simply smiled and said thank you.
He had such a bright smile.
Cathy feared that she was falling for
him. They watched the movie and
Cathy could not take her hand off his
arm and Tom froze through out the movie. His mind was
just on the
hand that had held his arm so well.
After the movie he gathered the
courage and told her what he felt for
“I’m very sorry Tom if I was giving you any hope. I had no
idea you felt
that for me. I would have loved to be
with you but I have a boyfriend” she
Tom had never asked if she had a
boyfriend or not and allowed himself to blindly fall for her.
He blamed
himself for that.
They walked without talking for some
minutes, then Tom started narratiminutes, then Tom
started narrating
how interesting the movie was.
“Next time its me to invite you also. We still friends right?
” He asked
Cathy smiled and nodded her head
and they parted ways after he
escoted her to her hostel.
There is no doubt that she felt
something strong for him. She wished she was single,
Tom didn’t
drink while Alfred did, Tom was
committed at church while Alfred was
not and Tom would never cheat while
Alfred had cheated on her.
The character of Tom seemed to outweigh that of Alfred
but she had
to be loyal and faithful to Alfred
nomatter what.
Around 11 pm Alfred called Cathy but
the phone went unanswered. He
called again and there was no response. That was very
unlike her.
When he called for the third time, he
sighed when she picked up , all the
anger had vanished and instead he
felt very happy but his happiness
was short lived. It wasnt Cathy answering but a man.
“Sorry Cathy left her phone in my
room” said Tom hoping it wasnt her
Alfred hang up and went to the
nearest bar. Cathy must have had unknowingly
put her phone in Tom’s front pocket
of the T-shirt at the movie and he
had not felt it.
“My oh my, is this how prayers are
answered. Before I could even put to effect my plan B”
said Isabelle when
she saw Alfred entering the bar.
He came to sit right next to her
though he didn’t recognise her
“Wooh what a face” shouted Isabelle
against the high sound of the music He looked at his right
and saw her,
he quickly stood to leave but she
pulled him back
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to chase
you” she said “about last time ,
please forgive me, such a thing will never happen again”
she added
He ordered for some beer and he
finished four bottles within minutes.
He then turned to Isabelle and said
“Do all women do that? Do they all
leave their phones in men’s bedrooms”
Isabelle had no idea what he was
talking about but she was sure it was
in reference to Cathy
“Taking your frustrations on the
bottles won’t help. You need to calm and call her
tomorrow, Cathy is a
good woman and you should not be
too quick to conclude on things you
have little information about” said
Alfred looked at her for some moments and then laughed
out loud.
“You are very funny” he finally spoke
“On whose side are you? ”
But she simply smiled
He drank as much as he could until
he could not even open his eye lids. “I can’t believe I
wanted to commit
my life to a drunkard like you” said
Isabelle walking Alfred back to his
house, with her hand around his
shoulder to support him.
They reached home with difficult, she searched his
pockets and found the
keys, she opened the door and led
him to his bedroom.
“A man who finds solace in the bottle
is not good for a husband. Mum
always told me that” she told him but he was already
She went to the other bedroom and
The following morning, Alfred could
not remember much from the
previous night. “You forced yourself on me, if I fall
pregnant be ready to be a father” said
Suddenly Alfred was filled with
panick, he forced himself to
remember but all he could remember was that he was at a
bar drinking
and sitting next to Isabelle. He had
an idea that Isabelle had taken him
home but it wasn’t vivid. whatever
happened afterwards he couldn’t
remember . Everything was like a story told in sleep.
“I’m joking” she said “I could have
raped you though if I wanted to. You
were a mess yesterday. What exactly
happened to you? ”
Alfred narrated how a guy had picked Cathy’s phone the
previous night .
Isabelle laughed at his jealousy and
told him that it could have been
something other than her cheating.
Just then he received a call from
Cathy apologising and explaining how she had forgotten
her phone in
Tom’s room.
However she was careful not to
mention about the movie.
Even though it wasn’t convincing
enough, he decided to accept the story
A couple of weeks later Tom and
Cathy were having some snacks in
the school park when Tom burst into
a very wide smile which shocked
Cathy. “What’s that? ” asked Cathy
“I think I have found someone who is
similar to you Cathy” said Tom. “I
have a girlfriend now” he said
“Oh really? So quick, congrats buddy” said Cathy.
She couldn’t hide the
disappointment. For some reason,
she had some hope that they would
end together.
“She liked me but I always ignored her. I decided to give it
a try and she
is awesome” he said now sounding
like a school boy who just got
everything correct for the first time.
Cathy smiled but it was a smile of
hurt. She knew she had fallen hard in love with him.
“You have Alfred be happy for Tom,
you have Alfred be happy for him”
was ringing in her head but she
couldn’t help feeling sad.
“Escort me back to the hostel, I think I have forgotten my
phone again” she
told him.
When she got back she found a lot of
WhatsApp messages from a strange
number with loads of pictures.
“This network can make you commit suicide” she
complained bitterly as
she tried to download the photos but
the network was bad. Finally she
managed to download them and she
wished she had not, she wished her
phone had gotten lost and she wished that she wasn’t on
To Be Continued
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Chapter 12
Cathy struggled to download the
photos that the stranger had sent on WhatsApp. Her heart
was beating very
“I don’t understand why am so
nervous and this network is tripping”
said Cathy
Kay glanced at her. “Are you suspecting anything? ”
Cathy shook her head.
“Then why the panic? ”
Cathy decided to go to the school
library and use the school wifi.
It was very strong and as soon as she reached there, she
all the pictures.
She held back the tears as she
zoomed them to be sure they were
not pic mixed.
It was Alfred her dearest boyfriend, in bed with a girl, half
‘Who is this girl’ wondered Cathy but
her curiosity was satisified by the
last two photos.
‘I know this girl, I saw her
somewhere, who is she? Then she remembered who it
was, it
was Isabelle.
“I knew this would happen , I knew it
would, Kay warned me”
She went back to the room where
she wept and mourned. “Cathy you are crying like you just
lost a relative, its just a break up for
christ’s sake” scolded Kay.
“I loved him Kay, I did. Its as bad as
death ” Cathy had abstained from
eating and books and classes. She could not believe it.
They had made strong promises to
each other, it was hardly 3 months
and there was already that drama.
She forwaded Alfred all the pictures
and texted him to be online. As soon as he turned on the
bundles, the messages flooded his
inbox, messages expressing her pain,
sorrows, disappointment . He went
through each and every message
twice and slowly to make sure he got every word.
His heart missed beats after opening
the photos.
“That bitch! That bitch” he said in
gritted teeth. “I will kill her, I will
crush her” Isabelle on the other hand was
priding hereself to Lucy about her
ability to take revenge within the
given time.
“By now, I suppose they are not
talking to each other” she said. And she was right. Cathy
blacklisted Alfred and gave herself a
week to mourn her loss.
“Am the loser, yes it turns out that
am the loser. ” she muttered to
herself. On a Friday afternoon Tom came to
see her. He hadn’t visited her the
entire week.
“You have abandoned me”
complained Cathy “aren’t we friends
anymore? ” she forced a smile. “Ofcousre we are, I could
abandon you, it was just school
work. However I have decided to
make it up to you, so I want us to go
for a movie today” he said.
“Oh really” she said with so much excitement and
involuntarily gave him
a hug.
“Your eyes are a bit swollen Cathy,
anything the matter” asked Tom
tracing her eye lids with his finger.
“Oh yes, I haven’t slept for days, I had so many
assignments which kept
me up all nights. ” she lied
“You are so hardworking”
complimented Tom.
“Come to my room, at 7pm we go,
you are the one to choose the movie today. ” said Tom.
He went back to his hostel and Cathy
walked him out
“Oh thank goodness. He still likes
me, he likes me , oh he likes me. ”
she said to herself as she bathed in the shower. “Alfred go
to hell and
never come back. When one door
closes, another opens. Such good
timing. Oh Alfred I loved you so
much” and she started crying, letting
the water from the shower wash away the tears.
Kay was shocked to see her friend so
live. She wore a beautiful blue dress
and put some make up.
“I got your foundation ” Cathy told
Kay. “You look too good, is all this just for
a movie or you will have dinner
afterwards” asked Kay. Cathy looked
at her friend and laughed
“Your smile is really captivating” said
Kay “Oh no, even women have started
noticing that. Hope you have no
intentions of raping me” they both
gigled. Putting on a much serious
face, Kay said
“Do you think Tom still loves you? What about the other
girl? ”
“Well its either there was never any
girl, he just wanted to make me
comfortable with our friendship, the
guy doesn’t want to lose me. or the
girl was there but disqualified, Tom doesn’t tolerate
certain levels of
stupidity that most girls posses”
Cathy started off to Tom’s room. She
could feel that she was looking
extremely beautiful, she couldn’t help
notice the guys staring at her” She knocked at the door
and Tom
opened the door.
He stood there speechless. Cathy
smiled and Tom could feel his
insides melt.
“Won’t you let me in” “Oh yeah, please enter, you look very
beautiful, I would think am taking you
to a beauty contest”
Cathy smiled again and wondered if
she had over beautified herself.
His roommates greeted her and their admiration looks
towards her were
very clear.
Tom offered her some juice and after
minutes she asked if they wouldn’t
be late as they only had 10 minutes
before the beginning of the movie. “Okey just a minute” he
told her
He made a phone call and minutes
later, there was a knock at the door.
“Oh you may come in” said Tom to
the lady who stood outside.
She was wearing a simple black flared dress and a pink
jacket on top.
“Baby this is my friend Cathy, Cathy
this is my girlfriend I told you about,
she is Leah”
Cathy’s stomach churned at the
words. “Hai nice to meet you” said Leah but
Cathy wasn’t hearing her. Her vision
was becoming blurred and her
hearing had become impaired. She
closed her eyes tightly.
“Are you okey? ” asked Tom Cathy opened her eyes and
“Yes I am” she finally answered
opening her eyes. “Those sleepless
nights have left me with a headache”
she answered.
After giving her a cup of water, they started off, she had
told them that
she was very fine.
All the time Cathy was trying to nurse
her second heartbreak and at the
same time analysing Leah.
She was tall and very light. “That doesn’t look like her
complexion” thought Cathy “she is so
skinny, and the ears are so big, what
exactly did Tom see in her. She also
looks older than him and she is taller
than him” “Cathy” called Tom
She came back to reality only to find
that they had almost reached.
“Are you sure we shouldn’t just
cancel this date and come some
other day? ” Cathy told them that she wasn’t
feeling too well and needed to go
back. They all went back . Leah had
her hands locked in Tom’s
“So clingy” thought Cathy.
She went directly to sleep and ignored all Kay’s questions.
No Alfred no Tom, how could life be
so cruel.
“I will be going to bae’s house this
weekend, I will see you on monday”
announced Kay . When Cathy was finally alone she
gave herself time to cry, for her first
break up which was hurting so much
now and her second disappointment
which almost took her life.
It was a week from the day she had received the
messages and she had
ignored any strange call or calls from
She wanted to get over Alfred as
soon as possible but with Tom being
with another woman, she was gripped with so much
She tossed from side to side bringing
into remembrance the early days of
her relationship with Alfred, the love,
the kisses, the promises.
She let herself feel all the pain and cried until she fell
asleep. Sobbing in
her sleep.
The following day, she romoved
Alfred from the blacklist and
unblocked him on social media. He
had written her several texts apologising and asked her to
him out.
It made her quete happy but did not
heal the broken heart or erase the
pain. He immediately called and gave
his explanation. It was the most unconvincing explanation
Cathy had
ever heard.
“Your phone was picked by a man,
so I went to drink beer, I found
Isabelle there, I got too drunk, she
took me home, and took pictures of us without my
knowledge” she
repeated after him after the
conversation. “He can’t even come
up with a better lie”
She had refused to forgive him and
ended the relationship. Everything about her changed, she
bacame very
aggressive and impatient and
couldn’t concentrate much on school
work. Only the name Tom brought
her happiness mingled with pain.
“Am sorry but I don’t like your girlfriend” she had
genuinely told
To Be Continued
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Chapter 13
Tom was becoming less and less
available for Cathy and every time she saw him he was
with Leah his
However one afternoon he decided to
visit her, she was very happy.
“I thought you had completely
forgotten about me” she said. Tom looked at her and
assured her
that such would not happen.
She felt happy.
“You are my friend, now tell me, what
do you like about Leah” she asked.
“Are you sure am really supposed to answer that? ”
“Ofcousre ” she answered
“Well” he said clearing his throat
“she is sweet, loving, caring and very
understanding, I ve never met an
amazing woman like her” She sent him a questioning look
he added “Ofcousre you are amazing”
She chuckled and hit him lightly on
the shoulder.
“And she loves me very much” he
said “And you? ” she asked “do you love
her or she dragged you into the
relationship” she said deliberately
knowing that Leah is the one who
made advances towards Tom
“Yes, I love her very much” he answered quickly. Cathy hid
disappointment in the smile.
“Well I dont like her that much,
guess I will get to see her good side
when I interact more with her” she
said bluntly. Tom could see jots of jealous in her
eyes and he laughed inward.
“So how is your boyfriend? ” he
asked deliberately seeing that she
seemed to be giving him some
greenlight “Well” she said giving a deep sigh,
“we broke up” she used the
opportunity to tell him how single
she was and how she was not going
to forgive him.
Tom sympathised with her and told her that she would
find a better guy
somewhere somehow in the future.
And that was the clear indication to
Cathy that Tom felt absolutely
nothing for her and she had to give
up on the hopes she was clinging on to.
Shortly he received a phone call and
minutes later there was a knock at
the door.
“That should be Leah” said Tom
“You told her to come here? ” asked Cathy and reluctantly
went to open
the door.
Leah entered and sat next to Tom.
“Cathy I have come to ask for your
calculator” said Tom
“Alright” answered Cathy sharply “you want to use it for
how long? ”
Tom turned to Leah and whispered ”
babe for long? ”
“Ohh I lent it to my friend and she
didn’t bring it back, I forgot” said
Cathy quickly before Leah could answer.
Tom looked at her suspiciously and
she looked back at him.
After leaving her room , she threw
herself on the bed.
‘I hope they didn’t notice that I just didn’t want to give
them my
calculator ‘ she sighed
‘Why wouldn’t they when it was so
clear that you just didn’t want to help
them because it’s Leah who needed
it’ said an inner voice “Well who cares” she said loudly
rolling on the bed “is it my fault that
he proposed to a girl without a
calculator, am I a charity
organisation. What does she always
use? ” In the evening she received a phone
call from Alfred. It was the same old
story of apologising and asking for a
second chance. With Tom having
slipt through her fingers, she decided
to give Alfred another chance and he was very happy.
An hour later Isabelle received a call
from Alfred but she was too scared
to pick it, not knowing what to
They had not communicated from the time she sent the
photos to Cathy.
Her phone rang again but this time it
was a message from Alfred
“Come home as soon as you can. I
am done with Cathy, she doesn’t
trust me and I think she has another boyfriend at school
and she is a
Isabelle could not believe it.
“Ehh you look happy, what’s the good
news”, asked Lucy when she came
back to the living room with a cup of water
” I dont think I still need that water, I
have to go home now and prepare,
Alfred and I are back together, he has
just confirmed that he has broken up
with Cathy” she said proudly “I have to go and wear my
black dress” she said rolling her
“Wow thats good news my friend”
she said sadly. She wasnt for the
idea. “But why do you want to wear a long dress? ”
“I have to look marriage material” she
Lucy could not help but laugh
“Have you fallen in love with Alfred? ”
“Well yeah, if you put it that way” answered Isabelle.
Lucy could not hide the shock,
hearing her friend talk about love and
marriage was a miracle.
Isabelle called love a weakness and
said marriage was for losers and now she wanted to
prove that she was a
marriage material to Alfred?
She went home and prepared herself,
she looked beautiful , her complexion
glowing against the black dress.
She started off for Alfred’s home. She stood at the door
making sure she
looked perfect before she knocked
Alfred opened as soon as she
knocked , as if he was standing at
the door waiting for her knock.
“You look so gorgeous baby” he said as he pecked her
cheek. He led the
way to the living room.
“Be comfortable, its your house” he
told her. He opened the fridge and
asked what she wanted.
“A soft drink” she answered “Hmm what happened to hard
dont drink anymore? ” he asked
“Yep, I stopped” she said biting her
lower lip.
He brought two bottles of Savannah
dry “This is the softest drink in the
Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 7:00am On May 05, 2018
Chapter 14
Alfred moved closer to Isabelle
“You are so beautiful” he said and she blushed
“Do you mind if we finish our drinks
from the bedroom? ” he asked
standing up.
She winked and smiled. He led her to
the bedroom. He ran his fingers through her the bedroom.
He ran his fingers through her hair
which had a very pleasant scent. She
tilted her head and kissed him. One
thing led to another.
An hour later, Isabelle came out of
the bed sheets and put on her dress. Everything had gone
according to
what she had imagined. Finally he
was all hers.
She had fought a big battle
“That was great honey” she said
putting her hand around his shoulder, he was seated at
the edge
of the bed, not moving, like a statue.
He threw her hand and turned to her.
“Leave my house right now! ” he
growled. She jumped back with a
frightened smile. She couldn’t understand the change in
mood and
thought he was teasing her.
“I never want to see you again, you
are a LovePeddler. For your information,
Cathy has forgiven me and even if
she had not I would never be with a person like you. You
are a snake! ”
he shouted fiercely.
Isabelle could feel her blood getting
cold. She grew numb and her head
froze. She stared at him to figure out
if he was serious or maybe it was just a sily joke
“Wa,,, wai,, wai,, wait” she stammered
not knowing how to express herself.
“You called me here, had sex with
me and now you are telling me that
am a LovePeddler. You used me, did you just want to use me?
Why can’t it be
me, why can’t it be me that you love.
Why did you do this, why didn’t you
just tell me that you dont want me? ”
she whispered
“Used you, are you sure I used you,with you anyone can
come in
and go as they wish. You can never
seperate me from Cathy, now leave
my house and never come here”
It was around 9 pm and Isabelle
silently picked her bag and left. At Safaris a week later ,
the three
bachelors were having a drink and
catching up.
“Frank did Alfred tell you that he
slept with a girl just to take revenge
on her” asked Kelvin “What! ” exclaimed Frank
“Yes, he slept with Isabelle and
dumped her immediately after sex”
explained Kelvin
“Woh woh Alfred tell me its a joke”
“Well yes, she is stupid and I had to hurt her as much as
she hurt me,
she almost seperated me from Cathy
man. ” the two bachelors laughed at
“And you feel no fling for the girl? Is
she really great in,,, ” “I don’t know, maybe she is or not, I
really dont care, am just happy that I
managed to take my revenge” he
“Hope you used a condom” said
Kelvin “Ofcousre man, am not careless” he
“Just be careful” said Frank “women
are dangerous, she might be
planning something evil for you right
now. ” Soon It was June and it was time for
mid year exams. Cathy became very
busy with school work just like every
other student.
Alfred reduced on calling to give her
time for studies. They finished writing in three weeks and
given a one week break, only those
with homes near went home.
It was during that time that Alfred
decided to visit Cathy. He arrived
early in the morning on friday and Cathy went to pick him
from town.
They came to campus together.
They were so happy to be together
“You are still handsome” said Cathy
“You are more beautiful” answered Alfred.
As they entered campus they met
“Come greet my hubby to be, his
name is Alfred” said Cathy. Tom
hesitantly brought fourth his hand and greeted him.
“Honey this is Tom my friend”
After the brief introductions, Tom left
with a heavy heart.
Cathy had told him some time back
that she had broken up with her boyfriend, was she just
lying or
maybe they had gotten back
together? . He realised how much he
loved Cathy.
He was stuck with Leah because of
somethings but right there he realised that Cathy is the
one he
He didn’t see himself getting marrieHe didn’t see himself
getting married
to Leah in the future.
In the evening, Kay left school for
weekend. “It was good seeing you Mr Alfred,
hope to see you again. Enjoy your
stay here, I am going home. ”
She called her boyfriend and went to
his house for the weekend.
“I can’t believe that am finally seeing you. I love you so
much” said Alfred.
They had the whole night to
themselves, chatting about everything
and updating each other about alot of
things until they were too tired to
talk. The following day they went to Ibis
garden for their picnic. They
connected with other couples and
had a lot of games. They went back
to campus in the evening.
They spent the following day in the hostel, re-exchanging
promises and
vows. The love had been rekindled
and Cathy wondered why she almost
left him.
He was still the sweet romantic
Alfred whom she had known at the beginning of their
“I think I was just infatuated with
Tom” she thought.
The following day monday morning,
he left for town to go back home.
She escorted him and went back after the bus had left.
She met Tom on her way back.
“Where are you coming from, without
books? ” he Asked
“From escorting Alfred” she answered
“Oh I see, so you didn’t break up? ” “We did but I decided
to forgive him”
“And all this time, I thought you liked
me” he said.
“No, you are my friend, thats not
possible” she laughed
‘Friend zoned’ he thought. ‘So I misinterpreted her
actions, she
felt nothing for me. to her am just a
friend.”he muttered to himself’
Isabelle was thinking critically on
how to punish Alfred as much as he
had punished her. Lucy had told her to drop the fight but
she said she
never gave up in war.
“He will one day sit down and
remember that there used to be
Isabelle and at that thought he will
shed tears” she had told herself. Cathy’s mother was
becoming more
and more isolated from people. She
spoke less to friends at work and
only spoke to Cathy on weekends
unless she called.
The death of Melody her sister in law had brought a
drastic changThe death of Melody her sister in law had
brought a drastic change upon
her life.
She remembered how her late
husband had emphasised on his love
for his sister.
“I love her more than I love myself. I love you more, and
she is my number
two woman, our daughter if we will
have one, one day, will replace you
and you will be on second position”
He had told her years ago before
they even got married. And now both her husband and his
sister had died.
The diary had become her best
friend, she scribbled words in it ,
everyday . each day the handwriting
becoming very bad and hard to read.
Two months from Alfred’s visit to Cathy’s University, on
the 8th of
September, Alfred recorded the most
tragic incidence of his life. Not only
him but Jane as well.
It was on a very good sunny Sunday
afternoon. Jane had coincidentally bumped into Alfred
who was having a
drink at Arizona bar and restaraunt.
Jane had gone to meet someone and
decided to pass time chatting to
Alfred as she waited for her friend .
To Be Continued
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Chapter 15
Jane pulled a chair next to where
Alfred had sat. “You have to buy me a bottle” she
“You sit first” he said.
It was around 3 pm.
They had not seen each other for
sometime. The last time they talked was when Alfred had
asked her to
talk to Cathy, when they had the
However Cathy had ignored her calls
knowing that Alfred might have asked
her to convince her. They started chattering about a lot of
things, updating each other on so
many things.
Jane was very happy to learn that
Alfred and Cathy had gotten back
together. Jane had gone to wait for a friend
who seemed to have a problem with
keeping time or maybe had decided
not to show up, she decided to wait a
bit longer in the company of Alfred.
“They are here, both of them” said a voice in the phone
“at Arizona bar
and Restaurant”
Isabelle kept quete, it was all too
good to be true. She had hoped and
wished for a day like that, she knew
how hard it would be but she was determined to wait for
opportunity, she left everything to
“Do the right thing” she hissed. “You
do the right thing” she repeated on
the phone. “I dont want excuses” The young man cut the
line and
turned to the waiter behind the
counter and whispered something
into his ear.
The waiter went to the table where
Jane and Alfred were and asked if they needed anything
“Two bottles of Castle” said Jane.
“The bill is on you” she said turning
to Alfred.
There were few people in the bar, a
couple in a corner, a small group of teenagers chattering
loudly near the
entrance of the bar.
Alfred assured her that he would pay
the bills and should take as much
beer as she wanted.
The waiter took them their bottles. They ordered more
beer and begun
to get drunk.
“I love you very much baby” said
Alfred looking at Jane closely. She
smiled and put her hand on his
shoulder. “I love you too honey” she said
“Let’s go and get ourselves a room”
he suggested.
He beckoned at the waiter and paid
the bill for the beer.
They left the bar through the back door which served as
the entrance to
the guest house right behind the bar.
They were struggling to walk
normally as it was still daytime and
few people were looking .
“We are not drunk right baby” he asked. She laughed out
very loud.
They went to the reception and were
given a room. They went to the room
and began kissing.
“I can’t wait anymore” he groaned as
he pulled down his trousers. Jane rolled up the dress and
threw herself
on the bed.
Tom was complaining to his friends
about how he had thought he had
lost feelings for Cathy and only for
them to resurface when he found her with a man.
“You are now whinning and sulking,
you sound just like a woman” his
friends teased him
“The guy is good looking and I bet he
is working, and there is no way Cathy will leave him for
me” he said.
Leah had been great, she didn’t seem
to want a big commitment, he had
believed that he loved her very
When Cathy had begun to show some greenlight, he
psychologically pushed
her away by hanging around with
Leah at any given chance.
But seeing Cathy with Alfred made
him realise how much he loved her.
Leah had been an escape route, a shield from the hurt of
finding out
that Cathy had a boyfriend.
‘If only I had made use of that
opportunity’ he thought to himself
‘when she told me of her break up
and when she started showing some intrest in me’ he
blamed himseland when she started showing some intrest
in me’ he blamed himself
Then there was a knock at the door.
The guys went quete, none of them
was expecting a visitor.
Tom opened the door and there stood
Leah “Oh its you” he said disappointedly
“Yes its me”she answered. ” are you
disappointed? were you expecting
someone else? ” she asked coldly
“No,,, I ,, I wasnt just expecting you, I
was almost leaving for the library, but since you are here,
it’s was almost leaving for the library, but since you are
here, it’s good. ”
The guys in the room busied
themselves with studying, flipping the
pages every second but paying
attention to the couple’s
conversation. “I have come to tell you that I have
bought us two tickets for your
favourite movie” she said
‘Without asking whether am intrest’Without asking whether
am intrested
or not’ he thought.
“Well am sorry not today, I have a lot of things to do” he
“But I already bought the tickets and
its just an hour”
“An hour is enough to do a lot of
constructive things” he answered.
“But if it was Cathy,,,,,, ” she stopped. “No dont stop, go
on. If it was Cathy
what? ” he asked with a shaky voice
“Nothing, I will go and watch it by
myself” she said as she stood up
“That was very rude and very harsh.
you better run after her” suggested one of the guys.
“She got on my nerve, we can never
hold a conversation without the
mention of Cathy, how does she start
making programmes for me” he said
trying to keep cool. They persuaded him to follow her.
“Poor Tom, stuck with a woman he
doesn’t love” said one of the guys.
“It must be hard ” said the other.
Cathy entered the room singing
loudly, she found Kay preparing food. “You have such a
pathetic voice” she
said and Cathy smiled
“Whats the goodnews? ” asked Kay
“Nothing” she answered ” I’m just
happy that am back with Alfred, I still
laugh when I remember that I literally cried when I learnt
that Tom had a
girlfriend. I love Alfred and its him
alone I love. I think I was blinded by
anger” she narrated
“Well he is quet charming and good
looking, who wouldn’t fall for him” said Kay. “Just make
sure that he
doesn’t cheat on you again. ”
“He didn’t cheat. He was just framed”
she answered
Cathy’s mother had got a leave from
work. She had stopped eating food and lived only on tea.
She carefully
opened the diary and ran her fingers
through the words in it
“My baby, one day you will know the
truth, the whole truth and then you
will know that am a good mother and I was a good wife
to your father” she
The death of Melody had left her
devastated. The one woman whom
her husband loved so much before
he met her. Jane woke up and looked around.
She was in an unfamiliar room. She
sat up and tried to remembere how
she had found herself there but could
not remember. She almost died when
she saw that sleeping next to her was Alfred. She shook
him violently
and he woke up.
“What is this, why are you waking me
up” he protested, facing the other
“You wake up” she shouted. He slowly opened his eyes
recognising where he was
“Where am I” he asked
“I have also failed to figure out” she
told him
“I only remember that I was with Stanely drinking beer
yesterday but I
dont know how I ended up here with
you” said ,Jane
“I think I remember something too”
he said. “I can’t remember everything
but I was with Cathy yesterday this must be a guest
house, I came here
with her”
“Are you mad” exclaimed Jane ” how
can Cathy be here? ”
It was then that he realised that
Cathy was at school and there was no way she could be
there. Then
who is the girl whom he went to the
gust house with . Jane? The thought
made him shiver.
They were covered in bed sheets.
Their clothes were scattered on the floor
“Oh no” criedJane. “Alfred do you
think we,, did we,,,? ” the words could
not come out. They were both Unclad,
how it had happened, they couldn’t
remember. They were both confused and didn’t know
what to do.
They shamefully picked their clothes
and put them on.
Isabelle sat in the chair laughing
uncontrollably. She always got luck
with everything she did. She couldn’t remember the last
time she was that
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Chapter 16
Alfred sat in the sofa of his living
room thinking very hard, he was happy that Jane had not
him of raping her in her drunken
state. She saw it herself anyways
how he panicked when they
discovered that they had had sex. He
knew he had drunk but not to the extent of having sex
with Jane especially. There was this
missing link that the two could not
figure out, Jane remembered having
a drink with Stanely and nothing else
while Alfred remembered going to the guest house with
Cathy, so that
missing link was the great mystery
that they couldn’t unlock.
Was it all a hallucination?
Jane on the other hand was very
frustrated, she had unconsciously slept with her best-
friend’s boyfriend
but she didn’t blame him, she placed
the blame on Stanely whom she was
going to meet but had decided not to
show up and couldn’t even call her to
explain why. If he had showed up she wouldn’t have
ended up in bed
with Alfred
They had agreed not to tell anyone
that they had sex, because it was like
something in a dream, something
unreal and non of them had enjoyed even a small part of
it, so it was as
good as people who had not done it.
Isabelle on the other hand was very
happy and eager to share the good
news with her bestfriend Lucy.
She had promised to come to her house and hear the
goodnews but 15
minutes had passed past the
appointed time, so Isabelle decided
to follow her to her house.
“Hey, you are here” called Lucy upon
seeing her “Yeah,” she answered with a very
wide and bright smile exposing the
ice white teeth. “I couldn’t wait” she
Lucy had just been given clothes by
her aunt to wash and Isabelle understood her delayal.
“So what’s the news? ” asked Lucy,
offering her friend the chair she had
sat on and moving to the rock which
was a few inches away
“Alfred, ” she said excitedly “Ehe, what about Alfred”
“He is dead” she smiled
“Oh no, Thats not possible! ”
exclaimed Lucy , now looking at her
friend angrily” Is that the goodnews
you couldn’t wait to tell me? ” “Yes” answered Isabelle
“but Thats
not the best part, the best part is that
he is not aware that he is dead”
Lucy looked at her friend bewildered,
trying to digest her words but she
couldn’t understand “I have torn his life in shredds but he
has no idea, he will dearly pay for
everything he did to me” she said
“So you mean he is not physically
dead” said Lucy and Isabelle nodded her head. “What
have you done? ”
“Haha I have made him sleep with
his girlfriend’s best friend” said
Isabelle very happily
“He slept with Jane, they were having
some drinks at Arizona, Roy who has been stalking him
for weeks called
me as soon as they sat together.
They ordered beer and hey am so
happy girl, you know like everything
happened so perfectly” she said
excitedly “What do you mean, continue, what
happened? ” Lucy said impatiently.
“Okey” she said sitting very
comfortably in the chair “of all the
places it had to be Arizona where
Roy’s young brother works as a waiter , so he told him to
put a little
bit of a something in their drinks,,,
you know that stuff I bought from
agogo, which made them dizzy and
slowly increased their sexual
appetite, after a few bottles they had become very
sexually aroused and
their vision became blurred and
forgot everything, the only thing on
their mind was sex”
Lucy’s mouth was hanging open.
She knew that her friend was very crazy but not that
wicked and she
was even boasting. She looked at
her with wide opened eyes.
“Isabelle how could you do that, did
you have to go that far? ”
“What are you saying? ” she asked with a low pitched
tone which was
hiding loads of anger
“You wanted me to forgive him,? he
came after me , begging me to be his
girlfriend, dumped me a week later
without pity, called me again and apologised but wat did
he do, slept
with me and immediately broke up
with me. I will destroy Alfred until he
becomes a nobody”
Lucy could see that her friend was
really determined, she could see that in her eyes was so
much hatred and
seemed to have the ability to kill.
Some months ago Isabelle had asked
her to escort her to Agogo for
something, she gave her the same
powder for sex appetite and told her to use only a small
amount . she
wondered if the man who had put
that stuff in the unlucky friends’ beer
had put the correct amount.
Isabelle had photos of them having a
drink at the bar and of them in bed at the Guest house as
they had not
even locked the door
Tom had rehearsed a speech that
was to be delivered to Leah.
She had become obsessed with him
and he thought if he didn’t break up wirh her she would
soon introduce
him to her entire family.
He had tried ignoring her but she
never complained, she was dedicated
to keeping her relationship. The
previous ones had failed to work because of the mistakes
she made
but she had learnt a great deal of
things from magazines ‘How to keep
a man’ ‘How to make him love you
more’ and other related articlemore’ and other related
When she went to visit him that evening, his heart begun
to race
rapidly. He realised that proposing is
easier than that breaking up.
‘I didn’t propose her anyways’ he
“Honey, did I tell you that next weekend we are having a
little party
at home, I told them that am going
with you, please dont say no my
love” she said grasping his hand and
putting her head on his shoulder.
‘Now is not the time to tell her,’ he thought
“Yes we will go” he told her. She
kissed him on the cheek and hugged
“You are the best” she said. After
minutes she went back to her hostel. In the latest
magazine she had learnt
that spending too much time with
your boyfriend if you are the one who
initiated the meeting was a turn off
for men.
The dilemma continued for him, if he went to the party, it
means he would
be introduced to her family which
would be the worst mistake.
He decided to go to her hostel and
tell her that they needed to break up.
He knocked on the door and Leah opened the door.
She couldn’t believe it, so the
magazine was right, meet him for a
short time and he will follow you to
spend long hours with you.
“Come in please” she said calmly. The magazine said that
don’t show
too much excitement when he does
something very good because its his
duty to do so, celebrate in your heart
but not outward, so that he doesn’t
think he is doing you a favour when its actually his duty.
“Can we talk outside” he said.
Leah’s heart begun thumping very
loudly, she didn’t know if it was
something bad of which she had a
feeling it was. He had sounded a bit serious and that was
“Alright let’s go” she said quietly,
leading the way.
They decided to sit on a concrete
just outside the hostel “I hope all is well my love” she
“Yeah all is well, only a small
problem, Leah you are a great person
and I want you yo know that I will
always adore you” These words
could have flattered her and leaving her hanging on the
moon but they
made her very sad, anticipating what
would follow
“I’m very sorry that I started
something with you, that bond that
held us together seems to have been cut loose on my
“Just say what you came here to
say” she said harshly
“Alright, am sorry but I would like us
to go seperate ways” he whisppered
“Are you breaking up with me” she asked amidst sobs
He put his hand on her shoulder but
she threw it
“Why, why are you breaking up with
“Uhmm well feelings” he said trying to choose his words
carefully, “they
are gone”
“Then why did you propose to me? ”
‘I never proposed to you’ his mind
screamed but he wasn’t going to say
such a harsh word “Feelings” he said indignantly “they
were there. ”
” Tom did you love me? ”
He opened his mouth but no word
came out, he knew that more
questions would simply hurt her. “Answer me, are you
suddenly dumb?
” she shouted
“Yes,, no ” he said “I mean , yeah , I
thought I loved you, when Cathy told
me that she had a boyfriend I was
very heart broken and you were like an umbrella in the
storm that,,, ”
“So the storm is over and I ve
become useless” she interrupted
“No its not like”
“Shut up” tears were now streaming
down her face uncontrollably “dont try to deny it”
Tom’s friends had told him that if a
woman beats you and insults you
when breaking up with her then she
won’t bear a grudge against you, but
if she just cries then expect more, he now didn’t know
what to expect. He
hopefully waited for a slap but it
never saw his face.
She stood from there and went to
Cathy’s room. Her friends had taught
her that what you can’t get by talking use pity, if pity still
doesn’t work, use
force and she was going to do just
that. She knocked on the door and
Cathy opened it.
“Leah, you are crying ” she said
asking her in. Tom went back to the room with a
heavy heart and confused head.
“This is why I never wanted this
dating stuff, its complicated” he said

To Be Continued Once I See About 10 Comments.... Please comment

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Chapter 17
Cathy made some coffee for Leah
whose dress was almost soaked in whose dress was
almost soaked in tears.
“You need to calm down and tell me
what the matter is” she said offering
her the cup of coffee.
Leah wiped her eyes and nose with
the bottom of her dress, sobbing softly.
When Cathy finally managed to calm
her, she told her what Tom had
In the past Cathy would have put her
arm around Leah’s shoulder, then look away and smile.
But those days were long gone. The
days when she was deeply in love
with Tom, but now she felt sorry for
“But how could he be so heartless to tell you that to your
face? ” she said
more to herself than to Leah.
“He said that you are the one he
loves and not me, he used me. He
said that for as long as you are here
I can never be his, and he made me sleep with him,
making me believe
that he loved me. ” she said bursting
into tears again.
“He had sex with you?” exclaimed
Cathy unbelievably “such a pig” she
muttered. She imagined what she could have
done if Alfred had done that to her
the day she slept with him.
She comforted Leah and swore that
she was never going to date him, not
only because she had a boyfriend but aslo because he had
acted very
She also promised to talk to him and
maybe convince him to get back with
her since she still loved him.
Tom went to his room and wrapped himself in the
blankets, very unusual
for a nerd to sleep without touching a
His friends knew that all was not
well, they had given him a step by
step tutorial on how to break up, but he had forgotten
everything the
moment he had seen Leah, and the
fact that she did not slap or insult
him ate him up.
Too bad for a first relationship to end
that way. The following afternoon Cathy went to
his hostel.
His heart still beat the same way it
did whenever he saw her. He invited
her in but she asked if they could
find a better place to talk from. He told her that he was
alone in the
room and hence very safe to talk
“You look lovely” he complimented,
silently regretting not having had
proposed her at a time she desperately wanted him
” Dont say that Tom, you disgust me”
she said “how could you do that to
Leah? You sleep wirh her then dump
her” she said lowering her tone
which was full of anger “What are you saying,? I never
with Leah” he answered
“Really, okey, did you tell her that
you dont have feelings for her”
“Yes I did”
“Did you tell her that she was like an umbrella in the time
of storm? ”
“Yes but,,, ”
“Did you really fail to answer when
she asked if you really loved her? ”
Tom looked down speechless
“See, all that she said is true, Tom I thought you were an
angel in
disguise, I thouth you simply put on
the human form, how could you do
that to a girl? How could you sleep
with a woman when you know you
don’t love her” “Cathy thats not what happened, I
needed to ler her know,,,
” You were using her for your own
selfish reasons? ” she interrupted.
She walked up to the door to leave
but she came back remembering something
“You are a coward Tom, you are a
coward. Never you dream that I could
ever be yours, am for Alfred, my
boyfriend” she said pointing at him, if
her hands were guns, Tom would have been a dead body
She banged the door behind her, very
Tom fell back on the bed “you are a
coward Tom? ” he said loudly. “And
she never even botherd to hear my own side of the story,
how was I
supposed to keep dating a woman I
dont love, what I did is courageous,
and she thinks am a coward”
A month had passed and Isabelle
was taking her time before revealing the real shocking
news to Cathy, she
wanted to see her facial expression
when she’d see the photos of her
boyfriend in bed with her best friend.
That facial expression is what had
prevented her from watsaping the photos to Cathy, she
was going to
exercise some patience and wait for
her to come back home
Alfred’s life was beginning to get
back to normal, he had not told his
bachelor friends what had happened to him. It was going
to remain a
mystery because he had failed to
explain to himself how everything had
Jane’s life however was beginning to
take a new route, a route that was too scary to embark on
and she
seemed not to have control over it.
She was a week past her cycle and
the thought of being pregnant
lingered in her head all the time,
getting pregnant before marriage and to her bestfriend’s
boyfriend was getting pregnant before marriage and to her
bestfriend’s boyfriend was the
worst that could happen to her.
However it was not the first time that
she missed the cycle but this time
she was sure there was something
breathing in her belly, the more she tried to push the
thought away , the
more it stuck to her mind.
She picked the phone and decided to
call Stanely
“Stan I think am pregnant” she said
casually “You can’t baby, we’ve ,,, we’ve never
slept together, thats impossible”
“Come over to the house” said Jane
Stan went to her house very sure that
she was joking
“We were supposed to be getting married soon” he said
after she “We were supposed to be getting married soon”
he said after she told
him what had happened
“My friends were right, you were
getting it somewhere”
“I have never been unfaithful to you”
she yelled But he was too furious to listen to
the tale.
He drove off to his house with too
many thoughts.
Jane sat back and started prayinJane sat back and
started praying
against being pregnant and made promises to God if she
was going to
find that she wasn’t pregnant.
Stanely was the one good man she
had ever dated and she wasnt willing
to lose him over something she knew
nothing about. She decided to visit the hospital the
following day. She wondered if really
Alfred would accept the pregnancy if
it came
To Be Continued
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Chapter 18
Jane woke up very early, swept the
house and prepared custard porridge. She had no desire
for any food but
she knew she needed the strength,
so she forced a few teaspoons to her
She started off for the hospital, each
step she took made her very nervous.
She arrived quet early and there
wasn’t a queue. She went to the
doctor’s office who gave her a little
plastic container and told plastic container and told her to
collect some samples of her urine and take to the lab.
She did as directed and minutes later
she found herself sitting on the
bench outside the lab waiting for
results. It wasn’t long before she was
called to the table to get her results. Her heart was
thumping and each
step she took was very heavy, she
was silently praying for the resultswas silently praying for
the results to
be negative. She had not ceased
from that prayer since the previous
night. “You may take a seat madam” said a
man in a white labcoat
She sat and tried to act as normal as
possible. He handed her a paper with
some writings.
“It came out positive, congratulations madam” he said
with a smile.
She smiled back, but it was a smile
of pain, pain that she couldn’t
express in words.Pregnant for Alfred,
‘How did it even happen and what
exactly happened that day’ she thought. The doctor could
see that
her smile was on pose.
“Is everything okey? ” asked the
“Yeah” she answered quickly and got
up. She left the paper just there and
rushed back home. She took a cold
shower to calm her nerves but it only
helped a little. She picked up her
phone and called Alfred
“Hey Jane, its been ages, are you fine? ”
“No am not” she answered ” Do you
think we were drugged? ”
It had never occurred to Alfred that
they could have been drugged. But if
it was so, then it explained it all. “Yes I think that explains
it, the
mystery I’ve failed to decode” he
answered “but who? ”
Jane too could not answer that, it
was a new mystery, Jane could not
think of anyone who could do that to her, she had no
Alfred thought of all the possible
people who could have done such an
evil thing.
No one came to his mind, his brain
kept nagging about Isabelle. But he brushed it aside,
Isabelle was crazy
but she wouldn’t go to those lenghts
to take revenge.
Besides she loves him very much
and there is no way she could have
set him to sleep with another woman, it would kill her with
Jealous, and if
she did , she would have gone to
Alfred to brag about it, but Isabelle
had remained mute. He knew she
was impatient and she wouldn’t have
waited over a month before disclosing that she was
responwaited over a month before disclosing that she was
and spit it all to his face. Alfred
concluded that, they had been
drugged by accident.
However Jane was very convinced
that they were drugged on purpose. “Let’s meet at lunch”
she said
“No, I ‘m busy, let’s do weekend”
said Alfred
“Its emergency, you better show up
at exactly 2 pm at Safaris Lodge” and
she hung up. Alfred had wanted to stay away from her as
much as
He had to protect his relationship
with Cathy and he wasn’t willing to
take More chances.
Leah had become the quetest in the room, the jokes and
the stories had
Her roommates had warned her
against dating Tom who was quete
younger than her but she had told
them that age is just a number and that it didn’t really
matter for men. So
they comforted her while exchanging
looks of what they had anticipated.
Alfred showed up at the expected
time and found Jane waiting for him
under one of the trees by the river “You are so good at
keeping time” he
said hiding the anxiety in him
“Sit here” she said
“You look gloomy, anything the
matter? ”
“Yes, I am pregnant for you Alfred” she said bluntly.
Alfred looked at her horrified, eyes
and mouth wide open. He could not
believe it
“How,, how,, how is that possible,
how did that happen? I mean how did you know”
“I went to the hospital, I missed my
cycle. ” she answered.
His mouth was open but no word
could come out.
“How do you know its me, didn’t you say you have a
boyfriend? ”
“Yes I had, but I never slept with
They sat there staring at each other,
with no words at all
“Cathy” he finally said. “What are we going to do? She
can’t know about
Jane was equally worried about
Cathy, she would be so broken if she
found out.
Isabelle’s health was beginning to deteriorate , she had
become very
choosy with food and she became
very hot tempered.
One afternoon when she fainted and
taken to the hospital, she was found
to be pregnant. Her mother was not very surprised,
she had expected that along time
ago, when her daughter begun
spending less nights at home.
“Who is responsible” asked her
mother “I dont know” she answered quetly
“How can you say that”
“Because I sincerely dont know ” she
She was angry with herself, firstly for
allowing herself get pregnant and secondly for finding out
about it in
such a manner, her mother must
never have known about it.
When Lucy came to check on her,
her mother excused herselfher mother excused herself.
“You look very weak girl” said Lucy and Isabelle smiled
weakl”You look very weak girl” said Lucy and Isabelle
smiled weakly
“How are you? ” she asked
“Lucy, I ‘m pregnant” she whispered
Lucy moved closer to spare her the
energy of shouting
“How do you know that? ” “The doctor, he told me today”
“Oh really wow” she said not too
sure of what to say “and who is
responsible? ”
“Alfred” she answered
“Are you serious? I thought you were using protection”
“Yes he wore the rubber but I tore
the tip of it without his knowledge”
When Alfred had told her that he was
done with Cathy, Isabelle wanted to
bind him to her and she knew the best thing to do was
getting pregnant
for him, that way, he would be forever
bound to her but after knowing that it
was used as punishment she
decided not to have anything with
Alfred anymore, except take her revenge which was mid
“Wow, so is it goodnews or bad”
asked Lucy
“Its bad, I wanted to finish him, ” she
said moving her right hand over her belly.
“But dont tell mum that its Alfred”
Jane was loaded with a lot of ideas,
terminating the child seemed a good
choice, that way she would save
herself the embarasment of getting pregnant for her
bestfriend’s man,
also it will help prevent breaking her
friendship with Cathy who had
become like a sister over thr years.
On the other hand, in as much as
she wasn’t a church girl, she had been brought up in a
christian home
and she knew that her conscious
would haunt her for a lifetime if she
She had not asked Alfred his opinion,
she was glad that he didn’t deny being responsible.
Chapter 19
Alfred was in the living room,thinking
about what to do with Jane’s pregnancy when there was a
on the door.
He had to choose between the baby
and Cathy,he could encourage Jane
to abort so that everything goes back
to normal. He stood and went to open the door and as he
guessed it was Jane.
“You may come in” he said opening
the door wider
She entered and he followed her
behind. He tried to read her mind but it was quet hard, she
didn’t look sad
or angry,neither did she look happy.
“What do I offer you?”
“Nothing” she answered ” I have just
come to tell you what I have decided
to do with the pregnancy” Alfred’s heart begun racing with
loud beats ,he feared she might hear
it thumping.
He thought they would both have to
decide what to do with the child and
not only one party deciding. “Okey” he said holding his
“Yeah,I am going to terminate it,its
an abomination”
Alfred could not believe it,that was
his exact thought and hearing her
say that almost made him hug her but he had to keep his
“Oh ,,are you sure? did yu think this
through?” He said concealing his
joy,lest she should change her joy,lest she should change
her mind.
She nodded her heard
‘solved, no baby,Me and Cathy will still be together’ he
“I agree with you,what has happened
to us is an abomination which should
not be disclosed to anyone,let alone
having evidence of a baby. ”
She was about to leave when there was a knock at the
“Expecting someone?” asked Jane
sitting back
“No” he said walking to the door.
He opened the door and he stood
there petrified. It was Isabelle looking very old and
“What are you here for?”
“Let me in,there is something you
should know”
“There is nothing i want to know from you” he said
fiercely but as quet as
he could.
She pushed him aside and found her
way in the doorway. She went
directly to the living room where she
found Jane on the chair. “Woh woh, what’s this am seiing,
hope am not disturbing you guys”
she grinned mockingly
“Are you guys doing something crazy
behind Cathy’s back? Oh poor Cathy”
“Just shut up and spit what you are here for and leave,that
is if you don’t
want me to drag you out of my
house” said Alfred. He detested her
so much and her looking so pale
made him hate her even more
“Why would you do that to the mother of your child?”
Alfred and Jane looked at each other
in shock and thought their ears were
betraying them by relaying false
“Sit there and explain why you are here” said Alfred
“I prefer we discuss it in the
bedroom, away from strangers” she
“Jane is not a stranger ,it’s either
you speak from here or you go back” ” Really?” She
smiled slyly.” You two
seem to have a stronger bond,does
that confirm the rumor around town?”
“What rumor” asked Alfred
indistinctly. If the whole town knew
that he had impregnated Jane, then it would be their
Isabelle saw the desperation on their
faces and decided not to disclose
their secret, so that they die of
“So are we talking here or bedroom” she asked
“Tell me the rumor first,before we talk
about anything”
“Alright, that you two were seen
together going to a guest room, but I
dont believe them though, Jane is like a sister to Cathy”
she said
It was a relief that Isabelle
considered such an incident a false
That confirmed that Isabelle was not
the one who drugged them. “Alright,t that’s just a fake
rumor from
some lousy people with nothing to
do” said Alfred.
” Now tell me why you are here”
Isabelle never struggled with
words,they could naturally and swiftly flow from her
mouth without any
struggle. She explained how she had
never had had unprotected sex with
any man before and how she tore the
tip of the condom when she slept
with Alfred and disclosed the motive behind.
Jane and Alfred sat there shocked.
She said everything with so much
ease as if she was speaking words of
” You are not just a LovePeddler monger but a dog, you disgust
me Isabelle.
You are a curse in my life. But this
you must know,you cannot trap
me,because you know why, whatever
you decide to do with the dog in your
womb is up to you. I have nothing to do with it or you, you
have slept with
a thousand men and you deliberately
tore the condom, everything is your
fault and don’t involve me in that
stupidity.”roared Alfred
“I haven’t yet told my mother that you are the one
responsible,but when i
do,she will be your guest very soon”
she said
Alfred looked at her unbelievably,she
was very cool and calm while he was
there shaking with rage, he had to switch off most of his
senses just so
he doesn’t beat her.
“Look at Jane” said Alfred” she is
carrying my baby”
Isabelle looked at her and laughed
very loud,it sounded very funny coming from Alfred.
But when she digested the words,
she realised that it could be true,
aware that they had slept together,
her countenance fell
“Is that true?” “Yes” answered Alfred.
He was very desperate to get Isabelle
away from his life
Isabelle burst into laughter and said”
well you will be a father of two,you
are so blessed” She stood to leave then turned back
to Jane
” Does your best friend know that you
have betrayed her?”
She left the house, she promised to
come back with her mother and Alfred warned her against
coming to
his house again.
“You didn’t have to do that you
know” said Jane “telling her am
” I was desperate to keep her away, she thought she had
me trapped with
the baby thing,now she knows she
has some competition.”
“And on second thought” said Alfred
moving closer to Jane ” I think you
should keep the baby, we might not have planned for it
but it’s a gift”
Jane could not believe it, she moved
away from him in disgust
” Did you drug me on purpose so
that you could rape me and let me
have a child for you?” Alfred did not expect such a
response, he tried to calm her but
she was already boiling. she stormed
out of the house and went to her own
“Goodness what am I going to do?” She grieved
Cathy could detect the emotional
distance between her and Alfred, he
still called but not as much and the
conversations had become less
romantic and had become very general and ordinary.
She concluded that it was because
of distance. Only three months
remaining before closing and remaining before closing and
would finally be with her Alfred and
Jane and her mother. She had missed them so much.
Her big three persons
Alfred sat down to think about what
he had told Jane
“Total nonsense, how could I ask her
to keep it,that will be the end of me but thank goodness
she won’t heed
to what I said” he said with a sigh
“I’m in a total mess, what have I
done to my life” he said.
Inviting Jane to that drink had been a
big mistake and sleeping with Isabelle was recorded the
mistake of his life, he thought.
Jane threw herself on the bed
starring at the ceiling.
The pregnancy had stressed her so
much,with no one to share her grievances with, she
always confided
in Cathy on such matters but how
could she now, when she was a
She replayed the events of the day in
her mind. Isabelle had known their secret and she would
mouth it to
every soul in town, so aborting it
would not really be a good solution,
she thought.
“Alfred is right,we should keep the
baby, what if I die while aborting or what if my womb gets
destroyed and
I can’t have a baby again in the
future. There are more dangers in
aborting it than the embarrassment of
the public coming to know what I ve
done, Cathy will understand when we explain to her that
we didn’t do this
willingly” she spoke to herself.
“She will still continue with Alfred”
To Be Continued
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Chapter 20
Isabelle reached home and found
Lucy waiting for her “Your mum told me that you were
not around so I decided to wait for
you” said Lucy
“Where are you coming from, you
look extremely weak and pale” she
added “Do I look that bad?” asked Isabelle
“Yes you do” answered Lucy.
Isabelle looked at herself and smiled
“Then he must have had ridiculed me
in his heart”
“Who ?” Asked Lucy Isabelle told her about the unfruitful
“I knew he would not accept the
responsibility” said Lucy ” but you
can’t bring up a child by
yourself,what are you going to do? Why don’t you just give
it to Ben”
suggested Lucy
Ben was desperately in love with
Isabelle. He was a middle class
business man with the ability to
Carter for all a woman’s needs. He had not stopped
Isabelle despite the insults she
leashed on him.
Isabelle was more into older men,
sugar daddies, for she never liked
commitments. Ben however had showed more
interest than she desired. The only
likeable thing about him was his
money, every other feature on him
was a nuisance to Isabelle.
Out of desperation to avoid him, she had lied to him that
she harboured
multiple STIs but he had genuinely
told her that such could not be a
” That sounds like a great idea, he
wouldn’t hesitate to take the responsibility ” said Isabelle
” but I don’t think I can do that, I
can’t be stuck with that man for a
“Then what will you do?”
“I will remove the baby?” She answered
“Remove the what?” exclaimed Lucy ”
are you mad, have you thought about
the implications, what if something
goes wrong”
Isabelle starred at her friend for seconds
“It’s not like it’s going to be the first
Isabelle had aborted twice and
without many complications.
The first time was when she was still at high school, very
advanced but
with little knowledge about sex.
Her lover boy had impregnated her
and forced her to abort it. He had
told her that their future was very
bright and that they couldn’t allow a baby to come in
between as they
weren’t ready. Out of love he had
gone ahead and aborted.
It was more painful than she had
expected. Her lover boy however had
gone ahead and left her weeks after that.
She had felt so stupid and she
vowed never to fall in love. She had
succeeded in that until Alfred showed
The second time was when she was was waiting for grade
twelve results
to come out and she fell pregnant for
a married man, it was a pregnancy
that she still failed to explain
because she had used protection.
She had to abort the child as he ordered her to.
“Don’t you think Alfred will come
around once the baby is born ? You
know, men do that alot,he is probably
shocked by that fact, once he thinks
it through, he will come back” said Lucy
Isabelle looked at her friend and
” You don’t know Alfred, the guy
hates me with dignity,he hates me
with passion, he hates me with every blood in his vain,
nomatter what, he
will never want anything to do with
me,besides there is some good
news” she said lighting up
“Say it” said Lucy impatiently
” I don’t know if it’s true but it can be. Alfred has
impregnated Jane” she
said triumphantly
“You lie” said Lucy ” but how can
that be, have they been dating”
“You are so dumb, “said Isabelle “the
same day they slept together at the guest house, she got
Lucy could not believe it, it was too
interesting but in a moment she felt
bad for them,she imagined herself in
Jane’s shoes, it must have been very
hard, especially that they didn’t know exactly what had
happened to them
“I now understand why you should
have been a journalist, where did you
gather all that information”
Isabelle just looked at her and
laughed. “From the look of things Cathy is not
aware, once I remove this baby,there
won’t be any connection between me
and Alfred, then I can Finnish him off.
” She said in a matter of fact tone
“So you see why this baby is very irrelevant?” She posed ”
but even if
Jane aborts, I still have evidence of
photos and videos of them in the
guest house, which I can either leak
to the media or I show Cathy,so
either way, their relationship is headed to destruction.”
“Not leaking to the media, that’s too
cruel” said Lucy
“Who cares” answered Isabelle
“Who exactly do you hate between
Alfred and Cathy?” Isabelle laughed very much at the
“Is it funny?”
“Yes it is, very” she answered amidst
the laughter. “I never really asked
myself that,and now that you have brought it to my
attention, I think am
stuck. But I think I hate them
“Cathy never did anything wrong to
“She stole Alfred from me” Lucy didn’t comment
anymore. She
was tired of correcting her that Alfred
was not stolen by Cathy, he just
chose her over Isabelle because he
loved her more and so Cathy was not
to blame. But Isabelle had argued that Cathy must have
backed off after
knowing that Alfred had a girlfriend.
The following day Jane called Alfred
and told him about the change in
“Just as you suggested,i ll just keep the baby” she said
Alfred was not expecting that,he had
been relieved from the burden of
being father. He decided to go to her
He told her the benefits of aborting but Jane was not
going to change
her mind. She was fixed to her new
idea. Alfred’s efforts proved useless.
At the end he gave up.
” I love Cathy very much,so dont
think that by doing this,yu can separate us”
Jane could not believe her ears, he
was the one who had come up with
the idea of keeping a child,why would
he change his mind so quickly.
A month passed and Jane was still with the idea of
keeping the baby.
Isabelle on the other hand didn’t
want to be caught in the web of
Alfred’s drama.
She sat on a chair outside the house
reflecting on her life. At high school ,she was among the
popular girls whom other girls
admired. The boys had the eyes on
her and each one of them was
lusting after her, but at the time ,she
had not known that there was such a thing.
Even when she had chosen Mr lover
boy,it had seemed like true love.
When she sat there remembering
how her lover boy used to treat her,
she then realised that she had been such a fool not to
have had seen
through him.
She thought about the guy who had
been so much in love with her but
whom she had humiliated so much in
front of other pupils, telling him that he was of a low class
and not on her
‘I was such a fool, by now I would b
married to a handsome doctor. He
genuinely loved me but what had
mattered at the time was dating a fellow popular pupil’
she said to
“Who are you referring to?”
Isabelle looked up and was
interrupted by Lucy
“Ummm nothing, I will be removing the thing in my
stomach, won’t you
be there with me to help ,Incase
something goes bad”
“Isabelle are you still going to do
this, just keep it, don’t rush to make
that decision” “If I wait a month longer,i won’t be
able to remove it, this is the only safe
time” she answered. “I have to let
Alfred know what I am doing”
She got her phone and sent him a
text ‘Alfred, I have decided to remove the
baby, but am not yet done with you’
Alfred received the text and his anger
was more stirred.
‘i have no business with whores who
go around town trapping men,i told you that I have nothing
to do with
“Exactly what I had imagined” she
told Lucy.
Lucy agreed to be near Her at the
hour of abortion. She felt pity for her friend who had
suddenly looked older than her age
and seemed so tired of everything.
She told her aunt that she was
having a nightshift at the other shop
where she had found another job. She met with Isabelle at
appointed place. It was very dark and
shadows of the trees moved
majestically as the wind blew hard.
As they moved away from the city
lights,they took a right turn which led to a narrow path at
the far West. It
was very quiet and the only noise
was coming from the grass they were
treading on .
“Isabelle are you sure about this”
whispered Lucy “Ofcourse,lets just keep moving” she
whispered back.
After 30 minutes of walking in the
dark,a wretched hut was finally in
view, Isabelle took the lead and went
inside the hut. The hut looked monsterous from inside.
However it
was much bigger than it looked
outside. There were shackles of fire
in the middle with a woman sitting
beside it. They sat on the mat near
the red coals of fire. The woman made no movements.
After starring
as them for minutes she finally
“Enter the room at your far right. Mix
the powder on the shelf with the
water in the jug.” The two ladies looked at her without
a word.
“Go!” She commanded.
They stood and looked at their right.
There was a room,they entered it and
there was a candle burning in the corner. Isabelle got the
powder on a
half fallen shelf and unwrapped it
very carefully then put it in the jug
and swirled it
“Isabelle, are you really going to
drink this?” .
To Be Continued
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Chapter 21
Isabelle stirred the concoction and
took a sip. Lucy could read how bitter the concoction was
Isabelle’s facial expression on the
silhouette formed on the wall against
the candle lite.
Isabelle looked at the jug and took a
long gulp of the mixture. She felt some movements in her
stomach which tightened her entire
intestines into knots.
She sat down and as the pain
increased,she lied down.
“I can’t breathe” she said in a whisper,tossing from side
to side.
Lucy moved closer to her and placed
her head on her lap
“You will be fine” she said stroking
her hair
“No Lucy,am dying, I am going to die” she said gasping
for air
“No you will live” she assured
her.”should I take you outside so
that you get some fresh air?”
But Isabelle couldn’t talk, the pain
had spread all through her body,she could feel her liver
and kidneys melt,
her heart was shrinking. She was
groaning and whimpering in pain
“You will be fine my dear” said Lucy
tears streaming down her face.
The thought of losing her friend was more scary than she
had ever
She was the only friend she had.
While she was a nobody at high
school,she had been saved ridicule
from other teens when Isabelle befriended her.
No one ever understood why a
beautiful up-to-date arrogant Isabelle
would make friends with a poor ugly
naive Lucy.Actualy even Lucy herself
never understood and probably even Isabelle never
understood because
that’s the one question she had not
clearly answered everytime Lucy
would ask.
However it had turned out that after
failing at high school, all Isabelle’s friends vanished and
the only one
who still thought she was as worthy
as she had been, was Lucy. She had
managed to convince her that life
was not all about passing high
school exams. Now there she was ,lying almost
lifeless in her arms,away from
She put Isabelle’s head on the mat
where she was lying and went to
explain to the old woman that her friend was dying.
“There is nothing i can do, the
concoction doesn’t work well with
everyone” said the old woman
“How can you say that? and so casually ,my friend is
dying, you do
something” cried Lucy.
“There is nothing i can do young
lady. If she lied about the real
months of the pregnancy, then it’s
her fault” she said coldly. She could see that the old
was not going to help her. She
rushed back to where her friend was,
she was not moving. She shook her
violently and she begun to groan
again. Lucy fumbled for Isabelle’s phone in her Jean
pockets, she
switched it on and searched Alfred’s
name but it didn’t appear among the
“Oh Isabelle how did you save Alfred
please” she said with frustration. He seemed the only one
who could help.
She was becoming very impatient
and ran out of ideas. What do I do
now, she cried.
She quickly went to her inbox and
there was a message from Alfred saved as ‘ Mr dog’. She
laughed but it wasn’t the time. When
Isabelle got better, they would laugh
about it together.
“Oh thank goodness” she gave a sigh
of relief. She dialled the number and it was then that she
realised that
there was no network. The fear for
the old woman had miraculously
escaped her, she didn’t care what
she would say or do, she rushed
outside in search of network. The old woman glared at her
as she
left the hut.
She finally got to call Alfred.
traaaaaaaaa dialing Mr dog’
“I really hope it’s him” she said
under her breath. The phone went unanswered and it
drove Lucy crazy.
“Answer the phone fool” she said
She dialed again and he answered.
” Isabelle are you mad,why are you
calling me this time?” He sad angrily “This is not Isabelle,
this is Lucy,
Isabelle is in,,,,,,”
“Do you know what time this is, I told
her never to call me again” he said
“She is dying, I need your help,,,,,” And the phone cut.
“No he didn’t cut the line” she said
bitterly. How cruel. What was she
going to do with Isabelle. She called
him again and the phone was off.
She went back inside not knowing what to do. She found
Isabelle still
lying on the mat.
“Isabelle, Isabelle” she said panting.
“I’m dying” she said slowly.
She breathed in heavily and breathed
out and she was gone. “Isabelle! Isabelle! Isabelle! ” She
wailed. ” No please don’t do this to
Isabelle was covered in blood, she
had had no opportunity to remove the
jeans and wrap herself in a chitenge after drinking the
medicine. Lucy got
her in her arms and forced open her
“You can’t die Isabelle, what will I
tell everyone?”
She lay besides the dead body and screamed and wailed
and weeped.
The old woman had not attempted to
enter that room. When Lucy decided
to inform her, she found her still
seated around the fire, very still, and
not dozing. “She has died, Isabelle has died”
said Lucy. The old woman looked at
her without a word.
“aren’t you going to say anything,?”
She screamed. ” You have killed my
friend you wicked woman,why did you volunteer to help
her when you
don’t know anything? Did you
intentionally kill her, why ? Why did
you do that? What do I do now?” She
“Get out of here and carry the body, if it Dawns and it is
still here, you will
follow her and you will both
disappear.” She said fiercely. Her
coolness had vanished and it was
replaced by suppressed anger.
Lucy pulled her friend’s body outside the hut, leaving
heavy trails of blood
behind. She had no choice but to call
Isabelle’s mother. She shakingly
dialed her number.
Alfred on the other hand was in total
agony, from the shaky voice on the phone call, he was
sure that Isabelle
was not trying to play a trick on him.
It could have been a move to try to
see if he cared about her or try to get
him to be with her at such an
awkward hour but there was so much desperation and
fear in the voice of
the caller and he thought it was
genuine. His phone which was
already battery low as power had
gone had automatically switched off
even before he could finish the conversation with Lucy.
What if Isabelle was really in danger?
He got up and went to Frank’s house,
which was a kilometre away. After
knocking for several hours, he finally
opened the door. “Man is everything okey, you scared
me, do you know what time this is”
complained his friend as he opened
the door
“Am in desperate need of your phone
man” answered Alfred “Yeah, please may I make a call?”
His friend invited him in and he made
the call but the number was off. He
called several times but still it was
off. He narrated everything that had
happened to his friend. Alfred knew he didn’t like Isabelle
but that
doesn’t mean he hated her, even
unto the point of death.
However his friend comforted him
and told him not to worry, he
proposed that Isabelle had deliberately conived with her
friend to
see if she still stood a chance to
have him in her life. This erased the
guilt he was beginning to feel. He
went back home.
The following day he called Isabelle but the phone was
still off. He
brushed the events of the previous
night aside and went on with the
daily activities. Everything was
normal and he laughed at himself for
having had panicked so much last night. He knew
Isabelle’s craftiness
so much, she could really be crazy
There was a knock at the door just
after 9 am.
“Your friend is dead,” said a horrified looking young man.
“Who?” asked Cathy
“Tom” said the man. His face was
very familiar and Cathy instantly
remembered that she had seen him
in Tom’s room. Yes ,he was Tom’s room mate
“No that’s not possible,that can’t
happen” she said breathlessly.
She had ignored Tom in all ways
possible and had never cared about
his whereabouts. She didn’t mean for their friendship to
end That way. She
didn’t hate him, she was just upset
with him for using a girl.
Cathy felt a sharp pain cut through
her heart, it ripped part of it, and she
sat down just there in the door way to recover from the
“How ,how did that Happen,I never
heard of his sickness” she finally
“He didn’t fall sick, he never fell sick.
He just committed suicide and left a note for you,you
might want to read
it” he said more cooly now.
Cathy’s heart had started beating
even faster, had she caused the
death of someone, who was so dear
to her at some point. She remembered how happy he had
made her,before she had rejected
him, and also before he started
dating Leah, how much she had
loved him. Everytime they had shared
together was replaying in her head, each and every
moment very clear as
if it was just the previous day.
Without waiting for the bearer of the
bad news, she ran to Tom’s room to
see the note for herself.
. To Be Continued

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Chapter 22
Catherine knocked on the door but
there was no response. She pushed open the door but it
was locked. She
knocked harder and finally the door
handle was moving up and down.
“You may enter” said a guy with
swollen bloodshot eyes.
She entered and her eyes swept the entire room in a
glance, there was
Tom’s roommate on the bed and two
little boys at the far end with a much
older girl in the middle.
The guy who had opened for Cathy
directed her to sit. “Where are other people?” She asked
“They are all at the hospital. They
took the body to the mortuary.”
Catherine burst into tears.
No one consoled her, everyone was weeping and their
eyes were red.
After sometime the guy who had
gone to call Cathy entered.
The room was dead quet.
“The letter” said Cathy
He went to the other side of the room, separated by a
curtain and
came back with a Small brown
envelope with the writing ‘dear
It was Tom’s hand writing. She
quickly opened it, wiping the corner of her eye with the
sleeve of her
” I know I shouldn’t have done this
but my life has become worthless.
My life has never been the same
since you ended our friendship. I live like a zombie, I was
fine with you
being with another man but ending
our friendship killed my inner self. I
have lost concentration in class and
if I continued living I would simply
disappoint my family by failing. Yours best Friend Tom.I
never slept
with Leah and I didn’t use her
because all the time I was with her, I
felt something strong for her. NB
don’t show this letter to anyone. Tear
it as soon as possible.” Cathy held the letter motionless.
read it again and her vision was
becoming blurred. It was too hard to
believe it, even as she was rushing
to his room, she had hoped that his
friends were tricking her. She wailed even louder not
the people in other rooms
There was another knock on the door
and the guy who had opened for
Cathy walked to the door and opened
it. “Since when did you start locking the
door” complained a voice that Cathy
suspected was for Tom.
“Shhhhh keep quet and go back” said
the guy
“Why? Let me in” he said pushing his way ” oh did you
bring a girl, this
Tom entered the room and was
astonished by the scene, little
children crying, everyone sobbing
with swollen eyes “What’s this, what’s happening here?”
He asked.
Cathy screamed and moved to the
wall as if to escape through it.
“You you you are dead Tom” she
said pointing at him and cautioning him not to come near
Alfred was about to take a nap when
he received a call. It was from Kelvin
asking him to meet them at Safaris.
He reluctantly woke up and put on a
Jean and a short sleeved shirt. “Am not in the mood of
drinking, will
just watch them” he muttered to
In Less than 30 minutes,he was with
the bachelors.
They looked as gloomy as Kelvin had sounded on the
“What’s the matter yoh” he said
trying to lighten the mood. “Don’t tell
me you were waiting for me to buy
you swallows because I haven’t come
with any cash” “Sit down man, is it that you are
happy about the news or you haven’t
heard about it at all ?” Said Kelvin
“What are you talking about” asked
The two bachelors exchanged looks and Frank whispered
“I told you he hasn’t heard about it”
“Heard about what?” asked Alfred
“”Sit first” said Kelvin. He sat down,
angry that they were taking time to
tell him “You remember yesterday” said Frank
“Yesterday what? Just say it man,
you are making me nervous.”
“Okey your friend is dead” said Kelvin
“Which friend? You are both here and
well” he said “Isabelle” said Frank “It turns out
that the call was genuine. She was
trying to abort and she lost her life in
the process”
Alfred’s face went cold. He couldn’t
feel his face anymore, it was as if it had turned into ice. It
had become
stony and he could feel the wind
blow hard against it , making it even
colder .
He looked at the two men and they
looked sad. He knew they weren’t lying.
“It’s my fault,i should have helped”
he said with great regret
“I don’t think it’s your fault, I doubt if
you were even going to find her
because they had gone to some place away from town”
said Frank
“Tom how are you here, did you plan
all this, to make a fool of me?” Said
Cathy angrily
“What are you talking about, I don’t
know anything about what’s going on here, that’s why I
need an
explanation.” he said.
The two roommates calmed them and
explained to them why they had
decided to do such a thing.
“Tom you are dead” said the first guy “No am not” he
“Yes you are. You are very dead,
actually you ve been dead for
sometime now”
Tom and Cathy couldn’t understand
until he explained about how Tom’s performance was
going down in tests
and assignments just because Cathy
had ended their friendship.
For sometime he was getting very
low grades and on several occasions
his lecturers had called him to ask what was affecting his
studies but he
lied about it and said it was some
family problems.
Cathy was very surprised to know
that the end of their friendship had
affected her friend in that way. So the guys wanted to
know if Cathy
still cared about Tom, hence they put
their plan into action when Tom
decided to go home for a night.
They had hired the street kids to
come to mourn so that it could be very convincing to
Cathy, and forged
Tom’s handwriting to write Cathy a
Tom felt embarrassed to admit that
his school work was declining but he
didn’t try to deny it. Cathy rose from where she had sat
and hugged Tom.
She apologised for not believing him
and for taking Leah’s word over his.
“How about a movie at 7 pm” she
asked “”It’s great” he answered.
She thanked his roommates for
reviving their friendship and Tom’s
smile said all the words .
The two guys remained laughing at
their skill. They paid the children and let them go.
” It had to take you my death to know
how valuable our friendship is” said
Tom and Cathy gigled.
Throughout the afternoon Alfred was
thinking about Isabelle and how she had died. What a
poor finishing.
He recalled the last time he had seen
her, she looked pale and old. Poor
Isabelle,killed by his pregnancy and
not rescuing her.
“Maybe I could have saved her life if I had listened to
what Lucy was
telling me.”
The night was the worst nightmare,
Isabelle appeared in his dreams,
carrying the baby and covered in
blood. He woke up with heavy drops of
He slept again and this time Isabelle
came with a knife to kill him, she cut
his throat and as he shouted, he
woke up in scream. He decided to remain awake till dawn
but he fell asleep again. She
appeared and her body colour was
bloody red and her eyes were
burning with hatred and she was
approaching him, to consume him. When he finally woke
up and it was
dawn, it was a relief. He knew it was
only his fearful mind that was playing
with him since he convicted himself
of the crime of killing her.
He looked at the clock, he had woken a bit late ,he rushed
to brush his
teeth and have a cold shower,
dressed up and stepped out of the
Only to find Jane with her mother
and two uncles. He greeted then and they asked if they
could talk to him.
He invited them in.
“Am sorry but I explained everything
to mum, how it happened. She said
it’s either I was lying or that you
deliberately got me drunk. She called my uncles and
forced me to come .
It’s qeuet embarassing” said Jane
Alfred was beginning to forget about
Jane,his days had been quet
Her uncles started talking about how he had to marry her
before she gave
birth,so that people would not mock
the family.
They said if he wanted to avoid going
to jail he should heed their words.
They told him that they wanted to meet his parents and
discuss the
bridal price.
Alfred could not believe it. How was
he going to enjoy marriage with a
woman whom he didn’t love?
He told them that he would pay the damage but not marry
her but they
said he should have thought about
the consequences before engaging in
the act.
He tried to convince them and when
he realised that he was running out of time, he told them
that he would
think about it and call them.
Jane seemed not to be on any side,
she didn’t seem to dispute the idea
of getting married and she didn’t
seem to support it, she was just getting her mother to
stop talking so
It was a day ruined for him.
He had anonymously contributed
some money for Isabelle’s burial but
did not attend it. The friendship of Tom and Cathy
became very strong as if to
compensate for the time they were
not talking to each other.
Alfred had tried to convince Jane to
persuade her family not force them to get married.
She said it would be hard but that
she would try because she was an
adult and so they couldn’t just start
making plans for her
“What happened to you is beyond your doing, if your
parents want you
to marry him, go ahead. Forget about
what Cathy will say or do. That has
been your worry all through. To me it
looks like you like the guy and Cathy
is the only obstacle. Otherwise you wouldn’t be carrying
his child. You
marrying him is the same as you
having a child for him. So you think
Cathy will rejoice when she finds out
that you have a child for her
boyfriend?” Said Jane’s workmate. Two months passed
without a word
from Jane’s relatives and Alfred
hoped that they had come back to
their senses and seen that forcing
people to get married is not the best
solution. However Jane’s pregnancy had become evident
and a few
people were whispering about it,
wondering who the father was,since
she had quete a chain of exes.
Cathy was coming back home and
her mother had waited anxiously for her return. The whole
week she was
emphasising to her on how much
she loved her and how much she
would sacrifice everything for her.
Wait for the next chapter and learn
the horror behind Melody’s death. .
To Be Continued

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Chapter 23
Cathy was very excited about going
home. Kate too was happy.
The one year had seemed longer than
it was supposed to be.
The last days had been hectic, their
final exams were harder than the mid
year exams,but that mattered less,everyone was happy
that finally
they could be with their families.
Tom had done his farewells the
previous night but he still went that
morning to see her off.
She board a bus that was leaving at 07 am.
Cathy sat by the window wondering
what her mother had kept for her.
She had told her that there was a
hidden wardrobe in her bedroom
which was in the wall. It had been designed by both her
parents for
keeping secret documents and
Cathy’s mother told her that she was
old enough to read some of the
secrets of the family. Cathy was nervous as well as
anxious. She felt she knew
everything about the family, were
there some secrets? Or maybe they
were just ordinary books and diaries
and papers. After greeting her mother, she would
go and look at the secret wardrobe in
the house,she had planned
She had called her mother that
morning bt her phone was off. She
had promised to pick her from the station, she couldn’t
wait to see her
daughter as much as Cathy couldn’t
wait to see her .
She thought about Alfred and Jane,
how happy she would be when she
finally meets them, she had called them earlier and they
had not
sounded as happy but she knew how
happy they were inside.
She knew they pretended not to be
overly excited by her coming
meanwhile they were as happy as she was.
After 8 hours of bumps ,the bus
finally reached its destination.
Everyone got off and Cathy moved
her luggage to a shelter where they
sold tickets and begun zooming the crowd to locate her
mother. She
looked from every direction but her
mother was nowhere to be seen.
After sometime, she decided to book
a taxi to take her home,her temper
was rising, why would her mother promise to pick her and
then later
switch off the phone.
Just then ,two police officers in
uniform approached her. She
watched them move towards her
talking to each other. “Are you here to arrest me for
standing here for too long ?” She
asked as they stopped where she
had stood.
“No miss” said one of them with a
grin “We just want you to accompany us
to your house”
“Is anything the matter?”
The two policemen exchanged looks
and shook their heads. The first
thought that crossed her mind was that the police had
discovered the
secret wardrobe and had found the
secrets which made them put her
mother in a cell
“Do you know where mum is” she
asked but they didn’t respond. ‘well whatever,as long as
am getting
a free ride and if mum is fine then we
are cool ‘ she thought to herself but
that didnt drive the fear out of her,
alot of crazy thoughts crossed her
mind. They drove silently to her house.
She couldn’t believe her eyes, the
house was surrounded with a yellow
“What’s happening here?” She said
opening the door of the car but the doors were locked
“Can you unlock the doors” she
shouted furiously
“Miss there is some information that
we would like you to know and some
that we want to get from you ” answered the police officer
who was
“What for? What’s this ,what’s
happening? Where is my mother”
“When was the last time you talked
to her?” He asked ignoring her questions
“Just tell me where my mother is ”
she said
“If you don’t want to speak then we
are afraid we can’t tell you the state
in which your mother is” “Is she ill”
But the police officer didn’t answer.
“Alright I spoke to her last
night,since then her phone has been
off” she said
“What were you talking About” he asked
Cathy blinked a million times in a
minute, they had talked in details
about the secret wardrobe and there
is no way she was going to disclose
its existence “Well just what a mother would talk
about with her daughter” she said
“Don’t lie and just say the truth”
“Alright, she was telling me about
how much she loves me”
“Does she always tell you that?” “Yes she does but
yesterday she
emphasized so much on it”
The police officers sighed.
“Well maybe that can explain it, we
couldn’t find any clue”
“What clue?” She asked “why don’t you just say what it is
instead of
keeping me in suspense like this?”
“Well we are sorry to tell you this,but
the case is still under investigation.
Your mother was found dead this
morning, most likely it was death by poison. Its either she
took the poison
or someone else did put in her food”
Cathy’s head was spinning very fast
and she was caught in a whirlwind
and she was swirling so fast,
eventually she couldn’t see anything and everything went
blank. Everything
became dark and she could feel her
heart gradually stop beating.
Alfred was aware of Cathy’s coming
but she had not called him and yet it
was almost getting dark. She had not responded to any of
his calls or
messages and he begun to be filled
with fear, what if she had finally
found out the truth about him and
Jane and had decided to do away
with him without even waiting for his explanation?
He decided to go to her house and
he was told by the police that she
had been admitted in the hospital but
no visitor was allowed to visit her.
Alfred felt a relief but he was annoyed by the fact that
Cathy had
lost her mother but he was not
allowed to go and console her.
Cathy woke up in the middle of the
night, she squinted and she saw a
police woman sitting by her side. She smiled when she
saw her awake.
“Where am I” she asked looking
around the room
“Hospital” she told her
“Doing what” she asked
“Well you were brought here after collapsing”
“I did? Why? And where is my mom?”
Upon saying that,the earlier events
flooded her head and she
remembered what the police officers
had told her “Is it true? Is she really dead? My
The police woman looked at her
sorrowfully and immediately she was
caught in a whirlwind again and she
collapsed again. She went to call a nurse.
The whole night Alfred could think of
nothing but Cathy. He still loved her
so much and he couldn’t imagine the
betrayal look she would wear when
she would find out about Jane. The following morning he
went to the
hospital and he found Cathy in the
“Baby” he said holding her hand
“Honey” she answered lazily tears
coming from the corners of her eyes “Don’t cry,am here
for you” he said
and she smiled.
Later in the evening,she was
discharged and allowed to go home.
There were quite alot of people in
black,most of which she didn’t know, maybe her mother’s
A few who knew her greeted her and
the others looked at her
sympathetically giving their
“She was almost going crazy” said one woman
“She was drowning in her sorrows
until they consumed her completely”
said another
“She didn’t think about her
daughter,did she” “She is selfish”
All these were said in whispers
,Cathy could pick a few words from
their comments and she felt a sword
cut through her heart. How could
they say such things about her mother
“Take me to your house” she told
“I think you should be here, all these
people are here to comfort you” he
said “No they are not,are you taking me or
not? ”
At Alfred’s house,he made a cup of
hot coffee for her and she wept and
cried and he consoled her.
She slept in his arms and he could feel her pain. He
watched her fall
asleep after giving her a goodnight
“You are all I have now” she told him
She was so pretty even in sleep. She
had not changed much, the eye brows were curved the
same way,
her cheeks chubby as always and
her hair thick. Her skin very spotless
and he seemed not tired of touching
“My wife to be” he said and she shifted in her sleep. He
kissed her
on the forehead.
She woke up in the middle of the
night wrapped in his arms.
“I missed this so much” she said and
he looked at her with a smile “You are not sleeping?” She
“How could I when I had not finished
watching my girl whom I haven’t
seen in a long time”
They talked about how they missed
each other and how they had patiently waited for each
“Nothing should ever come between
us, please promise me that you will
never leave me nomatter what. Am
nothing without you baby and my life
would be so miserable without you. If anything comes in
between us,lets
stand together and stick to each
other” he said
“You know I love you sweety, and I
can’t allow anything come in-
between us. Even If you say you don’t want me anymore, I
won’t let
go” she answered and Alfred felt very
happy and relieved. He was going to
fight for the love of his life.
The mourning period was over and
Jane had visited Cathy a few times. It was confirmed at
the hospital that
Cathy’s mother had been poisoned.
The police had looked for any
information that could help identify
who had poisoned her but there was
none. The murderer must have had been very smart in
killing her.
Cathy could not think of anyone that
would murder her mother. The pain
became so intense knowing that her
mother’s murder was somewhere
celebrating. Alfred, was her strong arm.
Alfred took her to places just to make
her forget about her late mother, but
memories of her always crept in her
head in the night. Alfred always
accompanied her. They had been given a festive two
week break at
work and he dedicated his time to
being with Cathy.
Jane went to visit her again a week
after the burial. It was then that Cathy
noticed that she was pregnant. “My oh my, what am I
here,am I becoming an aunt already”
she teased running her hand on
Jane’s belly
“Seems so” said Jane
“Wow so stanely is fertile after all,finally he broke the no
sex policy,
you had to make him break it didn’t
you? And when is the wedding if I
may ask, the child needs to be raised
by both parents”
“Well that’s true but this is not Stanely’s child” she said
“What? Did you guys break up? Don’t
tell me it’s because of the policy”
“Ofcoures not” she said in a more
serious tone. “The father is someone
you know very well. You will know him at the right time
and we are
getting married. Our parents have
already arranged everything” she said
“Eeeeew look at you friend,am so
happy for you” she said hugging her
“you are always followed by good luck, you are already
working and
now you are about to have a child
and then get married. You are lucky
girl” she said to which Jane said
nothing .
When she had left for home, she went to her mother’s
bedroom in
search of the secret wardrobe. She
removed the wall curtains but there
was no single sign of a wardrobe.
She searched through the wall and
there was nothing. She sat on the bed frustrated,the
secret wardrobe could help answer
the many questions that had
developed in her head. She searched
and moved every little thing on the
wall but there was no sign of a wardrobe. She gave up
and decided
that her mother had given her wrong
directions and a wrong room.
She did a quick search of the walls
of the house but there was nothing
Alfred came to visit her in the evening and she told him
Jane’s pregnancy and preparations to
get married
“Does she look happy about getting
married?” Asked Alfred
“Yeah I think so but then there was some elements of
superiority and
pride as she told me about it.
Anyways she is pregnant and we
expect mood swings in that state”
she said
“Any idea who is marrying her,? Am dying to know who
the owner of the
pregnancy is” she said
“Well baby,am sure she will tell you
at the right time,just as she told you”
A week later the preparations for
Christmas celebrations begun. Alfred was committed
somewhere so he
failed to spend the night at her
She decided to clean her mother’s
bedroom. She swept the room and
mopped the floor and fixed her clothes neatly. She dusted
the wall
and there was a slight pale patch
near the bed.
She tried to remove it and there it
was, the wall seperated into two and
there was the wardrobe. She quickly opened it ,there
wasnt as many
things as she had hoped. There was
just an old looking book with
supposedly some missing pages in
it. At the bottom of the wardrobe was
a small book. She picked it and went through the pages.
She stood still with he book in her
hands. The title on the first page
” the truth about what happened at
the hotel” the next one read;
“the truth about your father’s death”
the other one read;
“the truth about Melody’s death”
And the other:
“the truth about my death” Cathy held the diary in her
It was her mother’s ‘s handwriting
Each title bore a date in the right
corner of the page.
Cathy got the book and closed the wardrobe. She touched
the patched
wall and he wardrobe disappeared.
She rushed to her bedroom and
switched off her phone.
She didn’t want any disturbances,
she wanted to find out the truth about everything. Her
could maybe be answered in the
To Be Continued
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Chapter 24
Cathy turned off all the lights in the
house except in the bedroom “Mum was poisoned,how is
it that
she wrote the truth about her death”
she said trembling
The book had quite a few written
pages. She begun to read the truth
about her father’s death which was on the first page.
‘My dear Cathy you must be old
enough to read this. Read everything
to the end.
Your father and I were real love birds.
Your father was the most handsome and romantic and
responsible man I
ever met.
My marriage was filled with so much
happiness and joy.
We had you and we were exceedingly
happy but when you were just five everything took a turn.
I had gone for a workshop and there
was a man who had ignored the fact
that I was married.
He pursued me for sometime and I
pushed him away. But at the workshop, he put some
drugs in my drink at dinner as we
were from the same section.
He then walked me to his hotel room
where he had sex with me, then when
I was almost gaining conscious he took me back to my
I woke up and I felt wrong and
uncomfortable but I couldn’t figure
out what it was.
A week later I found your father
hanging on a rope right in our living room.
There was a brown envelope on the
table containing pictures of me and
the man in bed.
Unfortunately for me, Melody had
gone to visit us and we arrived almost at the same time.
In the letter
he explained that he couldn’t bear
the pain of seeing his wife with
another man.
He blamed himself for my actions
and apologised and told me to tear the photos so that no
one from his
family should see them.
But Melody had seen them first and
that’s how the hatred was brewed up
between us.
It pains me alot that he died without knowing the truth,
that that man had
drugged me and took pictures just to
end my marriage and disappeared,
that’s how wicked he was. I hope he
suffers terribly for that act.’
Cathy closed the book and fell on the bed. She related to
how Alfred had
been set up by Isabelle .
Some people could really be
She was suddenly filled with so
much rage,if only she knew him ,she would kill him with
her own bare
hands, she would strangle him.
She read the next which bore the
title, the truth about Melody’s death
‘Sweetheart, Melody had been a pain
in my flesh, she still believed that I was
responsible for my husband’s death.
I explained everything but she put
the blame on me and attempted to
tell you her own version of the story
so that you could turn against me. I loved your father, I
really did.
Melody had started frequenting this
place in attempt to tell you how she
thinks your father died,
but what I have told you just now is
the Truth. I had to stop her from poisoning your
mind, I warned her several times to
stay away from us.
One day while you were gone to
school, she came.
She called you and put on loud speaker, she wanted me
to hear how
you were going to tear me with
she seemed to enjoy it, I told her
that I will tell you the truth about
your father at the right time but she was in such a hurry to
let it all out.
Fortunately your phone was off.
So I got a pan, crawling behind her, I
hit her on the head .
She fell and I hit her even more.
I raised her up and took her to the vehicle.
In the night I drove to the river and
disposed off her body.
She was still breathing at the time
but after drowning her, she finally
died. She deserved it, nothing will separate
you from me.”
Cathy placed the book on her chest.
She couldn’t believe that her own
mother was capable of killing.
She had known her to be very calm with everything under
control. How
had she lost it and ended up
murdering her sister in-law.
Her eyes were becoming waterly but
she held back the tears.
She had mourned her mother so much and she couldn’t
start crying
“The truth about my death, a few
people will expect my death and a
few others will not.
My life has become empty , it has no purpose anymore. I
still miss your
father so much. I regret killing
My nights are full of evil dreams and
thoughts and night mares.
Am scared to live. You are the only reason I live but you
have now found your future and I can
safely say goodbye my baby.
Am not selfish, am just tormented
day and night. I cant take it anymore.
Look after yourself and don’t cry too much.
Am very much ready for my death, let
me go and rest. This world is
nolonger my home. I love you very
much my baby”
“She killed herself” exclaimed Cathy “she poisoned
She wept for hours. She had no
relative or parent or sibling.
She was alone with only Alfred and
Jane by her side.
The following day she went to visit Alfred, she had missed
him so much
and she wanted to share the newly
discovered secrets with him so that
he could comfort her.
“You dont look very fine baby, but
you still look beautiful” he said lifting her
“Put me down ” she gigled “oh my
God Alfred, I will fall”
He took her to the living room and
put her on the sofa
“Can you agree to be a step mother? If my ex came with a
child and said I
was responsible ,will you still be with
me?” He asked laughing
“What kind of question is that, is your
ex pregnant?”
“Nope just asking. Okey my point is, if I had a child
somewhere would you
gladly accept it and continue with
me?” He asked more serious
“No I wouldn’t” she snapped
“Ahh baby why?”
“Because I can’t be a step mother” “Sweety what matters
is our love”
Cathy burst into laughter
“I wish you could hear how yu
sound. Is there something you are
trying to tell me?”
“Ofcoures not” he answered quickly wondering if he had
lost his only
chance to tell her the truth.
Just then there was a knock.
“Ooh an appointment? ” she asked
“Not any that I remember, let me go
and see who it is” he said and stood quickly praying that
Cathy doesn’t
follow him
He opened the door and there stood
“What are you doing here?” He
hissed “Am here to see you” she answered
“For what? Cathy is here” he
” Hey Jane, you are here, hmmm
what a surprise” said Cathy behind Alfred ” what are you
guys talking
about here”
“Ahh well baby,its ah,,,,,Jane here
wants to take you out but am not
gonna let her do that” he said quickly
“Yes Cathy, you ve been spending too much time with
Alfred, what
about me, me and the baby need
you” she said
Cathy walked to where Jane stood
and put her ear against the belly
“Ooh the baby is saying hello to me, I really can’t wait to
be an aunt.”
“Yes i cant wait to be a mum too.
Cathy excuse us a bit,me and Alfred
have something to talk about, we
have to decide who is spending this
night with you” she said. “What? are you guys going to be
fighting for my custody, oh am so
honored but I choose Jane” she said
and everyone grinned.
“On a serious note Cathy, give us
some time” said Jane “Alright go ahead” she said going
back to the living room
“What do you think you are doing,you
are driving me crazy” said Alfred
“I can see you are having a good
time with her, I think it’s time she knew the truth, the
earlier the better,
” she said
“No Jane, I will tell her, just keep out
of this?”
” Really? So how do I stay out of it
when am also involved, do you think am proud to carry a
child whose
father I don’t love? Listen I know you
love her and am okey with it, but you
have to be responsible enough to
look after me and the baby, I stay
alone and it’s dangerous with my condition.”
“What are you trying to say?” He
asked angrily
“That you have to be spending nights
at my house, am pregnant you know”
“You refused to terminate it, it’s not my fault, you wanted
it, I think you ve
been jealous of my relationship.
Listen, am not going to spend any
single night with you. You caused
this on yourself”
She slapped him hard on the face “You are a fool, you
raped me and
now you have the gut to say all that?
I refused to abort not because I love
you but because I care for my health”
she whispered angrily
Cathy rushed to see what was happening.
“What’s happening here?” She asked
but they both looked away
She was sure they were discussing
something much more serious than
arguing over who should host Cathy in the night.
While Jane and Alfred were still
thinking of the excuse to give, a lady
approached the house and found all
the three outside.
“Am Lucy,late Isabelle’s friend and am here for you
Alfred” she
introduced herself to them
” How do you know me?” Asked
Alfred puzzled
To Be Continued Tomorrow ....kindly comment guys
Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by Godwindanielboy(m): 9:33pm On May 07, 2018
this is suspense. Kudos, keep it up. Caithy get bad luck oo. Chai

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Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 6:11am On May 08, 2018
Chapter 25
“Lucy well, would you like a private
talk?” Asked Alfred sweating “Oh now you want to talk
want to talk now” she said furiously
“Who are these people anyways ,this
one I recognise” she said pointing at
Jane “you must be Jane,am Lucy”
“Alfred you must have heard about the death of Isabelle, I
never saw you
at the burial” she said looking at
“If you had come to help at that
critical hour, she was going to live”
she said furiously “Wait is Isabelle dead?” Asked Cathy
shocked ,”what happened?”
“Well she got pregnant for this man
called Alfred but he forced her to
abort it and she died in the process”
“What?!” exclaimed Cathy. “Baby is that true? You
impregnated her and
you really forced her to abort?”
“Ohh you must be Cathy” said Lucy
“No baby it’s not like that, she
trapped me, she did it to herself,
she,,,,” “But you told me that you only dated
her for a week, did you sleep with
her in that week?”
“What week? They broke up when
you came into the picture but they
continued when you went to school” said Lucy
“I can’t believe this” said Cathy
“Honey is it true? You told me the
night you got drunk that Isabelle had
framed you but that you didn’t sleep
with her” “I didnt sleep with her” he answered
“Then how the hell did she get
pregnant for you?”
“It wasnt my pregnancy” he said
“Well your so called boyfriend has been extremely
unfaithful to you dear
Cathy, has he told you that he has
impregnated your friend, you seem
blank about a lot of things” said Lucy
“What,,,,what,,, what are you saying?” She asked
Her whole body was now on fire,
Lucy handed her a brown envelope.
Inside were photos of Alfred at the
hotel with Jane, drinking beer,
leaving the bar, entering the guest house, standing at the
counter, going
to their room hand in hand,
undressing, Unclad on the bed and
then the real act.
“Just there there is a disc, of the
whole act” she said Cathy dropped the envelope and sat
down. She was telling herself to calm
down but everything on her was
“Alfred is this true?”
“No honey, I can explain, I was going to tell you how
everything happened”
“Jane did you do this?”
“Cathy just calm down and we can
give you the details of what
happened.” She said
Cathy got the envelope and rushed home, she needed to
be as alone as
She locked herself inside the house.
There was only one thought on her
mind ,to commit suicide.
She searched the house for anything that could easily kill
her but there
was nothing.
“Mum please where did you put the
poison?” She searched going through
her drawers.
Finally she found some pills in a paper
“Oh thank God” she said rushing to
the kitchen to get water
“I hope they are enough to kill” she
told herself
She sat in the kitchen crying quietly Alfred looked fiercely
at Lucy and
said “did you see that? Did you have
to give me your package Infront of
her?” He roared.
“You destroyed Isabelle, you ended
her life, she was doing you a favour by aborting that child
but you
couldn’t come to her rescue?” She
answered angrily
“It wasn’t my business, your friend
was a fool and very stupid. However I
was very willing to help her but my battery phone went off
and when I
went to ask for my friend’s phone,her
phone was already off” he said
“Oh so you were willing to help her,
and you expect me to believe that
huh? You are a wicked man” “If you don’t leave my house
now, am going to beat you to death”
he growled
Lucy looked at him and he looked
beastly. She decided to leave.
“Wait, tell me the truth about what happened between me
and Jane at
the guest house” he said
“I don’t know anything” she
answered sharply ,walking away
quickly but Alfred ran after her and
pulled her back. “Am not a fool, you have the photos
and videos of what happened, you
must have been there, it was
He pulled her inside the house and
Jane entered too. “It’s either you tell me the truth and I
let you go, or I rape you right now
and kill you if I manage” he said and
he seemed to mean it.
He got her phone and threw it to the
floor. The screen broke “Nooo my phone” she cried. She
worked so hard to raise money to
buy that phone, she had sacrificed
her lunch and transport allowances
to raise money to buy it.
“I will destroy you the same way I have destroyed your
phone.”he said
“Alright Isabelle planned it all” said
Lucy. She told them everything that
had happened and it made sense.
“That’s why I think and hope that
your friend is rotting in hell. she has caused us so much
pain and trouble”
Alfred let her go.
He left home immediately.
Cathy was in the kitchen filling a cup
with water
Just then there was a knock at the door. She slithered to
the door and
peeped through the key hole and saw
Alfred at the door
“Fool” she cursed under her breath
and went back to her bedroom. With
the cup of water. She sat on the bed and continiued
“I ve been a fool, a very big fool. And
all this time I had no idea Alfred
would do that to me. Jane has been
like my sister, why would she do that?”
There was a knock on the window to
her bedroom but she kept silent.
“Where could she be then?” He said
moving away from the window
He needed to explain everything that had happened. That
he had
deliberately but stupidly slept with
Isabelle not out of love but to take
revenge and that Isabelle had
deliberately gotten herself pregnant.
And Jane,,,,,, he was very confused. However he had hope
that Cathy
would understand after explaining the
photos, with the newly found
Cathy threw the pills in her mouth
and grabbed the cup of water with a frown on her face.
She raised the cup to her mouth and
spit the pills in the water.
“Very bitter” she mumbled.
“I can’t kill myself. I have to crush
them to pieces before I leave, am not as stupid as they
think. I will show
She got her mother’s diary and read
what she had earlier read.
“I wont take the path you took mum
but I will have to follow some of your steps.”
The following week ,the attempt by
Alfred and Jane to talk or see Cathy
was in vain.
She always shut herself in the house
and her phone was constantly off. She never opened the
,everything was in the house and
having no friends at all, she opted to
simply stay indoors until their
university opened.
Time moved slowly but finallyit was opening time
She went to school and reunited with
her friends Tom and Kate, she told
them about Alfred and Jane, they
sympathized with her but she
seemed to have gotten over it. A new life, new start and
To Be Continued
Re: The Smile Of Terror By Mbulu Mundia by cyberprince8(m): 6:15am On May 08, 2018
Chapter 26
“So which hospital have you chosen”
Kay asked Cathy during lunch “What do you mean” she
asked with
a spoonful of rice
“Silly, swallow first then you speak”
said Kay
“Alright, I have swallowed, now tell
me” she said “Didn’t you receive the letter?”
“Which letter” asked Cathy shocked
“And you think you are still a Student
here? Ahh then you are the only one
who didn’t receive”
She said and stood up to go and brush her teeth
“Sit down here and tell me what
those letters are for” demanded
Cathy as she forced her down on the
“Okey, second and third years go for attachments for six
months and
letters were sent to everyone who
passed the exams . So upon opening,
people were submitting their
hospitals of choice to the registry”
In the afternoon Cathy went to the registry office to find
out why she
had not received the letter.
She found a qeueu of people going
for the same and she felt comforted.
When it was her turn she was just
given a form to fill in where she indicated her hospital of
“I wonder why we had to waste our
money for transport coming to school
when there isn’t anything serious
happening” complained Cathy
“We came to submit the names of our hospitals of choice,
so it was
necessary” answered Kay.
Three weeks later, Cathy was on her
way home thinking about what she
was going to do to Alfred and Jane.
Thinking of the best way to hurt them as much as they hurt
There were so many options to take,
she could pay some people to rape
Jane, she could organise people to
rob Alfred, she could give Jane
something that could lead to an abortion.
Or she could just get back with Alfred
and be a step mother.
She shifted comfortably at the
Alfred still loved her, he had told her so and he had made
every effort to
apologise to her but she wasn’t
willing to forgive him.
All these choices seemed quete hard
but achievable.
Tom had advised her to refrain from taking revenge
because revenge
belongs to God alone
She missed Alfred so much.
She reached home and it was exactly
the same way she had left it except
for the pile of dust that had collected on the veranda and
the window sills.
She opened the door and turned on
the lights.
How happy she would be if her
mother just popped up and gave her
a hug and tell her how much she had missed her.
But she was all alone. The house
was dead quete.
She entered her mother’s bedroom
and it was just the way she had left
it, she touched the pale scratch on the wall and the secret
opened, there lay the diary which she
had brought back and the other old
She got the old book and went to her
bedroom. She had no appetite to eat anything,
so she decided to sleep.
On her mind was Alfred, she would
meet him and talk about it, it wasn’t a
big deal, they would let Jane have
the baby and then they can keep it afterwards. She wasn’t
going to be
the first step mother n the world.
What mattered was Alfred’s love.
The following day she tidied up the
house and later in the afternoon went
to Alfred’s house. When Alfred saw her ,he couldn’t
believe it.
She had lost a few Kgs but she
looked even more gorgeous.
However he was grasped by so much
fear, there was terror in his eyes But Cathy could feel that
he was
looking admirably at her, she knew
the battle was over
She had deliberately worn the dress
that Alfred had bought her for her
birthday. The curves were more clearer in that
slim body and Alfred could not help
“Ahh hi?” He said in a trembling
voice reading each expression on her
face. She smiled and said a hello. He
knew that it was a peaceful visit and
moved towards her
” I wasn’t expecting you , oh Cathy I
can’t believe am seeing you, aren’t
you supposed to be at school?” He said hugging her
She had missed that embrace so
much and being in his chest felt so
much at home.
“I came back, we are doing
attachments” she said “Wow I really can’t believe am
you, we never really talked, you just
disappeared, your phones were off
and your house was always locked.”
He said
“Yes I know and I shouldn’t have done that, it’s just that I
didn’t know
what to do”
Alfred could not believe it
“So you mean we are cool? No
“No grudges” she answered. Alfred hugged her again he
“I missed you so much, I thought I
would never ever see you, and my life
has been miserable” he said sadly
“Well you don’t have to worry” she told him “everything
can be sorted
out, nomatter how big a problem is”
“Am so happy to hear that” he said
“Aren’t we going inside?” She asked
“Ahh well, why don’t we go somewhere nice and celebrate
Cathy agreed and just as they were
about to leave, someone cleared their
throat behind them.
Cathy thought it was Alfred’s mother so she quickly
moved away from
“Hey Cathy” it was a voice that she
very well knew ,she turned and
despite recognizing the voice, she
was too shocked to see Jane. “Hey Jane,” she said rage
suppressed almost leaking out
Her belly was so big and she wore a
maternity dress,
“Where are you taking my husband?”
She asked as she smiled slyly Cathy’s heart missed some
Were they married? Her blood had
become so hot but she had felt that
way several times, it wasn’t new,so
she breathed in heavily and smiled.
” Well he is just escorting me , I came to see you but I
thought you
were sleeping, so I decided to come
and see you some other time” she
“Oh great, come in then” she invited
her. She turned and walked towards her
and put her ear on her belly
“Little baby can you hear me?”
She stood upright and asked if she
knew the sex of the baby
“No but am hoping its a boy” said Jane
“Oh really? Ahhh how lovely junior
Alfred” she said
“Jane, I missed you so much, you
are the only relative am left with in
this world” she said and she hugged her
“Am sorry for everything Cathy,
please forgive me” said Jane
Alfred was watching from a distance.
He had expected a third world war
but Cathy had acted so mature, he was very impressed
but he feared
that he was going to loose her.
Jane invited her in the house and
served her some snacks.
They chatted and talked about old
times and and their laughter echoed through the walls of
the house.
When it was evening ,Cathy said her
goodbyes and went back home.
“Well I have to go now, if you were
still unmarried ,I would spend the
night with you and talk about everything.” Said Cathy.
Jane gave her a warm hug. Cathy
had missed that hug too
On her way to the bus station Alfred
escorted her
“I admire you girls’ friendship, you had such a great day
“Yes we did, I love Jane like my own
sister, nomatter what she does to me,
I always have to forgive her”
“You are a woman and half Cathy” he
said She could hear the tone of regrecy in
his words.
“Am just surprised that you got
married and I had no idea, ” she said
“Am really sorry but her parents
dumped her at my house and I just want the baby” he said
Soon Cathy was home, she made
herself a cup of hot coffee.
“Our parents arranged our marriage
and we had little say over it” Cathy
recalled what Jane had told her. “Adults ,and you allow
parents to
make decisions for you” she said
throwing a glass cup to the floor
She opened the old book and found
that it was her father’s diary.
He had written about his love for Cathy’s mother, he had
given the
details of how much he loved her.
He had explained about how much
he loved Melody his sister.
Then he explained how much he
loved Cathy. It was as if he had planned how
Cathy’s life should be. He loved her
more than the two most beautiful and
valuable women in his life and he
had pledged to make Cathy’s life as
peaceful as possible. “Such love” said Cathy closing the
book “very pure and true ”
If her dad was still alive, she would
be the princess he had meant for her
to become.
She slept with her father’s diary on her chest.
The following day she went to report
for work.
She was welcomed well.
When she came back home she
called Jane and they had a long conversation which was
filled with
laughter and chuckles.
To Be Continued ... Kindly tag your friends

Cc: Lalasticlala

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